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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Keaton Harper

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    Keaton Spencer Harper
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    Toorak, Melbourne
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    Matthew Daddario

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    Cherry, 14 3/4 inches, Kelpie-Mane, Springy
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  1. I am SO sorry to anyone who Dodo may have landed on today. I think he believes hair equals to a makeshift nest. 

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    2. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      I'll keep it in consideration.

    3. Keaton Harper

      Keaton Harper

      You should. Because I freely admitted that I can be stupid. 

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Just give her some sweets, it always cheers up.

  2. Laugh Along With The Common People;

    Keaton Harper
    Keaton grinned at her, "Let's just call this a...flirtationship and stick with that, shall we?" he quizzed, only to pull another face as she grabbed his cheek. "Ow, Merlin woman." He mused over the prior part of their conversation for a few seconds, "Reckon we could get others in on the game? Incorporate dares too for the losers?" He eyed the overgrown mouse as it sat chewing, from what he could see, a chessboard that somebody had left attended. "I don't think Barty is going to be good for that.."he wondered aloud as he flicked his wand at the chessboard,"Reparo." He eyed the girl beside him, "And don't even think about throwing my wand over there, took me bloody ages to find this one and I'm fond of it." He chuckled quietly, "I'm not sure they'd want an over sized mouse in there, really, "sighed Keaton, "Reducio will work fine....but hey, at least we know for future reference that it is piss easy to size up animals? Decent diversion tactic that, acually..."
  3. Laugh Along With The Common People;

    Keaton Harper
    He shook his head with another grin, this time allowing the joke between them to edge off. He did enjoy to get the rumor-mill circulating, but at the same time - Keaton was well aware of how irritating it would be to continue the joke. There'd always be time to pick it up again at some point, messing with people was quite something. Especially hormonal and reactive teenagers - it was the perfect mixture. Keaton blinked at her, pulling a blank mask onto his expression, "Me...lie? I have no idea what you are on about, Max..." he spoke and then looked her dead in the eye, "Get a game of strip poker going and then we'll see who is bluffing about not being ashamed to get their clothes off." He shrugged, well, as much as he could in the position that he was laying in. "What if I fancy all three of you as much as one another? Gonna fight over me?" he asked, his own grin matching Max's in a near-identical fashion. The laugh he let out carried somewhat, and looking at the horrified expressions, he had to wipe away a tear that had formed. He hadn't expected it to work that well. "How about Balthazar?"he quizzed and then pulled a face, "...too formal?"
  4. Laugh Along With The Common People;

    Keaton Harper
    Adding fuel to the fire, indeed. He wore a light grin as the whispers grew a tiny bit louder - surely they'd have realized that it was Keaton and Max by that point? Heh, what did it matter. School could get so monotonous at times and Keaton Harper absolutely loved to keep it interesting, even if it meant that he would occasionally spend an evening or two of the week in a detention. Sometimes it was absolutely worth it. "Run away with me!" he grinned, "Run away with me into the sunset, let's elope and get out out of this dead joint!". K pulled a face at her when she poked him right where his bruise was, "Ger'off" he whined, "It's my first bludger hit of this season's practices, pity me." He then rolled his eyes at his fellow Spencer and then waggled his eyebrows at her, "Please, we all know that I'm never ashamed or embarrassed to get my kit off, no matter who it is for." He then shrugged, "It'll heal...if not I'll track down Meadow or Lei, I don't know why but I've always been awful with healing magic." "Ohhh...you mean those mice over there?" he asked with a hand as he moved a hand, reaching and removing his wand from where he had stored it in his bag while he was lounging. He pointed it at one of the mice nearby the both of them, "Engorgio." Naturally he could have made it the size of something much bigger, but even still....the sudden surprise at the Pug sized mouse was worth it. But at Tally, it was hardly the weirdest thing anyone had seen.
  5. Laugh Along With The Common People;

