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  1. The hawk probably thought it would be weird someone being able to talk to them but then couldn’t hear them, but Robin could have used her ability to listen to the hawk’s thoughts, but should she worry about it? Knowing that their interaction would be short? The Hawk didn’t seem to need any assistance, it probably didn’t need help finding its way back home, unlike some of the animals that are lost and that she randomly finds. Robin smiled at the hawk hopped onto her clothing. The redhead stroked the animal gently on the head, gentle and soft strokes, she didn’t want to harm the little creature, not after the ordeals it much have gone through to look like that. “I wonder what happened to you. You look like you’ve been through a lot…” there was a certain sadness in Robin’s voice and look at she looked at the bird, almost like she wished she could do something for it, unfortunately she couldn’t. Flying always had been something Robin couldn’t do, if she was like her mother, a pure fae she would be able to shapeshift into whatever she desired, but having human blood meant her transformations were limited and were very limited, but what would happen if she tried? Would she be able to change, or would she just be in an excruciating plain from trying to shift every bone in her body to fit the desirable animal?
  2. Just saw the most beautiful bird at the reserve, but scared it away with my camera :(

    1. Ian Travers

      Ian Travers

      Oh no (;*△*;)

      Though, keep at it! If it's at the reserve, you're bound to run into it again sometime! Be persistent! o(^◇^)o

    2. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      It was really pretty. I will go there tomorrow again, I hope I'll find it. If I do I'll show you how gorgeous it was. 

