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    Danielle Harris

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  1. Didn't think I'd get homesick this early (or at all), yet here we are.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I'll take you out for ice cream later or we can go to the store and you can stand in front of the freezer for a while ❤️ 

    2. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Stand? Please, just get me the damn freezer to replace my bed.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Okay okay! I'll get you one to replace your bed. Okay okay! I'll get you one to replace your bed. 

  2. Laurie had elected to enroll in the Beginner class that term - not because of a lack of potential, no, but for two other reasons: one, she wanted to have a very good grasp of basics before moving on, and two, she always made new things needlessly harder on herself due to her obstinate need of never uttering an incantation. That made it so she always had to work a little extra hard to catch on, but at the same time it made her dominance of a given spell that much stronger in the end. The Spencer had headed to class alone, figuring her dorm roommate would attend that same class in another schedule and difficulty level. She didn't bother greeting the teacher as she stepped into the classroom, deciding to sit down by herself in one of the rows closer to the back to avoid being bothered. An effort that would prove to be fruitless, she was sure, due to how few students would show up in comparison to the various classes in the last term. 'Took it long enough.' She couldn't help but think to herself while suckling on a lollipop, as was standard, questioning the efficiency of the school in general.
  3. "So you'll hatch onto me instead of a location? And they say I'm the pervert." Laurie joked, making herself chuckle. She shook her head to make herself snap out of it, but was hit by water right to the face; as the redhead took off, the younger Spencer gave chase in the water in order to catch up and enact some payback. Truly a difficult endeavor, as she wasn't half as physically gifted as her friend.
  4. Ooooh, I see the temperatures are finally dropping! We're finally approaching what myself and my Scandinavian brethren call 'Summer'. Time to break out the T-shirts!