    Keaton Harper
    As a surprise weight toppled over onto him, Keaton may have let out an undignified squawking sound, having not expected to be leaped on whatsoever that day. "Max, my love, my sweetheart!"he swooned dramatically, voice on the right side of volume to cause people to whisper and side-eye them both. Boom. Gossip circle by the morning. "Must you surprise me so?" He shifted his weight slightly so that her elbow wasn't digging him in the ribs as much and blinked at her. She was up to something but at that precise moment Keaton couldn't decipher what on earth Max was planning this time. Backtracking through his mind and recent things that he had gotten up to, going by her reaction she hadn't yet been followed by the ever-bashing boomerang he had been charming. He was pretty certain it was loose in the school by now, the closet he had locked it in wasn't a foolproof stopping method really. He'd definitely have to track it down at some point. He let out a long-suffering, if but a mocking one, sigh "...My thigh..."he admitted, and then narrowed dark eyes at her curiously , "What're you up to, Williams?"
  6. Whose owned or borrowed kookaburra flew into my window earlier with a Val's Day letter that rained glitter everywhere? Fess up. 

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      Keaton Harper

      Dodo it is. 

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      Maxine Williams

      It's a short name and easy to remember

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Much shorter than 'Stupid Bird.' That's so long a magpie could snatch your tongue.

  7. Lauren Burdett has balls......for that comment in HoM. Wowza. 

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    2. Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Perhaps you should actually get to know some people instead of judging them from what you believe they should be like, simply because of where they were sorted. Or read 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. It is quite a good book.

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      I think this time. . . I'm going to sit back with some popcorn and watch this.

    4. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      You and me both.

  8. Class HoM Term One: The Change Beneath Your Feet

    History of Magic wasn't usually a class that Keaton Harper would have usually shown before the bell was about to ring, but boy was he glad that he had turned up earlier than planned that day. He would deny to the day that he was on his deathbed that he had startled slightly at the slam of the door, nodding to the students he already knew as he went to sit behind Little Miss Prim and Proper. Keaton was fascinated with how much organisation the girl had gone to, for he wasn't organised whatsoever, if at all, unless it was something that couldn't be avoided...he idly wondered what would happen if the books were innocently shuffled up and made to not match up. Yet at the same time he knew that he wouldn't be able to get away with that in this class, the professor did not look happy whatsoever by the existence of the students in front of her. Turning his attention to the book in front of him, he scanned through the chapter that Professor DeVylissea had assigned them to read, jotting down in the notebook beside it a few things. Listening to his fellow students talk and discuss his answers, he then had to quickly disguise the laugh that threatened to escape him as a quick cough when he heard Lauren talk. No. Way. Merlin's saggy underpants was she brave...or incredibly stupid...for coming out with that. Keaton decided to chance raising his hand and speaking his own thoughts based on the topic moments after that comment. "Going by what Lei said," he started, "She's not wrong at all about Tally being different, so much of Wizarding history is purely about the exclusion and damning of us, whether witch, wizard, creature, or other being....yet it has to be said that Tallygarunga is probably the most inclusive of the schools around the world. It's refreshing....like, I haven't heard an openly said 'purist comment for years now within our halls."
  9. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Name: Keaton Harper House: Spencer Year Level: Sixth Position: Chaser Secondary Position: Keeper Interest in Interschool team? Yes - Has placed in both teams.
  10. Bruise paste. Does anyone have any going spare? Asking for a friend...honestly...kinda. 

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    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Okay, then I take it back! No quality time.

    3. Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      Lorelei Valentin-Blair

      If anyone ever requires quick healing, I can also help.

    4. Keaton Harper

      Keaton Harper

      @Travis Franklin - Oh yeah. Riverpond's something alright, damn.

      @Lorelei Valentin-Blair - Quick healing = A beloved thing by a quidditch player, so you may find takers on that! 

