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  1. Aspen chuckled at Lisa’s words, the Sturt was right, Lisa was preaching something she couldn’t do herself. Perhaps it was the alcohol or perhaps Aspen was starting to see the irony in all of it. She wished the had the same sensitivity MJ had, her sister always knew what to say or do in every situation, right now, Aspen could only laugh. “I’m so sorry but … You’re right … I should be preaching something I don’t … I don’t do.” Aspen confessed still laughing about the situation, but she blamed herself so much for what happened that she didn’t want others to feel the same, perhaps it was the reason that led her to tell Lisa that in the first place, to tell the girl that she should first forgive herself. When it came to Aspen’s problem, she should probably follow her own advice. She stopped chuckled and gathered her composure. Her arms remained wrapped around Lisa as the Sturt began to speak. “Maybe it was both, but whatever the reason was, you can’t blame him forever.” The same way that Aspen shouldn’t blame herself, perhaps Lisa shouldn’t blame her father, maybe he was as innocent as Lisa and everyone, just made a mistake thinking he could give them the world. Making emends wasn’t easy, especially when the person wasn’t around, and in Lisa’s case, the ghost of her father wasn’t either. “Talk, it’s the only thing I can tell you. Whenever I need something without bothering Mary, I go to my mom’s grave and I talk to her. She might not be around, but it feels as she was.” Aspen smiled lightly at Lisa. It might not be Lisa’s thing, talk to a gravestone, and might not even help the young Sturt but if Lisa doesn’t try, she will never know. Aspen pressed her forehead against Lisa’s like the younger female had done. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a brief moment.
  2. People showed love differently, people weren’t always the same and while Aspen knew that it was hard for her to understand some forms of love, one of them was what Lisa was saying, although, people grieved differently, while Aspen barely had memories of her mother she did, and they might not have spent too much time with the woman but their father didn’t let them forget her, while he worked hard to feed everyone, the man always made sure he had time for all his kids. Aspen just sit there and listened, trying to be mature enough not argue, Lisa simply had a different way to view things, it wasn’t wrong, it was just different than what Aspen is used to. “I’m going to try to be mature here, so, we all look at things differently, it doesn’t make you a lousy daughter just because of that.” Aspen would probably have the same reaction if her father hadn’t told her more about her mother, along with the little that she could remember. Aspen wasn’t going to go around pointing fingers, she couldn’t understand how someone could not visit, guilt? Anger? There were a lot of feelings that could play into it and cause a person to drift away from happy memories and delve deeper into the bad ones. Aspen had to accept Lisa’s view and actions, while she didn’t quite understand, acceptance was more important. “Why don’t you start by forgiving yourself?” Aspen looked at Lisa and smiled kindly. MJ was the one that was good with this sort of thing, Aspen was so bad at trying to read people and telling them what they should listen, she was so biased about certain things, her opinions were always the best and, in this case, she had to put that aside. “I’m not good at this but … it feels like you feel guilty for being mad at him and I do know one thing, parents usually work too much because either they want to give their kids the best or because memories are too painful.” That wasn’t Aspen’s territory, it was the first time walking on such terrain. What should she say or do? It was all a mystery to her. She smiled at the joke, while she meant well Aspen thought she was avoiding something. “But … none of that makes you a lousy daughter, just makes you a person. Everyone makes mistakes and I suppose life isn’t one size fits all. As long as you want to get better and make emends, I don’t think you’re a bad daughter.” Aspen wrapped her arms around Lisa in a gentle embrace, the blonde had given her some comfort and while Lisa wasn’t crying like Aspen was, a hug never hurt anyone before.
  3. Offering? Lisa was offering to help? Aspen was grateful that the blonde was willing to go out of her way to offer her some help, but Aspen couldn’t say she felt comfortable with it. She trusted Lisa, even with a few people warning her. Aspen was slowly getting calmer, it wasn’t an easy task, luckily it wasn’t something that could potentially lead to something more violent and Lisa seemed to be able to keep Aspen under control. Aspen was calm and she remained calm, her eyes still red from all the crying, but at least she wasn’t shedding any more tears. Aspen didn’t move, she was comfortable in the position that she was, that was until Lisa began talking. The older blonde straightened herself and looked at Lisa as the younger blonde talked. What Lisa was saying was indeed odd, there had to be a reason to why Lisa never visited her parents, there had to be one. “Maybe you have a reason and don’t want to admit it to them?” Aspen asked Lisa with a smile. It was a stretch to tell the younger blonde to visit her parents’ graves, whatever the reason behind not going was, Aspen thought it wasn’t the right time to talk about it. “There’s a lot of people that don’t visit their loved ones’ graves. I can go with you one day. Ya know, my dad kinda works at the graveyard.” She tried to play it as a joke. “It’s never too late to make amends you know?”
  4. I love exercising, the feeling after a good session is amazing. 

