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  1. Aspen was glad that Lisa wasn’t taking what she was saying the wrong way, she knew how proud the other teen could be and sometimes taking advice from someone else wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but Lisa seemed to be doing great when it came to listening to Aspen and her opinions. “Yeah, basically we do everything together, and if you feel like you’re falling behind I’m sure a study session or something wouldn’t hurt anyone.” she proposed. She knew many people wouldn’t enjoy a study session but it seemed to be Lisa’s thing so it seemed to be only fair to propose something like that. “We can play all sorts of games, we have trivia games, card games, clue and competitive or not everyone will find it funny, as long as you know how to lose.” Aspen said. She wasn’t sure if Lisa knew how to lose but they could always play other games. “We can play other sorts of games, like truth or dare or a game that involves dice. Everyone’s competitive but as long as you’re not a sore loser I don’t think everyone will mind. ” She proposed.
  2. Aspen was speechless, what was he even saying? She was more than grateful to hear his words about the team, but it also made her nervous about the lineage, she had to be as good or better than everyone that came before her, she had to work harder and become faster as well, they needed to make everyone proud. When Jamie proposed that she could watch a training session she was sure that her heart had skipped a beat, how was that possible? Could he even do it? Would they even allow her there? She wanted to speak but only a squeak came out of her mouth before she covered it to muffle the sound, but she was right, whoever told him about her was indeed Mrs. Teagarden. “I..I’d love to go, just need to know when and I’ll be there.” She said. She didn’t even know if she had plans and if she did was going to cancel them.
  3. The more time passed the sadder it got, there was nothing they could do to bring Vivian back, they could try to go back in time but time magic wasn’t allowed and Aspen had no idea who could be able to do such a thing, she had to remain ignorant, if only she knew, it wouldn’t just ease her mind but also her siblings and her father’s. Her father had been suffering too, it was clear in his eyes. Aspen took a deep breath before hearing MJ. Her sister was right, sitting there wasn’t doing them any good and would just make them more depressed. “You’re right, we should do something, regardless everything I don’t think Vivian would want her sulking around.” She said. She wasn’t sure what her sister would have wanted but it was their sister, it would probably want something good for them. “A nice dinner sounds nice, I got some money left from my paper route, maybe we can stop by the grocery store and have a nice meal.” Aspen suggested with a smile as she held her sister a bit closer before kissing her head and getting up.
  4. @Kirupachi @Lisa Knotley Aspen’s lips curled as she heard Lisa. The Sturt didn’t make it easy to get to know, she was rather distant which made it quite hard to get to know her, but somehow Aspen wanted to get to know Lisa. “You’re a mystery to everyone.” Aspen said with an amused tone, yet genuine about the comment about Lisa being some sort of mystery to everyone, almost like a rare sight that only showed up once every 100 years. She finally sat on the chair and smiled. “Ever since you decided to join us the morale has gone up, everyone is more motivated, and they believe we can win this.” Aspen commented. Their previous conversation about the team led Aspen to believe that perhaps it wasn’t just the team’s problem, it was also Lisa who didn’t spend most of her time with everyone else. The smile on Aspen’s face got wider. “Since we’re being honest, you’re actually fun to be around. I’m very happy you decided to give it a try and hang out with us.”
  5. Aspen was curious about what Lisa had to say, however when Lisa asked for advice about the team Aspen was not ready to hear that. Lisa Knotley asking for help? What kind of dimension was that? Which Angel had lost its wings? She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Lisa proceeded to explain why she needed Aspen's help. Aspen was right, the team wasn't motivated and the morale was low, not the mention Lisa's training wasn't helping, they probably felt she was more like a boss and less like a leader which considering everything it was the right thing to assume. Aspen herself didn't mind the training it was easy to keep up and it wasn't something she considered too harsh but half the team members didn't plan on continuing to play Quidditch as professionals, unlike Aspen. "Well, usually having a friendly relationship with everyone in the team is essential, people will feel like they belong and are wanted, but barking orders around does the opposite, it's like they are mere pawns in a game of chess." she commented, perhaps not the best way to put things but if Lisa wanted honesty that was Aspen's honest opinion. She knew most people weren't fond of Lisa, Aspen couldn't deny that this sort of training was essential to win the matches and perhaps Lisa's approach to the team didn't need to be so cold and with time they could see that Lisa wasn't the heartless bitch most people thought she was. "After practice, you could come with us for some smoothies after practice, perhaps seeing you taking an interest might make them see you as a leader and not a boss." Aspen tried not to be too harsh on Lisa but she wasn't sure if the other girl was going to do any of that, didn't seem like her type of thing, but ignoring her teammates weren't going to help her. "Last week we played a game in the games room, you can also join us, might not be your thing but you could try at least once."
