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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite Fade

    The world around her seemed to darken until she couldn't see anything, trapped inside whatever shadow had closed in around her. And as utterly terrifying as the experience was, there was something disturbingly familiar about the presence as well. It was as though she felt like she should recognise it, but she didn't and instead - unaware of the growing transparency of her physical form - she was trapped in something like a nightmare. It in fact reminded her of the night terrors that had haunted her for years, even if they had become gradually less frequent in the past year or so. Was this someone or something that had found her and was taking her away? And why couldn't she fight it off? She was frozen in whatever spell that had been weaved. She couldn't even reach out toward those she was connected too, which disturbed her even further. It was just as she was feeling herself drifting, realising that she was in fact being spirited away, that she heard a voice that seemed to crash through the darkness and silence that surrounded her. The spell fractured slightly, and then broke away as he called to her a second time, this time from closer, as though he had been running. As soon as he was within arm's length, it shattered and the presence vanished, the darkness disappearing from her eyes and it's hold on her removed. The redhead gasped for air as though she hadn't been breathing for too long, stumbling forward a little, though she reached a hand out to grip at Alex's shirt to try and catch herself. "What-... where did it go?... Did you see it?" The words were gasped out as her gaze, wild and fearful, scanned the area. But she couldn't even sense it now, that creeping sensation of having been watched was gone. Whatever it was, it had fled, or perhaps been driven away. In any case, she knew that something very bad could have occurred and she hadn't been prepared for it. She tipped over slightly to lean against Alex, a slight tremble overcoming her as she tried to make sense of what had happened, arms wrapping tightly around him. "I don't know what just happened..." Cassandra murmured quietly, "But I'm glad you found me." She had no idea what might have happened to her if he hadn't. And actually, why had he come to find her? She hadn't been jogging for very long or... Cass opened her eyes and looked around, realising that the Sun was definitely further along in the sky than it had been last she recalled, and her eyes widened as she looked to Alex, "How much time passed? Are the girls alright? Gods, I-I couldn't even sense them. I couldn't sense anything or anyone. It was like I was cut off from everything."
  2. I don't know if people liked my rendition of A Million Dreams, or the sugary video footage of myself, Alex and the twins more in my latest upload, but the reception's been great. Thanks to my hubs for taking the time to help me with it. More to come! ❤️ 

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      Alexander Winfield

      Well, you -did- practically puppy pout me into it. :P 

      It's no problem though!

  3. Invite Fade

    How was it getting close to almost a year since she'd found out she was pregnant? Cassandra had found the time breezing by without warning, spotted with events big and small, and somehow among all of that her life was something completely different to what it had been only two years ago when she and her aunt had been packing to move halfway around the world. A rare Sunday afternoon to herself, the young woman had been given the offer to go jogging while Adele looked after the twins, who were down for a nap anyway. And with Caleb as their ever circling hawk guardian, she knew there was no need to worry if they woke up either. Either he would alert Adele, or Cass would receive a message from him. Yet another strange development was the connection to a boy who wasn't her blood relative, but may as well be ever since Thia spent herself in reviving him that fateful day. These were only a couple of thoughts that circled in her mind as she took her time to enjoy running through the bushland. Nature surrounded her, even responded to her strangely enough. Branches leaned just a little closer in her direction, animals watched her, the young woman could sense it all, much more keenly than she used to. Though, there was also a chill that crawled up along her spine, at the sensation of something or someone else watching her as well. It was a feeling she'd had for a few months now, and only seemed to get stronger gradually over time, to the point that she was looking over her shoulder semi-regularly, in a similar fashion to what she had before the move to Australia. Hunted. That was the feeling that haunted her, and the redhead wondered if maybe it was just that she was uneasy with all the changes and still trying to adjust. Or maybe some of the things that she'd learned hadn't been sitting right in her mind, or were still trying to settle. But nonetheless that feeling was still there. It caused her to pick up her pace a little as the wildlife paid more attention to her, her aura leaking out slightly through exertion and the growing sensation that there was something on her heels, regardless of the fact that she saw nothing whenever she glanced behind her. And then she found herself at a creek near the edge of town, the beginning of houses over the other side and through some more trees. Adele's house wasn't far away, but something had made Cass stop, and she couldn't quite place her finger on what it was. She was still for a few moments, and then her head turned sharply around, before glancing down at the shallow water, eyes widening as she saw there standing over her reflection, a shadowy figure. She told herself to move, but was frozen, arms in the reflection were wrapped around her, holding her in place, a dark hand covering her mouth. Panic began to grip her... and then was suddenly drained from her as she stared - transfixed - at her reflection and the spectre the seemed to exist only within it. Time seemed to pass with her stuck in the spot, and anyone who happened along the walking trail would simply think she a woman lost in thought. Though after a while, ever so gradually, the woman began to slowly become slightly transparent, though unaware of it herself, stuck as she was in a hypnosis of a sort. At home though, the twins were fussy with their mother having been gone for so long that they had already woken from their nap and were hungry. Definitely out of the ordinary for her to not be immediately sensing their needs and taking care of them.
  4. Ohmygoodness... I love my two little girls, but it is SO GOOD to have my body back! I can go running again! I can dance! Freedom!

