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  1. Liv smiled at Travis, she knew he understood what she meant and yet it seemed that he decided to react as he always did, which by now she should be used to. There was a chance that some students could see it has her having a favorite, but in school, she would have to divide her attention towards every student that needed her help, outside it was another matter completely different. “You’re afraid they think I have a favorite?” she said jokingly, but she understood it could be seen differently than having a favorite, or simply trying to help, considering they were growing closer. She continued to smile at Travis as he spoke, a barnacle might not be a very flattering comparison, unlike a song, but she didn’t picture Travis to be the type of person to be talking like that. “A song can be pretty soothing too, not just sweet.” Not that Liv knew that many songs, she was a person of lullabies, she had heard many while traveling, she was sure one was going to come in handy in the future. “It’s complicated, but yes, sometimes can start with a friendship and some other times it just happens. Don’t forget, sometimes people just enter your life and something good happens.” Something bad could also happen, but she didn’t want him to think that nor she wanted him to think it would happen only with friends, but the way she saw it, it was the same way, people entering someone else’s life. She shook her head. “It’s not that kind of scared, nor that type of excited.” She said with a chuckle. “I’d like to tell you that if you feel it, you’ll know but it might not happen. Sometimes it takes too long, you can either lose your chance or not…” not everyone experiences the same thing, and she couldn’t really explain a feeling, it was impossible to do so. “You know, if I break that promise you’re allowed to do that, just track me down, pick me up and we’ll spend a few days together.” She stared at him with a wide smile. She was sure she wasn’t going to forget about him, nor the promise to visit him, but if it did happen, she wouldn’t be upset if he did such a thing, it would take her by surprise, but she was sure in the end they would both be laughing at it. The conversation about May was a rather sad one for her, being able to finally say it washed away a lot of bad feelings, mostly anger, but sadness still lingered, perhaps she should have opened years ago, but she never felt comfortable enough doing so in the past. While her situation at the moment wasn’t exactly ideal was extremely helpful. She felt bad leaving Travis will all the work, after everything he did, he shouldn’t have been the one cleaning everything, but she gave in and when he offered his hand and walked to the living room. “Thank you.” She smiled at him as they walked. It was a somewhat vulnerable situation, a situation she didn’t want herself to be in, but she was. She was pleased she wasn’t being taken over by anger. They walked into the living room and Liv looked around, surprisingly hadn’t let go of his hand, the touch gave her some comfort. “I mean it. Thank you, Travis.” She looked at him with a smile before wrapping her arms around him for a tight hug, that might have lasted longer than she had anticipated, but overall, she enjoyed the proximity.
  2. She smiled at Travis. She understood the danger of someone like him traveling, he had to take certain precautions so he wouldn’t hurt others, or himself. That thought alone made her forget about a place for her to let out her rage and focus on him instead, maybe a bit of brainstorming would help him, but wasn’t something she was about to bring up, not yet. He was correct about friendship, the ability to listen to someone, it was also the ability to speak without the fear of being judged. She didn’t have a problem listening to him, whenever he needed, she would be available to listen to whatever is troubling him and she hoped he could see it. Travis hadn’t been someone that she would expect to enjoy being around, but it surprised her and liked spending time with him, maybe he didn’t see it, but she did. “It’s just, I can slightly control the Hospital Wing, people won’t listen to us, just want you to know that, if you need someone to talk with, desperately, just show up and I’ll make sure we won’t be bothered.” Casting a spell to prevent people from listening to them was an easy thing to do, she understood the need for a more private place, it would be better, but as a last resort there were measures, they could take. She also understood the need for secrecy, especially in his situation. “I just want you to have more options, but wherever you feel comfortable, I’m happy to meet you there whenever you need it.” wherever the place he felt comfortable was, Liv was willing to make the trip and meet with him, it was just a matter of giving him more options. She could somehow relate, not like him, but in different aspects. She looked at him with an amused expression. “I enjoy the thought of being a song, not so much of being a barnacle, but I can live with both.” She said jokingly as she let out a chuckle. Her smile got wider, she didn’t plan on leaving Travis but was pleased that he would place her next to him. She didn’t wish to be glued to him all the time, nor did she want him to be glued to her, but it was nice to know someone wouldn’t mind a nagging companion by their side, especially one with unsolicited advice. It wasn’t her intention to make a wolf joke, but he didn’t seem to mind too much about it. She saw this matter pretty much like friendship. “Well, in my experience, it just happens. Pretty much like friendship, some people enter your life and sometimes there’s this connection with someone that you can’t explain with words, you just feel it. It can happen as quickly, or it can take time to develop.” Liv herself wasn’t an expert on love or relationships, the only one she had crashed and burned in and not so spectacular fire show. “I think, whenever you feel it, if you’re receptive to it, you’ll know that tingling sensation in your stomach. I’d describe it as something you are excited and scared at the same time whenever you look at someone.” Her own explanation wasn’t the best, but it gave him a perspective from her point of view. People weren’t easy, some were relatively easy to fire out, but others were harder, the same was with feelings and their emotions. There wasn’t an exact path to follow, people were different, they grieved differently, and they reacted differently to situations, some would remain angry for years, others would eventually accept, but it was still an unknown variable. Olivia laughed. “I will visit you whenever I can but it’s a promise, I won’t forget you or visiting you, there will be a ‘no time’ excuse, I will make time.” She wasn’t the best person to keep track of her friends, but she was going to keep that promise to Travis. “Yeah, her name was May, she was my friend and…things just…happened and she was always on animal blood so, a few times she would feed off of me.” It wasn’t something that she was used to talking about, she always kept to herself about it. She looked up at Travis, they needed to clean up before they could get comfortable, or so she thought. “Shouldn’t we clean up?” she wasn’t planning on avoiding it now, she had opened a door and she felt as if she had crossed most of it, going back would be like giving up.
