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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

MJ Clarke

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    Alexandra Dowling

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  1. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    MJ could only shake her head at Alexander's suggestion, although not having the heart of rejecting it verbally. Her house was just a couple blocks away - that bus stop was actually the closest one to her house. Which was quite the fortunate thing in itself, as it it indicated they didn't have much of a path to go through prior to reaching her destination. At a leisure pace, she led the way down the slippery path in the opposite way Alexander had been heading towards. With Steve's leash strongly secured, she had the Samoyed accompany the pair in between them so to avoid his unfortunate tendency of rushing to get soaked in any which way he could. Nevertheless, the dog seemed quite happy with his current situation, strolling along with the students eagerly. "That's alright." She reassured the older teenager with a nod. "I went out to walk Steve, though I didn't expect to be out for so long. On the way back I swung by the cemetery... I suppose I lost track of time there." MJ admitted with a sense of shame in her words - her family's life was so chaotic that everything she did was kept on a tight schedule so everyone would help everyone else. She was sure she'd be paying for that mistake sooner or later, even if they would most likely forgive her on the spot for the oversight. "What about you? What brings you to these parts?" She didn't know if the man lived there or not, but she had never ran into him there before - it sparked her curiosity, and given that he had already asked her the same, it was only fair to repay in kind.
  2. I don't understand why Justice is so obsessed with professional wrestling (and it's fine that he is, to each their own), but I wish he's stop jumping onto his bed while performing moves.

    @Aspen ClarkeHe broke the bed frame again. Can you come by real quick and fix it?

    1. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      Yeah no worries. I have a few minutes before practice. 

  3. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    "Bus? I'm not..." MJ's words died in her throat as she mildly shook her head; nevertheless, it was obvious that she meant she wasn't waiting for one. The stop merely served as cover to shield herself and her canine companion from the rain. It was somewhat embarrassing that she was caught in such a predicament, but at least it had been someone she knew rather than a person whom would have made fun of her. It would have been uncomfortable for her, and Steve would certainly not have taken his owner's distress too well. The blonde watched as Alexander stretched out the length of the umbrella with magic for just a moment before reflexes kicked in - they were in the middle of the street. Perhaps at that moment it was a blessing that it was raining, as she didn't spot anyone outside to see it; unless people were peeking out of windows during that Winter day, it was unlikely for Alexander to have impressed any Muggles with his resourcefulness and warrant a letter from the Ministry. "Well, if you don't mind..." Despite her words, MJ still felt quite unsure. She thought she was imposing, even if she hadn't asked for anything herself; nevertheless, she realized that the sooner they got to her own destination, the sooner the Spencer could double back to go to his. Rising to her feet as well, the girl wrapped the leash around her own wrist a few times so to shorten it. The last thing she needed was for Steve to step out of the cover as they walked just because he could. "This way." She motioned, the little jokes thrown her way causing a small smile. For as uncomfortable as she was with the whole situation, she was in good company and that helped her calm down slightly.
  4. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    The blonde wasn't so foolish as to let her guard down in her neighborhood, knowing of its dangers a bit too intimately for her liking, and thus she didn't seem too surprised or frightened when her own nickname reached her ears out of apparently nowhere. MJ looked up from her dog's face so to search for the source of the familiar voice, and she spotted Alexander approaching, kneeling and greeting Steve. The Samoyed seemed quite happy about the treatment, tail wagging with the long brush through its fur. "I suppose you could say that..." The idea of waiting it out under a bus stop made her feel quite uneasy - a criminal with little care of getting himself drenched in rainwater would easily have their way at that point, as the streets were mostly deserted and she was defenseless without her knife and wand. If anything, it felt like a blessing that Alexander of all people had walked by and greeted her. "I'm okay. I was headed home, and... Well, I really don't want to get Steve wet. I don't think he cares, though." A small, gentle smile filled her lips as the dog kept on occasionally struggling to step out of the cover the roof of the bus stop provided. "It's a few blocks down the road. It's okay though, you look like you were headed the opposite way." The last thing she wanted was to be a burden to the man, despite the situation.
  5. On the one hand I feel like I've spent too much money on this new knife. On the other hand... It's my baby now. Is there such a thing as 'too much spending on your baby'?

