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  1. New furniture is so expensive, I'm having second thoughts if I really need that bed... 

    1. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      I can help you out with budgeting and finding some neat second hand furniture if you want.

    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I wonder why the prices are so high. It's a shame, it was a really nice bed too. 

      Thank you Diana, that would save my life. 

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      How much is the bed?

  2. There was nothing she could say or do to help Travis watch the sky with new eyes and make him forget about the changes to come, and if she ever thought she could do it, she was more delusional than she thought she was. There was nothing that could make him look up in the sky without being reminded of what was waiting for him, but wasn’t losing all hope the worst of it? Even as a human living life without hope of a better future was it even living a life? Or was it just roaming it with no direction? She once roamed with no direction, until she found the right path. She looked at him with a smile as she saw his head lift to watch the sky, she followed him and did the same. She looked at him and smiled. She liked Quidditch, she did, but there were far more important things to her now than a mere sport. “I will love the poem. Just saying I found something more than quidditch. I used to love it but … our game of tag was, and is far more exciting than any match I had, and while it was just once, I loved it, I want more.” Perhaps it was because it was with someone, she considered to be important for her. Their game held more meaning than all the matches she played, it wasn’t too hard to see how amused and happy she was during the time, almost like a shadow had been lifted and a new light was shinning upon it. She couldn’t deny that he was correct, somethings were left unsaid, but expressing one’s feelings towards something, while it could cause friendships to crumble, it sometimes makes them better and stronger. “I’m not saying it should work because you’re being open. But I’m also speaking because I’d like to know. Some feelings can’t be avoided, but if my actions hurt someone I’d like to know.” she probably would do the same as him, she’d be quiet about it, shove it deep down and will never have it see the light of day; it can also hurt the person receiving the information about the feelings, how they make someone else feel, it’s not an easy place to be either, neither of those ends are. “But I can’t completely disagree with you, because in a way, you’re right. Just don’t let it consume you.” Her finger touched his torso, in the location of his heart. It was more symbolic than anything. “And if it does start to consume you, I’m not the greatest listener, but I’m here for you.” She couldn’t rid him of that pain, but she could be there for him, to listen, to give him a hand and to help him get up. She wasn’t going to force him to speak to her, but him knowing he had someone could be helpful, in a way. Liv smiled at Travis, she was far too idealistic for her own good. “I’d like to believe that you will see it, makes me look forward for that day, to see the smile on your and everyone else’s face as they no longer have to hide.” she didn’t get tired of hopping for it, when people stop looking at one minor thing and start looking at the whole they will see what they have been missing, she at least hoped it was like that. It was hard to focus on her, she had a hard time when other did it, she would rather focus on others than herself. She wasn’t trying to be his psychiatrist, she simply wanted to be a friend, a good listener, someone that was there through the good and bad moments, someone who’s there because it wants to help a person get up if they fall. “Why wouldn’t I? I want to and you deserve it.” She smiled at Travis, she told him things she had never told anyone, expressed her darkest feelings and with his help she was starting to heal from all that, she was starting to let the light in. She couldn’t explain how comfortable she felt around him, but she knew she did, and she trusted him. Olivia tried no to laugh to hard at his comment, but a few chuckles escaped through her mouth. She honestly didn’t see anything wrong, but it was probably going to scare a few people. “You might have forgotten the naked part and then the crazy woman running after said man.” She couldn’t contain her laughter. “It’s late, there’s no one around here, but you’re probably right, we should go.” Liv swam a bit around Travis before leaving the lake. The water was much more welcoming than the soft breeze outside, nothing like a bit of temperature couldn’t fix, drying her body and her clothes, her hair remained soaked.
  3. She nodded in response. It was simply going to be a reminder, even if she had to conjure several papers that said it. She chuckled but didn’t continue to pursue it and if Travis ever needed to be reminded, she would be there to remind him. It was hard for her to understand him, as much as she wanted to it was always going to be something complicated, she couldn’t begin to understand what it was like for him, it wasn’t going to stop her from trying, she had nothing to lose but a lot to gain if she did it. “Perhaps one day you’ll be able to see the beauty of it. I know this sounds awfully optimistic, but you don’t know if that day will come. You just need to be open to it.” What she was saying was easier said than done, she knew it was and she knew he knew it too, she just didn’t want him giving up on something, just because it was different for him now, it didn’t mean that in the future he could look at it with another perspective. When it came to the poem, she high doubt there was one and if it was it would probably be a bad one too. “Doesn’t have to be about quidditch, I like quidditch, but I like other things. But if you do find me a quidditch poem, you’ll