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April, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Yael Grobglas

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  1. Aspen was proud of her own strength, it was nothing unusual really but with all her exercises she was used to a lot of things, and obviously becoming stronger physically was a perk, especially as a Chaser in a Quidditch team, one might not think much of it, but it wasn’t as easy as people thought. She shrugged when Lisa suggested it was cheating, was it though? It was still a dare, regardless of what it was supposed to be done. She laughed at Lisa, right after she was about to answer she had quit, that was no fun and perhaps Lisa was, in fact, lying about it, it didn’t matter much to Aspen, maybe Lisa just wasn’t ready to share something, even if it did hurt the Bourke a little bit. “That’s indeed a curse.” Luckily for Aspen, her father was still alive, but her mother wasn’t, and her sister was gone, she couldn’t complain much, others were in worse situations. “Massage your feet? Sure.” An easy task, Aspen quickly grabbed the feet and tickled it before beginning the massage on the Sturt’s foot. “Hmm…dare dare dare…” Aspen thought as she continued the massage on the other girl’s foot. “Let’s see…I dare you to jump from this bed to the other.” Aspen looked at the other bed, it was a manageable distance, but it could still be dangerous if someone didn’t have enough practice. “And I go dare.”
  2. Aspen was glad that her sister had enjoyed the notebook, affectionate hug told Aspen everything she needed to know about how her sister felt about the notebook she had gotten her. But what Aspen wanted to know was what she thought about the second present, the one Lisa had given Aspen to give to MJ. She watched her sister opening the new present, she paid attention to the younger Clark’s reaction upon seeing the book. Aspen was pleased with her sister’s reaction, but she wasn’t expecting the question. “Well, I got it at this old book store. Someone probably needed the money, and I thought you’d like to have something like that.” Aspen said. She had to lie, she promised Lisa that no one would know where that book came from. Aspen got up and retrieved the tray if MJ doesn’t eat the food was going to get cold. “Here, eat and then you can inspect that notebook a bit better.” Aspen said giving the tray to her sister with MJ’s favorite breakfast.
  3. It wasn’t Aspen’s intention to kill Lisa, after all, she needed the other teen, and besides, Aspen couldn’t deny her little high school girl crush on her fellow Sturt anymore, not to herself at least, everyone else that asked she was going to deny it. Aspen saw how Lisa was able to do a handstand so easily, impressive. Aspen clapped at the Sturt’s short victory. As Aspen was about to get up to go to a place that was more comfortable, she heard what Lisa wanted her to do. Ten push-ups weren’t that hard, sure with Lisa’s weight might be more difficult, but Aspen was used to some hard training, doing it with Lisa on her shouldn’t be too hard. “Alright, let’s do this.” Aspen said as she prepared to do the push-ups with Lisa sitting on her back. “Just try not to fall.” She commented as she poisoned herself for Lisa to do what she said she wanted. At first, the task was hard, but after the fifth push up it became easier, probably because Aspen’s body was used to the extra weight. When Aspen was done and Lisa was off her, the Bourke sat on the bed. “Okay … so…another dare…I dare you to tell me what is it that you fear most in life and why.” Aspen tried to rig the game, forgetting two can play it. “Oh! I pick dare too.”
  4. MJ wasn’t wrong, Aspen had been looking forward to that day like it was her own birthday, but she just wanted to see her little sister’s face as she opened the presents and saw what was wrapped. Aspen paid attention as her sister began to unwrap the present, she had for her, she didn’t care about saving the wrapping paper that moment, she just wanted MJ to open it. When MJ finally opened the present, Aspen watched her sister’s reaction with a smile on her face, it took her a long time to try and find something like that for MJ she tried to find something that the younger Clarke enjoyed, something it wasn’t easy. She didn’t know what MJ wanted to do with the notebook, use it for a class or for something more private, it would be up to the Flinder’s girl to decide what she wants to do. Suddenly Aspen felt her sister’s arms around her, MJ was pulling her in for a hug. The eldest Clarke wrapped her arms around her younger sister and held her tight. “Mary…” Aspen said as a laugh escaped her lips. “It’s not over yet, go take a look at the other.” Aspen didn’t want Lisa’s gift to be forgotten.