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      Alexander Winfield

      I promise not to do it again! Er, so soon.

  5. Invite More Than You Thought

    "She kinda creeps me out, to be honest," Cassandra murmured quietly, almost inaudible, as she watched the small fairy woman close up the store and appear to take charge of the situation as though she was aware of what was going on and it was her duty to fix it. She couldn't place her finger on specifically what it was that bothered her the most. The power she could feel from the other woman was daunting, it almost seemed like it was too much for someone so small and delicate. And yet, it also fit. She did nod a little though to Dylan's observation, Fae did tend to have that defiant and dominant nature about them. Was it something that came from being an ancient race, perhaps? "Of course, someone needs help. Why wouldn't I take that seriously?" The onyx haired woman glanced at Dylan over her shoulder with a small shrug. She waited for the others to step from the store, before everything locked up without even so much as a wave of her hand, and then the small woman set the pace in the direction of the house... without even asking which way they were going or the address. This alone caused Cassandra to feel even more wary of her, especially when Dylan spoke of his suspicions regarding her. If Stardust really was so old, what was she doing here? And how old could she be? "She knows exactly where we're going," Cass muttered back to the man, whether Stardust could hear them or not. She wasn't sure if she could trust someone who was so aware, along with the thought that she could probably turn them both into moths or something if she wanted (maybe not, but Cass didn't know what powers the Fae possessed). Rather, she decided to remain quiet for the rest of their walk, thinking about the possibilities of what could have happened to Caitlin, along with the strange feeling she got from Stardust, all the way up until such a time as they reached the large two-storey house.
  6. Invite More Than You Thought

    "Mhm, but you're not denying there's a hint of truth," There was some amusement in the young woman's expression, she'd had her suspicions for a long time, though was still curious how it was that he'd broken through the shell that her aunt kept tightly wrapped around her. Caitlin wasn't one to trust easily, and the fact that she had been cavorting with this man for so long meant that there as something that she saw in him. "Semantics, and not really important anyway," The redhead waved her hand at his insistence of correcting what role he had played in their lives from the shadows. There were much more important things to worry about, and so long as Cate could be found then Cass could interrogate him at a later time. She tilted her head with a thoughtful pursing of her lips at his seeming decision to hold onto that link to his family when she had already said that she didn't so much consider him the same as them, but then shook her head as he said that she wouldn't have heard something, "Even if it wasn't a message to me, she would have sent something to someone. There's... it's hard to explain, but there was a whole lot of discovery that came about in November, like world shattering kinds of discovery." She ran a hand through her hair. It would be too much to explain right now, they needed to be searching. "I gathered that much," Cassandra murmured, regarding the show owner who had suddenly decided she was going to help. Did she sense something? Why had she stared at Cassandra so before she had made the announcement? It was quite off-putting to the younger woman, but it seemed that Dylan trusted his boss enough to not argue the point. Or perhaps there was no use in even trying to argue, the tiny woman seemed like she was the kind who would do what she wanted to whether or not others agreed, and that there was likely very little that could stop her. "Oh yes, it will be quite easy to track her down," Said the Fae woman as she brushed a couple of pygmy puffs of her shoulders and out of her hair, shooing them off into the back of the shop as she appeared to be getting ready for 'business'. "So, a missing person then? And she is fae as well?" The question was asked of Cassandra, who simply nodded, before opening her mouth to correct the assessment and say that she was really more like part fae, but the older - thought younger looking - woman beat her to the punch, "Even if she only had a little Sidhe blood, it will be easy for me, especially since she may be one of mine. Let us go to where she would have been last then. I will be able to follow her footsteps," She stated, before leading the way toward the shop door. "W-... wait, what do you mean one of yours?" Cassandra asked, blinking rapidly as she tried to keep up with what was going on. She nodded at Dylan's suggestion of taking a more mundane means of travel, but she still wanted to know what Stardust had meant with her words. She had a feeling that she wasn't going to get an answer, at least not in the immediate future, and she leaned a little closer to Dylan, speaking quietly, "How much do you know about her?" She said, before moving to follow the Fae out of the shop. There was an eerie feeling that this was going to result in a whole lot more discovery, which already had her concerned.
  7. Invite More Than You Thought

