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  1. Invite Charlie #3

    Mid-90s Melbourne, autumn. A Friday night. The music was loud, the girls were moving, and the customers were happy. That was how she liked things. Sauntering through the main bar, she threw smiles left and right to her regulars, laughed. No---she wasn't working right now. No, they couldn't convince her to. It was early in the night yet, and she was ready to enjoy it. Cigarette to her lips, the smoke trailed behind her as she stepped out of the lights and noise, into the streets of Melbourne. Crowded, dark, the alleyway was full of graffiti. She knew every inch of it, had been here longer than some of the artwork. Proper jobs came and went, but this she always came back to. "Oi, you're out early." The voice made her pause, turn around. Blow exasperated smoke out her mouth and nostrils. She flicked ash to the ground, staring at the wretch in front of her. He'd made her a deal, was he here to deliver? The look on his face said no, and she wasn't interested in anything more. "What do you want, Ty?" she sighed. "Are you here to make more empty promises? Because I don't see her with you. It's beginning to feel like you can't find her." "I can, I just---I need more time. I'll get there, babe." Slowly he shuffled forward, toward her. She took a step back as he did. Shook her head. "I'm not your 'babe' anymore, I thought that was clear?" at the door, two of the bigger bouncers lurked. She knew they were there, and he did too. They weren't an idle threat, either. "You assaulted my client, Tyler. You reckon you can find Ameliana, excellent. Find her for me. But that is all. At least until you get this anger of yours in check." She looked back toward the door, gave the bouncers a subtle wave. Everything was fine here. Tyler was sober, more likely to burst into tears than lash out. The bouncers didn't move anyway, and she was grateful for that. "I promise, I'll be better, babe," pleaded Tyler. "I miss you. I don't care... about the other stuff. Just. Come home?" She shook her head. "Not yet," she said. "Go home, Ty. When you've proven you can keep your cool, let me do the things I need to do without getting jealous... maybe then I'll join you." The end of the cigarette came way too soon, she dropped the stub to the footpath and ground it out with the toe of her stillettos. She didn't stay to see what he did, just turned her back and walked on down the alley in search of a better night. That meant getting as far away from this district as she could. Familiar faces surrounded her here, she was the queen of this strip. No one would dare touch her here, she had powerful clients with a very loose attachment to the law. It was hardly somewhere she could relax, though. A better suburb, a brighter street. A bar on one of Melbourne's more iconic and well-reputed streets. She made her way there, let the unfamiliar crowd melt away her frustration at Tyler. She didn't like this side of him. The pathetic side. Once upon a time he'd thrilled her, challenged her, and then... it fell apart. As it always did. A long sigh, a drink ordered, held in one hand. She surveyed the crowd of well-dressed people. Was this a function of some sort that she'd walked into? At least she looked the part. More formal than the average nightwear, she always dressed to impress. You never knew who was out there with a wallet full of cash, after all. Another cigarette. That's what she needed. She found one and---where was her lighter? She had just had it. The bar was a wizard venue, yes, but... her wand had mixed results. Always had. Sometimes it worked, other times she set her eyebrows alight. Not ideal in a public venue. "I'm so sorry, sir," she tapped the shoulder of the nearest man. "Could I trouble you for a light? I seem to have misplaced my wand..."
  2. Invite Act I - An Unlikely Alliance

    Oh, he would not allow it, would he? Adele's lips parted, and she stared down at the boy in silent fury. Stuart acted first, and she stood by as he did. Every syllable out of Zane was just more wasted air, more wasted time. His apologies and his sympathies, his promises, everything about him was wasted, she wanted none of it. There was no mercy in letting him live, she was not trying to be generous or win his favour. She simply couldn't give a shit. Once he had exhausted what little use he had, he was good as dead to her, even if he still breathed. The boy was pathetic, he would never grow to much---and expending hate on the boy was more than he was worth. "I still don't care." she repeated the words, cold and sharp as frozen steel. "I want nothing more out of you, except where I can find Thomas. If you find yourself with anything else more to say, I suggest you choke it down before Stuart forces your pathetic emotions back down your throat." Which, on reflection, Adele almost hoped that Zane would push his luck in that regard. This was a side of Stuart she'd not seen much, the direct agression, the darkness, it was... intriguing. Adele knew there was no limit as to how far he would go in protecting his family, this was merely one of the rare opportunities where he could really break out of the political good-boy role and show that ferocity in full. Aside from Zane's weak and miserable part, this whole act was intoxicating on a level that Adele had almost forgotten. So much had changed, but she had always lived for the more destructive life. "I'm waiting, boy."