  6. Everything's been changing a lot lately, from all sides. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's so overwhelming I don't know what to think anymore at times.

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    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      @Aspen Clarke Let the girl breathe, Captain.

    3. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      I'm just worried about her. 

    4. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      I know. But listen to her too, alright?

  7. Class Wandless Wonders Beginner Term 3

    It took MJ a few more minutes than she would've liked it to, but she made it to the first class of the day in time. The blonde had to rush through the morning to get every chore done as Aspen hadn't made it back home; while she normally expected such a thing to happen, MJ had slept in for a little too long, ultimately costing her a great deal to ensure everything was done - walking Steve, feeding both pets, make breakfast, wake up Justice, among a myriad of other things. An apologetic smile filled the Flinders' lips due to worry nonetheless as she finally reached the classroom, towards the teacher in particular. She lightly bowed her head in greeting with pursed lips before quickly scuttling along to her usual seat. She watched as Danielle removed the bag before the blonde could finally sit down. "I'm sorry I'm late." She had no responsibility to the Dhampir in any way, yet felt hard-pressed to apologize anyway; the Bourke shook her head so to dismiss it. "You aren't. Class is about to start though, and I believe it's going to be an easy one." Danielle's statement made MJ look at the boxes in question, sat atop her desk. Did they have to do the same spell that was instructed for them to perform in the first term? A sense of relief with the notion washed over her - she had mastered it over time, and she knew that she could do it again. It was odd to feel confident about something and she soaked in the feeling with a small smile on her face. "I see..."
  8. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    MJ quickened her pace towards through the Tarnagulla Centre, not wanting to be late for class; she had been momentarily held back by a fellow Flinders seeking a new partner towards a project in Cruel & Unusual Geography, one of her main subjects. The discussion had made it so she lost track of time. Unfortunately, as she hurried on into the classroom, she noticed she had arrived just in time. Squeezing herself through the opening between Lisa's seat and the row immediately in front of her, MJ moved to sit on the unoccupied chair between the Sturt and Danielle once the Dhampir retrieved her bag. "Sorry I'm late." She muttered to the Bourke whom gave her a reassuring smile, and then turned her head to watch the Sturt whom was presently chugging down copious amounts of coffee. MJ would be lying if she said she wasn't grateful for Lisa's effort in teaching her various things when it came to practical magic. Her performance had spiked ever since the blonde took her under her wing, and it warmed her heart that her sister found someone who'd be willing to go to such lengths for her; at the same time, she felt uneasy about the instruction she got of not telling Aspen about it. She could tell her sister got a certain book from so many months before from Lisa precisely; would it be that great a secret? Not that she'd keep it from her own sister, anyway. Lisa was a mystery in her eyes. Why would she request such a thing? Her thoughts derailed as she noticed the dark markings under the girl's eyes, indicative of sleep deprivation. For as inexperienced as she was, eyes widened with the realization of what had occurred - her sister and this girl had been discussing some sort of 'punishment' over MJ's newfound use of QuillBook, and the older Bourke hadn't come home all night. That could only mean one thing, and it was certainly a mental image she didn't need. Shuffling uncomfortably in her seat and not engaging her mentor at all, MJ awkwardly cleared her throat and did her best to pay attention to the class that was already underway.
  9. I realize I should keep one of these things for the sake of convenience these days, but I still wish I hadn't come across my sister's message history.

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    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      I suppose some punishment is in order.

    3. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      Yes, some punishment is in order.

    4. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke

      That's not a mental image I needed.

