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  1. At last, there had been a break in the weather that afternoon. It was the opening MJ had been looking for - she had gotten home after school and grocery shopping, having brought Justice along, and she had been waiting for less rain to cover the little town ever since as she needed to walk their dear Samoyed before the sun set. As soon as the final droplets hit the ground, the blonde was already out the door for that particular endeavor, Steve in tow held safely by its collar. She did the normal trek that they used to do - go to Footy Park a few neighborhoods over, let the dog run around a bit and do what it had to do, then come home. As she crossed Koonyah again, however, she walked by her father's workplace: the cemetery. Feeling an all too common calling for it, she decided to go in against her better judgement to visit her mother. This detour proved fatal to her intentions of a water-free walk. As she was finally coming back home, it started pouring again; not having brought an umbrella along since she never intended to stay out for so long in the first place, MJ quickly shuffled over to the first location she could see that would provide some cover, which happened to be a nearby bus stop. She was still a few blocks away from home, and at that point, stranded. She couldn't call for her father, as he was asleep; and as far as she knew, Aspen was training. All she could do was sit on the surprisingly dry bench of the stop and try to distract Steve with petting and scratching at his fur, as he seemed all too eager to race back onto the street, not being half as concerned over the rain as she was. If only she had brought along that umbrella...
  2. "I know..." The younger of the two imparted once a mild sigh escaped her lips. If only there were actual means of expressing how grateful MJ was for her sister's support; hell, her existence. Nevertheless she didn't relent, hard at work with cleaning the few dishes used in the extravagant breakfast she had been served several minutes before. It was having a bit of a placebo effect to calm her worried, despite her being entirely conscious of that fact. It was something. She knew her worries would never go away regardless, even if Aspen suddenly stopped pampering her. Ultimately, it was a bit of a catch-22. "That's a good idea." She nodded as the water stopped running, and she put up the various kitchenware to dry. The blonde wiped her hands on a towel hanging from a lower cabinet before finally turning and facing her sister. "We should probably hide the cake first, though, or Justice might make a beeline for it." Despite the worry, she couldn't help injecting the little joke into the conversation; though, knowing their luck, Steve was probably already sniffing the air and looking for the diabetes-inducing concoction. "I'll go wake him up." She nodded to herself before smiling at her sister and disappearing into the house. It would be a long, cheerful day - the kind the Clarke family needed.
  3. To see Aspen try so hard to make MJ's birthday a happy experience was bittersweet. On the one hand she was very grateful for the effort and expected nothing less from the Bourke, knowing her like she did; on the other hand, it made MJ feel like nothing she could ever do for the girl could ever repay the older sibling's deeds for her, and everyone else's, sake. Even if it could potentially be a matter of disagreement in the house, MJ had always perceived her sister as the glue that brought the Clarke family together, and the one whom kept them from falling apart when everything seemed like it couldn't get any worse. How was it even possible for MJ to be there for Aspen to such an extent at that point? The Flinders nodded to both questions, although she dodged her sister entirely to give her some rest, lightly twirling her body around her to keep the tray out of reach and once surpassing her she finally moved to the sink, so to wash the dishes. As the water ran, she spoke up. "...I feel like a broken record now, the first thing that comes to mind every time is that you really didn't have to do this." She couldn't help but wonder if Aspen was exhausted at that point. Perhaps she could coordinate something with the rest of the family in order to give her a proper rest day themselves. "Is dad home yet?" If he were, she figured the man would be asleep. If only the Bourke could take a valuable lesson from that and go nap as well.
  4. MJ shook her head in displeasure at the idea of eating the lone once she received a kiss to her forehead, although there was a small smile across her lips that betrayed the head motion. She knew there was no escape from the attention that day - at least Aspen was the one granting her such a thing, and she wouldn't have it any other way. With most others, the young Flinders was prone to dodging and avoiding them; but in the Clarke household, family was everything. As Aspen left, MJ finally took to calming down her grumbling stomach, exacerbated by her nostrils having picked up on the fact her favorite meal had been prepared - it was quite difficult to keep her mouth from watering. Even if she normally would have wanted to take her time ingesting, she found herself wolfing it all down in no time flat due to how delicious it all looked, smelled, and most importantly, tasted. Her sister had knocked it out of the park and MJ was a happy customer. Noticing Aspen hadn't come back by the time the meal disappeared from the plate, MJ couldn't help but feel curious over what was taking so long. She moved to stand up, leaving the gifts where they were, and put on her slippers. Picking up the now mostly empty tray, she took it to the kitchen for proper cleanup, planning to check on where Aspen was afterwards; luckily for her, she found her target at her immediate destination. Near a cake. "Aspen..." She muttered, her tone being quite hard to read - she wasn't sure if she was happy that her sister cared so much, or overwhelmed with so much attention. Perhaps both.
