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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Watch Your Step

    Adele sighed as Lauren stalked down the hallway, out the front door, and slammed it shut behind her. The little time that the girl had willingly spent here was miracle enough already, and Adele knew better than to expect much more. They had plenty of time to get past this, but it didn't mean that it hurt less now. Adele didn't even remember being that bad of a mother to her, not in the grand scheme of things. Lauren had been the beginning of better days, when she had started wanting to be a better mother. Lauren just... hadn't been around long enough for her to put it into practice. Caleb had got the better end of that deal. And that's what the kid just didn't understand. She'd been trying. Failing, yes... but trying. "If you like," Adele nodded to Amber. While she had no doubt that Lauren could handle herself in almost any situation, it was still nice to know that someone would be not far behind if she did get into trouble. Hoisting DJ higher up on her hip, she motioned for Amber to follow her down the hall, and opened the door for her. Lauren was still in sight, walking furiously down the footpath. She stepped aside that Amber could go through. "You'd better hurry," she said. Lauren was moving quickly into the distance. Adele paused awkwardly, rocked forward and back as if she didn't know which way to move. "Thank you," she blurted out, an apologetic look to Amber. "Thank you. For... being her friend. I know she's a bit much. It's not really her fault, it's nice to know there's someone her age she can connect with."
  2. Watch Your Step

    "It... doesn't, no." Adele admitted. It was the hardest thing to explain to people. DJ wasn't really a D-J, she just couldn't bear to say his full first name. "He's named after his father," she added, hoping that Amber knew at least enough of the town gossip to not ask anything further. Adele didn't really want to get into the depths of her grief here and now, especially not with Lauren apparently enjoying herself with her little brother. Caleb's ruckus continued down the hall, and it was all so chaotic and normal. The house was warm and comfortable in a way that Adele hadn't been able to imagine for most of her life, it was hard to accept that she had that here and now. That her brother, sister-in-law and their children lived happily in the backrooms and her father would be charging in any moment now with something that he was terribly excited about. It could be actually exciting, or it might just be a funny shaped rock---you never knew with Rheldor, but it was all so very pleasant. So pleasant Adele wondered if she even really belonged in this timeline. "You play?" Adele asked with a raised eyebrow. "Good to know. Alex has been teaching him, but I'm always happy for Caleb to make connections outside the family. Musical talent runs in the family, supposedly, Caley just hasn't found his..." Adele grimaced at the sound of another big crash. She hoped he hadn't knocked the entire bookcase down again. "... Yet." Then there was also the curious case of Lauren bringing Amber here at all, which made her give Amber a half-smile. "Or perhaps you can help Lauren find hers?" Amber hadn't completely left Lauren in the dust, which meant that Lauren was being mildly less insufferable to the girl than she usually was, or Amber was cosmically dense and didn't notice or care. Either way, Adele was glad for this miniscule chance her daughter might have at a normal friend. At this, Lauren looked up from DJ, her face twisted now into a disgusted scowl. "No," she said firmly. "I am not musical. I will ride horses." Adele shrugged, a bemused glance back at Amber over how ridiculous the girl could be. It was pointless arguing with her, but hopefully. Just hopefully, this Amber girl would find a way to be Lauren's friend. And not.. you know. Die in the process.
  3. Watch Your Step

    Adele was a little anxious as she applied the fix, this wasn't her forte. Even when Caleb fell and hurt himself, she tended to leave the cuts and scrapes to heal naturally. It taught a better lesson, and avoided any future complications if she managed to screw it up. Adele had seen mending gone wrong. Bones grown where bones shouldn't be, additional organs sprouting beneath the surface of the skin---the possibilities were endless, and endlessly terrifying. She hoped desperately that Amber would seek a professional to check it out when she got back to the school. For now, this was all Adele could do. "Good," Adele relaxed a little. If Amber wasn't in sudden inexplicable pain, she hadn't immediately made a mess of this. "Head up to the hospital wing soon as you can, though. I'm not particularly good at this." Adele was so focused on Amber, she was oblivious to what was going on behind her. Lauren was quickly falling in love. DJ was pinching at her cheeks, forcing her to make funny faces, staring up at her with all the innocent adoration and love that a toddler could give. And Lauren, in a world where only she and DJ existed, beamed back at him with a full heart, letting him do as he wished. At the question, Adele turned---double-taking as she saw the smile on Lauren's face. "Um. David," she replied. "Well, we call him DJ." This was turning out to be a day of surprises. First, Lauren arriving at her door, with a friend, and now the girl was smiling and laughing with DJ? Adele wondered if she was dreaming, or in some sort of upside-down inside-out world. Good gracious, the girl was playing peek-a-boo now. Bizarre. A sudden half-yowl sounded down the hallway, accompanied by mangled guitar chords and a few thumps. Adele cringed, throwing Amber and Lauren an apologetic look. "Caleb sings now," she said. "Sort of. He's also practicing his stage tricks." Living with Alex and Cass was being such a good influence on her eldest boy. Why was Alex never here to suffer through Caleb's attempts at being rock and roll?
  4. Pretty sure I'm being haunted by a ghost who thinks it's hilarious to give me awkward dreams.

