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  1. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Laurie couldn't help have a chuckle escape her as Colette put Gwendoline's hypothetical reaction to her sticking around in the house for a while in quite the graphical terms. The Spencer would be lying if she were to say the idea wasn't appealing to her - to be able to stay around for that period of time with the Auclairs meant she got to make up for some more lost time with the sisters, and, more importantly, it gave her some more room to ensure her favorite redhead had less chance of running into trouble. Two birds with one stone, and it was certainly an option to consider. "Alright, alright. I'll try to talk to 'em. Don't expect anything right away. My mom'll probably want to spend Christmas over at her folks like we did last year. Can't really blame her for that, I missed 'em too. After that, we'll see. Though, you act like you wouldn't be half as happy about it." Colette could poke fun at Gwendoline indeed, but of course that didn't mean she was immune to a few harmless shots from Laurie herself. While she'd normally think it would be far too soon to make that joke, the fact the Sturt had come up with the idea in the first place spoke volumes as to how comfortable she could get at that moment. Relaxing further into her seat and not sharing the same sentiment of awkwardness, she continued. "It's been a bit... Suffocating in some regards, honestly. Can't really go into details for most of it, but, uh..." Quickly realizing how her words sounded, she put a hand up as if to call a truce. "Don't take that for keeping secrets or anything. It's more like, someone else's personal problems, so I don't really feel at liberty to discuss them, y'know? Anyway, that, coupled with Russian Winter school looming on the horizon, and all of... Well, this." She motioned to the room in general, mentioning the mess she had gotten herself into with leaving in the past. "Just feels like my brain's about to pop half the time. Stress relief is needed, hence why I gotta find out who did that prank. Have one last big hurrah before I get transformed into an ice sculpture up north."
  2. Invite Coming Clean

    "So that's where my skateboard went." Laurie joked, albeit with a straight face, as Max described a few things that had happened much earlier in the year. The redhead also had received a letter from the Ministry about improper use of underage magic, something that was no longer an issue at that point since Max had turned seventeen a few months prior, but that only led Laurie to imagine how loose Max had gotten with the employment of the art just to get herself and Senan out of trouble. 'Not much I can do myself in that area, is there? One year to go. And I won't even be here... Maybe I should look into spending my seventh school year here, after this clusterfuck is done with.' "Well, here's the thing, Maxine. I kinda get why you didn't tell me anything until now, but, think of it like this. Your guy told you to forget about it and you said no, because you care for him. Right? So what makes you think I won't do the same thing to you? I care about you, even if I'm about to get sent to 'popsicle school'." Effectively, Max was her best friend. It was still a bit odd to refer to her as such given Laurie's own past, but it was the truth. And she'd be damned if she let someone she cared so much for face such a thing. "You got to make your choice then. It's only fair if I get to make my choice now, I think." She brought a hand to her cheek so to scratch it; all things considered, outwardly it seemed the younger Spencer was ingesting the information quite well. "And Senan had to respect your choice, so you gotta respect mine, Super Max. My choice is, I really don't want my friend to go off and face all these dangers without me if it comes to that. And that's all there is to it. I won't be able to do a heck of a lot since I'm about to run off into the sunset and I can't do that whole magic part outside of here to begin with, but you bet I'm gonna put in the work to be able to help you when the time comes." Plus, she didn't want to walk out on a friend when they could potentially need her ever again.
  3. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    "I'm sure." Gwendoline was, technically, one of them. Laurie felt like she could have some fun with that little arrangement in the future. With the Auclair sisters playing pranks on the school and Laurie's mentoring association with one of the two, she would certainly be able to help, even if indirectly. Yet, she was starting to hope she'd get a last big hurrah before having to depart. 'Two months on the clock, gotta make it happen quick if I will. Because I don't have more important shit to worry about, clearly...' She did have more things to worry about, namely regarding her redheaded best friend, and so a prank was a very welcome distraction. Before her line of thought strayed too much, Colette brought up an interesting question. "Fight the flow?" She repeated, although from her tone she wasn't looking for a reply. Instead, something in her eyes let the world know she was taking those words into serious consideration. Indeed, Laurie had never been one to go against the current (save for her Durmstrang days, of course), yet seeing Max in the situation she was in gave Laurie the strength to fight for what needed to be done. Should she really stay put for two months? That time could make or break things between them by the time Laurie had to go. But what could she do? Colette was absolutely right, and had read through the Spencer perfectly. That realization brought a smirk of good humor to Laurie's lips and she wound up looking down at her knees temporarily while regaining her composure, adjusting herself in her chosen seat and crossing one leg over the other. 'Am I that transparent?' "Well, thanks. Again." She spoke once looking back at the Sturt again. "Though, I'll do you one better. Not only will I write, and I guess message you since I got a QuillBook thing now, but I'm gonna try to visit. How about that? I'm gonna have six months free before I go freeze my ass off again. Unless my parents haul ass back to Germany, I should stay in Sydney... So maybe I can drop by every now and then."
  4. Invite Coming Clean