  3. Olivia wasn’t sure if she was grateful or upset at May’s efforts to keep her out of what seemed to be a difficult situation, but Olivia was clearly angry at the situation, heartbroken that May would rather face all that alone than to confide in Olivia that the reason for leaving was a dangerous one. Anyone who knew Olivia knew she wasn’t going to just sit around waiting for May to return, that was a given fact, and May probably knew it, which was why she decided to keep quiet about it, unfortunately, Olivia didn’t see it like that. “And you think getting away from everyone is the answer? May, I could have helped, I told you, I’m not some fragile flower that needs protection, I could have done something, but now, you just thought that keeping everyone away would have miraculously saved them.” Liv said. The last words carried a slight sarcastic tone, what May did probably harmed Olivia more than anything that happened, the ignorance on the subject, not knowing where May was, or even if she was alive was far harder than anything. In a moment Liv’s anger was gone, she had told May everything she needed, she was sad and heartbroken, but she could no longer but angry at May, not after the explanation, that, in Olivia’s mind seemed just like a lame excuse for everything that May did, but Liv didn’t doubt that May wanted to protect her. “You made a stupid decision, you were more worried about secondary things than you were with the bigger picture…” “I can’t forgive you, not yet May…” Liv looked at May for a while before approaching the Dhampir. “But … we were friends once before…I think we can at least try to salvage that.” Olivia was willing to compromise if May was, they will never be what they were, lovers, but Olivia was willing to try and salvage their friendship, in a way, might help them both heal faster.
  4. Travis explained the idea of the Earth room and how it would work around them and how she could easily do what she wanted without harming anyone and it could somehow work for the both of them if needed. “You put some thought into this.” It seemed that he thought about it more than she did, or perhaps it was because he also could use it. It was indeed time to stop hiding from the pain, it’s been more than four years and it was counterproductive to hang onto it, it was time to let go and learn from it, heal and let whatever happens to happen naturally. “I appreciate it.” she smiled at Travis. She knew he wasn’t going to judge, nor think anything less of it, which had been one of her main concerns about letting people know, being vulnerable, or letting others know it made her so, maybe even have others worry more about her, and she didn’t want to burden anyone with those problems. She looked at Travis with a smile, it didn’t matter what number she was on a list of people he wanted to tell things, what matter was that he trusted her enough to do so. Trust was a rare thing to some, seemed to be so for Travis and she was going to cherish his trust. It was never going to be easy to let the guard down in public, at least in some crowded places. “You know, I mean for example at the Hospital Wing, you don’t have to be on guard all the time.” There were easy things she could do to lend a hand and allow him to relax a bit more, she wasn’t sure if he was going to take it, there was a chance he wasn’t, but if he did, she wanted him to know he could relax, even if it was only for a couple of minutes. “I know you probably won’t, but just thought you should know.” “I suppose, but I think the most important thing is, do you like it? I don’t see anything wrong.” If Travis enjoyed everything he did, there was really no need for him to explain himself, not to her, not to anyone, he didn’t owe explanations to anyone, but if he didn’t like it, it was something completely different. She chuckled at his comment. “Are you calling me a barnacle? Because I will not move easily.” If he wanted her out of his life, he would have to tell her, she would always worry about him, Travis had been one of those people that found a way into her life and she wouldn’t want to lose him. Her smile grew when he announced he didn’t regret, that was good, regret can accompany a person for a long time, and it can be toxic. She couldn’t say she never thought what he was thinking, their situations were and are completely different, but she had thought the same thing once before. “My aunt says there’s always someone, I believe her you know? You might not want something like that either.” Liv said jokingly, but it had been something her aunt had told her before, especially after May had left. He understood what she meant. She was still heartbroken about the event, one could see it in her eyes, but it wasn’t as before, almost like explaining had lifted a bit of weight from it. “Pain shifts from person to person, there’s variables and degrees of affection towards someone. The closer you are or the more connected you feel the greater the pain, and it might not take a toll right away. It can be a destructive feeling for everyone.” She knows the pain she felt, but she also knows everything took something from May. If Travis had decided to go, Liv’s feelings wouldn’t be as strong as they were right now, she had formed a bond with him, they were friends and she saw him as an adult, while inside school her actions had to change, where they didn’t have to. She smiled at Travis, she knew he wasn’t going to just leave now, even if he was in Egypt. “I know and I expect some letters too.” Her smile grew as she looked at him. She hoped he was able to achieve what he wanted, she had no doubt that he would be able to become a curse breaker, but sometimes things happen, she hoped nothing would happen that would prevent him from doing it. “I don’t want you to take her place, Travis, I do wish for something unique, something just ours. You’re not a replacement, never will be.” No one could replace May, or replace what they had, but that wasn’t what Liv wanted, she didn’t want Travis to be a replacement, it was better creating something new, something unique and special. “But I do trust you, Travis, it’s almost impossible not to.” She put down the fork to look at him with a wide smile. “I used to date this Dhampir … as you know, one day she just left. There are more details to the story but, that’s the short version. No letter, no note, no nothing, even left her keys behind. I’ll give you the whole thing once we’re more comfortable.” Olivia wasn’t expected to hear his compliment, it was sweet of him. She didn’t know what to say, or even if something should be said, but the way she looked at him smiling, should be a big indicator of how she felt about it.
  5. Making their own rage room? It wouldn’t be impossible, they would just need to make an extension charm in something, it should allow them to have their own rage room without too much issue, and she could successfully pull it off without being suspicious, but the earth magic also had some interesting properties, far more interesting than an extension charm and she could burn things without worrying about setting anything on fire. “That’s not a bad idea, I think I’d like that.” A place where she didn’t need to worry about hurting anyone seemed good, seemed even better if she could lash out without concern. She wasn’t the type to go around explaining her problems, they were hers and hers alone, not that she didn’t trust her friends, but it was easier if they didn’t have to worry about her. “Yeah, I have never told anyone, everyone can somewhat see some of it, but not all of it I suppose…” while Liv was sure her aunt knew about it, or had an idea of it, Liv had never told her what truly went in her mind that moment. “You don’t need to worry about it, second, third, doesn’t really matter, does it?” as long as he trusted her enough to tell her certain things it didn’t matter her position, it was irrelevant. She couldn’t say she wasn’t surprised, she wouldn’t have thought that Travis had never taken a friend home, even with his situation he seems to be a very social person, even if the trust wasn’t something easy for him. “I’m glad you think that way.” She was far happier than she should be. Liv continued to eat as Travis spoke, to think someone had to go through certain things only because society saw them as unfitting, it wasn’t easy. “I would like to say you don’t need to worry too