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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Tecri Plotbox

    Andrea: Souds good! Nox would exhaust classmates/housemates for help first and then head to her if they were getting really stuck on something difficult. Or might just ask questions during Andrea's office hours too. Max: Then Nox would probably return the friendliness, since they are more into jokes/pranks/goofing around than being condescending Liv: Haha asking about being a metamorph like she isn't one sounds fun. While Nox keeps their being a metamorph pretty low key, they do keep the extent of their abilities (partial animal-like transformations like mimicking gillyweed gills, crocodile skin, claws, etc) so they might also come in with weird injuries that are less than fatal for a human, which could be fun to play with too.
  2. Zay's Shenanigans

    Hey @Becca! Welcome again! Nox would probably pick up on the fact that Eva is a bit sheltered if she tends to haphazardly wander the outdoors, and try to keep her out of trouble here and there, or cover for her if she accidentally wanders off the grounds and into the bushland without an authorised companion (which would be authorised by Eva's guardians per school rules). Nox is also working around Narry wildlife so is bound to run into Eva if she's adventurous like that. So if that sounds good, let me know! Or hit me up on discord and we can start a thread!
  3. Splotting Lee's Imaginary Friends

    I have my 7th year Sturt (they/them pronouns), @Nox Ntonni, who transferred from a Circum Caribbean nomadic school (Callaloo Instituto de Magia) to get more economic/academic freedom and learn about the ecologies of Oceania at Australian schools. But their trying to transfer resulted in rejections and disappointment, so they originally started working as a junior ranger for Great Barrier Reef aboriginal rangers and learned about ecology through songlines before moving to live with the Longhursts in Narry after Tallygarunga finally accepted them. So they'd be new and would probably be a bit oblivious about Keaton and his reputation. They also don't generally react a whole lot to random poking and prodding, preferring to go with the flow or only when they can't move to the beat of their own nonsense--so could result in silly interactions with Keaton. They also share Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Ancient Runes, Dead & Magical Languages and Wandless Magic classes together, so lots of opportunities to interact.
  4. Tecri Plotbox

    So I've got @Nox Ntonni for you. They're a 7th year Sturt (they/them pronouns) who transferred from a Circum Caribbean nomadic school (Callaloo Instituto de Magia) with hopes of having more freedom/economic mobility and knowledge on the ecologies of Oceania. Due to school rejections and disappointment, they originally started working as a junior ranger for Great Barrier Reef aboriginal rangers and learned about ecology through their songlines, and then they moved in with the Longhursts in Narry after Tallygarunga finally accepted them. @Andrea Riverpond Nox is in Andrea's class and learned dance and music magic at Callaloo (and via their culture/family) so they would be transitioning from the more intensive wandless-esque magic of dance and music to the more subtle nuances of conventional wandless magic. Since Andrea went to Castelobruxo, she might be familiar with Callaloo since they'd compete in local Capoeira/MMA competitions around the Circum-Caribbean, though Callaloo most likely wouldn't be accepted into a lot of academic ones due to their unconventional curriculum and diverse species in student body. @Maxine Williams Nox shares Musiciary, Care of Magical Creatures, Wandless Magic and Alchemy with Maxine, and since Nox is new their reaction to Maxine will probably be dependent on the situation. @Olivia Teagarden Since the start of term, Nox probably comes in after their junior ranger work and right before class--probably in a hurry to heal some things they didn't have time to do themselves or things that are more difficult/time-consuming for them to do. Olivia might also probably realize the changes in their hair color and body are related to their mood and genderqueerness and that they're probably a metamorph (if you want to do metamorph nonsense.)
  5. Lily's Lovelies

    It's all good @LilyCat ! I took a little bit to reply back too, (got a bit busy.) Just a note: Nox is a metamorph that can wake up with whatever body parts, depending on what they're (mostly subconsciously) feel like, so they may look like a guy, girl, or totally androgynous, but they identify as they/them cus it's easier. Lorelei & family: Ahhh okay. Then everything just flows togethr by interacting with Lorelei. So we could have Nox and Lorelei run into each other on the reserve or at school and then Nox can gush about Jez and we can play it by ear from there? Nox is staying with the Longhursts vs boarding at the school so Lorelei is most likely to catch Nox "studying" somewhere at school (technically sleeping and using dream magic to study), checking out the library (though I dunno how'd they react to @Sadrienne 's Adele yet lmao), or helping out at the reserve. The last option may be easiest for me to get started since the term just started and I'm not in IC-magical-school brain mode yet. But if you've got a better feel for the library and/or study/napping ideas then I'm cool with those too. Stardust: Ah okay. Then maybe Nox could go and get a check-up on their wand or just run into Stardust finding/taking care of new critters? Cass & Cate: So Nox could start off just enjoying talking to Cate about books and then maybe become more comfortable with discussing other things. Since Nox has a lot of coursework to do this term they could talk to Cate a bit about that if they start running into problems or they could just talk about/get advice about adjusting to life in Tally/Narrie. Then Cass could easily run into Nox if they're hanging out with Cate (or Alex) and then shenanigans can ensue from there, or they could run into each other at school on their own.
  6. Changes to profile system