    It seemed Max hadn't understood what Laurie had meant. The drummer's finger slightly tapped against the bones of her own ankles in a bit of a rhythm as the redhead went on with what ailed her, letting her speak unimpeded. At a point she had to stop herself from digging a nail into the skin of the very same ankles she was distracting herself with, such was the rage she was starting to harbor for the man that had put Max in the position of making such a choice to begin with. At that point, the only reason holding the Spencer back from getting up and marching to the Sturt common room and ensuring he couldn't breathe ever again was the fact Max was in love with him. "First things first. It's a choice for you as it is for me, and I've made my choice too. It's not something I need to know the details of to decide, trust me." She decided to be more blunt about it since, from her point of view, the redhead wasn't understanding the point Laurie was trying to make. It was hypocritical of her indeed - but if Max was willing to put herself in such danger over Senan, who was she to say Laurie couldn't do the same over her best friend? Actions had consequences after all, and Max had to learn that if she were to drag herself into that type of thing, those who are willing to live and die for her would be inevitably dragged in by proxy. "Secondly, by now, I thought you'd know me better than that. Maybe I should be offended." Despite her words, she meant it as nothing but a little joke. "In any case, I'll take you up on those questions. Let's start with... What is it I'm in for, exactly? Wouldn't hurt to know the gist of what I'm dealing with here instead of us beating around the bush like we are now. Just sock me in the mouth with the cold harsh reality of the situation, will you?" It wasn't like she could do much about it unless whatever it was went down in under two months, but Laurie should be prepared in case they got blindsided. 'Plus, I know a thing or two...'
  5. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Laurie's eyes glinted with amusement as Colette continued with the false pretense. She couldn't tell if the Sturt genuinely believed her words, or if she had caught on to her knowing the inner workings of the prank itself, and consequently who was behind them. If she didn't believe her, she was sure putting up a fantastic act of the opposite. Perhaps some things were best left untouched, such as the answer to that conundrum. Mystery did add a bit of flair to things at times, and who was she to argue? "I'm a Spencer too, you know. House pride and all, I sorta have to defend them." Laurie didn't truly care for Houses much at all, yet she couldn't resist prodding the wound. "Though I wish I could find out who the perps were. I'd be more than willing to lend a hand on a future project." Knowing Gwendoline, that would inevitably happen before Laurie had to leave. Perhaps they could think up of something for the End Year Ball that was heading their way as one last big bang before it was time to go. "But, no. That wasn't me. I did race a friend of mine though. Good thing I'm short or I'd probably have ended up in the hospital wing again." After nearly camping there for a solid week, it wasn't a place Laurie was awfully fond of in the long run. But had the little chair race been worth the risk? 'Abso-fuckin'-lutely'. "Earlier? You mean, me hanging in there?" That was an odd angle to tackle from. She had expected for Colette to segue into the real reason why Laurie had been invited to her home rather than press small talk like that. Was it just because she was trying to avoid talking about whatever it was for as long as she could, or was it the Sturt's way of showing she still cared greatly for her? "Well, you got that right. Not too convinced of it myself but it's the type of thing where telling myself that will have to do, you know? There's not much more I can do about it past going with the flow."
  6. Invite Coming Clean

