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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Andrea Riverpond

Professor Head of Sturt
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  1. I need a break from this house. Either my parents leave or I'll be sleeping under a bridge for a few nights. 

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      I'd be more than willing to give you a place to stay if you need one, my friend.

    2. Andrea Riverpond

      Professor Andrea Riverpond

      As much as I love my parents, I can't deal with these scented candles anymore.

  2. Once upon a ... dream?

    He could be onto something, it was common people from different houses to get along, but the two main houses who could easily pull a prank like that were the Sturts and the Spencers, while the Flinders were a smart house they were too passive to even consider such a thing, and they were too nice and sweet, they wouldn’t want to hurt anything. The Bourkes could be in on it, they did enjoy practical work and pranks, well, pranks were more practical than theory. Should she go with the knowledge she knows of her house? The Sturts weren’t the prankster types, but they could come up with something just to mess with the Spencers and catching everyone in the process. “You know, you might be onto something. I too would like to know who’s doing this, but mostly to ask them to stop, I’d like to teach a class from start to finish for once.” Did Andy like pranks? Absolutely, she loved them when she wasn’t at the end of it. Did she like playing pranks on others? Debatable, she liked to create chaos and then watch as she can leave completely unharmed. She didn’t agree with a lot of people, but it was right there that she actually agreed with Rhys, turning their students into sloths would be easier, and it should be a perfectly acceptable punishment. They wouldn’t be running around like wild animals, they’d be easy to hoard in one place, and unlike monkeys, no poo. “Sloths work, but aren’t they a bit too big? If we do snails, they can all go into the tank.” Obviously, she couldn’t turn her students into any animals as a form of punishment, but it didn’t hurt to talk about it, didn’t hurt to dream about the endless possibilities of having a quiet classroom without something getting broke. “You know, I bet one day someone is going to play a prank where everyone gets turned into animal and I’m not sure if I’m going to like the outcome…”
  3. Once upon a ... dream?

    Spencers were always destroying things, it had to be a Spencer behind all that, and if it wasn’t well, they shouldn’t even be in the house they were in. These damn kids trying to make people’s life harder than it is already. She watched Rhys from her seat, still thinking about the dream that involved her friend, weird, but pleasant to say the least. “Whoever did it didn’t want anyone to know probably…” the prank could have gone wrong, but then again, as much as she thought the kids were stupid, some were quite smart, even in the circus house. “Pretty sure just didn’t want it to be traced to them, or is several people working together. The past few days have been somewhat…gloomy.” At first was the murder, then the explosion and then the accident that landed two students in the Hospital Wing, whoever planned it probably wanted to light up the mood and they managed to do it, but also endangered a lot of students in the process as well. “Can argue with you there. Do you think if we turn them into monkeys, they’ll be easier to teach or will just start throwing poo at us?” Andy spoke, trying not to laugh at the situation and mental image of turning students into monkeys and watch them roam around school as such. “I’d rather not have my classroom filled with poo.”
  4. Once upon a ... dream?

    Andy was having a somewhat pleasant dream about her and her friend Evelyn, a smile popped up on her face as she continued to be pulled by it further into her sleep. Being a somewhat light sleeper the moment the door opened and made an awful sound she opened one eyes, mumbled some incoherent words, mostly likely insulting the culprit of such sound, the one who had stopped the dream from moving forward, but at least she knew she had the real deal, and upon seeing Barrows, she opted to keep her mouth shut, their bets were far too amusing for them to stop over a few insults. “If it isn’t Professor Barrows.” She spoke as soon as he entered the room. She crossed one leg over the other and closed her book completely, storing it on her side. “No, I’m betting it was the Spencers, it was childish, it had to be them. The Sturts would have pulled a smarter prank.” The hard thing about figuring out the real culprit was that the kids never snitched and half the time they didn’t even know who had started it. They were like zoo animals, the Professors were the keepers and they were definitely losing their battle, even some Professors were in it too, with their enjoyment for pranks. “Who do you think it was Barrows? Got any specific Spencer on your mind?” Unfortunately, Andy didn’t know many of her students’ names outside class, at least not by memory, in class was always easier. “But more importantly, how were classes today? Same old? Like monkeys in the wild creating havoc?” her class was slightly different than his, the kids were able to destroy more things and potentially hurt each other, in his, the worst thing that could happen was letting a crystal ball fall on their feet.
  5. Once upon a ... dream?