  3. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Lillian was shaken by all that had occurred. There was no other word for it. Her normally calm, almost mocking manner had slowly vanished entirely into an unsettled wariness that made her seem more human than normal. There were things that even she was upset by, and watching a sorceress of her own calibre fade out on the living room floor was evidently one. Her initial care-free response had been automatic, but she knew this was different too. Theoretically it was possible that Bethianna could be brought back to strength, and yes---it had been done before. Could she guarantee it? No. Nor was watching it all happen something you could just brush off your shoulder. And Millea's involvement in the scheme just added insult to injury. She nodded to Cate as she talked of bringing her brother back, doing what they could to revive Bethianna. Caleb, aware that he was the cause of all this sadness, had given up on trying to escape Adele's hold and now clung to her. Lauren watched the parent-child affection with a small frown, a deep knife of longing wedged in her heart. She held to Lorelei's hand still, not willing to let go. Then there was Rheldor, and the mood changed instantly. From Adele's wry fear of what her father had created, to Améa's surprise at the overly-positive intrusion, even Lillian seemed to brighten a little. Caleb definitely perked up at the mention of cake, looking toward his grandfather with those bright green eyes. "Oh, sweetheart you probably don't want to risk that," Adele murmured to her son. Caleb whined, not understanding what she meant, he didn't want to miss out on cake. "As Thia's daughter and blood-kin now to Caleb, you are family indeed," said Lillian to Cate, sealing her fate with the connection. A family event of eating the potentially dangerous cake---what could go wrong? Lillian knew she wouldn't be getting out of this either, so it might as well be all of them. Caleb, realising that he was getting cake, ceased his complaining and began to bounce impatiently. Adele just hoped it didn't upset his stomach too much. "Well, from what they tell me, today was a birth of sorts---for yourself and Caley," said Rheldor with his trademark beaming smile. He handed the knife to Alex, and looked down at his creation with the sort of pride only a creator could have. That pride didn't waver at all as the others filtered into the kitchen, stood about the table and took in the sheer horror that was supposed to be a cake. Even Caleb didn't seem so sure now. "Alright Alex, you better dish it out," said Adele with a healthy dose of apprehension. "Unless you've had enough pain for today? This could be a whole new level."
  4. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Lillian nodded, Cate seemed to get it. At least someone here did. "There is ever hope she may grow strong enough to maintain her physical form again," she said with a shrug. "If she has such a will to return. She had such hopes for her brother, and even as she passed herself onto Calebrien, she stopped just short of her very last. A seed from which to grow, potentially." It had been done before, but in different times and with different people. Bethianna's struggle to revive her brother had been complicated by the leak, and Lillian had not been able to rouse the Brown or the Grey to their full power again because they did not want to be roused. Still, the mood in the room remained sombre. A loss was a loss, even if it wasn't a permanent one. ---- Outside, Rheldor continued to beam at Alex and Cass. They liked his cake, they were smiling very hard! It made all of the running from the angry bald man worth it. There was little Rheldor wouldn't do to see his family smile. Today was always going to be hard. What little he knew of the process Alex had just gone through was... awful. He'd chosen to leave the house, knowing he couldn't watch. The cake had been a distraction from all of that, once he'd found a suitable kitchen to work in. "You made a cake too?" Rheldor tilted his head at Cass, his impossibly wide grin widening still. "Two cakes! No wonder our Alexander pulled through with two cakes on the other side!" This seemed a logical explanation. Along with the fact that cakes were made to be eaten, today was now a celebration---and that meant it was time to divvy up the dessert! Alex's idea that everyone should have some at the same time had the sort of romantic and theatrical flair that Rheldor enjoyed, and he agreed heartily. "Splendid idea!" he said, taking the box back with gentle hands. "A proper family activity on this most excellent day! To the kitchen!" Rheldor marched into the house, a one-man parade of blinding positivity. Sticking his head into the living-room, he once again failed to notice the quiet sadness that filled it. He knew nothing of what had taken place, and saw only reasons to celebrate. Not mourn. "By request of my boy Alexander, it's time for a family activity!" said Rheldor. "And you're all in for a surprise! I made a cake!" Beckoning for everyone to follow, he retreated to the kitchen to find a knife and plates. This was going to be fun! Meanwhile, Adele still hugged Caleb tight. "Oh shit," she sighed, knowing how successful her father's experiments usually were. "He made a cake."
