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  1. Time had done little to heal the grief or guilt, but daily life had a mundane way of distracting Adele from the sharper points of it. True to her word, she had not gone off the rails (at least not without Stuart's supervision) although restlessness did tingle at her heels and toes. The sense that she was yet again incomplete and needed to move until she again found that brief respite of happiness. DJ was having a nap, somehow managing that while Caleb practiced enthusiastically on Sapphire. He was getting better, she had to say that. His dedication and determination was paying off, even if he did only want to play the same three songs on repeat. In a lull between one chord and finding the next, she heard the subtle squeak of a chair in the next room. A student? Bold if so, they rarely came into her office uninvited. Which meant it was likely family, and either way, Adele needed to go see what the reason for the visit was. "Come get me if he wakes, okay Caley?" she said softly, touching her older son on the shoulder as she moved past and through the tiny living space. Caleb nodded solemnly. He was still very unsure over this whole brother thing, still didn't like how much attention the baby got over him, but the directive to protect his brother had resonated strongly with him. Caleb could be both jealous and protective. Adele no longer worried about leaving the two together out of her sight for a few moments. Passing through and into her office, she wasn't all that surprised to see her granddaughter there. If anything, it felt a touch formal that the girl hadn't simply gone straight through and into the living space, and Adele settled herself into a chair across from the girl, studying her expression. Was this a social visit, or a school one? Folding her hands calmly in her lap, Adele's expression softened to a smile. "What brings you to my office, sweetheart?" she asked.
  2. "They also know that if he hadn't been with me, he would be alive today," Adele replied softly. That was the kicker. You could draw a line directly between her presence in David's life and the trouble that had ended it. No officials would confirm it, but everyone knew. Her mistakes had caught up with her. If she'd just been a good person, a smarter person, none of this would have happened. Améa wouldn't have fallen into a troublesome relationship, her family would be safe, David would be here. The guilt of it filled her. She saw it in every look and every sad smile that was thrown her way. The accusation, as sharp as if they were saying she had murdered him by her own hand. She might as well have. "Oh, it'll be stupid. But it'll be easily washed away," Adele shrugged a shoulder. This was never going to be easy. It was a matter of breaking that barrier before she got too far in her head about it. And while it was still a choice she could make on her own terms, rather than her body taking over and making worse mistakes. Still, that aspect of the night was fading away fast. The desire to hunt was gone from her, settled back into a quiet companionship that she didn't want to acknowledge was just as good and almost better. "No, no more fishing tonight," she said. "You're here. We have an agreement. If you can find your way home successfully, I've not done my job properly. Understood?" Adele lifted her glass, wriggling the bottom of it before she downed the remainder and ordered another. No more thinking, only drinking.
  3. This week I will be chasing overdue library books. That it coincides with your Term One dorm inspection is no accident. 

    Hide overdue library books at your own peril.

    A basket will be placed outside the library doors after my office hours each night for those who wish to quietly return books without penalty. 

    You've been warned, kids.