    The choice of words hadn't been the best indeed. Laurie's eyebrow raised as Max claimed she didn't want the younger Spencer to get in trouble. Common sense dictated the redhead wasn't talking about pranks, or danger of expulsion, or anything of the sort. Rather, she was talking about something that would potentially endanger Laurie's life, but that also indicated Max's own life was in jeopardy. While she remained calm, every ounce of mirth left in that room evaporated from her face as a serious disposition took hold. She could feel it in her bones, the conversation wouldn't end well; yet, there was no escape. "Let's make one thing clear real quick, Maxipad." Laurie released a deep breath, eyes boring into Max's as she tried to make known there was no trace of humor in her own words. "If you're in danger, I'm in danger. That's the deal." Danger was not something she shied away from, moreso given what she intended to follow for a career. Yet, for as much as Max may claim she pursued this danger of her own 'free will', she couldn't help but think it was all related to Senan. He was putting her in danger. Love made people blind to what was going on around them and Max's judgement was impaired. That alone made her dislike for the man jump tenfold in a split second. "We're way beyond that now. I'd just rather know what's coming before it hits me. Not that I have much more time left to stick around and find out, but it's my free will to ensure you're not getting yourself killed. Got it?" A rare feeling was boiling within her: rage. Not at Max, not at the fact Laurie had to leave, but at Senan. It wasn't even about how Laurie was patently anti-relationships anymore; rather, she couldn't digest the fact someone who claimed to love Max would also willingly put her in danger.
  7. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    "Thanks." Laurie spoke up once motioned in. She leaned forwards, letting her own head roll off the frame before opening the door properly and stepping through the entrance to Colette's room, later closing that very door behind herself silently. She didn't think it would keep the Auclairs from overhearing the conversation if they really wanted to, nor did she plan on silencing the room at all, but she felt like it contributed to a much needed feeling of privacy for the conversation that was to come. "Well, y'know. Hanging in there." Laurie replied, not wanting to go into details about the various pressures in her life just yet. She couldn't risk derailing whatever it was that Colette wanted to discuss (even if the Spencer could take an educated guess as to what it was) and so her own affairs had to take a backseat. She plopped down on the couch unceremoniously in an attempt to stab at the palpable awkwardness for the Sturt's sake - it had always been Laurie's to be so unflappable that such situations wouldn't get the better of her, and as such she had a reputation to uphold. As she crossed her legs, she was cut off before being able to reciprocally ask how Colette was doing due to a peculiar line of questioning - the Sturt immediately asked about the prank that had plagued the school a couple days before. Was she so anxious to gloat that she had to blurt it out the moment Laurie had made herself comfortable? The Spencer felt quite amused by such a thing. She had suspected Colette had been partially behind the whole thing but that confirmed it. Not only that, it was quite peculiar how she asked what happened when she had just claimed she had been there to witness it. 'Two can play that game.' "It was probably some Spencer gag." She had caught through the grapevine (or, in other words, Gwendoline) that Colette had a bit of a distaste for Spencers, and so she couldn't resist to prod at the wound, much like back in the day. "The chairs took on a life of their own and acted as if they were Spencers themselves. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought it was my doing." While she maintained a straight face, despite her major urge to smirk mischievously, her eyes told a different story: she knew. There was no way she wouldn't have known, as she taught the tricks of the trade to one of the culprits. "Props to the culprits." It was a two person job. Letting a verbal cue slip about her knowledge of the event only made it more fun to her. "The school's been pretty gloomy lately so a prank or two doesn't hurt."
  8. Invite Coming Clean

    "Huh...?" Laurie's head tilted ever so slightly as Max claimed to needing to talk to her. That wasn't something she heard every day from her favorite redhead, at least not in such a serious tone. It served its purpose in toning down the younger Spencer's attempt at a cheery and humorous mood as she scanned Max with curiosity. If Laurie didn't know any better she'd say it was about the incident in particular, yet she did. Her eyes squinted mildly as she thought of how to reply. A knot started tying itself in the pit of her stomach as Laurie came to realize it was likely that her growing suspicions over the past few months would be confirmed and expanded upon, something that made her quite uncomfortable. Shifting in her seat, the girl moved further in her bed up to the point her back was fully pressed against the wall. Once kicking off her shoes she crossed her legs and let her own hands rest upon her ankles, a clear indication she wasn't thinking of leaving anytime soon, or at least until the conversation was over. "I think it's equally concerning that you were to begin with." She decided to point out. Max wasn't the only one whom had a right to worry for a close friend. Laurie did as well, and the girl's misadventures only made her increasingly worried about how things would be like once the exchange program was over and Laurie had to return to Durmstrang. Even if she had introduced Gwendoline to Max in an effort to keep tabs on her, the fact of the matter was those two girls together would likely put them in more peril than otherwise. "But, go ahead. I'll listen." Her posture relaxed against the wall, eyes trained on her best friend. Despite her discomfort she made an effort to outwardly remain relaxed, if only to make Max less nervous about bringing things up.
  9. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Numb. That was the word that could most accurately describe the state of Laurie's mind throughout the month of September. With Max avoiding her occasional questions and the short girl having to stay away from Colette for the greater good, along with the impeding deadline looming over the horizon, Laurie's mind had to mostly go numb in order to survive the mounting stress. The month had been a blur and mostly on autopilot, to such a degree she'd say some of her present friendships suffered. Yet for the past couple weeks things seemed to take a turn that got through that layer of self protection. It started when Max had gotten into a particularly nasty accident over a gift for her boyfriend, something Laurie had to conceal when their room was searched. It took a full week for the redhead to go back to their newly fixed room, but apparently the stay in the hospital had given Max some sort of room to clear her mind about things because she was more forthcoming with answers upon her return. Not too long after, a prank hit the whole school, something she immediately recognized as Gwendoline's brainchild, having been the one that taught her to begin with, but it was a two person job - it was interesting to see the sisters letting loose after leaving Durmstrang behind. If only Laurie didn't have to go back. It all culminated just a couple short days after the school wide prank when Colette reached out through her via text, asking her to come visit her at her house. As Laurie read that message, it felt like an alarm had gone off to wake her up from a bad nightmare - she didn't exactly know if the outcome of the conversation was going to be positive at all, but the fact she was willing to grace the Spencer with her presence was a clear indicator of an opportunity to start anew. And, by Merlin, Laurie would take it if it was the last thing she'd do. Strolling along to the rich part of town, Laurie was greeted by the Auclairs. She figured that Colette had heard her arrive so she only made small talk prior to excusing herself, not wanting to keep the half-Veela waiting too much. She briefly wondered where Gwendoline was but ultimately shrugged to herself as it was unimportant. As she reached the same room she had been dragged to last time she had been in the house, she took a deep breath. The door was ajar. Her steps would've been heard as it was. "...Hey." She spoke once peeking her head through the opening, the side of it leaning on the door frame. "Mind if I come in?"
  10. Invite Coming Clean