  5. "I'll go with." Laurie responded as Max mentioned going to the nurse, having had the same idea herself. Given that it was just a bruise, it should be handled fairly quickly, right? She didn't take Health & Healing herself, so she didn't really know, but it was a fair assumption to make - or else, Quidditch wouldn't be a sport at all, given the rate of excruciating injuries that the players seemingly powered through. She left her roommate be and looked over at her box, which was about to jump off her desk. It skidded to a halt as the teacher corrected the spell that was meant for her to perform; the third time was the charm, as she cast the spell without an incantation after having figured out the inner workings in her head. The box unlocked itself as the lock unbolted, and the short Spencer had finally reached success in that class. Not really caring for the second exercise, she reached for her school bag and stood up to leave when another incident occurred, from roughly the same area as earlier. Laurie couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. Now that was why she liked attending classes. "Fabulous new look, don'tcha think, Super Max?" She joked with her friend while watching the rainbow cloud of chalk cover a girl and nearby students. Truth be told, it was giving more than just a few ideas for possible future pranks on unsuspecting students.
  6. @Tecri @Maxine Williams "Dramatic? Do you realize how much sunscreen I'm wearing right now?" She should, Laurie thought, as Max had helped her cover herself with copious amounts of the protective lotion so she wouldn't burn up when stepping out of the dormitories. Her pastiness sometimes made her feel like she was some sort of Dhampir, and the kind of temperature she was accustomed to didn't help - snowy winters and very mild summers. January had been quite harsh in particular, with the temperatures hitting 40 ºC. She was in Sydney at the time, but she felt like she was melting into her grandparents' house's hardwood floor in a literal sense of the word. "The place I studied at is in Scandinavia. Outside of Russia, they're kind of known for their winters. It's probably snowing all over the place there as we speak, and it's March already." Below zero temperatures were standard, and from what she's heard, it just wasn't a thing in Melbourne and surrounding areas. "Though, you should be fine there, since everything's pretty much prepared to handle that sort of cold, ya know? And when it comes to clothing, you can always find something else, or enchant it to be warmer. It's the beauty of magic." Just as she finished speaking, water was thrown at her; she raised her arms on reflex to protect herself whilst hearing someone whom sounded Irish complaining in the background. A smirk mirroring Max's grew on Laurie's lips, and she did the exact same at her. "I'm not going down without a fight."
  7. "This place can't touch Hogwarts." Laurie openly disagreed with Max, but didn't seem very upset about it to begin with. "There was a war going on in there twenty years ago. How cool is that? Studying where the Second Wizarding War happened would've been pretty cool, I think." Plus, it was a huge magical castle in Scotland, in the middle of the woods. What wasn't there to like? She still wanted to visit it one day, even if not in an academic capacity. "I did sign up to go there in this exchange program, but there was an error in my admission. They thought I was signing up for Balcolyn instead since I was born in that area." That's a school she had never visited, nor cared much for; she only spent four years in Sydney anyway, and didn't remember the vast majority of it. "So they sent me here instead, since apparently this school has an exchange student program with Durmstrang, and Balcolyn doesn't. And here I am." At least she was free from that hell.
  8. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Laurie watched as Max dove underwater, and a few seconds after two legs were sticking out of the surface. She chuckled at the thought of tickling the girl's feet in that position but ultimately decided not to for her own safety. The last thing the owner of the house needed was for the pool to turn red with Laurie's blood after a swift, reflexive kick to the face. "It does, but I'm more of a 'harsh Winter' or 'snow' kind of person. Sun makes me melt. I'm scared of leaving the pool actually." It wasn't like she was old enough to perform magic to cool herself down outside of Tallygarunga - and they'd have to walk all the way back unless they somehow hitched an Apparition ride from someone present, which was unlikely. The school wasn't exactly close either, it was a bit of a walk. She wasn't at all looking forward to that... "You need to go to Germany during Winter next year. The snow's pretty fun to play around in. After the school year, maybe?"
  9. Max was a Muggleborn? Laurie raised an eyebrow in amusement at the tidbit of information about her roommate. She wasn't against Muggleborns, not at all - that would be hypocritical in her point of view, as she was the daughter of a Muggle herself. Durmstrang, however, held severe prejudice against them. They wouldn't be caught dead accepting such a student in their school. In a way, it made Laurie quite happy about having the opportunity to study elsewhere. She could actually befriend Muggleborns without being harassed about it on school grounds. "Depends. We usually have to go to our parents during breaks to get written permission to visit local towns and villas under school staff supervision, but we can't really wander out on our own, no. Not like here anyway." She couldn't wait until she could take her skateboard out on a ride through town. She wasn't a country town person, exactly, but at the same time it didn't sound so bad. "Then again, I can only speak for Durmstrang. I wanted to go to Hogwarts but I ended up here instead."
  10. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Reaching the surface of the water after a few seconds, Laurie roughly shook her head to get the excess water off her eyes, and moved her hair out of the way before concentrating in the simple task of floating - of course, she was promptly splashed in the face by Max's second entry into the pool, which made her laugh. She could hear another redhead near them complain about it, but didn't really care and waited for the fellow Spencer to surface. "Me? Miss Durmstrang? Don't be too high while you swim, you know. The weather sucks here though, I'll give it that." She confessed as her gaze followed her roommate, whom was presently swimming around to her heart's content. "I used to have harsh Winters, and now I'm dying here. I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet our Summer temperatures were like your Winter ones." She'd probably be able to run around in a T-shirt when the time came, which would be pretty funny in her opinion. "Now I just feel like I'm melting."
