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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Complete Trying magic without a wand

    As the discussion got a bit fierce, Nox started to recognize a few people: Alex, who was giving a furrowed and confused look to a petite Sturt, waving back from a spot next to Travis. who was had no free seats left nearby, and then there was Amber... whose things probably just got magically knocked down by another petite Sturt, who seemed to greet the professor as Headmaster Burdett's child before shoving all of Amber's things out of their way. Nox simply rolled their eyes and silently slipped into a free spot by Alex to figure out this very specific "Unlocking Spell". Of course, all the Spencer seemed to be doing was trying to diffuse a bomb in the box with mind magic, which was no help to the Jamaican who didn't actually know the spell. They could of course just unlock the box in their own way, they had plenty of ways to do it... but they did want to learn how everyone else was doing that. Well, they did until Amber knocked herself over again and Burdett finished showing off to snark the Spencer about something. Nox decided to practice this Aloha-more-uh stuff later. With Alex having opened his own box, Nox spun theirs around with a grin, "So Amber always gets into it wit' inanimate objects?" The tall Sturt then began to brush their fingers along the box's sides before softly drumming them on the top of the box with increasing speed until they had a soft, rolling pulse that they accented with gentle offbeats and backbeats that finally slowed to a stop as Nox spun the box once more. They then seemed to brushed their hand over the top of the box, towards Amber's table, before rapping their knuckles against the lid--but no noise came with their knocking. Instead, only after snapping shut, it was Burdett's box that knocked with Nox's rapping knuckles. Nox then shot Alex a wicked grin as they just took the whole lid off their box—any locking mechanisms and hinges were gone, leaving nothing but a plain box. Transfiguring the lock and hinges into a new lock and hidden surprise for someone else's box counted as unlocking their own box—right?
  2. Invite That's No Mild Sore

    Nox Ntonni
    After following the doctor, Nox sat down on the examination table and rolled their shoulders back with a strained sigh, "Work happened." Nox then gave an understanding nod before they debated whether or not they could sneak a nap in, but that thought went out the window as they tried to figure out how to answer the question. As the doctor got to work, Nox continued, "I mean it weren't goin' be nasty to me… at first…" Their lilt drawled the last part with a gravelly hum as they decided to ramble their way around to an actual answer. "But one of my old Cape York ranger managers called me to jump t'ru the Bush Telly to help confirm 'di sighting of a magical reptile wit' some pictures." With a thoughtful pout, Nox's sea-green gaze landed back on Teagarden, "But one of 'dem got seen by 'di creature, but they didn't know so I rushed over to push 'dem away so…" From the corner of their mouth, the Sturt lightly sucked their teeth as they quickly and reluctantly added, "…I got to be 'di one to wrestle out from 'dem jaws of some two-ton bite?"
  3. Invite Don't Upset the Rhythm

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox gave a nod and hum to Sam's introduction before getting back to gillyweed, "I find 'de time it lasts depends on 'di quality, freshness, strain and how well yuh body handles it." Before they could respond to the other person, their name was already given as Amber while already stripping to go swim (and clearly avoid anything to do with fishing.) Hopefully their aquatic shapeshifting could fetch gillyweed quick enough, "I'll go find a good one." They replied with a wide grin and started to wade off the edge of the shallows as they looked back at Sam. Nox simply answered with a sly, "North Queensland," before they bobbed under the waves and darted off like a fish. The duck quacked and ducked its head under for a minute, watching Nox swim until they started picking out some weeds before pulling their head back and swimming back towards Sam. The metamorph then quickly returned and resurfaced in the shallows, weaving a few strands of slimy weed between their fingers high enough for Amber to see as they finished telling Sam, "But I grew up in 'di Caribbean. I transferred from a nomadic school called Callaloo Instituto de Magia."
  4. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox raised their brows and gave an affirmative "Mm-hmm." Dealing with crocs was always a mess, in general. They grew up around a friendly one but The Great Barrier Reef had plenty of normal, territorial crocodiles. They'd rather swim alongside a gaping great white shark—at least they gave a warning. As Alex talked about Greyheme Nox rolled their eyes and nodded in understanding. "Tell me 'bout it. Got plenty of flack from 'dem fi' figuring how my coursework fit wit' theirs—t'inkin' our Ritual Arts class taught 'Dark Arts'," Nox air quoted in response before adding, "Whatever backasswards definition 'dem used." Nox cast a steely green glare over their shoulder, thinking they had a few ideas as to what was meant by 'Dark Arts': from the rumors of 'muggle-baiting' extracurriculars (which misrepresented aggressors as victims) to how Callaloo simply made coursework and activities inclusive to the diverse student body—there was a lot of ways a stuffy school like Greyheme could look so far down their noses they ended up navel gazing and showing their whole ass. The soft chuckle brought Nox's gaze back to Alex, causing them to slide back on the table and lean back against a column. They simply listened as the other seemed to characterize a situation where it didn't quite sound like they were locked up… but were maybe injured or sick for a long time—to the point they were just now learning how to everyday things? Interesting, but Nox decided it best not to pry. Instead they offered a warm smile, "Sounds like yuh been t'ru a lot, and don' seem to be doin' too bad now wit' your dream wandering." Though, their expression changed with a tall, arching brow, as the conversation took an odd turn with Alex's more upbeat and adventurous response. Nox took a moment to stare at the purple-eyed acquaintance in silence before they recovered some of their wit. "Well fi Queen Nanny's sake—I don't really want to see yuh weird luck at work t'rowin' yuhself into a lethifold hunt." Their tone was measured but filled with some odd mix of amusement and confusion. "At least tell me you maybe can work a patronus while half asleep?"
  5. Invite Into the Wilds