have to read it to me, on the quidditch pitch, on a broom.” She looked at him, she was daring him to do it. She was expecting him to decline it, but it would be a surprise if he decided to go forward with it; it was still a bold move to do it on school grounds, it had to do during a time where most students were busy and not paying attention. Once the conversation turned heavy and he replied to her, she shook her head. She wasn’t being nice, she was being honest, she was giving him her honest thought about him, what she had experienced that day had been amazing, all of it. While she didn’t know how he was the closer he got to the transformation, or how he was after, but she had enjoyed the chase, being tackled, even his quirk of licking her had been welcomed, different but not bad or disgusting. It was a bit heart breaking the way he spoke about his best friend, she didn’t know the person so she couldn’t comment. “Maybe you should be open about how you feel, about what’s in your heart. How it hurts you. You’re not made of stone. Don’t lose a precious friendship because of lack of communication.” Her fingers slid across his hand. Another thing that wasn’t easy to do, and yet she was advising Travis to do it. She couldn’t say she didn’t gain anything from it, she did, maybe if it worked out, he wouldn’t feel so hurt. “I believe one day you won’t have to hide. It’s a long road, painful, dark, full of heartbreak but you don’t have to walk it alone. I know I’m being stupidly optimistic about something again, naïve even.” If people remained ignorant, they will never take a step forward. It continued to be naïve of her to even think that people would be open to knowledge, to know how it works, to be willing to listen and learn. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, she didn’t even consider how it looked or how it could be interpreted. It was hard for Liv to show how she felt and cared with only words, she had a necessity to touch, to hold, to physically show it. The water was a bit chilly than the first time she had been inside, but it was manageable. She looked at him wondering if he’d like to continue or if he just wanted to go back home, get dry and just sit there, they didn’t even have to talk. They talked quite a lot that day, things were said, heard, experienced, some things still needed to be processed. “What would you like to do?”
  4. Joke or not it could make for some funny stories in the future, about how Liv had to conjure a paper and the one who ended up getting it was Travis. The fact was she didn’t want him forgetting that he meant something to someone, how important he ended up being and how enjoyable his own presence was. They didn’t need to talk, the silence between the two wasn’t awkward, while she was talkative and liked to speak and express herself through words, being quiet and in silence with someone spoke a lot louder than certain words that could be said. “It’s just in case you forget how important you are.” She gave him a big smile. It was easy to forget sometimes, how life can wrap around someone, make that person feel unwanted and not important. Perhaps her plan wasn’t the best, making it cold enough to have people cuddling was good in theory, but it didn’t have to be too cold, just a nice breeze to get people closer and not feel uncomfortable with the heat and sweat that hot summer days could provoke. “Maybe I am, but come on, you have to admit laying under the starry sky has it’s beauty. It’s hard to see it where there’s too many lights, but when there aren’t? It’s beautiful.” It was a unique experience, either to share it with friends or a lover, it was unique and shows how insignificant people are in the grand scheme of things, being only significant and important to those people with them. “But I don’t’ think there’s any good poetry about Quidditch. But in case you find one, I want to know about it. Deal?” Travis made its way to the shore, while he seemed to be in a cheery disposition it soon became apparent that she touched something sensitive. She sat on the shore, feet in water and she watched and listened to him. While none of those things bothered her, she could see how others could potentially see something wrong with it, but it’s just didn’t bother her, she liked it, she enjoyed every little bit of it. She opened her mouth to speak but decided to remain quiet, to let him finish. She had heard some of it before, but now she had the full answer to her question. Her hands rested on his shoulder for a brief moment before she held on of his hand on hers. “I’m going to be honest, and I’m going to be clear, just because I think you need to know and remember this.” She held his hand on hers before she grabbed both his hands and sat them in her lap, still with hers wrapped around his. “I can see how you find it abnormal, but … all that just …” she stopped for a brief moment, unsure of how her words could sound, she really cared for the younger man, he was someone who she trusted and someone who she would do almost everything for. “… it’s what makes you enjoyable. Everything, not just bits and pieces. And I want you to remember that none of that is annoying, it’s not something that’s tolerated.” While he was one of the most top hated beings in the Wizarding society across the planet, and mentalities were hard to change, it was hard to teach the masses, it was a necessity to do so. “Yes, you are, and you’ll probably have to hide who you are for a long time, but I’d like to believe that one day you won’t have to hide, or others like you won’t.” She smiled at him. Not trying to give him a pep talk, she just wanted him to see himself through someone who enjoyed him for him. Her hands let go of his before she kissed his forehead, not out of pity, but out of respect and affection towards a friend. She pulled away and jumped back into the water. “Thank you for telling me.”
  5. Luck is on my side. I found this small place perfect for one. I'm going to take a look at it this afternoon. 

