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  1. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    The humor quickly died with Olivia's comment, and May's smile gradually vanished from her face. It was increasingly obvious that the feeling wasn't shared and that put May in a bit of an awkward position; not only that, but the comment itself had made painful memories resurface. The Dhampir's gaze was cast downwards to the food she had barely touched up to that point. She never knew one could lose hunger multiple times during one meal, but that dinner was certainly proving that was the case. Either she was going too soft, or she had some unresolved issues that were threatening to burst through the seams of May's mentality. "...It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life." She confessed, shifting in her seat with discomfort as she spoke the truth. Part of her wished she could go back on a daily basis, to stop it all from happening or perhaps carry things out better. Yet, she knew she had made the right choice, and axing what she had with Olivia so suddenly was for the best. She felt a knot in her stomach with the introspection: her relationship with Olivia had always had some sort of timestamp on it, an expiration date, even if neither was aware of it. May had always been on the path to crush Olivia, even if all she ever wanted was to keep her happy and was willing to do anything to give the woman the opportunity to achieve such a thing. "I'm paying for the choice I made back then. I'll be paying that debt until I die. I guess that sometimes I just need to laugh at things so I don't get all of... Well, that, cloud my judgement and get to my head. Laughter's the best medicine, right?" She forced herself to take another bite from her food, but could feel her muscles growing increasingly tense with the situation. Indeed, she had to pay for what she had done to all, and most of all, what she had done to the woman she loved. Was May truly worthy of being in the half-Veela's presence at that point? "Though I guess you could also say the road to hell is paved with good intentions." She was certainly headed that way, as far as she was concerned. Her soul was becoming increasingly fractured and doomed, and would continue on such a path through to the very end. From what she'd heard, past a certain threshold, one couldn't even pass on or remain as a ghost. Instead they'd be in limbo for all eternity, which was, by any measure, a form of personal hell. 'This little adventure with the Ministry's just the appetizer...'
  2. Invite Cigarettes and Gravity

