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  1. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    She was confident she could take care of the cats, and they would be in good hands. She had considered in getting a pet, not how she expected to get one and they were Travis’ so it would be temporary, but she was going to have plenty of fun with them. The tone of the conversation shifted when he declined her offer. She understood the implications of having him with her and while she was willing to take that chance, she could see that he wasn’t. “I know it won’t feel bad about breaking into my house, and probably dispel all the protective shields I have…” if there was one thing she had learnt from travelling was to always put up shields and wards around a place to sleep and rest, whatever rested in the shadows wasn’t going to be courteous enough to knock on the door. “You’re not a wild animal. At least stop by for some hot food, maybe a shower, clean clothes, sometimes a soft bed, I don’t think I’ll be in that much danger, at least not yet, it’s too soon.” She understood his concerns, but she was also concerned about him. “You can’t do this alone.” It wouldn’t be the first time that Liv would face a werewolf, but she wasn’t proficient, and she could understand his worried about her safety. If she was him, she would have done the exact same thing. “Just … at least consider it. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be here for you, if you ever need me, text me, combination to let you through the wards at my house are simple, and you can just use magic to open the door. It will always be open for you.” She couldn’t force him, but she could give him an option. He was right, it wasn’t a fair question, but she knew he would do for her exactly what she’d do for him. “I know it’s not Travis and call me stubborn but the safety you want for those you care for is the same I want for you. Your words won’t change any of that, me knowing the danger won’t change it either.” She couldn’t understand his position, but he couldn’t understand hers. She had always been in the side lines, people disappeared from her life and she was never able to do anything about it, the feeling of loss was terrible, but the feeling of uncertainty was worse. She smiled at his words, how could she? “I wouldn’t dodge you even if I had met you right now. It wouldn’t have made me change my mind.” She was stubborn, she believed in people, everyone made mistakes, everyone deserved a chance to change and a chance to be better than they already were, people needed the opportunity to grow. “You need to be more kind to yourself.” A wise choice of words, if she would follow them, but Travis didn’t need to know about that piece of information, or maybe he had already figured it out. “One bad thing doesn’t make the whole experience bad.” she wasn’t sure if she could get her point across. Travis wasn’t kind towards himself, he was harsh and the perception he had of himself was mostly bad, or it seemed that way. “Me being in danger isn’t your fault, you didn’t cause this, you didn’t start this, you’re not the one trying to do anything.” The way she saw it, he was as much of a victim as everyone else, and yet he only blamed himself for everything that had happened. “You taught me how to open up again, that’s good. You spent many hours with me, they were all amazing, I loved every minute of it. We don’t always agree, and that’s alright, but even our little arguments were a teaching moment, not bad, not good, they were great.” If only he could see things from her perspective, he could never see things her way, because he was living with it, but she was on the outside, she wasn’t as hard on him as he was. “You don’t have to. All my time with you was great, great experiences, great moments. I don’t have anything bad to say about you.” She had to say it again, and again, until he realizes she’s not lying or trying to make him feel better, or even delusional, her perception of him was entirely different from the one he had. ”You see yourself as a werewolf, I see the werewolf, but I also see what’s underneath the rough and scary exterior. You’re more than just fangs, and don’t let society tell you you’re a monster. I’ve seen you, you’re more kind than most humans, they are the monsters, not you.” In this moment her words probably didn’t mean much to Travis, but she hoped one day he could see what she meant. “Regardless of everything, I’ll always be here for you. I’m not going away willingly, even if you push me back, I’ll be an octopus on your face.” She had used the same statement before, and while she preferred to be the song stuck in his head, in this case she wouldn’t mind being both the song and the octopus.
  2. Invite Alliance of Protec