      Thanks Ian <3

  3. It was a magnificent sight, being able to photograph such animal so close. While some would trust Robin and would approach on their own accord, most would just fly away from her the moment they see the camera and don’t even bother to listen to whatever Robin is saying, but this one? This one didn’t mind the camera at all, it even looked like it was enjoying being used as a model, a very good model in Robin’s opinion. Robin’s fingers gently touched the animal in soft strokes. Birds were more resilient than people thought, but that was no reason not to be gentle with them. Robin had a hard time understanding the hawk. “I can’t hear you, sweetie...” Robin spoke with a certain kindness and softness that she doesn’t with most people. She felt at home everywhere she went to, she didn’t have a hard time adaption, but in nature, with animals, it was like she was one with them. “I do believe you can find some food a bit to the east.” Robin gave the hawk one last gently stroke before taking another photo of it. “You know, you’ll look great as a wildlife poster, you know, those things the humans hang around?” Robin continued to take photographs of the beautiful flying animal. “I wish I could fly with you, it would be easier sometimes.” It would probably feel nice feeling the breeze beneath her wings, unfortunately, Robin’s fae ability didn’t allow her to shift like most faes, probably because of her human blood.
  4. The redhead was just enjoying taking all the photos she could of her new friend, or at least that was how she viewed the hawk. It wasn’t a normal species for the area, but Robin wasn’t too worried about it, birds could easily return home or find shelter, and hawks could easily hunt for smaller preys, the area was filled with them, small birds and rodents, something relatively easy to hunt, if one was a hawk. She was still surprised the hawk was visible, there didn’t seem to be anything to hunt at the moment. Robin didn’t bother too much with her thought, there was no point in wondering why it was out at this time. As the hawk landed on the branch where she was, Robin turned slowly to take more photos of the majestic animal that stood in front of her, it was magnificent. “Hello, cutie.” She said, continuing to take photos of it, closer photos. Despite the animal appearing like it had taken some hits, they all seemed to be healed and it seemed to be alright. The redhead smiled at it as she stared. It wasn’t every day she got to chat with a hawk, hopefully, this one will reply to her. In the meantime, Robin continued photographing the animal like it was a photo shoot, several angles, some closer some further, but always trying to make sure the animal looked natural in the photos. She then reached out her hand for the bird. “It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you, or eat you.” She spoke in a soft tone as she got closer and closer to the animal.
  5. Unlike the other days, Robin was at the Murrigal Bushland, while she loved the reserve and she enjoyed hanging around taking photos of the area, the Bushland needed some love, especially if Robin planned to expand her photography repertoire. She walked to the Bushland that morning, alone as usual, maybe she could even visit the school after she was done, it had been a while since she had to visit everyone. She wondered if everything was still the same, she had heard some rumors about some staff members being replaced, it was about time some of those Professors decided to retire to allow new ones to teach. The redhead climbed a tree easily and sat on a large branch. She began photographing the area, always looking for animals to photograph; it was known that animals made photos better, showing them doing what they usually do was heart-warming, at least for Robin. Robin continued to search for a good scene to photograph, it was when she noticed a hawk that didn’t belong there. Robin took a few photos of the animal that seemed to be far away from home, perhaps it was lost, or maybe it had an owner? Robin continued to take photos of the animal, noticing something different about it, almost like it had been through a lot. Who kept an animal like that? Maybe it was indeed an animal that belonged to a sanctuary and got lost? That had to be the only explanation to why such an animal was found there, in that shape, perhaps it should be recovering.
  6. Robin watched her mother as the woman seemed highly happy to have pizza for dinner again. Robin smiled at May. “Really? Thank you.” Not that Robin minded pizza, on the contrary, she loved pizza, but her mother seemed to be slightly addicted to it. “Yeah, you can eat mine.” Robin laughed looking at May. “My mom is still trying to learn how Muggles cook, but she’s been slightly addicted to pizza.” She tried to explain. It was amusing how a fae as old as her mother still couldn’t grasp the technique of cooking like a muggle, even refusing to use magic to cook, Robin just thought the old fae was enjoying burning things down and wasn’t that interested in learning how to cook. “Come on then, let’s not make you wait for pizza.” Robin joked opening the box.
  7. Robin was perfectly capable of communicating without sign language, she could read lips and she could talk, most deaf people couldn’t since they were born deaf or had lost their hearing at a young age. “It’s okay if he doesn’t, I can communicate, but if he learns it’ll be easier.” It took some dedication to learn how to sign, most people had no idea the time it took to adjust to a whole new language. The redhead looked up at her friend who seemed to want to go inside. Dinner was probably ready. “Yeah, let’s go down.” Robin got up swiftly and got inside the house through the window. She waited a bit for May to join her so that they could go to dinner, but she was suddenly surrounded by the two twins who desperately wanted to play with May. “May already told you.” She said with a firm voice as she crossed her arms, but this time the ghosts weren’t having it and just continued to surround her. “I think they want to talk to you during dinner May…” Robin joked before starting to walk to the first floor to see how dinner was going. As expected, her mother had ordered some Pizza. It wasn’t too hard to cook with magic, but Robin’s mother insisted on doing the old muggle way, a quite boring way to make food. “Tonight we have pizza I see…again.”
  8. “I’d be honored to meet him.” Robin was happy that May trusted her enough, she had to preserve their privacy, but this way she was sure May knew that her brother would be safe, or relatively safe, besides, it would be another person to play with, despite most people didn’t like when fae played with them. “I’m sure I’m going to like him, and I’m also sure he’s going to like the reserve.” Robin signed with a cheerier disposition. “You know, maybe one day you can bring him here, I’m sure the twins will love him and mom, you know how mom is.” Robin laughed thinking about how her mother would reach. The fae was old but it seemed that loss hadn’t taken a toll on her like so many of her kind, Robin just hopped her mother’s feelings remain the same once she leaves the mortal world.
