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  1. Open The Anticipation Of A New Arrival

    "Oh, thank you," Tamara replied when Derick mentioned how sweet her tattoos were. "About the only tattoo that I can't show you off-hand is the big red Liverpool tat that's right square in the middle of my back, between my shoulder blades," she said, "its' of a liverbird clutching the English Quidditch League title in its' beak; the fact that they clinched that title last year on the grounds of their arch rival Manchester United only made it sweeter." Besides the English, Scottish and Irish national sides, there was a very active Quidditch club system in the U.K. in those countries as well. "Still can't believe the Yanks won the Quidditich World Cup this past year; odds are, their women will do the same again this year, blast it," remembering how the United States side, after years of mediocrity, had pulled off the wizarding version of "the Miracle on Ice", and winning the 2014 QWC. On the other hand, the U.S. Women were the current champions looking for a repeat; unlike the men, they were the clear favorites in 2019. "Maybe we can borrow some of those infamous pranksters later this year, huh?" she joked as they began walking down towards the Dead & Magical Languages hall. In her years back at Hogwarts, Professor Lyell had found that having a solid grounding in languages helped immensely in the study of ancient runes, as any number of old, often non-spoken (at least by the living) languages could be found inscribed on runes and unless you could translate them, you pretty much had the world's heaviest and largest paperweights instead of historical artifacts. "I get that. It's pretty much how I viewed the stance with Elemental Magic and a lot of other classes that could benefit from it. Defense Against the Dark Arts and even Care of Magical Creatures. Most of the students don't realize the unique nature that the course holds until they get to that final lesson plan. When it isn't all about the potential destruction but the benefits towards the land," Derick said as they headed along the hallway. "I agree; in one of our classes back at Hogwarts - Muggle Studies, as I recall - there was a section on Muggle Religions and in one of the Abrahamic texts it spoke of how people should be stewards of the earth. This is true; doesn't matter whether you are a muggle or a wizard; at the end of the day," Tamara said, "we should all do what we can to ensure that we leave a better world for future generations," pausing as they arrived at the Dead and Magical Languages hall. "So everyone calls you Sparky, huh?" Tamara asked. "I can see why," a broad smile across her face as they entered; having noticed the embedded name plates on the walls outside, Professor Lyell made a note to bring the one she had been given back at Hogwarts and have someone install it into the currently-empty slot outside the Ancient Rune Studies hall. His hand pressed against the door for a moment and pushed it ajar, empty. Once he'd fully confirmed with himself on the lack of presence in the room he would open it up in a casual motion. "This is our ever so lovely D and M Lang. class! It doesn't seem like the instructors here but there maybe a syllabus lying about somewhere. You know how teens get, offered a paper and stuff it somewhere." "I can imagine," Tamara replied, "either that or they keep it as a prank and force the instructor to have to re-write it," tapping the side of her head as she added, "that's why I keep it memorized and up here, so that I don't have to worry about it."
  2. Open The Anticipation Of A New Arrival

    His eyes caught hint of the tattoo's that trailed along the woman's arms, that had been quite the unique artwork amongst educators. Merely seeing it pulled a small smile on his face as it would be something he'd personally note as a interesting and unique trait. "Oh, Sweet! Welcome to Tallygarunga then. Or what I call, 'The boiling pot of all that is crazy.'" A light chuckle emitted from him. The description offered of the school couldn't do justice to the amount of shenanigans and issues. Derrick's hand reached out once the gap had been closed, gripping into a firm handshake from the proffered hand. "Tamara? Pretty easy name to remember. I didn't get the chance to meet the last Rune Studies Professor. So, guess I am ahead of the curve this round." The boiling pot of all that is crazy, huh?" Tamara replied, gripping Derick's hand with an equally firm handshake. "Well, in that case I should fit right in," pausing as she noticed him checking out the intricate artwork on her arms. "As for the tattoos? Reminders of field expeditions to far-off lands, from the sands of North Africa to the jungles and islands of the western Pacific and the mountains of the Americas....a well-traveled life, you could say." It wasn't hyperbole either; on her passport there were at least 20 or so countries' entry stamps present, including a few countries whose reactions to the magical world could be best described as antagonistic...and there'd been one or two occasions were Professor Lyell had been lucky to escape with her life, much less anything else. As she listened to Derick, she shook her head in humorous terms; every wizarding school had its' pranksters and Tallygarunga was no different. "Back at Hogwarts I believe it was...it was the students of Ravensclaw House who were the resident pranksters, though in the years I was a student and then an instructor I think every house - including Gryffindor, as I recall - had its share of pranksters. The pranks were different depending on the house but most were in good humor. Most, mind you; not all, but most." Before she could reply to Derick's offer of showing her around the school grounds and everywhere, she watched the cart that had been behind him barge into the back of his legs; she giggled at the sight of it for a few moments. "Something needs to slow its' roll, I think," she said deadpan, giggling once more as she watched him kick at the cart gently a few times before it began rolling out of the lecture hall and down the hallway outside. "Correction: I think it already has," she added, also with a bit of Antrim deadpan.... "If you're up for it, the first place I can think of to start off would be the Dead and Magical Languages class. Mostly because it has a commonality with Ancient Runes in that regard. Only fair to see what they're working with," Derick said. After a few moments thought, Tamara shook her head in agreement, pausing just long enough to take her fedora, unroll it and place it back atop her head, the Springbok feather perched on one side, the fedora canted just a hair off-center just the way she wore it. "Sounds good; I've often found that the best students in Rune Studies are also the best students in terms of Dead and Magical Languages, so it only makes sense to start there and work our way around everywhere," she said, pleased to have made at least an acquaintance already. Walking over to where the exits were, she added, "After you, Derick," stepping back a moment so that he could exit first.
  3. Open The Anticipation Of A New Arrival

