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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite To Spot a Dog

    A small smile crossed MJ's lips as well with the display of gratitude, and she shook her head. "Don't worry about it." Part of her was holding onto the faint hope of both animals being found together, though she knew that not to be too realistic. Plus, dogs were carnivores; given how small the pygmy puff was, it would be likely that Spot would consume the poor creature instead of befriending it. 'And that's a mental image I didn't need.' As Gideon went on about how Spot first went missing, the blonde looked around, eyes nearly as keen as an eagle's from years of survivalism as a hobby, trying to catch anything suspicious out the corner of her vision. Luck, however, was not by their side. Instead she ultimately retrieved her wand from its holster. It was a potentially dangerous tactic, but for the time being it was the best they could do. "That would be enough. Would you mind parting with one?" Wand at the ready, she held out a hand to receive the treat. Dogs were creatures with a gifted sense of smell; if she were to greatly enhance the scent of food, it was likely at least some creature would pick up on it.
  2. Invite To Spot a Dog

    "Oh..." MJ could feel her spirits immediately deflate once Gideon noted 'Spot' was his dog, and not the pygmy puff she had been asked to look for. She didn't know he had one, but once he had mentioned it, she couldn't help feel worried about the disappearance of that poor animal as well. It did go through her mind that Tallygarunga students lost their pets way too often, but there were more pressing matters to think about. 'At least it's a dog, that's much easier to track. It actually makes noise...' She nodded at the boy's question. "A Bilby teacher has been asking a few students to help..." And as far as she knew, there was a QuillBook post about it too, but she hadn't checked it herself. "In any case, I think I can help you out with that too." Luring a dog was easier than luring a pygmy puff. She didn't know what they ate. It was a glaring flaw in her knowledge as the girl was actually rather educated in the matter of animals of all sorts, and she likely never pursued any knowledge on pygmy puffs due to them being seen as a gag more than anything. 'Goes to show you never know everything.' "Where did you last see him?" She decided to question, letting her mental gears spin. "Do you have any treat on you that Spot's used to? That might help." They could amplify the scent with magic. It might attract other animals, but one of them was bound to be Spot, right?
  3. Trial and Error

    MJ Clarke
    Words reached MJ's ears, but so grievous was her state that she was entirely unable to make any sense of the words. Her lungs felt like they had been set ablaze with the dust particles invading them and her eyes were burning, a thin film of water forming over them so to wash them of dirt and her sclera reddening with the inflammation. It took several seconds for her coughing to calm down, making it so she was able to draw deep breaths in between coughing fits rather than being completely helpless on the ground. She hadn't realized just yet that the air was clearer after Suho's efforts rather than her own, focusing on regaining a minimally stable breathing rhythm - she had never had an asthma attack in her life, nor did she ever wish to, but the temporary incapability of breathing no matter how hard she tried even if for a few seconds had been absolutely agonizing. At least her lungs were handling the situation and she was calming down. Gripping her own throat on reflex with one hand and blindly reaching for her wand with another, eventually managing to bring herself to sit down properly on the pavement rather than remaining on all fours. With cheeks flushed from the effort and tears being blinked down from her eyes in physical irritation, MJ was finally calmed down enough to properly peruse her surroundings. She wiped at her visage with a sleeve before her eyes fell on Suho, a boy vaguely familiar to her. The paleness of her skin would have clued her in to his kind if not for the fact it looked somewhat reddened at certain spots, presumably from what just happened. "I-I... I'm so sorry about that..." She bowed her head in apology, withdrawing her gaze from the boy. Maybe she should have bitten the bullet and gone to F3 after all. "I didn't mean to--I mean, I wasn't expecting it to..." A coughing fit broke out but she managed to hold back most of them, shaking her head so to regain her scattered thoughts. "...To blow up. Like that, anyway..." Then again, she probably should have.
  4. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    MJ's spirits seemed to be lifted up at the mere mention of her older sister. A nod followed Alexander's question as she beamed with pride, completely unable to help herself to a milder reaction, a wide smile spreading on her lips as she pictured the success that expected her in the future. She was a top of the line Quidditch player and a few teams were already scouting for her despite there being more than half a year before her graduation. MJ had been doing her best to cover for chores so the Bourke could focus on her studies and career, wanting nothing more than fuel Aspen's ambition in the sport. That mood wasn't to last as Alexander reminded her of something she had forgotten entirely. To pursue her dreams. MJ couldn't say that she had any dreams past those of passing on her genes. It was likely a byproduct of not giving herself any room to think of them, sticking to her responsibilities like glue and not thinking much of her own hobbies past them being an entertaining time sink. She didn't even think she had much of a future in her brand new job, only using it to make ends meet. "Um... Thank you, I'll keep that in mind." She ultimately said, the negative feeling building within her making her feel like she shouldn't press the subject too much. Confusion, followed by concern, struck the Flinders as she watched Alexander recoil without any apparent external source. He seemed to realize what he had done and was quick to try to dissuade her worries, which only backfired as MJ's brows furrowed with increased distress over his situation - even if she was overthinking it, she was used to people around her doing the same thing if something bad had happened. Nevertheless, she felt like it was none of her business and didn't inquire into it past an analytical gaze watching the older teenager. The subject change, however, did work as the very notion of working in the music industry visibly took the blonde aback. Being a part of the recording business? She didn't think of herself as an expert in any branch of music by any stretch of the imagination (knowing even less about anything that needed expensive equipment), having only started touching a guitar over Vivian's disappearance in the first place. To pursue an occupation like that felt like, in an odd way, she was taking her little sister's place in something she'd potentially like to eventually pursue and that made her feel uneasy. "I'm... Not too sure, honestly." She admitted, gaze cast away from Alexander and to the path they were walking through at a painfully slow pace due to the heavy rain. "I don't know much about the business at all, and you might be giving me too much credit there..." Plus, she had a job. How would she even stretch her time to include that area?
  5. Invite To Spot a Dog