    Thanks, babe. I love you. But please stop.

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      @Adele DeVylisseaJust don't go all destructive on me. How am I supposed to be reckless if we're not taking proper turns here?

  5. Flickering

    Alan left, only giving a small nod to Andrea as he moved past and down the hallway. Whatever the pair decided to do from here, it wasn't worth the argument. Alan could lecture Adele for days on end and she would still do whatever she wanted, he'd just hoped for better from her this time. Hurting was one thing, he understood that, but it was as if the clock had been wound back to the early days when Adele cared for nothing other than living in her own pain and inflicting it on others. Alan had hoped that the changes he'd seen during her time with David would stick. She had been a good mother to the boys, a respected part of the staff---and even their wider family. Looked like that was just all too much to hope for. Inside, Adele sank back down to sit on the edge of the table, every inch of her shaking and trembling in anger. Alan was gone, Andrea had slipped out too---there was no pretense to keep up, and the lit cigarette dangled from her fingers, forgotten. When she looked down, the sight of it turned her guilt sharply, he had hated that she still smoked. David suffered from "quitters arrogance" -- believing that because he had managed to do it, she should too. She had, off and on. She stubbed it out, tossed it to the plate of scrunched cigarette butts on the table. It looked odd, a near whole cylinder among the ruins of others, but she couldn't stomach the rest. Not now. Without an audience to play to, she was stripped of her mask---revealed for the broken thing she was. Drowning in more pain than she had ever known, coping with it the only way she really knew how. Which, wasn't really coping at all. A far cry from the strong and contrary librarian of just a few moments ago. Adele gasped in heaving, raw breaths, trying to get herself back under control.
  6. Flickering

    She was almost done. Truly. This was enough entertainment for the night, a small niggle in the back of her mind made her wonder if she had gone too far this time. After all, Alan did have a heart condition---and a brand new baby, plus he was basically the only person Lauren would recognise as family. If she drove him into an early grave it would be quite the problem. Audrey would never forgive her either, and Adele didn't have a problem with Audrey. She didn't really have a problem with Alan, he was just too easy to get a rise out of. Lines had definitely been crossed though, it had been years since she'd heard Alan sound so serious and even dangerous. It wasn't a cue to back down, she couldn't---not while Andrea was watching. Adele had just been telling her all about how she could take out the biggest child in the school and walking away with her tail between her legs now was not an option. Audrey was going to have her hide for this, she really was. "I don't really feel like leaving," she said breezily, taking a drag of her cigarette and blowing the smoke directly into Alan's face. Alan lifted a hand, waving it away, but didn't explode into the rush of anger and rage that Adele was expecting. He got... quieter. He even seemed to calm down a little. "I guess you've made your choice, then. Self-destruction? I wish I was surprised, Adele. One day you're going to realise you can't just burn the world down every time you're hurting, especially not when you've got kids. You wonder why Lauren won't even call you by your name, let alone acknowledge you as her parent---you need to get your shit together. Before you lose Caleb and DJ too," Alan looked a little defeated. Sad. There was... pity in his words. He was pitying her. Adele felt her body go hot, how dare he look down on her like that. Her hands began to shake. "I'll do what I bloody well like," she hissed back. "Don't you dare tell me how to be with my children, or assume what problems there are between me and Lauren. Because you don't know, Alan. You don't. You don't know shit." Alan had moved over to the door while she spoke, almost as if he were ignoring her entirely. One hand on the handle, he turned back with a quiet shrug. "I know I liked you better when David was alive," he said, before leaving the room, and Adele to simmer in a white hot rage that she could barely contain in her trembling body.
  7. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

