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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite Coming Clean

    Laurie didn’t seem upset, she was however quiet, that wasn’t like Laurie at all. Maybe the explosion had a bigger impact on the exchange student than it did on the redhead, after all, Max was ready for another explosion, or at least to continue to do what she always wanted, with a few limitations, but that didn’t mean they were able to stop Max from running around the school creating havoc, unless they planned to kick her out, which she assumed the headmaster wouldn’t, well, she hopped he didn’t. “Well, we have to fix that don’t we?” Maybe Max should stop wanting to do more than she could handle, the present was a good example of it. Max shouldn’t have tried such spell alone and it was even a modification of one, one that she had no idea what it was in the fist place. Max should stop and listen to others for once in her life, but it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. When it came to creating chaos, Max wasn’t exactly ready to get hit again, but she didn’t mind coming up with ideas and letting others have all the fun, she could still have it from the side lines. It wasn’t time to play, it was time to stop being an idiot. Max had to mentally remember herself that she didn’t want Laurie to be in trouble, and even if Laurie was an exchange student, things could have gone bad if the she had been in the room with Max. “I mean, I’m not ready for another like that, but I’m ready for some new adventure…but…” Max wasn’t sure how to even begin explaining, she was mostly worried about Laurie’s reaction to the information Max was going to give her. “First, I really need to talk to you. You could have been caught in this explosion and I don’t want that…” how was she going to tell Laurie that she could be in danger? Max was in it because she wanted to be, Laurie didn’t sign up for it like Max did.
  2. Invite Cornered

    Max wasn’t in any muggle school, as much as her mother protested it about her going to on, it was one of the things that everyone in that house was against, but it seemed that adults has a distorted view of the world, of what it’s like to be a teen, be considered young, naïve and childish. The need to keep teens restrained to not make mistakes only to have them made when they are older, and then are shamed for doing so. Adults weren’t to be trustworthy, even when they carried the tittle of Counsellor, or a nice smile. “No teacher would let me try it and wouldn’t even do it with me, do you think I haven’t heard enough ‘No, it’s not in the curriculum.’?” Max spoke, adding a funny face to it. “No adult trusts students enough.” And for the same reason Max’s started to close, she wasn’t going to try to explain herself to someone who probably wasn’t trusting her. Max’s sister was the person she trusted the most. She was suspicious at Cate’s words, she was growing more and more suspicious of them, but she indulged, maybe she could get something out of it. “So, you’d just help me? Just like that? Help me get freedom? Allowing me to stay here at the dorms until I graduate?” Max wasn’t going anywhere that school year, she knew she was going to stay behind another year, and that year would be enough for her to manage to get something for herself. But it was a foreign concept, having someone worried, wanting to help her, and generally concerned, but Max liked to do thing on her own, she didn’t need anyone’s help, she just needed to be left alone to do her own thing. Was that too much to ask? The woman seemed honest about it, but was she willing to trust a complete stranger? “You know, you keep saying I’m going to finish my school year. I’m not graduating this year.” Max wanted to make that very clear, meaning she could still stay at the dorms, not matter what. It seemed that she was starting to loosen the web to escape. The young redhead remained quiet as Cate continued to talk, mentioning how bright Max was. She wasn’t stupid as stupid as many thought she was, maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed but she managed. A smile appeared on Max’s lips as the woman apologized, Max was uncomfortable and she was still suspicious, but the apology seemed honest, she had to trust her instincts. “Apology accepted. The spell was a mistake, I should be more careful or ask for help.” She should have asked someone with better magical skills, like Laurie, or even Chloe. Max couldn’t imagine the damage if she hadn’t been studying with Chloe. The young Spencer’s eyes fell on the ring. She was attached to it and the person that had given it to her, she wasn’t going to let him down. “Yeah, given to me by family.” Max’s hand moved to touch the ring and spin it on her finger. Senan wasn’t related to her by blood but he was family, she loved him more than she loved her own.
  3. Invite Cornered

