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Bella Mayfield

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  • Birthday 02/14/1996

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    Isabella Mayfield
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    VMU student
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    Nathalie Emmanuel

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    12’’, Cherry Wood, thunderbird tail feather core
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  • Playerx Tecri
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  • Birthdate Day 14
  • Birthdate Month 2
  • Birthdate Year 1996
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  • Pronouns she/her
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  1. Bella left the house earlier for classes, she had a lot to do on that day, besides delivering a draft of the story she had been writing she had to go hunt for a decent birthday present, something that didn’t involve some crocheted fingerless mittens and she could also get some supplies for herself. Once the class was over she tried her best to avoid people and she had successfully managed to avoid everyone that could start a conversation with her she took a bus to the central business district, hoping to find not only a quality gift and to deliver the draft. She visited shop after shop, there was nothing remotely appealing, she was about to give up when she came across something that could be perfect. Upon buying the desired gift It was time to get paid for her work. The story about Miriam the Mermaid was over, she could finally get paid in full for the work she had been doing for the past month, now all she needed was to be hired to write another story, it wasn’t going to be easy, Bella didn’t like to beg for anything but in this case, she needed the job. Upon seeing a small place to eat, discrete enough for her taste, she made her way to it, mostly avoiding everyone, but not everyone, as she walked, distracted by the papers on her hands she bumped into someone, she was able to maintain her balance and everything she was holding, but when she looked up at the stranger she couldn’t help but to feel slightly intimidated by the person. “S..so..sorry..I-I…a-are you alright?” she asked the stranger.
  2. Bella was tense, and her heart was racing, she wouldn’t be able to stan the embarrassment if someone was to find her dancing with Jester. She turned to the voice and smiled at Mark, thank God it was just Mark, the only housemate she actually liked having around, she only tolerated the others, and would even tolerate them more if they weren’t so chatty. She looked at the clock and then at Mark. “Hey…I ... don’t think so.” she said. Unlike her Jester was watching Mark like a predator watches its prey. “I think we’re good...hmm…” she took a break from her sentence, wondering if Mark would even want cookies made by her, he could get much better cookies at the bakery. “I baked cookies if you want.” She finally said it like it was the hardest thing in the world to do. "Don't be stupid Bella, no one wants your cookies, only you..." she thought but decided to push them aside for a brief moment. “I wasn’t expecting anyone for lunch, so I didn’t even ... I didn’t even start it.” She said like she had done something wrong. “Everyone else is out by the way, in case you’re wondering.” She spoke. “Obviously he’s wondering, who would want to stay with her anyway? Mark probably wouldn’t mind? Or would he? He probably would.” She thought to herself.
  3. Bella had the house all to herself, all of her housemates were in classes, doing whatever and she could do whatever the hell she wanted around the apartment. First, she began by baking some cookie, she had to make sure she left some for the only housemate she actually liked being around with, the other cookies she was going to eat them herself. She then would need to continue to write the children’s story she had started, she had no idea what to do with Miriam, the mermaid, but whatever she was going to do with the mermaid had to be wow. Her cookies on the oven, Bella grabbed Jester and was walking around, almost like dancing around the apartment with the snake around her neck while listening to the song ‘I think we’re alone now’. “Tell me, Jester, what do you think Miriam should do?” she asked the snake, aware that the little crawler wasn’t going to answer her. Sitting on the floor, with Jester around her neck and typewriter on the coffee table Bella continued the story about Miriam and her human friend as they traveled the underwater world, discovering beautiful corals of many colors and then the timer went off and it was time to check on those beautiful cookies. “So, Jester I may not have a cookie for you, but I have the most wonderful meal for you, just don’t tell anyone that I used the freezer okay?” she spoke to the snake, which wasn’t going to answer her for obvious reasons. Instead of going back to her writing, Bella decided to dance with Jasper until she heard a noise, she couldn’t tell if it was inside or outside the apartment. “SHIT SHIT SHIT!” she thought as she ran around like a headless chicken for a few seconds before sitting back down in front of her typewriter like she wasn’t doing anything else.
Isabella Mayfield
VMU student 0
23 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her/Hers
Age:  23
Date of Birth: February 14th, 1996
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: VMU student
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Fox
Wand: 12’’, Cherry Wood, thunderbird tail feather core
Play-by: Nathalie Emmanuel


