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  1. Senan couldn't disagree with that view, there would be people similar in personality and intention regardless of where a person decided to spend their time and attention within. "I'd perhaps adjust it to more similar than same, the extent of an 'extreme' would be vastly different depending on where you're at. To some people in the world, it seems a heavy extreme to go to school six days a week, from sun up to sun down, and then spend ones time on the grounds still learning. To others? It's just a normalcy of their life." He hadn't been aware of if that's how it'd been in Australia for schools or even for Wizarding schools in general, but it had been something that occurred in a few Muggle schools at the attempt to stuff knowledge in the heads of growing adolescents. "Sometimes it's necessary to adjust yourself, that much I know and understand." Not something that he had cared to do but one had to do things that'd been necessary. "Titania's wings. . . Now we're thinking similarly. . ." Or maybe they'd already been on the same path in mindset in some manner and he just refused to acknowledge it? It hadn't been out of the realm of possibility and it had been something he probably should've been considering more seriously, inspecting her more thoroughly versus just trying to get through the unintentional meeting. Changing what hadn't been meant into legitimate intent. "I wouldn't say anything about me could be considered noble, a positive quality, however? That much I can agree with. Not out of conceit, mind you, simply because it's proven itself enough to work in my favor that I'm inclined to believe it." At least until something happened enough that he'd need to adjust the how or the if in terms of stubbornness. A small grunt of amusement pulsed out of him. "I don't think destroying the world is on my list of things to do. Maybe world domination, less destruction." He hadn't been an ambitious enough of a tyrant to actively seek such a grandeur idea, no matter what his Father seemed to believe. There'd been the scars of what the Connell family's Patron 'Liege' sought to do in that manner and it had been something he just couldn't truly agree with or fully support. "Hmm. . . Change. . . I guess that's one way to place it. Either change it or being willing to give it a try, most follow the precept that they can't truly know unless you actively try." Where did he stand in that regard? He wasn't sure the longer that he thought on it, maybe he gave things a try but didn't find the change of it until the outcome had been decided. Senan then shook his head lightly. "I may not have to, but it's something that I felt needed to be done." It hadn't been out of solely respect and acknowledgement in his mind, it'd been in understanding that it hadn't been with the intent to dance around in a form of wordplay. In the playful and indirect nature that most Fairy tend to lead others even their own around and astray in the webs they've weaved. He huffed lightly as he rubbed the back of his neck, why did she have to smile like that? "I'd only been saying what I thought was true, that's all. You don't need to thank me for just stating my mind. " How was he supposed to feel about it? It felt. . . Odd, that much he could attest to within himself. The twist between feeling good and nervous at the same time. Nervousness he knew, but when the hell did he ever feel good about anything? "I typically don't look, at women in that way. So, often, it doesn't come to mind unless there's a reason to look with that kind of mindset."
  2. "I'd say it's more likely they're ignoring it in order to keep their own head from being lopped off. Both literally and figuratively, the mentality that one wouldn't want to shoot themselves in the foot by not disturbing their own lives." Intentional blinders, maybe there had been some sense of truth that many may have thought ignoring it would eventually make it go 'away'. But that hadn't changed the deeper concern which had been most likely that they simply didn't want their lives disturbed. "Cowards." A faint smirk touched at his lips, one of amusement. There had only been so many ways to look at such situations and it could only be summed up as the cowardice of mankind. At least it seemed they found another 'mutual ground', or as mutual as one could get when it came to not being disagreed with. It didn't mean that she supported the sentiment but being able to see that reasoning behind the topic at hand had been quite the step that most wouldn't have attempted. Part of him had been impressed that she hadn't vehemently started to disagree to inject her own view as the only one worth the glance. He hadn't even considered about the 'Hurt' portion of her comment, not in the way he'd been assuming she meant. With him, it had been a literal physical arm, actual knives embedded in the ribs situation. "There are different worlds. My methods may not be the best for certain ones, they'd more likely succeed in keeping someone less safe and more over-safe. To think there'd actually be such a thing." 'This World', that wasn't 'His World', where things had been much darker and intentional. The kind of environment where how someone acted there shouldn't fly in the one that seemed to be etched on the surface, here, before his very eyes. To other's he knew he'd look and seemed damaged, to him, it had been the obvious choice of though and actions to various reactions. He huffed lightly as he shook his head. "You really think so? I suppose on one hand it's good to be a tenacious kind of person." A smooth shrug flowed from him, even though the next words would contradict his own belief. "I'd say a person who doesn't know when to quit will eventually bite off more than they can chew and pay for it ten-fold. Not really a popular belief amongst people, some might even be confused on the why until it happens." Tenacity rolled a high bill, one that he felt eventually accumulated a weight that when failure did occur no amount of stubbornness would halt the fallout that was bound. "Usually, up to the person to decide if that kind of hit is worth the risk of being a brick wall about it." He let a brief snicker pass by his lips. "When you're literally tossed into situations without barely anything to help you in them? You tend to learn and think on your feet quickly. Experience. . . Always a hell of a learning curve." That had just been during his days of training in both magic and the intrigue of the Fae courts. To say nothing of his current situation being an actual life call, where every action would have such a ripple effect but without any real way to deal with it. . . A whole new pressure in his mind. "I'm not in the business of rejection how people choose to think or what they believe or judging them for it on that matter. What or who a person likes is always a matter of personal taste, no different than foods. Just because peas isn't tasty to me, doesn't mean it isn't tasty to you." Senan figured that had been an extreme simplification of the matter but found it had at least aimed to push the main point across. "So, if you think I'm cute? Well, I thank you." He bowed his head slightly, humbly then lifted his head to stare at her, choosing to actually inspect her with the idea or thought of whether she'd been attractive to his mind or senses. "I'd say you're pretty and cute yourself." Now that he'd at least been looking at her that way, of course, it'd come out with all the finesse of a blunt board in the hands of a giant.
