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  3. The soft surface of her lips pressed against his own, a gentle sigh exhausted passed his nostrils and his eyes closed while he allowed his mind to drown within the moment of contentment that had been offered to him by her. That same willing gentleness, the feeling of mutual connection that they'd share just moments ago had been amazing but the kiss she'd given him had taken the current moment a notch higher as it fueled a sense of affectionate adrenaline through his body. It caused his heart to beat quickly, feeling that intentional heat that fueled from such a simple touch, from her hand that caressed his cheek while their lips continued to meet in a slowly built momentum. 'The One', it hadn't been a concept or thought he'd ever entertained and that time he wouldn't have known that Maxine had been that person, that he could've missed such a chance because of the distance he often kept people at. Her effect on him hadn't died down, not since the first time that his body had caught hint of the way she made him feel. It'd known before he mentally knew, that subconscious awareness. After this, he knew, it was going to be nearly impossible to keep his hands off of her in all the right ways. "Funny, that's the way I would describe it too." His eyes trailed towards hers to stare into them. "It's that knowledge of knowing everything will turn out alright." Even if, in that moment, things looked as if they would go down a darker or harmful path he knew that they would've found a way to deal with it. Some things only worked when individuals were of like mind and he felt that had been the case with himself and Max even with their differences. Feeling her lips once more against his own pushed a sense of being desired through just that touch alone again. "We can stay as long as you like, I don't think there's anything pressing that we need to do." Between the oil, their bodies, and the heat that she pulled from inside of him - there'd been quite the warmth. There'd never been a moment in his life that he could recount that such a torrent of positive emotions flowed and flooded through him, it all felt good and the want for it to keep up is one of the reasons that fire kept stoked within. A course of air passed through his nostrils and his eyes closed softly as her forehead pressed against his. "I know you won't, I have faith in you. That and your sheer dedication and stubbornness." Had there been anyone -more- stubborn than his Maxine? Probably not. Though he also had no intention of letting her walk-away so easily without fighting for her, nor had he planned to allow himself to walk away or be taken away without a fierce fight. "Mmm, I didn't think you would just leave me." He offered her a wide smile, over time, it had become a far more genuine one within her presence. Others? It'd seem plastic, trained, though she held a power over him that no other could claim. "Don't think I would let you have all of the good lines though, Max. I would drag you back from anywhere even if I need burn the entire world to find you. . ." Perhaps a far darker approach towards things but Senan had been no angel by anyone's true definition of the word for a human. If she hadn't know the extent of his love and desire to keep her for himself before he'd been sure the young woman knew of it now. "Happy Birthday, Max. I plan to give you many more great ones."
  4. Arms wrapped around her waist, pulling the young woman closer and against himself while his fingers traced lovingly along the horizontal life of her waist, crossing over her navel in a gentle course. This hadn't been his first encounter with someone when it came to sex in general, it'd been the first time he could say it was legitimately intimacy. His body felt raw and hot, pleased and enjoyed, spent and yet still eerily energetic as if he could go for more. It had all been connected and stemmed from the woman that sat upon his lap while the two of them waded within the oil. A tender kiss was placed along the edge of her collarbone while his silvery-grey eyes lifted up and looked towards her face. "To see you happy about that prospect . . . It does something unique inside of me. Sparks my own happiness and contentment that I'd been able to meet you. Even if we did give one another a hard time at the start of it." The way things had unraveled and expedited between the two of them, even with the danger that lingered in the air. None of it could be considered a regret for him, the only thing he could actively regret had been that he hadn't considered her place in his life until far later than it happened. Yet, would the two of them have been so in love with one another if it had taken any other place? Their embarrassment and frustrations, it tempered and fueled them towards subconsciously seeking one another, pushing away quick and immediate satisfaction for one another's presence even with the lingering feelings and emotions of desire and potentially lust. "We can stay here, just like this, Max. There's nothing else that needs to be done or observed it's all concluded." His hands started to slide and rest on her thighs, the tip of his nails drag in a gentle trace in what could be made out as the Celtic 'Tree of Life', the symbol of the gift that she'd given. A symbol that meant far more to him now than it did back home. Senan chuckled lightly with a smile that stretched across his face in admiration of the red-haired woman that sat upon him. "You're a secret romantic, aren't you? I guess I can't speak much on that, I've less urge to want to move and more of an urge to just stay with you, like this." His eyes met hers once more and then he leaned in to press his lips softly against hers, letting the giddy feeling that vaulted through his chest and the shivering heat of desire flow along his spine before pulling away in a slow ease. Their lips barely inches apart and his eye contact with her never breaking after the fact. "You've all of me, Max. I'll never stray and never allow someone to take me away from you." Not even his own mother.
  5. Words spoken by him from an opened heart, Senan couldn't imagine being anything less in the presence of Max and what she continued to off him as a person. In their relationship where she placed herself as much of a support as she did a shield, even when he didn't ask of her to do so. Her stubborn care is what drew him to her arms and her opened heart and generosity had been what kept him there as well, an individual whom had no peer in his sight when it came to the affections she pulled from him. With the two of them now laid bare before one another, her arms stretched around his neck and his own snaked around her waist into a close pull, there'd only been one thing left to do that would seal their 'Fae Inspired' covenant towards one another. The heat of his body burned with an intensity for her and the thoughts that flooded his mind, they nearly broke towards the point of giving themselves over to one another and yet. . . It hadn't occurred. The time simply wasn't right, wasn't truly precious enough for the woman that he planned to be fiercely loyal towards. Yet, now, when it called for it - that 'moment' seemed to be perfect and in line with what the very beat of his heart desired. Part of him had hoped she did as well while the remainder had an inkling that she not only wanted it but had found her own resolve and presence of mind to go through with it. While it wouldn't be his first time, it'd be his first time with -her-, with love actively being involved in the equation. It'd been a thought that struck him to the very core and one that urged the fiery passion within his chest to roar forward, lips pressing against hers firmly and without abandonment. As he started to take her into his arms, diving only slightly lower into the pooling surface of the oil. . . Fade to Black - Obvious reasons, right? The ceremony had been finished. . . But that hadn't been the interesting bit of information. As his arms wrapped around Maxine, holding her closely while the pool of mostly Oil surrounded them up to their shoulders. His finger tips traced along the form of his hand while his lips kissed the nook of his jaw in a tender and feathery touch. Senan's tone of voice shifted to a low and intimate whisper, a near chuckle of happiness laced through it. "And it is complete. . . We are, effectively, one now."