    Gideon hadn't been the only one during that afternoon unfortunate enough to lose their pet, as was standard within the Tallygarunga campus. MJ had purposefully come to school during the break to deliver a few arts and crafts commissioned to her throughout the third term, and as she was about to leave, she saw a Whitlam Bilby professor whom had requested her help looking for a pygmy puff on Tallygarunga grounds while she covered Bilby's. Having no work to do that day, MJ complied and went to look for the little creature. Unfortunately, she didn't have anything on her that worked to lure in a creature as picky as a pygmy puff, nor anything to more easily spot one as they were such small creatures. In fact, what she saw more easily (as well as heard) was a familiar Flinders student whom was calling out for a 'Spot'. Was that the name of the pygmy puff, or another creature altogether? "Excuse me, Gideon..." The blonde cleared her throat as she approached her friend. "By any chance, does 'Spot' happen to be a pygmy puff...?" Perhaps they could join forces. She sincerely hoped it was as she didn't want another poor pet to get lost - but, perhaps if it were, she could use magic to emulate a scent to lure it out.
  6. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    The pair kept walking as they reached the other side of the road with Steve insisting to be their guide through the pouring rain. They were just a couple blocks away at that point from the Clarke household, but given their slow walking pace due to the inconvenient weather, MJ suspected the little trip would feel like they had just walked the full length of Tallygarunga Road by the end of it. The Flinders felt somewhat bad about Alex accompanying her despite him saying otherwise as imagining him doubling back afterwards and then walking all the way to the graveyard mid Winter wasn't that pleasant a thought to have. "Sort of... My sister is expected to go into the Australian Quidditch League, so I guess that responsibility will fall on me." She wondered if her father already had that in mind. Aspen following in their father's footsteps was completely out of the question at that point, and it didn't feel right to push Justice in that very same direction given what had happened to his twin sister. Unfortunately, that left MJ. Something in her hoped that wasn't the case, though. For as indecisive as she was about what she wanted to follow for a career, being forced down a path wasn't something she was very keen on even if she already spent a good portion of her free time in the graveyard and knew it like the palm of her hand. "Someone has to do it." She shrugged at her own words, the good humor having dissipated with the subject matter. It was her own way of rationalizing it was probably for the best. "Though, speaking of Wizards. Maybe you should get in touch with a curse-breaker?" She tried, knowing a few lived in the area but being unable to put any names to them. "If they know how to break them, they know how to make them. They may be able to do something to keep that from being stolen and give you the trick to get past that curse." It felt somewhat morbid to curse a graveyard object but better safe than sorry, she figured.
  7. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    Another quip, another smile. Even if Alexander meant it in jest, MJ was of the opinion Muggles could truly be magical due to pure, raw ingenuity. Wizards tended to rely far too much on magic to get everything done. As far as the blonde went, however, her only role model growing up had been a Muggle. She had learned the hard way how to fend for herself in a variety of fields (and gone as far as make a hobby out of it) and enjoyed figuring out how things worked, the properties of various materials, and in what unorthodox ways they could be used. In that sense, she knew that if a Muggle put their mind to a task, they could get it done - even if magic stood in their way, like with that casing Alexander had protected the paper with. "Embedded?" That was an interesting thing to envision. It would certainly baffle some caretakers, but she was fairly positive her father could cover for the little stunt. "If you do it just right, they won't be able to take it off without destroying the tombstone itself... Though, at that point, I'm fairly sure all the noise would've alerted someone." As they came to a street corner, Steve barked and halted his steps, the sign of a properly trained Samoyed - and what a feat that had been. Seeing no cars coming in either direction, MJ pulled lightly on the leash to signal Steve to keep walking as she continued. "You could also put some sort of Disillusionment Charm on it? It might not do much for any would-be Wizard robbers, but Muggles won't have a clue it's even there."
  8. Trial and Error