  3. "I am sure there are many that choose to be blind to one thing or another. Or, perhaps, everyone chooses to blind themselves thinking ignoring a problem is the same as setting it aside." It hadn't been his pessimistic view that formed the words he'd spoken, more so, Senan held the belief that at some point or maybe everyday, every being with intelligence that could comprehend fluent thought would close their eyes to something. Whether it'd been their own suffering, the suffering of others, or simply to believe that everything in the world had been Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood eternally. He hadn't thought too much on the idea of escape into exploration, in his line of 'work' there would always be the order to travel through unknown territory, to explore that which had been unknown to many on some level. At what point had things started to take a heavier turn? Ironically, It hadn't been odd to him that it had taken such a turn, what had already thrown the young man off had been that he didn't hold any form of disgust or unpleasantness to the track the train had been moving on. It at least gave him the larger piece of the puzzle when it came to Maxine, that there had been more to her mind than the giddy trickster that he originally may have judged her solely upon. A mistake he wouldn't soon make again with any other, it opened up the realization that the depths of such people claw far deeper than anticipated. "Maybe they are genuine, It isn't impossible." The negative part of him wanted to believe it to be improbable that every: Tom, Dick, and Harry will hold a knife in one hand and a handshake with the other. "But I would rather be in the position to have to make amends to a good person for their treatment versus having to stitch a physical wound from believing solely in a potential genuine good heart." Paranoia may have played a pivotal role in that personal stance but he found it to be the common sense approach along with a compromising one. A truly good person would be able to see his view, regardless of the slight. But a truly malicious person would never forget it, allow it to fester in them. "Quitting is something I've been told many times was never an option. It's somewhat engrained in my now, a habit that probably shouldn't be broken." The way she smiled, it seemed as if it had been some form of approval or maybe what he saw had been acknowledgement of mutual grounds with that particular stance? He grunted with amusement laced in the tone. "You'll probably be more prepared than what you think. It isn't always what you're walking in with but what you find along the way that's useful. Or at the very least think on your feet enough to make something useful in a way you didn't expect." Whether it'd been metaphorical or in actuality, he found his words managed to stay true on both planes. "Uncomfortable isn't the right word or description." Taken aback by the use of it in an environment he hadn't considered it would ever come up, under all of the gruff and huff, perhaps even slightly flattered. "Uncommon, is definitely a better route to go. It doesn't happen often, at least not without a hidden agenda behind it." Senan decided to extend some form of faith that maybe Max didn't have any form of agenda behind the words, not the kind of agenda he'd been exposed to at the very least.
  4. "That would be quite the hunger without something to go with it." That had been the same idea of just eating ketchup with nothing to accompany it or drinking cream without pouring it into coffee. He closed his eyes for a moment, had they really been places no one wanted to see? "I'd say they're the places with the largest temptations, just many do not have the bravery to attempt to do so or the recklessness." The few that had attempted it on either stance often found themselves regretting it in the final moments or after dire maiming. "The largest pull is always the draw of a mystery that is left untouched, places where it's 'waiting' to be discovered." Senan often seen such a self-destructiveness when various types of people would go off trying to search mounds for Fae. A kind of thing that many courts hadn't found to be a good thing, those not of its world had no business in their homes in many eyes. He sat there for a moment, had that really been a thing even investing in doing? It sounded as if trying to 'fix her' would be a lifetime of a job and quite frankly he didn't have that kind of a time to endorse in a failed project. There had also been the chance that the world around her would eventually go crashing down in its full force at some point, that seemed to be the usual situation when it came to Wizarding society and the few unfortunates that harbor it. "A step at a time. Some impassable mountains need that much." To him the two of them had been extremely different, whether it'd be more of an impasse than anything else, however, still remained to be seen. She'd brought up quite the point, even he hadn't been separated from his feelings or emotions, hormones or otherwise. Most times he'd wished it hadn't been so, that maybe having a psychological situation would much of what he needed to do so much easier to manage and handle. "I wouldn't say that surprise would end up being my first response to a person being nice." Skepticism? Absolutely, many a politician proffered a hand of niceties and hid the dagger of deceit behind their back with the other hand. The kind of attitude that had been designed before such a rise which meant many of the average person could have the same potential. "It's helped me much before, but every situation is apparently bound to a very equally stubborn exception." Senan narrowed a gaze towards Max to reiterate his point of her own stubbornness. How exactly was he supposed to react to any of this!? It had been unprecedented, it hadn't been in the context of leading to being used in some form of court intrigue either which had thrown him off further. He may not have been in the Fae courts long but it had taken only a few years of watching how they played with their brand of politics and manipulation that such flirtations had often grown as a distaste for him. 'Oberon's Wings. . . She actually sounds genuine. Great. . .' "Freefall also awaits the truly unprepared that believe it's simply a drop." The tips of his fingers ran along the back of his head, through the soft brunette strands. He still hadn't found an acceptable enough answer to adjust her query either. "If. . . That's what you truly believe, then it's your choice, isn't it? I'm not going to dictate what you can or can't say about me." Maybe enabling in that way shouldn't have been the step he took.
  5. "I don't doubt it, may a slight doubt on not being shot. I'm sure someone would toss a balloon filled with gravy instead of water. That tends to get someone to stop in their tracks with a shock." Not that gravy had been one of those things people had on hand but it had been one of the few things that had been difficult to get out of cloths and worse? Out of hair, the smell that persisted for days. Just listening to her made it seem as if she were some form of dreamer or at the very least a person who had wnate dto see much more of the world. Gaze narrowed towards her until she finished the daydream of a potential future. "I suppose you can count the various mundane things and even the wonderous horrors. There are plenty of both if you know where to look or bad enough luck." Did this girl not understand that she was random? He'd hoped to Oberon's golden crown that this hadn't been a moment of sudden revelation for the red-haired teen. "If you didn't think you were a random girl to me before then we've much to fix on your view between reality and fantasy." This seemed like a situation for her parents but perhaps they were simply dunderheads or worse, those that