    After standing at the lectern table for quite some time, Professor Lyell began going through the shelves and drawers inside the table, making sure - as per the handsheet she'd been given upon her arrival at Tallygarunga - that everything needed to teach ancient rune studies inside the lecture hall - chalk erasers, chalk sticks (of multiple colors) and board cleaners, stands - was where it should be and in sufficient quantities. It was a habit of hers going all the way to her first days as an instructor back at Hogwarts and although she wasn't a stickler for habits, they served to underscore, in part, the seriousness of their profession to those they taught. Just as Professor Babbling taught me everything I needed to know about the instruction of ancient runes, she mused, it is imperative that I remember everything-- Suddenly, something caught her ear. For a few moments she thought she was back at Hogwarts and was tempted to call out, "Professor Binns, is that you?" remembering how the old Magic Professor would sometimes come out from the chalkboards or from a wall and startle those unaware of who he was but after a few moments she was certain it wasn't him. These sounds were human. Listening for several moments as someone began cleaning away the tables and lecture chairs inside the hall, Professor Lyell figured it was safe to stand up. Getting up from behind the lectern table, she looked around, a inquisitive eye searching the hall, until she indeed did see someone. Casually, Derrick began to dust it away as if it had been the intention all along. Sometimes one had to improvise when about to look like a homicidal maniac of all that had been wooden, while it was probably true he didn't need to actually excude that kind of image about himself so soon to others. "Oh wait, you're probably the new Professor I've been hearing had been asked for." "That'd be correct, dear sir," Professor Lyell replied, an innocent, rather impish smile across her face, the kind of smile one would give when meeting someone new in a strange land. Taking her fedora off, she rolled it carefully up and slid it underneath the belt to her cargo pants, next to her wand. Most days her wardrobe consisted of cargo pants and a light blouse - normally long-sleeved to cover the tattoos which snaked down both arms. This day, though, given how hot it was outside, she had opted for a short-sleeved dark blue blouse, which meant they were visible to anyone. Not that it bothered her; most of them she'd gotten on her various field expeditions, reminders of times past and adventures across the globe. Being close to the Headmaster's Assistant, certain details typically ended up in his ear faster than the rumors had time to spread. It'd also been one of the few talked about changes around the lounger as well, since the woman seemed to be of a newer face to him it seemed to be the more obvious conclusion. In a fluid motion he sheathed the wand then waved his hand in a eased greeting. "Well, to start out introductions, I'm Derrick Ackers! I'm the not-much-newer Professor of Elemental Magic. And the unlucky bastard who has to watch over the nutty students of Spencer House as their minder. Not an easy gimmick, I assure you!" ""I can imagine," Professor Lyell replied, waving back to him as she walked over to where he was at, offering her hand for a handshake. "Professor Tamara Lyell, the new Professor of Ancient Rune Studies," chuckling quietly as she remembered the last bit of what Professor Ackers had said. "I know the feeling; I was the Head of Gryffindor House back at Hogwarts for three years, so yes I know what it is like to watch over students. To do a good job, I was once told, you must be both fair but firm. Enforce the rules clearly but without favoring one over another...and what do you know, the advice actually worked." Looking around, Professor Lyell added, her Antrim accent quietly evident, "Anyway, after I left here, I was planning to walk the grounds of Tallygarunga, get a lay of the land so to speak, so unless there's anything pressing at the moment..." It sounded a little ballsy, but she figured the best way to learn about everywhere here at Tallygarunga was simply by asking someone already present; at worst, she figured he'd say no and that'd be that. On the other hand, she mused, it would be nice to get a tour of the place from a fellow professor...
  4. Open The Anticipation Of A New Arrival