    Laurie wasn't sure how her prized trunk had survived the blast, but it did, only having a few scorch marks to color it on top. It had been quite the surprise to walk in to that room and find Max unconscious a week before. If it hadn't been for Gwendoline's half-Veela strength she would've had some trouble carrying Max all the way to the hospital wing, and it was pure luck that the new Spencer had been by her side when Laurie first came across the redhead. The rest of the room had been destroyed and the exchange student couldn't help thinking that, all things considered, her best friend got off easy from the disaster. "No problem." She idly commented as she sat down on her bed. Indeed, good as new - it hadn't been for the vast majority of the week as Laurie painstakingly worked on repairing everything, taking it upon herself to handle it all just so not to raise legal questions regarding the existence of her trunk. Not that it was illegal - but she didn't have the papers on her, they were with her father and she didn't exactly know where he was off to most of the time anyway. "Don't worry about it." A friendly wink followed a small smile in response. She didn't mind taking care of Max so much as she minded the thought things could potentially get much worse in Laurie's absence. "Dealing with the room's kinda been eating up my time lately, but I don't mind that. Not much room for chaos. What's the point of it if I'd enjoy it alone anyway?" She joked. As far as 'chaos' was concerned, she was more the type to follow Max (and Gwendoline as of recently) on their adventures than just doing something on her own; and, with the mounting pressure on all sides, her brain often had little room for any possible escapades. "How are you feeling? Ready to go kaboom again yet? Or do you feel like you need some time out still?"
  11. Invite Soul Overture

    Laurie Kempf
    Laurie's jaw tightened as Colette verbally slapped her with the quip. It stung. It wasn't true, she didn't forget, yet the Sturt was entirely within her rights to feel that way. But it stung. She was normally used to the half-Veela's sharp tongue but with every emotionally charged comeback Laurie got a glimpse at the damage she had wreaked, even if her (former?) best friend was quite talented at keeping a straight face and not showing emotion. To be face to face with one's failures wasn't an easy task, and the half-Australian was facing her biggest one to date. She exhaled deeply as Colette accepted her apology. It was a start. She didn't know if she could make things work while only having a quarter of a year to work with, but, unfortunately, it was the type of situation that only time could heal. Laurie would have to live with the fact many days would go by with the anxiety of not knowing whether she would be able to minimally repair things as the deadline loomed over her head, a curse she wasn't pleased about but nonetheless accepted - she had to pay for what she had done, after all. A few months of panic paled to whatever hell she put Colette through for a year in her mind. A momentary smile filled her lips as she imagined the very situation Colette described. Gwen had always been the rambunctious one of the trio and one to speak her mind without filter, unlike the rest of them. She could picture that happen vividly even if the fellow Spencer looked offended. "I feel like I should give you some space, actually. I don't think me sticking around the house would do much good, at least not yet." "But--" Gwendoline was shushed by a shake of Laurie's head which in turn lowered her spirits. The older Spencer let her hands fall to her sides. It was time to go and she was overstaying her (questionable) welcome. "Regardless, you both know where to find me, so if anything comes up... Yeah." She felt like she needed a long session of Clone Hero to clear her mind, having had her fill of dealing with people for the day. Walking towards Gwendoline, she lightly tapped her shoulder with a hand. "I'll see you tomorrow, 'kay?" After a friendly and encouraging wink, Laurie left the room once Gwendoline stepped out of the way, closing the door behind her. The half-French girl scratched the side of her head for a few moments as her gaze fixated on the closed door before she managed to tear it away, looking over at Colette instead. "...Hey, before you punch me in the face, this wasn't my idea..." She muttered, uncharacteristically lethargic. It seemed watching the exchange alone had taken a bit of a toll on Gwendoline and she was concerned about her sister, not wanting to pursue their earlier argument.
  12. Invite Soul Overture

