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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Bella Mayfield

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  1. Life changing story

    Even if he said it wasn’t a lie, withholding information could still be considered lying, or not being entirely honest with someone, but people were entitled to their secrets, to their desire to keep something only for themselves, but, what if those things affected others in the long run? Wouldn’t it be better to just be honest, rip off the band-aid and be over with it? She was being hypocritical about it, she did hide something from him, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to tell him, or better, if he was ready to listen to it. Maybe she should wait a while longer before dropping the bomb, or perhaps it would be something she could take to the grave, never to have him worry about that, yes, that sounded the best course of action. Bella’s mind wandered for a bit trying to remember which court was which, the many names that were presented to her were new and confusing and she needed time to adjust. “So, summer and spring…” she commented, in a low tone of voice before scratching her cheek lightly. Life for faes went slower so she didn’t look too surprised or even tried to do the math on how long ago it could have been, she knew she couldn’t even find out a number that came close to it. She assumed the reason he was there was because he had left, but such personal question shouldn’t be asked. She didn’t mean lover, or children, only others in general, but she was pleased to know he wasn’t alone in such a place. “Well…that wasn’t why I asked, just, seems lonely…” she wasn’t the type of person that liked to talk or that liked to be around others that much, but she wouldn’t say no to some quiet company, or even if the person wasn’t quiet, to someone she knew and she liked to be around. “But I’m glad you’re not alone, at least it means you have someone to talk with.” She smiled softly at him, her fingers playing with each other as her eyes wandered. She wasn’t alone she had her pets and her roommates, especially Mark, he was the best company she could ever ask for. “But…what’s a Brownie? You don’t mean the cake do you?” with such a name it could have been easily mistaken as some sort of dessert, and the thought of it was already making Bella a bit hungry.
  2. I haven't felt this good in a while, but I feel like something's bad is going to happen.

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  3. Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    It had been a while since she had gone there, it was a tough question to answer. “Well…mostly vegetables and fruit. My grandmother went to this stand that sells mushrooms; they were huge. I can ask her what the best stands are.” She was starting to get a bit more talkative around Cole, assuming she wouldn’t say anything embarrassing, or stupid, or offensive, if she managed to keep herself from saying weird things she wouldn’t die on the inside. “Yeah and be prepared that some things are more expensive there, but other things are also cheaper, it’s a balance.” She wasn’t sure if it was still like that, since she moved to Melbourne that she hadn’t had time to visit the market. But, if they split the costs between the two, it wouldn’t be too expensive. If they had a small garden, they could just take it out right before prepping a meal, and with magic they could even keep everything fresh for longer. It was a good plan, something that could probably take some of their time, but it was going to be worth it in the end and Bella had a good feeling about it, for a change. “And even if we can use it all, we can simply use magic to make them stay fresher without withering.” Yes, it was a good plan. “I have a lot of free time so I can always pick up if you have something planned.” Her social life was close to none, between the house and the university Bella only left when she wanted some fresh air, like that day, she wanted to catch some fresh air and happened to find Cole. “You know, if you need help, I can help you. I’ve been there.” She wasn’t a brilliant student, but she did graduate, and she continued her studies, that had to be worth something. “Shall we get going?” she pointed towards the path, if they still wanted to visit that bookstore, they better do it during their business hours or they would have to return another day.
  4. Life changing story

