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  1. “I remember my mother used to be slightly intolerant with iron. I only have a problem through prolonged exposures.” Touching it wouldn’t do anything to her, wearing any jewellery that contained iron for long periods of time would indeed cause her a rash, but nothing that wouldn’t go away after a while, it could take days or weeks, but overall it wasn’t anything serious. She could understand the implication and she was almost certain that there were no iron utensils at her grandmother’s house, but it didn’t hurt to ask. “I’ll ask, don’t worry.” She didn’t want him to worry, she was sure the dinner was enough to make the older fae worry, while he didn’t seem too concerned about it, Bella wasn’t sure if he was good at hiding it or if he really wasn’t concerned. She had to warn everyone about her brothers, they liked to ask a lot of things, some personal, some not so personal, but not everyone enjoyed being bombarded with questions from two overly friendly ghosts who refused to leave. “They … they can keep you entertained for a day or more.” She chuckled. It was abnormal when they didn’t ask questions and it was rare, but she had no way of telling how talkative they would be once they meet the older fae. When she spoke, she looked at him and her breath just stop. She had interpreted his words differently, with a harsher tone but when he laughed a smile formed on her lips. “I can’t say I’m not.” They aside from her grandparents, her siblings are the only ones that know the truth behind their mother’s fate. She opted to remain quiet about her, there was no need to sadden the man before her, and it could be a conversation for another time, if it even had to be one, the woman was dead, it wasn’t like they could change the past. He seemed to welcome her questions, and she didn’t mind. “Do you like it here?” she asked, paying attention to his every word before he finished answering her. “What’s it like there? In Romania?” she curiously asked. She had heard tales, usually dark tales about vampires and other nightly creatures who lurk within the shadows, but it was all fiction, none of that was real, she was certain of it, or some of her was certain of it. “Aside from Australia, I’ve only visited Japan. When I was younger, I lived there for a couple of years, I got my wand there.” She commented as she put her wand on the table softly in case, he wanted to inspect it. She never left home without it, she could perform wandless spells, but some simple backfired. “What other places have you visited?” she asked once more, curiously. She was starting to feel comfortable around Vale, she wasn’t sure why but there was a certain familiarity that with others could take years to develop, and sometimes she can never fully trust someone, not completely.
  2. Jester and the bunnies are enjoying their new home.

    1. Mark Sandoval

      Mark Sandoval

      I'll work on making their enclosures a bit more comfortable later.

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      Bella Mayfield

      We can do it together later. Thank you. 