    He was more interesting and fun than he gave himself credit for and he was a great person, she had however to stop with the compliments for the night, she had to store them in order to catch Cole off guard another day. If they were going to meet more often, now that he was in Narrie she had to come up with ways to catch him by surprise, while they were all true it was always nice to see how some people just shy away from them, clearly they needed to be complimented more often. “Oh no! You have uncovered by evil master plan.” She joked at his statement. Was she trying to slip out challenges? Yes, she was, it had been a while since she had someone to play games with and playing them with a friend was always better than to do it with an acquaintance. “Good then.” If he didn’t mind waiting, and if he could take that time for a walk around the school, even better. “Yeah, Quidditch is … still the only sport Wizards seem to fanatic about.” She wasn’t so much a fan of the players, or watching others play, but when she was on that pitch, that was what made it all worth it. “If you want to avoid people, I know the perfect thing for you. It’s a sort of I’m here but I’m not spell.” She had yet to try it, but she knew how to perform it, but it did have a few if’s. She shook her head in disappointment. “Come on, I’m pretty sure a few ladies and maybe even some men were impressed, and I think some might agree.” Was Cole handsome? Maybe not the words she would use to describe him, but he was good looking. Appearances were subjective, they varied. “Are you saying you don’t think you’re handsome?” she decided to tease him a little bit, unsuspected that it was something that could be turned against her without her even realizing it. After the dare and sitting back, she drank the other shots she was supposed to as Cole complimented her. He hasn’t seen anything. “She was probably intimidated by my swift hand.” She joked, looking back at the woman who didn’t seem to bother about Liv. But now, now was her turn to tell him what his dare was. She looked around the bar and looked at some people. “Cocky, are we? I dare you to go over that table with those three ladies and get their phone numbers.” An easy task, she knew he could ace it, or at least she was expecting that, she just wanted to poke fun at him if he succeeds. “Oh, and when you’re done, I go dare, again.”
  3. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    Olivia knew her emotions were getting out of hand, maybe it was too soon to talk about that, or maybe it was something too close to her. She really needed that rage room that Travis had once suggested, she needed to let it all out, but she hopped that if she didn’t, if she held it in it would be much better, but it clearly wasn’t. Olivia just needed to calm down, read between the lines and not take everything so literal, or at least try to understand May’s position, which wasn’t easy in her situation. Liv looked at May and stopped when the Dhampir asked her to, she had forgotten that May couldn’t handle high temperatures too well and at that moment Liv was boiling, even more after their conversation, anyone that was cold could easily go to the Hospital Wing to warm up. She tried to calm down, which she sort of managed as May started to talk. If May wasn’t there for the damn plant, then why was she there? She was so confused at that Dhampir’s words, she really had no idea why May was there, unless she was accepting Liv’s invitation to go out to have lunch? Could it be it? Maybe, maybe not, but that wasn’t a good day for such a thing, at least not when they started their little interaction with May ask her for Wolfsbane, the only thing Liv would give her was the name of the supplier. It sounded as May was more concerned of Liv getting in the way than anything else, as much emotional as Liv was, she could distinguish when to lash out and when not to. It was hard but Liv could only talk about herself, how she could contain her emotions, lock them inside and wait patiently, she could speak for anyone else, she knew she could, if she couldn’t there was no way May would still be alive, especially after their first interaction in years. “You’re still alive May. I didn’t burn you or your house down, have I?” Olivia spoke, in a bitter tone, almost as her sweetness had faded, had turned into poison. “I can’t talk for him, I can’t control him either, but I don’t plan on killing anyone, but I also don’t want anyone to be killed.” Liv barely had the stomach to do it, if she was being attacked and t was the only solution? She probably would immobilize and spare someone’s life, she didn’t have it in her. “I don’t think we understood what I meant, what I wanted in the first place.”
  4. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    Liv was curious to know if the ministry planned to go after the boy, it was a genuine concern, she knew that May probably couldn’t tell her anything, she understood that, but May had to understand that it wasn’t easy for Liv, she was a mere spectator who was worried about someone. Couldn’t May understand that? Wouldn’t she have done the same if it was Liv in her shoes? She couldn’t go act all high and mighty when she would have done the same or worse, but Olivia wasn’t going to hold that against May, she knew the Dhampir meant to harm to her or the boy, she couldn’t’ shake off the feeling of uselessness by just being there, without being able to do something. “You only came to me to ask for Wolfsbane, if I hadn’t asked would you have told me the reason of it in the first place?” May was secretive, she probably wouldn’t have given Liv the information on her own free will if the half-veela hadn’t asked, Liv also assumed May was acting on her own, she wouldn’t have gone to ask for something so specific, which made Liv assume that was the only reason May had gone there. Liv was thorn, on one hand she wanted things to workout with May but on the other hand she wasn’t sure she could trust May completely, which was the main reason why she wanted to tag along. “Are you against me going or the boy? Or both?” Liv lacked May’s hunting skills, but Liv wasn’t stupid, and she was far more resourceful than what the Dhampir gave her credit for. “I’m surprised you didn’t learn how to cage one, I sure as hell did.” Caging one tough, but not impossible if everyone did their part and knew a thing or two about werewolves. “You do know you have a better fighting chance with Silver, but I guess I’m not experienced enough to know that.” Liv said, retrieving to her desk to find the supplier’s name, if May thought she knew more she could use the wolfsbane from the supplier, if she stopped to listen to others, she could have a fighting chance. Liv wasn’t exactly being rational, but May wasn’t helping her either. Once she copied the number, she went back to May to give it to her. “You’re not the only that did this before.”
