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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Invite Distance Makes No Difference

    The way Laurie spoke about the place sounded interesting and sounded like a place Max was going to love visiting, besides, she could take Senan and she’d be with Laurie. Doubtfully those two will get along, they are too different, but it seemed both were trying for her, she had to give them both credit for it. All the places Max was listening to just sounded weird, probably because Laurie was spitting German words and Max could communicate better with Baltazar than she could with someone speaking German to her. Using the apparition licence so soon could be bad, what if somehow Laurie died? Max couldn’t even think about that. The thought of Laurie being cut in half started to haunt Max, her face turning pale the more she thought about it, however, the younger girl’s question snapped her out of it. “We can try…” it could be a bad idea, but it could also work, and it would be a change of scenery. “It’s settled, we’re going to try and to go Melbourne this weekend.” She spoke, cheering a little bit.
  2. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    A smile stretched on Max’s face, nothing like a good prank to ease the mood, not only theirs but everyone else’s. The lips curling should be enough of an indicator that Max was going to enjoy the prank, a good plan was needed, but that shouldn’t be a problem, there was time to pull it off. Alex was probably right about the kids, they would disturb the class, but the prospect of watching an old person, going soft over something so small and cute would be priceless. “I think they’d steal the Professor’s show…” she commented, whispering. She seemed to have somewhat answered the question, didn’t elaborate much but Alex seemed to have jumped in and somehow saved the day, surely saving her from feeling some sort of embarrassment. She listened to everyone quietly, she shouldn’t even be in that class, perhaps she would do best in the intermediate one. She was brought down to the real world when the Professor spoke. Did she want to go first? No, she didn’t, but she also didn’t want to be last, it was best to get over with it than to just wait and be last. Maxine shrugged a took a step forward to take care of the doll. She had taken a mental note about all the spells she could do to destroy it, but she was going to keep it simple, without showing off. She took a deep breath and cast the spell, silently on Delores, which quickly turned to stone. It was hard to contain the girl’s excitement, she had succeeded in such spell, but now came the hardest part, casting bombarda. The redhead’s heart started beating slightly faster than it should, she was nervous, she didn’t want to miss the doll and hit something else instead, but she had learnt a lot of things from different people. Unable to calm herself, and her fear of failure started building up. As she pointed her hand at the Delores to cast the spell, which destroyed the doll, projecting pieces of the hardened mannequin across the whole class room, some towards Max who tried to avoid most of the pieces, having to cast a shield spell to prevent being hit by the debris. Once there were no more debris flying around, Max did as the Professor instructed and stood behind her.
  3. Open A spot of frog catching

    Max really disliked the winter, the cold, the rain, the wind. She hated almost everything about that season, but for some reason the two people she liked the most were both from cold countries and both enjoyed the winter, but at least one of them would keep her warm at night. She walked to the lake under her umbrella, she wanted to go to town and get something nice to make dinner, but she ended up being distracted. The lake was as it always was, an amazing place that brought amazing memories. She couldn’t stop thinking of one of the best things that happened to her, how happy it made her feel and it warmed her heart, and yet, at the same time she was scared. She stood under a tree before noticing someone, as far as she could tell he had a jar? What was he doing with a jar? Regardless, it didn’t matter. She watched him from afar until a playful smirk started to grow on her lips as they curled, showing a rather mischievous look on her face. Her eyes followed the boy before her hands touched the water. She wanted a quick water jet to spray on the young boy’s face, it would be enough to play a little with him, whoever he was. The ring she had on her finger was perfect for a situation like that, all she had to do was thinking about being invisible. She had cast the first prank and shortly after the power of the ring turned her invisible, and everything she was touching with her hands. Max decided to stay put on the same place, she could do another spell like that from that location, and he wouldn’t even see who is the perpetrator of this, not so awful, yet, wet prank.
  4. Invite Distance Makes No Difference

    Max laughed at Laurie’s words, she never saw Laurie as someone who liked Senan. He wasn’t particularly easy to like, unless someone could manage to dig thought all the way down to the soft much core he had, but Max wasn’t about to blab on that. “Not all expenses, you got to let me treat you someday.” The redhead nudged her friend playfully. One thing Max always wanted to do was travel, and if she managed to go all the way to Scandinavia, she would be happy, a walking popsicle but happy. “What is there in Berlin? Aside from being a big and expensive city and freezing.” Max didn’t do well in low temperatures, she liked the sun and the summer and she pretty much disliked winter, and yet two of her favourite people enjoyed cold places, maybe that’s why she was able to melt through them. “I’ve been wanting to go to Melbourne for a while, but things just keep happening.” She was supposed to go last break, but her parents showed almost unannounced and she had to deal with them, while they left early, she was sure her mother was still going to come back to haunt her ass one day. “I do have it, passed with flying colours, can’t say the same about my landing, or my stomach when I first tried it.” she laughed, unsure if it was a laughable thing or not, but it wasn’t so bad seeing the content of her stomach the first time she tried it.
  5. Invite Distance Makes No Difference