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      Alexander Winfield

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  4. Pity or care, it didn't really matter what the intent was. It was draining after a while, and she needed out for a while. At least he understood that much, and her defensive stance softened just a little. "Sitting in it doesn't help either," she pointed out. And that was the real danger of lingering in Narrie too much. "I don't know. It was the same when everything happened with Lauren... the first time. People just wanted me to be nothing but sad. Like it's the only thing of importance that ever happened in my life, like it was all that I am and everything I should be in the future too. Like if I ever smile again, it'll mean I never loved him, never deserved him, and far be it for me to give a shit what anyone thinks, but... I give a shit what they thought of him. I don't want him remembered as some fool who wasted his life on someone who moved on too fast after he was gone, but I can't spend the rest of my life in mourning, either." Adele sighed. Small towns were the worst. This was usually the point where she would have left for good, although if Adele was being honest with herself---that point had passed more than ten years ago, too. She was still here. She could keep coming up with reasons. It was for a new flame, for the kids, for that next thing that held her to this place against her will... but that wasn't true. She did love being part of Narrie. And hated it. But loved it. She turned to the bartender, ordering herself another drink, seeing as it appeared Stuart was having one. He couldn't chastise her for drinking alone, now. "I don't want to wait too long," she added softly. "It's going to be hard enough starting again. Any time I even consider it, it feels like I'm being unfaithful still---the more days that pass, the more it feels like breaking that drought would be betraying him. And the closer I get to doing something stupid out of sheer desperation." Adele frowned, snorting a small laugh out of her nostrils. "Which, if I recall correctly, is exactly how Lauren happened." Adele laughed again, a dry and humourless sound. "So here I am. In the city, fishing. In an attempt to not shit where I sleep this time."
  5. They didn't know who he was, but even without his title---Stuart had a presence. Not knowing what it was, a majority of her admirers assumed it was husband, and a husband that could flatten them easily at that. Quite the mood killer. Adele held a vodka soda between thumb and forefinger, meeting his look with her equally unimpressed frown. The few determined who hung about the edges were not the ones she would have preferred, and thus it all was ruined. "I needed a break from the Roo," she answered softly. Her expression fell a little, and she turned back to rest her arm on the bar. Adele didn't want to leave. Not yet. "Or anywhere in Narrie. Every time I step outside my house, it's the same thing. Pity and sad looks everywhere, that unfortunate widow with the new baby. This is hardly a drink, anyway. If I felt like drinks, I would have sent for you---and believe me, we would not be sober right now." Starting again was a terrifying prospect, Adele didn't know if she ever could. She knew she wouldn't if she couldn't escape the sympathy party that seemed to follow everywhere she went, like everyone in town just wanted her to relive her grief so they would have something to talk about. That woman who's husband got murdered, did you hear? Adele had been given comfort from people she didn't know, strangers offered gifts to her. Free meals, a coffee here and there---even cash, as if she were financially struggling in the wake of David's death. It was all well-meant, and she appreciated the sentiment but it trapped her here. In a state of sadness. "I would have invited you, but..." she looked around the room. They were all gone. "You scare away the fish." Adele wasn't out to break hearts. Just a night of mutual fun to take the edge off before she did something stupid. That loneliness would eventually drive her crazy, push her in directions she knew she shouldn't go. Fantasies that lingered in the back of her mind that she knew were terrible ideas, or just... whatever was available when she had no self control left. That was, after all, how Lauren had happened. By contrast, some brief entertainment never seen again seemed like a relatively sane plan. But that wouldn't be happening tonight. "You gonna scold me and drag me home now?" she asked, a cigarette suddenly between her finger tips---at least until the bartender tutted and shook her head. Right. That law was a thing. Adele cursed inwardly and tucked it back away.
