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  1. No concussion. The fact May's head cleared up so quickly let her know that relieving fact, though there was still that dull, annoying ache from the impact at the base of her skull. Letting go of her now bright red cheek, the girl held onto the back of her head instead, feeling it up. She should probably ice that part of her body first. On the one hand, she could indeed heal it with magic, but on the other hand, she felt like she deserved to withstand the brunt of the trauma. A very minute and symbolic punishment for the hell she put Olivia through, if anything. "I'm not playing around..." The Dhampir spoke up as she straightened her posture. It took her a few seconds to let go of the wall and stand upright. "I... We can talk. If that wasn't the case I wouldn't have called you over." Closure. She wanted closure. But, not like that. They were in a very dangerous place - being outside, arguing like that, it gathered attention to them both. Not to mention the hard slap had echoed out into the street; her hairs were standing on end, meaning a few pairs of eyes that didn't belong to Olivia were watching the house with the commotion. "...Can we not do this here?" She motioned with her free hand into the hallway. They had always been private about their affairs, May in particular; even if they had their bond unfairly severed, she didn't think that trait of theirs would change. "We can talk inside."
  2. May joined Robin in laughter at the idea, finding herself having to cover her own mouth at a point so not to become obnoxious. She eventually calmed down as they sat at the table, ready to eat the fabled pizza Robin's mom was apparently so fond of doing. "I can teach her a trick or two to ensure you get some variety, if you want." It wasn't something she had been previously used to, but given that she'd have very little to do at that point, it was something she was considering picking up to do on her own. Cooking, sewing, cleaning, and other general housekeeping chores. Anything to take her mind off of heavier subjects. She didn't need them tearing at the walls she so carefully constructed around her core. "Maybe if you eat different kinds of pizza you'll change your mind too." And just like that, the family (along with May, of course) attacked the meal. For that one evening, she could finally fool herself and think she was living a normal life, surrounded by people she loved, and that nothing could ever throw a wrench into it.
  3. She could have most certainly dodged, but finding herself wholly deserving, she didn't. May was too stunned to utter a word, any word. It had always been the case that Olivia took her breath away, for better or worse, and the four year long absence of her company made it all the more impactful; one could say it was in heavy contention with the impact the slap had just made against her pale cheek. While the slap in itself was not strong enough to break or dislocate bones (at least not those of one as physiologically fortified as May), the Dhampir was completely caught off guard by the force nonetheless. She was knocked off balance and ended up colliding with the wall directly next to her, hitting her head. She took support on the surface with an arm and the full length of her back, finding herself slide down a few centimeters with the sudden onset dizziness of the blow to the head. Her free hand clutched the now bruised cheek, and she failed to respond to Olivia's questioning. "I always... forget you can do that..." The Dhampir muttered under her breath, eyes unfocused and effectively dazed, staring at nothing in particular. Indeed, the woman was a half-Veela, and being kind as she was, it had the unintended side effect of having May constantly underestimate her strength. She could only hope she didn't get a concussion...
  4. A small smile tugged at the corner of May's lips as the twins hounded her again. She felt bad for not playing with them immediately - she had missed them as well, after all. "I'm fine with that. Come along, you two." She motioned them to follow with her head. "And we'll play a little after it. Sounds good?" They quickly made their way downstairs, and her nostrils were hit by the delicious scent of pizza. It was enough to make her mouth water - she hadn't had the luxury of eating one in a very long time, after all - but her spirits lowered once she noticed Robin didn't seem all that enthusiastic about it, her speech implying it was a common occurrence. "Come have lunch with me tomorrow?" She offered the redhead. "I'll make something for you, anything you'd like. Or maybe we can just go somewhere." It felt like a fair compromise, and hopefully one that would cheer her old friend up. "I can eat your portion now too, it's been a while since I've eaten any." She added as a joke, the smirk on her face indicating it.
  5. It had been about a month since May had made her not so grand return to Victoria; specifically to Narragyambie, a place she had never previously thought she'd pick to settle down in. That time span had been filled with a strange swirl of emotions. Relief, contentment, nostalgia, concern, fear, and many others repeatedly tried to tear at the mental defenses the Dhampir had so painstakingly built over the years, and to a degree, they succeeded. Interaction with the vast majority of people with whom she once held a place in their lives, as well as trying to nurture a bond with Ian, greatly appealed to the side of her that craved socialization, redemption, and railed against solitude. But at the end of the day she was best kept within the confines of that house the Ministry had acquired for her as headquarters. The closer she got to most, the more dangerous it could get for them, at least in theory. It was quite difficult to find out where to draw the line, and to keep herself from crossing it. As such, she sought out to occupy her sudden large amount of free time with potential hobbies that would take her away from hanging out with her friends all day. She had been at the dojo every day for hours on end, trying a myriad of new martial arts to expand her repertoire over time; and at that moment, she was focusing on cleaning her house from top to bottom without the aid of magic. It wasn't like magic itself was the most thorough thing in the world anyway - May could only get to those grimy corners if she was willing to get her hands dirty. The girl was scrubbing something out of the crack between two kitchen wall tiles when the doorbell's ringing reached her ears, which caused her to stop and glance over at the hallway that would lead to the door. She didn't recall expecting visitors; although, if they got past the amount of defensive spells the had placed around the home, it could only be one of two things - they either were one of the handful of people she actually wanted to see, or it was someone who wanted her head. With that in mind, she cleaned her hands at the kitchen's sink, wiped them clean in a towel, and moved across the home to retrieve her wand, abandoned atop the living room's coffee table. Holding it upright, she slowly stepped towards the front door without making a sound. It couldn't be Robin, that wasn't her style; if anything, she expected the girl to walk in unannounced. Was it Ian? Had she forgotten to give him his weekly supply of blood last time she had gone to visit him in Tallygarunga? No, that couldn't have been it. The answer came when she had walked halfway down the hall, her nose picking up on a very, very familiar scent. "Liv...?" She muttered under her breath in surprise. At that point, she had waited for so long that she figured Olivia just didn't want to see her face, and it was something May had processed and forced herself to live with. Yet, there she was - the pair was separated by a number of meters and a door. Swallowing dryly, May slotted her wand into its usual holster. Her steps halted for a moment in hesitation. Had she requested that meeting? Yes. But what did she even want to say? She had been so resigned to her fate that any words or grand speech that had come to mind before had long gone forgotten. Awkward as she felt, she couldn't let Olivia wait forever. