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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Evangeline Cunningham

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    Evangeline Cordelia Cunningham
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    Edinburgh, Scotland
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    Fourth Year
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    She, Her
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    Frida Gustavsson

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    9 in. Cherry, Veela Hair

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    -Enemies (Or people who hate her even)

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    The common room was filled with the insignificant chatter of strangers. Evangeline stepped inside and let the sounds wash over her like a blanket on a cold day. Even though she had a guarded childhood she had never been accustomed to being alone. Even in the large family home, someone was around to tell her what to do. Going to school had proven very different then she expected and the witch couldn't stand to be all alone studying in the library. So even if she had no one to talk to the witch was going to surround herself with strangers in the hopes that it would eat away at the homesickness in her heart. Arms full of books she looked for an empty seat, it seemed everyone had a similar idea to her today. As someone pushed past, Eva felt all of the books tumble out of her arms. Huffing softly, she retorted, "Excuse you!" Kneeling the blonde began to gather the textbooks, her notes tumbling out of the pages and only making the mess worse, "Merlin's beard this will take me so long to organize." The words were laced with the thick Scottish accent of her homeland.
Evangeline Cordelia Cunningham
Fourth Year
15 year old Halfbreed Veela She, Her
Age  15
Date of Birth September 17th, 2004
Birthplace Edinburgh, Scotland
Player  Becca
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She, Her
Wand 9 in. Cherry, Veela Hair
Play-by Frida Gustavsson

Coming from a well off family in the more closed UK Wizarding community meant that Eva was extremely protected as a child. Whether it was guarding her against the truth of her birth or those not deemed high enough society for her family, she was always "protected." However, this only made her want to explore more and to get her hands dirty. With a love for nature, she is the sort to climb trees when no ones is looking and run as fast as she can through the back garden. Being out in a new landscape has only made her want to explore more and she craves new friendships. Eva tries to hide her fears, even if she has a handful fo them, and is the first one to volunteer to help others. Her sensitive heart makes her easily swayed by those around her and while she is beautiful she is also naive at times. It is her innocence and kind hear that make her both endearing and vulnerable.


Due to her biological mothers Veela nature, Eva is a beautiful young witch. She has long blonde hair that curls at the end and pale blue eyes. Short in stature she has small feet to match with legs longer than her torso. Eva has soft hands that have been protected by her cushioned up-bringing but has a scar on her knee from falling whilst playing in the garden at the age of seven. With a button nose and wide eyes, she always looks innocent and charming, like she is about to say something endearing. While she is lovely in appearance, Eva is so short that she feels it a negative and is often annoyed by this fact.


Eva has never had many friends and therefore doesn't know much about what it is like to have a close companion. Her little sister is probably her closest friend but she wishes she could have the sort of friendships she reads about in books. Going to a new school she plans to reach out and try to befriend many of her classmates and to show them the loyal partner she is. It is her kind heart and dedication to others that makes her a steadfast friend but also the sort to be taken advantage of. Eva is more of a follower than a leader and wants to be loved by those around her and that especially includes her friends. If it came down to it, Eva would sacrifice for those she loves without question. She is rotten at keeping secrets though, that is for certain.


Eva is the eldest of two daughters and she has no idea that she isn't her step-mothers daughter. Being the eldest she has a lot more pressure on her shoulders to succeed and has been treated as an heiress. This protection has left her naive to much of the world and even to her own genealogy. Being a little charmer, the Veela in her perhaps, Eva can be considered spoilt. This often rears its head when it comes to getting what she wants as she can make a convincing argument. Her little sister Ella, however, is louder and more demanding and Eva is the quieter of the two. Ella and Eva are extremely close and while Ella has a lot of pressure to succeed, Eva is more of a trouble maker and is lazier in her pursuits. Both girls are loved by their parents and have a very close relationship. 


Evangeline has had a handful of crushes on the characters in her books. After all, the only possible crushes she met in person were the few at galas or her parents' parties. Even then, they were only passing comments or dance or two. When it comes to love Eva has a very naive sense of what it means. She sees it as the sort of romance that is in books and expects someone will sweep her off her feet. While she doesn't fully understand it yet she is fluid in her sexuality and is attracted to both boys and girls. Eva loves wholeheartedly which means she is likely to also get her heart broken and gives all of herself to the person she eventually will love. Expect dorky dates and notes passed in class because this girl wants the sort of story worth writing about. 


Enemies are something Evangeline doesn't have much experience with. For most of her life, she was only introduced to people who had to be nice to her. That being said, her overly sweet nature might rub others the wrong way and thus she will only want to win them over more. This, of course, will either work to her advantage or result in more hatred. The only person she might come to hate are those that are cruel to others and even then she craves to understand why they are the way that they are. Although this might get her hexed or picked on, Eva rather right back with kindness than with spells and sees violence as the second option instead of the first. Eva much rather ignore or befriend a hater then hate them back because she craves a sort of perfection she fears she will never obtain. Perhaps it is the pressure of her parents or the idealistic characters in her favorite stories but the witch has a view of the world that might just pop one day. It is then she might not treat those who hate her with such kindness. 

The story so far

Eva Cunningham was born in Edinburgh Scotland to a Veela mother and Pureblood father. Her mother was a flighty creature in nature and left the pair when she was one. It was Christian Cunningham who raised his little girl alone for years until she was four and met his future wife Stephanie. They would have a child together as well, a little girl named Eleanora. Due to the fact, Eva had no memory of her mother, and Stephanie treated her like her own daughter, she doesn't know the true nature of her birth or her biological mother. The family recently moved to Australia because Christian was offered a new position as a magical ambassador. Stephanie stays at home with the girls and has tutored Eva through the transition between schools. Ella and Eva are extremely close but as they have aged, the older witch has realized she doesn't quite look like the other two women in her family. It is this question that is pushing her to want to figure out exactly why.

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