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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Open Oil Blue

    When Jamie announced that he remembered her, Aspen was having a hard time believing it, but it seemed that he did. She was internally fangirling over that fact. While it wasn’t easy to have her show any strong emotion other than rage, she was trying hard to not to show how excited she was for finding him there of all the places. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself down, her heart was beating fast and her mind was screaming at her, telling her that Jamie Collins was right in front of her. She didn’t want to look like a fool but the stupid and huge grin on her face was a big indicator of how she was feeling. His question brought her back from fangirl land and she tried to act as normal as she could. “I’ve been good…” she wasn’t sure if she should announce or not that she will have a few meetings in the future, regarding her future as a Quidditch player, but Jamie wouldn’t be interested in hearing it. “…been worried about exams and all that.” She shrugged, trying to look cool, to look like she wasn’t just terrified of failing and missing a big shot, but somehow, she failed miserably at trying to look cool. “I could say the same for you. I mean…you’re in one too…” she commented with a nervous chuckle. “I needed some time to think, wandered in here, thought something nice for my sister, she’s into knitting. What about you? What brings you here?”
  2. This new workout is doing wonders to my performance in Quidditch. 

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      I know you're not MJ. 

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      MJ Clarke

      But you don't know I was joking. How disappointing.

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      Lisa Knotley

      I'm gonna go ahead and state I'm not to be held accountable for this sense of humor before accusations start flying around.

  3. Open Questions with no answers

    Aspen Clarke
    Meetings with recruiters was always complicated. After the last match Aspen had been approached by several recruiters, all from different teams and she wasn’t sure which one would be the best choice. More money or more benefits? Perhaps one with a better working environment? She really couldn’t decide what was best. Meeting after meeting everyone seemed to be interested in her, but she still couldn’t decide what she wanted and who she wanted, she only knew she wanted to stay as close as possible, Melbourne or Narrie. Not wanting to feel even more pressured to choose Aspen decided that a walk around town would do her some good, maybe even check out the muggle stores, maybe they had something interesting, however, Aspen didn’t end up in a muggle store, she ended up in a store filled with equipment for Quidditch, which reminded her, she could get something for Lisa, there were a few things that the Sturt was in need of, or at least some quality things. While Aspen still didn’t have money, she had her savings and whatever she got, it would be a good present. She walked around the store quietly, she knew Lisa had the best broom one could ask for, but she could use a new kit for it, it was inside Aspen’s budget and she could even get her something else that wouldn’t make her work extra hard. As she walked around the place, trying not to knock everything to the ground, Aspen noticed a new pair of goggles, unfortunately they were expensive, if she had accepted one of the offers, she could have, but she still hadn’t decided on anything. It was getting hard to get something decent for Lisa, aside the broom kit, perhaps when she decided she can give her something nicer. Aspen paid for her items and left the shop and continued her walk towards the school, she still needed to think. Once Aspen got to the school the first and only place where she could think of was the Quidditch pitch. She walked slowly towards it and once she got there, she placed her things on the benches and looked at it, it was serene without practice, no one was yelling and she could think straight, which offer should she take? Should she even decide on her own? She didn’t want to leave her family behind, and that included Lisa. She took a deep breath followed by a scream, which seemed to have calmed her down, hopefully no one would come running to see what was wrong.
  4. Open Oil Blue

    After a walk in the park, Aspen found herself walking across the Tallygarunga Road. It had been a while since she visited some of these shops, when she was younger, she used to go there pretty much all the time, perhaps because her father was a muggle, he couldn’t see past the illusions she could, which always ended up in her upset that she couldn’t get inside some. It couldn’t have been easy raising three kids with magical abilities like her and her siblings. She walked into a store, but her time inside was short, they didn’t have what she wanted, and being eyed by one of the clerks were making her feel uncomfortable, like she was some sort of delinquent. Her next stop would an arts and crafts store. As usual it was not the busiest store on the street, it was either filled with moms, children or art enthusiasts. She walked inside and visited the small yarn section they had, a bit expensive but she was certain that MJ was going to love a new pouch for her needles and her yarn. Picking the item, Aspen noticed a familiar face from the corner of her eye, it was Jamie Collins. She stopped in place, her heart started to beat faster than it was, and she had met him before, it didn’t stop her from going fangirl over the fact that he was there. She quietly approached Jamie and touched his arm. “Hello.” She greeted him, her voice was a bit shaky, being hard to contain the enjoyment to meet someone like him again, especially in a place like that. Muggles didn’t know who he was, so she wasn’t at risk of being interrupted by anyone. “I don’t know if you remember me, I’m Aspen Clarke. We met once.” She smiled a bit sheepishly at the older male, trying to hold onto the new pouch for her sister and trying to keep her cool around him.
  5. I'm starting to think @Lisa Knotley only comes to my house to see Steve...

