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  1. Still wondering a little as to how Spencer came out on top this year. But just going to put it down to my general aura of awesome. Definitely a nice extra high note to finish off the school year and my school life. ❤️ 

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      You can thank me~. I had to rig some points!

      In all seriousness, I think it's only because I helped stopped some bullying a couple of months back.

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      Shhhhh, don't question it.

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      Alexander Winfield

      I think enough people are questioning. 

  2. Invite Unstoppable Life

    An evening out, away from the house, was a very good and needed thing as far as Cassandra was concerned. The ups and downs over recent events was taxing, and though she had so far been able to generally contain her own issues with all that had happened, pushing them down and concentrating on trying to stay at least a little positive, it was becoming increasingly more difficult as time went on. Tonight though, she wouldn't have to think about any of it, or at least that was the hope and plan. It was the most cheerful she'd seen Alex since his Acceptance, so that was already a positive start. And the way he held her arm and how nicely they'd dressed reminded her of their Vegas trip which had resulted in the wedding bands they wore now. A small fond smile tugging at her lips at the memory. "The place looks good, Alex. And you know it," Cassandra offered him a gentle nudge with a small smirk on her lips, before gazing around the hall properly herself. Though there was just the barest hint of a bump on her abdomen now, the young woman had still been able to get away with a low cut, slimming, glittery, dark violet dress, which made her hair stand out quite a bit, despite her efforts to use a little glamour in order to 'normalise' the deep red colour slightly. She supposed she could always blame the lighting if anyone said something, Green eyes surveyed their surrounds casually and smiled as she recognised the band, though it took a moment to realise that Alex was watching her, and she blinked as she glanced at him, a brow raising slightly as though wondering what he was thinking... at least until he just said it outright. "Hmm, I don't think you had said that yet, but thank you very much. You cut a very handsome figure yourself," She responded with a chuckle, easily spinning with a dancer's grace. "Madam of Fancy, now? What happened to KMH?" Cass grinned lightly at him as he tugged her back in against him, and leaned her head against his shoulder as he spoke about food, snorting softly at the apparent expectation that she'd immediately want that. She did consider his question though, before lifting on her toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek and then clasp at his hand, "How about a little spin on the dancefloor first? I think I'm owed a lot of that since I'll have to take a year off before I can audition for any big dancing companies." She poked her tongue out him, before then offering a small cheeky wink, clearly only jokingly teasing him over having knocked her up before school had ended. She then tugged at his hand as she and her hips began to sway her way closer to where the band was playing.
  3. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "Mhm, says he who named me Queen of all things already... no take-backsies. This is a Cassdom," The redhead nodded easily, before laughing again, though she knew it was pretty much true. She was rather certain that there were lots of good reasons for other girls to be jealous of her with the kind of attention that she was spoiled with when it came to Alex. Most were still just shocked that they were married even though they were still in school and had only met this year. "Even my messy pictures, I look adorable in, truth..." Another nod to seal her words, and she wasn't exactly lying either. "What have you been watching? some kind of kung-fu movie?" Cass had to laugh lightly at the imagery of Alex fighting someone else for her in the manner he described. Even though she knew he'd been working out a bit with Stuart, she still couldn't imagine Alex getting in a fight in any capacity. But who knew what people could do with the right motivation? "All the threats. You can bet that I will be there watching you every moment and yelling at you to pull through, or all kinds of things could happen without you around," Cass tutted softly with a small shake of her head, but then gave him a tight hug again, listening as he spoke about how many presents were more for him and how many were more for her, a smirk on her lips as her head shook gently. "You're such a perv. And you were such a sweet innocent young man when we met. What happened?" The redhead snorted quietly. She had some idea what had happened, and a lot of that revolved around their banter, her teasing of him, and the ideas it all probably put in his head. Especially since she hadn't exactly dis-encouraged any when he brought them up. Though lying together, she certainly didn't mind as she smiled up at him. "You say that like you wouldn't have to put up with me as well. Not sure many people can handle a spitfire for that long," Cassandra murmured between kisses, though she managed to offer a small cheeky grin up at him, raising a brow in interest, "Oh? I swept you off your feet, hm? So does that mean I should stay away from walking out in the open in case I accidentally do the same to others?" She a flicker of a wink to him and shifted slightly under him, smoothing herself against him subtly with a low hum. "Of course I'm happy... I always enjoy your attention," She admitted quietly, before then smiling warmly at him before brushing her lips over his in another soft and tender kiss, loving and gentle, but also a hint of need within the action, as though to let him know that he was not aloe in how he felt about her in this moment and with this kind of intimacy. "Who knows... maybe we are perfect for each other... I'm not going to throw away the idea of soulmates... or star-aligned lovers. You make me believe it could be possible," Cass murmured softly with a small loving smile offered to him, almost shy in nature at the admission.
