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  1. @Kaitore Keaton & Alexander - I can see them as definitely having approached each other on the popping up the moment it is known that there's a newbie around. Also very similar in the way of exploring in areas where they really shouldn't be - K's views on anybody tagging along with him on those sorts of things/vice-versa is that a person makes their own decisions. K is also going to have (hopefully) got on well enough with Cass too, so there's basis for good relations. Keaton & Travis - Reading this I would certainly like them to have been aware of each other early in life. K probably being ushered by Eva to go and make friends, but simply standing where she couldn't see his expressions and rolling his eyes a lot. Perhaps over the years an actual friendship took hold and the two got along well, K becoming slightly disgruntled the moment that Travis headed off to Tally before him. Although being a year ahead, I can see the two having kept their friendship in good order. They don't have to be mega close but I do find the idea of them passing flirt tips, some that fail automatically and somewhat drastically. There could be some entertaining scenarios to come out of that indeed. XD Keaton & Senan - Yes. Please. Potential dislike early on would definitely be a thing, for K frowns upon cruelty and probably would feel quite exasperated by his attitude, perhaps even exhausted from the callousness every time they interact. There's probably one thing that K will respect though, however grudgingly, is Senan's ability to not mince his words and means what he means to say. There's potential here too
  2. @LilyCat for now... Lorelei & Keaton - K would have definitely approached Lei when she first started attending Tally, as reaching out to new people isn't something that Keaton deems as hard to do. He enjoys seeking knowledge whether to apply it to his studies or to anything that can be deemed worthy of being involved as a prank. Nonetheless, he does need a motivation push at times if he has started to find a topic dull or repetitive - so if this came from Lei, he'd probably attempt to whine a little, but if she can be as stoic and serious as her application says she can be, then Lei can easily be someone who tells him to study and get on with it. He could even prod and occasionally persuade her to give in to being a bit mischievous occasionally. Cassandra & Keaton - Two year groups apart in school, or when Cass had attended Tally, these two may have only interacted occasionally. It is likely that Keaton would have picked up on her bright nature and enjoyed her company, and he would have definitely turned her hair different colours on occasion. >:] Seeing these two interact if and when she visits the school would be pretty neat I think. I do enjoy fun characters equally as much as I like doom, gloom and angst!
  3. Keaton's app. This here is @Keaton Harper, a sixteen almost seventeen year old student of Spencer House, currently in his sixth year. He grew up in Toorak and is the eldest and only son of Eva & Philip Harper - two well-known figures within the Australian Ministry of Magic - and as a result has a few issues when it comes to listening to people due to the nature of either being left to his own devices or lumbered upon various caretakers and tutors while he was growing up. He prefers to make his own judgement about everything around him and will prod at something, or someone, until he gets a reaction of any kind. He's quite independent. He's a chaser for the Spencer Quidditch team and has been a constant player since his third year at Tallygarunga, and Quidditch is very important to him. He takes Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Ancient Runes, Dead & Magical Languages, Magical Law, Magical Theory & Wandless Magic as his classes and as a result can be quite busy with classes - yet will always take time away if he is able to. What he needs: Friendships of all kinds. Long-term from first beginning at Tally, passing-friendships, acquaintances... you name it and I'll consider it! Flirtation. Keaton has a certain charismatic charm to him and he knows how to use it. He isn't malicious or misleading, but he will ramp it up if he needs to get out of something quickly - so he isn't always as honest as he ought to be. It'll backfire a lot, but where would the fun be otherwise? It is also worth noting that K has never been in a relationship. He's kissed girls, sure, and messed around some but nothing serious has ever come around from it. He usually ends up putting his foot in his mouth. Dislikes/ Intense dislike, perhaps even hatred if it stretched that far - Some of this would be grand. As someone who always expects a reaction, whether it be from a prank, from a comment made at them or just from Keaton being Keaton - there's bound to be plenty in the school whom he has brushed up the wrong way. Snide and sarcastic remarks are a must, as well as jinxes, hexes...you name it! Quidditch Rivalry/Friendships - Self-explanatory If there's anything else you feel that you can offer with your characters, just throw stuff at me! I'm always willing for a good plot/mini-plot! ❤️
  4. Lee