    Why was May visiting the school so frequently? She didn't have to. She had always given Ian enough blood to sustain himself for a solid week and she could always meet her friends within the staff outside of school, whenever it was she wasn't out on a confidential mission. Even Robin had called her out on it at that point. Was masochism the reason? The Dhampir made a point to drop by the nurse's office every time. So close, yet so far, was the one thing on her mind whenever she left. It was one of such days, and she headed out the door and crossed the grounds so to leave the school and be able to Apparate back home. It was then that her nose picked up on a faint scent that she recognized and had come across in the past months, yet with all the running around pertaining various issues, consistently kept forgetting to pursue it. It was Rhys Barrows' scent, and, sure enough, her eyes were soon trained on the man attempting to light a cigarette. Making her way over, she couldn't hide a small smirk as the man dropped his cigarette. 'Karma.' "I thought there was a school rule about not smoking on campus." She mentioned as she walked up to the man. While she recognized him on the spot due to heightened senses, the reverse could be not so easy, she realized - not only hadn't they seen each other in a handful of years at that point, but she didn't look half as babyfaced as she used to be and her hair had grown to double the size it used to be. She lightly tapped at the side of her nose. "It wouldn't be a good idea anyway. There are some sensitive noses around here, you know." The school was filled with halfbreeds; plus, smoking usually sent May running for the hills given how sensitive that particular sense was for her. Hopefully her little friendly prodding would be enough to convince Rhys to smoke once she was gone.
  3. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    May cleared her throat as the mild chuckle died down, although a small smile of good humor remained spread upon her lips. She hadn't had the chance to laugh like that in a long time, and the notion that she had to laugh at herself to get it out of her system made her want to laugh even harder than she had just then. She felt bad that she had burst out laughing without even explaining what was so funny, as proven by the sudden questioning, although she had the feeling Olivia wouldn't share the mirthful point of view of the situation. "Well, on topic... I find it funny to think I have all the time in the world, when I don't know if my job will lead me to a dead end or not. Or if the family's past will catch up with me." She started explaining, but realizing how she wounded, May was quick to backpedal. "I don't mean I will leave. It's more... My tasks sometimes require me to be away for extended period of time, and on top of that, they're very high risk, so... I just never know." It was a hard thing to admit. Technically she wasn't allowed to divulge what sort of deal she was involved in, but she had already breached protocol the day before to begin with. It wasn't like things would get much worse. Plus, she had indeed promised she'd be entirely honest with the woman - outside of purely confidential information, May was willing to impart anything asked of her, for as difficult as it would be. 'I do hope she never asks for certain things.' "And... Earlier, I also came to the realization things are better off with me here, than without. I left to protect people, but, with you getting in trouble, it feels like it's better for me to be around to look out for you. Though at the same time, if I hadn't left, Ian likely wouldn't be alive, so I can't regret my decision. Feels like a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' type of situation, so, it's funny to me. Hence, masochistic sense of humor." If she hadn't learned to laugh at herself, she'd likely have pointed her wand to her own head a long time ago.
  4. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    May nodded with Olivia's advice. "That's what I've been trying to do. But it's... Hard, to talk about certain things." Like it was hard to talk to the woman before her about the life May had destroyed between them. It was so difficult, in fact, that the Dhampir had vowed not to bring it up if she could help it - she had to start anew and keep what she could salvage, not reopen old wounds. Nevertheless something in her strangely compelled her to go into detail about it. Perhaps it was her unwillingness to let go. Olivia's words stung despite the rationalization, however, and May grimaced minimally, uncharacteristically. "...I can see how he'd think that. I can see how anyone would." Her gaze fell on her food once again. It was the price to pay for what she had done, but, ultimately, what choice did she have? She couldn't say she regretted it. She saved many people's lives in doing what she did. Ian was still around because of it. It was a harsh reality she had to contend with, and for the time being, one she had to grapple on her own. "I know my words don't mean much right now, but, I won't." She shook her head, bringing her gaze up once again to look at Olivia. There was strong determination in her eyes despite her composure, the type that meant May was determined to do what she spoke of even if it took her to an early grave - which, in all likelihood, it would. "I've done everything in my power to ensure that. But... I guess there's no real way of proving it right now, is there?" The fork lightly played with the food on her plate as she took a deep breath. She meant that for Olivia herself as well, but with her she had even less of a right to bring stuff up than she did with Ian, or so she felt like; but she had promised to be honest. And honest she would be, even if it killed her inside. "But if what I'm saying is true, I have all the time in the world to prove it anyway. So I guess I shouldn't worry so much indeed, just like you say..." A chuckle broke out, and she shook her head. "Sorry. Some realizations I've been coming to lately have instilled a bit of a masochistic sense of humor in me."
  5. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    "I am. I'm trying, at least..." May's brows furrowed as she looked down at her food. Did she truly give a dishonest impression? She wasn't one to lie as a rule, yet the fact of the matter was she had always been a highly reserved individual whom was reluctant to talk about herself. Even at that moment it was being quite difficult to open up to Olivia, someone she saw as the love of her life, let alone talk about such things to a kid she hardly knew even if they shared a bloodline. Yet, she grew increasingly aware that withholding such information could be potentially perceived as lying by omission. 'My life will never get any easier, will it?' "But, even so... I feel like there are some things going on he's too... Young, to process." She confessed. "Some things he's better off not knowing, for his sanity. It's not anything that would endanger him, but..." A frustrated sigh escaped the Dhampir. She was falling into the same pitfalls she fell with everyone else, yet she had little choice but to do so. The matters at hand were highly sensitive, and if it wasn't a matter of her keeping everything hidden, it wouldn't be a matter of her revealing everything either. There had to be some sort of equilibrium she'd have to find so to determine what was wise to hide and what she should reveal, yet her gut told her it was an incredibly bad idea to be so upfront with Ian of all people. "...I hope it's how you say it is." She ultimately spoke with a nod. "At this rate I've been here with him more time than I have been before he even made the trip. Makes sense for him not to open up to a stranger overnight."