    The arctic breeze was doing little to dim the spirits around the Blair house. Multiple piles of discarded furniture, tree limbs and other waste had been combined to make one enormous heap--and the weather had been kind enough to not rain it all into a soaking wet mess. Perfect for a bonfire. DJ was crawling now, which necessitated a Baby Cage. Thankfully, Caleb was quite happy to be in charge of the youngest ones, making sure that his younger brother never quite managed to climb over or pick through the lock to escape. A radio carried pregame entertainment from the night's football match, the sky was beginning to darken, it was all very... peaceful. Like they were a Real Proper Family that hung out on Saturday nights and didn't have problems like sadistic criminal stalkers, children coming back from the seeming dead, or any such nonsense. Adele was even making a few sandwiches, arranging a platter to pick from while they watched the flames. Terribly domestic. "Lauren, could you please---" Adele started, but the girl had already whisked herself out of the room. That hadn't changed. But did she expect it to? It was on par for a teenager. If Lorelei hadn't been invited, Adele was certain that Lauren would have refused to attend. All the girl had done thus far was talk about everything Alan was doing, and the horse that she was apparently in line for. Adele didn't quite have the heart to suggest that Alan would never give in on that, she didn't think it would help her relationship with Lauren at all. "You are wanting something, Mother?" Améa surfaced from another door, inexplicably happy herself. Adele knew, and fought down the urge to make a witty remark about Vladimir. Better not. Take advantage of her being so agreeable while she could. Adele nodded. "Can you take these out to Stuart, please? I've got to make a few more up, and I'll come out there myself." Améa paused, looked at the tray of sandwiches, and shook her head. "I can do finish this, you take," she said, pushing her way to the bench and moving Adele out of the way almost by force. Adele wasn't going to argue, if Améa wanted to make sandwiches that was fine. She didn't see Améa's half smirk as she walked out the door, stopping to pick up a fresh couple of beers on the way. One did not simply walk past the beer fridge without grabbing a new one. The pile was.. huge. Beyond huge. It was going to be a spectacular fire. "Oi," she called out to Stuart as she approached, sandwiches in one hand and beers raised high in the other. "Need a refill?" Didn't matter if he didn't, he was getting one. She put the sandwiches on the table, covering them with a cloth, and cracked both beers open. Not her usual, but it was bonfire night. What was bonfire night without beer? Others would arrive before the lighting of the fire, but for now it was... Adele looked around. Well. Just her and Stuart here. The kids were all inside. Adele felt her throat tighten just a little, a small shiver running down her arms. Lately there had been dreams. Borne of too many months without David, she was certain, but dreams all the same. A few faces had featured but one kept coming up. One face with a stupid annoying smirk and a knowing look in his eye. "Drink up. You don't want to be double-parked when Alan gets here," she warned, handing the beer over, and trying to shake away any clue she might be wearing as to how scenarios like this had played out in her lively imagination.
  8. Flickering