    1. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      Oh, come on. You know that's not the case, I go there for you. It's just that Steve is the nice, big, fluffy, cuddly cherry on top.

      Give him a treat in my stead, please.

    2. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      I don't know how to reply to that.

      You win. 

      This time 

    3. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      'This time', she says.

  6. Today was refreshing. I'm not even tired.

  7. Open Wounds

    Aspen hadn’t realized how the sudden movement could have caused Lisa’s head to hit the stand, but as Aspen thought about stopping but the feeling of Lisa’s hand on her head, touching her hair and pretty much telling Aspen not to stop, made the girl do exactly that, to continue the kiss. It all seemed like a dream, like something that was almost unreachable, unable to attain, and yet there it was, Aspen was kissing Lisa and Lisa was reciprocating it. Aspen came to the conclusion that now they were a thing, they were together, but were they going to keep it low for a while or not? They were in opposing houses, both captains of their teams, that could cause a lot of gossiping, how games could be fixed. In a way Aspen didn’t care much for gossip, but in this case, it could affect the whole team, both teams actually, which could potentially create some problems between friends. When Lisa pulled away, Aspen smiled at the girl. “I think it’s quite obvious.” The way they were acting and how accepting of one another’s touch they were, it proved that neither of them was going anywhere that night. They were going to sleep in each other’s arms and if the bed wasn’t big enough for both of them, they would simply have to find a solution to their problem.
  8. Open Wounds

    The kiss had been something Aspen wasn’t expecting, while it had showed her how things were, that she was in fact Lisa’s type, it threw her off balance for a moment, not knowing what to do or say except to kiss back the blonde that had locked her lips onto Aspen’s. Sadly, the kiss didn’t last long, but their proximity continued as their foreheads pressed against each other softly in a display of affection. Crushes weren’t new to Aspen, she had her fair share of them, but somehow it was different with Lisa, maybe because she was older, or maybe because the connection she felt towards her fellow captain from another team was stronger. Once again, just like when Lisa had kissed her, Aspen’s heart skipped another beat when the younger girl spoke. Maybe Aspen was in a dream and she needed to wake up, or was the alcohol doing all that? No, it wasn’t a dream and it certainly wasn’t the alcohol, if it had been a dream none of this would have been as real as it was. “And I want to be with you my Captain.” Aspen finally got the courage to speak before her lips stretched into a smile. There was no way that Aspen was going to get away from Lisa, mistake or not they were in it together and they weren’t children, young, naïve, but not children, not anymore. Aspen moved forward to kiss Lisa, this time a far more passionate kiss than before. As she did her heart continued to beat faster and at an irregular pace. Perhaps when the shock wears off, she can do it without being a nervous wreck.
  9. Open Wounds

    There was no point in lying or being deceitful towards the younger blonde. Aspen had made her point and had tried to reassure Lisa that her being there had nothing to do with feelings other than friendship, but she was in fact caught by surprise when Lisa said it was working. What was working? Aspen’s friendship towards Lisa? Or perhaps not expecting anything from her fellow student? The words themselves confused Aspen, but she didn’t struggle with Lisa when the younger blonde’s hand reached out to touch Aspen’s face. Aspen’s hand touched Lisa’s, it was warm, and it was soft, far softer than what she remembered, from whenever these two had touched before. Aspen’s heart began beating a bit faster once Lisa spoke once more. She didn’t know what to think of it, her heart was always beating faster, especially when Lisa was in the room, or close to her or even talking, but now, now it was beating like it was running a marathon and wanted to arrive in first place. When Lisa’s lips touched Aspen’s, the older blond could have sworn her heart had skipped a beat. Was that what she wanted? The Bourke’s hands reached out for Lisa’s face, Aspen pressing her lips upon Lisa’s reciprocating the kiss. Was the alcohol talking or did it simply pushed some feelings to the surface? Whatever it was Aspen’s heart kept beating, happy that she was finally able to be honest with her feelings towards her fellow Quidditch player. Aspen wasn’t one for taking first steps, at least not the kind that could break another person’s personal space, but right then her arms wrapped around Lisa, pulling the younger girl a bit close.
  10. Open Wounds