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  5. Aspen continued to feel Lisa’s embrace and as much as she didn’t want to feel comfortable in that situation, she found that the younger girl’s touch and embrace were enough to relax her, or at least relax her enough that she was no longer crying uncontrollably but was instead calmer than she was before. Aspen tried several times to remain calm and to keep it under control, but she wasn’t so sure if everything was working as it should, especially with Lisa holding her like that. She apparently didn’t know Lisa as well as she thought she did, she never considered the younger blonde to feel so overly protective, but it did feel nice. Moving on with her life felt like leaving everyone else behind, everyone to fend for themselves and that thought was bothering Aspen, it had been bothering her for a while. She understood she had to live her own life, no one was going to live it for her, she also couldn’t leave everyone without a helping hand. MJ can take care of herself, she’s smart and resourceful, but how could Aspen live her behind? She didn’t want MJ’s studies to suffer because of her leaving. She had stopped crying, she was calm and there was no point in tackling what Lisa had previously mentioned. Visiting wasn’t much help, unless it was financially, once Aspen starts earning her own money, she’s going to make sure everyone in that house got what they need, her father wouldn’t need to work the graveyard shift every day and MJ wouldn’t need to worry about money so much. “I can’t ask you to help … while … while it means more than I can possibly describe, I can’t ask you to.” Aspen looked at Lisa with a soft smile. No matter what others have said about Lisa, that moment proved Aspen that she was right about her, Lisa wasn’t a bad apple. “I’m sorry for all this …” Aspen was being a burden to Lisa, just like she was one to MJ whenever she couldn’t control her anger. Instead of moving, Aspen simply grew comfortable in the position she found herself in. “Thank you.”
  6. There was nothing else that could be said, Aspen had put everything out in the open, she wasn’t sure if she could even remember the event in the following day, she could only hope to remember, at least if Lisa stops talking to her Aspen will know and will understand why. Aspen didn’t struggle with anything, whatever Lisa did or tried to do Aspen was just numb, all the emotions were coming to the surface and most of them not even MJ knew, Aspen wouldn’t want to bother her little sister with such problems, they weren’t going to help anyone, it was better if Aspen kept them to herself. She didn’t fail? It was her job, to take care of her siblings, she should have been there for them, but she wasn’t, she was getting excited about magic and quidditch when she should have been there for her siblings. Lisa’s embrace was somewhat calming Aspen down, it didn’t stop the tears from running down her cheeks as she continued to wonder what would have happened if she had stayed behind, if she hadn’t gone into Tally, or maybe, if she had told her father about the other school sooner, nothing like that would have happened. “It was, it was my responsibility…” Aspen held onto Lisa, speaking was getting harder to do. Spilling everything out like that wasn’t what Aspen had in mind, she wasn’t thinking about telling all that to anyone, perhaps it was the alcohol that was clouding her judgment, but in a way, it felt good spitting it out, speaking about it freely, without worrying that it would worry MJ. “I can’t let MJ deal with everything on her own…” her sister was still her major concern, what if it was to happen again? What then? What would Aspen do? She could only blame herself. As feelings and emotions began to settle, Aspen took a deep breath. “I can’t let it happen again.”
  7. Aspen took the bottle, took another gulp at the liquid inside and that’s when she realized no one knew about Vivian, the thing that has been eating her alive for years, the fact that she had one job, and one job only and she failed. She shouldn’t have left muggle school if she hadn’t Vivian would still be with them. “I suppose we’re tight enough . . .” Aspen said with a sarcastic chuckle. “They should be relying on me, not me on them . . . “ Aspen put the bottle down and looked at the ceiling. “My mother died when we were young . . . I was the one that should help dad take care of my siblings, but instead, when I joined Tally my sister Vivian went missing, I shouldn’t have left muggle school.” Aspen confessed. No one knew about Vivian’s disappearance, except for family, and not even MJ knew how Aspen felt about their sister’s disappearance. “We don’t know what happened, if I had stayed with them like I always had I would have been able to do something, but I fail . . . I had one job and it’s like Vivian slipped through my fingers.” She took the bottle again only to take another gulp. “I failed Vivian, I don’t want to fail Mary or Justice . . .” she put the bottle down again. She had to do everything to make sure everyone else was fine, that they were safe and alright, she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to go Pro anymore, just to watch over her siblings.