  5. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    Liv looked at May, she hopped the Dhampir wasn’t planning to go after the boy, she was smarter than that, she wasn’t just going to blindly follow the Ministry orders, if that was even an order from them, Liv wouldn’t be surprised they would order such a thing. She knew it couldn’t have been him, regardless of all the gossip and the speculation. Wolfsbane was a potent poison, before moving forward to give May what she had asked, Liv wanted some confirmation that May wasn’t going to go after Travis, and if she did want, and insisted, May would be stuck between a rock and a hard place, on one she would have to go against May to protect Travis, and if she did let her she would risk losing him. There was no winning on that one. Before she could even speak, May went ahead to assure her that she wasn’t going after the victim’s son, which in return calmed Liv. “So, you know it wasn’t him.” it wasn’t very hard to figure out, if one knew him or knew enough about him. The young half-veela looked at the Dhampir, almost like a weight have lifted off her shoulders, she no longer had a hard decision to take. “I can get you wolfsbane, with a couple of conditions.” Liv spoke, looking at May. If May thought she was going werewolf hunting alone she was mistaken, and if she thought she was going to kill it, she was mistaken as well, it wasn’t their decision to take. But before Liv could even express her conditions, May went ahead to silence the room. If they knew it wasn’t him then why were they wasting time? Typical, probably were going to say the kid did it to calm the public. “I could have told you that he didn’t do it. He couldn’t have.” it seemed she had some sort of blind faith him him, but in truth she simply knows he wouldn’t or he would have displayed that tendency around her on the many occasions they were together. “Are they planning to accuse him? Or are they finally going to finally do something about it?” May probably knew more about it than Liv did, all the nurse had was speculation and ideas about what the Ministry wanted to do about it. “Fine, I’ll get you the wolfsbane but my conditions are, I’m going too, and you don’t kill it. We trap it and it’s something that shouldn’t be decided by us.” Perhaps Liv was living a fantasy, but she hopped that May wold accept to her conditions without arguing too much. It should be Travis decision, Liv was against any form of revenge, but it wasn’t her choice to make, and if May hadn’t been instructed to do so by the Ministry then it wasn’t hers as well.
  6. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    Travis seemed to be making an effort, she could barely understand how painful it was, the anger flowing through him, even the pain, but she couldn’t let him hurt himself, knowing how werewolf injuries were. It was a surprise how the kittens could do that, she wasn’t planning on using magic near them, but it was a good thing that Travis had mention that, meant she would be extra careful with them. “I’ll be extra careful, and I’ll be careful with Sigma too. You have nothing to worry about, but you know, you can stay at my house for a while too. I have a spare bedroom.” She had some experience with pets, one or two at the time, more were probably going to create chaos, but she was confident she was going to be able to handle them. She watched Travis carefully, she could see he was still making an effort to keep calm, or as calm as one can be given the situation. Her words seemed to have caused a reaction from him, she was still deciding if it was a positive one or a negative one, but for now it was more than she had seen. She knew she could be a target, she knew it was a dangerous situation, but it wasn’t just for her, in a way, it was dangerous for him too. He was right, she shouldn’t have to fight one, but neither did he, regardless of what had happened in the past, or who was the real target. “I know I shouldn’t need to, but I still would.” She understood Travis position, he was trying to keep her away from anyone that could potentially harm her, and he was right, all it took was one hit hard enough and she’d be useless, but she wasn’t thinking about her. “I understand what you mean, I would do the same if I were you, but wouldn’t you do the same if you were me?” she couldn’t explain to him how difficult it was for her to just sit and what things unfold, without knowing if Travis would survive. “And it’d as bad as knowing you could have helped, and you did nothing.” They were walking in circles, almost like dancing and it was frustrating, but for the most part she was able to keep it controlled, knowing how painful it would be to him. “I chose this remember? When we first talk? Talking and hanging out. I knew from the start it could and that it would, be dangerous.” She just didn’t expect it would be that dangerous, but nothing that would worry her too much. She watched how he reacted towards the chair, which she didn’t even reacted to his display of anger, it was alright to be angry in that situation, at least he hadn’t tried to bring down the Hospital Wing. She approached him slowly, there was nothing she could do, he needed to let it all out, just maybe not in the school. “Your presence brought me nothing but good things. I know you’re sceptical of that, but if I knew this was going to happen, I would have still make the same choices.”
  7. Invite Alliance of Protec