    Not once Aspen let go of Lisa, maybe had pulled away once or twice to look at the younger teen, or to talk. Aspen wasn’t good at it, she wasn’t good at pep talks, she wasn’t good at being a shoulder to cry on, but what she was good at was listening, and having to grow faster than most, she learnt that things aren’t always bright and perfect, people make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can haunt someone. What Lisa did was terrible, it was an awful thing, but it shouldn’t be something that punishes her forever, people needed a chance to grow and to become better, if they didn’t have that chance then how could they prove to the world that they had learnt from their past and tried to be better. Nothing that Lisa had done, had been done to Aspen, if that was the case, she could understand why no one else would want to talk to Lisa, but being a variable outside of the equation also made her see things differently, Lisa was trying to change. Aspen couldn’t understand why Lisa went on about her grand speech about being a terrible person, but as a friend Aspen wanted to understand her friend, trying to see past the rumours and see for herself if they were true or just a snowball that started rolling down a hill and lost control of its size and had crashed, which was how rumours begin. Aspen smiled at Lisa, what could she say? She liked the girl before her, maybe she wasn’t so impartial as she wanted to be, but it also gave her the opportunity to see beyond the wall. “If it’s working means my plan worked.” She tried to joke but it wasn’t something she should be joking about. Yes, she liked Lisa more than just a friend, she liked her tenacity, her jokes and most of all how she cared but tried not to show it, for whatever reason, Lisa wasn’t just the mean girl. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Aspen continued to look at Lisa, her smile grew bigger and bigger as she continued to look at the younger blonde. Lisa already knew how Aspen’s felt, or maybe she didn’t. At that moment Aspen wasn’t there because she was crushing on Lisa, she had stayed behind because she cared for the girl as a friend, being a good friend was more important, and even if Lisa didn’t reciprocate the feelings it was alright, they were still friends. Aspen would eventually move on, especially since she would be graduating that year, she could be moving to Melbourne or to another location, she didn’t know, but if she had a reason to stay then she would try to stay in Narrie for as long as she could. “I think I’ve fallen for you a while back, there’s no point in denying it further, but I’m here in the capacity of a friend, not someone looking to score some points.” She wouldn’t be a very good friend if she had stayed only to try and get Lisa to like her back, she would be an awful friend if that had been the reason why she had stayed and tried to support the younger blonde.
  11. Open Wounds

