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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring


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  1. Hola

    Hey Met! Nice to meet you. Welcome to Tally. I am supposedly an adult, but I'm not very good at it to be honest. Don't worry about your writing skills as long as you're having fun that's what matters.
  2. Tecri Plotbox

    @haru Suho + Lexi She probably wouldn't "hunt" him down and she can take a no very well, which means a confused look or trying to avoid her. Though flirting just happen when she interacts with people, but nothing pushy so there wouldn't be a necessity for him to be upset over it, although she is quite childish and annoying sometimes, usually when it comes to her nerd stuff, video games, board game, LARPing and she might try to get him into one of those things. If he's not bothered by silence when with someone else then they'll get along just fine, as she just does her thing while others are doing theirs, might awkwardly stare out of curiosity though. I can't promise she won't. But it would be all good. She probably won't mind how he relates to people, she's used to that and might even make her be extra-friendly towards him. Suho + Aspen I can see some rivalry between the two, especially since Aspen is dating the Sturt's Quidditch Team Captain, @Lisa Knotley that's bond to create some friction between people, but at least she won't call him by his last name, which she does often. As a Bourke she will taunt him in the field and off but mostly because he's from another team and therefore deserves to be taunted because of it. Her anger is slowly getting under control but I can't promise she won't lash out at anyone, she tries not to considering how she could be seen since she's the team's Captain. She's overall friendly, and him being as he is I doubt there would be an issue between the two. Suho + Colette These two can either go well or not 😂 it's only a matter to have them interact with one another. She would spend more time rolling her eyes at him than probably make a snarky comment but she might also try to draw a response out of him, and even smile back at him as she does that. She does understand the struggles of being a halfbreed, she was after all in a school that didn't allow them, so her parents had to lie to get her and her sister in that school, she understand what's it like to somewhat be 'hidden'. In public she's mean to her sister, @Gwendoline Auclair, calling her Dumpster Baby, and without a doubt she will punch her sister in the face for a five days old slice of pizza , but behind closed doors she's soft around Gwen and one needs to be really good friend's with her to witness such thing, so she understand what's it like being mean to siblings, she certainly would enjoy their reactions. But if anyone does anything bad to Gwen she'd literally bring them hell. If you want we can try them out. I don't have any opens with them, just with Max but I can make a thread to see how they get along. Just tell me who you want, and we can discuss the others later 😄
  3. A Wild Haru Has Appeared

    Hello Haru! Welcome to Tally. We already spoke on discord. Glad to have you here. Fell free to poke with plots as well, I'm usually open to most things, and I do love some brainstorming about potential plots and interactions between characters. Can't wait to see what more characters you can come up with and hopefully we get to thread soon.
  4. Colette Auclair's Birthday

    It's Colette's birthday. Don't remind her about it.
  5. Ezekiel Hammond's Birthday

    Hey look. It's Zeke's birthday.
  6. Lexi Stewart's Birthday

    Lexi's birthday, go give her cake
  7. Hiya

    Hello! Welcome to Tally, glad you decided to join. I hope Tally can accomplish and motivate you. Hope we get to thread sometime.
  8. Hello, how are you?

    Hello. Welcome to Tally Glad you decided to join us. I'm curious to see your character and hopefully we get to thread
  9. Tecri Plotbox

    Splotter updated with Lexi Stewart, Jo Estrada and Zeke Hammond (Finally!)
  10. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    @Lisa Akira & Max: To realize that she's self-conscious it takes a while. It depends on the people, sometimes deeper conversations have that effect, but considering the age differences, I doubt that will happen. On the bright side, she can always influence him to do a few things he shouldn't, like mixing potions that he shouldn't mix, usually harmless things that could turn his or someone's skin color blue or green. Lexi: Lexi is an indoorsy person, except for a few activities that require her to be outside, like pretending to be a knight fighting a dragon with others is kind of her thing, as she plays LARP with both wizards and muggles alike. Maybe Akira would be into it? She also likes video games and tabletop games, whatever they may be. She's a bit childish in a lot of things despite her age so I think they might get along perfectly. I don't see why there can't be a couple of threads to see how things go between them 😃 if you want I can start up a thread between Akira and Lexi somewhere around the school. I only noticed now you have Kairi up in your splotter so here goes. Kairi & Max: I replied to your open with him so it's just a matter of time to see how they get along 😂 although most interactions with her depend on many variables as she isn't very predictable, a prankster but also friendly towards everyone. Lexi: They are around the same age so I'd guess they'd have a few classes together. As I stated Lexi is social, despite being indoorsy. She flirts too much for her own good and doesn't know when to stop, so it's probably going to make things awkward between the two if it happens. Aspen: Aspen is a bit older than Kairi and she's part of the Bourke's quidditch team. She's overall a 'nice' person, who calls everyone, except her friends by their last name. She can be a bit rough at the beginning which can be a bit unsettling. I feel like they should meet but I am unsure if they will get along or not, which is the best part in my opinion (nothing bad with haters)
  11. <Insert clever introduction title here>

    Hello there Gimini. Welcome to the Tally! I hope you enjoy being around There's plenty of geeky and nerdy folks around here. Can't wait to see your character and hopefully we get to thread.
  12. Something strange this way cometh

    Hello! Welcome to Tally. I must say, cats are amazing, perfect creatures really. I may or may not be the resident Cat Lady Looking forward to see your character,
  13. Anybody Remotely Interesting is Mad in Some Way

    My favourite doctor is David Tennant. I really loved the dynamic between him and Donna
  14. Anybody Remotely Interesting is Mad in Some Way

    I was going to give it a shot with Jodie Whittaker but I've been procrastinating ever since 😂 I watched a few with Capaldi, I think the last episode I saw with Capaldi was the bank heist, which wasn't bad, but I don't think Clara was the best companion either.
  15. Anybody Remotely Interesting is Mad in Some Way

    Hello fellow nerd! Welcome to Tally 😁 Nice to meet someone who likes Dr. Who, sadly after Matt Smith I hadn't been able to find the same excitement in Dr. Who as I once did. And useless trivia can be fun. Curious to see what kind of character you come up with
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