  5. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Millea seemed... disappointed? by the little that Caitlin knew. Still holding out for a way home, no doubt, and her reaction gained a frown from Lillian. Like Lillian and Bethianna, it seemed that Millea too moved to a design of her own making. One perhaps even less fathomable than that of the other elders. Her job here was done, though, and there was nothing else she could add to this event. Looking once more about the room, Millea made her way out without so much as a farewell. Typical. Adele was very glad to hear that Caleb was "stable". He struggled in her arms now, trying to break free--even though she could feel that he was sore and exhausted from the experience. She tried to hold on to him, not wanting to let go. Ever. Caleb whined, stating that he wanted to go see Alex, but Adele just kept him there. "In a bit," she promised. "Just stay here a minute. I thought I was going to lose you, Caley." With a groan, Caleb allowed it. Améa, clearly devastated by what had happened, looked to Lillian with a teary frown. "Nothing you could done and not left Tahearn'anna to die?" she asked, almost accusing Lillian of letting it happen. But at this, Lillian looked perplexed. "Die?" she repeated the word, before catching on. "Ah, I suppose that is the best analogy. If... incorrect." Lillian shrugged a shoulder. ----- Outside, Rheldor was arriving through the side gate. He saw Alex, and his expression broke into a giant grin. Where he had been was anyone's guess, but he was covered head to toe in flour and splashes of oil, eggshells, sugar and smears of colour on his hands and face. He carried a white box in both hands, stained where his fingers had rubbed the colouring off onto the cardboard. "My boy!" he bellowed, oblivious to the quiet and intense moment that was happening. "You survived! I knew you would." Rheldor made his way in closer, a swagger in his step as he gazed proudly on his son. What had happened inside the house, he knew nothing of. Only that one of the better outcomes had been achieved, and he was grateful for that. And not only because Alexander would see Christmas, but also because it was going to make this next bit more relevant... and way less awkward. "I baked ye a little something," he said, shoving the box toward Alex. Inside was what could only be described as a cake fail too terrible even for a series like "Nailed It". Burned in some places, still runny in others---the icing had melted and dripped all over the inside of the box, but he had tried, bless him. What remained of the attempt at decorating was just barely readable, and said: "GLAD YOR NOT DED" "Would have put an exclamation mark on it, but a bald man chased me out of the kitchen," Rheldor said with a shrug. "Strange, strange angry man."
  6. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    "Your mother?" it was Adele who asked the question, staring at Caitlin in wild disbelief. Millea simply nodded, ignoring the dark looks she was getting from Lillian. Lillian did not like being left outside of information, and it seemed there was a lot here that she didn't know. Nor did she like how her twin had apparently watched them all, while refusing to make direct contact. "Before her twin could truly expire, Thia took what remained of him and sealed it into the gem you saw today. From that moment, her most important task was to seek a way that she might heal the wound he was born with, that he might again have enough strength to maintain a physical form. She carried him throughout her life, but believed that the best chance of success was not in this realm---but in our own. If he could be returned to the source of our existence, perhaps there she would find the answers she desired. And so she sought the Fae, for their knowledge of realms beyond this one. What transpired there, I have no knowledge of---only that we found her some time after, with no memory of the time since my last conversation with her," Millea frowned. "And so Lian took her to the island to recover, where she became Bethianna as you know her." More than that, Millea really didn't know. So much of it had been hidden behind a block that she couldn't break, no matter how many times Bethianna asked. Bethianna had always been certain there was something she had known, had discovered, that she needed to remember. But no amount of effort had uncovered the secret to bringing her brother back, or their way home. It remained locked away, behind a door that laughed at their every attempt. Was this what the woman had forgotten? A family? A daughter, and a son too by the sound of it. Millea wondered what had possessed Bethianna to do that, it was so out of character for her. All of her daughters were disinherited from the moment it was safe to put them through acceptance, and her sons as soon as she knew they could not be healed. Why leave this girl in a state of limbo? It didn't seem right. "And somehow, it just so happens that Alex got involved with Cass, and they both have our blood..." Adele shook her head. It sounded like something out of a bizarre soap opera. "Blood calls to blood," Millea answered. "As it called you all together, so it called them here."
