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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Open Company So Fowl

    Robin was quite amused at the situation. How was she going to play with the girl? Have some fun? Pretending she didn’t know anything about it? The girl seemed scared, her reaction to Robin’s approach was priceless, maybe the girl didn’t know she was being too obvious about it and that only made everything better. Robin watched with a smile on her face as the girl seemed to be panicking about being discovered while talking to the birds. It had been a while since Robin hadn’t had some fun with a stranger, that situation was going to help her get her mind off of things, or just potentially make it worse. “Oh? Like what? Birds?” The smile on Robin’s face grew. If only she didn’t have morals about knowing what was going onto that woman’s mind, oh what she could do about it. “Pigeons are a bit annoying, aren’t they? Always begging for food, insulting people too.” she launched the bait, now she had to see how the girl was going to react to it. Was she going to continue to look and act like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar? Or was she going to try to lie her way out of it? Robin just needed to push things a little bit further to get a reaction out of the scared girl. “Nice to meet you Natasha.” Robin’s smile continued to grow the more she looked at the girl. “So, what were the birds saying for you to be so … annoyed at them?” perhaps being blunt would spark some reaction on the younger female, after all, that was what Robin wanted, to draw some attention, to put the woman on the spotlight for a little while, that could potentially get the reaction Robin wanted.
  2. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin laughed at his comment. She lived to dive in headfirst, call her stupid or brave, the fact was that she didn’t quire care, she loved to jump into adventure with everything she had, and that case wasn’t an exception. “According to the book it’s supposed to have four if you count the basement and the attic.” She said circling Jamie in a hunter sort of way, mostly to scare him a little bit, but one could argue that her actions were weird. “There might be some not so friendly ghosts downstairs, maybe it belonged to a cult.” She stopped in front of the young man as her eyes grew the more she stared at him. The thrill of being there was making her show her true colours when it came to adventure and adrenaline, a junkie, and she wasn’t even ashamed of it. She watched Jamie; her smile grew as she chuckled before watching him pick his wand. “Alright, let’s make a bet, if I win what do I get? And what if you win?” she was sure the passage was there, if they hadn’t covered it with cement, but event then they could use magic to make it disappear and put it back to normal, they would just seal the hole and not the whole passage. “And I bet the passage has some cement on it, at least the entrance, unless they just boarded it up.” If they just boarded it up to get the new wall that would mean Jamie would win the bet. What could he possibly want thought? She was going to have some fun figuring that one out. Jamie used the spell and Robin looked around the place, a piece of paper on the wall indicated something was hidden in there, the passage perhaps? And upon confirmation Jamie had won the bet, Robin would have to pay up whatever he decided. “Very good Mr. Collins. What do I have to pay you?” she joked lightly, standing in front of the passage while looking at him, her smile growing bigger the more her eyes met his. She had to stop being a fucking idiot about him like that. “Want to do in first? Ready to swat some ghosts away? Or maybe some creepy crawlers?” she handed the book to Jamie, showing the passage, it would go through all over the house, all he had to do is chose where he wanted them to go.
  3. Open Company So Fowl