    "I haven't been really researching, just putting pieces together. I did a while ago, actually, but was going to wait for Cate to feel comfortable enough to do the whole introductions thing," The young woman's gaze narrowed a little, even as her lips twitched a fraction as his correction to her assessment of what he'd been doing following them for most of her life, "Still been following around like a creepy shadow, whether to protect us or not. That's still considered stalking." She responded with a strange easiness to her, as though she seemed to be quite aware that she was in no danger from him despite knowing what she did already, "I always knew there was some truth behind the 'Dark Horse' character, but..." Her brows rose, the mention of his actual name causing other names to flash through her mind. And not just names, faces, scenes, people that had stalked and haunted Cate and herself for a number of years. Her aunt thought that she'd been rather unaware of the finer details, but she had been more observant than thought. "... I didn't realise it was a whole Romeo and Juliet kind of situation," The young woman mused quietly. There was a moment of heavy silence, an even more definite tell that she knew about the family he came from, what they did. However, a slow exhale left her seemingly relaxed and she offered a small shrug, "People can't help who they were born from." She said easily, and moved on to what she felt was the more concerning issue right now. And the fact that he didn't even know anything, nor had heard from her aunt either only caused her fear to grow. She frowned a little in thought while he retrieved a wand that he'd clearly been saving for a very special day, and her lips pursed at the mention of the Underground, what she assumed were the criminals and murderers her aunt often put away. "I don't know if that could be it... she would have sent some kind of S.O.S. or something," Caitlin wasn't one to be caught unprepared or unaware, that's what made this all the more concerning. Cass knew she would have felt something, if her aunt had been attacked or seized, but there was just... emptiness. As though she wasn't anywhere. "Hm? Why would I need to hire someone else? You're going to come back, surely," The voice spoke from a door that was suddenly opened, and a small woman with jet tresses and the strangest coloured eyes Cassandra had ever seen stepped out to peer between the two, though as she locked eyes with Cassandra she seemed to stop and stare for a moment. The redhead didn't even have to second guess to know that this woman was without a doubt a similar kind of fae to herself, and not only that but she was incredibly old and powerful. Her presence alone almost made the younger woman want to bolt, except there was something also oddly comforting and familiar about it. Taking a moment to gather herself so that she could speak, Cassandra was beaten to the punch by the apparent owner of the shop, "Hm, is there some trouble, then? I'll help." Easy as that, and no room for argument it seemed, as the shop seemed to pack up the displays on it's own in preparation to close. "Uh, sure?" Cass blinked, and finally tore her gaze from Stardust, though she was fully aware that she was still being watched, studied. She turned her green eyes onto Dylan, "The last time was at Adele's... But I know she went home after that. So might be best to start there?" She said, as she began to move toward the doorway. She suddenly needed some air, the magic she could feel was almost overwhelming and she wondered how he couldn't sense it. A fae thing, perhaps?
  8. Invite More Than You Thought

    The sound of the man's voice was interesting and Cassandra studied it while she waited in the shop, a strangely eerie by familiar feeling within the air surrounding the place. She'd heard that a fairy owned the place, perhaps that's what that feeling was. whatever it was, it crawled over her skin in an odd way. She gave a small shiver in order to try and shake it off as she waited patiently, until she spied the man arrive and studied his reaction with a great deal of scrutiny. He was very good at hiding what he was thinking or even any surprise that he might have felt, and she had to give him some credit int hat regard, but her brows rose at the congratulations as she glanced down. She wasn't showing that much was she? The sudden self-conscious thought had to be quickly pushed away while she reminded herself it was twins. "Thanks!" The young woman chirruped easily, but then her features twisted into a knowing smirk as she tilted her head slightly, "But I think we can cut the shit straight up, don't you? I'd rather not waste my time or yours, so let's get this out in the open. You've been seeing my aunt for a long while, and your name's definitely not Gilliam, and I've a sneaking suspicion that you're not only the guy who sent the secret Valentine invite last year, but you might also be someone who's followed her life for quite a long tiem. Any of this right at all? A simply yeah or nah is preferred... your real name would be nice too." Once that was said, she offered a small but brilliant smile to the man, but only for a brief moment before her expression grew entirely serious. "I haven't heard from Cate in ages, and I don't think she's been home in at least a few weeks. I'm worried. Some... things happened in November, that rattled us as well as some other people," Cass sighed then as she ran a hand through her hair and then gave the man a questioning look, "Do you know or have heard anything about where she might have gone? Or if something's happened?"
  9. Invite Unstoppable Life