  7. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    "Caley!" the howl that came from Adele was primal, inhuman, accompanied by a burst of agonised grief not unlike the one that had brought the family together after David's murder. Améa's hand gripped hers tight, and Adele found herself unable to move from where she stood. Unable to catch her little boy, unable to do what she could to save him. Which would be... nothing. If she broke from the chain they would lose Caleb and Alex. If anything could be done, it would be up to the far more powerful Bethianna to do it. Lauren's chest tightened as she listened to Adele sob in fear, at first angry that the woman would pretend at being distraught while doing nothing, only to realise that she also could not move her hands nor her feet. Across the room Millea's golden eyes watched, impassive. The magic that held them had a golden hue, but why? Lauren scowled at the woman, opened her mouth to say her piece---and realised she could not talk either. "Lea, what are you doing?" Lillian hissed, tilting her head toward the still figures on the floor. "Thia made her choice. She chose the boy." Millea replied, calm as ever. "You know the cost of interfering with mortal life, Lian. As did she. I came today because you had a hope that the older boy might survive by his own strength, do so naturally and become one of us proper. I did not come here to watch each of you throw away your lives to save what cannot--should not--be saved." As she said this, Millea looked around at the assembled family each in turn. Most of them, she knew, were desperate to see to Caleb. The colour had drained from Bethianna, her skin a disconcerting shade of almost grey. Hair dulled, brittle, dry as it had been at the Unwedding after her efforts to protect Alex. That had been bad, and this was still worse. The signature of her energy was near non-existent, a faint star in another universe rather than the blazing sun it should have been. If there was breath in her lungs or a beat in her heart, it was too weak to detect. She didn't move. Her eyes were open, staring out across the livingroom floor---irises clear as glittering diamonds and just as cold. Empty. "Tahearn'anna..." Améa said in a shaky breath. "She is be... nothing left." "She knew the cost." Millea repeated. It was unlike Bethianna to be so sentimental, and that had Millea slightly thrown. She expected this behaviour from her twin, had thought Bethianna knew better. Millea was disappointed to say the least. On Cass's knee, Caleb drew in a sudden breath. His whole body jerked with the effort, hands and feet rising from the carpet. The next breath was more gentle, and another came after. His heartbeat started to tick a steady rhythm, and he writhed with an ache that hit him suddenly. Like his whole body had been compressed into a tiny space, and only now did he have freedom to move. "My baby..." Adele whispered, a glimmer of hope as Caleb's head tilted upward from the knee it rested on, eyelids fluttering open to look up at Cass. In spite of the pain, Caleb felt strong and vibrant. Every second he felt more complete, like his body was a jigsaw puzzle putting itself together in fast forward. Confused by what had just happened, he stared up at Cass, waiting for his bearings to come back. Stared up, looking for answers. Stared up, with an understanding and connection he'd never felt before. Caleb stared up, with eyes of the deepest emerald green.
