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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Can't wait for Summer, just one more month.  

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    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I'm sure you'll be alright Ian. You'll see. 

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      I will actually need to find something to do with myself in the Summer. Always rough!

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I love the warmth, it's so nice to be under the sun. I personally love doing picnics, especially group picnics, just gathering everyone and have fun, play some games. It's amazing. 

  2. Invite To the finish line

    As her magic began stitching the skin gently, her smile grew as the man spoke, she barely needed to look at the hand to work on it. She was used to deeper cuts, especially when kids decided to fly through the windows while trying to control their brooms, it was just another day. One of her hands held the man’s hand a bit stronger than usual, it was a delicate procedure and while she could do it with her eyes closed, she didn’t’ want him to run away with the hand and making it worse. She let go of his hand and stared at Rhys for a while as he moved his hand, and everything seemed to be alright. “Well, maybe next time it happens you will be using my tip to clean it.” she loved the company, she really did, but she preferred people to visit her without any injuries, not only it was better, she also knew people weren’t sick or in pain. She chuckled at his comment and shook her head. “I worry about everyone Mr. Barrows. You included, but I prefer that the staff doesn’t lose their hands or fingers on my watch.” She joked lightly at the situation, there was no point in getting overly concerned about something like that. “But, if it happens again you know where to find, I’m always here during classes and on call during weekends and nights.” Unlike many staff members she had her own house but being one of the few nurses she always had to be prepared to go to the school in the middle of the night in case there’s an emergency. Olivia was about to let the man go his merry way until she had found the perfect person to try her new game. “Do you fancy a board game Mr. Barrows? I have nothing to do and I just brought a new game for the kids, I’m learning how to play it.”
  3. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    If May thought that Liv didn’t understand, she was being extremely naïve about it. She understood it, she knew how hard it was to express certain things, especially things that were hard for the other person to hear, but in the end people had to be honest about it, maybe not right away, but eventually Ian will need to know about it. Olivia looked at Mat and shook her head. “Look, I’m not throwing this at you. Everyone makes mistakes, thinking that whatever they are doing is somehow the only option.” Probably the worst thing was not being able to help, the helpless feeling a person felt when they wanted to help a friend but couldn’t, Liv could understand it better than most. “Just, don’t make him feel useless. Ian might not understand but he can feel something isn’t right.” Ian was probably better at it than Liv was, considering his senses could pick up minimal things. Hearing that May wouldn’t leave, gave Olivia a false sense of security. The young nurse wanted to believe that, but at the same time fear took over her once more, only time could tell if May would leave again or not. “Just give it time, things need time to grow and I don’t think one should lose hope, yet anyway.” Liv was mostly talking for herself. She wanted to believe May’s words, she wanted them to be true and while she couldn’t fully believe her, she had hope that one day she can trust May again like that. Liv took a bite of her food, watching May play with what she had on her plate. What was going through the young Dhampir’s mind? Liv was truly curious, but it wasn’t the time to ask her that, not yet. “As I said, give it time.” She spoke before hearing May chuckle. The half-veela’s lips grew into a confused smile as she watched May. What was May saying? What did she mean by that? Could Liv ask? Was she even allowed to do so considering everything that had happened between them? “Would you like to explain what you mean by that?”
  4. Invite To the finish line

    Liv couldn’t stop a smile from appearing on her lips as she watched the man. All that secrecy for a simple accident. Anyone could let a crystal ball fall and eventually break it, it wasn’t a new event either, considering the number of kids that decide to play with knives, just to end up there, Liv always telling them that next time she won’t use magic, that she will use a proper needle the sew the cut. The threat was nothing but a threat, it was empty, Liv wouldn’t have it in her to hurt another soul, especially if it was a young child. “Accidents happen Mr. Barrows. Maybe next time you can stop by here before making it worse.” He held his hand as gently as she could to exam it. He could have used magic to clean the mess in the first place, perhaps he had forgotten where he was working, where everyone has access to magic and to all the beautiful things it can do. Her hand hanged over the man’s and slowly the cut began to disappear, the slip away as the skin went back to what it used to be and there wasn’t even a single mark after the procedure, and it looked like new. “May I suggest the usage of magic to clean the crystal from the ground next time it happens?” she didn’t let his hand go, she continued to hold it. She doubted the man would even consider listening to her opinion on the matter, but could she even let him go like that? With no form of assistance? No, she couldn’t. “It’s as good as new. Please be careful Mr. Barrows, I’d prefer you to keep both hand and all your fingers.” She joked lightly at the situation, hopping that he would find her little joke about the situation minimally amusing.
  5. Invite To the finish line