    Robin was glad that she didn’t have to work that day. She was hoping to walk around the town, maybe that could help her gather her thoughts. She hadn’t been under a lot of pressure, but she was still feeling as if things were slipping away, maybe that whole Jamie thing was starting to affect her more than she would care to admit, the bottleflies in her stomach, the stupid smiles whenever she saw him, that had to stop. She needed to get a hold of herself and stop stupid ancient feelings to control her. She managed to forget about him once, she can certainly do it again but now it’s different. She shook her head and continued to walk. As she walked past a café, she noticed this girl sitting, she seemed to be having a nice day, but what caught her attention were the pigeons and that their conversation with one another was picked by her natural legilimency ability. Robin didn’t quite care what they were saying, she wanted to go back to her relaxation time, but it seemed that it was going to be impossible to do so. She looked at the girl she had seen when she arrived, and it appeared that she was talking to them. Was she fae as well? That was an interesting turn of events. Robin smirked little, watching the birds and the girls until they flew away, she didn’t even pretend that she wasn’t paying attention. “I didn’t say anything Miss.” She replied to Nat’s questions to the birds. Robin decided to scare the young girl a bit before coming clean. It wasn’t everyday that she could meet someone like her, so it was nice when she noticed that the other girl was talking to the animals. “Can’t say the same about those birds though.” Robin walked towards the girl and smiled at her. It was clear that the redhead knew that something was going on. “I’m Robin, nice to meet you. Who might you be?”
  4. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    She was quite excited to go on such adventure, that could be a wild goose chase, but at least they could still have some fun exploring the house, they could search the backyard after. The manor like house was however giving her some vibes, the same type as the twins that often roam her own house, perhaps they would be able to find a ghost or two. She looked up at Jamie who was speaking, she didn’t want to miss any word he said, and if she was in front of him, she wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with the young man. It was that moment that she came to realization that she was quite boring due to not being able to talk in a situation like that. Robin hesitated a little before tilting her head. “We do have time. I have no where to be.” She mentioned, to make sure neither of them would have to hurry that trip, and that they could both take all the time they needed or wanted, around that house. She opened the book, the layout of the house was the new one, followed by the first one, and she could see some hidden passages. “Living room it is, there’s this here that could be fun.” She showed the book to Jamie, showing him both the new and the old layout of the house. “I’m thinking secret passage.” The door to their right was closed but with magic they could open it up to reveal the living room. Robin used magic to pick through the lock, she refrained from using wizard magic, and just proceeded with her fae abilities. While magic wasn’t traced by the ministry in adults, it left a feeling in the air, almost like an aura, fae magic just dissipated into the environment. The door opened and the room was a decent sized living room, with a couch bigger than Robin’s bed. “Here we are, look at this place.” Her house was old and big, but that just looked like a palace. She looked and snooped around the living room, unable to find the secret passage she so desperately thought she would. “Maybe they closed it? It’s disappointing, I wanted to see where it led to…”
  5. Nature's Ally

    She lived for the adrenaline, maybe something good could come out of that fun interaction with the kid, assuming he wouldn’t be scared. “Oh? Is that so?” she watched him with a playful smirk on her lips. She enjoyed living in the moment, staying alive was debatable in her case. “Oh I’m not sad by looking at photos, if anything, if allows me to relive every single moment.” her fae magic was quite useful in that regard, they worked more as something to store moments, almost like a video and less like a photograph and it only worked when she wanted, it was perfect. “It’s a shame you can only see photographs like that.” There was nothing Robin regretted about her choice, unlike so many people who tend to look back and wonder if their decisions were the correct ones. The more he spoke the more her eyes seemed to follow his every word, almost like she was indeed affected by him, just as she wanted him to believe. “I’m sure I will love such an experience.” she spoke, trying to reel him in. “I don’t know, being able to take a photo? Keep it? Unless you let everyone do it.” Jealousy was a bad feeling, especially when people let it sink in, it would rot someone from the inside out, and while some people could deal with it, pushing others away, others had different ways of showing such feelings. “I suppose a pie would be nice, sweet, hard crust and soft filling.” she watched the young man from head to toes, her lips still curled in a smile. “Wouldn’t you think that would be quite … tasty?” But as the roots wrapped around him, she could see he wasn’t scared, which was disappointing, she was expecting a different reaction from the boy and she didn’t get what she wanted. She could feel some form of force battling the roots, her head tilted lightly. “Not just a Birdie…” there seemed to be some form of affiliation towards nature, but she couldn’t figure it out. She laughed at him words, before with the wave of her hand the roots receded to the soil and she just stared at him. “Not my kind of fun. Why bound someone when it’s more amusing when they are free?” “Is nature the only thing that brings you to the Bushland? Or is you just enjoy the quietness and the absence of prying eyes?” Aside from the possible dangerous animals around it was quiet and refreshing place, good to spend some time and reflect.
  6. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin laughed at Jamie’s words a bit louder than she thought she would, she couldn’t really heard how it came out but the look of a lady that just peeked on their corridor told her everything she needed to know and she quickly covered her mouth once more so that she wouldn’t be reprimanded for making noise. She should have figured that he would enjoy some adrenaline rush, if she remembers correctly, he did some pretty dangerous stunts back in the day, nowadays shouldn’t be too different. If he wanted to do some free falling off the top of a waterfall down to a lake bellow, she was always in for it, and if anything went wrong the usage of magic could potentially save someone from getting seriously injured during their adventure. “I can read it later tonight, or we can use it as a guide.” Reading it while visiting the house would be great. She assumed there wouldn’t be too much details about it, at least not a whole chapter on the house, but if it was important for the community it should have at least more than just a couple of pages about it. Her hand stopped over the book and it opened where they wanted. The house was old and had a Victorian style, it had been rebuilt in the past decade by using the original blueprints which were a few centuries old. “Well, what do you say? Pick that survival book and shall we go then?” her smile grew as she looked at Jamie before walking to the reception to check her book out. Once they were ready, Robin searched for a secluded place so that she could apparate them both to the house in question. Landin in front of the house, she removed the key from her pocket and opened the book again. “I hope you’re ready for some spooks.” She said, slightly excited about the exploration of the house. She walked inside and waited for Jamie before she closed the door, she didn’t want people walking on by wondering what they were doing there. “This place is huge.” She looked up towards the ceiling. The Corridor lead to the kitchen, with a few locked doors and a long staircase lead to the other floors. “Where should we start?” she looked at Jamie as she did the same thing she had done at the library, opening the book on the house and its small history.
  7. A Small Start

