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    They were questions Adele couldn't answer. Worse, she knew the best chance of getting any better information was to ask Bethianna. Hopefully her attachment to him extended to the twins, as there was every chance that it wouldn't. Adele knew that Bethianna was very selective in who she 'allowed' to have the blood, so much so that her own children had been made to choose their mortal sides. Lillian had told her this as some attempt to get her to appreciate the gift she'd been given, but there were days where Adele still wished she was just a witch. Maybe Bethianna had it right? It was a path that Alex would have to tread with the woman, though, and he had more chance to convince her than Adele herself would. Not that Adele wouldn't try. She would most certainly make it her business to demand Bethianna's assistance if she denied Alex, but---to go in first would be to damage Alex's chances too. If Alex and Cass wanted their kids to have... whatever it was that they were going to be, then Adele would stand by it. That much she knew. Her eyebrows raised in sudden alarm, mouth dropping open as Alex mentioned her piano skills. "I dabble," she stammered, trying to dismiss the idea that she had any musical talent at all. "It's mostly just for decoration." in the room beyond, mostly used for storage and rarely opened, sat her piano. Adele had never shown him the piano, nor had she told him that she could play. How did he know? She felt her cheeks begin to burn a little, and she rubbed them to mask the blush. "I don't know what's there..." she said, waving toward the kitchen. "We should have that stuff, but... Dave does the shopping." her voice fell quiet again. So many things she was going to have to go back to doing for herself. It had been hard enough when he left before, they had always had an equal share of responsibility around the house. Sooner they got the boring stuff out of the way, he would say with a grin, the sooner they could have a drink. Adele had fired the butler after Dave moved in. Maybe it would be worth getting a new one in, to help around the house. Alas, having a butler in Narrie raised eyebrows. Like you thought you were above doing your own laundry and dishes. Plans were being put in place for a blanket fort, which sounded far more fun than Adele was ready to have. Alex and Cass were enthusiastic though, and maybe it would be enough to have them near, leech off their happiness for a while. She didn't want to be the one who ruined all the fun, bringing the mood down with her grief as it came at her in waves. "I'm sure Caley will let you play his in the morning," she murmured. "There's extra bedding in the hallway cupboard, I'll grab it. I might need an extra set of hands though, if we're building something big enough for the three of us. Cass?" Adele stood, gesturing for Cass to follow her into the hall.
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    "Not so much you, but Mr Optimistic here," Adele said with a nod toward Alex. His determination to see the best in everything and every one was wonderful, but came with downfalls. She was talking to them both, wanting to seal away any possible reason they might later find to let anyone else in on the secret. Maybe they understood, maybe they knew better than herself why it was so important, but that wasn't going to stop her making the case anyway. When it came to this, Adele took no chances. "They will be different. But they will have choices. Like Alex, they may choose to accept or deny their sorceraic side. An unpleasant experience whichever way you choose, but in the case of my children it restored them to a whole. Caleb is full wizard, while his sisters are full sorceraic. Whether there will be some pushback or lingering effect from your heritage, I don't know. Being girls, our blood will be strong within them. It already is. That's a good thing. They will keep themselves safe, and yourself as well." it did lead to an excess of energy pooled in one place, and that had to go somewhere. Usually it went into healing the body, providing energy for the mother, though sometimes---especially if there were two of the buggers---it went that step further. While carrying Jezebel and Améa, Adele had found herself near indestructible. And she knew that, because she had tried very hard to destroy herself. "It's not stupid," Adele shook her head. "It was the same sort of thing for me. Always on the run after we fled our home, just me and Mamiere. It gets lonely," she shrugged a shoulder. "End up becoming best friends with your books instead of others, cause by the time you get to know someone, it's time to pack up and leave again." How long had they done that? Adele didn't even know. The years all blurred together. Every place, a new face, new hair colour, new name. Even a new age. She'd been so many ages over the years, told so many lies, Adele legitimately didn't know how old she was. Though birth records gave an age for her homeland, it didn't coincide with the years she'd lived through. Time moved very differently out here. Then Alex mentioned rest, and Adele froze. Rest was... well that was something that people did. Yes. Probably something she would need to do soon. But.. where? In bed, presumably. Where David was not. And never would be again. Right. What... what happened now?