  4. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    "Maybe, but still could have been prevented if I'd kept a stronger hold on him," Cass pursed her lips a little. The process had almost been completed, and would have done so without any casualties, if not for that single moment. There were in fact a lot of factors which led to how things had turned out, ultimately Bethianna had made her choice over what to do, and that was no one's fault. That was something she had decided consciously. "Of course she would have known," The redhead murmured as a small frown tugged at her own lips, though she didn't speak any further on the subject of what Alex would have chosen. There was a part of her that felt just a tiny stab of pain in knowing that he would willingly choose to leave her, even if the other person wanted him to live. That perhaps Anna was tired of watching males perish, and she loved both he and Caleb so much that she placed their lives above her own. "Of course I want to be here, I always want to be with you," The young woman said quietly, that small frown still on her lips, and it was thanks to the timely intervention of Alex's birth father that the mood wouldn't potentially fall any further. The reveal of his cake, both the thoughtfulness of it as well as the fail, caused her to grin brightly. There was also the simply atmosphere that the man brought with him, the love and care that he had for this family that he had been able to rediscover and connect with was absolute. She shot Alex a small look as he quickly turned her suggestion of his having the first taste around into a family activity of them all taking the plunge, and she poked her tongue out at him as Rheldor marched inside, before then standing. "I guess we can talk later," Cass said softly, looking off to the distance for a moment, before reaching down to offer her hand to Alex. She was naturally going to stay and wait to see how much strength he'd started to recover, and help him back inside if necessary. As far as the people inside, Caitlin was still staring at the crystals in her hand as she thought about what she should do with them. She didn't want to put them down, in fact she knew that she would have to create a new necklace or something for them so that she could have them with her at all times. She wasn't entirely sure why she felt this need, but it seemed important to her, and so she kept them clutched in her hand for now while she listened to Lillian. "In time, once my brother recovers, we might be able to channel some energy bit by bit now and then," The woman said quietly. Though, she would have to get her brother first, waken him, and then he would have to build his strength back up. Still, it was an option, and helped her heartache just a fraction after having found Thia and lost her within moments. And then a man entered the room and her gaze flickered toward him in mild confusion, taking a few moments to listen before it clicked that this was Alex and Adele's father... who had apparently been making a cake, and no doubt enjoying himself if the food colouring and flour and other ingredients all over him were something to judge by. She blinked a little as he stepped back out of the room as surely as he had come in and made his announcement, before glancing a little awkwardly around those still there, Adele's words causing her to have just a little concern for what this cake could be like. "I... uh... maybe I should-..." "Oh no, don't even think about leaving. You're part of the family too, so you have to suffer with the rest of us," Although it sounded like part threat, Jezebel's lightened tone and half smirk as she looked over at Cate, said that it was meant in good humour. Though it was also clear that the invitation was genuine, and Cate blinked for a moment, before then glancing around, until she then indicated toward Lillian. "I'll have some, if she eats some as well."
  5. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "I'm your wife though, which technically still makes me the Queen of that as well," Cass chuckled, before then lifting a hand to ruffle at Alex's hair, followed by more light laughter at the visual of him chasing boys away from their own daughters in years to come. Of course, she agreed with him that their girls should only have the best, but the idea of him as the protective father type was still thoroughly amusing. "Cate would be the one you need to get the baby photos from. Go ahead, I have nothing to be ashamed of," Cass admitted with a shrug. She had been an adorable baby, and if he wanted to go boasting about it, more power to him. Besides, they had a few boxes back at Cate's that held a lot of his baby photos and such from his home with his adoptive father, some of which had been unpacked for Cass to place around. Though he insisted she hadn't brought anything down, she still felt a little bad about the mood, though snorted at his attempted joke. "So possessive. Even the thought of someone else touching me giving you the will to live," The redhead commented, though couldn't help a small smirk and chuckle either as he kissed her forehead. To be honest, the idea of that was stupidly romantic in a sense, and made her smile if that was one of the things that was really going to help him get through the trial. "Oh, I'll be around to remind you alright. If it even looks like you're giving up, I'll started yelling at you and making all kinds of threats of what kinds of things could happen without you around," The young woman gave a faux serious nod, though there was a possibility that she just might regardless. She had to roll her eyes and laugh as he admitted to buying her a catsuit though, her gaze glancing around between the various still unopened boxes. "Okay, truth here. How many of the gifts are more for me and how many are more for you?" Cassandra asked with a quiet laugh, "I get this feeling there's going to be a lot of dress-up in things that you've been fantasising seeing me wearing." She tutted softly. However, soon was laughing again as he argued about the allegiance of the twins, deciding that they were going to be Spencers only, even if he had to make sure he influenced them toward that path, causing her to grin with amusement, before she found herself suddenly laying on the bed with Alex above her. "You really have to ask?" The redhead questioned him as a smirk tugged at her lips, tilting her head at the young man, "You know I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it. Besides, I thought we;d already agreed ages ago that we were going to defy all possibility and make sure that we would be together for all of time." She chuckled quietly, weird Spencer indeed, but she also knew that he got a kick out of hearing her say it, and leaned her head up to brush her lips over his in a soft kiss, before drawing back with a small cheeky smile and wiggle of her brows, "Besides, do you hear me complaining about having a different kind of treatment?"
