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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Invite Hopping Fences

    Robin Shaw
    She wasn’t expecting much after mentioning what houses were available on her street but was taken by surprised when he genuinely seemed interested. She moved the glass to her lips to take another drink, finishing up and stared at Jamie for while before. “I don’t know, probably. I can ask her.” Robin shrugged, trying not to sound too excited to have someone she knew move to a house across hers, especially someone like Jamie. She had to stop behaving like a teen, it had been a long time ago, since then she had moved on, she couldn’t understand why all that nervousness was coming back, poking at her, making fun of her. “The move will probably happen sometime by the end of the month I assume, or at least when there will be time to view and assess the house and it’s condition.” Robin didn’t know much about selling or buying houses, she knew very little unlike her mother who was always on top of all that, almost like the older fae was interested in buying or selling houses. The glass levitated towards the sink, where is rested. Robin watched it carefully, she didn’t use magic on a regular basis, except for pranks or for cooking, which was rare. “You’ll like the street, it’s calm and people are usually friendly. You have a lot of muggles, but you can probably tell who isn’t.” Robin enjoyed interacting with muggles, from afar, playing with them, she couldn’t let her magical abilities get rusty. “Do you want to go today or another day? I mean…I’m pretty much free for the day, I don’t really have a schedule.”
  2. Invite Hopping Fences

    Robin Shaw
    She proceeded to pay attention to the young man and didn’t ask too many questions, she knew he used to be a quidditch player, maybe he still is? She never paid too much attention to that glorified game of fetch on brooms, it wasn’t something she was particularly interested in, and she only used to watch the games because of one specific person, it’s not even worth it anymore. A faint tingling sensation continued to annoy her, she shrugged it off as she took a sip of water from her glass, putting it back down on the counter before her eyes got fixated on Jamie once more. “I did.” She chuckled. For what she could gather his sister wasn’t too happy about the move. Robin liked Narrie, but Melbourne was also a great place to live, while more expensive than the quiet town she lived in, it had its perks. Robin smiled at him, paying attention to the rest of the conversation. “Melbourne has nothing on Narrie. I have never lived there but it’s different. Melbourne is busier, has lots of stores and people, but it has no personality.” She probably sounded like a lunatic talking the way she was talking, but as someone with a fae heritage, living in a place with so few green spots, was uncomfortable for her. His last question caught her off guard, did she know about a good place? She knew plenty and as selfish as it looked, she could use it to her advantage. “Well, the lady across the street should be moving out soon.” She looked at Jamie, wondering if it would be his sort of thing. The property was decent, the house apparently was decent as well, perhaps a bit big for someone to move in alone. “There’s another, two houses down. Its smaller but it’s also newer. Then you can find a lot near the park, small houses are a bit hard to find if that’s what you’re looking for.” Robin drank a bit more water, her throat was getting dry, or maybe her body was trying to remind her how nervous she was. “I can show you around, if you want.”
  3. Invite Hopping Fences

    Robin Shaw
    The twins were happy to see a friendly face, but Robin’s wish didn’t last long as they both came running and surrounded Jamie for a few seconds, ever after he had gotten into the kitchen. If Robin could hear she couldn’t have to constantly stare at Jaimie, waiting for him to speak so she could understand. The staring only made the burning sensation worse, it was like she was back at Tally, and now she didn’t have May to cover for her. When he replied, two glasses levitated from the cabinet and got filled with water, levitating now in front of Robin and Jamie before setting on the counter. The ghost disappeared after their entrance, hopping around, happy for the visitor. Robin was alone again with Jamie. She looked at her water before looking at him, there was not escaping that, she had to stare like she was staring into his soul. “I’ve been alright.” Her lips curled a little bit before she drove her glass to her lips to take a sip of the liquid inside the glass. “How about you?” previously she had lost all interest in those she had known in Tally, except for May who was and continues to be one of her closest friends, one of her only friends, Robin was never too good at keeping in touch. “A little bird told me that you want to move back to Narrie. Have you started looking already?” she did have an interest in knowing if Jamie was moving back to Narrie, not only because everything started coming back but also because if he moved back in, they could keep in touch more often.
  4. Invite Hopping Fences