    The more he spoke the more curious she grew but it seemed there wasn’t much about the Fae Courts that were too different from humans, they seem to hold similar stances, while, according to his words, Fae weren’t exactly a kind species, but was anyone truly kind? She was hopping that the fight would be done almost like a gladiator style, it had a certain magic about it, she couldn’t explain it, even if she could actually perform magic, battles like the ones of the old days seemed far more interesting than the present or possible future ones, she couldn’t explain her slight affection towards it, but it made everything more like a tale, while real life was mostly cruel. “Some people consider omission a lie, precisely because it excludes the knowledge of something. I just wanted to know if this was the same.” She shrugged lightly, her gaze wandering around the room once more, she wasn’t ready to tell him, and she didn’t want to lie, if that was his stance then she was perfectly fine in omitting the truth for a while longer, at least until she gathers enough courage to tell him everything, right now she wasn’t sure how she could even begin, she also didn’t want to ruin the potential image he had of someone. Was she being cruel? “But Autumn is still the best season. Not too cold, not too warm, perfect for a light coat and a scarf.” There were other reasons why she liked the season and she wasn’t sure she wasn’t going to find a Fae of Autumn, or at least she hopped. She lived her life in constant fear, always paying attention, she certainly wasn’t going to trust anyone so easily. “I didn’t mind the information, I liked knowing about it, but I will be careful. Which one are you though?” she played with her hands a little, her eyes looking at him only for a brief moment before wandering again around the room. She had to go, it was getting late, but she didn’t want to, she wanted to know more, to learn more and surprisingly, she was enjoying every minute of her time there. “I don’t mean to pry but…do you live here alone?”
  5. Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    She looked away a bit embarrassed at his words, it wasn’t really a great thing, she didn’t consider herself to be a bibliophile, but she wasn’t going to argue with him either about it. The embarrassment faded fairly quickly, Cole was an easy person to be around and she didn’t have to worry too much about him, about what he’d think or not, still scared her a little bit, especially since they were sharing a house it would be awkward if things between them weren’t good. That same thought started to worry Bella, she shouldn’t have showed herself, now what if she does something that makes things worse? She couldn’t stop worrying about it now, the few scenarios ran through her head as her heart beat increased. It took her a while to relax but his words called her back to reality, she was worrying too much and she shouldn’t. “I used to go there so if they hadn’t changed much I know exactly where we need to go.” Her grandmother loved going there at least once a week, hopefully Bella could show a bit of her knowledge about it without cowering behind the possibility of ordering things without having to have human interaction, that wasn’t the right time to hide behind technology or even self-service machines to escape other humans. Her cheeks turned a bit red as he looked at her, but she tried to remain calm and continued to establish some eye contact, it wasn’t going to hurt her or do anything bad, it was going to be alright. When he agreed with the expansion her smile lit up, growing at the possibility of having a private garden, and with magic everything would be easier. “I’m sure we can work on it, making something that everyone can use.” She knew that another of their roommates was good with plants, she was too but he was better than she will ever be, and it could be something to at least bring the house members together. And if the others couldn’t or didn’t want to, the two of them could always work something out. “It would just be a bit more trouble, I don’t think another hour per week would steal too much from us…”
  6. Life changing story

