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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Aspen Clarke

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  1. How long does a shoulder take to heal? I can't stand walking around like this anymore. 

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    2. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      @Lisa Knotley it's like I'm like a baby unable to do things.

      @MJ Clarke I think I'm too old for a babysitter. What we need is to be able to do things.

    3. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke

      And if you rest, you'll be able to do them sooner rather than later.

      You say you're too old to need a babysitter but you're acting like you need one...

    4. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      No, I don't need one.

  2. The Only Way Out Is Through

    Aspen didn’t care how Lisa looked, as long as she was alright. She could see that the past week had been rough, Aspen was alright for the most part, minus the shoulder that was the worst injury and that would have been a lot worse if it hadn’t been for Lisa. Her leg was fine, minor bruising that made walk a bit difficult but that it should be healed in a few days. Week had been hell for both, Lisa looked like she got hit my train several times, and Aspen didn’t get decent sleep since she was sent home from the hospital wing, forced to leave Lisa alone, not that Lisa would notice, she was sleeping but it didn’t matter to Aspen, she wanted to have been there for the younger student, and yet she wasn’t fast enough to get in the hospital wing in time to see Lisa wake up. There can’t be a second time, Aspen can’t let Lisa risk her own live to save her, if she can’t be careful maybe she doesn’t deserve being the Bourke’s team captain. Should she just quit? She still had to play for the team she signed her contract, but it wasn’t for long. Lisa’s voice made Aspen wonder why she wasn’t upset. Aspen had failed as a player, as a captain and more importantly, as a girlfriend. Her own distraction led to that situation and she couldn’t beat herself enough about it to make everything better. Maybe that was her punishment, watching Lisa like that, the person she loved in such a condition that every time she looked at her it breaks her heart. Aspen wasn’t strong, she was starting to feel the world crumble beneath her feet and she wasn’t strong to keep it together; for Lisa’s sake, she had to do better, she had to be better and she was going to push herself to the limit, even if it leads to her own demise. The young Sturt shouldn’t worry about Aspen, she needed to worry about herself. Aspen’s felt a tight squeeze on her heart when Lisa spoke, how was she still worried? “I’m okay.” She spoke, her lips touched Lisa’s forehead before letting go. “I’m sorry Lisa. You’re here because of me.”
  3. sandcastle of my own

    Running between school and home had been on Aspen’s list of things to do, however that day the nurses had kicked her out of the Hospital Wing, it was time to tend to the current residents and Aspen had given a free pass to wander in and out whenever she wanted, or needed, but that day the nurse wouldn’t want anyone there, Aspen didn’t have a choice, she’d have to go someplace else, someplace more quiet and away from the rowdy school students and her own house common room sounded like a perfect place to relax a little before she was allowed back to spend her time with Lisa. Aspen felt like she was useless, useless in her house, useless in school and more importantly useless to Lisa, she couldn’t do anything with her shoulder like that. Stopping by the library, Aspen picked up a random book and proceeded to go to the Bourke’s common room. She sat on a sofa and opened the book. She didn’t read much, it was just open for the sake of being open, she couldn’t stop thinking about Lisa, but her attention soon drifted away and landed on the person that was talking to her, she hadn’t even noticed someone else had gone into the room, was she really so distracted that she couldn’t notice? “Hey Sunny. Well, kinda.” It had been a while since Aspen had shown to practice, the injury in the past week, Lisa in the hospital, housework and schoolwork pilling up, she couldn’t afford to do much, besides, being there only gave her painful memories, once Lisa is out of the hospital and her shoulder is fine, Aspen would be back in the game. “Lisa’s still in the Hospital Wing, but they kicked me out, just trying to stay out of the way.” Aspen’s tone was less harsh than it usually was, but Sunny was also a teammate. “What brings you here? Here to relax or are you going out for some workout?” Aspen missed her workouts, her shoulder however agreed that she should keep resting. “I’d join you but…” she showed Sunny the cast around her arm and shoulder, like it had been some awful injury instead of something simple.
  4. The Only Way Out Is Through

