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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    It was necessarily a bet but more of a game to keep things interested, if he wanted obviously but despite his apparently surprise, he seemed to be alright with the situation. She smiled at him before digging into her copying work. They were going to have a pleasant time searching through all those, or at least she knows she’s going to have a good time, hopefully, Jamie will too. The copies weren’t too hard to accomplish, but he seemed to be having a bit of an issue with the maps, however it could be because she was faster than he was, and he just seemed to be having trouble. “The books are not a bad idea either…” she hadn’t remembered that the books could be used for research, maybe even have more detailed information about things that the journals didn’t. She never pictured Jamie to be the smartest tool in the shed, sure he was a great person, he was a great friend too, but not everyone is perfect, and neither was Jamie, but that suggestion brightened her day a bit, even better than the mysterious box she had completely forgotten about, it was far from her eyes and far from her mind, not even the soothing feeling that emanated from it could pierce through her current disposition. She quickly copied the books, resizing them as she did, they do need to get a bigger bag to put everything inside, or maybe she could just condense them, change their appearance into something smaller to fit their pocket. Yes, that was a good idea. “I’m almost done here, and I think we won’t be needing that bag after all.” She had her back turned on him, if he spoke, she couldn’t be able to understand him. It took a bit longer than she thought to copy all the books, but after minutes doing so, she managed to get them all and hopefully, Jamie was done too with the maps, meaning, they could leave, put everything the way it was and do some desk job for another adventure.
  2. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin already knew that it wasn’t Jamie’s favourite past time, but he seemed to be willing to spend some time behind a desk working things out. It was an easy task, to her it wasn’t exactly boring the amount of information she could gather, but for someone like Jamie, who sounded more like someone who liked to do thing, it could be tedious. She took a deep breath and tried to think of a better way to make the activity more fun, perhaps a challenge could get things moving, she needed to think about something that they could do, maybe they should brainstorm and get some ideas out. Working together was better than to work alone. “I was thinking, since it isn’t your thing, how about we make a game out of it?” Robin wasn’t competitive, she didn’t play to win, she played to have fun, but if she happened to win well, then that was good. She did, however, did compete if the prize or the outcome that depended on it was serious, otherwise she would just go with the flow. “The winner could choose an activity or a place to go or something that the winner really wants.” It sounded fair. She wasn’t even going to try and win, but at least it could get him interested in it enough. Copying wasn’t going to be the problem, what was going to be more complicated was getting out of there with so many things, even if they could just resize everything, and apparate, it was still too many things to take. “I can do it quickly, only takes a couple of minutes for each thing, but I guess with two it’s going to be easier, and quicker too.” She joked lightly before starting to copy the journals, leaving the maps for Jamie to do, her fae magic gave her the advantage, she wasn’t so sure he could be as quick as her. Once her pile was done, she looked at Jamie, hoping that the pile that she had assigned to him was done. Now they only needed to resize everything, maybe even more than she had planned to fit in all their pockets.
  3. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin was so distracted looking at through the boxes with the journals that she didn’t even notice what Jamie had done with the box and how he had replaced it, for now she needed to keep her attention away from it so that she could later retrieve it without him staring and studying her every move. Getting out from underneath the desk, pulled the box out and put a few on the table. Jamie’s reactions was new, she could see he was completely lost about what she was talking about, which wasn’t a very appealing attribute, but the fact that he was willing to elaborate that it was indeed something he didn’t know, made her smile, trying hard not to giggle. “Okay, so the maps have numbers on them, they have coordinates and markings, I’m no expert but making notes like this usually indicate that there’s something worth searching.” She didn’t have much experience in the field or exploring, but she knew how many people used to do it back in the days, always with a notebook and map, people would take notes about what they would find. Surely, whoever owned all that was no stranger to such activity. “People reach their destination, mark the coordinates on their notebook and describe their findings, it’s a common practice for explorers, geographers, and all those jobs that require people to describe what they see...” Perhaps her explanation would make it easier for Jamie to understand what she was talking about and for the time being she was so interested in the notebooks that she had forgotten about the box, while the feeling was there, nagging, calling her, the maps were indeed more interesting. “Searching through all this can take days or weeks, if we copy this and take it back to your house or mine, we can investigate without having to come back here and risk getting caught.” She hopped that Jamie would be interested in such a thing, it wasn’t going to be easy, and it was a boring job, unless they found something worth searching. “I am not sure how you’ll feel about desk work, but I can teach you how, it’s easy and if we find something, can you imagine the adventure? What do you say?”
