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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Leanna Evans

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    Australian National Quidditch Team - Beater
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    Bex Taylor-Klaus

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    Ebony wood, unicorn hair, 14" and rigid flexibility
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  1. For Instant Fun, Just Add Water

    It was a really nice day for a pool party. The sun was out, it was late enough in the season that it wasn't completely unbearable, and there was the occasional cloud to provide a little relief. An older model muscle car was cruising down McEwen Lane, fairly slowly as the driver was checking house numbers carefully. The modern stereo system was blasting something emo from the early 2000s, and a few people gave her dirty looks as it drove by. Leanna Evans just flipped them off and kept driving. The car was the one material thing she had always really wanted, and had allowed herself to splurge on a little when she officially joined the team. She wasn't about to let any judgy rich people make her feel bad about it. Ugh, why had she agreed to do this again? Oh, right, because the rich people gave her money to help kids, and she felt obligated to help and hated being in debt to others. Right, right. Leanna finally found the right house and parked and got out. She had on a pair of rainbow colored swim trunks and flip flops. The muscle shirt she was wearing was faded, but it was clearly Sturt blue and had originally been a T-shirt, but someone (Leanna) had cut the sleeves cut off. It said Quidditch Captain on the front, and on the back was Leanna's old Sturt jersey number and last name at the top. Her sunglasses were the cheap, plastic kind but the frames were rainbow colored so they were her favorite. With her beach towel tossed over one shoulder, she approached the mansion. Leanna let out a low whistle. "Damn, Parsons. Overcompensating much?" she mumbled to herself, then chuckled at her own joke before approaching the door and knocking. As soon as it opened, she said, "Hey, I'm here to help make sure nobody drowns."
  2. The Ones They Left Behind