    Max was glad that Laurie reciprocated the hug, it wasn’t a rare occasion for Max to hug people on occasion, some more than others she couldn’t help but to feel happy that her friend had accepted the embrace without pulling away. Max’s hug lasted a way longer than she had anticipated, and perhaps, when Laurie leaves it would last even longer, but for now Max would have to be content with it. She was still sad and had to admit she was upset that her friend was leaving, but at least she was sure that Laurie wouldn’t forget about her, which was her main concern. The redhead let go from the hug and stared at Laurie with a smile. “Well it’s not a bad idea. Just need a way to move back and forth between your trunk and Australia and we have a deal.” Max would be torn if she had to chose between Laurie and Senan, she loved them both in very different ways. The older Spencer took a deep breath and relaxed. Her worried that Laurie would forget her were eased, knowing that her friend would keep the promise and would keep in touch meant a lot. There was leaving and there was leaving in Max’s mind, in this case it wouldn’t change a thing, they were far away but they would remain friends. “Maybe one day I’ll visit you.” Max’s smile widened as she looked at her friend. It would be nice to visit the Popsicle School, in the middle of fucking nowhere where it’s warmer inside a freezer than outside.
  6. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Max was a nervous wreck as she noticed that Chloe had completed her answer, which meant the time she spent studying was wasted, but at least the professor recognized her effort. It wasn’t enough, Max was on the verge of having to repeat the year and did she want that? But she was also kicked out of her parents, meaning she didn’t have that many funds to survive, she needed to get a job, preferably right out graduating, if she graduated that year. She sat in silence next to Chloe as the Professor spoke, she couldn’t do much more. She continued to listen. She thought it was going to be a theoretical class, but it seemed she had to face her worst fear, shouldn’t be too hard, she had already experienced it twice, no reason she couldn’t do it a third time. She played with her fingers, did she wanted to face the thing that caused her nightmares and shiver in fear? She had to be strong and take, she wasn’t going to let it control her life and her freedom to make those decisions. The redhead stood, it seemed she was the first in line. She hesitated a little bit, but after a while she finally walked forward to face the Boggart. She shrugged a bit, but the Boggart didn’t turn into something, it did however showed silhouettes, people walking in and leaving a person’s life in a form of abandonment. Max’s face turned white for a moment before her eyes showed clear signs of anger, signs unusual for her a person of her demeanour. She opted to stay in front of the Boggart for a while, it was her biggest fear, but in that moment, it only made her angry. She pointed her wand at it and cast the spell, it soon turned into an amusing moment, one that Max didn’t laugh at. Once the spell was done Max simply picked her things and left the classroom.
  7. Invite Distance Makes No Difference

    Max laughed at Laurie’s words, what were they? Five years old? No they weren’t, but they were friends, and as much as Max hated to admit, she would do a pinky swear like a child, which was why she waved her pinky finger in front of Laurie, ready to take that promise all the way. Could Max really blame Laurie? No she couldn’t, while she was sad that Laurie was leaving, Max too didn’t like to be stuck, she wanted to do what she wanted, whenever she wanted and with who she wanted, sadly she always either wants to hangout with Laurie or spend time with Senan, but it’s her choice and not no one else’s. “It’s not that. I don’t like to be chained either, and you can leave without leaving.” Max spoke, wanting Laurie to understand that the idea behind the leaving wasn’t Laurie leaving, was Laurie leaving and never speaking again. The redhead wrapped her arms around Laurie one more time, holding her tight. “Even with our summer temperatures?” Max tried to joke a little at the obvious hard and emotional conversation. Laurie had been her best friend, they got along well despite their differences. “But let’s make this clear, there’s two types of leaving, leaving because you want to but keeping in touch, and the not keeping in touch. I don’t like the last one.” She would be okay, knowing that Laurie would write or use other means of communication, it was the ‘cut all ties’ sort of leaving that bugged Max the most. “It’s a shame you have to leave, I wish there was some way to take you out of that God forsaken place.”
  8. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Max hadn’t even noticed Alex entering the class until he greeted her. She smiled at him and waved her hand lightly, before letting out a chuckle at the mention of her violin. “Hey. Well you know, I can’t really play in classes.” She was sure the Professors weren’t going to find it funny if she just played instead of doing what she was supposed to do. She shook her head when he apologized. “It’s alright, don’t worry. You should bring them one day though.” Her smile grew wider at the mention of babies, Max loved children. “I think most Professors would be delighted.” Suddenly she felt something and looked down to take a piece of paper that someone had slipped to her. She looked back to see Travis, she smiled and waved lightly at him before looking at the drawing. It was magnificent, he had a lot of talent. She was a bit jealous that he could draw such magnificent things. Her fingers scanned through the paper as she watched the effects. She looked back at him to give him a friendly smile before keeping the drawing safe in her bag. She was about to greet Chloe and Meadow, but the Professor started to speak, and Max simply waved lightly at them, she didn’t want to be kicked out of class for disturbing it. The redhead was confused why the Professor wanted them to turn Delores into stone. “Duro?” she spoke a bit sheepishly and in a low tone, unsure if that was the right spell. Soon after her reply she understood what they were supposed to do, hopefully no one would get injured. The next question was completely ignored by Max, she didn't want to see too excited about destroying something.
  9. Invite Up The Wall

