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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Doing The Time

    "Doesn't always work. Depends on the offense." She was certainly getting better about ignoring a good heft of the comments about herself at least. Kept her from fighting every two weeks to a month. That was improvement, wasn't it? This had been the first...or was it second? This year. She couldn't help it if her heart had opened to people. And she wasn't going to leave them to the dogs--even though Alex damn well deserved that fate. She knew what the older woman was sensible, was the preferred course of others. But she had too many years reacting in this way now. Ever since St. Andrews. Some things were just too hard to change. Still, part of her wondered if she even should. Alex...Alex was turning into Morgan all over again. Someone she trusted, brought close, just to have the door slammed in her face and secrets kept at every turn. He was just slightly more willing to spend time with her, but he still kept her an arms length away. She knew the answer as much as she griped about it within her own head. Didn't matter the shit he, or Morgan, pulled. They were still her closest friends. She'd still, literally, jump into a fire for them. More advice. Save her reputation. Ha. That was funny. "You talk as if there's still anything to save." She was fairly certain that went out years ago, when the fighting was far worse. Then with the chasm that had formed between she and Morgan a couple years back... Morgan had, on the social side of things, been her saving grace. The person that made people give her a second look before turning away. She remembered the looks, the whispers. 'Look, it's her.' 'Wonder what she did to get even Morgan to turn away?' 'Not sure. Must have been something awful.' There was a reaosn why most of her friends... were children. The people she got along with her largely in her own house. Maybe got along was too strong a term--got along was actually largely with Spencers, probably because they were too crazy to give a shit who they hung around with. Most of the people that had a mutual respect were in her own house. Everyone stuck to their own business. "I only need to crush someone when they cross a line. Besides, I don't have a circle. I never did. Easier to not have to deal with the hierarchy."
  2. Doing The Time

    Geraldine couldn't help the initial sour look that crossed her face as Adele referred to him as 'idiot', but given the events of last month.... The glare twisted into just a frown as she closed her eyes. "You're right. He is an idiot. But yes." Damn it all, he was still her idiot. Not in any romantic sense, although her own feelings still remained, ever bruised. But in that he was her friend. Even though he kept secrets. Even though he never let her be around for anything that actually mattered. She shoved the hurt feelings back down. She was at least trying to be happy for him, and she'd be damned if she broke down in the library during a detention. 'Asshole. Loveable, secretive asshole.' Amusment flashed over her features again at Adele's following comment over her son. There was obviously something in there about him being a handful for some reason or other if spirit was a word for it. Like every child, he was driving his parent insane. All was right in the world. Her eyes slowly peered open again, catching sight of Adele's hand--and her stomach. Well, wasn't that something? 'Alex is going to be a big brother. I bet he's excited.' He loved kids as much as she did, but was far more happy to openly display such affections. Geraldine picked up a few books, holding them closely, as Adele spoke to her again. Was she...giving her advice? Now there was something. Someone who wasn't scolding her for the behavior, but trying to improve her technique. Alex was certainly right over this. She was silent, considering her words. It was true. She reacted first, thought later when it came to offenses. Maybe her knuckels could be shared the scrapes and peeling if she thought about where she was hitting first instead of just jumping straight into it. She tilted her head. She was inspecting the books first before shelving them, figuring she'd get the more laborious part out of the way first. She could also sort them by what area they went to as she did this, so she wouldn't have to run back and forth. "Not a bad idea."
  3. DADA Term 2, Disarming & Boggarts

    Geraldine made her way into the classroom. She'd had a couple weeks to adjust to the news but it was still.... weird. Alex and Cass were married. They'd just...gone off and done it. All by themselves. Well as far as she knew. She remembered giving him a million questions over that one, like if he'd at least told his sister. Nope. She imagined Adele was incredibly displeased over that. Geraldine never really took her as the sort of person that liked surprises -- particularly large ones like that. She couldn't lie. She was more than a little upset about it. And about being left out of the loop for a big life event of his--again. It was a habit he had that she hated with every fiber of her being. Him and his secrets. Him and keeping her out of everything until after the fact. But at the end of it, what could she do? He was determined to be that sort of asshole, and no amount of crying, or yelling, was going to change it. More than anything though? She was shocked. He went from flirt, to having feelings for [as far as she knew] two girls, to dating one, to getting married in four months. He was absolutely fucking crazy. She was reminded of all these thoughts when they brought it up as part of what they'd done over the holiday,and she shook her head, remaining quiet. She had nothing of note to share, and nothing new to say on the matter.
  4. Class Choose Wisely