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    Tell her. Tell her what? Everything? Part of it? Only the bits she would need to know here and now? Adele's stomach turned, uncomfortable with any of the above. The secret was the secret, and the secret was important. Where did you start? What innocent thread wouldn't start to unravel the whole bloody lot? The girl was scared, and Adele felt for her, but still... it wasn't just about herself, either. It was the family as a whole. What she said, and who she said it to, would impact all of them along the way. "We have a different magic," she said, her voice shaking slightly. "Back when the world was new, there were so many different kinds of magic. Ours was just one among millions, but power corrupts as power will, and fear drives the weak to eliminate what might conceivably be stronger. To---to reduce what remained into little more than circus freaks and novelties. You look at the world now, and see minority species vying for their place among the community, but it was never meant to be so unbalanced as this. It..." Adele shook her hands. It made her angry and sad to think about it. "We are what remains. Perhaps there are others, Mother has never been particularly good with details. And I have never felt any need to hear from her the particulars of something she never saw fit to tell me about, not until I was ready to breathe my last and she decided that didn't work with her plan. Maybe you're both naieve enough to believe the world has changed and that we should be able to come out of the shadows, but I suggest you look around. There are races dwindling into extinction all around us. Look at the way any being not a full human wizard is treated. To be different is dangerous, to be new and different doubly so. We may be near immortal, but we are not unbreakable." more hot tears stung at her eyes as she spoke. "Our magic is an energy, a force--intricately bound to our desires and will. You're likely not pregnant due to biological timing, but because of a moment---the right moment--his thoughts were of what he would leave behind, of children he would have in his future with you, and thus the future arrived. And that is the true kicker, Alex. We're not some unfortunate coincidence of Mother's illicit affair with our father, she had to have wanted this. And she threw us away anyway."
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    Alcohol. Gods damn did she ever want a drink. Wanted to vanish into the bottom of a bottle until the worst was over. And yet, she could hear David's voice clear in her mind. They had made a pact during their marriage that drinking was something they did together. At least their awful decisions would be shared then, and he'd never been a stranger to drinking too much. It was all they bloody did the first time around. She curled her bottom lip inward, biting down on it to try and stop the next flood of tears. "I.. shouldn't. Just hot chocolate will be fine," she mumbled to Cass, and allowed Alex to lead her to sit. She was ready for the next distraction and thankfully, Alex was quick to provide. Tonight had been a night of so much news. Endings. Beginnings. Unexpected continuations. What Lauren's return meant was anyone's guess, and somewhere among the grief for David was a deep shame and guilt for the way Lauren looked at her. Adele knew she didn't deserve anything from the kid. Didn't make it hurt less. But---the babies. The twins. That was good news, scary as it likely was. If the worst did happen, there would be a piece of Alex remaining in the world, and Adele clung to that like she clung to baby David. If, of course, their mother survived the pregancy phase. Adele's own pregnancies had gone much smoother since her acceptance, but Jezebel and Améa had come before that. The intrusion on her mind and body had been frightening and no one had explained it to her. Lillian was still very much pretending that Adele was normal, just a witch with limited magical talent. Life had already become a desperate fight for survival, and the confusion of her abnormal pregnancy had just added to that fire. No matter what she did, how much she drank, how many distractions she sought, she couldn't block out the unfamiliar and frightened presence she carried. Lillian never told her that was her daughters. Adele felt watched. Paranoid. Scared when, like Cass, she found herself doing things that she knew weren't of her own will. "You're in for an experience," Adele said softly. Her arms felt suddenly empty. All night there had been the baby, or Caleb, to keep her weighted down. "I had a few sleepwalking episodes myself. Especially with Ruella and Jezebel." Even now she had the feeling that was mostly Améa. There had been times where she felt the will of the two babies, tearing at her, as if each one had a plan for her but could not agree. But Adele hadn't even known there were two at the time. "I doubt you'll cause them enough concern that they feel a need to interfere. Tonight... tonight was my fault," Adele looked down toward the carpet, wondering how to explain. "They can feel it. All the girls can. I was hurting. Mea's always been the most sensitive to it, Alex... if he survives his acceptance, he'll feel it too. It's just a part of who we are. And your girls, they're aware. Of everything around them. Of the rest of us, and what we're feeling. They're connected. But they shouldn't have taken your body from you like that," Adele looked up and squarely at Cass's stomach, knowing too that the twins heard and felt every word she said. "It's not polite. Wake her next time." It was never too early to start teaching manners, she supposed. And gaining control of a body while the owner was unconcious was very bad manners. Adele rubbed at her face, trying to think of what more there was to know. How different would Cassandra's experience be from her own? That was the unknown factor. "The boys were easier. Far easier," she said. "Less aware. Less intrusive. But... really, I don't know. It's always different, and you won't make my mistakes. I'll make sure of that." Adele forced a weak smile, cradling her hot chocolate between both hands. In the silence that fell, her mind went back. Eventually Alex and Cass would have to leave, and she would be here in the house with her boys again. It was a regular sized sort of place, but suddenly felt like a mansion. Big. And empty. "Stay with us," the words bolted out of her mouth. "Me---us. Me and the boys. And Father. Father! He's going to be so excited with this news. Stay here. Move in for a while. We can---we can set up a nursery, I can help with whatever weirdness there is, and---Caleb would love having you both around, and..." her eyes shone with desperate hope. Alex and Cass would mean constant distraction. A fuller house. ".. and it would be fun?"
