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  1. Her arms remained wrapped around him. It was almost as she was completely exposed, not physically, but emotionally as well, while it sounded like an abstract concept to her, it was by far a bad one. She closed her eyes, head leaning onto Senan, his touch was soft and gentle, not only as his arms wrapped around her to pull her close but also when he kissed her, even the sound of his voice was soft and gentle. He was happy and that simple fact made her heart beat a bit faster for him. She was grateful for the day they met, would they have developed the same sort of friendship and affection if they hadn’t met by accident? Perhaps, and perhaps it would have taken them longer to even realize what they had in front of them. Her hand touched his cheek as she pressed her lips against his in a soft manner, showing the same gentleness as he was showing her. It was like answer to his statement. While they gave each other a hard time they eventually came to realize what they meant to one another. She hadn’t expected things to turn out like that, the way they felt and treated each other was nowhere similar the first time they did, and to think that underneath all that she could find someone similar, someone who she had fallen in love with. Her was still beating faster, the burning sensation was still there. “I wouldn’t mind staying like this, it’s warm, it’s safe, it’s perfect, absolutely perfect.” She commented as she felt his nails along her thigh. She smiled upon realizing what he was drawing, the Tree of Life, the same symbol of the silver pendant she had given him. Romantic? She was far from romantic, she did like it and she wished she was, but she wasn’t, maybe she could learn a few things. His lips pressed against hers and she reciprocated the action. She parted from him and smiled at Senan. “Then let’s stay like this, for a while longer.” She really wanted to stay like that, to continue to feel the warmth of his body. She could also feel it someplace else, she just wanted to rest on him, taking in the moment, and more importantly it felt like it was never going to end. “I know you won’t Senan. I know you will never leave, not willingly.” Her forehead touched his in a soft motion. “I won’t leave you either.” That was obvious, she wasn’t planning on leaving Senan, she had promised it. “I told you before that if you died, I’d do everything to find you and to get you back, the same applies if you’re forced to go somewhere you don’t want to. I will find you and I will bring you back.” She smiled at Senan. He probably knew how much she cared for him, how much she loved being around him and more importantly how much she loved him.
  2. And here I thought I was going to have some fun time during the Winter holidays ... they are going to be long and painful. 

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      Laurie Kempf

      It's gonna suck but I got your back, hang in there.

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      Thanks. I seriously don't know how to feel about this...