  6. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Albeit forced, the little joke batted back at May served its purpose, even if temporarily - a small smile fit her lips and contributed to her relaxing minimally despite the circumstances, not quite picking up on the fact that Olivia hadn't wholly shared the fun of the little exchange. It made for an easier time to get the conversation flowing, at least in the Dhampir's end: the ice had been broken and she could proceed without awkwardness plaguing her every potential word. "I could do that, yes..." She nodded in agreement. May had picked up a thing or two about cooking the past few months out of pure boredom. Perhaps she should show her half-Veela friend what she could do if they were to ever meet for a meal once again in private, something she was starting to hope to be the case more than she likely should. "Gives me an excuse to find out what's his favorite dish, if anything else." Finally, she was able to take an additional bite out of the meal. She was starting to feel bad, not wanting to give off the impression the food wasn't any good due to May's sudden lack of hunger, and decided to force herself through it for Olivia's sake. "Though.. It's more complicated than that, I think. We've been spending time together. I go give him blood at school, I sometimes take him home with me so we can train properly, and sometimes I take him to Mrs. Kempsey's, but..." She wrinkled her nose minimally, a rare display of emotion - the matter was getting to her. She felt like a fish out of water discussing that very topic - she was someone whom was rather gifted socially despite her otherwise stoic demeanor, and to face a brick wall like that was quite jarring. "...I feel like he doesn't want to let me in, if that makes any sense. And, I get it too. He didn't know me much at all before, and I guess he doesn't now still. Maybe I'm just a bad reminder of the past, which I guess is a bit of a running theme nowadays... Another way of putting it would be I'm starting to feel a bit 'inadequate' in the role of older sister."
  7. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    For as emotional as Olivia claimed to be, at least she was getting a hold of herself at that moment as indicated by the lack of a scolding hot temperature threatening to burn May's skin away. While there were still pressing matters that kept her from getting too close that was most definitely one that wasn't a big deal anymore, and it was something she found commendable given how fresh they still were from the whole ordeal with the werewolf. Perhaps it was an indicator that May's pessimism was misplaced. Nevertheless, seeing Olivia as bait in her mind made her less and less hungry over time, more than she already had been from the approach of the subject alone. Her fork idly stabbed at a portion of the food for sometime before she bothered to puncture it so to be able to properly digest it. The one foot she had against the floor lightly wiggled up and down as a means of distraction, so to release the pent up tension that was threatening to overtake her every pore. "Working. Training... A lot. I think I might as well live in the local dojo now." She lightly joked in an attempt of injecting some energy into their exchange. "Things have been coming along better than I expected them to in general. I've been trying to get a bit closer to Ian too, but it's... Difficult." The good humor lessened in her face as she shot herself in the foot with her own words. "Any tips?" It was the price of being honest. It was hard to connect with the boy. He was perfectly okay as far as she could tell, yet their background made it so she frequently thought she wasn't equipped to deal with it all in any way.
  8. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Like it had been agreed upon just the day before, May had made her way to Olivia's new home late that afternoon for dinner. It suited her well as the sun still set early enough that it wouldn't threaten to burn the Dhampir's skin at that hour without her having to use sunscreen, a hat, or any additional precautions against the deadly sun. Even then it had been a bit of a cloudy day, so perhaps it was the case she wouldn't have much trouble making it anyway. She felt somewhat uneasy about the meetup - she had the feeling it would be about the case rather than a simple hangout between the two, something she wasn't too keen on. While rationally knowing it not to be the case, it gave off the impression Olivia was only dealing with her because she was of some use to her cause. Much like every other day ever since her not-so-triumphant return to Narragyambie, May kept a little more than an arm's length of distance from the Veela from the moment the door was opened. A small smile twitched upwards in her lips as a greeting. Her nose told her dinner had already been prepared; and as she was borderline rushed towards the table instead of being given a tour, May picked up on there being some urgency to the topic. As she sat down her legs pulled back to rest under the chair, ankles crossed as the two former Bourkes started dinner. "I'm alright." There wasn't much to say. She couldn't talk about her work due to confidentiality and they had seen each other twenty four hours before. "And you?" There hadn't been a whole lot of changes to her own life. Most days were dull and she spent them inhabiting the Kaizen Narrie Dojo, occasionally taking a break to visit one of her friends. Time went by very slowly in between tasks as she felt like she had nothing to do and wasn't a staple in other people's lives anymore, save for a couple of exceptions. As soon as Olivia started talking about the case, May released a deep breath of frustration despite her visage remaining otherwise stoic. 'Oh well.' At least Olivia had put in some sort of effort to break the ice at first. Despite the skepticism building up in the back of her mind May opted to believe the minimal interest in her own well being had been genuine rather than for the sole purpose of smoothing out the path to that particular conversation. "I think it's difficult to make a proper plan without having much information." She was used not to be given a whole lot to work with in the Ministry but at least they did give her a skeleton of who she would be going after and what to look out for. At that point she could only make educated guesses but even those could fail at times and doom an entire operation. "How much silver we'll need will depend on how the plan comes out in the end and we can't forget to prepare the wolfsbane. I'm going to try to work out a deal with an alchemist I know, maybe that'll help our cause if push comes to shove." She was suddenly not very hungry at all despite being well into the meal proper. That topic was not, by far, what she wanted to tackle that evening. "Though, I've been mulling it over a bit. We'll have to lure it out. If this werewolf wants to get under the kid's skin, I'd say it's unlikely he'll go after him directly... And I'm entirely unrelated to the matter, so I'm not of much use there either. That leaves you." Bait. One of the more certain paths to a proper plan was to use Olivia as bait. Despite how sickening the thought was, the sheer irony of the situation caused a smirk to mold the Dhampir's lips and she had to look away for a second to keep herself from laughing. How could have May been such a fool to think staying away would keep Olivia safe? If she hadn't been there at that moment the half-Veela would likely be getting herself killed instead.
