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  1. Invite Something Happened

    Cassandra simply nodded as Alex confirmed that people would make sure that she and the babies would be alright. She already felt strange over the fact that lives that hadn't even been born, had barely formed, would be protecting her. She wanted to ask more about it, but felt like too many questions might overwhelm Adele and she didn't want to do that. She would just leave it for now and try to place her faith in the idea that they were going to be alright. That things could be dealt with as they developed. She couldn't help but notice the look of confusion mixed with the blushing as Adele was called out on her skills as a pianist. She thought that the woman knew what had been said... but then remembered that she'd been outside with Stuart when Caleb had let that Easter Egg slip. "We were told your skill's a bit better than just a little dabbling," The redhead murmured with a soft smile on her lips. "I'm kinda self-learning at the moment, so that I can do something a little more than just singing," She offered a small shrug, however, before then listening to Alex as he spoke about being able to whip something up. It sure sounded sweet, and she wondered if it was going to be something like marshmallow squares or the like. She did notice the way Adele's voice trailed off at the mention and thought of Dave, though and so she was quick to nod and stand up when asked if she'd help carry some blankets. "Lead the way," The girl offered, offering Alex a small smile as she followed Adele out. He'd be alright to explore the kitchen and find whatever he needed. She'd been able to tidy it up really well and find the right cupboards for everything. She wandered out into the hallway with Adele, pulling the sleeves of the borrowed coat up to better be able to carry a bundle of blankets. "So... uh, where would we be staying? You know, when we come here?" It seemed a nice safe topic to chat about, something that might keep Adele at least a little preoccupied from having to constantly think about what had happened. Cassandra knew that eventually the woman would need to sit down and properly let it sink in, hopefully with at least someone around. But she also knew the desperation for something else to think about so that one didn't turn into a broken mess in front of others. "We'll be happy to help set up the room or something, if we need to. We can make a day of it."
  2. Invite Something Happened

    "Heh, yeah. But even he has a bit of a better idea through my stories... and probably yours too," Even if Alex didn't know personally how bad the prejudice could be, he'd been there when Cass had woken from some of her night terrors, and had heard some of Caitlin's own stories regarding some of her investigations in the past. Sadly, the world was not a safe place for anyone who was considered 'dangerous' simply because they might have more magical ability than ordinary Wizards. "What if they don't have to choose?" She then asked, before biting her lip, "I mean... from what I've gathered the conflict in the blood mostly comes from having Wizarding or mortal blood fighting with the... Sorceraic, is what you called it? But I'm fully Fae. Your mum said that she doesn't even know what that could mean for them." And that's what frightened Cassandra. If Lillian didn't know, and she had been given the impression that the woman was very old, then who could tell what could occur? But keeping her safe? Again, more questions just seemed to form inside her head. She knew that despite it being late in the night, she didn't feel at all sleepy. She knew that she had to have cut her feet up terribly in her walk to this place, but her feet had healed within moments upon arriving. Though, she figured that was attributed to her own blood anyway. What would it even do to her own body? She was literally sharing blood with the lives inside of her, she knew from some of her aunt's biology books that pregnancy changed a woman's DNA slightly. She blinked from her stupor, the thoughts becoming too much. "It sounds like we have a lot in common," Cass mumbled quietly. She knew the loneliness very well, having to be on the run, hiding. She picked up dancing, though there were long periods of time where she had to stay inside the house for weeks at a time because of a warning from someone her aunt knew. Cass also knew the look on Adele's features when Alex had suggested time to rest. She remembered those nights when she didn't want to close her eyes because she would see her parents. She remembered the horrible feeling of an empty room when her thoughts wouldn't stray from what happened. Caitlin had suggested camping in the living room at her place for a long time whenever that happened, and Cass bit her lip. "Why don't we... get a whole bunch of blankets and pillows and build like a pillow fort or something in here. We can just like, sit around and have hot chocolate and chat or something, and then rest when we feel tired," The young woman hoped it didn't sound silly to Adele, and offered a small shrug, "It's what Cate and I did whenever I had a nightmare about my parents, or when I couldn't get to sleep because... it's just hard when someone who you feel should be there, isn't."
  3. Invite Something Happened

