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  2. The weight of the choice hung over his head or at least the expected weight of it. It had to be made and while it would have no bearing on whether or not their relationship had been on a good or bad note, it most likely would lean towards the disruption of a proper restful sleep as many things could've attributed towards that day. That their bodies could ever keep moving as they had been after their night showed a unique sense of willpower, in both of them as much as the desire of fueling it when it came to one another. To agree with someone all the time would grow into suspicion when it comes to generosity and truly respecting an individual. Being able to know and realize you disagreed, that it was alright to disagree and no one needed to be utterly offended by it showed a great deal of respect than it perhaps implied. Stepping out to manage his life and in the same vein, she her own, were things that had been bound to happen. It didn't mean that they couldn't take in the moment to be saturated in one another when they both felt they had enough of the process of living their own separate pieces away from one another. It had been a gradual conclusion to arrive at in his mind. His fingers curled around her hand, attention brought straight to the light coloration of her eyes. "I do like the idea of you holding them. . . Not so much the pillow wall. But that's also my issue of being somewhat selfish and wanting you close to me." That sentiment hadn't been in the pursuit of sexual satisfaction either, rather, the undisputed desire to feel the heat of her body pressed against his own. Knowing that everything had been real between the two of them, from the moment the spark snapped until the raging static struck through them in realization of their emotions. Even to the point where they'd nearly given over to heart and passion's call, all of it had been something he hoped within himself wasn't some waking dream that would be wiped out the next day. Senan followed without any resistance, gentle steps taken with each step made towards the bed until he sat down on it and grasped the pillow to remove it from the center of the bed - placing it at the head post. "We won't need it. I'll need to learn not to be an utter slave to the passion and hormones. Because what we have. . . Is so much more than that and I know it." Placing the faith and trust in what their relationship could be. Then he started to take the position closer towards the wall and grasped her hand this time to lure her further onto the bed to try and bring the young woman into a prone snuggle. "After all, how can I expect you to trust me if I can't learn to trust me?"
  3. The tips of his fingers slid along the robe designed strap that the pendant hung from, his mind delved into thought - keeping well aware never to allow for his finger to touch the metallic surface for fear of what could potentially happen next. 'To think someone could break my wall of discipline so easily. . .' A wonderment in his mind yet not something he'd been entirely against occurring. There always had to someone, something, that could cause such a break down in hard worked defenses. The people and things that mattered in a numerous amount of ways that had been the skeleton key to get passed a place that actually held no 'door' to willingly let other pass on by. Even if things had turned out difficult this time around, it would only be a matter of time before Max would find her way in breaking it down once more - her presence a welcomed and enjoyed addiction. As her arms wrapped around him in an inclusive warmth a gentle sigh escaped from him, luckily, it wasn't the same tone as what he'd let out only moments prior. It'd been the simple contentment of being able to be in her arms, the warmth had been a cheery on top. Even if there'd been no warmth, if he'd been left cold, being able to feel her urged a sense of adoration in feeling her touch. When she let go of him, he started to step back from her. At that point, putting his clothing back on and then gently taking the shirt that Max held, helping her putting it over her head. Not the kind of action he'd hoped to be doing but the longer the atmosphere and his body felt less charged, the more he realize that it perhaps had been for the best. Senan wasn't sure how to explain the reason it'd been his fault, aside from the fact that his touches had been strategic, intentional and leaked with the poison that desire often acted as. Even the softest of touches could crumble the will of a person if feeling and emotions had been applied and he'd been aware of this. His eyebrow arched up, for a moment he forgot just how stubborn she could be and it caused a hushed laughter from him. "I can't let you on the couch, that's far less comfortable than the floor." It had been for him at any rate, it always felt so lumpy and not enough proper support. He'd been trying to avoid what could spark again only for, the irony of her options, both ended up with him being next to her. Had that been her want? To still be next to him? Not that he minded but he had no way to ensure that his hands wouldn't wander, he'd been at a loss of anyway to be in the same room as her yet not risking where his mind might cause him to wander. His arms slowly slipped around her shoulders to pull her closely into himself. Her smile glistened in his sight as it caused the reactionary effect of his own lips being curved into a smile. "When you smile like that it makes me want to agree to your stubbornness. . ." As if the pot could claim the kettle of such. "I will be comfortable. As long as I'm with you. . . I'll be comfortable. I just want to be in the same room with you - I know that sounds. . . I sound horribly clingy saying that." It hadn't escaped him how he sounded, not just then but most times when it'd just been the two of them. She seemed as adamant as she was genuine in wanting his comfort. "Your comfort is important too. This is our home, in a home, comfort is always important for everyone." Something that, as he said the words, and knew what little he did know of her family that 'Comfort' may not have been properly attuned to her vocabulary when it came to herself. That was when his hand slowly slid to hers. "If we lay next to each other then we'll have to try to keep ourselves. . . Contained. By ourselves, I most likely mean myself. It's why I was going to take the floor. I wouldn't be far, I'd be fine. Still next to you but not next enough to let my hands be the devilish intended beings that they are." He gave a small but firm smile towards her. "You're so alluring to me, temptation and adoring all wrapped in one." Slowly his hand trailed along her arm, lifted to touch the side of her cheek as he stroked it, much like a person would their most valuable treasure that held no definable cost - Priceless. "Unless you agree to slap my wandering hands away - you taking the bed and me taking the floor is the most viable."