  3. To be able to change someone’s look at will was an interesting and intriguing ability, she wasn’t sure if he could change any look he’d want, like an animagus, or if he’d have to follow certain rules, but she remained quiet about her doubts about it, even as he spoke of the glamour it was all foreign to her, while it was an illusion, why couldn’t wizards see through it? Fae magic was clearly different than wizarding magic, that could be the reason. She expected little from her ability, but it couldn’t hurt to try or to see if anything improves with time, it’s not like she’s going to lose anything for trying, the worst that can happen is to not improve, otherwise, there was always room to get better. She nodded. Dinner sounded like the best time to talk, casually and slowly, and if what people say it’s the truth, and food does bring people closer to one another; maybe if it’s true it could be a good plan not to anger anyone. She remembers her mother’s slight intolerance towards certain objects, same with her, perhaps it was things with iron. Bella never had too much trouble with it, unless it was a prolonged exposure, but she did remember her mother suffering a few reactions from things. “It’s alright. We don’t have any, or at least I don’t think we do. But I’ll ask.” If her grandmother didn’t have, she would have to come up with a solution, but due to her mother’s situation she was sure her grandmother had already figured something out. “They are also very nosy.” It wouldn’t be out of character if both her brothers decided to harass the older fae into spilling more and more information, about pretty much everything they could remember. They didn’t really grow, remaining children forever. A smiled showed on her face, shyly as usual but it wasn’t hidden. “Thank you.” she’s one of the few people that still visits the graveyard, it’s usually always clean but rarely has any new flowers, Bella just sits there talking to them for hours. “They like to chat too.” Perhaps if there was time it was possible just to sit with the boys and talk to them, not that they had many interesting stories to tell, but at least they would have someone else’s company. It was impossible to hide her nervousness, but at the same it she couldn’t hide the fact that she was also happy in finding all these new things; it wasn’t something she had expected, but it was something that she had enjoyed. She continued to play with her hands, but her movements were less stiff. She wanted to know a bit more about him before moving to the album, he was open to know so many things about them, that she wanted to know a few things about him. “How long have you been here?” She found a chair next to him and took a seat. She avoided his gaze, still not comfortable enough to so, but found something else about him to look at.
  4. They could do plenty of things? Bella knew so little that it was ridiculous, she was ridiculous not knowing more than just the easy things. Perhaps with time she could learn how to do more things than just levitate; she was excited that she could finally talk to Jester, that was in fact the thing she was most excited for, not that she wasn’t for everything else, but finally being able to know what her crawling friend was saying was indeed the best thing. She was starting to envision how she would start to talk to Jester when the older fae spoke. She looked at him for a brief moment. “Only pure fae can look human right? Part fae, we actually have a human body correct?” she had seen his human appearance, and his real one. She simply assumed pure fae could fabricate a human body, almost like a shell or a suit they would use to walk among the human. The name was a strange one for Bella, she hadn’t heard of anyone with that name before, at least no one that she could remember. Perhaps she had gone by a different name, it was probably why she hadn’t heard of anyone with that name. Why would a fae even worry about counting their age if they aged differently than humans? With a bit of luck Bella would reach her 90th birthday, but the man before her was practically immortal compared to someone like her. What if she was as bad at being a few as she was at being a wizard? Being fae didn’t dictate that she had to be good, just that she was different. Her thoughts were shoved to the back of her head. “I’ll talk to her tonight then.” She spoke before smiling at Vale. The man was doing so much for her, things he didn’t have to, even continued to do so by offering his assistance, anything for her and even her grandmother. “Thank you. Then, would you mind if you stayed for dinner?” she said, inviting the man. She was a bit scared of his rejection, he probably didn’t eat whatever humans ate, but if it meant he could spend a few more minutes with them, it couldn’t hurt to ask. “And if you want, you can come with me to the graveyard, while my parents moved on, I still have two annoying and chatty brothers who enjoy company.” Perhaps that was a bit too much? Perhaps it was all moving too fast and the man was just going to kick her out of his house. Bella had to stop thinking like that, the man had offered his home and his time, he wasn’t just going to kick her out like that.