    Aspen kept holding Lisa, tight and close, almost like shielding her from something, while the position they were in wasn’t the most comfortable, being able to hold someone dear close enough was enough for Aspen. Lisa seemed to be having second thoughts about telling her everything but somehow seemed to have gathered the courage to do so. It couldn’t be easy spilling out the truth like that, she had to give credit to the younger girl for doing so. The older student listened carefully, she took in all the information Lisa had to offer, eventually holding the grip a bit tighter than before. Aspen knew Lisa had been a Penrose student, it was hard not to with all the gossip going around school, one of the reasons why Aspen liked to keep things quiet and away from the mouth of others. As Lisa continued to speak a few things were quite interesting, at least for Aspen, while that moment was about Lisa, the older blonde couldn’t help it but to feel a certain relief upon hearing certain things, but, as soon as it started it also ended. She had no idea Lisa had sealed away someone else’s memories, while it seemed cruel at first Aspen came to the realization that it would be something she would consider, not something that she would do. She would fight and would try to make things work, it could end in something marvellous or something disastrous, only time could tell. But Lisa, she took it too far up to the point of locking someone’s memories, while her intentions seemed noble no one should have their memories locked away. For a moment Aspen was speechless, she wasn’t sure what to think of the situation. The Bourke girl didn’t let go of Lisa and continued to hold her until she finally let go of the girl and looked her in the eyes. At first words wouldn’t come out, as if they were hesitant, almost like they were scared of hurting someone who had been hurt even further, perhaps beyond repair. “I don’t know what to say…but…you seem to know it was a bad thing, and you seem like you have to live with it. I say who got punished was you not her.” Aspen wasn’t sure where to begin, nor what to continue to say to Lisa after everything, she simply wanted to hold her close and tell her that everything was going to be alright, that she didn’t have anything to fear. “It was wrong what you did, wrong on so many levels, but you took the easy way out, perhaps saved the girl a lot of bad moments and yourself as well. But you know it was wrong and for what I understood, you were trying to protect her.” Was Aspen just trying to get excuses for Lisa’s poor behaviour? Perhaps, but from everything that happened Lisa was the only one suffering from it all, she was already paying for her mistakes, there was no point in pushing the knife deeper into the wound while rubbing salt on it. “Maybe now that you spoke it’s time for you to heal, you admitted it was wrong, it was a mistake, you accepted it and now you have to heal from it and leave the past behind so you don’t do it again to someone else.” Aspen spoke, moving forward to land an affectionate kiss on Lisa’s forehead.
  12. Open Wounds

    Aspen shook her head before looking at Lisa. “You took half a year, there’s people that take years to even admit to a mistake.” Aspen couldn’t understand the need to pull others down and be the best alone, but she could understand that in some situations it was the only way to achieve one’s goals, while Aspen didn’t try harder because she was already one of the best and she was perfectly happy like that. Lisa was just someone who didn’t know there were other ways. “You were in a tight spot Lisa, I don’t agree but I can see why. And, you won’t do it to me, because … you learnt from your past, and you know how it makes you feel.” Aspens arms wrapped tighter around the younger student in a loving manner. Aspen had faith that Lisa had learnt from the past, from her previous mistakes, and if anything, working out with Lisa had helped Aspen improve her performance in general. It was something irrelevant in the past that Aspen didn’t care much for it, the rumors were true but they didn’t spill the whole truth. The truth behind what led Lisa to do what she did, it wasn’t pure evil, it had a reason, and while it might not have been a valid one it was still one to be considered, Lisa was between two hard places, or at least it was what Aspen kept telling herself. “You don’t need to apologize.” Aspen spoke softly, trying to calm Lisa down, she seemed already calm but Aspen was trying to do what MJ did to her, trying to make her feel secure. “Look, yes, what you did was a horrible thing, but you know you were wrong to do so. You blame yourself for it and above all you seem to have learnt from it.” Aspen wasn’t about to go around pointing fingers and blaming Lisa, always throwing that to her face, it wasn’t necessary, it would only drown Lisa more into whatever hole she was already into, Aspen wanted to get her out of that hole. “I can’t point a finger at you, what you’ve done in the past is something I can’t accuse you of or judge you or anything. As far as I know, you’ve been a very good friend.”
  13. Open Wounds

    The way Lisa was talking Aspen was starting to see how deep everything went, and how deep it affected the younger student. It seemed that Lisa was living like there was no other way, no other solution except to walk that path alone and try to shove everyone away. While Aspen’s situation wasn’t like Lisa’s, one thing the older blonde knew was that if things had turned out different, she would probably end up in the same path as Lisa, which seemed to be a lonely path, and one that could potentially lead to her demise. Was Lisa even a burden to her brother? Or was that just something that she firmly believed in? It was indeed a difficult and touchy subject, where there was no correct answer, some were better than others, but it didn’t mean one was wrong and the other was right. “There’s nothing wrong is … asking for help and this sounds hypocritical of me but if I didn’t have MJ to turn to, things wouldn’t be like this.” Aspen finally admitted that MJ was her rock, her pillar, while the younger Clarke had problems of her own, Aspen could always count of her. “What you did to Hailey was perhaps a moment of weakness, I don’t usually listen to gossip, or at least believe in it. I once learnt that there’s three sides to every story, your side, her side and the truth.” Aspen couldn’t claim credit for it, it was something she had heard a while back and that after thinking about it, it was true, every story had three version and the third version was clearly the hardest one to know, as people were usually incapable of being impartial. “Good things, bad things, we all do them, sometimes out of despair, others for pure pleasure, others because we think we have no other choice.” Aspen shrugged, unsure if her words were going to reach the younger student, it was just a matter of waiting and watching how Lisa would react. Aspen wasn’t planning on leaving her just because of what happened in the past, as far as Aspen was concerned Lisa had done nothing to her, nor to MJ. Lisa had been, above all, a good friend, and that was something that Aspen couldn’t overlook. She might have done some terrible things, some bad things, but Aspen couldn’t just judge Lisa on that.
  14. Open Wounds