  4. While there had been many ways the influence of such a desire could take, Senan had been glad there'd been a sense of tenderness that flowed from his actions and likewise from Max's. It was a moment of freshness, one where showing eachother a mindful care had been far more instinctual than thought provoked. Even as he pressed the two of them again, pushed the most extended of himself along her form to drive the point of the moment home to their awareness, he'd made the steps with the natural understanding of not only his intentions but the full enjoyment that it hadn't been commanded of her or him. That if they were going to go through with it all, to take things to such a grandoise steps, it would be by their own decision every step of the way. The previous thought instant bolted out of his mind, only feeling the utter chill of frigid liquid's embrace soak him from head to toe, the adrenaline that had kept him ready and primed had quickly started to wash away with the icy realization of what had happened. In all of his days, he'd never had a singular object create such mayhem for him and someone that he actually wanted to be close and personal with. He was unsure if it was fate or simply the necklace itself harborbing the curse of breaking moments. A sigh of frustration escaped him, they'd been so close, so close to touching one another in a way that would've pulled the two of them even close and it'd been ruined. Had it been for the best? Or was this going to end up a sense of frustration unable to trust the flamboyant will of the enchanted object he wore so closely? Once the water stopped, Senan's gaze turned towards the bed as it'd been soaked through entirely. Not necessarily a problem but it'd certainly be a hassle, the more immediate concern being the state of Max as he walked up towards her, arms wrapped tightly around her body as he held her tightly to try and keep her warm. "Alright seems to be a matter of perception. . ." His tone of voice eeked of venom towards how their moment had been interruprted, yet again. He couldn't tell if Max had been relieved or not, he did know that either way it was near impossible to spark that kind of moment again anytime soon. Tracing his finger through the air he used a mass-area spell to cause an heating and drying breeze to encircle the room, their bodies, and the body. Water that had once clung to their forms evaporated away. Seeing that Max had covered herself, he saw it as a sign even if it may or may not haven which caused him to start to grasp at the clothes he'd kicked off and started to place them back onto himself. "Sorry about that. . ." He apologized, in his mind it wasn't for the water, rather for placing her in a situation of sexual high that she hadn't the mental time to process and fully agree towards it all. "I think that might have been the sign to go to sleep." While a brief laughter emitted from him to try and shrug it off, he found himself unsure of how to actively feel as the moment gradually started to wind down. Walking towards his closet once more for the night he pulled out several extra blankets and pillow and started to nest a bed on the floor. "I'll stay on the floor. You can take the bed." After what had just happened he wasn't sure if he could trust himself or his mind to not wander or wonder. Standing up, he walked over towads Max as he leaned in pressing a loving and tender kiss right at the center of her forehead. When the moment had truly been ready for her, when she felt it all fell into place with what she desired and her mind believed it was she wanted - that would have to be the sign for both of them. "If there's anything else you need, just let me know. I'll do everything I can to try and make it happen."
  5. How a sound could be so sweet, so addictive, he wouldn't truly understand. It'd been the effect that the soft sound that emitted from her washed over him as it sent several pulses of ecstasy through his body as if it'd been a physical touch itself. As if it were her bare finger that drove down his spine instead of such an alluring and lewd sound. Part of his mind had the intention of continuing further with the explanation. It was quickly being overridden by the sheer delight of touching her, each second that passed with both of their hands caressing only bare skin drove his mind to a place where words wouldn't suffice to offer a satisfactory moment unless it'd been placed on a pleaded breath of desire. Her eyes and the way they captured his own only proved to himself just how far he'd be willing to go with her today. The clothes against floor had been like a gong of resonation into his current mentality, that he had no plan of turning back. It felt embarrassing, having her eyes peer so deeply into his own while every touch she maneuvered along his markings caused elevation of a heated sound in admiration and want for her to keep going, for her to go further without any reason beyond wanting it - wanting him. He felt teased and pleased at the same time, a hunger built up to the point of feeling that need to be ravaged and yet, only wanting her to explore until their appetite for one another couldn't be sustained by the graceful explored touches alone. As their bodies connected, the obvious trait that made him different from her pressed against her body, a gentle smile stretched across his lips and a glint in his eyes shined to signal that it'd been all of hers. He didn't need to tell her he stood at attention for her, because of her. He'd hoped, at least, that feeling him in such a way would give her that idea and pleasure of knowing it. Senan could feel the trembles of enjoyment that shook her body from each touch he made, the loving caresses that said more with his touch than his words could even truly imply. She'd been treasured, wanted, needed. His body had felt the heat of those mixture of feelings the first time he'd saw her with just a bra on and then it extended to heights that his mind found difficult to even conceive in memory of the bareness she showed while getting dress only moments ago. Once he pulled out another sound his bodies heat leaped another octave, he'd been burning up across his entire skin and his heart throttled with anticipation, adrenaline, and hormones that flooded like the Nile. "Maxine. . ." His own voice responded, a call in the same manner as the hot daze started to become a haze. As her hand started to slide inwards, his lips started to slide lower. . . Each feathery kiss laced with an intention on where he'd been going. Until the tips of Max's fingers swept against the surface of the necklace he wore, the intense moment fueling the magic between the two of them once more as it resonated lightly - mischievously as if to avoid the notice of the two teenagers. The sudden pooling of a sphere of water swirled just above their heads, a suspended glob of it that filled and grew faster than Senan's lips could travel in its descension. Thick presence of a chill swept inside the pooling water, enough to drastically overset the pure blaze that irradiated between himself and Maxine and then it dropped, like a science project from a top of the school building. Extremely chilling water cascaded nearly endlessly upon the two of them and the bed as if it were a waterfall from another dimension. A sudden shocked gasp had been expressed from Senan and not in pleasure, no, it was a mix of surprise and bewilderment as his system went into the typical shock when a certain temperature of water hit a heated mass. His reflexes instantly released her from his grasp, unable to actively contain her as his body thrashed backwards against the wall to try and climb over the bed post to avoid the stream of water that hung above the bed. "Oberon's great wings!" He stated as some form of curse as he glanced around the room, drenched and unfortunately far too upset and irritated to even continue on the horny train tracks. "Max?! Max! Are you alright?!" As much as he detested the way the necklace seemed to react with the moments the two of them had wanted to explore, to become far more intimate, he couldn't bare to have it changed as it still reminded him of the spontaneous nature of the woman he loved.
