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Nadine Pussett

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  • Birthday 10/20/1998

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    Nadine Louise Pussett
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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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    VMU Student
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    Ivy Watson

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    8 inches, Aspen, Phoenix Feather Core, Springy.
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  • Playerx Poppy
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  • Birthdate Day 20
  • Birthdate Month 10
  • Birthdate Year 1998
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  • Pronouns She/Her
  • Occupation VMU Student /
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Nadine Louise Pussett
VMU Student 0
20 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her
Age:  20
Date of Birth: October 20th, 1998
Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: VMU Student
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  Poppy
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Hyena
Wand: 8 inches, Aspen, Phoenix Feather Core, Springy.
Play-by: Ivy Watson
  • Base education in a Wizarding School in Brisbane.
  • Brisbane University.
  • Is the daughter of a convicted wizarding serial killer in Brisbane; Bligh Pussett. (Open secret)
  • Brother was also convicted of the crimes; Austin Pussett. (Open secret)
  • Has a twin sister.
  • Is half-fae
General Knowledge
  • Is a new transfer into VMU.
  • Has a guard/service dog.
  • Is a known and avid gamer.
  • Works at a local bar part time.

Nadine life before she reached her late teens was fairly normal. She had a mum, a dad and two siblings. One was an older brother and the other was her identical twin sister. She lived in an average house in a good area of Brisbane and went to the local wizarding school. She left the school with good grades, a good amount of friends and a few stories to tell of broken hearts, laughter and the usual things kids leave school with.

The tragic parts of her life story happened when she wasn’t aware of it. Just before leaving school and moving into the local University to carrying on studying for her chosen career, her Mother dropped out of her and her sisters lives. Nadine’s parents had separated some years before due but her Mum had always been active within her daughters’ lives; helping them not only navigates life as women, witches and half fae. A type of half fae that came from a line of the Bean-nighe or washer woman.

One day during the break between the end of school and the start of university her Mother just stopped contacting her and no amount of e-mails, phone calls or visits ever located where she had gone. Their Mother had simply vanished. So into uni Nadine went, her Mother considered a missing person – much like the Mother of her older half brother.

It was shortly after she started that sometimes witches who attended the same university would also fail to attend classes and then drop out completely. In fact, the list of missing witches from her university and the surrounding area grew over the next two years that eventually an investigation was launched to discover what was going on.

What the investigation discovered completely blew the bottom out of the young Nadine’s world. The perpetrators for what was discovered to be some awful crimes not only turned out to be her Father but also her older brother as well. As soon as they were suspected life for Nadine changed, she was asked to drop out of the university until they had been cleared and she also started getting threats from members of the missing witches’ families.

Her Father and Brother were charged for the various crimes, some for her Father stretching back the length of her life. All the way through, right up until they were convicted and ultimately her Brother confessed, she had assumed they were innocent. After the confessions and convictions of her family members, the threats got worse. Nadine knew she would be unable to return to her studies at the university and so after applying elsewhere and with some help from members of the university board, managed to get a new placement.

This placement was in the VMU. This was her chance to start her life over again. ; A life away from the lies that had been her childhood; away from one of the most prolific wizarding serial killers that her Father was named as.

But would it really be that easy?

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