  5. There was no reason not to believe Aspen's story, even if it sounded odd that someone would do that after pouring so much care and knowledge into the book. Maybe it had been someone in the same situation as them? That was a good point that the Bourke brought up. With a nod, accepting the justification without a second thought, she set the book aside to join the other gift. It was time for the main event - at least, the only one that her growling stomach cared about. "Well, thank you, still. I feel like you just took my knitting and tore it a new one." The Flinders joked a bit with a smile. It was no competition between them, and Aspen had access to more funds. But, one day, MJ hoped, she would be able to invest in some proper pampering for that girl. It was only fair, since she worked so hard. At least, starting that day, MJ was legally able to find work. She needed to comb through Narragyambie to pursue a potential part time job, and pay mind to juggling that with chores, dog walking and caring for Justice. Her nostrils had already let her known of the heavenly meal that expected her, but something was off. "You don't expect me to eat all this by myself, do you?" Even if it was effectively a one person breakfast, there was no way she wouldn't share it with the person closest to her in the world.
  6. "It can wait." Came the muffled response from the younger Clarke, just wanting to relish in that tight hug, as well as in the feeling of pure, unadulterated happiness washing over her with the meaning she had mentally assigned to the first present. Even though Aspen had enjoyed the gift MJ gave her just a few days before, it felt like it had been several leagues below that journal. She wasn't quite sure how to express her gratitude, but hoped her sister would understand it through the affectionate embrace. She did manage to pry herself away from Aspen sooner rather than later, and carefully set both the discarded wrapping paper and the notebook aside. It was time for the bigger gift - also a book, from the outline of the paper. Much like before, the Flinders was ever so careful at separating the sheets covering the present, right up until she could squeeze the book out of them. It was a copy of a school book, one that she already had - it was a mandatory book for the year. This made her brows furrow in confusion. Undeterred, however, and knowing not to quite literally judge a book by its cover, she opened it, running through a few pages prior to setting it down again. Adorning them were various handmade notes. Corrections, suggestions, new inventions, across a multitude of fields. Most things seemed geared towards dueling, and some were about pranks. However, that handwriting didn't belong to her sister. "...Where did you get this?" She asked. Despite being quite awestruck with the gift, her innate sense of curiosity thwarted the feeling. The various annotations made were quite brilliant, she was able to deduce, within her limited skill. Did some used book store keep such an item? '...No, can't be. The book looks fairly new, no more than a few years of use...'
  7. MJ was equally relieved to see that the student numbers had been cut down considerably as she stepped into the room, not carrying much in the way of supplies as none were necessary (a relief, given how tight her budget tended to be). She nodded her head politely to the teacher in greeting before looking around, and seeing a familiar Bourke motioning her over. She wasted no time in going to the seat that was claimed for her. While she didn't particularly enjoy fraternizing during class, there was something calming about the Dhampir's presence. MJ was aware enough to have noticed they suffered from the same issue, which gave birth to the ironic situation that was them helping each other get through class regularly. Smiling at her for a greeting, MJ slid into the reserved seat once the bag had been removed. "Hey." She spoke in a lower tone so not to disturb the class. "Did I miss anything?" Unlikely, as there was barely anyone present. The Bourke's shake of her head confirmed it. "No. Just started."
  8. Aspen's excitement was certainly a sight to behold. It brought a wide grin to the otherwise mild mannered teen's face, and she found herself having to suppress a giggle. "You sound like you were looking forward to today way more than me." She couldn't resist the little joke, a small liberty she rarely took with anyone else - but the look on her sister's face was downright infectious. "Okay, okay." She reached for the smaller book first - at least, she could tell it was two books from the outline of the wrapping - and very carefully picked at the glue with her fingers, unable to use magic over being only fifteen years of age at that point; maybe, in her seventeenth birthday, she'd be able to open them without risking any paper tearing. They had grown up with the principle of saving and re-utilizing as much stuff as they could, and present wrapping was no exception. Once the two pieces of glue tape were safely pried off, the Flinders carefully squeezed the first book out of its container. It revealed a small, leather-bound notebook, of a dark rose color - a bit girly, she thought, but was in awe at seeing that color on leather nonetheless, as she couldn't remember for the life of her having seen such a thing before. There was some sort of symbol inscribed upon its surface, rather than the title, which led her to believe it was a school notebook rather than something for her to read. The insignia was that out of an arrowhead, a mountain, and crossed blades made with smooth curves; all things considered, all of those symbols greatly catered to her interests. Opening the book, she noticed that the paper looked like it had been aged artificially, and there were some markings along the edges of the page, mostly in black and white, to give it flavor. Mentally correcting herself, it didn't look like something she'd use in school. Rather, it looked like something deeply personal, something that no other eyes were meant to look at. Privacy was something that was a bit rare in the Clarke household - it was a big family living in a not so large house, and all her life she had shared a room with Aspen. She didn't mind it in itself, but having something to write down her own thoughts and projects in without having to bother anybody else about it sounded heavenly. She closed the book in silence, pondering if her sister even realized what sort of meaning that little book could have to her. Rendered speechless, she did the only thing she could do to display gratitude: she pulled the teen in for a very tight hug, burying her face at the side of her neck, the other gift going completely forgotten. She didn't need anything else.