  4. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    She could still feel the box, slowly calling out to her, the scent, the magic that emanated from it, it wanted her to pick it up and keep it forever, to be admired by her, but Jamie was in the way, no matter how much she tried he was there, watching and he didn’t want her to take the box, maybe he wanted it all to himself. Robin closed her eyes for a moment, the thoughts running through her head were ridiculous, Jamie wasn’t the enemy, was he? Rationally she couldn’t believe that her thoughts even went there, but her thoughts continued to poke, continued to wonder if that was the only reason why he had pulled it away. Maybe she had misunderstood what he wanted, but it didn’t matter, nothing matter except what was hiding behind him, for that she needed to distract him, or maybe just come back another day, yes, that could be it, coming back another day was going to solve her problem. “Let’s start searching then.” She spoke, trying to see the box that Jamie was covering, he was probably doing it on purpose. All she had to do was to pay attention to him and come back another day to get it. It should be easy, but for now, she had to search for the treasure maps. She forgot briefly about the box as she searched through all the maps, nothing, just regional maps with coordinates, maybe there would be a travel journal that could indicate what they meant. “Hmm…I think there should be some travel journals associated with these maps.” She tried not to think of the box, maybe that wouldn’t seem suspicious. She knelt and looked under the desk, in search of some form of book. The mess in the boxes made her search for longer for what she wanted and since two people couldn’t fit under the desk, she had to do everything alone, hopefully, Jamie would continue to search through the maps. After some long minutes, she finally found the journals. “How about we make a copy of all this? I’m sure we can get a better view at home, and certainly we won’t risk getting caught.” She suggested.
  5. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin stared at Jamie for a little while confused about what he was saying. What was there to remember? She got in the room and he mentioned something about a treasure map but then he found the box and then showed it her. She thought for a little while about what he meant as she watched him put the box away, her eyes quickly shifted towards it and followed it attentively, almost as she wished to pick it up again, to touch it, to feel the sweet and soft feeling it gave her. The redhead’s attention shifted from the box and towards Jamie once more when he grasped her shoulder, her eyes landed on his as his lips moved, she tilted her head curiously at him. “What do you mean not right?” the more she looked at him the more confused she appeared to be. What was he talking about? Was he going crazy? Was he pulling a prank one her? His words made no sense to her, she wasn’t the one that found the box, it was him. Did he think she’d let go of such beautiful thing if she had been the one to find it? Obviously, she wouldn’t let it go, probably wouldn’t even let him touch it in the first place. “I don’t sense anything strange in here…the wizard living in this house probably studied artefacts, that’s why this room looks weird.” she roamed around the room, each step trying to get closer to the box, but maybe she could go there when Jamie wasn’t with her, maybe he wanted the box all to himself. “Let’s search for a treasure map and then we leave? Or do you want to go now?” her words didn’t sound very convincing, the effects of the box still calling out to her, to trap her in an unsuspecting hypnosis.
  6. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    The redhead was completely ignoring Jamie and his words, not only she couldn’t hear him and even if she was looking at him the chances of being ignored were the same. She was far too interested in the music box she had picked. The box was carefully worked on, it had magnificent designs, flowers, animals, almost as if it was alive and calling for her. She tried to open the box one more time, fae magic still didn’t work, but she wasn’t even bothering to use her wizarding magic, what for? It was useless compared to her primary source of magic, yes, wizarding magic was ridiculous and useless. Before Robin could so anything else the box was taken from her, she was still hypnotized by it but at least she was no longer fixated on the object she so desperately wanted to open, she just wanted to hear the sweet melody, but it was when it hit her, she couldn’t listen, she was deaf. She blinked a couple of times, confused and disoriented before her eyes left the box and ended on Jamie’s. “What happened? Oh! You found a box.” She spoke, completely unaware that she had been the one to find it in the first place, however, it seemed as if the effects of it were wearing off. “Can I see the box?” she asked, her normal cheery disposition and voice before her eyes wondered to something else in the room, there were so many things to see, so many things to read and hold, but for the moment she was far more interested in the box that Jamie seemed to be holding, she was still weirdly attracted to it, but she was no longer hypnotized by the effects of it. “I wonder who would have left such beautiful box up here in this old room…it’s like a museum in here.”
  7. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin looked at Jamie when they were both in the room, it didn’t even show in the original blueprint, whoever built it made sure that it would be nearly impossible to reach, even if the corridor was displayed in the scheme that room was not, which Robin found a bit odd to begin with, but perhaps whoever decide to do it like that had other things in mind, perhaps had an excuse to have a random corridor hidden in the middle of the house, or maybe it worked as a refuse, but there were other things that came to mind, maybe even led to some other places inside the house. She was so enamoured with the room that she almost missed what Jamie said. “I mean, I could spend days in here and not discover a single thing, but whatever this room was, it’s so well preserved.” The room was indeed marvellous, and maybe just as Jamie said, they could find a treasure map, although, what caught her attention wasn’t necessarily the books and the maps, or anything, it was a single music box laying on a table, almost like it was left there on purpose for someone to see. Robin could feel some magic coming from it, but unlike a normal person that would just leave it, she approached it. She completely ignored Jamie as she moved towards the box, almost as if she was hypnotised by it. “Look at this…” she spoke softly as her hands reached out to pick the music box. It seemed to be missing a key. “It’s a music box, isn’t it pretty? I wonder how it sounds…” she smiled looking a Jamie, music box still in her hand, but once again she was unable to open it, not even with magic. “It feels strange though…” she commented in a low tone, still conscious but slowly drifting away, the more she held onto the box, the softer and lower her voice sounded.
  8. Invite Company So Fowl