  5. Invite Something Happened

    "Aunty B, mm?" a sour laugh huffed through Adele's lips. "Just how much has she told you about herself, anyway? She's no different to Mother, Alex. Probably worse in a lot of ways. Be careful around her, yeah?" there was so much Adele never would, never could forgive. Like Lillian, Bethianna always seemed to have reasons unfathomable to the regular person but Adele wasn't accepting that. What possible purpose could that hurt and fear have served? What could have been so important that Adele's life had to be turned upside down, thrown into chaos and broken beyond repair? She had been a child. But she said none of that. For all her distrust, Adele didn't want to interfere with the seemingly good relationship Alex had with Bethianna. If he wanted to know her side, he would ask. She would always tell, especially now that he knew more of the particulars to the story. "Father is a little angry at her himself," Adele murmured. Adele had expected that, given his overwhelmingly happy nature, he would quickly forgive and forget... or at least understand Lillian's motivations, but it seemed that she had gone too far in her protection of him. He wouldn't speak to her. Adele couldn't blame him for that. Oh... oh gods. Rheldor was going to be crushed by the news of David. Adele's heart twisted hard and sharp. The two had become close, partners in what Adele was certain was some attempt to make her life miserable. It had been good, though. They had looked after her like a super bromance team. That was at an end now, too. And someone would have to break the news to Rheldor. Adele pushed that thought as far away as she could, training her focus onto Alex's words for the next distraction. There would be years yet to handle the pain, what she wanted right now was just to survive it. Caleb to bed. Yes. That was a good plan. She nodded slightly, rising with a well-practiced ease that kept Caleb safely tucked against her and sleeping. How often did she do this? The boy was eight, and though small in frame, not exactly light. His bedroom was the next, and had recently been decorated with pictures of... guitars. Not guitarists or bands or other musical paraphernalia... just images of guitars. All shapes, all sizes, all colours. Some were clearly more loved and sat at eye level. Others were possibly there just to fill gaps in the wall. He had it covered now. His own guitar sat in pride of place at the foot of his bed, perfectly maintained. The boy was a touch obsessed, but... it kept him entertained. Adele lowered him gently onto his bed, bringing the covers up to his chin and tucking him in. A few whispered words and a kiss to his forehead, and she closed the door behind them as they returned to the living area. A little less zombie-like than she had been earlier, she greeted Cassandra with a look of apology. "Congratulations," she said, standing in the doorway awkwardly. "I should have said it before. To both of you. It's... gonna be a wild ride for you from here. Hopefully you weather it better than I did the first few times."
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    The most caring person he knew? Adele doubted that. His words struck at her heart, every last one of them so true and yet she couldn't bring herself to think about herself in that way. She wondered what he saw when he looked at her, because it wasn't what she crafted for the world at large. All of her wants still seemed stupid and selfish, like she was trying to force Alex into being a kid brother while he had his own independent life and so much more outside of her. His explanation for not telling her he planned to propose was as she'd expected---he had his reasons, and they didn't indicate any lack of care for her. Adele wanted to accept it and be okay with it. In time she would. "Alex, if you asked for the world I would find a way to give it to you," that he felt he was asking too much by needing a little energy here and there---and that upset Adele a little. Did he not believe he was worth that? That he had a right to that? Did he not trust that she would give it gladly, did he feel that her goodwill could be exhausted? How was it that he saw through her dramatic and distant persona, but didn't realise that when she did love, it was absolute. From the moment she realised Alex was her brother, a thousand and one forgotten dreams had rushed back to her, filling her head with sentimental ideas and refusing her the chance to even try pushing him away. But how could she explain the nights she'd stared up at the moon, through windows in more countries than she could count, wishing upon all that glittered that she might have a sibling of her own. Everywhere they went, she saw them. Brothers and sisters, friends forged in blood, someone she wouldn't have to leave behind every time they picked up their lives and moved on. How could she explain that she wanted this, more than she wanted a father? More than she wanted to return to her home and her grandmother? He spoke of home. A pang of guilt stabbed her stomach. "If it were so much a home, I would be there right now," she said. "To drag you into that life, that complicated mess, before you even knew yourself---I couldn't. Améa was raised there, and it did her no favours. And I wanted you to know me, without ceremony or title. My life is already tied to that place. Consumed by it. It doesn't have to be the same for the rest of you, and... I'm doing what I can to ensure it never is. If I give you nothing else in life, I will give you the ability to choose that path yourself and... in the end I wasn't sure how to tell you. Or when. So I kept putting it off, believing you weren't ready yet." "That said," she added softly. "I would ask you consider not relinquishing your birthright just yet. Any decision you make should be with all options known and researched. You could not possibly know what you are giving up enough to give it up yet," Adele closed her eyes. There were still a lot of feelings in this discussion, but they weren't the same razor-sharp torture of grief. While she focused on this conversation, she could push that back. Just a little. Just enough. "If there is an after, I would like to take you on a tour there." While Alex was resolved to remain positive, Adele could not allow herself to say any words that might promise a happy outcome from his acceptance. If she said it, she might believe it, she might hope, and then her heart would be shattered when it all went wrong again. If she expected it to go bad, perhaps she would be a little insulated. What she was going to tell Caleb, that was a whole other matter. "I'm sorry, Alex," she murmured. "I had my dreams, for both of us"