    Listening, Cassandra's brow furrowed a little as she looked at the floor and her hands wrung together slightly. Adele made it sound like she couldn't possibly understand what it was like to be different, to have to hide from the world, but Cassandra had lived her entire life on the run, always having to watch over her shoulder, look around every corner, because hr family had been hunted, killed. She could see why Adele was angry, and was surprised to hear about how it was that the children in their family came about. So it wasn't simple luck, or that one in a billion chance, but the power of their will. But she didn't like being considered naive. "Adele, you talk to me like I wouldn't know what it's like to have to hide," The redhead spoke quietly, before meeting the other woman's gaze with her own steady, "But I do know. My entire life had basically consisted of having to keep secret about things I can do that 'normal' people can't. The whole reason it's only me and my aunt is because everyone else in our family is dead. Hells, I was stuck frozen under my parents' bed, staring at their bodies for hours before I was found. I still have nightmares about it." The young woman shook her head as she bit her lip, glancing away as her eyes misted over with tears again. How could she cope if she lost Alex as well? She wasn't even sure if she would? She'd already been so alone most of her life, and she was terrified of something happening to her, or her children. "I know exactly how society is," Cass continued with a croaky voice, before she cleared it, wiping her eyes and cheeks before looking at Adele again. "I grew up in Europe, where there are more purists and haters than anywhere else. My situation's no different to your own. You said that you didn't even know most of your life what you were... neither have I. I'm only just starting to learn, and it's scary. But I'm not about to go blabbing about your family, because I know what happens when the wrong groups hear about people that deviate from just 'normal' Wizards." She sniffed and hugged her arms around herself. "I'm scared... scratch that, I'm terrified that our kids are going to be something different again, and what that will mean for them. But I'm the last person who would want to hurt your family, I'd just... like to be a part of it. To understand, and be able to help protect the kids. It's always been just me and Cate since I was a little girl, no other aunts or uncles, grandparents, cousins, siblings... I guess I just, always imagined if I got married then I'd be like... best friends with my guy's sister or something stupid like in the movies," Pursing her lips a little, Cass sniffed and shook her head, allowing the red locks to fall beside her face, covering much of her features, "It's stupid, I know."
  4. Invite Something Happened

    The young woman nodded as the more 'Irish' version of chocolate was declined, and went about busying herself once more making drinks, knowing full well that Alex had noticed something. She didn't want to distract him from taking care of Adele though. She was the one who'd lost her husband, Cass still had Alex... for now at least. Even the thought of him not being around made her bite her lip while she was turned away, still making the drinks up, that the mention of 'if's from Adele caused a lump to form in her throat while her hands shook slightly. A short hiss came from her when she accidentally spilled a few drops of hot drink on herself, but Cassandra managed to get Adele's to the woman while she listened to everything she was saying, before shaking her head at Alex's suggestion to sit. If she sat down then she would have to think more about everything, Cassandra was sure of it. So far everything she'd heard scared her even more. How could they be so aware and connected? What was it about their family that did this? She wanted to ask, but instead she was already trying to find more things to tidy around the area - until such a time as Alex might made her sit down. "No one knows what... if my blood will change anything? I'm, honestly... I don't know what to think. I'm still just trying to learn more about my own heritage, and Cate's still trying to get more information on my family, to try and see how this - me - happened," Cass twiddled her fingers together, allowing the conversation since it seemed like Adele would rather concentrate on that than think about her own situation right now. The redhead had too many questions. She could feel the strangeness of the presences within her, but it was both familiar and unfamiliar. The sudden request from Adele threw her for a moment, however, and Cassandra simply blinked a few times while she tried to work out whether she'd heard right. She'd assumed that if Adele ever asked Alex to move in, then she'd only want him there. But she was asking both of them. Cassandra looked down a moment as she considered the idea itself. Sure, she didn't like the idea of leaving Cate to live alone, but her aunt had been spending nights elsewhere a fair bit over the course of the year anyway. Cass didn't push for details, she knew that Caitlin was being private for reasons that she'd explain eventually, but she also knew that Cate would also put her life right on hold with babies on the way, and the younger woman didn't want her doing that. She'd already sacrificed so much over the years for her. And it wasn't as though they wouldn't be at the house a lot anyway. The studio was set up there, and it was in the same town after all. They could always spend a night here and there and... was Cass actually considering moving here? For some reason she felt like there was a bias inside of her, as to what to do. "The... They want to," Cass murmured, a hand on her stomach which didn't feel like it should have two sentient beings inside it. But she couldn't deny that she knew how they felt, what they thought. She felt connected to them as she focused, and she wondered if this was what Adele had spoken about. Glancing at the other woman, she gave a small few nods, "We could do that." She said quietly, but then bit on her lip as she paused a moment in thought, before then continuing with her own desperation in her gaze, "But... can you tell me? About your family, that is. I just... I'm really scared. I don't even know what they'll get from my side yet, and if it's going to mix with the blood, or cause problems. And I know that no one knows about that, but it might... I might feel a little less blind if I know... something, anything that could prepare me." Gods, could this kill her? Cass didn't even know where that thought had come from, but it now lingered in her mind. Something told her that her daughters would survive regardless, but she wanted them to have both of their parents. Aware as they were she couldn't... it horrified her, the idea of putting them through what she went through.
  5. Invite Something Happened