  11. Laugh Along With The Common People;

    Keaton Harper
    Sprawled on one of the sofas in the game room among a few other students also making use of the room, Keaton was enjoying a moment of free time. His bag was dumped next to him, full to the brim with books that he had collected from the library shortly before he had arrived at his current location. Quidditch practice had been brutal the previous evening, and Keaton was still tenderly nursing the bludger shaped bruise on the side of his thigh, attempting and failing to ward off the wince that would arise out of him every time his bag had brushed against it. He could have had it healed, but after needing to read a few chapters of his text-books after the practice that previous evening - he had soldiered on and had simply fallen into bed merely minutes after showering, changing into comfortable lounge clothes and opening one of his many sixth year books for that year. Naturally no reading had been completed that evening, so his leg was still smarting some and he still had his reading to finish. Coming to the games room was already acting as another distraction for the Spencer student, that much was noticeable from the way that his open book was resting face-down across his chest as he eyed the blooming argument between two fourth year Sturt boys. It had been going on for some time now and Keaton cocked his head to the side as he watched the approach of a Bourke girl - another fourth year if he was guessing correctly. The two arguing hadn't even noticed the attention that they were gathering and Keaton found himself hoping that it got a little bit more interesting soon. Sure, Keaton had noticed that he was being watched ever so slightly himself. Some in the school knew that it wasn't worth gaining his attention sometimes, for new targets of any future pranks were highly sought after by Keaton Harper. Depending on where this went, he could feel a slow smirk cross his features as he regarded the reddening of the two boys now as they were dressed down by their year-mate. It wasn't embarrassment though....it was anger. His smirk promptly disappeared and his eyebrows shot up as the girl exclaimed in frustration, stamped her foot, whipped out her wand and hit one of the boys with the jelly-legs jinx. This was brilliant, he thought as he let out a laugh. That had been unexpected. Kudos to the girl though. His book was long forgotten now, as was many of the activities in front of various other students. Entertainment always presented itself in the games room, so it wasn't any wonder that it was easy to predict that Keaton Harper would be in there a lot of the time. Not to mention it had air-conditioning and many preferred to remain as cool as possible. Heaving a great sigh as the three students stormed out of the games room, pushing any people coming in out of the way - with one of them on very shaky legs, he mourned the loss of his entertainment. It hadn't lasted long enough for him - or for any of them, going by the disgruntled grumbling he was hearing around him. Booooo. Now he'd have to actually read his book.
  12. Complete Trying magic without a wand

    This had to have been the busiest and most highly attended class that Keaton had been in, ever. Usually in most classes you could manage to get a desk to yourself, immerse yourself in the subject and not be surrounded by noisy chatter or heated debates...heh, who was he kidding. Keaton was sometimes one of the most engaged students in a class and he had argued points again and again over the years of his schooling and did not back down unless he was firmly put in his place. Wandless magic, however, he was very quick on the uptake of why it was such a well-attended class. Who didn't want to learn the ability to cast magic, spells, hexes, curses and jinxes without the use of their wand? Not only was it an interesting focus of magic - it was also highly adaptable. He was sat in the middle row by a window and his eyebrows had raised significantly when he had realised that they all had a new professor for the subject. There had definitely been a shift in the staffing roster over summer and he wasn't going to be a complainer and whinge about it. Definitely not he thought as he sat back in his seat with a light grin. The Spencer student eyed the boxes at the front of the class, guessing already what they would be expected to do. It made sense to start with the easiest spells when it came to wandless magic - the thought of trying to use a fire starting spell wandless without any prior formal teaching was a hilarious but chaotic thought. Especially in a class this size.
  13. Class - They're Not Just Ancient Blocks, Okay?

    Had Keaton attempted to butcher the arcane art of potion-making by blending in different runic arrays again? Oh no, certainly not...lie number one of the day. It wasn't his fault if the simple pepper-up potion had blown up again and had let off quite the acidic stench, and for some reason had turned his hair momentarily green - the calculation had come together wrong. And man, had he been wrong with that math. At least, he had mused in his mind on his way to Ancient Runes, At least it hadn't been a challenging potion. Lest he end up seeing the matron again for something going drastically and hysterically wrong. His uniform was oddly pristine that day...except for the line of soot on his collar. For some reason it just wouldn't come off. The walk to the Ancient Runes classroom was a familiar one for Keaton Harper and he greeted other students that he knew on the way, stopping to talk to one or two for a few moments. As a result, he managed to slip into the classroom and into a vacant seat next to a Flinders student moments before the bell tolled. At least he hadn't been late, simply almost late - it was a definite improvement. It didn't take Keaton that long to fall into the lecture from the professor at the front and he was paying apt-attention, going up and examining the stones when it was required. Ancient Runes was one of his favourite subjects and his experiments spoke for themselves, Keaton raising his hand almost lazily as Professor Lyell asked if it was the second runestone. He had read over Celtic languages over the summer break, so that topic was fairly recent and familiar to him. Pict, on the other hand...he made a mental note to head to the library that evening. As the roll-call begun, Keaton's eyes centered on Knotley and made note of her stiffness, hm. If that was a quidditch injury already.. He snapped out of his thoughts again as his own name was called, raising a hand with a, "Here, Professor."
  14. 2019 School Year Enrollment