  3. The clock seemed to have been stuck in time, Max didn’t mind, even if it seemed that everything was moving slower than it should be, almost like it was following the clock. She took the time to enjoy his arms wraps around her with care, arms that showed affection. There was no doubt about much he cared for her, and how much she cared for him. The burning sensation continued and didn’t seem to be going anywhere, the same applied for her, she was where and with who she wanted to be with, doing something she wanted, that they both wanted, both opened to the idea. That was their moment, they secret, and it would belong only to them, where they would be one. There were no words that could describe how much she cared for him, the same way that there were no words to describe why. Senan was warm and gentle, despite his rough exterior, until someone penetrates deep enough to see what’s underneath it. She later understood why he kept people away, he was trying to protect them and her. She closed her eyes briefly, being taken by the moment. After the ceremony her arms were wrapped around him in a soft embrace, enjoying the warmth of the moment. She couldn’t describe the feeling, the tingling sensation was still there, still burning bright, only now it wasn’t a nagging her, almost like her fears and doubts had vanished. She smiled at him as she heard his voice, softly whispering in her ear. The information took a while to settle, she was still lost in his touch. “Yes. We’re one.” A faint taint of red was spread across her cheeks as she looked at Senan, her lips always wearing a smile. Her arms never let go of him, always wrapped around him to feel his touch. Her head softly leaned on him. She had other times to do that, she simply wanted to hold him for a while, to continue to feel his embrace. She remained in the same position for a while, not moving, not wanting to move until she looked up at him. “What now? Do we stay here? Or is there something else?” she smiled softly at him, wondering if he had anything else planned or if they could just stay like that. “I actually wouldn’t mind just…stay like this, at least, for a while longer doesn’t have to be here…”
  4. The words his voice carried had a surprised hint to it and it only made Max's smile grown. She nodded, he was amazing and even if he wasn’t able to see it, she could, and she never got tired of it. She was caught by surprised when he spoke, poetic? She didn’t think it was poetic, but, after saying it again in her mind she came to the realization how it sounded, and it didn’t matter since it was how she felt, she knew he could understand the feeling behind it. Senan had been important in her life, he had become the most important person to her in such a short time that she was still trying to comprehend how quick it all happened, but she wasn’t the one to go thinking about it, she would rather enjoy the feeling and share it with him. She watched the liquid fall from her hands and onto him. The action made everything that was happen more real than it was, Max’s heart was pounding so fast in her chest that she could feel it every time it beat. Every second suddenly turned into minutes, everything was much slower, almost as she could watch and experience, hear and feel everything. The touch of his hand didn’t snap her out of the feeling, the same way she continued to take his robe he took hers. She wasn’t in a hurry, she moved slowly, taking in everything that accompanied the action of removing the clothing that clung to his body. The tingling sensation in her heart was still burning like a wild fire that didn’t want to be put out as they continued. After a while she could no longer feel the clothing’s soft touch on her body. Max listened to Senan’s voice, taking all the words and meanings behind it. A soft smile showed on her lips as he continued to speak, the soothing sound of his voiced calmed her beating heart, but only made the fire burn brighter and stronger, a feeling she would welcome with open arms. She didn’t know how to react to everything that he had said, the meaning of his words touched deeply within her, she was his and he was her, as one could put in the most cliché way possible. Max barely had time to speak before she felt the gentle touch of his lips on hers, while she pressed hers onto his. Her arms reached out to wrap around him as the gap between the two began to close until the gap between the two disappeared. The feelings began wrapping Maxine, mostly nervousness and happiness, mostly for what was to come, it was more the nervousness for the unknown than it was for anything else, the not knowing what was made her nervous, while she possibly had an idea, she wasn’t sure, but instead of thinking too much about it she let the feeling of their embrace take the better of her thoughts as she continued to wrap Senan close to her.
  5. Who wants to go with me to the Lakes to climb the giant wall?

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      Maxine Williams

      @Senan Connell we can go another day and I'll be alright. Be careful <3 

  6. The smile on his face only made hers grow wider, it was a sight she never got tired of watching, she loved to see his smile, while she couldn’t exactly explain, seeing it just lifted her spirit and filled with a feeling hard to describe, while to some it would sound insane, how it was possible, she just knew how she felt whenever she looked at his smile, seeing it for the first or tenth time she would still feel the same. Hearing it that it was their choice only made her heart beat a bit faster than before, she was ready for it, she wanted it and she didn’t care how others could perceive something like that, the thought behind every preparation, that was truly amazing. Her once stretched smile became a softer one as she watched Senan, her eyes always fixated on him “I think you’re the amazing one.” she looked at him in adoration. “I will always make this promise, I won’t let you forget that you’re not alone and while I can, I will never let you feel that way.” While her words might not have meant much, she was planning on living by them, never making him feel like he was alone and with no place to turn to, whenever he needed, she would be there. “Every light needs a shadow, and every shadow needs a light. I don’t think one can live without the other.” A simple analogy, yet a cliché, she didn’t consider herself to be light, but in his darkest moments, she would be, as she was sure he would be hers if she needed it. She watched Senan’s actions and listened to his words, taking them all in. She tilted her head lightly to be easier for him to pour the oil over her head, that quickly soaked her hair. The scent of the oil had been relaxing and was now embedded in her hair. Once his hands rested close to him, she scooped a bit of oil, mimicking his actions, and poured it down his head slowly. She watched the liquid she had poured down his head soaked his hair, and only some fell back into the basin. Max closed her eyes for a moment, taking in not only the beauty of the event but also the feelings and the scent that surrounded her. It was everything at once and when she could filter through all the feelings that were trampling one another, each trying to have its spotlight, the only constant feelings were joy and how she felt about him. She opened her eyes to stare at Senan as she took a deep breath. Max wasn’t sure who she was supposed to disrobe, was it her? Was it him? It wasn’t too important, for the time being. She had told Senan how she felt and her promise to him, but she felt it needed some more. She looked up at him and closed the gap between the two a little as her hand reached out to his clothing. She wasn’t sure what would be more embarrassing, undressing and getting undressed, or having to do it while talking. Max wasn’t sure how to feel about what comes after the confession, or vow, but she was sure it wasn’t going to mess with her mind as much as this was. Her heart began beating faster than before and there was a tingling sensation in her heart, she was nervous, yet happy. “A vow…” she repeated the word. “There’s not much I can say after what I said earlier but … to add to everything I said earlier…” she started. Her hands were a bit shaky, was she supposed to undress him while talking or was she supposed to do it after talking? It was during, he had said during. Max was confused, perhaps it was the nervousness. Her hand shyly moved to start to undress Senan, as he had told her. “I will never judge you and I will never try to stop you from being yourself. You’re your own person and I love that person. You’ll always have a home, a place where you feel wanted, needed and loved.”.
  7. I don't necessarily hate winter but I'm freezing in this room. I hope I don't turn into a popsicle overnight. 