  5. It had been easy enough, last few times Aspen decided an adventure like this she almost got caught in one of her adventures, but today things had gone smoothly, Lisa seemed to know what she was doing, which made Aspen wonder if Lisa had done something like this before, it didn’t bother her, she found it quite amusing that Lisa would even do something like this, to begin with. Aspen was sitting on the floor in the middle of the room and was already with some sleeping clothes on. She watched as Lisa sat on her bed. Lisa seemed to like a good challenge, but she was right, they couldn’t let their little fun game to ruin their place in the Quidditch team, they had to move carefully when it came to their dares. “Alright, seems fair. I have no rules to add, so we're good to go.” It wasn’t a surprise, Lisa had picked dare. Aspen looked at the Sturt and thought for a while before turning to her. “I dare you to make a handstand and walk around the room.” Aspen said with a smile on her lips. “And I pick dare as well.”
  6. Aspen flashed a smile at the Sturt, she still couldn’t believe her luck, a new pair of gloves, she was needing them, Lisa had no idea how happy Aspen was, those gloves were amazing. Aspen now saw Lisa differently, initially as a teammate, later as a friend, and shortly after as someone she enjoyed being around and perhaps something more. Their food was on the table and Aspen couldn’t be happier, now all it took was later that day spending time with her family. As Lisa’s question, Aspen rose her head to listen. “Yes. I actually do. Not for me exactly but mostly for MJ and Justice. Once I do, I don’t need to worry about them walking home alone, I can just go get them.” She replied to the Sturt before she started eating her food.
  7. Good, MJ wasn’t going to argue with her about the presents, all for the best, she wanted her sister to have them, or she wouldn’t have bought the notebook, and thanks to Lisa her sister now had something to help her in school. MJ had good grades, but that would make her life easier. Aspen wasn’t surprised when her sister wanted her to be with her, Aspen couldn’t deny such request, especially from her sister. The eldest Clarke but the tray back and sat on the bed with her sister. “Go on do it!” Aspen said excited. MJ needed to hurry up and open the gifts, Aspen wanted to see her sister’s reaction when she sees the presents. Aspen had spent some time trying to choose the best notebook for her. “I hope you like them.” Aspen wrapped her arm around MJ and kissed her sister’s head softly before letting her go.
  8. Aspen sat on the floor next to the bed as she watched her sister wake up. Next year she wasn’t even sure if she could do all this for MJ, she wasn’t even sure if she was going to be around Australia during that time, if she wasn’t, she would need to get her sister something, if she was she was going to do whatever was necessary to be with MJ on that day. MJ began to wake up slowly, Aspen chuckled at her sister’s reaction. “Good morning Sleeping Beauty. Time to wake up.” Aspen smiled, but her smile grew bigger as she watched MJ’s reaction to the presents, she could tell her that one was from Lisa, so they would be both from Aspen. “You deserve it. C’mon, open them.” Aspen said she was excited to see her sister’s reaction opening the presents. “Let me know what you thought of it.” Aspen commented before getting up to reach for the tray that had the breakfast for her sister.
  9. Aspen could sleep with those gloves, she was sure MJ was going to protest but Aspen didn’t care. Aspen was too pleased and happy to even be able to say anything, all of that had been a huge surprise and a good one. After a while, Aspen was able to calm down from the excitement. “Thank you, Lisa.” She said, now a bit calmer than she was before. For Lisa to give that to Aspen for MJ meant a lot more than the gloves, she wouldn’t expect Lisa to do such a thing, in a way it showed the person she was, not the person she wants others to see. Aspen smiled and touched the notebook. “I promise, she is going to love it.” Aspen chuckles imagining her sister’s face when she sees the notebook. Before Aspen could say anything else, their food arrived. Aspen looked at Lisa, she looked at her differently. The Lisa that people knew was probably a way to keep her distance.
  10. Aspen liked most of her teammates, she could get everyone to work equally and no one tried to waste time during practice, the jokes before and after were inevitable but during practice? No one joked, except when they decided to play games instead of an actual session, it was good to keep everyone happy every now and then, it was good for the morale. Aspen wasn’t too fond of those games since some liked to do it more than once a month, but overall it wasn’t a bad experience. She smiled looked at Lisa when the young Sturt mentioned that she wouldn’t mind going out for a smoothie with Aspen. “You’re always welcomed to come,” Aspen said flashing a smile at her friend. “Most of my teammates are alright, we have a few that like to joke around but once you hit them with a ball they come to their senses.” Aspen didn’t assault any of her teammates but sometimes she wishes she could, but it was only sometimes.
