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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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  1. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    May's eyes squinted in confusion as Olivia spoke. What was with the accusation of the Dhampir only showing up there for wolfsbane? That hadn't even been in her mind when she came to visit in the first place, and Olivia knew that. To May, it indicated the half-Veela was becoming far too influenced by her emotions to make a rational judgement, something that didn't bode too well for their little exchange. Indeed, accusations and rushed conclusions started to fly around like no one's business. She wasn't even given much room to reply while Olivia threw various passive aggressive statements at her. She shook her head at first in denial of her words, but couldn't keep up, let alone know where to start. She could feel the temperature of the room rise mildly with the sudden spike of anger emanating from their misunderstanding, something that left May deeply uncomfortable despite the distance between them. Truth be told, she didn't want either to go - one of the reasons why was in display right then and there. With such raging emotions, things could go haywire very easily: whether it would put their lives in danger, or their futures. Olivia was displaying that she wasn't to be trusted to keep her emotions in check, reinforcing May's mindset; if she couldn't, how could she trust a werewolf to do the same? It seemed Olivia also knew how to hunt a werewolf, but it was deeply ironic that she was underestimating May in turn while making that statement. She had allowed herself to imagine what sort of thing the nurse had done in her travels out of her having previously stated running into trouble once or twice... But she had ran into werewolves, and had to cage them? That formed a knot in May's stomach as she hadn't been there to help. Hell, she hadn't been there to prevent the situation in the first place. "Don't..." As Olivia stepped towards her, the heat became too much to bear. The Dhampir quickly shuffled backwards until her back hit the wall, a bead of sweat rolling off her forehead so to indicate her discomfort. "Don't come closer. I don't think I can take that..." Stupid weakness. For all the danger she put herself through, it was quite pathetic that sunlight and hot temperatures were her kryptonite. "First things first... I didn't come here for Wolfsbane. You know that. I know that. And honestly, I figured you'd catch on by yourself since it was on topic." Had she overestimated her? "And I don't want either of you to go because, since you're both halfbreed people, the Ministry won't take so kindly to it if you're caught being involved. Better me than you in that regard, because most of the time they don't care what I do." In retrospect, Olivia was quite lucky that May was the understanding sort - most others would have taken the paper and left. "I don't know the details, but I get what you're saying. It's just you're making a really hard case for yourself in terms of coming across as someone I can trust to come along and stick to a plan, for the both of you."
  2. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    Olivia earned a blank stare when she claimed she could've told May that Travis didn't do it. The appeal to the heart was never something that worked when it came to the field of Magical Law Enforcement, and the Dhampir had hoped Olivia would know better; for a moment, she couldn't help feel mildly disappointed. It let her know the half-Veela was way in over her head when it came to the matter at hand and just as biased as the rest of them, even if in the opposite side of the spectrum. Such claims never held any water in court for a normal human being, let alone for a widely feared species. Disappointment shifted to surprise as the nurse proceeded to (unsuccessfully) strong-arm her into giving in to incredibly unreasonable demands. To cage the beast? To let Olivia tag along? While caging in itself was a two or more person job, unless she happened to be proficient like May was, it was likely that she'd only get in the way. May pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. 'What a mess.' "You don't get to ask me that. I can go find Wolfsbane elsewhere." She stated as a matter of fact once her hand descended from her own face. "I gave you the courtesy of letting you know what I plan to do. The least you could do in return is trying not to twist my arm about it." Perhaps she deserved it - it was a breach of trust, and in a way one could perceive it as revenge for what May had done all those years ago. Nevertheless, she tried to keep her cool in front of her friend. "Nevertheless, caging a werewolf is a tougher feat than killing one. And if you present the werewolf to this Travis kid and he decides to kill him, well, then I can't save his ass before the Ministry. I'm fairly sure they want to knock out two birds with one stone on this one, and you're just giving them more material to do so with right there."
  3. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    Why did May want wolfsbane? It was hardly a question Olivia had to ask - especially when she knew how the Dhampir operated. Being the school nurse and knowing more than a thing or two about herbology, surely the half-Veela would know what was that plant's main use. The fact that Olivia did ask, however, indicated an inkling of distrust, which was only natural; but did that mean she thought May was going after the kid? "It doesn't have to be yours. A contact to a supplier would do." Even if it was highly monitored, she was positive she could get away with a little friendly convincing - at least, she was under the impression the Ministry turned a blind eye to her activities for the most part. Hell, if they knew what kind of journey she was about to embark in, they'd likely commend her for taking the initiative. "...But, to answer your question. I want wolfsbane so I can extract its poison and coat a blade with it." There was no point to beating around the bush. Being under the promise of sincerity didn't help her either, and perhaps, Olivia deserved to know - she was a civilian but not only was she compromised at that point, she was also connected emotionally to the would be main target of the perpetrator. Besides, knowing the woman, she'd burn May to a crisp before she did anything without the consent of the involved parties. "And before you go on that tangent, I'm not going after the kid." Taking a deep breath, she focused enough on her senses to scout the area without much movement. There were people going up and down the corridor behind the door near May, as well as students walking along the outer walls of the building. Not wanting to risk a breach, with a wave of her hand, the Dhampir muted the room to the outside world. "This doesn't get out of here." She warned Olivia. It was quite ridiculous how much she was willing to bend the rules, bend protocol and putting her own neck at risk for the sake of appeasing the woman; old habits died hard. "The force knows this Travis you speak of didn't do it. But, they also know a werewolf did it. So the reason I want that wolfsbane is to make it easier on me for a future run in." Werewolf hunting was hard, even for a seasoned assassin like May. Fortunately, it wasn't her first time and experience made her wise on her approach.
