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  1. Wind up for another year.  You ready?

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    2. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      I can't wait, Iris! So many things I still need to learn!

    3. Iris Glauert

      Iris Glauert

      Studies will murder me BUT COME AT ME LIFE!  
      Alex, liven up!

    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Hehehe, Hey, I've never gotten along well with school. I'm entitled to some grumpfish moments. 

  2. The pair have been friends for many years. However, staring during Iris' second year, what was meant to be a silly home video soon turned into uploaded videos and covers on YouTube, to Iris then lack of knowledge [or consent]. It was the beginning of "Rainbow Ice" - Iris' alias, of which she would don colorful wigs and would be completely, unapologeticaly herself. Iris has since found out about the channel, and while initially upset, is now using it to garner fans. While Iris often sings and performs, the other records, edits, and uploads.
  3. Gerry dropped a notebook filled with lyrics she'd written during times of immense stress or grief. Iris found them, and later returned them. Gerry has been allowing Iris to use lyrics to build her music, and was given the alias 'Azura Swann" to use as credit.
  4. Alex and Iris are friends and collaborators in the realm of music, both with YouTube channels, often promoting each other. Alex has been helping Iris overcome her fears so that she might do more with this particular passion.
  5. Iris was humming to herself, as per usual, as she made her way toward class. Long gone were the wide-brimmed sun hats and in their place was a scarf and a warm school jacket, her hair blowing with the wind as it circulated through the area. She couldn't help but wonder why they wouldn't be in the classroom today, but it was soon explained by the professor that they were harnessing air today, and since it was already windy.. made more sense to be outside, she supposed. What she didn't like, however, was the word 'intensive'. She didn't want more intensive classes, they were doing just fine before, particularly since they were starting with an entirely new element. She swallowed, feet shuffling in the dirt nervously as she lowered her head. This was going to be a disaster.
  6. Just... say "Hello!" I assume it's a friend or family right? They'll want to see you too! Give 'em a big old hug! Or do secret handshake or something. Just whatever you used to do. The more you think on it the more awkward you're going to be about it and the weirder it is for everyone. What country would you most like to visit? I'm always looking to add ideas to my book!
  7. He was smiling. That was always a good sign, and she'd take it! She smiled at him with a small "Thank you,"as he helped her gather all the books. She gave a small giggle as he bat at the brim of her hand, causing it to move slightly more forward. Her hands reached up, adjusting it back. She giggled as he made a face and a grabbed his tie, acting like he was hanging himself with it. Reaching over, the small blonde placed a hand on his arm. "But it looks so good on you!" She hoped the words would be some small comfort. She made herself comfortable on the grass, giving a small wiggle as she crossed her legs, hands grabbing her feet as she did so. A softer smile made its way to her face as another giggle erupted as he explained his mishaps with books. "Aha! Must be a Flinders thing, then!" She could only imagine what it must be like to wake up with books on top, underneath, and on every side of you. It was a funny image, that much was certain. "That must be so uncomfortable though! Does it ever wake you up? Or is it just waking up in the morning and turning and going THAT'S WHY MY BACK HURTS! ?" Iris listened, a frown and a look of concern worming their way onto her face, erasing the bright, sunny smiles she'd previously held. "...Oh." Those..weren't good things to be thinking about at all. It sounded like a lot of pain. A lot of confusion. Something about his mom, and Matt, it sounded very vaguely familiar. Like there was some story she'd heard, or heard around, before, but she couldn't dredge it up. She didn't have the memory for those sorts of things. Lei was a new name. Wait no. She'd heard that somewhere too--very recently. Where....? She shook her head slightly. No use. Things that weren't frequent simply didn't stick for her. Instead she reached over, wrapping her arms around Aiden. He looked like he really needed a hug to her. "I don't think you're cursed. I think...bad things happen to everyone. But.... also that if a lot of very bad stuff is happening to you, maybe it's... for some kind of reason, you know? Like...preparing you, and keeping you humble. They say the best people have the worst troubles. Maybe there will be someone who needs you, but like... you aren't in a place where you can handle that yet. So you gotta work to get there."
  8. Iris liked this class, even if she wasn't necessarily stellar at it. She was excited when she walked in, still having to constantly check herself to keep from touching the dog, and waved happily at Caitlin, Cass, and Alex. She noticed the brunette from the party was sitting with the group, but she'd long since forgotten her name. Oh well. She then moved to find where she wanted to plant herself, waiting for others to arrive. Then it was story time. She already knew of the marriage, of course, but she was still so excited over it. "Isn't it just amazing!~ They're so cute." She found their strong love to be like a beacon for other people, like look what you can find if you only open your eyes. She hummed to herself and tapped her foot, shrugging. She hadn't really done much herself. Hung out with her family, worked in the studio a lot. Not something she was terribly willing to share with the class. Her music was still a very personal, touchy subject for her that only a very select few were allowed to be in the know of. And by few, she meant two. Exactly two. And only one was in the room.