    MJ Clarke
    Amid the coughing fit that had brought MJ to a knee, she managed to make out the words 'I'm going to kill this person', something that exacerbated her feeling of urgency in clearing the area. Her eyes burned with the dust and she could hardly stand, lungs aching with the sudden impediment to breathing. The blonde struggled to push the collar of her shirt over her nose to minimally shield her airways, and covered her line of vision with a hand, pointing her wand at the air with another. She struggled to get an incantation out, let alone to make the accurate movements with her hand; however, after a few attempts, the vast majority of the dust had dispersed or sunk to the ground. Her rally had lasted just enough to get most of the job done, but eventually she collapsed, wand clattering on the ground as she took support on the cement with both hands, coughing up a storm. "S-Sor--" She couldn't even finish the apology to the person she had bothered, given that she had been right next to the blast - by consequence, she had been the most affected by it, and was momentarily out of commission. While she had indeed succeeded with the Reducto (questionably so), it was quite unfortunate that she would be entirely unable to put the boulder back up together afterwards.
  9. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    Had Alexander not heard of MJ's reputation? For a moment, she felt like she had colored their interactions with a dark tint from that point onward - the treatment she was subjected to would make more sense in his eyes after knowing of her father's occupation, and the ghost rumors running rampant around school (most of which true, to be fair) would put things into perspective; but the joking tone with which he got back to her made her smile wide instead, pushing those negative thoughts away. "He's a Muggle, I don't think he'd be able to regardless." She retorted, finding some humor within herself as well. A chuckle escaped as she spoke - if only other people could have that light a mood on a daily basis, it would make life far more tolerable at times. "But it should be fine. He's been there for many years, his coworkers ought to listen to him..." Hopefully. "Though I'd still recommend getting some sort of coverage against your run of the mill robber. It's not uncommon for people to leave goods by the tombstones in the cemetery, and so it's almost a daily occurrence when someone tries to jump the fence at night to have a go at all the items... A few times, they actually get through. Better safe than sorry, since the employees can't cover the whole place at all times." Even with ghosts to warn the more magic-sensitive individuals, it still took running up to perpetrators to catch them in the act; by then, they could very well be long gone with their loot in tow.
  10. Trial and Error