  4. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    The only way in which a Narragyambie individual hadn't heard of the murder Olivia was mentioning was if they had been living under a rock - and that was for civilians. May was law enforcement - technically, or at least as much as a hired assassin for the government could be - and so she, in particular, had her ear filled with details ever since it had occurred. She hadn't bothered visiting the premises, only working on a task by task basis, but from what had been imparted to her, it all indicated it was the handiwork of a werewolf. Knowing her luck, the Ministry would task with having him disappeared sooner rather than later, if only to appease the public after the catastrophic PR that was there being a wild werewolf on the loose right under their noses. However, Olivia's words soon tossed May's lack of concern for the situation out the window. She was a friend with the victim's child? This 'Travis' was a werewolf, even if not the perpetrator, that much she knew; however, the grisly details hidden from the general population pointed to how gruesome it had been, and that it had been a taunt - something to get under this son's skin, for whatever purpose it may have ultimately. She tensed up as her mind drew the logical conclusion the werewolf would be targeting people Travis was fond of if he didn't get his way - and Olivia, being a friend, would be right in their sights. She had to act. From that moment on, it was a self-imposed task - she couldn't wait for the Ministry to pull her strings. Olivia was more important to her than anything else and she'd keep her safe. Whatever this kid had done to contribute to their friendship rekindling automatically took a backseat to whatever was threatening her life. "No. Actually..." That was a subject that couldn't go over their heads. The Dhampir was tense, alert - almost as if irrationally expecting the perpetrator to jump into that office and take the half-Veela from her on the spot. "You can, but maybe not in a traditional sense." She took a deep breath. There was no way to sugarcoat it or make it seem benign; plus, with the promise of honesty, there was no incentive for May to lie to her friend. "...Do you have access to wolfsbane?" If she could extract the poison from the plant, it would certainly help her in a hunt.
  5. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    The mere sight of the smile filling Olivia's lips was more than enough to cause May's own to twitch slightly upwards in response, despite the otherwise neutral nature of the Dhampir. It was a momentary distraction, one she soon caught herself out of, and as the half-Veela spoke May took the opportunity to make her way past the door. She leaned backwards on it until it closed, a clicking sound signifying the bolt being put in place being the indicator of her success. Whatever it was that was ailing Olivia, she seemed to be putting up a strong front. She couldn't help find that situation morbidly humorous - they both knew May was able to pick up on the distress emanating from the younger woman, yet it also served as a stark reminder that she wasn't ready just yet to let her guard down like she used to back in the day around May. "Concerned." She replied, opting not to beat around the bush, having always been the direct sort. As she stepped into the now closed room she was more aware of the less than pleasant temperature surrounding it; this made it so May halted her steps earlier than she would have towards the Veela, discomfort minimally noticeable in her gaze as the sudden shift of temperature threatened to boil the Dhampir's skin. "Did something happen?" She reached for the collar of her shirt and pulled at it in a vain attempt to get some air circulating - she'd use magic, but she didn't want to disrupt Olivia's need for that hot temperature in any way.
  6. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    It was supposed to be an early afternoon like many others - every few days, May Bowen would gather every bit of courage (as well as restraint) in her youthful body that she possibly could muster and would make the trek to Tallygarunga to visit none other than Olivia Teagarden. Even after a good month and a half of working on the matter of rekindling their friendship - successfully, as far as May was aware - she couldn't shake the uncertainty that came with the territory: ultimately, she was putting the half-Veela in danger willingly. But it had been something that the woman consciously made the decision for, despite May's concerns. Who was she to say no at that point? But, why wasn't it such a normal afternoon? For one, the town was shaken up by a recent gruesome murder that took the halfbreed community by storm. A woman had been completely torn apart, and the connection to a werewolf sun had been circulating. An Auror had discussed with her the fact that such wasn't the case - while the killer had definitely been a werewolf, the child was not to blame. For two, as May reached the door within the Hospital Wing to enter Olivia's office, she could feel a sense of distress and exasperation within the room proper. Halting herself before she could knock, the Dhampir took a moment to focus her senses on what was beyond the door separating the pair. There was nobody else in the room, and no sign of danger. Had something happened? A sense of deep concern tugged at the Dhampir's heartstrings. She proceeded to hurriedly give the door a few quick knocks before moving her hand to the handle, turning it open and peeking her head in once the door was sufficiently ajar. "Liv?" She called out to her friend in concern, her gaze inspecting her for any tell that scent and hearing couldn't provide.
  7. Invite Mending the future