much around me if it helps you.” Probably wouldn’t. Liv had a feeling he wouldn’t let his guard down, no matter what. “It doesn’t matter how long, some things are impossible to control, no matter how hard you try. It’s not about self-control.” Him not being able to control himself could be a not so good excuse for him since he’s been experiencing it for a while, but things weren’t that black and white. “Things aren’t as black and white. I don’t believe for a second that if you could have some control that you wouldn’t try to grab it.” Maybe it was a situation she should stick her nose in, but she didn’t think everything was as black and white as he seemed to put it. “Sometimes people walk into your life unexpectedly, not because you want to or look for it, but they do, and sometimes they become important people.” She was talking for herself when it came to him, she wasn’t expecting to get attached to Travis, and yet she did. She honestly thought during those times it wouldn’t make much of a difference, sure the person was still the same, same brain, same chemical reactions, it wasn’t a reply she wasn’t expecting to listen. Liv smiled at him. “Maybe now you can consider it? Walking life alone is difficult, but it can be easier with those you love. Don’t close yourself to anyone.” It was also a piece of advice to herself, being closed to others and affections were only making her life more miserable and harder, if she could only let go. “But I can tell you the outcome of you leaving without a word is far more devastating than dying.” At least in her personal experience. The sadness and despair of not knowing were greater than knowing if someone was dead or alive. “The death of a loved one is always one of the hardest things to overcome, but from personal experience, not knowing is far worse, you wonder every single day how they are, and then you wonder, was it you that caused that person to leave? Or was something else?” she spoke as she stared at him, the words held nothing but the truth of her own feelings, while this time she still felt angry, she was more heartbroken, like a wave of destruction sending everything that was once build to the ground like they were made of paper. “This is me being a hypocrite, but when I left I did it to try and keep everyone safe from my mental state, I do regret it not having anyone to lean on at the time, the only person I thought I had, just…took whatever it needed and left, no call, no note, no nothing, just the apartment keys on the entrance…” that person had returned, but it was too late to mend whatever it was broken, but it could perhaps be fixed.
  6. Olivia nodded, replying to him. She wasn’t just going to just get up and leave, she was always going to try to communicate with him, assuming she would always know where he was, but knowing him he would probably won’t keep her in the dark. She thought Travis didn’t give himself enough value, the way he spoke, as if everything he did could be done easily by others, while not completely wrong every person has its own battle to fight, his was no less important than everyone else’s, and it was an effort that should be recognizable and praised. Even if Travis didn’t think much if it, she was still proud of him. Her main concern was still harming him or destroying something, while material things could be fixed sometimes, they held a sentimental value that a person wasn’t even aware until the moment. She turned to Travis, she thought his reaction was a bit unique. “You alright?” Whatever was crossing the young man’s mind was probably nothing and she was worrying too much about him, perhaps reading things that were there. She had heard of rage rooms but had never considered visiting one. “I have never tried one … I heard of them though.” She explained. She wasn’t completely sure if that was the best way to go, even if it seemed like a good thing to let go in a place like that. Many have tried to make her talk about the events, and many have failed, Liv simply didn’t talk, she would prefer to keep it buried inside, perhaps that’s the reason why she gets angry easily, sometimes at things she shouldn’t. “You know … it’s something I never told anyone, so I suppose you’ll be the first.” She likes to keep most of her problems a secret, most people don’t understand, some who do usually try to discard the pain and only a few will worry, and Liv wouldn’t want people waste their time on her. “I appreciate it and I am enjoying this time with you, just want you to know I don’t think that I hardly think you are capable of taking people for granted.” Perhaps she was wrong, but due to his nature, she didn’t believe he was capable of such a thing. He probably didn’t show it often to many people, it was a nice gesture and heart-warming. If he forgot her medical background it would lead to her not being able to help if he didn’t think of her as such and it did mean a lot to her that she could try and help him, the way he spoke he didn’t seem against it. Didn’t seem like a hard process, at least externally to the feelings, it was a normal condition that most animals, including humans, engage on. The way he treated it seemed a wise choice, in her opinion it could draw attention away from him, by his own explanation, he was a young man, some young people engage in such activity, older ones too, do it wouldn’t be too hard to conceal that it was his werewolf self. The explanation he gave her about emotions getting too high, made her stare at him for a little while. “It’s not like you can control it, it’s out of your hands.” It wasn’t like he could control his body, he had said so himself, his mind wouldn’t understand wanting it to be with someone he was closer to. She wasn’t too sure how to react to his words, should she be flattered? Upset? Surprisingly she felt none of those, she was a bit curious about the situation. She smiled at Travis as he continued to explain. Liv took a sip of her drink, the way he spoke and how he mentioned certain things reminded her of past events with someone she held dear. She missed it, she missed all of it, especially the touch from the Dhampir. She didn’t think she would be that important for Travis, even with the topic at hand he seemed to be as gentle as he could about it. “I never thought you saw me as such an important person for you.” While she wanted to help Travis, that situation was one she couldn’t assist him with, it was one of the paths he would need to walk alone. The idea of romantic attraction in the whole subject was even more interesting, even if the mind couldn’t process, would the chemistry and heart? “So, aside from enhancing all the senses, does it give you a higher perception of the one you’re romantically attracted to?”
