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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Mellow Splotter

    Ok, I might have some things to offer up! These are my student characters. Akira (first year): I know that he might be a little young to offer up given the age difference, but he doesn't mind hanging out with people who are older than him. He's a pretty sweet twelve-year-old, but he's willing to get into trouble whenever the occasion arises. Akira is often the target of bullies because he sometimes comes across as a bit of a doormat. He can be a bit mixed with people who have a rather loud personality, but overall he tries to get on with everyone. Kairi (fifth year): He transferred in at the end of the previous school year after he got expelled from his last school when he was involved in a prank that went wrong. Kairi can be a little hard to get to know at first because he always acts as though he isn't interested in anything, but he's quite friendly and warm when you get to know him. This comes with a double-edged sword, though as he has been known to push people away if he feels like they're getting too close to finding out about his past. He isn't the most competitive person but could get that way if it's in a good-natured fun and nothing too serious. Kairi's a tutor and is willing to help most people, especially if they need help with schoolwork or Japanese. Jiwon (fifth year): He isn't the best at making new friends (or friends in general). He's in a bit of a "bad boy" phase skipping class and underage drinking. He's known around the school for the long list of girls that he's been with, though none of it had anything to do with actually having feelings for those people. Jiwon is very competitive when it comes to school and classwork because he wants to be better than his older brother, Yunseo. He isn't very confident or open and feels like he'll hurt the people around him in the same way that his parents hurt him. Jiwon also uses people for whatever he wants, so it may not be possible to tell if you're a real friend of his or not. Mika (third year): She's pretty friendly and gets along with most people, and she's a good listener. She's usually up for a good laugh and has been known to prank people (never to the point of hurting anyone). Mika is willing to stand up to people if she believes that they're wrong or if they're bullying someone, then you'd better run. She is the founder and president of the film and photography club at the school. If you've got any ideas, then feel free to dm me here or on discord.
  2. Decorating woes

    Sorry to do this, but my room is being redecorated, so I might be a bit more MIA for a few days (thanks to brain not working). But I'm gonnatry and get a few things out. Hopefully, things will start to get back to normal in the next week or two.
  3. Joseph Taylor

    -Face claim is very open -CAO of a Shipping Company, left this vague, and the rest is up to the player -He’s Kairi, Helen, and Carter’s adoptive father -His family history is pretty vague; they’re muggles and pretty well off -Joseph is extremely careful, but an extremely hard worker -He travelled around the world straight out of high school, eventually ending up in Japan where he attended a language school and worked hard to pass the different levels of the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test). He uses the language on a daily basis to keep up his skills Eventually went to Uni back in Australia -Joseph works a lot and isn’t always home, so he organises a family camping trip at the end of the year before the kids go back to school -He enjoys video games, films, comic book/manga and other geeky things -He was a little confused and distressed when he found out about the existence of magic -Anything not mentioned is up to the player Joseph was born and raised in Perth, but he didn’t stay there for too long after he finished school. Using the money from his trust fund, he travelled the world learning and experiencing everything that he could. Eventually he ended up in Japan where he met his future wife, who was a uni student and doing tutoring to put herself through her course. After two years of dating, they were married and decided to move back to Australia. Joe studied business after he got back and eventually set up his shipping company. After three to four years of trying to have a baby, the couple discovered that they were unable to have any of their own. This news is what led them down the lines of adoption and fostering. Joe is more laid back with how he parents. While he loves his children equally, he is especially close to Carter, who’s a bit of a daddy’s girl. He wants Kairi to become a social worker or teacher, since his son doesn’t know what he wants to do with his future.
  4. Savannah Nakamura-Taylor

    -Face claim is pretty open -The details of her family are leftpretty vague, other than they’re muggles, they’re from Nagoya and her dad was sent to school in New Zealand. Everything else is open. -Even though her legal name is Hina, she is more commonly known by her middle name, Savannah, or Anna. -She is the adoptive mother of Kairi, Carter, and Helen. -English isn’t a problem for her since been learning since she was a child, but she still enjoys refining it even after so many years. -Speaks Japanese with her family and has conversations with customers who are interested -Is a bit of a hover parent -Was completely shocked to find out that magic actually exists, but was accepting -Trained as a journalist but didn’t actually enjoy it -Any details that aren’t mentioned are up to you Savannah was brought up in a pretty traditional family in Nagoya, Japan. But she always wanted something more out of her life, this was what led her to study Journalism in one of the major universities in Tokyo because it would allow her to travel as much as she wanted. She was expecting to actually go against the grain of Japanese society and actually go into an area that she had trained for, though it didn’t turn out that way. In her extra time and to pay her way through university, Savannah set up her own tutoring business. This was how she met her future husband. They began spending time together outside of their tutoring sessions and eventually she began developing strong feelings for Joseph. After two years of dating, they were married and decided to move back to Australia, where they eventually set up two different businesses. After three to four years of trying to have a baby, the couple discovered that they were unable to have any of their own. This news is what led them down the lines of adoption and fostering. Savannah is very protective of her children and would go to the ends of the earth for them.
  5. Mika Evans's Birthday