    She nodded at him. She wasn’t a fan of formal wear but whatever she had to do to get the job done, the better she looked the easier it was to fit in and take photos without people hiding or posing, they had to look natural, and nothing was more natural than to take unsuspected photos of people doing whatever they were doing in that moment, eating, drinking, laughing, talking to each other or just enjoying the view. The best part would be that she wouldn’t have to take any photos of herself, unless requested, something she doubted it would happen, she just had to pretend she was a guest. Robin was about to laugh but covered her mouth before doing so. “A tomb raid would be fun. I like hiking too, but have you ever jumped off the middle of a waterfall?” she asked him. Her eyes dancing as she looked at him, a spark showed in her eyes at the thought of doing something as dangerous and crazy as that. Had she jumped off the middle of a waterfall before? Yes, but she would love to do it again and again until she grows tired of such thing, which would be never. “When summer comes around, I guess I know where to take you. What do you say? Ready for some dangerous adventure where you may or may not break a few bones?” Was that a yes? It sounded like a yes and it looked like one too. “We can go now.” She said mischievously. They didn’t even have to worry about the books, they could easily carry them around while exploring the house, and if not, the entrance would have some nice spot for them. “Unless you can’t. But just hop over to my house to let me know when you can, you know the twins so there shouldn’t be an issue.”
  8. A Small Start

    She was about to laugh when she put her hands in her mouth to muffle the sound, she had forgotten they were at the Library and they had to keep it down or they could be kicked out. “No, just means you’re no informed enough.” she didn’t take what others knew or didn’t as a sign of stupidity or being dumb, it was a sign that maybe people just weren’t interested enough in such topic to pursue it and there was nothing wrong around it, they didn’t need to be shamed for it. Different interests it was what the world was all about, it was what made everything more interesting. Robin was a bit caught off guard by his proposal, but she would love to take him with her, if he wanted, not to watch her back, she didn’t really need that, but it could be fun. “I don’t need exactly, but I wouldn’t say no if you want to come.” she would have to wear formal clothing, to blend in the crowd, but depending on what he wanted to do he could either chose to go casual or not. “It’ll be in late September so bring some formal clothing.” her lip grew. It wasn’t a date exactly, it was more a friendly hangout, and if MJ didn’t have classes she would be there as well, but if Jamie would go with her, she could give the young girl the day off. “You know, I might need some help, actually.” she would get to spend time with him, and MJ could have some time to herself. “This doesn’t excuse the actual day, but if you want to explore it, I have the key.” she said with a mischievous smile, which started to grow as she took the key from her pocket, waving it at Jamie. Would he take the bait and get to have a spooky adventure with her? Or would she have to rely only on books?
  9. Nature's Ally