    The redhead had thought she'd felt fine, or at least as fine as anyone could be with what had happened so far. But as soon as Alex had left the room, she felt the shock begin to wear away and as she tidied up dishes and began to wash them and clean around the kitchen, her mind continued to whir with the mixture of information that she was trying to process. How had she got here? How was it that she didn't even know how far along she was yet, but somehow there was enough awareness and strength to be able to control her body while she was sleeping? She tried to push the questions to the back of her mind, the concerns, but more continued to build up while she worked autonomously. Had Cass really heard right, that there seemed to be an assumption that there was more than one? She had already been worried about one, how would she be with more? And what if something happened? To her? To them? Already, she knew that there was still a chance that Alex might not survive this acceptance thing... what would she do if he didn't? Hell, how would she even cope now if something went wrong? The images of her parents flickered within her mind and only increased the fears tenfold. She didn't know what was going to happen, with Alex, or the babies, or her future in general, and it suddenly terrified her. Still, Cass cleaned the kitchen until it was near spotless. She made up a large plate of leftovers for Adele to nibble on, and made up a few bottles for the baby, which she placed in the fridge. She then went about beginning to make up some hot chocolate, and as she did so managed to find a bottle of Irish Creme which she set aside as well, not completely making the drinks just yet. Rather, she waited and kept herself busy with little bits of tidying here and there, until she heard footsteps and then realised that her own cheeks were wet from tears, quickly lifting her arms to wipe at them. Adele was the one who had lost someone, she needed to be looked after. Cass' own concerns could wait, the redhead told herself. "Thanks..." The word came out rushed and croaky, before she cleared her throat and then moved awkwardly from one foot to the other a little before then simply deciding to walk over and give Adele a hug. "I'm... really sorry," Cass offered quietly, offering a light squeeze to the other woman, before then awkwardly letting her go after a moment and stepping back and over toward the counter. "I'm a little terrified, to be honest, but... can only do our best. Uh, I made up a plate of leftovers as nibbles, and was just making hot chocolate... was going to wait to see if you wanted an Irish hot chocolate before I finished." If she kept moving around, kept talking a little, then she could pretend she was alright. Adele needed them now, and she was going to do her best to be supportive as possible.
  6. Complete Unhungry

    "Content is good," Cass smiled at him as they sat, and then waited until it seemed that there was not going to be a response to his call right at the moment. She nodded in response to his assessment, it probably wasn't a good time. Then again, who decided when was a good time for anything? She understood that Bethianna wasn't technically related to him, but Cassandra was aware enough to know that the woman was the same as his family. Plus, he appeared to have a strong attachment to the woman, enough to even call her 'Auntie', so she may as well be considered family. "I think we'd all be a little worried if they loved me the same way you do," The redhead snorted quietly with a shake of her head. Still, a gentle sigh was breathed from her lips at having to wait to know more about what she might have to expect. Or even whether anyone knew was to expect. She was flying rather blindly here. Listening to Alexander though, a small smirk tugged at her lips, before she then released a small chuckle and planted a kiss to his lips. "Cuddling sounds absolutely perfect to me," The young woman said as she began to stand, "Let's ditch this place for a bit. I could use some simple comfort."
  7. Invite Something Happened