  6. Hearing the pleasure pass through her very lips clicked something in his mind, body responding in an excited shiver. She sounded so lovely with the hint of such delight laced in the tone of her groan. He wanted her shirt off, to bring her to a bare state as much as he'd been. To join the two of them close together but that had been something that needed to be removed when her level of comfort and desire fit into the same level together. The tip of his finger slid along the lining of her spine in an affectionate grace, smile formed in a slow drift as he stared into her eyes. The sound she'd made had been such a perfected tone, finding himself want to hear it more. As her fingers roamed along his form his body shifted, pressing against her touch to make sure she could gain the full grasp of it. That it hadn't been some form of dream nor something that he didn't want, he desired every moment and second of her grasp. His hands slowly slid along her back from the top of her shoulders and down until he reached the arched dip of the lower extremity of it. "Mmm. . . Maxine. . ." He groaned out once more to her touch, she sparked a torch inside of him that refused to stay unlit. "You could consider them like a form of coat of arms, I suppose. They mark me as someone from my Mother's line." Even then some seemed to be unique, like mutations, amongst different members of the Fair People. Yet, still identifiable for the most part from his personal view and knowledge. When his hand touched hers, eyes connected together through an unbreakable and intoxicating stare that drew him towards her every whim he wanted to satisfy. Even as her cheeks reddened he kept going until the last tug of his legs pried from the sweatpants and kicked away off of the bed, the thud of fabric against floor signifying there'd be little chance of him scrambling to pull them back on. Why would he, anyways? Each moment that passed feeling the heat of her hand pressed against his skin with his assistance pushed the heat he felt for her even higher, the signs of it showing in his eyes at he stared into hers with a passionate want and need. He didn't want to hold back any longer and he also didn't want to rush this moment, it'd been historical and important that he wanted to take every bit of time they could, let the feeling fester and grow to starve it until it exploded in a proper expression of their love in full force. Their pressed her and his hands rested on her waist, the heated softness that came between the kiss and her hands still exploring the exposed portions of his body elicited and deep moan that couldn't be let out audibly fully resulting in a vibration and him adding slightly more pressure getting into the touch that fell over his lips. Hands grasped at her waist firmly and pulled her into him closely, allowing her to feel what her eyes and hands may have been avoiding with certainty - That it had been there due to her. She was driving him in wild in a way that he'd never known, filling his senses with a desire to feel her skin, to explore every inch of her. To get her out of all those unnecessary clothes. Senan's smile broaden as he watched her peak every so often, it seemed she'd even been trying to avoid laying eyes on the more obvious portion of himself. He wanted to tell her it was okay, that it had been hers to see, to admire, That he felt no shame even if there'd been a bit of embarrassment, he understood that this had been a new experience for the young woman entirely. Things didn't need to be rushed and if they'd gotten to this point there needed to be proper pacing, admiration of the grandest order. He watched as the shirt that had been wrapped around her slide off, a deep intake of air course through his nostrils, as he watched her exposed breasts bounce in front his eyes from the motion of the shirts removal. "You're perfection. . ." He reached his hand out to caress he abdomen, tracing the tip of his fingers around it in a teased touch while he started to push on top of his own knees. His hands then lowered to trace along the hem of the pants she still wore, the eagerness in him told him to guide them off. Yet the barely existing restraint yelled at him to take each step perfectly at her comfortable pace. It was then that his eyes lifted to her neck, leaning in to kiss it with a passionate intention. The lingered desire made known as he trailed butterfly soft kisses from her neck, along her chin, and to the tip of her earlobe before whispering into her ear. "I am so in love with you, Max. . . And I can't stop wanting you in every way, I don't want to stop. Because I like this feeling of love and desire you pull out of me." It was then that his head slowly lowered giving a gentle kiss along her collarbone, silver-grey tri-eyed gaze lifted up to stare towards her face.
  7. Chained though they were, Senan still felt a sense of freedom being in her presence. There had been nothing like it, that feeling where the thoughts of his issues didn't seem so much as inescapable but rather temporary and for the moment. He'd been within the grasp of his Mother, only for now, and the eyes of his father pinned towards Australia only for a moment. A way to escape often always existed and it took her persistence, their love for one another, to get him to see where the escape hatch had been. Holding on to her, what they had with one another and building upon it until it'd be solid and immovable had been their path to break those eventually rusted chains. He'd been stuck in the middle - not wanting to break her reason and yet wanting to. . . In his mind he couldn't conceive of a concrete enough reason for them not to give into the feeling, the drive and the pull. She wasn't some person he needed to persuade through the use of his hips, nor had she been a woman that purely would be a mountain he needed to 'conquer' for the bragging rights to some non-existing 'bros'. Quickly, she became the love of his life and holding back that love seemed to be a way to lead himself into folly. He'd held back for so long, emotions and views, himself from connecting to people. Now, in this new realization, the steps he'd been taken to becoming a new and better person; Giving her all of what she'd set into motion on top of the ever-flowing affection only seemed proper and right. It seemed right. That's what had been nullifying any thought of a reason to stop. As she shifted closer to him his hands slowly slid up the shirt along her back, holding her securely. Remembering that she actually held no bra on, that caused his body to spike dramatically in a burning heat of desire and passion. "It's typically only found on Pureblooded Sidhe. . . To them it's proof of their higher heritage amongst the Fey, no different to the idea of 'Royal Blood' to Humans. Or Noble's with their Pureblood." The longer she touched along the markings, along his body, the more he felt that shiver of enjoyment rush along his spine, wanting nothing more than to dive into her touch like the addiction it seemed to be on his body. "It shows on me since I'm far more Sidhe than I am human." A rare prospect in itself though not improbable due to the depth of the culture of Fey that ran through the history of Ireland. Then he felt the outline of her fingers brush against the sweatpants, those damned sweatpants. . . They were getting in the way of him being explored, the way she touched and looked at him. His lips parted into a vocal yet soft moan. "Max. . ." There'd been no mistaken the heat and passion laced through the call of her name, an embarrassed yet delighted smile crooked onto his face. "I'm glad you love them. No, they don't hurt, I was born with them actually." To his Mother's court it had been seen as a 'sign' that those close enough could unlock the potential to toss away their Human oaks and take on the wing of a Pure fey. Not that he'd want to do that, not now, not when he had the glorious wonder of his, in his life. Where ever they appeared? A flex of crimson pressed against his cheeks as he reached for the hand that had been exploring his markings. Guiding it towards the hem of his sweatpants, sliding both of their fingers not just under the sweatpants themselves, but under the tight briefs that hugged the toned nature of his thighs and waist. "Then. . . Let me show you. . .? You can continue to explore them. . ." Slowly he started to move both of their hands down, the clothing that had been bound to his lower half slipped lower and lower - there'd been no feeling of shame in him, his eyes twinkled with the desire in knowing that he belonged to her, the sight of her eyes and hands and whatever else she sought to offer as an approving gaze. Upon sight it would be seen that the markings extended, traced along the outside of his hip bone and along the lowered edges of his pelvic region, his legs continued the trend that matched the torso and arms. Even the most 'At attention' part of him held the markings. "No one aside from my Mother and her court know of these markings on me. . . You're the first outside of it, the only one that I want to touch and see them." His hand still coupled to hers slowly started to slide them along his thigh and rested them on the part of his body she previously started to explore before the sweatpants intervened. "They're as much yours as I am."