    As Travis looked around their surroundings, Nox narrowed their eyes and cast a quick glance around before the joke was delivered and Nox let a wry smile crawl across their lips as they raised a brow at Travis. "Honestly, yuh shouldn't tempt people, Travis." Whether or not Nox could summon up a corner in the bushlands was a thought to file away for later. The smile grew with the compliment on their sneakiness, though Nox shrugged it off with an, "I try." "You sound a bit like yuh from 'di mountains…" But, after a quick glance at the bush-dog-whisperer, Nox realized Travis didn't really strike them as the mountain-living kinda guy. "Though guess yuh can't beat a good steak." Despite their constant smile, the next round of stick jokes made Nox lean away and roll their eyes. And then, as Travis leaned down to inspect the plant with the unamused pup, the ranger decided now was a great time to magic up a corner… sort of. Once the other two were preoccupied, Nox drew out their wand and cast the spell with a quiet incantation, drawing the dog's excitement and attention to them as the plant's form shifted into a suspension of water and mucky vegetation that only hung in the air for a second before splattering to the ground and onto anyone who didn't get away in time.
  6. Invite That's No Mild Sore

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox should have known their day was going to be a mess the moment their phone buzzed them awake at zero dark thirty in the morning with the urgent voice of their ranger manager from Cape Horn.There was apparently a rare magical creature sighting up north and, with how the manager was "needing" Nox to come through and help with their "experience" and "shapeshifting", the metamorph caught on with a calm, "If 'dis is 'dat magical croc cousin of dugbogs, just say it's 'dere so none of us need to do nuttin'." That response resulted in their being threatened with little-to-no field work and tons of paperwork, so Nox rolled their butt out of bed and threw on something to support their chest before magically gearing up and taking the Narry Bush Telly to Cape York. Once they were there and adapted to the dark, murky water of the mangroves, it didn't take long for the rangers to find the reptile. Or it didn't take long for the massive reptile to find a ranger's limbs dangling over the boat railing. While the speed that Nox outswam the magically-resistant lumbering log of a creature and shove said ranger back behind the railing (with their filming gear) felt like quite the fete, the only thing they could do for what happened next was brace themselves with some rough-and-ready shapeshifting as they got dragged back into the waters. Nox should have known today would start out like an underwater Jurassic wrestling match. By time dawn arrived, Nox had been patched up with bone-mending potions and healing salves, (all of which felt more comfortable with the unconcious body switch of a flatter chest,) but the metamorph was still sore. Whether it was from the haphazard shapeshifting or fighting the jaws of the reptile? They weren't really sure. So, rather than join the other Sturts in getting ready for classes, they walked through the brick and glass door entrance of Tarnagulla Centre and beelined straight for the Hospital Wing. "You in 'dere doc?" Nox's lilting voice called out as they pulled their color block hoodie over their head and walked their well-worn ptah over to the nurse's station. "I got into a likkle bind earlier—" finally, the hoodie came off and bruises peaked out from discolored bandages hugged their dark skin, wrapping around their right shoulder and pecs while more wrapped around their left hand and forearm. They then bent down to pulled up their left pant leg, which revealed another bandage around their thigh. "—and I'm gonna need a clean slate for when I go into Care of Magical Creatures today." Nox then used their free hand to pull back their fiery blend of fuschia and indigo locs and shot Teagarden a bright, warm smile—as if they were just coming in after a nasty fall off a broom.
  7. Invite Into the Wilds