    The smile on her lips grew as she stared at the boy who had complimented her eyes. He looked interesting, not so much him being able to change into an animal, that was easy for some, and that wasn’t too hard for her, depending on the animal’s bone structure, birds were impossible for her, her human part made it so difficult to shapeshift into birds, quite disappointing, she’d have to stick with land animals, even water were off limits. She sensed something in the air, which was knew, but she should have guessed, despite the knew scent the young boy was cute, but if he thought that was going to work on her, he would be disappointed, but nothing like play along for a while, it could be fun, tricking a veela, or a part one was more fun that she would like to admit. “Photography is a mirror to another moment, a moment stuck in time. Wouldn’t it be great to jump to that particular moment? Captured on the photo and redo everything from there?” her eyes watched him carefully, mischievously smile only getting bigger as he spoke. Was his plan working? No, but she wanted him to think it was. She slowly bit her lower lip, she had to look at him to know what he was saying, she could pry his mind, but where was the fun in that? “My heart craves to be filled with magic.” She spoke in soft words, finding it even more fun how he decided to flirt with her. He was cute though, a bit too young for her liking, but definitely cute. She wasn’t sure if he could sense her magic, she was too connected to nature, maybe it was good that it would be easily mistaken by the same scent as the reserve, or even the bushlands. He was nothing but a prey, an unsuspecting prey that seemed to have fallen into her trap. “I don’t deny. You are indeed incredibly photogenic.” She decided to play along. While she wasn’t lying, she did try to give it an extra spark, expecting it to sound exactly like someone who’s being influenced by his charm. “Then you won’t mind if I take another photo? Maybe putting you on top of the many photos I have.” She turned on her camera on and pointed it at him. “Are you sure the ladies won’t be jealous of me? Taking such a nice photo?” she hopped she was playing the part correctly. His flirting never ended, which was amusing, and an invitation for Robin to continue. “I do love adventure, enough to get your heart pumping and blood rushing through your veins. It’s a bit addictive.” Was he onto her, he probably wasn’t, she did know a few muggle magic tricks, it wasn’t really a magic trick, it was just her making cookies disappear. “Unless you mean disappearing cookies, I am the greatest magician of all times.” She joked, hopping it would stick. Her eyes were fixated on his, the same way his were on hers, maybe now was the best time to finish this off. Her eyes soon turned pitch black, her smile grew, still the same mischievous smile as before. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Birdie.” She spoke, as a few roots broke through the soil to catch Phoenix and wrap around his legs, keeping him grounded. “Phoenix is a pretty, name.”
  10. A Small Start

    “You just look like someone who isn’t used to this.” she wouldn’t call him useless, he wasn’t, she was more used to searching for books and walking around a library than he was, to her was almost like second nature, to him was a bit more complicated and she wasn’t going to hold it against him. She was sure there were things that Jamie was better at, things that would make him look like he knew exactly what he was doing and that made her look useless. What would be the point in being good at everything? That would be a bit boring, it would mean that their conversation wouldn’t have happened in the first place, which would have been a pity, she wouldn’t be able to show off that she was good at something. “You’d think she’d lend me a hand? I have to ask her then.” Robin was still going to take a few books with her, but she was also going to talk with Alex, maybe even get some opinions on creativity, she could use some tips to move her work to the next level. Robin had sort of isolated herself from everyone when she graduated and even more when May disappeared, the young Dhampir was the only thing keeping her in a group where she clearly didn’t belong, she knew as much about Quidditch as Jamie knew about magical creatures, and it’s still the same, she still doesn’t know anything about the game of tag on brooms. She showed him the book she had; she had already found it, but she wanted more information about the location. “I was also looking for Wizarding history, but I came out clean on that one. You see, it’s an old house and there are stories, I thought I could find something about some wizard who lived there for it to be haunted.” Who knew what she could find there. She just wanted to be prepared in case the ghost wasn’t as friendly as the other two that live in her house.
  11. A Small Start