  9. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    By her own hands, or the Ministry's. Things had changed. It was no longer the time for Olivia to grab a newspaper and whack May in the face whenever she casually mentioned doing anything minimally dangerous that merited some discipline. The time apart contributed to growth, maturity, and a new sense of understanding of situations and each other despite the cloud of mistrust looming over their heads. Olivia was trusting May to handle the situation if Travis wanted things to end on the spot despite the ethereal cost - that of fragmenting her own soul - and May didn't argue. They both knew if there was anyone that could afford doing so, it was the Dhampir and not Travis. "I never claimed I was." If she were, she wouldn't have the memories of many past mistakes carved into her flesh in such a widespread manner as they were. Even healing magic could only take things so far. May released a breath she didn't entirely realize she was holding as she came to the conclusion she disarmed the situation (and Olivia) with her own explanation. It was too early to make a comprehensive plan regardless. If anything, they needed to talk to this boy first and only then would May think of how to proceed. "...Whether I go alone or not isn't dependent on me, Liv, but on time." She admitted out loud, exposing the sense of urgency in the situation. "I can wait for now, but at one point or another, it will become my job, or someone else's. At that point, I can't wait." May was in Narragyambie, so it felt obvious that the Ministry would pick her simply because she knew the area well. Unfortunately, they had eyes and ears everywhere. If they were to figure out her indirect connection to the case and guess at her intentions, it was entirely possible that they'd hunt the werewolf behind her back. "That being said... Alright. A little bit of levity wouldn't hurt..." At least she hoped the dinner would be for that rather than talk about the murder incessantly.
  10. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    May's eyes squinted ever so slightly as Olivia implied she was to be trusted, all because she hadn't burned May's house down once the Dhampir showed her face again in Narragyambie a few months before. That worked more against the half-Veela than for her - she had taken a whole *month* to approach her in the first place, as she knew for a fact Diana had delivered the message the day immediately after May approached the blonde. If anything, that meant Olivia couldn't wholly control herself to that extent unlike what she was claiming to. 'Come on, Liv, you can do better than that...' "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." She quoted Mike Tyson, finding the words to hold true at that point. "We can plan to keep things steady, to cage him and to talk to him, but it only takes a spark for things to go off the rails, Liv. I need to make sure that, whatever happens, it's not by your hands or his. Do you understand? I can get away with it, but you two can't." Whenever Olivia was overcome with emotion, May felt like she was talking to a brick wall. That day was no exception. The Dhampir had always been the more calm and rational sort, the voice of reason, but it was hard to get through to someone who didn't want to listen. Hopefully the time they spent apart, the time they had to mature away from each other, would help in order to make that conversation go on less painfully. She would be patient and see it through either way, but unfortunately there was too much riding in the conversation for May to continue being so careless and permissive of that behavior. "That said, please clarify. What am I misunderstanding?" From what she could tell, Olivia want to capture the creature and lead this Travis kid to him, something that probably wouldn't end well. But perhaps she had a more elaborate plan that she was yet to tell May about. She hoped that was the case.
  11. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    May's eyes squinted in confusion as Olivia spoke. What was with the accusation of the Dhampir only showing up there for wolfsbane? That hadn't even been in her mind when she came to visit in the first place, and Olivia knew that. To May, it indicated the half-Veela was becoming far too influenced by her emotions to make a rational judgement, something that didn't bode too well for their little exchange. Indeed, accusations and rushed conclusions started to fly around like no one's business. She wasn't even given much room to reply while Olivia threw various passive aggressive statements at her. She shook her head at first in denial of her words, but couldn't keep up, let alone know where to start. She could feel the temperature of the room rise mildly with the sudden spike of anger emanating from their misunderstanding, something that left May deeply uncomfortable despite the distance between them. Truth be told, she didn't want either to go - one of the reasons why was in display right then and there. With such raging emotions, things could go haywire very easily: whether it would put their lives in danger, or their futures. Olivia was displaying that she wasn't to be trusted to keep her emotions in check, reinforcing May's mindset; if she couldn't, how could she trust a werewolf to do the same? It seemed Olivia also knew how to hunt a werewolf, but it was deeply ironic that she was underestimating May in turn while making that statement. She had allowed herself to imagine what sort of thing the nurse had done in her travels out of her having previously stated running into trouble once or twice... But she had ran into werewolves, and had to cage them? That formed a knot in May's stomach as she hadn't been there to help. Hell, she hadn't been there to prevent the situation in the first place. "Don't..." As Olivia stepped towards her, the heat became too much to bear. The Dhampir quickly shuffled backwards until her back hit the wall, a bead of sweat rolling off her forehead so to indicate her discomfort. "Don't come closer. I don't think I can take that..." Stupid weakness. For all the danger she put herself through, it was quite pathetic that sunlight and hot temperatures were her kryptonite. "First things first... I didn't come here for Wolfsbane. You know that. I know that. And honestly, I figured you'd catch on by yourself since it was on topic." Had she overestimated her? "And I don't want either of you to go because, since you're both halfbreed people, the Ministry won't take so kindly to it if you're caught being involved. Better me than you in that regard, because most of the time they don't care what I do." In retrospect, Olivia was quite lucky that May was the understanding sort - most others would have taken the paper and left. "I don't know the details, but I get what you're saying. It's just you're making a really hard case for yourself in terms of coming across as someone I can trust to come along and stick to a plan, for the both of you."
  12. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    Olivia earned a blank stare when she claimed she could've told May that Travis didn't do it. The appeal to the heart was never something that worked when it came to the field of Magical Law Enforcement, and the Dhampir had hoped Olivia would know better; for a moment, she couldn't help feel mildly disappointed. It let her know the half-Veela was way in over her head when it came to the matter at hand and just as biased as the rest of them, even if in the opposite side of the spectrum. Such claims never held any water in court for a normal human being, let alone for a widely feared species. Disappointment shifted to surprise as the nurse proceeded to (unsuccessfully) strong-arm her into giving in to incredibly unreasonable demands. To cage the beast? To let Olivia tag along? While caging in itself was a two or more person job, unless she happened to be proficient like May was, it was likely that she'd only get in the way. May pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. 'What a mess.' "You don't get to ask me that. I can go find Wolfsbane elsewhere." She stated as a matter of fact once her hand descended from her own face. "I gave you the courtesy of letting you know what I plan to do. The least you could do in return is trying not to twist my arm about it." Perhaps she deserved it - it was a breach of trust, and in a way one could perceive it as revenge for what May had done all those years ago. Nevertheless, she tried to keep her cool in front of her friend. "Nevertheless, caging a werewolf is a tougher feat than killing one. And if you present the werewolf to this Travis kid and he decides to kill him, well, then I can't save his ass before the Ministry. I'm fairly sure they want to knock out two birds with one stone on this one, and you're just giving them more material to do so with right there."