  9. A sigh of defeat escaped past MJ's lips at Aspen's insistence. She knew she wasn't winning that argument - the presents had already been purchased to begin with, and it would be downright rude and disrespectful to have them returned to their seller. Ultimately choosing to bask in the more happy connotation that they brought, as was their initial intent, the younger of the two scooted away towards the wall. After pulling the two gifts to her own lap, she pat the bed next to her instead of reaching to open. "I'm not doing this without you. Come here." She said, having given more than enough space for the Bourke to sit down. MJ valued her sister's presence more than she did a couple of materialistic gifts anyway. That would be the best way to bring her out of her sleepiness, as far as she was concerned.
  10. Not only was it her birthday, it was also something MJ had grown to appreciate as workload increased over the years: school break. There was no need for an alarm to drag her away from her dreams, there was no crankiness in the mornings, there was no morning rush to get everything done for everyone. All that there was that morning was her head, the pillow it was resting on, and the two arms holding it close on reflex as she dozed. But, like all good things, that sleeping session had to come to an end. The blonde stirred with the sound of her sister's voice, coupled with the display of affection. An unintelligible groan escaped her as her brain struggled to remain asleep, although the scent of food reaching her nostrils provided ample motivation to regain consciousness. For a moment, one of her arms let go of the pillow to reach out to Aspen, an unconscious way to greet her. "...Morning..." She muttered before yawning into her pillow. She brought her arm back to rub her eyes clean, and took several seconds prior to opening them. A groggy smile stretched across her lips as her eyes met Aspen's, but that didn't last long; there were two objects obstructing her view, immediately next to her head. Turning it, she saw two wrapped objects. "What the...?" She muttered, pushing herself to a sitting position, careful not to hit her head on the wooden boards of her sister's bunk. Instead of reaching to open them, she looked at her sister for a second time. "You shouldn't have..." Not only one, but two gifts? They had a very slim amount of savings to begin with. MJ couldn't help but feel bad, even if part of her was very happy about Aspen caring for her to such an extent.
  11. As Aspen let go of her, MJ crossed her legs and turned in her 'seat', facing the Bourke and leaning her head on the wall beside them to rest. She looked quite exhausted, and missed her sister's warmth; but it was probably for the best, as it would've end up lulling her to sleep sooner or later. She needed to stay awake long enough for her favorite person in the world to be okay again. "A few fifth years. I didn't mind it though, really. Ian helped me out a bit, too, even if it wasn't his area." She couldn't complain about the boy's competence or lack thereof - the fact he promptly offered to help meant quite a bit, as he wasn't in that class to begin with. "It was more theoretical work than everything, a paper for Cruel & Unusual Geography. Just going in depth about the ecosystem of the Murrigal Bushland. It's my specialty, I guess, but it took a long time because there's a lot of stuff to mention and organize."
  12. MJ had known Aspen all her life, and they grew up together, inseparable - she knew by heart when her sister was hiding or avoiding something, and she could tell from her face that such was the case. It felt like it was the right time to give the older girl some positive reinforcement. Quite ironic, since usually it was the reverse. "You work hard at everything. Why not this too? You always crush it, and this time'll be no different. I'm pretty sure she'll see you the same way sooner or later, and if she doesn't, she's not worth your time to begin with." If the prophecy's interpretation was correct, Lisa liked girls in some extent; and MJ couldn't comprehend how someone wouldn't like Aspen. The Sturt was very lucky, in her opinion. "But now, to answer your question... It was exhausting." She granted a little relief from the heavy topic. "Group work day. Had to do most of it. Got home late, and you know the rest..." She was fairly sure she was going to pass out the moment her head hit the pillow. However, for the time being, Aspen needed her. She wasn't going to let go of the embrace for a while, even if that meant passing out on the top bunk.
  13. MJ tilted her head so slightly as her sister spoke, processing what she was saying. That wasn't what she had asked - she wanted to know what was going on with QuillBook - but prophecies were equally important. A sea of blue? It could mean a number of things. She looked away momentarily as she tried to decode what it could possibly mean. Perhaps it meant she would get into a pro Quidditch team in the future and had to fight for it? ...No. That didn't make sense. To get lost in it, in that context, would mean that she was already a fan to begin with. She had no clue of team colors when it came to the Australian Quidditch League, and she wasn't aware if her sister's favorite team had blue as a representative color or not; it would be a tremendous coincidence if that were the case. But what else was there? Inevitably, her mind drifted the same way Aspen's had - the girl she apparently liked. She was a Sturt, and its main color was blue. That made more sense. But, wasn't Lisa straight? Unless, like MJ, she wasn't but didn't let anyone in on that piece of information. Could it be that her sister actually had a chance? "...Weather the storm... Maybe whatever happened in there was the beginning?" The younger of the two motioned with her head towards the discarded book laying atop the pillow near them. "It's just conjecture, of course, we can't really know anything for sure in this field, but... Maybe it just means you have to be persistent and stick to her and she'll look back at you." 'Getting lost' carried a heavy connotation. She knew Aspen had had flings in the past, but nothing too serious; as for Lisa, she had never heard of her dating anyone other than going to important events accompanied by the 'flavor of the week' sort of escort. But 'getting lost' implied something of a more serious nature was taking place. Was her sister falling for this woman? "You could use that prophecy as a reason not to get upset, you know? A 'light in the darkness' sort of thing." And an excellent exercise in anger management, in MJ's opinion.