  6. Months had passed since David's death. Adele had been a dutiful and attentive mother. They had made plans for Sollozzo, gone over and over the possibilities. They had one shot at this, it was important to get it right and yet she was frustrated. By the lack of momentum, by the ordinary mundanity of her days. Thoughts, not good thoughts, ticked across her mind like news tape. One by one she dismissed them. Returned to her sons. Reached out to her daughters. Spent evenings with her brother and his wife, and still it was... empty. A gigantic hole where David had been, and for all the love her family gave her---it echoed in her soul, reverberating upon itself until the sound of the nothing was deafening. Cass and Alex had offered to take the boys for a night. This time she didn't refuse, made sure they were set with food and clean pyjamas, gave the usual rundown (though both Alex and Cass knew the routine backwards, she did this anyway), dressed herself in painfully high heels, a shimmering dress---and she left. She didn't say exactly where, only a vague mention of the city. Her eyes had a wild and desperate look to them, Adele slipped out the door before she could be questioned further. A place she once knew, but different now. How many times had it changed hands? More than she could count. Same old clientele, though. Standing at the bar, she knew she was drawing looks. She returned some of them. Others she ignored. A muggle bar, it was now. All the better. One got brave enough to approach, offered a drink. She accepted, feigning shyness. Ice broken, others began to edge in. They thought themselves hunters, each eager to outdo the other for her favour. They had no idea they were prey. She played them against each other, favouring one and then the other. A battle royale of seduction, she kept a mental score. There would be a winner. That was the point. She wanted to see them fight, first. Adele wanted to remember who she was. How she had been. Before she had settled into this middle-aged housewife life, and even the toey teenagers had forgotten she was a woman. Before she had lost the love of her life, before she had been thrown into an endless well of pain. This was the only way she knew to climb back out. Find a new one. Forget the old one.
  7. There was no way any of this was going to go to plan, and Adele knew that already. It just had to go enough to plan that she could secure the safety of her family. A long glare was cast down at Zane as he spoke, her expression turning into one of deep disgust as he apologised yet again for the harm he had caused. Adele didn't want to hear it. Thomas's control might have been deep, but there was no way it could have caused Zane to do all of the things he had. His apologies were nothing. He could have just as easily enchanted Améa away by just loving the poor girl, that would have been enough. More than enough. "No," she said to Stuart. "We're done here." She turned on one heel, throwing a hand back to send a shockwave of energy toward Zane. Right toward the crotch. An invisible punch straight to the groin, she couldn't resist the temptation. He deserved so much more than that, and yet this was all she could do right now. Later. Later, when the worm was less useful---she just had to wait. Adele didn't stop walking until they were outside and on the footpath out front of the house. "If it looks like he's going to escape," she said softly. "We let him take me. Better for us to know where he is. I don't think he realises they can sense my location. It won't be much of an advantage, but it'll be better than fearing he'll jump around every corner. I doubt it's a plan anyone else will agree to---I need you to help me get them to accept it. Do I have your support?"
  8. Alex had the good sense to make his way into the classroom without any sort of circus. Lorelei, not so much. Adele tried to maintain her tough and cool image as the girl bounced up and have her a big hug. At home she would have returned it, but in the classroom she merely tilted her head to one side, raised an eyebrow slightly at her granddaughter, and instructed her to take a seat. Then Lauren made her way in, not even deigning to meet Adele's gaze. Adele flicked ash from her cigarette into a cup on her desk. This was going to be... interesting. "Correct." Adele pointed a finger toward Danielle. It didn't sound like praise. One could only imagine how she would speak if the answer wasn't right. "The first goal of Tallygarunga was to bridge the gap between rural and disadvantaged families, and their ability to have a full wizarding education. Poorly trained wizards make for future accidents, so making education accessible was one of the fundamental founding goals. Ten points to Bourke." She stood straight again, pacing up and down the length of the classroom as she directed who should speak next, gesturing with the cigarette in her hand. Adele nodded as Senan spoke, blew smoke to the ceiling and faced the class once more. "Also correct. Tallygarunga has become a haven for those who don't fit in elsewhere. Ten points to Sturt." Adele directed Alex to speak next, and nodded still to his answer. "Good. By celebrating the differences available, Tallygarunga has thrived on diversity. But as pointed out before, it does make minorities easy to find. At some point in history, most of the students and staff here would not have been able to get a full education simply because of their race, blood status, or even their lack of natural ability with magic. In Australia, if you're looking for a minority to