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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Invite We are a special speck of dust

    After painting the wall, she was glad she had some time to clean the pain that she had all over her face and clothes, she knew that eventually Senan was going to get home and she wanted to surprise him. Breaking into the office to look at the birthday in his file was no easy task, luckily the ring he had given her was a great help. She couldn’t imagine the trouble she would be in if they had caught her inside, probably suspension, or maybe she would be expelled…no, she couldn’t get expelled. The thought just made her rethink that what she did was most likely illegal, but at least no one knew. The shower she was planning on taking, turned into a bubble back, one she almost fell asleep on. Paint off, bath taken she heard someone opening the front door, and for the looks of it, sounded like Senan, the protection they had around the house made it nearly impossible for anyone to try and open the front door. She opted not to call out to him as she got dressed, until she finally heard his voice. She left the room and approached him quickly, arms stretched out to him before she wrapped them around Senan for a tight and welcoming hug before her lips landed on his, stealing a kiss. Her smile grew and her eyes lit up at she looked at him. “Do you think they are trustworthy?” it was her main concern; she trusted his judgement. She knew how suspicious he could be and looking over his shoulder constantly was exhausting. “I don’t think they mean any harm, but I don’t know how to feel about them.” She didn’t mind them, aside from the woman that came to talk to her, Cate, and Senan and her had been alone for a while now, help was precious, but it could also be their downfall. “You know, Cate talked to me when I was in the Hospital Wing, she seemed nice and genuine. I kept you out of the conversation. I think the last thing you need is even more pressure.” She wasn’t completely certain about the reaction, but probably snitching that they were living alone wasn’t such a good idea, besides, that that was a day to enjoy themselves, while it was hard, considering their situation, they had to and once they did, Max had to go back to trying to get better, her unpredictable magic could lead to their deaths.
  2. Invite Coming Clean

    Max smiled at her friend, she could understand the concern, but at the same time she would like Laurie to give her some credit. Sure, Max wasn’t exactly the most responsible teen, but she was responsible enough to know when it was time to stop, sort of, while Laurie was concerned about Max, the redhead couldn’t help to be concerned not only about her friend but also about Senan, she hoped she would never have to chose between the two, because if she had to, she wouldn’t be able to make the choice. Chose one and fail the other, there was no way out of it. “You don’t need to worry about it Laurie.” Or so Max hoped. Their time together was short but it was one of the best times in Max’s life, it was always sad to see a friend go, but at least they were able to keep in touch, there were other things that didn’t require them to just send letters to one another. Max didn’t even know if popsicle school allowed electronics inside like Tally did, but she was sure her friend would be able to smuggle a few things inside, after all, she did have that trunk that could fit several elephants in it without people noticing. Could she even apparate to Germany? Continental apparition was pretty much impossible, or at least that’s what she had heard, regardless, it was irrelevant. “How about we visit the park? You take your skate and I take my rollerblades?” she suggested with a friendly wink. They could do plenty of stuff together in three months, all they had to do was be original.
  3. Invite Coming Clean

    Max nodded at Laurie. She prided herself in at least being careful about other people’s things, but things hadn’t gone according to plan that day and the skateboard was lost. She still felt bad about it, it wasn’t her skateboard but at the same time it was what had saved her life, if she had taken her rollerblades she probably wouldn’t have been there to tell the story, most likely would be in the bottom of a hole already covered. She couldn’t argue with Laurie’s point of view, she cared for Senan and no matter how many times he tells her to forget she won’t let him do things alone, two are better than one, even if with her presence things do get a bit more complicated, her magic, unlike her peers isn’t exactly a stable one, it’s wild and irregular and one day she’s going to kill someone accidentally because of it. Hopefully it will remain as a joke. She was still surprised how understanding Laurie was being, maybe she knew how hard it was for Max to tell her the situation, or maybe she was just glad that Max was opening up to her. It was easy putting someone in danger like that, especially someone like Laurie who probably just won’t stay back. As much as Max loved her friend and wanted to have no secrets, that was one that could potentially cost both their lives, or worse, being alive to relive the failure of not being able to save her friend. “It’s not that I don’t respect your choice but, as you said it yourself, you’re going to popsicle school and telling you this only makes things harder, because now you’ll be worried every time I don’t send you a letter on time.” Even if it sounded like a joke it wasn’t one, or at least it wasn’t how Max wanted it to sound. “I don’t think we’ll have to worry too much about anything for now anyway.” Aside from Senan’s injury Max hasn’t heard anything else and she was sure he would keep her informed, or at least she hopped he couldn’t act like some superhero and go off on his own, if that doesn’t kill him, she will. “But that’s everything, for now anyway. I think things will slow down a little, at least for now.” Many things could still happen, Max just wished they happen after the end of the year, they all deserve some peaceful time together.
  4. Invite We are a special speck of dust