  11. The day for MJ’s birthday was there, Aspen quickly got out of bed to make everyone some breakfast. Today was all about MJ and all her favorite things, she wanted to be able to give MJ the best birthday possible; Aspen wasn’t sure if next year she would be able to be around her sister, so she wanted to give her the best she could. Previously Aspen had gotten her sister a notebook, she hoped MJ would love it and she also had something that Lisa had given her for MJ. Before making breakfast, Aspen made sure to make every chore in the house, now that she was seventeen it was easier to make everything with magic, cleaning, laundry, waking out the dog, making sure the litter box was clean, everything in the house was going to be spotless for when MJ wakes up she doesn’t even have to do anything. When the chores were done it was time for breakfast, the only thing that Aspen didn’t use magic to do, she did it like she always has, manually. In the meantime she also began making the cake, this with a slight help of magic, to speed things along and, it could bake while Aspen gives her sister the breakfast in bed, perhaps later, they could decorate together. As tradition dictates, Aspen took MJ’s breakfast to their room, but before waking up her sister, Aspen placed both her present and Lisa’s present next to the younger girl’s head, so that she could see it first. The older sibling placed the breakfast tray on the table and softly tried to wake up her sister. “Mary...” Aspen said before kissing her sister’s forehead. “...time to wake up Sleeping Beauty.” She joked lightly at her sister.
  12. Aspen was still completely in shock after the Sturt’s revelation about the gloves. The Bourke girl was still staring at Lisa with a smile plastered across her face. “Yes...sure...” she said quickly as she took the gloves out of the bag and tried them on, they fit perfectly, she and Lisa had a similar built which probably made things a lot easier. “How did you know?” it wasn’t too hard to know the way Aspen spoke about her equipment, Lisa was a smart girl, she figured it out easily. The Bourke was trying out the gloves, they were indeed magnificent, with perfect stitches. Shortly after trying the gloves, and still smiling she turned to Lisa who was holding a book. “Yeah…Lisa, you didn’t.” Aspen was completely speechless, she was having a hard time containing the urge to hug her friend. “Mary is going to love this, thank you so much.”
  13. Sturts and their desire to win…Aspen couldn’t complain, she liked the competition, but what she loved was the thrill of victory and the time she spent with her teammates, probably the time spent with the rest of the team was much sweeter after a victory. Perhaps her and Lisa weren’t so different after all, with their desire for victory, although Aspen usually relies on her natural capacity, except when it came to quidditch, she tried enough to be among the best, but not enough to be better than the others, she was somewhat lazy in that aspect. “I think team sports are fun, I love to win but I also love being able to spend some time with my teammates.” Aspen smiled at Lisa, perhaps the Sturt was right, she was suited for more solo work, Lisa was a great Quidditch player, but Aspen was sure she was a better duelist.
  14. Aspen laughed as she nodded, agreeing with Lisa. For now, they should order before continuing the conversation. Once they placed their orders Aspen looked at Lisa, she was waiting for Lisa to start planning on how to get Aspen in, but instead, she just began talking about something else. The Bourke looked at her friend curious, what did she mean by that, and why did she put the bag of the newly acquired gloves on the table? The Bourke’s eyes grew wider at every word that Lisa spoke, didn’t Lisa buy that for herself? Aspen couldn’t speak. The girl’s heart began to race, it wasn’t normal for Lisa to remember other people’s birthday, why hers? Could it be that…nah! It wasn’t even possible. Aspen continued to look at the bag like she had seen a ghost. “T-th-thank you…” she finally spoke as a smile grew across her face. She didn’t know what to say or do, it had been the best birthday gift she could receive.
  15. Having someone to rely on making things easier, someone to talk with, someone to explain one’s darkest fears. Aspen was lucky she had MJ, she had someone to share all those problems, but at the same time, she feared that she was too much of a burden on MJ. Even when she tries to hide things from her sister, is like MJ knows whenever Aspen is lying. “Yeah, we all need someone to understand us I suppose.” Aspen didn’t want to rely on anyone, especially not MJ but her sister had been a constant in her life. Lisa was right, Aspen did worry too much about her sister, it was impossible not to, but was proud to hear that her sister was doing well in the dueling club. “Oh? I am very pleased to hear that. I’m happy.” Aspen confessed with a proud smile on her lips as Lisa talked about her sister. “How’s that going for you? The dueling club? I assume it’s going terrific, it was like you were born for it.”
Aspen Melissa Clarke
Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Human she/her
Age:  17
Date of Birth: April 6th, 2002
Birthplace: Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: she/her
Patronus: Husky
Wand: Holly wood 11'' with Jackalope Anthler
Play-by: Yael Grobglas