  9. If May was going to go there with Robin after breakfast that meant they would either meet or May could spend the time like good old times, watching a moving, playing games, perhaps even playing with the noisy little devils that like to haunt strangers that wanted to take a peek inside the property. “That means we could have a party, just us and the twins.” She spoke excitedly about the possibilities. Robin’s face showed a confused expression. Robin knew May had secrets, but that seemed to be a whole new level. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me, maybe he can come with me to the reserve whenever you can’t, or whenever you need someone to watch over him.” Robin smiled at her friend. “I’m a very competent caretaker…I’m competent with magic.” she hadn’t killed herself, but anyone knew Robin wasn’t to be trusted minors due to her disposition, but if the boy was old enough, he would have some fun with her for sure.
  10. Robin watched the girl speed up the stairs and just looked at Amber with a confused look her face. “Yeah? It’s a random name for a cat or another animal, or even a person.” Robin replied, completely confused at the girl’s question, it made absolutely no sense. Amber was one weird person. The redhead was about to continue when the other girl spoke, she didn’t catch what the girl wanted at first, but when she spoke again Robin was able to understand. “The cat’s name is Captain Mittens.” Robin said avoiding Amber to knock on the door, that after a small conversation with the owner of the house they ended up knowing where the cat’s real house was. It was impossible for Robin to continue to play with the girl. “Well, that furball’s house is over there.” Robin spoke as she pointed at one of the houses where they had started.
  11. Robin laughed at her friend’s word. “I don’t want to get rid of you.” Robin couldn’t deny that she enjoyed the Dhampir’s company. May had been Robin’s friend for a long time, even took the time to be able to learn how to communicate with her, even if Robin allowed May to have all the freedom she needed and wanted, but at the end of the day, Robin did care for her friend. “You’re welcomed at the reserve, you’ll know how to find me.” Robin smiled. It was easy to find her, either on a tree branch or on a bush, sometimes even between the animals. Robin wouldn’t shapeshift, even if her fairy nature allowed her to do so, her human blood made it hard, reorganizing bones and muscles was one of the most painful experiences a person could go through. “Maybe I can even take a few photos of you, the one I have is old, I’d like something more recent.” Unfortunately, it was the truth, the previous photograph of May had five to six years, they looked a lot different back then.
  12. Robin paid attention to the interactions between Amber and the cat, they were indeed amusing, it was like watching a funny movie where there was no sound, but people still moved her lips, intriguing and even more since Amber began talking to the cat when Robin mentioned the cat could listen to Amber. The redhead walked up to some more houses, and again, no success in finding the little feline’s home. “So? Is the cat answering you back?” Robin joked at the situation. “If you pay attention you might be able to hear it.” She smirked as she visited another house in hopes of finding the house of their new friend. It wasn’t an easy task, especially since Robin decided to take the long route, only to make the other girl walk a bit further. Robin had anything against the girl, but what was the point in making her sweat a bit more? “No luck again, I think we just have to continue, don’t we, my Pumpkin Cupcake?” Robin spoke, mostly talking to the cat and ignoring Amber completely like she was simply the means to carry the cat around.
  13. Everything was good, Robin mostly lived her life by taking photos, and her mother, well, Robin has no idea what her mother does for a living, the only thing she knows is that the woman stays around the house most of the time, probably robbed a bank when she was younger. “That makes me happy.” Robin commented. She knew her friend would be proud of her, she just liked to hear it from her, well, know it from her. Robin smiled at May, it wasn’t easy growing up, she refused to, she didn’t want the melancholy of adulthood to catch on to her, but it did catch May. “Adulthood, you’re more mature. Some don’t lose their spark but you’re one of those adults that do.” Robin laughed, not wanting to go into detail. “But, I’m glad to have you back, we’re going to have so much fun.”
  14. Robin walked faster to the house at the beginning, she had started with the least plausible house for the cat’s owner to live. The person lived next door, but it was going to be the last house they would visit. As Robin suspected the first house wasn’t the cat’s house. The redhead smiled pleased at the situation. The silence didn’t bother Robin, she was used to it, but she knew it bothered a lot of people, usually people that could hear, like Amber. “You know, you can talk...I mean, I can’t listen, but the cat can.” Robin looked at their feline friend and winked at the animal. She decided to go house by house, always at a slow pace, the other girl seemed tired, while it made Robin walk slower didn’t make Robin wanting to go to the correct house.
  15. May had accepted the invitation, but what surprised Robin was that May seemed to be signing without a problem. Robin’s smile grew as she looked at her friend. Robin couldn’t deny that she had missed May, even if May had left for a reason. The redhead followed May onto the roof and sat down next to her friend. Robin finally knew what May told the ghosts. “I see…” she didn’t like to butt into other people’s minds, especially her friends and family, it was rude. “I graduated VMU.” She said with a smug look on her face like she had accomplished something far greater than it was. “But I work as a freelance photographer, mostly for the reserve, they don’t pay well enough but if I can get their pamphlets to look nice, I do what I can.” Robin still required to be paid, as much as she loved working there, being around animals all day, photographing them, not only for the reserve but mostly for it, she still had to pay for the materials. “You look good, physically, but…I don’t want to butt in but there’s something there…” Robin was worried about May but wasn’t going to ask questions, she knew May probably didn’t want to answer to them.
Robin Melody Shaw
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age:  23
Date of Birth: December 25th, 1995
Birthplace: Ballarat, Australia
Occupation: Photographer
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Robin
Wand: Vine wood, 10'' Kelpie hair core
Play-by: Luca Hollestelle

