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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. You want it? I got it.

    Jasper Mitchell
    In the last couple of months there's been the interesting rumor that someone around could 'Get you nearly anything you need.' Probably an exaggeration, right? Needless to say, there are a number of people finding those needs met with elaborate paintings, jewelry, even the occasional magical item that offers mostly just fanfare and maybe a bit of status depending on the kind of circles a person roams. It's said one needs to make contact at an odd house in the Melbourne Western Suburbs and say the password 'The Black Rabbit made the White Rabbit Late'. That's pretty seedy, but people have been walking away happy so maybe it isn't all bad?
  2. Jasper Mitchell

    Jasper Mitchell
    Jasper's family line extends to France as well as to Native Americans that were known to be within the area of Louisiana. He was born the youngest and only boy amongst seven siblings, his father being known as a bit of a 'Rolling Stone' resulting in several different mothers for the children. This resulted in a meeting with the Veela, Azura Florine, Jasper's mother and the mother of two siblings that had been before him. While during the several years of having the children it hadn't been known what her heritage had been until several years later when the children's own latent abilities and needed to be guided in the radical changes that would occur, what to potentially expect and the various talents would be different from child to child. With Jasper being a Male it wasn't expected that he would have been gifted of any such features and so he'd bene left to his devices while growing up. Neglect based on this factor drove him to act out as he grew older, first starting random arguments with siblings and then slowly graduating to various fights while in school. In and out of the system, being on record for being not only a hellion but also a vandal that had way too many strikes on him than many would have enjoyed seeing. But due to it never escalating beyond little scraps and random graffiti with his magic, it hadn't been severely punished. He discovered through this time that he had a knack not only for selling things with a bit of a spin but also a keen eye that had slowly been developed by encountering various objects, first of the Mundane variety which he'd often try to copy or manufacture with lesser components or ingredients. Getting it to the point of 'Just enough' then sell it to the un knowing or uneducated that couldn't tell that much of a difference. Forgery and Hustling became the way he identified himself as unique amongst his siblings and established a sense of attention from those that sought out that kind of service. It had been small thing sat first: Homework assignments, essays, things that could only be considered academical dishonesty. In time, his keen eye developed further and had begun to designing forges with immense quality, enough that he could sell them off for much more than he'd been doing so. This didn't extend to just Academic assignments either, objects that were often hard to locate or even just near impossible to procure due to their retro status. This personal side business is how he managed to squirrel a sufficient amount of money to satisfy himself and at the age of sixteen sought emancipation from the household. The right to live on his own under the right that he could sustain himself and that his parental guardian hadn't been fit enough to focus on him, using it as a guise that he'd been easing the burden. A new step that created enough space for him to descend even further into the criminal element, meeting people of various backgrounds in both the Muggle and Wizard world that had heard passing rumors that he had a talent to 'get what had usually been difficult.' Those that had been more into producing con's were much more privy to the fact that he could create them something that had been an accurate approximation, certain things couldn't be made to exact specifications but it only took enough to trick even a well trained appraiser. He settled into a home that had been in a rough part of a town, enough that property rent costs would be lower due to the potential danger and lack of support given by the Landlord at that time. Something that had been much more of a positive in his view due to the need of eyes needing to be away and to limit the chances of someone that could just push into his home and see the operation that had been going on deep within the basement. More clients were drawn in and eventually he'd been contracted for a group to handle their more long term forgeries that had been a key factor for their organization. The decision to join up with them in that capacity led to him leaving the United States and first going to Europe. A move that generated much more financial benefits from the easier access to various clientele that came from more people and groups than he could care to count. Only a handful of them leaving enough of an impression at that time for him to keep contact with for business purposes and then eventually growing to slightly more than acquaintances, perhaps not 'friends' as trust was a dangerous commodity but enough that work ethic and quality had been respected for the services offered back and forth. It had been these people that kept him supplied with work to do when he decided to sign off with the original contracted organization several years after being involved. The kind of action that often isn't looked fondly upon, even if the individual had clearly never showed any form of 'company' loyalty of sorts. The following years had been him mostly moving underground, one meeting to the next. Being extremely careful of the people he had did business with and had the more trusted contacts keep him appraised of the situation of those that had been looking for him. Unknowingly to him, one of his contacts had been turned into an informant for the IWP, which had a small division that had been investigating Jasper for years. His sudden choice to drop underground disturbing their plans until he had started to make more frequent outside contact which showed signs of him planning to pop back into the criminal circuit. It had been a deal that was too good to be true and yet too good to pass up, something that could secure his passage outside of Europe and elsewhere that the pursuing organization's reach could be considered extremely difficult or unreliable at best. A setup that led him right into the clutches of the law and one he wouldn't soon forget the moment he could manage to get a moment of his freedom. What he hadn't expected had been a deal offered to him, a way to pay his debt to Wizarding society by making use of his talents and contacts to capture the more savage individuals and groups that relied on forgeries along with other criminal activities that made his rap sheet look like child's play. He agreed upon the deal with the added stipulation that they keep a certain group at bay from him or at the very least, gave up information about them and the movements that they've made in order to protect himself. That extension of protection added to whatever IWP sponsor that they'd chosen to babysit him. If they hadn't cared much about his own safety, he calculated that they'd at least care for their own person. Especially since a promised reinforcement in the sudden moments couldn't be guaranteed to be timely. With the agreements signed and the 'Undercover' job title given to him they moved him and his IWP handler to Australia where they'd have develop their own cover while keeping constant contact and making waves when necessary. As long he'd provide the full scope of his capabilities, they'd honor their own side of things. A place set up for them in Melbourne was established, though Jasper had found it a peculiar choice to have. At any rate, he was trapped in this devil's deal and forced to make due with what little freedom he held and still had his own personal revenge that he had needed to dole out to the proper stool pigeon.