had their head deep in the clouds ignoring everything else. That said, it didn't mean he wouldn't at least try to change the 'random' portion, if only to satisfy the conditions of his cover. Oh, how deep this rabbit hole of his that had to be descended. The fact he hadn't stood up and walked away from her should have been a sign but he'd also been giving the thought she understood that much. Senan huffed and rolled his eyes at Max. To him he spoke as someone who simply had been in a complicated situation, it hadn't been inaccurate and even expanded into different views on why it could and had been labeled so broadly. She'd been right, it didn't matter, none of this truly mattered at all. At the end of it all he'd still be walking into the time consuming war as a tool and bringer of revenge. At least, now, he'd been soemwhat out of reach from one party. "Never experienced someone stubborn enough to want to stay? No. Typically it's easy to piss a person off, they're quite attached to their feelings." Shattering them did have an odd sensation, bad or good? He couldn't tell. As for him figuring things out. . . He'd been sure there would be more issue than just coming across the answer for his various dilemmas. Hearing the compliment caused his eyes to squint for a moment instead of widening, his form of being in slight shock. Did she call him cute? That had been new and left him unsure of how to respond for the moment. It hadn't been a stall of embarrassment either much closer to confusion. Still registering her words a few moments after before finally speaking up. "No, I wasn't expecting you to flirt with me. Just your wording sounded like it. 'Yes, It's dangerous, I like dangerous.' , As if you had a bad boy fetish going on." He didn't flirt anyways, not in the way that seemed to be crucial to the typical social interaction in everyday life. There had been a preference to just say it versus some dance of society with words. "If you do it or not, it's up to you though."
  6. He hadn't expected it to be her kind of thing, unsure if she'd actually had something that she saw herself doing or if her life had just been on the track of 'Whatever, wherever'. A shrug flowed along with a shake of his head, that hadn't been any of his business. "Relaxing? What would you exactly expect to see travelling the world? Just randomly running into people claiming war upon them?" Admittedly, there had been a sense of humor in the thought of that which caused his hand to raise up to rest the pointer and thumb over the line of his lips to cover a potentially small smirk. Why did she have to even answer that. . . His hand lifted from his lips to his forehead and rubbed it as if a headache had started to form or if he'd been thinking. The smile on her face made it very difficult to believe that it had been any form of innocent, maybe hiding the mischievous thoughts or intentions of its owner. "No, it isn't important in the grander scheme of things." But it certainly had him more confused on the young teen's intentions with him, had she been one of those weird people that saw a friend in everything? Or maybe. . . He'd been random in a specific way that only she could see, her own cognition in effect. Now, that, made much more sense. "Though, It'd be more accurate to say you're the one who happened to be here. I hit you, you didn't hit me." He mused in a light playfulness. Senan closed his eyes, that had been the trick question in the batch of questions. Did he want her gone? Absolutely but the longer he kept around a person it'd became increasingly difficult to tell whether it'd been by his own desires and beliefs or because of the situation of his existence and life. His mother must be giggling by now, watching him writhe in this kind of a situation like a worm stuck on a fishing hook. "It's complicated. What I want with you in terms of presence has yet to be determined." The tone of his voice spoke with the same way that it did when he lied, as if it had been a genuine truth. Whether she opted to believe it or not he didn't truly care. "It isn't as ridiculous as it may seem." A side glanced formed as if Spencer had some kind of mental lapse or maybe she just hadn't experienced the entire teen experience that seemed to be fluid in schools and most people? "Such as flirtations?" He didn't expect any form of Courtship.
  7. Espionage and secret meetings, this hadn't been the kind of thing he imagined himself to be doing often on school grounds but it had been at his mother's insistence that he meet her specifically today within an abandoned bathroom. It'd been understood that the nature of it as a place to discuss his next step was to offer secrecy and the lack of witnesses. Not impossible that a person may walk in but very unlucky if he placed down the proper wards and incantations to keep the door barred shut. He made his way passed the door and pushed it open swiftly, avoiding taking a glance around before entering it as it often screamed more suspicious than not. Once the door closed behind him he pressed a finger to each of the four corners to place a unique impression of Fae magic against them and then made a traced symbol at the center of the door in trained fashion. It transmuted its weight to be much heavier than expected along with locking it tightly as if it had been sealed by a force pushed against it. "That should buy as a few moments. . ." Senan remarked in a low whisper to himself and started to turn around only to see the ensuing mess. Globs covered the floors and parts of the walls, there'd been no sign of what had actively caused it but it looked as if someone had been setting off some form of bomb for practice. Perhaps it'd been someone of the Spencer house, he could name a few that could fall under the purview of a 'Mad Scientist' though the evidence didn't seem to point to any he'd met or known. Clothes strewn across the ground signified that someone had been hear and maybe they no longer were? Either way he'd been sure that the individual had been long gone or that his Mother some how intervened. Thus began his search through the area, trying to find the intended contact all the while feeling quite uneasy. Something hadn't been right, out of place, and that's when he heard it the sound of water that collided against a hard lower surfaced as if it had been like rain. 'This must be the reason Mother hasn't shown up yet. . . She wants me to clear out the area. Great, if she'd have just told me that in all of her infinite wisdom. . .' The woman enjoyed avoiding sitting details that would have been crucial and the largest issue had always been he was never sure what had been accurate with such an ancient being and an alien mind. A hand slipped into his denim jacket where he kept his wand and pulled it out while tightening the grip, feathery steps towards the sound of the shower section of the room. The water colliding against flesh and ground resounded in his ear louder and louder. He pressed his back against the wall and took in a soft breath to prepare himself for any circumstance that a spy and soldier should encounter and quickly whipped around the corner with his wand pointed at the unwelcomed guest! Of course, all of that mental preparation? Couldn't prepare him for what he saw before himself, he'd nearly forgotten that he hadn't been in a land where illusions and trickery were a means of luring someone out into the open. That the turning on of water could actually be for taking a shower and not, say, trying to ambush him. Worse, it had been the nude form of a girl who hadn't been farm from his old age give or take which had disarmed him entirely while he gawked at her dampening shape. "Damn it. . ." Senan cursed, he'd probably be found out by the person at this point but his curse had been towards the Matron of his existence. She knew this would have happened, she had to have known with the way she orchestrated things which meant he'd been playing the game of being the woman's entertainment. Mentally flogging himself for falling for it only lasted for a moment as his attention didn't shake from the young witch fully. "I apologize for my rather brash action." He didn't even seem to turn around, it hadn't clicked to him that maybe standing there as he'd been wasn't all together a shameful act.