Grade 1 to Grade 6 – Whitlam Bilby

Year 1 to Year 7 – Tally (Spencer House)

VMU - Magical Flora & Fauna (Graduated 2017)



Only known by family and friends:

• Is 3/4 fae, 1/4 human;

• Is a legilimens;

• Lives with two ghost, Sally and Nancy;

• Has a weird fixation with music boxes;

• Collects snowglobes and photographs of random people.

General Knowledge

• Is deaf, but can read lips and sometimes replies verbally;

• Know sign language;

• Photographs wildlife but not exclusively;

• Lives in a haunted house in Narrie;

• Likes hiking and outdoor activities;

• Spends most of her time in the reserve;

• Likes to play the Ukelele.


Robin is a nice, chatty and wild, but doesn’t seem to have a calm and soft side, perhaps to those who know her the longest know that she can be a good friend, just not a very stable one. Robin often forgets about people making them believe she doesn’t care, which isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right, she does care but she’s not the type to nag, will take an interest, with give some unsolicited advice but wouldn’t care much about the outcome unless it’s a close friend or family. She has other faults like always trying to make a joke, usually a bad one or at a bad time, she can be perceived as brave but she’s simply someone with nothing to lose, which makes her take unnecessary risks.

She can and will be inconvenient, not entirely on purpose but just because she will say whatever comes to mind, she prefers to be honest even if that honesty hurts people, she will not sugarcoat anything for the sake of others. In a way she’s a fairly egotistical person, she likes her friends, she does everything for them, within reason, but is incapable of putting other people’s wants and needs above her own unless strictly necessary and only for survival.

She can be arrogant, petty and cruel depending on her relationship with people, she rarely holds grudges but when she does, she takes them to her grave. She is a perfectionist and thrives for perfection within her work. Her wild nature makes her crave for adventure. She has many skills, among them a natural talent for photography, dealing wildlife and she can play the Ukulele.

Mature in her own way, some say she belongs in a psychiatric hospital while others embrace her personality, the type of friend that climbs windows and opens locks to invade people’s houses in the middle of night, with or without a reason. Robin is pretty much what one person sees, she’s straight to the point and avoids playing with words.


Robin has long red hair, usually in a braid, and has hazel eyes. She has fair skin that burns easily. She has freckled which she doesn’t even bother to cover them up. It’s hard to see her without a smile on her face and a certain life in her eyes.

She has a somewhat thin appearance despite all the physical activity she’s engaged in. She doesn’t have much muscle, but it isn’t as fragile as she appears to be due to her bone density. She always carries her camera everywhere she goes. 

Robin usually wears casual clothes, adequate for outdoor activities, however, depending on the event she might wear something more formal.


Robin is the only child of a Phouka Fairy, Glinda Shaw and unfortunately, she doesn’t know who her father is, only that he was half fae. A few years after Robin’s birth they moved to Narrie and purchased a property with an old house with two permanent residents, Sally and Nancy two twin ghosts who enjoy playing pranks on visitors.

Her life was nothing extraordinary, aside from occasionally staying out later than she should and getting in trouble. She discovered she was born with a great aptitude to legelimency, coming rather natural to her. Despite being more fae than human, Robin has a harder time with her fae abilities, shapeshifting causes excruciating pain, possibly because of her human blood; her other abilities don’t always work when and how she wants them too, with the rare exception of controlling the wind.

At the age of six, she attended Whitlam Bilby and then attended Tally and got sorted into the Spencer House. She showed great aptitude towards magic and as a surprise was exceptionally good at it, perhaps her fae heritage played a part in it. Two years before graduation Robin suddenly lost her ability to hear and no cause was found, her last option was to learn sign language and try her best to graduate, it was during those years that she discovered her love for photography.

Upon graduation she decided to continue her studies in VMU where she enrolled in Magical Flora and Fauna and wanted to quit, however after some consideration she decided to graduate, it wasn't easy but she managed to do it, however, instead of working in the area she decided to do what she loved, which was to photograph wildlife, mostly at the reserve, but also photographs other events both in Narrie and Melbourne.

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