  11. Laurie arched an eyebrow in confusion once inquired on the inner workings of the trunk. Did Tallygarunga not provide their students with one like other schools did? Granted, hers was vastly expanded beyond normal means (courtesy of Mr. Kempf) but it was still quite the normal concept to grasp within magical circles. Though, she doubted she could fault the ignorance on the girl. It was probably something the curriculum didn't delve too much into. It didn't seem like the Australian magical community was much separated from the Muggle one, unlike with the other places she'd been to; that made it somewhat understandable for them to be used to a more Muggle way of living, and less of a need to hide things around. "This is a normal trunk, really. Have you ever heard of the Undetectable Extension Charm? It's kinda heavily monitored by the various Ministries of Magic, but I got this sweet deal right out of my dad's job. Family perks, I guess." She shrugged, opting to explain. "Usually schools in Europe give students these trunks for you to pack your stuff in when you're headed to board the schools there, because they tend to be really removed from civilization, unlike this place. So the kids have to take pretty much everything they have with them. Kinda impractical to get into a train with your every belonging, yeah? So they just shove everything into a trunk with that charm and they're good to go. This one was expanded further to make a nice room for my stuff since I happen to have a drum kit. As for what I do, well... I also play plastic guitar. Does that count?"
  12. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Laurie snorted mildly as the redhead before her took off her clothes in such a carefree manner once prompted, shaking her head as she did. What was too much for Laurie's own good was the back and forth banter - the younger Spencer had no limits. "Last I checked, I couldn't perform magic to handle the job. Right now you have three options. Either you leave those clothes close to you so Your Holy Hotness may dissipate the water in 'em, you may just leave them hanging around and hope nobody steals them, or you can just shove them into some barbecue grill so they can be set on fire." She honestly doubted anybody would steal anything with the adults watching; hell, Max could ask to have them dried out no problem in all likelihood. "Actually, that's not a bad idea." She looked over at the water. Truth be told, the Australian Summer had been particularly merciless on her. She was used to absurd amounts of cold, not the other way out. "You know what? Way ahead of ya." Removing her own T-shirt and the laced up short skirt, she set them atop a nearby lounge chair before going back to jump into the water. 'Refreshing.'
  13. While the room was visibly well lit, it was unclear where the source of light was coming from - as if it was merely atmospheric. The room was wide, sporting various furniture organized in such a way that indicated it was used as an entertainment room, as well as studying. There were copious amounts of school books on a nearby bookcase, the vast majority of which in German, and leaning against it was a guitar stand holding what looked like toy guitars, with five colored buttons at the top of each neck. The most eye-catching part of that room, however, was the custom built 8-piece drum set at a corner of the room. When asked how to get out, Laurie pointed at the opening on the wall, just above where Max had fallen. Provided they reached to it, one would be able to pass at a time. Should they have difficulty, Laurie could always put something on the couch for them to get some more height; but given that she was so short and never had much trouble to begin with, she doubted her redhead companion would. "That's how. It's not half as hard as you're thinking it is."
  14. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Laurie couldn't help but laugh as her redheaded friend hit the water while still fully clothed. Her words were her own undoing in the end. With a smug look on her face, she proclaimed as Max came back to the surface. "Sorry, Max. I thought you were looking way too hot for your own good, so I decided to toss you in to cool down... I don't think it worked, you look way hotter now." She flirted in quite the harmless manner. Being soaked in droplets only made her laugh harder while Max shook herself dry, even as Laurie raised her arms defensively. "I'd be more than happy to get rid of them, if you'd give me that honor." Came the mildly accented response, along with a glint of amusement in her eyes. On the one hand, it was all but a joke; on the other hand, had she meant it? Absolutely.
  15. "My current school." Laurie corrected Max through the mind-bending spatial alteration. "I'm still a Durmstrang student, I'm only here for this year. Unfortunately. Pain in the ass but it is what it is." She shrugged to herself. As she heard Max questioning her trunk, she couldn't help but wonder if Undetectable Extension Charms were a rarity on the Southern Hemisphere. With that in mind, she decided to step away from the couch, as if to give the redhead plenty of room for entry. "That's part of the idea behind it. Feel free to jump in." She called out. It wasn't the most organized room in the world, she had to admit, but she knew where everything was, and every single item was in working order. It was good enough for her. "I spend a lot of my free time here anyway, you might as well know the place instead of thinking I vanished into thin air."
Laurie Toni Kempf
Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: August 28th, 2003
Birthplace: Glenwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: King Cobra
Wand: Pine, 7 1/2'', Hippocampus Heartstring Core
Play-by: Danielle Harris
  • 1st - 4th Year: Durmstrang Institute
  • 5th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House
  • Seeks permanent freedom from her parents - not that she has something against them, she just wants to be on her own;
  • Really doesn't want to go back to Durmstrang and is looking into ways of extending her stay in Tallygarunga for as long as possible;
  • Her Boggart is a cage.
General Knowledge
  • Bilingual (English/German);
  • Durmstrang Institute exchange student;
  • Can speak in both Australian (default) and British accents, but her words seem to have a very very very mild tinge of German to them in either one;
  • Excels at non-verbal magic, and nobody in Australia has ever heard her utter an incantation yet (with a wand);
  • Fantastic pranking game due to Durmstrang's Dark Arts curriculum;
  • Often seen exploring Narrie via skateboarding;
  • Has a lollipop in her mouth 50% of the time;
  • Talent for drawing, and she often doodles silly dark humor cartoons in her notebooks during class when she's feeling bored out of her mind;
  • Mild problem with authority;
  • Competent drummer;
  • Top tier Guitar/Clone Hero player (can't touch a real guitar though);
  • Studying to become a curse-breaker.