    Max was sure it wasn’t the first time some student did some ridiculous spell on the grounds, the way she talked seemed has Max was some mastermind behind an evil cult. “Well making foam with baking soda and vinegar isn’t exactly taught in school either. Do you expect curious young minds to just stick to the curriculum?” Max watched Cate confused, as a student she didn’t see why students couldn’t try other spells if they were illegal. Max wasn’t even trying to hide the reason anymore; she was genuinely concerned that they were trying to limit a student’s willingness to try different things. “I get it it’s a complicated spell and I’m young and stupid. But maybe if we weren’t chased and accused to something shady every time, we tried to learn something new, perhaps we wouldn’t need to hide.” Max didn’t like when people tried to limit her, it was like trying to limit her imagination. “Technically no, basically yes. My dad’s a lawyer, he knows they can’t kick me out until I’m eighteen, they just gave me the news, dropped off a few things.” Some of Max’s things were in Laurie’s trunk, that thing was huge and could certainly keep almost everything she owned, but she couldn’t let Laurie walk around with it, she would have to go back to Germany at some point. “I’ll go pick the rest when I’m eighteen, that’s the deal, in the meantime my sister is also helping me.” It sounded that the woman was overly concerned about her, that was certainly something unique and strange, and the fact that Max was starting to feel like a caged animal would only escalate her distrust towards Cate. Max didn’t like to be shacked to the invisible chains that the woman wanted to put around her, she had been on her own for far too long to be told what to do and what not to by some random stranger. She had to remind herself, it’s only for a few more months. “Another adult assigned to me?” Could her sister really be her legal guardian? She pretty much raised Max, there shouldn’t be an issue having the older woman sign something willingly without Max having to forge it again, and her sister was more pleasant than her parents. “I could ask for emancipation...” things were getting complicated, and Max could sense the web surrounding her, trapping her, with no means of escape. “The only thing you’re doing is making me ask them to sign a paper and they will.” The more the woman started to get closer the more Max tried to get away, avoiding the issue and more importantly trying not to compromise anyone else. “I have things all over the place, friend’s house, my dorm, my roommate’s trunk...” Max tried to avoid naming her friends, aside from Laurie, her roommate, but Cate wouldn’t be able to do much to the exchange student from Germany that was about to leave Australia forever. She could feel Cate closing in, it was just a matter of time before Max decides to stop answering and ask for legal representation, she starting to feel threatened. Even the calm demeanour that Cate had was suspicious, she was like a dog with a bone and didn’t want to let go.
  4. Invite Coming Clean

    Max left the Hospital Wing, it had seemed that her arm still wasn’t healed but considering how the nurses wanted her gone, Max was sent to her dorm quicker than she should have. Luckily for her Laurie was there to lend her a hand and to help her take everything she had down at the Hospital Wing up to her room. Eventually Max had to come clean with everything that had commented, the accident had been a wake up call for Max to start trusting Laurie’s judgement, Laurie wasn’t going to get herself in trouble, but if my any chance Max did, at least the exchange student would know the reason. The room was as good as new, they had done a great job fixing it, or so Max assume considering the blast might have been strong enough for almost everyone at the school to know that she had been involved in an explosion. She walked towards her bed and sat in it, it was soft and cosy, and she couldn’t feel the sprinkled of the mattress popping out, trying to stab her in the back. She was happy that she didn’t have to continue to sleep in the Hospital Wing, with those awful mattresses that hurt her back and only made everything worse. “Thanks Laurie.” She thanked her friend but there was something missing, she realized she couldn’t continue to worry Laurie like that. The secrets, dancing around the questions, she had to be honest if she really didn’t want Laurie to get into a dangerous situation. Max didn’t regret the situation she was in, far from it, but she chose it, she was the one that continued to move forward with it even knowing about the danger, unlike Laurie, who would most likely be nothing more than a bystander caught in the crossfire. Could Max really live with herself knowing that she got her friend in danger? “Hey, I’m sorry about everything, I didn’t mean to worry you.” She couldn’t forget that she would have to talk to Senan too. He was worried, she could see it in his eyes, how worried he was because her. Max couldn’t let them feel like that again, she wasn’t going to allow herself to be put in that situation once more. “How have things been during my absence? Created enough chaos?”
  5. Invite Cornered