    Laurie Kempf
    Gwendoline's eyes squinted at Colette's challenge and posturing. 'Seriously?' The youngest girl present thought it was the worst possible time for the Sturt to pull that one off, completely ignoring the hypocrisy of her own line of thought - Gwendoline shouldn't have snapped. Nevertheless, whether it be over bravery or reckless disregard of her own survival was up for debate, she stood her ground and glared at Colette. She'd need to get knocked on her ass to back down (if at all) as usual. Laurie awkwardly scratched her cheek as she watched the exchange. Even if she hadn't actually had any fault in how hostile the sisters were being with one another she couldn't help feel somewhat responsible, and as such she decided to divert attention away from Gwendoline for everyone's sake. "Then that's another mistake I made. My bad. Chalk it up to fear, it makes people do dumb things." Indeed, she was afraid of what Colette was thinking. More than that, she was afraid of facing the fact that she had hurt her. Standing in front of her at that moment wasn't easy and Laurie felt her nerves on edge, threatening to make her body tremble, but managed to keep a straight face through it all. "I didn't come here with any sort of expectation about 'making up' or anything." The fact they were having a civil conversation was relieving in itself. As far as she was concerned, Laurie had forfeited the right of being in the Sturt's presence the moment she left without even considering to write back. "I just thought I owed you an apology. If you don't want to see my face again, that's fine... I didn't want there to be any misunderstandings about what happened. So yeah, I'm sorry." She apologized a second time. "Would you prefer if I left now?"
  13. Invite Soul Overture

    Laurie Kempf
    "Holy shit, would you stop doing that?" Gwendoline was getting minimally aggravated at how often Colette was rolling her eyes. Was that the only thing she was capable of doing outside of spewing out insults? It was getting on her nerves. She could at least count ten times her older sister had done so within the last twenty four hours and it was grating to watch. Laurie watched that exchange and said nothing regarding it. She was used to the treatment (even if she wasn't the direct target of it) and didn't otherwise care since she knew how to handle Colette well when it came to that. More pressing in her mind was the fact the only human in that room was on thin ice, metaphorically and soon to be literally if she were to piss off the Sturt too much. 'Priorities.' "...Until... Recently." She took a moment to think up of which word to use. Why mention the exact event at all? It was entirely irrelevant. The fact she had only come to realize the error of her ways within the last couple months was bad enough in itself and worth a greater focus. Colette had no idea how right she was, and for the time being it was for the best that it stayed that way. Nevertheless, Colette's words stung. "Guess I deserved that." Came the comment as she scratched the side of her nose, her hands aching to do anything but lay idle at her sides. The argument felt like she was skinning herself with barbed wire, but for as complacent as people usually deemed her to be she was no idiot, and she wasn't one to resist just punishment that she'd earned. There was no point in fighting back, she'd let Colette get her punches in while making her point. "We also both know I'm not stupid enough to think everything's gonna be hunky-dory from here on out even if this conversation goes really well, against all odds." She reminded the half-Veela. Even if the French girl didn't want to admit, the two were intellectual peers and from how well they knew each other it felt like an odd mistake for Colette to make. "I thought about sending a letter, but at that point I fully expected for Gwen to write back," The aforementioned girl nodded along with a confirmation noise, but Laurie didn't spare her a single look, focused on the older of the trio. "And for you to burn it. And I wouldn't be able to reach you directly until one year from now anyway, and the damage was done, so I left it be. Not my proudest moment." Yet, there they were. The three of them, standing in the same room far sooner than Laurie could ever have anticipated. "But I gotta face reality now, and I gotta face my mistakes too. And I'd rather do something while I still have the chance and make sure I don't fuck up again than disappear again at the end of the year and never see you both again because you'd rather shove your fist in my face. So, if anything, I'm here to give you some food for thought and own up to my own crap. That's all I can do right now." Laurie was surprised at how naturally that speech flowed out of her mouth. Perhaps verbalizing one's feelings instead of being incredibly passive about them wasn't a bad idea moving forward.
  14. Invite Soul Overture