target---you'll find it here. Very good. Ten points to Spencer. Lorelei?" Adele was almost worried for what would come out here, though she couldn't help the tiny beam of pride that bubbled in her chest when Lei answered intelligently. Not that she thought the girl was unintelligent, she just had a habit of thinking in different directions to what was expected, and all of this was still quite new to the girl. "Wonderful. Again, diversity---" Lauren cut across her. Adele took a deep breath, finished her cigarette, stubbing it out on the varnished desk behind her. "Interesting point," she said coolly. "And one that hinges entirely on what you define as a miscreant. It's very true that Tallygarunga gives second chances to those who would not get them elsewhere, something we ought to be proud of. Headmaster Burdett takes very seriously his responsibility to find the best way forward for students and staff. We are never done learning, we are never done growing. A person can make mistakes and still become a productive member of society. No points, as you spoke out of turn." Move on, move on. That was the only way to deal with this. Just ignore the worst of the behaviour. Shut her down, knowing it was a directed attack. It did hurt. Adele knew she probably shouldn't have still been employed at the school. Alan had been too afraid to fire her for a long time. Even if she didn't want to teach that much, she did intend to do a damn good job of it. Make those chances worthwhile. She called on Keaton, trying to keep her expression calm. Lit up another cigarette as he spoke. "Good. Most of you seem to get it. Another ten points to Spencer, I'm glad you can all read." Adele said wryly. She returned to the desk, leaning against it again. "Although supposedly a school for 'rejects', some Tallygarunga graduates have become important members of our society. Some have even impacted muggle society in positive ways. On pages 35-37 you'll find a list of former Tallygarunga students and their achievements. I'll give you all a minute to read, and as we go around the room, I want you to choose one to talk about. Who they were, what they did. How their actions improved Australian wizarding society, and how the world might be different without them. If you know of one not listed in the textbook, share that. No double-ups." (Once again, just assume your character has been called on. Have them talk a little about their chosen witch/wizard as Adele instructed. You can use an existing character or NPC, or make something up!)
  9. She gave a visible grimace at the sound of "big family". Families were complicated. Messy. Nothing she'd had a good experience with, and the prospect of being surrounded by children sounded awful to her. He seemed to accept her second name, and that was okay by her. It was just a name. Tonight she would be Liana. Tomorrow she would go back to being Mercedes and back to dealing with all of Mercedes's problems. Like Tyler. And Lillian's inconvenient visits to remind her of unwanted duties elsewhere. She wished she had stayed gone. Lived wholly in this world forever. Not a great life, but one she at least understood. One she could at least do. And she didn't need him to buy the drink, no---that was the single advantage to the other life. For once she had access to money. It was a sport. Seeing if she could get him to supply the drink. Measuring herself by the responses she got. Worthy, unworthy? The more effort it took to convince them, the less of an ego boost it was. He was interesting, though. She felt that she might actually enjoy trying to persuade this one. A mental gymnastics skipping through the boundaries between pleasant conversation and flirtatious advances, he could probably play the game well. He had a sense of charm about him. He had a way of refusing that didn't feel like a rejection. Interesting. "Stuart." She let the name roll off her tongue, her accent foreign where she forgot to pull it in line. Vaguely French. She turned her head when she blew smoke, at least a little considerate. "I would have to say you're a strong chance, Stuart. Right look. Right attitude. You have a way with words. A little too much soul left in you yet," she took her drink, downing in smoothly. Mercedes made chugging a drink look like an elegant move worthy of the Queen of England. The glass back down, she batted her eyelashes coyly at Stuart. "And what in exchange for the next one, Mr Minister?"
