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    Laurie Toni Kempf
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    Glenwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia
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    Danielle Harris

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  1. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Now that place was more Laurie's speed. A manor filled with fun, treats and relaxation in every corner, a place that didn't look as dinky as an underfunded public school; not that she disliked Tallygarunga, she was quite fond of it in truth, but Durmstrang just had an air of superiority she'd had a hard time finding up until then in Narragyambie. It seemed her search had come to an end. She watched as two girls fell into the pool, and held out an arm to steady Max despite being a bit slow on the uptake. It seemed that the pair had annoyed a redhead sitting nearby. Regardless, Laurie and Max kept walking. "Yeah?" The younger Spencer asked as Max commented something about her clothes getting soaked; that only made Laurie glance at the pool just past her friend rather than pay attention to whatever else she said. "Well, that's just too bad." She ended up replying before raising a hand up and roughly shoving her roommate into the water.
  2. "I'm fine." Came Laurie's voice from within the trunk. She carefully inspected her own bag as she spoke. "And to answer your question, I'm here because Durmstrang can go suck a dick." Good, everything that she needed in the way of clothing, accessories and makeup was allocated within the bag - she was ready to use the upstairs closet. Picking up the bag, she walked back to the sofa she had landed on when she came in, and held the bag up to the rectangular opening on the wall. "Do me a favor and catch this." She said prior to shoving her bag in that opening carefully, not wanting to hit Max's face should she be looking in, holding it up for her to grab. The bag slowly pushed out of the trunk itself for Max to see, somewhat shaky from behind held up in a not so steady manner.
  3. "Hey." Said Laurie on reflex as she watched her roommate sit down next to her. The class went on, and when Max stated what her Patronus was, the younger Spencer couldn't exactly resist. "You don't really have to cast it at all, do you? You're quite fond of horsing around as is." She teased with a straight face as the lecturer went on. Soon enough, they were ordered to perform the spell. "Ladies first." She said as she ensured she was the first of the two to get up, before walking past Max and to the open area. The task ahead of her was a bit tougher than the rest of the students had ahead of them - she detested using incantations. How was she supposed to cast a fully corporeal Patronus at fifteen years of age without an incantation. "Let's see..." Waving her wand accordingly, she managed to perform a non-corporeal Patronus with some difficulty. At least she was used to it - Durmstrang went heavy on both Defense of the Dark Arts and the very same Dark Arts themselves, so it was definitely not a subject she was used to failing at. "Maybe within a few tries this time...?"
  4. "I'll take you as a tour guide, yeah, if that's cool." Laurie nodded. There was a good chance of her learning of some spots around town that the faculty wouldn't otherwise tell her about as security measures. Plus, getting on her roommate's good side would be for the best in the long term - Laurie wasn't particularly fond of the idea of being at odds with Max through the entire year. Exploring the place felt like a good opportunity as any to start things off on the right foot. "Other than that, I think I'm good. Thanks." She nodded, and with that, she crouched near her trunk, opening it carefully and pulling the lid all the way up and against the wall. The container seemed strangely empty. "I'll just need a sec first, though having some space in the closet for me would be useful." Turning around, she gave the girl a light two finger salute before her feet gave a small jump backwards, into the bag. Laurie promptly fell into it - so much so, her whole body disappeared, as if she had fallen into a hole. Indeed, she did. The girl landed on a couch, sitting, and used the rebound to get up to her feet. She had, apparently, jumped into quite a large room filled with all sorts of stuff - the couch itself, a drum kit, a variety of possessions and electronics, and the one thing she was looking for: a travel bag sitting by itself near the entry seat. "There you are." She muttered as she crouched to retrieve it.
  5. Again? Did the school have it as a standard to leave students alone in dorm rooms for a number of years? How odd. Hell, it was quite strange to begin with that there were only two people per room - back in Durmstrang there were four, and that's why she got her trunk to begin with, as personal space was practically non-existent. Maybe they had shoved Laurie into this particular dorm room because she'd leave at the end of the year, so not to disturb other permanent residents? Could be Max was on her way out the door too. "A better one? What makes you say that?" Outside the obvious, regardless, but she didn't really mind having a messy roommate to begin with - nothing a little routine cleaning on Laurie's part couldn't solve. Not to mention, she was quite easy on the eyes, making it all the more worthwhile to put up with the chaos. Maybe she was a problem student and that's why she was kept there on her own to begin with? Tallygarunga wouldn't be making a good impression if they decided to shack up the exchange student with the local safety hazard.
  6. Laurie really needed to have a little chat with Max. It was the umpteenth time that month when they were both headed to the same location, but the older Spencer would go ahead on her own and leave the exchange student behind. It didn't irk Laurie, per se, but it felt like a bit of a waste. As she walked in to the occupied Musiciary room, sure enough, she spotted her roommate sitting by the piano. She couldn't help but shrug to herself. 'Figures.' The song Alex was playing wasn't really her speed, so Laurie tuned out pretty quickly. She couldn't help but feel the room had a bit of an awkward atmosphere to it as everyone was really quiet and paying attention. Completely ignoring the ongoing little performance, the shortie walked towards the singular present drum kit in the room. She walked around it silently, inspecting it. 'No double bass pedal... Could use another cymbal... Eh, I can make it work.' She was used to have a bit of a bigger set, if only for the fact she could transport it with her wherever she went in her trunk without having to bear its weight, and as a result it had underwent some alterations and additions over the years. No matter. She sat at the stool and noticed there were few drumsticks allotted to an eventual player. Good thing she always brought her own. She finally set her backpack down and retrieved a pair of her own sticks, and twirled one of them around her right hand's fingers for a distraction.