    The redhead wasn’t sure what else she could tell the girl, and if the girl couldn’t do any of them it was going to be very hard for her to know the truth. Robin looked at her, she couldn’t see any other solution. Natasha would probably need to push through in order to get the answers for her questions. “If you can’t talk to them, then I have no idea what else you can do. Besides, just strike one of them with the fact and watch their reaction.” unless both her parents were dead there was no reason for her not to be able to talk to them, the only other thing that remained was Natasha not wanting to talk to neither of them, which could be a valid reason, in this situation Robin didn’t see why the girl wouldn’t. She wanted to know about her heritage, why wasn’t she willing to make a sacrifice and reach out to both her parents? Robin couldn’t do anything else about it. “Well, if you really want to know, I advise you to figure out how you’re going to approach them, assuming both your parents are alive.” She shrugged. Giving advice wasn’t Robin’s expertise, she was never good at taking advise either, so, helping someone who needed guidance wasn’t something she was comfortable doing. “But you can always live without knowing the truth behind it I suppose, but if I find something I know how to find you, and you can easily find me as well.”
  9. Invite Company So Fowl

    Robin mostly lived with her mother, and she didn’t know much about other fae that lived around the area, perhaps those she might have found during her time in Tallygarunga. Her mother behaved more like a muggle than as a fae, she constantly did and tried to do things the muggle way, or as Robin likes to call, the hard way. It wouldn’t be ludicrous to think that one of her parents had fae ancestry but decided to keep quiet about it, after all, fae could blend in really well with the regular population, it was almost as if they were just like another person in the crowd, and it helped if someone was trying to run away from something, or someone, even the girl thought that Robin was just some random person, there was a chance Natasha thought the same about her father or her mother. “Are you sure? Just a moment ago you thought I was normal.” She commented, waiting for the reaction. It was strange a parent not telling their child their own heritage, but there are several reasons. “The thing is, fae can blend well among muggles, maybe your parents had a reason, but thinking about all the possibilities will not end well.” Throwing ideas out like that, or even suggesting certain things was ridiculous, why stress over something that could be easily answered once she decided to be honest with her parents. “You could have also been adopted, don’t jump to conclusions just yet.” She tried to reassure the girl, but she was doing a poor job at it. “But I can ask my mother, I doubted your parents will be registered…” if someone was hiding their heritage it would most likely mean they were running from something or someone, and searching the registry would only delay the inevitable, sooner or later Natasha would have to confront one of her parents and ask them about it, avoiding the issue wasn’t going to make it go away.
  10. Invite Company So Fowl