    The woman seemed to be taking the information well. Max dance around the question was bound to be noticed, even Laurie could see how Max swiftly tried to avoid going into detail about anything. It wasn’t a matter of not trusting, it was a matter of not wanting others to get into trouble, however, the way the woman was phrasing her questions, it was hard to dance around them without getting caught. Max had to walk carefully not to get caught in a web, if she did, she’d have to burn it down to be able to escape, that meant getting hurt in the process. “It’s something I was testing; modifying spells and get either stronger or weaker versions of them? I found this spell that can make a person there but not there, wanted to give it a shot…kinda landed me in here.” Again, Max wasn’t lying, just avoided to name the spell, she didn’t actually know the spell’s name either, which meant she couldn’t tell Cate. When Cate spoke about the note, Max wondered how she knew that it was fake, she hadn’t use magic to do it, good old muggle way. The whole thing made Max suspicious of the woman, but when it came to that piece of paper, she had to be completely honest about, there was no way she could escape although, Max found it amusing that Cate wanted to call her parents. “My parents kicked me out or will when I turn eighteen. That paper gives me a bit more freedom.” Could she even tell Cate that her things were in Senan’s house? How was the woman going to react to that piece of information? Or even knowing that Senan and Max were together? “But, there’s nothing in my room really, just more boxes full of things that my parents dropped off when they visited me, to so kindly to tell me they were going to kick me out.” Max spoke in a slight jokingly voice, perhaps stating the truth more than once was far more painful than she had anticipated it, not that Cate needed to know how it made her feel in general. Only two people mattered in that moment, only two people needed to know, she just had to keep acting like an idiot. “My parents would sell me to a body part collector if they could. I just faked it because I don’t want to ask them for favours.” Maybe Cate could see Max’s point of view, maybe she couldn’t. Max needed that paper, not only was her only way to spend some time at Senan’s with him it was also her ticket to freedom, to get a job that could pay more and would allow her to work a bit later than normal jobs and get more money. “It’s not because I’m going to go around town shoplifting or robbing a bank or murdering people. I’ll be eighteen in six or seven months, it’s just for this time. And holidays are just around the corner, I’m not doing anything bad.” Max continued to dance around the questions, while giving a bit more of information but still being very careful about what she would tell Cate
  6. Invite Cornered

    The curiosity was getting the better of Max, the more she tried to peek to hear what the counsellor was telling to the nurses, the more she could see how the others were looking at her like she was some kind of lunatic … they weren’t too wrong, but Max wasn’t that kind of lunatic, or at least she hopped that she looked more like the sane type than the type to be locked in the looney bin. Max liked to be free and having someone to go talk to her was always frightening, not even her parents would care too much about her to visit her, maybe a few people would and they did previously, but the tension just kept on pilling up on the young woman’s shoulders. As the nurses gave Cate some privacy, Max was quick enough to pretend she wasn’t trying to listen to their conversation. She knew who Cate was, she hadn’t met the woman before, but she knew her. She watched Cate, she watched how the counsellor looked at her and smile, normally Max would be all cheery about talking to someone, but this didn’t seem normal, it was too suspicious, that or the girls was starting to adopt some defence mechanisms to stay away from people. Did her exposure to danger made her so cynical about people and their intentions? Max pushed the thoughts away from her head before listening to Cate’s words. “Hello. I don’t think we’ve ever met actually…” technically Max knew about her existence, she just had never saw the woman or talked to her. She shrugged off the idea of the accident, it wasn’t the first time she got caught in something, she once had been caught in red foam, that became solid, they had to break it to get her out, so she wasn’t a stranger to accidents and injuries. “I was trying a new spell, that it got out of hand, I didn’t count on it being strong enough to push me back.” Max spoke. She didn’t lie, she didn’t want to be caught in a lie, it was dangerous if she did, but she also couldn’t tell Cate the whole truth. “There’s all there is to it. It was just a side project that went wrong. The room is fixed, and I was the only one injured.” Max’s only concern was getting expelled and hopefully that didn’t give Cate enough reason to do so.
  7. Apparently they don't want me anymore in the Hospital Wing, I'll be back in my room at the end of the week.

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    2. Senan Connell

      Senan Connell

      I'm going to expect another 'accident', aren't I?