    Geraldine Richter
    She remembered Alex saying he'd need help in potions, but he must have dropped because he wasn't around this term. She watched as everyone entered and sighed. Well, he dropped, or he wasn't in class again. It had solved any possible conundrum she might have had over choosing a partner. Nope, she was going to go about this solo then. Just like being on a broom, potions was completely, entirely in her element. She listened to the directions given and nodded, glancing around. Of course she remembered. That wasn't going to be any problem. It didn't take any time for her to begin. As soon as they were free to move around, she strode directly toward the octopus ink, measuring out the amount she'd need. She returned to her cauldron, glad her gloves were on, and added three large drops, then started the heat source and made sure it was at the proper low temperature, immediately setting a timer next to her.
  5. Class Health and Healing 01

    Geraldine, as usual, was among the first to filter into the classroom. She took her seat, hands quickly grasping her hair and to braid it back and tie it off instead of leaving it down. She looked around as the class filtered in. Some familiar faces, some unfamiliar. There were a few faces she was more than happy to see were not here. Her eyes flickered back to the front as the new professor began speaking to the class. Well, he was a right ass, wasn't he? She eyed him warily about the food table. She wasn't thrilled about getting points tossed out if she stood up and grabbed something, but she was also thirsty. Alex, unsurprisingly was the first to rise and speak up. She sighed, then followed behind him toward the table, grabbing something to eat, but mostly had gone for a cup of water. Her bag was on her arm as she moved, and when she sat down, she took the seat closest to him instead of the one she had been sitting in, dropping her bag to sit between her feet. She wasn't surprised by his answer, although she couldn't help but wonder....was he starting to give up on the music? She hoped not. Eventually she found a gap in which to speak. "Gerry Richter. I'm here because contrary popular belief, I don't want to break everything I touch. There are people I'd rather heal and mend." Something interesting? There was nothing 'interesting' that she wished to share with the group. Her life was hers, and she only shared it with those she actually gave a damn about.
  6. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    "Pfft." As if she'd waste her time learning a new position. In the long run it would make her more valuable to the professional teams if she could, be someone that could change on the field, but she wasn't about to slack on what she was developing and mastering just to try and be a better 'team player', and a mediocre one at that. It would be an insult to everything she'd worked toward. "As if exams would scare me off." And it wasn't just her house team she was aiming for. She wanted, desperately, onto the other team as well. To reach that level, to draw more potential scouts and to show more of the world what the hell Geraldine Richter was made of. That she was not to be ignored or pushed aside. She was coming, and she was going to leave a sea of blood and tears behind her if she needed to. He really meant business. In the way he stood, in how he talked. She sized him up once more, hand on her hip. The fact he stood over half a foot taller than her didn't bother the teen whatsoever. She raised an eyebrow, surprised at what dropped out of his mouth. "Martial arts? Well, that explains a thing or two." She turned, waving for him to follow. "Gotta see if we can find something in the equipment room. Hopefully they'll have something at least the size of a softball, if not bigger, for me to bat at you for awhile."
  7. Doing The Time