    Laurie Kempf
    "Very funny." Gwendoline squinted her eyes at her sister whom seemed to go right back into old habits - she should curse those eyes to fall out at some point from all the rolling they did. Crossing her arms under her chest, the blonde made it clear there was no getting through her until the conversation was over (or, at least, until Colette decided to punch her in the face). "Look, would you just like me to come back lat--" "No." The youngest of the trio interrupted Laurie immediately. The half-Australia girl pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow at the youthful dynamo, but ultimately decided to say nothing to her. When Gwendoline got something in her head it was like pulling teeth to get it out, and that was if they managed to at all. Ultimately resigning to her fate, Laurie let out a sigh as the nerves started to pick up again. She walked the rest of the way towards the window, looking out for just a moment in an attempt to gather her thoughts. It was an effort that proved to be fruitless. Soon she ran a hand through her hair, finding that she needed to do something with her hands, anything at all, just to keep in focus. A breath later and she looked back at Colette. Even with her own height, she felt like she was diminutive in her presence due to the harm she's caused her. "Uh..." 'Speak, you idiot.' She told herself in her head, eyes shutting in frustration. She didn't know what to say. There was no speech prepared, no lines memorized. But improvisation had always been her strength, hadn't it? Even if she was facing a behemoth of a foe at that moment in her own past mistakes, she'd have to prevail. Their friendship was at stake, and even if Laurie could be very deluded about where it was at that point, she had to find some sort of way to salvage it. Even just a little bit. "...Okay. I'm sorry." She went ahead and said it. There was no point in sugarcoating things, and she knew Colette didn't like beating around the bush anyway. "I fucked up, alright? And I didn't really even realize it up until..." Her words died in her throat. She pinched the bridge of her nose as her eyes closed. 'Until Max gave me one hell of a wake up call.' She finished the phrase in her head, but bringing that up was irrelevant. After a light scratch at the skin area between her eyebrow she let her hand drop and faced the older blonde again, while the younger one watched the exchange in silence. "...Doesn't matter. I'm not making excuses or anything. I just thought you should know."
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    Laurie Kempf
    Another line, another switch. Why did Colette always reply to Gwendoline in a different language? The blonde had to roughly shake her head so to rewire her thinking to the proper language after having spoken in German with Laurie for a few hours. For as fluent as she was, drastic changes such as those still got to her. The door quickly opened and the Sturt seemed to completely disregard the existence of both Spencers for a few moments as Laurie swallowed dryly while coming face to face with her fate. She stared Colette right in the eye, having the courage to do so and not backing down - being ashamed of her own actions didn't mean she wasn't worthy of standing where she was, especially when it came to giving her an explanation. Nevertheless, despite the straight face, there was a deep sense of sorrow hidden behind her gaze. The temporary stare down (since Colette went ahead and looked over at her book anyway, predictably enough) was rudely interrupted as she felt a rough shove forth from her own back, stumbling inside and nearly tripping over to a poorly placed window, catching herself by pressing a hand to the wall. "Oh, loosen up, will ya?" Said Gwendoline as she stepped into the room herself, closing the door behind her and leaning against it. They'd have to wrestle her if they wanted to get out (she couldn't take on Colette, but she sure could send Laurie packing!). "Besides, you said you'd think about it. Now it's time!" "Gwen--" "Shhhh. Anyway, before you throw me out the window, this wasn't my idea. Okay? Okay. I'll leave the room if you want, but for Merlin's sake, actually communicate for a change." Gwendoline ignored Laurie's protests entirely, whom was slightly distraught at the blonde's exuberance. Some things never changed, did they? But even then, she could feel it in her bones - things were about to go terribly wrong.
Laurie Toni Kempf
Fifth Year
16 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  16
Date of Birth August 28th, 2003
Birthplace Glenwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus King Cobra
Wand Pine, 7 1/2'', Hippocampus Heartstring Core
Play-by Allison Scagliotti
  • 1st - 4th Year: Durmstrang Institute
  • 5th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House
  • Seeks permanent freedom from her parents - not that she has something against them, she just wants to be on her own;
  • Really doesn't want to go back to Durmstrang and is looking into ways of extending her stay in Tallygarunga for as long as possible;
  • Her Boggart is a cage;
  • Starting to struggle lately with the slow development of a sense of responsibility to her friends.
General Knowledge
  • Bilingual (English/German);
  • Durmstrang Institute exchange student;
  • Can speak in both Australian (default) and British accents, but her words seem to have a very very very mild tinge of German to them in either one;
  • Excels at non-verbal magic, and nobody in Australia has ever heard her utter an incantation yet (with a wand);
  • Fantastic pranking game due to Durmstrang's Dark Arts curriculum;
  • Often seen exploring Narrie via skateboarding;
  • Has a lollipop in her mouth 50% of the time;
  • Talent for drawing, and she often doodles silly dark humor cartoons in her notebooks during class when she's feeling bored out of her mind;
  • Mild problem with authority;
  • Competent drummer;
  • Top tier Guitar/Clone Hero player (can't touch a real guitar though);
  • Studying to become a curse-breaker.