  5. Bella shook the feeling off, she felt good, she actually felt great with everything, which was a strange feeling and made her feel uneasy about the whole ordeal. It was as if she was thrown into an emotion bag and couldn’t exactly explain her feelings, she felt good but at the same time she was confused and uneasy about it all, perhaps she should wait to keep everything in check, to get a better understand of what was happening. Why shouldn’t she? He had gone through a lot of trouble for her, hadn’t he? She couldn’t help it but to feel like a burden, she knew the why but couldn’t understand it, maybe because there hadn’t been that many people willing. She smiled at him and walked towards him slowly and shyly, still a bit skittish, but she was able to push through those feelings. She couldn’t understand what mark he was talking about, unless there was something plastered on her face that would give it away, mostly because her arms and hands were the same as they were before, no marks, nothing indicating what she was. “Changed within me?” she stood a couple of feet away from him, staring curiously at the man and about what he was saying. She should start reading about fae or at least ask someone about it, couldn’t be him, he had already done so much for her. When she looked at the floating water orb that showed her reflection, the most evident change was her eyes, how they had changed, perhaps that was the change the older fae was talking about. She blinked until her gaze landed on her reflection and on her eyes once more. She couldn’t prevent her face from expressing surprise as she continued to stare. “Like what? I mean, I levitated, my eyes changed…I know fae can talk to animals…” she started to think about all the things a fae could do and it was when she realized that she still didn’t know much about fae. It was when he spoke about her grandmother that Bella realized that they needed to move fast, just like he had mentioned it. “I can arrange something soon.” She said, thinking about how soon she could get everyone to meet, she still needed to explain the woman how it had happened, but she was hoping she could at least hide the mark for a while, that what sunglasses were for. “I can hide it for a while, but I can talk to her tonight and see what I can come up with. I won’t have classes for a while so I’m mostly free. Does it work for you in a couple of days or so?”
  6. Was there a reason to be scared? Perhaps, or maybe she was just being stupid, there was nothing to be scared off, besides, if something bad was going to happen it would have happened already, right? Being scared was not the only thing Bella was feeling, while she knew she had to relax, but it was easier said than done. It was time to stop whining about it and just get over with it, she had to stop thinking everyone was out to get her, that everyone had a reason or an ulterior motive to whenever they did or said something, while it wasn’t always what she thought, she always tried to be careful about it. She watched the man as a bright light circled him. She took a deep breath and continued to pay attention to him before sound caught her attention. She watched carefully as she watched the leaves, while she couldn’t see the wind, she could notice that it was starting to grow closer and closer to her until she could finally feel a gust of wind swarm around her. The wind itself felt nice, felt warm and welcoming, almost like it was calling out for her. She closed her eyes to feel it a bit more as she enjoyed the feeling it gave her. Bella didn’t pay much attention after she closed her eyes to enjoy the sound and the feeling of the wind against her skin. She could however feel a slight burn, nothing too painful, simply as it the temperature had increased without her even noticing the subtle variations until it was too late to notice them. When the burning sensation left a smile appeared upon her lips as she continued to listen to the sound of the wind flowing through the environment around them. When she could no longer feel the wind touching her skin she opened her eyes to look at the man, he seemed shorter than he was before, she was sure he was taller, but Bella forgot to look down, as she was quietly levitating, and it was only when she became aware of her surroundings that she hit the ground, almost losing her balance. “Is it over? Are you alright?” she asked concerned about him. She didn’t feel strange, aside from the little levitating moment she had previously she was the same old Bella, if it wasn’t for the fact that her eyes had a slight change to them. Should she try to do something or was she being a nuisance to the man? She was curious, but at the same time was concerned that she was taking too much of his time. She shrugged lightly, wondering about several things, what would she be able to do, or if she was actually able to do anything? Like talk to animals? It would be nice to finally have a conversation with Jester.
