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  1. Bella hadn’t forgotten about Mark’s birthday, even if he didn’t celebrate it. She wanted to be sure he at least knew how important he was to her as a friend, while she wasn’t very good at expressing herself with words, she was better at doing it with actions. Bella had made a cake earlier that day, she didn’t want Mark finding out about it, so she had to hide the cake from him in her room while he was around in the kitchen, only decorating it when he moved to his room. She was a bit anxious about the whole ordeal, what if he didn’t like chocolate? That could happen, and once it did then … what was she going to do? It wasn’t something she could worry about at the moment, she had already made the cake, she had already decorated it and had even gotten some candles. The bag with his present sat on top of the kitchen table. Inside there was a new sketchbook and some art supplies, Bella knew that Mark liked to sketch, and he was good at it, it seemed like a decent enough present for him. Inside the bag there was also a pair of crocheted mittens with the Flinder’s colors that Bella had made, they had fallen onto the bag by mistake, she thought they wouldn’t be good enough, nor that he would wear such a thing, it was best they just remained in her room, hidden from everyone’s sight. Bella knocked on his bedroom room, the cake was decorated, the present was on the table, all the needed was the birthday boy. “M-Mark…ar-are you there? C-can you … can you please come here?” she asked a bit skittish, maybe she overdid it, maybe she shouldn’t have done anything, could she rewind time and stop herself from knocking on the door? No, she couldn’t. Bella took a deep breath trying to calm herself, maybe if she hid in her room it would be alright, it would be like it never happened.
  2. He seemed to have some amusing stories, even if he hadn’t lived this one. Bella had heard plenty of stories involving geese but one that involved food? It was a new one. She chuckled as he told the story, it would have been an amusing sight, even if not very amusing to the one that had ended up soaked. Hearing that he wouldn’t mind her bringing Jester was positive, Jester was a good boy and if he remained in his box, she was sure he wasn’t going to chase others, perhaps a mouse, but it wasn’t used to hunt so she doubted it would even try to chase its own food. Bella watched as he picked a napkin and wrote down his address, she tried to read it upside down which didn’t prove to be a simple task but not a hard one either. She recognized the location and she could say that she had never visited that area once. He proceeded to explain how the house was fae friendly but what caught her attention was the gardens, she didn’t get out much, but she wasn’t the one to refuse to be in contact with nature. His reply was reasonable, even if she thought it would be weird treating him by his first name, even if she had been the one to ask which one, he preferred. “Alright.” She said in a low tone before he continued. Perhaps he was right, the idea of having too many people around was something that would make her even more nervous, even with some people she already knew. “I will check the schedule and I’ll let you know, I will also try to get that photo.” She spoke as she gathered her things, it was time to leave. She looked at the photograph and pushed it a bit forward “Keep it.” She said as she removed her hand from the photograph. “Oh, hmmm, in case there’s something important I live here…” she said taking a piece of paper from her things and writing her address. “It’s a simple city apartment in South Melbourne if I’m not at VMU I’m here.” She put the paper under the photograph and smiled. “Thank you for everything. I will contact you soon.”
  3. Bella looked at what Mark was preparing before he could even reply to her, seemed interesting and sounded delicious. “Sounds good.” She said smiling at her friend, avoiding saying anything that could make her sound weird. She lingered around the kitchen area, probably just standing in Marks way, but since he wasn’t saying anything she continued to stay there. If Mark hadn’t arrived home when he did the chances of Bella eating anything were slim, she just would have continued to write until someone decided to let her know that it was time to eat. “A-are you sure you’re okay without my help?” she asked, trying to be sure that her friend was good without her held, she had offered previously, and he had declined, but she wanted to be sure. She watched as he cooked. She got all the items necessary to eat and once he was done with the food she just sat. “Thanks”