  6. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Cassandra barely paid much attention to the conversation that had began around them. To do so would only cause the mixture of emotions and confusion within her to take hold, and she couldn't do that. Rather, she concentrated on Alex, her hold loosening slightly as soon as he winced, and an apologetic expression on her features when he looked at her. She wanted to help, but wasn't sure how exactly... or if she even could, which scared her. She saw the Violet, and there was a brief moment of panic that perhaps he had changed so much that he didn't feel very connected to her anymore, but she had to force that down. She listened to him, and then nodded, shifting under his arm and wrapping one around his back in order to try and help him to his feet. The young woman then helped him to get to the back door, and opened it so that they could step outside, before helping him to a chair and then crouching down in front of him, her hands on her own knees in case he didn't want her touching him. "I'm sorry..." Cass' voice came out as a dry whisper. What else could she say? There was nothing that she knew that could ease any of the pain he was feeling. She wasn't willing to explore whatever was going on within herself right now, because it was all too mixed and muddled. It was too much for her to go near, so she had to keep her focus on Alex. Truth be told, she needed the air as much as him. She knew that anything that was spoken about inside was going to draw more questions and confusion from her. Still, she felt like she was floundering right now, until she felt a thought that wasn't her own and her hand went to her belly. Without a word, Cass then stood and reached for one of Alex's hands, before bringing it to her abdomen. "They want to say hello, since you can hear them now too," The woman said quietly. From within her he would be able to sense the love that the twins held for him, and their happiness that he had survived so they could all be together. It wouldn't fill the hole that had been created, but it would show him what he still had right now and to look forward to. Inside, Caitlin's eyes opened to watch Millea as the woman spoke, her mind still running full time to try and breathe under the torrent of everything that had occurred and had opened up. She held onto the two gems in her hand almost like a lifeline, as though she may be able to glean more from them. There were brief flashes, but it was jumbled and unordered and she knew that it was going to take some time before she could get answers, though she already had some formulated as she considered what little she knew and what had been told. "She learned how to heal the wound from... someone... an Elder fae..." The woman struggled as she tried to make out more, but there was too much fog between the brief insights that she'd received. "She'd done it on my brother, successfully... I've started the process on Alex, and Caleb seems mostly stable as well from what I can sense," It was strange to be able to sense the boy so strongly, to have that connection with him, and feel so protective of him despite this being a first proper meeting between them. "I... I don't know what happened. I know she loved us. And then she was gone. I think we were stuck for a long time without her... and, must have been hidden by a spell or curse... considering how strong it was, it must have happened in one of the Fairy Mounds... one of their Realms. I can't recall anything but flashes from there, and then my life on the outside, under the belief I was mortal," The woman was mostly speaking in order to try and sort it out in her head, but the information would probably be helpful for those around as well. Though at the mention of how they came to all be here, and the teenagers found one another, she tilted her head a little and then nodded at Millea's words, "I wanted to find somewhere we would find security, while I could look for answers to things that had haunted me for a long time... and, for some reason, I was just drawn to Australia, to here." It made sense. "And they both wanted someone they could connect with, who'd understand them..." And the teenagers had found it. Suddenly, it made some sense how easily they'd fallen in love and committed to one another. "Thia's... Mother's... learning, her knowledge, isn't gone though... the gift from my fae heritage is Echo. During the time we were connected, it was passed on... I just have to try to make sense and sort it all out, which could take a while," Caitlin rubbed her head, swallowing before inhaling deeply. She'd been searching for Thia without even realising it. And the moment she'd found her, she'd had to say goodbye. It felt like some cruel design of the world.