    Unless class scheduling had brutally changed in the past decade, May had it memorized down to the minute - and, as such, inadvertently knew Olivia's schedule as a consequence, given the simple terms in which she had put it. It made for easy consideration as to how to mesh it with her own dojo class schedule (if one could call it that) for the days when she was, effectively, around. "If you prefer it, I don't mind." The Dhampir spoke with a nod, unaware of the company Olivia kept at that point in time - and, for as much as curiosity nagged at her core, was it really her business at all to begin with? She had to earn her way again into the position of a close friend - something that had taken a few years in their first time around - and only then could she make that line of questioning. But to get there, she had to start somewhere. "What about now?" May spoke up, having an idea. "Are you free? It's getting late, I could make something for you if you'd like." It would be nice to spend some time with the half-Veela free of pressure, nightmarish implications and agony plaguing her every thought - if anything, it could be a test drive of what she hoped to be positive days to come, even if the very notion made her quite nervous.
  8. Invite Mending the future

    Easier said than done - those were the words that immediately sprung up in May's mind as Olivia claimed they needed to stop being tense around one another. The Dhampir wasn't quite sure if that was a possibility: from a sheer physiological standpoint, she knew it was for the best if she kept at least some sort of distance between them, lest instincts take a hold of her. It was all because of her enhanced senses. Perhaps she should look into a way of clogging up her nose whenever around Olivia, though she was fairly certain the half-Veela would grow suspicious over time given her occupation. 'Not exactly the most honest of approaches either...' "...Restart. Okay." It wasn't a clean slate, but it was an opportunity at a new beginning. She still had a hard time processing how Olivia found it in her heart to give May the benefit of the doubt in such a manner, but at that point, she had promised herself she wouldn't leave her behind again no matter the cost; to not engage in such a thing would be akin to doing so anyway, and she had to try. "I guess... Maybe, I could stop by whenever I check on Ian over in Tally?" She tentatively suggested. She had to go at least once a week in the days she was around, but May was starting to make a more conscious effort to spend time with the boy - it was beginning to irk her how little she knew about the brother she did damn near anything for. "If you're around, at least. I don't really know your schedule..." She could certainly find out without issue, but a part of winning trust meant not to breach it and invade the woman's privacy.
  9. Invite Mending the future