  6. She couldn't understand who was this person he was talking about, who was the little bird that had told him about her? She was confused about who it could be until she realized where they both were, they were both on the nurse's office, so it could have only been Nurse Teagarden, but, how did she know Jamie? Unless she also used to be a student there and on the Quidditch team. She pushed the thoughts about who could have told him when he began talking to her. When he asked if she was the team captain she nodded. "Yes, I'm the team captain." she said with a slight excitement in her voice. When he said that he would probably keep an eye out for the next games she was embarrassed and didn't know what to say or do, if that was the case they had to do everything they could to win. Trying not to look like a weirdo she tried to calm herself. "We always try our best." she commented, even if their best sometimes wasn't good enough. She still couldn't believe her luck, having a pro Quidditch player watching her games, she needed to get everyone training hard to win.
  7. Aspen felt the tight grasp of her sister, she smiled as MJ tightened the embrace. It hadn’t been easy the past few years, the pain of not knowing was too great but somehow, they tried to make the best of it, they had to keep on going but they were never going to forget Vivian and that dreadful day. MJ commented on Aspen’s words. If Aspen barely remembered their mother MJ would have no memory of her and Aspen didn’t know which was worse, barely remember or not remembering at all. Aspen took a deep breath, the loss of their sister took a toll on the family, everyone wasn’t what they used to be. Aspen couldn’t stop blaming herself, if she hadn’t gone to Tally her sister wouldn’t have disappeared, if Aspen had spoken to her father sooner about the school for her siblings that wouldn’t have happened either, no matter how she looks at the situation it was her fault. When MJ commented Aspen smiled, but, could it really be one day? She was determined to find if her sister was alive or dead but at the same time, she wondered if it wasn’t a lost cause, something to hold onto and in the end becoming a huge disappointment. She couldn’t let MJ think that she couldn’t let MJ hold onto something that could be a false hope only to find disappointment at the end of the day. Aspen tightened her embrace once more and softly kissed her sister on the head, MJ shouldn't be the one comforting her, she had failed once, she didn't want to fail again.
  8. Aspen had heard about a party planned by Amber, she wanted to go but at the same time was reluctant to go to such a thing, not because she disliked Amber but because Amber was prone to accidents and the last thing Aspen wanted was to be near someone who attracted all the back luck. Despite being reluctant to go to such a thing she ended up going. She had spoken to her sister about going as well but Mary wasn’t fond of parties, Aspen understood that parties weren’t her sister’s thing and decided to go alone. Arriving at the location she looked around the pool, she saw Amber and Sam and further ahead she spotted Lisa and Rachel, she smiled and walked over to Lisa, but by the time she arrived Rachel was already gone, and Sam and Amber were playing in the water. “If it isn’t Miss Captain. Hello Lisa.” Aspen said greeting Lisa with a smile and taking the chair next to hers. “I didn’t see you as the type of person to relax.” She flashed another smile.
  9. Typical Lisa, never answering when someone made her a question. Aspen didn’t bother to repeat it, Lisa was the one that called her so Lisa should be the one to tell Aspen why she was called, but first, Aspen decided to oblige and answer the girl. “No much, family.” She said it was enough to keep Lisa from poking around, besides, a week from now Aspen would focus on Quidditch 100% this was just a bad week. She sat on the table looking at Lisa as her drink arrived, she took a sip and leaned back on her seat as she crossed on leg over the other and crossed her arms. “So?” she asked again, hoping to get Lisa to answer her questions unless Lisa wanted to play Pictionary with her, Aspen wasn’t fond of it, especially since she couldn’t even draw a decent stick man. She waited to see if the girl could speak what she needed, perhaps it was a problem they had on the team, Aspen was sure the morale was going down but didn’t think it would go down this early into the school year.