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she opened the door to greet the woman she had abandoned --protected?-- all those years before. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. The sight of the woman, whom hadn't changed one bit (quite an accomplishment, given her Metamorphmagus nature, she thought), had the exact same effect that it used to have: it rendered her speechless. Perhaps it was for the best - she didn't have the right to utter a word to her anymore. Her intentions had been good when she left, but that was what hell was paved with.
  6. "Thank you. He doesn't speak sign language like we do but knowing him he wouldn't be opposed to learning it either." May had noticed a couple similarities between herself and her brother that were quite surprising, given the discrepancy in upbringing and the fact they hardly knew each other; if anything, it gave her the motivation to keep up with her sacrifice and ensure the young Dhampir was properly provided for. There were a few people whom had made it to May's small, exclusive list of people she would watch the world burn for, and Ian was at the top of it. He was the last blood connection she had left - the good kind, at least. She wouldn't fail him, no matter the personal cost. "Speaking of them." A small smile fit her lips. She got up to one knee, as if preparing herself to abandon the rooftop. "We've been chatting here a while, haven't we? We have all the time in the world now, I'd like to think, but at the same time I don't feel too comfortable with keeping people waiting. Especially for dinner." Truth be told, she was starving, and she missed having dinner at a table with people surrounding it whom weren't discussing the intricacies of espionage, organized crime, torture, and other things of that nature.
  7. May nodded to the idea of a party. While being more of a quiet individual in general herself, she was never against a good old round of socializing; besides, she had already promised the twins she'd play around with them earlier anyway. Might as well make it happen within a festive mood. If anything, it could be that it would shed some of the never ending tension off of May's shoulders. "Alright, thank you." She eventually signaled back. "I want to introduce to you my brother, Ian. He's in Tallygarunga right now. A fifth year, if I recall. I think you'll like him, he's pretty bright and cheery. You two might even go on Reserve adventures together." She decided to joke a little to cheer herself up. The topic didn't have to be as awkward as she initially thought it would be.
  8. "Can I walk you there instead? Maybe after breakfast one of these days." May signaled with a gentle mine settled upon her lips. The irony of the situation wasn't entirely lost to her - she was highly apprehensive to re-approaching others, yet there she was, doing everything she could to spend more time with her best friend. Half out of concern, half out of not having much to do in between missions; all she could do was train, and she had already acquired a full pass for the local dojo. She could also visit Ian as well, but the boy was busy with classes. 'Speaking of Ian...' "You can take some now, if you want. Though, I just remembered something. There's somebody I'd like you to meet, if that's okay, though don't be too open to others about his relation to me, okay? Let's say I'm thinking of introducing you two for old time's sake." That boy got along with everyone. Maybe it would take his mind off of certain things she didn't exactly wish to discuss.
  9. Spark? For a moment, rather than signal back, May blinked in absolute confusion as to what her friend meant, her own question going unresolved - the answer only opened more of them. But, maybe, it was nothing. Maybe it just meant that May looked like she had grown up. She would argue that she had always had some sort of semblance of maturity, but at the same time, the statement would be accurate: she had grown up in ways she never wanted to over the years. "Spark or no spark, you're not going to get rid of me so easily this time." She eventually decided to counter, after mulling over the words in her head. "I have a whole bunch of free time now too, so we should hang out more. Do you mind if I meet you at the reserve sometime soon? I'd like to see you in working mode."
  10. A small smiled formed on the Dhampir's lips with pride as Robin went at length about her life and accomplishments. "Congratulations. Let me know if you ever need any help with anything." She signaled. Her career of choice, however, gave May a bit of an idea. She didn't exactly want her animagus form to be photographed, given how unique it had become over the years, but perhaps she could surprise her friend with it during a work day. She knew where the Reserve was. It was a matter of finding a whole in her admittedly mostly vacant schedule and then she'd be able to sneak a smile into her best friend's face. She was caught off guard, however, by being told something was off. Was it with her appearance? She didn't have so much of a baby face anymore, more defined features having taken its place, and her hair had grown, but she wasn't aware of any other changes to it at all. "What do you mean?" She asked, completely clueless as to what it could possibly be.
  11. For a moment, May considered pursuing Olivia's lips a second time. That thought was kept at bay momentarily by the hug that closed the distance, cheeks pressed together as the Dhampir tightened the hold. While her body temperature was somewhat colder by nature, Olivia's was warmer, and within the embrace she could feel them evening each other out to a perfect balance. May pulled her head away just enough to lay the gentlest of kisses upon the half-Veela's cheek as she spoke before they both ceased the hug. Saying she looked like a love struck teenager at that point was the understatement of the century as the girl's smile wouldn't go away, and her eyes shone with affection for the younger girl. It was as if she was fully enchanted by her, yet no charm was at play; it was just that her presence, touch and voice were absolutely intoxicating, in the best of ways. Having their foreheads pressed together afterwards darkened the reddish tint that was already covering her cheeks. At that point, she was fairly convinced that nothing that night would make her skin return to its usual pasty, pale complexion. "No point dwelling in it anymore, hm? Let's just enjoy what we gained." She muttered only for Olivia to hear. Feeling the woman's arms around her once again, she laid another kiss upon her skin, that time on her chin. "Can we stay like this for a while?" She decided to request, basking in the intimacy. "At least until we go to sleep? We could watch a movie, too..." It briefly occurred to her that Olivia had to get changed to sleep, still. A bit of a bummer, as May didn't want to let go of her at all.
