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    unemployed geologist and video game addict
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  1. Tecri


    Hey Mac! Welcome to Tally.
  2. Hey Heather! Welcome to Tally. I hope you enjoy roleplaying with us.
  3. Tecri


    Hey! Welcome to Tally. Nice to see another Portuguese speaker Can't wait to see your character.
  4. Hey hey WickedLo. Welcome to Tally! I see you like cats. Be sure to tell your cat that they are the best cat. Can't wait to see what your character will be and I hope we get to thread soon ❤️
  5. Tecri


    Hey! Welcome to Tally! I hope you like it here and can't wait to stalk your character for some plots!
  6. Tecri

    Tecri Plotbox

    @JazZay Andrea x Nox Nox is more than welcomed to show up and ask Andrea questions, she likes students who care. Max x Nox That sounds interesting. Maybe they should hang one of these days Liv x Nox I'm in for it if you're interested in a thread, feel free to start one and tag me
  7. Tecri

    Tecri Plotbox

    @Becca if you want feel free to start a thread and tag me I never say no to threads ❤️
  8. Tecri

    Tecri Plotbox

    @JazZay Nox & Andrea Yes, Andrea would have some basic knowledge, but she would find it intriguing and would be more than willing to help Nox out transitioning from the more artistic form of wandless to the more conventional one, if Nox ever needs it. Nox & Max Max is very friendly and talkative she will probably be that way with Nox is she isn't condescending while talking to Max, since Max isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Nox & Liv Liv will gladly heal Nox if needed, she's always willing to lend a hand to someone. Being a metamorph is a secret but if she knew there was another she could ask about it like she isn't one, at least to see a person's reaction but that doesn't mean that eventually as time goes by they can't actually talk about it. @Becca Eva & Max We can try them out and see how it goes 😄 I don't know if Eva has a class with Max but even if they don't they can just meet on the hallway or something
  9. Tecri


    Hey Becca! Welcome to Tally. I hope I get to RP with your soon
  10. @Kaitore Maxine & Alex Aye. I'll come up with a thread soon-ish. Either today or tomorrow I shall have something up, assuming you're not drowning in threads. Maxine & Derrick That would be awesome, she could use someone to lend her a hand on making a big prank without hurting people, as long as she can have fun at the cost of some poor unfortunate soul that's going to be pranked she's all in. do it! Maxine & Travis I'd like to see how worse as well. If you're not drowning in threads I can come up with something and tag you.
  11. Tecri

    Tecri Plotbox

    @Lee I'm always up for threads. Feel free to start one, if you can't I can do it when I'm 100% awake.
  12. Tecri

    Tecri Plotbox

    @Lee Max & Keaton I approve of all of it. She's also friendly and if he's being annoying he can expect her to tell him to shut up depending on their level of friendship. If he's up to create chaos she's all in for that, she loves chaos, also not hurting people but having a little fun, I do advise caution around her when patting her head, she's small and he's tall and her height might not be in his favor. When it comes to flirting she would have flirted back to do what she does best, make things worse, but some harmless flirting is usually harmless. I am extremely interested in this chaos buddies thing.
  13. @Kaitore Maxine & Alex They probably had few classes together the year before. He also seems like a cinnamon roll and if they are friendly Max would probably mess with him and would call him Cinnamon Roll. She currently signed up for the music club so there's also that, maybe one finds the other making some music at some random place in the school. Maxine & Derrick He could have caught her several times, but her pranks don't hurt people physically unless you count coloring all of their hair in one color, which probably happened once or twice. Maxine & Travis She also doesn't care much for the houses, she is proud of hers but won't go out of her way just to torment people from other houses, everyone is a victim and a possible friend regardless of the house they belong to. If he did try to flirt to break the ice he'd probably have someone who would just go along with him just to make things worse out of fun. She also has no concept of boundaries and personal space which, might make things even worse. If you're up for a thread someplace around the school I'm always up for threads. If you are up for any of these ideas and if you have any, let me know.
unemployed geologist and video game addict 0
2019* year old Muggleborn Human she/her
Age:  2019*
Date of Birth: November 30th, -0001
Year Level: 0
Occupation: unemployed geologist and video game addict
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Species: Human
Player:  Tecri
Pronouns: she/her
Play-by: Myself
Wandless Magic Professor
28 year old Pureblood Human
Played By: Summer Bishil Posts: 49
Student Seventh Year
16* year old Muggleborn Human
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School Nurse
25 year old Halfbreed Veela
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