    1. Ian Travers

      Ian Travers

      Good luck, Aunt Liv! Let me know when you need help moving in! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

  6. Was he joking with her? Because if he wasn’t, she could gladly get him a paper saying that she does like to spend time with him. It wasn’t too hard to understand or to even see that she did enjoy her time spent with the younger man. To some could still be hard to see, but she assumed by now that the time she was willing and glad to spend with Travis was enough to make him see it. “Once we’re out of the water I’ll make everything official. In case you need to remind yourself.” She joked with the situation, even if she would do it if he really wanted her to, while she thought it was obvious how she felt about it. One thing that kept nagging at her was why did Travis think that it was abnormal someone enjoying his presence, his thoughts and overall him. Liv couldn’t help to look at Travis with a soft smile. If only he could realize how his words from early had helped her. “If you make a cooling charm cold enough there’s a reason to cuddle. But the Summer nights are good to lay in the grass under the stars and look at them.” It was something simple and innocent, but something that could be amazing to experience with someone. In winter it was possible, but due to the low temperatures it was harder to do, a person would be more interested in cuddling and keeping warm than to look up at the stars and speak what was in their mind and heart. The reason Liv wanted to go to the lake was simply to keep Travis active, it was simply another activity they could do during a time like that, an activity that could open a few doors, more than just being inside, sitting on a couch together. Their dance had gone … decent, Liv had no idea how to dance without stepping on someone’s foot or causing some bizarre accident, dancing just wasn’t for her, and neither of them was graceful enough to do such a thing. Sadly, Liv hadn’t got the gracefulness of her mother, she did get something far more useful from the woman. Going back to the shore wasn’t going to take as long as she thought it would, without expecting it Travis got a hold of her and now she was catching a ride with him. She didn’t struggle him, instead she wrapped her arms around his neck not to fall and her legs around his torso, it was easier to keep her balance underwater. Once they reached the edge of the lake she didn’t let go of Travis, instead she ruffled his hair a little bit with one of her hands before resting her chin on his shoulder. “I have a question. Why do you think it’s so abnormal for someone to enjoy your presence?” she could see that him being a werewolf not many people were receptive to it, and sometimes even those could be a bit wary of him. In a way she could understand his concerns, everything pilled up over the years probably took a bigger toll on him that she could see or understand.
  7. Housing is so cheaper in Narrie, I don't know why I didn't start looking for one sooner. 