  8. She made him reckless and yet cautious, careful. That someone could make a maelstrom of emotional contradictions within himself had been a phenomenal feat in of itself, only shadowed by the sheer willingness in himself to engage in such activities. It'd been dangerous, something that could damage reputations or worse and yet he could only find the appeal of it, that it could be their little secret and the chances of being found out caused it to hike in interest even further. The tip of his finger traced along the pure silver surface of the ring, some thoughts that floated to the surface of his mind heightened the amount of intimacy he wanted to engage with her in such a predicament. From the look given towards him he held an understanding that she did understand exactly what he meant. It didn't escape his notice that such a commitment often etched into the mind of being 'shackled' imprisoned in a life or to a person but that hadn't been how he chose to view. Those had been the thoughts of people who were far more afraid of losing themselves than any true expectancy of being kept like a bird in a cage. He saw a sense of freedom, a unique kind of freedom that came with the choice of no longer sharing a life alone but intentionally sharing it with someone else. At times wings maybe broken and the need of support from stronger wings in those times had been necessary, the freedom to survive against the trials of life. If not for her support he, perhaps, would still be broken winged. There were many roads that laid out before him, two that in theory he couldn't choose to walk them or not, there had been individuals that held a chain that choked at his neck. Even so, he decided to be rebellious and make a choice. A hidden road that neither could've expected to exist, the one that led to Max and he already resolved in himself to choose her. Always her. Where there'd been no hope on a potential escape, one did spark inside of him, that the two of them could somehow break away from the weight that threatened to keep them pinned. The how eluded him, yet in time he'd been sure there would be an answer. Senan couldn't explain why resisting had been difficult, he'd never been the deviant that held a need for it. Even with the hormones that swirled within him it had always been extremely easy to ignore, redirect his attentions to the task at hand. Maybe that had been where he went wrong in the moment, there had been no immediate task that needed to be done. However, there'd been the far more obvious other factor, it was Maxine. How could he not want her in that way? Not feel as if he wanted to be drowned in that swarm of love and desire as it had grown thicker in the air with each passing second, even as she resisted the call there seemed to be a draw with the actions she impressed on him. Her hand caressing his lap in return, the way her lips felt that pulled a near moan-inducing groan from him. It had been like the time she'd given him a massage except far, far better. As the two of them laid down, his shirt now removed and gaze settled on her as he watched the traces of a soft finger line along the markings that were etched into his skin since birth. His chest rose up, breath rolled out in a heated sigh that held a hint of a sound of pleasure lined in a softened whisper, almost audibly forming her name. His hand shifted to rest on the side of her waist, touching the rumpled portion of the shirt she wore as means to access her exposed, warming, and soft skin. "You know. . . I have the markings across my entire body. . . " As he spoke the words his silvery-grey eyes lifted up to lock on to her clear blue eyes. They needed to talk about something and it had ended up being the first thing that seemed to fascinate the young woman. "I've never paid them much mind but I really do enjoy you touching them. . . And they're all yours to explore where they're at." Those had been parts of him that he often had to make use of a spell to hide them from the notice of others, the kind of thing that with enough study someone could understand his Non-Human heritage. But to her, she'd exposed them, something that he'd been more willing to do for every part of him that revealed such patterned streaks. "You asked me earlier if I wanted to show you my body and. . . I do."
  9. Not being one for general pranks, he often found that his solutions tended to be ones intended to be a simple solution solved in his mind. At times taking a subtle and deft hand, others far more of a heavy handed approach. He'd hoped it wouldn't be necessary for her Roommate, not believing even he would be able to get away from mistreatment of someone else that seemed close and important to the red-head. Alas, it meant putting her to sleep if she interfered had been far more palatable. "That or. . ." His eyes drifted towards the ring that hung on her finger, unbeknownst to him, she'd been thinking along the same thought path. "Imagine, us invisible, cuddled closely. . . Lips never coming up for air all the while she's just in the room unawares." Why did that give him more of a rise than it should've? That didn't help his already precarious situation involving his urges and desires for Max, in fact, that only seemed to stoke the flames as if he tossed dried out wood onto a dying yet hungry fire. Her eyes settled on him and he knew that his words had reached her, that the feeling had been mutual on their personal claim for themselves and one another. There were times it didn't need to be stated in words, other times it felt as if needed to be said as a reminder not to worry - the thoughts of straying were the furthest thing from their minds. This had been one of those moments, he found, where the two response met and had been reciprocated perfectly. His lips curled into a smile, the way her words eased out into their environment struck at him like cupids arrow. He wasn't sure how much more he could've fallen in love with her, how deep the desire to be every bit of a good presence in her life, to being that 'Other Half'. It had met a deep well that extended into a mixture of his desire, a desire that wasn't primal lust but a love-lust. "I had always intended for you to only be mines. . ." The ritual of Oil would end up pounding into mind the words that were about to unfold from his lips. "And one day. . . I'll make sure to prove it with something that holds that very visible meaning." As he spoke this, his hands shifted to the ring that he'd given her - the one that had been placed on the hand and finger that held a greater insinuation depending on the type of ring, the oath. The idea of marriage in the future, once upon a time, would've earned a demeaning scoff and yet now it'd been one of the many plans he'd hoped been in the cards for the both of them in their future. After all, they'd already said the words, made their person pledge to stand by one another. His current conditioned had been very uncomfortable, embarrassing, and far too honest for his liking. Senan smiled lightly as he felt the presence of her hand hover against his own, the soft touch that sent shivers of pleasure and happiness through him at the same time. "I suppose part of me is. . . Hoping that it won't help." For her to aggravate it and please it, to be placed in a position where his body knew the amount of ecstasy that would throttle through it with Maxine so close to the most sensitive part of him in the moment. Yet, it hadn't been the time, it didn't seem like the right moment after everything and especially not the way he had wanted their first time together to unfold. When her hand shifted a sense of anticipation riled up inside of him, the presence of her hand on his lap caused his back to arch ever so slightly while he leaned into the soft touch of her lips against his cheek. "I don't want to sleep either. . . Not yet." Senan's gaze lifted up, watching Max intently. Part of him hoping she wouldn't, while part of him had begged that she would sit on his lap, to straddle him and let the heat of their desires take them onto a roller coaster ride that they perhaps wouldn't regret. Their lips connected and his eyes closed, chest expanded out and a humming moan vibrated against her lips. The spark of feeling them in his current state had been overwhelming, enjoyable to such levels that it caused every inch of him to throb in heat. Eyelids opened half way, a sense of glaze covered in his gaze as he swallowed lightly. She'd been right, hadn't she. . .? Reaching his hand out towards her without thinking he slowly started to lead her more towards the bed, lying down in the process of the motion onto his side rather than his back. He needed to resist the urges and the last thing he'd do would be to try and coarse her through touches and trying to override her reason through using the subtle touches of the bodies enjoyments. "Then. . . Come close. . .? I want to feel you close to me." Or at least he didn't intend to do that consciously. Almost as if the heat had been far too unbearable he sat up slightly, his hands reached down to grasp his muscle shirt to pull it off and toss it towards the side. This put the markings on his skin into full sight or at least the ones on his torso.