    Anyone who knew Aspen knew how relieved she was that Lisa was awake and seemed alright, although the bandage on her head was worrying the older teen, but, for the moment Aspen just wanted to hold Lisa in her arms and pull her closer, regardless of how her harm felt in that moment. Aspen wasn’t sure how long she should hold Lisa, but she knew she didn’t want to let go anytime soon. The warmth of her woman she loved felt good, felt like something she didn’t mind holding for the rest of her life and the idea that she could have lost and that she could still lose Lisa wasn’t sitting well with her, it made her nervous, anxious and overall even more overprotective of the younger teen . Aspen couldn’t understand why Lisa was apologizing, it hadn’t been her fault, none of it was her fault, if anything it had been Aspen’s lack of speed that had put them into that situation and Lisa was just trying to help her. “Hey, you don’t need to apologize.” She spoke, before kissing Lisa’s face gently, her shoulder starting to hurt a bit more than it was before, from the position she was. The older blond let Lisa go, slowly and carefully as she heard one of the nurses protesting about how Aspen should be careful with her shoulder. It didn’t hurt as much while she held Lisa. “How are you feeling?” There was a sense of helplessness in Aspen, she couldn’t do anything for Lisa, and she had been the reason they were both like that. She couldn’t explain why she felt like that, accidents happen, and Aspen knows how hard it is to help a teammate that’s falling, but she continued to believe if she had been better at the sport, none of that would have happened.
  5. The Only Way Out Is Through

    Aspen wasn’t happy with her current situation. She had sustained an accident during the last interschool game, in an attempt to avoid getting injured, she ended up being hit on the shoulder, causing her to lose balance from her broom and fall onto the field bellow. While her shoulder didn’t sustain a serious injury, being mostly dislocated, she couldn’t say the same for her head and leg. The moment her body hit the ground the girl barely remembers what happened, except that they stopped the game, after that, she had no idea what happened. Her time in the hospital had been short as she regained consciousness quickly, her shoulder and leg were treated and after a day in observation, and completely lost she was able to go home. No one wanted to talk to Aspen about what had happened, no one wanted to say what was already crossing through her mind, which was that Lisa had gotten injured too and it was probably a more serious case than hers. Eventually, people had to come clean with Aspen about the situation, which only made her worry even more, especially when she had to practically be forced out of the Hospital Wing by the nurses, who didn’t want the blonde to be disturbing their work. Aspen couldn’t blame them; she could only blame herself for not being careful enough. She had already lost two people that she loved; she couldn’t lose Lisa too. During the week a lot of things had happened, apparently some students thought that playing a prank on the whole school would be a good idea, well, it sort of was, at least the stress of the event slowly dissipated as everyone was a bit busy fighting with walking and jumping chairs, and trying to catch them as well. Aspen was pretty sure it had been the Spencers, they all did that sort of thing, but for once, she was grateful. It didn’t take long for Aspen to hear the news about Lisa. While the staff was reluctant to call her, it seemed that some of the students that were walking past the Hospital Wing had seen Lisa standing up and promptly told Aspen, who was attending classes to the best of her ability, walking around with an immobile shoulder and a slight limp wasn’t easy, but as soon as she was able to go, Aspen rushed to see Lisa. At first, she couldn’t see the Sturt, until a figure entered her field of vision, and there she was, Lisa, awake and up looking outside. “Lisa!” Aspen shouted, completely forgetting here she was. The Bourke walked towards the injured Sturt and wrapped her arms around her, if only Lisa knew how worried Aspen was, but she was never going to find out. “I thought you were never going to wake up.” She expressed her feelings towards Lisa, who at that point deserved that and so much more. What would Aspen do? She couldn’t lose someone else, that would drive Aspen over the edge of finally doing something stupid with her life, even if she still had to take care of everyone around her. "I'm so glad you're awake."
  6. Effects of External Conditions