  7. Lily's Lovelies

    All right so I have Nox who attended a Circum-Caribbean nomadic school (Callaloo) that taught wixes alongside other species, but it wasn't a Western education so they'd be limited to certain magical/indigenous communities in the Americas. Wanting more freedom and wanting to learn more about ecologies of Oceania, they decided to apply to schools in Australia but got rejected or disappointed so, instead, they started working as a junior ranger on the Great Barrier Reef with aboriginal ranger groups. Instead of a formal education, they'd learn songlines (and other traditional knowledge) about the Great Barrier Reef until they got word they could attend Tallygarunga. Now, the Longhursts are their homestay family and they work as a junior ranger around Narrie and Melbourne. They're a Sturt and will take these classes. And here are some character specific ideas, let me know if you think up possible connections I missed! I wasn't sure what you were wanting to do with some characters since they aren't listed: Lorelei: I'm not too sure on Lorelei, if I saw what classes she was taking it'd probably help a little bit more but where Lorelei is interested in non-humans and magical creatures Nox is interested in ecology and animal/creature behavior, so there's shared interests. Nox is also familiar with nonhuman cultures since they helped organize parties/celebrations honoring different cultures of the student body back in Callaloo. So that might come up. However, Sadrienne and I are also planning on Nox and Lauren butting heads and getting in trouble a bit so that could also affect how Lorelei and Nox would interact. Stardust: Nox could have gotten their wand from her shop when they first came to Australia. Just popped into town for a quick wand-fitting before heading back up to North Queensland? I am not sure how well-known Stardust is across Australia but it was just a fun connection. We could roleplay that as a past thread or just list it as a connection (Nox would have probably been confused and amused by all the animals in the shop.) Stuart Blair: Nox might already know or get to know Stuart's mom on the reserve if she get aboriginal rangers to come in and help with things here and there. Jez: Nox is a movie junkie so is probably a fan of her Hollywood movies. Cate: Nox loves mystery novels so they have probably read and enjoyed Cate's books after coming to Australia, so they'd be a fan. Might pester her about new books she might be working or just pester her about book recommendations? Cassandra: I can't think of anything specific, but they will probably run into each other eventually since Alex and Nox are getting up to dream magic shenanigans which will probably segue into other shenanigans.
  8. Zay's Shenanigans

    All right sounds good! I'll try to get on that later today!
  9. Zay's Shenanigans

    Kaitore I'm onto you now, lol. Also Nox identifies as they/them cus they don't feel like they fit into Western gender norms and since they're a metamorph they may wake up with one body type over another, depending how they feel that day. That's just OOC though, in IC posts I'm cool with characters slipping up, working through it or it not even being a thing--whatever works! Anyway, back to the plots. Senan: All right we can get back to things then! Alex: Ah All right. Then I can start that thread and get things rolling with Alex and Nox unless you have an idea for how you want to start it! Just let me know. Travis: Hah! All right you wanna start this one or have me do it? Tyson: Ooh that sounds like fun, just work out when you wanna do the tourney and I'm for throwing Nox into the mix! And theyre all up for a challenge! I guess we can do the run partners thing whenever, but maybe after school starts when Nox is more settled in with a schedule? So sometime next week?
  10. Zay's Shenanigans

    Haha all right I can start up a thread! I'll tag you in discord once I get it up.
  11. Zay's Shenanigans