    The pranks around that school continued, the one with the chairs had been the one that had put Andy out of commission for a while. She iced the chairs to the floor during that day, but they continued to try to escape, at least until she was able to make the chair acting like real chairs and not like some monkeys in a zoo. She was sure the culprit was a Spencer, she just couldn’t prove it, no one could since everyone was affected by it, as far as everyone was concerned it could have also been a staff member that wanted to shake things up a bit after the Quidditch match that sent two students to the Hospital Wing in critical condition, one at least was already out, but didn’t seem to be good enough to play in the upcoming matches. The staff room was empty, and Andy liked it when it was. She opened a window to let some wind flow in the room, but all she felt was a hot breeze in her face, no matter how many years she lives there in Australia, she was never going to get used to that goddamn weather. It was hell, it was awful and more importantly it wanted to cook her alive, and she didn’t like the whole concept of being cooked. She took a seat on a nearby sofa and opened a book. She could have gone to her old room but what would be the point in doing so? She could regulate the temperature and relax a bit more, but miss out on the sunlight? She wasn’t a vampire scared of it, about to combust whenever the sunlight touched her skin, she just didn’t like when it tried to roast her, almost like a sacrifice to the Gods. She shrugged the idea and opened the book to start reading, she hopped she could at least finish it sometime this week, she had been dragging it for days. The sofa was perhaps a bit too comfortable for Andy at that moment, shortly after opening the book, and starting to read, her eyes started to close, at first she would wake herself up, but that wouldn’t last long, it seemed that both her eyes and head were too heavy and soon after she started to drift away into dreamland, falling asleep on the couch, eyes half open while she was almost drooling herself.
  6. It's funny how everyone's chairs are just running around and the ones in my classroom are perfectly still. 

  7. Cleansing Fire

    “Yes I am.” It had been a few years since her last trip there, but it was impossible to forget everything that had happened there, and, if they both visit, it’s still going to be even better, after all, she now would have some nice company to enjoy the holidays, and while hanging out with Evelyn was fun, some of their sneaking out was amusing too, but it was starting to get complicated, both their jobs took time and their schedules weren’t always compatible. Andrea looked at Evelyn with a smile, she was happy with her current arrangements, no strings attached, just friendship and they were both similar in so many aspects that if they had to stay in the same room, they would eventually find something to entertain themselves. Andrea’s lips curled up in a smirk. She was excited with the idea, but sadly there weren’t much to explore, unless Evelyn enjoyed shopping, alcohol and parties, but it was something they would have to wait and see how it goes, Andy shouldn’t start thinking about it, or it couldn’t live up to the expectations, or maybe it’ll be much better. “I’d love to be your guide, there’s not much to see but there’s plenty to do.” She smiled towards the woman, she enjoyed the time with Evelyn, she couldn’t see why their time in Ibiza couldn’t be as good. The young professor finished her tea and placed the cup on the table and looked towards Evelyn. There were other ways she could relax, and she was glad the weight of her shoulders wasn’t as heavy as before, maybe things would change now. “I should tell you all about that new place you’re about to visit, all the details and everything.” Andy’s mind was stirring to someplace else, but she had to stay focused, they weren’t there for that, they were there to spend some girl time together.
  8. Cleansing Fire