  12. "I'd like to sit outside with you for a bit, if that's okay. It's been a while." May stuck to Auslan at that point, having enough freedom to move her arms. There was a small smile on her face as she signed the words - it seemed that she still had a potent grasp of the language. "Come on." She hopped back onto the window frame, crossing the open window's boundaries to meet the somewhat warm air outside. She sat away from the window just enough that Robin would have ample room to climb up as well and sit down in front of the Dhampir. "I told them that I'd play with them later, since we have plenty to catch up on." She continued once her friend was close by again. "Though, you said you had plenty to tell me. Why don't we start there?" Even if Robin was her best friend... If she could avoid talking about herself, she would.
  13. May closed her eyes and sighed in frustration with herself. She had gone in a bit of a rant and ended up putting her foot in her mouth, and revealed a bit more than she had ever intended. Though she was soon brought out of her reverie by the silky sound of Olivia's voice, at which point she opened her eyes again to look at the half-Veela - just in time to see her closing the gap between them, and feeling her own lips be taken by Olivia's. Her eyes widened significantly for just a split second upon contact, before she reflexively shut them and reciprocated. It was her first kiss, and the first demonstration of romantic affection she had ever been on both the giving and receiving end of for the entirety of her life. Her heart beat much faster in her chest than it had previously as she melted into the hold, soaking in the pleasant feeling of butterflies in her stomach during their first foray into something more than just being friends. However, like everything else, it had to come to an end. May pulled away a few seconds after, eyes shining with the potency of the feelings she had for the girl. Her instincts told her to say that she loved her, but she held that down with much difficulty - it was far too soon. "...I guess my little confession worked..." She muttered instead, letting a small, satisfied smile take residence in her face.
  14. May nodded at both inquiries. In hindsight she should've known better - it wasn't the first time she had been persuaded in having a meal at the Shaw household, and knowing its various occupants, it certainly wouldn't be the last. It made her feel like she had a safety net. It had been just over four years since she stepped into the place, and yet everyone was treating her like nothing had happened. Of course, she couldn't let herself bask in the feeling for too long. The more often she visited the family, the more they would be at risk. The twin ghosts soon started hounding them. May smiled apologetically at both. "Is it alright if we take a raincheck on that, at least for the time being? There's a lot of catching up to do. Though to make up for it, I promise that if I don't play with you later today, I'll come here one day just for that. Deal?" Compromise. Now that was something she had always been good at.
  15. May's lips flattened as Olivia spoke. She could understand why the fellow Bourke had her questions and couldn't fault her for it. In the five, going on six, years that they had known each other, Olivia had always been the target of (mostly) male attention and sought out to dodge it every chance she could; it was perfectly natural for her to suspect May had been lured in by the Veela charms as well. However, she knew she didn't. She had to make sure the woman she loved knew it too. "Okay..." She sighed out before getting up off the floor. Letting go of one of Olivia's hands, May moved to sit down beside her on the bed and wrapped her arm around her for an embrace. "I get why you'd think that. I really do. But it's not like that." It had always been hard opening up to the world, especially to those that were close to her. But, whether she liked it or not, Olivia earned it from her. She was prepared to let her thought process and feelings out in the open, for as rare an event as it was. "We've known each other for way too long now. I learned how to resist it the hard way, and being consciously aware of your nature makes it much easier to block it out. I fell for you, alright? I fell for your kindness, for your cheerfulness, and for that dorky smile of yours, among other things. And that happened after I learned to block things out. Do you understand?" It just had nothing to do with it. What could she possibly do to make her realize she meant the world to her? "If you need proof... You know what I am. Dhampirs are practically glued to our primal instincts, whether we like it or not. If the charm was working right now, do you think I'd only be hugging you?" As soon as she spoke, her face flushed to a dark red tint once again. "...Well, that's actually the reason I didn't take you up on the blood offer..." She looked away with the admission. Embarrassing.
May Ember Bowen
Bounty Hunter 0
26 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her
Age:  26
Date of Birth: September 22nd, 1992
Birthplace: Perth, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Dhampir
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Hummingbird
Wand: Walnut, 12 1/4'', Hippocampus Bone
Play-by: Willa Holland
  • 1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Auror & Hit Wizard Training - VMU
  • Bounty Hunter Training - Ministry of Magic
  • Operates as a Bounty Hunter for the Ministry of Magic. Given the nature of her craft, she's given a lot of leeway regarding how she can operate in and out of the job, and the Ministry turns a blind eye to most of her activities so long as she does get whatever task she's asked of done. Part of her compensation is a steady supply of human blood to keep her at peak condition;
  • Expert melee combatant, mixing Muay Thai and Krav Maga with her natural Dhampir physical advantages;
  • Most of her past is a mystery, even where she is from originally;
  • Excellent Occlumens;
  • Unregistered Animagus: Nighthawk (known only to whom she reports to).
General Knowledge
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Works for Magical Law Enforcement in some capacity;
  • Powerful duelist, having left her mark in Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Very private/reserved;
  • Not interested in social media;
  • Fluent in Southern Auslan;
  • Open minded and willing to try new things.