  10. Developing Opportunities

    MJ Clarke
    The day after. It made MJ increasingly nervous to consider such a thing, but she had already made the compromise. She nodded on reflex as she listened, taking every piece of information in that she could. For as sketchy as the job was, and for as pessimistic as the blonde was over the whole matter - she didn't exactly like the idea of meeting up with strangers in such places without backup -, she was very aware of the fact she most likely could knock the job out of the park: steady hands made for good photography, and that was something she most certainly possessed. She took the piece of paper that Robin handed to her, and her gaze fleeted over it for a moment before she bent it in half and pocketed it. She assumed this 'Glinda' was a family member or some sort of helper, as it looked like a home phone number - she was confused as to why she'd call a deaf person to begin with. Was it some sort of special needs device she was unaware of, given her self-admitted ignorance in the area? Or something to do with magic? "Thank you. Um..." She was ready to leave and go home, but a question nagged at the back of her mind. Steve didn't seem to care much, however, as it nuzzled the redhead's leg in one of its myriad of ways of getting someone's attention. "...Is there anything I should know in advance?" A catch all question to save herself a lot of time and look out for potential red flags - she didn't seem too pleased about having to bring it up, but the situation called for it.
  11. Developing Opportunities

    MJ Clarke
    "...Steve." MJ replied with some hesitation as she watched the woman and the dog interact amicably. Her older sister had named the Samoyed, and it was an admittedly silly name (or so MJ thought at first), but it had grown on her over time and she didn't mind it anymore. The dog barked in immediate recognition of his own name, and nuzzled at Robin's hand, having taken a liking to her. Was she being too paranoid? It was something that ran in the family, justifiably so, and the situation was very suspicious; but, if the woman wished for any harm to come to the blonde, she would have done so already, right? Her jaw tightened a little with the nerves as she pondered her options - it felt like she was about to take a leap of faith. Should she? "...When do we start?" She spoke up after a deep breath intake, deciding to take the leap. If the worst came to pass, she could just warn someone where she'd be beforehand - if anything, they'd know where she disappeared. "Do I need to bring any materials along of any sort...?" Hopefully not. If there was any consistency to the Clarke household, it was that they were always running low on cash and she didn't have much in the way of equipment to spare.
  12. Developing Opportunities

    MJ Clarke
    The description of the job made MJ's eyes squint with skepticism. Point, focus, and click the button? Even someone as ignorant in the matter as the Flinders girl was knew that it wasn't that easy - there was always a matter of angles, lighting, exposure, lenses, composition, among a myriad of things. The anxious part of her was screaming that it was all a scam, but she was so desperate for a job that she couldn't help hoping this woman was making things simple for the sake of accessibility and would teach her the various intricacies along the way. It felt very much like a push and pull situation - Robin was charming her into accepting the gig, yet MJ was struggling to give it a shot in good conscience, but Steve had already given the stranger full confidence. What should she do? "Uh... I'm... I'm MJ." She managed to say on reflex as her eyes fell on the Samoyed, whom seem more than happy to receive the Fae's attention and affection. For as sketchy as it all was, Robin was giving her enough details that would make it so everyone would know where to look if something happened to her in the venture; though, the hypothetical of that very encounter ending up in another Vivian-type situation sent a shudder down her spine. "Okay... Okay." She finally relented. If push came to shove she could bring her survival knife and hope she acted quicker than a witch would. "Doesn't hurt to give it a chance... Right?"
  13. Developing Opportunities

    MJ Clarke
    The sound of someone speaking to MJ brought her back to reality. After ruffling the fur on Steve's head she got up and stood straight, looking at the apparently deaf redhead speaking to her - it was the same one she had greeted not a moment before. Her eyes widened mildly as she was told this woman was sticking around the area precisely for the purpose of approaching people looking into that job she had just glanced at; it made her feel quite pressured on the spot, and uneasy about it all. Steve, however, didn't relent - he barked and nudged the back of her leg with his snout in an attempt of encouraging its owner to speak up and be brave. "U-Um... Hello." Was this employer that desperate for employees? Was it some sort of scam, and that's why she staked out the place? Various scenarios ran through the worrywart's head as she struggled to proceed. "I'm... I'm actually unsure." She made an effort to speak slowly so to comply with this person's needs, as she didn't have a clue about sign language. "I don't know the first thing about photography, truth be told..." Steve, however, was far more outgoing than the Flinders; it moved around her and towards Robin before sitting down and looking up at her, almost as if begging to be pet. MJ watched this behavior with confusion - Steve was a good judge of character and was submitting himself to Robin so easily, was she worrying for nothing?
  14. Developing Opportunities