    With the last innuendo, Nox pushed their hand down onto the top of their bush hat, letting the brim hide their deepening blush while their pout peered from out beneath the brim as it curled into another wry smile. With Travis' laughter, Nox arched a skeptical brow and pursed their lips into a dissatisfied line as they pushed the hat back on top of their head of locs, which now sported bright burgundy ends that faded into black roots. Though, their whole expression was broken with the corner of their mouth twitching with a wry smile at the mention of docking points. "Good. Should be ashamed fi 'dat," amusement tryign not to bleed through their tone. When Travis got down to sniff with the pup, Nox had to stop and look around to see if one of the offending plants were upwind from them, else this person was not only a dog whisperer but had a damn good nose. Or maybe they caught scent of something Nox was dragging around? Interesting indeed. Nox took the teasing that time and shrugged, "Whether you lookin' or not, I can get away wit a lot." Once a tap on the rear got the pup moving, Nox followed and kept their gaze on the surroundings as Travis continued to conversation. Though they looked back at the dog whisperer with a skeptical pout as they tried to figure out if "nuts and berries" was an innuendo before deciding it would be better not to know. Their hazel gaze turned back to the environs (and pup) with a relaxed grin. "T'ink I'm some sort of guerilla vegan?" Nox watched the pup look back to make sure the both of them were still following, "Yuh probably safe so long as you got an appetite 'dat can dent 'di carp populations." Finally, with a peppy spin and bark, pup had foud one of the offending water-gorged plants, lush and green, while surrounding plants, which should be budding, withered. The dog eyed where Nox had tucked away their wand before they picked up a nearby stick and smacked it at the tree a few times. When nothing happened they threw it at the humans' feet and glared at it. Nox's shoulders shook with the laughter they held in, knowing full well the dog thought any stick could be a wand if you waved ir around enough. Rather than immediately remedy the situation, Nox decided to lean towards Travis and stage whisper, "I t'ink 'di pup's done wit stick jokes too."
  8. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    As Alex looked around and caught sight of the webst, Nox wondered if it would be fun to quiz the other about spiders but the croc thing seemed to have captured Alex's attention most. "So long as 'di croc don' sneak up on me, sure." Nox said with a lazy shrug. The lines disappeared into wafting mist as Alex mentioned still being frsh to Tallygarguna, "Oh yeah?" Nox replied curiously. Though, with how the conversation continued to carry on, Nox wondered if Alex had a bit of wanderlust or if something else was fueling this curiosity, especially without having the opportunity to 'see that much of things'. Or maybe it was a bit of both. "'Dere's still plenty I haven't seen or experienced... differen't opportunities appear wit' different walks of life." The songlines they've learned and were still memorizing since coming to Australia came to mind as Nox's voice filled with genuine appreciation. "Am still learning plenty, without bein' on 'di move anymore" "True, can't go wrong wit' a starry sky if you use 'dem right." Then Nox grinned again and shrugged a shoulder towards Alex, "And lucky you, sphinxes prefer guarding Egyptian treasures. If yuh can turn any corner and find one you got some bad luck. Like bad bad. I'd have 'dat looked if yuh truly worried 'bout it." Their tone then took on a more measured amusement as the Jamaican added, "It's 'dem lethifold's who can catch you out in 'di tropics."
  9. Invite Don't Upset the Rhythm

    Nox Ntonni
    These two were proving more and more entertaining by the minute as one seemed to wildly speculate about Nox's gills and the other supplied a no-nonsense explanation for them. It wasn't entirely correct but it was close enough, and the metamorph felt no need to add anything more to it. "So yuh use gillyweed a lot?" they asked the closest one. When the fish bait came out with the retching, Nox rolled their lips together to hold in their laughter, but, when the comment about this person being a queasy daredevil came out, they couldn't help but bark it out. The duck flapped its wings to regain its balance as Nox added, "Ducks have more human-like personality 'den worms. Makes 'dem easy to relate to." Finally, the duck hopped of Nox's head and swam towards the fish bait, curiously, though they kep the junior ranger in their line of vision. "If you want to catch fish wit yuh hands though, I can go fetch some freshwater gilly." Nox offerred with an easygoing lilt of their voice. Then, without a change in tone or expression, they added, "Just tastes like mint." "I'm Nox, by 'di way"
  10. Invite Into the Wilds