    The more Alan's eye twitched, the more Adele smiled. She knew she was getting to him, she knew exactly how to push his buttons. How far could she push him now, though? With Lauren back, and all of that difficult business near-resolved? Was the loss of Dave enough for him to still hold enough pity that he couldn't pull the trigger on actually firing her? The cigarette dangled from her lips, she flicked the lighter and watched Alan tense with the flame... before letting it go out. Good fun, good fun. "Of course you can bloody eat, that's what this room is for," Alan grumbled in reply to Andy's question. "Just don't do anything that jeaopardises your health, or the health of others. Got that? Which includes leaving bottles of alcohol out in easy reach," he added, pointing to the one on the counter. Adele looked back, shrugging at the bottle as though she too had only just noticed it. "Worried little Audrey might do some underage drinking?" she said with a dark smirk. Perhaps she was showing off for Andy here, it was rare she actually went this far when taunting Alan. Still, the opportunity was too good to pass up. There were veins popping up on his forehead now, Alan was achieving a redness in his face that looked dangerous. "Get out," he hissed. "Get out, and get off this campus. Don't even think about coming back here until you're ready to apologise. To me, and to Audrey." Adele swung her legs forward, launching herself off the table and into a standing position. She stared Alan down, still smirking. And lit the cigarette.
  9. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    She took the hand, raising herself from the ground, stumbling slightly as he said the words you're worth it. There was that twisting feeling again, and this time she shoved it as far back as it would go. He was making jokes, this was not the time to get all weird. Compliments and appreciation, however undeserved, had always been something of an aphrodisiac. Finally on her feet, she wiped those sweaty palms across her jeans, before raising her hands to pull her hair back and tie it in place. "Magic comes with exertion, Stuart," she said. "We can't all let a jolly stick do the work for us." It was true enough. There was a physical cost to weaving magic the way they did, and while that bit of air might not have quite explained her sweaty palms, it was all she could reach for. Adele composed herself while Stuart tidied up the gravesite, said goodbye. Did he have to bend like that? Adele averted her gaze, but found herself drawn back by some overwhelming force of nature. Fortunately, what he said next was enough to break her out of that. "You came out here without a helmet?" she hissed, reaching out and slapping his arm as if he were an unruly child. "Reckless, stupid, ridiculous.... mortal!" She was definitely going to tell Jezebel on him. Maybe Mary too. What if he had come off? The terrain out here was flat, sure, but the windy tracks he spoke of had dips and ditches were creeks used to wind through. Holes dug and hidden hills built by bikers who wanted a little variety in their ride. Adele didn't care how good of a rider Stuart was, to come out here without any sort of head protection was just dumb. "I'm not scared. Not for me, anyway," she shrugged. "You, on the other hand, are going to have to explain to your daughters why you saw fit to tempt an early grave. Don't think I won't tell them."
  10. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    Lorelei was in her lap, and Adele hugged her tight. It still felt weird, the girl being this big. Adele knew that Lei had been struggling in her younger body, and that this was all much better for her. She worried, though. Always worried. Lei hadn't had the years to build up resilience, she was still so new to the world. There was an important aspect to childhood, the way it gave people time to grow into themselves, to learn how the world worked before throwing themselves into it fully. "You can, sweetheart," she said, tucking Lei's hair back behind one of her ears. "That doesn't mean I'm not going to worry for you. That's my job. And I don't worry because you're not physically big enough, or clever enough, or strong enough. I worry because there are things in this world that are deeply unpleasant, consequences that can impact the rest of your life... things I don't want you to be burdened with too soon in your life. And you'll always be too young for me to stop worrying about that, always. And your mother..." Adele's smile quirked up at the corners. "She's new to this too, remember. Your aging up didn't just change you, sweetheart. It changed us all. We need to work out what our place is in your life now, what role we play in it. It's different to when you were small. We're not quite sure what to do yet, what you're able to handle and what you can't. What we still need to protect you from. You can tell your mother things, even things like this. It's probably better if you do, really," Adele added with a sigh. "She's likely very worried you're outgrowing your need of her." But at least Lei had promised to talk first, and jump later. Adele wasn't sure how long that would last with all the teenageness that was also happening. It was nice to think that's at least what Lorelei intended. She nodded, but was still confused on the subject of Stuart. There was no doubting that yes, she felt comfortable around Stuart. It was hard not to. And he supplied a certain, grounded feeling that helped on her crazier days. He was also part of the whole mess that was their lives, and while he may not have understood all the details, Adele was glad for someone to vent to on occasion. Someone who didn't short-circuit at the twisted and convoluted paths that had led them here. The way Lei spoke made it sound as though Adele also gave him something, though. Which couldn't be true. Adele couldn't think of a single benefit she had brought to Stuart's life, aside from the girls. They were people in their own right now and she had merely birthed them. "I've not really got much to offer, certainly not anything he might need," Adele sighed. "I'm just glad he tolerates me most days, really."