    Fae seemed to be unique creatures. She was unsure if what Vale was telling her was a flaw of their nature or simply a quality, but they weren’t that much different from humans, relying on trickery and some being more malicious. It was as if the fine line that separated them wasn’t so much on behaviour, as it seemed to be quite similar, it was more on their physical composition that seemed to give Fae the ability to shift between their form and a more human like appearance, and even shaping that same appearance over time. Was it a bad thing? No, not to her at least. The way he spoke about him amused her a little. She barely knew him, but it was interesting hearing him. The more he spoke, the more she wanted to hear, the more she wanted to learn, if he was willing to continue. “Proving oneself?” did he mean vocally like many Politians did or in a more archaic way, like a gladiator in the pit trying to fight for his life? “That power, skill or wisdom is all at once or just one?” it was different excelling in one and being able to excel in all three. It seemed like too much trouble, but everyone liked to be on top. “How would the power display work exactly?” was she right? Was it like a gladiator fighting for his freedom? For a short moment Bella imagined people fighting like the books of old, documenting vicious fights, full of blood and dismemberment, that ultimately ended in someone’s gruesome death. He had a point, old didn’t always mean that they were wiser, and sometimes old people let the age get to their head, like a pedestal, that due to their age they are better and don’t deserve to follow the rules like everyone else. Maybe Fae were like that, just like humans who often played the age card to get what they wanted, and what they needed. But the last comment worried her a little. “Would a Fae know someone had lied to them? And what about omitting? Is it considered lying?” she hadn’t lied exactly, but she did omit some information about her mother, something that he shouldn’t be bothered about the woman. The worry of lies faded with his words, she blushed lightly at her stupid question, but she turned it into a learning moment. She barely understood what he meant by any of that, but she tried not to look at dumb as she was. It was too much information to take in at once, it was interesting, just a bit complicated with all the new terms she had no idea they even existed. She did however understand one thing about the Unseelie, which was not to trust them. “It’s a shame, Autumn is the best season.”
  7. Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    She nodded at his question. She couldn’t travel with her books everywhere, at least not until she got a definitive place to live, a place of her own where she could keep all of her books, in the meantime, they would have to be scattered in her current house and her grandparents house. It wasn’t hard getting a list of books that could potentially please everyone, but maybe it could make someone happy or pleased to have a distraction. “I might know the bookstore you’re talking about.” She smiled at Cole. She wasn’t sure how many bookstores in town were ran by an old couple, but her grandparents own a bookstore, maybe it was the same bookstore, which would be an amusing coincidence if it was. “I mean the Farmer’s Market Cole, not a store.” She chuckled before smiling at him. Her hand almost covering her mouth, preventing it from laughing again, she didn’t want him to think she was making fun of him, which she wasn’t. “If we get there in the morning while they are setting up, we can get the good ingredients, th-that’s what I mean.” She blushed lightly. She probably expressed herself in the wrong way, which had caused a slight misunderstanding, but Bella’s thought it was like she had committed a crime. She looked down and started to play with her fingers in a nervous manner. It took her a while to get control over herself without looking like she was going to lose it right there. Was he talking about an inside garden? With spells they could probably get something going easily. She watched him talk, the nervousness fading and a smile growing on her lips at every word he spoke, he seemed excited about it and she couldn’t help to feel a bit excited about it too. “I’m sure we can get an expansion spell.” She continued to look at Cole, a bit awkwardly, but she was being able to maintain a certain eye contact with the young man. “We can create weather cycles in greenhouses, specifically for seasonal crops, maybe even speed up their growth, in a couple of weeks we should have a few fresh crops.” She wasn’t a farmer, far from it, but she knew a thing or two, and it wasn’t like there were no books about it. “If others are up for it, obviously.”
  8. Life changing story

    What would be the point in calling themselves civilized if they couldn’t even act as such? She had naïve views of a world that seemed to be in constant disagreement, half the world trying to destroy the other half, without realizing the consequences of their own actions. To some it was just a pollical play, a game where every move counted to win the votes of the masses. It was a sad view and as much as she wishes she was wrong, something kept telling her that she wasn’t. She remained quiet for a while, as he continued to speak, she didn’t want to interrupt him, he knew so much more than she did, he had lived longer, travelled and had met different people throughout the world, every word he spoke had a taste of some form of wisdom that would be unattainable by just reading. “Are all fae like that? Even you?” she asked curiously, hearing his words about the fae. He probably wasn’t, or he had been, some people change, maybe that’s what had happened to him. She assumed pureblood fae had a different mindset, growing in a different environment than halfbreeds, most likely a hostile world to those who weren’t purebloods. The more he spoke, the quieter she grew, listening to his words, absorbing everything he was saying. “Like a monarchy?” perhaps they had another name for it? Another designation? It was an interesting thought, humans had a Government, supposedly with people who are qualified for a position of power but who were voted in and out, what if Fae behaved more like the bees? Before she could ask, his voice took over and he continued to speak, as before she simply listened to his words with the same attention and fascination as before. He did however sound a bit conceited, but regardless of it, she got even more pulled into what he was talking, how Sidhe were royalty, sounded fascinating and scary at the same time. “How does a fae get to become a leader? Or is it like a council?” As he looked at her, she didn’t look away, she was far too interested in his words and captivated by his voice to feel anything else, all she was feeling was a growing curiosity within her, the desire to continue to listen and to know more about the fae. “Seasonal Courts? Do they happen once every season?” the idea was confusing, which only made her have even more questions about it, and about what else he was talking about.
  9. Alone projects