  10. "Is that so." Adele's clipped reply was supposed to sound unfriendly. But it didn't have the usual effect when she was covered in baby sick. It seemed more... pathetic. Worse, she'd overheard students gossiping in the corridors about some of the new professors, read things on QuillBook, and she had started to realise that she was slipping. Alex was a well-known and liked person about the school. Being his sister had softened her reputation. Then there was Caleb and DJ and what had happened with David. People felt sorry for her. She'd spent months being pregnant and then just plain miserable and lonely... Adele had lost her edge. This was not acceptable. Adele had never really felt like others saw her as "old" or "frumpy", she never let people see that. She'd always picked a youthful appearance and dressed to match, just... had she lost her way that much? Was she actually too old to maintain the image anymore? The thought made her want to cry. David had turned her into an old, happy, woman and now he was gone. She just had to work doubly hard to get that reputation back. Cut down whoever she had to. It was the only way, right? "Adele DeVylissea. Librarian. Occasional teacher for History, Elemental, and Ancient Runes," she said the last with extra emphasis. She had no desire to actually teach but she still wanted Tamara to know that Adele could do her job better all the same. As Octavia nodded to Audrey, bounced down off her chair and into the hallway, Adele shrugged a shoulder. "Alan, lost in his work?" she snorted. "More like lost in a nap. You ever get tired of mopping up his drool, Audrey?"
  11. "Bodies are here to be destroyed," she shrugged. "We don't take them with us." She really couldn't bring herself to care all that much about life, or death, or anything like that. It all seemed trivial, most days. You lived until you stopped living and that was the end of it. If a few cigarettes hastened the journey, she wasn't going to refuse. It was largely a terrible ride anyway. Her interest was piqued by the name of the school though, her head tilted slightly as he spoke about Tallygarunga. She'd heard of it. Very little of it good. And yet this classy young man had been there? Interesting. She flicked ash to the floor, raising an eyebrow in baffled innocence when he stopped her taking the drink. "Fake?" she shook her head, sliding a driver license from a slim wallet. Printed in capital letters, MERCEDES L ROWE. "My father loved fast cars, and mother wouldn't let him name me Ferrari," she said with a shrug. "Mercedes was the only one they could agree on. My second name is Liana if that makes you feel any better, but Mercedes is my legal name." Not her true name, no---but what was? She'd had so many names over the years. Variations of variations, none of them felt like hers. Her true name had never felt right either, though. A heavy burden she would rather ignore. Liana, though. That came from her mother. "Well, it is for now," she made it sound like an admission. "Waiting for some paperwork to go through to ditch that surname. That one belongs to a soon-to-be ex-husband. My friends call me Mercy, some just call me Blue. It's just a name, though. A rose by any other name, and all of that. And you still haven't given yours yet, sweetheart."
  12. "A cigar man, hm?" She lit her cigarette all the same, twirling the unlit cigar between her fingers. She considered a witty quip about the size difference between cigarettes and cigars, something something compensating. He seemed friendly enough though, and if Tyler were to follow her steps and peer into the bar, he might assume she was still working and leave. The man was very much like most of her clients these days. Classy looking, though most were high level businessmen and politicians. She wondered what this stranger did. Whatever it was, he wasn't there yet. Not quite. A few years, and this was someone who could only succeed. She could pick them. They went from faces at work to faces on the news, and she knew their innermost desires. Of course, they never took her with them. That was part of the contract. She was part of a life unseen, a secret to be hushed away and that's why they paid her tremendously. They came for her skills, and stayed for her silence. "I see no reason I can't have both," a sly smile crept across her lips, the cigarette almost gone already. The cigar soon replaced it, and she blew smoke rings to one side. "I believe magic predates mechanised lighting systems, so what is truly old fashioned? But I get your point. To be honest, even if I had my wand it would be useless. Rubbish at magic," the admittance was wry, as off-hand as she could make it. "Hard to get anywhere in this world without a bit of magic. Hard to get anywhere in the muggle world if you weren't raised that way, too, I suppose. Hard life in this society if you're anything but a full-blooded wizard. It's not made for people who are different." Her usual rant. The unfairness of society, blah blah. She put a hand up, as if to stop his train of thought. "Full blooded witch, I am, mind," she said, in case he might confuse her with anything else. "Just rubbish at bloody magic." The woman sighed, offering a wry smile. He hadn't run from her, that was nice. He was a handsome sort too. Now why couldn't they find her anything like this to wed? If she was going to be forced to look at something for the rest of her life, it might as well be pretty. She'd been told quite firmly that no outsiders would be considered. Someone had to be there in her stead if she insisted on being out here all the time. Someone had to sire, and likely raise, the next in line. "Mercedes, by the way," she shook her head, realising she hadn't even introduced herself. "Would you like to buy me a drink?"
  13. Just saw Lauren's QB. Really, Adele? Just how many stashes do you have in that library?