Keaton Spencer Harper
Spencer Quidditch Team Chaser Sixth Year
17 year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  17
Date of Birth February 28th, 2002
Birthplace Toorak, Melbourne
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation Spencer Quidditch Team Chaser
Player  Lee
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Hyena
Wand Cherry, 14 3/4 inches, Kelpie-Mane, Springy
Play-by Matthew Daddario
  • Home-schooled by various tutors prior to attending Tallygarunga upon turning eleven.
  • No matter how much he flirts on and off with people, he has never been in a relationship because he becomes too tongue tied around anyone he may in fact like. K is more likely to insult them accidentally by making a stupid comment.
  • Accidentally destroyed an important piece of education legislation that his father was preparing to present while Keaton was home from his third year over Christmas, to this day Philip believes that it was lost in a mass clear out of paperwork that Eva demanded. The row between them had been truly explosive. 
General Knowledge
  • Will readily answer to the nickname of K
  • Ambidextrous
  • Keen flyer - excellent as a chaser but can double-up as a keeper if needed
  • Will find humor in any situation 
  • Likes to attempt to combine runes and potions - no matter how many times the results blow up in his face
  • Enjoys being outside and flying 
  • Excellent at building pillow forts. Reason? Maximum. Comfort.
  • Can speak rudimentary Gobbledegook and Mermish. 
  • Protective over his younger sister.
  • Shaky relationship with his parents due to their distance while he was growing up.
  • Stole  Acquired Dodo the Kookaburra on Valentines Day 2019

Growing up with his parents being rather distant and always busy with work, this has led Keaton to being rather dismissive of parental figures and rather outspoken when he feels as though he is being smothered. He was allowed to do whatever he wished growing up, and instead of this pushing him down the route of turning him out as a spoiled brat, it has instead led to Keaton to developing a natural curiosity over the years, a curiosity that leads him to pushing boundaries around him and seeing what exactly he can get away with without being punished, so mischievous is a trait that fits Keaton well . He likes to act independently and if people choose to follow him, he simply reminds them that they chose whatever would happen and they would have to live with any mistake that happened. 

Keaton can become easily bored and it is a result of this being a reason that he fills up a lot of his time with academic and physical activities. Being bored leads him to become restless, and with becoming restless comes mischief. He has had a fair amount of detentions over the years and has developed a sort of charm in order to attempt to get out of a punishment...although it is rare that it actually works. Hearing a shout of "HARPER!" isn't uncommon in the halls of Tallygarunga.  Keaton is easily to be around he is very welcoming of anybody new that approaches him and his friends, but can be defensive of them when they are slighted, no matter how little. His younger sister is currently a fourth-year at the school and like most older brothers, Keaton finds her presence irritating but would still do anything for her if she was picked on or bothered in any way. He's quite over-protective in this way.

When truly upset, Keaton will isolate himself from his friends somewhat and will go off to be on his own for a while - usually to being found flying or brewing something complex in the potions laboratory. In this moment he only likes to be approached by his closest friends or his younger sister, his interdependent nature causing him to lack the ability somewhat in reaching out when he, himself, is hurting. To other people? He can easily project a front that he isn't hurting and that he is perfectly fine. He'll stick on a false grin and attempt to pretend that nothing is wrong whatsoever, no matter how bad.  

He can be a flirt around anybody that he finds attractive to him, but if he were to be around somebody he genuinely found himself liking - this would be one of the rare moments of seeing Keaton Harper being bashful. A rare, rare thing indeed. Oh tease away, it's fantastic. 