  4. She laughed when he mentioned the animals, especially the geese, she wouldn’t have imagined how bad they were, they always seemed so peaceful, but she never had a problem with one before so she couldn’t really tell if they were bad or not. “Have you ever been attacked by a goose?” she asked with a different expression from the one that had followed through the conversation, seemed different and more alive. As he spoke about Jester, she smiled thinking how that snake was her company. “Maybe…maybe one day you can meet Jester.” She proposed, unsure of how he would react. Jester was a relatively well-behaved snake, bit her a few times before getting used to her, now it doesn’t even try to attack her. Bella couldn’t help it, she always felt like she was imposing or asking for something that would potentially be a nuisance, she couldn’t control it, no matter how many times he said it, but being reassured eased her mind. “Thank you.” She thought of questions, but the most obvious one was the type of fae he was, but before she could ask anything he began to speak, she realized that they weren’t in the most indicated place for the type of conversation they were having. “I can work around classes, it’s not very hard to do so, it’ll be easier for me to meet you, wherever place you think is … quieter.” She spoke finally drinking the rest of her tea that was already cold but still drinkable. “Perhaps then I can ask you?” she also needed to get her grandmother’s photo, which shouldn’t be too hard, just sneak one out of the family album and she won’t even notice it’s gone if. “How should I call you? Mr. Windum or by your first name?” she asked a bit confused, perhaps it was better if she called the man by his last name, it seemed the best approach, for now, she had only met him that day.
  5. Bella played with her fingers as he spoke, she couldn’t understand the feeling but wasn’t going to think too much of it, at least for now. She knew she had the lifespan of a human and wasn’t going to live forever unlike others, especially unlike the person sitting across from her, who was right, Bella did admire and was grateful for her grandmother’s actions, without the woman she would have been more alone, something she didn’t want to think of. He began explaining what she could expect, she understood what he was saying, however as she had previously stated she was average in everything, there wasn’t anything she was exceptional, it could also mean that she could still find something that she’s good at, or at least a little better. The possibility of being able to communicate with animals seemed interesting, she did have a pet that she talked too constantly, but she was pretty sure Jester didn’t understand her and she clearly didn’t understand Jester. “Talking to animals sounds fun.” She commented with a smile, still thinking about Jester. “I have a pet snake called Jester.” She commented, it was irrelevant information, but it was a way to explain her fascination with the possibility to talk to animals. Her eyes got wider as he spoke about controlling the Air element, which fascinated her. She wanted to ask the reason why he didn’t know about his father heritage, but she decided it was best to keep her mouth shut, she didn’t want to seem overly curious about something like that, even if it did intrigue her. “I’m sorry, I don’t know much about fae but if it’s no trouble I … I would like to hear it…” she thought for a few seconds until she got reminded that maybe was asking too much. “I mean…doesn’t have to be today…” she looked down at her tea and then at him before avoiding eye contact, which made her nervous “…or never, i-if it’s inconvenient…”
  6. In other words, it seemed that he hadn’t made too many connections over the years. A certain sadness could be seen in her eyes, either he avoided people because he knew this, or he simply didn’t want to. As he spoke that everyone that was important to him had died, she looked up. “I’m sorry…” she didn’t really know what else to say, it probably didn’t mean much to him anyway. She stared at him and smiled, he had completely missed the point, which was good, if she doesn’t tell him he won’t be disappointed. The conversation continued without Bella saying another word, it was clear that she was nervous, but not as nervous as before, she was able to hold a conversation without stuttering too much and contribute for it. She nodded when he repeated her age, not quite sure what he meant but it could be because of how everything was changing, both physically and emotionally. A wide smile appeared on her lips as he mentioned her grandmother. “My grandmother is very kind.” Perhaps it was a way to atone for her daughter’s crimes. He explained that it wouldn’t be deadly, but how could she not worry? After all, he just told her, how can he expect her not to worry? It only made her worry even more that the situation could be even worse. When he answered her second question, she became more curious, she wanted to ask about it would be ridiculous asking such a stupid question. She had very little knowledge about Fairies and didn’t know much about Sidhe, he had given a brief talk about them earlier but didn’t go into detail. “So, not everything is the same to everyone?” she questioned him. She assumed abilities were mostly the same, either weaker or stronger, depending on the generation, except for full fairies that would have all of their abilities.