  7. As Laurie's shoulder was bumped against, she gave a playful wink to the perpetrator before settling down properly in her seat. She crossed her legs under her desk and gave Keaton a two finger salute as she was introduced. "Cheers. Sorry for third wheeling." She joked, but then it was time for the class to proceed. Laurie turned forwards to pay attention to the lecture. They were tasked with performing a simple Unlocking Charm upon the locks preventing the small chests within their desks from being accessed. Simple enough. Determined to get it without an incantation, as was her standard - she actually found incantations to be bothersome to use -, she gave it one try with the proper hand movement for the Alohomora spell. It didn't work. A second try. A third try. "Hm." Puzzling. She didn't have the trick down just yet. As she was about to try a fourth time, a loud crash was heard. Laurie glanced towards the general direction of the sound and spotted a fellow Spencer seemingly incapacitated on the ground, with a bag over her face in a manner that she could easily describe as uncomfortable. "And so it begins."
  8. Laurie momentarily opened her mouth to speak, closing it as Max went on to hastily clean the room. The exchange student could only assume that the bed buried in items was her own. She couldn't blame the fellow Spencer for it either, really - she would have done the exact same thing in her position if she didn't have her fantastic school trunk, which she picked up off the floor before stepping in. Closing the door behind her, she set down the trunk near the shared closet. "Nice to meet you. Guess I'll be imposing for the duration of this school year." She had been back in Australia for six months, which gave her more than enough time to revert to the Australian accent being her default one - although she wished she could have been at Tallygarunga earlier. Couldn't her grandparents let her go? Did she really have to spend half a year in Glenwood? "Do you need any help there or something?" She offered, despite having resigned to just standing there awkwardly until Max was done.
  9. Laurie was late again, but not by much; still just enough that she was in too much of a hurry to grab a lollipop on her way out the door. It worsened her otherwise good mood just a smidge. No matter, she could just run back to the Spencer Common Room in between classes. Making her way through the still open doors of the classroom, the brunette spotted her roommate sitting next to a number of people. Seeing no available seats in that general direction, she shrugged to herself and walked over to the opposite side of the door instead, where there were a couple free seats still available. Sitting down, she surveyed the classroom to see what it was all about. Patronus Charm. Now that was an interesting one in her book, although something the teacher had said quite bothered her - describing Dumbledore as merely the Headmaster of Hogwarts? "Come on now, he's only potentially the greatest wizard of our time..." She muttered to herself and shook her head. Great way to undersell one of her idols. Oh well. She took a deep breath in good faith, wanting to look past the glaring omission and just get into the thick of things. "Non-corporeal." She raised her hand a fraction of a second after she spoke, not really bothering to wait upon being called. The idea of performing the spell again was quite appealing to her, however - there was a new memory she wanted to try out. A very recent one. One that truly filled her with happiness. Perhaps that would be the day she'd perform a fully formed Patronus in.
  10. The History of Tallygarunga. Just her luck. Did the year really have to start off with the one part she knew absolutely nothing about pertaining the subject? Quite the pain in the ass, but she'd have to sit through it. And Laurie had been there whole time, silent, leaning back on her chair with her legs crossed under the desk while her fingers nimbly flipped page after page of the book they were ordered to read, eyes scanning the contents with disinterest. She wished she actually got a heads up. Laurie hadn't bothered to toss out the lollipop she had been consuming prior to the class starting, and the treat still was very much in her mouth, white stick poking out the corner of her lips in all of its glory. She didn't really care if she got reprimanded for eating something in class - the teacher was smoking as it was, wasn't that a safety hazard to some kids in general? She kept in mind not to loudly suck on the candy at least, not wanting to create a ruckus and get tossed back to far away places she didn't want to be in again. From the looks of it, there was some random girl whom seemed to be from Sturt that was openly challenging the lecturer whom exuded an aura that screamed she didn't get paid enough to deal with what was happening. Now that was far more interesting than studying the history of whatever the hell that place was and certainly caught her eye, so she found herself watching the pair when they spoke rather than bothering to reply to any question posed.
  11. With a lollipop stick hanging out the corner of her lips, Laurie arrived fashionably late to the Wandless Magic class. She wasn't visibly too concerned with the fact - who cares for attendance if you can just cram and ace the exams later? Though something intrigued her about this new class she was taking: would she be able to go incantation-free without a wand? Would her hot streak come to an end? Soon enough she'd find out, though she wasn't too upset over the potential of being unable to cast spells in such a way anymore. Practice makes perfect after all, and she'd get there eventually. The newly minted Spencer nimbly made her way through the class rows once spotting a familiar mane, and she unceremoniously sat next to Max, her roommate, without even bothering to pay attention to whatever it was the teacher was saying. "Hi, missed me?" She jokingly asked the fellow House colleague as she placed her bag atop the desk and stretched her limbs. She had seen the girl not half an hour before. The boy next to her, however, was someone she wasn't familiar with. "Did I interrupt a date or something?"
  12. "Oh, damn. They weren't bullshitting me." 'Snowflake' was the password to her dorm room? Under that weather, somebody had quite the twisted sense of humor. It brought an amused smile to Laurie's lips once she was done chuckling about it, and sure enough, a small click reached her ears - the door had been unlocked. The short stack had just gotten to the school and things were already looking up - at least people knew how to pull jokes. In Durmstrang they had their broomsticks shoved so far up their asses she was sure she could see the end of them struggle in the inside of people's throats. Reaching for the doorknob, she twisted it and pushed the door open. As the room was slowly revealed to her eyes, she could clearly see two things: one, her roommate was in there; two, the fact that the room was unbelievably messy, and what looked like Laurie's bed-to-be was presently completely unusable from the sheer amount of crap on top of it. "...Uh." Awkward. "Wrong room?" She tried, even if she knew that wasn't the case. Was this girl not warned Laurie was meant to arrive that day?
  13. So, can somebody give me the lowdown regarding why the Sturts' reputation is so bad? Not throwing shade, just really curious about it.