    Maxine Williams
    The past few weeks hadn’t been easy. Max wasn’t even sure if it was the right thing to do, considering he hasn’t even told her anything, but she was confident that the information she had about Senan’s birthday was correct. He could have lied in the admission and the birthday there would be a fake one, but it was the next best thing, it was the only date she had, and it was good enough for her, besides, it was just a date, right? It was the thought that counted. But, before they could delve into a celebration she did have things to tell him, the fact that the explosion had caught the attention of the counsellor wasn’t good, but she only needed to wait a few more months, if she got caught doing something she shouldn’t the chances of being trapped until her eighteenth birthday were high. She wasn’t going to worry about it, for now anyway. A small cake in hand she arrived at the house and stored it in the fridge, it had to be a surprise, a one-woman surprise but still a surprise. She opted to place the amulet on the counter before moving to the most important thing that house was missing, finishing that goddamn wall. She had started it but never really had the opportunity to finish it, especially the past days. Starting slowly with black paint, drawing a silhouette of a large tree, underneath the branches people sitting, staring at a large body of water, perhaps a lake. That was the easy part, but maybe if she had started with the background, instead of being an idiot, that job would have taken half the time than it took. She started by trying to illustrate a sunset, which she ultimately made it work, that was being admired by the ones sitting under the tree. At the end, she just needed to fix the missing bits of black paint from the silhouettes. Clearly, she didn’t prioritize things as she should have. Finishing the wall took her way too long, but at least it was done. Now she had to create an illusion that it was still the same old boring colour before Senan got her message to meet her at the house. There was still one last thing she had to do before he got there, she needed to clean the living room, store the paint and take a shower, she looked like she had bathed herself in paint. She left a note on the counter, making sure Senan would know where she was in case he walked into the house and she was still trying to take paint off her skin, and hop into the shower, hopefully he would be home by the time she was done.
  5. Guess I won't be participating in a wheelchair race anytime soon...

  6. A Spencer after my own rusty heart

    She wouldn’t have thought the Sturts had it in them, always so proper, ready to be bullies but never to get their hands dirty in such an activity, one that they deemed to be childish, but her source wasn’t a liar and having a fully blue arm, the exact same colour as the Sturt’s house, Max knew they were behind it. The two glued students were somewhat hilarious to watch, but she also assumed it had been a very tiring day for whoever was near them, she was sure they were bickering the whole time, at least, if she was in the Spencer’s spot she would have irritated the Sturt long enough for it to just quit talking. “I can try to figure out who’s the poor soul.” She smirked. Her lips curling in a mischievous grin and she knew exactly who to ask for information and all she had to do was offering her a milkshake. Max was certain Brooke knew who was going to be the victim, was it she person Max suspected? Or was another poor soul in her house? Either way, she hopped she could extract the information, the annoyed look on the Wandless Professor’s face was enough payment. “She’s the head of the Sturts, she won’t be hearing anything from them, but nothing like I can’t make an innocent comment in class.” While Max didn’t show up too many classes, Wandless was one she did, she wanted to at least get a passing grade. She already had to repeat the year, she didn’t want to repeat that class. “I am confident I can make her believe who will be the next, fake target when it comes to the prank war, but I can also try to discover when the next big prank will happen, just need to pay attention, the perpetrator will be a bit harder.” Or use Baltazar to roam the school, her little white mouse was perfect for get information on many things around the place. Her lips only curled a bit more at the thought of using the poor mouse, but now that he was trained, he could easily return to her.
  7. Cornered