    MJ Clarke
    The Dueling Club meeting had just ended for the day when Lisa had approached MJ to tell her not to worry about Justice - she and Aspen would take him back home. It had been a hint to keep MJ practicing through the afternoon as Robin didn't request her to come in to work, one she thought she might as well accept before the school break rolled around. She was, however, fairly positive Lisa only decided to do such a thing for the opportunity of taking Steve out for a walk. It had grown into a bit of an inside joke that the Sturt only bothered to visit the Clarkes over the fluffy dog rather than the bonds she'd created, and MJ often found herself struggling not to laugh whenever it came up in conversation. Not wanting to remain in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom for much longer, the Flinders picked up her belongings and left. She wanted to go someplace where she wouldn't run into a whole lot of traffic so to be able to focus without judgement. That left her with a few options - the area near the west wall of the school, the abandoned F3 classroom (which made a shiver run down her spine), or the grounds themselves which emptied as students left school or went indoors to eat, study, play games and hang out. She ultimately decided to go to the west wall, as she didn't want to be associated with F3's unfortunate reputation, cold temperatures be damned. She sat down and retrieved a book from within her bag. It was the fifth year Defense Against the Dark Arts book, but, with a catch - annotated to oblivion. She had caught on to the fact she had been fed a lie regarding its origins. Aspen obtained it from Lisa, whom in turn gave it to MJ. As she went through the various pages full of downright brilliant notes, she noticed yet again that a few denoted potential pranks. For someone with such a mind for mischief, why had the Sturt Captain taken the Spencer jab at the Quidditch team so personally? Why couldn't she just prank them back? She shook her head with her thoughts. She'd never understand that girl, and should probably bring it up to Aspen to make heads and tails of it. As she reached the fourth term contents of the book, she stopped. Was it a good idea to go that far? She ultimately decided it was for the best. That's how the top students were ahead to begin with - they knew the current lectures inside and out and were a few steps beyond the rest of the class. Her gaze was trained on a spell, the Reductor Curse. With it, whatever happened to be the target would be destroyed. 'Sounds... straightforward?' MJ furrowed her eyebrows. If she were to hit the wall on accident did that mean she'd tear it down? That didn't sound too pleasant. She deliberately placed herself facing away from the wall before retrieving a small rock from the ground. Tossing it away to a few meters ahead of herself, she proceeded to hit the pebble with an enlargement spell. It promptly grew to the size of a boulder as tall as the young Flinders. "Deep breaths..." The grip on the wand tightened as she pointed it to the obstacle. "Reducto!" With frightening accuracy, the spell flew out of her wand and hit the boulder dead on. Of course, given MJ's proclivity for pyrotechnics, the boulder exploded outwards instead of crumbling to pieces; soon, the whole area was covered in a fine mist that made the blonde break out into a coughing fit severe enough that she fell to a knee, unaware that she had actually succeeded with the spell for once.
  11. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    A curt nod accompanied Alexander's elaboration of sibling overprotection. She knew exactly where he was coming from. In a way she could understand why they took on such a role, and even relate to it. They wanted to protect those they loved even if they didn't need it, just to be able to breathe easy via ensuring with their own hands that they were fine. It was stifling at times, quite a bit, but MJ had noticed she occasionally had such tendencies regarding Justice. When it came to her little brother, it was hard not to hold him tight as means of protecting him, moreso with what had happened with the boy's twin; if anything, that momentary conscious reflection of the fact could make it so she could hold herself back from falling into the same pitfalls in the future. The Spencer then proceeded to show her the encasing of the paper proper, how resistant it was - it was likely for the best. Even without the cemetery's employees potentially getting rid of it (as well as hooligans messing with it and taking it from its resting place), the weather was still a very volatile enemy that could have made quick work of the paper. It seemed that Alexander had all his bases covered, which was certainly relieving to hear and verify. "Don't worry about it." Was her father awake at that hour? If he wasn't, he was likely about to be. He was always awake by dinner time, after all, and his shift at the graveyard wouldn't take long to start. "I can tell my dad about it... He's the keeper in the night shift. I'm sure he'll keep it safe if I ask him to." Perks of being the man's daughter, she supposed, as the bias would likely keep the casing untouched unless a hoodlum sneaked past Maxwell.
  12. I'm glad the break is just around the corner. My treehouse needs some fixing because of the weather and I haven't had the time for it thus far... It's really starting to bother me.

  13. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    A wide, if shy, smile outstretched MJ's lips as the conversation continued in good humor. The dichotomy between their idle chatter and all that surrounded them was quite strange: the back and forth was quite pleasant and humorous despite the mildly morbid topic they had settled on, while the rain poured all around them like cats and dogs, when one had come from the cemetery and the other was headed to it. With the routine she was used to for the sake of keeping her family's gears up and running smoothly, such a random encounter served to put her in higher spirits than usual despite it being a little while from over. "I know the feeling. As far as the sister part is concerned, that is." A very light chuckle escaped MJ as they continued on their way. Aspen was the overprotective sort through and through, and checked up on her almost obsessively, at least from the younger girl's point of view - she could make the most inane of posts on QuillBook, and even then if there was some way it could be interpreted negatively she'd be interrogated to the fullest extent. Let alone reaching the home later than expected. Aspen's choice of significant other didn't help much in that regard as the girl seemed to display the exact same tendencies, even if on a lesser scale. "I guess I'm just worried about the weather. It's an odd thing to do when it's raining so badly... But I suppose you have some sort of protection on that?" It was the logical conclusion, since the Spencer didn't seem the least bit worried. Nevertheless, after the rain came the cleaning, and she'd hoped his item wasn't accidentally caught in that kerfuffle - perhaps she should warn her father about it in advance.
  14. I think I might put an end to my arts and crafts side thing...