    Friday night in the city of Melbourne, loud and alight with people celebrating the end of the business week, Muggle and wizarding folk alike. The night was warm and thick, but no one here would ever pass up the opportunity to enjoy a few hours without the Sun high in the sky. But there were too many people out on the streets because they had no other place to be. Too many who never had a chance to celebrate, or anything to celebrate. And that's why Leanna was where she was tonight: in the event room of a luxury, high rise hotel. Joan had tried to take control of the benefit. She wanted to rent out a huge, expensive space and fill it with floating candles and hire people to decorate lavishly. She tried to hire really high end caterers, gourmet chefs, and a DJ of all things. She had even advised Leanna to hand out little gift bags to the people attending as a little incentive. They had argued about it over and over, but Leanna finally put her foot down. No way were they spending what money had already been donated on a fancy party just to impress the benefactors and kiss their asses. The money was for kids, the benefit was to help the kids. Period. But that had left Leanna with a dilemma: she knew she did indeed have to impress potential backers, but she would not let it turn into an extravagant glorified circle jerk fest for them either. Not one she was going to use the money for the kids to fund, anyway. As it was, when she started reaching out to a few people she knew to be sympathetic to her cause, the owner of this hotel had contacted her. He was a fellow Muggleborn wizard who had grown up in England and with very religious parents, so his own childhood had been a rough one. He had been one of Leanna's initial major contributors that helped get this charity off the ground, and he had immediately contacted her to offer up his event space and event services free of charge. Leanna had been extremely hesitant to accept his offer; the last thing she needed was people assuming that she used funds from the charity for this. Plus, she assumed he had some other reason for offering so much whether it be to gather more business for his hotel or some sort of tax thing. But he had insisted and Joan had looked at her with wide puppy dog eyes when Leanna had told her about it. So here they were. The decorations were simple but elegant enough to impress. A platform with a podium at the far end, a long table with gourmet food and snacks along one wall, and a fully stocked bar. Several round tables covered in deep blue tablecloths charmed to be stain-proof and simple white candles surrounded by simple white flowers as centerpieces. At every setting was a card holder with cards that instructed anyone who wanted to make a donation today to speak with Joan or to fill out their contact information on the back if they wished to be contacted at a later date. All in all, it looked nice but it wasn't in your face or anything. Leanna was actually kind of pleased with how it came out. As everyone got settled into their seats, Joan approached the podium to get everyone's attention while Leanna fidgeted in her seat at one of the tables closest to the platform. She was dressed to the nines, in a fitted and very dark blue three-piece suit and matching tie. Her dad sat on one side of her in a tux and his wife on his other side, and on her other side was her little brother Lee looking very adorable in his little tux. Joan came to the end of her little introduction and gestured toward her; everyone's head turned to get a look at her. Leanna rose from her seat, looking stiff and grim, when in reality she was trying to calm the knotting in her stomach. She really, really hated public speaking. When she got to the podium, she paused. She looked over at her dad, who gave her a thumbs up, and Lee beamed and gave her a little wave. Leanna knew a few faces in the crowd from school and Quidditch, but most others she only knew by name and reputation. After the moment was up, she took a deep breath and started to speak. "Thank you for coming out tonight, everyone." Solid start to any speech. "Most of you know my name already, whether from school or my Quidditch career, or of course, the invitations or Joan's speech or the sign outside or... actually if you don't know my name, you're probably in the wrong room." An appropriate chuckle went up from the people watching. The corner's of Leanna's lips twitched up slightly into a little smile and the slight quiver to her voice evened out a little. "I started this little charity a year ago this past Monday, shortly after my appointment to the National Australian Quidditch Team as one of their starting Beaters. And I started it because of a growing problem within our community, a community in which the wizarding world intermingles so closely with the Muggle one. A problem I experienced myself first hand as a child, and that is the problem of Muggleborn children abused by their Muggle families for their magic." A pause to observe the room and their reactions. No one looked particularly incredulous. They knew what they were there for. "Of course, as a kid, I thought I was the only one, just like every kid does. And you might look at me now and say, 'Well, you seem to be doing just fine for yourself now' and you would be correct. After all of the abuse, the fights, the mental and physical scars, after the people who had raised me ultimately disowned me, I had my real family to take care of me and love me. And with a lot of hard work and support, I did turn out okay. But the fact is, as I got older, I realized I wasn't the only one, and that too many others didn't have the support system to fall back on like I did. No kid should ever have to go through that." A few people in the crowd mumbled and nodded to each other; her dad was beaming. Another deep breath, and Leanna continued. "Now, if you're here tonight, you probably already agree with me. I hope you do, anyway. Our first year, we were mostly funded by myself and a few like-minded individuals I knew, and we made some efforts but we want to do more. We want to do more, spread to other states, and extend our resources to Squibs and halfbreeds in bad homes." At the mention of Squibs and half-breeds, Leanna saw a few sour faces and Leanna allowed herself a moment to grind her teeth in anger. Oh, sure as long as you were protecting kids from the hands of abusive Muggles, everything was peachy, but gods forbid the wizarding world itself could ever be in the same boat as them. But she relaxed almost instantly and continued. "And to do that, I need your help. The kids need your help. Our help. Please, help me help them." One more deep breath and a smile. "Thank you." Leanna stepped away from the podium, noticing for the first time that her legs felt like jello. Thank you, anxiety and fear of public speaking. She managed to not stumble, somehow, as Joan returned to the podium. "A round of applause for our amazing host!" There was a slightly more than polite amount of applause, and Leanna nodded. "Now, if you've made a final decision to help the children, you can see me about the particulars, and if you prefer to be contacted at a later date, please fill out the information cards at your table and we will contact you at a later date. In the meantime, please enjoy the refreshments and open bar provided courtesy of the hotel! Thank you, everyone!" Leanna stepped off the platform, then helped Joan down. People had started moving about, chatting amongst themselves, as Leanna approached her family. Rick kissed her on the forehead and his wife gave her a hug, expressing how proud they were of her and gushing repeatedly. Lee cheered loudly and hugged her tightly around the waist, and Leanna laughed and picked him up to hug him. Joan interrupted and tugged at her arm. "Come on, Leanna! You've got to mingle! Schmooze these elite snobs! 'Kiss some asses', as you like to put it!" Leanna groaned. "I already gave a speech, isn't that enough? I don't like mingling!" Joan shook her head. She was almost 20 years older than Leanna, assigned to her by the team to be her PR person and ended up being her assistant when she started the charity, and she really liked to Mother Hen the hell out of Leanna. "You know that it isn't enough, Leanna. Now go on!" She shoved Leanna a little toward the crowd. Leanna told her family she'd catch up with them in a bit, and Rick picked up Lee and they headed over to the table of snacks. Leanna glanced at Joan one last time, but she already had a couple of people approaching her with questions and wanting to donate. Leanna made a little mocking face, then started approaching people and greeting them with a very suave, "Um, hi. How are you this evening?"
  3. Complete Making Friends