    Sharing and playing games with friends, enjoying a good time was one of the best things and Liv loved it, which meant that when Cole agreed to it her smile grew as she looked at him, but it didn’t mean she was going to let him win, no, she was going to do everything to crush him in those games and then flaunt her victory playfully, ready to do her victory dance. She was a terrible winner and depending on the game she wouldn’t mind cheating a little bit, it was just a game, but she loved the sweet taste of victory more, but if she ends up losing, maybe Cole should be the one to embarrassingly do the victory dance. “So, you’re a box full of surprises?” she replied to his comment. He could be feisty all he wanted, he wasn’t going to win. “But now you need to show me how much you want victory.” She chuckled. It was hard imagining Cole like that, he looked always so calm, maybe she needed to poke the bear a bit more often to see if it reacts. The job was mostly quiet, depended on the days and on the classes that kids have. “I don’t mind at all. Well if I have work you might need to wait, but other than that it’s fine. It comes in waves you know?” she shrugged, unsure if Cole actually wanted to show up, but it would up to him, she had already invited him, he wanted he was welcomed, if he didn’t, she wasn’t going to be upset with him over something that ridiculous. “Some days are boring, and there’s nothing to do, other days it gets crowed. I can’t predict when I’ll be swamped with work, I do know after Quidditch matches it gets crowded.” He accepted the little cheat she had pulled and didn’t seem too upset about it. She watched carefully as he made his way to the bench, he wasn’t ready to chicken out, good, it seemed that she was going to have some fun tonight, more fun than she would have excepted. When he spoke the words she had told him too, she cheered him on, as support to cause a slight embarrassment to him. When he got back to his seat, she flashed a smile. “Very good, you should have seen the faces of people, I think some ladies were impressed.” Now it was her turn, the looked on his face told her she wasn’t sure if she was going to like it or not, but she was going to finish it. As he spoke, she looked towards the woman he had mentioned. “Very well.” She got from her chair and casually walked up to the woman, she wondered if she should change some of her features, but eventually decided against it. Without even greeting the woman Liv took the woman’s shot and drank it, while looking at the woman, who seemed too shocked to even say or do anything. The open eyes and confused expression gave Liv the opportunity to leave. The woman was speechless, confused and overall irritated at Liv’s actions, muttering something that it was impossible to figure out from Liv’s seat. She sat down looking at Cole, the smile on her lips told him everything he needed to know, he wasn’t going to win. “Your turn, what do you pick? Truth or dare?”
  8. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    It seemed that May had heard about the murder and that she already new the details, with the exception that Olivia new who the victim’s son was. She didn’t want to go into details about her friendship with Travis, it was nothing out of the ordinary, but it wasn’t important to the topic of the conversation, at least for now. Olivia had hoped that May was there to grab some lunch, but it didn’t seem to be the case. She watched her friend but didn’t move closer, she knew how the temperature was making May uncomfortable, perhaps it wouldn’t be a good day to catch up. The half-veela took a deep breath and continued to look at her friend. She could try to help May, if it was within her possibilities, she wouldn’t have a problem helping the young Dhampir What May wanted wasn’t exactly something that Olivia was expecting. Why did May want wolfsbane? Was she planning to hunt a werewolf? Given the recent events, Liv wouldn’t be too surprised if May was going after the werewolf herself, or was she going after Travis? It seemed like the Ministry was trying to shove everything under the rug, as always. She wouldn’t be surprised that they tried to close the case as fast as they could and end up blaming Travis, and that could be the reason why May wanted the plant. “May I ask why you want wolfsbane?” Liv asked, hoping that May would tell her the truth. She already had an idea what it was for, but she wanted the Dhampir to tell her that. “I do have some spares but … I am trying to save them.” She wasn’t going to hide the fact that all the excess wolfsbane she got was for Travis or for something for him, at least, not hide it from May.
  9. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    She couldn’t help it to feel a slight distance from Travis, whatever he was doing she couldn’t understand, but she wasn’t going to fight him, not now. She couldn’t let to wonder how he was feeling. She quietly listened to him. None of it was his fault, he couldn’t predict what was going to happen, whoever did it was the only one that could be blamed, he seemed to be focused on blaming himself. If anything, she might have had some blame in it as well, if she hadn’t spoken to him, she never tried to stop him, but during their conversations she hopped he didn’t put his life on the line. She got what she wanted, Travis was alive, but at what cost. He seemed, empty. As he closed his fists, she tried to close the gap between them, holding his hands to try to prevent him from hurting himself. It wasn’t going to be easy, but she’d take that chance. It was clear sitting wasn’t an option, not for him and the way he spoke it sounded more like a lie than the truth, but she opted to keep her mouth shut for now. He needed people, everyone needed someone, he made her realize that and now he was doing exactly what she used to do. But when his words were audible, she nodded. She could take care of Sigma and the kittens for as long as he needed her to, for as long as he wanted. “I can take care of them, don’t worry. They will be in good hands, and I’ll do my best.” But what about him? Where was he staying? Unsure if Travis was even minimally alright, she could help to notice the sound of his voice. He didn’t need to be afraid for her and why would someone go after her? As much as she had to agree with Travis that it was dangerous, did he really think she was just going to take it and walk away? Obviously, he knew that. He must know how important he is to her. “I know it’s dangerous but, I’m not going to stop being here for you because of it.” She looked at him while her head tilted a little bit, a soft yet sad smile crossed her lips as she looked at the young man. “You’re willing to give everything for those you care for, so am I, and you’re one of those people Travis. If I need to fight a werewolf, I will, and if I have to turn it to ashes you better believe that I'll do that.” It wouldn’t be the first time. If it was a surprise attack, she would be pretty much useless with the exception of some cheap tricks that could be useful to gain time to come up with a plan, but it was a bunch of cheap tricks that proved to be victorious. “You can’t go through this alone, and you shouldn’t either. I will always, but I mean, always, be here for you, no matter how dangerous it is.”
  10. Invite Alliance of Protec