    1. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Guess I'll file Tally's general student body reputation as 'not helpful' then.

Laurie Toni Kempf
Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: August 28th, 2003
Birthplace: Glenwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: King Cobra
Wand: Pine, 7 1/2'', Hippocampus Heartstring Core
Play-by: Danielle Harris
  • 1st - 4th Year: Durmstrang Institute
  • 5th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House
  • Seeks permanent freedom from her parents - not that she has something against them, she just wants to be on her own;
  • Really doesn't want to go back to Durmstrang and is looking into ways of extending her stay in Tallygarunga for as long as possible;
  • Her Boggart is a cage.
General Knowledge
  • Bilingual (English/German);
  • Durmstrang Institute exchange student;
  • Can speak in both Australian (default) and British accents, but her words seem to have a very very very mild tinge of German to them in either one;
  • Excels at non-verbal magic, and nobody in Australia has ever heard her utter an incantation yet (with a wand);
  • Fantastic pranking game due to Durmstrang's Dark Arts curriculum;
  • Often seen exploring Narrie via skateboarding;
  • Has a lollipop in her mouth 50% of the time;
  • Talent for drawing, and she often doodles silly dark humor cartoons in her notebooks during class when she's feeling bored out of her mind;
  • Mild problem with authority;
  • Competent drummer;
  • Top tier Guitar/Clone Hero player (can't touch a real guitar though);
  • Studying to become a curse-breaker.

Laurie is an individual whom actively looks to reassert her independence from her parents - having been stuck to a school she detests for so long, going to Tallygarunga is actually giving her a taste of what freedom is like, and thus she's starting to act out as a desperate means to cling to this autonomy. She feels that she can finally do whatever she wants without the stifling education and composure Durmstrang drills into their students' heads and it shows in her composure, constantly far too relaxed to take things seriously and seemingly without a care in the world. She also had the unfortunate tendency to do stupid things that she perceives as being a way to reaffirm her liberty from authority and her parents' grasp (such as, if given the opportunity to consume alcohol, she would take it).

She's often perceived as a loner due to this excessive need for self-governing, but that isn't the case; it's just that she does what she has to do whether she's accompanied or by herself. Laurie does enjoy hanging out with friends (or having them to begin with, which she wasn't too successful with in Durmstrang) but doesn't go to out of her way to find them. She's surprisingly nice to those who do approach her and doesn't mind their company, and appreciates it further if they can help her kick into her mischievousness gear. It's not uncommon to see her with a poor sap or two in tow looking to stir up some trouble.