  8. Invite Act I - An Unlikely Alliance

    "I don't care." Adele's voice was uncharacteristically cold as she stared down at Zane. Whatever his reasons, she didn't want to hear them. She knew that even in the worst of situations, there were always options. Zane had either not bothered, or been too weak to take his---and she had no sympathy for weakness. Adele didn't want apologies, and she didn't want explanations. Not from this piece of shit. Because even if he had been controlled, what then was it that made him treat Améa as he did? When out of the sight of his uncle, he still insisted that she obey him? That he had allowed her to become so faded and visibly unwell, and done nothing to help it? They had been so far away Améa at least could have had a life out there, and he had robbed her of that. To Adele, Zane was now just a means to an end. He had no human value worth her consideration. "What I do care about is how you intend to spring this trap upon your uncle," she added smoothly. "And how you might prove that it is not a trap designed to catch us. When your uncle last knew me I was mortal, and I saw no good reason for me to live, but now---he had best know that not only have I fully inherited my birthright, I have everything to live for. For what he has done to me, to our family, I will hunt him through a thousand lifetimes." the edge on her voice was like serrated steel, rough and strong. "Nor do I fully trust that you are up to the task of ending him. Provide me with the opportunity and I will carry it out---in reward I will allow you to suffer with your pathetic life."
  9. Invite Act I - An Unlikely Alliance

    She waited until after midnight before walking through the door. Zane didn't deserve her punctuality, he barely deserved to be acknowledged at all. However, he had information that she would need. Adele was determined to see this through, whatever the cost, but she was using everything she had at her disposal. That meant everything from her appearance to her late arrival was crafted to make Zane as uncomfortable and cooperative as possible. Adele carried herself through the house with a regal grace not normally seen through the day, head held high and shoulders back. Her gown, cut low and close in all the right places, shimmered between blue and black, shifting effortlessly around her body as she moved. Against the backdrop of the dusty and dim house, she appeared inhuman. Powerful. She walked in ahead of Stuart, long determined steps and a grim expression on her face. And there he was, the pathetic lowlife who had caused her daughter so much trouble. Adele stopped in the center of the room, taking his condition in with a critical eye---but no sympathy. If he suffered, then he deserved his lot. She folded her arms, waited a silent moment for Stuart to join her in the room. "Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you now, and hunt your uncle at my leisure," she said smoothly. "Your head would make perfect bait."
  10. Invite Buy Now, Pay Later

    Adele didn't want to upset her granddaughter, but there was a lot here that she wasn't comfortable with. The girl needed to understand that the world wasn't always what it seemed, and even if she was absolutely sure of something---that would never be enough to act as though it was certain. There was always that smallest chance of being wrong. While it was difficult to destroy Lei's happiness at being useful, it was also an important lesson to learn. Hopefully one that wouldn't have to be learned the hard way. She took the letters as Stuart offered them, nodding and flicking through them while he was gone. Should she reply? Or make Zane sweat over whether she would arrive or not? Adele resolved to work out that later, folding the pieces into a small square and tucking them safely away. When Stuart returned, her glass was near-empty again, but hadn't been refilled. She was being good. Mostly. "Yeah. At least get a better idea of what we might be dealing with. I don't trust it---but it's an opportunity we can't really ignore," Adele shrugged a shoulder. "Don't suppose there's any point saying I don't want you to come with me? Midnight at the Moira Court house. How bloody cliche," Adele rolled her eyes slightly. If Stuart wanted to come, she wouldn't protest. She would lose, for a start, and secondly---Adele wasn't sure she wanted to go alone. If Stuart was there, maybe they could stop each other from wringing Zane's neck before he could be useful. "Perhaps I should ask Mother to set barriers around the school. Keep the girls where they belong," she frowned, still irritable about Lorelei's part in all of this. "And it's not just leaving the school that bothers me, she hid this from us. Deliberately. She had to have known we wouldn't approve, or she would have told us after she woke... or at least after the first letter. She's getting more like Mea, and I don't like where that goes."