    Robin Shaw
    Robin continued to pay attention to Jamie and his reactions. She was quite amused that he thought there was something wrong? Whatever the reason that lead him to do he did was probably a good one. Over the time she knew Jamie she never thought anything of him, he was nice, polite, among other things, and remembering that just brought all those memories and emotions, which she was doing a good job keeping in check, at least for now. Her smile widened when he accepted her proposal. There was no point in staying outside, and it had been a few years since they talked, at least face to face. When May left Robin suddenly stopped showing up, while she had a reason too, she didn’t want to go without her friend, but now they are all adults, it’s ridiculous for her to continue to behave like a child. “You explain if you want to, I’m not going to force it out of you.” She spoke as she walked to the front door and waited for Jamie, keeping the door open for the young man to enter. Once she stepped her foot inside, she could sense eight eyes on her, the two little ghosts that were quietly looking at the front door with their heads sticking out of the living room door, and the dogs, laying on the hallway, watching Robin and Jamie. “We have a welcoming committee I see.” she closed the door once everyone was inside and suddenly two ghosts surrounded Jamie, looking up at him with their curious eyes. “Well you already know them, and I guess they … missed you.” She let out a chuckle and walked into the kitchen, hoping that Jamie would follow her, and that the twins would just leave the poor boy alone. “What do you want? Water? Tea? Hot chocolate? I have a lot of things…” she sat on a kitchen bench hoping that Jamie would do the same, it’s been a while since they talked, perhaps that was a good time to catch up.
  5. Invite Hopping Fences

    Robin Shaw
    The redhead watched the young man get up from the floor, she opted not to say another word to Jamie as she approached him. She crossed her arms with a smile on her face, trying not to laugh too much at the situation she had found him. Her hand rose when he greeted her by name, it had been a while since she had seen him, back in the day she couldn’t speak straight, getting embarrassed quite easily, she had even forgotten what it was like. One thing she didn’t count on was the soft tingling feeling in her chest, she was sure she was over it so why was it bothering her so much? She chose to ignore the feeling, at least for the time being, even if it kept nagging at her. “That’s not what I asked…but okay.” She chuckled as she stared at him. “What does it look like to you exactly?” she hadn’t even considering that he could be trying to break into her house, for once, he would need to go through the stupid amount of fae magic that surrounded the house, then he would have to go through two annoying ghosts who would probably kick him out before he even realized what was happening. “More importantly, are you alright? You seem a bit lost.” She uncrossed her arms and put her hands on her hips, almost like trying to make a point. “Want to talk inside? It’s a bit chilly out here.” A faint red colour blended into her skin as she spoke. What was Robin doing? She wasn’t really sure, but she didn’t want to talk to him outside, they would be more comfortable inside, where it was warm, and there was tea and other beverages, and more importantly food. The tingling sensation continued to nag at her, she took her hand to the middle of her chest to rub it, and it did go away, for a brief moment until it came back.
  6. Just landed a new job for a photoshoot, I haven't been this nervous about one in a while. 

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    2. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      Thank you. I'll try.

    3. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke

      That's telling me to be nervous too...

    4. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      It's a big project. I'll send you the details when I'm done. 