  10. Locking her roommate inside of the trunk seemed. . . Promising. It had escaped him whether or not he ever encountered the person, if he had she'd either been forgettable or the attention he paid had been only enough as reasonable in a classroom setting. Which, by his belief, hadn't been much of proper attentiveness that needed to be offered. "If it comes to it I can always place a hex on it, every time she'd try to re-open the trunk it could induce sleep on her." Something harmless but no less amusing, primarily, to offer the two of them as much time as they may have needed to do whatever they really wanted to do. Such as kissing or simply cuddling for a few moments while someone had been trapped. Senan had been keen enough to understand the subtle difference in himself, on one level, the physical attraction he felt towards her could easily be defined as 'Purely physically desired', if he had to give it a misinformed indication from the outside. However, the strength that harbored from it had been far different. It only became more of an epiphany to him when she commented on him seeing a body before which caused him to offer a small smile towards her. His cheeks reddened at the thought of seeing her body sooner or later, the smile on his face growing immensely as if he were the Cheshire cat itself. "It's different. . . Because I'm not just staring at 'any body'. I'm staring at the body of the woman I love. The feelings. . . The desires. . .? They're far stronger, as pure as they're impure." It sat at the line of contradiction and yet it made perfect sense to his mind. He wanted all of her, as much as he hoped she felt the same about him. "You have a point. . ." She still wanted to do the Fae Oil Ritual which had been one of the many ideals of his Mother's Court. His hands slid slowly, provocatively, along the edge of waist, the tips of his heated fingers brushed against any exposed slips of her skin. "And I am yours to see. . . And to Touch. . . All of yours, no one else's." The tone of his voice lessened almost as if it had been an intended whisper of conspiracy between two parties, it had been spoken in a heated fashion as if to charm her more towards the idea that he belonged to no other. It hadn't mattered what may have been in his past, as much as his life and affections had been there for her present and future - the situation of his body in all of its form and offers had been in the same vein. He wasn't sure if he made the situation worse, more awkward? Would they even be able to look at each other or properly relax knowing the kind of design that wormed its way in his mind, showed through the reactions of his body and its various signals? Walking over towards the bed had been . . . Difficult to say the least, trying his best to make movements to avoid showing too much of the shape that formed at the front of his sweatpants. Sitting down didn't do much either, in fact, it had demonstrated why the term 'Pitching a Tent' had existed in the first place. This had been the epitome of being embarrassed and unable to properly hide any form of evidence that could hope to elevate the heat that rose up from his face as much as it rose in his trousers. "I guess. . . We should start laying down." That had been the furthest thought of activity that his body had wanted to do, sending out its annoying pulsation through him as he tried to ignore the urge to start kissing her deeply which would've only escalated things. Though he couldn't help his hand from reaching out, a gentle caress of her thigh as he settled the palm of his hand right onto her. "Or. . . Did you want to sit on my lap for a bit?" What was he even thinking, well, the problem probably had been the wrong head had bene thinking for a moment there. "That is to say. . . In case you weren't fully ready to sleep yet."
  11. "A Kangaroo would require so much effort I could potentially ignore people. But I suppose if you're trying to limit that chance. . ." Senan's lips curled into a short smile as he looked upon her. He knew she'd been trying to help out, cared about the state of his wellbeing when it came to whether or not he had people to hang around. There hadn't been any hope of finding a person or creature that he could garner that kind of hope of spending his time into and be remotely satisfied. While there had been the extremely small few that had Roo's as a pet at the School it didn't mean that he should be one of them nor wanted to actually go through the constraints of setting up a specific area that's unique and could hold them. Soft laughted bounced from him. "Something tells me you're more into the dog and cat idea than you're letting on." The edge of his fingers caressed the bottom of her chin as he leaned forward, lips pressing against hers in a soft peck. "We can get a pet then." Senan's mind hadn't yet taken the flight to 'calm-down' land, still it ran various scenarios in his mind of how things could suddenly shift into an intimate situation. The image of Maxine's body flashed in his mind like a high resolution camera, intended to keep the watch reminded of every aspect of the subject. There'd been the trace of wanting her, the urge being fed by those strong and obvious emotions that he felt for the red-haired young woman. It had been what kept his bodies blood from fully receding every single inch of his admitted guilt. Her smile only seemed to aggravate and stiffen the problem at hand, the thought of sneaking into her room - the things that could be done if no one had been watching. No one was watching now. . . Then his head shook lightly, more so to try and disheavel the thoughts along with a brief smile to try and play off the inner turmoil he faced. "I do not mind if you're hoarding my clothes. Of course, I may just sneak in to see you. The clothes are just a convienent excuse if people start asking." When she approached, arms wrapping around his waist; The heat of his body suddenly spiked up in a ravaged storm. He knew she was going to find out or rather, feel out, more so as he couldn't hold back the instinctive reaction to wrap his arms around her shoulders. Pulling her closely and firmly against his body where there'd been no way to truly hide what had been stuck in between the two of them. When their eyes met his own cheeks held a pitch of red, while he had been no virgin it was a unique situation to be caught in as he'd still been a virgin to love and the heightened effects that it held on the body. There was nothing he encountered that could be likened to the feeling of pure pleasure and bliss than the current moment even if nothing had even occurred yet. It didn't escape his notice, the redness of her cheeks - she wasn't a slow person and perhaps felt more embarrassed. "I apologize. . . I came back early and saw your towel fall from you." That was when he cleared his throat though his eyes hadn't broken away from hers. "Instead of turning away I did stare for a moment, you have an amazing body." He laughed softly, a hint of shane laced through the tone. "Even as I try to run from my thoughts to cool myself, the body still manages to give away my want for you in that way too." What had been worse was he didn't find it fair that he took more than a glance at his world wonder's exposed form, almost as if she deserved the same exposure of him. But that seemed a silly idea to think it would be 'fair'. "If it pleases. . . I can always make it even and show you myself." Did their relationship absolutely need to be physical on that level yet? No, it didn't, sometimes there needed to be a moment of readiness for people. Still, he couldn't help but hold the desire to not only love her emotionally and mentally but show a deep physical approach to leave the same impression on her body that would allow her to feel it on various levels - how much he cared and treasured her. "But. . . Yes, l-let us try to rest." Could he even rest? He was liable to be poking her all night long at this rate.