    Robin was more than happy to help Jamie, there was nothing in wrong in admitting one didn’t know much about a subject, she didn’t know much about the flying ping pong ball chasing he used to play when he was a student, to her it wasn’t interesting, and she knew close to nothing about it, expect that maybe it was a team spot and they needed to catch the flying ball. They knew different things and it was impossible to know everything about everything, unless one had lived long enough to do so. “Don’t worry.” she always had a hard time getting the right words out when he was around, but she seemed to be managing herself pretty well, for now. “I know there’s a few here at the library, I can take you there.” she offered, unsure if he wanted more of her help. It seemed as she was being a nuisance to him, but she didn’t really want to know, it was better to be ignorant about that, at least it gave her a little spark. Her smile diminished a little as she looked at him, maybe he wanted to be left alone? For someone who could easily read what he was thinking she couldn’t do that to anyone she knew, invade their privacy like that, she would have to take the long road. She pointed at another corridor to indicate him about the books before he asked her about the project. Probably just making conversation. “I need to take a few photos for an event at an historical house, but I realized I know nothing about history, muggle history.” It was a muggle job, she could work between the two worlds without exposing the wizarding world to the muggles. She walked towards the other corridor hoping that Jamie would follow her. She still needed to check out her book but first she was going to indicate him where the survival books were, maybe he could find one he could understand easily.
  12. Nature's Ally

    Robin’s eyes scanned the boy as she continued to approach him, slowly and carefully. Her smile curved a little as he spoke. He was an odd and interesting one. Her eyes were fixated on him as a playful smirk grew on her lips. “I might be deaf but I’m not blind, Birdie.” She spoke with a hint of amusement a bit provocative, he seemed to be believing her? Their little exchange of words was bound to get even more interesting if that was the case. She got a bit closer and walked around the young man before stopping in front of him, her smile still expressing her playful nature. “I’m a freelance photographer, I often do wildlife.” Her eyebrows wiggled a little. She wasn’t going to stop the little charade just yet, she still wanted to have some fun with the boy before getting serious. “But avoiding my question, that’s interesting. That only makes me believe you do some magic.” Maybe she should tone it down a little, she was calling too much attention to herself, the way she was talking and the way she was acting. He was going to see through the playful lie too quickly and would ruin her fun. She circled him one more time, almost like a hunter playing with its prey. “I also like to take photos of strangers who I’m about to meet.” Her right hand rested on her camera. Her smile faded lightly as she continued to pay attention. He seemed someone who was completely familiar with the environment, just like her. The Bushland wasn’t her usual place but the care and respect for it was the same she had in the reserve, with the fauna and flora of the location. “It’s rare seeing anyone here, I rarely find anyone. This was a nice surprise, along with that magic show as well.” She made another comment on the fact that she had seen him change. It was not big deal, most muggles didn’t care too much for that place, which was good, anyone could have seen him. “I’m Robin Shaw, Mr. Birdie. How about you?”
  13. A Small Start

    She chuckled lightly at his reaction. She was merely joking with him, it wasn’t necessary for him to be embarrassed about it, but she couldn’t deny that it was amusing watching him. It wasn’t necessary to poke the situation, besides, she was certain he wasn’t trying to impress her, if would probably be the other way around, she was the one that was trying to impress him, or at least to be noticeable to him, but she seemed to be failing in that regard. It reminded her of a few years in Tally, but if it was going to repeat itself, she was sure she was going to grow out of it. Jamie had a point, they were already there, they didn’t need to go anywhere else. The library had plenty of books that Robin didn’t have, but on another occasion, he didn’t need to make the trip, unless he wanted to. “Maybe next time, I can save you the trip to the library.” she smiled sheepishly at him. Maybe he would agree, maybe he wouldn’t, she would only know if she actually tries. Hopefully she wouldn’t fail miserably at it, which was most likely the outcome of it all. She let out a nervous chuckle before going back to look at the book and then at Jamie. “We can start by reading the reserve brochure, see what animals they have there and read about them.” she suggested. They probably didn’t have a brochure there, but there should be other things he could read so he knows how to deal with the animals. “You can start by reading what you should and shouldn’t do near wild animals, which is probably in a survival book.” she shrugged looking at the books, maybe on another section they could find some of those. She rose her head to look at him, before giving him an answer. “I am trying to learn about history, have this big project and I thought it would be nice if I wasn’t there just for the photos.” there wasn’t much else to tell him, her job was mostly pretty much just taking photos, while to some it was pretty boring, she could find herself in some interesting situations
  14. Nature's Ally