    As Travis apologized for aggressive eating habits, Nox just smiled and shrugged and then chuckled at the excitement for their name. Despite the other's charm and enthusiasm, the junior ranger didn't miss Travis swallowing down some saliva before trying to piece together what, exactly, Nox wanted for help. But then the stick question evolved into an innuendo the wix hadn't even been thinking of. With light a blush, Nox looked away and lightly sucked their teeth for walking straight into that though. But they quickly recovered with awry smile and playful quirk of their brow, "Look, I'm good at some t'ings, but fittin' people to sticks ain't one of 'dem. We can just stick to jerky, fi now." Of course, while the blush had left their face, under their hat their black locs faded into balayage highlights of deep burgundy—bracing for any further innuendos they would surely walk into with this line of questioning. But as Travis continued talking, Nox rolled their lips into a thoughtful pout. They could just gamble and assume, more likely than not, that Travis was magically inclined, especially with the whole 'know more about other places' thing. Since, Nox hadn't actually shown any particular local expertise, other than complaining carp overpopulation—which was a thing everywhere except asian—it would just be easy to assume 'other places' meant Tallygarunga. Of course they got back to the stick thing and Travis still made it sound like an innuendo, while also sounding like the last hint needed to solve the 'are you a wix or not?' question. Nox sucked their teeth again and sighed with a smile, though their highlights were slowly getting brighter. However, rather than turn their attention back to Travis and directly address the 'magic-stick' dilemma, Nox decided to look down at the pup (who clearly wasn't leaving anytime soon) and trying some magic. However, rather than reach for their wand, Nox simply kneeled down and looked into the eyes of the curious pup—its curiousity being only thing the mind magic user needed to do something without a casting tool. Nox focused on images and smells of what they had been doing all day long: finding the water-gorged invasive plants and turning them into plant food and water to magically grow other plants. The pup's head and ears perked up and its eyes widened as Nox kept its attention. "So wit' water," Nox finally began, "yuh can find it in 'di wildest places. Right pup?" The pup's tail began wagging into a blur as it sniffed between Travis and Nox before sticking its nose to the ground and walking around in a winding circles. Finally, the pup stopped, sniffed in one spot a few times, and then began to bow and bark excitedly as it looked between the two humans. Nox then crossed their arms over their chest and raised a brow at Travis, waiting for the dog whisperer's reaction.
  11. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox watched with interest as their company slowly marveled at their little hideaway, though, when Alex turned back towards them and watched their face closely—even though Nox knew their expression was unchanged—before going on about cleaning, they raised a confused brow. But at the mention of cleaning, the wix's smile slowly grew, cutting into a wicked grin as their gravelly lilt dipped into a rumbling timbre, "Oh, but I like webs." And then they turned away. Though—if anyone looked close enough at some shadowy, stray corner—there were plenty of golden cobwebs hinting at another visitor. As Alex's inspection began Nox rolled onto their back, folding their arms behind their head and crossing their legs over each other, as if they'd laid back from just sitting. But their composure faltered when Alex asked about a croc. A loud laugh bubbled up from their throat, "Got 'di wrong Ntonni for 'di croc t'ing." Then bobbed their top foot up and down for a moment, "'Dem might turn up in here one day though… dunno. But yeah, s'all normal to me." Nox swung their legs over the tabletop and sat at the edge as they grunted, "7th year Sturt transfer—I hail from a school 'round 'di Caribbean." The raven-haired wix then raised up their hand at an angle, as if to gesture at something, but then just held it there, "We was always doin' a nomadic t'ing..." Then, with a twist of their wrist, they then cut their hand through the air over their head and chopped their way down, "We can set up anywhere—Rainforest tops, canopy, understory and floor…." Green lines appeared in the air they cut until they got to tabletop level—then the lines turned blue, "Ocean sunlight, twilight and midnight zones, et cetera…" After bending so low, Nox intertwined their hands and stretched their arms towards the ceiling. "But, as yuh can see, I'm partial to blue holes or cenotes," they let their arms swing apart and fall to their sides as their voice dipped into their own awestruck lilt, "Yuh never know where 'dem go or what 'dem hide."
  12. Spend 'di day 'round Melbourne wit' 'di best Valentines date! There was lots of swimming.


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      Merlin's Beard, what a cute little fella! I'm officially jealous.

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      If it makes yuh feel better, I can maybe convince 'dem to make you a card. Can't guarantee it won't be covered in bits of sand and flipper marks. 🙃

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      I don't mind, please do! I'll treasure it forever ❤️

  13. Class - They're Not Just Ancient Blocks, Okay?

    Nox Ntonni
    Having been delayed by work, Nox walked into the class with freshly, magically cleaned pants and a shirt that rested against their broad chest just as the professor gestured to a lectern table with stones and asked which were real and fake. Which, having not heard what was said beforehand, sounded a little silly, but Nox stuffed their hands into their pocket, foregoned finding a seat, and walked up to the lectern table. Then their lips formed into an "o" as realization set in. And then they took only a few seconds to immediately go back on the hunt for a seat before raising their hand for the second stone, despite not knowing a lick of Celtic or Pict. It was the other two stones that gave it away. For the West Indian, they had studied and read enough logographic languages at Callaloo to know the heiroglyphs weren't anything coherent or useful and that the stone with Cambodian symbols should have had something that looked like sanksrit. The seventh year Sturt also suspected the stones themselves weren't weren't of the same quality as Cambodian and Egyptian artisanry--neveremind what a pain it is to work with either governments to have something loaned out to another country nowadays. If the professor could have pulled such a feat for an introductory lesson, that'd of been a trip. Nox sat up straighter at the mention of going out ito the "field" and searching for runes--which maybe wouldn't be an entirely fair endeavor for someone who worked and learned enough from aboriginal rangers they probably already knew where to find local stufff--but it sounded fun at least! But, after Professor Lyell took attendance with Nox adding a "here" when their name was called, the sturt let their expression stay curious and engaged as they interally counted the minutes until class was over, or until they had another activity to do. Neither of those things happened but the professor did talk about all the textbooks they'd need for class. Five books, precisely. While Nox was not a fan of sitting still during a lecture, they loved reading, even if the subject matter could get a bit dull--but there were reading tricks for getting through things like that. And then just like that the bell rang and class was over. Making a mental note of possibly asking the professor about field trips or going out into the field later, Nox stood up from their seat and got ready to leave.
  14. Complete Trying magic without a wand