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      @Laurie Kempf it was announced 😂

      @Senan Connell No, no more accidents. ❤️

    4. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      @Maxine WilliamsSandbagging my little jokes so hard. You'll make me cry.

  8. A spot of frog catching

    She watched the boy until he replied to her question, she could certainly help him with that, considering they were both out of the school and it was illegal for him to use magic outside of it, besides, there were no muggles around that could witness it, however, Max decided to remained quiet for the time being. The boy probably didn’t even need her help, considering a quick trip to the Hospital Wing at school and he could get that fixed quickly, and the nurse wasn’t too bad, at least she didn’t ask questions therefor they wouldn’t be in trouble, unlike in a normal hospital. As the conversation, or the short sentences that were being said, proceeded, she smiled at him, for a Sturt he didn’t seem too bad. She shouldn’t have that bias considering her boyfriend, who was a Sturt. He seemed a bit shy, maybe a bit introverted? But he just seemed as arrogant as any other. She didn’t say that frogs didn’t like damp areas, she was commenting it was a bit too damp to walk around and that at the reserve he wouldn’t have such issues, like getting hurt or falling due to someone’s playful prank. She stood by and watched him, she watched the young man use magic outside the school grounds, knowing he was a minor. Max was being petty, she decided to keep her mouth shut to let him do what he was doing, she stood by and waited. “You know…you’re a minor and you just used magic outside school…” she finally said when he was done with the little display of magic. She looked at him, peacefully, the same smile as before, however there was a little voice inside her head telling her that she shouldn’t be happy that he was going to get himself into trouble. “Minors shouldn’t use magic outside school…you should get a letter tomorrow, about it, but there’s nothing you can do about it now…”
  9. Invite Cornered

    Maxine Williams
    The protection charm didn’t work very well, or at least she thought it hadn’t, she had asked Laurie to bring it to her, she needed to test it. Ever since Max had broken into the office to check the records, she finally discovered Senan’s birthday, she wasn’t sure if it would be the first one, but it didn’t make sense to lie about it, did it? She wasn’t too sure of her abilities, her magic was weak and highly uncooperative half the time, but the spell seemed easy enough, and with the training she thought it was a good idea to try. She continued to wonder about the events that happened a couple of days ago, the spell went well, except when a random burst of energy threw Max across the room and destroyed half of it, after that, the young redhead had no idea what happened, only waking up in the Hospital Wing a few hours later. She used the charm on herself and stole a wheelchair from the nurses office, she was blending in into the scenery, as long as she didn’t talk to people they saw her, but they didn’t notice her, it was like she was as relevant as a chair, it was perfect. The spell was working with most of the staff members, and as soon as she took the charm off of her and wrapped it into a piece of cloth, the nurses started immediately to yell at her, sending her off to her bed. Max was taken to her bed once more to rest. Laying on the bed, she kept calling the nurses, either she was thirsty, either she was hungry, or cold and even one time asked for a book and then declined it that it wasn’t the one she wanted. She wasn’t just tormenting the nurses, she was driving them crazy and the worst was that she was doing on purpose, mostly because she had nothing else to do around the hospital wing. Hours later, Max calmed down, she laid on the bed, reading some random book that the nurses had given her. It wasn’t a bad book, a crime novel, not enough fantasy and adventure for her taste but it would have to do for the time being. Before she could call the nurse again, for some ridiculous question, she noticed the Counsellor entering the Hospital Wing, she quickly lowered her head and tried to use the charm. “Shit, shit, shit.” She thought as she was suddenly the one under the magnifying glass, she could feel the eyes on her, she felt cornered, there was no escape that interaction. When someone called her name, she tried to avoid it, but eventually the angry voice of the nurse made Max raise her hand. “I’m here, is someone there for me?” Obviously, the woman was there for her, why the fuck would she be there? Certainly, wasn’t to play cards with the nurses.
  10. School Explosions

    Maxine Williams
    There appears to be a slight concern over the students in the Spencer's Dormitories. Apparently, someone created some sort of explosion and were caught by their own disaster. The explosion destroyed the whole room and the student was found unconscious by their roommate. You all know how I hate to gossip, but what were these kids working on? Have they no education at home? Endangering everyone's lives like that? They should be ashamed of themselves. And worse, the injuries are not normal injuries, the nurses hadn't been able to fix the girl's bone, maybe that's her punishment for trying to blow up the whole school, she should be expelled. And did I mention she's creating havoc in the Hospital Wing? She's driving the nurses crazy, one little bird told me she stole a wheelchair and was casually roaming around school, can you believe her nerve? She should be jail.
  11. I am sorry to everyone I had plans with but I'm currently in the Hospital. We can still hang out in here or we can reschedule. 