  12. An indignant huff exhausted from him with a wry smile that accompanied. "I'm more afraid that you'd actually succeed in getting these, so called 'Friends'." Had it been a healthy idea that he only wanted her? No, in fact, it probably would've fed the already near obsessive attention she garnered from him and twist it to something far from the cute smitten stares towards something far darker. That alone had been reason enough to expand himself out in the way. Did he want to? No. That meant letting people in to see part of himself, something that he felt shouldn't be granted to just any person. "How about I just buy a companion pet. A kangaroo or something, they're far more trustworthy than majority of the people I'd ever encounter." Hell, to him, the most trust worthy person in the world had been Max. His smile grew widely until it stretched into a toothy grin and his head began to shake in amusement. "As long as you promise to keep doing that no matter what." Feeling the course of her finger trace along his cheek elicited a soft sigh of contentment. Senan didn't want there to be any sense between the two of them that they'd ever needed to 'Hold back', holding back had restrained them from kissing. Ended up causing them to miss the far more obvious feelings that harbored in the depth of their chests for one another. If honesty meant saying things that seemed odd, questionable, or down right a sexual innuendo, it was necessary for it to still be stated regardless. It wasn't as if they wouldn't be able to piece together their true meaning eventually and even then, the insinuated thought may not be too far from a personal desire that had been left unspoken either. He waited until he watched her exit the room, eyes pinned on her every curve that the towel seemed to hug, hiding away the softest and more sensitive parts of her form. The kind of thoughts and intentions that caused him to blush as if he were an innocent school boy. It seemed far safer for him to get dressed in the bathroom than his usual place, seeing his entirely exposed form perhaps hadn't been on Max's 'want to view' list. Not at the moment, he assumed. If only he had took the full forethought to knock first before the tips of his fingers pressed against the bedroom door and then halted - silver-grey eyes pinned on her as he watched the towel drop away from her body and his eyes widened. The amount of jumping beats his heart made in that single second would've alerted an attending nurse at how fast the rate had bolstered. If that or his reddened cheeks hadn't been any kind of physical sign, what extended through the sweatpants would've had him pegged in more way than one. 'Oh. . . Earthly Titania. . . She has the body of a Sidhe. . .' Perhaps to others it would've been an exaggeration but to him? He'd seen many of Sidhe female bodies and even those that had been considered immensely curvaceous held no candle to the red-haired beauty that his eyes had taken in. Quickly he turned away, he needed to regain his mind and much of the blood that rushed through to his cheeks from ever catching on that he had watched her in such a way. 'Now she's going to be stuck in my mind and dreams even more. . .' Not that he held any particular problem with that course of thinking or perception, yet it had been in comparison to the night he saw her bra and even as she cuddled with him the dreams were. . . Peculiarly wet ones. After some time, where it seemed far more reasonable that she'd already be dressed up in her garments he opened the door, acting as if he'd just been in the bathroom only a short moment ago. "Looks like they fit." He stated, as an attempt to try and be witty. He should've been far more aware of the head below his waist, it had yet to actually recede from prodding against the fabric of his sweatpants. Material that held to restraint and only had plenty to give and show.
  13. Thinking on what could've been changed seemed like a moot point to him, in the end, the choice that had been made led down a path that had been, perhaps, the most beneficial. Not only did it end up bringing the two of them together, as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. It also uncoupled the chains that had been the two sent to 'assist' him, without them around there had been room to breathe and a sense of freedom that wouldn't have occured if they still had been in the picture somehow. Back then, he hadn't been that thrilled for the encounter but now. . . He'd been elated that it all went down as it did, from hitting it with the balloon to her actually buying him ice cream. Their eyes held that connection once more, smiling softly towards her as a reaction to staring into her clear blues. He understood that it'd been difficult to properly keep people at distance if they had no idea what the distance had been for. Part of it had been for their own protection, the other hinged on them not being an achille's heel for him. Ironically, in the end, that had been what occurred. The biggest weakest for him now had been his biggest strength as well. "I still need friends? Can't I just have you and call it a day?" Did he really need to go out into the realm of socializing? There hadn't been anyone close to appealing in wanting to build that kind of bond with anyways. He laughed lightly and his head shook lightly. "Like and octopus? I hope you mean that for all the time." Even while just wearing her bra. . . His face reddened slightly, why did she hold such a hold of him. Unlike any he'd ever encountered. At times, he hadn't noticed how the words he spoke came off and once they'd been spoken it was either try to backpedal or stand in the heat of it that he caused. Backing off had never been one of his strong suits in many cases. While the heat in his cheeks would certainly flare up from simply insinuating or thinking about being so intimate with a person he genuinely felt so strongly for in a romantic way. "Alright, you don't need to rush." He had wanted her to take as much time as she needed, while it felt weird not having her around he knew there would be times the two of them would be far away from one another. Times they wouldn't be able to soak in eachothers presence as much as they desired or wanted, bit by bit they needed to get to that mindset while enjoying their loving obsession. While she spent the time getting washed up he took the intiative, taking out a few clothes for her to wear - ones that had been his and laid them out on the bed. Something comfortable and loose, nothing that could be considered constrictive. Then he proceeded to grab something for himself, sweatpants and a muscle shirt in anticipation of how potentially hot it could get with the two of them cuddle up together. It would limit the urge of him wanting to start removing articles of his clothing while sleeping with her, afterwards he went back towards the living room to sit in the armchair and wait until she'd been fully finished. Senan watched her approach again, towel wrapped around her body and his mouth dropped opened. Stunned, he hadn't been in a situation to be able to be only but steps away from seeing her bear everything. With only the towel wrapped around her his eyes started to scan the shape of her body slowly, taking in each curve and whatever skin had been actively exposed. "Perfection. . ." He stated, barely whispering it as the words had been more for himself than her. "What? Oh, right." Shaking his head to snap himself back into reality before delving into a gutter-filled wet-daydream. "I laid out something for you on the bed." Once she left the room once more to head towards his bedroom, he headed towards the shower to wash over the grime and muck of the day. Taking his time, letting the water flood across the top of his brunette hair and cascade along the exposed skin, some of it gravitated towards the imprinted lines on his skin, the markings that often stained the skin of Pureblood Fae. The unique situation of his heritage had been the larger cause on why it showed on him. After sometime his fingers pinched at the handle and cranked it tightly to close off the waterflow. 