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      I have so far found some in one of the bricks of the Wall. And under a floorboard in F3, and the hollow of my favourite climbing tree, and also Mamiere's favourite secret passage in the tunnels... Is there a prize for finding the most?

    3. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Yeesh. . . You know, it's reaaally hard to champion you with that kind of evidence, Adele! 

      Er, bring that to Uncle, Lei. So I can place them away properly. 

    4. Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Place them away where? No one has yet confirmed if there is a prize.

  14. Topic: Tallygarunga's influence of Australian magical society Reading: History of Tallygarunga (Page 34) Assessment: Contribute productively to class discussion. The above was written in Adele's flawless cursive handwriting, an elegant script that seemed at odds with the irritable woman that sat at the desk below it. Watching the students filter in and take their places, she frowned grimly at them. A sharp finger pointed to the blackboard on occasion, as if to silently demand the students sit down, shut up, and open their books to the page listed. Adele didn't want to talk. Heck, Adele didn't want to teach. Alan had really pushed his luck this time, begging her yet again to fill in for History. Did she have better things to do? Not really. Being so early in the year, the library was in near-pristine condition and she'd almost reached the point of scrubbing the varnish off the shelves. Obsessively cleaning to keep her mind off reality? Probably. Was Alan throwing more work at her because he knew she would spiral fast without it? Very likely, but Adele didn't stop to consider that. The holiday season had been unbearably hard, even with Alex and the rest of the family around. As the room began to fill up, Adele rose from her seat, moved around to the front of the desk and leaned against it. Casually she took a cigarette and lit it, her gaze casting across the room and daring the students that were brave enough to meet it to say something about the cigarette. She did not care. The worst that could happen is Alan would remove her from the school and then what? She wouldn't have to bloody well teach History for him anymore. Useless lump that he was. No doubt she was here because he was insisting Audrey not do any work. Like getting another damn replacement teacher in. She looked up at the clock. It struck bang on the hour, and her free hand shot out to one side, a burst of magic slamming the door shut with an almighty crack. "Books. Open. Respectfully. Damage a single page and you'll wish you were never born," she snapped. "If you've not already read the material, I suggest you start now. If you have, and you've got something to contribute, put your hand up and wait your turn to talk." Adele barked the orders, clearly not in a mood to be messed with today. "The school you're at right now, Tally, had a significant impact on the Australian wizarding society. Why do you think that is? What ways has it changed society for the better? Or worse? How might wizarding Australia be different if Tally didn't exist? What makes Tallygarunga different from the rest of the magical education institutions?" (You don't need to wait for Adele to post to have your character answer, just assume that she does within your post and have your character offer their part of the conversation.)
  15. Améa was definitely not going to this. She had only just become strong again, and while Adele knew that her daughter's abilities outstripped hers by a considerable amount, they couldn't be relied on if Zane was around. No one knew how little it would take for Améa to fall back into that hole, and no one was going to let it happen. Polyjuice sounded like an idea, but would Thomas be expecting such a trick? You could fake an appearance but if Thomas knew the subtle difference in how a sorceress felt in the room to that of a wizard, the plan was doomed. Altering one of the others to look like Améa was a possibility, someone with a similar signature to Améa herself, but.. who? Jezebel? Lauren? Adele didn't want any of them getting involved. Perhaps Lillian would concede to helping out this one time. "If it weren't also me he were seeking, I could have done it," Adele frowned. Back when Améa had first started at Tallygarunga, the willful girl had often taken Adele's appearance to leave the dorms and do as she wished. It was only when she had to speak English that the illusion had fallen apart. Adele was fairly confident she could mimic Améa's speaking style far more easily than Améa had ever mimicked hers. A fae illusion, though? It was a possibility. It still led to the issue of who though. Améa was perculiar in her mannerisms, it would take more than a visual trick to fool Thomas. "We will find a way," Adele nodded, not entirely keen on discussing specifics of any potential plans with Zane in the room. The less he knew, the better. He just had to lead them to where Thomas was, then they could finish this. "Anything else we need to know?"
Adele Ellareisse DeVylissea
Tallygarunga Librarian 0
40* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age:  40*
Date of Birth: November 4th, 1978
Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
Occupation: Tallygarunga Librarian
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Sorceraic
Player:  ★ Sadrienne
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Patronus
Wand: Wand
Play-by: Eva Green











Her position back home is known to very few. This is a secret she guards with her life. Though she could pretend to care less, she has fallen in love more than once - and though she will flat refuse to admit it - has been very badly affected by some of her break ups.

General Knowledge

That there's only a handful of men in town that Adele hasn't tried, that she was the mother of Alan Burdett's daughter Lauren (deceased), and that she'll drag you into her drama if she can.


There are two very distinct sides to Adele. One, is the happy, carefree, laid back person she would like to be all the time. During these times, she is pleasant, eager to please, and generally nice to be around. Her sarcastic wit, and often crude analogies are never meant to be offensive, she delivers each with a well-meaning grin. She tends to tell things like they are, and is blunt as a spoon when it comes to saying what she thinks. Whether that be of someone else, or whatever, her opinion is honest and to the point. She is loyal to the death, and fights with a vengeance when crossed. This is the Adele that her few friends have seen, and these days - isn't seen often.