  8. "It was a joke. Weighing rocks isn't equally as entertaining anyways." It hadn't been impossible for him to do so but he often found that it hadn't mattered unless he planned to use the rock to bust someone's window or bust their skull, the latter being a tad bit messy for his methods. "You don't seem the sort to really be interested in learning about the difference between two rocks. Unless you're telling me that you have some secret aspiration to be a geologist." That didn't seem likely but it hadn't been out of the realm of possibility maybe it had been something that had been her guilty pleasure. Alas, his desires hadn't been met. The fact she still found him interesting meant that she had planned to actually stay around. He internally cursed to himself about allowing that to happen to even give the idea a respite to be a serious gesture. There had always been the chance that she'd eventually see him as bothersome enough to avoid him along the line, that would do better for him. "I'm not some random dude?" Had she already classified him as someone that isn't a random variable? Senan's eyebrow quirked upwards, not a bad person? That had been some faith in him, even if he felt it had been severely misguided. He could only chalk it up to a case of naivete. There had been no comment towards whether he'd been a bad person or not, it had been irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. "Not scared away are you? Seems like I'm losing my touch then. Don't worry in time, you'll wizen up." She probably wouldn't which only spelled more of an issue for him. This must have been giving his mother a serious of giggling fits the way that her marionette danced. "If you believe that I'm avoiding than that's your perception. I'm not here to change how you see things." Though his head shook lightly while he linked both of his hands together and settled them just at the back of his head while he leaned back against the tree. "The way you say that sounds like you're trying to hit on." Clumsily so. His soft grey eyes shift towards Max as she looked his way. "Suppose it's your choice."
  9. What had she been so insistent on this approach? Did she have this internal desire to try expose some kind of truth when there hadn't been any? Not any that he could see for the most part anyways. They were on at an impasse with the subject and it had seemed to be obvious between the two of them, that would mean she'd just leave it as it was, right? Senan had no idea how wrong that particular point had been, unaware that she would still be stubborn enough to try and change that perspective for him. "It's quite simple when you've gone through a series of formal education that expands horizons." Senan stated smoothly. She didn't strike him as the type of person who took their studies serious in the first place if it had been the case then perhaps he could allow for it to be a suitable reason until it could be proven otherwise. "I have a very unique set of skills, completely useless in the grand scheme of things. Don't expect me to pick you up and weigh you." He could offer a joker now and then. Even if part of the sentence had been true though whether they'd be considered 'Useless' or not could only be determined by whatever individual decided to make use of what he had been trained and could offer. After speaking about the wet t-shirt his expression had just been a resting impassive one. Masking any subtle traces even further on whatever potential thoughts she'd been having about him in that moment. To the extent that his head slowly started tilt. "Excellent, I'm glad that we could see eye to eye on that." He didn't believe her, something told him she'd still somehow find his 'Literalness' amusing. Did she not know the difference between that and simply being blunt about things? Whatever it had been he knew he couldn't alter the view she'd already been partial towards. A soft grunt exhausted from him, now he was -genuinely- amused rather than just a mocking one. He'd always been in trouble. "I'm talking about you and saying something so broad. If you're taking me as a literal person than it only seems dangerous to offer that kind of thing, doesn't it?" She didn't need to know the wealth of what that trouble had been. There would be no way she'd stick around long enough for it to be a problem. "It's just my way of letting you know to be careful about it."
  10. "I will assume they're a liar regardless and then heed to my own intuition that whatever is spoken is to be believed with all the weight of a cow on thin ice." 'Maybe's', 'Perhaps', these were all mindsets and beliefs that were crucially deadly in his world. Uncertainty in whether a truth or lie had been spoken had been how many people were killed or fooled, it had been better to be skeptical and validate than take any individual at their solemn word. "There is no omitting, there have been no questions asked to omit." Had he blatantly lied to her since meeting? Absolutely, why wouldn't he? But he'd been quite certain there'd been no means or reason to exclude anything as nothing of crucial knowledge had been asked. "It's quite easy to tell the differences in a water balloon for me." Using many of his Fae talents made the process an easy thing to accomplish. As much as she'd said it would be for the 'fun' of it, he knew all too well that another persons fun was just a way to exploit them with some form of poison or knock out supplement. Did the Teenagers in Australia never face true worries of that degree? Now that he thought of it they'd been untouched by the troubles of his Father's deceased Patron of Darkness. "Of course, we can go with that assumption. That fits perfectly." He simply didn't want to be the person blamed for someone that isn't intended to be his target. But If that had helped her to get over it without him explaining? He'd take it. Several blinks of his eyelids formed. It'd have been a full lie as a young man to say the idea itself wasn't pleasing, hadn't been in any form a kind of priority to him, however. If she'd wanted to show him her breasts THAT badly he'd have to simply oblige at some point. "You certainly won't find out until you least expect it, if that is the case." He left it as a simple tease, something to allow her mind to wonder if he'd actually do something or if it had been mostly talk. "No, it may have been bad of me to think everyone wouldn't have a damaged head on some level." That's had it all seemed to him but he'd also couldn't be called the poster by of finding things in the world of true amusement. It'd always been something far more mocking in many ways. The way she spoke of being 'ready for it', made it seem as if it had been some form of rough ride, a rollercoaster he didn't -really- want. "You hope I'm ready? With the line of thought of, 'Whatever I want to do or need' is a very dangerous step. I'm not sure if you're truly ready for that." Perhaps that would scare her away? . . . Most likely not from what he's experienced.