    "I'm not sure the place could handle A & C spice, it doesn't tend to be family friendly after a certain point," Cass snickered with a light smirk aimed at Alex, a small wink offered to him. But all in all, she was rather impressed with the setup and didn't really have anything to complain about. It was nice, tasteful, very clear that Derrick hadn't done it alone and she wondered if his girlfriend had something to do with helping him out a little with it. The band though, she did recognise. They played in the city, both in bars and clubs as well as in the Bourke Street Mall, and the singer was becoming especially popular these days. Though that had more to do with some media that had cropped up about something to do with her past. Cass appreciated the music though, and bopped her head a little to it as she walked alongside Alex. "Every second, hm? What else are we going to talk about if you're complimenting me all the time?" The redhead laughed softly, but then rolled her eyes at her husband's own brushing off her compliment, "I don't know, it seemed to have happened fairly overnight. I'm starting to get worried for when you get your full strength up." She smirked slightly at Alex, a single brow raising as a small mischievous glimmer shone in her green gaze. Though she was only part joking. She was acutely aware of the young man's development since his acceptance, and it was remarkable if nothing else. Almost like he'd never been ill in his life. "Psh, like you'd ever give such a grand title to anyone but me," She nudged him lightly with her hip, before then leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek. "I'm pretty sure I'll be the one paying soon," An easy chuckle fell from her lips as Cass shook her head a little, but she led the way to the dancefloor easily, peering back over her shoulder at him with a small teasing smirk, until they were close enough to the music that she was content. She then stopped and turned toward him, lifting her hands to wrap over his shoulders and the back of his neck as she pressed in close and began to sway to the rhythm of the music, "We'll have to try and contain ourselves, I guess. Wouldn't want to be told to keep a foot between us." She laughed and then offered a small wink, "You've got no idea how happy I am that you're still here, you know."
  10. Invite More Than You Thought

    It had been a few days, and the anxiety that something wasn't right hadn't left Cassandra. She'd gone by Cate's house, and it looked like her aunt hadn't been there recently. She knew that she didn't always stay there, but surely she did go to check on things. The mailbox was full, and the younger woman took her aunt's mail inside, and then looked around for any kind of clue as to the whereabouts of Caitlin. The older woman's handbag and ID were all sitting in the kitchen... strange. It didn't look like there'd been a struggle, nor that anything was really amiss at all, except for the absence of the other, and while Cass was considering trying to summon Lillian to see whether she knew anything, she felt that she should ask at least one other person first, about what they knew. So it was that the young woman with the blood red hair stood outside the shop for a moment, something about the place set her on edge. Again, it was something odd, something she felt like she should know, but was barely eluding her. What she did know, however, was that the man who worked here had been dating her aunt. Caitlin thought that Cass didn't know, that she was hiding her secret very well. But Cassandra knew, she knew a lot more than what the older woman thought. Stepping inside, Cass looked around easily. There was a strange feeling that surrounded the air inside the quaint place, and it didn't just come from the small animals that seemed to poke their heads out before hiding again. She wandered through, a self-conscious hand pulling her top over her belly which had begun showing a slight bump, and looked for the man she knew she would find here. Perhaps he would have some idea, and if he didn't, then at the least he would probably be able to at least help her search for the missing woman. At least, Cassandra hoped so. On the other hand, she was also worried that he might have betrayed the woman, so she wasn't certain how smart it was to take this chance. She supposed she would just have to wait and see.
  11. Still wondering a little as to how Spencer came out on top this year. But just going to put it down to my general aura of awesome. Definitely a nice extra high note to finish off the school year and my school life. ❤️ 

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      You can thank me~. I had to rig some points!

      In all seriousness, I think it's only because I helped stopped some bullying a couple of months back.