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  8. It had been an easy explanation to follow. The rituals sounded fascinating, but also complicated to her and for someone who liked to complicate things she liked when things were easy, however, the way he spoke and he explained everything to her made everything less complicated, which she was grateful that he was doing it. Max understood that neither of them was going to live forever, while she didn’t mind, she understood that everything alive must one day or another die and be reborn as something new. She turned to him with a smile, everything in life had more meaning if those with those one loves and cares for, this was no exception. She nodded at his comment, agreeing with him. As long as she was with him, she was sure everything she did had more meaning, it wasn't the same if she was alone, or with someone else, she didn’t treasure as much as she treasured him. The thought kept lingering in her mind, two becoming one. She smiled at the thought of it, but she still couldn’t believe that they were going through with it. If someone had asked Max not long before the school year had started, she knew exactly what the last thing she wanted was to be tied to someone, but now, now she doesn’t want anything else but to be able to enjoy life with Senan and, it’s no longer the feeling of being tied, it was the feeling of being free in a way not many can understand. She didn’t feel trapped or caged, she was freer than she had been, and he didn’t put out her fire, he helps her control it, nurtures it and allow it to grow stronger, there were no words to describe what she was feeling, the only way to understand was to be in her place, and even then it wouldn’t be easy. Hearing that he wanted as well, and not just because she thought and mentioned it in the past took a weight off her shoulders. She smiled at Senan as he spoke. Her hands squeezed his own a bit tighter as she looked at his eyes, she kept being fascinated by them. “If it’s your choice, along with mine … I … I don’t see a reason not to do it.” she took a deep breath. She couldn’t explain why she was still nervous and yet excited, but one thing she knew, and that was that they were both doing it on their own free will, not to please one another, but because they wanted to. She followed, deeper into the basin. The soft touch to the oil felt good against her skin, not like water, a far more relaxing sensation. “I want to do it too … regardless of how it sounds or how it’s portrayed.” Her smile grew as she looked at him. While it did sound like a marriage, she saw it as much more than that, it wasn’t a display or a show for others to see, this was for them, and them alone. “As long as I can, I will always be your light, I promise you.” She loved Senan, and she intended to stay by his side and do whatever it took to help. Max could continue to feel the oil before she looked at him, she wasn’t sure what they were supposed to do, but the oil’s scent was really nice, the type of scent that could relax a person. “So … how does this … goes?”
  9. Senan proceeded to explain what he meant, and Max listened, not that she didn’t trust him, she did, but she wanted to know as much as she could about his culture, to understand it. What he explained made sense to her, the way a person views another and how they would be connected, people needed to compromise in order to be happy and make others happy, if one was only dominant than it would be tyranny and not something that would be mutually accepted. The more he proceeded to explain the more it sounded like it was a marriage ritual, maybe it was. At the thought of it, her cheeks became red, but she tried to push the thought of her head, there was no point in thinking about it now. She watched him with a smile, to some it looked like an impulsive and stupid decision, but to her, she knew that was what she wanted. “I think I understand what you mean, almost, like two sides of the same coin? Both sides, make one.” She continued to look at him, she was sure she understood, and while it was supposed to be something simple it scared her a little, but she was also excited about the whole thing. Apparently, they had broken a rule? Was it even a rule or more like a stupid superstition? Maybe it was neither, but just something that they had been doing for a long time. It seemed that they would have to take off the clothes, after what had happened before she wasn’t as embarrassed as she was before, but she wasn’t sure if she could keep her eyes off him. She was caught a bit by surprise by his words, a faint blush covered her cheeks as she looked at him. She should be used to it by now, but every time he said something similar it just made her heart beat faster, he didn’t even have to say anything, sometimes, just by staring at him it happened, the overwhelming happiness. She seemed to be right, in a way, two becoming one; the idea of marriage crossed her mind once more, this time she was able to remain calm, she wasn’t sure how long it would take for the idea to