  7. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "Is there anything I'm not a Queen of today?" Cassandra snorted softly, before then grinning and chuckling at Alex's protectiveness of Lorelei. "At least I have some idea how you're going to be with our girls," She teased him lightly, though had to agree with the points he offered. Lorelei was still developing socially, and was now practically thrown into the deep end. It was lucky she had the parents that she did, but there were a lot of troublesome students at the school, and next year Cass and Alex wouldn't be there to chase them off. She smirked and rolled her eyes as he joked about her being cute, "I was born adorable, thank you very much. The pampering just means I have more time to be extra cute," She grinned cheekily, but then she cackled at the mere idea of their children being embarrassed by her, "Yessss, exactly." She chuckled, but nodded in agreement. Their kids were going to be adorable. "Sorry... I didn't mean to bring the mood down," At this point, Cass wasn't sure who was really to blame, nor did she care. But she didn't want to remain stuck in a low mood, not after Alex had gone to so much effort to try and provide her with a wonderful birthday. She cuddled up to him and had to smile as he admitted to being selfish and not wanting to give anyone else a chance to have her. "Aw, well it's nice to know that you'll be fighting to make sure that no one else can ever try to sweep me off my feet," She had to offer a quiet laugh as she bumped against his side. However, she listened as he spoke about what gave him strength, resting her head on his shoulder, and then nodding. "Well... if... if I really do give you that much strength, and you believe it that much. Then... I'll put my faith in it, and you, as well," Cassandra knew the risks, she knew there was only a very slim chance that he would make it. But she wasn't going to let him be the only one to have faith in the strength, not when he believed that she added to it. If that was true, then she had to add to it properly, no matter how much it might tear her apart if this wasn't successful. She gave him a tight squeeze, "I refuse to break." She murmured quietly, however she had to chuckled again when he mentioned that she wouldn't be the only one kicking his butt. That was probably true, and she suddenly imagined herself, Adele and Bethianna kicking Alex around between them as though passing a soccer ball around, which caused her to suddenly snort out another giggle, before she grinned at him again with his reaction to the twins in Sturt. "No, but I would figure that might be enough to make sure you stick around too," The redhead smiled at him, "Just imagine your own progeny becoming Sturts." She snickered. However, she then sighed as she leaned into him and nodded gently, feeling better already, more positive about what was coming, despite the fears which remained, "Good. Because I don't want anyone else to spend forever with."
  8. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    As Alex attempted to move, Caitlin held his shoulder with one hand, the other continuing to hold the pendant to his forehead, refusing to allow him or anyone make the sacrifice a waste. She didn't know how she knew what to do, but that brief contact with the woman she was terrified to watch right now, knowing what was happening, had opened up a link to knowledge. And Caitlin's gift had always been Echo... the ability to absorb and repeat what she learned, heard, felt, saw. She didn't understand this, didn't know what kind of people they were, but knew what she had to do. It was more than just about making sure he had strength, it was about being certain that he had the ability to retain it, a process she would begin him on now... because she was the only one who held that knowledge. That didn't stop tears from forming, sliding down pale cheeks, with what she could sense happening nearby. She had so many questions that would now be unanswered. It was as though she'd finally found the key she had been searching for all her life, only to find herself swept up in a sudden avalanche of history and knowledge that would threaten to drown her, her guide having left her to face it. Lorelei struggled against the hold that the family was placed under, though knew it was useless. She couldn't move, or yell. Stuck watching as events played out, as they lost one of their six and Lea simply explained it away as Thia's choice. While Jezebel stared at everything going on, her own tears leaving streaks along her cheeks. What could they do? They were losing Caleb and Bethianna. Her throat closed up in mild horror to watch the woman who literally dried up every last ounce of her magic in trying to save Caleb. It was Cassandra who felt the subtle shifting, linked to the two who were lying on the carpet as she was. Caitlin was focusing her concentration on Alex, distracted from the change, but the younger redhead felt it as sure as though a current ran right through her. Her lips parted as she stared, first at the shell that had been Bethianna - her grandmother - the sight a reminder of her own mother's death. But then her gaze moved to Caleb, before he even took that first gasp of air. But once he did, she released Anna's hand, knowing there was nothing left inside the vessel, and placed both of hers on Caleb's cheeks as he struggled. She knew what was happening. She couldn't believe it, but she knew. "It's alright, I got you," Cass murmured quietly to him, and upon seeing his eyes open, the green that looked at her, and feeling that connection between them increase, she released a choked mixture of a sob and laugh of relief. She sniffed and nodded, able to feel the change in him, and she offered just a fraction of her own strength, mindful of the twins, to help him through the rest. "You're going to be okay," She whispered, and pressed a kiss to the boy's forehead, and with that kiss the last of her own curse appeared to crumble as the red of her hair flowed darker to an almost bloody crimson, more full of life and glossy. The triple rings in her eyes brightened, and her complexion was almost moon-like porcelain. "He's alright, he's coming back to us... Anna, she... he's... somehow Accepted too," The redhead looked up at Adele, to reassure the mother of her son, and what had happened, before moving just enough to show the change in him. Inhaling deeply, Cassandra then continued to hold Caleb until such a time as his own transformation was complete, knowing that what had occurred here was nothing short of a miracle.