Muggle school

Tallygarunga: 1st year - Current



• Blames herself for her sister's disappearance;

• Likes to dance;

• Whenever she has a problem she sneaks out and visits the graveyard to talk to her mother;


General Knowledge

• Anger management problems, easily solved when MJ is around

• Quidditch Chaser - plans to go pro

• Dislikes art

• Protective of MJ



Aspen is a simple person with simple needs. Mostly kind and funny, Aspen is an extrovert, she likes people, she likes the outdoors and what she loves the most is Quidditch, she likes sports in general, anything that keeps her active she likes it. Her kind and funny personality don’t come without a but, Aspen has some anger management problems losing her cool most of the time, aside from sudden burst of anger, when calm Aspen can be quite rational, weighing the pros and the cons of everything, but it would be good if she acted accordingly, instead she prefers to follow her instinct.

As a friend she’s loyal but tells it how she sees it, the last thing that concerns her is hurting other people’s feelings if they deserve to be called to reason. She is someone who shouldn’t feel betrayed, as at the moment she feels something is off she avoids certain people and will take refuge in what she knows best, her sister. Aside from everything she tries to be positive, usually seeing the best in every bad situation.

Her anger problems can be manageable, however, there are times where she completely breaks down and becomes impossible to talk to her, on that state only her sister can talk to her.

Aspen loves her siblings, being the eldest she believes it’s her duty to protect everyone else and will feel guilty if something happens to one of her siblings. Upon the disappearance of one of her siblings, she became slightly paranoid and overprotective, always making sure they are safe and don’t need anything.

Her personality as a quidditch player changes slightly, she becomes highly competitive since she wishes to continue to play after graduation as a professional and often looks for confrontations. As a student, she avoids problems as well as arguments knowing that her anger problems won’t be able to solve anything if an argument starts.


Aspen is 170cm tall. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin despite spending a lot of time outdoors.

Her hair is wavy with medium length, she usually wears it tied in a ponytail especially when exercising or practicing. 

She often wears casual clothes, which consist of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. 


Aspen is the eldest daughter of Maxwell, a muggle graveyard keeper, and Janelle, a magical wildlife keeper. She has three younger siblings, Mary, Vivian, and Justice. She can’t say her life was easy, her mother died shortly after giving birth to the twins, complications during and after labor took away her mother. After their mother’s death, they had it rough, their father’s job didn’t pay much, and their grandparents weren’t much help. Aspen had to grow fast, becoming more of a mother to her siblings than an actual sister. She also took a part-time job as a paper girl to help her father with the bills, something she still does.

Due to her father’s lack of knowledge about wizarding schools, Aspen and her siblings enrolled in a muggle school, a school where Aspen never felt comfortable in, she would get in arguments and fights constantly despite her good grades.

Before she turned eleven she received a letter to attend the local wizarding school. Aspen made sure to get all the information about the school for her siblings, she didn’t want them to go to a muggle school if there was another option, however, Aspen’s search was too late, one day her sister Vivian disappeared from school without a trace.

Vivian’s disappearance led Aspen to believe it was her fault, that if she hadn’t left the muggle school she could have somehow protected Vivian, little that she knows it was an impossible task. To prevent the same from happening to the others she finally informed her father about the option of Whitlam Bilby, where they would learn what they are supposed to learn and will be protected. Initially, Aspen seemed to have everything under control, but after a few months she became more and more impatient and kept blaming herself for what had happened to her sister, that event made her paranoid and overprotective of both Mary and Justice.

After a couple of years, she was so numb from the pain that she could focus on herself, on her studies and on her passion, Quidditch. Aspen tried hard to get on the team and when she did, two years later she became the team’s captain. She wishes to become a pro Quidditch player and still plans to look for her sister Vivian.

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