    The more Bella thought about having to stay on Campus for group projects the more nervous she got. She was not only older than everyone in those classes, she was also the only one that had been doing all the work. It brought her back to Tally, when she often got stuck doing all the work, while everyone else just did whatever they pleased. She sat inside the classroom wondering when that was going to be over, she was shivering all over the place, and that wasn’t because she was cold, or because she was sick, she just didn’t want to face anyone and start an adult conversation that could get slightly heated. The class came to an end and she remained seated. The walk to the library was going to kill her slowly with every step. She just wanted to be home, in the comfort of her own home, quickly writing in her typewriter as Jester told her stories. Now that she could speak with animals, her life had been interesting, mostly with Jester and the Bunnies telling her all sorts of stuff, and she was having some success with the short stories, somehow, she had gotten a small raise, which helped, she didn’t have to feel like the money wasn’t enough for everything, plus, the move to Narrie had helped in that regard, rent wasn’t as high. She finally exited the classroom, time to go to the library to discuss the work. She walked slowly, almost like she was going to be hanged, she just didn’t like confrontations, nothing good came from them, and people hardly understood her point of view, they would, if she only had the courage to tell them. She stepped inside, receiving a message shortly after. Everyone had cancelled on short notice, what was she even doing there? She had two options, either stay and study, or go home, and it was a hard decision, she needed to study, but she wasn’t comfortable there without someone she knew. In the meantime, she just kept blocking the entrance.
  10. Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    The awkwardness of the situation was dissipating slowly, and she wished it wouldn’t take too long to be completely gone. She couldn’t say she was disliking the situation, as far as it concerned her, despite the awkwardness she was enjoying the interactions with Cole, she seemed to be more relaxed around him than she had been initially. She avoided looking at him, it was still embarrassing, even if most of the awkwardness was gone, but there was still a lingering feeling that everything could go wrong. She looked briefly at him at the mention of the book he’d read, and she nod. “I have a copy, it’s not in the living room, it’s in my room, but we can swing by the bookstore. I get pretty good deals.” She had all the books, she always swapped the books on the shelf every couple of weeks but so far Cole had been the only one demonstrating interest in them. “I don’t leave all the books in the living room.” She felt the need to explain, but he’d just think she was weird only giving people a couple of choices to make their decision easier. “We can stop by the bookstore today, if you want.” “I’m always free, aside from classes. We can do it on Friday night.” Bella didn’t have much going on, aside from classes and writing, walking around Narrie, visiting the graveyard and her grandparents, she had plenty of free time, and it wasn’t like she got out too often alone, nor even with some company. “The market has some fresh ingredients, if we get there in the morning we get to choose.” It was always best to get them French at the local market, and only hit the stores when they needed something else, or if they were in a hurry, in their situation they had plenty of time to prepare everything.
  11. Life changing story