  7. Bella smiled shyly at the man. She had told him he had nothing to apologize, it had been a mistake, something that shouldn’t have happened but it did, and Bella was glad it did or she wouldn’t be there, even if for a few years she wondered if it would have been best if she wasn’t, but those thoughts didn’t last long. Knowing or hearing from him that he was related to her was shocking, she believed him, but she still wanted to be sure that was the case, and while she didn’t ask anyone directly, the timeline of the photographs proved something. She didn’t have to forgive him, nor did he owe her an apology, to her grandmother was something completely different. Bella wondered if he should know everything, or if she should leave the most depressing and painful parts out for a while. She scratched the tip of her nose and nodded at the man. She was glad he thought it that way, not that she could remember things that happened when she was too young, but there were some memories that would be worth telling. Relax wasn’t exactly a word she knew, she was always on edge, always waiting for the next thing to strike and strip her away from her sanity, something to overwhelm her to the point where she just wants to stay in her room all day. The chain of thought was broken when he approached her to grab her hand, her first instinct was to hide it, but after fighting it, she let the man lead her to the correct location. Every step she took, she took one deep breath as she tried to remain calm. The calm voice brought a sense of relaxation, only to remind her once more that being relaxed meant not being prepared. The way the ritual worked seemed fairly easy, at least for her, she didn’t seem to have to do anything special, it seemed to be all him, in a way she felt bad for being a burden. He walked again and she just stood there, awkwardly looking at him. Even if it was her right, she still felt like a burden, something that he didn’t have to do for her, and yet he was wasting his time with her. “Okay…” she said, not even fighting back. She looked around and closed her eyes, she was trying to remain as calm her possible, which wasn’t an easy task for her. “I … I think I’m ready…” she spoke shortly after he spoke. She didn’t want him to waste too much time with her.
  8. Things were going great, Mark accepted everything and seemed to have enjoyed the little surprise she had prepared for him. The sound of his voice caught her by surprise. He said everything so easily, without worrying about how it sounded, while she was scared every little thing could be misinterpreted. But, after everything that he had said, would she get tired of him? He respected her space, how she was, Mark was her best friend, she highly doubted she’d get tired of him easily. “I-I don’t think I will.” She smiled at Mark. They had been friends for years and she hadn’t grown tired of him, and hopefully he wouldn’t grow tired of her either. Bella smiled at the thought of them being friends for years, and she didn’t want to lose him, unless it had to, she couldn’t see herself not sharing an apartment with Mark. She looked up at him to answer his question, but she wasn’t sure what to answer. “Oh...how about Jester?” she proposed. The snake was hers, but it liked Mark as well, sometimes she thought the snake liked Mark more than it liked her. “I mean it ate an hour ago, but you should be able to sketch him …” She wasn’t sure if she wanted to propose the next option she had, would Mark even be into sketching humans? She knows Mark is good at what he does, but she was having a hard time remembering if he also sketched humans or not. “Or we can take a photo and you can sketch us…”
  9. Clearly Bella wasn’t cut out for that, she could barely distinguish between the different types of magic and it didn’t matter what he said, he was probably just being nice to her. He didn’t have to, she knew her limitations and she knew she wasn’t barely average in everything she did, in some things she was even bellow that. But his words were kind, regardless of what she thought but if she could understand the better, she couldn’t say the wrong thing so often. While ignorance wasn’t always an excuse, she didn’t think it could be considered negligence, at least not completely. He didn’t seem to be the kind of person to just quit things or leave them halfway, he might not have had a reason to leave, but he also didn’t have a reason to stay. Bella believed it was no one’s fault, just random events that led to something, no one could be blamed. She smiled at him a but shyly, she wasn’t anything special, unlike her grandmother. She looked up from the album with a smile, it took her a while to finally think everything over there was nothing that would justify cutting him off, not accepting him and not sharing things with him, if he wished to be part of it, in her opinion he was welcomed to. “You haven’t. I mean…you don’t have to miss anything else if you don’t want to.” Her hands ran through the original album as she watched the copy she had made on the other side of the table, even if he hadn’t been there, he could at least view some of the things that happened. “If you want…I can go with you through the photos and tell you the story behind them? The ones I remember.” She scratched the back of her head a bit scared that he would decline. She had time during the winter break, if he really wanted, they just needed to meet more. Bella felt ridiculous even mentioning that. Why did she had to open her mouth? Whenever she thought everything was going great, she had to fuck things up with her stupidity. She listened to him explain, this time quiet as he spoke, she didn’t want to say anything stupid again. She looked at the location he said he was going to use. She hoped the ritual didn’t hurt her, not him, she’d rather stay that way than to bother him with her things. “And, how would it work exactly? If-if you don’t mind telling me? Do I go there? You are...or I don't even need to move?” she was confused about how things worked, she wanted to understand the process, but now that she wonders about it, maybe it had been a stupid question.