• Year 1 – Year 2: Mahoutokoro

• Year 2 – year 7: Tally

• VMU: Practical Magic (complete); Magical Arts & Social Wizardry (Current)


• Abusive mother

• Fears moths

• Third generation fairy

• Writes children stories

• Fears intimacy

• Is uncomfortable in crowds

• Feels overwhelmed easily

• Irrational fear of live chickens

• Likes to dance with Jester when no one is watching

• Crochets when no one is around

• Knows everyone’s schedule so that she can walk around the house in underwear when it’s too hot

General Knowledge

• Book Nerd 

• Lives in her own little world

• Not keen on social events

• Likes to write

• Has a guitar that she never uses because she can’t play

• Has a pet Kingsnake called Jester, that’s 3’4’’ long and that’s usually docile

• Dislikes being touched by strangers and people she barely knows


Bella is an introvert, she enjoys the quiet and the alone time, however, she doesn’t mind people if they don’t bother her or make too much noise. She avoids most social interactions as they drain her, only having a few select friends with who she often speaks daily. She avoids leaving the apartment unless she has to and usually only leaves the house for classes and work, however, will gladly leave it if she could just spend some time in nature away from crowds; she’s anxious, while it doesn’t control her life completely she fears that in the next few years it might take control if she doesn’t do something about it. She is self-assured in the moment of action but will keep second guessing herself after it, as well as her anxiety, can turn her life miserable.

During her alone time, she likes to read or write, using her writing to often express her feelings due to finding it hard to express them vocally to someone. Due to her quiet and introverted nature to become her friend one needs to be extremely patient and understanding. She dislikes when people ask her too many questions, especially in crowded places with too much noise, everything becomes a hard task for her and being in such a place soon becomes unbearable.

She dislikes being touched by strangers and even people she knows, she usually avoids hugs or any sort of touch, it requires a strong bond for Bella to allow people to get closer to her. Around her friends she’s slightly more talkative and even tries to make jokes, she’s caring for those she considers her friends but anyone else outside that category will receive a bland expression from her.

Despite her caring behavior towards her friends, she has a hard time identifying certain feelings and what to say in certain situations; she will often remain quiet, scared of offending or hurting someone. Out in the public, she’s even more reserved, avoiding people and confrontations, often lying her way out of social plans and has problems expressing her feelings to people.


Bella strands 170cm tall. Her skin is soft to the touch with the exceptions of some areas with certain scars, like her shoulders. She has curly and voluptuous black hair that barely reaches her chin, however, when straightened reaches her back. She has brown eyes and often wears contact lenses, being rare seeing her with actual glasses.

She had several piercings in her ears, which some might call a slight addiction.

Her clothing varies throughout the year depending on the seasons, however, whatever she wears, jeans, shorts, dresses it seems that she only has one type of footwear, a comfortable pair of sneakers.

She has a distant look, usually her card to keep people away. She appears to be self-assured, which is a joke due to her self-guessing herself for every decision she makes.


Bella is the middle child of Irwin Mayfield, a halfblood wizard, and Janet Mayfield, a second generation halfbreed fairy. She was born two years after her eldest sibling Daniel Mayfield and two years before her youngest sibling Eugene Mayfield. At the age of six her family moved to Japan for a few years for her father’s work, ever since she was a child she valued her time alone and didn’t play well with others, she enrolled at the local Wizarding School, Mahoutokoro at the age of eleven, and spent her first year there, while in school she enjoyed playing chess.

Halfway through her second year, her family had to move again to Australia because of her father’s work, she enrolled in Tally and was sorted into the Flinder’s house, having to retake the second year. She felt a little out of place for a while but soon became comfortable in her new school. That summer, shortly after the school ended her father had gotten into an accident and he and her brothers had died, that left her mother alone to raise her thirteen-year-old daughter. Janet didn’t want to take the responsibility alone, but she fell into certain addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, which led to several forms of abuse towards Bella.

Three years passed, and Bella’s mother accidentally killed someone, the woman got arrested and Bella’s grandparents took her in. Her life changed, she was no longer scared of going home, she was always eager to, the old couple owned a bookstore which entertained Bella’s for hours, it was in that library that she developed her love for books.

Before graduation Bella received the news that her mother had passed away, she wasn’t exactly happy about the situation, but she couldn’t deny a certain relief. Once she graduated she enrolled in VMU where she’s still studying to become a journalist, in the meantime she writes small stories.

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