  15. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    MJ Clarke
    MJ's head nodded once in agreement as Alexander spoke - past the obvious inconvenience that was having to rush every chore afterwards, there was nothing wrong in letting oneself get lost in the emotion involved in visiting the grave of a loved one, as well as the thoughts in faux communication with their would be spirit presiding over the tombstones. While it was a rather grim way of spending time, grieving was a healthy way of dealing with one's emotions; even if, in MJ's case, she had been doing so for as long as she could remember. "I always do." She replied, indicating it wasn't the first time. Or the second, or the third. It certainly wouldn't be the last, the blonde concluded as they walked down the street, given the comfort the cemetery had always provided for her - not only did her mother reside in it, and her father was an employee for it, but most of her friends populated its general area. For her, despite how morbid it sounded, it was like a second home. Her gaze followed the paper Alexander retrieved as he spoke with his name engraved upon it. It didn't feel like it was her place to ask him about it, but one thing stood out to her as strange - he was planning to leaving it out in that weather? Unless the paper was charmed to be durable (which, by its outward appearance, it likely wasn't), it felt like a setup to failure as it would likely get soggy, drenched and pasty with the pouring rain. "Too much? I don't think so." She shook her head. "Though, are you sure you want to do that today?" Her gaze shifted from him to the water droplets dripping out of the edge of the umbrella directly in front of them as they went on their way, her face overtaken by skepticism. "Unless it's an important date, that is..."
Mary Joselyn "MJ" Clarke
Photographer's Assistant, Knitter, Paper Cutter Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  15
Date of Birth April 10th, 2004
Birthplace Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Photographer's Assistant, Knitter, Paper Cutter
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Non-corporeal (to be Orangutan)
Wand Blocky, Juniper Wood, 11 1/4'', Kelpie Bone Core
Play-by Alexandra Dowling
  • Fourth Grade - Fifth Grade: Whitlam Bilby
  • 1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Doesn't have a clue about what she wants to do with her life, despite multiple people frequently guessing it for her;
  • Really wants a friend or three and has no idea how to go about it, who to target, etc;
  • Her younger sister, Vivian, has been missing for many years;
  • Her cheap guitar once belonged to said sister;
  • Has a little treehouse as her secret HQ somewhere in the Murrigal Bushland, near Korrowi Creek, equipped with immediate survival supplies. She's also tailored the immediate vicinity to her needs without damaging the local habitats, as instructed in her mother's notes, and often tends to injured animals in the area;
  • On the rare occasions she actively seeks out advice, she visits the Graveyard to talk with the ghosts there - she'd rather draw information from their life experience than burden her father with her problems. Given that she knows his schedule by heart, she can easily avoid him there;
  • Suffers from both generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety due to the combination of her early childhood ostracization and her sister going missing. Both undiagnosed, but she's done enough research to suspect something along those lines;
  • Wants to have two daughters someday, with the purpose of naming them after the ones that have left the Clarke family one way or another - Janelle Chelsea, her mother, and Vivian Bailey, her younger sister.
General Knowledge
  • Daughter of the local graveyard keeper;
  • Finds it easier to talk to ghosts than with living people;
  • Doesn't really have much in the way of friends;
  • Very resourceful, enough to earn the nickname 'Bootleg MacGyver';
  • Knows about local fauna and flora beyond the school curriculum;
  • Proclivity for pyrotechnics (much to her chagrin);
  • Good at knitting and paper cutting, and sells her creations to fellow students for a bit extra change;
  • Member of her House's Dueling Club roster, and not half bad at it;
  • Enjoys puzzles and is a surprisingly decent strategist;
  • Talented guitar player;
  • Can't really escape the MJ nickname, so she's given up and just introduces herself as such;
  • Capable team worker in school projects.