  7. They have reached a compromise, which it was fine doing so, she knew that if the situations were reversed, he would probably have the same reaction she did. She still couldn’t get upset at him, especially after he held and kissed her hands, now how could she possibly slap him for being reckless? She smiled at him when he mentioned the blanket, it sounded like a great plan, they would be warm and comfortable. Oliva was most likely making things worse, it should be a topic that should be dropped. There could be a time in the future where he doesn’t feel the way he does, it might seem impossible for how he was reacting and for a brief moment it seemed as if he was going to give in to his anger, but he calmed down. That was some formal way to call her, if they were in school perhaps would have been something she would request to be called, but in their situation? He didn’t need to resort to such a formal way of addressing her. “I plan to be permanent, even with you in Egypt? I can even visit during a school break.” She hoped he’d write and with a little luck, she could visit him. “I know it isn’t, but the self-control you have is commendable.” Not everything was perfect, but it wasn’t easy having such self-control, he only lost it completely when the wolf was in control. After she regained full control of the emotions, she was finally able to listen whatever Travis was saying, before that it would be nearly impossible reaching her. She looked at him and tried not to laugh. “I don’t want to burn your house down Travis, with you in it.” she understood she had to learn how to control these impulses of anger, and talking with someone would help alleviate the feeling, or at least it wouldn’t burn with such rage. She smiled at him as his hand trailed from her hair to her cheek. “I would like to try out, that way you know. Is it fireproof?” she tried to joke a little, even if there was nothing to joke about. Did she really want to tell him what she wanted to do to her friend? She hardly thought it would be something to say at the dinner table, but the more time she spent with him the more her emotions came to the surface easily. “We decided we’d talk after dinner, sorry, things got slightly out of control.” She watched as he walked towards his seat. She picked her fork to slowly start eating, she shouldn’t get angry like that. “You know, you don’t need to make anything, to make sure I stay.” It sounded as if he was scared of losing her, but depending on her, she wouldn’t leave him, at least wouldn’t leave without saying a word, she will not commit the same mistake twice. “Yes, it bothers me, it might scar but with proper care, they won’t hurt as much and will heal properly.” She was annoying whenever someone she cared for got hurt and she was determined to lend a hand, if he let her, and in a way, it was for her, the thought that he’d be injured, regardless of being a werewolf or not wasn’t something she was fond of, especially on someone she cared. Using her own line on her was just cheating, but there was no point in arguing about it. “I understand what you mean, it’s simple biology, but that affinity thing has me intrigued, it’s like having a friend with benefits sort of way?” It felt a bit strange at first mentioning the topic, but it was a perfectly normal activity for most species and there was nothing to be ashamed about. She continued to eat before as he spoke. “What do you mean by emotions too high? Like your feelings…” she started to talk until the full length of his words hit her. Someone like her? What did he mean someone like her? Liv stared at him fork halfway to her mouth which was open in surprise still thinking about his words. She wasn’t expecting such statement, but if she tried to follow his line of reasoning perhaps, she would see the"e reason why it would be someone like her. He probably didn’t mean her but someone similar to her, a close friend. “So…a … hmm … a close friend?” She put the fork down and stared at Travis. “Sorry I was not expecting that the words ‘someone like you’ were going to leave your mouth.” While she knew how he felt about her, she was almost certain it had very little to do with what he was talking about, it was most likely because of how close they were as friends, and it seemed he considered her part of his pack, whatever it meant it was most likely something extremely important. “But it has to be someone who you care for, someone you’re connected with?”
  8. There was no way to win this conversation with Travis, either he promised her and eventually would break the promise, since it was one impossible to keep in his future line of work, or he would just continue to say whatever he was saying. “Just be careful.” It was the only thing she could tell him to do. She would always be worried about him, knowing what could happen, and knowing the type of work he’d be doing, but one thing was certain she didn’t want to make him promise something it would be impossible to keep. She wasn’t exactly an open book, which meant she understood how hard it could be to express certain feelings to someone, she just hopped it would be easy for her as well. She wasn’t that hard to understand, or so she thought. She hadn’t seen Travis as someone who would want to cuddle their friends, but she wasn’t against some warm contact, she tried not to give it away too often, not even to those who used to be closer, but she enjoyed it. “I don’t see why not.” There were a time and place for everything, and that meant that Travis probably wasn’t ready to know, or maybe, it should always be kept a secret from him, sometimes things are too hard to let go and there’s always something trying to pull a person back into the destructive path they were on. “That probably means you’re not ready to know.” Her arm continued to soft rub his back as her head remained supported on him. “I like having you around too.” If she hadn’t, would she have done so many unconventional things? Probably minor activities, nothing like the one they had engaged earlier and clearly not the one they were doing now. The question should be why wouldn’t she have some confidence in him? Perhaps Travis was just not used to such a thing, it didn’t quite matter, it wasn’t going to change her opinion of him. “I don’t know how it makes you feel either, but why would it ruin your plans? It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone, I’m not a teacher, I’m just a random school staff member.” She was nothing but the nurse, she wasn’t going to ruin his plans if he wanted to continue to be average. “There are many things, for insistence, you’re always trying to stay in control considering your situation, you’re scared of hurting others, containing your strength is not easy, I’ve seen a few who actually enjoy using their full strength regardless of who they are dealing with, and that’s just the surface of it.” it seemed that he didn’t think too much of himself, while sometimes it was good to keep a person grounded, it was also good to let them know everything good about them. There was a difference, or at least she thought there was a difference between them, but she couldn’t ignore what he was saying, a simple thought of someone crossed her mind, the pain and suffering flooded Liv, she kept it together for the sake of the conversation, but her mind couldn’t stop replaying the past events and the explanation that was given to her, she was not only heartbroken and distraught, she was angry, but as she noticed him looking at her it was like the feelings went back into hiding. She picked her own fork to start eating. Liv didn’t want to lose anyone, but now he was the one giving her the conversation. “I know what you mean, just … last time I got upset I almost burnt down an apartment, and my friend who tried to help you have no idea what I wanted to do…and she was the only innocent part in all of it.” Travis was probably the best person to understand how it works, whenever a person gets angry and can only see red. Travis was right about everything he was saying, losing someone because a person is too scared to get too close is probably one of the deepest wounds that could exist. She remained calm, it was best not to let the emotions flow, especially those that can cause a certain degree of damage. It was best if they kept it simple. “You don’t look that old, but I mean it, you should have some self-care.” There were probably a few things he could apply to help him, maybe it will, maybe it won’t, she didn’t know how much it took to transform. His wounds were something that it was impossible to escape, either from him or from others. “They might heal fast enough, but they still need time to heal and some help never hurt anyone, but if you do get out of hand, I have a few tricks. If you think that’s going to keep me away, you’re wrong.” She smiled at Travis, she understood what he was trying to tell her, it would be dangerous, but there were always ways, the only way she wouldn’t come as if he told her he didn’t want her there. “What are your reasons? If you don’t mind telling me.” She stared at him as she continued to eat, she didn’t care about other people’s reasoning, she was concerned about him. “But it’s not everything I can or want to. Didn’t we just come to the conclusion that we’re friends? And I do plan on sticking around.” She gave him a soft smile. She meant it, unless he wanted her out of there she wasn’t going anywhere, and even if she did she would always remain in the sidelines trying to give some sort of support, it was a path he needed to travel, certain obstacles he needed to conquer them alone, but there were no rules about having some support.