  9. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Everything occurred so quickly, and Cassandra could only watch on at the pain that Alex was clearly in, while she clutched tightly onto Caleb. Lorelei and Jezebel both continued to concentrate, despite the clear discomfort that those who were related to Alex were going through. Though, somehow, Cassandra knew that Caitlin's arrival had helped, it had tipped the balance to Alex's favour, given just that final bit needed to purge the last of the mortal blood. She didn't know how she knew this, perhaps it was from being able to sense Caitlin and Bethianna so keenly. Now, Alex just had to return to them, regain his strength... unfortunately, it was then that Caleb had decided it was enough. Cassandra's eyes widened and she tried to grab for him as he dragged himself from her hold, only to stare on in horror as the boy threw himself onto Alexander. "Caleb, no!" It was too late, even as Cass scrambled forward on her hands and knees to try and get to him, though Bethianna had got him first. The younger woman's hands lifted to cover her mouth, trembling at how still the boy appeared, and then as Anna gave her own strength to try and save him. No, this was wrong, all of this was. She had to do something, anything. Alex was going to be alright, but it wasn't supposed to be at the cost of two more lives. Especially not a child's. Frozen, the young woman stared at the still bodies, she could feel the life ebbing. So long as Caleb continued dying, then Bethianna would as well. Flashes of the past intruded on her mind. Staring into the lifeless eyes of her parents. The shimmering gold of her mother's eyes fading out as her hair slowly turned white. A golden-eyed unicorn galloping in a garden she couldn't remember. The rock that she transformed into a tree and flowers in Elemental magic. The animals and plants that responded to her. But none of that helped her right now. She couldn't make sense of everything going on around her, her mind jumbled and the pain that radiated through Alex's family also affecting her through the twins. Instead, the young woman knelt beside Caleb, lifting his head into her lap to cradle while she stroked gently at his hair, and she reached a hand to clasp at Bethianna's. Tears fell along her cheeks as Cassandra tried to think of anything she could do that wouldn't make her feel so useless in this situation. And still, Alex had yet to regain any strength... but what kind of scene would he come back to? Quietly, Cass began to sing to Caleb, wishing silently that there was more that she could do. Jezebel released a quiet sob as she remained stood, gripping her mother's and her daughter's hands. Between the pain that ran through them all, and the despair over Caleb's error, it was becoming overwhelming. Meanwhile, Lorelei struggled with her own emotions and with not rushing down to try and help somehow to give Caleb and Bethianna more energy. Just as it looked like everything was going to work out, it had taken a wrong turn, and now there would be consequences. Caitlin had listened to Bethianna's words and obeyed them, offering her strength to Alex as she held the gem to his forehead. She was aware of what else was going on, and was struggling not to break down herself, but she had a job - having taken the place of Anna as the one to channel the power into Alex - and would see it to it's end, not budging until such a time as the young man came to once again. To add to the process, she tried to use what she had gleaned in order to slow the leak in him. She could sense it now, and she knew how to fix it. It wouldn't be done today, but eventually, she knew she could repeat what had been done to her brother.