'This has been a day. . . In a swift gambit my life has change dramatically.' He still wasn't sure how to process that someone actively wanted to be around him, to spend the time they held in the world connected to him and seeking more out of their bond. It felt good, different, something that he wanted to throw himself into without a second thought and just allow it to keep flooding through and inside of him. Stepping out of the shower, he'd wipe himself down in slow strokes until every droplet of water had been swiped clean or as much could be done. He then pulled the sweatpants and muscle shirt onto himself and exited the Bathroom and made his way towards the room to check on her, hopefully he wouldn't have walked in on her still changing. Though. . . Would that be so bad. . .?
  14. His breathing heightened feeling her lips, he hadn't doubted she'd make the choice again if they'd been put in that position of being at the beginning. There may have been a few things that he would've changed and mostly it involved the way he acted towards her originally, she deserved far better treatment than his cold distance. Only here, in his mind, others deserved it far more. Not to mention how long it took him to actually get his emotions out, the state of how it all erupted. . .But if not for that would he have even realized how deeply he cared about her? Would she have? Without the hardships they wouldn't have been where they were and Senan needed to acknowledge that. His head nodded a few times, smile curved invitingly. "I'd do it all again too." He whispered back. "Now I know what it feels like to have no regrets." Since meeting Max, certain traits within himself had developed or maybe they were always there and needed someone to emerge in his life to get him to see them or even just accept them. One of those feelings being that he held a high opinion of her, not expectations - those ended up turning into something twisted all together especially since it sounded as if her home life reeked with that kind of a view. What he felt had been a hope that she'd take her own life in her grasps, to walk and do what made her happy and left her feeling fulfilled and proud of the kind of effort she put into the work that had been built by her hands. To be beyond what others ever would have expected of her. Something that he secretly wished for himself as well, seeing it in another might be the way or it may offer up a view on seeing one of the many paths of making it a reality. All he needed to do was support her, be there for her, and let her know he'd always be there to help pick her up. "You've lived up to that without even intending to. . . Since the moment I met you." It was a part of her personality, something that had always been there but now. . . It'd been far more profound, noticeable, and this time accepted by him fully. "Even when I tried to push you away, there you were. At lunch, in random passing, all my effort to isolate myself and you kept me connected." He shook his head, understanding the many reasons on why he chose to act as he had and yet still viewed it as a neglectful part of himself that had been taken too severely. "It makes me realize how much I may have missed but more than that? How much I've gained simply from a single person making such a wave." There were just certain people that made noticeable impacts, he never viewed himself as that. He was precise, honed, any impact he made would often be subtle and realized in the last moment. But people like Max, those with an odd sense of energy that warped into a gravitational charisma simply walked and talked waves into existence. Senan noticed her cheeks reddened, the words she spoke played in his mind and then his previous ones echoed right behind. This caused his own cheeks to redden and an embarrassed chuckle to ease out lowly. "When the time is right. . .? I will manage with every ounce of love." He spoke boldly yet indirectly, when the level of comfort for both of them had met and that special moment arrived it would be something felt unlike anything. In time, he figured. "A shower would be good. . . We were rolling around in a bunch of dust, sweat, and who knows what else at that warehouse." A question popped in his mind on whether or not they should go together or take turns again. "You can go ahead if you want, I'll take mines after yours."
  15. Him sweeping someone off their feet? The thought had been preposterous to him, he was no one of princely demeanor and certainly not the sort that could of managed such a feet. Or. . . At least he hadn't thought it possible until meeting her. Being introduced to new things hadn't been an uncommon situation since she came barreling into his life with a water balloon in her hand. "Then I'll just have to keep sweeping you off your feet for the rest of our lives." He stated smugly. It had probably been comments like that, ones that perpetrated such an idea about him to her. Words spoken without a hint of doubt in them, even knowing some of what potentially awaited them and being entirely ignorant of the things that couldn't be known. A slight smirk touched his lips, one that announced the subtle mischievous nature inside. "Then again you ended up falling in love with someone tied to not only a Dark Wizard cult but a coalition of Non-Humans who are essentially rebels to the world." The redness that lingered in the whites of her eyes caused his gaze to soften further, seeing such a pain and hurt inside of them didn't sit well with him. He wanted to be in a position to offer some sense of solace, a comfort to the idea that she wouldn't need to be in the kind of situation. This had been one of those scenarios where he couldn't truly protect her, no amount of posturing or magic would truly alleviate it from her heart or mind, the memories would be there. A smile, that was the kind of light and hope he expected to find at some point, it coming so soon showed to him that his words had reached her enough to not let the sorrow linger into its own little pit. "You're welcome. I couldn't very well not tell you my own perspective after bearing your heart." The aches and pains every person went through had needed attention as much as all the enlightened and loving feelings. "I'm only inspiring as much to you as you are to me, I imagine." His smile grew warmly and he nodded smoothly. "I hope so. As much as I would like to pretend I can go on perfectly on without someone. . . It gets isolating and lonely. And there's no shame or dishonor in knowing and admitting you need someone. And well. . ." A light and brief laughter, almost like a huff, exhausted. "I need you and want you." Senan could feel the dampness that collected on his shirt from her tears, smile stretching wider with a soft sigh. "You never need to apologize. . . I will always gladly take your wetness." It hadn't occurred to him how that may have sounded.
Senan 'Brightling' Connell
Double Agent Sixth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Fairy HE/HIM
Age:  16
Date of Birth: November 18th, 2002
Birthplace: Unknown
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Double Agent
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Occamy
Wand: 8-1/2" Yew with Sidhe Hair
Play-by: Gavin Leatherwood