  11. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    And they fell, tumbling to the ground as sticks and leaves picked up in the wind circled around them. Instinctively, she curled inward, making herself small and easy to shield, stayed there while the world settled and Stuart spoke. He had a point, yes. One memory had lasted her years---what would years of memories give her in the future? Far more than she felt she deserved, but he'd made it clear he didn't want to hear about that. A half-smile rested on her lips, chest tightening while he described all the things she did give him. The things she'd never considered were in any way special, she hadn't realised that her presence had made been a good one. The way he described it, Adele wasn't sure if it was her he was describing. "I've got a lot of facepalms yet to give you," she replied, a shaky warmth radiating from the center of her forehead where he had kissed it. The feeling burned in her blood, made her heart thud with sickening speed. Adele knew the feeling, blamed it on the moment. The chaos and the loss of the last year. The lack of any sort of intimacy since David passed. All of that combined to produce this current, wildly inappropriate, desire. Stuart was the only real friend she had, of course she would feel that attachment. Of course she was unreasonably protective. "I wasn't... I was planning on, y'know," Adele waved her hands in a vague imitation of some sort of magic. She hoped he didn't notice the slight tremor in her voice, or the way her palms had suddenly become ridiculously sweaty. "Winding tracks sounds fun, though." Maybe a little rough riding would cure her of this awkwardness. A bit of danger with the safest man she knew, surely that would rebalance the scales?
  12. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Stop with that kind of talk? Why had she even started? He couldn't see it, wouldn't believe it, and maybe she hadn't explained it properly either. Adele wasn't sure she fully understood it either, she thought for so long that she had been rid of it. Adele opened her mouth to tell him, but all that came out was a stunned squeal as she found herself thrown over his shoulder. Spinning, spinning, so much spinning. Adele was glad she had a strong stomach, her arms flailed to try and smack Stuart in protest. At the same time, she could only giggle at this unexpected turn of events. "It's not... as stupid... as it sounds!" she managed between laughs and vague attempts to fight her way free. "You're a mortal, you loon. I'm not ready... to lose you. Yet." Wriggle as she might, Adele just couldn't work herself free. She didn't want to puke, or apologise. Why would she apologise for worrying about someone she loved? That just came with the territory, didn't it? The girls would be devastated if something happened to Stuart, Alexander too, even Caleb would be lost. It didn't matter if it was today, tomorrow, or a thousand years into the future---the inevitable would hurt. A lot. Even if everything went well, long lives lived and in times of peace, it would still have to end. She would still have to stand by and watch time take away a piece of her soul, one wrinkle at a time. And then she realised, that maybe she couldn't work her way out of this one---but she could use Stuart's move against him. It was rare Adele used her abilities for anything more than lighting her cigarettes, still very stubbornly rejecting her own heritage even though she had been accepted for some years now. Her arms out, waves of energy joined in, pushing the air currents around them, making Stuart spin faster and faster. Momentum, gravity, and just a little helping magic, enough to teach Stuart why throwing her over his shoulder was a bad idea. Adele cackled with glee, pushing for more, knowing that at least in this moment, if it all fell down they would fall together. Just this one time.
  13. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    He knew her? Adele normally would have dismissed the idea outright, except that everything he said was true. He knew her tells. Frustrating, yet endearing. David had always been able to tell too, but she'd known David for so much longer. It was only expected that he would be able to decipher her moods, Stuart was just... lucky. Or really good at reading people, and probably both. She scowled at him, a clear indicator that she was displeased with being so easily found out. "I'm sorry that you're so nice to me," the words jumped out before she could check them. Even Adele wasn't quite sure what she meant by it, or why his kindness made her so damn uncomfortable. Stuart had a talent for softening the old fears until they didn't seem to matter anymore, and she worried she had become complacent. Maybe it would be better to start again, and not just to burn her bridges in grief and anger at everything that had happened, but for the same reason Ameliana had plucked her out of her bed in the dead of night and moved her about from place to place. It always caught up. And it wasn't Thomas, specifically. Thomas was just the hand that dealt the latest blow, there had been many Thomases. The dilemma tortured her at night, the only thing that gave her peace was the knowledge that it had struck only recently. There would be some time before the next, time she could use to let DJ grow up a little, before they really had to leave. And then Stuart did his stupid thing where he was nice and made the world feel safe when it wasn't and Adele wondered if she couldn't just stay. Forever, even. Stuart was mortal, though. Where her closest family members could withstand what might come, she couldn't guarantee the same of Stuart. Just as she hadn't been able to guarantee it of David. "You're nice to me," she repeated, lifting her head to shake it sadly. "And all I'm ever going to be able to give you, is pain."
  14. The Things I'd Not Trouble You With