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    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      Thank you Travis. 

    3. Ian Travers

      Ian Travers

      Count me in too! (ノ^∇^)

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      Thanks Ian.

  8. She liked the rush of being chased, she wasn’t sure why but probably the thrill of danger. She wasn’t going to put herself in dangerous situations on purpose, but it didn’t mean she was going to run away from one. “Yes, I like spending time with you.” She wasn’t sure how to explain it, she just enjoyed spending time with him, he seemed to be an interesting person and the way he saw things was far more interesting than some people, while sometimes a bit gloomy, it wasn’t always the same thing people thought. There were a few things that made her enjoy his company, and there were others that she couldn’t quite explain why, she just liked it. She looked at him for a while until it made sense in her head what his words meant, that was certainly something she wasn’t expecting to hear that night, but she shook the thought out of her mind, it wasn’t something that she should be thinking while they were having fun. Liv didn’t mind about Winter, she could easily warm up, but she would prefer if Winter wasn’t a thing, she did enjoy closeness to people and holding others during the season, much better than to warm herself alone, but Travis had the same thought she did, cuddling was great to keep warm. “Every season is a good enough reason to cuddle.” She couldn’t deny her love for closeness to others, especially those who held a special place in her heart, and she had to admit to herself that Travis did have a special place in it. There was a surprised look on her face when he swam towards her. She had a bit of a hard time seeing at night, she could just see enough to noticed that the young man had dove, just to surface in front of her. What did he mean that she wasn’t specific with the rules? Before she could even ask him why, he held onto her hand and she twirled around. She started to laugh as she moved in the water. It was only then that she realized what he meant. He was right, she didn’t specify the rules. When she stopped twirling, he held his hand as well, her feet changed, becoming more suited for water. “Alright, we’ll both shall make the victory dance.” She pulled Travis a bit further from the edge, still holding his hands. Once at a nice location, Liv pulls Travis in circular movements, illustrating what seemed to be a very poorly executed dance, but regardless of what it looked like she continued to move for a while longer until she assumed, he was satisfied with it all. “Happy that we both got to a somewhat of a victory dance?” she let go of his hands and swam around him, just like before, circling him in a playful manned. Coming up behind him she put her hands on his shoulder. “Now we need to get closer to the shore.”
  9. Travis had become someone important to her, someone who she enjoyed spending time with and liked the company, more than she thought she would, and possibly something she wouldn’t admit, at least not to others. It hadn’t been her intention to become friends with the young man, but truth be told she was far from disappointed. The more Liv thought about it the more she realized how close she had grown to him and how she enjoyed the moments they spent together. Did Liv wanted Travis to chase her? In that situation she couldn’t say she didn’t enjoy the rush of a chase, her heart pumping every time she was close to being caught, was all too exciting to avoid, especially if said chase was with someone, she enjoyed spending time with. “I do enjoy a good chase and I like to spend time with you, so, it’s a win-win situation.” she smiled at Travis but chuckled at his tongue comment. It probably wasn’t a good idea if Travis was seen licking the school nurse. “Anytime? Or will that happen anytime you’re enjoying our game of tag too much?” she chuckled one more time until she took a deep breath to calm down a little bit, because if they wanted to go to the lakes, she had to control herself a little bit, before she continued to laugh. Olivia was more used to travel like that than Travis, while it always required her a moment to gather her thoughts when she wasn’t the one using the spell, it was quite easy for her to do so when she was the one using it. Travis jumped completely clothed to the water, catching Liv off guard, she was expecting that he would do such a thing, but as every Bourke he was rather competitive. Olivia was still taking off her clothes as she watched Travis remove his own pieces of clothing. She looked at him in disbelief but at the same time she couldn’t stop finding it amusing, and how comfortable he was, she couldn’t complain as she felt pretty comfortable with everything. Once on the water Liv got used to the temperature as she swam around. “The water feels nice doesn’t it? Better enjoy it before winter comes.” She swam around Travis in a playful manner, eventually throwing water at his face. “I guess you’re the one that has to do the victory dance.” She said before diving and reappearing a bit further away, standing right in front of the young man.