    Mika's birthday 🎂
  6. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    I might seem a little awkward at doing this because I’m not used to using a Splotter/Shipper and used to planning stuff out in Discord dm’s. I’ll try and get the other parts of this done in the next few days. *** @Gemini Malindi & Kairi Since Kairi only arrived at the end of the previous school year, it might be more likely that they are more acquainted than friendly, especially with him being on guard. It doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t try to be friendly, of course. Kairi would open up more easily if he felt like he wasn’t being pushed to do so. Maybe this could add a bit of conflict between the two at the start? He tutors people in Ancient Runes, but that connection could make for a good starting point with them, even if he’s a little off put by Mal at first. Kairi would happily help with teaching her and her dad Japanese especially if it’s outside of his mother’s language café because he needs to be taken out of his comfort zone. I guess the best way to figure this out would be to thread them together and find out. Let me know if you want to start something or I can do it *** @Kaitore Senan & Kairi This seems like it could be interesting with the similarities between them. Even though Kairi is perceptive, he mightn’t pick up on the signs that Senan is half-fae, but it could be interesting to see what would happen if he did find out, he’s usually quite accepting, though. The fact that they’re both kind of new to the school could act as a sort of line for either one to pick on. Maybe even a bonding point? Lol, might even be fun if this is awkward. Maybe we could start something in the common room and see where it goes? Let me know if you want to start something or I can do it *** @Tecri Max & Kairi Lol, I imagine that this could turn into something fun. Max’s unpredictability could be a good thing for Kairi, keep him on his toes. He’s trying to stay away from pranks, but wouldn’t mind taking part in a “theoretical” discussion about it. Pfft, be funny if he even tried to get her back for the prank on him if he ever managed to find out. Time will probably tell with this one, which should be interesting. Lexi & Kairi Yeah, they do share quite a few classes. The social part could be good in trying to get Kairi out of his shell, sometimes it makes it easier for him. He would probably find the flirting funny, though might be confused about whether or not Lexi is serious about it or if it’s meant to be a joke. I love the idea of it being awkward, maybe even having Kairi being a little confused by everything. Aspen & Kairi Kairi might have a rough idea of who Aspen is because of the fact that she plays Quidditch. He wouldn’t be bothered about the use of his last name, since he’s used to it because of his heritage and is comfortable with it in general. Kairi’s in that same sort of position because of the way that he pretends to be disinterested. It sounds like fun to see how they’d get along, I’m fine with it either way.
  7. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    Akira & Maxine I think Akira is usually the type to get on with everyone too. Having interacted a little on QB it would be fun to see where it could go. He's down for a little bit of misbehaving, and things especially since he's easy to get around and easily influenced by others. A good part of the time, Akira doesn't like loud and obnoxious people, but if he realised that Maxine was self-conscious about it or if he understood, then he would try his best to understand, and hey, it could be good for him to learn not to judge a book by its cover. Things could be interesting either way. Akira & Lexi I kind of like the idea of the shared heritage thing being a kind of bonding point, maybe? Akira likes indoor and outdoor activities, but would also enjoy playing games if Lexi's into that? He would probably find it interesting to nerd out with someone, maybe even develop another interest in something that he hasn't expected to. I'd be interested to see how this goes. I'd really like a thread or two, I'm up for almost anything. Tag Tecri
  8. Akira Itouzaki's Birthday (12)

    Akira's birthday 🎂
  9. Kairi Taylor's Birthday (15)