    She never had a lot of questions, but it didn't stop her from being observant. Geraldine gave a simple nod, flexing the hand and rubbing the knuckles once now that attention was drawn, then she shook it and left it alone once more. They could give her all the detentions they wanted. She was rarely, if ever, sorry for her actions. She eyed Adele at the comment about the knee, giving the slightest lift at the corner of her mouth before letting it fall again. "Save my hand, but then they'll repeat the offense. Break their nose, and they'll learn to not talk shit about Alex." She could have left his name out of it. Usually she would have. That memory though, of that day in Melbourne in the back of her mind. She was his sister. Not that she couldn't see it, the eyes said everything, but it was still odd to think about. Adele could be angry, pleased, or indifferent about the matter. Her feelings and reactions weren't going to change the fact that he was her best friend, and she was damn well going to look after him. She followed Adele to the trolley and looked at all the books piled in it, not even blinking. She wasn't surprised. Fact was the woman didn't like to work, or she played that she didn't--Gerry had never figured out which it was. The awful sound finally filtering into her mind, she pushed a finger to her ear and twisted it a couple of times before pulling it out. Really, it was awful, but she knew better than to make any remark about Caleb. She'd seen the stupidity of that decision play out from other students. She couldn't help the snicker, however, that he had stabbed his step-father with a fork. "He's spirited." Her eyes returned to Adele as her punishment was laid out. In truth it wasn't punishment at all. It was solace. She kept the relief hidden beneath her skin. She could keep to the [mostly] silence, on her own, being orderly in one of her favorite places. Her eyes half closed as she ran her fingers along the spines of the varied texts. "Yup, got it."
  8. Detention with Adele.  Well, this will be interesting.

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      Try avoidin' trouble, that's how ya' miss practice, ya feel?

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      Geraldine Richter

      Oh stuff a sock in it.

    4. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      Wild! Keep ya' chin up either way - tryouts are gonna be a blast.

  9. Doing The Time

    Detention. Again. Granted, she was doing better than she had been in previous years. ...Barely. She was making a bigger effort to try and not blow her top, but her list of people that she cared about had grown much since the year had begun. She had added four others under her arm--two more Bilby kids, and two loud Spencers--what could be done? Most left Maks alone at least, they were probably afraid of his dad, so she never really had to do anything there except keep him busy for an hour here or there. He was the least amount of work. The other three.... they were the trouble spots. One was regularly bullied by her classmates, and well.... Spencers were Spencers. It was more than easy to find something to hate about that lot, no matter how open they were. The news of the rings got around, and with it a new slew of rumors. Were they actually married? Were they not? Was someone in the duo off their rocker or beyond controlling? Maybe it was a joke to get people wondering. Really, the ideas seemed almost endless. On the one hand, the brunette wanted to punch the pair for inciting all this ruckus in the first place. On the other... Well, that was exactly why she was in here, wasn't it? Someone let something slip around her, and she'd immediately had them against a wall by the throat, the other hand punching their nose in. It started with a snide remark about the pair and their rings, which had been enough to stop her. But it was the sudden remark of Alex being nothing but a bad influence that didn't belong that had set her off. Straight off. She'd had to be pulled off the perpetrator who had to be taken straight to the hospital wing with a face and shirt covered in his own blood. At least now he'd learn to think before he opened his mouth. She was told she'd be serving detention with Adele. She'd rolled her eyes at the time, but in reality, it didn't bother her. It could have been far, far worse. Honestly, unless the woman's anger for whatever reason had been aimed at Geraldine, she liked the woman in all her attitude and often self-induced isolation. There was something she could understand about it, even if the hows and whys were all completely beyond her knowledge. She arrived promptly to the library, hand wrapped in yet another bandage, recently changed again so that she didn't ooze on anything. She'd gotten pretty good at taking care of her hands over the years and seldom bothered the nurse with it unless she needed to. She made a long exhale through her nose as she looked around quietly, and soon enough found her keeper for detention. "I'm here." She made no attempt to be outright to her, but neither did she make any effort for small talk. There was going to be some kind of work waiting for her, most assuredly.
  10. Complete The Way Wet Works [April 18th, 2018]