She takes to the vast majority of new situations and forks on the road like a fish to water, not letting a wrench in her path get her down. This adaptability makes her thrive in Tallygarunga, which is the direct opposite of the world she's from. Laurie's also not against trying unorthodox methods to get stuff done, as she doesn't seem to be too upset by things like failure and rejection. She can get quite creative with these solutions, but she's also not afraid of letting things go.

While it's not too hard to get under her skin, Laurie likes to think of herself as someone who can stay relaxed and carefree most of the times - the 'all bark and no bite' type, if you will, as she doesn't often go past a mild hex/jinx or her perpetual (sometimes caustic) snark, although she can be a bit petty with the employment of those spells at times. However, if deeply wronged, she becomes quite vicious and highly aggressive, even in a physical way - she just wants to rip the other person's head off, regardless of consequences. While she managed to keep in line back in her Durmstrang days, the lax rules in Tallygarunga in comparison make it so she's more prone to fly right off the handle instead of holding back for the sake of her parents.


The genetic gods didn't give her a boon in any way, shape or form when it came to height: Laurie barely stands at 152 cm, having always been borderline comically short. She makes up for this by almost always having some sort of platform in whatever shoes she uses (even shirking uniform policy if she has to). Her dark hair is always perfectly straightened neatly combed, parted towards the right, cascading down just a bit past her shoulders. She might on occasion be seen with a ponytail or some sort of headband. Her body is quite petite and in no way geared towards sports despite her being somewhat energetic, although she does hold a surprising amount of stamina and physical coordination due to her drumming ventures.

She quite detests the Tallygarunga uniform, claiming it the one thing Durmstrang has over the Australian school - as such, she avoids wearing it whenever possible, and often retreats to her room right after classes are done just to change into something she deems more aesthetically pleasing. This usually takes the form of jeans, skirts and button up shirts of the flannel variety as she likes freedom of movement a bit too much, even if she's not about to climb a tree (yet). Her movements and posture are surprisingly fluid, graceful and remarkably precise for someone like her, though that is in all likelihood due to the education she received in her home school.


Once upon a time, Leah Rippner, a young Muggle from Sydney, attained the opportunity of enrolling in college in a prestigious British school. Shortly after making the trip she met Reinhold Kempf, a German wizard whom happened to be in the country to aid the UK Ministry of Magic with unspecified affairs - with whom she fell in love. They had a steady relationship build throughout the time of her study, to the point the woman got pregnant by the end of it; however, unable to immediately find an occupation, visa troubles sent her back to her hometown. It was here that Laurie was born and would spend the first few years of her life in - alongside her mother and grandparents.

When she was around four, Leah and Reinhold finally married, which helped her stay in England. It was after they moved that the girl started displaying magical abilities - much to the surprise of the mother, whom had no idea such a thing was even possible. Reinhold, however, was over the moon. He soon told her about all sorts of history regarding her talent, taught her basic skills in various areas, and told her about the school she'd most likely be going to, Hogwarts, as well as its significance to recent history. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, as when the time to embark on her magical journey was approaching, Reinhold's work was finished. He was told to return back to his homeland, and he took his family along. Much to her chagrin, Laurie ended up going to the Durmstrang Institute instead.

Suffice to say, Laurie hated Durmstrang - it wasn't Hogwarts, so it wasn't good enough. She didn't like the discriminatory stance the school took upon Muggleborns either given that her mother was a Muggle. Nevertheless, she continued her education without giving her parents much fuss. Their jobs were already troubling enough, and they didn't need their daughter getting expelled from a seemingly prestigious school - she'd just have to play nice. Not saint levels of nice though, of course, as she was never against pranking and snark was always present.

At the end of the Fourth Year, the students were informed that they could apply for exchange programs to schools all over the world. Laurie rushed to make an application to Hogwarts. However, fate conspired against her - due to an error based on her genealogy, the school thought she was applying for Australia instead. Lacking a program with the Balcolyn Institute of Magic, they went with the next most readily available best thing: Tallygarunga, in Victoria.

It wasn't where she wanted to go, but it was at least a victory - she was away from Durmstrang's stifling environment. Resigning to her fate and understanding she'd never step foot in Hogwarts, the girl decided to make the best of her situation and explore the perks of being in an underfunded, free public school that gave her much, much more leeway than her original school ever did. That, coupled with her father deciding to travel through Australia that year to see if it was a country worth settling down in for the sake of not uprooting Laurie the upcoming year again, seemed to be working in her favor...

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