  8. The older Clarke watched her sister. MJ had decided to do the dishes herself when she didn’t have to, Aspen didn’t want her sister to have to worry about anything, she wanted MJ to focus on herself, it was the younger Clarke’s birthday. “I’m doing it because I want to Mary.” Aspen chuckled. She knew her sister worried about her, but MJ didn’t have to, Aspen could take care of herself, besides, Aspen wasn’t sure if in the following year she would be able to spend MJ’s birthday home, she wanted to make it special. “Dad’s not home yet, but he should be arriving any time soon.” Aspen wasn’t sure when her father was going to be home, but she hoped the man could rest before celebrating MJ’s birthday. “Maybe we can wake Justice up and leave the house for a couple of hours to let dad rest in peace?” she suggested. She knew Steve was a good boy, but sometimes Justice liked to make a little noise while playing. “What do you say? I’m sure Brian will keep dad some company.” The cat would make a lovely company, it was quiet and liked to sleep a lot, Aspen was sure the cat and their father would get along perfectly while their father rested.
  9. Aspen and Lisa had grown closer, as teammates they were as close as they could get and obviously hanging out only made them closer. Aspen considered Lisa a good friend, even after all the rumors she had heard about Lisa, it didn’t quite matter, they were in the past, people grow, people change and Aspen was sure that whatever Lisa had done she probably regrets it, or if she doesn’t, she might have learned something from it. She took the bottle from Lisa and took a sip from it, Aspen wasn’t drunk, but she was heading that way, she had started thinking about Vivian and all the things she could have done but didn’t. “And what if I don’t listen and want to stay? I’m already screwed and broken, there’s not much to do there.” Whatever it was that Lisa was talking about, Aspen was willing to take a chance, she would rather fail than to never have tried. MJ had been the only one capable of lowering Aspen’s anger levels, but Aspen found out that being around Lisa it helped as well, even if not as much as MJ did. The Bourke gave Lisa back the bottle. “Don’t be an idiot, you had a moment of weakness, you’re not a lousy friend, I can’t talk as a sister, daughter or girlfriend, but as a friend? You’re a pretty good one.” Whatever had happened in the Sturts life didn’t seem to be forgotten and she seemed to carry the weight of it on her shoulders, which meant that she actively regretted everything. “The past is the past, you gotta learn from it. I say this but I still baby MJ and Justice.” She let out a laugh. “I’m the one who’s a lousy sister … I rely on MJ for a lot of things, I can’t do anything right …” “Just one more mess after another … I don’t seem to get anything right.”
  10. Aspen continued the massage on the younger girl, it wasn’t something she would mind doing, she wouldn’t mind receiving either. She watched Lisa’s reaction to her reply, it seemed that Lisa was surprised? Maybe she wasn’t that surprised, and the expression just showed something else entirely different. She didn't even bother to dare Lisa, they’ve been playing that game for a while and it was useless by now saying it, they both knew where that was going to end up to, but Lisa began talking. Aspen was quite surprised with the reply that Lisa had given her, and it only made her more curious to know the type that Lisa was into, maybe she played in Aspen’s field, which in a way brought a smile to the Bourke’s face. She understood where Lisa was going, mindless dating someone wasn’t something Aspen would do unless she felt attracted to that person. Lisa finally called the game for what it was, a truth or truth game since they … Aspen bent the rules a little bit. The dare was not something Aspen was expecting, but she agreed to it and sat next to Lisa. “We can also make a bet and see who’s the first that falls asleep while watching the movie.” Aspen knew she couldn’t escape it, she was the one that was going to lose.
  11. Aspen stared at the cake, seemed fluffy, still a bit too hot to start working on it or to even start making the decorations. She wondered if MJ would light chocolate filling or something else entirely but whatever MJ would prefer, they could always make it together, the beauty and the fun of it were being able to decorate the cake by themselves. After a while looking at the cake with an inquisitive look, Aspen heard her sister call her name, which made her look at the younger Clarke. “Hey.” Aspen said smiling at MJ. “So? How was breakfast? Any good?” Aspen knew she was probably going too far with the whole thing, but there was a chance that in the following year they wouldn’t have the opportunity to so it, Aspen had no idea what was going to happen or even if she would get the opportunity to go Pro, it was still all very up in the air. The older Clarke approached MJ and tried to help her with the tray. “I thought later we could decorate the cake, maybe a few hours before dinner so that the decoration has time to set, what do you think?”