    Discuss her options? Max knew exactly what she wanted, she also knew she wanted to pursue her studies in VMU, if possible. Her love for the outdoors and adrenaline, her desire to be free and not like a nightingale locked in a cage, sang for her to chose something that makes her heart wander, searching for places of wonder never seen before. Yes, that’s what she wanted, to live the life of a traveller visiting place to place, learning, absorbing knowledge, the opportunity to jump from the highest waterfall, explore the deepest parts of the ocean, walk between the highest trees with the deepest roots. Visit endless prairies and explore every corner of them. Max’s desire was a dream, but after knowing what she knows, she’s certain she can find it all. She nodded, agreeing with Cate. Max held everyone she cared close to her, but she had little space for those she didn’t care for, it was hard being in that list, but it was possible. The young Spencer watched the redhead carefully, Max’s eyes never left Cate’s expressions and reactions to everything, but eventually Max had to give up, there was nothing that was indicating that Cate wasn’t being honest about anything. “Oh no, no. Where would I even get a child?” Max didn’t want to be a mother so soon, especially when she can’t even take care of herself yet, let alone a child. Max wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed, but she knew the implications of it, and she didn’t want anything to do with that for the time being. What was that woman even thinking? Was she high on something? Had that bracelet drugged her? Had the woman eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms that day? What the fuck was going on with the staff nowadays? Was Max lovely? Probably, she was pretty darn cute, but that was all she was. Cate probably said that to everyone, and while Max appreciated the thought of believing that someone who didn’t know her thought that of her was somewhat ridiculous. But if Cate was there to help Max didn’t see a reason to say no, but first, Max needed a job. She had mentioned it to a few people already who were down to help her, especially Sam who worked at a local bakery, she would prefer to rely on Sam, who was her friend than in the woman in front her. “I mean, I know what I want to do when I graduate, that’s an easy question, I want to go to VMU.”
  8. Invite Coming Clean

    Max was grateful Laurie was willing to go that far for her, she should be happy to have a friend like Laurie, but she was just more concerned over the fact that her friend was just getting into it without knowing the full situation, but, the thing was that Max didn’t know it either, she was just willing to go as far as possible for Senan and she would go as far for Laurie too. Maybe she was being naïve thinking that telling Laurie the truth would help the younger Spencer understand how dangerous it was, maybe Max was just a shit friend putting her friend through such and ordeal. Max closed her eyes to gather her thoughts for a little bit, she wanted to trust Laurie but how Laurie was already saying she would jump into danger for Max was worrying her. “Senan’s family is complicated, I’m still trying to understand where everything falls, but it’s a dangerous path and he’s between a sword and a hard place.” Senan does what he does because he has no way out, the only way out is to create a third option, an option that can be safe for him. “Remember that bet I lost and had to steal a street sign? Well that day I saw some shadows and instead of leaving I went to snoop…” should she really tell Laurie the story? She couldn’t tell the girl the whole story, at least not things that implicated Senan in serious situations, and her as well. “Well, I got found, he wanted to let me go and we got attacked, if it wasn’t for him, I can assure you, you wouldn’t be here talking to me.” She still remembers the shove, her back hitting the ground, but she doesn’t remember the pain of the arrow pierce through her skin, a detail she would want to keep out. “That’s the type of danger I might have gotten myself in. He did tell me to leave, to forget. I couldn’t so here we are.” The situation might have gotten a little worse since then, but Max didn’t know how worse and how dangerous it was going to get, it was a question she couldn’t fully answer Laurie, she couldn’t tell Laurie what it was to be exact. “I think things might get worse, that’s all I know to be honest.”
  9. A Spencer after my own rusty heart

    What did Max get out of helping the Professor? Nothing really, she simply knew about his little bets with the Wandless Professor and she couldn’t express how much she disliked the woman. Sure, she was doing her job, but did she had to be a condescending jerk? No, she did not. Perhaps if Max arms was healed along with her cracked ribs, she would have been there five minutes earlier, but she was advised to walk slowly and to stop running like a monkey in the wild. “I think the prank was a partnership between houses, but I can’t be sure.” It had to be it. Some people cared for their houses, some didn’t, but whenever there was a big prank, hardly one single house was behind, or at least, a single person, as the prank also affected the staff. “I think one of the Sturts is trying to pull a prank on the Spencers, there’s a bit of a prank war going on. Last I heard the Sturts got hit with some glue prank, so I think that whatever happens in the next few weeks will most likely be the Sturts getting revenge.” No specific people were targeted, only the houses, which meant that someone was playing the game with the same cards. “The glue prank even glued two students together.” Max wold have loved to be present when that happened, but she couldn’t, the stories she heard however, were hilarious. "I can try to figure out who did the glue prank but I will only know who's target."
  10. I can finally do whatever I want. My arm is no longer slowing me down. 