Adele has a reputation for drama, and can take almost any situation and make it worse. Those she takes a disliking to will be quickly cut down, her need to pretend that she doesn't care for anyone else at all often ends in her proving her lack of consideration in extreme ways. She is free with her affection on the outside, but is careful to never give away her heart... she does not believe in fairytale love, and thinks steady relationships are a waste of precious time.

On occasion, and this happens usually in coincidence with correspondence from home, or the short trips she takes every now and then, the second side of Adele emerges. It is clear at these times, that she trusts no one completely, and is insecure in her place both as a resident of Naragyambie, and a permanent casual relief teacher at Tallygarunga. She may appear to be frightened of shadows, and never speaks about what truly upsets her. Customarily, she covers these problems with alcohol, a habit she is slowly letting go of after the birth of her third child, and first son - Caleb.


Adele is of an average height, thin, and very pale. Her hair, dark blue-black and dead straight, hangs to about halfway down her back, and is generally let loose. Her features are small, and delicate... she's pretty, in an unachievable sort of way. Some sources speculate the use of charms and other magic to maintain her appearance. Her eyes are probably the most interesting feature, being a deep royal blue, probably helped by tinted Muggle contacts.. Adele would rather be dead than caught wearing her glasses. She generally wears blue, and is most often found in Muggle clothing... particularly jeans (no matter what the weather outside). She burns very easily, and prefers small amounts of simple silver jewellery rather than gold. Lately she's taken an interest in personal appearance, and tends to dress up more often than not - she has an expensive sense of style, one that doesn't fit the streets of Narrie - but fits her entirely.


The exact circumstances surrounding Adele's birth are unknown even to her. She grew up in a rather backwards sort of a city, protected by ancient wards that disabled Muggle kind from ever finding the island on which it was situated. Her parents, Kheldere and Ameliana DeVylissea, split up less than a year after her birth, and her father soon remarried. Rumours flew, speculating the reasons for the split. One, was that the girl child did not belong to Kheldere, as it posessed none of his features, but still resembled very closely Ameliana and her siblings.

However, as Kheldere remarried, Ameliana became less close with her daughter, leaving her more often in the care of her nurse and tutor, Lillian.

It became clear very quickly that Adele and her step-mother were never to be friends. Lillian and Bethianna were equal opposites. Bethianna, driven more by revenge and bitterness for an incident long forgotten, lashed out at Adele in hopes to hurt Lillian (who adored the child, a weakness Bethianna did not possess). Lillian protected her, and kept her safe. Within time, Adele learnt to dodge Bethianna's strikes, learning her lessons very quickly.

She was rather close friends with her cousin, Juliette. The two, though opposite in personality (Juliette was the kind to be doted on, and lived for attention) were the best of friends, often sitting out in the rose gardens for hours, and watching the clouds go by. The two were a mere three days apart in birth. On Adele's seventh birthday, they were once again walking through the rose gardens, when Bethianna and her husband (Adele no longer thought of him as her father) took each girl by the hand and dragged them away to a secret place, with the intent to hold the girls until Lillian released important information Bethianna needed. 

Leaving them locked in a room, Kheldere and Bethianna left. By standing on Juliette's shoulders, Adele was able to squeeze out the window, and run for help... promising first to get help for her slightly younger cousin. However, before she could explain the situation, Ameliana silenced her, and took her across the sea to a place where 'Bethianna could not reach her anymore'.

Guilt followed Adele, as she grew up. With her mother, they moved frequently... changing continent and country as often as one changes their shirt. Bit by bit, and through several different schools, Adele gained her education... sometimes in regular magical schools, and often in Muggle schools. Ameliana wished for Adele to be close by, that she might know she was always safe. At age seventeen, Adele felt she needed to break away from her mother, and find something more permanent. She settled in Melbourne, where they were staying at the time, and her mother moved on.