    She couldn’t believe her luck, se was starting to think that her day was going to go quiet with nothing else to do but to read the instructions of a game alone. She watched the Professor and her lips stretched into a smile. His visits to the hospital wing were scarce, and her visits to the other parts of the school were pretty much non-existent as she enjoyed the hospital wing more, but she never said no to a visitor from the other side. Maybe she could convince him to play with her? She would have loved that, fresh meat to the loser list. She approached him softly. “Mr. Barrows, hello.” She finally reached the man and looked at his hand before looking at his face. What was he saying? Did he believe she was going to let him leave now? “Oh, you will let me?” her eyes fixated on his face; a slight displeased expression appeared on her face. It was her job, even if he didn’t, she was going to find a way to figure out what was in his hand or what he had done to it. “C’mon, show it, I won’t bite. You have my word.” She stretched out her hand for him to give him hers, she needed to see what she was dealing with. Normal injury? Or was it worse? Last time someone was in the hospital wing was because they fell, cracked their head open and there wasn’t enough magic to treat everything at the same time. She was sure it wouldn’t be as serious as Lisa’s injury, or else he wouldn’t be standing, right? Liv wasn’t even too sure about that after everything she had witnessed.
  6. Invite To the finish line

    Olivia Teagarden
    The school had been interesting in the past few days, aside from the accident where two students got severely injured, someone decided to curse the chairs, which forced her and every nurse in that school to work overtime with all the injured kids that showed up that day. They all had minor injuries, bruises mostly and no one was severely injured, outcomes of a normal prank, prank that forced Liv to tie the chair to the desk after it had escaped from her a second time. During that day, Liv wished she could have talked to the culprits and give them a piece of her mind, she was tired from all the work, but now, thinking about the prank, it was a fun one, no doubt it had to be a Spencer thing, those kids and their imagination never ended, every year they always came up with new things. She was glad that all the commotion was over and the Hospital Wing went back to being the quiet refuge of most students, she didn’t mind, she enjoyed having the company of the most quiet and shy kids, they always had interesting things to tell her and she enjoyed playing games with them, or with those that didn’t mind playing against her. That day things were different, everything was abnormally calm, and no one was showing up, perhaps something more interesting was happening around school. Liv didn’t bother much, it was her job to stay there all day. The young half-veela picked up some candy from the top drawer and started to eat some of them while she opened a game manual to read the rules, maybe if she played alone against herself, or convinced a ghost to play with her. She could get the hang of it for the next time the kids show up, and, with a ghost she could always do the victory dance without making them sad, they were already dead, however, for the time being was better if she played alone. What could go wrong? She set the board on her desk and started to play the game, eventually arguing with herself as she continued. Maybe no one could hear her, or maybe that was enough to draw the necessary attention for a gaming partner, hopefully a teen that was trying to escape the commotion that usually takes place in every area of the school except the Hospital Wing. It didn't take long for her to hear a noise, she got up to look at who it might be. "Hello? May I help you?"
  7. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    It was hard to try and open up to people, talk about problems and situations and even getting closer without tripping on a bomb and making it go off, but that was their situation in that moment, not particularly towards one of the other, but also towards others that were left behind without receiving an explanation. Liv too had left, she understood the complications of making peace with those left behind, but May wasn’t lying, she was trying, and she seemed to be trying as hard as she could to make sure things were good between them. It mattered more to Liv that May was trying than the actual outcome of their … whatever they had at that moment. Everyone will be alright, right? “You don’t have to tell him everything, feed him bits and pieces of information, but don’t leave him in the dark.” Liv was talking from experience on that one. White lies served to spare someone of a painful information, but they also grew like a snowball rolling down a hill, growing bigger and bigger until people are finally caught by it, the outcome will eventually hurt more than information being given in small doses. Liv would have preferred that May had been completely honest with her years before, trusting didn’t go easy and they were taking so long to clean the mess, hopefully May won’t make the same mistake with Ian. “Look, trusting isn’t easy. He spent so many years without you that he probably thinks you’ll leave again. I’m not in his mind but give him time.” Maybe Ian felt like Liv did, not wanting to get too close, afraid that May would disappear again. It was still a chance, they both needed to follow their paths and perhaps those paths didn’t include one another, Liv just hopped that May didn’t decide to leave without saying anything again. “Don’t worry too much, take it slow. Baby steps, right?”
  8. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    The young Dhampir seemed to be taking Liv’s ideas into consideration, or at least was just saying that so that Liv could leave her alone. It was tricky situation. They promised to be honest with one another, but was Liv really that willing to forgive without thinking about it twice? She had to admit to herself that she wasn’t, and that she was trying. May deserved a second chance, everyone does, May was no different and cutting May’s opportunity to do so wasn’t fair. The opportunity to stop being reminded of the past was tempting but Liv did want to put everything behind, and that meant she had to trust that May’s words weren’t just to make Liv happy. Ian was a sweet boy, Liv couldn’t see why May was having trouble with Ian, but before she could even speak to say anything, May continued to explain to her what was happening. The young nurse got a glimpse of their dynamic, and while she wasn’t a counsellor, maybe the problem could be fixed easily. “Why don’t you be more honest with him? He’s a smart kid, he’ll know when something is up.” Liv didn’t know the kid that well outside school, but he visited her regularly at the Hospital Wing, and for what she knew of him he was very easy to talk with. “But I’m sure if you allow him to visit you whenever he wants and even stay with you, things will get better. Maybe he just needs some time to get used to it, or maybe he doesn’t know how to act around you either.” The same way they were dancing, Ian could be doing something similar, scared not to be enough for May, or that she will leave him again. Being indifferent could be the boy’s defence mechanism to potentially being left behind.
  9. My chair ran out on me twice today. Who comes up with these things? 