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    Being a baby's room, there was an endless supply of towels and cloths lying about. She didn't look up when Alex entered, only noted by his feet that it was him. The singing stopped though, a brief wave of shame weaving through the pain at being caught out. It only worsened as he complimented her voice, she'd never been terribly comfortable with performing---which surprised people. She was dramatic, she was theatrical, and yet---when it came to really putting a piece of herself on show, she shied away from the light. Her confidence and outrageous nature were little more than an act, an outer wall to protect her more fragile self. "Mamiere used to sing it for me," she mumbled, her unusual use of the name suggesting it probably wasn't Lillian she was talking about. "When I was too scared of the thunder and the dark to sleep. She'd lie next to me and sing until I felt safe again." The memory was a difficult one. Her childhood seemed so long ago, so innocent. It had never been simple, but when did it all get so horribly complicated? When had the world turned against her? "It means... sleep well, there is a place for you beyond this night. Dream well, it's not time for you to go." Adele's voice cracked again, and she paused to wipe her cheek against her shoulder. Caleb stirred a little, but only enough to get comfortable again, and his soft snoring soon buzzed low through his nose and mouth. "You're not a bad brother," she said when her voice would cooperate again. "I'm sorry, I---I shouldn't have left like that. I knew you'd made your decision, and I knew you'd want to do it soon, just... timing. It's all shitty timing. I barely get you in my life, and then... I blink and you're married with kids on the way. I wanted... I wanted so many dumb things, Alex," Adele shook her head, lifting her chin up and blinking hard to clear the tears. "I wanted to look after you, like a big sister should. Get you through school. Buy your uniforms. Make sure you get your hair cut. Be the person our shitty mother never was. Give you everything you need to make the life you want. The life you deserve, and..." Adele sniffed. "You never needed me for that. Not even a little bit. You're independent, you make your own way and I'm proud of that too, it just..." Adele let the sentence drop into silence. "Too many books, too many movies. I wanted to be someone you would talk to. Someone who knew your mind, who---who could be there to get excited and coach you on through life. You didn't... even tell me you were thinking about engagement." The difference between what she had expected a sibling bond to be, and what the reality was, had hurt her. Even though she knew life was messier than books and movies, and that she knew Alex had acted impulsively and that she wasn't actually entitled to know any of this and that when she didn't, it wasn't a reflection on how much she was needed or cared about---it hurt all the same. "I missed my chance to be needed by you," she said, fresh tears falling as she spoke. "And I can't even protect you from the worst of what might happen, the decision you have to make, and if it goes bad..." Adele swallowed. She couldn't finish that sentence at all.
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    "Rest?" Lillian asked the question before it could really process. Knowing as she often was about the things happening around her, she lacked a certain human ability with conversation sometimes. Like why someone would suggest that she do something as average and necessary as resting. Or even just why they would care to bring it up. A few seconds of mildly stunned blinking, and she arrived at the conclusion that it was one of those weird mortal niceties that she'd never really got the hang of. "Yes, of course. It would be unwise to try much else this evening." Lillian did know her limits, though. She knew them through centuries of trial and error, knew the barest minimum she could push herself to without doing lasting damage. She wasn't there yet. Though it was a concern that Bethianna also knew her own limits, and despite her long history of refusing to exceed them for the sake of any mortal, had done exactly that for Alexander. She'd never seen Bethianna push herself that far, or be this wounded for so long. Not even when they were still young and exploring their potential. Bethianna's penchant for lost boys aside, she wasn't sure why the woman had chosen Alex specifically. She was starting to come up with theories, though. But she took her theories with an amused smile, and left saying nothing more. Whatever her reasons, Bethianna having a more concrete link to the world was not a bad thing. If only the same could be said of others. In the back of the house, Adele sat with her arms still tight around Caleb. He'd fallen asleep there, undisturbed as the others were by the agony of her soul. She would need to move him eventually, this was no place for him to get a proper sleep, but with the baby sleeping soundly in the crib across the room, Adele didn't want to move from her spot on the floor. Didn't want to take her eyes off either of her boys, in case they too were taken from her. In a soft and trembling voice, she sang a broken lullabye. The foreign words shook and cracked and skipped through her grief, she let the tears come and fall slowly down her cheeks.
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