  10. He seemed to have enjoyed the gift, she was scared he wasn’t going to enjoy them, but for the expression on his face it seemed that he had enjoyed them, and it looked sincere. Bella smiled, perhaps he wouldn’t like those mittens, they weren’t a decent present. It was unusual for Bella to hold someone willingly, she was always so scared of what could happen that she’d simply prefer not to, but, Bella trusted Mark, he had been her best friend, one of her only friends, she wasn’t sure if he knew that. She was grateful that he didn’t hold her too tight, a light simple touch made her feel safer than a tight one, at least for the moment. She pulled away and instead of looking at Mark she avoided eye contact. She wasn’t sure how he felt about the hug, if he had something against it or not, it was best to ignore looking at him, but the sound of his voice was like a magnet and she found herself looking at him as he spoke. He was thanking her? There was no need to do it and it only embarrassed her. She scratched her cheek with her fingers as her smile grew wider slowly. Bella didn’t plan on getting rid of Mark, at least for now and she didn’t want it to be easy, Mark was her best friend, she wouldn’t want to lose him and the idea of it only made her sadder. “I … I do-don’t want that…” she spoke, but upon seeing how it sounded she raised her arms to express what she wanted to say. “I-I mean…don-don’t want it to be easy…no-not to get rid of you…” And now it sounded way worse than it did before. “Way to go Bella, you’re so stupid. Keep being an idiot and you’ll end up alone.”
  11. She had no idea the wizarding magic would be useless in that situation, it proved how little she knew about fae magic. It was clearly a stupid thing to propose, she should have known that fae magic was different and that something like that wouldn’t possible work with him. She awkwardly played with her fingers, embarrassed for making such a mistake. It was a concept hard for her to understand, he didn’t know, and he had no possible way of knowing. While it much have hurt her grandmother at first, she was sure it wasn’t anything that would have led the woman through dangerous paths. “True but … you didn’t know.” He probably would consider it a lame excuse, but it was the real one, for what it seemed the man wasn’t the type to just leave, especially since he seemed to show curiosity and even remorse. Hearing the way, he talked about her grandmother made Bella smile. She was proud in her grandmother, she had been a great support for Bella, especially after her mother died. “She took care of me when my mother died and…she did her best…” it was a complicated time, a time that not many people knew about, but it wasn’t easy for the woman, having lost two grandchildren in the past, having her daughter sent to a place like that, and then hearing about her daughter’s death. Bella looked up as the man spoke. “I can make you quickly.” She waited until he slid the album back to her, Bella made a copy, page by page, photo by photo, carefully until the new book found itself next to the original. Bella pushed the copy towards Vale. “You’re still on time, you haven’t missed everything.” not the best consolation prize, but Bella was still there, not everything was lost and there was no point in talking like it was, while Bella didn’t think she would be enough she would have to do. She chuckled when she heard him, but she quickly stopped, maybe she was crossing some sort of boundary. “You know … no one is perfect, and you didn’t know, and mistakes can happen…” she wasn’t even sure if mistakes among fae was common but she knew in humans was, but he was right, they were there to talk about other important business, the reason she was there in the first place. Using wizarding magic wasn’t too difficult for Bella, while she wasn’t the best using it, she was sure she could pull something off quiet easily. “Alright, what would you have me do? Lift things?” she asked as she lifted a few things from the table, she continued to do so to everything that she saw that could be lifted from a surface with her face.