  7. Invite Hopping Fences

    Robin Shaw
    It was a lovely day to just stay home and not do anything. Thanks to the help that Robin had gotten, her work has been going smoothly, she had delivered most of the projects, people had already paid and she had paid the person she had previously hired; today was a day to just relax, enjoy the winter weather and just watch people pass on the side walk. She sat on her roof, a slightly hidden location where she could just watch people walk by, going on with their lives as Robin watched them, a boring activity to the eyes of the two twins who kept annoying the dogs to play with them. Robin closed her eyes for a few moments, and before she knew it there was a rather familiar face on the street. Was that … Jamie? The Bourke kid who she might have had a crush on? For a moment her eyes widened, and her heart began beating a bit faster than it should, it had been years since she had seen him in person, talking through text was one thing, but physically seeing him? It wasn’t good that she was feeling all giddy about it, she was an adult not a teen, she clearly had to stop feeling like that. She took a deep breath, missing the bunch of people that seemed to be looking for something? Or someone? She couldn’t really tell since she couldn’t hear them, and she wasn’t interested in knowing what they were doing. Shortly after noticing them she watches Jamie, a smile appeared on her lips as she noticed he was crouching behind her fence and hadn’t noticed the two dogs that were behind him, Freya and Persephone. When he fell Robin started to laugh, before deciding to get up. “Freya! Persephone! Go see mom!” she shouted at the dogs who ran back inside before she quickly descended to the ground and approached Jamie. "What brings you to this part of town?"
  8. I wonder what's going on, Freya and Persephone haven't stopped barking at the front door and refuse to leave the house. 

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    2. Ian Travers

      Ian Travers

      I'd go check it myself but my nose is doing the ouchies and Aunt Liv is taking care of me now (っ- ‸ – ς)

      I could send in my sister instead if you want.

    3. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      Get better soon ♥ I'll go visit you when this matter is resolved. I'll try to see what's wrong with it and if I need your sister I'll let you know. 

    4. Ian Travers

      Ian Travers

      Good luck! (/^▽^)/

  9. A developing art

    Robin Shaw
    The Sturt’s weren’t her kind of crows, too stiff for their own good, too nerdy like the world was going to end if they didn’t get a perfect score, their weirdly dark humour which Robin did enjoy. Sure, not all Sturt’s were like that, some were alright people, friendly, nice, but it wasn’t the type of crowd Robin used to hangout with. “Probably different crowds, I was friends with most Bouke’s so I used to hang out with them more often and I only graduated on 2014.” Robin never did anything very memorable, at least when it came to prank wise. She did once paint the school with way too many colours to make fun of the other houses, but it was something harmless, easily fixed with magic. “I’m Robin. It’s nice to meet you Arti.” She introduced herself as she took the other woman’s hand. The name didn’t bring any memories of someone with that name, but Robin wasn’t obligated to know everyone’s name. Robin looked at the young woman with an interested expression about the gallery. She had been on a few and it’s mostly about art or photography, had yet to see one that presented music. Robin couldn’t hear it, but it didn’t stop her from finding the concept interesting. “I do photography, for both wizards and muggles.” She commented as she tapped her camera, with what seemed to be an affectionate one. Photography has been Robin’s love, maybe one day she gets to dedicate herself to her other love, Magical Creatures. “I do mostly freelance jobs, I also take some photos for new flyers for the Reserve in Narrie.” It wasn’t a paying job, or at least one that paid much, but she was able to spend her time with the animals and photographing them, which was the real perk of that one job. She was quite surprised about the information of the speakers on the walls and floor, the vibrations could be felt easier, being able to somehow enjoy another form of art, one that she hadn’t been able to enjoy in a few years. “I must visit it now. I haven’t been able to enjoy music in such a long time.” Aside from her ukulele, which she couldn’t hear but still insisted on playing it like she could, Robin stayed away from music as much as she could. “I’m surprised I haven’t visit it sooner, I spend a lot of time here. I also do some exhibits on Muggle galleries, I’m more used to those.”
  10. A developing art