    Sadrienne Sounds good! I was thinking they'd move from Northern Queensland to Narrie at the beginning of January, so could pick them up at either places. If Adam wants to be a total dork though the Longhursts could go get Nox early and catch them squeezing in a quick dive, which they could jump in and join. Or could just do a more low key thing where they pick up Nox and they just get adjusted to everything and Longhursts adjust to them. Whatever works for you! As far as Lauren and Nox goes, it sounds like maximum potential trouble could start at the beginning of the term, though I am not familiar enough with Tally stuff to come up with ideas with threads right away, not until school stuff gets started anyway. Kaitore Senan: Nox would have no problems going beyond school grounds to practice and work on stuff. Theyd be happy to use charms on invasive trees/weeds/etc out in the bush. And Nox knows plenty of mermish and gobbledegook and grew up having classes with plenty of different halfbreeds and species so they could go from learning language to Nox expanding on cultural stuff too. Alex: Excellent! He lives with Caitlin and Cassandra in Narrie right? So could start having dreams after Nox arrives there. As far as seems odd and dreamlike goes, could be around town where shops are open at night (when it should be closed), with maybe sky having the wrong constellations for the time of year, and then everything else be relatively normal save for Nox goofing around and doing nonsensical things no one in the dream is paying any mind to. And then the music stuff they can maybe get into later when they meet more officially and Nox learns he's all about music. Travis: Haha great! Maybe they have an initial encounter before school and then progressively more after? Maybe run into Nox working, then running in the morning, then Branch out from there? Tyson: ooh Nox could be one of the people who'd watch the tourney, (bonus that it's outside). More character involvement could involve a thing where people try to land a hit on a fighter or do some light/playful sparring? Nox could probably find a gym, or go gym hunting and then run into Tyson, they could end up as ocassional running partners, as Nox would probably do that more regularly.
  12. Zay's Shenanigans

    Sadrienne Lauren: sounds like Nox and Lauren might indirectly cook up some trouble by butting heads. I could see Nox playing a few jokes on her if she refuses to listen to them or respect their space/business. Aiden: Outdoorsy-ness and insufferable positive-ness are things Nox can vibe with, (maybe smaller doses for the latter thing though) so I think they'd enjoy staying with the Longhursts and it would give Aiden and Nox a chance to interact more often and maybe be some sort of influence that would let Aiden break out of his shell. I dunno what you prefer to do OOC/IC so we could hash out why Longhursts decided to host Nox and how they learned about each other out of character or in a thread? And also figure out when Nox and Aiden would run into each other. Kaitore Senan: Since they're both new Sturts, I can see Nox gravitating to Senan, even if he doesn't open up and just uses Nox as a way to do the "ordinary student thing"–Nox would just be happy to have a writing assignment buddy and someone to help them with wandwork and they'd definitely love try wandless magic. They share three classes (Charms, Transfiguration, and Dead and Magical Languages), but Nox is also doing Wandless Magic as a class so there'd be some overlap there. Alex: Am all for Alex developing sixth sense by dream crashing. Would be funny if they met in a dream first and then ran into each other at school haha. Could become party/pranking cohorts/buddies from there. Nox mostly uses music for fun, to dance to or to cast magic with, so they'd probably enjoy getting to know other musicians at Tally. They are also taking Musiciary, so if Alex is still taking that then plot music stuff can happen there. Travis: I feel like Travis is someone Nox could end up running into just about between school and out in Narrie bush/environment working as a junior ranger. Could be a running gag or Nox could end up dragging Travis along with them if he's helpful. Tyson: He sounds like the perfect training/workout partner, to start out. Nox might want to learn something or other about Muay Thai later if they get more interested in it or get to watch Tyson in action.
  13. Zay's Shenanigans

    Noxolo "Nox" NtonniJunior Ranger | 7th Year | Sturt | Halfblood | Human | They/Them | Narrie Resident | Class Enrollments Nox is an Afro-Taino West Indian wix or "bru" (bruxos/as brujo/as) who grew up in semi-nomadic and nomadic lifestyle that took them all over the Circum-Caribbean. Wanting more socioeconomic mobility and more knowledge about the marine ecology of Oceania, they tried to apply to some Australian magical schools but, after being met with rejection or disappointment, they linked up with some aboriginal people and managed to arrange a homestay where they learned the songlines of the Great Barrier Reef in exchange for working as a junior ranger with the GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Association) under the tutelage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owner ranger groups. Once they got the opportunity to study at Tallygarunga, Nox quickly moved their life down to Narragyambie, where they've got plenty of new things to learn and experience. Connections, Plots, & Thread Ideas
  14. Hey all!

    Hey all! I'm JazZay or Zayzie in the discord. I go by Zay or Jazz nowadays so whichever works. I have been lurking for a few days now and have been letting a character idea strew and then started to flesh it out as I became more comfortable with setting stuff I'm also from the U.S. though so I don't know much about Australian things, and always appreciate a nudge or heads up if I did something silly. Annnd I also like coming of age stories and kid adventures in a magical settnig so I hope I can write some fun threads with everyone!
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