    Andy didn’t consider teaching hard, it was everything that came associated with it as being more exhausting than anything else. Being tired didn’t mean the job was hard, at least in her opinion, it just meant that there were a lot of things to do at the same time, papers to read, exams and tests to grade. It was, overwhelming, and it was the only way she could describe teaching. Evelyn’s words were involuntarily ignored by Andrea, only for a moment. The thoughts about Ibiza and all the fun times she could have there were demanding too much attention from the young Professor, making her relive a few memories, nothing that she wouldn’t mind reliving again, even if with company. Evelyn’s suggestion sounded perfect. “Hmm you know, that might be a good idea…” Andrea did know that she wanted to visit that place again, the same place she visited many times before. Maybe she could suggest it to Evelyn, if they could both go it would be a getaway to remember, on both ends, at least that’s what Andy hoped for. “You know, I do have vacation day, and I have been thinking about this place that I haven’t visited in a while…” she hummed lightly and closed her eyes, the memories still dancing in her mind like they had happened only days ago. The blonde’s question came right on time, Andrea was going to suggest it anyway but having her friend asking for an idea was even better. “We could go to Ibiza…it’s a nice place t spend some good time.” Suggestion made and with company was going to be even better. “What do you say? Some swimsuits, the sun, the pools or the beach, whatever you want.” Yes those would be some marvellous vacations, and she couldn’t ask for a better company.
  9. Cleansing Fire

    There were jobs and there were jobs trying to control a classroom. She knew when she was a teen, she wasn’t exactly easy, no one was, everyone moved, made noise, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but mixing different years was indeed the perfect recipe for a disaster. “I don’t think applying is the main issue here.” Andy commented. “I actually do like to teach. I just didn’t think it would be like this.” Perhaps she had been naïve, but a person learns from their mistakes, and while teaching wasn’t one of them, Andrea was starting to view it as such, mostly due to her inability to connect with the kids. She was equipped to teach, and not equipped to deal when they had issues, there was a counsellor for that, and it wasn’t Andy. Andy took a sip of the tea and thought about her friend’s words. Friend…Evelyn had been the only constant thing in Andy’s life since she arrived in Narrie, her and the school. Maybe it was time to toss pride aside and finally admit she was close to someone, at least someone alive and close to her. “I mean, it’s not a hard job, it’s more … time consuming and emotionally and physically draining. You most likely know since you sometimes give a class.” Evelyn wasn’t a teacher but her knowledge and expertise in DADA allowed her to teach a class or two per year, keeping the kids on their feet. “I do need some me time…in a swimsuit, somewhere in the world, under the beautiful sun and next to a pool while drinking something refreshing and with a good book.” The only words that popped in her mind were, Ibiza, she did love it, she wished she could visit it again. Maybe she will be able to in the future, she had a lot to go through before considering taking a vacation, besides, summer in half the world was long gone, it was time to get ready for the Australia summer. “But what do you suggest, for some … me time? Since Australia is hot enough during the summer.”
  10. Cleansing Fire

    Andy nodded. It was a great way to get parents and others in the wizarding community and that supported halfbreeds to know what the school was doing and how inclusive it was, it could even bring a few people together as they all supported a common cause. Many people didn’t know when or where to start helping, some didn’t even know about the situation unless it was presented to them, especially those who either lived a sheltered life or weren’t too keen on paying attention to the news. It was only a matter of time before someone burst their bubble, but at least in an event like that they could get the facts straight instead of searching for information in places that could potentially cloud their judgement. Evelyn was rather understanding of the situation, and Andy couldn’t be more grateful. She was honestly tired, the type of tired she hadn’t been in years. The young Professor closed her eyes briefly, yes, that squeeze did feel good, the tension just kept on pulling up and there was no escape. She needed a break, she needed to just close her eyes and let everything go for a few minutes before being bombarded with it again, she just wanted a few minutes of peace before the storm hits again. “I would actually love a massage.” If Andy could do it to herself, she would, she could also enchant something to give her one, but there was nothing better than the hands of someone else, especially someone with Evelyn’s hands. Andy sat correctly and laughed at Evelyn’s joke. “Well you know me. I don’t mind second intentions either.” The second intentions were also good to relax, though in that situation she had too much on her mind to even consider such a thing, she also assumed Evelyn knew it. Perhaps for know they should stay with the massage, nothing like a good one to let someone forget about their issues. “I hope next term starts and ends better than this one. I never considered teaching kids wouldn’t be exhausting. Maybe I should have followed another path.” Before education she did study something else, maybe she should have considered it before trying to teach kids, but no, she had to be ambitious.
  11. Wandless Wonders, Term 4