sink in, but she knew the thought scared her but excited her as well, she couldn’t explain the feelings. She followed Senan, after hearing what he had explained, that was when the thought began to sink, she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach, the same one that she had felt before when they were together in his dorm room. “Two become one…” she whispered as she slimed at the idea. When his hands grasped hers and he turned to her, she squeezed his hands a bit. “I … “ Max looked at Senan’s eyes and smiled at him, it took her a while before she could get the words straight in her head. “I want to do this, if you do, it’s my present, but it won’t be much of a present if you don’t want to.” Her hands got free from his and her arms wrapped around his torso for a while, before letting go. Her hands slid along his arms and hold his hands before she looked up. “I’m nervous and scared, but I’m also excited and happy and a lot of things I can’t possibly describe, but if I could make you feel them, you’d feel they’re not feelings of someone who doesn’t want to do this.” Max looked at the basin and then at Senan. “I know it’s hard not to compare this to a wedding or marriage, but … I already told you, I’ll stay by you, no matter what, and if you follow a destructive path of darkness, I’ll pull you out, or I’ll be your light.”
  10. She was still watching the basement, amazed at what he had done. She didn’t struggle when he guided her to show her the room. Max wasn’t sure what was more surprising, the beautiful colors, the clothes he was wearing, or the fact that he had gone through the trouble of finding her birthday and preparing all that; the idea that he went through all that trouble only increased her heart rate, to think he’d gone through all that trouble just for her. A smile was plastered across her face as she thought about it, she felt like a child amazed at something new. Senan had taken it to a whole new level. Her eyes landed on him, she looked at with adoration, it didn’t matter how beautiful the room was, it was only like that because of him. Her eyes were fixated on him as he spoke about their Ceremony, the idea to do it had been because of an accident, and to think that at the time she wasn’t even thinking but she hadn’t been lying, now, the desire to proceed with it is far greater than it had been that day. She followed him quietly. “You mean to trust someone completely? Without being scared of being judged or shunned?” Senan already was one of the people she was open to, she knew he wouldn’t judge her, and if he didn’t agree he would state so, accepting her own views, and she knew he was too. She trusted him enough to put her own life in his hands, she was sure he would do anything to keep her safe, the same way she would do the same to keep him safe. Max took the clothing from him and looked at it for a while. “You … you don’t need to look away, unless, unless there’s some kind of rule that stops you…” after what had happened she believed that there would be no point in him turning away, unless something in the ceremony prevented him from seeing her, almost like in her culture a groom couldn’t see the bride before the wedding. She began to get undressed, folding her clothes and putting them down before putting on the piece of clothing Senan had given her as she listened to his words carefully. Once she the piece of clothing on, she approached Senan quietly and her hand touched his gently and held it. She looked at him and smile, she was still trying to understand the whole purpose of it, mostly what it meant for both of them, but before that she needed to understand what it was, but she was struggling to understand it. “So…the ceremony it connects two people?”
  11. Max entered the house she didn’t hear Senan when he answered her, which she initially found awkward, but in the end, decided to get some work done. On the sketchbook Max began by drawing a tree with a lake in the back, a large grass field with several silhouettes, she began as a comic book section, small sketched squares that would eventually need to be enlarged into a proper idea and then resized in order to be visible on the wall. She looked at the paper with a smile on her lips, she continued to draw the same location, with different aspects what seemed to be an evolution of some sort, of the tree and the people around it. Her little sketch didn’t take long, she was starting to wonder if Senan was up to something in the house and that’s why she hadn’t been able to find him. She looked into the bedrooms, the young man was nowhere to be found, he wasn’t outside either and the house didn’t have that many hiding places, the only place that remained to be searched was the basement. She opened the door and began to descend through the stairs. She slowly descended to the basement and was amazed by certain colors that she could see; she was so distracted that for a brief moment she saw her life flash before her eyes as she tripped on a step but was able to hold onto something hanging from the wall that prevented her from falling and eventually rolling down the stairs. “Oh my God…” she looked around the room amazed at everything that she laid her eyes on. “What’s going on?” she asked with a surprised expression, eyes wide open looking in every direction until her eyes landed on him. Senan looked like an ancient Roman and Max’s eyes began to wander as she looked at him. There wasn’t much to imagine, she had already seen him, all of him before, but somehow, she couldn’t stop admiring him, as if it had been the first time, she had seen him. “What are you doing?” her smile widened with curiosity, she wondered what the young man had been doing and why he was dressed like that, more importantly, what had he done with the basement.