  7. Bella watched the interactions between Mark and Jester, that snake seemed to really like him. She smiled at Mark’s comment, it was nice not to have someone afraid of Jester unlike most of the people in that apartment, Jester would be in good hands if Bella required Mark to take care of him for a few days, for whatever reason. “Thanks.” She said as she watched Mark remove the container for the freezer to feed Jester. The snake was inpatient of its food. “Come on, hurry up.” The snake commented as it watched Mark unfreeze his mouse. “Goodie!” Jester spoke as he began eating the unfrozen mouse. “Now I think he’s going to sleep for a little while aren’t you Jester?” Bella commented with a chuckle before walking up to Mark to take Jester so she could put him on his habitat. “I don’t think he’ll be bothering us for a few days.” She said as she walked to her room. Jester was peaceful in his habitat, it was time to rest so he could digest the poor rodent. Bella walked into the kitchen and approached Mark. “W-what are you planning for lunch?”
  8. She listened to him as he explained, she was ashamed that she had asked him such a question even, if he seemed to be alright with the question she had made. Anyone who experienced loss could somehow relate, it wasn’t something she wished upon anyone even if it was how life worked. Her mother protecting her? Seemed like what a parent would do but not her mother. “My…my mother did nothing to protect me.” She commented in a manner that it was completely new. She didn’t want to stain his thoughts about her mother, the woman was cruel and insensitive. She didn’t continue, perhaps with time it would be easier to explain what had happened, but not now, it was neither the time nor the place for such a conversation about the past actions of a dead woman. “I suppose I have to thank my grandmother for that.” Her grandmother was a gentle soul, friendly and even loved Bella’s few friends when she was in Tally, even now Bella can’t escape a visit without the old woman asking for Bella’s friends. “She took me in shortly after I turned fifteen.” She was young when her mother was incarcerated for the accidental murder of two civilians. He explained her about curses, she understood how they worked, she knew how to break most of them, but she wasn’t so sure she could help with this one, she had absolutely no practice, and she wasn’t that sure of her abilities. “If this is a curse and you’re able to remove it, I have a couple of questions.” She tapped the table with her fingers lightly, she took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. “How bad would this be for you?” she asked the first question, which seemed valid, she really didn’t want it lifted if that was to harm someone. “And, what..what can I expect?”
  9. Bella listened to the man as he answered her question, she could understand that there was a community for them and they weren’t truly alone, they had nature, but that wasn’t the reason she had questioned him, perhaps he was avoiding the subject, or perhaps she was reading too much into it. “That’s not what I mean…” she said smiling at him but wasn’t sure how she could speak without touching a sensitive subject. “I mean, you don’t have just friends that last, forever do you?” she didn’t quite know how to put it, she began playing with the cup as she tried to find better words to explain. “If you have people who you care for, that aren’t as long-lived, wouldn’t it be lonely and sad watching everyone you care leave your life?” she asked before realizing it was a rather personal question and she shouldn’t have stepped that boundary. “I’m sorry, I-I di-didn’t…you don’t need to answer…” she looked away briefly. Perhaps he had too much faith in humans, something she slowly lost over the years. She wasn’t very stubborn, she just followed the steady course of a river, she couldn’t understand what he actually meant by it, perhaps because she was too scared of failure that she didn’t even bother to stand her ground. She was confused at the mentioning of a curse, as far as she knew nothing had been done to her family, her grandmother never mentioned anything, her mother the same, not that her mother would have ever said anything about that to Bella, but her grandmother would have. “Yeah, actually both my parents were, and my brothers were as well.” She said, perhaps that could help him. “Maybe the problem is me? I mean, I’m nothing special…my mother always told me that so maybe that’s it?” she announced. It could be Bella’s problem and nothing someone had done.
  10. Bella watched the fairy, he seemed nice and it hadn’t been anything in his action, so far that indicated otherwise, perhaps it was her way of seeing things, or perhaps was the fact that regardless of what had happened everything turned out alright, or at least in the grand scheme of things, at least for Bella, the more she looked at him the more she couldn’t understand his feelings towards this new piece of information, but perhaps it wasn’t her place to understand, all she could do was accept it. She smiled as he mentioned her mother’s name, it could have been a pretty name but at the end of her life, Janet wasn’t a very good person, to begin with; could Bella really blame her for everything that happened? No, but she could blame the woman for all the pain she brought to her own family and to another family. She smiled at him upon seeing his, her grandmother would be asking why she needed it, but she was sure she could find some excuse to get the old photo, if not she could always take one of the photo albums, she was sure her