    Finally, it was time for the last term, and unlike other times, Andy decided to make a joint class outside. She had warned every student that the class would happen on the Quidditch Pitch. The original idea was for everyone not only to work together but to be able to use what they had learnt in previous classes, she wanted people to team up, but it was always hard, they weren’t all friends with each other and it was going to create a lot of tension, although it didn’t mean she couldn’t treat it as a slight competition, the one with more points could win additional points too their house. Yes, that could work. Andy’s lips curled as she made her way to the quidditch pitch, with Delores being dragged by its leg. Delores, the poor mannequin was still going to be her faithful sidekick in the Wandless Magic Adventures, a rather quiet sidekick, just how she liked it. Multiplying the doll, she made sure each student could get one. She waited for all the students to get at the designated location as she continued to drop dolls throughout the area. She had to go inside to get a board, she needed to make note of all the students’ points in order to determine who the real winner was. Students started to arrive, and she waited for all of them to show up before she could start explaining what they had to do. “Good morning everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the break, now I hope everyone’s ready for class.” She announced. “This term we’ll be doing something similar, but I hope its more fun this way.” She waked to the board and upon writing everyone’s name and their house, along with the points in front of them before turning to them with a huge smile. “There are at least 30 hidden mannequins around the area, they have an invisibility spell. Your job is to find and turn the mannequin visible and bring me the little orb it has inside.” She watched the students, expecting some questions, but in the meantime, she decided to continue her explanation. “To get the orb one must destroy the mannequin, but each one has one three weaknesses, Fire, Water or Wind, to discover this, you must use a spell to reveal this information. Each orb is worth 15 points.” It was a simple puzzle game with the dolls and magic, nothing the kids couldn’t handle themselves. “Remember, you may steal someone else’s orb, but being caught will make you lose all your points.” “If you have questions please ask them now, if not, you’re all free to start.” Mannequin Count Round 1 Fire 10/10 • Water 10/10 • Wind 10/10 ((OOC NOTES: Whenever a character destroys a mannequin please make an ooc note about it on the bottom of the post with the element used. Make sure to pay attention to the mannequin count. You can destroy up to two mannequins per round of posts. This ends when all mannequins are gone. The number of mannequins can change according to the number of people that show up for class.))
  12. Cleansing Fire

    Evelyn finally carried the tea up to the living room where Andrea was sitting on the couch. The young teacher remained sited on the couch, thinking about the conversation, it was taking a different turn than she expected, while still a heavy conversation it was nice to talk about it with someone who knew minimally about the situation and didn’t start throwing insults or accusations. By Andy’s point of view humans were far more dangerous than halfbreeds or any other breeds out there, not only were they more, they were the ones persecuting those who were different. She should stop thinking about the situation and just drink the tea, enjoy the moment, she could use some relaxation time. If Evelyn couldn’t do much, Andy couldn’t either, she was relatively knew at the school, the power she held was exclusively inside the classroom, and even then she was pretty sure an older professor, someone who knew their way around the school and the other staff could still be an authority figure. A donation wouldn’t be bad though, considering their low budget, many years having the same class, they desperately needed the money. “Maybe an event to draw parents, old students and maybe other important people from the wizarding world could do something about it…” she spoke, more as a thought than an actual comment on anything. Andy knew about the staff, not about all of them, but most of them, some talked, some were more reserved, and she wasn’t going to snoop around pointing her finger at people, she wouldn’t gain anything by doing so. When Evelyn mentioned Ms. Sullivan, Andy’s attention was all on Evelyn again. The woman was the counsellor, she probably knew these kids inside out and could be more helpful than Andy could ever be. “Yeah, maybe I’ll set up a meeting with her, to see what can be done. Thank Evelyn.” A rare sight, Andy’s lips didn’t curl in some mischievous way, more towards a gentle smile. She was thankful that Evelyn had listen to her and even suggested a few things. “I feel a bit better. Did I ask you if you wanted to have dinner tonight?" Andy was almost certain that she had asked, but it didn't kill her to ask it again. "Sorry, today was a really rough day."
  13. Cleansing Fire