    It was good that Samantha accepted the waffles and crepes, it was literally the only thing that Max could think of in that moment, but when Natasha spoke Max chuckled at her comment, forgetting for a moment that both Natasha and Sam worked at a bakery. Max wasn’t exactly someone who enjoyed criticizing food, she did love to eat it though. Perhaps listening to someone more in touch with the confection process would give her something else to think about other than how sweet and delicious all food was. “I better listen then, maybe I’ll learn something.” She commented. Max nodded at Samantha when she spoke and began walking towards the stand she had previously seen. “We have a lot to talk about. I’m sure with a bit of time and imagination we’ll come up with amusing ideas.” Max spoke with a smile on her lips as she continued to walk towards the stand. The cold weather was perfect for warm things, even if they were too warm it always felt nice. “The stands are all close together, nothing says we can hop on one to get a few drinks. Some hot chocolate would be nice.” She spoke as she started to walk a bit faster, the sooner she got there the sooner she’d get to eat. Once they reached a place, Max looked at the menu, it was vast and everything looked delicious, even their beverages. “I can’t decide what to do eat…” she spoke under her breath, still undecided what to choose. Eventually, and with a bit of effort, she managed to pick a strawberry jam waffle with whipped cream and a hot chocolate, the whole combination sounded delicious and her stomach approved by grumbling a bit. Their food didn’t take long to be prepared and after Sam had offered to pay for it, they all sat at one of the tables to start discussing their plans for their adventures.
  10. Invite Distance Makes No Difference

    The embrace Max had fallen into was nice, warming and welcoming, and it was something she wasn’t ready to give up. She understood that Laurie had to leave, she couldn’t do anything and shouldn’t do anything to prevent it, as much as she didn’t want to be caged or chained, others didn’t either, but she couldn’t stop feeling how she felt. Deep down she knew Laurie was going to keep in touch, but watching her go by without even talking about others from her old school made Max wonder if that was how it was going to be? She didn’t have much time to continue to think about it until Laurie opened her mouth to speak. “I know, it’s just…we spend a lot of time together and not once I heard you speak of your Dumberstag or whatever friends. What if when you get there you’ll forget about our Summer like Winter and our Hellish Summer?” Max looked at Laurie with a faint smile. She wasn’t trying to accuse the girl of anything, but it was a friendship she didn’t want to lose. Max always thought she would never get a roommate, and when she least excepted, she got one and she could have hated her guts, but they got along, they were similar in many things. “We can still write and talk and visit and I’m sure it’ll be the same, but when you get there will I don’t want to be a long-lost memory. I’m not trying to accuse you, or blame you, but I do wonder that.” No point in hiding her feelings from Laurie. Max knew Laurie wasn’t going because she wanted, she was being forced to go to a place that, the way Laurie had described, as horrible. As much as Max wouldn’t want to admit, her biggest concern about it was Laurie forgetting that they were ever friends, forgetting about her over time.
  11. Invite Up The Wall