grandmother won’t even notice is gone. He talked about his age so casually, perhaps to him and those who can live long lives, is something trivial, almost like waking up in the morning. He proceeded to explain that they can get old and that they can be killed, not that she was interested in killing anyone, she barely had the courage to say no to people, she certainly wouldn’t be able to take a life. “Doesn’t...doesn’t it get lonely?” she asked staring at him. It probably did, they lived for so long that they watch everyone they love die, but they also learn so much, she couldn’t determine if it was a gift or a curse. She couldn’t understand why someone would lock a creature that needed to be free to survive, in reality, every creature dies when locked against its will, but perhaps for fairies, it was on another level. Bella couldn’t really relate to that, she lived her life like a steady stream of water, following the path that was once created, she didn’t have much ambition, she had dreams but was brave enough to fight for them. “We’re not that … great.” She commented. To her was the other way around, the fae were the intriguing ones, living long lives, being able to learn so many things. “Humans are…” she began trying to find a nice word to describe it, which was hard. “…versatile.” She finally said. When he asked her about her magic, she stared at him. “No, it has not. I didn’t even know it at this point, I don’t even think my mother knew it if she did, she never told me anything…” she replied, she never understood her mother not completely. “Why? Should it have already been shown?” she was starting to think that her mother was right, she was nothing exceptional.
  11. Bella stared at Vale for a while, he seemed so casual talking about it she wasn’t sure if she should be amazed or scared, perhaps what she was feeling was a mix of both. She listened carefully to what he was saying, she couldn’t deny that he was a fascinating fairy. She began playing with her fingers, she didn’t know what he meant nor what he was going to say, something that scared her quite a bit. She didn’t understand the reference to the song or about what he was talking about, however after all this time speaking to a stranger about that situation it meant that he clearly had no idea of what had happened. She couldn’t say that she wasn’t sad about her parent’s death, at the time her father and siblings’ death took a toll on them, and it was even greater on her mother. She smiled softly at him almost like she could feel some sadness, but it might not have been that exact feeling. When he commented on the bookstore her smile grew a bit wider. “Yes, they moved to Narrie some time ago, it’s a nice and quiet place.” As she spoke about the bookstore, she remembered the staircase to the upper floor. As he watched the photograph, she paid attention to his movements and words. “My mother’s name was Janet.” She spoke in a low tone of voice. “My grandmother is still alive, when I visit her in Narrie I can ask her for one.” She said looking at him, for a brief moment all the anxiety was gone, everything seemed a lot easier, but she knew it wasn’t going to last. Bella finally picked up her tea and took a sip, the smooth taste was exactly how she liked it. “Two-hundred and forty?” she asked surprised. “So, you get older but you don’t age? H-how about death? Do you all just live on forever?” she asked. It was a bit sad but also fascinating.
  12. Bella watched from the couch as Jester moved across the room to Mark, the snake climbed up the young man’s arm and stood there. “I think he likes you.” Bella said with a shy chuckle. It was strange, Jester was only like this with Mark and ignored her other housemates. Jester just stood there for a moment, Bella was paying attention to the snake and Mark, she knew nothing was going to happen, but she still wanted to be sure that Jester wasn’t going to bite Mark by mistake like it had bitten her a few times. Jester seemed to enjoy the company. “Sweet, I like it here, I wan meat, give me meat, raw meat not like that cooked crap you all like to eat.” Jester tried to communicate, Bella just stared with a loud chuckle before covering her mouth.
  13. Bella watched the man quietly, smiling lightly as he spoke. She was nothing special, she just wrote some children’s stories and had tried writing some articles before but found that children’s stories paid a lot better than small articles for newspapers. She removed something from the middle of her things, she pushed it forward slowly and shyly as he mentioned that he wouldn’t love to read them, it wasn’t anything special, a simple story about Mermaids for a children’s book, plain and cliché, she was pretty sure he wasn’t going to find it interesting The waitress returned with their tea, Bella smiled shyly at the woman. “Thank you.” She said in a soft and low tone of voice. When the woman left, Bella watched her before turning her attention back to Vale, she paid attention to what he was doing, he seemed to be odd, almost like he feared touching anything, besides, his spoon was also made of wood which was even weirder. She didn’t bother to pick the spoon nor to sweeten her tea, she just picked the cup and blew softly before