    Adele nodded. She knew. Knowing was the easy part. Adele didn't doubt for a second that if she asked for help, that Stuart---and a few others---would jump at the chance. It wasn't feeling like she couldn't ask that held her back, it was feeling like she couldn't get those things done. It hurt too much. Once they had cleaned the last of Dave's loose ends away, what would she have left? It didn't feel like enough. Not nearly enough for the years they'd had together. She also didn't think that Kate understood that nothing would ever happen with Stuart. She was pretty sure that if Stuart gave her the slightest opening, Kate would abandon Matt in a split second and take it. A thought that niggled at her, now, made her mildly angry. For a while, it had been a source of amusement---she had looked forward to seeing the three of them in the same room, watching Matt grow increasingly irritated while Kate couldn't take her eyes off Stuart. Now it just seemed wrong. Stuart deserved better, Matt deserved better, than to be some donkey's plaything. Not that any of this had happened for years now, just the memory of it had a way of crawling under her skin and annoying at her. "I'm fine," she said, feeling herself pulled in closer. The warm, secure feeling increased --- and not just because his arm now blocked some of the wind chill. The smile made her guts twist, he was so nice. So kind and comforting and this was his day to mourn, and yet here he was still trying to make her feel better. Why was he so nice to her? She didn't deserve this. And he was thanking her, too. Why? What had she ever done, except make his life more complicated than it needed to be? "I'm sorry," she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."
  15. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    "I don't think that's the whole of it. Or it's unpredictable with different bloods, I don't... know. I don't know enough to tell you anything that would eliminate that risk entirely, so just. Be prepared. For all the outcomes." Adele gave her a weak smile. She really wasn't ready to be a great-grandmother. Not even slightly. She knew, as well, that it chafed at Lorelei every time they reminded her of her chronological years. Knew the girl was too smart, too forward-thinking, too accustomed to being a level above those around her that it would always be difficult to give her advice. Always be difficult to ask her to slow down, step back, she was rushing so fast into an adult life, Adele wasn't sure it was healthy. Mental ability and the presence of an old soul was one thing, but lived experience was another. "Sweetheart, when I was your age---your actual age---Mamiere and I fled to the Outside. Before that, she did everything she could to shelter me from what was happening. Much as I hated it, hated feeling left out of it all, once we were out here, all of that went away. She couldn't do it anymore, I had to grow up to keep up, and I would have done anything to go back to playing hide-and-seek in the rose garden. I know you're frustrated by the way we see you sometimes, but that's our job. To protect you, until we can't anymore. To give you as much time playing hide-and-seek as we can." Adele shifted in her seat, her eyes just a little watery. "And you're clever. You're strong. But some things need time, and experience, and a lifetime to really understand. You have so much time to make mistakes and learn your own way, make use of it, okay? Even Mother will tell you that. I have lived through wars, epidemics, poverty, and one disaster after another and the one true thing I can tell you, is to take your time. Some decisions can't be unmade. Most actions can't be undone. Choose each course, no matter what it is, with care. You won't always choose right, but you can always say you tried." Lecture, lecture. When did she become like this? It felt nigh on responsible. But something Lorelei said made her sit back, momentarily confused. "We are?" she asked, wondering where that had come from. "I wouldn't really say that, sweetheart, I mean... there's... complications, you know..."
Adele Ellareisse DeVylissea
Tallygarunga Librarian 0
41* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age  41*
Date of Birth November 4th, 1978
Birthplace Isle du L'Arine
Occupation Tallygarunga Librarian
Player  ★ Sadrienne
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Patronus
Wand Wand
Play-by Eva Green