    Robin Shaw
    The woman seemed alright as she started to talk to Robin. The redhead felt more at ease now knowing that the person was definitely alright. Robin couldn’t stop feeling a little guilty for not paying attention to were she was going, but with all the stands, lights, performers and a bunch of new things she had completely forgotten to pay attention and the place was too crowded, making it hard to notice certain people, like the small person beside her, which was cute in a way. Robin smiled upon the confirmation that the other person was alright, but the question seemed a bit out of the ordinary. Did Robin know her? Had this woman gone to Tally or to VMU? Have they crossed paths in the past? Robin was almost certain she wouldn’t remember if that was the case. “I don’t know. Do you? I went to Tally, Spencer House and I frequented VMU, maybe from one of those places?” That was the only places she could potentially know the woman from, unless she also liked to visit the reserve, then there is a chance that have crossed path outside of educational facilities. Robin’s face showed a certain degree of confusion, still thinking about how it would be possible for the shorter woman to know her, but it had to be a thought for later. Apparently, the redhead didn’t have to get donuts, she really didn’t mind, but there would be someone else to do it, why should she complain about a situation that favoured her? She looked over to where the other woman pointed at, she had heard of it, probably never bothered to pay too much attention, if it wasn’t something, she would actively seek out for she didn’t care. “What kind of exhibits you have there? Paintings? Sculptures? Photography?” Only one of those interested Robin, which was photography, but the sound of music was also interesting, unfortunately Robin was deaf. “What kind of music? I mean I won’t be able to hear but at least I’ll get an idea.”
  11. A developing art

    Robin Shaw
    It had been one of Robin’s mistakes, not watching where she was walking, she couldn’t also hear which increased the probability of her colliding with someone that didn’t appear in her field of vision. Robin had just turned around from one of the stands when she accidentally collided with someone, who seemed to be carrying a box with something in it. Robin was tall, but she was thin and had little bone density, which caused her to fall onto the ground. The redhead looked at the person she had collided with, upon having a donut fall on her. It was one of those moments that if her dogs were there the donuts would be gone and both of them would have taken a bath in dog drool. Robin chuckled at the situation before getting up as quickly as she could, she didn’t want anyone to trip on her and fall over, which could be a bigger accident than her falling onto the ground. She dusted her pants, removed the glossy donut from her hair and with a bit of magic fixed it. There were no muggles around to see what Robin had done. She touched her camera to see if it was broke, but it was in one piece, it was a miracle. “Are you alright Miss?” Robin asked the woman both vocally and in sign language. Not that Robin liked to advertise she was deaf, but in a situation like this she could miss something that the other woman was saying. “Yeah, it’s in one piece, thank you. And sorry about the donuts.” Robin looked at the woman with a guilty smile plastered across her face. It had been Robin’s fault after all, she was the one that should have been paying attention to where she was going. But the woman seemed to be fine, seemed to be in one piece at least and the only thing that got ruined seemed to be the donuts. “Can I offer you another box maybe?” Robin’s guilty conscience was showing, she couldn’t help but to feel sad when people didn’t get to eat what they wanted, or what they had bought, assuming those donuts were for the other woman.
  12. Developing Opportunities

    The redhead looked at the blonde, confusion was plastered all over the young girl’s face. Robin tried not to laugh but thought it would be better to explain. “Glinda is my mother. I don’t have a mobile phone but my home phone turns voice in to text.” Robin finally explained and hopefully it would make the girl more at ease, which seemed to be a complicated task, Robin wasn’t sure how to help with the situation, but then again, the whole thing was quite strange, the redhead had to admit that her whole approach to it seemed … shady. Robin smiled t the girl and then looked down at Steve, which seemed to be nuzzling her leg. Robin was about to kneel to pet the dog once again but luckily she looked at the girl before doing so. “We’re shooting mostly sights, so you should bring your eyes and your creativity, you’re going to need those a lot.” Robin said in a joking tone, but she could see how everything she had said could make things potentially worse for the younger girl. “You need to be able to know what would look good and what doesn’t, you know have a creative spirit. I’ll be taking all the equipment necessary and you can bring Steve if you want.” Robin wasn’t sure if the dog himself was going to help the girl be more comfortable, but if it helped Robin was willing to take a chance and let Steve tag along, perhaps he could even give some ideas about what they could do. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Robin spoke a bit inquisitive but didn’t bother to stick around to listen to MJ’s answer to it as she quickly faded into one of the stores.
  13. Developing Opportunities