    Tecri Plotbox

    @Tecri Yaaas ❤️ Oh he'd still pat her head and then attempt in getting out of the way of a wayward elbow preparing for impact. Playful/harmless flirting, a wee spot of chaos occasionally and being a friendly and sometimes annoying presence - perfect. I'd love to get a thread going between them, especially seeing as we are 100% on the same page.
  5. @Kirupachi Samantha & Keaton - Keaton also being friends with Samantha does work quite well and makes sense. (Now that I'm awake and not half asleep & rambling away like a loon.) I can see K as being somewhat protective over her, as highlighted in his app he is very protective over his friends/who he spends most of his time with. I can also see her being one of many to scold him if he's got into some sort of trouble again e.g. a prank goes wrong and somehow he's the one with skin the colour of the technicolor dreamcoat for twenty-four hours, making it very obvious as to what he was aiming to do. As for every other combo, I'm eager to get a thread or two going when you have the chance...a lucky-dip of who we thread first - if that makes sense?
  6. Rachel & Keaton -> Competition in Quidditch, for definite. >:] Meadow & Keaton-> K is easy to approach, so perhaps these two may have chatted over the years at various stages due to being in the same year-group. Due to Keaton's experimental nature over the years, maybe he could have approached her to heal an injury from a strange burn or something occasionally, having not trusted the school-matron not to question or look into what he was up to. I think it would be pretty hilarious if she had, had a crush on him at some point also! Awkwardness is entertaining. Lisa & Keaton -> I can see pure competitive spirit between these two. Both rival chasers, academic. He would find entertainment in her sharp tongue and would have chosen her a few times to flirt with - not even minding that nothing would come from it. I can see him as being on the end of a few hexes from her wand for being so irritating which would only cause Keaton to continue, of course. Amber & Keaton -> Friends, please please pleaseeee. Not only are they both friendly and upbeat people, they are also Quidditch teammates. K pushes himself when it comes to quidditch and he literally lives and breaths it during the season. He would try his best not to flirt with a fellow teammate, but I can anticipate some friendly teasing occasionally. Pranking? Check. Keaton lives to retaliate with all he has if he's subject to a prank himself and finds the engaging of a prank war extremely fun and creative. Excuse my rambling on and on, I'm a bit sleepy now - so please include the thoughts you have too on what I have written! I will also come back again when I get used to writing Keaton as a character even more! ❤️
  7. Lee

    Tecri Plotbox

    Max & Keaton - I'm going to ramble stuff at you, so lemme know what you think. Both in Spencer, only she's in the year above him. Perhaps they can be friendly, for K prides himself on being as approachable as possible...however, he can also be an annoying shit when he really wants to be. He has a bad habit of blowing things up in attempting to improve little pet projects and some things he does improve make their way into various pranks when he really puts his mind to it. He adores a little bit of chaos, but nothing that can seriously hurt people or force permanent effects. He'd likely make use of his 6'3 frame to be patronizing and pat her on the head whether she likes it or not but wouldn't mean it in an overly bad way - he'd really just try and push his luck. Naturally as a teenager, he would find her attractive and would have flirted harmlessly with her when she arrived at Tally. Chaos buddies?
  8. Lee

    Introduction Howdy

    Thanks you two! The feeling is mutual regarding looking forward to RPing ASAP!
  9. Hey guys! I'm the brit known as Lee (username: Lutain) who has been lurking on the Discord channel over the past day, a co-admin on a different site and eager as anything to bridge connections between all RPers of all kinds! I've been RPing for over 12 years now from Harry Potter, to real-life, to historical fantasy. Tallygarunga has had my attention since I saw it advertised on Top RP sites and I'm happy to be signing up now! All I can see is friendly and passionate people and I'm excited to be a part of this community. Look out for a Matthew Daddario character coming from me very soon!
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