    Olivia's initial statement created another crack in May's otherwise stoic behavior, in the form of a bittersweet, ironic smile. Taking care of herself? May had long abandoned the concept. It was the price to pay for the life she lived and it was something she had wholeheartedly accepted; there was no going back. In her point of view there was no 'care' to have for herself, for the things that would potentially make her better were either impossible for her to achieve, or could potentially put others in grave danger. It would be throwing all her effort under the bus. "...What can I do?" The Dhampir decided to ask, presenting an unprecedented level of vulnerability. Even within their relationship it had been like pulling teeth when it came to getting anything out of May; at least one could very well say she was making progress on the matter, even if it was just with one person. "To make it work, I mean. I think... I think this is dangerous, but I'd be lying if I said I don't want to be your friend." Should she? The age old question resurfaced in her mind. May's life was doomed - she was under the Ministry's thumb, and sooner or later, they'd throw her under the bus. That was the fate that awaited a halfbreed assassin. She knew of it, agreed to it. To befriend Olivia after having made such a deal felt like she was somehow stabbing her from behind retroactively, yet again. "I just don't want to mess things up again, I guess. I might need a little guidance on this one for a change."
  10. Invite Mending the future

    The way Olivia replied to the Dhampir's question brought further confusion and a heightened sense of unease and paranoia. While at first the half-Veela seemed quite content with where her life had led her despite the circumstances, as demonstrated by the bright smile upon her lips, she did reference dangerous folks; not only that, but the very thing that spurred the question on to begin with was Olivia stating she had dealt with more than getting rid of a couple people. Did she have to fight for her life, or others'? May's body tensed indescribably with the implication. She didn't have to question further to realize what had occurred. Her more territorial, overprotective tendencies were manifesting for the umpteenth time when it came to the younger woman, and she chewed on the inner lining of her own lip as she held back her tongue, so hard it very easily drew blood. She had no right to feel that way, not anymore; yet, she struggled not to say something, not to interrogate Olivia regarding whom had come to harm her, not to chase them down and see to it that they were erased if they managed to escape. But she couldn't. She cast her gaze downwards once again, struggling to keep her cool. Nevertheless she did after a deep breath while her mind digested the nurse's words - it didn't sound like something she regretted, or at least May could infer, by the way she spoke of it. Could it be that, inadvertently, the danger in itself brought positivity into her life? "...I see." She ultimately answered. Her throat felt quite dry with the conversation, but she had to pull through. "In any case... The situation wasn't about 'burning a couple of Dhampirs'. It was more... delicate, than that. Perhaps a good comparison would be a war zone. You want to win but you don't want to create a power vacuum in the region once you leave, or else things will get worse. That's why I stayed there for so long." It was hard to look at Olivia at that point. Even with the positive outcome, it meant that May had failed in her sacrifice to an extent. She forced herself to after a few moments, nevertheless, the conflicting feelings clear as day behind an otherwise mostly neutral gaze. "I prefer to think I did my job well back home. For the time being, things should be safe all around when it comes to my own connections, and I intend to keep it that way."
  11. Invite Mending the future

    The idea of masking one's scent is something that caught May's attention, curiosity momentarily shining in her eyes as she watched Olivia; however, it soon subsided. Nothing was that simple. If it were, there wouldn't have been so much trouble to handle to begin with. Dhampir were resourceful creatures, and when it came down to it, they'd always find a way. It was impossible for May to cover her tracks completely - if she could catch on to the best of them, the reverse would also be true - and as such it felt like a part of Olivia was still in denial over the gravity of the situation. The faintest of smiles tugged at her lips with the little joke. Indeed, fire would've worked like a charm on those of her kind, whom had a particularly nasty weakness to temperatures in general; but May wished it was so easy. She knew that, back in the day, that would be Olivia's solution to it all - it had been the main reason why she hadn't told her anything to begin with in the first place. Her reasoning was twofold: she didn't want the half-Veela to get her hands dirty and her life stunted over that particular event, and she didn't want to create a power vacuum in Perth via mass killing. It was a situation that needed tact, time and patience, something May willingly provided and sacrificed for her family but was unwilling to have it offered from somebody else. "...What do you mean?" She dealt with worse? The little smile was soon wiped off her face as Olivia alluded to having dealt with something worse than murdering two people. As far as May knew, Olivia had never murdered anyone to begin with. Her skin showed a brand new shade of pale as her mind wandered through the possibilities. Had she failed in her task?
  12. Invite Mending the future