  11. Invite Buy Now, Pay Later

    Adele still wasn't convinced. "I don't pretend to know what Thomas is, and isn't capable of," she said quietly. "Or what other allies he has at his disposal. For all we are aware, he is witness to this very conversation---to go in with the belief that we are the ones to spring the trap would be foolish. Nothing is ever that certain." It was still their best shot, and as Stuart voiced his disagreement, her hand absently moved over to his knee and squeezed it as some sort of reassurance. She knew. She knew it was far less than ideal, and she knew there was no way she could convince Stuart that it was a good idea. It wasn't. It was a chance not to be wasted, and while Adele really didn't like that Lorelei had been the one to organise it, she would take the opportunities where they came. "If I am taken, Mother will have no choice but to intervene," she added, the icing on that delicious cake. That was a fight Thomas did not want to pick. So far he had been just a troublesome nuisance in Adele's life, a phantom sniping at the edges and removing minor pieces from the game (at least in Lillian's eyes). But if he went for the queen, Lillian would no longer be able to simply watch. Adele could be hurt, miserable, at the bottom of a deep well of despair and that was acceptable---but for Adele to be deprived of her liberty and her ability to govern her home, that changed things. "We have a plan for the worst, so we can hope for the best," she said with a sigh. "I know you'll find me. And I won't stop fighting until I come home. I promise you that." There was no way she could leave her boys for too long, even if she knew Thomas would not target them. She had plenty of reasons to keep breathing. And no, she wasn't allowing Lorelei to walk back to the school either. She nodded as Stuart said he would apparate, and poured herself a fresh glass. "Me and my friend will be right here when you get back," she said, holding up the bottle.
  12. Invite Buy Now, Pay Later

    "Zane has been ordered to lure me toward Sollozo, and your grand plan is that I should go?" Adele's eyebrow raised in disbelief. None of this sounded very wise to her. She had no doubt that Lorelei truly believed what she had seen, and what she had been told, but Adele could not take it so easily at face value. There was no guarantee that Zane, even subconscious, was being truthful about his situation. Lorelei was a clever girl, of that there was no doubt, but she was still young. Still terribly optimistic, inexperienced with a brutal world that had caused Adele to question everything. "It's certainly not outside of Sollozzo's abilities to give us a false sense of security, belief that we have an ally in Zane, and lead us into a trap in our desperation for this to be over," she said, but gods that was what she wanted. One thing that she knew was true: Sollozzo would vanish the moment he sensed anyone outside of herself was present. Sending Aurors would only end in the same story of escape and further terror, and who knew when they would be able to locate him again? Adele pressed her lips together. Trap or no trap, it was an opportunity. If Lorelei was right, it could be the end. If she was wrong---Adele would end up in Sollozzo's hands. Would that be so bad? Her family would be able to locate her, and possibly him wherever she was, they would know far more than they knew right now. She might even get a chance to end him while in captivity. It would mean time away from the boys, but it would also mean that Sollozzo had no reason to go after them. "I don't trust Zane, or his plan," Adele said slowly. "But this may be our best shot. If Zane does not follow through, I don't---I don't want back up. Let Sollozzo take me. If anyone else interferes, he will leave and he will take his vengeance out on all of you. If he takes me, you can at least use me to locate him. It'll be an advantage for us." And there was nothing he could do to her that she hadn't already lived through, right? Adele tipped back the rest of her drink. She turned her head slightly to watch Stuart, and consider his words. There was no real point in saying he couldn't go, and she had no rank over him--either as family or leader--to expect that he would obey her. He was a good ally to have, but he was mortal and that made her anxious. If he revealed himself and Sollozzo struck out, could she live with herself? How could she face the kids if she led Stuart to his death? It was his decision, she just had a few requests first. "As long as you come back, even if I can't," she said firmly. "Help Father look after the boys. Make sure they know I'm going to be doing everything I can to get back to them. I won't give up. Okay?" she gave him a small smile. Adele didn't plan on being a sacrifice. Not if she could help it, but there were no guarantees here. Even her mother couldn't track Sollozzo, the powerful ability limited to others of their kind. So if Adele was with him... Adele turned her focus back to Lorelei. "When do we do this?"
  13. Invite Buy Now, Pay Later

    "... but if it comes to light, you'll pay a much higher price than I would," Adele reminded him. It would be the end of his career, of his freedom. Justified as it would be, Stuart would still be a murderer. He would be punished as one, and Adele... could always run. Take the family, go home, out of reach of the outside law. She had an alternate life she could go back to, and the ability to change herself if she wanted to come back. Adele had thought about this. Obsessively. She had felt Lorelei's approach, her gaze levelled at the doorway before the girl even reached it. Her lips thinned, fingers tapping along the outside of the glass as she listened to Lorelei speak. This was not where the girl was supposed to be, nor were these matters that she was supposed to be involved in. More things that Sollozzo had taken from them: Lei's ability to just be a child. "If you're thinking you might go finish this yourself, you can think again, Lorelei," Adele said firmly. "You're far too young to start living with those consequences. I'll have Mother strip you of whatever magic she left you with before I allow you to do that. Are we clear?" it occurred to Adele only after her lecture that if Lorelei was coming to them, she probably wasn't planning on running off alone. Still, Adele knew the weight of a life was a heavy one, a curse she didn't want any of her children or grandchildren to have to carry. Adele had brought him into their lives. She would have to take him out. It seemed only right that way. "What do you know?" she asked finally, her voice a little quieter. A little softer.