    MJ Clarke
    At that point, MJ was just shy of three months when it came to the length of her job hunt. It was quite difficult to find something that managed to juggle her skill set, her need of a flexible schedule, and the fact she wanted to stay as far away as possible from the public as she could be - anything behind the scenes was more her speed, or perhaps even learning some sort of trade rather than serving tables. Unfortunately for her, anything suited to her tastes was not offering positions, and she was often stuck looking at job postings pertaining things she would either rather avoid or was too young to sign up for. She was at the end of her rope, and thus desperate. Much like she did every time after leaving school, the blonde girl had taken Justice home to their father before taking Steve out by his leash on a walk. Her route always included Tallygarunga Road in hopes of spotting some sort of flyer announcing they're hiring in some sort of shop or establishment for behind the scenes work, though her effort had proven fruitless up to then; the more she walked, the more she worried, and Steve the Samoyed was able to see right through it. "Hey, hey." The girl couldn't hold back a chuckle as the dog walked in front of her, turned, and with a frightening amount of momentum, moved its front legs up to the point it was almost standing on its hind legs. The paws landed on the Flinders' stomach and the animal breathed heavily with its tongue out, trying to get her attention and to cheer her up. It earned him gentle scratches behind his ears. "Come on, now. We still have a long ways to go, I'll hug you when we get home." The pair eventually walked their way to the vicinity of a job board. At that point MJ had every single posting memorized, knowing when something new had been pinned to it and when something had been removed; as she walked to it she saw a redhead close by whom she didn't recognize, and she smiled a bit to be polite before her eyes scanned the board to see if they could find anything new - and potentially, anything *interesting*. It didn't take MJ too long to have her eyes train themselves upon the brand new flyer on display - one asking for a photographer's assistant. What did that entail? Her head tilted ever so slightly to the side as she let her mind wander. There was nothing that the blonde knew pertaining photography at all, so she couldn't exactly apply on the grounds of having experience on the subject, but the fact of the matter was that her hands were incredibly steady on the account of all the survival training and activities she put herself through, not to mention her arts and crafts. Before she could make up her mind, however, she was jolted back into reality by the sound of a loud, familiar bark. The girl jumped a little with the piercing sound in fright before looking at her favorite dog in the world, and crouching. "What is it, Steve? You think it's a good idea?" The prompt response she received was to get her cheek licked by the white dog, and a light laugh ensued.
  15. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    At last, there had been a break in the weather that afternoon. It was the opening MJ had been looking for - she had gotten home after school and grocery shopping, having brought Justice along, and she had been waiting for less rain to cover the little town ever since as she needed to walk their dear Samoyed before the sun set. As soon as the final droplets hit the ground, the blonde was already out the door for that particular endeavor, Steve in tow held safely by its collar. She did the normal trek that they used to do - go to Footy Park a few neighborhoods over, let the dog run around a bit and do what it had to do, then come home. As she crossed Koonyah again, however, she walked by her father's workplace: the cemetery. Feeling an all too common calling for it, she decided to go in against her better judgement to visit her mother. This detour proved fatal to her intentions of a water-free walk. As she was finally coming back home, it started pouring again; not having brought an umbrella along since she never intended to stay out for so long in the first place, MJ quickly shuffled over to the first location she could see that would provide some cover, which happened to be a nearby bus stop. She was still a few blocks away from home, and at that point, stranded. She couldn't call for her father, as he was asleep; and as far as she knew, Aspen was training. All she could do was sit on the surprisingly dry bench of the stop and try to distract Steve with petting and scratching at his fur, as he seemed all too eager to race back onto the street, not being half as concerned over the rain as she was. If only she had brought along that umbrella...
Mary Joselyn "MJ" Clarke
Photographer's Assistant, Knitter, Paper Cutter Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth April 10th, 2004
Birthplace Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Photographer's Assistant, Knitter, Paper Cutter
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Non-corporeal (to be Orangutan)
Wand Blocky, Juniper Wood, 11 1/4'', Kelpie Bone Core
Play-by Alexandra Dowling
  • Fourth Grade - Fifth Grade: Whitlam Bilby
  • 1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Doesn't have a clue about what she wants to do with her life, despite multiple people frequently guessing it for her;
  • Wants to look for a job to help around the house the moment she turns 15, as it greatly pains her to watch her father work so much to make a living;
  • Really wants a friend or three and has no idea how to go about it, who to target, etc;
  • Her younger sister, Vivian, has been missing for many years;
  • Her cheap guitar once belonged to said sister;
  • Has a little treehouse as her secret HQ somewhere in the Murrigal Bushland, near Korrowi Creek, equipped with immediate survival supplies. She's also tailored the immediate vicinity to her needs without damaging the local habitats, as instructed in her mother's notes, and often tends to injured animals in the area;
  • On the rare occasions she actively seeks out advice, she visits the Graveyard to talk with the ghosts there - she'd rather draw information from their life experience than burden her father with her problems. Given that she knows his schedule by heart, she can easily avoid him there;
  • Suffers from both generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety due to the combination of her early childhood ostracization and her sister going missing. Both undiagnosed, but she's done enough research to suspect something along those lines;
  • Wants to have two daughters someday, with the purpose of naming them after the ones that have left the Clarke family one way or another - Janelle Chelsea, her mother, and Vivian Bailey, her younger sister.
General Knowledge
  • Daughter of the local graveyard keeper;
  • Finds it easier to talk to ghosts than with living people;
  • Doesn't really have much in the way of friends;
  • Very resourceful, enough to earn the nickname 'Bootleg MacGyver';
  • Knows about local fauna and flora beyond the school curriculum;
  • Proclivity for pyrotechnics (much to her chagrin);
  • Good at knitting and paper cutting, and sells her creations to fellow students for a bit extra change;
  • Member of her House's Dueling Club roster, and not half bad at it;
  • Enjoys puzzles and is a surprisingly decent strategist;
  • Talented guitar player;
  • Can't really escape the MJ nickname, so she's given up and just introduces herself as such;
  • Capable team worker in school projects.

