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  1. None of it made sense, if May had a problem, she should have told Liv, one person just doesn’t leave like that without saying a word, without even hinting that they were going to leave, earlier that morning everything was alright, she couldn’t understand why May would leave. At that moment Liv didn’t want to understand, she was not only sad, but she was also heartbroken that May had left her. The half-veela took a deep breath and stared at Diana for a moment. At that moment Liv didn’t care about May’s intentions or reasons to leave, Olivia thought they were in it together, that they would try to help one another, but it was probably just Olivia’s way of seeing things, or maybe May just grew tired of her, took whatever she needed and left everything else behind. The thought made Olivia angry again, how could someone fake for so long? It wasn’t going to happen again, there won’t be a next time. When Diana spoke, Liv looked up at the blonde. “No, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.” She had decided that what May had would go into a storage room at her aunts, maybe one day she can have some fun burning those things, but for now she just wanted to forget. “I ... I don’t have dinner … I’m sorry.” There was a feeling Olivia couldn’t understand, it made her feel not only sad but hurt and angry as well, she felt lost, abandoned and alone, but she also had this rage about everything, even towards Diana, who was completely innocent.
  2. Hello! Welcome to Tally. I hope you enjoy it here
  3. I only have two students, @Maxine Williams, and @Aspen Clarke • Maxine is a 7th year Spencer, she's nice overall, perhaps a bit too annoying and rowdy and she likes to play pranks on people along with creating a little bit of chaos or setting things on fire accidentally. Overall Max is nice, easy to dislike. She's not the most predictable character I have. Since she's been around she probably knows Max and they might have crossed paths, they are also in Wandless Magic class together, along with Max's roommate @Laurie Kempf so they could know each other. • Aspen is a 7th year Bourke, she doesn't call people by their first name unless they are family or play in the Quidditch team. Overall she's not a bad bean and is very social, but has some anger management issues. Aspen has been around since the first year and her sister @MJ Clarke is a Flinders. It's not a stretch to say they know each other, even if it's through MJ.
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    Hi Cam! Welcome to Tally
  5. Tecri


    Hello Tee! Welcome to Tally. I hope you enjoy rping here 🙂
  6. Robin had just got back from a local store, getting new equipment was always fun and exciting, she couldn’t wait to get home and try it out on Persephone and Freya, they were going to love their new portrays, or at least Robin likes to pretend her dogs like it. She was walking through Calder Avenue in order to go home when she noticed someone. The girl seemed to be upset about something but only when Robin got closer, she understood why. She looked up to see a cat on a tree, the poor soul seemed to be trapped and possibly can’t come down. The other girl, however, seemed to be slightly worried about the animal and seemed like she wanted it to come down, Robin couldn’t do much for her, except perhaps climb the tree herself. She tapped the girl’s shoulder lightly. “Excuse me miss.” She spoke and signed at the same time. She didn’t want the girl to start talking since she wouldn’t be able to hear her. “Do you need me to climb the tree to get the cat?” she asked, continuing to sign, if the girl spoke slowly enough, she would be able to somewhat understand what she wanted.
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    Hey Hey Hey

    Hello Lisa! Welcome to Tally. I hope you like it here. I can't wait to see your character.
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    Hey Mac! Welcome to Tally.
  9. Hey Heather! Welcome to Tally. I hope you enjoy roleplaying with us.
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    Hey! Welcome to Tally. Nice to see another Portuguese speaker Can't wait to see your character.
  11. Hey hey WickedLo. Welcome to Tally! I see you like cats. Be sure to tell your cat that they are the best cat. Can't wait to see what your character will be and I hope we get to thread soon ❤️
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    Hey! Welcome to Tally! I hope you like it here and can't wait to stalk your character for some plots!
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    Tecri Plotbox

    @JazZay Andrea x Nox Nox is more than welcomed to show up and ask Andrea questions, she likes students who care. Max x Nox That sounds interesting. Maybe they should hang one of these days Liv x Nox I'm in for it if you're interested in a thread, feel free to start one and tag me
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