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      Amber Cross

      Shhhhh, don't question it.

    3. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      I think enough people are questioning. 

  12. Invite Unstoppable Life

    An evening out, away from the house, was a very good and needed thing as far as Cassandra was concerned. The ups and downs over recent events was taxing, and though she had so far been able to generally contain her own issues with all that had happened, pushing them down and concentrating on trying to stay at least a little positive, it was becoming increasingly more difficult as time went on. Tonight though, she wouldn't have to think about any of it, or at least that was the hope and plan. It was the most cheerful she'd seen Alex since his Acceptance, so that was already a positive start. And the way he held her arm and how nicely they'd dressed reminded her of their Vegas trip which had resulted in the wedding bands they wore now. A small fond smile tugging at her lips at the memory. "The place looks good, Alex. And you know it," Cassandra offered him a gentle nudge with a small smirk on her lips, before gazing around the hall properly herself. Though there was just the barest hint of a bump on her abdomen now, the young woman had still been able to get away with a low cut, slimming, glittery, dark violet dress, which made her hair stand out quite a bit, despite her efforts to use a little glamour in order to 'normalise' the deep red colour slightly. She supposed she could always blame the lighting if anyone said something, Green eyes surveyed their surrounds casually and smiled as she recognised the band, though it took a moment to realise that Alex was watching her, and she blinked as she glanced at him, a brow raising slightly as though wondering what he was thinking... at least until he just said it outright. "Hmm, I don't think you had said that yet, but thank you very much. You cut a very handsome figure yourself," She responded with a chuckle, easily spinning with a dancer's grace. "Madam of Fancy, now? What happened to KMH?" Cass grinned lightly at him as he tugged her back in against him, and leaned her head against his shoulder as he spoke about food, snorting softly at the apparent expectation that she'd immediately want that. She did consider his question though, before lifting on her toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek and then clasp at his hand, "How about a little spin on the dancefloor first? I think I'm owed a lot of that since I'll have to take a year off before I can audition for any big dancing companies." She poked her tongue out him, before then offering a small cheeky wink, clearly only jokingly teasing him over having knocked her up before school had ended. She then tugged at his hand as she and her hips began to sway her way closer to where the band was playing.
  13. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "Mhm, says he who named me Queen of all things already... no take-backsies. This is a Cassdom," The redhead nodded easily, before laughing again, though she knew it was pretty much true. She was rather certain that there were lots of good reasons for other girls to be jealous of her with the kind of attention that she was spoiled with when it came to Alex. Most were still just shocked that they were married even though they were still in school and had only met this year. "Even my messy pictures, I look adorable in, truth..." Another nod to seal her words, and she wasn't exactly lying either. "What have you been watching? some kind of kung-fu movie?" Cass had to laugh lightly at the imagery of Alex fighting someone else for her in the manner he described. Even though she knew he'd been working out a bit with Stuart, she still couldn't imagine Alex getting in a fight in any capacity. But who knew what people could do with the right motivation? "All the threats. You can bet that I will be there watching you every moment and yelling at you to pull through, or all kinds of things could happen without you around," Cass tutted softly with a small shake of her head, but then gave him a tight hug again, listening as he spoke about how many presents were more for him and how many were more for her, a smirk on her lips as her head shook gently. "You're such a perv. And you were such a sweet innocent young man when we met. What happened?" The redhead snorted quietly. She had some idea what had happened, and a lot of that revolved around their banter, her teasing of him, and the ideas it all probably put in his head. Especially since she hadn't exactly dis-encouraged any when he brought them up. Though lying together, she certainly didn't mind as she smiled up at him. "You say that like you wouldn't have to put up with me as well. Not sure many people can handle a spitfire for that long," Cassandra murmured between kisses, though she managed to offer a small cheeky grin up at him, raising a brow in interest, "Oh? I swept you off your feet, hm? So does that mean I should stay away from walking out in the open in case I accidentally do the same to others?" She a flicker of a wink to him and shifted slightly under him, smoothing herself against him subtly with a low hum. "Of course I'm happy... I always enjoy your attention," She admitted quietly, before then smiling warmly at him before brushing her lips over his in another soft and tender kiss, loving and gentle, but also a hint of need within the action, as though to let him know that he was not aloe in how he felt about her in this moment and with this kind of intimacy. "Who knows... maybe we are perfect for each other... I'm not going to throw away the idea of soulmates... or star-aligned lovers. You make me believe it could be possible," Cass murmured softly with a small loving smile offered to him, almost shy in nature at the admission.
  14. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    "Maybe, but still could have been prevented if I'd kept a stronger hold on him," Cass pursed her lips a little. The process had almost been completed, and would have done so without any casualties, if not for that single moment. There were in fact a lot of factors which led to how things had turned out, ultimately Bethianna had made her choice over what to do, and that was no one's fault. That was something she had decided consciously. "Of course she would have known," The redhead murmured as a small frown tugged at her own lips, though she didn't speak any further on the subject of what Alex would have chosen. There was a part of her that felt just a tiny stab of pain in knowing that he would willingly choose to leave her, even if the other person wanted him to live. That perhaps Anna was tired of watching males perish, and she loved both he and Caleb so much that she placed their lives above her own. "Of course I want to be here, I always want to be with you," The young woman said quietly, that small frown still on her lips, and it was