    Steve was a nice name, probably not for a dog as it seemed to be a person’s name, but the animal didn’t seem to care too much about it and it seemed happy with the name, it even barked? Yeah, he probably barked when the owner had said the dog’s name. It didn’t matter to Robin what the dog’s name was, what she did care was how cute and adorable the four-legged animal was, not to mention sociable, that’s was why Robin loved dogs, they were always ready to meet new people and didn’t mind showing it to the world. “How about tomorrow? Today would be difficult, but tomorrow I’ll be at the reserve, I will be shooting some of the animals for new posters.” Robin replied. MJ only needed to ask someone for Robin, and they could point the blonde in the right direction. Robin was fairly known at the reserve, she was always hanging around, taking photos, lending a hand whenever it was needed, nothing extraordinaire. “Not. Just show up, I have all the materials, I just need a second set of hands.” Robin smiled, still trying to make the blonde feel more comfortable with her presence. “Oh, if you have other questions just call me, I’ll give you my contact info.” Taking a piece of paper, that had seen better days, from her pocket Robin wrote down her address and number in it and gave it to MJ. “If a Glinda picks up the phone don’t worry.”
  14. Developing Opportunities

    Perhaps Robin was putting it easily, photography also had to do with the person’s ability to see what was good or not, what deserved to be saved for posterity or what should simply be ignored. When Robin started taking photographs, she simply enjoyed the idea of taking a bunch of photos, remembering a bunch of things, being able to relive all those memories she put on the wall of her bedroom, but now, now it was something more than just a simple job, it was her work and she loved it. The girl still seemed a bit sceptical about the situation, but at least she had introduced herself to Robin, which was a step onto the right direction, at least it was what Robin was telling herself. If the girl introduced herself it meant she was open to the idea of working with her, which was a relief. “It’s nice to meet you MJ.” Robin spoke with a smile, trying her best to keep the girl at ease. “What’s the dog’s name, if you don’t mind telling me? I have two at home, they are the best companions you could ask for.” She said. Maybe turning the conversation towards the furry companion would make the girl more comfortable. Robin wasn’t going to tell MJ she also had two annoying little ghosts at home that enjoyed asking questions and loved to play hide and seek with new people, and not just hide and seek, those they didn’t like, the twin enjoyed scaring, but Robin was sure they were going to like MJ, or she hoped they weren’t too picky about it.
  15. Developing Opportunities

    The girl seemed to be a bit uneasy, sure Robin’s approach wasn’t exactly the best or the more subtle, but she was desperate for some help, and while she didn’t have a lot of time to be wondering around the place, stalking whoever read her flyer and seemed interested in it, she thought it was the fastest way to get someone, she could scout the person, watch them and if she liked their vibe she could approach them, which was what had happened with the girl. Robin looked down at the dog with a smile. The animal was cute and seemed energetic, and very sociable, just like Robin liked them, the more sociable the best, in a way she could easily speak to them. She looked at the girl again before she began to speak, Robin easily understood her and shook her head. “I can teach you, it’s quite easy, just point, focus and click the button.” Robin said with a chuckle. There wasn’t any science behind the process, working on the photos was harder, Robin enjoyed both types of photography, while her recent works have been with digital, she still enjoyed the old style, which took a lot more learning, but it was to learn about how to develop them. The dog seemed happy. Robin knelt down to pet the dog on his head gently. “Hey there, I’m Robin. It’s very nice to meet you.” The fae spoke, scratching the dog behind the ear a softly before getting up gain to look at the girl. “I’m Robin by the way. If want to try it you’re welcomed, if you think it’s not for you, no harm done.” It was the only thing Robin could propose to the girl, teach her for a small period of time, if the girl didn’t enjoy the work, or thought she wasn’t cut out for it, she could always quit, Robin wouldn’t think any less of her for it. “I’d still pay you for your time, and I spend a lot of time at the Reserve if you like to photograph animals.”
Robin Melody Shaw
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age  23
Date of Birth December 25th, 1995
Birthplace Ballarat, Australia
Occupation Photographer
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Robin
Wand Vine wood, 10'' Kelpie hair core
Play-by Rose Leslie

Grade 1 to Grade 6 – Whitlam Bilby

Year 1 to Year 7 – Tally (Spencer House)

VMU - Magical Flora & Fauna (Graduated 2017)



Only known by family and friends:

• Is 3/4 fae, 1/4 human;

• Is a legilimens;

• Lives with two ghost, Sally and Nancy;

• Has a weird fixation with music boxes;

• Collects snowglobes and photographs of random people.