    Nox was later than they'd hopped, having started their morning out a bit rough. It started with waking up with a lot more curves around their chest and hips than they had the day before, which prompted a "I-forgot-to-do-laundry-can-I-stay-home-in-my-pjs" mood, but Adam and Cass weren't having it. Then Nox got called in by their ranger manager for a quick job. So now they were on their way to class in their worn work pants and a shirt that was a bit snug, hoping they hadn't missed much and could find a familiar face in the class. Of course, Nox would have no such luck. All they could see as they walked in was the teacher, answering a student's question, and the backside of a sea heads, which prompted Nox to stand there and look to see if they spotted any familiar… hairstyles. Just as soon as they thought they may have noticed someone, the teacher asked the class a question and Nox perked up a bit, having at least heard the the exchange between the student and professor well enough to have an answer. Though someone else spoke up before Nox, confirming their skill in wandless magic and then… kind of backtracking? Odd. Nox grinned and continued with a perky lilt, "Yuh can use gestures and movement, building up momentum to get magic into certain parts of 'di body--Kinda like jugglin' a vase or mixing a really showy drink." They knew that answer was right for dance magic, at least, and presumed the same principles were true for wandless Western Magic. Then added, "Words and sounds help too." Then the raven-haired wix nodded and stood their, having completely forgotten to find a seat with how accustomed they were to having class on-the-go.
  15. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    On Alex's opinion of danger, Nox didn't necessarily disagree, but, where various levels of danger and adventure were their norm, they found fun despite the danger, not because of it. But, having just met Alex, maybe 'no stranger to dangerous' had more weight to it than Nox knew. Besides, better a green dream magic-user wander here than the mind of someone shady and well-versed in magically screwing with others' heads. When Alex alluded to a change in their life, or at least sleeping needs, brought about their tendency to wander, Nox hummed and then gave a satisfied smile when their guest good-naturedly accepted their nickname. But Nox also filed 'klutzily bore' away for later use. But when the topic of why they were doing some 'spring cleaning' was broached, Nox didn't let their good mood waiver. Instead, they just chuckled out a, "Maybe," and continued to hold the door open until Alex walked through. Then Nox let the door quietly fall shut behind them both, letting the lingering anxieties and homesickness, that shaped the dreamscape outside, fade into the underwater windows that matched the rest of their 'secret hideout'. "'Cuse mi!" With feigned offence raising their tone, Nox walked past Alex onto the taut, hammock floor. "One—I'm very social. And two—do I look like a textbook villain or somebody who rolled out of bed?" Nox then hopped up and laid down on one of the suspended tabletops, busy with books, and twirled a hand to gesture to themselves and their baggy pajamas. "But nah. Lately I'm just workin' on stuff fi mi job or school." Nox held up a book on transfiguration laws and theories, "Nuttin' real exciting… at least tonight." They set the book back down as a sly grin cut across their lips.
  16. Invite Into the Wilds

    Nox nodded and gave a thoughtful hum at their new acquaintance's living situation, which sounded eerily similar to attending Tallygarunga... unless there was another non-magical boarding school around that Nox didn't pay any attention to. They had even almost forgotten about Tally being a boarding school—an easy feat since they just weren't interested enough in curfews and staying in one spot day and night to keep track of that detail. At the mention of rangers getting personal with wildlife, Nox gave another nod and added, "Yeah? Well, today I'm just gettin' personal wit' plants." The change in the dog-whisperer's tune was, for Nox, more than surprising. One moment it seemed like they weren't interested in any of the food and, in the next, the jerky was snatched up and shredded with an aggressive bite. Though Nox hadn't moved an inch, their eyebrows had shot up in appreciative awe and surprise. The metamorph could understand tearing into jerky with some nice canines—honestly, they thought it was the only way to eat jerky—but they didn't quite tear into it with this person's enthusiasm and effortlessness. Furthermore, their tendency to prowl around the bush and snatch at food originally made Nox think the other person was a hunter, but their lack of gear and their own food, in this heat, was making Nox think they were more eccentric than just an average non-magical human. Maybe it would be best to quickly check if they were on Quillbook? That thought came to a halt, however, when the Bush-Dog Whisperer introduced themselves as Travis. That name seemed way too common for a 'quick' check. The junior ranger just continued to smile and added, "Everybody calls me Nox—short for Noxolo." They then tilted their head to the side with a curious rise of their brows, "If yuh wanna help out I'll give you 'di rest," with a wiggle of the bag, Nox continued, "We been fishing out so much carp, we dunno what to di wit' it—besides cook it and eat it." "But first…" Nox was no wandmaker, but they thought they heard enough about wand fittings that they could make this sound silly to any non-magical person and familiar to any local wix. "If I asked if you had a pocket knife or a… trusty-" then Nox looked at the top of Travis' head, as if gaging his height, "-nine to eleven-ish inch stick in 'dat side pocket-" they then nodded their head towards the pants side that Travis had reached for before noticing Nox, "-which would you say?"
  17. Invite Don't Upset the Rhythm