  11. "Someone may not be lying in the moment but does that dismiss that they're a liar? No, it doesn't. That just means that one phrase, action, or thought held some fraction of genuine intent, even if it had been selfish." A Murderer who hadn't murdered in the last few days would always be a murderer, the blood is on their hands. In his mind liar's worked in the same fashion, even if a week had passed before their last lie the stain had been marked on their tongue. The simple antics of and court intrigues of the Fae had taught him this day in and day out, getting one to be honest and truthful had been a difficult trial. "Depends, did they omit it because they were caught in a lie? In that case they lied to cover a lie. I believe in the court of law they consider that perjury." At least in the domain of mankind in various circles that he'd been forced to ingratiate himself towards it was simply a way of life. "Not every balloon is the same not unless you're legitimately doing scientific calculations of volume." Did she think just filling a balloon up with something meant there had been nothing to test or unveil? It hadn't been -his- balloon why should he have trusted it implicitly without testing it? How was she surviving in the Wizarding world if not being careful with every encounter given? Titania's wing's. . . Something told him he'll end up needing to protect him simply on his personal code alone from the dangers around him. Then her joke came and so did his very unamused staring at her. A wet T-Shirt? Did he look like one of those hormonal idiots that ran the school? "I would have probably used a much more effective method than water balloons. They don't provide the full depth of soaking into fabric, not like just pushing you into water or summoning up a stream of water to coat you." He had hoped that both of his patron's didn't want him to be that embraced into the Teenager culture around the area. Why was she even smiling?! What had he said that made it seem like a good thing at all? Hadn't it been more proper for people to just say no and walk away? Or maybe he stepped into some parallel plane he never knew existed. . .? No, he didn't feel any excessive magic at work. "Literal? I prefer blunt and to the point. The fact that gives you any sense of amusement or fun draws one to wonder." A Partnership sounded quite dangerous, though perhaps it made some sense. 'Perhaps it isn't so different than leading a small squad of inexperienced Wizards or Fae.' At least the Fae had been much more friendly even if severe given the circumstances of their 'calling'. "You ask if I'm ready but also tell me to give it a shot. It sounds more like you're hoping I'm ready." He sighed briefly as if it had been a difficult weight on his shoulder to even engage in the idea. "Fine, we'll see what this 'partnership' has to show me." But how wrong she'd been, It could kill them, just not in the way that would be expected of it. Or perhaps it had been expected when it came to Friendships? Comradery, after all, didn't always mean you were friends with the people.
  12. 'Safe? Sure, whatever.' He thought to himself, she'd at least been safe from pranks but that didn't mean she was safe. A gaze turned towards her with an eyebrow arched up as if she'd just came to a stupid conclusion. "Hurt me? No one's hurt me. But, yes, everyone is lying or maybe it'd be more accurate to say will lie. Even the idiots that believe obfusciation isn't a true lie, those ones? They lie to themselves the most." He shrugged slightly and lightly grunted. "It simply is the way of life." Senan didn't refute that there would be 'geniunely good people', but even they too? Were liars. The weight of the lie had been insignificant to the title, the moment it crossed a persons lips they labeled themselves it. "Lying doesn't make bad people, however. That's solely on action and mentality." The smile, to him, stated it all. But she'd been entitled to her past or experiences, it wasn't as if he asked in the seach for a need to know. It'd been more of an observation than anything else, revealed by the words she'd spoken and how she'd spoken them. "The balloon toss had been mostly on curiosity. How much water had been inside of it, if it had been a typical balloon or one designed specifically for the idea of water balloon fights. If anything extra had been added in for one reason or another." It wouldn't have been unheard of to douse up a balloon with some form of knockout juice or something that could dry the skin and induce severe itching. But he had found out no one actively pranked the balloon's for a negative effect but he wouldn't tell her that tidbit. "Besides, it's more accurate to say that I didn't hit you with the balloon as much as you just stepped in its path." His fancy way of just saying she had a hittable face, he could be playful even if it sounded like being an ass. Avoidance through the use of silly comedy, it must have been far worse than he'd expected. "I never said I would be nice about it. Can easily take the offer back and move on with my life without losing a wink of sleep. Window cracked and snuggled nicely under blankets." There had been no need to further explain. His gaze settled on her whimsical expression. "I think that at least proves I'm less of a robot, they don't care if a window is opened or not. As for the information. . . You'll tell me eventually whether you know it or not." The sense of certainty and confidence in his voice held an actual geniune touch. He had always held the sense that those under his wing deserved a slightly altered side of him, time would tell if Max would even earn that form of right, though, he expected he wouldn't stay long enough for it to matter. That's all this could be, right? A simple dalliance, a lie he told himself and acknowledged - That it's simply a Teenage life.
  13. "That I would prank you? No. Pranks aren't things that I do." A prank, funnily enough, hadn't been unlike a trap. Traps were things that he knew about and how to design and sometimes they required a less violent approach to certain individuals. At times it had been extremely beneficial for his own anonymity to use a trap with knockout potential, like a gas or some form of light plant with those qualities. "I have no personal issue with how others want to live out their lives on that regard. Even if majority of them are faking it and lying to themselves about it." A small smirk tugged at his lips, he may have been the 'Spy' but at least he hadn't lied to himself about his own situation like the average person. Senan's eyes squinted at her for a moment, 'Song'? Oh, No. . . Had he run into one of those individuals that 'Live and breathed song and saw it in everything!'? He had been certain that at some point in his day he broke a few mirrors and suddenly had forgotten that fact. "Being invisible sounds like a pretty good benefit in my book. I'm more thrown off by the fact that you hadn't stopped to consider how your plethora of potential pranks could be pulled off that way." He had no need for friends, not really. If nothing else it had been to protect himself from being put in a position of them being used as some sort of bait. "You sound more like you're speaking from personal experience as well." After he had offered the treat and went to sit back down his eyes closed and he leaned his head back against the trunk of the tree. The noise of the outing still quite high with excitement and energy. "I did say it was no big deal. And perhaps not a cold heartless one." A brief snicker emitted from him at the insinuation that she'd been 'Some form of Monster'. "There are actual things to be bothered about than someone making a deal for something like that anyways. It isn't like you meant the deal maliciously." As hard as it had been for him to believe she didn't seem to be some agent out with the attempt to kill him secretly. Although, he could say she'd been trying to kill him with an 'attempt at friendship'. But had that really been a bad thing. . .? No, he couldn't think of it in a potentially positive light. It'd been too risky. The order to blend in had also made this a very difficult situation knowing what it had meant to incorporate people too closely that they start to 'notice' things. "If you're really intent on having a friend that notices you, I suppose I can. That way you don't feel invisible."