  13. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    Why did May want wolfsbane? It was hardly a question Olivia had to ask - especially when she knew how the Dhampir operated. Being the school nurse and knowing more than a thing or two about herbology, surely the half-Veela would know what was that plant's main use. The fact that Olivia did ask, however, indicated an inkling of distrust, which was only natural; but did that mean she thought May was going after the kid? "It doesn't have to be yours. A contact to a supplier would do." Even if it was highly monitored, she was positive she could get away with a little friendly convincing - at least, she was under the impression the Ministry turned a blind eye to her activities for the most part. Hell, if they knew what kind of journey she was about to embark in, they'd likely commend her for taking the initiative. "...But, to answer your question. I want wolfsbane so I can extract its poison and coat a blade with it." There was no point to beating around the bush. Being under the promise of sincerity didn't help her either, and perhaps, Olivia deserved to know - she was a civilian but not only was she compromised at that point, she was also connected emotionally to the would be main target of the perpetrator. Besides, knowing the woman, she'd burn May to a crisp before she did anything without the consent of the involved parties. "And before you go on that tangent, I'm not going after the kid." Taking a deep breath, she focused enough on her senses to scout the area without much movement. There were people going up and down the corridor behind the door near May, as well as students walking along the outer walls of the building. Not wanting to risk a breach, with a wave of her hand, the Dhampir muted the room to the outside world. "This doesn't get out of here." She warned Olivia. It was quite ridiculous how much she was willing to bend the rules, bend protocol and putting her own neck at risk for the sake of appeasing the woman; old habits died hard. "The force knows this Travis you speak of didn't do it. But, they also know a werewolf did it. So the reason I want that wolfsbane is to make it easier on me for a future run in." Werewolf hunting was hard, even for a seasoned assassin like May. Fortunately, it wasn't her first time and experience made her wise on her approach.
  14. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    The only way in which a Narragyambie individual hadn't heard of the murder Olivia was mentioning was if they had been living under a rock - and that was for civilians. May was law enforcement - technically, or at least as much as a hired assassin for the government could be - and so she, in particular, had her ear filled with details ever since it had occurred. She hadn't bothered visiting the premises, only working on a task by task basis, but from what had been imparted to her, it all indicated it was the handiwork of a werewolf. Knowing her luck, the Ministry would task with having him disappeared sooner rather than later, if only to appease the public after the catastrophic PR that was there being a wild werewolf on the loose right under their noses. However, Olivia's words soon tossed May's lack of concern for the situation out the window. She was a friend with the victim's child? This 'Travis' was a werewolf, even if not the perpetrator, that much she knew; however, the grisly details hidden from the general population pointed to how gruesome it had been, and that it had been a taunt - something to get under this son's skin, for whatever purpose it may have ultimately. She tensed up as her mind drew the logical conclusion the werewolf would be targeting people Travis was fond of if he didn't get his way - and Olivia, being a friend, would be right in their sights. She had to act. From that moment on, it was a self-imposed task - she couldn't wait for the Ministry to pull her strings. Olivia was more important to her than anything else and she'd keep her safe. Whatever this kid had done to contribute to their friendship rekindling automatically took a backseat to whatever was threatening her life. "No. Actually..." That was a subject that couldn't go over their heads. The Dhampir was tense, alert - almost as if irrationally expecting the perpetrator to jump into that office and take the half-Veela from her on the spot. "You can, but maybe not in a traditional sense." She took a deep breath. There was no way to sugarcoat it or make it seem benign; plus, with the promise of honesty, there was no incentive for May to lie to her friend. "...Do you have access to wolfsbane?" If she could extract the poison from the plant, it would certainly help her in a hunt.
  15. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    The mere sight of the smile filling Olivia's lips was more than enough to cause May's own to twitch slightly upwards in response, despite the otherwise neutral nature of the Dhampir. It was a momentary distraction, one she soon caught herself out of, and as the half-Veela spoke May took the opportunity to make her way past the door. She leaned backwards on it until it closed, a clicking sound signifying the bolt being put in place being the indicator of her success. Whatever it was that was ailing Olivia, she seemed to be putting up a strong front. She couldn't help find that situation morbidly humorous - they both knew May was able to pick up on the distress emanating from the younger woman, yet it also served as a stark reminder that she wasn't ready just yet to let her guard down like she used to back in the day around May. "Concerned." She replied, opting not to beat around the bush, having always been the direct sort. As she stepped into the now closed room she was more aware of the less than pleasant temperature surrounding it; this made it so May halted her steps earlier than she would have towards the Veela, discomfort minimally noticeable in her gaze as the sudden shift of temperature threatened to boil the Dhampir's skin. "Did something happen?" She reached for the collar of her shirt and pulled at it in a vain attempt to get some air circulating - she'd use magic, but she didn't want to disrupt Olivia's need for that hot temperature in any way.
May Ember Bowen
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  • Auror & Hit Wizard Training - VMU
  • Bounty Hunter Training - Ministry of Magic
  • Operates as a Bounty Hunter for the Ministry of Magic. Given the nature of her craft, she's given a lot of leeway regarding how she can operate in and out of the job, and the Ministry turns a blind eye to most of her activities so long as she does get whatever task she's asked of done. Part of her compensation is a steady supply of human blood to keep her at peak condition;
  • Expert melee combatant, mixing Muay Thai and Krav Maga with her natural Dhampir physical advantages;
  • Most of her past is a mystery, even where she is from originally;
  • Excellent Occlumens;
  • Unregistered Animagus: Nighthawk (known only to whom she reports to).
General Knowledge
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Works for Magical Law Enforcement in some capacity;
  • Powerful duelist, having left her mark in Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Very private/reserved;
  • Not interested in social media;
  • Fluent in Southern Auslan;
  • Open minded and willing to try new things.