Homeschooled and Trained for majority of his Life

Currently Enrolled in Tallygarunga, Sturt

  • Brightling is the 'Fae Inspired name' his Mother calls him in secret.
  • Is a Light aligned Half-Fae but there seems to be a hint towards more of the Fae blood inside.
  • Is a 'Dark Wizard Initiate' to a cult, but his Wand has never actually tasted the Darker curses staying untainted. 
  • Is also considered a Resistance Double Agent. 
  • Recently has been liberate of the two elder Dark Wizard's he'd been sent with
  • The Pendant is actually enchanted to be a Shield but currently suffers from random wild magic effects. 
General Knowledge
  • Seemingly has been Homeschooled as no official institution transcript exists. 
  • It's clear he's been well trained in the means of dueling though not so much the expected etiquettes that are drilled into students. 
  • Portrays himself as a loner by avoiding students and other individuals, however, seems to have a knack for rallying up people to focus on a single goal. 
  • Holds an accent that is laced with British-Irish inflections. 
  • Eyes are a silvery-grey
  • Wears a rope necklace that holds a pendant of pure silver of, 'The Tree of Life'. 

Senan allows others to perceive about him the traits that he finds works for the moment. Much like a snake, he learned to adapt to the surroundings in order to keep the deeper facts of himself greatly hidden. Under those circumstances he often tries to radiate a sense of focus and leadership, someone that is always certain on the steps that they make forward without any doubts, without conflictions. Everything that he wished he held in every arena of his life is exuded for people to watch outside of the usual groups that have a closer connection to him. 

At the end of the day, he's hiding himself. Not just from those he encounters but from those that he works with, a chameleon that changes himself to keep protected. Self-Preservation and the need to avoid being cast away as a form of trash or uselessness. His desire to be studious and certain of plans being high points for him and yet he still struggles with making the much larger decisions that could affect the course of his life for good or ill. 

Stuck in the pit of confliction, he often opts for the means of lies or red herrings to distract not only himself but others that expect the greatest of things from him. A way to buy himself more time, if any could be offered in the situations. While he isn't malicious by nature he's often pushed into situations that require a degree of harm to another person which he attempts to internally avoid the true effect it holds on him. 

Despite the confusing scenario that he walks in life he still seeks a greater purpose to himself, something greater than being simply a 'Connell', beyond being some form of Agent to a resistance of radicals. He seeks, more than anything else, a third way to escape the chains that had been forced around him from the circumstances of his birth. 


Senan stands at the height of five feet and eleven inches, his physique shifts towards a lean and athletically built. His hair is short and holds a deep brown hue to it which act as a contrast to the odd grey color that set in his irises. Gentle and well-kept skin is easily seen as there are no blemishes to account towards, but the palms of his hands show a heavy design of callouses that is an obvious sign of a person who works with their hands often.

The clothing that he wears varies but typically amounts to jeans between blue and black with matching jean coat and various style of shirts. Shirts that range from bland to intricate mark-ups of graffiti that are either of abstract imagery or hold a deeper image. His wand is kept in a small little holster lined on the inside of his jackets, a means to keep them close yet hidden incase he needs to make use of it.

How he upholds himself seems to be a conflicted mixture, at times there is a clear sense of confidence. A superiority that radiates that shows that he holds some form of self-awareness that he seeks a greater purpose for himself regardless of the people that are around and watching. Other times it's the intentional act of sliding out of the 'public view' to become as average or unnoticeable as possible, no different than the typical dregs of society that often walk around. 


Christened into the highly esteemed 'Connell Family' in Ireland, he was born of an extremely aged father and a mother who looked as a young woman seeking to pilfer the coffers of a widowed man. His Father, a man of extremely vocal range when it came to the believe of purism for the Wizarding world and not in the typical way that most protestors would choose to walk. A Dark Wizard by trade and belief he followed the tenant's that might made right and any means to secure the ambitious that had been within ones heart was necessary. A Teaching that had been a strong tenant amongst the Connell family for as long as many could remember once their crime had been brought to light within the aftermath of the Dark Lord's demise. This didn't lead to their capture as much as it led to them seeking the comfort of the underground and building up a new powerbase that would act as a sect of Dark Wizard's and Witches. 

It was in this, that he'd been taught on one side. However, his Mother, seemingly followed her newly minted husband in solidarity when it came to public appearance held a different opinion in secret. His mother who often goes by the name of 'Sierra' held many layers that made up whom she truly was the first being that she'd truly been a Fae with a strong connection towards the element of Light itself, a secret held together with a near impenetrable glamour from years of growth in power and strength. The other had been that she'd been apart of a radical resistance groups of various Half-Breeds and Non-Humans that had finally decided to take a stand against the Dark Wizardkind that sought to quell them. The feeling of the Ministry as an international entity had been seen as not 'sufficient' enough to this group, the crimes still too egregious, the amount of work put into halt the harm and heartache not as pushed and championed as they needed to be. 

This stuck Senan in a very precarious kind of situation, on one hand being trained as a Dark Wizard though his wand had never been truly tainted with the effects of the most dangerous of curses known to magic. On the other end, his Mother, teaching him the way of subterfuge and embedding the idea further in his head that he'd been chosen to be the perfect agent from birth. That his talents as a Fae hadn't been accepted by his own Father and it had all been a means to an end for the benefit of the world. Loyalty, It hadn't been a well-honed concept for him and it left a confused notion of where he had been to walk. Was he a 'Patriot for the Bloodline' along the lines of a hypocrite hoping to be accepted? Or rather, a radical, someone who had been prepared for any eventual outcome and had to be ready to retaliate when the horn had been sounded?

While praised for his form of charismatic leadership on both sides, the discernment to make decisions soundly without being beholden by doubt it hadn't alleviated the doubt within himself on his true identity. This confliction pushed deep inside, hidden from both of his parents and the various people that could be considered 'Allies' dependent on which side he'd been posing as a supporter towards when in the presence of them. On one hand, many of the resistance understood that his intended role had always been as a double agent which due to his unbreakable connection between two hard-hitting movement members, one from each side, caused a form of doubt to form on whether or not he had been the double agent against them. One of the many questions he couldn't confidently answer only veiling them behind various lies and misdirection's. 

Eventually, Senan had come of proper age in his Father's eyes that meant a sense of 'approval' was necessary in order for him to keep his place within the home. After the last failure to the family occurred several years before the amount of faith and expectation placed on the young teen's shoulders held heavy. A gaze of scrutiny unlike any he'd ever known from the brutish elder male and the command that had been given to him - Find and Kill that had disgraced the family, the Man known to let enemies of the Wizarding world to escape and even continue to live to this very day. He'd heard rumors along the various grapevines and reports where many that had been sent out with that form of mission never returned and those that had returned came back with less limbs than they held before. 

Reports came in on the last known location of the target, Australia, where it had been estimated the man had been living under an alias. Senan's task had been to assimilate into the culture, into the life as a newly arrived Student with the paperwork and approvals of a Homeschooled child. To gain a foothold and establish a connection on where the individual had been located, if he'd been in contact with what they had considered to be 'escaped beasts' and to terminate him and them if the chance made itself known. His mother had found it fit to add additional orders, similar but counteractive to the plans his Father had set into motion - instead he was to target those whom would be considered his 'Parents' for the sake of a cover when the time allowed for it. 

More confliction, choosing either would put him in the position of making enemies. A kind of risk that would write a persons capability of living as much more difficult to near impossible. In the current days he hides the uncertainty inside of himself, playing the ever 'dutiful' student. Bit by bit investigating the path and potential that maybe something would give him a third option or perhaps enlighten to the choices that could be made to circumvent either side from crushing inwards upon him. Alas, there could only be so much that a young man who barely experienced the depth of what the world could offer can do. 

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