  10. Did Liv know May better than Diana? Liv had no idea if she even knew the Dhampir at all, the lies, the hiding, everything was so … not May. When Diana spoke, Liv looked at the woman and a faint smile appeared on her lips. Put herself in May shoes? It was hard, Liv knew she wouldn’t leave someone she loved without a note, not the way she loved May. It was true she also left without telling anyone, without telling her friends and aunt, but the feelings she held for May were different than the ones she held for everyone else. Liv closed her eyes for a brief moment, she wanted to think about everything that was mentioned, but she knew that sooner or later she would have to come to terms with whatever happened. “I don’t know how I would act, I can’t be sure about it, at least not one hundred percent.” She finally admitted. She had an idea, but she couldn’t be sure about it. “After everything…I would expect her to at least trust me and my judgement.” May might have had her reasons, but the way she did things was wrong, even if the intention behind it was good, or at least the way Diana was speaking it somehow alluded to the idea that Maya did what she did in order to protect Olivia from something, but it wasn’t like Olivia was some fragile wallflower that needed protection, she might had looked like one, sometimes acted as such, but she wasn’t. “I’ll talk to her and see what happens. I don’t want us to be like strangers. Whenever I talk to her I’ll let you know.” The way Liv spoke was almost like she had given up on finding the answers, but the fact was that everything got her thinking, and she was too busy thinking than to worry about anything else. “I’m sorry for putting you in this tight spot. I know you didn’t ask for it and yet I dragged you into it.”
  11. It was a frustrating situation, Liv kept telling herself it wasn’t Diana’s fault that everything had happened, she knew it wasn’t the blonde’s fault, she was innocent in all that, but she couldn’t stop to feeling frustrated and upset at the whole thing, she was starting to relive memories she didn’t want to. Liv had to keep her cool, she had to remain calm and try to do whatever it took to keep everything under control, she didn’t want to go wild over something like that. Liv took the folder as she took a deep breath, listening to Diana’s words, they were keeping her calm, making her know that who was there was a friend. The young nurse took a look at all the names and read everything carefully but was side tracked by Diana’s voice. “Maybe but it’s pretty stupid, Dhampirs … they dislike fire. It’s not that hard for me to ignite Diana.” Liv told her friend, but Liv wasn’t sure if she could take a life like that, well at the time she wasn’t sure, now she’s sure she will be if extremely necessary and the only way out of a situation. She looked through the names, and the name Ian was oddly familiar, but as much as she tried to think about it, the more confused she was. Liv closed the file that Diana had given her and closed her eyes, she took a deep breath and put them on the desk. “I am deeply curious about all this. I suppose the only solution is to ask her directly about everything … but … why would she tell me anything now? I mean …” Liv looked at Diana, her voice showed worry and concern, but her eyes seemed to be set into doing something about the situation. “What do you think? Should I ask her? Making assumptions isn’t going to help anyone.”
  12. It was getting easier and easier to talk with Alex, she still seemed upset at the situation, and she should be, it had been Liv’s fault to disappear like that, but at least the squib wasn’t going to start a fight over something like that, at least Olivia didn’t think she was. Olivia looked at Alex with a smile but kept and eye out for Jamie to watch his reaction. Liv thought Alex’s reaction wasn’t entirely bad, it was actually a good reaction everything considering. She knew Alex had a point, there was no need to disappear, but Olivia was still too scared to hurt them. “I know it’s not a valid reason, but it was my reason to leave, and I’m not going to lie saying it was something else.” She didn’t want to put anyone in danger, Alex had to at least acknowledge that whatever Liv did was thinking not only on her mental health but also on another people’s well-being. “But while I was away, I thought of everyone, I didn’t want to call scared of what you all might thing or do and even try to talk me out of doing anything stupid.” Perhaps that wouldn’t be Alex’s way of dealing with things, but it was Liv’s aunt way of doing things, she would have tried to convince Liv to go back home. Oliva looked at Jamie, now being evident that she was staring at the younger man. “Are you scared someone is going to hurt you?” she joked slightly with the situation. She was sure he wasn’t afraid, he probably didn’t want to get between the conversation between the two females, but maintaining a safe distance probably wouldn’t be a bad thing either.
  13. I want to climb the wall at the Lakes but I don't want to go alone. Would anyone would like to make me company? 

