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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    • Friends: New friends, old friend, all sort of friends are always welcomed and appreciated. Her personality makes it easy to talk to people, and overall get along with everyone, but having loyal people beside her is hard.
    • Lovers: She had crushes and flings but never a lover. I'm open to options and to explore this. 
    • Enemies: Is easy to hate her and easy to make her hate someone so feel free to throw people at me. 
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  • Birthdate Day 14
  • Birthdate Month 5
  • Birthdate Year 2002
  • Manual Age 17
  • Unknown Age
  • Pronouns she/her
  • Occupation Student
  1. It had been a while since Max had paid attention to a class and had answered a couple of questions, she was … proud? No that’s not the right word but it’s better than nothing. She left class and dropped her things back at her dorm, the whole thing to herself, she didn’t have a roommate that year, it was fantastic having a room all to herself, she could leave her things everywhere in the room. She took her violin and walked around school, first stopped by the library to pick a few books she had to read for one of her classes, better start paying attention if she wants out of that place and onto VMU, but she had to wait a whole year and try not to fail any classes, which was going to be the hardest part. She got to the courtyard and sat on the grass under a tree, she decided to rest before practicing, and it was when she was crawling with doubts, maybe she should have gone to the musiciary to practice, they did have a piano there. She leaned her back against the tree and closed her eyes for a few minutes to feel the soft summer breeze. Opening her eyes, completely motivated she began playing her violin, no dancing involved this time. The sound caused a few students to look at her, she wasn’t too pleased about the situation, but she wasn’t going to let them ruin her day, besides, the look on people’s face realizing a Spencer was playing the violin was priceless, wasn't that uncommon and it was a fairly common knowledge, but apparently it wasn't as common as she thought, seeing how some were looking at her, which amused her.
  2. When he challenged her to a strip poker her eyes got wider, that was a lot more interesting than whatever over shenanigans they could make. “Deal and I’ll prove you that you are indeed embarrassed to take off your clothes.” She said, poking his chest but looked away when he spoke about fancying all three of them. “Well, if it’s as much then I have no reason to be jealous, now am I?” she announced as she grabbed his cheek. “Baltazar…I like it, we can call it Balty for short, do you think it plays catch with us?” she asked him. Max would throw a stick at the mouse to see if he would play catch with them but she was scared of losing her hand, and she wasn’t going to throw Keaton’s want at the mouse. “We can’t keep it, it’s against the rules to keep an animal in a room, but I don’t have a roommate and this way we don’t have to take it to the Kennel.” She suggested, but she wasn’t sure if she was willing to sleep in the same room with an animal capable of biting her face off in the middle of the night. “But I’d like to keep my face, I’m attached to it and I’m afraid Baltazar will try to eat my face in the middle of the night, so shall we take it to the Kennel? Or should we terrorize the rest of the school with him?”
  3. “Yes! I’ll run away with you!” she said, loud for everyone in the game room to hear. “Let’s go far far away from where people can’t find us.” She said, continuing to play along with him, holding one of his hands and taking a deep breath while looking at him. “What can I say, you take my breath away K-man.” She was done with joking with it, at least for the time being. She casually took off her footwear and put her feet on the couch. “Really? Never ashamed? I smell a lie?” she said when he spoke about never being embarrassed, she stood there shaking her head in a disappointed manner as she starred him in the eye. “And . . . I’m hurt that you don’t trust me enough to help you, should I be jealous you’re fancying Meadow or Lei more than you fancy me?” she asked, mischievous grin still plastered on her lips. When the mice showed up in the games room some people left others remained, at least until there was a pug-sized mouse in the room. Max had never seen people run so fast in her life. “Oh my god!” she said laughing at the poor mouse. “What should we name it? Do you think they will accept it in the kennel?” She asked Keaton. “So? If you’re going to elope we should at least get a dog.”
  4. When Keaton spoke, she let herself fall onto him. “Keaton, my one and only!” she said before looking at the rest of the students. “I have finally found you.” She said sitting, relatively straight, just having her elbow on his shoulder before her hand touched his chin. “How much I’ve missed you.” She said. “You know it’s my favorite thing to do. I love to make your day better and my presence is enough.” She said wink a wink and a mischievous grin. He told her where his bruise was and she looked at his legs and poked him on the thigh, not enough to hurt him, too much at least. “You should go to the nurse’s office unless you’re embarrassed for having to take off your clothes.” She suggested. It was when he asked her what she was up to that she took one of her hands to her heart. “Don’t break my heart K-man, but I may or may not have released a bunch of mice around the school.” She spoke and looked away innocently. “I mean it wasn’t my fault really, but are you sure you don’t want to go to the infirmary? If your problem is the lady there I can help.”
  5. After a long day of classes and sleeping outside under the shade of a tree Max dragged herself inside. She wandered the halls, made some new acquaintances, pranked a few people and created some chaos in the hallway by letting go a bunch of mice run inside the school, she could hear the mice squeak as they ran past people while some were unaffected others were terrified of the thought of wild mice running around the school. As someone came to check was going on, Max slipped into the games room to hide, it was only there that she saw one of her favorite people, Keaton, she sneaked up on him slowly, he seemed to be interested in some argument that was happening there, can’t these kids take it someplace else? Do they have to create an argument in a place of relaxation? Her wish soon came true and they disappeared. Her head showed up right next to him from behind the couch and it was when she jumped on him, falling on a semi-occupied seat by Keaton. “Well well well, if it isn't K-man, Keaton. How was practice? I heard you got hurt.” She said poking his arms. “Where was it?” she asked looking at him with a mischievous smirk like she was up to something.
  6. Maxine was hiding behind someone, avoiding the balloons of her new acquaintance, he seemed to have some neat tricks. “Well, if you put it that way, I suppose I can even if I beat you!” she announced. He seemed a bit awkward at first but perhaps was just because she had seen a crazy girl running towards him declaring war on a water balloon fight, but people were there to have fun. “Hey, that was a neat trick you did back there.” She admitted, the glitter was impressive, she liked to play pranks with it too since glitter was the devil to wash off and it would stick to everything and everyone. She wasn’t expecting him to drop a balloon from a higher ground and she could barely escape by running away and jumping to the side, almost getting caught underneath it. As she got up she watched the location where the balloon hit and laughed at the situation. “That was great.” She commented as she got up from the ground, she had a bit of glitter on her shoes which meant that she probably lost the battle against the unknown teen. Max approached him, she all mostly all wet from being caught in the middle of other people’s balloons, but at least it was a hot day she would dry soon enough. She was impressed with what he had done. “That was amazing, where did you learn to do that?” she asked him as she still admired what was going on. “I’m Max-ine…Max works just fine. I suppose I do owe you ice cream? What’s your name?” she asked.
  7. Whoever sent me this card is going to pay. My hair is green! 