  12. Relax was how Bella was starting to feel more relaxed. She looked around, still a bit skittish about everything but far more relaxed than she was when she had first arrived. She turned her attention to the fae. “You can use an expansion spell…I mean…it’s cheap and easy to do, not entirely legal but ...” she shrugged. She wasn’t even sure why she suggested it in the first place now that she thinks about the reason to speak up. She just remained quiet, looking at him as he spoke. She played with her fingers as she watched the fae. “She…she doesn’t talk much about it but I don’t think it was an entirely bad thing for her…” the older woman could have resented the event and her daughter and yet as far as Bella remembers her grandmother hadn’t been anything less than a good mother towards her daughter and towards Bella, even if Bella’s mother did what she did, the younger woman could see that her grandmother didn’t have any regrets. It probably didn’t mean much to the man, even if he seemed genuinely interested, it was one thing that happened a long time ago and nothing more, at least it was how Bella saw it. Bella shook her head, replying to his question before smiling at him. She watched, her eyes fixated on him and his reactions as he viewed every photograph. She would have done something, she could sense a sort of sadness, but Bella was helpless in these situations. “If you want one, I think I can make a copy of it…” while she was nothing more than average in her magical abilities, she was sure she could replicate the album without too much work, it could take a while but in the end he would be able to keep it. Him wanting to meet her grandmother again was a surprise, she didn’t think he would agree, and she wasn’t sure if the woman was going to die of a heart attack, which was possible. “I can arrange that … might need to tell her first, I don’t want her to have a heart attack…” Bella said as a joke. She scratched the back of her head a bit embarrassed, her hair moved with every movement she made with her hand. She was still processing everything, it was a lot to take in, she hadn’t even mentioned anyone about this, perhaps when everything seems more real she will finally end processing it all.
  13. There wasn’t much she could do except wait for him to move with her to the kitchen. Each step made her heart beat faster, she was nervous. What if he didn’t like it? What if he would be upset with her? She played with her fingers until they got to the kitchen where she waited to see his reaction. The reaction seemed to have brought a smile on her face as she saw his smile, perhaps he was just being kind to her, regardless, he didn’t seem to think anything negative out of it. Bella celebrated her birthday, and for most of them Mark had been there. “While it … might not be the actual day, just …“ she was having a hard time expressing what she wanted to tell him. “ … just, I’m happy you’re around.” It was probably one of the hardest thing Bella had to say, while her words had no second meaning, it might be interpreted as such. Bella liked Mark as a friend, he was her best friend and she had no idea how to show him her appreciation for him unless it was in small things like this. It was out of character for her, but she moved to wrap her arms around her friend in a soft and kind embrace. “You’re not alone Mark.” She thought, unable to tell that to her friend, perhaps another day when she isn’t such a coward.
  14. It was easy for him to say. Bella was always nervous, except when she was home alone with Jester, everything and everyone made her slightly uncomfortable; she could never figure out why she was so scared of people and often nervous around them, but the man wasn’t an exception, perhaps in a few minutes she can relax enough to be able to speak properly. However, his voice was welcoming and somewhat soothing to her. Bella tried to drive the feelings of uncertainty away, but they were far more persistent than what she had anticipated and now they were nagging her. She shook her head with a faint smile but didn’t argue when the table appeared. “Thank you.” She spoke as she looked at the table for a few seconds. It was hard to argue with his logic, Bella always felt more at home alone in the wilderness, while she loved her magnificent couch and spending some time inside, she never felt alone while she was enjoying nature. It took longer than it usually did for her to get used to her surroundings, perhaps it was the new experience or the uncertainty of what was going to happen, she simply had to remain positive about it and stop thinking that the man was going to murder her, which was a ridiculous thought. Bella watched as he took the album, a shy smile crossed her face as she watched as he touched the pages in a gentle touch. It seemed that she didn’t have to say anything to him, he seemed to have found everything he needed on his own. “I don’t think she’d expect it either…” she spoke, before raising her hand towards her mouth. “Sorry…” she lowered her head, she had disrespected the man, even if she was speaking her mind, she was sure her grandmother wouldn’t expect it either, “I mean…she…she was probably caught by surprise at the time.” She tried to explain the true meaning of her words, only this time they didn’t sound as aggressive as her previous one. A smile automatically appears on her lips upon looking up at him. “She…she didn’t go through it alone…” Bella tried to lend a hand. Perhaps knowing what happened wouldn’t make him feel bad or upset if he was going to feel any of that. “If you look further you see that there are other photos and that when she got married, she already had my mother.” Bella approached the table and Vale before placing her hands on the table. “I’d propose you meeting her again, but I don’t think that would be something that … would end well.”
  15. I just found a bunny outside, it's freezing, and I can't go home. I don't know what to do. Can anyone give me any tips on how to handle this?