  9. Iris made her way to the classroom, the one that was odd, and seldom ever seated in a way that made sense to her student brain, but did still speak to her artistic side. She was humming as she entered the room, unaware of much anything else that was going on. When she opened her eyes and caught the water display from her peripherals, she froze in place, jaw dropping and hanging open as she stared in wonder. "Gnome toes!" She said in an exclaimed whisper. Now that was something. She never ended up taking a seat, and the professor's words went absolutely, entirely over her head as her eyes made the slow journey from one point to the other, following the flow of water, out to see it all at once, and back through it over and over again. It was magnificent! Why couldn't more teachers have things like this in their classrooms?
  10. Iris walked onto campus that morning and was greeted by a puma. At first she was startled, screamed even, before she realized it was white, wispy, as if it were like a ghost or some bit of magic. It wasn't wholly, physically there at all. Then it spoke, and out of it came her professor's voice. She pressed a hand over her racing heart as she drew in deep breaths, trying to calm herself from the initial panic. Class would be somewhere else today. Right. She nodded as she watched it leave, then blinked. That was.... something. When the blonde arrived in class later [she'd actually initially forgotten and showed up at the wrong place, and had to run to the other], she took notice that Alic did not look any better than last she'd seen him. She gave an apologetic smile to the professor as she sat at the table, still panting from the run. Poor thing. Could the healers do nothing better for him right now? Then again, hippogriffs were tough creatures, and rounding them back up had not been....entirely pleasant.
  11. "Um. Not much?" he wheezed. Well, that was never a good sign. She bit her lip as she stared at him, trying to collect her books so they at least were laying on the grass instead of....his body. That would help, right? It certainly wasn't going to be the opposite. The boy wasn't her bedroom floor after all, or her desk, or bed, or....any inanimate surface at home that she often dropped, tossed, or otherwise left her things upon. She smiled as his voice started to sound more normal and he sat up, and she clapped her hands together excitedly. "Ooh, thinking! I love thinking. Are they fantastic things or homework things or future things or...." She let herself trail off. "things" had a million and one different categories and she could have spent hours listing them all off. She was aware of that, and she thought it better to give him a chance. He quickly distracted her away from that thought, however. "Oh, just going for a walk, enjoying the fall. I was thinking how nice it would be once I didn't need to wear a hat anymore! Not that I don't love hats, they're pretty cute, but it gets tiring doing it every day." He asked if she was okay and her hands pressed over her heart as she smiled, then laid a hand upon his arm. "Oh, I'm fine. I do this a lot. But thank you! Are you okay? I don't imagine you have books raining on you all the time."
  12. The summer was over, and fall was swinging in, for which Iris was thankful. Her skin never did well in the blazing sun, and she wasn't having to constantly lather up the sunscreen to keep from burning. She could go longer stretches between applications, and it was certainly a relief. Soon she wouldn't need her hats at all and she could truly enjoy the weather. Not that she lacked in enjoying it now, as she moved through the centre courtyard. No, it was lovely out, not that awful, blazing heat that made her want to retreat beneath a fan. She looked up at the sky as she walked, humming to herself. She should have known better, to have learned by this point she was a clumsy girl and to pay attention where she was walking to, but she didn't. She'd not bothered to check at all. That was how it happened. How she had suddenly fallen over, books flying into the air and landing around [and on] her with thuds as she found herself lying in the grass, as well as on top of somebody. With a groan of pain, she slowly pushed herself up. Her apology was quickly forgotten as she sat on her legs and looked at the poor thing she'd tripped over. "Oh hey Aiden! What are you doing out here?"
  13. When Iris caught word about a midnight feast of sorts, she was more than happy to find some excuse to stay overnight at the school, and had it okayed with her parents. She wans't about to miss out on something just because she usually boarded at home. She used the excuse of a project, which she did have one, to stay, and when the late hour rung in, she hopped out of her bed and tiptoed her way out of the dormitory, although not without tripping over a chair first. She soon found herself at the great hall, eyes looking all around and taking in some familiar faces and some new ones. The tiny blonde ran over to Cass and wrapped her arms around her in a hug of hello, excited to see the redhead, before taking a seat next to her. "You're always in the middle of these things, aren't you?" she asked with a laugh, catching a glimpse of food out of the corner of her eye. "Ooooooo that looks yummy!" she said, all but bouncing in her seat. Yes, this was going to be awesome!
  14. Sweet sixteen with the sweetest family and friends!  Lookin at you Kalea, Alex, Siwan & Cass! ;]  Can't wait for the annual jam!  We're gonna set it off!

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      Iris Glauert

      Sapphire is always welcome!  Pretty lady.

    3. Alic Eron

      Alic Eron

      Happy birthday Miss Glauert.

    4. Siwan Llewellyn

      Siwan Llewellyn

      Always a pleasure, lovely. A very happy birthday to you!

  15. Iris wants to come om nom nom!
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Iris Glauert March 19, 2018
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