Intensely private and reserved by nature, it's not uncommon for May to give off the erroneous first impression of being a bit of a quiet wallflower; this couldn't be further from the truth. While softspoken, she's quite fond of socialization and often seeks out her friends to spend time with them, or approaches new people out of sheer curiosity. Cordial, respectful and polite, one can find a listening ear and sage advice in her company, as well as someone willing to try new things and invest time in them.

She's a realist, holding no hopes she deems silly and delusional for herself and others due to having her own vision of the world (and her life) shattered by circumstance a few years ago. Nevertheless she tries to make the best out of a given situation because she never knows when the opportunity will be ripped from her - provided that she allows herself to act at all to begin with, should it go against her need to repent for past mistakes. Due to knowing the true hardship of regret and having had people caught in the crossfire of her actions, however, she's become very forgiving of others over the years and it's become harder and harder to get a rise out of her.

Despite having grown up mostly away from her family, they did manage to impart in her the values of loyalty and bravery. She's taken both to such an extent that it was ultimately her downfall - she's sacrificed her very life and every relationship she had in Victoria for the sake of protecting them from persecution and being able to leave to rescue her family, and she's subjected herself to a lifetime's worth of being under the Ministry's thumb for their sake. She doesn't regret the action itself, but the great harm it's caused around her.