    Lisa wasn’t the only one that was tired and wanted to rest, so was Aspen, but she was willing to stay awake as long as Lisa was, she wasn’t going to let the girl go through that alone, and the youngest blonde should know by now that she didn’t have to go through anything without Aspen, she would always be there for her. “That makes two of us.” She smiled and was quick too go back to her side of the bed, she was having some trouble falling asleep again, but their conversation was enough, maybe that was the same reason why she couldn’t sleep earlier, there was no point in thinking about it too much. “Is that what you want me to say?” Aspen joked, but at that moment she was too tired to make jokes or to even consider jokes, she just wanted to lay down and cuddle with Lisa for a couple of more hours before they both had to get up to go to their classes. Aspen could sense her reason slipping away the longer they were awake and talking to one another and it wasn’t getting any easier maintaining her eyes open, even for simple actions. “You’re barely taller.” Aspen laughed, joking at the situation. “I’d rather not switch positions, but if you insist, I don’t see why I shouldn’t let you get away with it.” Aspen spoke in a bit of a provocative tone, she would do anything for Lisa, even change their positions if the Sturt wanted to, she was at the younger student’s mercy for whatever she wanted. “Let’s go sleep, I have something for you in the morning.” Aspen’s lips curled as she winked, giving Lisa the idea what the Bourke was planning for their morning. There was nothing wrong with it.
  7. Effects of External Conditions

    She never said it was, but it was the truth, they just needed to take it and do what they can with it. They should start doing what they want to do instead of waiting, not the best philosophy to live by since one could end up making serious mistakes that could haunt them until their lights are completely shut. Aspen too was afraid to die, but it would depend on the circumstances, she would do everything for her family and Lisa, who had become a valuable member of the Clarke household, even if the Sturt hadn’t noticed it yet. A smile appeared on Aspen’s face as the Sturt spoke. Why was she thanking her? Aspen had only stated the truth, and they should do what they could so they wouldn’t live a life with regrets, and she only had one in life and it was not being able to help Vivian, and the thought of it still haunted her every day, but she was trying to live past it, whatever happened to Vivian, she just hopped her sister didn’t suffer if she died, and if she managed to escape Aspen hopes she would somehow find her way back to them; unlikely, but one couldn’t stop hoping for it to happen. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake, she was going to protect everyone else like she should have protected Vivian. “Funny you mention that…” Aspen spoke with a smile. It wouldn’t be that ludicrous to think that Lisa had become just an important presence in her life that she was also unsure how to do most things without Lisa, things she could have done perfectly alone when she hadn’t gotten so close to the Sturt, and yet, now that she looks back she needed Lisa as much as Lisa perhaps needed her. “I’m not going anywhere, willingly at least Lisa.” Aspen leaned forward to kiss Lisa’s forehead. She loved the Sturt, even if she wasn’t ready to admit it just yet, things had moved too fast and she was still getting a hold of what it all meant, but she didn’t regret anything. “How about we get some rest and tomorrow after classes we go out for something?”
  8. Oil Blue

    Aspen remained quiet as Jamie paid for her things. She shouldn’t let him do it, it’s supposed to be her present for MJ. She couldn’t say that she was disappointed in anyway, because she wasn’t, it meant she could get her sister something else, but it still didn’t feel right, she couldn’t shake it off. She remained quiet as he did move, finally paying for both their things. At least she could tell MJ that Jamie Collins had paid for it, unsure if her sister would go complete fangirl like she would if that would happen to her, although, she was slightly freaking out but trying to keep it cool. When he got back, she smiled at him and took the items, still getting herself under control, which she thought she was managing pretty well, everything considering. She followed Jamie, leaving the store and once on the side walk, she looked both ways before the sound of his voice called for her attention. Was she hearing correctly? “Yeah, that would be nice.” She said trying to sound too excited about it. “I have a few contacts, everyone trying to push everything, I know I want to stay close enough to home because of my family.” And Lisa. It would be easier to visit Lisa if she played in Narrie or Melbourne, but the Melbourne team was better. “I have a contact from Melbourne, I’m leaning towards that one at the moment.” It wasn’t a decision he could take for her, she had to be the one deciding it. They could continue their conversation when they are relaxed and seated while enjoying something.
  9. Effects of External Conditions