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      A little update. It seemed somewhat malnourished so I gave him a bit of fruit to perk him up. He fell asleep a while after. When you get home I'll go out for supplies and we can take it to a vet tomorrow.

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      Bella Mayfield

      Thank you Mark! ❤️ you're a real hero. 

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      Hey, it's nothing. We need a name for the little guy though.

Isabella Mayfield
VMU student 0
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age:  23
Date of Birth: February 14th, 1996
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: VMU student
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Fox
Wand: 12’’, Cherry Wood, thunderbird tail feather core
Play-by: Nathalie Emmanuel


• Year 1 – Year 2: Mahoutokoro

• Year 2 – year 7: Tally

• VMU: Practical Magic (complete); Magical Arts & Social Wizardry (Current)


• Abusive mother

• Fears moths

• Third generation fairy

• Writes children stories

• Fears intimacy

• Is uncomfortable in crowds

• Feels overwhelmed easily

• Irrational fear of live chickens

• Likes to dance with Jester when no one is watching

• Crochets when no one is around

• Knows everyone’s schedule so that she can walk around the house in underwear when it’s too hot

General Knowledge

• Book Nerd 

• Lives in her own little world

• Not keen on social events

• Likes to write

• Has a guitar that she never uses because she can’t play

• Has a pet Kingsnake called Jester, that’s 3’4’’ long and that’s usually docile

• Dislikes being touched by strangers and people she barely knows


Bella is an introvert, she enjoys the quiet and the alone time, however, she doesn’t mind people if they don’t bother her or make too much noise. She avoids most social interactions as they drain her, only having a few select friends with who she often speaks daily. She avoids leaving the apartment unless she has to and usually only leaves the house for classes and work, however, will gladly leave it if she could just spend some time in nature away from crowds; she’s anxious, while it doesn’t control her life completely she fears that in the next few years it might take control if she doesn’t do something about it. She is self-assured in the moment of action but will keep second guessing herself after it, as well as her anxiety, can turn her life miserable.

During her alone time, she likes to read or write, using her writing to often express her feelings due to finding it hard to express them vocally to someone. Due to her quiet and introverted nature to become her friend one needs to be extremely patient and understanding. She dislikes when people ask her too many questions, especially in crowded places with too much noise, everything becomes a hard task for her and being in such a place soon becomes unbearable.

She dislikes being touched by strangers and even people she knows, she usually avoids hugs or any sort of touch, it requires a strong bond for Bella to allow people to get closer to her. Around her friends she’s slightly more talkative and even tries to make jokes, she’s caring for those she considers her friends but anyone else outside that category will receive a bland expression from her.

Despite her caring behavior towards her friends, she has a hard time identifying certain feelings and what to say in certain situations; she will often remain quiet, scared of offending or hurting someone. Out in the public, she’s even more reserved, avoiding people and confrontations, often lying her way out of social plans and has problems expressing her feelings to people.


Bella strands 170cm tall. Her skin is soft to the touch with the exceptions of some areas with certain scars, like her shoulders. She has curly and voluptuous black hair that barely reaches her chin, however, when straightened reaches her back. She has brown eyes and often wears contact lenses, being rare seeing her with actual glasses.

She had several piercings in her ears, which some might call a slight addiction.

Her clothing varies throughout the year depending on the seasons, however, whatever she wears, jeans, shorts, dresses it seems that she only has one type of footwear, a comfortable pair of sneakers.

She has a distant look, usually her card to keep people away. She appears to be self-assured, which is a joke due to her self-guessing herself for every decision she makes.


Bella is the middle child of Irwin Mayfield, a halfblood wizard, and Janet Mayfield, a second generation halfbreed fairy. She was born two years after her eldest sibling Daniel Mayfield and two years before her youngest sibling Eugene Mayfield. At the age of six her family moved to Japan for a few years for her father’s work, ever since she was a child she valued her time alone and didn’t play well with others, she enrolled at the local Wizarding School, Mahoutokoro at the age of eleven, and spent her first year there, while in school she enjoyed playing chess.

Halfway through her second year, her family had to move again to Australia because of her father’s work, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Flinder’s house, having to retake the second year. She felt a little out of place for a while but soon became comfortable in her new school. That summer, shortly after the school ended her father had gotten into an accident and he and her brothers had died, that left her mother alone to raise her thirteen-year-old daughter. Janet didn’t want to take the responsibility alone, but she fell into certain addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, which led to several forms of abuse towards Bella.

Three years passed, and Bella’s mother accidentally killed someone, the woman got arrested and Bella’s grandparents took her in. Her life changed, she was no longer scared of going home, she was always eager to, the old couple owned a bookstore which entertained Bella’s for hours, it was in that library that she developed her love for books.

Before graduation Bella received the news that her mother had passed away, she wasn’t exactly happy about the situation, but she couldn’t deny a certain relief. Once she graduated she enrolled in VMU where she’s still studying to become a journalist, in the meantime she writes small stories.

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