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  8. “I’ll try not to break anything while I’m at this.” Maxine said, joking about the situation. It was illegal for them to use magic outside of school so Max didn’t know how she could help Amber without getting them both into trouble, besides, it hadn’t been the first time Max had been caught using magic outside of school grounds. “We need to move someplace else, or I can just wait until you pass out from the pain, roll you back to school and then try not to set you on fire.” She said, joking about it but seemed to be the only viable way to do it considering Amber didn’t want to go to the hospital. “If I get caught one more time doing magic outside of school I might get kicked out and I love seeing my mother’s face for still being in school.” Max got up and held out a hand to help Amber up, she wouldn’t be able to carry her but will be able to support Amber as they walk back to school.
  9. Max had finally got on time for a class, the professor was already there but there weren’t that many students, so she took a seat at the end of the room, the closest she was to the door the easiest it was to escape hell. She sat in the classroom quietly, she had her class laid in her desk and began to doodle on a piece of paper, initially there was a mermaid with big eyes and pouty lips, round baby face and a long tail and right after that Max was sleeping on her desk, almost drooling all over her things, but her morning nap barely even lasted ten minutes, students began filling up the seats making noise and then the professor began talking. A perfectly good morning wasted, and this wasn’t even the professor, it was just some random woman that was going to be the guest lecturer, not that she minded but she would rather stay in bed. “Good morning.” She spoke, still sleepy and it was noticeable on her voice. The woman began asking questions and Max had no idea how to answer to her, did she know what a pratronus charm was? Yes, she did. Was she going to answer? No, she wasn’t, unless asked directly or if answering would give her some points. Maxine raised her hand. "But we gain points if we answer correctly right Mrs?" Shortly after her questions, and after being sure that they gain points she decided to answer. "A Patronus Charm evokes a guardian or a protector, this guardian takes the form of an animal?" she replied.
  10. She was not ready for class, especially not for wandless magic class. Should she skip it? It was a big decision to make. It took all of her strength to get herself out of bed and before she knew it she sounded more like a zombie walking through the hallways, luckily for her in wandless magic class it wasn't required anything special, she could always get the rest of her stuff later for the other classes. Max should be grateful that she was accepted in Tally after being expelled from so many other schools, but deep down she really didn't care much for any of it, just the joy in seeing her mother's face was enough. Once she reached the class, she waited outside for a moment, when she actually walked inside she saw that the class was full of people and the teacher looked like someone had stolen her breakfast, damn that serious face, so grumpy. She looked over the shoulders of everyone only to find a few people she already had crossed paths with, no matter, the person she wanted was just a bit ahead but with so many people it was hard to reach him, unless... Max studied the room, the rows of tables made it harder to get to the center seats and the easiest way to reach Keaton was by going over some desks, she took her shoes off and with one in each hand, Max waited for the teacher to be distracted with one of the students that apparently had made an answer, then in a not so graceful manner, she jumped into a few empty desks. "Sorry, excuse me, let me through...thank you." she said in a low tone of voice for the teacher not to hear her when she reached her designated place she sat down, this time almost gracefully like a normal human being. "Hello, what did I miss?" she asked Keaton as she put her shoes back on and looked at the teacher that had just returned to the front of the classroom and was already asking hard questions.
  11. Max held another balloon and played with it for a moment, she watched as he avoided the balloon she had thrown and there was a slight disappointment in her, maybe she wasn’t fast enough, or maybe she should have thrown two at the same time, regardless that was going to be a fun day, it was going to be even better than what she had anticipated, after all, she had been planning to prank people all day, but instead she was swooped into a water balloon fight, even if it wasn’t in her plan. She heard him but remained quiet, only paying attention to his movements and at that moment she wanted to read his thoughts, mostly to get some advantage over him. She saw him throw the balloons and avoided them, she saw the glitter and began laughing, well if she lost at least she’ll be shinning. She hid behind someone, it probably wouldn’t save her from all the glitter. She began wondering who he was but as soon as he spoke she turned to him and yelled back “The loser buys ice cream!” She said rushing to take more balloons, sadly her hands were too small to carry more than one balloon at the time. She rushed back to find cover and threw a balloon at the teen. “So? Do you agree? The loser buys ice cream?”