    1. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      You can do whatever you want, except blowing yourself up again. You can't do that.

      Well, you can, but I'd rather if you didn't.

    2. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I don't plan on being involved in another explosion anytime soon. 

      Don't worry 

  11. Cornered

    Trust…Max still didn’t trust Cate, but she was giving the woman the benefit of a doubt, her instincts were giving her mixed signals, sometimes they tell her to run and sometimes they tell her to stay and trust. Running was always the best option, the less she spoke the less she had to deal with people, while some could be trustworthy, others were not. The way Cate smiled at her it felt Max feel strange, she needed to look at the woman’s eyes, was it genuine? Or was it all a lie? The eyes wouldn’t lie, that much Max knew, she had learnt tricks to help her avoid certain people. Cate’s words meant something to Max, the way she spoke about helping her niece sounded honest, but it also sounded like something someone would say trap another person. The thought alone led Max to shrug at the words spoken by the older redhead. The news of Max staying behind weren’t that new, but perhaps they were just waiting to see if her performance would improve? She wasn’t planning on taking the exams either way, and now with that arm she was sure she wasn’t going to even worry about it. “I don’t really plan on going to the exams either way.” Max avoided the question; she didn’t want to tell Cate the conversation she had with the Professor, it had been their conversation, but perhaps the Professor was just waiting to see how well Max did on her exams. But the concept of being helped by Cat was still confusing Max. Why? Max’s main reason to suspect the woman was, why was she doing that? Was it really from the goodness of her heart? Max didn’t really have a choice. “Thank you.” Was all she could say, she couldn’t argue anymore about it. Max smile lightly at Cate, the talk about her ring did fill her heart with joy, she loved the ring and she loved who has giving it to her, but instinctively her hand covered the silver ring, a moment of sadness filled her heart, if she had it, what about him? Her thoughts were interrupted as she watched the bracelet carefully, it was a neat trick, Max could only make silhouettes dance, nothing as fancy as Cate’s bracelet. The woman was right, gifts from family and loved ones were important. “You never truly lose anyone. They are still alive in memories and words.” Max’s view of the world wasn’t the normal view most people did. “Yeah I do have a few people that care for me.” She admitted it was a hard thing to do, she was so used to do everything alone that having someone out there was a foreign concept. Max look at the bracelet and smiled lightly, just like before, it was a cool and fancy thing Cate could do.
  12. A Spencer after my own rusty heart

    Max’s arm still wasn’t completely healed, and she had no idea how she was going to do next; she was already set out to fail that school year, it wasn’t too bad, if she stayed behind one year she had a place with live, she wouldn’t have to pay bills and all the money she earned meant that she could save it, and possibly go to VMU, or not, it all depended how things played out. The conversation with the counsellor was still nagging at her, but she decided it was time to stop complaining about what happened and move forward, what was done was done and she couldn’t go back, no matter how hard she tried. Before doing anything else she would need to go talk to the Divination Professor, she had some things to sort out with him, mostly about her side job as an information provider about pranks that were happening around school. Most of the pranks were obviously caused by the Spencers, but some seemed like the face of some Sturts, even if no one was coming forward, the blue house was smarter than that, they wouldn’t brag about it. One would assume that such arrogant people, like half the Sturts would want to brag about such thing, apparently their brains were bigger than their head. She knocked on the door and put her head inside. “Hello?” she called out before going insider the classroom completely and closing the door behind her, that was something she didn’t want people to hear. She adjusted her arm and walked up to the Professor who seemed to be having fun with his Tarot cards. “I might have some bad news about whoever pulled the chair prank around school. No one is bragging about it, but there might have some information about future pranks.”
  13. Invite Coming Clean