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    "Little bit," Adele admitted. It was all anyone seemed to do. Stick around long enough until she relied on them, and then vanish into the wind. Rheldor had a taste for the world outside Narrie now, and Adele could see in his eyes that he wanted to explore. That in itself stung a bit. The world was more fascinating and intriguing to him, than staying here with her? Adele knew it was unfair to draw that comparison, and nothing Rheldor had done or said suggested that he truly wanted to leave. There was no good reason why he couldn't have both. "Mother would probably save him before any of the rest of us," Adele muttered with only half a smile. She understood it now, that pathalogical need to protect at any cost. No wonder Rheldor had become so upset when it seemed Adele was following down that same track, and then Adele had to wonder how Lillian would react if Rheldor was in real danger. Would she take him away, and hide him again? If she did, would they be able to find him? Adele frowned. "She would do whatever it took to keep him alive," she said. "Even if that meant taking him away from us." She'd done it once, she would do it again. Adele wasn't so naive as to not realise that Lillian had been protecting Rheldor from her as much as anything. Not without reason either, Adele's lifestyle had always been a destructive one. He'd only been back such a short while, and from that very day they had been on high alert for danger. How long before Lillian decided enough was enough? "I just want this to end," Adele's shoulders fell, desperate and tired. "And I mean properly. Not some jail he can escape from, I want him dead. Burned. Scattered to the winds and dissolved in oceans. I want to take from him what he took from me, I want... Stuart, I don't want him arrested. I know I should let justice take its course, but there is no justice while he breathes. I wouldn't... I wouldn't ask you to go with me. But if you get a lead on him before I do..." Adele took a long sip, hoping Stuart understood. She wanted enough time to find Sollozzo, leave a corpse for the Ministry to find instead. It was the only solution she could think of, the only way to really give her family peace. Adele was not a violent person, she was not someone who believed that it was right to take a life---no matter what they did. But Sollozzo was an exception. The only exception. "I need to, Stuart. It's the only way."
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    Adele leaned in toward the arm that wrapped around her shoulders, glass held in both hands. The promise given, she knew Stuart would stop at nothing to make sure the kids had a good life. He would do what was right, if she wasn't able to. It was enough, for now, to quell a little of the anxiety that plagued her. Lauren's return had only made her even more aware of how terrible she had been, and what depths she could still fall to if she wasn't careful. The boys deserved better, gods---they all deserved better. But Adele could only be sorry for the mistakes she'd already made, and promise to keep learning. It wasn't as if she'd had any particularly good examples to model herself on. Not an excuse, but it did make things significantly harder. "He's got a bit of wanderlust," she added with a frown. "Not that you can blame him, being stuck in one place for... I don't know. My whole life. Long time. He's got this whole romantic idea in his head that he'll just strike out, see the world and find her at the same time. If she's out there, and I don't know if she is." Adele shrugged, unsure of how to feel on this topic herself. If Ameliana was alive, that meant she'd made no attempt at all to find her in the years that had gone by. Part of Adele even hoped that Ameliana had been abducted that day, dragged off against her will---rather than having walked out and not come back. "It's not like I haven't tried. I would have found something, so either her story came to an end, or..." Adele sighed. "She just doesn't want to be found. Before I found my way back home, I imagined that maybe she had found a way back. I don't know, Stuart. She could be anywhere on the planet. Last I saw her was in New Orleans, about thirty... forty years ago? Something like that." The alcohol was going down easy now. What would she do if they did find the woman? And what did Adele want from her? An apology? "Even Mother lost track of her. So. He's probably just going to end up chasing his tail for years, and... is that really worth it?"