    Nothing like a day off to send Robin to the moon. While she loved her work, she enjoyed being out on the wild a bit more, and her current project didn’t allow her such freedom. Being stuck inside a building photographing people and tables wasn’t what she signed up for, at least the food was free, and the payment was too good, she had to accept it, and with her new helpful companion she did things faster and better than when she was alone doing them. As much as she enjoyed watching her new neighbour, Robin felt the need to stretch her legs, and to explore. Narrie didn’t have that many places to explore, at least none that she knew, she had been to most, if not all of them, but the Bushland was always a good place to go. She decided to take a shortcut, she could walk, but to tire her legs? Right before she could start climbing thing? Nah, she wasn’t going to tire herself before she got there. The place looked exactly the same, nothing new seemed to be happening, the flora was still getting used to the current season, after being so many days facing the winter and the low temperatures that came with the deadly season, the spring was going to be refreshing for them, same with the animals, they were free to leave their hiding spots and enjoy the new warmth that was starting to settle. Sneaking quietly, preparing her camera, she wanted to catch as many animals as she could. She noticed a few animals were startled, but when she looked around, she saw nothing, not even in the sky. What could have done it? She shrugged and continued to explore the surrounding area, still thinking of that strange occurrence with the animals, she couldn’t hear but she was certain it hadn’t been her fault, she tried her best not to make a sound. She wasn’t able to notice if the noise she was making was loud or not, but she knew what she was doing, it wasn’t the first time, something else must have startled the animals. Making her way to a location where she could hide easily, she ducked in the middle of a few bushes to watch and observe the fauna around. She stood quietly, camera in her hand as she saw a bird landing, she quickly snapped a photo, but before she could take another it turned back into what appeared to be its human form? Damn those wizards and their freaky spells. It was normal seeing many wizards around those parts, but wasn’t he being slightly reckless about it? Anyone could have been there, a muggle for instance. She snapped another photo at the person and left the middle of the bushes. “I spot a little birdie.” She joked, turning her camera off. Could she pretend to be a human? A simple muggle? Would he even believe her? “That was a neat trick. Are you a magician?”
  15. A Small Start

    “A plate is a serious offence Mr. Collins, I should cuff you right now.” She continued to joke, and while his words didn’t appear to be that he was flirting, but the content pretty much suggested he enjoyed that sort of thing, Robin didn’t mind, she did like to try new things, and that sounded like it would add something exciting to an already pretty enjoyable activity. Her eyes fixated on him, her playful smile still present o her lips. She had been able to keep her cool around him, she even got to move a step forward and be a little flirty, seemed that he had somehow reciprocated it. She could know for sure, but not knowing could be an amusing part of it all. As she watched the book, she looked at him confused and then at the book again. Why didn’t he just go to her? He didn’t need to know much, or anything, she could have just given him the quick note on the animal. She quickly learnt why he was there, she chuckled and looked at him. “You wouldn’t look like one.” Not everyone was good at it, not everyone was interested in the subject, and she couldn’t blame him if he wasn’t interested enough to know more, but it made her wonder, was he trying to impress her? She had to admit the whole idea was a but hilarious and cute. “I don’t think you need to impress me.” She already had a thing for him, a thing that will most likely just end in nothing and she had to accept it. “Okay, how about you stop by my house? I have a bunch of books, and you won’t have a return date.” She studied the subject when she attended VMU, and she didn’t need the books anymore, at leas in his hands they will be useful. “And if you have questions you can always ask.”
Robin Melody Shaw
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age  23
Date of Birth December 25th, 1995
Birthplace Ballarat, Australia
Occupation Photographer
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Robin
Wand Vine wood, 10'' Kelpie hair core
Play-by Luca Hollestelle

Grade 1 to Grade 6 – Whitlam Bilby

Year 1 to Year 7 – Tally (Spencer House)

VMU - Magical Flora & Fauna (Graduated 2017)



Only known by family and friends:

• Is 3/4 fae, 1/4 human;

• Is a legilimens;

• Lives with two ghost, Sally and Nancy;

• Has a weird fixation with music boxes;

• Collects snowglobes and photographs of random people.