    Aspen was pleased that the Sturt hadn’t pulled away, it felt good being this close to someone. She was close to MJ she loved her sister, but it was good to talk to someone who could have a completely different perspective of everything, someone who wasn’t too close and someone who hadn’t experienced the loss they did, Lisa seemed to be the right person, despite what people said of her, she wasn’t as bad as everyone thought she would be, she was quite gentle and caring. Aspen smiled as Lisa agreed, she didn’t even have to talk she could just sit there, Aspen new it helped her when she had to talk to her mother, no one was listening, but she could just sit there and spend some time, it usually makes everything better. “You don’t have to tell me, but the fact that you trust me enough to do it means a lot.” Aspen confessed. The fact that the Bourke also liked Lisa in a more romantic way was also one of the reasons, and it wasn’t just physical attraction, Aspen genuinely liked Lisa and the more time they spent together the more Aspen tended to gravitate towards the younger student. She listened to Lisa, there wasn’t much to talk about that, while Lisa had a good relationship with her family not everyone was obligated to have one with theirs, siblings or not Lisa had all the right to not talk to her brother, even if he seemed to be her legal guardian. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” She pulled away for a moment and looked at Lisa with a smile. Aspen usually didn’t give caring smiles, cheerful? Sure, bit caring smiled? Not really, that was MJ’s department. “You two didn’t grow together, not like me and my siblings, just because you’re the same blood doesn’t mean the relationship exists…I love my family and they are everything to me, but if I had grown apart? I’d probably feel the same way.” Aspen tried to explain, it wasn’t easy, but she hoped that Lisa understood that not calling or not talking wasn’t bad, they spent too much time apart and it wasn’t easy reconnecting. “You can always reconnect if that’s what you want, but, if you don’t it’s okay too.”
  15. Open Wounds

    Aspen chuckled at Lisa’s words, the Sturt was right, Lisa was preaching something she couldn’t do herself. Perhaps it was the alcohol or perhaps Aspen was starting to see the irony in all of it. She wished the had the same sensitivity MJ had, her sister always knew what to say or do in every situation, right now, Aspen could only laugh. “I’m so sorry but … You’re right … I should be preaching something I don’t … I don’t do.” Aspen confessed still laughing about the situation, but she blamed herself so much for what happened that she didn’t want others to feel the same, perhaps it was the reason that led her to tell Lisa that in the first place, to tell the girl that she should first forgive herself. When it came to Aspen’s problem, she should probably follow her own advice. She stopped chuckled and gathered her composure. Her arms remained wrapped around Lisa as the Sturt began to speak. “Maybe it was both, but whatever the reason was, you can’t blame him forever.” The same way that Aspen shouldn’t blame herself, perhaps Lisa shouldn’t blame her father, maybe he was as innocent as Lisa and everyone, just made a mistake thinking he could give them the world. Making emends wasn’t easy, especially when the person wasn’t around, and in Lisa’s case, the ghost of her father wasn’t either. “Talk, it’s the only thing I can tell you. Whenever I need something without bothering Mary, I go to my mom’s grave and I talk to her. She might not be around, but it feels as she was.” Aspen smiled lightly at Lisa. It might not be Lisa’s thing, talk to a gravestone, and might not even help the young Sturt but if Lisa doesn’t try, she will never know. Aspen pressed her forehead against Lisa’s like the younger female had done. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a brief moment.
Aspen Melissa Clarke
Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Human she/her
Age  17
Date of Birth April 6th, 2002
Birthplace Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Student, Quidditch Chaser, Paper Girl
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Husky
Wand Holly wood 11'' with Jackalope Anthler
Play-by Chloë Grace Moretz