  9. It seemed to be impossible to get mad at him at that moment. She understood it was hard to say with certainty that he wouldn’t get hurt, no one would want to get hurt on purpose, at least not someone who was fully aware of their mental capacity. “You can’t actively promise that, but I’ll take it.” she knew very well that sometimes life takes a turn and people see themselves in situations they thought they would never find themselves, and that they would do things that they never thought they would do, she experienced that, and, even if she didn’t want to Travis to get hurt, she had to let him do what he thought he should do. It was hard understanding someone to such a degree, it wasn’t impossible. To Oliva was a matter of being in sync, some people are naturally attracted to others, either by consciously or unconsciously. She doesn’t expect to understand Travis like that, but just enough to be able to be a better friend. “Something like that, but only if you want. After dinner sounds like a great idea to let things out.” Trying not to make things gloomier, it would be best if they leave the deep feelings alone for a while. He seemed that he wasn’t even sure if he should search for the questions. “Maybe one day, I can always go with you, if you need extra help.” It was probably a long path that he should walk alone, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t rest with friends to recharge. She leaned her head on his arm as her hand continued to try and comfort him. “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on letting my lungs run out of air, at least not in the near future.” If he meant that she should die, she clearly wasn’t planning on it, she planned on continuing to annoy him for more than a decade if he wouldn’t mind. She retracted her head and hand from his arm and back, respectively and looked at him. “I have a good feeling about it. You’re not stupid, you have skill and you work hard, I’m sure you’ll be great at it.” she probably shouldn’t be placing such confidence in someone, but she was, and she was pretty sure that Travis was going to make it. “You’re the one that should be proud of yourself, but I’m already proud.” Mostly because he was able to open up to her, she wasn’t sure if it was helping him heal, but there seemed to be a lot of negative feelings accumulated, feelings that he needed to express, her on the other hand, was a hypocrite, unable to do the same, even if their cases were very different. Olivia watched Travis as he spoke, a smile formed on her lips. “If people get to close, they get burn, you know I don’t want that.” One of Liv’s greatest fears is to lose control over herself, which was probably the same fear most people held but to have someone saying they’d try to get her out of it scared her even more, not out of fear of getting closer, but the fear of losing someone dear to her, because, he was right, they do make a pretty good team. “We do.” She watched him with a smile on her lips as he spoke. He was right, he hadn’t cooked for anyone but themselves that night, but to think she was his concern and focus was perhaps a bit different, but only made her smile grow wider. She was going to speak but simply decided to enjoy the moment while she thought of him as she always did, despite him thinking otherwise. Olivia wasn’t a great cook, she managed, in other words, if she was ever left alone, she wouldn’t starve, besides, she could always order food. She watched his actions and how he revealed the scars, she tried her best not just to get up of her seat to inspect the wounds, but she would have other times to do so. “I mean, your skin, stretches…you should tend to it…not just the wounds.” She spoke softly reaching out her hand in his direction. “You should avoid school after the transformations but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for yourself, you should have someone look at the wounds, magical or not it doesn’t matter. If you want, I can stop by.” Something she couldn’t assist him with, but she could certainly try to help him with everything else. “I can’t help you with that, but I can try and help with everything else, and I can at least be here for you.” She looked at him with a gentle smile.
  10. It seemed to be impossible trying to show that she wasn’t amused with him getting hurt, she simply couldn’t by the way he was talking about things. She stared at Travis. “I guess I am, just no life-threatening situations because if I heal you back, I will put you in the same condition before I healed you.” That probably wasn’t going to help much, she would heal him, probably slap him and be mad at him for a few minutes before going back to normal. She looked up at the young man, he didn’t seem to oppose to any of that. “We can’t truly understand a person, not really, there are too many variables, but we can understand enough to place ourselves in that person shoes.” It would help with understanding and accepting certain positions, she didn’t just want to accept and leave it at that, what made a person act the way they act is equally important, the emotions behind it are as well. “We grow every day every year, we change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst, but we grow. I don’t need you to tell me what you don’t know, just how it makes you feel, but it’s an open path, both ways, just want you to know that.” She didn’t want him to think that he would be only giving and not receiving, she was willing to travel through the same path as he was. It seemed to have a different feeling in the air, the way he talked about his father. Liv put her hand on his back and rubbed it a little, she didn’t mean to pull such memories from him. There were several types of heroes, there was no point in telling him that right now. It couldn’t have been easier for him, at such a young age. “The curiosity is not pointless Travis, it never is.” But perhaps it shouldn’t be something he should poke around, but it was up to him, and if it was something he desired as much as she did in wanting to find her parents then she’d have to accept that and help him if he required. “It goes for you too, it’s not just a one-way path.” There he was again, talking about getting hurt. She knew it was a possibility, she just didn’t like it very much, but all she could do is annoying him long enough for him to be careful. “I’d like that.” She smiled at Travis. Offering his help meant a lot, not just for her but for the students that might find themselves in a tougher situation. “You’ll be a great curse breaker.” She commented as she thought about what he had said earlier. It would be great to have someone like that assist her in some cases. She didn’t want him to follow her blindly, but she appreciated the gesture. Her hand rose to grab his, and she kept his hand in hers for a while. “I would very much want you to ask me because if I am planning something reckless, I don’t want to just do it and drag you along with me to certain failure.” Even she had the notion that she was prone to make mistakes, put others in danger along with herself if that was the case, she wanted someone to ask her about it, to make her see the light if whatever she was doing was wrong. Even trying to see if the stories were right had a certain danger to it, but that’s just something they both seemed to be on board. “We will make a great team.” Telling her not to worry was like telling a bird not to fly. She knew it was just the two of them, and outside school her life was private, she didn’t have to abide by the rules of the school or the etiquette that came with being a professional, in a way it was quite liberating. But somehow, she was still worried about it. “I’m not the only one that worked hard you know?” she continued to circle the table slowly. She sat down and looked at Travis as she began explaining how he learned how to cook. It took her a while to pick a fork, she was more interested in hearing what he was saying. “I have to admit this puts my own cooking to shame.” She could guess that it wasn’t easy keeping up, being a werewolf probably burnt a lot more calories than anyone else. “What do you do between transformations I mean? Right after them, something to help with the skin or just, you sort of let it go?”