While MJ isn't a living beacon of positivity and energy, she's known to have an amiable and friendly disposition to those who approach her, albeit mildly cautious on occasion. She's mostly passive and harmless, making her an excellent target to walk on without consequence. Gentle in nature, she takes care of others when able in a variety of ways, even if her efforts are not immediately recognized; she's also anti-violence, and despite her demure composure, she steps up to people bullying others if need be (when the target is herself it's a whole different ball game, of course). She feels like it's her civil duty to ensure people don't harm each other, stemming from the disappearance of her sister at a young age. She doesn't want others to endure what the Clarke family did.

She works best as a cog in the machine rather than standing out on her own - despite her social awkwardness, she excels in school at group projects and people flock to her for them as a result. While she has the reputation for being 'out there', it couldn't be further from the truth - she's actually very down to earth and logical-minded, her reasoning and micromanaging skills being a saving grace for these projects most of the time; that, and the fact she's very good with her hands. With her resourcefulness backing her up, she's made a bit of a name for herself when it comes to teamwork in school.

MJ is quite solitary in nature, at least when it comes to living humans. She has a mild, unconscious fear of strangers out of the general agreement amongst family members that Vivian was kidnapped, and so she prefers to talk to ghosts since they can't harm her either way. This was made possible due to her father's position as the local graveyard keeper, and she spends a lot of time in the premises as a result, having made friends to the few that refused to pass on. They seem to urge her to get along with others, but most of the time she's too awkward to succeed of her own volition.

She is quite lacking in self confidence and very quiet, which in turn widens the gaping wound that is her social anxiety. She's never had any parental examples to follow, given that her mother passed away and her father was buried in work; other than her older sister, she's never had a soul in this world to boost her ego, and as a result she's of the belief she's someone whom should be looked over rather than looked at. This feeds the never ending cycle that continuously has her withdraw from company and either indulge in her solo hobbies or with creatures that can't speak, or ghosts.