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    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      @Diana Sharpe I'm fine for the most part. And yeah, it was mostly harmless. 

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      @Olivia TeagardenIf you want I can at least handle the Nurses area with a few things. It is kind of my area of study in some ways. 

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      @Cole Lin I'm fine for the most part. And yeah, it was mostly harmless I think.That would make the job easier. There's not enough hands on this Hospital Wing to do everything. 

  10. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Shutting all her emotions, or at least act like they don’t exist wasn’t Liv’s style, but she was working hard for everything to move smoothly between the two. They shouldn’t argue, especially not at that moment. She adjusted herself on the chair continued to eat peacefully as she waited for some kind of reply from May, one that Liv was expecting to be avoided in the first place, which came as a surprise when the Dhampir answered without dancing around it like she was trying to avoid a minefield. Should Liv start to trust May once more? Or will it be too soon for it to happen? The thoughts that rushed through Liv’s head were met with May’s answer, making the young half-veela travel back from dreamland. “I don’t think they let you live at the Dojo.” Liv chuckled, trying to follow up on the joke, but it felt a bit forced, like it wasn’t meant to happen. The stress of the dinner was yet to get to her, but it shouldn’t take long for her to feel anxious about it. Did they change that much that they couldn’t have a decent meal with one another without turning it awkward? When May mentioned Ian, Liv smiled, she liked the young man’s company and he was nice and sweet, very caring with everyone, it shouldn’t be too hard for May to get closer to someone who can quickly make friends. “Hmmm well, why not invite him to your house more often? Family dinners and whatnot. Sign a paper that allows him to break curfew to have dinner with you.” Liv suggested. Some students boarded but they also had the town’s house, they could choose where to sleep, maybe if Ian had that opportunity, they could get closer. “Ever considered talking to him about it? I’m sure he’ll love the idea.” Liv spoke, trying to be positive. She wasn’t sure if May would even accept that option, but it was just a matter of time.
  11. After the amazing weekend, I am home. I miss the weekend already, but I also missed by own bed.

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    2. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      @Olivia TeagardenIf you want I can stop by sometime this week.

    3. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      @Cole Lin I'd like that. And feel free to stop by anytime you want. 

    4. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      @Olivia TeagardenI'll head over right after classes then.

  12. After these past few days, I need some time off. 

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    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      Friday and Saturday, a movie and popcorn, the perfect Girl's Night Out. 

      I think it will too, I could use a change of scenery to gather my thoughts too. 

    3. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      A single movie that lasts two~three days? I mean, I'm not gonna say no :D

      I'll prepare the house, feel free to drop in on Friday after work.

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      We have a deal. 