Her position back home is known to very few. This is a secret she guards with her life. Though she could pretend to care less, she has fallen in love more than once - and though she will flat refuse to admit it - has been very badly affected by some of her break ups.

General Knowledge

That there's only a handful of men in town that Adele hasn't tried, that she was the mother of Alan Burdett's daughter Lauren (deceased), and that she'll drag you into her drama if she can.


There are two very distinct sides to Adele. One, is the happy, carefree, laid back person she would like to be all the time. During these times, she is pleasant, eager to please, and generally nice to be around. Her sarcastic wit, and often crude analogies are never meant to be offensive, she delivers each with a well-meaning grin. She tends to tell things like they are, and is blunt as a spoon when it comes to saying what she thinks. Whether that be of someone else, or whatever, her opinion is honest and to the point. She is loyal to the death, and fights with a vengeance when crossed. This is the Adele that her few friends have seen, and these days - isn't seen often.

Adele has a reputation for drama, and can take almost any situation and make it worse. Those she takes a disliking to will be quickly cut down, her need to pretend that she doesn't care for anyone else at all often ends in her proving her lack of consideration in extreme ways. She is free with her affection on the outside, but is careful to never give away her heart... she does not believe in fairytale love, and thinks steady relationships are a waste of precious time.

On occasion, and this happens usually in coincidence with correspondence from home, or the short trips she takes every now and then, the second side of Adele emerges. It is clear at these times, that she trusts no one completely, and is insecure in her place both as a resident of Naragyambie, and a permanent casual relief teacher at Tallygarunga. She may appear to be frightened of shadows, and never speaks about what truly upsets her. Customarily, she covers these problems with alcohol, a habit she is slowly letting go of after the birth of her third child, and first son - Caleb.


Adele is of an average height, thin, and very pale. Her hair, dark blue-black and dead straight, hangs to about halfway down her back, and is generally let loose. Her features are small, and delicate... she's pretty, in an unachievable sort of way. Some sources speculate the use of charms and other magic to maintain her appearance. Her eyes are probably the most interesting feature, being a deep royal blue, probably helped by tinted Muggle contacts.. Adele would rather be dead than caught wearing her glasses. She generally wears blue, and is most often found in Muggle clothing... particularly jeans (no matter what the weather outside). She burns very easily, and prefers small amounts of simple silver jewellery rather than gold. Lately she's taken an interest in personal appearance, and tends to dress up more often than not - she has an expensive sense of style, one that doesn't fit the streets of Narrie - but fits her entirely.









The story so far

The exact circumstances surrounding Adele's birth are unknown even to her. She grew up in a rather backwards sort of a city, protected by ancient wards that disabled Muggle kind from ever finding the island on which it was situated. Her parents, Kheldere and Ameliana DeVylissea, split up less than a year after her birth, and her father soon remarried. Rumours flew, speculating the reasons for the split. One, was that the girl child did not belong to Kheldere, as it posessed none of his features, but still resembled very closely Ameliana and her siblings.

However, as Kheldere remarried, Ameliana became less close with her daughter, leaving her more often in the care of her nurse and tutor, Lillian.

It became clear very quickly that Adele and her step-mother were never to be friends. Lillian and Bethianna were equal opposites. Bethianna, driven more by revenge and bitterness for an incident long forgotten, lashed out at Adele in hopes to hurt Lillian (who adored the child, a weakness Bethianna did not possess). Lillian protected her, and kept her safe. Within time, Adele learnt to dodge Bethianna's strikes, learning her lessons very quickly.

She was rather close friends with her cousin, Juliette. The two, though opposite in personality (Juliette was the kind to be doted on, and lived for attention) were the best of friends, often sitting out in the rose gardens for hours, and watching the clouds go by. The two were a mere three days apart in birth. On Adele's seventh birthday, they were once again walking through the rose gardens, when Bethianna and her husband (Adele no longer thought of him as her father) took each girl by the hand and dragged them away to a secret place, with the intent to hold the girls until Lillian released important information Bethianna needed. 

Leaving them locked in a room, Kheldere and Bethianna left. By standing on Juliette's shoulders, Adele was able to squeeze out the window, and run for help... promising first to get help for her slightly younger cousin. However, before she could explain the situation, Ameliana silenced her, and took her across the sea to a place where 'Bethianna could not reach her anymore'.

Guilt followed Adele, as she grew up. With her mother, they moved frequently... changing continent and country as often as one changes their shirt. Bit by bit, and through several different schools, Adele gained her education... sometimes in regular magical schools, and often in Muggle schools. Ameliana wished for Adele to be close by, that she might know she was always safe. At age seventeen, Adele felt she needed to break away from her mother, and find something more permanent. She settled in Melbourne, where they were staying at the time, and her mother moved on.