he spoke again, surprised she put her cup down and watched him, her expression showed surprised, but she should have guessed he could use magic. As magic unfolded in front of her eyes, her surprise became clearer in her expression. She just stood there like she was petrified, she didn’t say a word and she didn’t blink until he spoke again. “You’re fae?” she asked before covering her mouth completely forgetting about the illusion he had created before so that they could speak privately. “Gr-granddaughter? I know both my grandfathers.” Was that a joke? She didn’t know what to think of it, but in case that he was telling the truth, that means either her mother or her father were part fae, even if none expressed any powers, she certainly didn’t, at least not that she knew of. “Both my parents are dead. My father died when I was thirteen and my mother died a few years later.” She admitted. “All I have left are my grandparents back in Narrie, they own a bookstore.” She said, almost like all the fear had lifted off. Her tea remained on the table and she remained quiet for a minute before removing a family photo from her wallet. He couldn’t meet either of them but maybe photographs would help? She didn’t know how it all worked, maybe it was a stupid idea.
  14. High-class tea? As much as she loved tea, she wasn’t sure if she could afford it but she didn’t have much time to think about the situation before she could think about something else she was already inside the building stressing about how differently she looked from everyone else. She liked quiet and simple places nothing as glamorous as that establishment. A waitress came, she remained quiet, she could see how the waitress was looking at her and decided to take a step away from the waitress and gave the woman an awkward smile before clutching to her papers. “Mrs. Pluchinsky will have to wait another day.” She thought to herself as she watched the waitress. The woman led them to what seemed to be a booth in the back, as they walked Bella tried not to bump into any table. Arriving at the designated booth the man asked what he wanted, some peppermint tea would be delicious, but she felt like she could use something more soothing. “Chamomile tea please.” She asked in a low tone of voice not to disturb anyone nor to call attention towards them. “Thank you Miss…” she said as she watched the woman walk away from them, Bella watched before the man’s voice brought her back to the real world. Bella sat down and smiled awkwardly, it wasn’t that hard seeing how anxious she was. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Isabella Mayfield, everyone calls me Bella.” She replied. Being in a conversation where not that many people could watch was so much better, she didn’t have to be so anxious about everything and everyone. “I-I’m a student and I like to write.” she finished, what he did sound a lot more interesting than writing stories about imaginary mermaids called Miriam, which made her feel stupid, why would she even say that she liked to write? It was unnecessary information. She stared at him for a brief moment before looking away, eye contact always made her feel more nervous. She was unsure what she should or shouldn’t say but before she came to a conclusion he spoke, her gaze shifted towards him once more and as the words came out of his mouth her eyes opened wider, her surprise was impossible to hide, how was that even possible? How could they be related? “H-ho-how?” she managed to ask, unsure if he was playing with her or not. “Wh-which one?” she asked. “I mean…” she continued before putting her hands on the table, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “Which one…which one do you think it is?”
  15. Bella smiled as her friend took a cookie and ate it. She could say that she was pleased with his comment about the cookie, if any it made her want to do more next time, and hopefully the rest of their housemates won’t be there too, not that she dislikes them, but they were usually loud and had no concept of personal space, besides, she was sure there was someone that didn’t like Jester. He was being too nice or perhaps he didn’t like her cooking, even if he just complimented her cookies. Bella nodded at Mark with a shy smile. “Wh-whatever you make for you but, thank you.” She said loud enough for him to hear. She turned on the TV and decided to watch the news, regardless of everything bad happening in both Muggle and Wizarding it was always good to know what was happening. “I think Jester wouldn’t mind some raw meat.” She replied to Mark before turning to Jester which was already halfway through the living room to go to Mark. “Wow, he really does like Mark, that's nice, Mark's so nice to him too.” She thought to herself with a goofy smile on her face as she watched Jester moving towards Mark. “Be careful Mark, Jester is going your way.” She decided to warn her friend.
Isabella Mayfield
VMU student 0
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age:  23
Date of Birth: February 14th, 1996
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: VMU student
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Fox
Wand: 12’’, Cherry Wood, thunderbird tail feather core
Play-by: Nathalie Emmanuel