While MJ isn't a living beacon of positivity and energy, she's known to have an amiable and friendly disposition to those who approach her, albeit mildly cautious on occasion. She's mostly passive and harmless, making her an excellent target to walk on without consequence. Gentle in nature, she takes care of others when able in a variety of ways, even if her efforts are not immediately recognized; she's also anti-violence, and despite her demure composure, she steps up to people bullying others if need be (when the target is herself it's a whole different ball game, of course). She feels like it's her civil duty to ensure people don't harm each other, stemming from the disappearance of her sister at a young age. She doesn't want others to endure what the Clarke family did.

She works best as a cog in the machine rather than standing out on her own - despite her social awkwardness, she excels in school at group projects and people flock to her for them as a result. While she has the reputation for being 'out there', it couldn't be further from the truth - she's actually very down to earth and logical-minded, her reasoning and micromanaging skills being a saving grace for these projects most of the time; that, and the fact she's very good with her hands. With her resourcefulness backing her up, she's made a bit of a name for herself when it comes to teamwork in school.

MJ is quite solitary in nature, at least when it comes to living humans. She has a mild, unconscious fear of strangers out of the general agreement amongst family members that Vivian was kidnapped, and so she prefers to talk to ghosts since they can't harm her either way. This was made possible due to her father's position as the local graveyard keeper, and she spends a lot of time in the premises as a result, having made friends to the few that refused to pass on. They seem to urge her to get along with others, but most of the time she's too awkward to succeed of her own volition.

She is quite lacking in self confidence and very quiet, which in turn widens the gaping wound that is her social anxiety. She's never had any parental examples to follow, given that her mother passed away and her father was buried in work; other than her older sister, she's never had a soul in this world to boost her ego, and as a result she's of the belief she's someone whom should be looked over rather than looked at. This feeds the never ending cycle that continuously has her withdraw from company and either indulge in her solo hobbies or with creatures that can't speak, or ghosts.


MJ stands at a very comfortable 168 cm. Much like her mother, she has blonde hair down to her chest and blue eyes. Her mane is often found in a ponytail for the sake of practicality. Having never been taught how to use makeup, she doesn't really care for it; not that she actually cares much for her appearance to begin with, past what's healthy for her. Her face is very expressive and it's easy to tell what she's feeling from just looking at it as she doesn't have the mental tools to keep herself from showing particular emotions. While her hands are rough and calloused, she has a surprisingly clear skin everywhere else.

She is quite fit for someone not engaged in any recurring sport - this is due to her solo adventures in the Murrigal Bushland, having taken up survivalism as a hobby instead. This honed her compact physique, and as a result she's considerably heavier than what her seemingly slender frame would have you think. And for someone who spends so much time outdoors, she is surprisingly pale, indicating she takes good care of her own skin - a bit of a necessity, or else the sun would have boiled her skin a long time ago.

Due to the family's tight budgeting, she can most commonly be found wearing her uniform; when out in the woods, however, she always has old clothes on her that she doesn't mind having torn up (and most of which are, to an extent or another). She prefers shorts to skirts for movement, but wears pants at school instead.


MJ doesn't have a whole lot of people she can call a friend, unfortunately. Due to her reputation the vast majority of the school stays away from her and pigeonholes her as a run of the mill weirdo, and save for a couple people most people trying to actively get close to her would have to start from scratch. MJ herself wants to find a few people to call her friends but isn't sure how to start, and quite afraid of making a fool of herself in the process.


The Clarkes are very close to one another in general. Having been struck by tragedy twice - first, Janelle's death, and second, Vivian's disappearance - the quartet learned the hard way to value each other over everything else and go out of their way to make sure each and everyone is provided for.

MJ worries about her father constantly, believing him to work too much. She keeps most of her issues away from him so he doesn't have to worry about her on top of providing for the household, so, even if they're close, there's a bit of a barrier in between them.

Aspen, her older sister, is her best friend. The two tell each other everything and there are next to no secrets between them. MJ isn't too pleased with the idea of Aspen moving out once she graduates Tallygarunga but it's a reality she makes herself deal with whether she likes it or not.

Justice is a tricky case. He's never been the same (much like the rest of them) ever since his twin disappeared, as if a part of him was ripped out. MJ, as well as everyone else, is very overprotective over him; though, they all recognize it's just not the same, feeling as if Justice doesn't want to get particularly close to any of them after losing Vivian.