Muggle school

Tallygarunga: 1st year - Current



• Blames herself for her sister's disappearance;

• Likes to dance;

• Whenever she has a problem she sneaks out and visits the graveyard to talk to her mother;


General Knowledge

• Anger management problems, easily solved when MJ is around

• Quidditch Chaser - plans to go pro

• Dislikes art

• Protective of MJ



Aspen is a simple person with simple needs. Mostly kind and funny, Aspen is an extrovert, she likes people, she likes the outdoors and what she loves the most is Quidditch, she likes sports in general, anything that keeps her active she likes it. Her kind and funny personality don’t come without a but, Aspen has some anger management problems losing her cool most of the time, aside from sudden burst of anger, when calm Aspen can be quite rational, weighing the pros and the cons of everything, but it would be good if she acted accordingly, instead she prefers to follow her instinct.

As a friend she’s loyal but tells it how she sees it, the last thing that concerns her is hurting other people’s feelings if they deserve to be called to reason. She is someone who shouldn’t feel betrayed, as at the moment she feels something is off she avoids certain people and will take refuge in what she knows best, her sister. Aside from everything she tries to be positive, usually seeing the best in every bad situation.

Her anger problems can be manageable, however, there are times where she completely breaks down and becomes impossible to talk to her, on that state only her sister can talk to her.

Aspen loves her siblings, being the eldest she believes it’s her duty to protect everyone else and will feel guilty if something happens to one of her siblings. Upon the disappearance of one of her siblings, she became slightly paranoid and overprotective, always making sure they are safe and don’t need anything.

Her personality as a quidditch player changes slightly, she becomes highly competitive since she wishes to continue to play after graduation as a professional and often looks for confrontations. As a student, she avoids problems as well as arguments knowing that her anger problems won’t be able to solve anything if an argument starts.


Aspen is 170cm tall. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin despite spending a lot of time outdoors.

Her hair is wavy with medium length, she usually wears it tied in a ponytail especially when exercising or practicing. 

She often wears casual clothes, which consist of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. 

The story so far

Aspen is the eldest daughter of Maxwell, a muggle graveyard keeper, and Janelle, a magical wildlife keeper. She has three younger siblings, Mary, Vivian, and Justice. She can’t say her life was easy, her mother died shortly after giving birth to the twins, complications during and after labor took away her mother. After their mother’s death, they had it rough, their father’s job didn’t pay much, and their grandparents weren’t much help. Aspen had to grow fast, becoming more of a mother to her siblings than an actual sister. She also took a part-time job as a paper girl to help her father with the bills, something she still does.

Due to her father’s lack of knowledge about wizarding schools, Aspen and her siblings enrolled in a muggle school, a school where Aspen never felt comfortable in, she would get in arguments and fights constantly despite her good grades.

Before she turned eleven she received a letter to attend the local wizarding school. Aspen made sure to get all the information about the school for her siblings, she didn’t want them to go to a muggle school if there was another option, however, Aspen’s search was too late, one day her sister Vivian disappeared from school without a trace.

Vivian’s disappearance led Aspen to believe it was her fault, that if she hadn’t left the muggle school she could have somehow protected Vivian, little that she knows it was an impossible task. To prevent the same from happening to the others she finally informed her father about the option of Whitlam Bilby, where they would learn what they are supposed to learn and will be protected. Initially, Aspen seemed to have everything under control, but after a few months she became more and more impatient and kept blaming herself for what had happened to her sister, that event made her paranoid and overprotective of both Mary and Justice.

After a couple of years, she was so numb from the pain that she could focus on herself, on her studies and on her passion, Quidditch. Aspen tried hard to get on the team and when she did, two years later she became the team’s captain. She wishes to become a pro Quidditch player and still plans to look for her sister Vivian.

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