    What Robin was telling the young woman seemed to be upsetting her for some reason. Someone who’s part fae might or might not know they are, but there are a few tells and the most common one was talking to animals, which Nat was doing, others not many could feel but it was the energy surrounding certain people, while Robin couldn’t locate wizards without a locator spell, her ancestry allowed her to feel the flow of fae magic. But what Robin didn’t understand was why was the girl so shocked? Maybe it wasn’t shock, but there was something strange about it. Robin wished she could poke inside the girl’s mind, but her moral compass prevented from doing such thing. “No, I’m not mistaken.” Robin spoke once the girl stopped talking. She didn’t have to believe what a random stranger was telling her, but Robin wasn’t lying but she couldn’t also prove that she was telling the truth, Robin couldn’t see the flow of magic, she could feel it, and if Robin couldn’t see it, the girl before her wouldn’t be able to either. “Maybe someone in you family is part fae and they don’t know about, or maybe they do but thought it would end with you.” Robin didn’t know how people’s mind worked, being able to read them was one thing, but she still couldn’t understand the motivations behind certain actions. “Talk to your parent, they certainly know more than I do, but if you don’t, you can always ask a bird and they will tell you where to find me.” If the girl wanted to know, Robin was willing to help her, but she couldn’t if Natasha didn’t want to hear anything else about the subject, she would be on her own, or until someone tells her the truth.
  11. Nature's Ally

    She couldn’t argue with Phoenix when it came to his views. People did have different perspectives, hers was slightly different than most, but she could accept where he was getting at with it. To some dangerous adventure was like a dream coming to life, adrenaline rushing through one’s body, making every moment of the experience memorable, to others it was like a nightmare, like they were trapped in some awful experience and couldn’t escape until it was over. Robin never said no to new experiences, so she hoped his words were right, that the experience would be indeed one to love, and if that was the case, perhaps she wouldn’t be against doing it again, fun experiences are to be repeated. Robin laughed, looking at him carefully, trying to understand every word that left his mouth, she couldn’t hear him, the movement of his lips told her everything she needed to know. She playfully bit her lower lip, he was a fun one alright, who knew a day in the bushlands would have been so interesting, especially with that little prey. Her smile just couldn’t leave her lips, the way he spoke was far too amusing, especially when he was falling so easily into the trap. Maybe they were both laying out traps and they both kept dancing around them. “I wonder how much you like them.” her eyes widened, not in surprise but in a more daring way. As much as she was enjoying their little flirt, she should stop leading the boy on. It was obvious that he wasn’t just a bird, and that she wasn’t just a photographer, their whole interaction so far had proven that to both of them and there was no point in trying to lie her way out of it, the same way he couldn’t lie his way out. There were on equal ground. She waited until he circled her, she had become the prey, surely it wouldn’t be for long. “You do it for the rush or do you just like stepping into dangerous places to prove yourself?” Robin did it for the fun, for the adrenaline and to feel connected to what came natural to her, nature, she was fae after all, the closest she was to nature the better she felt. It was a difficult concept but feeling alive was what led her to put herself through those situations, and she did love every bit of it. “Let me guess, you’re a prankster too. By the way you look and talk, I’d say, Tallygarunga Student, Spencer house.” She could have guessed Bourke, but their previous talk screamed Spencer. “Are the Sturts still the main victims? Or nah?” A bit of chitchat never hurt, especially if they were both going to explore the bushlands. “But what brings you here today? If you don’t mind me asking.”
  12. Invite Company So Fowl