    May shut her eyes with mild frustration the moment Olivia stated nobody would've minded to get caught in it. She knew the half-Veela meant well, but it belied her ignorance of the situation and the underestimating of the severe consequences it could have on people. Opening her eyes again after a deep breath, she raised them to meet Olivia's with a deep sense of exasperation and agony hidden behind her own. The smile wasn't returned - she was serious in her statement, and having lived through what she had meant, she couldn't bring herself to. "I still am." May opted to state point blank. She had been beating around the bush, but there were some things in which even she realized the band-aid had to be ripped out. "I've fixed things. At least, I'd like to think I've fixed things... But I don't know what's going on there anymore. I'm not there. I don't know if anyone will ever come knocking. There's a chance and I'd like to think it's low, but the fact of the matter is that chance exists." The idea of elaborating in family matters made the Dhampir lightly fidget in her seating with the discomfort. Every time she had discussed it prior to that day had been in a setting akin to a war room. To talk about such sensitive information so openly railed against May's mindset so tremendously that she found it difficult to get a grip. "I was hoping you'd infer the correct assumption without me having to say it." She spoke sincerely. "But so be it." She brought a hand to her face, rubbing her eye before moving upwards to run it back along her own hair so to steel herself for what was to come. For a torture trained Occlumens and assassin, Olivia was certainly making short work of her. It bothered May to realize that gaping wound was so large still. It served to exacerbate the fear she had of something happening to the Veela - it was the quickest way to get the bounty hunter to do anything the perpetrator wished. "My family... Well, to put it bluntly, it's a crime family. A fairly important one, to put it lightly. At one point they started being slaughtered, and I returned once I heard my parents had been a part of that whole bunch. I wanted to stop my own siblings from being killed, as well as the rest of the people who have supported me over the years. And that's what I've been doing for the past four years."
  13. Invite Mending the future

    Leaning back on the armchair while carefully balancing herself on her diminute seat, May stayed silent as Olivia spoke, actively pondering on the half-Veela's words. She felt like she was between a rock and a hard place. To reveal the various things surrounding May's past would be to make Olivia more inclined to fall for its traps; to not reveal them would be to break whatever little trust there was left, something May knew she'd have to work overtime to regain over the coming months - if not years. How could she possibly word the things that had to be said while minimizing the damage? She had never been much of a talker: more of a doer, if anything else. May was a fish out of water at that moment, but that didn't leave her unable to appreciate the sweet irony that was her own capability of imparting excellent advice when it came to others but be wholly unable to give herself any when it came to that situation. Why did she leave? There were far too many answers she could give Olivia, but which was the right one? "...I was contacted by my brother." Sincerity was the best answer. She should start from the beginning instead of making a grand spectacle of it. Her eyes looked down momentarily, uneasy with the following information relay, but she knew she didn't have much of a choice. The memory of Dalton speaking to her that day made the Dhampir uncomfortable - it had been a far cry from what she was used to. For as long as she had known the man, they never got along, but at that point he had cleaned up his act; and roughly half a year later, he met his end in her arms, ending his redemption arc abruptly. The fact she couldn't save him made her sick to that day. "He came to me to recruit my help with... family matters." A moment of hesitation. She didn't wish to use the war 'massacre' outright, yet she hoped Olivia would catch on due to the simple, irrefutable fact that she's a Dhampir - and they're particularly known for their violence. "I didn't want anyone I know getting involved, chased, or their lives destroyed by association, so I left by myself. And even if I were to ignore and stay, I'm positive they'd eventually track me down to finish the job. Everyone would be caught in it then."
  14. Invite Mending the future