  14. It seemed she did know how to progress in an advanced form of her interest in pranks, excellent. His gaze shifted away form her by narrowing. "You would perhaps get less caught if you prepared a whole day ahead. Attempting to do something only a few moments before it is to occur with no prior planning is how you get people that can point you out." He had lost any illusion that he wouldn't be a potential target in the future as it had been clear she hadn't learned from her last hiccup with whatever slime prank she pulled in her previous school. "No doubt someone will manage to get themselves stuck. I have a hard time believing there isn't someone that would find themselves in that situation." Senan's eyes blinked at the girl as he stared at her as if several heads had grown and taken placed right onto her shoulders. Were all those not just simply pieces on a chessboard? They had their uses, surely, but they couldn't be crucial enough to have such strong feelings about, could they? What kind of crazy structure had Australia been?! "Right. . . If you say so? Whatever seems to get you through your jolly-filled days, I suppose." That didn't sound fun at all, that sounded like a bunch of people that had wanted to put an illusion on themselves. And how dramatic can games really get? He doubted people lost their heads over it, as if there had been some throne awaiting them that made people want to send regards just to win. 'Wicked genes', more like 'Wicked Jeans' in the future. But he didn't know her or her family from a hole in the wall. It hadn't been an impossible prospect that they had really resistant metabolisms when it came to the kind of things that they'd consume. "If I'm only making it sound like it then I haven't been emphasizing it enough to make it a definite." His head tilted only slightly to the side as he stared at her with the given response. "Practically a tyrant for eating ice cream." He had made no allusions on if he'd been joking about it or not, how she decided to take it had been up to her in his own mind. Still just holding the ice cream in his hand as it started to gradually melt. As a small child passed by he looked towards the ice cream, it had been a waste to let it go as it had been and it would be more rude to just let it. He smoothly stood up and walked over towards the pint sized kid and handed it over. "Free Ice Cream, I ran all out at my cart. Not a single batch can be left." The lie flowed from his mouth without any hesitation, as if had been an actual truth. The kid seemed to look around for a moment before he snatched the ice cream and bolted. This is when the young man decided to head back to the tree and sit next to it, gaze focused ahead as if what happened hadn't happened. "It certainly wasn't intended to be a compliment. Though something tells me you will offer me more devil deals anyways." It hadn't been spoken in a malicious way, simply put, he recognized they were massively different in mindset. What he personally disliked or had an irritation towards didn't align with what may have ticked in Max's own mind. "Simply is what it is, no big deal, really."
  15. "Maybe. It just seems like the obvious step forward with such a thing. There is obviously much more advanced and better choices to choose from." Should he even be giving this clear troublemaker any form of advice in this kind of arena? It sounded as if he'd been enabling some form of addict or someone that had been intent on causing as much mayhem as possible. Practically giving a destructive (of sorts) individual the keys to information. Then again. . . It had been something that she'd have been able to uncover with a bit of brain power and study anyways, something that he wouldn't have been able to actually control anyways. A visible shrug flowed from him with a silent resolution. "But if it's messy that is your 'thing', then you might want to experiment with slimes. Difficult to clean out of most fabrics and hair and is likely to spread if you rig it properly." Whatever she did with the bit of information he offered to her? That would be the domain of those that would be effected by it. As for himself? He'd be sure to keep his eyes always looking over his shoulder and double checking every possible area she may have visited in the last hours. "People who care about you. . .?" Senan's head tilted slightly as the meaning of it had been genuinely foreign to the young man. What did that even mean or look like? It sounded as if it had been an illusion casted on people to assuage some kind of primordial need to feel wanted. Life had been simple in his opinion, prove that you're of some actual worth to some form of community or society and then prove it -well-. That's all it truly took, wasn't it? "Either way, I believe my life is quite fine in the path it's been going. What you're talking about sounds more like a hassle in the making." A hand rubbed at the back of his head as if the thought alone had been a nuisance. Deeper, however, it had been more of a confusion in his mind - why would anyone think they had an actual need for that kind of thing? "First time? No. It's just the kind of thing that will go right to the hips, sometimes the thighs too." Maybe that had been her goal? More bulk in those areas? That wasn't his concern if that had been the case. "I most likely won't try it again unless I somehow find myself into the devils deal again." That's what it had been really, a deal to something that he had no real care about even getting in the first place. His eyes drifted to the scope that sat on the cone in his hand. A soft sigh of escaped from him and he took a small lick from the top of it, that counted as not being disrespectful to someone's wasted resources, hadn't it? The way she'd responded showed that they had a clear miscommunication on what he meant and maybe that had been for the better. She didn't need to be brought into the war that had been behind the scenes of every nation since the start of exposure by different species and individuals. "Yes, I'm quite new to the school." To Australia in general if he'd been fully honest but that had been unnecessary information. "Alone is fine by me, it isn't that difficult to use a layout map." Unless people had truly been that helpless in this part of the world? Titania's blouse, he hoped not. "Oberon, No. I wouldn't go asking you to punch someone for me, if it came down to it I can handle myself." Senan in the meantime scanned the area until he found a nice shaded area where he decided to sit down, nestled right under a tree. "Maybe I should take you up on the offer, however. It would be rude to slap away a hand that is willing to make seeing the 'sights' easier. Less time I need to spend committing it to memory through memorization of some kind of paper map."
Senan 'Brightling' Connell
Double Agent Sixth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Fairy HE/HIM
Age:  16
Date of Birth: November 18th, 2002
Birthplace: Unknown
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Double Agent
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Occamy
Wand: 8-1/2" Yew with Sidhe Hair
Play-by: Gavin Leatherwood