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      Maxine Williams

      @Senan Connell it was an accident while I was trying to do something, kinda got out of hand. It's just a broken arm and a couple of ribs, the bruises are better already. 

    3. Senan Connell

      Senan Connell

      I will be by when I can. I have to go by the nurses office to see if they'd be willing to offer me some dressings for my arm anyways.

    4. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I'm right next to the entrance. You'll see me as soon as you walk inside. ❤️

  12. This break is taking longer than I thought. I'm starting to miss classes...this is a weird feeling.

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      Don't you facepalm me, Maxine. You know it to be true.

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      You do know we hang out too right? 😂  

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      Laurie Kempf

      Details, details.

      Though, in all seriousness, if you don't mind me taking an afternoon of your oh-so-slow time, there's someone who I'd like to introduce to you if you don't mind.

  13. I just saw a couple of blue Spencers rushing into their dorms. Can anyone please explain what the hell is going on? 

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      Your boyfriend. He's a weirdo. Sigh, nevermind.

      @Lexi StewartHelp a girl out.

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      Maxine Williams

      I'm not even going to answer that...

    4. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      @Laurie KempfSure, don't worry about it 

  14. Golden dust melody

    She continued to play the violin, completely unaware that her melody was being heard by another student. The Spencer continued to play the made-up melody as the notes were being written on a piece of paper, some parts needed to be altered but the structure was done. She couldn’t play in her dorm without bothering Laurie, in Laurie’s trunk was a good place to practice, but she always thinks she’s going to get stuck in that thing, and in Senan’s house, she’s still a bit embarrassed to be caught by him as she plays, she’ll have to do it one day, but for the mean time she would prefer to keep it to herself. Before she could finish the music, someone decided to interrupt her. She was disappointed, but she had the music written on a paper, she just needed to play it again and get it right. That would be nice. The paper flew from the seat onto her hands as the golden dust seemed to hide in the violin. Max turned around to face the student that had interrupted her, assuming it was someone that she knew but no, it wasn’t. Was he a new student to the school? He looked like it, she knew most students in the school, but she didn’t know him, and he certainly wasn’t a Spencer, she had no knowledge that anyone belonging to her House had arrived. “Hello. Do you need help?” she asked a bit confused. Didn’t other houses have some sort of welcoming committee? Or perhaps they have all left and the boy was alone to get acquainted with the school grounds. She moved slowly towards her violin case and placed the instrument inside along with the music sheet. If the new student needed some help she could afford to spend a while showing him around, there would be no need to let someone fend for themselves in a new school.
  15. Golden dust melody

    Maxine Williams
    Life had been so complicated that Max was having a hard time practicing her instrument. The soothing sound of the violin wasn’t heard in a weeks, maybe a month or more, and the quietness was making Max uneasy, she had to keep practicing or else thoughts of what she was going to do in the future would flood her mind, poking at her that she needed to find work, even if it was part-time, she couldn’t and wouldn’t be a burden to anyone, especially Senan. The boy had a lot in his mind, and she couldn’t do anything about it, she was powerless and whatever she tried to do ended back firing at her, she almost lost an eyebrow once. She walked into the musiciary, with her violin ready for some alone practice. The room was empty as she expected, only her, the violin and the melody that would leave the strings echoing in room would fill the room. Max began playing a few random notes, no specific known music, just a mix of notes from her own head, which didn’t sound too well on the first try, maybe altering the order, would make a more soft melody, and maybe she should do something different with the music, use a bit of magic to add something spectacular to it as well. Max started to play again, this time the notes that left the violin matched together and left in a string of golden dust, twirling around at the sound of the music Max was playing, along with a few small, yet energetic dance movements, making the golden string twirl around the redhead instead of random furniture and instruments in the classroom. Anyone that would enter the classroom in that moment could see the circus. The golden dust twirling, following the sound of a soft melody coming from the violin being played by the redhead.
Maxine Williams
Student Seventh Year
17* year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age  17*
Date of Birth May 14th, 2002
Birthplace Australia
Year Level Seventh Year
Occupation Student
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Bay Mare
Wand Ebony 11’’ Phoenix
Play-by Molly C. Quinn

Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards (2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013)

Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted (2013)

Penrose School for Witches (2013 - 2014; 2014 - 2015)

Tallygarunga Academy of Magic (2015 - present year)


*silver ring was given by someone and has the ability to make her invisible and whoever she's touching.

On certain occasions she sneaks out from Tally during the night;


General Knowledge


Was expelled from several schools

She likes to play different musical instruments (violin, piano, guitar)

She likes to draw

Wears a silver ring*


Maxine isn't a bad person, she's smart, stubborn and perhaps a bit too energetic for her own good. She's also creative and likes to make up stories for kids,  mostly with the intention to scaring them and not to entertain the children. She'd the oddball who often gets along with all sorts of people unless they give her a reason not to.

She's a bit temperamental and overall unpredictable, is she in a good mood? is she in a bad mood? How will she react? No one knows, she's like a bomb ready to go off at any moment and at any sudden movement. She’s brave and somewhat loyal to those she cares about, but her allegiance might change according to the relationship with said person. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of them, she would rather die than to forgive. She’s a bit arrogant and hardly admits that she was wrong unless proven.

She is a troublemaker at heart, not to hurt others, just for the pure joy of entertainment and to give everyone something to do. She appears to be someone mature when the occasion arises, but when there’s someone else to be mature for her she will be the one creating chaos whenever people aren’t looking.

As a friend she's kind and friendly, sometimes almost motherly but she will speak her mind, will defend what she believes in, even if what she believes isn't beneficial to her at that moment and sometimes she's a bit sassy which one day will be her downfall. She usually doesn't accept challenges unless she knows she has the upper hand and can win, however, keeps daring people to do things. 


Maxine is around 5'3'' tall.

She has long and silky red hair, on the lighter side, usually wavy at the bottom; she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has blue eyes that become a lighter tone under the light and become more intense if by any chance she had been crying. She has fair skin and a certain sensibility to light, burning easily when exposed to the sun for long periods of time without the proper sunscreen. She has some freckles on her face, mostly cheeks and nose that get more visible depending on the sun exposure. Whenever she smiles one can see her dimples, which is a feature she's not fond of.

She often wears casual clothes, consisting of jeans and a t-shirt, on rare occasions, she will wear dresses.


The story so far

Maxine was born in Queensland, Australia to Ceaser and Grace Williams, she and her twin brother are the youngest of seven siblings. Maxine's parents wanted a boy after their first triplets, but the second time they tried they had two more girls but at last, on their third try they had twins, a boy and a girl, having dealt with so many girls this one was bound to be treated like the others, since they were never too much trouble they assumed this one would be the same. Max's brother, unlike her, was their mother's golden boy and light of her life. 

The early ears were easy enough, Max and her brother shared a bedroom, sure their mother would always forgive him for everything while Max took all the blame, but that didn't stop her. At a young age, they discovered she had a certain aptitude for magic and when she was old enough she enrolled in Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards; after a few months she was suspended for making a red foam bomb and everything kept getting worse, she wasn't rude or aggressive, but she would often break into school often to be found until the day she got expelled at the end of her second year, her parents moved her to another school, Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted but she didn't even last a school year.

Deciding to find another place for her to study, her parents sent her to Penrose School for Witches, they thought they could somehow control her. She didn't do anything that directly leads to expulsion, some minor pranks, lying to make others take the blame, rearranging the library books, turning chairs and tables upside down, minor irrelevant things until it was too much and once again she got expelled, she was able to last two years in Penrose. 

Her final chance of staying out of trouble was Tally and she wasn't exactly happy to go there, she wanted to go back home but instead became a Tally student. So far she hasn't been expelled or suspended. 

Maxine Williams February 25
Type: Invite Maxine Williams.
OOC Completed
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