  13. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Liv had to take it slow, it had been a while since these two had shared a meal and things could get emotional, but Liv was taking baby steps into forgiving May, to rebuild their friendship that hopefully could be rebuilt, but that continued to be a huge pressure on her, her memory wasn’t simply wiped out. The heart still hurt just thinking about it, but she couldn’t say that she wasn’t trying her best. “I’m good, still a bit … emotional I guess…” she needed to let it go, she couldn’t be stuck with it for the duration of her dinner with May, but she was having a hard time doing so, it was clear that she was, especially due to her questions. “Sorry, just … it’s hard not to think about it.” she had to admit her limitations towards it, especially since she was so close to it. She couldn’t stop how she felt, she could only try to keep it under control, and she wasn’t even doing a good job at it. Maybe she should just keep quiet about it, try to relax and enjoy the meal. Learning that May knew an alchemist came as a surprise for Liv, perhaps it shouldn’t. She still didn’t know what May’s job was, but it was dangerous, she shouldn’t be surprised the young Dhampir would try to know people from various backgrounds of activity. What May said made sense, it went after the mother on purpose, it could have gone after Travis, it knew where he lived and if they needed bait, Olivia could work as it, she was quick enough to turn into her animagus form without being caught, while she had played tag with Travis, a much more inexperience hunter, she always flew relatively close to him on purpose. “Yeah, I think I know who to use as bait … but I think we should wait, you’re right, it’s like thinking ahead when we don’t know what’s to come.” She hardly doubted that they would let her do such a foolish thing, but she was determined to try, the worst that could happen was dying. Olivia started to eat, peacefully, slowly looking at May, every now and then someone could see a smile on lips. She was happy that May was alive, and she seemed fine, and while she was still hurt, she wanted to leave the past behind. “So, what have you been doing since you got back to Narrie?”
  14. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    Olivia Teagarden
    After asking May to stop by for dinner the next day, Liv had to make sure she wasn’t going to blow it out of proportion. The dinner was something simple but she didn’t bother to keep the new inhabitants of her house hidden, May shouldn’t have a problem dealing with Sigma and the kittens, they should all be adorable and cuddly as usual, unless they decided to hog Liv’s bed, which was also a possibility. She still wasn’t going to worry about them roaming around or doing whatever they wanted. She used magic to cook dinner, unlike other occasions it was just best if it went that way, last like she tried to cook she almost chopped off a finger by thinking too much about things she couldn’t change. May arrived and dinner was ready, they barely had anytime to chat before the food was waiting for them at the table, maybe they could talk while they eat? Maybe after? Liv wasn’t sure how to do that, it had been a while since she and May shared something like that, alone, away from prying eyes. It was an awkward situation, it brought some memories, all good ones, but then it came the bitter taste. Liv opted to ignore all that and just focus on the events of that night. At the dinner table, Liv smiled at May. “Sorry about the mess…just…it’s been hectic.” May probably knew that, Liv had talked to her the day before and the young Dhampir could see how it was affecting the half-veela, more than she would admit to anyone. She was alright, it wasn’t with her that people had to worry, it was about the young man who had lost his mother. “How are you? Since yesterday I mean.” It was getting a bit awkward, nothing they couldn’t push through. Liv started eating and the first part of the meal went by without a problem, but now it was time they started to chat about the real reason why they were both there, to brainstorm a plan to do something unthinkable. “So, how do you think we should start with the plan?” Liv wasn’t even sure if it was going to work out. What was she thinking? When the heat dissipated, she started to realize how deranged she looked, how she had reacted, but they still needed to get through the plan, regardless. “I was thinking, caging a werewolf isn’t easy and we’d need lots and lots of silver, do you think we can get it in time?”
  15. Complete Questionably Undaunted

    Liv knew it was a cruel thing to ask, but she would have to live with herself for doing that, but in a way, while it wasn’t part of May’s job, doing what Liv had asked her to but if the Ministry would accept whatever May did. The ministry wasn’t going to accept any excuse brought to them by Liv or Travis, May was their only choice. “But you are, you always were better than me.” She spoke, looking at the young Dhampir. Liv was too emotional to be a good strategist, May on the other hand, she could keep her cool without too much trouble. “Okay, I understand the urgency. I can set up a meeting sometimes soon.” Liv could easily get in touch with Travis, or even just by going to the Bushland she was sure he would come to her without much effort, she could always wait for him to show up at the Hospital Wing, but due to the nature of the conversation it shouldn’t be in a hostile place. “And again, I’m sorry for how I reacted, I thought that you like everyone else just assumed the same.” Could May blame her? A little, Liv was never too good at listening when she was angry or upset. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow alright? You know where I live, just be careful with my new house inhabitants.” Liv know had a few pets to take care of, they were all Travis’ but she was taking care of them for him, for as long as he wanted, but May wasn’t aggressive towards animals, it shouldn’t be an issue.
Olivia Teagarden
School Nurse 0
25 year old Halfbreed Veela She/Her/Hers
Age  25
Date of Birth January 1st, 1994
Birthplace Italy
Occupation School Nurse
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Sparrowhawk
Wand Beech 10’’ Phoenix quite bendy flexibility
Play-by Emilia Clarke