May caps out at 170 cm, having always been slightly tall for her age growing up. Her mildly wavy brown hair runs free just past her shoulders and is parted at the right, although she used to keep it shorter during her academic years. Completing the ensemble is a pair of green eyes that is far more expressive than the rest of her face usually is, and by far the most inviting part of her composure past the professional/somewhat subdued behavior - although people who've known her for a long time would argue they're not nearly as bright as they once were. As a giveaway of her species' affliction, her skin is a bit pale.

Her frame is lean and imposing due to a mix of combat sports exploits, natural propensity for musculature due to her heritage, and the training she has to endure on a daily basis to keep herself in peak condition for her job. To go with the muscular definition she has the odd scar here and there, indicative of the struggles she's been through for the past few years. These are concealed by a modest and neutral choice of wardrobe - she prefers darker colors and avoids eye-catching clothing and excessive makeup when able for the sake of moving around more seamlessly when needed.


Despite her general demeanor, May has always had a tremendous ease in enlarging her social network on the sheer basis of how interested she usually is in other people and how willing she is to help them in any matter, ranging from something as innocuous as mowing a lawn to having someone disappeared. She's a good friend to have to anyone who wants to get things done, someone who's able to think out of the box and adapt to new situations like fish to water, and who is seemingly gleeful in doing so.

She is also someone who enjoys trying new things of all sorts, contributing to the potential of having a connection practically everywhere. Despite her abandonment of people a few years prior, her sheer usefulness and spontaneity as a person has ensured her friendships had more than enough time and room to recover upon her return and her value as a friend hasn't diminished.


The vast majority of her family is gone, and the only surviving member is Ian Travers, her (much) younger brother - a fact only known by a handful of people. She actively tries to motivate him to learn how to fight so to protect himself from eventual trouble he may come across due to their connections in Perth, but past that she's not awfully close to him; she does try her best to be friendly but being away from him for the vast majority of his life contributed to a sense of awkwardness and disconnection between the two. Truly an odd thing, since the people who know them both often think there is no way they couldn't be siblings.


Her heart still beats for her ex, someone whom she had planned to propose to just before uprooting her own life to aid her family in Perth. She has never allotted herself the time to move on due to the literal war she's had to face, always idly holding onto the hope of their relationship being alive right up until her matters were settled. It was then she came to terms that it was all over and she shouldn't even dream of it for the woman's safety, as well as the fact it had been too long and she'd likely have moved on regardless of the situation.

It was as she had expected upon returning, and May doesn't hold any illusions about what her own actions meant. Nevertheless, as time goes by, she's coming to realize that staying is probably safer for her ex than leaving; on that alone she's reconsidering her mindset. Should she wait and see, or should she redeem herself and give chase?

As for others, she's never felt comfortable with the idea of approaching them despite her own relationship being dead in the water. To betray her own feelings felt worse than what she did to them by leaving as it was what kept her going for so many years, and as such she doesn't bother with dating or to have flings. She is not opposed to a platonic date, however, if someone needs to keep their mind off of things.