    ...can you remember remember my name As I flow through your life A thousand oceans I have flown And cold spirits of ice All my life I am the echo of your past.... I am returning the echo of a point in time Distant faces shine A thousand warriors I have known And laughing as the spirits appear All your life Shadows of another day.... - Perfect Strangers, Deep Purple So this is the ancient rune lecture hall, huh?, Professor Tamara Lyell mused as she opened one of the broad doors which marked the entrance to the enormously sized classroom, one of numerous classrooms inside Kookynie Hall. To the untrained eye, the hall looked like it came out of an American western, though to her it looked like a second or third home, the field and lecture hall being her other homes of outside of her new residence over in the Calder Avenue area of town. Setting her leather satchel down on one of the lecture tables at the back of the hall, she sat down and thought about the past week or two and everything that'd happened. It had still surprised her when the exchange approval from Tallygaruna had arrived. When the announcement that an exchange program between Hogwarts and Tallygarunga was in the offing, she had put her name in for consideration prior to the first weeks of the 2017-2018 class schedule and had, like a lot of things, put it in the back of her mind, never thinking it would actually be approved....so you can imagine her surprise towards the end of the school year when Headmistress McGonagall informed her that her exchange request had been granted. At first, shock registered on her, followed by the realization that, in a couple months time, she would be teaching rune studies to students on the other side of the world. A heady opportunity indeed, the Headmistress had said to her. "Oh, no doubt," Professor Lyell replied, the idea of teaching on the other side of the world still sinking in. It wasn't that she was afraid to go; after all, as her father had told her years ago before she'd left her Antrim home to attend Hogwarts as a student, Whatever chance and the vagaries of Fate offer you, Tamara, don't be afraid to seize the opportunities in front of you.... Wise words they were, she thought as she took off her fedora and set it down on the table, the bright and airy Springbok feather sticking proudly from the brim. The hat and feather were symbols of the independent spirit that flowed through her, a spirit that permeated her life, her being. Back at Hogwarts, the easiest way to tell whether Professor Lyell was present or not was to ask if her fedora was hanging from the door hook in her office; if it was, she was there. If not, she was likely in the field somewhere. The fedora, which looked a cross between an American Stetson and an Australian bush hat, had been given to her on one of her first field expeditions by an archaeologist as a sign of respect and whenever she wore it, it was with a little flourish, the hat perched a hair off center. The Springbok feather had been given to her by a South African from the SANDF's Cape Rifles following an expedition into the Kimberley Mountains; the feather symbolized a wandering spirit, not content with simply letting things be. Professor Lyell was someone who loved to rattle the cages of injustice whenever she could and it showed at times. Leaning back in her chair, she looked around, her hands resting at the back of her head as if she were catching a few moments' shuteye before a class...after a few seconds, she sat back up and got up from her chair, sliding it back underneath the table. Picking up her satchel, she slung with over her shoulder, the pack resting softly over her right shoulder. Placing the fedora on her head in the manner of a wizarding Indiana Jones (and given how a few of her field expeditions had gone, it was a pretty decent comparison), Professor Lyell began walking towards the front of the lecture hall, taking a moment or two to straighten up some of the chairs underneath the long lecture tables inside the hall (the tables were long and set in a semi-circle facing towards the broad lectern at the other end of the hall). Walking down to the front of the lecture hall, Professor Lyell took a few moments to drink in the view; in her mind, she could see the lecture hall full of students, eager to learn; Rune Studies was an Elective at Tallygarunga as it was back at Hogwarts, which meant that students didn't have to take the course in order to advance and graduate...but in the decade or so that she had taught the course bac k at Hogwarts, she failed to remember a single time where there wasn't at least twenty students, of multiple levels, who took the class each term. Standing at the lectern table for a long while, she nodded as she thought about the year to come and thought to herself, This is going to be a really good year, I just know it will..... ....Distant bells they started ringing Somewhere far off in the night And the place was full of loneliness That disappeared from sight.... - Stranger, Electric Light Orchestra
  5. Tamara Lyell

    Tamara Lyell
    Born in 1980 at Royal Antrim Hospital (in County Antrim, Ulster), Tamara Lyell showed from a very early an ability at magic, an ability which her human-born (a/k/a muggleborn) parents could neither figure out or explain (nor something her twin sibling Sarah Lyell, who didn't show any magical powers whatsoever). Shortly before her 11th birthday, Ms. Lyell - as every child approaching their 11th birthday does - embarked for Hogwarts to begin a new chapter in her life. After arriving, she easily adjusted to life away from home, taking to her new world like a duck to water. What intrigued her most, however, were the ancient runes at Hogwarts and the questions surrounding them - where did they come from? what are they saying? who wrote them? Once eligible to take elective classes, she began studying the topic of ancient runes, so much so that she had to reminded by her professors not to neglect her other classes; wise advice, it was, for eventually, when it came exam time, she passed with flying colors (all grades above Exceeds Expectations). As a result, following the end of her seventh year at Hogwarts she was asked whether she would like to continue her studies, this time as a professor of the study of ancient runes; after giving it much thought, Ms. Lyell accepted the offer...and the rest, as they say, is history.