  12. There was nothing new to that day, it was Max’s birthday but as usual she didn’t celebrate it, but it was nice to have received a letter from her eldest sister, but it was no surprise that no one else had sent her anything, regardless she was pleased that her sister had remembered her, every year the young woman likes to send Max a postcard and a present before Max travels back home. This year Max was going to stay in Tally, she wasn’t going to bother getting on a train to visit her family for three days only to be treated like she didn’t belong. She stared at the postcard for a while with a smile on lips, there wasn’t much to be happy about, but receiving that letter had made her happy. Throughout the course of the day, things had been easy, Max had spent some time with Laurie, where Max received a box full of unicorn balls. It felt nice having someone during that day, even if Max believed it was just like any other day it was nice to spend it with a friend doing various things, something she rarely had the chance to do during that time, either because she never bothered to say it to anyone or simply because she was pressured to go home to celebrate it with ‘family’. Max was slightly excited for the end of the day, to spend some alone time with Senan, which was probably something she had been expecting, maybe they could watch a movie or something, they didn’t have to do anything, but spending some portion of the day with Laurie and the rest of it with Senan seemed liked the best birthday she could have asked for. She stood in front of the house with her backpack and a duffle bag, she looked at it from top to bottom with a smile on her face, every time she thought about what happened the smile grew, she couldn’t help how she felt like a strong magnetic force was pulling her towards him. She took a key from her pocket to open the door to the house, once the door was open, she walked inside and locked it again. “Senan?” she put the bag down and keys went back into her pocket. She paid little attention to her surroundings and walked to the living room, placing the paint can on the ground. Maybe Senan wasn’t around. She sat on the couch and looked at the blank wall, she took a sketchpad from her backpack and began drawing the sketch of the image she thought it would look good on the wall, depending on the color they both chose she was sure she could pull something interesting.
  13. Pillow or no pillow it didn’t matter to her, she would rather hold his hands than to have the pillow separating them, that was something she knew for sure. She didn’t see him wanting to be closer to her a selfish action or desire, it wasn’t wrong to wanting to be close to others unless the desire was only one-sided and would potentially cripple another person’s life, which it wasn’t the case in this situation. “It’s not selfish.” perhaps under other circumstances, it could be considered selfish. “And I’d love to hold your hands, since you’re so afraid they might wander then I’ll keep them safe and close to mine.” he was probably apprehensive, they could both fall under the same feeling as before, part of her wouldn’t regret it, the other part would wish that she wasn’t just leaning in on emotion, she wanted to know and to feel, both at the same time consciously. He just needed to give it time, just because something could be a bit easier for her didn’t mean it had to be easier for others. What they had was much more than a simple physical relationship, much more than just passion, she had no doubt about it. Max laid next to Senan, she made herself comfortable before closing her eyes. “I have faith that you will learn how to not be a slave to passion and hormones, in due time.” She spoke as she leaned her head to him. It was different from what had happened the first time, when they watched the movie, or earlier in the living room, while one their feelings were unknown to one another and then the soft caring touch of receiving comfort, this seemed more thoughtful, more meaningful. “But I trust you.” She thought it was something that needed to be said, perhaps hearing her would somehow help him. Max curled up a little as she got even closer to him, she was just happy there, being so close. Now that it was time to rest the events that led to that moment played in her mind, there was no use into trying to make sense of them, she loved the outcome of it, unexpected and yet perfect. It didn’t take long for Max to start to lose track of her thoughts, she was completely relaxed and slowly her mind began to drift away as she fell asleep.