  12. Aspen loved the reaction Lisa had during the tickles. She enjoyed doing that to people, mostly to test people’s reactions to it, Lisa’s had been hilarious. “I’ll finish it up later.” Aspen spoke upon hearing Lisa complain about the massage. If they weren’t going to continue their game Aspen wouldn’t have minded. Lisa succeeded in the jump, Aspen had no doubt that the Sturt would be able to do such a thing without any complications. Even if Lisa had lost her balance, she seemed to have found the situation amusing, which made Aspen smile as she watched her friend laughing on the other bed. “I owe you? Fine, I’ll continue to massage your precious feet.” Aspen said looking at Lisa with a goofy face. It was a surprise that Lisa was playing the same game as Aspen. “Alright…It’s not really a type since isn’t exclusive, but strong and fit people have my attention.” She replied as she looked at her. It wasn’t like she couldn’t look past appearances, she could but she was naturally attracted to those sorts of people, didn’t mean she couldn’t be attracted to other types. “But you haven’t seen me with anyone, because I’m too good at keeping away from prying eyes.” Aspen replied, not thinking much about it. “Okay…the same goes for you, are you dating anyone? I see you and Travis do hang a lot. and I go dare.”
  13. Aspen wasn’t the best liar, but it seemed that MJ had believed her story about the book, she has promised Lisa she wouldn’t tell MJ where she had gotten it, even if she did hate lying to MJ she couldn’t break a promise she had made. The older Clarke shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, Mary, just enjoy the notebooks and your day. Today is your day, don’t forget about it.” Aspen said nudging her sister’s arm. Aspen didn’t care if her sister pampered her or not, she didn’t need it, at least for now she didn’t. The older Clarke nod when MJ spoke. Aspen was expecting MJ to eat all of it by herself, she had eaten hers already, so it was MJ’s turn. “Yes. But you eat, I need to go check on something.” Aspen kissed her sister’s forehead and left the bedroom, she had left the cake in the oven and by her calculations, she could be ready, or almost ready. Aspen check the chocolate cake in the oven, and it seemed to be baked, their uneven oven sometimes baked a side better than the other, but this time it seemed like the cake was evenly baked. The sisters just needed to wait for it to cool so that they can start the decoration process, and once MJ was done with her breakfast, Aspen hopped that the younger Clarke would join her in the kitchen.
  14. Aspen was proud of her own strength, it was nothing unusual really but with all her exercises she was used to a lot of things, and obviously becoming stronger physically was a perk, especially as a Chaser in a Quidditch team, one might not think much of it, but it wasn’t as easy as people thought. She shrugged when Lisa suggested it was cheating, was it though? It was still a dare, regardless of what it was supposed to be done. She laughed at Lisa, right after she was about to answer she had quit, that was no fun and perhaps Lisa was, in fact, lying about it, it didn’t matter much to Aspen, maybe Lisa just wasn’t ready to share something, even if it did hurt the Bourke a little bit. “That’s indeed a curse.” Luckily for Aspen, her father was still alive, but her mother wasn’t, and her sister was gone, she couldn’t complain much, others were in worse situations. “Massage your feet? Sure.” An easy task, Aspen quickly grabbed the feet and tickled it before beginning the massage on the Sturt’s foot. “Hmm…dare dare dare…” Aspen thought as she continued the massage on the other girl’s foot. “Let’s see…I dare you to jump from this bed to the other.” Aspen looked at the other bed, it was a manageable distance, but it could still be dangerous if someone didn’t have enough practice. “And I go dare.”
  15. Aspen was glad that her sister had enjoyed the notebook, affectionate hug told Aspen everything she needed to know about how her sister felt about the notebook she had gotten her. But what Aspen wanted to know was what she thought about the second present, the one Lisa had given Aspen to give to MJ. She watched her sister opening the new present, she paid attention to the younger Clark’s reaction upon seeing the book. Aspen was pleased with her sister’s reaction, but she wasn’t expecting the question. “Well, I got it at this old book store. Someone probably needed the money, and I thought you’d like to have something like that.” Aspen said. She had to lie, she promised Lisa that no one would know where that book came from. Aspen got up and retrieved the tray if MJ doesn’t eat the food was going to get cold. “Here, eat and then you can inspect that notebook a bit better.” Aspen said giving the tray to her sister with MJ’s favorite breakfast.
Aspen Melissa Clarke
Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Human she/her
Age:  17
Date of Birth: April 6th, 2002
Birthplace: Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: she/her
Patronus: Husky
Wand: Holly wood 11'' with Jackalope Anthler
Play-by: Yael Grobglas