    Cassandra could do little except watch what was going on around her, as Alex led her to the couch. Though she was awake, she was still trying to work through the confusion of finding herself here, of the gathering that was occurring in the middle of the night. Did these things happen often? She was pretty sure Alex would have told her if he needed to sneak out on the regular. It's not as though he needed to sneak around. She also felt a little unnerved by Lillian's amusement and interest in the situation, already realising rather quickly that Alex's mother was likely aware of her condition. "I'm alright," Cass gently dismissed the concerns. Her feet still hurt a little, but they were healing and she would be fine soon. She watched as Lillian placed her hands on Jezebel and Améa, noticing how the two younger women seemed to perk up a little as though given a slight recharge. What exactly had gone on here? Améa was back to her correct age, Lorelei was awake, but still a teen. Flora was aged up as well. She chose not to ask the questions though, knowing she wouldn't receive much in the way of answers. Still, the redhead was grateful for the little bit of information that Lillian bestowed, over what had happened. David was dead? Murdered at that? Somehow she'd known that. She wasn't sure how exactly, but she knew that's why she'd dreamed about her parents' murder. Was part of why she was here. Jezebel and Lorelei both stood, agreeing that it was probably time to go home, and they followed Lillian as she led the way out into the night. Stuart then turned to Améa and Lauren and gave them a nod. "Alright, we should head home too, so you girls can get some rest. You know how to contact me if you need anything," The man said to Alex with a nod, and then began to herd out the other two young women, leaving Alex and Cassandra sat on the couch in the now very empty living room. The redhead rubbed her face before giving her head a small shake, and then nodded with a long sigh. "It's fine. I get it, secret family stuff. But this whole 'sleepwalking' thing isn't going to be a common thing, is it?" Cass asked, glancing toward Alex for a moment to see if he knew, before then looking around at the dishes, and then down the hall. "Maybe you want to check on Adele? I'm... really sorry about what's happened to David. That's awful. I'll just do the dishes and some cleaning around the place or something. Maybe make up some bottles for the baby, stuff that'll make things a bit easier on her."
  8. Complete Unhungry

    "I dunno, even surprise family has to be good in it's own way," The young woman chuckled and offered a small shrug, though she then nodded in agreement that nothing was ever really completely certain. It made her recall her own family, their life in Ireland and England and her own memories for a moment before she closed her eyes and forced them away from her mind. She glanced at Alex as he mentioned that he might be able to summon Bethianna, though wasn't entirely sure. She wondered if the woman felt much better since the fiasco six months ago, a lot had happened then, and she had noticed that whatever Anna had done had hit her hard. She offered another nod as Alex sat on the ground, before then plopping down on his lap lightly while he closed his eyes. Waiting patiently, Cass leaned against Alex, resting her head on his shoulder while he did whatever he did in order to contact Bethianna. Silently, she waited, and waited. And even after what seemed like enough time that one might have had a conversation or at least a few back and forths, she lifted her brows at Alex and shrugged lightly once again. "Not sure if hiding was necessary if she's likely to show up just whenever she thinks is better, you know. I feel like visiting us at school isn't the most likely of chances, unless we were in some dire need or something. Or well, if you were in some dire need. I doubt I even pop up on many of your family's radars," The redhead huffed a small half-laugh, though she did know that at least Jezebel and Améa seemed to like her, as did the younger children. She still wasn't convinced that Adele didn't dislike her. And Lillian and Bethianna didn't seem to think one way or another of her. But then, she could always be wrong. "Maybe we should head back in, though I'm tempted to just go home too," Cass huffed quietly. She really didn't feel like being at school right now. Maybe the whole pregnancy part had something to do with that.
  9. I've literally never sleepwalked in my life. Pretty embarrassing to wake up and find myself standing in my sister-in-law's living room, surrounded by my husband's family. ?

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Well. . . I can't deny that the sight was beneficial to me!

  10. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Cassandra hadn't really wanted to go to class - hells, she didn't want to go to any classes. But after her talk with Alex and acknowledging that she was indeed on the last legs and may as well see this last few weeks or so out, she used his suggestion of getting a fake wand. Essentially it was just a stick, but somehow, she felt more kinship to that than she had with her actual wand. Whatever that was about. She'd not really thought much about it. The important thing was getting through the end of the year without a. anyone suspecting that she was pregnant, or b. anyone finding out that she was anything more than the halfbreed that some of them were aware of. Arriving at Elemental Magic though, she at least managed to feel a little relaxed. This was one subject she thought that she could at least get something out of, even if she couldn't really use the spells that the others used. Nature was something she had felt more and more in tune with since the 'veil' had been lifted, so to speak. The change from her body having been trapped within the belief that it was something else, to becoming more in tune with the world was a strange one indeed. Still, distracted was another term that easily applied to her, even in a subject that she was at least a bit interested in still. She barely paid much attention to anyone else in the class, at least until she heard an Irish accent and wondered if she'd spoken and not realising. But nope, it was another redhead, a new girl, someone that caused Cass to study them a moment as though trying to place something. Her attention drifted away again just as easily, however, with the demonstration from the teacher, and she pursed her lips. That didn't seem too difficult, right? Without a word, the young woman began to trace her 'wand' in the air, lips moving as though she was silently reciting the spell. In reality, she was reaching out to sense the rocks, and then spreading her senses further to the earth around them, using that to get a feeling for what to create. It felt draining, strange, but she did manage to get a solid ball, which she then flung forward. Except, as soon as it made contact, it exploded into life! A tree grew from the ball of earth, embedded into the rock, moss and flowers suddenly growing and blooming over the stone, and she hunched her shoulders as she tried to kind of step back and just silently wish that she could vanish right now. "Uh, whoops..." Cass mumbled quietly, lifting a hand to rub at her long red hair.
  11. Complete Unhungry