    A smile showed on Aspen’s face as Lisa kissed her. The two kisses were short but sweet and addictive, Aspen wanted more, but they needed to focus on the conversation and not on the idea of cuddling with each other, perhaps once the conversation is over, they can do just lay in bed quietly, cuddling until they both drift off to dreamland. Feeling Lisa’s legs on hers, Aspen’s hands moved towards them, caressing them gently as she watched the young blonde for a while longer. Aspen really believed that Lisa’s fear was a consequence of her parent’s lives, maybe hers wouldn’t turn out that way, maybe her path and choices will be different. “You know, it’s never too soon to make those emends.” Aspen smiled. They had a similar conversation previously, only last time it was aided by their mental condition, at that moment both of them were sober. “You know what I think about it, and it’s always up to you, it’s your choice.” And while Aspen wasn’t planning on pushing her ideas and opinions down Lisa’s throat, if the blonde wanted to try and make emends, Aspen would be fully behind her, no questions asked, just support. She knew Lisa wasn’t as bad as she appeared to be, and that she was trying harder than everyone else. “But we’re all in the same boat about time. We don’t know if we’ll drop dead tomorrow or thirty years from now.” She tried to reassure Lisa that everyone was in the same situation, some trying to make emends and not being able because of that. Not to invalidate Lisa, but to help her understand that Aspen herself was in that situation as well. “And you know I’ll always be behind you, no matter what Lisa.”
  10. Oil Blue

    Aspen couldn’t comprehend the idea of a sibling chasing another, unless it was for fun. Her and MJ never engaged in anything like that, and the same with Justice, who despite being the youngest never did anything that prompted Aspen or MJ running down the street after him waiting catch him. Maybe a pillow fight, here and there, but nothing that morbid. She opened her mouth to say something but opted to keep her mouth shut given the situation, and the fact that she was even more confused than she was before, but, on the bright side, if they asked her who could have committed the murder, she could clearly indicate the person. She shrugged at the whole thing, still wondering if his sister had it in her to kill him, but her thoughts were interrupted by his voice. “I sometimes buy things in advance for my siblings.” She commented, picking a pen to look at it, but put it down quickly, even quicker once she watched the price. It was a nice pen, but not that nice. The young Bourke eventually handed things over to Jamie, but she didn’t need anything else, just a present for her sister and she wasn’t too artistic, it was preferred to just watch and admire the items. “I’m good thank you.” She smiled at Jamie. He was already doing her a favour by buying the items, and she didn’t need or want anything else, not to mention it would be taking advantage of the young man’s friendliness. It was better to leave it at that.
  11. Effects of External Conditions

    Aspen continued to hold Lisa, as long as the younger woman didn’t try to escape her grasp, Aspen didn’t want Lisa to feel trapped in anyway. It felt good for her as well, holding Lisa, making sure she was alright, but this time it was different, she loved Lisa, while it felt a bit weird, considering they have only been dating for a couple of months, she’s certain that she had been slowly fallen for the Sturt and hadn’t even realized it, only now it came crashing down on her how much the blonde meant to her. Lisa was like family. She remembered Lisa saying that her fear was to die young but didn’t associate the older Knotley’s death with that fear, maybe perhaps Aspen’s fear was to lose her family and those she held dear. “We’ll fight the odds.” Aspen said with a little positivity, trying to cheer up Lisa, also by holding her a bit tighter, trying to comfort her that no matter what happened they could, or would try to fight the odds, Aspen wasn’t ready to lose someone else she cared for, not so soon. “That thing will end with your brother. I’m sure.” Perhaps what happened was just a chain of events that led to the death of others, it might not have anything to do with the family, but how they lived. The Bourke closed her eyes when Lisa spoke and kissed her, it felt good, perhaps too good, but she could give into the sweetness of Lisa. she was there to hold and support her girlfriend, she couldn’t afford to be distracted by the girl’s words and actions, but she was the one that had started it. “I’m sorry.” She finally spoke, trying to control herself, trying not to snuggle Lisa, pulling her closer to feel her warmth.
  12. Oil Blue

    She couldn’t stop feeling that perhaps it seemed as she was taking advantage of him somehow and it only made her more nervous around him. Aspen tried to remain calm and for the most part she was succeeding, the exciting moment was over, and she was trying to maintain a normal conversation without making it look like Jamie was some kind of Quidditch God. Ever since she had met him, thanks to him being friends with the nurse, Aspen had been trying her best not to look like a complete fool, and that day, she had failed miserably at it, there was no point in denying, saying she was able to control herself, she just couldn’t. As he spoke, Aspen followed him with her eyes. She noticed his attention was now on the more expensive items, which happened to be the ones of a higher quality. They seemed to be every artist’s dream, having the whole collection of one specific brand of top-quality art supplies. They seemed amazing and she was sure that whoever got them was going to be thrilled and excited to do something with them. His words sounded like a joke, his sister wouldn’t actually kill him, or would she? “What do you mean by that?” she looked at him confused, but what caught her attention was the bright pink lone marker, was he planning on doing anything with that? “Are you planning something to make her want to kill you?”
  13. Effects of External Conditions