Homeschooled and Trained for majority of his Life

Currently Enrolled in Tallygarunga, Sturt

  • Brightling is the 'Fae Inspired name' his Mother calls him in secret.
  • Is a Light aligned Half-Fae but there seems to be a hint towards more of the Fae blood inside.
  • Is a 'Dark Wizard Initiate' to a cult, but his Wand has never actually tasted the Darker curses staying untainted. 
  • Is also considered a Resistance Double Agent. 
  • Has Recently moved to Australia and is staying with Elder and more experienced Dark Wizard's. 
General Knowledge
  • Seemingly has been Homeschooled as no official institution transcript exists. 
  • It's clear he's been well trained in the means of dueling though not so much the expected etiquettes that are drilled into students. 
  • Portrays himself as a loner by avoiding students and other individuals, however, seems to have a knack for rallying up people to focus on a single goal. 
  • Holds an accent that is laced with British-Irish inflections. 
  • Eyes are a silvery-grey

Senan allows others to perceive about him the traits that he finds works for the moment. Much like a snake, he learned to adapt to the surroundings in order to keep the deeper facts of himself greatly hidden. Under those circumstances he often tries to radiate a sense of focus and leadership, someone that is always certain on the steps that they make forward without any doubts, without conflictions. Everything that he wished he held in every arena of his life is exuded for people to watch outside of the usual groups that have a closer connection to him. 

At the end of the day, he's hiding himself. Not just from those he encounters but from those that he works with, a chameleon that changes himself to keep protected. Self-Preservation and the need to avoid being cast away as a form of trash or uselessness. His desire to be studious and certain of plans being high points for him and yet he still struggles with making the much larger decisions that could affect the course of his life for good or ill. 

Stuck in the pit of confliction, he often opts for the means of lies or red herrings to distract not only himself but others that expect the greatest of things from him. A way to buy himself more time, if any could be offered in the situations. While he isn't malicious by nature he's often pushed into situations that require a degree of harm to another person which he attempts to internally avoid the true effect it holds on him. 

Despite the confusing scenario that he walks in life he still seeks a greater purpose to himself, something greater than being simply a 'Connell', beyond being some form of Agent to a resistance of radicals. He seeks, more than anything else, a third way to escape the chains that had been forced around him from the circumstances of his birth. 