Standing at 6 foot three exactly, Keaton Harper towers over many who he meets. His frame is that of an athlete,  broad-shouldered and strong, having moved away from the bean-stalk frame of his early teenage years. He has bulked out mainly due to the intensity of training, as well as naturally inheriting the same body type as his father. His hair is rarely tamed and he has inherited the same dark locks of his mother's side of the family. His eyes are equally as dark and to others, it may sometimes feel as though Keaton is staring at them very intensely. If the eyes can be described as windows to the soul, then this is in line with Keaton. He finds it hard to disguise any true emotion as his eyes give it away, especially when he laughs and is finding something funny. 

His clothing choice outside of his school uniform leans into casual, yet he can usually be found wearing dark coloured jeans with plain coloured t.shirts and/or hoodies or shirts with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows more often than not. He only chooses to wear tailored dress robes or formal wear when it is required of him by his parents when attending social functions with them in the school-holidays. When he wears school uniform, it is more often than not tastefully rumpled. On more than one occasion he has required somebody to cast a tailoring charm at him before a class begins in order to make him look presentable. 

Keaton carries himself with a confident but friendly air, making him approachable to those around him. His movements can almost be described as lazy to some around him, sometimes making the very littlest thing look effortless and meeting people with a kind smile and, at times, with an infectious grin.

The story so far

Keaton Harper is the eldest out of two children born of Phillip & Eva Harper and he mainly grew up in the company of various nannies and tutors before and after his sister was born. His father works in the Australian Ministry of Magic education department, while his mother is a highly positioned expert within the C&B department. 

Growing up he was home-schooled and holds a certain amount of private pride in being the reason that eleven tutors simply handed in their resignation stating that the young Keaton was simply too much of a bother to teach. His accidental magic had been wild and who ever thought that placing so many windows in the large house would have been a good idea definitely needed a metaphorical dressing down. For in one of his outbursts of frustration that his teacher wasn't moving along their lesson fast enough for him to get outside on his broom....he may have shattered all twenty-three windows of the house at once. It wasn't his thought that his mother had hired a useless architect. Who needed that many windows anyway?

Prior to beginning at Tallygarunga, his life growing up, aside from those outbursts, was fairly uneventful. Keaton would attend the societal events when invited along with his parents, socialise with other children in the same social circles...and cause mischief within the same social circles...and would genuinely be bored. Oh, he and his parents would go on plenty of vacations - usually during the winter. One of Keaton's favourite locations would always stand out in his memories as being Japan, it was even more of a sweet memory when his wand chose him - for cherry being the favoured wand wood of Mahoutokoro.

"I can recommend this, a rune-inscribed cherry wand. The length is fourteen and three quarters inches long. The core consists of kelpie-mane..."

His wand choosing him stands out as Keaton's most cherished memory in his life so far, for it had felt like the torrent of magic that he felt whenever he reacted to anything had finally been streamlined into his wand - not to mention it meant that he would finally be attending school. Growing up home-schooled for most of his childhood, even with regular contact with other kids his age, it had felt lonely.

Keaton's first year was rather bland, it simply contained his getting to know people in his house, getting to know the school, quickly seeing that he would get into trouble if he pushed his professor's too much and really it was just him beginning to figure out his place. Excelling in potions and transfiguration from the get-go. His only disappointment? First-Years couldn't play Quidditch. Into his second-year he shook off the all-new feeling and revelled in finally being able to try-out for the Quidditch team - he had waited an entire year to do so. Again, K ( having been dubbed as K by his dorm-mates the previous year) found himself disappointed, for an older and much more practiced student in his house managed to get onto the team in the Chaser position that he had tried out for. This only made Keaton more determined to practice throughout the year and definitely make sure to get onto the team in his third year.

Third year came around rapidly and Keaton's inquisitive nature and natural curiosity led to him adding several electives onto his plate and he finally managed to show enough talent and managed to get onto his house's Quidditch team as a chaser at last. Though, barely. It would always be tight competition and he knew this, yet was determined to hold his place throughout the next few years of his schooling career. Though, it had probably helped over the years that he hit a very rapid growth spurt half way through third year and the next, rapidly towering over others in the school.

Now in his Sixth Year at Tally, Keaton has chosen his classes  - having found a niche in potions, ancient runes and magical theory, albeit those being only three of his chosen eight classes alongside playing Quidditch. 


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