thanks to the timely intervention of Alex's birth father that the mood wouldn't potentially fall any further. The reveal of his cake, both the thoughtfulness of it as well as the fail, caused her to grin brightly. There was also the simply atmosphere that the man brought with him, the love and care that he had for this family that he had been able to rediscover and connect with was absolute. She shot Alex a small look as he quickly turned her suggestion of his having the first taste around into a family activity of them all taking the plunge, and she poked her tongue out at him as Rheldor marched inside, before then standing. "I guess we can talk later," Cass said softly, looking off to the distance for a moment, before reaching down to offer her hand to Alex. She was naturally going to stay and wait to see how much strength he'd started to recover, and help him back inside if necessary. As far as the people inside, Caitlin was still staring at the crystals in her hand as she thought about what she should do with them. She didn't want to put them down, in fact she knew that she would have to create a new necklace or something for them so that she could have them with her at all times. She wasn't entirely sure why she felt this need, but it seemed important to her, and so she kept them clutched in her hand for now while she listened to Lillian. "In time, once my brother recovers, we might be able to channel some energy bit by bit now and then," The woman said quietly. Though, she would have to get her brother first, waken him, and then he would have to build his strength back up. Still, it was an option, and helped her heartache just a fraction after having found Thia and lost her within moments. And then a man entered the room and her gaze flickered toward him in mild confusion, taking a few moments to listen before it clicked that this was Alex and Adele's father... who had apparently been making a cake, and no doubt enjoying himself if the food colouring and flour and other ingredients all over him were something to judge by. She blinked a little as he stepped back out of the room as surely as he had come in and made his announcement, before glancing a little awkwardly around those still there, Adele's words causing her to have just a little concern for what this cake could be like. "I... uh... maybe I should-..." "Oh no, don't even think about leaving. You're part of the family too, so you have to suffer with the rest of us," Although it sounded like part threat, Jezebel's lightened tone and half smirk as she looked over at Cate, said that it was meant in good humour. Though it was also clear that the invitation was genuine, and Cate blinked for a moment, before then glancing around, until she then indicated toward Lillian. "I'll have some, if she eats some as well."
  15. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "I'm your wife though, which technically still makes me the Queen of that as well," Cass chuckled, before then lifting a hand to ruffle at Alex's hair, followed by more light laughter at the visual of him chasing boys away from their own daughters in years to come. Of course, she agreed with him that their girls should only have the best, but the idea of him as the protective father type was still thoroughly amusing. "Cate would be the one you need to get the baby photos from. Go ahead, I have nothing to be ashamed of," Cass admitted with a shrug. She had been an adorable baby, and if he wanted to go boasting about it, more power to him. Besides, they had a few boxes back at Cate's that held a lot of his baby photos and such from his home with his adoptive father, some of which had been unpacked for Cass to place around. Though he insisted she hadn't brought anything down, she still felt a little bad about the mood, though snorted at his attempted joke. "So possessive. Even the thought of someone else touching me giving you the will to live," The redhead commented, though couldn't help a small smirk and chuckle either as he kissed her forehead. To be honest, the idea of that was stupidly romantic in a sense, and made her smile if that was one of the things that was really going to help him get through the trial. "Oh, I'll be around to remind you alright. If it even looks like you're giving up, I'll started yelling at you and making all kinds of threats of what kinds of things could happen without you around," The young woman gave a faux serious nod, though there was a possibility that she just might regardless. She had to roll her eyes and laugh as he admitted to buying her a catsuit though, her gaze glancing around between the various still unopened boxes. "Okay, truth here. How many of the gifts are more for me and how many are more for you?" Cassandra asked with a quiet laugh, "I get this feeling there's going to be a lot of dress-up in things that you've been fantasising seeing me wearing." She tutted softly. However, soon was laughing again as he argued about the allegiance of the twins, deciding that they were going to be Spencers only, even if he had to make sure he influenced them toward that path, causing her to grin with amusement, before she found herself suddenly laying on the bed with Alex above her. "You really have to ask?" The redhead questioned him as a smirk tugged at her lips, tilting her head at the young man, "You know I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it. Besides, I thought we;d already agreed ages ago that we were going to defy all possibility and make sure that we would be together for all of time." She chuckled quietly, weird Spencer indeed, but she also knew that he got a kick out of hearing her say it, and leaned her head up to brush her lips over his in a soft kiss, before drawing back with a small cheeky smile and wiggle of her brows, "Besides, do you hear me complaining about having a different kind of treatment?"
Cassandra Cate Sullivan
Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of VEGE Productions
19 year old Pureblood Fairy She/Her
Age  19
Date of Birth November 25th, 1999
Birthplace England
Year Level 
Occupation Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of VEGE Productions
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Katherine McNamara
  • 2012 - 2017: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Gryffindor
  • 2018 - 2018: Tallygarunga - Spencer
  • remembers her parents' murders vividly
  • is a fae shapeshifter due to inheriting fae genes from both parents, but has been living under the belief she is a halfbreed most her life, recently found out she has Sorceraic blood as well
  • prefers shapeshifting into a ginger cat compared to other possible options, to sneak around
  • is great at pretending not to be smart, but is closer to genius level than she likes to admit even to herself
General Knowledge
  • she's the niece of the school counselor
  • married to Alexander Winfield
  • is a dancer (ballet, tap, modern, hip hop, step)
  • is quite a good singer as well