    It had been three months since their first conversation at length since May had returned to Victoria, and since the last time Olivia had stepped foot into that house. May had stayed away from the woman as much as she could (though due to Ian, it was occasionally unavoidable) so to give her space, and had thrown herself at work. Past a few pleasantries and text messages signaling May's departure and arrival from work tasks, not a word had been shared between them. It was unavoidable. It was something May realized but deeply feared. She had to come clean about certain things she shouldn't discuss - despite it being like pulling teeth with her, she knew it would be deeply frustrating for Olivia to be told it was 'too dangerous for her to know' without telling her why, despite the reasoning being dangerous in itself. Three months before, it felt like she had been traversing a minefield; that day, it felt like lead was raining upon her and she had to run and take cover, and hope she survived. An awkward greeting smile filled her lips as Olivia showed up. The Dhampir shuffled quickly out of the way to let the half-Veela in, consciously pressing her back to the wall as she did so in an effort to create as much distance as possible - she needed to maintain a level mind that afternoon, and being lured in by the scent she's craved for years would prove to be her downfall if she let herself get lost into it. Closing the door, she waited for the woman to be several steps ahead before she followed. Much like the last time, she wound up sitting on the arm of an armchair at some distance from the nurse. She felt nerves bubbling up inside, not letting them show; everything was going to go really well, or really poorly, and there would be absolutely no in between. "...I don't want to lie to you. I'm not doing that." It was time to extend an olive branch. To state how she felt about something - May had always been notoriously secretive with her thoughts and feelings, and the years she spent away only served to exacerbate that need, but after all that was said and done it was the least she could do for Olivia in return. "I'm honest with you. And I'm being honest in saying this is a very dangerous conversation to have, for the both of us. But... I understand your point, and I'll do my best." Looking down to her own knees momentarily, she took a deep breath. She was someone all too used to stepping outside of her comfort zone, but that situation still felt quite jarring to her. The inner conflict was boiling within her, heart rate increasing as her mind skimmed over potential ways to destroy the little they had built. She needed to get a grip - and so she did, a hand moving above that same knee and gripping it for support once her gaze lifted back up to look at Olivia.
  15. Hawked and Loaded

    May Bowen
    The bird looked at Robin as she spoke, almost as if recognizing the sounds coming out of her mouth as a language she could understand - which she truly could, as the redhead had Fae blood running through her veins. At the very least it gave the impression that the hawk was hanging on her every word, and willing to follow instructions - certainly more than a lot of animals used to indulge in regardless of understanding the human. Her gaze followed Robin's finger to the button that did most of the magic. Carefully balancing herself along the machine, May moved a talon towards the little button while leaning forwards and bending her little bird body in such a way that she was looking directly into the lens of the camera, upside down. It took some coordination to guess where the button was without looking at it, but after a few pokes of a talon, she felt the button being pushed down, and a 'click' sound followed. It seemed she had been hunched over for too long - losing her balanced over not being too used to that form, the nighthawk found itself jumping forth off of the camera for its own safety and gliding just enough to land a couple steps away from her friend. She shook her head roughly in an attempt to get rid of the sudden dizziness plaguing her, and hoped the picture had been good enough for Robin's liking.
May Ember Bowen
Bounty Hunter 0
26 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her
Age  26
Date of Birth September 22nd, 1992
Birthplace Perth, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Sparrowhawk (formerly Hummingbird)
Wand Walnut, 12 1/4'', Hippocampus Bone
Play-by Willa Holland
  • 1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Auror & Hit Wizard Training - VMU
  • Bounty Hunter Training - Ministry of Magic
  • Operates as a Bounty Hunter for the Ministry of Magic. Given the nature of her craft, she's given a lot of leeway regarding how she can operate in and out of the job, and the Ministry turns a blind eye to most of her activities so long as she does get whatever task she's asked of done. Part of her compensation is a steady supply of human blood to keep her at peak condition;
  • Expert melee combatant, mixing Muay Thai and Krav Maga with her natural Dhampir physical advantages;
  • Most of her past is a mystery, even where she is from originally;
  • Excellent Occlumens;
  • Unregistered Animagus: Nighthawk (known only to whom she reports to).
General Knowledge
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Works for Magical Law Enforcement in some capacity;
  • Powerful duelist, having left her mark in Tallygarunga's Dueling Club;
  • Very private/reserved;
  • Not interested in social media;
  • Fluent in Southern Auslan;
  • Open minded and willing to try new things.

Intensely private and reserved by nature, it's not uncommon for May to give off the erroneous first impression of being a bit of a quiet wallflower; this couldn't be further from the truth. While softspoken, she's quite fond of socialization and often seeks out her friends to spend time with them, or approaches new people out of sheer curiosity. Cordial, respectful and polite, one can find a listening ear and sage advice in her company, as well as someone willing to try new things and invest time in them.