MJ stands at a very comfortable 168 cm. Much like her mother, she has blonde hair down to her chest and blue eyes. Her mane is often found in a ponytail for the sake of practicality. Having never been taught how to use makeup, she doesn't really care for it; not that she actually cares much for her appearance to begin with, past what's healthy for her. Her face is very expressive and it's easy to tell what she's feeling from just looking at it as she doesn't have the mental tools to keep herself from showing particular emotions. While her hands are rough and calloused, she has a surprisingly clear skin everywhere else.

She is quite fit for someone not engaged in any recurring sport - this is due to her solo adventures in the Murrigal Bushland, having taken up survivalism as a hobby instead. This honed her compact physique, and as a result she's considerably heavier than what her seemingly slender frame would have you think. And for someone who spends so much time outdoors, she is surprisingly pale, indicating she takes good care of her own skin - a bit of a necessity, or else the sun would have boiled her skin a long time ago.

Due to the family's tight budgeting, she can most commonly be found wearing her uniform; when out in the woods, however, she always has old clothes on her that she doesn't mind having torn up (and most of which are, to an extent or another). She prefers shorts to skirts for movement, but wears pants at school instead.

The story so far

Mary Joselyn Clarke was the second born of a grand total of four little tykes brought to the world by Maxwell, a Muggle, and Janelle Clarke, a magical wildlife keeper. She followed her oldest sister with roughly a two year difference, and was subsequently followed  herself by fraternal twins Justice and Vivian just a few years later. Unfortunately, the family's happiness wasn't meant to fully flourish - unfortunately, Janelle perished shortly after giving birth to the twins after a prolonged coma, her body unable to withstand the strain it was forced to endure. Maxwell, a graveyard keeper, was forced to care for and nurture his family on a low salary ever since, as neither his parents nor Janelle's ever offered to help with the children

Maxwell's efforts seemed to pay off for a time - the children never lacked a thing despite the very tight budget, and fortunately they were all too young to remember the misfortune that had befallen them, so they were able to transition into their new lives without much trouble. Due to a lack of knowledge of the wizarding world in general, he enrolled his children in Muggle schools through Elementary education. It was here that Mary first got a taste of the ostracization that haunted her for the remainder of her Muggle academic career: it turns out being the child of the graveyard keeper automatically granted her the label of 'spooky', 'creepy', 'lunatic', among other things. The fact she was shy and soft-spoken didn't help her case, and thus she remained a very lonely child throughout that entire painful process.

A second turn of the worse expected the Clarke family around the corner: the less than ideal school ultimately cost them something very dear to them, in the form of Vivian's presence. The girl disappeared from school premises one day, never to be found. This affected the whole family, in particular Maxwell and Justice. Maxwell became overprotective of his children ever since and very present in their lives; Justice didn't seem to take so well to losing his twin, and while he remained on friendly terms with Mary, it hasn't been the same since despite the years going by.

Enraged with the event, Maxwell pulled his children from the school. It was perhaps a happy coincidence that his oldest child, Aspen, had just entered Tallygarunga to pursue an education in magic - she informed him of the existence of the Whitlam Bilby ward. Without thinking twice, he enrolled the two remaining kids in it. Mary finally got to experience the magical world, even if it was through loss - and with the exposure, she was finally able to start to read and understand the various books and notes their mother left behind before passing away, most of which pertaining to magical creatures and local flora, as well as survivalist skills. She became very attached to this treasure trove of information, as it was her way of being connected to the mother she never met. Seeking to do the same with her lost sister, MJ also took the pawn shop guitar their father had gotten her for the last birthday they enjoyed together. She's been playing it since by herself, and has become very proficient in it.

While nobody seemed to ostracize her that heavily in her years in Tallygarunga - the very campus had ghosts after all, it wasn't like she was out of place - it seemed that both the social exclusion and the disappearance of her sister had left a lasting mark. MJ was the quiet sort and never had any friends, and her reputation as a weird kid seemed to follow her even if she did nothing to gather attention on herself. She'd really like a friend or two, but she has no idea where to begin...

Aspen Clarke March 21
Type: Invite Aspen ClarkeMJ Clarke.
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