Wildcat, pocket rocket, little bundle of constant energy and amusement, there's a reason she needed to take up dancing to burn some of that energy. All those could be used to describe the girl who was born to an Irish father and English mother. Outgoing, playful, and unabashedly flirty, it's almost impossible to miss the presence of the young woman when she's in a room, though mostly because she's often generally just trying to get smiles or laughs out of others. It'd be impossible to know that she'd been witness to tragedy at all unless you really knew her or were aware of her history, as she often just wants to make sure that others feel good.

That said, the young woman has little to no shame, and will flirt with guys she thinks are cute if she's in the mood for being cheeky, or if they blush easily. She is also an adventure seeker, someone who will almost always pick 'dare', and yet can flawlessly pull off a look of complete innocence, as well as quickly think up cover stories that would even fool her aunt if Caitlin wasn't so good at what she does.

Beneath the fun, cheeky and social exterior there are a lot of issues and fears, but she tries to fight against those, vowing that she is going to follow in her aunt's footsteps and become someone who will help others and bring bad people to justice. Of course, this also means that she may find herself in the odd scrap now and then if she thinks someone's being a bully. She's not someone who can just stand by and watch.


Standing at a staggering 5'2, this redhead doesn't let her height hold her back from anything. In fact, she tends to use it to her advantage when and wherever possible. It is especially effective when she is able to change her expression so well and convincingly to that of innocence or sadness. She is quite expressive, and usually people will know how she's feeling by looking at her, however.

As far as clothing goes, Cassandra tends to prefer wearing whatever she feels like, and will adjust her school uniform so that it at least looks a bit stylish. Whether that means shortening the skirt, wearing thigh high socks, and making sure the shirt sits nicely on her figure, well, at least she's wearing the colours? She usually lets her hair rest over her shoulders and back, and tends to wear something with a heel so that she has a little height. She walks with an almost bouncy strut in her step, shoulders straight and head held high.

A noticeable feature of the redhead's is not only the blood red hue of her hair, but if one takes the time to look closely, is the strange colouring of her eyes, which appears more like rings of colour, with a bright gold at the centre around the pupils, which blends along to become bright green as the outer ring of her irises, the colour between being a strange blending and shimmering of the two colours.


Loves friends and spending time having fun with them, especially outdoors. Though she's had a difficult time in keeping them, mostly because of moving around so much when younger, and because she was always 'strange'. She tries to be friendly though, and is protective of those who stick around.


As protective of her family as they might be of her, and not just her blood family, but those she's become close to since moving to Australia.