She finished her education at Yarra Academy, graduating as the little-known trouble maker. She had an extreme lack of respect for authority, and her grades were not what they should have been. Crossing the country yet again, she attended the Western Australian University of Magic, and graduated from teachers' college there. She missed Melbourne, however, and crossed back yet again for her first placement as the Librarian at Talsquash Academy of Magic.

Her time there was marked by lectures from Professor Van Helsing, and the sudden appearance of her cousin Juliette, who convinced her to return home. Which she did, for a while, coming back to continue her place at TAM... where she was promoted to take on History of Magic, and later Ancient Runes. 

It was during her days there, that she came across Mereditha Adagathguarde, sitting at Flinders Street Station one afternoon. Mereditha, who had just come in from England, quickly became Adele's closest female friend.. and had coincidentally taken a place at the very same school Adele had graduated from. Adele stood proudly by Meri's side when she married her sweetheart, Adrian Tallenery, a charms professor.

Shortly after Meri's wedding, Adele found herself becoming increasingly more involved with Adrian's brother, David. The two got along well, and became perhaps even closer than Mereditha and Adele. They shared much the same philosophy on love, Adele left her apartment to share one with her best friend, David. However, when Meri's miscarriage left her without a job and feeling depressed, Adele left her place at Talsquash to tend to her friend. It was decided that a change was needed. Adrian and Meri moved north to Queensland to start a-new.

Adele, was starting to realise that the feelings she had for David went beyond friendship with casual benefits. After a ridiculous fight over the location of their next apartment, Adele convinced herself that Dave would never feel for her the way she felt about him. She got in her car and drove on until she ran out of petrol, the car sputtering to a stop just outside of Narragyambie. 

It was there that she found a place at Tallygarunga as a casual relief teacher. Adele was in no condition to teach, heartbreak had her seeking solace in anything alcoholic--she avoided returning to her homeland, and involved herself in unhealthy relationships with other staff members at the school. Though none of them made her feel the way that David had, Adele convinced herself each time that she was in love, and was heartbroken when the relationships fell apart. 

There were no boundaries for Adele at this time, so desperate to fill the void in her life she slept with staff and students alike, seeking comfort from her boss, Alan, from a fellow professor, Keith Anderson, and one of the senior students who would later date her daughter Améa. When she fell pregnant in 2007, Adele herself didn't know who the father was. Sick how Adele was avoiding her motherly duties, Adele's mother Lillian brought Améa to Australia, forcing Adele to take care of the girl.

Desperate then to provide some sort of stable life for her children, Adele began to date Thomas Sollozzo, a man she felt could provide for the family. She allowed him to think that the baby she was having was his, though she couldn't escape her love-hate relationship with Keith Anderson. Thomas turned out to be violent and cruel, Adele, not seeing a way out of her relationship with him, left Améa in the care of a friend and drove her car off a bridge into the lake. Her mother saved her, and granted her a different look so that she could return to Narrie and look after Améa without the danger of Thomas discovering who she was.

The body she used was male, and she caught the attention of gay professor Kellan Miles. She fell for him too, and when the danger was over and she returned to her own body, the pair struggled to deal with their feelings for each other through incompatible bodies. Kellan was there for her during the birth and short life of Lauren, who turned out to be Alan Burdett's child. Kellan finally left her shortly after the birth of their son Caleb, and the turning point of Adele's life… she finally started to take proper care of herself for Caleb's sake. She stopped drinking and kept her relationships to a minimum. She tried to reconcile matters with Améa, realising what a terrible mother she'd been.

Adele became a dedicated mother and hard working employee at Tallygarunga, changing from casual relief teacher to full-time librarian. On an excursion to the park with Caleb, she ran into her former love, David Tallenery, who now also had a child. Adele couldn't hold her feelings back now, and she married David in a quiet civil ceremony.

An odd period of calm and normality occurred then for Adele, where she seemed very settled and content in her marriage to David. But pressure from her family back home (who had not approved her marriage) and her insistence on keeping the whole thing secret from Dave, caused suspicion over time. He suspected she was seeing someone else, and unable to explain the truth, she lied and said she was.

This caused an explosive argument, and the pair are currently on a trial separation.


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