Intensely private and reserved by nature, it's not uncommon for May to give off the erroneous first impression of being a bit of a quiet wallflower; this couldn't be further from the truth. While softspoken, she's quite fond of socialization and often seeks out her friends to spend time with them, or approaches new people out of sheer curiosity. Cordial, respectful and polite, one can find a listening ear and sage advice in her company, as well as someone willing to try new things and invest time in them.

She's a realist, holding no hopes she deems silly and delusional for herself and others due to having her own vision of the world (and her life) shattered by circumstance a few years ago. Nevertheless she tries to make the best out of a given situation because she never knows when the opportunity will be ripped from her - provided that she allows herself to act at all to begin with, should it go against her need to repent for past mistakes. Due to knowing the true hardship of regret and having had people caught in the crossfire of her actions, however, she's become very forgiving of others over the years and it's become harder and harder to get a rise out of her.

Despite having grown up mostly away from her family, they did manage to impart in her the values of loyalty and bravery. She's taken both to such an extent that it was ultimately her downfall - she's sacrificed her very life and every relationship she had in Victoria for the sake of protecting them from persecution and being able to leave to rescue her family, and she's subjected herself to a lifetime's worth of being under the Ministry's thumb for their sake. She doesn't regret the action itself, but the great harm it's caused around her.