    He seemed attached to his family, which was sweet, but it could also be dangerous, he did seem to have a good head. She chuckled at his words and nodded, her chuckle turning into a smile as she looked at him. She couldn’t help it, she was competitive, and it was clear to those who knew her, or at least those who had entered a competition with her. She liked to win, while it wasn’t the biggest part of the competition, and whenever she did, the glow in her eyes along with a victory dance. “I happen to have a few games in my head. Are you interested in them?” she spoke, looking at Cole curiously yet playfully. If he wanted to challenge her for more games he could, she wouldn’t say no to such a wonderful activity. “I wouldn’t say a storage space, but I do have a few games at home, mostly, muggle games.” she laughed at the situation. She used to play them regularly, but now it’s a bit hard to get a schedule that fits everyone in order to gather a group to play. Maybe she could, and should organize a playful game night, assuming everyone could attend. The words that she had spoken were true, Cole was as much of a friend as his cousin’s were, she couldn’t distinguish between them, nor favour one above the others, but it seemed that it was something that troubled him? Perhaps because he was younger. Maybe he just needed to grow without being surrounded so much by the other two, maybe it would help him get the idea out of his head. “Beaten? Me? Sorry Cole, but you’re the one that’s going down.” She spoke, her lips still forming a smile as she looked at Cole, before it slowly became smaller. “You know where to find me. If you ever feel like visiting me at Tally, I’m always on the Hospital Wing.” Maybe even after her shift, if he was still free, nothing said they couldn’t hang out for a while. “You won, you should go first obviously.” Not exactly what it meant, but she was avoiding having to go first, to see how far Cole was willing to go. It sounded like cheating, it was probably cheating, she just would prefer to go second. “Alright…dare, dare, dare….I dare you to hop on that bench and yell “I am handsome” then come back here.” Would he take? Or would he chicken out? “Oh, I go dare.”
  11. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    Liv waited until May got closer to her, but the Dhampir chose not to get too close, a wise decision. She simply couldn’t stop the emotions all around her, but she was able to at least maintain her front, like nothing was up, and technically nothing was happening with her, just to someone she cared. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to tell May, Liv was mostly honest with her feelings, depending what they were, she just preferred to focus on others than her own, besides, what could My possibly do about the situation? Was she able to turn back time? No, the time for it to happen was long gone, and even if they were able to it would be illegal. May’s question was obvious, she probably could hardly stand the temperatures. Some students even seemed to be getting hot due to proximity. Liv couldn’t do anything about it, as much as she tried to contain her anger, it seemed the more she thought about the situation, the worse it got. It was better just to not think too much about it, but with the question, she had no choice. “Well…you know the gruesome murder that happened? The son is a student…” There was no point in hiding that from May, except some of the details, she wasn’t going to tell the woman that Travis was a werewolf, even if it was pretty much common knowledge in the whole school. “His name is Travis and he comes, or used to come visit me usually, every day.” It was a friendship that was frowned upon by many, and it wasn’t something that Liv would advertise because of it could get her fired if someone decided to spread some false rumours. “We ended up become close friends. He was the reason why I went to talk to you and decided to push forward, and now I can’t do a damn thing to help him.” It just broke her heart seeing him like that, seeing how people looked and talked about one of the sweetest people she had met in that school. “But enough about what bothers me.”