  12. “Why would someone throw themselves against a wall?” she asked looking at Amber with a confused look. Max thought that the girl in front of her was either crazy or thought she could climb walls, maybe she could but Max wasn’t going to ask that, only God knows what this woman is going to do next. Couldn’t move? Seriously? What did Max look like? Someone who could carry other human’s away easily? She could barely lift a medium-sized dog from the ground, a human would be heavier. “I can’t carry you and why can’t I know? Is she some sort of evil demon that would eat you alive?” she asked, curious by the minute. “Sit and I’ll try not to blow your arm off.” She commented, sitting in the bench and looking at the shoulder. “Fair notice, I failed that class once and barely passed on my second year.” She said with an innocent smile.
  13. “Okay, and why can’t she know you’re hurt, I’m sure she can do something about it, after all, if she is a doctor she can lend you a hand with that,” Maxine said, with joking smile on her face, almost like she was mocking Amber, she wasn’t but the situation was too amusing for her to let go of it. The girl in front of her did seem familiar, Max was sure she had seen it somewhere before, possibly Tally, after all, if the girl went there, there was a chance that they have met, or that she had been Max’s prank victim. “I can probably do something about it, but I can also make it worse, it’s really just a matter of perspective.” She commented “Let’s go someplace else so I can try something, assuming I won’t blow your arm off, it can happen.” She said, her lips curling up in a mischievous smile. “How did you make that anyway?” She asked, poking the woman again just to hear another groan. “Were you throwing yourself at a wall or something?”
  14. Tag: Date: OOC Notes: Maxine stepped away as she kept calling with the operator on the other side of the line when the girl laying on the bench began screaming and panicking. “Hmm…sorry ma’am but apparently the woman was just sleeping…sorry.” She said to the operator and shut it off before looking at the girl who was finally awake. “Okay, phone’s off. Are you alright? You seem a bit…hmmm…tired? I mean, you did fall asleep on a bench.” She commented. She was surprised no one had paid attention to her, perhaps people were just too busy paying attention to others. “So why are you sleeping on a bench? And why do you ... groan whenever I poke you here?” Maxine asked, curious about the answer as she poked the girl on the arm. “I don’t know who Sib is but I’m pretty sure that’s against the law…” she announced. She barely acted according to the rules but she never broke the law, well besides trespassing, public disturbance, destruction of public property among others, but she was never caught, killing someone seemed a lot worse than whatever she had done.
  15. Tag: @Sean Rhodes Date: - OOC Notes: - It was a joy not going home during the holidays, no matter how much her mother called her and her siblings texted her she could simply ignore them, she needed them but she wasn’t willing to go back to a place where she wasn’t exactly welcomed and it wasn’t because she could use magic, after all, her brother could as well, but he was mother’s favourite. The red-head walked around the festival area, trying to avoid the sun as much as she could, she didn’t want to get a sunburn. During her stroll she decided that pranking people on a day like this one was going to be epic, so she waited and casually pranked a few people, the water turned blood red which caused a few people to run out of it screaming, but her favorite one was to come. Water balloons where the water had different colors. It wouldn’t ruin clothes, easily washed off but how fun would it be someone who looked like they had fallen into a rainbow machine? Probably priceless. She had been throwing a couple of balloons to wherever she could until she got hit by a water balloon unexpectedly; Max looked up to watch the perpetrator of this wicked action and threw a balloon back at the person, hopefully hitting him right on the face. Running a bit towards the culprit, shortly after throwing the balloon. “This means war!” She said raising her arms in the air as her lips curled forming a mischievous grin, her eyes were focused on her new victim.
Maxine Williams
Student Seventh Year
16* year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age:  16*
Date of Birth: May 14th, 2002
Birthplace: Australia
Year Level: Seventh Year
Occupation: Student
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: she/her
Patronus: Bay Mare
Wand: Ebony 11’’ Phoenix
Play-by: Molly C. Quinn

Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards (2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013)

Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted (2013)

Penrose School for Witches (2013 - 2014; 2014 - 2015)

Tallygarunga Academy of Magic (2015 - present year)


Usually, with friends, Max is like a normal teen. She's kind, thoughtful, can be a bit motherly, she is somewhat loyal but it can be changed if someone is in the line between friend and acquaintance. She's energetic and friendly never saying no to playing pranks on others or getting herself in trouble. 


She usually avoids the family. 

She doesn't hate her parents or siblings but she clearly knows she's the black sheep of the family and has no intention of going back to them once she becomes an adult. 


She has flings which are temporary, but if the right person does come along who knows. 


She either ignores them and they become irrelevant, like they don't exist or she's petty enough to make sure they know she's better than them. 



General Knowledge


Was expelled from several schools

She likes to play different musical instruments (violin, piano, guitar)

She likes to draw



Maxine isn't a bad person, she's smart, stubborn and perhaps a bit too energetic for her own good. She's also creative and likes to make up stories for kids,  mostly with the intention to scaring them and not to entertain the children. She'd the oddball who often gets along with all sorts of people unless they give her a reason not to.

She's a bit temperamental and overall unpredictable, is she in a good mood? is she in a bad mood? How will she react? No one knows, she's like a bomb ready to go off at any moment and at any sudden movement. She’s brave and somewhat loyal to those she cares about, but her allegiance might change according to the relationship with said person. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of them, she would rather die than to forgive. She’s a bit arrogant and hardly admits that she was wrong unless proven.

She is a troublemaker at heart, not to hurt others, just for the pure joy of entertainment and to give everyone something to do. She appears to be someone mature when the occasion arises, but when there’s someone else to be mature for her she will be the one creating chaos whenever people aren’t looking.

As a friend she's kind and friendly, sometimes almost motherly but she will speak her mind, will defend what she believes in, even if what she believes isn't beneficial to her at that moment and sometimes she's a bit sassy which one day will be her downfall. She usually doesn't accept challenges unless she knows she has the upper hand and can win, however, keeps daring people to do things. 


Maxine is around 5'3'' tall and weights around 130lb.

She has long and silky red hair, on the lighter side, usually wavy at the bottom; she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has blue eyes that become a lighter tone under the light and become more intense if by any chance she had been crying. She has fair skin and a certain sensibility to light, burning easily when exposed to the sun for long periods of time without the proper sunscreen. She has some freckles on her face, mostly cheeks and nose that get more visible depending on the sun exposure. Whenever she smiles one can see her dimples, which is a feature she's not fond of.

She often wears casual clothes, consisting of jeans and a t-shirt, on rare occasions, she will wear dresses.



Maxine was born in Queensland, Australia to Ceaser and Grace Williams, she and her twin brother are the youngest of seven siblings. Maxine's parents wanted a boy after their first triplets, but the second time they tried they had two more girls but at last, on their third try they had twins, a boy and a girl, having dealt with so many girls this one was bound to be treated like the others, since they were never too much trouble they assumed this one would be the same. Max's brother, unlike her, was their mother's golden boy and light of her life. 

The early ears were easy enough, Max and her brother shared a bedroom, sure their mother would always forgive him for everything while Max took all the blame, but that didn't stop her. At a young age, they discovered she had a certain aptitude for magic and when she was old enough she enrolled in Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards; after a few months she was suspended for making a red foam bomb and everything kept getting worse, she wasn't rude or aggressive, but she would often break into school often to be found until the day she got expelled at the end of her second year, her parents moved her to another school, Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted but she didn't even last a school year.

Deciding to find another place for her to study, her parents sent her to Penrose School for Witches, they thought they could somehow control her. She didn't do anything that directly leads to expulsion, some minor pranks, lying to make others take the blame, rearranging the library books, turning chairs and tables upside down, minor irrelevant things until it was too much and once again she got expelled, she was able to last two years in Penrose. 

Her final chance of staying out of trouble was Tally and she wasn't exactly happy to go there, she wanted to go back home but instead became a Tally student. So far she hasn't been expelled or suspended.