    Water. Now there was an element Gerry could get behind. She took a long look at the display, being so near the particular element already making her feel a bit calmer. She even let a small smile of approval slip over her face as she took a seat to the other side of Alex, nudging his arm. She was feeling well enough that she even gave a small wave to Cassandra. Her eyes soon found themselves drawn back to the display, a variety of feeling crossing over her face before she sucked them back in, placing them back behind a look of indifference. "It is ever flowing, changing, and while it can be contained, it will keep pushing in some way or another, eroding whatever holds it. Water carves its own path. It can be calm one moment, then without warning become a storm, ready to suck you under the waves and crush. It's also life. Nothing can survive without water." Water was her escape, her solace. Whether it was the beach back in Melbourne, a bath to soak in, or the fountain in the garden... She'd always been drawn to it, particularly when she was upset. "It's a cause for evolution. It's can make things grow. Everything starts in water, in some form or another."
  11. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    "Unfortunately since I'm not one of you, I can only do so much as far as testing goes. Throwing and catching isn't my forte." she said as she stretched. Swinging. Swinging and just general flying. Nobody wanted to catch the balls she dealt with, they broke bones. They weren't something to be taken lightly. Not even she would ever make the attempt to try and catch a bludger. A person couldn't pay her enough to do that. "But what I can do is hit some big balls at you for you to catch. Then we both get some practice in, eh?" She'd have to dig around in her bag and see what the hell she could use for that. If she had anything. If nothing else she could probably find something without too much of an issue, right? Just would have to dig a little bit. "Although if you're as good as you say, I'm gonna have some stuff competition before long." She looked up. As much as she loved her work with potions... she still loved Quidditch more, and that was a tight, difficult field to get into, and she just had this year and the next left before she was out in the world trying to make it. If she could make it. "Unless you have a better idea.
  12. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    "Ah." One of those phrases, she supposed. Translated fine one way, but not the other. She gave no further comment, it was entirely unnecessary. When he gave her a key to remembering his name she gave a nonchalant nod. She knew of the boxer. Sort-of. She knew he was a boxer, and famous, and was a damn good fighter, and it was enough. To most, being compared to a bull wouldn't be terribly flattering, but they represented both strength and stubbornness, and they were anything but easy to take down. A glint reflected in her eyes as she took in the words. He knew how to play this game, and was playing it well. He would avoid any wrath, at least for the time being. Redirection. He was one of those ones. Her eyes narrowed at him as she was suddenly able to place exactly which player he was. He caused her one hell of a headache on the field. Best not to show him any of her tricks. She'd save those for the games--the less he dealt with them, the better for she and her team. After she finished her laps, drawing in a few deep breaths, she returned to stretch out now that her muscles were warmed up. The running hadn't done her any good. If anything, it had done her worse. The distraction of Tyson's company had allowed her brain to wander off to where it had been most of the day, and the worry quickly began settling back into her bones. She had an entirely foul expression on her face as she stretched out. "So you think you're top notch, do you?" She had to pull herself out of this or she was going to drive herself absolutely crazy. "Guess we'll have to see about that."
  13. Invite Red and Blue, Oh it's you?

    "You're bad?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. Not that she misunderstood, it was just something she didn't always hear. Where did he manage to pick up his odd language anyway? It certainly wasn't 'Strayan, although his accent obviously was. "Tyson." she repeated, making a half-note to perhaps attempt to remember that. The flattery worked. She found a smirk finding its way on her face as she angled her chin up. "That's right." And she was damn proud of that. He was already earning points not only for knowing her name, but the compliments he gave on her play--whether they were compliments or simply observation didn't matter. It felt good to be seen and respected and.... to get her mind off her friend who'd disappeared for the time being. "Then you just need to be faster. And work on the skills to avoid it." Speed could only do a person so much when fleeing from a bludger. Unless a beater intervened, there was a need to be able to pull all manner of manuevers to escape the metal ball. The speed, at least, could buy him time. He was determined, ready to run himself to the dirt practicing on his own. He was slowly earning more respect in her eyes. The kind that led to a sort of kinship. "I"m always going to war." she replied. War with her studies, war with her peers... war with herself. And, when she was lucky, war on the pitch. He offered to help her and she paused for a moment, looking at him. In that moment she didn't give a fuck what house he was from. "Yeah, just let me get some laps and stretches in." She rolled her ankles ten times in each direction, then shot a grin over her shoulder as she began her laps around the field.
  14. Complete probably shouldn't