  10. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    The confirmation that it was now going to begin, with the arrival of the final Sorceress, Cassandra found herself gripping Alex a little, not wanting to let him go straight away to what could become his potential end. She bit her lip as she felt the air thicken with the power, almost making it difficult to breathe combined to what she felt trapped within herself. She was suddenly even more terrified, and on the end of a link she hadn't realised she shared with her aunt, she could feel Cate's concern for her, her aunt's wondering over what could be going on. She didn't know how to shut that off, and realised that Cate could rush over here at any moment if Cassandra wasn't able to contain her fear of what was happening. She trembled a little, but then looked to Alex as she held him a moment longer. "Come back to me," The redhead murmured quietly, before leaning in to press a kiss to his lips, lingering a few moments before finally drawing back and letting him go. She tried to offer an encouraging smile, though it was clear in her eyes that she was scared. "Remember, I'll kick you arse if you dont... and I love you," She reminded him, and then the young woman moved over to sit next to Caleb as she watched Alex move to the carpet, the center of what appeared to be a circle that was forming. Cass' arms wrapped around Caleb and Sapphire, both to try and comfort him, and as a comfort for herself, the pair of them unable to do anything but watch. Lorelei stepped closer along with Lauren, and as her mother, grandmother and aunt neared as well, she reached for Jezebel's free hand, allowing the current of power to strengthen between them all as they combined their power. She marveled a little at the strength she could feel from Lillian, as well as the multiplied strength as each person connected to the chain and shared their power. If this didn't work, then she wasn't certain what would. She could sense her mother's own determination that they had to succeed in this, though they both knew that the real fight would be Alex's, in surviving the purging of his Wizarding blood. It would be up to him to come through the other side, to fight through the pain and hold on to the life line that they offered. "You can do it, Uncle Xander," Lorelei added quietly, and then the instruction was given to begin and she and Jezebel closed their eyes, concentrating on offering their energy to assisting the young man.
  11. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "Don't worry, it takes a bit more than some odd surprises to scare me. I mean, I've stuck with you, haven't I?" Cassandra snickered and poked her tongue out lightly at him, though she had to laugh at the idea of Alex trying to chase boys away from Lorelei or their own girls. "You mean, swing a guitar around at them? Good luck with that. I get the feeling that Lorelei's going to be a handful as a teenager, she has a lot of her mum in her, you can see it," And not just in appearance. While her attitude seemed to be more mature than a child's should be, there was a hint of cheekiness that was waiting to be set loose on poor unsuspecting victims. It was just a matter of how long before the girl found her feet at Tally. She had to agree that it was going to be interesting with two children that were a mix of both herself and Alex though, especially with their influence in being raised. Perhaps they'd have to drop them off with one of the aunts, uncles or cousins now and then. "I won't mind at all, because I totally am cute, and would absolutely be losing my shit over dressing up a pair of little girls in pretty dresses," Cassandra grinned at Alex's attempt to scare her with the idea of trying to embarrass her with her potential gushing over the twins in the future. But, she knew very well that she was likely going to be terrible and gush about them all the time, and squee when she found cute dresses. "Post up pictures wherever, it'll be nice reminders for me of specific times," She chuckled softly. It was unfortunate the the subject of Alex's acceptance was able to quickly dampen the lighter mood, though she listened as he explained it, offering small nods, though was still concerned. "I know..." Cass cringed slightly, suddenly feeling guilty for feeling worried and down about all the potential results. She knew that she had a right to feel that way, but she had promised to be strong for him, and here she was trying not to just cry. "Blame pregnancy hormones, I guess," She tried a half-hearted joke, but it fell a little flat, "I just... I don't want to lose you. And not just because I don't know how the hell I would cope being a single parent to twins. You give me strength as well... and it'd be like losing a piece of myself... more pieces of myself." The young woman's mind flashed back to those early childhood memories and she shook her head to remove the thought, before her chin was caught and she found herself watching Alex's gaze carefully with her own uniquely coloured eyes. "Will those feelings be enough, do you think?" Cass asked softly, "Will it be enough to keep you here? I want to believe it, but I'm also scared of investing myself completely in it... and ending up completely shattered if..." She bit her lip, not wanting to finish what she was saying. If he didn't stay, if something happened to him, it would shatter her anyway. She leaned against him then, wrapping her arms tightly around Alex, "Promise you won't die. I'll never forgive you if you do. I'll... I'll find some way to get you resurrected just long enough for me to kick your arse." She sniffed as she gave him a squeeze, "And I'll have the twins sorted into Sturt."