    Leanna Evans
    The Quidditch pitch for the Australian was out in the middle of goddamn no where, hidden deep in the Australian outback. There wasn't a single hint at modern civilization for miles, just a whole lot of nothing as far as the eye could see. The only sounds that could be heard were the call of wild animals in the dark. And it was hot. Really, really hot. But there was one advantage: the stars. One thing the city just didn't have was the sheer amount of stars that were visible out here, and man, were they really out tonight. And for a bunch of witches and wizards who could Apparate back to the city, the rest was barely an inconvenience. Leanna Evans hung back a bit after practice was over, as she usually did. It was one of the few times in her life where everything was still and quiet, and she savored these moments almost as much as she savored the time with her family. Plus, she hated showering with the rest of the team. She just laid there in the soft grass, the only green thing around for miles thanks to magic, and stared up at the stars. Until her cell phone rang. With a groan, Leanna sat up and looked at the caller ID. It was her assistant and PR lady, Joan. With a heavy sigh, Leanna stood up and answered it as she started toward the locker rooms. "Hey Joan. What's up?" She entered through the door and listened carefully. Hearing no one still around, she grabbed her duffel bag out of her locker. Joan continued chatting away, about the signing she was doing next weekend with the rest of the team and about the plans for the one year anniversary fundraising event they were doing for the charity in a couple weeks, but Leanna was only half listening. After a few seconds, Joan said something that made her do a double take. "Wait, who is coming to the event? Did we invite her? Oh yeah of course she invited herself, that figures... I know she has a lot of money, Joan. But I guess if she wants to throw it at Muggleborn kids in need, I'm not going to complain." Leanna dug her clothes and soap out of her bag and turned the showers on. "Okay Joan I gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow." The hot shower helped to soothe Leanna's aching muscles and still her thoughts, at least for a few minutes. Then she got dressed and sat down on the bench, getting out her phone again. She looked around for a second, then opened up the stupid dating app she'd signed up for. It was a Muggle one, so no body would recognize her at least. Leanna wasn't necessarily looking for love. In fact she had clarified in her bio that she was specifically looking for friends and maybe more. But she'd be lying to herself if she didn't kind of hope it would happen... "No matches... of course..." she grumbled under her voice, and was so engrossed with her swiping that she didn't hear anybody else come in.
  4. Calling, Calling Home

    Leanna's a bit of a reformed bad-boy type girl with a rough childhood. Former Queen of Sturt House, a title she used to loathe but no longer has to worry about too much. Nowadays, she's a pro-Beater for the Australian National Quidditch Team and has recently started a charity for disenfranchised Muggleborn youth. Currently lives in a rather nice two bedroom apartment in Melbourne; not luxury, because it's not her style, but nice. She's spent the last year since her graduation from VMU making quite the name for herself on the national team and raising awareness for her charity, but now that she's settled into both those roles, she's been trying to get out more. Reconnecting with old Tally and uni friends, making new ones... maybe even find a girlfriend, if she can. FRIENDS: Leanna is trying to connect more with people on a personal level. It was never something she was terribly good at. Throughout most of her childhood and teenage years she was sullen and angry pretty much all of the time. And now that she is trying it does not come naturally to her, but she is trying. She tends to drift toward people who are stubborn and bubbly and kind. Something about them makes her want to be better and softer, but anyone who is a decent human being at the very least is welcome to give it a shot. If you can see past her awkwardness. ROMANCE: Please somebody fall in love with this girl. She so deserves it. She's come so far and she's never been in a relationship. She's just a big ol' lesbian who isn't necessarily looking for love but still wants it. Now that her lot in life has improved, and her along with it, she's got a lot of love to give. Again, if you can get past the initial awkwardness. ENEMIES: Listen, the easiest way to get on her bad side is simple: be a blood purist. Be a blood purist and look down your nose at anyone without pure blood. Nothing pisses her off more, except if someone hurts someone close to her. Or if you're just generally a bad human being. Otherwise, she's grown a lot more patient and kind. Even if she maybe thinks you're annoying, as long as you're not being an ass, she will at the very least treat you with respect. CONTACTING ME: I'm Arrow! You can reply to this post, DM me, or hit me up on Discord! Whatever you prefer!
Leanna Elizabeth Evans
Australian National Quidditch Team - Beater 0
25 year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age  25
Date of Birth July 2nd, 1994
Birthplace Narrie
Occupation Australian National Quidditch Team - Beater
Player  Arrow
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Doe
Wand Ebony wood, unicorn hair, 14" and rigid flexibility
Play-by Bex Taylor-Klaus

Basically her entire childhood and various traumas throughout it are a closely guarded secret.

General Knowledge

She's a pro-Beater for the National Australian Team.

Attended Tally as a Sturt.

She's gay.


During her childhood and teenage years, Leanna was a surly individual. Difficult to get along with, prone to starting fights, and bitter and angry at the entire world. Her few friendships were exclusively with extremely bubbly and friendly people determined to befriend her and get her out of her shell. During her years after graduation, though, Leanna has mellowed out considerably. She's still a bit of a grump and has a bit of an attitude toward people she doesn't know well, but she's not nearly as aggressive or snarky. At worst, she is coolly polite to those she is unfamiliar with. To friends, she is loyal to a fault and friendly and warm. To people she is especially comfortable with, she's fool of laughter and makes jokes. Her sense of humor relies heavily on sarcasm, but is not cruel or rude. She's got a special soft spot for little kids, especially her little brother, and she becomes the bubbliest and sweetest person imaginable when she is dealing with them. For people she doesn't like, she just tries to avoid them, and if she can't, she treats them with a cool professionalism. The only two things that really spark that familiar anger inside of her is if someone messes with somebody she cares about, or if some blood purist starts preaching about the inferiority of Muggleborns. Nothing makes her see red more than a blood purist.