    Evelyn was right, nothing will ever be the same. Andy’s life was always about not mattering who people were, after all her parents were people who got along with everything and everyone and those who knew many cultures, they could easily adapt to any situation, just like her, she was given the tools and she was given the information that halfbreeds are as worthy as any full human. If that was the point shouldn’t there be some prejudice against muggles? Like it happens in other countries? Like she had witness? It just sounded like an excuse to promote free violence and hatred without trying to understand. “I mean yeah. But there are bad humans too, and I don’t see those anti-halfbreed crowds banging on their door? They are hypocrites.” Had she faced those people before? No, but she was sure her parents have, and they never really mentioned it, she could only assume how brutal it probably was. “I wouldn’t be surprised actually. The number of students that are halfbreeds, even some staff.” While the staff situation was more confidential and the students were too, some students didn’t mind broadcasting, while most staff members would keep their mouth shut about the situation not to create any problems to themselves and to the school in general if a parent decided to complain. It was going to become a very bad situation if not contained. “But the support system is a good idea, I don’t know how to do that. You do know I’ve only been teaching there for this past year.” Andy was new to the whole school, she still didn’t know everything about it, nor about the staff, she did know about her students, a few of them were halfbreeds, maybe start there, or at least gather some help from another staff member. “Do you have any suggestions?” It wasn’t like Andy couldn’t come up with some herself, but Evelyn was an auror, she could serve as some form of support towards all that, and she did teach DADA every now and then.
  14. Cleansing Fire

    It was one of her students, even if she tried to maintain distance between herself and the kids, she had to deal with them almost every day and regardless of what she wanted she got closer to the kids. “I mean yeah. I suppose it’s not only affecting him, but everyone that knows him, and everyone that doesn’t believe the gossip. It’s like a snowball.” She could even understand how those who knew him and were his friends could feel, some would believe, and some wouldn’t, it was emotionally exhausting. Having to listen to the gossip growing on every corner, hearing the same things over and over again and things could and will most likely will get worse with time. “I can’t wait for this to be sorted and everything goes back to normal.” She could wish all she wanted it was still going to a while for it to happen. She did need a break, she could sleep for days without having to think about the situation, but she still had classes to teach, and telling kids to shut up and mind their own business before they fail her class, or any other class. “You have no idea. It’s been absolute madness.” She tried to chuckle, but it didn’t happen. “I have to admit, in all the places I’ve been this is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this.” “I do need a distraction, if you have any ideas about what I could do to take off this weight I would appreciate it.” she could always read, but her mind would still work, sleep was the same thing, maybe something else could help her, some exercise. For someone who used to jog every morning she had been avoiding doing so, bad sleep and excessive caffeine intake could do that to a person. “Do you feel like staying for dinner tonight?”
  15. Cleansing Fire

    The idea of Evelyn preparing something sounded great. “Some tea would be nice, I have it on the top shelf, you know where it is.” Since Andy had moved to the house and her encounters with Evelyn, the young Professor made sure to always have tea around, she know how much Evelyn enjoyed it, or seemed to enjoy it, and at least she could have something to drink that didn’t have alcohol in it. She wasn’t surprised that Evelyn was one of the Auror’s assigned to the case, she was a local and she sometimes did teach DADA which meant she also knew the boy. Andrea looked at the blonde and closed her eyes for a few moments, trying to absorb all the information she could, it wasn’t easy, everything was so scattered from being so tired, at least Eve was being honest with her. She opened her eyes and looked at Eve for a few seconds. “I know, it’s tough and halfbreeds have it even worse, everyone’s suspecting them.” She didn’t have a problem with them, they were just like everyone else in her eyes, discrimination was never beneficial and often created more chaos. Everything was a mess, at least most of the teaching staff wasn’t falling for those rumours. That was an odd question, but Andrea had nothing to hide about what she thought about it. “I don’t know the kid that well, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of person to do that.” She crossed one leg over the other, still looking at the blonde. “Sure, everyone snaps you just need to find the right button to push, everyone taken to a limit can do unimaginable things, and some people don’t even need buttons, it’s in their nature…” she couldn’t read people’s minds and their motives but she was fairly good at reading people, and she trusted her intuition above everything else. “…but it’s not in his, I mean, call it intuition or naiveté but I think it’d take a lot for him to be pushed to the point of murdering his own mother and even then I don’t think he would.”
Andrea Riverpond
Wandless Magic Professor
29 year old Pureblood Human She/Her/Hers
Age  29
Date of Birth July 10th, 1990
Birthplace USA
Year Level 
Occupation Wandless Magic Professor
Player  ✩ Tecri
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Patronus Lynx
Wand Holly wood with unicorn hair core 10''
Play-by Summer Bishil