    1. Ian Travers

      Ian Travers

      I can go! (/^▽^)/

    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      That will be lovely Ian. Thank you. 

  14. Olivia’s main frustration was for the lack of answers to the many questions she had, she knew Diana couldn’t answer them, it was asking too much from the blonde girl, but that didn’t mean that Olivia had to hide her feelings, she had become much better at controlling them and she wasn’t going to harm Diana, or anyone. There were many questions that she had to ask May and she just hopped that her old friend would trust her enough to be honest, in a way Olivia was hopping that she was, but after so many things she was starting to wonder if May was ever going to tell her the truth. Following Diana’s advice, Olivia sat down to listen to her friend continue. Liv was so lost, she had no idea what to do, should she confront May? Or should she wait until the Dhampir decided to come clean? Would May even care enough to tell Liv what really happened? The more Liv thought about it the more she wandered if everything had been real. Olivia had to stop thinking like that, May wouldn’t do it, while the evidence said she had lied, she could have done it for several reasons. “So … you’re saying, shortly before she left her parents died? Do you think she could have left because they did die? And her father was somewhat of a Godfather style mob dude in Perth?” Liv asked Diana confused. If he was it would explain why May would want to keep quiet about it, but if things moved forward between the two, what would May do? Would she leave Olivia behind like she had done? “Is there anything else?”
  15. Alex was a tough person, she wasn’t understanding the situation and Liv didn’t want to lose her temper on the woman, she understood that Alex had problems with being left behind, but she also had to understand it was the only way Liv had to gathering her thoughts, even calling back home could potentially make things even worse, the questions she’d have to face. Olivia looked at Alex and took at deep breath trying to keep it cool. She rubbed her forehead as she looked at Alex, who for the most part had every reason to be upset, but Olivia just wanted her to understand. “At the time I … I didn’t know how to handle things, I was so upset and afraid that I would hurt anyone that I just disappeared. Now if I leave, I promise I’ll call and write.” Olivia tried to reassure Alex that she wasn’t going to do it again, just leaving people behind like that was wrong and she had done to her friends the same May had done to her, they didn’t deserve to be treated like that. “I think now I … I can’t control things, I will not harm anyone.” She said it again, maybe not just for Alex and Jamie to listen but also for herself. The conversation she had in the past with someone had opened her eyes, she could see all the harm she had done, and it was by talking that people understood one another. “But I am sorry, I didn’t want to burn anyone, I almost attacked Diana, she was supposed to have dinner with us but … well I was a very angry person with several things on fire.” Liv confessed. She looked at Alex with a smile, hopefully she could now understand Liv’s dilemma, tell everyone and risk burning them to a crisp or just disappear from everyone’s life to sort her mind. “I have to admit it comes in hand in the barbecues, the fire.”
Olivia Teagarden
School Nurse 0
25 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age:  25
Date of Birth: January 1st, 1994
Birthplace: Italy
Occupation: School Nurse
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Sparrowhawk
Wand: Beech 10’’ Phoenix quite bendy flexibility
Play-by: Emilia Clarke

Homeschool: 4-10 years old

Tallygarunga: 11-17 years old (Bourke House)

VMU: 18- 22 years old 


• Metamorphmagus (from her father)

• Animagus: Sparrowhawk

• Dangerous when provoked

• Half-veela (or at least she tries to keep it a secret)