    Max’s feet hit the ground and shortly after her reaching the ground Samantha did too. She watched the young Bourke with a smile, Sam was way too far ahead, unless she had waited for Max and the redhead wasn’t that stupid to realize that Sam had done it on purpose, and maybe next time she gets to properly do something for her friend. “Ah I see that I am the winner of this little race.” Max spoke with a somewhat victorious expression. She knew that if Samantha hadn’t delayed her descent onto the ground, she wouldn’t have won the race. One thing Max wasn’t expecting was having to pick where they were going to get their snack, and the redhead had to think for a while before picking the right food, she would go for ice cream but her and Laurie could have that anytime, besides, Laurie was the only person she knew that would be up for some ice cream during that season. “Hmm … how about we stop by the waffle and crepe stand? That’s something I haven’t eaten in a while” Max spoke, smiling at both girls before trying to find that specific place, she was sure she had spotted one when she climbed down the wall. “It’s filling and they have a wide variety that might suit us all?” unsure if they had more than just waffles or crepes, they probably also had baked goods if Natasha or Sam didn’t like such things. “So? Do we all agree to it?” She asked as her smile grew as she stopped searching for the place with her eyes to look at the girls. She turned her attention towards the few stands that laid there, to sell things to those who chose to visit the location and try their look. After a short period of time she finally found the place she had spotted earlier and pointed towards it. Once everyone was ready, she decided to start walking towards it.
  12. I've been staring at this book for hours and I know less than when I started. 

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    2. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Fair enough. I'm two years behind you but if there's anything I can help with, let me know. You never know, Durmstrang's curriculum was pretty wild, I might be able to have your back in a thing or two.

    3. Senan Connell

      Senan Connell

      @Maxine Williams I think I may have just the idea. Just let me know what it is and I can have something set up within the basement.

    4. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      @Laurie Kempf thank you.

      @Senan Connell If it's what I think it is I love it. 😊😊

  13. Invite Distance Makes No Difference

    It was easier if Max just kept her distance, she had a lot on her mind, she needed time, space and more importantly, she needed to get a good grip of her emotions or they would eventually consume her. Max couldn’t avoid her roommate forever, at least not until the end of the school year, she couldn’t just vanish, but she could limit their conversations, and hopefully when the time comes for Laurie to leave the feeling wouldn’t be so overwhelming. Max was walking slowly to her dorm room, all she wanted was to lay down in her bed and take a nap, she thought she deserved that much after the hellish day she had. The class hadn’t gone according to plan, she was planning on acing it, to do the best she could, and yet, her best wasn’t good enough, she had still failed to perform the spell that would make her laugh at her fear, and the worst of all, everyone in that class knew what it was, while it could take several forms, either abandonment by own free will, or not it was always painful and a fear she couldn’t control. The redhead shook her head, trying to make the thoughts leave her head before Laurie spoke. She looked at her roommate a bit confused about what she wanted but didn’t have much time to reply to the younger Spencer. Laurie suddenly wrapped her arms around Max, holding her, and for a moment Max hesitated in reciprocating such action of affection, but after a few seconds her arms wrapped around the other girl. It was a feeling she enjoyed, Max loved feeling close to others, she liked to show it, but to have someone show it to her other than Senan? Max was delighted. "Yes, Lauri?"
  14. Invite Up The Wall

    After watching the view, it was time go down and finally get some food, Max’s stomach was already complaining about being empty, and that only made Max more eager to get down that wall and run towards a stand to get some snacks. She looked at the other two girls as the older one spoke. Max was so used to do things with no support that she had no idea how to go down without just naturally climbing down. She shrugged but Samantha promptly gave Natasha the information. The redhead watched for a brief moment until she realized she too had to go down in order to get some food. She quickly began descending, a little behind Samantha, she couldn’t try anything drastic, she wanted to get home in one piece and not as a pancake shaped Max. “I think I can take you up on that.” Max was never the competition type, she liked the thrill but didn’t care much for the outcome, sure winning felt marvellous, but this wasn’t a real competition. Max easily caught up with Samantha, but she didn’t want to push her luck. She continues to go down, a bit slower than Sam until she misplaced her foot and almost lost balance, Max held tight until she caught her balance once more and proceeded to get to the ground as fast and safest as she could. Once on the ground she took a deep breath and looked at Samantha and Natasha. “Rock climbing is a lot easier than this.” She commented, looking up at the giant wall, especially to the place where she had misplaced her foot and had almost fallen to her death. The feeling was good, however, the adrenaline of it rushing through her body only made her more excited. “Shall we laddies?” She bowed with a slight joking tone.
  15. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Classes had been going well, so far, she had managed to go to every class she signed up for, having to arrive a bit late to one class when the previous class hadn’t ended on time, but overall things seemed to be looking good and she could see a light at the end of the tunnel for her. After finally meeting with her roommate in another class, Max opted to go to the class that she felt she belonged too since Laurie wouldn’t be staying alone. She arrived in class and all the chairs and tables were reduced in size and were shoved in a corner. She put her bag down and waited for more students to enter the classroom. She looked at the Professor and at the dummies. She had missed a few classes from the last term, she had no idea the mannequin’s name was Delores, but she did hear a few stories about what had happened, the more common one was how Chloe got knocked out and had to be taken to the Hospital Wing by Meadow and Alex. Max looked at the woman but simply nodded at her in a form of greeting, she just wanted to mingle with the rest of the crowd and hopefully she could find a friendly face to stay with. Last time she had attended one of these classes it was crazy, there were too many people and it was just hard to do anything without getting sidetracked by something someone else was doing.
Maxine Williams
Student Seventh Year
17* year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age  17*
Date of Birth May 14th, 2002
Birthplace Australia
Year Level Seventh Year
Occupation Student
Player  Tecri
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Bay Mare
Wand Ebony 11’’ Phoenix
Play-by Molly C. Quinn

Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards (2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013)

Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted (2013)

Penrose School for Witches (2013 - 2014; 2014 - 2015)

Tallygarunga Academy of Magic (2015 - present year)


*silver ring was given by someone and has the ability to make her invisible and whoever she's touching.

On certain occasions she sneaks out from Tally during the night;


General Knowledge


Was expelled from several schools

She likes to play different musical instruments (violin, piano, guitar)

She likes to draw

Wears a silver ring*


Maxine isn't a bad person, she's smart, stubborn and perhaps a bit too energetic for her own good. She's also creative and likes to make up stories for kids,  mostly with the intention to scaring them and not to entertain the children. She'd the oddball who often gets along with all sorts of people unless they give her a reason not to.

She's a bit temperamental and overall unpredictable, is she in a good mood? is she in a bad mood? How will she react? No one knows, she's like a bomb ready to go off at any moment and at any sudden movement. She’s brave and somewhat loyal to those she cares about, but her allegiance might change according to the relationship with said person. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of them, she would rather die than to forgive. She’s a bit arrogant and hardly admits that she was wrong unless proven.

She is a troublemaker at heart, not to hurt others, just for the pure joy of entertainment and to give everyone something to do. She appears to be someone mature when the occasion arises, but when there’s someone else to be mature for her she will be the one creating chaos whenever people aren’t looking.

As a friend she's kind and friendly, sometimes almost motherly but she will speak her mind, will defend what she believes in, even if what she believes isn't beneficial to her at that moment and sometimes she's a bit sassy which one day will be her downfall. She usually doesn't accept challenges unless she knows she has the upper hand and can win, however, keeps daring people to do things. 


Maxine is around 5'3'' tall.

She has long and silky red hair, on the lighter side, usually wavy at the bottom; she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has blue eyes that become a lighter tone under the light and become more intense if by any chance she had been crying. She has fair skin and a certain sensibility to light, burning easily when exposed to the sun for long periods of time without the proper sunscreen. She has some freckles on her face, mostly cheeks and nose that get more visible depending on the sun exposure. Whenever she smiles one can see her dimples, which is a feature she's not fond of.

She often wears casual clothes, consisting of jeans and a t-shirt, on rare occasions, she will wear dresses.


The story so far

Maxine was born in Queensland, Australia to Ceaser and Grace Williams, she and her twin brother are the youngest of seven siblings. Maxine's parents wanted a boy after their first triplets, but the second time they tried they had two more girls but at last, on their third try they had twins, a boy and a girl, having dealt with so many girls this one was bound to be treated like the others, since they were never too much trouble they assumed this one would be the same. Max's brother, unlike her, was their mother's golden boy and light of her life. 

The early ears were easy enough, Max and her brother shared a bedroom, sure their mother would always forgive him for everything while Max took all the blame, but that didn't stop her. At a young age, they discovered she had a certain aptitude for magic and when she was old enough she enrolled in Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards; after a few months she was suspended for making a red foam bomb and everything kept getting worse, she wasn't rude or aggressive, but she would often break into school often to be found until the day she got expelled at the end of her second year, her parents moved her to another school, Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted but she didn't even last a school year.

Deciding to find another place for her to study, her parents sent her to Penrose School for Witches, they thought they could somehow control her. She didn't do anything that directly leads to expulsion, some minor pranks, lying to make others take the blame, rearranging the library books, turning chairs and tables upside down, minor irrelevant things until it was too much and once again she got expelled, she was able to last two years in Penrose. 

Her final chance of staying out of trouble was Tally and she wasn't exactly happy to go there, she wanted to go back home but instead became a Tally student. So far she hasn't been expelled or suspended. 

Maxine Williams February 25
Type: Invite Maxine Williams.
OOC Completed
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