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  1. When Jaimie spoke she paid attention, if she could help an old friend she would do everything she could to do so but, was quite surprised at his proposition and sad as well, to think that he thought that he had been forgotten, perhaps that’s how he was feeling, but she also carried some of the blame. “Yes I will visit you more often, I’m sorry for being absent.” She spoke smiling at Jaimie. “I promise, from now on I will visit more often and if you need me you also know how to find me.” She spoke as she squeezed his shoulder slightly before removing her hand. She knew he could apparate without a license and last time they had spoken he hadn’t taken his, but maybe he just didn’t like it or had some problem with it. “Well, maybe sometime in the future I can take you to Narrie and I’ll show you what changed and what didn’t.” she proposed, she was sure it would be a fun experience. "My aunt still lives in the same old house but if you ever get a free weekend you can always stay there and I'll bring you back here on Sunday."
  2. Liv chuckled when Diana said that he was jumpy, there was no shame in that, everyone likes what they like, Liv didn’t mind watching anything, as long as it was interesting she could watch a documentary for all she cared. When Diana asked her what she liked Liv had to think for a while, she liked so many things that it was a bit hard to actually say what she enjoyed watching. “We can always watch a comedy. It’s not scary and it can be amusing.” She proposed to Diana. “We can always watch something more dramatic and pray that we won’t end up crying.” She joked, but it had happened before. “So? Any of those sound good to you?” she asked to make sure she could bring a less funny movie and a more dramatic one, and just maybe they didn’t end up crying because some sad thing happened.
  3. She stared at him for quite a while as he spoke, she tried to watch his reaction. She couldn’t understand the feeling as she had never experienced something like that, but she had to respect it Being a player for the national team was hard enough but putting someone in a situation where they felt uncomfortable was low. Olivia smiled at Jamie and put her hand on his shoulder. “If you need anything you know where to find me.” She spoke, hoping that if he needed something that he would accept her help instead of just doing it all in his own. It couldn’t be easy doing what he was doing, unhappy with what was happening and continue to accept it. “Whatever I can do to ease up the worry you know I’ll try my best to lend you a hand.” She offered her help once more to the young man. “I personally don’t think they will let you go that easily, especially if you’re what people call a money machine, but if you need help you know you can always contact Jamie.” She didn't know how it all worked but she wasn't exactly curious about it either.
  4. Olivia was completely lost in time, perhaps it would be good for her to go back home for a little, spending too much time at school was not good for her. She took a deep breath, knowing full well that her aunt was going to annoy her for not paying attention to time or herself, Live couldn’t say it was easy, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get back on track, she just needed to find a calendar, or something that would remind her of the time. When Diana spoke, Liv stared at her. “Okay, but next time it’s on me. Deal?” she asked Diana with a smile on her face, she couldn’t wait to pick the movie, hopefully, it was something that Diana would enjoy as much as she did. “So, about that movie, what type of movies do you enjoy? I’m not going to choose a horror movie if you’re not into them.” She said, unsure if Diana was fond of horror or action.
  5. “Training nonstop is not good Jaimie, you should take it easy every now and then.” She commented with a smile. “Well, whoever tells you to train nonstop is an idiot. If can hurt yourself if you train too hard, and then who’s going to take your place?” she asked him, trying not to be too much of a ‘mom friend’ but she knew she couldn’t stop worrying about her friends. “My life is not that interesting.” She announced. To her it wasn’t, she had seen some interesting places, met some interesting people but now she was nothing but a school nurse at a school. “But, I am back now, and I promise I’ll stay in touch, maybe even visit you every now and then, how about that? You in?” she asked with a bright smile. “But, are you alright with all that? I mean with what’s on the news and all. It can’t be easy on you.” She spoke, worried about Jamie, she knew that wasn’t him so why would stuff like that be plastered all over the newspapers?