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox snickered a little as they watched the two mess with a bag that easily swallowed one of their hands deeper than a normal bag should, (at the sacrifice of a pricked finger), before turning their attention to the one who excitedly approached them—or, hopefully, the duck. Fortunately, they were a fan of the duck, but hadn't committed to taking it off Nox's hands. The raven-haired wix smiled with a thoughtful hum and bobbed back down into the water to wet their gills, trying to refocus their attention away from this person's infectious energy and pretty looks and back onto the waterfowl problem. Then the injured one spoke up and Nox's hazel eyes then over to them as they offered a more edible and immediate solution. And it was a solution they immediately got slapped for. Nox gave a throaty laugh as the duck seemed to ruffle its feathers and gave a quiet quack of disapproval. "Don't t'ink it agrees wit' you," the ranger added with a chuckle. "Maybe keep just keep 'dem distracted?" Nox stood back up in the shallows again, "'Dem smart enough to know I'm looking for likkle carp but rude enough to photobomb my shots to catch some." They lifted up their camera tray for the two to see their phone and camera. Finally, Nox pushed the duck off their head and into the water in front of the violent-yet-animal-friendly fisherperson, "I can even tell you where all 'dem fish at deh," they then jerked a thumb back towards to the lake, as the duck contently sat in the water and waited.
  18. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Nox Ntonni
    Any internal nerves or anxiety that haunted Nox that day began to fall away with a roll of their shoulders since Adam seemed perfectly content to either just get soaked in the rain or to herd the Longhursts onto the boat—which eliminated any awkwardness around Nox swimming off to finish their last day on the reef. At least until the family splashed their way under the boat's puddle-littered awning and Aiden asked about the 'gilly dive'. Nox opened their mouth to answer only to close it into a thoughtful pout as the boat rocked and their arm got caught in a vice-like grip. They raised a brow and looked down at Aiden. Was this a sign of things to come or was Aiden just not good with boats? The ranger manager's chipper voice broke the silence, "You just eat some fresh, local gillyweed and go for a dive. Just need to get you some togs, suppress your gag reflex, and you're good to go." After Cass spoke up, a confident grin crawled across Nox's lips as they looked over at her and added, "Sure! I can just transfigure all a' yuh clothes into wetsuits for a while, if you want." Then they tapped Aiden on the shoulder with a free hand and gestured to the padded benches the other workshop attendees sat on. "Sittin' might be easier 'dan standing?"
  19. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox nodded in agreement with the newcomer's thoughts on snowy nonsense, but they also sensed the chilly memories that could give form to something substantial if one had the focus. Thank the powers that be the this person didn't—at least for now. As the other continued to express their amazement, Nox was more than a little flattered, but it didn't show beyond their welcoming demeanor. This dream was pretty low-key as far as focus and creativity were concerned, so Nox didn't feel like the compliments and amazement were really earned. With Alex's introduction, Nox's smile pulled into a wider grin as they gripped the offered hand, "Well, if somebody got all of 'di time and personal space, 'dem may not bother wit' it since it can get dangerous." They then shook Alex's hand and added, "Noxolo—Nox for short." Then they let go of Alex's hand, and, with the threat of a laugh bubbling im their throat, added, "So let me get 'dis straight... Yuh wandered here cus sleep is boring and you're a clutz?" Alex then began to throw around an overwhelmingly embarassing amount of praise about art and Nox's dreamscape to where they couldn't help their voice softening into a sincere tone, "Thanks…" but the Jamaican quickly recovered their playful lilt to pivot back to the original excuse, "…but yuh never goin' to live down 'di boring clutz t'ing." "Anyway, let's go." And on Nox's word the people on the street had all gone along with all shops' lights—save for the one closest to them, where warm and cool lights lit up the shop windows. "So 'dis place is just some spring cleaning," Nox gestured around Tallygarunga Road, "where when you let your brain sleeps it reorganizes everyt'ing—feelings, memories, experiences, and perception of 'di world—however it feels like." Nox then walked over to the shop door and held it open for Alex, "But in here's where I sit' 'round, sometimes wit' company, and do what I feel like." The door opened up into a viney, water-filled cavern lit up with warm lamps, the glow of underwater windows, and a massive and taut web-like hammock for the floor. Channels of shelves wound around the walls and were stuffed with Nox's favorite (majority mystery) novels, textbooks and magical manuals or do-it-yourself books. The cavern shelves climbed up towards a leafy canpoy of hanging finger limes, cacao pods and newly budded bush tucker that Nox was still learning about. But the well worn areas of the cave hung off of corners, niches, and cave columns like actual hammocks: tabletops with their centers cutout and replaced with large, looser hammocks, as if they were some kinda hanging lounge desks. And the table surfaces were littered with pillows, books, drums, berimbaus, and random things around that had been charmed or transfigured. Nox gestured around the space and looked back at Alex, "I'm usually scheming and practicing t'ings here."
  20. Invite Into the Wilds