  14. MJ sighed in frustration as Aspen wasn't entirely forthcoming about her issues. She knew the older girl was all too keen on downplaying her problems so not to bother the family; MJ did it herself, and could relate. But at the same time, she couldn't just stay there and watch her dear sister suffer like that and not do anything about it. That was something she was physically unable to do. It was quite fortunate that, little by little, Aspen was starting to open up. "I know her. I joined the Dueling Club this year... She's the leader of the Sturt team." She gave context to her situation, and tried to think back on her semi-regular encounters with the teenager. 'Nice' wasn't an accurate descriptor in MJ's experience, but it could be that Aspen got to see a different side to the girl due to being her teammate. "I wouldn't say she seems 'bad'... Reputations often don't do people justice. I'd use the word 'unapproachable' instead." She ultimately decided to comment, the Dueling Club incident story already having made the rounds with the newer crowd. It did make her feel a knot in her stomach that Aspen was befriending someone known to back stab her best friend; but at the same time, she knew that her sister wasn't stupid. "What happened for you to be like this now?" She decided to question. Something related to QuillBook. Perhaps Lisa had been flirtatious towards someone else? It was rare, but she had seen it happen before herself.
  15. While her sister gave out a less than satisfactory reply, MJ decided to remove her shoes and toss them down to the floor before either feet could make contact with the linens covering Aspen's mattress. She then moved to sit against the wall, crossing her legs, and reaching to the back of the Bourke's neck so to provide some comfort and hopefully coax her into actually talking about what troubled her. It worked. The younger of the two clicked her tongue in displeasure. She really didn't want to see her sister suffer like that. Out of anyone, she easily ranked on the top of the list of those who least deserved it. "Come here." She took the QuillBook with her free hand and tossed it away from her sister and more towards the pillow before pulling her closer by the neck to properly embrace her. There was only one 'Knotley' that MJ knew, and that girl had never given someone of the same gender a glance, as far as she was aware; hell, she was pretty sure she made a bit of a splash in her male choice of date for the ball the year before, no less. She ran a hand through her sister's golden hair as means of trying to soothe her. "I hear talking about it makes it easier." There was no point in holding it in. Advice could wait.
Mary Joselyn "MJ" Clarke
Knitter, Paper Cutter Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: April 10th, 2004
Birthplace: Narragyambie, Victoria, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Occupation: Knitter, Paper Cutter
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Non-corporeal (to be Orangutan)
Wand: Blocky, Juniper Wood, 11 1/4'', Kelpie Bone Core
Play-by: Alexandra Dowling
  • Fourth Grade - Fifth Grade: Whitlam Bilby
  • 1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Doesn't have a clue about what she wants to do with her life, despite multiple people frequently guessing it for her;
  • Wants to look for a job to help around the house the moment she turns 15, as it greatly pains her to watch her father work so much to make a living;
  • Really wants a friend or three and has no idea how to go about it, who to target, etc;
  • Her younger sister, Vivian, has been missing for many years;
  • Her cheap guitar once belonged to said sister;
  • Has a little treehouse as her secret HQ somewhere in the Murrigal Bushland, near Korrowi Creek, equipped with immediate survival supplies. She's also tailored the immediate vicinity to her needs without damaging the local habitats, as instructed in her mother's notes, and often tends to injured animals in the area;
  • On the rare occasions she actively seeks out advice, she visits the Graveyard to talk with the ghosts there - she'd rather draw information from their life experience than burden her father with her problems. Given that she knows his schedule by heart, she can easily avoid him there;
  • Suffers from both generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety due to the combination of her early childhood ostracization and her sister going missing. Both undiagnosed, but she's done enough research to suspect something along those lines;
  • Wants to have two daughters someday, with the purpose of naming them after the ones that have left the Clarke family one way or another - Janelle Chelsea, her mother, and Vivian Bailey, her younger sister.
General Knowledge
  • Daughter of the local graveyard keeper;
  • Finds it easier to talk to ghosts than with living people;
  • Doesn't really have much in the way of friends;
  • Very resourceful, enough to earn the nickname 'Bootleg MacGyver';
  • Knows about local fauna and flora beyond the school curriculum;
  • Proclivity for pyrotechnics (much to her chagrin);
  • Good at knitting and paper cutting, and sells her creations to fellow students for a bit extra change;
  • Member of her House's Dueling Club roster, and not half bad at it;
  • Enjoys puzzles and is a surprisingly decent strategist;
  • Talented guitar player;
  • Can't really escape the MJ nickname, so she's given up and just introduces herself as such;
  • Capable team worker in school projects.