    Robin looked at Natasha and her reaction, she was quite amused at it. Not many people could tell Robin was deaf, if she could look at a person’s lips she could talk like she could hear, even if she couldn’t understand the tone she could understand facial expressions, as a last resort she could always read the person, she preferred not to, but sometimes desperate times need desperate measures, but that wasn’t the case. She was about to leave but took look last look at Nat before doing so, that was when the girl opened her mouth, her words were not what Robin was expecting but it still worked in her favour. “For what I saw, yes, I’m like you but not…” Robin cast a spell around them, whoever walked by would see two people talking about something completely random that it would be boring just to listen to them. Robin took a seat in front of the girl, her mischievous smile said everything and nothing at the same time, almost like it was only but a game to the older woman. “I can’t hear what the pigeons were saying to you, but I can feel a flow of different magic.” The wasn’t Robin’s department, her mother would be better at it but, what could Robin do? “When I got in your proximity there was a slight peek in magic, fae magic is everywhere, it’s a constant flow that tastes and feels different than wizarding magic.” At least it was how it felt to Robin, many years around wizards and witches and sometimes half-breeds, she learnt how to tell a different between them. Fae were more connected to the land, to the environment. “I can’t explain it to you here, but you probably can feel that animals and plants have something that you can’t quite understand but that you can feel.” Robin probably wasn’t making sense, but she didn’t need to, if the girl could feel the flow around her, she could tell that Robin was telling the truth.
  13. Nancy and Sally are super excited. I wonder what will happen today.

  14. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Her magic was slightly different than wizarding magic, and the best was that she could combine both, sometimes, other times things just backfired. But, Robin wasn’t the type that would use spells constantly, she was so used to the muggle world that magic was only used when it was necessary, or among friends and, in that situation, the use of it seemed to be necessary for them to walk through the house’s secret passage, lighting up the candles on the sides could potentially start a fire with all the cobwebs around the place. “Yeah, according to what I read there’s not that many houses that were built by wizards, and this was considered one of them.” Books weren’t even sure, just because an old muggle used to live in that house before didn’t mean that some wizard hadn’t live there. Not everything that happened appears on history books. “Maybe it leads to a special room, but the renovators probably thought it was just a hole in the wall, or it was an illusion that we could see through.” They used magic to find it, as far as they knew someone else could have covered it with an illusion, and if that was the case, probably some wizard or someone with access to magic lived here. “Let’s keep going.” She suggested, taking another step forward and following the corridor until they reached a dead end. Now the place wasn’t just covered in cobwebs it also had spider and squealing mice all over the place. “Watch your feet.” She giggled, looking down at the mice that seemed to circle them. “There has to be something on the walls here.” Robin didn’t look back at Jamie, she was far too excited about discovering the exit of that corridor to remember that if he spoke, she couldn’t hear a word. She pressed against the boards, at first slowly, until she gave one a stronger push, finally opening a whole in the wall. She stuck her head outside to view a room with no doors but with a window. Things had dust all over the place, there were piles and piles of books, an old desk filled with papers and maps, maybe they hit the jackpot. “Come on.” She exited through the hole and held out her hand for Jamie in case he needed some help.
  15. Invite Company So Fowl

    The young girl seemed to be turning the attention towards Robin, it was quite amusing, but the fact was, Robin couldn’t hear. Robin’s lips grew in a smile at the mention of the word hear. “I would probably hear, if I wasn’t deaf…” Robin commented, pretty sure it was an information not many people were used to hear, after all, Robin could maintain a decent conversation with people, assuming she could look at their lips, once she did it was easy to know what they were saying, it was hard to hear the tone of it but nothing that could potentially harm a conversation, in this case she was simply having fun with the girl. “Nothing really, just thought it was interesting, because, you know, before I stopped hearing, I used to do it all the time.” Robin wasn’t sure if the girl knew she was part fae, but if she didn’t, it only made things even more interesting. Robin wasn’t going to blurt out the truth about it, it wasn’t her place, but it certainly was an interesting meeting, she knew about others around town, but the only one he knew personally was her mother, and now this girl. The town was getting more interesting, Robin liked that. “But I know what’s going on and I’m sure you know it too, but no one here will even think about the truth.” Robin’s smile grew a bit. “Maybe another day, another time, with less people around.” Robin winked at the young girl, considering if she should leave, maybe she should, she was sure the woman was about to assault her with something. “If you’re interested obviously, but I am pretty sure you’re about to hit me with something.” Robin spoke, preparing to leave the girl alone with her ‘secret’ conversation with animals, like they were even a secret to begin with, most had no shame.
Robin Melody Shaw
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age  23
Date of Birth December 25th, 1995
Birthplace Ballarat, Australia
Occupation Photographer
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Robin
Wand Vine wood, 10'' Kelpie hair core
Play-by Luca Hollestelle

Grade 1 to Grade 6 – Whitlam Bilby

Year 1 to Year 7 – Tally (Spencer House)

VMU - Magical Flora & Fauna (Graduated 2017)



Only known by family and friends:

• Is 3/4 fae, 1/4 human;

• Is a legilimens;

• Sally and Nancy are ghosts;

• Has a weird fixation with music boxes;

• Collects snowglobes and photographs of random people.