Homeschool: 4-10 years old

Tallygarunga: 11-17 years old (Bourke House)

VMU: 18- 22 years old 


• Metamorphmagus (from her father)

• Animagus: Sparrowhawk

• Dangerous when provoked

• Half-veela (or at least she tries to keep it a secret)

• Traveled to several places where she learned new tricks

• Has a slight obsession with fire

• Loves thunderstorms

• Likes to dance in the rain

General Knowledge

• Good with plants

• Proficient in:




Defense against the dark arts

Wandless magic

• Kind

• Ex-Tally student and former quidditch player for the Bourke house


Ollie is a somewhat nice and kind person. It’s not easy to make her angry, but it’s quite easy to upset her, especially if she feels betrayed by someone. Olivia is fairy trusting, except when it comes to the fact that she’s a half-veela and an metamorphmagus. She believes most people deserve a second chance and is willing to give them, if she can. She likes to help people, family and friends are everything to her and she will do mostly everything for them, whatever they need she will be there, unless it becomes physically impossible for her.

However, one shouldn’t take advantage of Olivia and mistake her kindness for weakness, no matter how loyal and trusting she is she doesn’t like when others take advantage of her and once that trust is broken hardly can go back to the way it was. It’s difficult to anger her but it can be achieved, especially seeing those she cares in danger. When anger she can be dangerous, unpredictable and violent.

She likes sports and physical activity, which is why she was part of the quidditch team while in Tally and also played a little as a university student, only to quit due to incompatibility with classes. Despite of her work she not only enjoys a good quidditch match she also likes to stay active and excercise from time to time.

Olivia isn’t without some negative aspects, she’s stubborn, whenever she needs to tells something that will hurt a person she can’t find a better way to say things so she will be blunt about it. She’s very direct and often speaks her mind, having little or no filter, which is why she often keeps her mouth shut, but can tell when he has hurt someone, which makes her feel bad.

She likes company and has a slight addiction to fire. Due to her vela heritage she tries her best not to call people’s attention and tries to blend in, but sometimes it's not easy.



Olivia has the average heigh of 160cm. 

She was born with black hair, however as days passed after her birth her hair turned light and lighter until it became almost white, due to her ability she can change hair color at will, which makes people wonder how many times she can dye her hair in a week.  Nowadays is almost impossible to know which is her real hair color. Her iris is slightly grey, gaing a bit of a blue color as it reaches the edges. She has pale and soft skin , however she doesn't get easily burn.

The story so far

Being the only child of a veela and a human wizard wasn't an easy life. Her parents were living in Italy when she was born and at first things were good, then things got bad, she was shipped off to her aunt in Australia when she was four years old, her parents remained in Italy and for the first years she received several calls and several letters from them, until one day they were non-existent.

She was home-schooled since she got to Australia by her aunt which helped her develop her abilities, it was only then that they discovered that Olivia had got her father's metamorphmagus ability. Her life wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was very simple and uninteresting, except for a few events. Her aunt, who had to control everything helped Olivia control her emotions, especially anger since she was a quick-tempered child, luckily, anger was relatively under control.

When she was old enough, she enroled into Tally and got sorted into Bourke. Many of the classes she was taken she already had the basic understanding, which was easy to pass. She made a few friends over the years in Tally, but always tried to keep a certain distance, who knew, one day she could get angry and snap at them, so kept the fact that she was a half-veela and a metamorphmagus a secret. She also signed up for the quidditch team and became a chaser. On her senior year in Tally she became the team’s captain.

Once she graduated from Tally she became a VMU student. She decided to pursue the studies in healing, hoping to one day become a nurse. After four years of attending VMU she applied to a job in Italy, hoping to find her parents, but her search was unsuccessful as she ended up traveling from place to place. After spending two months in Italy she moved to Bulgaria, where she remained only a month, her travels continued as she found herself in Israel, spending four months in the country.

After Israel she visited Uganda, being a temporary nurse at the Wizarding School for six months, where she performed the animagus spell, being able to turn into a sparrowhawk, the same animal her patronus is, however it's something she doesn't do often. Leaving Uganda, she moved to India, where she stayed for another six months before returning home, taking the position of school nurse in Tally prior to the end of 2018 school year.

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