Laurie is an individual whom actively looks to reassert her independence from her parents - having been stuck to a school she detests for so long, going to Tallygarunga is actually giving her a taste of what freedom is like, and thus she's starting to act out as a desperate means to cling to this autonomy. She feels that she can finally do whatever she wants without the stifling education and composure Durmstrang drills into their students' heads and it shows in her composure, constantly far too relaxed to take things seriously and seemingly without a care in the world. She also had the unfortunate tendency to do stupid things that she perceives as being a way to reaffirm her liberty from authority and her parents' grasp (such as, if given the opportunity to consume alcohol, she would take it).

She's often perceived as a loner due to this excessive need for self-governing, but that isn't the case; it's just that she does what she has to do whether she's accompanied or by herself. Laurie does enjoy hanging out with friends (or having them to begin with, which she wasn't too successful with in Durmstrang) but doesn't go to out of her way to find them. She's surprisingly nice to those who do approach her and doesn't mind their company, and appreciates it further if they can help her kick into her mischievousness gear. It's not uncommon to see her with a poor sap or two in tow looking to stir up some trouble.

She takes to the vast majority of new situations and forks on the road like a fish to water, not letting a wrench in her path get her down. This adaptability makes her thrive in Tallygarunga, which is the direct opposite of the world she's from. Laurie's also not against trying unorthodox methods to get stuff done, as she doesn't seem to be too upset by things like failure and rejection. She can get quite creative with these solutions, but she's also not afraid of letting things go.

While it's not too hard to get under her skin, Laurie likes to think of herself as someone who can stay relaxed and carefree most of the times - the 'all bark and no bite' type, if you will, as she doesn't often go past a mild hex/jinx or her perpetual (sometimes caustic) snark, although she can be a bit petty with the employment of those spells at times. However, if deeply wronged, she becomes quite vicious and highly aggressive, even in a physical way - she just wants to rip the other person's head off, regardless of consequences. While she managed to keep in line back in her Durmstrang days, the lax rules in Tallygarunga in comparison make it so she's more prone to fly right off the handle instead of holding back for the sake of her parents.


The genetic gods didn't give her a boon in any way, shape or form when it came to height: Laurie barely stands at 152 cm, having always been borderline comically short. She makes up for this by almost always having some sort of platform in whatever shoes she uses (even shirking uniform policy if she has to). Her dark hair is always perfectly straightened neatly combed, parted towards the right, cascading down just a bit past her shoulders. She might on occasion be seen with a ponytail or some sort of headband. Her body is quite petite and in no way geared towards sports despite her being somewhat energetic, although she does hold a surprising amount of stamina and physical coordination due to her drumming ventures.

She quite detests the Tallygarunga uniform, claiming it the one thing Durmstrang has over the Australian school - as such, she avoids wearing it whenever possible, and often retreats to her room right after classes are done just to change into something she deems more aesthetically pleasing. This usually takes the form of jeans, skirts and button up shirts of the flannel variety as she likes freedom of movement a bit too much, even if she's not about to climb a tree (yet). Her movements and posture are surprisingly fluid, graceful and remarkably precise for someone like her, though that is in all likelihood due to the education she received in her home school.


Once upon a time, Leah Rippner, a young Muggle from Sydney, attained the opportunity of enrolling in college in a prestigious British school. Shortly after making the trip she met Reinhold Kempf, a German wizard whom happened to be in the country to aid the UK Ministry of Magic with unspecified affairs - with whom she fell in love. They had a steady relationship build throughout the time of her study, to the point the woman got pregnant by the end of it; however, unable to immediately find an occupation, visa troubles sent her back to her hometown. It was here that Laurie was born and would spend the first few years of her life in - alongside her mother and grandparents.

When she was around four, Leah and Reinhold finally married, which helped her stay in England. It was after they moved that the girl started displaying magical abilities - much to the surprise of the mother, whom had no idea such a thing was even possible. Reinhold, however, was over the moon. He soon told her about all sorts of history regarding her talent, taught her basic skills in various areas, and told her about the school she'd most likely be going to, Hogwarts, as well as its significance to recent history. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, as when the time to embark on her magical journey was approaching, Reinhold's work was finished. He was told to return back to his homeland, and he took his family along. Much to her chagrin, Laurie ended up going to the Durmstrang Institute instead.

Suffice to say, Laurie hated Durmstrang - it wasn't Hogwarts, so it wasn't good enough. She didn't like the discriminatory stance the school took upon Muggleborns either given that her mother was a Muggle. Nevertheless, she continued her education without giving her parents much fuss. Their jobs were already troubling enough, and they didn't need their daughter getting expelled from a seemingly prestigious school - she'd just have to play nice. Not saint levels of nice though, of course, as she was never against pranking and snark was always present.

At the end of the Fourth Year, the students were informed that they could apply for exchange programs to schools all over the world. Laurie rushed to make an application to Hogwarts. However, fate conspired against her - due to an error based on her genealogy, the school thought she was applying for Australia instead. Lacking a program with the Balcolyn Institute of Magic, they went with the next most readily available best thing: Tallygarunga, in Victoria.

It wasn't where she wanted to go, but it was at least a victory - she was away from Durmstrang's stifling environment. Resigning to her fate and understanding she'd never step foot in Hogwarts, the girl decided to make the best of her situation and explore the perks of being in an underfunded, free public school that gave her much, much more leeway than her original school ever did. That, coupled with her father deciding to travel through Australia that year to see if it was a country worth settling down in for the sake of not uprooting Laurie the upcoming year again, seemed to be working in her favor...

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