  12. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    With all the people gathering and closing in around the living room, Cassandra felt an itch along her spine, and her arms, and legs, and fingers and toes. She couldn't understand why she was able to sense them all and yet felt blocked. Not just blocked, but heavy. She listened as the greetings all went around, but moved quietly through the room as though hoping she might not be spotted or pointed out by anyone while they were all distracted. Cass offered a small smile to some of the others, Jezebel smirking at Alex's comment though choosing to remain quieter than her usual self, and then sat next to Alex, shuffling up close to him. Even that contact appeared to sharpen the redhead's senses in some way, as she realised she could feel that part of him that was leaking. She cuddled close to him, however, gradually feeling just a bit more concerned as the moment drew closer where she would have to hope that he was strong enough. "Be interesting to see what Rheldor's decided to make this time," The redhead had to agree with Alex, with a small nod of her head and hint of a smile. It had been somewhat entertaining since he'd got on his crafting kick, there was always something going on, and she absolutely encouraged it. Lorelei had noticed, as her hand linked with Lauren's, that trickle of power between them, and glanced toward her twin with a small smile and a nod. Perhaps this was why they both had to be here after all. She'd barely scraped the well of her own power before she'd fallen into the sleep, but knew that what she felt now was something on a different level, even if it was only a hint of what she couldn't access fully. Like everyone else though, her head turned at the sound of another voice and then tilted slightly as she studied the new arrival, knowing who it was by appearance. The arrival seemed to prove Lillian's theory of being unable to find her own twin false, but that wasn't something Lorelei was going to point out. Rather, she found herself intrigued by the gathering that was now seemingly complete as far as she could tell. When was the last time that so many had been in one place? "And so we gather..." The teenager with the odd eyes mused quietly, before turning her gaze toward Alex and Cassandra, "This would be the best chance that we have of succeeding." She concluded quietly. There were no others that she at least knew of with the blood, who were of a mature enough age to assist. Her younger sisters had been denied, due to their age, and with the 'missing' Millea now arrived, they could hopefully rely on her strength as well.
  13. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "Well, as normal as one can get, despite all the craziness of your family," Cassandra huffed a soft chuckle as she shook her head gently. He did have a good point, that there was no doubt some interesting times ahead for them with the twins, but she was pretty sure that they could handle things as they came and take it all in stride. All that mattered to her was that her own children wouldn't ever have to live with the nightmares or fears that either of their parents had dealt with. She smiled as he promised more surprised in their lifetimes, one of those moments where it did make her believe that they would get through the upcoming trials, though she looked shocked at the threat of turning the twins into triplets, "You wouldn't dare! Do you know what that would do to my stomach?? Not to mention, I wouldn't even be able to walk around by the time I'm six or seven months along!" She couldn't even imagine how she was going to be with twins, let alone more, and much preferred not to even entertain the idea. "But it's so cuuute," Cass teased as Alex swiped at her pinching fingers, amused at the almost boyish bashfulness that he had over the idea of parental type figures being proud of him. She understood the weirdness of it though, given the tumultuous relationship between Bethianna and Adele. She doubted that Alex's sister would ever forgive the other woman, and she had plenty of reasons to resent or fear her. But at least she seemed to accept that Alex had been important enough for Anna to save, and she was important to him as well. While Cass didn't understand all of it, she was glad that people seemed to respect the happiness of those they cared about. And then the talk of what could happen with the Acceptance, the part that made Cass feel uneasy. "So... you don't know if you could be an entirely different person? Essentially, my husband could end up some stranger that I barely know?" Cassandra wasn't sure how she felt about that part. She wanted Alex to survive, no matter what, but if he didn't come out the other side as himself, then was it really Alex who had survived? What if the person who he ended up as was someone she barely recognised? What if he was someone who was so different that they didn't have the same feelings for each other anymore? She'd still essentially be losing him in that case. Cass didn't feel very hungry anymore at that thought, and set the tray on the side table before pulling her knees up to hug lightly. She nodded as he said they would have to go guitar shopping, but it was half-hearted. Who was to say that he would even want another one, if he came out with a different personality altogether? The subject had dampened Cassandra's mood somewhat, even as she managed a small smirk at his apparent suffering of withdrawals, and the mention of her being his fantasy. The potential that all this might not last much longer suddenly felt all too real. Already the odds were stacked fairly against him, but to add onto that the fact that he may not even be himself if he did survive... Cass found herself simply nodding absently at his question, not having really heard it while stuck in her thoughts.