This is an area MJ takes very seriously as she's very much a family person and plans to build one of her own in the future. She doesn't take kindly to mindless flirting and the concept of flings, being more of an idealist and a romantic than anything else, wanting to wait for the right person and the right moment to accomplish anything in this field. Consequently, as of now, she has no experience whatsoever in the matter.

Subconsciously, she's somewhat picky over who she may like, although she's liable to end up hosting some sort of unrequited affection towards those whom are nice to her in some way. Due to self esteem issues she doesn't really think people will give her a second look, nor does she have the courage to pursue anybody she may like at any point in time.


Due to sheer reputation rather than personality, MJ has plenty of 'haters' that generally avoid her or otherwise make fun of her. These exacerbate her self esteem issues. Out of not wanting to cause trouble for school or for her family she goes out of her way to avoid these people unless they actively pursue her.

The story so far

Mary Joselyn Clarke was the second born of a grand total of four little tykes brought to the world by Maxwell, a Muggle, and Janelle Clarke, a magical wildlife keeper. She followed her oldest sister with roughly a two year difference, and was subsequently followed  herself by fraternal twins Justice and Vivian just a few years later. Unfortunately, the family's happiness wasn't meant to fully flourish - unfortunately, Janelle perished shortly after giving birth to the twins after a prolonged coma, her body unable to withstand the strain it was forced to endure. Maxwell, a graveyard keeper, was forced to care for and nurture his family on a low salary ever since, as neither his parents nor Janelle's ever offered to help with the children

Maxwell's efforts seemed to pay off for a time - the children never lacked a thing despite the very tight budget, and fortunately they were all too young to remember the misfortune that had befallen them, so they were able to transition into their new lives without much trouble. Due to a lack of knowledge of the wizarding world in general, he enrolled his children in Muggle schools through Elementary education. It was here that Mary first got a taste of the ostracization that haunted her for the remainder of her Muggle academic career: it turns out being the child of the graveyard keeper automatically granted her the label of 'spooky', 'creepy', 'lunatic', among other things. The fact she was shy and soft-spoken didn't help her case, and thus she remained a very lonely child throughout that entire painful process.

A second turn of the worse expected the Clarke family around the corner: the less than ideal school ultimately cost them something very dear to them, in the form of Vivian's presence. The girl disappeared from school premises one day, never to be found. This affected the whole family, in particular Maxwell and Justice. Maxwell became overprotective of his children ever since and very present in their lives; Justice didn't seem to take so well to losing his twin, and while he remained on friendly terms with Mary, it hasn't been the same since despite the years going by.

Enraged with the event, Maxwell pulled his children from the school. It was perhaps a happy coincidence that his oldest child, Aspen, had just entered Tallygarunga to pursue an education in magic - she informed him of the existence of the Whitlam Bilby ward. Without thinking twice, he enrolled the two remaining kids in it. Mary finally got to experience the magical world, even if it was through loss - and with the exposure, she was finally able to start to read and understand the various books and notes their mother left behind before passing away, most of which pertaining to magical creatures and local flora, as well as survivalist skills. She became very attached to this treasure trove of information, as it was her way of being connected to the mother she never met. Seeking to do the same with her lost sister, MJ also took the pawn shop guitar their father had gotten her for the last birthday they enjoyed together. She's been playing it since by herself, and has become very proficient in it.

While nobody seemed to ostracize her that heavily in her years in Tallygarunga - the very campus had ghosts after all, it wasn't like she was out of place - it seemed that both the social exclusion and the disappearance of her sister had left a lasting mark. MJ was the quiet sort and never had any friends, and her reputation as a weird kid seemed to follow her even if she did nothing to gather attention on herself. She'd really like a friend or two, but she has no idea where to begin...


The year proved to be one of many changes the longer it went on. Her sister, Aspen, got a girlfriend at around the end of April. Consequently, said girlfriend, Lisa Knotley, took it upon herself to help the Clarkes in every which way she could. One of those ways was to personally mentor the young Flinders in dueling given both were in that same club anyway and Lisa was a Captain. MJ's school performance improved greatly under the Sturt's tutelage and she's having a hard time juggling her newfound self confidence with her worrywart tendencies.

She also managed to get a job alongside Robin Shaw pertaining photography, something she's never considered before actually being offered the position. It improved the family's economic status (after she bought a much needed knife, of course) and for once it was as if they could all breathe for a change; but, for some reason, MJ felt like she couldn't.

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