    When they were asked to define 'always', Nox raised an eyebrow as their smile twitched with amusement. It would be far too easy to succumb to this person's charm *and* the pup's cuteness, but the junior ranger decided to wind a hand down to their hip and collect themselves to listen some more. With the ongoing explanation, Nox raised their brows and nodded along while wondering if this person actually *lived* out in the bush, until it was revealed there was no food of their own in the bag. Nox rolled their eyes and shoulders back in defeat as their new acquaintance snickered. Once the pup was dismissed and began to timidly sniff its way around the two of them, Nox waved their free hand off to the side, "So… guessin' you live nearby?" The pup then began to lean and sniff near Nox's boots before retracing their path through the bush, probably following the scent of wet dirt and freshly grown foliage. Instead of minding the pup, Nox continued talking "I'm t'inking 'rolling from 'di bush' is part of my job description." They pulled at the aboriginal rangers patch on their shirt and then reached up to dig around any inner shirt pockets for their snacks. When nothing turned up they held up a forefinger as they dug around their front pant pockets. But it was only when their hand migrated to their back pockets that they dropped their finger and pulled out fistful of a crinkling, pullstring bag, despite the fact the bag was maybe a bit big for a non-magical back pocket (or someone with a smaller butt and back pocket real estate than them.) "So you don' do nuts or berries?" Nox fingered their way into the bag which held three separate (and somehow not smushed) plastic bags of food, "All I got is muntries and finger lime fruit leather rolls, honey-roasted and salted sandalwood nuts, and some thick cuts of smoked carp jerky." The bag was then tilted towards their companion with a wide grin, as they added, "Pick yuh poison, bush-dog whisperer." They weren't sure if any of this would appeal to the other person, but Nox figured an aversion to nuts and berries meant they either liked processed junk food or meat.
  21. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox barely tilted their head back up as their eyes darted over to the source of the voice, which happened to be an unfamiliar person with oddly colored eyes. Rather than respond right away they just slowly blinked. As this person continued talking to them, Nox closed their eyes, focusing on how to get the dream back on track… only to sense that this person wasn't part of their dream. They were visiting. Thick lips mouthed out an 'oh' as Nox resettled their hazel gaze on the newcomer. It wasn't strange to get a visitor every once and a while, but usually those were people were familiar or people trying to wake them up, so this was a little new for the wix. Nox fully raised their head back up and let a small grin crawl over their lips, "Well, what's different to you sounds like any 'ole stroll to me…" they gave a shrug and stuffed their hands into their short pockets, before arching a brow and adding a mumbled "Except 'dat snow t'ing." "But no," came their amiable lilt, "I don' see anyt'ing special." Not that using dream magic to learn to adjust their eyesight or change it was a new concept for the shapeshifter, but that wasn't on Nox's agenda for the night. "Was trying to mek it look like an Australian sky, so yuh either goin' to need to tilt it or yuh head—I picked 'di easier option." The dark-haired wix then walked to one end of the bench as they continued regarding their visitor, "If I was expectin' company maybe I'd of shown off." Then they hopped off the bench and onto the sidewalk, where their impact smoothed the pavement into a round window looking down at a busy coral reef that wound itself into a dark trench. Without missing a beat, Nox casually un-pocketed a hand gestured it towards their guest, "Who're you to come crash mi dream, anyway?"
  22. Invite Into the Wilds