  11. How could Olivia not feel anything for May? Despite everything that had happened, and the fact that she no longer felt anything romantic towards the woman, didn’t mean she wanted her dead, it was a conflict of feelings, it was Olivia’s love for May that kept her from unleashing her anger, not a romantic love, the sort of love that lingers between close friends. Olivia followed May quietly to the living room, there were so many things Liv wanted to tell May, or better yet, yell at her, but at the same time there were other things that Liv would want to do to May, things that for the time being would have to wait, there was also the possibility of not happening, only if May did something else that would throw Olivia’s humanity out the window for a brief moment. Liv sat on the couch, put one leg over the other and crossed her arms, all she wanted was an answer, she wasn’t sure if it was going to be a lie or not, but she owed May the benefit of a doubt. “How about starting at the beginning?” Liv’s words had a bit of anger to them, the anger she was trying to control, it wasn’t easy but for now, she was managing it. Typical, May trying to save the day when there was nothing to be saved in the first place, even if May was in danger, why didn’t she trust Olivia to help? “And you just decide to leave, like that? Do you have the idea that you probably caused more harm than the one you were trying to avoid?” Liv didn’t know what had happened, but whatever it was she would have wished that May had believed in her, that she would have trusted her. “I could have helped, at least I knew you were alive, I’m not some fragile flower that needs protection.”
  12. Liv rose her head to look at Diana. Was the blonde doubting Liv’s words? Why would she even think such a thing? Liv had a short moment to control her anger, it wasn’t Diana’s fault, she was just trying to be a good friend, Liv shouldn’t be mad at her, she asked out of concern and not because she was doubting her. Liv took a deep breath to control her anger and closed her eyes for a brief moment before looking up at her friend. “Yes, I’m sure, you don’t need to worry.” Liv could always call her aunt, the older veela always knew what to do and what to say, it was amazing how the woman could control herself easily. “I will call my aunt…she’ll know what I should do to all of these things…” she looked around until her eyes landed on Diana again. “I don’t want to eat anything, I’m not hungry, not now.” She would have to eat eventually but it wasn’t going to be that day, or probably the next day, Liv just wanted to be left alone, not have people ask her questions, or even have people next to her, everything was getting hard to control. “Maybe tomorrow…” she finally spoke, there wasn’t much to say in that situation, maybe Liv should skip a few days of classes, she didn’t want to burn anyone alive or to be expelled for attempted murder. “I think I’m going to call my aunt…” she got up to call the older veela, Diana couldn’t do anything unless she could turn back time to prevent May from leaving.
  13. She somehow understood how he felt, she would probably do the same. It would depend on the situation, but in most cases, she would do the same, she would do whatever it took to save others she cared for. “You’re too important too, so how can I let you get hurt? But you listen to me, if you do, I will hurt you.” She probably wouldn’t have the courage to hurt Travis if he got burnt, it all depended on the gravity of things and how hard it would be to heal him back, even if his own situation would help the healing process, it was still a painful moment. There were too many variables that they needed to consider, even if someone was closed to other’s opinions, the simple fact of listening to them, or even growing closer to someone could be a breaking point, a way to reach the person’s subconscious. She nodded at him before watching his expression. “Oh no, I don’t mean like that silly.” He had told her most things, but it was a matter of perception of the person he is that she wanted to grasp, not events, talking in the Hospital Wing was always complicated, someone could always interrupt them, it was harder to see Travis beyond what he told her. “I mean, the person behind it all. You know, I don’t want to just know more of you, I also want to understand, not just accept. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I don’t think I understand much, and I want to change that.” It didn’t matter what she knew if she couldn’t understand there was no point in knowing much. She never really wondered about her parents, not much at least she knew everything she wanted to know from her aunt, except the reason why they shipped her off to Australia. She could assume why it was that probably they were afraid of something and her aunt would have a better chance at raising her, but it was all a speculation, no real information about it. “You’re always trying to be a hero.” She said trying to joke with the situation, but he did have a predisposition to be a hero. “But I think the only question I really want to know is why, just pure curiosity, why they sent me here.” Whatever their reason was had to be a valid one, for what she knew they weren’t the type of people to just do something like that. “But on the bright side, at least I have a friend with me.” A laugh escaped her lips as she looked at Travis. She meant what she was saying, of everyone she knew and was friends with so far, Travis had been the one that she somehow felt more comfortable around. “Then it’s settled, we’re traveling companions, maybe I even get to learn a few tricks in my field, who knows, maybe you’ll need them too.” Dealing with curses was harder than to deal with injured people, although sometimes curses did lead to injuries, it would probably give Travis some advantage. “Travis…” she called out his name as she continued to poke his side. “I don’t think I can see you as someone who I don’t want around.” She poked him one more time before leaning on the counter. “I won’t leave.” She tried to reassure him. She had left once, but she returned, there was no excuse for what she had done. “Well, if I leave, I guess I’ll have to take you with me.” She peaked on what he was doing. Surprisingly Travis wasn’t joking, he seemed to be a decent cook, well, he was far better than decent, maybe a job of a curse breaker would be wasted on him. “Listening together, talking and sharing, I mean, it’ll be great you’ll see. Maybe even do some more traveling to see whatever was told is real, if it’s interesting enough to explore.” Liv pulled away from the counter as she watched Travis serving the food. The choice she had to make was hard. “It’s odd because you’re a minor and I don’t want to be blamed for what might happen if you get too carried away.” It was the only thing that made the situation awkward, at the eyes of the law he was still a minor. “But whatever you want, I’m not picky.” She moved to the table and circled it slowly. “So, you need to tell me the story of how you learned to cook, cookbook? Television? Oh oh, internet videos?”