    It seemed that neither of them was going back to sleep anytime soon, it was better to take most of it. As Lisa’s chin rest on Aspen’s shoulder, the older girl kissed the Sturt’s forehead gently, it seemed that Lisa was willing to tell Aspen what was in her mind. It wasn’t easy but Aspen would always be there for Lisa, and she wanted Lisa to know that she wasn’t obligated to tell her anything, Aspen wanted to give her that choice, not to put pressure on her. Aspen stood there quietly, waiting for Lisa to speak, it seemed as if she wanted to. She nodded at Lisa’s question. Aspen remembered the game night they had, with a bottle of alcohol, which had allowed them to be more honest with each other and their feelings than they would have been if they had been completely sober. Lisa proceeded to explain, and Aspen remembered her Boggarts’ class, she had chicken out and had refused to go through with it, she knew what her worst fear was, she didn’t need a constant reminder. “You brother is family Lisa, even if you don’t talk to him.” Aspen’s grip got a bit tighter as she pulled Lisa a bit closer. Aspen didn’t know how to help Lisa, it seemed that maybe it was time to make peace with the older living Knotley. “Why don’t you visit him?” Maybe not something Lisa would want to do, but could it hurt? Maybe it would even help the younger girl relax and stop thinking of the situation. “I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt. Right? Unless you don’t want to.” Lisa had already told Aspen how she felt about it, while she wouldn’t push for a meeting, she wanted to remind Lisa that it was alright if she wanted to go see him. Aspen looked at Lisa, her lips pressing again against the younger female’s forehead.
  14. Oil Blue

    What if she didn’t like the pen? Aspen just looked at him. If she didn’t like the pen, then Aspen couldn’t help him in any way, she knew little about arts, she barely knew about what types of pens were there. If he was talking about Quidditch equipment she knew, and he probably knew more than she did. She stared at him and then at the pen, speechless and very much confused about the whole situation. She held onto her things a bit tighter and blinked, wondering what else he could get his sister. Perhaps if he did buy the whole store, he’d get lucky? Could he even buy the whole store? Perhaps he could. Aspen was still amazed that he could in fact do it, while she thought it was a bit waste of money it wasn’t hers and she shouldn’t comment on the situation, however, hearing him offer to buy her things sent a shock through her body. Why? Why would he go out of his way to pay for it? She couldn’t accept it, it wasn’t his responsibility it was hers. Before she could speak, to decline his offer politely his voice echoed in the store. “But…” she spoke. It was pretty embarrassing not being able to offer her sister something nice with her own money, but she was running low on it and she still had to buy a few things for the house. With a bit of hesitation, she nodded. “Thank you, but what about you? Have you decided on the pen?” she asked, looking at him and the pens in from of them.
  15. Questions with no answers

    Despite her annoyed disposition, she listened to the young bot talk. If he had skills, he could do it in school, make it cheaper than the lady at the store and get some extra money, which Aspen thought he didn’t need. The way he paraded information about his mother being a tech guru, he clearly looked more like an annoying rich kid than anything else. She could understand why people wouldn’t trust him that much with their equipment, unlike some people, she liked to keep her eyebrows intact and preferably not charred. The kids seemed disappointed. Did he really want to impress her that much? Aspen wasn’t being deliberately mean, but she did have a lot on her mind, maybe letting it go for a few minutes couldn’t hurt her, perhaps it could help her make a better decision of what Quidditch Team to choose. “You try too hard to impress others, that’s your problem kid.” She approached, hands on her pockets and stared at him with a shrug. “Spencer’s are supposed to be rowdy, doesn’t mean they’re dumb, just means you’re all very noisy and you like pranks. I can’t count the times the Spencer team charmed our lockers.” She had to admit it was funny but infuriating at the same time. “You’re not a bad player on that thing.” She took a hand out of her pocket and waved it around as she mentioned the instrument he had been playing. “But the club might be ideal for you. My sister is MJ, the quiet Flinder’s with an acoustic guitar.” Aspen did feel a bit bad for him, but he was just a kid, probably needed some friends too, she assumed someone like him, who tried impress everyone probably didn’t have that many people that would deliberately interact with him. “My choice isn’t something anyone can help with. It’s not your fault, but you do try too hard to impress others.”
Aspen Melissa Clarke
Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Human she/her
Age  17
Date of Birth April 6th, 2002
Birthplace Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Husky
Wand Holly wood 11'' with Jackalope Anthler
Play-by Chloë Grace Moretz