    Perhaps she had expressed herself wrong, she knew they existed, but they didn’t hold the same they did in other countries, but it was just what she learnt, it might not even be the truth, or a fabrication of the same. The more he spoke, the more she learnt about the situation, and the more she understood. Some people were completely ignorant to what’s around them, like her and so many others, blind to a different reality they don’t experience, but some choose to be blind to the reality involving them, making it their choice to just let it continue. At first Bella was a bit disappointed, but soon her head rose a little, looking at Vale. The most important question? She blinded as she listened to him. Violence against violence usually only continues to spin the wheel, without breaking the cycle, it would need something more to break it. Violence was always the easy way out, where they had nothing to win, but had a lot to lose. “I understand the idea of killing a few to save millions.” It was a double edge sword, both ideas were bad, the best choice would be the one that had the least casualties, but it was still wrong, regardless of how many lives it saved. It was a naïve and optimistic thought that maybe people could just have a normal conversation like civilized animals, that they supposedly were. Once he started talking about Fae, she watched him curiously. She was willing to learn everything that was possible about them, the new part of life that awaits her will be slightly different than the one she was used to, but it seemed just to be a compilation of other races as well, still interesting. “So, Fae are complicated?” she didn’t want to sound rude, but the way he was talking, it sounded as some Fae weren’t known to be good creatures, or at least a creature that could be more malicious than their somewhat bright and mystical appearance makes them look. "I mean, the way you spoke, it sounds like there's more to it than it seems."
  12. Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    The redness of her cheeks continued and seemed to be noticeable enough for Cole’s own cheeks to become a bit brighter. Noticing how he too was reacting, she looked away, trying to calm herself down, trying to get the embarrassment to go away, but she kept wondering what was going through his mind. She was being completely ridiculous, and tried to calm herself down, which worked, at least enough to have her be able to look at him, while slightly uncomfortable he was her flatmate, she was going to see him often. Upon gathering her thoughts, they scattered again once he called her interesting once more. Was he out of his mind? What had he been drinking? She was everything but interesting, she kept herself out of the spotlight, she liked to stick her nose into books and rarely lifting her eyes from them, she was boring. With time Cole was going to realize how mistaken he was for calling her ‘interesting’, although, at the moment it felt nice hearing it from someone other than family. They were obligated to say so. She had to remember what books she had left in the shelf. “There’s Alice in Wonderland, A Wizard of Earthsea and Coraline.” All the books were children’s books, but they were all very interesting, and if Cole wanted an honest opinion, Bella couldn’t refuse to give him one. “They all have a great story, but Alice and Coraline are my favourites.” She remembered that she had the Peter Pan book with her, it would be a tough choice, but it was worth a shot. “But I can lend you Peter Pan, if you want.” Cole didn’t seem like he was going to run away with the book, so she would gladly lend him that one. “…if you want, but I’d love to hear your opinion on them.” His grin made her chuckle, he seemed to be proud of his carrots, she couldn’t blame for it. The thought of it still made her wonder about how it would taste, but she wouldn’t have to wait too long as Cole proposed a house warming dinner. “It would be lovely. The four of us.” There was a faint smile. The gathering would do good for everyone, they all knew each other but there was this lack of connection, at least she thought so, almost like in her previous house arrangements, without all the hostility towards Jester. “I’d have to prepare the cheesecake in the morning or the night before, but it can be managed, the apple pie can be a couple of hours before.” She knew a few tricks to keep everything fresh. She cooked like a muggle, no magic, just like she learnt in her grandmother’s house.
  13. Life changing story