General Knowledge

• Is deaf, but can read lips and sometimes replies verbally;

• Know sign language;

• Photographs wildlife but not exclusively;

• Lives in a haunted house in Narrie;

• Likes hiking and outdoor activities;

• Spends most of her time in the reserve;

• Likes to play the Ukulele.

• Has two Great Danes Persephone and Freya.


Robin is a nice, chatty and wild, but doesn’t seem to have a calm and soft side, perhaps to those who know her the longest know that she can be a good friend, just not a very stable one. Robin often forgets about people making them believe she doesn’t care, which isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right, she does care but she’s not the type to nag, will take an interest, with give some unsolicited advice but wouldn’t care much about the outcome unless it’s a close friend or family. She has other faults like always trying to make a joke, usually a bad one or at a bad time, she can be perceived as brave but she’s simply someone with nothing to lose, which makes her take unnecessary risks.

She can and will be inconvenient, not entirely on purpose but just because she will say whatever comes to mind, she prefers to be honest even if that honesty hurts people, she will not sugarcoat anything for the sake of others. In a way she’s a fairly egotistical person, she likes her friends, she does everything for them, within reason, but is incapable of putting other people’s wants and needs above her own unless strictly necessary and only for survival.

She can be arrogant, petty and cruel depending on her relationship with people, she rarely holds grudges but when she does, she takes them to her grave. She is a perfectionist and thrives for perfection within her work. Her wild nature makes her crave for adventure. She has many skills, among them a natural talent for photography, dealing wildlife and she can play the Ukulele.

Mature in her own way, some say she belongs in a psychiatric hospital while others embrace her personality, the type of friend that climbs windows and opens locks to invade people’s houses in the middle of night, with or without a reason. Robin is pretty much what one person sees, she’s straight to the point and avoids playing with words.


Robin has long red hair, usually in a braid, and has hazel eyes. She has fair skin that burns easily. She has freckled which she doesn’t even bother to cover them up. It’s hard to see her without a smile on her face and a certain life in her eyes.

She has a somewhat thin appearance despite all the physical activity she’s engaged in. She doesn’t have much muscle, but it isn’t as fragile as she appears to be due to her bone density. She always carries her camera everywhere she goes. 

Robin usually wears casual clothes, adequate for outdoor activities, however, depending on the event she might wear something more formal.

The story so far

Robin is the only child of a Phouka Fairy, Glinda Shaw and unfortunately, she doesn’t know who her father is, only that he was half fae. A few years after Robin’s birth they moved to Narrie and purchased a property with an old house with two permanent residents, Sally and Nancy two twin ghosts who enjoy playing pranks on visitors.

Her life was nothing extraordinary, aside from occasionally staying out later than she should and getting in trouble. She discovered she was born with a great aptitude to legelimency, coming rather natural to her. Despite being more fae than human, Robin has a harder time with her fae abilities, shapeshifting causes excruciating pain, possibly because of her human blood; her other abilities don’t always work when and how she wants them too, with the rare exception of controlling the wind.

At the age of six, she attended Whitlam Bilby and then attended Tally and got sorted into the Spencer House. She showed great aptitude towards magic and as a surprise was exceptionally good at it, perhaps her fae heritage played a part in it. Two years before graduation Robin suddenly lost her ability to hear and no cause was found, her last option was to learn sign language and try her best to graduate, it was during those years that she discovered her love for photography.

Upon graduation she decided to continue her studies in VMU where she enrolled in Magical Flora and Fauna and wanted to quit, however after some consideration she decided to graduate, it wasn't easy but she managed to do it, however, instead of working in the area she decided to do what she loved, which was to photograph wildlife, mostly at the reserve, but also photographs other events both in Narrie and Melbourne.

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