While MJ isn't a living beacon of positivity and energy, she's known to have an amiable and friendly disposition to those who approach her, albeit mildly cautious on occasion. She's mostly passive and harmless, making her an excellent target to walk on without consequence. Gentle in nature, she takes care of others when able in a variety of ways, even if her efforts are not immediately recognized; she's also anti-violence, and despite her demure composure, she steps up to people bullying others if need be (when the target is herself it's a whole different ball game, of course). She feels like it's her civil duty to ensure people don't harm each other, stemming from the disappearance of her sister at a young age. She doesn't want others to endure what the Clarke family did.

She works best as a cog in the machine rather than standing out on her own - despite her social awkwardness, she excels in school at group projects and people flock to her for them as a result. While she has the reputation for being 'out there', it couldn't be further from the truth - she's actually very down to earth and logical-minded, her reasoning and micromanaging skills being a saving grace for these projects most of the time; that, and the fact she's very good with her hands. With her resourcefulness backing her up, she's made a bit of a name for herself when it comes to teamwork in school.

MJ is quite solitary in nature, at least when it comes to living humans. She has a mild, unconscious fear of strangers out of the general agreement amongst family members that Vivian was kidnapped, and so she prefers to talk to ghosts since they can't harm her either way. This was made possible due to her father's position as the local graveyard keeper, and she spends a lot of time in the premises as a result, having made friends to the few that refused to pass on. They seem to urge her to get along with others, but most of the time she's too awkward to succeed of her own volition.