  14. The moment died and they seemed to be both calm, it was for the better. She didn’t mind the couch, depending on the couch it wasn’t a bad place, perhaps to take a nap, she had never slept a whole night on a couch. No matter what he said she wasn’t going to put her comfort above his, they would either share the bed or the floor or one of them would take the best and the other the couch, it was up for him to decide what he wanted, she had made her choice. She looked up at him as he pulled her closer. She didn’t expect him to always agree with her, they were both stubborn in their own way, they both wanted what they thought it was best for the other. It might have sounded clingy, wanting to be in the same room with her, but she felt the same way, she understood that in certain occasions they would have to do their own things, they still have their own lives, but it wasn’t wrong wanting to be with someone else. “Our home…” she thought sounded amazing, and it did mean that both of them would have to feel comfortable, another reason that they should both accept it. Max held his hands in hers for a while before letting them go. “We can make a pillow wall, but I’m not worried.” She was sure that somehow, they would be able to compromise an get to an agreement so that they can both sleep on the bed. She felt his hand trailing along her arms and touching her cheek. “I can’t promise I’ll smack them all the time, but I can promise to hold them, so they won’t wonder.” She was sure if they were holding hands it would be easier to present something from wondering around. “I think we can put that back together in its place tomorrow, let’s go rest.” She held his hand and gently pulled him to the side of the bed. “Pillow wall or no pillow wall?” she moved away to pick the pillow he had put on the ground and bringing it to the bed. “I’m sure it will protect us both.” She put the pillow in the middle of the bed like they were two kids, the worst that could happen was having it flying around the bedroom sometime during the night.
  15. As much as Max was enjoying their time, the fact that the necklace reacted the way it did, only reminded her of the night they had spent together, the events that followed whenever they touched the necklace was a clear sign that it didn’t want them doing anything, although tonight it seemed to go so well until it decided to act up again, one thing was certain, that thing was as unpredictable as her own magic. Max couldn’t help but to feel a certain regret about the necklace, she wanted it to be a nice present, something to protect him, and instead, it only caused chaos. He wasn’t the only one that seemed to be frustrated, but she was more upset that the necklace isn’t doing what it was supposed to do, protect him, or maybe it was protecting him from her. The warmth of his body, even when wet warmed her, she wrapped her arms around him for a brief moment so that they could both share some warmth. The moment was over, the cold water made sure of it; she was disappointed, but wasn’t, her feelings were more annoyance at the situation and annoyance at herself for letting go of reason, she wanted to embrace the feelings with her mind and heart, not just heart. When the atmosphere became warm enough, she let him go. Maybe another day will be their day. Max shook her head, it was her fault too, she should have stopped it, but she wanted to continue, only him to make her lose her mind like that; she was a bit ashamed she let herself go the way she did, but if it had gone further she knew she wouldn’t regret it. She watched him as he put blankets and a pillow on the floor, she understood that if they shared a bed it would be complicated to keep their hands to themselves, she wasn’t sure much she would cling to him, but she didn’t want him to sleep on the floor. “I can’t let you stay on the floor. We’ll either stay on the bed, or I’ll take the couch and you take the bed, or we’ll both be on the floor.” It seemed to be the safest action, considering what they both wanted minutes earlier, but she couldn’t put her comfort over his. When he approached her to kiss her forehead, she wrapped her arms around him. “I know you will.” That thought frightened her, he could get hurt because of some silly desire. “But right now, I want you to be comfortable.” She looked up at him with a smile, knowing he would be stubborn enough to make her use the bed while he slept on the floor, she wanted him to know she didn’t want him to do such a thing.
Maxine Williams
Student Seventh Year
17* year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age:  17*
Date of Birth: May 14th, 2002
Birthplace: Australia
Year Level: Seventh Year
Occupation: Student
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: she/her
Patronus: Bay Mare
Wand: Ebony 11’’ Phoenix
Play-by: Molly C. Quinn

Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards (2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013)

Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted (2013)

Penrose School for Witches (2013 - 2014; 2014 - 2015)

Tallygarunga Academy of Magic (2015 - present year)


*silver ring was given by someone and has the ability to make her invisible and whoever she's touching.

On certain occasions she sneaks out from Tally during the night;


General Knowledge


Was expelled from several schools

She likes to play different musical instruments (violin, piano, guitar)

She likes to draw

Wears a silver ring*


Maxine isn't a bad person, she's smart, stubborn and perhaps a bit too energetic for her own good. She's also creative and likes to make up stories for kids,  mostly with the intention to scaring them and not to entertain the children. She'd the oddball who often gets along with all sorts of people unless they give her a reason not to.

She's a bit temperamental and overall unpredictable, is she in a good mood? is she in a bad mood? How will she react? No one knows, she's like a bomb ready to go off at any moment and at any sudden movement. She’s brave and somewhat loyal to those she cares about, but her allegiance might change according to the relationship with said person. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of them, she would rather die than to forgive. She’s a bit arrogant and hardly admits that she was wrong unless proven.

She is a troublemaker at heart, not to hurt others, just for the pure joy of entertainment and to give everyone something to do. She appears to be someone mature when the occasion arises, but when there’s someone else to be mature for her she will be the one creating chaos whenever people aren’t looking.

As a friend she's kind and friendly, sometimes almost motherly but she will speak her mind, will defend what she believes in, even if what she believes isn't beneficial to her at that moment and sometimes she's a bit sassy which one day will be her downfall. She usually doesn't accept challenges unless she knows she has the upper hand and can win, however, keeps daring people to do things. 


Maxine is around 5'3'' tall.

She has long and silky red hair, on the lighter side, usually wavy at the bottom; she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has blue eyes that become a lighter tone under the light and become more intense if by any chance she had been crying. She has fair skin and a certain sensibility to light, burning easily when exposed to the sun for long periods of time without the proper sunscreen. She has some freckles on her face, mostly cheeks and nose that get more visible depending on the sun exposure. Whenever she smiles one can see her dimples, which is a feature she's not fond of.

She often wears casual clothes, consisting of jeans and a t-shirt, on rare occasions, she will wear dresses.



Maxine was born in Queensland, Australia to Ceaser and Grace Williams, she and her twin brother are the youngest of seven siblings. Maxine's parents wanted a boy after their first triplets, but the second time they tried they had two more girls but at last, on their third try they had twins, a boy and a girl, having dealt with so many girls this one was bound to be treated like the others, since they were never too much trouble they assumed this one would be the same. Max's brother, unlike her, was their mother's golden boy and light of her life. 

The early ears were easy enough, Max and her brother shared a bedroom, sure their mother would always forgive him for everything while Max took all the blame, but that didn't stop her. At a young age, they discovered she had a certain aptitude for magic and when she was old enough she enrolled in Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards; after a few months she was suspended for making a red foam bomb and everything kept getting worse, she wasn't rude or aggressive, but she would often break into school often to be found until the day she got expelled at the end of her second year, her parents moved her to another school, Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted but she didn't even last a school year.

Deciding to find another place for her to study, her parents sent her to Penrose School for Witches, they thought they could somehow control her. She didn't do anything that directly leads to expulsion, some minor pranks, lying to make others take the blame, rearranging the library books, turning chairs and tables upside down, minor irrelevant things until it was too much and once again she got expelled, she was able to last two years in Penrose. 

Her final chance of staying out of trouble was Tally and she wasn't exactly happy to go there, she wanted to go back home but instead became a Tally student. So far she hasn't been expelled or suspended. 

Maxine Williams February 25
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