Senan stands at the height of five feet and eleven inches, his physique shifts towards a lean and athletically built. His hair is short and holds a deep brown hue to it which act as a contrast to the odd grey color that set in his irises. Gentle and well-kept skin is easily seen as there are no blemishes to account towards, but the palms of his hands show a heavy design of callouses that is an obvious sign of a person who works with their hands often.

The clothing that he wears varies but typically amounts to jeans between blue and black with matching jean coat and various style of shirts. Shirts that range from bland to intricate mark-ups of graffiti that are either of abstract imagery or hold a deeper image. His wand is kept in a small little holster lined on the inside of his jackets, a means to keep them close yet hidden incase he needs to make use of it.

How he upholds himself seems to be a conflicted mixture, at times there is a clear sense of confidence. A superiority that radiates that shows that he holds some form of self-awareness that he seeks a greater purpose for himself regardless of the people that are around and watching. Other times it's the intentional act of sliding out of the 'public view' to become as average or unnoticeable as possible, no different than the typical dregs of society that often walk around. 


Christened into the highly esteemed 'Connell Family' in Ireland, he was born of an extremely aged father and a mother who looked as a young woman seeking to pilfer the coffers of a widowed man. His Father, a man of extremely vocal range when it came to the believe of purism for the Wizarding world and not in the typical way that most protestors would choose to walk. A Dark Wizard by trade and belief he followed the tenant's that might made right and any means to secure the ambitious that had been within ones heart was necessary. A Teaching that had been a strong tenant amongst the Connell family for as long as many could remember once their crime had been brought to light within the aftermath of the Dark Lord's demise. This didn't lead to their capture as much as it led to them seeking the comfort of the underground and building up a new powerbase that would act as a sect of Dark Wizard's and Witches. 

It was in this, that he'd been taught on one side. However, his Mother, seemingly followed her newly minted husband in solidarity when it came to public appearance held a different opinion in secret. His mother who often goes by the name of 'Sierra' held many layers that made up whom she truly was the first being that she'd truly been a Fae with a strong connection towards the element of Light itself, a secret held together with a near impenetrable glamour from years of growth in power and strength. The other had been that she'd been apart of a radical resistance groups of various Half-Breeds and Non-Humans that had finally decided to take a stand against the Dark Wizardkind that sought to quell them. The feeling of the Ministry as an international entity had been seen as not 'sufficient' enough to this group, the crimes still too egregious, the amount of work put into halt the harm and heartache not as pushed and championed as they needed to be. 

This stuck Senan in a very precarious kind of situation, on one hand being trained as a Dark Wizard though his wand had never been truly tainted with the effects of the most dangerous of curses known to magic. On the other end, his Mother, teaching him the way of subterfuge and embedding the idea further in his head that he'd been chosen to be the perfect agent from birth. That his talents as a Fae hadn't been accepted by his own Father and it had all been a means to an end for the benefit of the world. Loyalty, It hadn't been a well-honed concept for him and it left a confused notion of where he had been to walk. Was he a 'Patriot for the Bloodline' along the lines of a hypocrite hoping to be accepted? Or rather, a radical, someone who had been prepared for any eventual outcome and had to be ready to retaliate when the horn had been sounded?

While praised for his form of charismatic leadership on both sides, the discernment to make decisions soundly without being beholden by doubt it hadn't alleviated the doubt within himself on his true identity. This confliction pushed deep inside, hidden from both of his parents and the various people that could be considered 'Allies' dependent on which side he'd been posing as a supporter towards when in the presence of them. On one hand, many of the resistance understood that his intended role had always been as a double agent which due to his unbreakable connection between two hard-hitting movement members, one from each side, caused a form of doubt to form on whether or not he had been the double agent against them. One of the many questions he couldn't confidently answer only veiling them behind various lies and misdirection's. 

Eventually, Senan had come of proper age in his Father's eyes that meant a sense of 'approval' was necessary in order for him to keep his place within the home. After the last failure to the family occurred several years before the amount of faith and expectation placed on the young teen's shoulders held heavy. A gaze of scrutiny unlike any he'd ever known from the brutish elder male and the command that had been given to him - Find and Kill that had disgraced the family, the Man known to let enemies of the Wizarding world to escape and even continue to live to this very day. He'd heard rumors along the various grapevines and reports where many that had been sent out with that form of mission never returned and those that had returned came back with less limbs than they held before. 

Reports came in on the last known location of the target, Australia, where it had been estimated the man had been living under an alias. Senan's task had been to assimilate into the culture, into the life as a newly arrived Student with the paperwork and approvals of a Homeschooled child. To gain a foothold and establish a connection on where the individual had been located, if he'd been in contact with what they had considered to be 'escaped beasts' and to terminate him and them if the chance made itself known. His mother had found it fit to add additional orders, similar but counteractive to the plans his Father had set into motion - instead he was to target those whom would be considered his 'Parents' for the sake of a cover when the time allowed for it. 

More confliction, choosing either would put him in the position of making enemies. A kind of risk that would write a persons capability of living as much more difficult to near impossible. In the current days he hides the uncertainty inside of himself, playing the ever 'dutiful' student. Bit by bit investigating the path and potential that maybe something would give him a third option or perhaps enlighten to the choices that could be made to circumvent either side from crushing inwards upon him. Alas, there could only be so much that a young man who barely experienced the depth of what the world could offer can do. 

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