Castelobruxo (South America - Brazil) 2001/2002 - 2002/2003

Uagadou (Africa - Uganda) 2003/2004 - 2006/2007

Hogwarts (Europe - Scotland) 2007/2008

VMU (Australia) 2009/2010 - 2016/2017


They are secrets after all...

She often avoids long term relationships because she moved a lot growing up, it never allowed her to grow any roots.

Unregistered animagus: Lynx

She jogs every morning. 

She fears birds.

She was arrested, at least two times, trespassing and breaking into schools and libraries at night, however, it's not on her file and no one seems to know about this.



General Knowledge

She traveled around a lot;

She studied in three different Wizarding Schools

She dislikes small children (babies - 8 year olds) 

She likes books and silence


Despite not looking she is intimidating, her own tone of voice and how confident she is might intimidate some. She tries to be charismatic, however, sometimes it might fail her depending on her mood. Her general looks may portray her as someone arrogant, someone who believes it is better than others.

She appears cold, distant and she prefers to keep to herself however if anyone manages to befriend her she is nice and a good friend, she’s brave and won’t let people walk over her. She knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less.

As a friend, she’s not only nice she will always be there for those she considers important, the ice melts away revealing a rather friendly and approachable person.

She can be flirty is the opportunity arises but she is unpredictable, her mood can change quickly and anything that she considers offensive or something that she doesn’t like she will express her opinion. 


Andy is slim and is 155cm tall. Initially, she doesn't look very intimidating, at first glance at least, and may seem younger than she actually is. Her choice of clothing might not be the best, and it makes her look like a cold and distant person, someone who prefers to keep to herself, which is mostly accurate.

Her skin has a slightly dark tone to it since her mother is of Mexican descent and her father of Indian descent. She had long brown hair which is rarely tied in a ponytail or in a bun. She also has brown eyes. 

The story so far

Andy was born in the United States of America, her life was boring, aside from traveling from place to place and never being able to make that many friends over the years.

She spent most of her time moving around from place to place due to her parents' line of work because they worked with magical creatures. At a young age, she moved to Brazil, at first her parents were in a secluded village where Ella learned new ways to do magic, eventually, she enrolled in their Wizarding School, Castelobruxo. While in Brazil she developed a taste for magizoology, just like her parents.

Her life in Brazil lasted for six years but right after completing her second year in Castelobruxo, Andy and her parents moved to Africa, where she had to enroll in the Wizarding School of that region, Uagadou, there she completed her third and fourth year. While there she learned new abilities, one of them being the wandless magic and one very popular at that particular school, that one she could never master, but Andy's affection was towards wandless magic, her wand wasn't unpredictable, but she always felt that it couldn't be the only way to do magic. 

One year before completing her final year at the school she moved to Scotland, she wasn't particularly happy that both her parents decided to move there, she was pleased with her current school, but at least it gave her the opportunity to learn new things, she wasn't even sure how everything worked there, but as soon as she graduated her parents decided to move again, this time to Australia. Upon hearing that they had a University, Andy couldn't wait to get out of Scotland, but when she arrived she saw that the place was even worse, regardless, she pursued her studies further. Her first year as an undergrad student was complicated, she was used to a simpler way of life in Africa and took her too long to adapt to a city where everyone had everything without working too much for it. It took her a while, but she eventually adapted to the comfortable life of the city, but never forgot what she wanted.

Being proficient at Wandless Magic, Andy became better by the day and shortly after graduation, she applied to a vacant stop at the local Wizarding School to be a Wandless Magic Professor.

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