    With their locs twisted into a low bun, Nox was decked out in their beige slouch hat, ranger pants and unbuttoned shirt, and olive undershirt, hanging flat over their chest, as they patrolled the bush and hunted down water-guzzling invasive plants. Rather than spray plants with herbicide or uproot them by hand, Nox was practicing their wandwork by transfiguring the plants into nutrients and water that the native bush tucker could be charmed to root in and feed off of. But progress was slow and steady, as making sure the plants had enough shade to (try) and keep cool and didn't grow too quickly and suck up all the plant food was easier (and less conspicuous) with their machete. Of course, the fastest way would have been magical drumming with a good drum, but that would draw way more attention than waving a twisty stick at every plant they didn't like. As they quietly transfigured a few more problem plants, they heard a voice and looked over to see someone stalking towards a little pup, then babying and feeding the animal like some sort of parent. Nox couldn't hide the dopey smile on their lips. It was too cute. Unsure if the other person was rubbing their pants out of habit or checking for something like a wand, Nox put slid their own wand into a pocket and called out, "You always out here being a dog whisperer?" Then they gestured at the other person's bag of goodies that was pulled away from the pup. "And did you pack anyt'ing for yuh self in 'dere?"
  23. Invite Everything I Have Was Once A Dream

    Nox Ntonni
    The night sky was sprinkled with constellations that squeezed the bright balls of Venus and Jupiter between Scorpius and Ophiuchus on the Southeast horizon. Only the occasional wispy cloud passed over the view as a fresh breeze blew through the busy streets and brightly lit shops of Tallygarunga road. Among those walking along the road, was Noxolo Ntonni, completely barefoot and looking like they had just gotten out of bed. Their long, dark locs hung down their baggy, color-block hoodie, which hid any and all curves above their thighs, and they wore of pair of baggy shorts that stopped just below their knees—a wardrobe that should probably draw a few stares at this time of night. But no one ever looked their way. After all, this place wasn't quite what it seemed and Nox just came here to relax and think. Eventually, the barefoot wix dragged and drummed their fingers along a brick wall, which rang out with the chipper chimes of a steel drum before flipping into an aerial aú and landing on a nearby bench with the deep gong of a hang drum. If anyone here was actually becoming aware of Nox's nonsense, the capoeirista certainly hadn't noticed yet. So the capoeirista just turned to face the Southeastern horizon and then tilted their head onto their right shoulder—as if that was the proper way to view the sky—as they decided whether or not they should keep goofing around or do something productive.
  24. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Nox Ntonni
    As Mr. Longhurst happily offerred a handshake, Nox's pout of confusion pulled into a lopsided grin as they leaned further out of the boat to return the handshake. Then they gave a nod as they greeted the rest of the Longhursts, ending with shaking Aiden's hand. "Same to all a you." Without losing the amused grin, an arched brow still gave away Nox's confusion as they looked at Adam, "Welcome to 'di marine science workshop," Nox was sure they had mentioned this in Quillbook messages, but maybe they didn't get through. Or maybe Nox broke their Quillbook? "We goin' pon a gilly dive…" their cast their hazel stare over the rest of the Longhursts as they continued, "…and chattin' 'bout safety and t'ings. and…" They weren't sure what else to add as they looked at everyone impatiently waiting in the boat, "Maybe all a yuh can come in here and get out of 'di rain?…" Their voice trailed off into an unsure, throaty hum that was drowned out by the pittering of the rain as Nox just raised both their brows and gave a slow shrug.
  25. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Nox Ntonni
    Nox was checking their Quillbook messages for the upteenth time that day, checking to see if Mr. Longhurst had messaged them back yet (and also to make sure they for sure knew how Quillbook messaging worked.) They were suppose to be picked up earlier that day and taken to their new homestay with the Longhursts, but Nox had explained that today's weather gave some researchers a chance to study some "funky" glowing coral and so they all wanted to go on one of the public science workshops. The researchers also wanted some aboriginal rangers along to guide them and wanted Nox to handle the magical backup SLR camera with their rough-and-ready enchanted infrared and color filter lenses. Rather than being interested and enthusiastic, like usual, Mr Longhurst simply confirmed the location (a forested cay off the coast of Cape York) and the presence of a Bush Telegraph station. The man hadn't said a word since and now Nox was a bit anxious. The young wix turned off their phone and tuned back into the distant rain that was gently tapping on the research building and little Bush Telegraph station roofs, rhythmically drumming along the towering mangroves and forest trees, lightly pattering on the nearby dock, and quietly sprinkling into the lagoon, whose waters lapped against the side of the boat that Nox, other rangers, researchers and workshop goers sat and talked around in. Well, everyone but Nox talked. They preferred to sit in the sea of jackets and wetsuits, roll their lips into a thoughtful pout, and brood. Nox ignored most of the instructions about navigating the labrynthine ribbon coral and staying with groups (that they already knew by heart), in favor of worrying about how to get a shot without the ambient light of the sun on their back or a moon waning into a new moon. But as their gaze caught some latecomers coming out of the Bush Telegraph station, they furrowed their brows in confusion and stared until they recognized the face of Adam Longhurst. Huddled in their baggy ranger jacket, Nox leaned out from under the awning of the boat and called out, "Uh—What's goin' on?" and then, with some of their ombre teal, blue and pink locs falling out of their hood, they added, "Yuh early!"
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