• Traveled to several places where she learned new tricks

• Has a slight obsession with fire

• Loves thunderstorms

• Likes to dance in the rain

General Knowledge

• Good with plants

• Proficient in:




Defense against the dark arts

Wandless magic

• Kind

• Ex-Tally student and former quidditch player for the Bourke house


Ollie is a somewhat nice and kind person. It’s not easy to make her angry, but it’s quite easy to upset her, especially if she feels betrayed by someone. Olivia is fairy trusting, except when it comes to the fact that she’s a half-veela and an metamorphmagus. She believes most people deserve a second chance and is willing to give them, if she can. She likes to help people, family and friends are everything to her and she will do mostly everything for them, whatever they need she will be there, unless it becomes physically impossible for her.

However, one shouldn’t take advantage of Olivia and mistake her kindness for weakness, no matter how loyal and trusting she is she doesn’t like when others take advantage of her and once that trust is broken hardly can go back to the way it was. It’s difficult to anger her but it can be achieved, especially seeing those she cares in danger. When anger she can be dangerous, unpredictable and violent.

She likes sports and physical activity, which is why she was part of the quidditch team while in Tally and also played a little as a university student, only to quit due to incompatibility with classes. Despite of her work she not only enjoys a good quidditch match she also likes to stay active and excercise from time to time.

Olivia isn’t without some negative aspects, she’s stubborn, whenever she needs to tells something that will hurt a person she can’t find a better way to say things so she will be blunt about it. She’s very direct and often speaks her mind, having little or no filter, which is why she often keeps her mouth shut, but can tell when he has hurt someone, which makes her feel bad.

She likes company and has a slight addiction to fire. Due to her vela heritage she tries her best not to call people’s attention and tries to blend in, but sometimes it's not easy.



Olivia has the average heigh of 160cm. 

She was born with black hair, however as days passed after her birth her hair turned light and lighter until it became almost white, due to her ability she can change hair color at will, which makes people wonder how many times she can dye her hair in a week.  Nowadays is almost impossible to know which is her real hair color. Her iris is slightly grey, gaing a bit of a blue color as it reaches the edges. She has pale and soft skin , however she doesn't get easily burn.


Being the only child of a veela and a human wizard wasn't an easy life. Her parents were living in Italy when she was born and at first things were good, then things got bad, she was shipped off to her aunt in Australia when she was four years old, her parents remained in Italy and for the first years she received several calls and several letters from them, until one day they were non-existent.

She was home-schooled since she got to Australia by her aunt which helped her develop her abilities, it was only then that they discovered that Olivia had got her father's metamorphmagus ability. Her life wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was very simple and uninteresting, except for a few events. Her aunt, who had to control everything helped Olivia control her emotions, especially anger since she was a quick-tempered child, luckily, anger was relatively under control.

When she was old enough, she enroled into Tally and got sorted into Bourke. Many of the classes she was taken she already had the basic understanding, which was easy to pass. She made a few friends over the years in Tally, but always tried to keep a certain distance, who knew, one day she could get angry and snap at them, so kept the fact that she was a half-veela and a metamorphmagus a secret. She also signed up for the quidditch team and became a chaser. On her senior year in Tally she became the team’s captain.

Once she graduated from Tally she became a VMU student. She decided to pursue the studies in healing, hoping to one day become a nurse. After four years of attending VMU she applied to a job in Italy, hoping to find her parents, but her search was unsuccessful as she ended up traveling from place to place. After spending two months in Italy she moved to Bulgaria, where she remained only a month, her travels continued as she found herself in Israel, spending four months in the country.

After Israel she visited Uganda, being a temporary nurse at the Wizarding School for six months, where she performed the animagus spell, being able to turn into a sparrowhawk, the same animal her patronus is, however it's something she doesn't do often. Leaving Uganda, she moved to India, where she stayed for another six months before returning home, taking the position of school nurse in Tally prior to the end of 2018 school year.

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