    It was impossible to argue, he was right. It did cross her mind about what it would mean to her; unlike others she didn’t have to truly hide, it was easy for her to blend in with the crowd, she has been doing it for years, and she was planning on keep on doing it, she did wonder what else was going to change, her view of the world was one, like Vale had put it, she would either love it or would fear it, she already feared the world, it probably wouldn’t change much if it went down the sour path. She was still worried about what was to come, or about what could potentially happen, but it was something for her to worry in the future, there was no time for something like that right now. She was still uncovering everything, it would take time until she can have an opinion on the matter, either a good one or a bad one, only time would tell. She knew not everyone had an accurate moral compass, if they had one at all, but living in her sheltered world her worries and fears about others suddenly felt small, insignificant, pathetic. With so many things going on, things that were hidden from most, her brain began to wander, but it didn’t last long as the man’s voice pulled the chain, grounding her thoughts. “I … I thought those didn’t exist in Australia, at least … not so obvious.” For what she had learnt as a young child, and from everyone she had spoken with, supremacists didn’t hold much power like they did in other countries, but it didn’t mean they wouldn’t try. Her eyes widened as he spoke, that was a matter she understood, might not have been something she showed too often but, while differently, she understood how others felt entitled to control something or someone, just because of their background, or because they were taught like that, or for whatever other reason, maybe superiority as well. It wasn’t something she liked to think too much, but perhaps it was something that she should start paying attention. “Do you think people know the harm they cause? And that they still do it because they know about it?” perhaps not an easy question to get a reply, perhaps not even Vale knew the right answer himself, if he did, she just hopped he could answer her. Humans were indeed complicated, they were petty, violent, but surely weren’t the only ones. They did have some qualities, but she was curious about what other species were the exceptions. “A few exceptions? Like what?”
  14. Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    Her lips grew apart, forming a smile as Cole spoke. Remaining a child on the inside could be good, but it could also makes people forget about responsibilities if one gets too carried away with their inner child. But, if one was still responsible, as Cole put it, keeping the inner child alive could lead to amazing things. She held the strap of her bag a bit tighter, just thinking about it, ultimately, she had forgotten how to be a child, how to behave as one and how to simply let go, there was no plan to let go, and behave as a child, but at least she will be reminded that it isn’t bad, just in case she decided to do it. The words that came out of the young man’s mouth were the last thing she thought she was going to her. It should have been something he could share with people important to him and she felt like she had stolen that opportunity from him. He didn’t seem upset though. The tint of red just became more visible gradually with the young man’s words, he was being too kind, maybe it was just not to hurt her feelings, but his words sounded sincere, the same with his actions. How was she supposed to react to that? Should she say something? Or should she just remain quiet, looking like a fool. Instead, she simply smiled, looking down at the ground briefly before looking back up. She took her hand to her nose to scratch it lightly, but she was in shock when he spoke. Her interesting? She was dull. Her eyes moved from place to place, trying to find something to keep her grounded, she didn’t want to lose it. Maybe he was trying to make her feel better. Yes! That was it. He was definitely trying to make her feel better. “I’m not that interesting.” a soft almost inaudible sound left her lips as she looked down at the ground. “I have a few books, at the house…the living room shelf…bottom, you can read them…” the books were there for everyone to read if they wanted, but she was probably the only one that spent the day at home reading when she didn’t have classes. A smile was pulled back to her face at the mention of food. “Sounds good, honey carrots sound heavenly.” It could have been just the word honey, but overall, she was starting to get hungry with talk about food. “Cinnamon apple pie, but I can also make a no bake cheesecake with strawberry layer…”
  15. Life changing story

    The knowledge of the current state on halfbreeds was a shock to her. While knowing some of the difficulties they lived in, and faced throughout their entire lives, the new information painted a gloomier idea than what she had, a far darker truth, and now she would probably be affected by it. As Vale had but it, it wasn’t as easy as one thought. She looked down, unsure how to feel about it, should she be scared? She lived her whole life afraid everything and everyone, it probably wouldn’t change much, the feeling will still be the same when she walks on the street, the only difference would be how people would approach her. She played with her fingers, listening, taking in everything he was saying, making judgment of her own and overall getting slightly scared of what might happen. She was probably getting ahead of herself, but she always got nervous about potential future events, or everything in general, there was no escaping the constant feeling that something bad is going to happen. She remained quiet for a while longer, her face showing some confusing when he spoke about how some thought the efforts should be given towards others more deserving. Bella truly believed if humans were so scared of being outnumbered, they would probably have done something about it sooner, not to mention, if that was the case wouldn’t there be more and more halfbreeds? No fear of showing themselves? It all seemed random excuses not to respect something they didn’t understand. “Every creature that thinks, has potential to be good or bad. I don’t think it’s just about humans.” Above everyone else humans were, probably the ones with less natural defences, they could easily be killed. She could understand the fear, but not the superiority most claimed to have. “Humans are … complicated, everyone with ability to think and feel.” Not all humans were worthy of the life they have, but most of them are kind and accepting creatures. She smiled lightly at Vale. She somehow belonged in both worlds and none at the same time, should she be emerged in the situation or just avoid it entirely?
Isabella Mayfield
VMU student 0
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age  23
Date of Birth February 14th, 1996
Birthplace Australia
Occupation VMU student
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Fox
Wand 12’’, Cherry Wood, thunderbird tail feather core
Play-by Nathalie Emmanuel


• Year 1 – Year 2: Mahoutokoro

• Year 2 – year 7: Tally

• VMU: Practical Magic (complete); Magical Arts & Social Wizardry (Current)


• Abusive mother

• Fears moths

• Third generation fairy

• Writes children stories

• Fears intimacy

• Is uncomfortable in crowds

• Feels overwhelmed easily

• Irrational fear of live chickens

• Likes to dance with Jester when no one is watching

• Crochets when no one is around

• Knows everyone’s schedule so that she can walk around the house in underwear when it’s too hot