Laurie is an individual whom actively looks to reassert her independence from her parents - having been stuck to a school she detests for so long, going to Tallygarunga is actually giving her a taste of what freedom is like, and thus she's starting to act out as a desperate means to cling to this autonomy. She feels that she can finally do whatever she wants without the stifling education and composure Durmstrang drills into their students' heads and it shows in her composure, constantly far too relaxed to take things seriously and seemingly without a care in the world. She also had the unfortunate tendency to do stupid things that she perceives as being a way to reaffirm her liberty from authority and her parents' grasp (such as, if given the opportunity to consume alcohol, she would take it).

She's often perceived as a loner due to this excessive need for self-governing, but that isn't the case; it's just that she does what she has to do whether she's accompanied or by herself. Laurie does enjoy hanging out with friends (or having them to begin with, which she wasn't too successful with in Durmstrang) but doesn't go too out of her way to find them. She's surprisingly nice to those who do approach her and doesn't mind their company, and appreciates it further if they can help her kick into her mischievousness gear. It's not uncommon to see her with a poor sap or two in tow looking to stir up some trouble.

She takes to the vast majority of new situations and forks on the road like a fish to water, not letting a wrench in her path get her down. This adaptability makes her thrive in Tallygarunga, which is the direct opposite of the world she's from. Laurie's also not against trying unorthodox methods to get stuff done, as she doesn't seem to be too upset by things like failure and rejection. She can get quite creative with these solutions, but she's also not afraid of letting things go.

While it's not too hard to get under her skin, Laurie likes to think of herself as someone who can stay relaxed and carefree most of the times - the 'all bark and no bite' type, if you will, as she doesn't often go past a mild hex/jinx or her perpetual (sometimes caustic) snark, although she can be a bit petty with the employment of those spells at times. However, if deeply wronged, she becomes quite vicious and highly aggressive, even in a physical way - she just wants to rip the other person's head off, regardless of consequences. While she managed to keep in line back in her Durmstrang days, the lax rules in Tallygarunga in comparison make it so she's more prone to fly right off the handle instead of holding back for the sake of her parents.


The genetic gods didn't give her a boon in any way, shape or form when it came to height: Laurie barely stands at 152 cm, having always been borderline comically short. She makes up for this by almost always having some sort of platform in whatever shoes she uses (even shirking uniform policy if she has to). Her hair is always perfectly straightened and neatly combed, parted towards the right, recently cut to shoulder length for the sake of making fun of every Australian complaining about cold weather. She might on occasion be seen with a ponytail or some sort of headband. Her body is quite petite and in no way geared towards sports despite her being somewhat energetic, although she does hold a surprising amount of stamina and physical coordination due to her drumming ventures.

She quite detests the Tallygarunga uniform, claiming it the one thing Durmstrang has over the Australian school - as such, she avoids wearing it whenever possible, and often retreats to her room right after classes are done just to change into something she deems more aesthetically pleasing. This usually takes the form of jeans, skirts and button up shirts of the flannel variety as she likes freedom of movement a bit too much, even if she's not about to climb a tree (yet). Her movements and posture are surprisingly fluid, graceful and remarkably precise for someone like her, though that is in all likelihood due to the education she received in her home school.


While she didn't have a whole lot of friends back in her Durmstrang days, one could argue it was over the place in particular rather than her disposition for friendliness or lack thereof - upon her arrival to Tallygarunga she proved herself to be the social kind, having little trouble becoming friends with most people and being generally considered as very tolerant of others due to striking up positive connections in unlikely places. It's fairly easy to get her to agree to engage in almost any activity or conversation regardless of closeness and that makes it so she's well connected within the school grounds despite being slated to leave at the end of the year.