  6. Liv continued, she quickly fixed Nox, who was now presentable and ready for them to go to class. Liv listened to Nox as they explained how they got the injuries. “You need to be more careful, but I suppose you already know that.” Liv commented with a soft smile. It couldn’t be easy for Nox, but somehow, they seemed to make it work. “So, did you manage to confirm if it was or wasn’t a magical reptile?” Liv asked, because if Nox had been able to confirm it then it wasn’t a waste of time, aside from the injuries it would have been a good finding. “And you managed to get away? I think luck was on your site today. Next time don’t wrestle it yourself, it can be dangerous.” Liv warned, putting her hand on Nox’s shoulder gently. Liv liked to give unsolicited advice, perhaps Nox was going to listen to her, if not, well, she was sure she would be seeing them quite often.
  7. Now that made sense, she hadn’t even considered the fact that Diana’s brother would be a student at Tally. “I remember your brother but I haven’t seen him yet so maybe that’s why I didn’t figure out you’re here because he told you.” She said looking at Diana, now it was clear how Diana got the information. “I hope he doesn’t get hurt anytime soon either, but if he needs anything he can always come and visit me.” She offered. She didn’t have to be just the school nurse, she could as easily help them with other problems, in case they needed. “Well you know where to find me, or just give me a call.” She said. She could have sworn that tomorrow was the weekend, maybe she’s just lost in time. “Tomorrow isn’t the weekend? God, I need to find a calendar.” She said a bit confused, it was probably because she spent so time at school it was hard to say which day it was. She smiled at Diana, who was naïve enough to believe that Liv wasn’t going to take anything. “You know I will, you can’t stop me.”
  8. She smiled at him, it was so good to see a familiar face, especially one that was a friend. “I’m good. I’m a nurse in a school in Narrie.” She said. The bartender brought her beverage, she played with the glass for a little as she debated or not about telling Jamie, but he deserved to know, he was her friend. “So, I’ve been in a lot of places, I went to see if my parents were still in Italy, then Bulgaria, I went to Israel, lovely place, Uganda, I was a temporary nurse at a school there, I learned the most amazing things.” She said, before remembering another place she had visited. “Oh and India, I spent about six months there. My things are still being shipped home, I hope my aunt doesn’t mind.” She said. Liv wanted to get a place of her own in Narrie but she also didn’t want to leave her aunt. Liv smiled at him, a bit guilty for not telling anyone anything. “I didn’t tell anyone Jamie, I’m sorry, but I have some cool stuff for you.” She said. Her face expressed that she was not only feeling guilty but also sad that she had kept it from everyone. “Maybe next time you guys can come with me, it will be pretty cool not to travel to unknown places alone. And what about you? What have you been doing? I read the news obviously but … hmm…” she started, she didn’t really want to tell him what she thought of it but her opinions were irrelevant.
  9. The mornings were the best hours, not that many kids come in with injuries and some even take days before visiting her, she has a feeling it was going to be a good day. She was sitting on her chair reading the news when she heard someone call her name, and when she looked to see who it was she smiled softly at the student. “Good morning. What can I do for you today?” Liv asked the student before calling them to a more private location, once there Liv could heat all about what had happened to the teen. “This looks nasty, where did you get this dear?” Liv asked them concerned about Nox and where they got those uncommon injuries. “I can fix you don’t worry, I can’t take away muscle pain that you’re going to feel, but I can at least make you presentable for your class.” Liv smiled at the teen and began taking care of them. “So, what kind of nasty creature did this to you? This doesn’t look like the work of something trivial.” she said, trying to figure out what kind of animal could do such a thing because if it was dangerous Nox would have to be more careful next time. After a few minutes, she got up and went to the medicine cabinet to give something to Nox as she waited for an honest answer.