    "I can empathise. I always wanted a brother or sister... or, well, even a cousin my own age or something. Always just been me and Cate," Not that Cate hadn't done her best to make sure that Cass knew she could always go to her if she needed to talk or anything else. Her aunt had gone above and beyond for Cassandra and she would always appreciate that. But there was always that little bit of loneliness in wondering what it would be like to have a sibling or other closely aged relative. She nodded a little with a small sigh, understanding in a way that it would be difficult to talk about all their secrets. Hells, it wasn't like her family didn't have skeletons in their closet, as exampled by how difficult it was to trace back her mother's history. "Or how long some things can last..." Cass mused. Knowing that her mother could have been any age when she met her father did make Cass wonder just what kinds of secrets she could have had. Not only that, but the memory of the light fading in her mother's eyes played on her mind once again. Had she been weakened somehow? Then again, the Curses could just as likely work on a fae as well as they did on anyone else. A small shiver ran through her for a brief moment, but she then offered a half chuckle at Alex's assessment that they would be getting a disapproving look, before being helped to her feet. "I guess we can see, if she's around. Though, let me guess, you could probably just mentally call out to her and she'd hear it anyway, right?" The redhead narrowed her eyes at Alex as they walked around behind the greenhouse. There was a small garden area and even a bench there, but she remained standing as she glanced around, her gaze settling on the glass house behind them and the roses inside that obscured her view of anything else within the walls.
  12. Complete Unhungry

    "Pfft, Adele could never hate you. You're her baby brother that she always wanted," Cass did have to smile and chuckle a little at that. Even if Del didn't hold much love for her, it was very clear that she wanted to keep Alex close in her life and to make sure that he got to live as much of one as he could, and get to live for as long as he wanted to. In that sense, the women were in agreement on that. She also wasn't really surprised that Alex hadn't know about his family's royal heritage, but she didn't like the way that he spoke about waiting until his situation was 'resolved'. She knew what he meant, and it caused her to wince slightly as she leaned against his side more. "Well, like I said, Cate's trying to look into my mother's family. We know that she was pure fae as well, but it seems she tried to cover her tracks or something, of where exactly she came from, so it's... well, a task, considering that we're also trying to keep quiet on my being full-blooded," Cassandra still wasn't entirely certain on why, but knew that it had something to do with not wanting anyone to come after her, for whatever reason it was that had her aunt worried. She wasn't going to question too much, at least not yet. She trusted Cate to tell her what she needed to know. "You just expect that she's listening in and waiting?" Cass questioned briefly, but then recalled his family's habits of simply popping up wherever, as though they knew what was going on all along. And they always did know. It was just a little creepy, but in some strange way also kind of... reassuring? "Uh, sure... lead on," The redhead murmured, waiting for him to stand and then lifting her hands so that he could help her up. "Behind the greenhouse sounds terrible though, sure you don't have other motives?" She snorted quietly, trying to lighten the mood just a fraction, even if she clearly wasn't in that kind of mood right now.
  13. Complete Unhungry