Leanna is very tall, coming it at an even six feet tall. Her black hair was down to her lower back in school, but she's since cut it all off and has kept it super short the last few years. She's much happier with her appearance that way. Her eyes are hazel green. She's got a variety of scars, some from Quidditch and some from her childhood she would rather forget the details of, but none of them are obvious unless she's basically naked. She has one tattoo, and it is of a rainbow colored Tallygarunga school symbol on the back of her left shoulder. Her wardrobe consists mainly of dark T-shirts and ripped jeans, or a suit and tie if the occasion calls for it.

The story so far

Leanna Evans' childhood was spent cowering from her abusive father, caring for a mother who spent all of her days so depressed she couldn't get out of bed, and hiding the strange things that used to happen around her from the other children at school as best she could. The only things that got her through those early years were the regular visits from her Uncle Richard, her father's brother. When they received the letter and a visit from someone at the Ministry of Magic on her 11th birthday, her father refused to send her to a school for freaks uncle Uncle Rick stepped in and said he would foot the bill. Leanna was a surly kid, prone to fights and hard to befriend,  unless you were particularly bubbly and stubborn and could see the hard exterior. But she excelled at her classes. She threw herself into this new world, desperate to escape from the one that had only caused her pain and suffering. Eventually, she warmed up to a few people and found her love of Quidditch, which she discovered she was extremely talented at. Sometimes, she was even happy.

And in her fifth year at Tallygarunga, her world was turned upside down again.

 See, for most of her childhood and teenage years, she thought her father's hatred and her mother's chronic depression were the direct result of the strange things that happened around her, and later, the fact that she was a witch and attending a magical school. She thought her father's brother, Richard, funded her education at Taly and supported her through everything simply out of the goodness of his heart. But when she was 15, her Uncle Rick visited her at the campus and broke the news to her: he was her biological father, the parents she had known her whole childhood had disowned her, and that he would take her in if she would live with him.

Leanna was angry and hurt. That she had been subjected to that abuse all those years when she could have lived with her uncle. That she had been lied to. She refused to go with him and instead spent her summers living on school grounds and working part time at Mrs. Kempsey's. Her grades fell as she withdrew from the few friends she had managed to make and threw herself entirely into Quidditch. She trained and worked herself to exhaustion. She helped bring both her house and school team to victory many times her last three years at Tally, but it resulted in her nearly destroying herself. During Leanna's last year at Tally, her friends' support finally managed to get her out of her rut. She didn't quite manage to graduate with flying colors, but she still came out with decent grades.

Due to her stellar Quidditch career at Tally, she was offered a full ride a position on VMU's team but she refused it at first. Instead, she moved with Richard Evans, her biological father, to Japan for a year. She spent the year living with him and his new family, a wife and young son named Eli, doing her best to heal from her past trauma and connect with her new family. By the time they moved back to Melbourne a year later, she had learned to call him Dad.

When they moved back, Leanna started at VMU. Her dad paid for half, and she got her old job at Mrs. Kempsey's back and paid for the other half. Her place on the VMU Quidditch team was long overdue, and this time she truly earned it at their tryouts. That first year, she made her debut in the semi-finals when one of the main Beaters was too injured to continue and she helped bring them to victory. The next year and Quidditch season, she had earned her place as one of the team's two main Beaters. The next year, the Australian Quidditch Team recruited her as a back up Beater, and she made several shining appearances in various games her last two years at VMU. By the time she had graduated with a degree in Magical Education with a Minor in Magical Sports, she had made a bit of a name for herself internationally. Several other national Quidditch teams wanted her on their team, and the Australian Team finally offered her a permanent place on theirs. She could've played for one of the top teams in the world, the kind of teams that played in World Cup games every year. But for her, the decision wasn't a hard one. She wanted to stay in Australia with her family. And with the generous compensation the Australian team offered, it was a no brainer.

It's been a little over a year since her graduation from VMU and accepting her permanent position as a starting Beater on the Aussie National Quidditch Team. When she isn't training or at a game, she's either spending her time with family or doing work for the charity she recently started for disenfranchised Muggleborn children with closed minded families. It mainly works toward funding their education and providing a front so that they can attend school, as well as providing shelter and homes for those that have been cast out for their magic. Between all of that, there hasn't been a lot of time for keeping up friendships or romance, but she's been lamenting that fact recently. With her charity finally off the ground and the Quidditch season slowing down, she's trying to make more of an effort to be social.

Yeah. That should go well.



Romance was not high on Leanna's list of priorities the last 10 years. She had enough going on with being disowned and family drama. But after graduation she struggled a lot with her sexuality and eventually came out as gay to her family. Of course they were totally supportive, and she has recently come out publicly as well.

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