Despite her friendly self, it's very likely that there are more than a few people out there who can't stand her guts. Whether they were people involved in her family's dealings (ally or enemy, in varying circumstances) or someone she's left behind at a point in time, she's gotten under the skin of plenty of people and it's unlikely that she's repaired it all at this point in time.

She tries to be understanding and admit to her own faults when confronted, not being one to grow angry or enjoy conflict. As far as more serious matters go, given she wants to minimize the bloodshed, it's likely she'll stay her hand even if justified.

The story so far

May was born to a wealthy family in Perth. Unfortunately for her, her Dhampir ancestors weren't ones trying to rise above the hatred and discrimination her kind was often subjected to; rather, they often took advantage of it and the family was firmly rooted in the seedy underbelly of the city, managing questionable businesses and evading the Ministry's pursuit. However, given that they were undergoing particularly violent confrontations with their rivals in the underworld, May's relatives ultimately opted not to have her grow up in this environment. She never got much of a chance to get too close to any of them as she was often sent to schools far away from their HQ as means of protecting the young child of that kind of life, as well as would-be pursuers that would want to exploit her status for their gain.

Eventually, as she finally reached the appropriate age to enroll in a proper full magical education, the Bowen family ultimately decided on sending the girl to Tallygarunga given their history of diversity and acceptance towards several species. She experienced the strange dichotomy between her past and the amicable environment of that school, and chose to remain evasive regarding where she came from. To combat the feeling of homesickness that she constantly felt despite not being particularly close to her relatives, she became more social and invested in people's lives rather than her own. This led her to create a bit of a network while still in school despite being very reserved, taking a liking to giving people advice and help them out with their troubles instead.

She ultimately decided to become a Hit Wizard upon graduation, enrolling in VMU to attain the required Auror training prior to taking on that chapter of her life on. It came to an abrupt close shortly after graduation, however, as she heard through the grapevine that her family's business was folding left and right as the confrontations never ended over the years, and had gotten particularly bloody. Honor bound, the girl uprooted her entire life overnight to take matters into her own hands, upset that her family kept her out of it for so long - even if she never wanted to be a criminal herself.

As she returned to Perth, her family was barely left standing. She did what little she could to hold up a resistance, but her efforts ended up gaining the attention of the Ministry of Magic. She was offered a choice: either they would crack down on what was left of the Bowens, or she could lend her services as a Bounty Hunter for them in exchange to them turning a blind eye, tipping the family off, and keeping her well fed. Willing to do whatever it took to keep them alive, May agreed to this offer, immediately starting the grueling training directly under the Ministry. It all took a few years, but slowly and surely her family got back on her feet and she became a full fledged Bounty Hunter. Eventually wanting to salvage whatever was left of her life back home, she requested transfer to Melbourne, which was granted. But did anything survive her leaving without warning and being completely out of reach for four years?


It wasn't easy, but May managed to rekindle most friendships over the months that followed, some more easily than others. A few remained more than a bit apprehensive over her potentially disappearing again at some point down the line but gave her a chance nonetheless and she's taken it and ran with it, gradually proving herself worthy of a minimal sense of trust despite the betrayal years before.

Her utmost priority became to take care of Ian, her brother. She worked out a deal with the Ministry to provide enough nourishment in her payments to cover for the boy as well and started to personally train him in self defense; fortunately he did seem to already have a clue of how to fight and so the transition wasn't as painful as it could have been. The more time that passes between the two the more she realizes how ignorant she is of his youth, personality and what drives him, which gave rise to the idea she's wholly incapable to protect him to begin with - at least, in certain ways. As such she's grown to rely on very few people of her network whom are aware they're siblings to watch over the boy and keep her posted if anything odd happens.

She's also inadvertently grown closer to her ex, or at least more than she ever intended, through sheer necessity - as a particular murder shook the Halfbreed community, she came to learn Olivia Teagarden was somewhat in the murderer's sights due to association. Breaking protocol, May decided to cooperate with her and the son of the victim, Travis Franklin, to catch the perpetrator before the Ministry takes the matter into their own hands and send her to kill it. The whole matter is starting to make her think that Olivia is better off with May around while facing additional danger when having her protection than having May be away, which is a blow to the ego of the woman whom once left just so to keep everyone safe.

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