    "I know, I know!" she said, laughing at the mental image. "I just know that I wouldn't like to be some monkey performing on demand." Which was one of many ways of seeing it. Her own views were seldom positive or happy in any sort. His own were so different from hers. More open and carefree, that much was certain. He looked at it as learning experience instead of an annoyance--that he had made clear. She rolled her eyes as he tried to convince her that making friends was a thing she could do. "Yeah, yeah. Most of the school already hates me, and honestly, I'm not looking to fix that. I don't need them." As he commented on her face, she deadpanned at him, but she couldn't keep it long before she fell into laughter and wide smiles. "Hey you get more of this than most, so don't even." She shook her head at him. "You say that now, but watch, your record will run you ragged. Despite your intentions you'll be too busy." She wasn't trying to discount him or his words, it was just how things seemed to go. Once you got your footing, everything revolved around the work in that industry. There was nearly no such thing as free time, and when there was, it was obnoxiously late. "But if you're ever there, Merlin, that would be the best thing ever. You'd best see me pre and after game. Call me. Owl me. Whatever. I want to know you're there." Because his time would become so much less, and so much more precious, and she'd want to make the most of it. She took a bite of her pizza, the chewing slowing momentarily as he stated he wasn't diappointed in her either. She was honestly surprised by that, and it took her a moment to remember she had food in her mouth. He confirmed once more they were stuck together as he nudged her and she grinned as she swallowed, that feeling coming back around again--the one she couldn't help, but could no longer deny, either. "That's right. I'm not about to let you go for anything." She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks, but made no expression or motion to otherwise draw attention to it. She clapped as he found some twigs, bobbing her head as he began drumming, a grin quickly spread over her face as her head tilted to the side, letting the hair fall over her shoulder. Soon her body started moving in time with the beat he made. He paused and grabbed Sapphire, and soon enough his voice rang out. That beautiful siren's voice of his that she adored almost as much as the person who held it. She began snapping his finger as he began the bridge, making sure everything was clear before she stood up and moved over. As he pushed into the chorus her body began to move wtih the beat, hips swaing, shoulders bouncing, arms and hands moving through the air. As he hit his falsetto, she did a spin and slid. As he fell into the second verse, she bent down and scooped up a napkin, crumpling it up as she seated herself next to him, bobbing to the music and gently nudging her shoulder to his.
  15. Complete probably shouldn't

    She blinked at him, turning her lips in as she tried to contain the laughter. It didn't work, it came out anyway. "No," she said, shaking her head. "I just didn't take you as the kind of person that would be open to requests." Then her face dead-panned at him. "I was joking, Alex." Her tone was serious as she watched him. Not only had he taken her words, but he had taken them even a step further. She wasn't as willnig as he was to open up to strangers or acquaintances. He... he'd been a special case, and Cass was only because of him. She wasn't going to go around looking for more people. She was already struggling with him and Morgan as it was... Maybe she would have been better off on her own. No, she knew she wouldn't have been. It was the people she kept, the things she did that she loved, that gave her any reason to keep pushing. She might not have been the one dying, but she had her own demons she faced. In truth, it was everyone else who would have been better off without her. Her stomach turned at the idea. She listened to his words, and knew he was right. It was those few friends she had, from the small first year to the seventh years, that had kept her from giving up. Giving her that boost when she needed it and couldn't provide it herself. But it wasn't without any small amount of hard work or determination either. She drank from her cup, setting it between her crossed legs as she took Alex's free hand. She laughed at his remark about the sign. "When you're not away playing your music, anyway." He handed her a slice of pizza on a plate and she took it, sitting it next to herself. His words made an ache grow in her. She couldn't say he hadn't hurt her--he had, deeply. But it was a wound she was willing to let heal, but he wasn't that. "You haven't disappointed me." she said, voice quiet. And that was how she came to a decision. With how she was, she knew then that problems would probably rise up...more than she would have liked. So instead of picking something that might bring a mood down, she decided to go with the one that lifted instead. "Can't Stop The Feeling."
Geraldine Dale Richter
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