General Knowledge

• Is deaf, but can read lips and sometimes replies verbally;

• Know sign language;

• Photographs wildlife but not exclusively;

• Lives in a haunted house in Narrie;

• Likes hiking and outdoor activities;

• Spends most of her time in the reserve;

• Likes to play the Ukulele.

• Lives with two little girls, Nancy and Sally. People think both Nancy and Sally are Robin's family members;

• Has two Great Danes Persephone and Freya.


Robin is a nice, chatty and wild, but doesn’t seem to have a calm and soft side, perhaps to those who know her the longest know that she can be a good friend, just not a very stable one. Robin often forgets about people making them believe she doesn’t care, which isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right, she does care but she’s not the type to nag, will take an interest, with give some unsolicited advice but wouldn’t care much about the outcome unless it’s a close friend or family. She has other faults like always trying to make a joke, usually a bad one or at a bad time, she can be perceived as brave but she’s simply someone with nothing to lose, which makes her take unnecessary risks.

She can and will be inconvenient, not entirely on purpose but just because she will say whatever comes to mind, she prefers to be honest even if that honesty hurts people, she will not sugarcoat anything for the sake of others. In a way she’s a fairly egotistical person, she likes her friends, she does everything for them, within reason, but is incapable of putting other people’s wants and needs above her own unless strictly necessary and only for survival.

She can be arrogant, petty and cruel depending on her relationship with people, she rarely holds grudges but when she does, she takes them to her grave. She is a perfectionist and thrives for perfection within her work. Her wild nature makes her crave for adventure. She has many skills, among them a natural talent for photography, dealing wildlife and she can play the Ukulele.

Mature in her own way, some say she belongs in a psychiatric hospital while others embrace her personality, the type of friend that climbs windows and opens locks to invade people’s houses in the middle of night, with or without a reason. Robin is pretty much what one person sees, she’s straight to the point and avoids playing with words.


Robin has long red hair, usually in a braid, and has hazel eyes. She has fair skin that burns easily. She has freckled which she doesn’t even bother to cover them up. It’s hard to see her without a smile on her face and a certain life in her eyes.

She has a somewhat thin appearance despite all the physical activity she’s engaged in. She doesn’t have much muscle, but it isn’t as fragile as she appears to be due to her bone density. She always carries her camera everywhere she goes. 

Robin usually wears casual clothes, adequate for outdoor activities, however, depending on the event she might wear something more formal.

The story so far

Robin is the only child of a Phouka Fairy, Glinda Shaw and unfortunately, she doesn’t know who her father is, only that he was half fae. A few years after Robin’s birth they moved to Narrie and purchased a property with an old house with two permanent residents, Sally and Nancy two twin ghosts who enjoy playing pranks on visitors.

Her life was nothing extraordinary, aside from occasionally staying out later than she should and getting in trouble. She discovered she was born with a great aptitude to legelimency, coming rather natural to her. Despite being more fae than human, Robin has a harder time with her fae abilities, shapeshifting causes excruciating pain, possibly because of her human blood; her other abilities don’t always work when and how she wants them too, with the rare exception of controlling the wind.

At the age of six, she attended Whitlam Bilby and then attended Tally and got sorted into the Spencer House. She showed great aptitude towards magic and as a surprise was exceptionally good at it, perhaps her fae heritage played a part in it. Two years before graduation Robin suddenly lost her ability to hear and no cause was found, her last option was to learn sign language and try her best to graduate, it was during those years that she discovered her love for photography.

Upon graduation she decided to continue her studies in VMU where she enrolled in Magical Flora and Fauna and wanted to quit, however after some consideration she decided to graduate, it wasn't easy but she managed to do it, however, instead of working in the area she decided to do what she loved, which was to photograph wildlife, mostly at the reserve, but also photographs other events both in Narrie and Melbourne.

Robin Shaw November 10
Type: Invite Natasha RobertsRobin Shaw.
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