  10. Olivia smiled, at least if she ever goes missing she knows Diana will try her hardest to find her, which was good, Diana was the best friend one could ever hope for. “Well you’re clearly very good at your job, I bet if I disappeared you’d find me so fast I wouldn’t have time to leave the country.” Liv said joking about it, but she believed it to be true, Diana was good at her job and her connections were that good. When Diana agreed to their night in Olivia was thrilled. “I can already smell the popcorn for tomorrow. Should I also take something? My aunt has the best wine collections, as you probably know.” Liv was imagining the popcorns when Diana mentioned that she had gotten an apartment. “Wow, that’s amazing! I'm glad everything is turning out well for you. I live in a dorm here at school, or at my aunt’s house whenever I need to peace.” She said. Liv loved working at the school and loved living there but sometimes it was just too much, sometimes kids were loud and not only the kids. As she heard that Diana had a pet Liv got a little bit excited. “Can’t wait to pet that cute little thing.” When Diana asked if the current week would do, Liv nod agreeing with the plan. “Sure, thanks. If I have a situation, I’ll have to come back real quick but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun.” Olivia said spinning once before turning back to Diana. “Aside from my presence here at the school, what else brings you to Narrie?”
  11. Right after classes were over Olivia felt that she needed to relax, the students dropped like flies today, so many injured people. She informed the school she would be one phone call away if there was no one to cover her in case of an emergency. The perfect place to relax was where she felt where she was welcomed. Once she got to her room she focused on a rather dark alley near The Tipsy Mozzie, no one used that, except people who wanted to avoid being seen. When she arrived, she arranged her dress and hair and walked into the bar. It was quiet and homey as usual, it felt so good to be in a familiar place. She looked around only to find a face she already knew. “If it isn’t Jamie Collins the best Quidditch player I know.” She said approaching him and tapping him on the shoulder gently. “How are you? Did you miss me?” She asked him with a huge smile on her face; Jamie didn’t know she traveled, the only one that did was Diana and that was because Liv had sent her a postcard from Israel. Liv called the bartender and asked for a drink as she took a seat next to Jamie.
  12. Olivia couldn’t stop smiling, Diana’s face always seemed to cheer her up. “I was literally just wondering if it was finally time to show up to surprise you.” She said cheerfully. “But you were faster,” Olivia confessed. She leaned on a table and watched Diana, she had missed everyone, and it had been a tough couple of years, always traveling, the world was more dangerous than she had anticipated. “I missed you too, but you know, I wanted to settle in, get used to the place here, or else I’d be running back to everyone too scared to face this alone.” She didn’t like to leave her comfort zone, she did to search for her parents but now what she wanted the most was to feel at home in a new place or all she ever does is running away from what makes her uncomfortable. “I’ve been good, the kids keep me busy but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a girl’s weekend. Fancy dinner, popcorn, and ice cream? A movie while we curl on the couch like old times? How does that sound?” Olivia proposed as she missed the good times they had. "And how about you? How's work going?"
  13. Liv was attending to some students, apparently quidditch practice seemed to be more violent than it was in her days, and she didn’t graduate Tally that long ago, it had only been eight years since she left the place to attend VMU, so much has changed. All kids resting a bit before she could send them off to their doom, or quidditch practice, she decided to do the inventory. She had to start making some potions soon, they were running out of some potions. As Liv wrote in a little notebook she wondered if it was time to contact her friends, it had been a while since they spoke, she also hadn’t told anyone she was going to travel, except for one close friend, perhaps it’s time to talk to her, maybe even surprise her. Liv stopped writing as she started think about her friends, a huge smile plastered on her face before turned around and began humming a song. The young woman sent most of her student back to practice, for those who planned on continuing. As she turned around she saw a familiar face peeking, it was clear that the nurse’s smile only grew a bigger as she seen the pretty blond girl. “Diana!” she said, both surprised and thrilled to see her again. “I was just thinking about you.” She said as she put everything down and walked over to Diana to hug her.
Olivia Teagarden
School Nurse 0
25 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age:  25
Date of Birth: January 1st, 1994
Birthplace: Italy
Occupation: School Nurse
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Sparrowhawk
Wand: Beech 10’’ Phoenix quite bendy flexibility
Play-by: Emilia Clarke