Laurie's never had much trouble with her parents, but is close to her father in particular - renowned German curse breaker Reinhold Kempf. Some say she's just short of worshiping the ground he walks on as she takes on his every word with the utmost attention, wanting to follow in his footsteps one day despite the dangerous nature of his job (and it doesn't help that he cheers her on) and putting herself through his personalized curse breaker training whenever he's around and she has time off.


To say Laurie has commitment issues is a severe understatement. Flighty in nature, the idea of expectations placed on her is very stifling and turns her off from the very idea of dating, let alone something more serious. While it's possible that she'd give it a shot for the right person under the right conditions, she's put off by the whole concept out of having tried it before with someone she liked and it simply did not work.

Being the flirty sort instead whenever she spots someone pleasing to the eye, it's not uncommon for her to have one or more flings going at any point in time with no strings attached. In fact, she prefers it that way.


While her apparent complacent attitude might rub some people the wrong way, Laurie doesn't like thinking of herself as someone who has too many enemies - past the occasional petty prank in retaliation she's a very tolerant individual in general. However, nobody's ever seen her truly infuriated with someone. Perhaps that's for the best...

The story so far

Once upon a time, Leah Rippner, a young Muggle from Sydney, attained the opportunity of enrolling in college in a prestigious British school. Shortly after making the trip she met Reinhold Kempf, a German wizard whom happened to be in the country to aid the UK Ministry of Magic with unspecified affairs - with whom she fell in love. They had a steady relationship build throughout the time of her study, to the point the woman got pregnant by the end of it; however, unable to immediately find an occupation, visa troubles sent her back to her hometown. It was here that Laurie was born and would spend the first few years of her life in - alongside her mother and grandparents.

When she was around four, Leah and Reinhold finally married, which helped her stay in England. It was after they moved that the girl started displaying magical abilities - much to the surprise of the mother, whom had no idea such a thing was even possible. Reinhold, however, was over the moon. He soon told her about all sorts of history regarding her talent, taught her basic skills in various areas, and told her about the school she'd most likely be going to, Hogwarts, as well as its significance to recent history. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, as when the time to embark on her magical journey was approaching, Reinhold's work was finished. He was told to return back to his homeland, and he took his family along. Much to her chagrin, Laurie ended up going to the Durmstrang Institute instead.

Suffice to say, Laurie hated Durmstrang - it wasn't Hogwarts, so it wasn't good enough. She didn't like the discriminatory stance the school took upon Muggleborns either given that her mother was a Muggle. Nevertheless, she continued her education without giving her parents much fuss. Their jobs were already troubling enough, and they didn't need their daughter getting expelled from a seemingly prestigious school - she'd just have to play nice. Not saint levels of nice though, of course, as she was never against pranking and snark was always present.

At the end of the Fourth Year, the students were informed that they could apply for exchange programs to schools all over the world. Laurie rushed to make an application to Hogwarts. However, fate conspired against her - due to an error based on her genealogy, the school thought she was applying for Australia instead. Lacking a program with the Balcolyn Institute of Magic, they went with the next most readily available best thing: Tallygarunga, in Victoria.

It wasn't where she wanted to go, but it was at least a victory - she was away from Durmstrang's stifling environment. Resigning to her fate and understanding she'd never step foot in Hogwarts, the girl decided to make the best of her situation and explore the perks of being in an underfunded, free public school that gave her much, much more leeway than her original school ever did. That, coupled with her father deciding to travel through Australia that year to see if it was a country worth settling down in for the sake of not uprooting Laurie the upcoming year again, seemed to be working in her favor...


She felt far more relaxed in her Tallygarunga stay than she used to back in Durmstrang, at least in part - she didn't have anyone breathing down her neck and telling her to behave, and she'd even argue her natural behavior was encouraged on campus. She quickly befriended her roommate, Maxine Williams, and the two soon became thick as thieves. However, unfortunately, the redhead seemed to grow anxious as time went by, becoming increasingly aware that Laurie would finish up with Tallygarunga and leave back to Germany at the end of the year - not something that went too well with her abandonment issues.

Of course, the distress of this situation only served to remind her that she had left friends behind before, the Auclair sisters, and that time she didn't pay much mind as to how they could potentially feel about it all due to not staying around long enough to see their reaction. Laurie had made a grave mistake, and while she became increasingly pressured by that very notion along with Max dancing around some questions she occasionally made, said sisters arrived to Tallygarunga to make all hell break loose in Laurie's head.

She had an easy time patching things up with Gwendoline, the younger of the two, but the same couldn't be said for Colette. Now she's in a race against time, to prove she adore all three of her closest friends beyond what words can describe before she has to leave just so she can reassure them she isn't gone permanently.

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