General Knowledge

• Book Nerd 

• Lives in her own little world

• Not keen on social events

• Likes to write

• Has a guitar that she never uses because she can’t play

• Has a pet Kingsnake called Jester, that’s 3’4’’ long and that’s usually docile

• Dislikes being touched by strangers and people she barely knows


Bella is an introvert, she enjoys the quiet and the alone time, however, she doesn’t mind people if they don’t bother her or make too much noise. She avoids most social interactions as they drain her, only having a few select friends with who she often speaks daily. She avoids leaving the apartment unless she has to and usually only leaves the house for classes and work, however, will gladly leave it if she could just spend some time in nature away from crowds; she’s anxious, while it doesn’t control her life completely she fears that in the next few years it might take control if she doesn’t do something about it. She is self-assured in the moment of action but will keep second guessing herself after it, as well as her anxiety, can turn her life miserable.

During her alone time, she likes to read or write, using her writing to often express her feelings due to finding it hard to express them vocally to someone. Due to her quiet and introverted nature to become her friend one needs to be extremely patient and understanding. She dislikes when people ask her too many questions, especially in crowded places with too much noise, everything becomes a hard task for her and being in such a place soon becomes unbearable.

She dislikes being touched by strangers and even people she knows, she usually avoids hugs or any sort of touch, it requires a strong bond for Bella to allow people to get closer to her. Around her friends she’s slightly more talkative and even tries to make jokes, she’s caring for those she considers her friends but anyone else outside that category will receive a bland expression from her.

Despite her caring behavior towards her friends, she has a hard time identifying certain feelings and what to say in certain situations; she will often remain quiet, scared of offending or hurting someone. Out in the public, she’s even more reserved, avoiding people and confrontations, often lying her way out of social plans and has problems expressing her feelings to people.


Bella strands 170cm tall. Her skin is soft to the touch with the exceptions of some areas with certain scars, like her shoulders. She has curly and voluptuous black hair that barely reaches her chin, however, when straightened reaches her back. She has brown eyes and often wears contact lenses, being rare seeing her with actual glasses.

She had several piercings in her ears, which some might call a slight addiction.

Her clothing varies throughout the year depending on the seasons, however, whatever she wears, jeans, shorts, dresses it seems that she only has one type of footwear, a comfortable pair of sneakers.

She has a distant look, usually her card to keep people away. She appears to be self-assured, which is a joke due to her self-guessing herself for every decision she makes.

The story so far

Bella is the middle child of Irwin Mayfield, a halfblood wizard, and Janet Mayfield, a second generation halfbreed fairy. She was born two years after her eldest sibling Daniel Mayfield and two years before her youngest sibling Eugene Mayfield. At the age of six her family moved to Japan for a few years for her father’s work, ever since she was a child she valued her time alone and didn’t play well with others, she enrolled at the local Wizarding School, Mahoutokoro at the age of eleven, and spent her first year there, while in school she enjoyed playing chess.

Halfway through her second year, her family had to move again to Australia because of her father’s work, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Flinder’s house, having to retake the second year. She felt a little out of place for a while but soon became comfortable in her new school. That summer, shortly after the school ended her father had gotten into an accident and he and her brothers had died, that left her mother alone to raise her thirteen-year-old daughter. Janet didn’t want to take the responsibility alone, but she fell into certain addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, which led to several forms of abuse towards Bella.

Three years passed, and Bella’s mother accidentally killed someone, the woman got arrested and Bella’s grandparents took her in. Her life changed, she was no longer scared of going home, she was always eager to, the old couple owned a bookstore which entertained Bella’s for hours, it was in that library that she developed her love for books.

Before graduation Bella received the news that her mother had passed away, she wasn’t exactly happy about the situation, but she couldn’t deny a certain relief. Once she graduated she enrolled in VMU where she’s still studying to become a journalist, in the meantime she writes small stories.

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