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    The week had been stressful to say the least, Olivia was feeling a lot of things at the same time and was having a hard time separating the feelings from her normal self. Could one blame her though? Her closeness to the son of the victim of the recent murdered was affecting her, watching him and knowing that she couldn’t help him in any way was a heavy realization she couldn’t always help everyone. The weight of it was still heavy on her shoulders as she tried to do her job, distracted, but she was doing it. The things that probably caused her more sadness wasn’t the even in itself, it was how people reacted to it. Hour after hour hearing the gossip, only being able to tell people to stop, to be kind and to think about how what they are saying might not be the truth. Obviously, most people just argue with her, others keep quiet for a while until she turns to take care of someone else. It did hurt her, knowing how untrue the comments were, about someone who she considered to be the kindest person she knew, or one of. Liv took a deep break, wanting to continue her work, but her position shifted when she heard a familiar voice. “Yes?” Liv looked at the door with a smile, it was nice to see that May had gone to visit her. “Glad you decided to show up. Today has been a tough day.” Liv spoke. It had been a tough week, but she was trying to play it off, trying not to draw too much attention towards her worries, but it was clear that Liv was on edge, angry, upset, sad, a concoction of feelings, very hard to separate, and hard to allow anyone to continue their work, surprisingly, Liv continued working, granted, the room was more warmer than it should be, and Liv was more tired than usual, trying to keep them in check. “How are you?”
  14. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    There wasn’t much she could do, or even say to make things better, there was nothing except turn back the clock hours prior to the event to try and stop it, but one shouldn’t meddle with time, the repercussions could be far greater than the events. For the time being Olivia could only be there for him, support him and be his friend. He probably needed someone, even if he didn’t want. Her arms tighten the grip, in a somewhat protective hug as her heart rate slowly decreased, she couldn’t possibly imagine his state of mind, but knowing that he was alive was enough to remove a weight off her shoulders. She could tell he was broken, damaged and still numb over everything, which in retrospective, was as painful, if not more. He finally spoke. She didn’t need to apologize, it hadn’t been her fault, and it hadn’t been his fault either, he wasn’t the one committing such gruesome crime. Her arms loosen, letting Travis go, continuing to hold the young man wasn’t going to do anything, and it seemed to be comforting her more than it was comforting him. “No, it wasn’t your fault Travis.” He wasn’t careless, it wasn’t his responsibility to begin with. “You’re not the one who did it, and it wasn’t your responsibility.” If anything, it had been the perpetrator for the crime that was to blame, the inertia of the Ministry to protect halfbreeds and their families. Her hand ran through his arm slowly as she looked up at him. The light in his eyes was gone, he seemed lost, distant, probably the reality of the situation hadn’t settled and when it did, he was going to need some support. Using a spell, she pulled a chair for Travis to seat, either he wanted or not was up to him. “What do you need?” she figured he was alone, and he would be needing a few things, some she couldn’t get for him, but most of them she probably could. “Whatever it is, I’m here for you.” Friends couldn’t possibly replace what he had lost, but friends were and could be a support system, if he let his friends in, without hiding himself from everything and everyone. Liv was willing to do whatever it took to support him, she just hopped he didn’t close the door on her face, but given the situation, she probably would understand his reasoning. “I will always be here for you.”
  15. Invite Alliance of Protec

