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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Valerie Longhurst

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  1. Valerie Longhurst

    Valerie Longhurst
    Valerie is the youngest of two children, born into tragic circumstances that she was fortunately much too young to remember. Her biological father murdered her mother when she was three years old and that dropped her and her brother into a new life with new guardians. Due to this lack of memories, Val had no real issues adjusting to her new life with her half brother and his wife. Though she didn't usually refer to him as a sibling because that just sounded weird. What with him being more of a father than anyone else in her life thus far. Life was pleasant then. Ordinary and average. Or as ordinary as you can get when you're a witch and all. She shared a room with her big brother and saw the birth of a baby girl who might as well be a sister what with the age difference. And then she had the room to herself when said brother started going to school which was both awesome and sad. Having her own room was great but she missed him. She began hoping to get into school with him as soon as possible. It drastically changed again however when Matt ended up in a detrimental accident that left him comatose. Unlike when she was 3 years old, this event was stuck to her memory and left Valerie very distressed. After all, she'd grown very attached to Matt. He was all the family she had besides her brother. Or at least all she knew but that changed after the accident where they ended up moving in with another brother, Adam. But by this point, Valerie was old enough to attend school so the transition wasn't so sudden. It also put her close to where her brother was spending his time and that made things doubly nice. Valerie hasn't quite figured out what she wants to do with her life yet. She's not trying to rush because she knows she has time.