General Knowledge

• Is deaf, but can read lips and sometimes replies verbally;

• Know sign language;

• Photographs wildlife but not exclusively;

• Lives in a haunted house in Narrie;

• Likes hiking and outdoor activities;

• Spends most of her time in the reserve;

• Likes to play the Ukulele.

• Has two Great Danes Persephone and Freya.


Robin is a nice, chatty and wild, but doesn’t seem to have a calm and soft side, perhaps to those who know her the longest know that she can be a good friend, just not a very stable one. Robin often forgets about people making them believe she doesn’t care, which isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right, she does care but she’s not the type to nag, will take an interest, with give some unsolicited advice but wouldn’t care much about the outcome unless it’s a close friend or family. She has other faults like always trying to make a joke, usually a bad one or at a bad time, she can be perceived as brave but she’s simply someone with nothing to lose, which makes her take unnecessary risks.

She can and will be inconvenient, not entirely on purpose but just because she will say whatever comes to mind, she prefers to be honest even if that honesty hurts people, she will not sugarcoat anything for the sake of others. In a way she’s a fairly egotistical person, she likes her friends, she does everything for them, within reason, but is incapable of putting other people’s wants and needs above her own unless strictly necessary and only for survival.

She can be arrogant, petty and cruel depending on her relationship with people, she rarely holds grudges but when she does, she takes them to her grave. She is a perfectionist and thrives for perfection within her work. Her wild nature makes her crave for adventure. She has many skills, among them a natural talent for photography, dealing wildlife and she can play the Ukulele.

Mature in her own way, some say she belongs in a psychiatric hospital while others embrace her personality, the type of friend that climbs windows and opens locks to invade people’s houses in the middle of night, with or without a reason. Robin is pretty much what one person sees, she’s straight to the point and avoids playing with words.


Robin has long red hair, usually in a braid, and has hazel eyes. She has fair skin that burns easily. She has freckled which she doesn’t even bother to cover them up. It’s hard to see her without a smile on her face and a certain life in her eyes.

She has a somewhat thin appearance despite all the physical activity she’s engaged in. She doesn’t have much muscle, but it isn’t as fragile as she appears to be due to her bone density. She always carries her camera everywhere she goes. 

Robin usually wears casual clothes, adequate for outdoor activities, however, depending on the event she might wear something more formal.

The story so far

Robin is the only child of a Phouka Fairy, Glinda Shaw and unfortunately, she doesn’t know who her father is, only that he was half fae. A few years after Robin’s birth they moved to Narrie and purchased a property with an old house with two permanent residents, Sally and Nancy two twin ghosts who enjoy playing pranks on visitors.

Her life was nothing extraordinary, aside from occasionally staying out later than she should and getting in trouble. She discovered she was born with a great aptitude to legelimency, coming rather natural to her. Despite being more fae than human, Robin has a harder time with her fae abilities, shapeshifting causes excruciating pain, possibly because of her human blood; her other abilities don’t always work when and how she wants them too, with the rare exception of controlling the wind.

At the age of six, she attended Whitlam Bilby and then attended Tally and got sorted into the Spencer House. She showed great aptitude towards magic and as a surprise was exceptionally good at it, perhaps her fae heritage played a part in it. Two years before graduation Robin suddenly lost her ability to hear and no cause was found, her last option was to learn sign language and try her best to graduate, it was during those years that she discovered her love for photography.

Upon graduation she decided to continue her studies in VMU where she enrolled in Magical Flora and Fauna and wanted to quit, however after some consideration she decided to graduate, it wasn't easy but she managed to do it, however, instead of working in the area she decided to do what she loved, which was to photograph wildlife, mostly at the reserve, but also photographs other events both in Narrie and Melbourne.

Robin Shaw Wednesday at 12:46 AM
Type: Invite Jamie CollinsRobin Shaw.
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