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  1. @Cait I came as promised! so let's geeeet this party started in heeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeee! Brinley & Gerry - Gerry, as stated, is my anger child, and is in the same house as Brinley - Sturt! She's a sixth year and has got this really weird soft spot for kids [quite possibly because of one of her early friends Lee Evans who would also be a first year, but a Spencer]. Other than a shared house and some serious anger issues, the two also share a love of potions, spending way too much time in the library, and playing Quidditch, so they've really got a lot available to go for them! Squiggy & Iris - Iris is very, very different from Geraldine. Instead of reservation, fear, and anger, she's bubbles and open-ness and sunshine....and entirely far too distractable / forgetful / clumsy. She loves people on sight instead of hating them, giving them chances to get on her bad side instead of on her good. She's pretty accepting of most people, although she has her hard spots [which off the top of my head i cannot recall i need to re-read her it's been too long]. She's also a Flinders -- a fifth year, but it hardly matters. Right now she's all about fashion but I'm pushing her into music instead because nothing usually sticks for long [but this will gdi].
  2. Unfortunately there's no reason for any of my characters to know Salt, HOWEVER -- Scarlett is another matter. I have 2. Josie - Former Spencer and school nurse, she's more than happy to help Scarlett with whatever she can, even if it's just to be an ear. Mairead - ennnhhh. this one's finnicky. I'm throwing her here because, for the time, she is my youngest. That's still a three year gap, though. I honestly don't know what to do with them really, but I'm always happy to throw them into a thread and see what happens?
  3. Shell

    Rika's Plotter

    Hey-ho! Look at that nifty tag, thanks Kai! I have.... three people I can toss your way [somewhat easily]. Iris - She's my fifth year, a flinders girl. She loves animals and her CoMC class, and is incredibly friendly. She reads a lot, but it's pretty much all fiction of some sort or other. She often doesn't finish books though because she sees a new one and goes OOO I WANNA READ THAT and ... does. Gerry - My truer bookworm, this sixth year sturt spends a LOT of time in the library. She's not friendly, she's decided she hates most everyone, and when she's not in the library, working on an experiment or practicing her quidditch game she is glued to kai's Alexander Winfield or her sister [when able] Morgan Richter, who is a seventh year [bourke] npc/adoptable, or hanging out at the memorial garden. Josie - School nurse. Former student housed in Tally, she's fairly nice, if a bit odd. She collects ocean and goat themed things. She and @Viktor Valentin are the ones Savannah will see if she ever gets hurt.
  4. Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy our roller-coaster.
  5. I've got a full roster for you!!! Josie - Josie here is the school nurse, having just started this year! She's friendly, if a bit odd [her office has a collection of goat things] but if you've ever any aches or pains or just need to talk, she's around. During Eugenia's first year, Josie was a seventh year Spencer although...i doubt they would have interacted much. Geraldine - Gerry here is my sixth year, so she's the same year as Eugenia. She's got a negative reputation as being a bit of a bitch with a bad temper, and is also one of Sturt's beaters. She doesn't let people in very easily, and is quick to write off / make anyone an enemy that pushes her buttons. On the other hand, she can be amicable if she's working to achieve a goal. She doesn't necessarily try to trash her reptutation, but she doesn't try to fix it either. She believes most everybody uses and loses each other outside of her closest friends--which includes Alex up there. She glues herself to him any chance she gets. She's pretty serious like, 90% of the time and often acts very disinterested in things. Iris - Iris is my closest in age to Eugenia [of my Flinders kids]. She's a year below and is extremely friendly, if a bit air-brained and clumsy. She's excitable and adventurous and doesn't necessarily have problems breaking rules, oops >>; So that might get on Eugenia's nerves. She's a very social creature, and while she doesn't board at the school, she might have been friends with her at some point? or still is? Mairead - Mairead is my last, and is my other Flinders, but she is a fourth year. She is helpful and plays nice, although more often than not it's her just faking. She keeps her real thoughts largely to herself. She's a bit more of a stickler for the rules than Iris, and doesn't quite have her energy levels. She's an on/off boarder at the school.
  6. Hello my fellow Hufflepuff~ I am Shell, and I'm North American, but since i no longer work graveyards, I'm no longer on at weird times. But I still see you in the chat every so often! Doesn't really matter if it's been awhile or not, just playing the game makes ya awesome. So bunker in and hold on tight, because Tally is one wild ride!
  7. ETHAN && Josie - So first I have Josie, who used to play Quidditch at Tally, and for a short time, participated in a non-professional league. ..Still does actually. If he was local, then the two could have potentially known each other being only two years apart, and both are native Australians that are muggleborn. She's fairly friendly and keeps up with the game, so at the very least she knows who he is. Potentially pretty good friends? 8D &&Gerry - He probably wouldn't know her since she's still in school, but she's an up and coming Quidditch player who's been a beater in her house [Sturt] for the last....three or four years? I can't remember EXACTLY right now. She follows Quidditch like crazy so she probably has read most of his stuff. Her idol is Leanna Evans. MARIELLE && Iris - Iris is a couple years and in a different house [Flinders], but she herself is very energetic and talkative [unless it's like, being called on in class or something] and super friendly. She's TERRIBLE at names and gives most everyone a nickname because of this [which i need to make a list of because i can't remember them]. She's also currently completely in love with the idea of becoming a fashion designer so fashion threads would be incredibly fantastic! [Note, I will pull her away from that for a music career, but she'll still be in love with it so idc].
  8. ALBERTINE &&Geraldine - Oooooooooooo. So Geraldine is my sixth year Sturt child who has some serious attitude problems. She can often lash out violently if she feels she [or her friends, especially] are being threatened in any manner. Shoot an insult at a handful of students' way and she'll throw a fist, no questions asked. She doesn't put up with people's shit and has some complexes and crap she hasn't really worked through, but she's been trying, and has been making [slightly] progress with the help of Alex. She also tends to experiment with magic, although it's purely potions/alchemy related most of the time. She tends to do this almost solely in the empty F3 classroom because people got tired of her blowing up / otherwise messing shit up. She's....also widely known to be a bitch. These two could be like oil in a wildfire 8D
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