  10. She watched him as he kept eating the candy, she wasn’t sure what to think of it an why did the nurse told her to go ahead, but when he replied she smiled at him, he had been the captain of the Bourke house a few years ago, she could still remember the day she got on the team, but sadly was a bench warmer. When he spoke her name she was surprised, her eyes were wide open. “W..w..” she wanted to speak but couldn’t, how did Jamie Collins know her name? How could that be possible? Did he remember her? She took his hand with a stupid smile on her face as she nodded to his question about her name. “I..it’s a…it’s a pleasure to meet you…” she finally spoke with a high pitch voice in excitement. “I…I’m a huge fan, h-how did you my name?” she asked him still surprised that he knew who she was. “I mean, it’s impossible that you remember me.” She spoke. She remembered him, but she was sure it would be impossible for him to remember someone like her. “I made the team in your senior year, I was a bench warmer, I only made the actual team the next year.”
  11. Aspen took a deep breath, she was sure her mother wasn’t going to talk to her, how could she? She didn’t count on having someone else there while she was there, so when she saw the carnation she looked at the perpetrator to see who it was. “Mary.” She spoke with a certain excitement in her voice. When Mary sat down next to Aspen, the older sister smiled and wrapped her arm around Mary as the younger sibling also wrapped her arm around Aspen. Aspen leaned her head on her sister’s and smile. “I only have few memories of mom, but I miss her Mary.” She admitted. She kept staring at her mother’s grave as she held Mary close. “I miss Vivian as well…” she commented with a certain sadness in her voice, she would do almost everything to get her sister back and alive.
  12. Aspen was rather upset and annoyed, not only was the birthday of her sister’s disappearance she had had an accident while practicing which caused her some great pain in her wrist, she hopped the nurse would get something for her since she couldn’t continue practices like that, a simple injury if not treated could potentially end her yet to begin pro career in Quidditch. She had received a message from Lisa, the interschool team captain, it wasn’t unusual for them to meet up, but it was unusual to do something like that so early in the school year. Aspen let Lisa know she’d meet her as soon as she could in Drunken Roo, she wanted to visit her mother’s grave again, it was that time of the year where she seemed lost and her mother would help her find her path. At the designated hour Aspen walked to the Drunken Roo to meet with Lisa. Aspen got into the bar and searched for Lisa who was already in a booth waiting for her. “Hi.” She said, greeting Lisa before asking for something to drink. “So, is everything alright?”
  13. Aspen was reading a book at the graveyard next to her mother’s grave, she was hoping that the following weeks wouldn’t be as hard as these days surrounding the birthday of the disappearance of her sister. As Aspen read the book, also for her mother to hear she received a notification from the nurse to go to the nurse’s office, apparently the potion she needed for an injury was ready. She got up, said goodbye to her mother and left the graveyard. Aspen walked to school quickly and as the nurse had said she was waiting for Aspen to show up. Once Aspen found Nurse Teagarden waiting for her, the nurse announced that she had a few errands to take care off so Aspen should go to the clinic and wait for her there, Aspen agreed with the nurse and walked to the nurse’s office. She got to the nurse’s office and heard some noise, she approached the place of origin of the noise only to find Jamie Collins eating candy? And failing at best. She watched him for a little bit, she was nervous, not sure what to say. "Hey, you’re Jamie Collins, aren’t you?” she asked looking at him, which was when she noticed she was being a complete idiot.
  14. It had been a few years since her sister Vivian disappeared and when it was nearing the day of her sister’s disappearance Aspen was not only impatient she was mostly angry, she was angry at everything and everyone, feeling an overwhelming feeling of sadness whenever she thought of her sister, the feeling of ignorance on the subject didn’t make things any easier, was Vivian live or not? If she is still alive, is she suffering? All this time in the dark about her sister situation has been eating Aspen alive, the feeling of helplessness always by herself whenever she thought of Vivian, which was constantly. Aspen walked to the graveyard as she always did when she needed some advice, being the eldest meant she always needed to have the answer for everything. She found her mother’s grave and sat in front of it. Aspen looked at the gravestone for a few minutes, she wasn’t thinking anything she was just there looking at it. She was sure if their mother was still alive none of that would have happened, they would all be safe. “Do you think she’s still alive?” she asked her mother, who she was sure wasn’t going to answer her back, somehow, she wished it was possible. Aspen had very little memories of her mother, she was still young when she passed away but that didn’t mean all the memories were lost to her. “I don’t know what to do? I'm graduating this year and should I put my life on hold? I don't want the same to happen to Mary or Justice.”
Aspen Melissa Clarke
Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl Seventh Year
16 year old Halfblood Human she/her
Age:  16
Date of Birth: April 6th, 2002
Birthplace: Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: she/her
Patronus: Husky
Wand: Holly wood 11'' with Jackalope Anthler
Play-by: Yael Grobglas