    Laurie’s words didn’t calm Max, nor did it help her feel more at ease with being fully honest with the exchange student. She shrugged lightly as her eyes didn’t leave Laurie’s face, she had to walk slowly on the conversation, too much could potentially ruin everything, but too little could also make a bigger mess than it should. “Well, no, not yet but you could be, but this isn’t the point. You don’t have to be because I chose to put myself in the line of fire.” Max herself wasn’t in danger, not now, but she was also unsure how things were going to go in the future, but that future could be one day away or months away, Max didn’t know, it was impossible to predict what was going to happen, and divination wasn’t going to save her ass this time. Not even Max knew what was going on, no one knew. “I don’t know when, or what, what I do know I already have one person trying their best to ensure I don’t get in the line of fire, I don’t need you to do that too and get in danger as well.” Max knew Senan was doing his best to keep her out of danger, to prevent her from getting in danger and putting himself in the line of fire for her, when she should be next to him. Laurie didn’t choose that, Max did, she could have walked away, she could have just left, and she didn’t. “Look, Laurie…I know I can’t stop you; I know I can’t prevent you from doing what you want, but please think about this.” She couldn’t exactly chain Laurie down, if she didn’t want to be chained, prevented from doing what she wanted, then how could she do the same to her friend? She didn’t have it in her to do it. “But if you have questions, I won’t hide anything from you.”
  14. Invite Coming Clean

    Max chuckled lightly, while she wasn’t particularly in a joking mood the fact that even Laurie agreed with her was amusing. Max was always ready for some adventure, although now she wouldn’t want to go anywhere near something that could potentially make her fracture worse. She was going to stay another year behind, at least according to what she was told, but that didn’t mean that she was going to go crazy, okay, maybe a little bit, bit nothing that could potentially throw her into something that she wouldn’t be able to get out of. A severe fracture wasn’t something she’d want to joke about, but the situation sort of called for it. The topic was heavy, and Max wasn’t particularly sure how to mention it without drawing some suspicion. Laurie would understand, right? The redhead watched her friend carefully, Laurie seemed calm. “Well…I know you got worried about the accident…worried is an understatement.” Max tried to sooth it down, but, how could she? One wrong movement and Max either would be stuck in a wheelchair or she’d still be in the Hospital Wing. What if Laurie tried something? No, that couldn’t be. Max couldn’t let her friend get into trouble, Max walked into on her own free will, Laurie was going in blind. Max crossed her legs while her arm rested on them. “First of all, sorry I worried you and second I don’t want you to get into trouble.” Words were getting harder and harder to come out, the choice of words wasn’t exactly the best, but Max couldn’t push forward for it, she had to go in gentle. “I know you worry a lot and … there’s nothing I can do to make you stop, but at least I can stop you from asking too many questions that can get you in some sort of danger.” She finally spoke. She watched Laurie carefully, trying to get something out of her friend. Max was good at reading people and she hoped that skill of hers would be useful around Laurie, at least to disarm if anything goes wrong. “I walked into this on my own free will, but you … you will fall onto it without even realizing what hit you.” Max was waiting for some questions from Laurie, she decided to stop giving her anything else for now, wanting to see if Laurie had questions about it.
  15. Invite Coming Clean

    Laurie didn’t seem upset, she was however quiet, that wasn’t like Laurie at all. Maybe the explosion had a bigger impact on the exchange student than it did on the redhead, after all, Max was ready for another explosion, or at least to continue to do what she always wanted, with a few limitations, but that didn’t mean they were able to stop Max from running around the school creating havoc, unless they planned to kick her out, which she assumed the headmaster wouldn’t, well, she hopped he didn’t. “Well, we have to fix that don’t we?” Maybe Max should stop wanting to do more than she could handle, the present was a good example of it. Max shouldn’t have tried such spell alone and it was even a modification of one, one that she had no idea what it was in the fist place. Max should stop and listen to others for once in her life, but it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. When it came to creating chaos, Max wasn’t exactly ready to get hit again, but she didn’t mind coming up with ideas and letting others have all the fun, she could still have it from the side lines. It wasn’t time to play, it was time to stop being an idiot. Max had to mentally remember herself that she didn’t want Laurie to be in trouble, and even if Laurie was an exchange student, things could have gone bad if the she had been in the room with Max. “I mean, I’m not ready for another like that, but I’m ready for some new adventure…but…” Max wasn’t sure how to even begin explaining, she was mostly worried about Laurie’s reaction to the information Max was going to give her. “First, I really need to talk to you. You could have been caught in this explosion and I don’t want that…” how was she going to tell Laurie that she could be in danger? Max was in it because she wanted to be, Laurie didn’t sign up for it like Max did.
Maxine Williams
Student Seventh Year
17* year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age  17*
Date of Birth May 14th, 2002
Birthplace Australia
Year Level Seventh Year
Occupation Student
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Bay Mare
Wand Ebony 11’’ Phoenix
Play-by Molly C. Quinn

Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards (2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013)

Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted (2013)

Penrose School for Witches (2013 - 2014; 2014 - 2015)

Tallygarunga Academy of Magic (2015 - present year)


*silver ring was given by someone and has the ability to make her invisible and whoever she's touching.

On certain occasions she sneaks out from Tally during the night;


General Knowledge


Was expelled from several schools

She likes to play different musical instruments (violin, piano, guitar)

She likes to draw

Wears a silver ring*


Maxine isn't a bad person, she's smart, stubborn and perhaps a bit too energetic for her own good. She's also creative and likes to make up stories for kids,  mostly with the intention to scaring them and not to entertain the children. She'd the oddball who often gets along with all sorts of people unless they give her a reason not to.

She's a bit temperamental and overall unpredictable, is she in a good mood? is she in a bad mood? How will she react? No one knows, she's like a bomb ready to go off at any moment and at any sudden movement. She’s brave and somewhat loyal to those she cares about, but her allegiance might change according to the relationship with said person. She holds grudges and has a hard time letting go of them, she would rather die than to forgive. She’s a bit arrogant and hardly admits that she was wrong unless proven.

She is a troublemaker at heart, not to hurt others, just for the pure joy of entertainment and to give everyone something to do. She appears to be someone mature when the occasion arises, but when there’s someone else to be mature for her she will be the one creating chaos whenever people aren’t looking.

As a friend she's kind and friendly, sometimes almost motherly but she will speak her mind, will defend what she believes in, even if what she believes isn't beneficial to her at that moment and sometimes she's a bit sassy which one day will be her downfall. She usually doesn't accept challenges unless she knows she has the upper hand and can win, however, keeps daring people to do things. 


Maxine is around 5'3'' tall.

She has long and silky red hair, on the lighter side, usually wavy at the bottom; she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has blue eyes that become a lighter tone under the light and become more intense if by any chance she had been crying. She has fair skin and a certain sensibility to light, burning easily when exposed to the sun for long periods of time without the proper sunscreen. She has some freckles on her face, mostly cheeks and nose that get more visible depending on the sun exposure. Whenever she smiles one can see her dimples, which is a feature she's not fond of.

She often wears casual clothes, consisting of jeans and a t-shirt, on rare occasions, she will wear dresses.


The story so far

Maxine was born in Queensland, Australia to Ceaser and Grace Williams, she and her twin brother are the youngest of seven siblings. Maxine's parents wanted a boy after their first triplets, but the second time they tried they had two more girls but at last, on their third try they had twins, a boy and a girl, having dealt with so many girls this one was bound to be treated like the others, since they were never too much trouble they assumed this one would be the same. Max's brother, unlike her, was their mother's golden boy and light of her life. 

The early ears were easy enough, Max and her brother shared a bedroom, sure their mother would always forgive him for everything while Max took all the blame, but that didn't stop her. At a young age, they discovered she had a certain aptitude for magic and when she was old enough she enrolled in Fox Heights School for Young Witches and Wizards; after a few months she was suspended for making a red foam bomb and everything kept getting worse, she wasn't rude or aggressive, but she would often break into school often to be found until the day she got expelled at the end of her second year, her parents moved her to another school, Gin Gin Centre for the Magically Gifted but she didn't even last a school year.

Deciding to find another place for her to study, her parents sent her to Penrose School for Witches, they thought they could somehow control her. She didn't do anything that directly leads to expulsion, some minor pranks, lying to make others take the blame, rearranging the library books, turning chairs and tables upside down, minor irrelevant things until it was too much and once again she got expelled, she was able to last two years in Penrose. 

Her final chance of staying out of trouble was Tally and she wasn't exactly happy to go there, she wanted to go back home but instead became a Tally student. So far she hasn't been expelled or suspended. 

Maxine Williams February 25
Type: Invite Maxine Williams.
OOC Completed
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