  14. The way he had put it when they spoke about the chase was all about him winning, she had to admit it was a genius move on his end, it would allow him to get what he wanted and she just fell for it like it was her first time making a bet, but she can’t say she lost, it was always a win-win situation for both of them. But the situation did end up alright, amusing if she had to describe it. She stared at him with an amused expression, he had tricked her, she didn’t mind, it was even more fun this way. Curse breakers had it hard and they trained to achieve what they are supposed to, but they were no firefighters, technically they didn’t have to deal with actual fire, even if curses were metaphorical fires and possibly way more dangerous, they could be easier to contain into a location, a fire was slightly harder. “Honestly, that’s what worries me, you running in after me.” She couldn’t hide her discomfort in knowing he could be injured. “But you won’t listen to me, you’re persistent like that. Be sure you tread carefully because if you get burnt, I will hurt you.” She said jokingly, as she stared at him, but she would hurt him whenever he got better from the burns. She stared at him a bit confused, she always tried to nurture the best in people and never the worst, the worst could never be good, however, it depended on what people considered to be good and bad about someone. But certain bad actions could lead to something good and vice versa; she wondered if he was talking from experience was it was because of what he planned to do, whatever it was much have crossed his mind several times. “Sometimes, even when you’re not completely open, there’s always something in you that makes you wonder.” It wasn’t a straight answer to anything. Even when one isn’t completely receptive there are certain things that change, mostly how things are perceived, or at least she would like to believe that. “But I want to know, might give me a better insight on you.” “I don’t know why it crossed my mind, you just…you have that vibe that when you want something, or you care for someone you’d just go for it head-on. That’s stupid but sweet.” Perhaps wasn’t something Travis was used to listening to, but the way he spoke and acted he seemed the type of friend that would do anything for those he cherishes, even wanting to be with her if she finds them. She smiled at him as she saw his own. “I don’t mind that you’re the one that got attached, I think I could hardly find anyone better.” She didn’t mind Travis, she enjoyed spending some time with him, even if his wolfish nature was slightly different from what she was used to, it wasn’t bad or something she would want to avoid if anything it was something she wouldn’t mind getting to know better. “After our trip to Egypt I won’t see myself traveling with anyone that isn’t you, you’ll be my traveling companion.” Olivia wasn’t sure what to even say to Travis, did he enjoy spending so much time with her? She smiled in his direction as he strained the pasta. “I hope that person doesn’t disappoint.” She knew at some point there would be far more interesting people than her, those were the people he should meet, they could help Travis in ways Liv probably couldn’t. “I mean people that hold some knowledge about other things.” She spoke playfully poking the side of his torso, almost like she was trying to tickle him. “But I suppose we can listen to them together; four ears are better than two.”
  15. She laughed as he spoke about the apron, whenever she caught fire, she was indeed too hot to handle, and the worst was that she should be handled with care. It had been a while since her activities involved no one but herself and a good book, she was surprised that she was able to find someone who she could consider a friend, at least in the student body, most students wouldn’t want to hang out with the nurse, but then again most students didn’t seem to be as mature as Travis. He was sure that he was going to enjoy it as long as she was with him? That was what she called having faith in a person. She doesn’t that special that would make anything memorable, or easily enjoyable, but she couldn’t wait to see how it would go with them, she was sure she was going to treasure the memory, as much as she was going to treasure their game of tag previous that day, perhaps even more. Liv nodded at Travis, she was planning on winning a few times and she was also planning in rubbing it in his face. “That’s not fair.” She smiled looking at him. At least Travis wouldn’t feel bad about losing and having her gloat. She pushed Travis with her hand in a playful manner, she would try to fix him if he got injured, it wasn’t just her job, but he was also her friend. “You’re not a firefighter to put yourself in danger like that.” Even if she appreciated the thought, she would most likely do the same to those she held dear, she would do anything to help them, protect them and walk with them, if they let her and wanted her. Liv didn’t like to leave those she loved behind, but sometimes people had their own paths to walk and needed to do it alone. Liv began to smile. Calling her a Disney Princess was too much. Her actions also gave her some satisfaction, it wasn’t just about the others, if she didn’t enjoy what she did she would have tried something else, probably would still want to help others. “I suppose, I mean, if I didn’t have my aunt, I’d probably wouldn’t be me.” She shrugged before continuing what she was doing. “Veela’s temperament is hard to control, if my aunt hadn’t raised me, I wouldn’t be here, sometimes all you need is someone to take a chance and do something nice.” Olivia would like to help others in a similar way her aunt had helped her, if not by now Olivia would probably have done some damage thanks to her veela heritage. As much as she appreciated the thought, she couldn’t have Travis do such a thing, he had things to do, things to learn and it was her own situation to take care of, she shouldn’t bother himself with it, the same way there was another variable, they could be dead already and searching would be just a waste of time. “As much as I wouldn’t ...” She started but he was a quitter. Liv listened quietly as he spoke before putting her hand on his shoulder. She smiled at him as he continued to talk. Liv would love to find her parents, but after not finding them she didn’t have much hope of ever meeting them, she would have to rely on her aunt’s photographs of them. He spoke so fast that she didn’t even have a chance to say anything. The way he spoke it seemed like she had done some grand, it someone filled her heart with a certain joy knowing that Travis was now focused on himself. “You know…there’s a chance they are dead already.” She finally spoke, but this time she didn’t seem to want to stop him, she was more agreeing with his position and wanted to continue her search. “But it has to be we, not just you, and not just me.” Her smile grew as she stared at Travis. “You’re still stubborn, well, persistent, it’s a good trait.” Liv put the knife down on the counter. The chicken was already ready for them to cook, but there were a few things that needed to be said. “But first, you need to go to Egypt, learn what you got to learn, and then I suppose we can both go. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some more interesting people along the way.”
Olivia Teagarden
School Nurse 0
25 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age:  25
Date of Birth: January 1st, 1994
Birthplace: Italy
Occupation: School Nurse
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Veela
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Patronus: Sparrowhawk
Wand: Beech 10’’ Phoenix quite bendy flexibility
Play-by: Emilia Clarke