She is quite lacking in self confidence and very quiet, which in turn widens the gaping wound that is her social anxiety. She's never had any parental examples to follow, given that her mother passed away and her father was buried in work; other than her older sister, she's never had a soul in this world to boost her ego, and as a result she's of the belief she's someone whom should be looked over rather than looked at. This feeds the never ending cycle that continuously has her withdraw from company and either indulge in her solo hobbies or with creatures that can't speak, or ghosts.


MJ stands at a very comfortable 168 cm. Much like her mother, she has blonde hair down to her chest and blue eyes. Her mane is often found in a ponytail for the sake of practicality. Having never been taught how to use makeup, she doesn't really care for it; not that she actually cares much for her appearance to begin with, past what's healthy for her. Her face is very expressive and it's easy to tell what she's feeling from just looking at it as she doesn't have the mental tools to keep herself from showing particular emotions. While her hands are rough and calloused, she has a surprisingly clear skin everywhere else.

She is quite fit for someone not engaged in any recurring sport - this is due to her solo adventures in the Murrigal Bushland, having taken up survivalism as a hobby instead. This honed her compact physique, and as a result she's considerably heavier than what her seemingly slender frame would have you think. And for someone who spends so much time outdoors, she is surprisingly pale, indicating she takes good care of her own skin - a bit of a necessity, or else the sun would have boiled her skin a long time ago.

Due to the family's tight budgeting, she can most commonly be found wearing her uniform; when out in the woods, however, she always has old clothes on her that she doesn't mind having torn up (and most of which are, to an extent or another). She prefers shorts to skirts for movement, but wears pants at school instead.


Mary Joselyn Clarke was the second born of a grand total of four little tykes brought to the world by Maxwell, a Muggle, and Janelle Clarke, a magical wildlife keeper. She followed her oldest sister with roughly a two year difference, and was subsequently followed  herself by fraternal twins Justice and Vivian just a few years later. Unfortunately, the family's happiness wasn't meant to fully flourish - unfortunately, Janelle perished shortly after giving birth to the twins after a prolonged coma, her body unable to withstand the strain it was forced to endure. Maxwell, a graveyard keeper, was forced to care for and nurture his family on a low salary ever since, as neither his parents nor Janelle's ever offered to help with the children

Maxwell's efforts seemed to pay off for a time - the children never lacked a thing despite the very tight budget, and fortunately they were all too young to remember the misfortune that had befallen them, so they were able to transition into their new lives without much trouble. Due to a lack of knowledge of the wizarding world in general, he enrolled his children in Muggle schools through Elementary education. It was here that Mary first got a taste of the ostracization that haunted her for the remainder of her Muggle academic career: it turns out being the child of the graveyard keeper automatically granted her the label of 'spooky', 'creepy', 'lunatic', among other things. The fact she was shy and soft-spoken didn't help her case, and thus she remained a very lonely child throughout that entire painful process.

A second turn of the worse expected the Clarke family around the corner: the less than ideal school ultimately cost them something very dear to them, in the form of Vivian's presence. The girl disappeared from school premises one day, never to be found. This affected the whole family, in particular Maxwell and Justice. Maxwell became overprotective of his children ever since and very present in their lives; Justice didn't seem to take so well to losing his twin, and while he remained on friendly terms with Mary, it hasn't been the same since despite the years going by.

Enraged with the event, Maxwell pulled his children from the school. It was perhaps a happy coincidence that his oldest child, Aspen, had just entered Tallygarunga to pursue an education in magic - she informed him of the existence of the Whitlam Bilby ward. Without thinking twice, he enrolled the two remaining kids in it. Mary finally got to experience the magical world, even if it was through loss - and with the exposure, she was finally able to start to read and understand the various books and notes their mother left behind before passing away, most of which pertaining to magical creatures and local flora, as well as survivalist skills. She became very attached to this treasure trove of information, as it was her way of being connected to the mother she never met. Seeking to do the same with her lost sister, MJ also took the pawn shop guitar their father had gotten her for the last birthday they enjoyed together. She's been playing it since by herself, and has become very proficient in it.

While nobody seemed to ostracize her that heavily in her years in Tallygarunga - the very campus had ghosts after all, it wasn't like she was out of place - it seemed that both the social exclusion and the disappearance of her sister had left a lasting mark. MJ was the quiet sort and never had any friends, and her reputation as a weird kid seemed to follow her even if she did nothing to gather attention on herself. She'd really like a friend or two, but she has no idea where to begin...

Aspen Clarke March 21
Type: Invite Aspen ClarkeMJ Clarke.
MJ Clarke February 11
Type: Open MJ Clarke.
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