    Kairi's birthday 🎂
  10. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    Akira Itouzaki Human| Halfblood| 12 years old| Flinders| Japanese-Australian Akira is confident in most of his own actions but isn't cocky about it, that just isn't him and he finds cocky people annoying. He is a little reserved and sometimes doesn't enjoy stepping into an argument or conversation if he doesn't think it's worth his time or if he doesn't know what it's about. He can be a little blunt and naive sometimes, something that he shares with his mother. Inside Akira is charming and will try to do his best to help those around him. One of his biggest flaws is that he is easily lead and sometimes tries to please other people. He has a completely analytical mind, but he doesn't think that he's all that smart and takes his intelligence for granted, often thinking that he isn't good enough. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Akira would be the type to make friends with most people so long as they didn't really pick on him. He doesn't go out of his way to make enemies, though. But I'm down for any sort of ideas involving relationships. Of course he'd be too young for a romantic relationship. Kairi Taylor Human| Muggleborn| 15 years old| Sturt| Japanese-Australian Kairi often comes across as being disinterested in everything. This is down to the fact that he's trying to prevent himself from being hurt. He usually closes off when people come too close to finding out about his past because he doesn't want to answer the questions that he doesn't know the answer to. Kairi is kind of quiet until you get him going or until he gets to know someone. He tries to act like the voice of reason but often fails in his attempts. He is extremely down to earth, despite coming from a well off family. Kairi isn't very good at hiding the fact that he doesn't make eye-contact too often because he focuses on lip-reading and other body language. He's been called rude for this in the past and has never been able to figure out how especially after explaining the situation. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Kairi is a good friend once you get past his uninterested outer facade. He can be caring and warm given the right situation. He also doesn't go out of his way to make enemies, but some people might find him annoying because of his attitude. I'm down for any sort of relationship with Kairi. Mika Evans Human| Pureblood| 13 years old (almost 14)| Flinders| Australian of Welsh decent Mika is a complete and utter book worm with a thirst for knowledge. She is humble and likes certain types of mischief, like funny pranks, where no one gets hurt. She’s a bit of a wallflower at the same time and hates being the centre of attention and parties. She makes a point of trying to get along with everyone because kindness can get you so far. But she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her friends, she usually fights back with tact and logic, and if that fails, then she fights fire with fire. Even though Mika knows that she’s smart and has a lot of knowledge spanning different areas, she still knows that she has a lot to learn and she’s not afraid to admit that. She really cares about animals and is gentle towards them. She isn’t overly emotional, but she gets upset whenever something happens to a creature. Mika sometimes shoots herself in her own foot as she can be blunt and straight to the point, often times without realising she's done or said anything wrong. She can also be a little indecisive and gets flustered because of it, especially if it's important. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Mika does her best to get on with everyone and is usually very open to everyone no matter the age. She is very caring and warm and will try to help anyone that's in trouble. She's a bit of a prankster and enjoys a good laugh, but tries to never hurt anyone, whether or not you're a friend. I'm down for any sort of relationship, though. Jiwon Park Human| Halfblood| Metamorphmagus| 15 years old| Sturt| Korean Growing up, Jiwon always knew that he wasn’t wanted by his mother and father, so he has become resentful. He tries to close himself off from everyone because he feels like he’ll hurt people in the same way that he has been his whole life even if he doesn’t remember a lot of it. He isn’t used to seeing himself as a good person, so he just keeps quiet and rarely talks to anyone, unless they approach him and managed to push through his barriers. Jiwon feels like he isn’t that noticeable, so can’t be missed when he skips class and does whatever he wants. He only really shows a small amount of interest in his job but keeps it since it’s the only way that he gets pocket money. He’s competitive, especially with himself and his older brother, he wants to beat his scores and get better marks than him. Even with the above-average IQ that often comes with being dyslexic, Jiwon doesn’t think that he’s smart enough for anything and that he needs to be smarter to do everything that he wants. In the past two years, Jiwon has been rebelling against his strict Korean upbringing and has been caught drinking underage. He’s been trying to suppress his feelings and emotions; he’s also become defensive whenever it’s brought up. A few people have tried to talk to him about it, and they have concluded that it has something to do with his ADHD and ASD assessments. Jiwon is aware of the fact that they mightn’t happen if he keeps going the way he is. He's hiding his naturally sweet nature for so many more reason other than this. Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood. Relationships Jiwon can be a bit of an arse to people and tries to close himself off because he fears the hurt that other people might inflict on him like his parents did or that he may hurt others in the same way. He isn't very open and has been rebelling against his upbringing for the past two or so years. But can anyone really breakthrough that ice barrier? I'm down for any sort of relationship, though. Side note Jiwon doesn't always stay at the school, and instead stays with his grandparents. So it's possible that he needs a roomate. Yunseo Park Human| Halfblood| Metamorphmagus| 24 years old (almost 25)| History of Magic Professor| Former Sturt| Korean When Yunseo was younger he was closed off and kind of stand-offish, half the time he preferred his books to people and never really got involved in things. He just wasn’t very good at expressing himself and socialising with others because of his experience with his mother. Although he doesn’t want to admit, he mostly acted this way because he didn’t want to be abandoned by the ones that he cared about. Yun still isn’t very confident and struggles with some things, but he’s a lot more open and comfortable with people. He’s always had a sharp tongue and sometimes that gets him into trouble because his comments are usually snarky or rude. Yunseo has always been friendly, if a little distant, but he’s gotten a lot better. He’s extremely bright and has an answer for everything, though it doesn’t mean that he’s always right, it’s far from it. But no one can be right all the time! Plots wanted I'm completely down for anything just so long as it doesn't include too much blood.
  11. Hey Hey Hey

    Hey. My name is Lisa. I'm from Ireland. I've been rping for around 3 to 4 years and really enjoy it. Other than Harry Potter, I enjoy video games, anime and j-drama. I like learning new Languages too.
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