  14. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Returning to the living room, it appeared that there were more arriving now while she caught the tail end of Alex's promise that he was going to be making a new guitar. She would have perhaps piped in that she and Caleb would drag him around to get everything he needed, but with the room filling up, she found herself unwilling to say much of anything. She offered a small smile to the arrivals, noting Améa's much more 'shining' appearance, and Lauren's sour one, before her gaze turned to Adele, still slightly haunted by whatever had occurred before she could cover it completely. She offered a quick nod, however, and a warmer smile. "No trouble at all. DJ's full and sleeping soundly, and Caleb's been a fantastic helper," The redhead beamed lightly toward the boy, and then looked around those gathering. It wouldn't be long now, they were only waiting for a couple more. And speak of the devils. As soon as that thought bubbled up in her mind, Cassandra sensed on the edge of her perception the arrival of Jezebel and Lorelei, the latter of which ran to the living room and near bowled Alex over in a hug, causing Cass' lips to twitch into a small smirk. "Hey all," Jezebel stepped into view, lifting a hand to offer a small wave. She was probably the most dressed down that Cass had ever seen her, in a baggy sweatshirt and cropped jeans, and yet still managed to appear as elegant as ever. Sensing her mother's unease, Jez wrapped her arms around the woman from behind to give her a small squeeze, before then giving Améa a hug as well, something which appeared to be welcomed. What bothered Cassandra the most was that she could feel all of them, and it was almost overwhelming to her, though she managed to keep that locked in tightly, along with the discomfort of her own built up pressure within herself. But they were all here, all those who were going to try and help Alex get through this, which meant it was going to happen soon. And Cass found herself feeling so anxious and on edge that the sound of the oven timer caused her to visibly jump and clutch at her chest. "Are you alright, Auntie Cass?" Lorelei's voice inquired curiously, and the redhead shook her head and waved a hand gently. "I'm fine... just nervous, you know," It wasn't like she didn't have a reason to be, given she could potentially lose her husband today. That was more than enough to have her on edge, "I just have to get the cake out of the oven." She then added, stepping from the room quickly in order to do so. As distracted as she was, the woman wasn't even thinking of what she was doing as she opened the oven and reached in with both hands to pick up one of the trays. The touch of her fingertips on the hot metal caused her to mentally curse, before she grabbed for the oven mitts and got the cakes out, setting them down and pulling the mitts off to find her fingers already healed. Having to wait for the cake to cool before decorating, Cass then returned to the living room, leaning her shoulder against the door frame, at the edge of everything for now. Lorelei found herself mildly curious as she moved over near Lauren to take her hand, but essentially most of her attention was on the gathering, as was Jezebel's. Now that they were all here, it was growing close to the time to see whether Alexander would be able to survive his Acceptance and see the other side of it. As such, both of them waited now, on when it would be time.
  15. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    Cass knew that Alex had his reasons for not wanting to know much more than the health of the twins right now, and so she wouldn't argue or push for anything. If the desire to know more was something that helped him pull through, then she could be patient enough to wait a little longer. She felt an odd buzzing in the air around her, however, as Bethianna moved closer, it was like a muffled feeling or sound that she could only barely perceive, but for some reason it placed her a little on edge. She didn't allow that anxiety to show on her features, but she did hold DJ a little more securely, lifting him just a fraction so that the Healer could check on the twins that Cassandra was carrying. Some part of her wanted to run though, bolt away, while another part demanded she remain where she was. The touch of Bethianna's hand had almost the same outward impact for Cassandra as it did for the woman, as she jumped back too. It was like someone had opened up the blinds in a room that had been stuck in darkness since creation, the younger woman blinded for a moment as she staggered slightly, arms clinging to the baby in them as though to both keep her grounded somehow and keep from dropping him. Blinking a few times, she was shaken slightly as she found her footing again, and then released a quiet nervous chuckle. "That was... weird," The young woman commented, her features shifting to an easy mixture of amusement within moments. Though beneath the surface something was broiling, and she was struggling. Mental walls were thrown up and she offered Alex a smile to assure him that she was fine and happy to know that the babies were well. "Yeah, I guess they just have a little bit of a kick to them," The young woman replied. Watching as Alex prepared to hand Sapphire over, Cass watched only a moment, refusing to look at Bethianna, or even at Lillian in case the other woman realised something significant had happened, and began to turn toward the hallway, "I'm going to put DJ down for his nap. I'll be back soon." She said over her shoulder, and then continued off. It took every ounce of her willpower not to run from that room. She managed to pace her walking, and carefully set the baby down and tuck him into his crib in his room, the door closing behind her slowly. Once she was in the semi-dark room, she gasped as though for breath, but it wasn't for lack of anything. Rather, she felt as though she might burst. Cassandra moved to a chair and a tremble began in her hands a she stared at them. What was happening? Was it the twins? Something had been unlocked, a hole punched into a dam, and now she could feel them so much clearer, she could feel a lot of things. Most of all, she felt the store of magic that made her feel uncomfortable. "What is this, girls? You causing it?" Cass asked softly, though there was only a warm feeling of reassurance in response. Admittedly, it made her feel a fraction better, but only a fraction. She was still confused, and suddenly wanted her father. She couldn't understand why she was thinking of him right now, aside from the mess of everything going on, but she wanted him here. Instead, she reached out mentally toward her Aunt, for some kind of comfort. She refused to rely on those that Alex needed right now, he needed to get through this day. The woman only gave herself a few minutes, not wanting anyone to get suspicious, before she stepped out, her mask perfectly back in place as she wandered through the house, headed for the kitchen to check on the cake.