She's a realist, holding no hopes she deems silly and delusional for herself and others due to having her own vision of the world (and her life) shattered by circumstance a few years ago. Nevertheless she tries to make the best out of a given situation because she never knows when the opportunity will be ripped from her - provided that she allows herself to act at all to begin with, should it go against her need to repent for past mistakes. Due to knowing the true hardship of regret and having had people caught in the crossfire of her actions, however, she's become very forgiving of others over the years and it's become harder and harder to get a rise out of her.

Despite having grown up mostly away from her family, they did manage to impart in her the values of loyalty and bravery. She's taken both to such an extent that it was ultimately her downfall - she's sacrificed her very life and every relationship she had in Victoria for the sake of protecting them from persecution and being able to leave to rescue her family, and she's subjected herself to a lifetime's worth of being under the Ministry's thumb for their sake. She doesn't regret the action itself, but the great harm it's caused around her.


May caps out at 170 cm, having always been slightly tall for her age growing up. Her mildly wavy brown hair runs free just past her shoulders and is parted at the right, although she used to keep it shorter during her academic years. Completing the ensemble is a pair of green eyes that is far more expressive than the rest of her face usually is, and by far the most inviting part of her composure past the professional/somewhat subdued behavior - although people who've known her for a long time would argue they're not nearly as bright as they once were. As a giveaway of her species' affliction, her skin is a bit pale.

Her frame is lean and imposing due to a mix of combat sports exploits, natural propensity for musculature due to her heritage, and the training she has to endure on a daily basis to keep herself in peak condition for her job. To go with the muscular definition she has the odd scar here and there, indicative of the struggles she's been through for the past few years. These are concealed by a modest and neutral choice of wardrobe - she prefers darker colors and avoids eye-catching clothing and excessive makeup when able for the sake of moving around more seamlessly when needed.

The story so far

May was born to a wealthy family in Perth. Unfortunately for her, her Dhampir ancestors weren't ones trying to rise above the hatred and discrimination her kind was often subjected to; rather, they often took advantage of it and the family was firmly rooted in the seedy underbelly of the city, managing questionable businesses and evading the Ministry's pursuit. However, given that they were undergoing particularly violent confrontations with their rivals in the underworld, May's relatives ultimately opted not to have her grow up in this environment. She never got much of a chance to get too close to any of them as she was often sent to schools far away from their HQ as means of protecting the young child of that kind of life, as well as would-be pursuers that would want to exploit her status for their gain.

Eventually, as she finally reached the appropriate age to enroll in a proper full magical education, the Bowen family ultimately decided on sending the girl to Tallygarunga given their history of diversity and acceptance towards several species. She experienced the strange dichotomy between her past and the amicable environment of that school, and chose to remain evasive regarding where she came from. To combat the feeling of homesickness that she constantly felt despite not being particularly close to her relatives, she became more social and invested in people's lives rather than her own. This led her to create a bit of a network while still in school despite being very reserved, taking a liking to giving people advice and help them out with their troubles instead.

She ultimately decided to become a Hit Wizard upon graduation, enrolling in VMU to attain the required Auror training prior to taking on that chapter of her life on. It came to an abrupt close shortly after graduation, however, as she heard through the grapevine that her family's business was folding left and right as the confrontations never ended over the years, and had gotten particularly bloody. Honor bound, the girl uprooted her entire life overnight to take matters into her own hands, upset that her family kept her out of it for so long - even if she never wanted to be a criminal herself.

As she returned to Perth, her family was barely left standing. She did what little she could to hold up a resistance, but her efforts ended up gaining the attention of the Ministry of Magic. She was offered a choice: either they would crack down on what was left of the Bowens, or she could lend her services as a Bounty Hunter for them in exchange to them turning a blind eye, tipping the family off, and keeping her well fed. Willing to do whatever it took to keep them alive, May agreed to this offer, immediately starting the grueling training directly under the Ministry. It all took a few years, but slowly and surely her family got back on her feet and she became a full fledged Bounty Hunter. Eventually wanting to salvage whatever was left of her life back home, she requested transfer to Melbourne, which was granted. But did anything survive her leaving without warning and being completely out of reach for four years?

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