She finished her education at Yarra Academy, graduating as the little-known trouble maker. She had an extreme lack of respect for authority, and her grades were not what they should have been. Crossing the country yet again, she attended the Western Australian University of Magic, and graduated from teachers' college there. She missed Melbourne, however, and crossed back yet again for her first placement as the Librarian at Talsquash Academy of Magic.

Her time there was marked by lectures from Professor Van Helsing, and the sudden appearance of her cousin Juliette, who convinced her to return home. Which she did, for a while, coming back to continue her place at TAM... where she was promoted to take on History of Magic, and later Ancient Runes. 

It was during her days there, that she came across Mereditha Adagathguarde, sitting at Flinders Street Station one afternoon. Mereditha, who had just come in from England, quickly became Adele's closest female friend.. and had coincidentally taken a place at the very same school Adele had graduated from. Adele stood proudly by Meri's side when she married her sweetheart, Adrian Tallenery, a charms professor.

Shortly after Meri's wedding, Adele found herself becoming increasingly more involved with Adrian's brother, David. The two got along well, and became perhaps even closer than Mereditha and Adele. They shared much the same philosophy on love, Adele left her apartment to share one with her best friend, David. However, when Meri's miscarriage left her without a job and feeling depressed, Adele left her place at Talsquash to tend to her friend. It was decided that a change was needed. Adrian and Meri moved north to Queensland to start a-new.

Adele, was starting to realise that the feelings she had for David went beyond friendship with casual benefits. After a ridiculous fight over the location of their next apartment, Adele convinced herself that Dave would never feel for her the way she felt about him. She got in her car and drove on until she ran out of petrol, the car sputtering to a stop just outside of Narragyambie. 

It was there that she found a place at Tallygarunga as a casual relief teacher. Adele was in no condition to teach, heartbreak had her seeking solace in anything alcoholic--she avoided returning to her homeland, and involved herself in unhealthy relationships with other staff members at the school. Though none of them made her feel the way that David had, Adele convinced herself each time that she was in love, and was heartbroken when the relationships fell apart. 

There were no boundaries for Adele at this time, so desperate to fill the void in her life she slept with staff and students alike, seeking comfort from her boss, Alan, from a fellow professor, Keith Anderson, and one of the senior students who would later date her daughter Améa. When she fell pregnant in 2007, Adele herself didn't know who the father was. Sick how Adele was avoiding her motherly duties, Adele's mother Lillian brought Améa to Australia, forcing Adele to take care of the girl.

Desperate then to provide some sort of stable life for her children, Adele began to date Thomas Sollozzo, a man she felt could provide for the family. She allowed him to think that the baby she was having was his, though she couldn't escape her love-hate relationship with Keith Anderson. Thomas turned out to be violent and cruel, Adele, not seeing a way out of her relationship with him, left Améa in the care of a friend and drove her car off a bridge into the lake. Her mother saved her, and granted her a different look so that she could return to Narrie and look after Améa without the danger of Thomas discovering who she was.

The body she used was male, and she caught the attention of gay professor Kellan Miles. She fell for him too, and when the danger was over and she returned to her own body, the pair struggled to deal with their feelings for each other through incompatible bodies. Kellan was there for her during the birth and short life of Lauren, who turned out to be Alan Burdett's child. Kellan finally left her shortly after the birth of their son Caleb, and the turning point of Adele's life… she finally started to take proper care of herself for Caleb's sake. She stopped drinking and kept her relationships to a minimum. She tried to reconcile matters with Améa, realising what a terrible mother she'd been.

Adele became a dedicated mother and hard working employee at Tallygarunga, changing from casual relief teacher to full-time librarian. On an excursion to the park with Caleb, she ran into her former love, David Tallenery, who now also had a child. Adele couldn't hold her feelings back now, and she married David in a quiet civil ceremony.

An odd period of calm and normality occurred then for Adele, where she seemed very settled and content in her marriage to David. But pressure from her family back home (who had not approved her marriage) and her insistence on keeping the whole thing secret from Dave, caused suspicion over time. He suspected she was seeing someone else, and unable to explain the truth, she lied and said she was.

This caused an explosive argument, and the pair are currently on a trial separation.


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