    Olivia wasn’t a heavy drinker, but she was determined to win. She wasn’t even sure why she had such a desire for it, but somehow, she felt that it would surprise Cole in a way that he would think twice about challenging her again, or he’d just continue until he finally wins, either way, she wouldn’t mind. Her competitive demeanour wanted him to continue to challenge her, even small useless challenges could be amusing. Maybe Cole wasn’t someone who enjoyed going out? Or maybe he just didn’t know that many people to hangout with, they were practically on the same boat. “Ah. Well I often hear I need to find someone to hangout with, and I can hardly think of anyone that would make a good company.” she could only think of a couple of people aside from Cole. His demeanour was easy to be around and relaxing as well. She smiled watched as his cheeks got slightly tainted with colour, it wasn’t her intention to embarrass him, but it seemed that she had done it. Her apology got left behind when the redness disappeared. She didn’t know Cole to enjoy games that much, or at least he seemed to be. Hopefully he didn’t mind her competitive disposition. “I’m sure we can find many games to play. If you feel like joining me for more sometime.” He needed to get out more and she needed to hangout with other people more often, it sounded the perfect combination in her mind. What could possibly go wrong? Due to their slight age difference the only reason they met was through Jamie and Alex, but quickly Cole was one of them, not the cousin, he wasn’t an accessory. “I think you’re just silly thinking that it’s the ‘Younger Sibling’ effect. I consider you my friend as much as I consider them my friends.” There wasn’t much more to say about it. She was sure when they were younger the age difference would have made it weird for a young teen hanging out with older teens, but now they were all adults. “For the record, I don’t need them to be present if you ever want to hangout or just do something.” the smile on her face grew as she spoke. She wanted to be sure Cole knew he could just call her if he wanted some company. The half-veela, watched Cole order the drinks and take the coin out. “How do I know you’re not cheating?” she asked jokingly. Her smiled showed how amused she was, and how she wasn’t serious about the question. She closed her eyes, putting her hand in front of it. “I want Heads!” she spoke as the coin continued to twist and twirl on the tabled until it fell. She took the hands off her eyes to look at the coin, before looking at Cole. Eventually the lady came with several shots of the alcohol, which Liv proceeded to pay, if was best to do it while they were still sober. “Let’s see what the coin has for us, Mr. Lin.” she spoke as she watched the coin, flashing Tails at them. "I guess you're the first one. Truth or Dare?"
Olivia Teagarden
School Nurse 0
25 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age  25
Date of Birth January 1st, 1994
Birthplace Italy
Occupation School Nurse
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Sparrowhawk
Wand Beech 10’’ Phoenix quite bendy flexibility
Play-by Emilia Clarke