    "Pfft, if that were true, then you'd be spilling all your secrets without me even having to ask," Cass smirked slightly as she teased him, though she grimaced a little as he tried to explain Adele, before shaking her head. "It's... don't worry about it. I know she's not really fond of me. And if that changes in the future, cool. If not... well, I'm still not going anywhere," It'd take way more than an overprotective sister to chase Cassandra off. Still, it seemed there were even more serious issues that came from her news that caused her to listen, a frown tugging at her features as he said something about Adele dying. What on Earth did them having a baby have to do with Adele's life or death? As he continued, however, Cass' expression became more blank as she stared. Royalty? Ruling royalty? Of what? She wanted to ask, but at the same time, Cass knew that he was already telling her more than what anyone would likely feel comfortable with him telling. Still... this was a lot. Definitely more than she could have imagined. If it weren't for the absolutely seriousness that had enveloped the air around them, she'd have pushed him over and accused him of trying to prank her. But there was also the way Adele and the rest of his family acted; regal. She'd picked up on that the first time she saw them. In all honesty, Cassandra was relieved when he told her that he wanted to relinquish any claim he had. She wasn't sure if she'd be approved of, and liked having a (somewhat) simple life. "Well, there wasn't a question of you upping and running off," Cass mumbled, because she wasn't even sure where to begin with the rest of the information she'd been given. "I, uh, definitely wasn't expecting that kind of secret. I just wanted to know if I should expect anything with pregnancy... or if this kid's going to be some kind of crazy hybrid faerie-slash-whatever you are." The redhead lifted her brows as she glanced at him with an attempt at some kind of small jest at their situation. "I guess I can see why Adele reacted the way she did when we got married, though. Urgh, she'd gonna hate me even more now..." She sighed long, it felt like she was making someone else's life harder now, just by being knocked up. "But, yeah, I trust whatever you think might be best. If you think we should talk to Bethianna, then I'm for it. Honestly, it'd be nice just to know if my hearing a voice is normal or if it's because of my own heritage or something."
  14. Complete Unhungry

    "Clearly she's got you wrapped around her finger," Cassandra snickered at Alex's 'complaints' about Mary, however she then huffed softly with a small shrug, "Yeah, well, just because I sound like her doesn't mean your sister likes me any better." She wasn't entirely sure whether Adele ever would warm to her. She'd tried to talk with her, reach out even since she had so few people she could reach out to. But Adele insisted on maintaining some kind of distance from her. She doubted that the development she was growing more certain of was going to help anything at all. Seemed Cass was already on the outs from their marriage. After having nodded a little and shrugged at his assessment of her feeling lost, Alex's reaction to her other news wasn't exactly all that reassuring either. "Thanks, I feel really confident that I'm going to be alright now," Came the drawl from the English-Irishwoman, dripping just a smidge with sarcasm. Of course it wasn't simple. It wasn't as though she wasn't terrified of the entire thing to begin with, but knowing even just the little bit that she did, Cass knew that it was going to be way more complicated than it should be. She closed her eyes with a sigh as she wrapped her arms tighter around her legs, resting her chin on her knees again. She listened vaguely to Alex as he rambled a little, and then sniffed. "You act like it's going to be the end of the world or something," The redhead murmured, "I mean, not that I want to become some kind of new interest or project of your mother's. Then again, maybe she'd just bypass me and go straight for the baby." She shrugged gently and then glanced toward him, a small frown on her features, "Nice to know you're concerned about how I'm feeling about it though, instead of how people are going to react."
  15. Complete Unhungry

    "As if I need to be secret about it. I could just say 'let's go visit Mary!' and you'd be all for it, don't say that you don't love her grandmotherly nature," Cassandra snickered quietly, before then lifting a brow at him again and then shaking her head a little while she chuckled, "Don't need to do anything overly elaborate. I'm pretty happy with a simple birthday, truth be told." She admitted with a gentle shrug. Considering she could live to an age where she would forget how long she'd been alive, birthdays seemed even less important than before. Or, at least her birthdays. She still enjoyed celebrating everyone else's. The idea of Alex being an Auror, though, caused her to snicker again, "You're way too nice to be an Auror. You'd be the one who's like 'well, if you promise not to do it again...'." She joked, giving him a small elbow nudge. "I might still dance, not sure yet," The young woman mused. She had to admit, it had been difficult to know what she wanted anymore ever since the truth had been brought to light. She laughed softly as he accused her of putting the moves on, however, and waggled her brows at him before offering a small wink. He did have her attention as he spoke about his family though, and the women being more 'complete'. Her gaze was shifted to the ground as she thought more, before sliding toward Alex at the sound of her name. And then the inevitable question. "I think..." Came the response, spoken plainly. "I mean... I haven't taken any tests or anything, but I just know there is something inside me. And I swear I've been hearing a voice recently, a little girl's voice. Cate's still been investigating the bloodline my mother came from, and I know that if I concentrate then nature can tell me things. Like, for instance, I know that Lorelei is inside that greenhouse." Cass pointed toward the small building, anything inside it obscured by rose vines that seemed to line the walls. "But... if no female has been pregnant with one of your family's kind before, then does that mean no one knows if there are any risks, or anything I should do? Shouldn't I probably know more?" Cass furrowed her brow in thought. For someone who thought she was pregnant, she was awfully nonplussed, and even she realised that. She felt like she should be more panicked, but she wasn't. Strange.