May caps out at 170 cm, having always been slightly tall for her age growing up. Her mildly wavy brown hair runs free just past her shoulders and is parted at the right, although she used to keep it shorter during her academic years. Completing the ensemble is a pair of green eyes that is far more expressive than the rest of her face usually is, and by far the most inviting part of her composure past the professional/somewhat subdued behavior - although people who've known her for a long time would argue they're not nearly as bright as they once were. As a giveaway of her species' affliction, her skin is a bit pale.

Her frame is lean and imposing due to a mix of combat sports exploits, natural propensity for musculature due to her heritage, and the training she has to endure on a daily basis to keep herself in peak condition for her job. To go with the muscular definition she has the odd scar here and there, indicative of the struggles she's been through for the past few years. These are concealed by a modest and neutral choice of wardrobe - she prefers darker colors and avoids eye-catching clothing and excessive makeup when able for the sake of moving around more seamlessly when needed.


May was born to a wealthy family in Perth. Unfortunately for her, her Dhampir ancestors weren't ones trying to rise above the hatred and discrimination her kind was often subjected to; rather, they often took advantage of it and the family was firmly rooted in the seedy underbelly of the city, managing questionable businesses and evading the Ministry's pursuit. However, given that they were undergoing particularly violent confrontations with their rivals in the underworld, May's relatives ultimately opted not to have her grow up in this environment. She never got much of a chance to get too close to any of them as she was often sent to schools far away from their HQ as means of protecting the young child of that kind of life, as well as would-be pursuers that would want to exploit her status for their gain.

Eventually, as she finally reached the appropriate age to enroll in a proper full magical education, the Bowen family ultimately decided on sending the girl to Tallygarunga given their history of diversity and acceptance towards several species. She experienced the strange dichotomy between her past and the amicable environment of that school, and chose to remain evasive regarding where she came from. To combat the feeling of homesickness that she constantly felt despite not being particularly close to her relatives, she became more social and invested in people's lives rather than her own. This led her to create a bit of a network while still in school despite being very reserved, taking a liking to giving people advice and help them out with their troubles instead.

She ultimately decided to become a Hit Wizard upon graduation, enrolling in VMU to attain the required Auror training prior to taking on that chapter of her life on. It came to an abrupt close shortly after graduation, however, as she heard through the grapevine that her family's business was folding left and right as the confrontations never ended over the years, and had gotten particularly bloody. Honor bound, the girl uprooted her entire life overnight to take matters into her own hands, upset that her family kept her out of it for so long - even if she never wanted to be a criminal herself.

As she returned to Perth, her family was barely left standing. She did what little she could to hold up a resistance, but her efforts ended up gaining the attention of the Ministry of Magic. She was offered a choice: either they would crack down on what was left of the Bowens, or she could lend her services as a Bounty Hunter for them in exchange to them turning a blind eye, tipping the family off, and keeping her well fed. Willing to do whatever it took to keep them alive, May agreed to this offer, immediately starting the grueling training directly under the Ministry. It all took a few years, but slowly and surely her family got back on her feet and she became a full fledged Bounty Hunter. Eventually wanting to salvage whatever was left of her life back home, she requested transfer to Melbourne, which was granted. But did anything survive her leaving without warning and being completely out of reach for four years?

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