Muggle school

Tallygarunga: 1st year - Current



• Blames herself for her sister's disappearance;

• Likes to dance;

• Whenever she has a problem she sneaks out and visits the graveyard to talk to her mother;


General Knowledge

• Anger management problems, easily solved when MJ is around

• Quidditch Chaser - plans to go pro

• Dislikes art

• Protective of MJ



Aspen is a simple person with simple needs. Mostly kind and funny, unless she has an issue with someone. She is an extrovert, she likes people, she likes the outdoors and what she loves the most is Quidditch, she likes sports in general, anything that keeps her active she likes it. Her kind and funny personality don’t come without a but, Aspen has some anger management problems losing her cool most of the time, aside from sudden burst of anger, when calm Aspen can be quite rational, weighing the pros and the cons of everything, but it would be good if she acted accordingly, instead she prefers to follow her instinct.

As a friend she’s loyal but tells it how she sees it, the last thing that concerns her is hurting other people’s feelings if they deserve to be called to reason. She is someone who shouldn’t feel betrayed, as at the moment she feels something is off she avoids certain people and will take refuge in what she knows best, her sister. Aside from everything she tries to be positive, usually seeing the best in every bad situation.

Her anger problems can be manageable, however, there are times where she completely breaks down and becomes impossible to talk to her, on that state only her sister can talk to her.

Aspen loves her siblings, being the eldest she believes it’s her duty to protect everyone else and will feel guilty if something happens to one of her siblings. Upon the disappearance of one of her siblings, she became slightly paranoid and overprotective, always making sure they are safe and don’t need anything.

Her personality as a quidditch player changes slightly, she becomes highly competitive since she wishes to continue to play after graduation as a professional and often looks for confrontations. As a student, she avoids problems as well as arguments knowing that her anger problems won’t be able to solve anything if an argument starts.


Aspen is 170cm tall. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin despite spending a lot of time outdoors.

Her hair is wavy with medium length, she usually wears it tied in a ponytail especially when exercising or practicing. 

She often wears casual clothes, which consist of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. 

The story so far

Aspen is the eldest daughter of Maxwell, a muggle graveyard keeper, and Janelle, a magical wildlife keeper. She has three younger siblings, Mary, Vivian, and Justice. She can’t say her life was easy, her mother died shortly after giving birth to the twins, complications during and after labor took away her mother. After their mother’s death, they had it rough, their father’s job didn’t pay much, and their grandparents weren’t much help. Aspen had to grow fast, becoming more of a mother to her siblings than an actual sister. She also took a part-time job as a paper girl to help her father with the bills, something she still does.

Due to her father’s lack of knowledge about wizarding schools, Aspen and her siblings enrolled in a muggle school, a school where Aspen never felt comfortable in, she would get in arguments and fights constantly despite her good grades.

Before she turned eleven she received a letter to attend the local wizarding school. Aspen made sure to get all the information about the school for her siblings, she didn’t want them to go to a muggle school if there was another option, however, Aspen’s search was too late, one day her sister Vivian disappeared from school without a trace.

Vivian’s disappearance led Aspen to believe it was her fault, that if she hadn’t left the muggle school she could have somehow protected Vivian, little that she knows it was an impossible task. To prevent the same from happening to the others she finally informed her father about the option of Whitlam Bilby, where they would learn what they are supposed to learn and will be protected. Initially, Aspen seemed to have everything under control, but after a few months she became more and more impatient and kept blaming herself for what had happened to her sister, that event made her paranoid and overprotective of both Mary and Justice.

After a couple of years, she was so numb from the pain that she could focus on herself, on her studies and on her passion, Quidditch. Aspen tried hard to get on the team and when she did, two years later she became the team’s captain. She wishes to become a pro Quidditch player and still plans to look for her sister Vivian.

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