Homeschool: 4-10 years old

Tallygarunga: 11-17 years old (Bourke House)

VMU: 18- 22 years old 


• Metamorphmagus (from her father)

• Animagus: Sparrowhawk

• Dangerous when provoked

• Half-veela (or at least she tries to keep it a secret)

• Traveled to several places where she learned new tricks

• Has a slight obsession with fire

• Loves thunderstorms

• Likes to dance in the rain

General Knowledge

• Good with plants

• Proficient in:




Defense against the dark arts

Wandless magic

• Kind

• Ex-Tally student and former quidditch player for the Bourke house


Ollie is a somewhat nice and kind person. It’s not easy to make her angry, but it’s quite easy to upset her, especially if she feels betrayed by someone. Olivia is fairy trusting, except when it comes to the fact that she’s a half-veela and an metamorphmagus. She believes most people deserve a second chance and is willing to give them, if she can. She likes to help people, family and friends are everything to her and she will do mostly everything for them, whatever they need she will be there, unless it becomes physically impossible for her.

However, one shouldn’t take advantage of Olivia and mistake her kindness for weakness, no matter how loyal and trusting she is she doesn’t like when others take advantage of her and once that trust is broken hardly can go back to the way it was. It’s difficult to anger her but it can be achieved, especially seeing those she cares in danger. When anger she can be dangerous, unpredictable and violent.

She likes sports and physical activity, which is why she was part of the quidditch team while in Tally and also played a little as a university student, only to quit due to incompatibility with classes. Despite of her work she not only enjoys a good quidditch match she also likes to stay active and excercise from time to time.

Olivia isn’t without some negative aspects, she’s stubborn, whenever she needs to tells something that will hurt a person she can’t find a better way to say things so she will be blunt about it. She’s very direct and often speaks her mind, having little or no filter, which is why she often keeps her mouth shut, but can tell when he has hurt someone, which makes her feel bad.

She likes company and has a slight addiction to fire. Due to her vela heritage she tries her best not to call people’s attention and tries to blend in, but sometimes it's not easy.



Olivia has the average heigh of 160cm. 

She was born with black hair, however as days passed after her birth her hair turned light and lighter until it became almost white, due to her ability she can change hair color at will, which makes people wonder how many times she can dye her hair in a week.  Nowadays is almost impossible to know which is her real hair color. Her iris is slightly grey, gaing a bit of a blue color as it reaches the edges. She has pale and soft skin , however she doesn't get easily burn.

The story so far

Being the only child of a veela and a human wizard wasn't an easy life. Her parents were living in Italy when she was born and at first things were good, then things got bad, she was shipped off to her aunt in Australia when she was four years old, her parents remained in Italy and for the first years she received several calls and several letters from them, until one day they were non-existent.

She was home-schooled since she got to Australia by her aunt which helped her develop her abilities, it was only then that they discovered that Olivia had got her father's metamorphmagus ability. Her life wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was very simple and uninteresting, except for a few events. Her aunt, who had to control everything helped Olivia control her emotions, especially anger since she was a quick-tempered child, luckily, anger was relatively under control.

When she was old enough, she enroled into Tally and got sorted into Bourke. Many of the classes she was taken she already had the basic understanding, which was easy to pass. She made a few friends over the years in Tally, but always tried to keep a certain distance, who knew, one day she could get angry and snap at them, so kept the fact that she was a half-veela and a metamorphmagus a secret. She also signed up for the quidditch team and became a chaser. On her senior year in Tally she became the team’s captain.

Once she graduated from Tally she became a VMU student. She decided to pursue the studies in healing, hoping to one day become a nurse. After four years of attending VMU she applied to a job in Italy, hoping to find her parents, but her search was unsuccessful as she ended up traveling from place to place. After spending two months in Italy she moved to Bulgaria, where she remained only a month, her travels continued as she found herself in Israel, spending four months in the country.

After Israel she visited Uganda, being a temporary nurse at the Wizarding School for six months, where she performed the animagus spell, being able to turn into a sparrowhawk, the same animal her patronus is, however it's something she doesn't do often. Leaving Uganda, she moved to India, where she stayed for another six months before returning home, taking the position of school nurse in Tally prior to the end of 2018 school year.

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