She never really dated much at all, and then met Alex and they kind of just 'clicked', and ended up eloping only months after dating. She's nuts in love with him.


Prefers to avoid the whole 'drama' stuff, but isn't afraid to confront those who have something to say about her or anyone she's close to.

The story so far

Cassandra was born to (what she'd grown up believing were) a pair of wizards back in '99 and love was never something that the household was short on, especially since she had not only very loving parents but also a young aunt who doted on her dearly like nothing else.

Perhaps they'd thought she would end up with her father's family's psychic talents (which her aunt and father carried) rather than physical, but the name of the oracle was given to her nonetheless, and no one could imagine Cass with any other. She thrived in early childhood, making friends easily, always ready to leap at one of the others in the household for hugs, or even just to sit or lie on them.

Life was wonderful for the girl, she loved every part of it and couldn't imagine it not always being that way for as long as she lived.

At least until her parents were taken tragically from her, right before her eyes while she under their bed, bespelled by her mother so that the intruders wouldn't find the little girl.

It would have perhaps broken the girl completely if not for the aunt who took her in and provided her with all the love and care that she possibly could, in order to try and keep Cass afloat. She had lost two of her most beloved people in her life, but she still had one. And she would make sure that she never lost that remaining most special person.

Though she may have seemed too young to notice what Cate was doing, she was quite switched on and observant and the only thing that got her caught when she was snooping around was if her aunt managed to peek in on her thoughts.

Of course, things changed a little when Cassandra was accepted to Hogwarts and didn't get to spend as much time at home anymore, but she did enjoy the new school environment, making new friends, learning more about magic, which she decided would help her in being able to assist her aunt in years to come. She excelled in DADA, and when not in school, she substituted her 'smallness' with taking up Mixed Martial Arts, and excelling at it as well, very quickly.

Cass became intrigued with her aunt's work, even though the older woman tried to keep her niece from learning too much about what she did at such a young age. But Cassandra was growing up fast, and her teenage years brought rebellion and mischief as she started breaking into Cate's office to read through some of her work, not to mention when her aunt became a bestselling author, from solving the crime that had caused them both grief, it was impossible to keep Cass from reading it.

As far as she was concerned, the grisly details didn't matter. What mattered to Cass was that her aunt was doing good. She was solving crime and bringing bad guys to justice, and to her - the girl who now hero worshiped the older woman - it made her some kind of amazing role model to look up to and want to be like.

That was how Cassandra decided that she was going to fight crime, right wrongs, catch the bad guys and help the innocent. She wasn't stupid of course. She knew that she would have to study hard, and make sure that she did well in required subjects to become an Auror or investigator. The only thing that really got in her way was the fact that she tended to get a little hotheaded when it came to bullying or people doing something that would hurt others. She got herself into fights a few times.

And then in what was supposed to be her last year of school, she and Caitlin found themselves in danger while she was visiting home, and they were forced to go into hiding and on the run while those after them were being tracked down. This cost Cass a lot of her grades and meant that she was going to have to do an extra semester or so of study.

Apparently that study was going to be in a whole different country as well, as the women moved to Australia. And so Cass prepared to hopefully get through little more than the require semester so that she could focus on her future. Though, since moving she became more confused about what it is she really wants. To be an Auror because of her past? Is it still her calling, or is her love for performance too strong to ignore?

Such a question haunted her all through her year, though mostly in the background since meeting Alexander Winfield, who would become her husband during the first term holidays, after their whirlwind trip to Las Vegas. Having met at the start of the year, they quickly bonded over their experiences which were different and yet similar in some ways. This led to them quickly falling for one another and with the death of Alex's father, he was invited to live with Cass and Caitlin. The mischievous duo have since created a small Production label for their Youtube focuses, and Cait set up a studio for them to use as well.

Changes that Cass had been undergoing since late last year came to a head, however, when she started finding herself severely allergic to cast and cold iron, and it was revealed by her aunt soon after that the girl was in fact full-blooded fae, rather than half, that they'd thought. Her mother had been full blooded Sidhe, and the fae blood had dominated over any kind of mortal blood fully. As such, she had been adjusting slowly, trying to learn more about her kind.

Only for her world to be rocked again during Alexander's acceptance, when she found out that her own grandmother was the Sorceress who had been Alex's guardian angel for all his life, bringing up a great many questions regarding the rest of her family - especially her father's state and whether he could actually be brought back from 'death'.

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