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Penny Many-Farthings

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    Penny Many-Farthings
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    Linlithgow, Scotland
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    First Year
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    Seamstress / Tailor / Housemaid
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    She / Her
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    Hazel Dormouse

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    GMT-6 (Central Standard Time)

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    I would love to explore Penny learning to fit into human society, making friends, and overcoming her timidness.  She cannot read, write, or do math more complex than simple addition, so teaching her these things would be interesting.  Also, I would love to see her making things for people, like clothing or decorations.

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  • Pronouns She / her
  • Occupation Seamstress, Tailor, Housemaid
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Penny Many-Farthings
Seamstress / Tailor / Housemaid First Year
2019* year old Pureblood Fairy She / Her
Age:  2019*
Date of Birth: November 30th, -0001
Birthplace: Linlithgow, Scotland
Occupation: Seamstress / Tailor / Housemaid
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Fairy
Player:  Zarynthine
Pronouns: She / Her
Play-by: Hazel Dormouse

Penny has no formal education, and is illiterate.


Penny is curious, helpful, and hardworking, always looking for ways to help whenever she sees someone in need.  With friends, she can relax a little bit, though she still feels most comfortable when knee-deep in a project.


Penny has only distant contact with her family, though she keeps in contact with her parents by sending letters with passing beetles.


Penny knows a surprising amount of secrets, as she is very small and very quiet.  She's too polite to share them, though, unless someone is at risk of getting hurt.

She has gained some insight into the nature of her magical gifts, but she would prefer to keep them a secret for now.

General Knowledge

For years, no one was really sure who it was precisely that was keeping the grounds of Tallygarunga so neat and tidy.  The Housing department thought it was someone on the maintenance staff; Maintenance thought it might be a contractor hired by the Transmutation facility, and so on.  It came as a surprise to find that the school had a brownie on the grounds - stranger yet, one who was registered as a student but had not actually attended any classes.


Penny is timid and shy, preferring to avoid conflict wherever possible, and is anxious around people (especially in large crowds), and is extremely proper and polite.  She is neat and tidy to a fault, and can become distracted by a stain on a wall or a bit of lint on the floor.  When faced with a large job, she is in her element; she will roll up her sleeves and get to work, and she can feel anxious when she isn't finding some project to work on.  If she feels that someone is being unduly rude, uncouth, or cruel, then that person will encounter her impish side - they will suddenly find themselves being inconvenienced with little pranks, such as gluing the pages of their books together, tying their shoelaces together, putting frogs in their soup, or replacing their wands with convincing fakes.  Penny is a skilled artisan, and extremely creative - she loves to design clothing and decorations, and she likes to collect discarded things and turn them into art projects.


Penny is a European harvest mouse (Micromys minutus), 2.5 inches tall with a 3 inch prehensile tail.  She has large black eyes, and expressive ears that are highly sensitive to noise.  Her fur is soft and thick, colored a tawny brown with a slight reddish tinge, with a white underbelly.  She has feet specially adapted to climbing, with opposable toes on all four limbs.  She is typically dressed in a white lace dress and bonnet of her own design, with a blue ribbon looped around her waist and tied in a bow on her back.  When they're in season, she loves to decorate her clothing with fresh flower garlands.


Penny Many-Farthings is a brùnaidh (commonly known as a brownie,) a type of guardian fairy devoted to serving the members of their households by doing chores while the family is asleep.   For many years, she served in secret for a Scottish family, protecting and tidying their home, as her kin had done for generations.  However, disaster struck when Penny's hidden magical talents manifested; though it is not unusual for Fey creatures to possess some level of magical powers, hers went wild and caused considerable damage to the home, very nearly revealing the existence of fairies to the outside world.  This caused an uproar in the Fey community, and she was banished from her home in Scotland until she had learned to master her talents - thus being sent halfway across the world to Australia to study at the Tallygarunga.  She spent nearly two and a half years at the school before she was discovered hiding in the walls and secretly cleaning the rooms during the night.

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