Homeschool: 4-10 years old

Tallygarunga: 11-17 years old (Bourke House)

VMU: 18- 22 years old 


• Metamorphmagus (from her father)

• Animagus: Sparrowhawk

• Dangerous when provoked

• Half-veela (or at least she tries to keep it a secret)

• Traveled to several places where she learned new tricks

• Has a slight obsession with fire

• Loves thunderstorms

• Likes to dance in the rain

General Knowledge

• Good with plants

• Proficient in:




Defense against the dark arts

Wandless magic

• Kind

• Ex-Tally student and former quidditch player for the Bourke house


Ollie is a somewhat nice and kind person. It’s not easy to make her angry, but it’s quite easy to upset her, especially if she feels betrayed by someone. Olivia is fairy trusting, except when it comes to the fact that she’s a half-veela and an metamorphmagus. She believes most people deserve a second chance and is willing to give them, if she can. She likes to help people, family and friends are everything to her and she will do mostly everything for them, whatever they need she will be there, unless it becomes physically impossible for her.

However, one shouldn’t take advantage of Olivia and mistake her kindness for weakness, no matter how loyal and trusting she is she doesn’t like when others take advantage of her and once that trust is broken hardly can go back to the way it was. It’s difficult to anger her but it can be achieved, especially seeing those she cares in danger. When anger she can be dangerous, unpredictable and violent.

She likes sports and physical activity, which is why she was part of the quidditch team while in Tally and also played a little as a university student, only to quit due to incompatibility with classes. Despite of her work she not only enjoys a good quidditch match she also likes to stay active and excercise from time to time.

Olivia isn’t without some negative aspects, she’s stubborn, whenever she needs to tells something that will hurt a person she can’t find a better way to say things so she will be blunt about it. She’s very direct and often speaks her mind, having little or no filter, which is why she often keeps her mouth shut, but can tell when he has hurt someone, which makes her feel bad.

She likes company and has a slight addiction to fire. Due to her vela heritage she tries her best not to call people’s attention and tries to blend in, but sometimes it's not easy.



Olivia has the average heigh of 160cm. 

She was born with black hair, however as days passed after her birth her hair turned light and lighter until it became almost white, due to her ability she can change hair color at will, which makes people wonder how many times she can dye her hair in a week.  Nowadays is almost impossible to know which is her real hair color. Her iris is slightly grey, gaing a bit of a blue color as it reaches the edges. She has pale and soft skin , however she doesn't get easily burn.


Being the only child of a veela and a human wizard wasn't an easy life. Her parents were living in Italy when she was born and at first things were good, then things got bad, she was shipped off to her aunt in Australia when she was four years old, her parents remained in Italy and for the first years she received several calls and several letters from them, until one day they were non-existent.

She was home-schooled since she got to Australia by her aunt which helped her develop her abilities, it was only then that they discovered that Olivia had got her father's metamorphmagus ability. Her life wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was very simple and uninteresting, except for a few events. Her aunt, who had to control everything helped Olivia control her emotions, especially anger since she was a quick-tempered child, luckily, anger was relatively under control.

When she was old enough, she enroled into Tally and got sorted into Bourke. Many of the classes she was taken she already had the basic understanding, which was easy to pass. She made a few friends over the years in Tally, but always tried to keep a certain distance, who knew, one day she could get angry and snap at them, so kept the fact that she was a half-veela and a metamorphmagus a secret. She also signed up for the quidditch team and became a chaser. On her senior year in Tally she became the team’s captain.

Once she graduated from Tally she became a VMU student. She decided to pursue the studies in healing, hoping to one day become a nurse. After four years of attending VMU she applied to a job in Italy, hoping to find her parents, but her search was unsuccessful as she ended up traveling from place to place. After spending two months in Italy she moved to Bulgaria, where she remained only a month, her travels continued as she found herself in Israel, spending four months in the country.

After Israel she visited Uganda, being a temporary nurse at the Wizarding School for six months, where she performed the animagus spell, being able to turn into a sparrowhawk, the same animal her patronus is, however it's something she doesn't do often. Leaving Uganda, she moved to India, where she stayed for another six months before returning home, taking the position of school nurse in Tally prior to the end of 2018 school year.

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