Muggle school

Tallygarunga: 1st year - Current



• Blames herself for her sister's disappearance;

• Likes to dance;

• Whenever she has a problem she sneaks out and visits the graveyard to talk to her mother;


General Knowledge

• Anger management problems, easily solved when MJ is around

• Quidditch Chaser - plans to go pro

• Dislikes art

• Protective of MJ



Aspen is a simple person with simple needs. Mostly kind and funny, Aspen is an extrovert, she likes people, she likes the outdoors and what she loves the most is Quidditch, she likes sports in general, anything that keeps her active she likes it. Her kind and funny personality don’t come without a but, Aspen has some anger management problems losing her cool most of the time, aside from sudden burst of anger, when calm Aspen can be quite rational, weighing the pros and the cons of everything, but it would be good if she acted accordingly, instead she prefers to follow her instinct.

As a friend she’s loyal but tells it how she sees it, the last thing that concerns her is hurting other people’s feelings if they deserve to be called to reason. She is someone who shouldn’t feel betrayed, as at the moment she feels something is off she avoids certain people and will take refuge in what she knows best, her sister. Aside from everything she tries to be positive, usually seeing the best in every bad situation.

Her anger problems can be manageable, however, there are times where she completely breaks down and becomes impossible to talk to her, on that state only her sister can talk to her.

Aspen loves her siblings, being the eldest she believes it’s her duty to protect everyone else and will feel guilty if something happens to one of her siblings. Upon the disappearance of one of her siblings, she became slightly paranoid and overprotective, always making sure they are safe and don’t need anything.

Her personality as a quidditch player changes slightly, she becomes highly competitive since she wishes to continue to play after graduation as a professional and often looks for confrontations. As a student, she avoids problems as well as arguments knowing that her anger problems won’t be able to solve anything if an argument starts.


Aspen is 170cm tall. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin despite spending a lot of time outdoors.

Her hair is wavy with medium length, she usually wears it tied in a ponytail especially when exercising or practicing. 

She often wears casual clothes, which consist of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. 


Aspen is the eldest daughter of Maxwell, a muggle graveyard keeper, and Janelle, a magical wildlife keeper. She has three younger siblings, Mary, Vivian, and Justice. She can’t say her life was easy, her mother died shortly after giving birth to the twins, complications during and after labor took away her mother. After their mother’s death, they had it rough, their father’s job didn’t pay much, and their grandparents weren’t much help. Aspen had to grow fast, becoming more of a mother to her siblings than an actual sister. She also took a part-time job as a paper girl to help her father with the bills, something she still does.

Due to her father’s lack of knowledge about wizarding schools, Aspen and her siblings enrolled in a muggle school, a school where Aspen never felt comfortable in, she would get in arguments and fights constantly despite her good grades.

Before she turned eleven she received a letter to attend the local wizarding school. Aspen made sure to get all the information about the school for her siblings, she didn’t want them to go to a muggle school if there was another option, however, Aspen’s search was too late, one day her sister Vivian disappeared from school without a trace.

Vivian’s disappearance led Aspen to believe it was her fault, that if she hadn’t left the muggle school she could have somehow protected Vivian, little that she knows it was an impossible task. To prevent the same from happening to the others she finally informed her father about the option of Whitlam Bilby, where they would learn what they are supposed to learn and will be protected. Initially, Aspen seemed to have everything under control, but after a few months she became more and more impatient and kept blaming herself for what had happened to her sister, that event made her paranoid and overprotective of both Mary and Justice.

After a couple of years, she was so numb from the pain that she could focus on herself, on her studies and on her passion, Quidditch. Aspen tried hard to get on the team and when she did, two years later she became the team’s captain. She wishes to become a pro Quidditch player and still plans to look for her sister Vivian.

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