Homeschool: 4-10 years old

Tallygarunga: 11-17 years old (Bourke House)

VMU: 18- 22 years old 


• Metamorphmagus (from her father)

• Animagus: Sparrowhawk

• Dangerous when provoked

• Half-veela (or at least she tries to keep it a secret)

• Traveled to several places where she learned new tricks

• Has a slight obsession with fire

• Loves thunderstorms

• Likes to dance in the rain

General Knowledge

• Good with plants

• Proficient in:




Defense against the dark arts

Wandless magic

• Kind

• Ex-Tally student and former quidditch player for the Bourke house


Ollie is a somewhat nice and kind person. It’s not easy to make her angry, but it’s quite easy to upset her, especially if she feels betrayed by someone. Olivia is fairy trusting, except when it comes to the fact that she’s a half-veela and an metamorphmagus. She believes most people deserve a second chance and is willing to give them, if she can. She likes to help people, family and friends are everything to her and she will do mostly everything for them, whatever they need she will be there, unless it becomes physically impossible for her.

However, one shouldn’t take advantage of Olivia and mistake her kindness for weakness, no matter how loyal and trusting she is she doesn’t like when others take advantage of her and once that trust is broken hardly can go back to the way it was. It’s difficult to anger her but it can be achieved, especially seeing those she cares in danger. When anger she can be dangerous, unpredictable and violent.

She likes sports and physical activity, which is why she was part of the quidditch team while in Tally and also played a little as a university student, only to quit due to incompatibility with classes. Despite of her work she not only enjoys a good quidditch match she also likes to stay active and excercise from time to time.

Olivia isn’t without some negative aspects, she’s stubborn, whenever she needs to tells something that will hurt a person she can’t find a better way to say things so she will be blunt about it. She’s very direct and often speaks her mind, having little or no filter, which is why she often keeps her mouth shut, but can tell when he has hurt someone, which makes her feel bad.

She likes company and has a slight addiction to fire. Due to her vela heritage she tries her best not to call people’s attention and tries to blend in, but sometimes it's not easy.



Olivia has the average heigh of 160cm. 

She was born with black hair, however as days passed after her birth her hair turned light and lighter until it became almost white, due to her ability she can change hair color at will, which makes people wonder how many times she can dye her hair in a week.  Nowadays is almost impossible to know which is her real hair color. Her iris is slightly grey, gaing a bit of a blue color as it reaches the edges. She has pale and soft skin , however she doesn't get easily burn.


Being the only child of a veela and a human wizard wasn't an easy life. Her parents were living in Italy when she was born and at first things were good, then things got bad, she was shipped off to her aunt in Australia when she was four years old, her parents remained in Italy and for the first years she received several calls and several letters from them, until one day they were non-existent.

She was home-schooled since she got to Australia by her aunt which helped her develop her abilities, it was only then that they discovered that Olivia had got her father's metamorphmagus ability. Her life wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was very simple and uninteresting, except for a few events. Her aunt, who had to control everything helped Olivia control her emotions, especially anger since she was a quick-tempered child, luckily, anger was relatively under control.

When she was old enough, she enroled into Tally and got sorted into Bourke. Many of the classes she was taken she already had the basic understanding, which was easy to pass. She made a few friends over the years in Tally, but always tried to keep a certain distance, who knew, one day she could get angry and snap at them, so kept the fact that she was a half-veela and a metamorphmagus a secret. She also signed up for the quidditch team and became a chaser. On her senior year in Tally she became the team’s captain.

Once she graduated from Tally she became a VMU student. She decided to pursue the studies in healing, hoping to one day become a nurse. After four years of attending VMU she applied to a job in Italy, hoping to find her parents, but her search was unsuccessful as she ended up traveling from place to place. After spending two months in Italy she moved to Bulgaria, where she remained only a month, her travels continued as she found herself in Israel, spending four months in the country.

After Israel she visited Uganda, being a temporary nurse at the Wizarding School for six months, where she performed the animagus spell, being able to turn into a sparrowhawk, the same animal her patronus is, however it's something she doesn't do often. Leaving Uganda, she moved to India, where she stayed for another six months before returning home, taking the position of school nurse in Tally prior to the end of 2018 school year.

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