Muggle school

Tallygarunga: 1st year - Current



• Blames herself for her sister's disappearance;

• Likes to dance;

• Whenever she has a problem she sneaks out and visits the graveyard to talk to her mother;


General Knowledge

• Anger management problems, easily solved when MJ is around

• Quidditch Chaser - plans to go pro

• Dislikes art

• Protective of MJ



Aspen is a simple person with simple needs. Mostly kind and funny, Aspen is an extrovert, she likes people, she likes the outdoors and what she loves the most is Quidditch, she likes sports in general, anything that keeps her active she likes it. Her kind and funny personality don’t come without a but, Aspen has some anger management problems losing her cool most of the time, aside from sudden burst of anger, when calm Aspen can be quite rational, weighing the pros and the cons of everything, but it would be good if she acted accordingly, instead she prefers to follow her instinct.

As a friend she’s loyal but tells it how she sees it, the last thing that concerns her is hurting other people’s feelings if they deserve to be called to reason. She is someone who shouldn’t feel betrayed, as at the moment she feels something is off she avoids certain people and will take refuge in what she knows best, her sister. Aside from everything she tries to be positive, usually seeing the best in every bad situation.

Her anger problems can be manageable, however, there are times where she completely breaks down and becomes impossible to talk to her, on that state only her sister can talk to her.

Aspen loves her siblings, being the eldest she believes it’s her duty to protect everyone else and will feel guilty if something happens to one of her siblings. Upon the disappearance of one of her siblings, she became slightly paranoid and overprotective, always making sure they are safe and don’t need anything.

Her personality as a quidditch player changes slightly, she becomes highly competitive since she wishes to continue to play after graduation as a professional and often looks for confrontations. As a student, she avoids problems as well as arguments knowing that her anger problems won’t be able to solve anything if an argument starts.


Aspen is 170cm tall. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin despite spending a lot of time outdoors.

Her hair is wavy with medium length, she usually wears it tied in a ponytail especially when exercising or practicing. 

She often wears casual clothes, which consist of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. 


Aspen is the eldest daughter of Maxwell, a muggle graveyard keeper, and Janelle, a magical wildlife keeper. She has three younger siblings, Mary, Vivian, and Justice. She can’t say her life was easy, her mother died shortly after giving birth to the twins, complications during and after labor took away her mother. After their mother’s death, they had it rough, their father’s job didn’t pay much, and their grandparents weren’t much help. Aspen had to grow fast, becoming more of a mother to her siblings than an actual sister. She also took a part-time job as a paper girl to help her father with the bills, something she still does.

Due to her father’s lack of knowledge about wizarding schools, Aspen and her siblings enrolled in a muggle school, a school where Aspen never felt comfortable in, she would get in arguments and fights constantly despite her good grades.

Before she turned eleven she received a letter to attend the local wizarding school. Aspen made sure to get all the information about the school for her siblings, she didn’t want them to go to a muggle school if there was another option, however, Aspen’s search was too late, one day her sister Vivian disappeared from school without a trace.

Vivian’s disappearance led Aspen to believe it was her fault, that if she hadn’t left the muggle school she could have somehow protected Vivian, little that she knows it was an impossible task. To prevent the same from happening to the others she finally informed her father about the option of Whitlam Bilby, where they would learn what they are supposed to learn and will be protected. Initially, Aspen seemed to have everything under control, but after a few months she became more and more impatient and kept blaming herself for what had happened to her sister, that event made her paranoid and overprotective of both Mary and Justice.

After a couple of years, she was so numb from the pain that she could focus on herself, on her studies and on her passion, Quidditch. Aspen tried hard to get on the team and when she did, two years later she became the team’s captain. She wishes to become a pro Quidditch player and still plans to look for her sister Vivian.

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