• Year 1 – Year 2: Mahoutokoro

• Year 2 – year 7: Tally

• VMU: Practical Magic (complete); Magical Arts & Social Wizardry (Current)


• Abusive mother

• Fears moths

• Third generation fairy

• Writes children stories

• Fears intimacy

• Is uncomfortable in crowds

• Feels overwhelmed easily

• Irrational fear of live chickens

• Likes to dance with Jester when no one is watching

• Crochets when no one is around

• Knows everyone’s schedule so that she can walk around the house in underwear when it’s too hot

General Knowledge

• Book Nerd 

• Lives in her own little world

• Not keen on social events

• Likes to write

• Has a guitar that she never uses because she can’t play

• Has a pet Kingsnake called Jester, that’s 3’4’’ long and that’s usually docile

• Dislikes being touched by strangers and people she barely knows


Bella is an introvert, she enjoys the quiet and the alone time, however, she doesn’t mind people if they don’t bother her or make too much noise. She avoids most social interactions as they drain her, only having a few select friends with who she often speaks daily. She avoids leaving the apartment unless she has to and usually only leaves the house for classes and work, however, will gladly leave it if she could just spend some time in nature away from crowds; she’s anxious, while it doesn’t control her life completely she fears that in the next few years it might take control if she doesn’t do something about it. She is self-assured in the moment of action but will keep second guessing herself after it, as well as her anxiety, can turn her life miserable.

During her alone time, she likes to read or write, using her writing to often express her feelings due to finding it hard to express them vocally to someone. Due to her quiet and introverted nature to become her friend one needs to be extremely patient and understanding. She dislikes when people ask her too many questions, especially in crowded places with too much noise, everything becomes a hard task for her and being in such a place soon becomes unbearable.

She dislikes being touched by strangers and even people she knows, she usually avoids hugs or any sort of touch, it requires a strong bond for Bella to allow people to get closer to her. Around her friends she’s slightly more talkative and even tries to make jokes, she’s caring for those she considers her friends but anyone else outside that category will receive a bland expression from her.

Despite her caring behavior towards her friends, she has a hard time identifying certain feelings and what to say in certain situations; she will often remain quiet, scared of offending or hurting someone. Out in the public, she’s even more reserved, avoiding people and confrontations, often lying her way out of social plans and has problems expressing her feelings to people.


Bella strands 170cm tall. Her skin is soft to the touch with the exceptions of some areas with certain scars, like her shoulders. She has curly and voluptuous black hair that barely reaches her chin, however, when straightened reaches her back. She has brown eyes and often wears contact lenses, being rare seeing her with actual glasses.

She had several piercings in her ears, which some might call a slight addiction.

Her clothing varies throughout the year depending on the seasons, however, whatever she wears, jeans, shorts, dresses it seems that she only has one type of footwear, a comfortable pair of sneakers.

She has a distant look, usually her card to keep people away. She appears to be self-assured, which is a joke due to her self-guessing herself for every decision she makes.


Bella is the middle child of Irwin Mayfield, a halfblood wizard, and Janet Mayfield, a second generation halfbreed fairy. She was born two years after her eldest sibling Daniel Mayfield and two years before her youngest sibling Eugene Mayfield. At the age of six her family moved to Japan for a few years for her father’s work, ever since she was a child she valued her time alone and didn’t play well with others, she enrolled at the local Wizarding School, Mahoutokoro at the age of eleven, and spent her first year there, while in school she enjoyed playing chess.

Halfway through her second year, her family had to move again to Australia because of her father’s work, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Flinder’s house, having to retake the second year. She felt a little out of place for a while but soon became comfortable in her new school. That summer, shortly after the school ended her father had gotten into an accident and he and her brothers had died, that left her mother alone to raise her thirteen-year-old daughter. Janet didn’t want to take the responsibility alone, but she fell into certain addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, which led to several forms of abuse towards Bella.

Three years passed, and Bella’s mother accidentally killed someone, the woman got arrested and Bella’s grandparents took her in. Her life changed, she was no longer scared of going home, she was always eager to, the old couple owned a bookstore which entertained Bella’s for hours, it was in that library that she developed her love for books.

Before graduation Bella received the news that her mother had passed away, she wasn’t exactly happy about the situation, but she couldn’t deny a certain relief. Once she graduated she enrolled in VMU where she’s still studying to become a journalist, in the meantime she writes small stories.

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