  6. If he kept getting entranced by the young woman's smile he knew they would somehow manage to stand in the vat of oil the entire time. Eyes lowered slightly to catch glimpse of that gentle curve of lips that etched on her face. She'd been like a reflection of his heart, the smile that beamed screamed everything about her personality in his mind. Bright, optimistic, the kind of smile that would set a day on track properly - at least it would and always had set his day on the proper pace since their feeling had been known, not only to themselves but to one another. It injected the atmosphere with less anticipation for him, knowing that such an expression had been easy for her to form was a great sign in his mind. "Me. . .?" The fact she would even consider him as someone amazing had been baffling. While he agreed the young man had several talents he didn't think any of them warranted being labeled such a thing, yet, here she'd been parroting his own words. A soft chuckle exuded from him, perhaps even a light tint of red at the realization of how important he'd been to her. "Becoming poetic on me now, Max? I had no idea that had been one of your passions and talents." He shouldn't have put it passed the red-head to have such a soul, however. She seemed the type that could whip out a poetic phrase and not even realize it, not even consider it truly the sort. If only she could've actually heard herself from his view, how smooth and soothing she sounded. Senan's head lowered slightly to make it far easier for Max while she poured the oil along the dark brown locks of his hair. The substance caused the strands of hair to gain a heaviness to them as they drooped and clung to the forehead and edges of his face. A soft sigh escaped passed his lips while the warmth of the oil slid across his entire form, seeping into the fabric of the clothing as it took it in almost as if it were instinct or specifically designed to respond when a certain action had been followed through. His eyes closed gently and the aroma of that pooled from the oil swept through his nostrils, the bass of his heart thumped rapidly to the point he could imagine the very sound of it pulsating in his very ears. When the stream that fell from Max's hands ended his head lifted up slowly, posture relaxing and yet still staying graceful - trained. A course of air passed between his lips as he watched the red-head reach her hand out. He felt the presence of her hand brush against the outside of the dampened fabric that clung to him and as a response his own hand reached out, sliding along the area where the robe-like attire clung to Maxine's own body. His heart that had already been rapidly racing kicked up even faster, its effect reached to the very pit of his abdomen where the feeling of thousands of butterflies trapped inside fluttered about nonsensically. Slowly he'd start to remove the article of clothing from her, a gentle and intimate motion of sliding it away as if he were in no hurry to remove her clothing. "You can't take all the good ones, Max. . . You've to leave some for me." The smile on his face grew faintly, tone of voice softened into almost an unspoken whisper that only the two of them could perceive. "Maxine. . . You'll never be forgotten by or treated as less than you truly are. You're a priceless gem, -My- priceless gem. I'll do and give anything to you if only you just ask it of me to do." Once both of their ceremonial garb had been stripped away they floated within the pool of oil. "You're my Queen, my equal in every way and the person who. . . Balances me out entirely." After speaking he couldn't help the urge that built within his chest, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers in a soft gentle touch.
  7. A Celebration of Life, or at least, the celebration of attempting to solidify a constant individual within that life. It'd been the idea of intention that drove him, when it came down to it; What Senan wanted out of what the two of them had started build with one another had been something that would be lasting. To -show- that he wanted it to last beyond just living those days with one another, sure, he could've done that only and proved it everyday which he'd already told himself that he would. Symbolism, however, was something often very strongly driven in those of the Fae as was the intention with Nature itself with its numerous bouts of balance and the systematic way it had all worked off one another. The Fair people stood as much as guardians as symbols for their purpose in the revolving doors that had been life itself, after all. Senan's lips curved into a wide smile, uncharacteristically so, just from hearing her give a confirmation that she'd been willing to go through with it. His head nodded with visible ease and a hint of excitement that he would perhaps be far more shocked that he showed if he ever saw it done in a mirror. "It is my choice -- Our choice. That's what makes it doubly important. It wouldn't hold much meaning if it had only been one sided." In the category of birthday gifts, it wasn't conventional, not by a long shot. It also wasn't something specifically intended only for her which probably made it far more along the lines of a bad gift in the eyes of other people. To him, however, it made perfect and utter sense with how things escalated between the two of them and even how close they came to doing many things and discover other things that had been designed by the necklace. Which, oddly enough, he hadn't been wearing - it made him feel far more naked without it around his neck even with the short time that he had with the trinket. Yet, he refused to allow it the benefit to ruin another moment for the two of them. The oil held a warmth to it, not too hot, but enough to make am impression against the skin as if it were a soothing embrace. "Hearing you say that with such confidence is. . . You're amazing." His words formed in the usual straightforward manner that he held. "You don't need to make that promise. That you feel you do, however, means more to me than I could even manage to actually describe." His hands slowly wrap around her waist and a smile stretches from the corners of his mouth. "And I'll be your shadow when you need me to be, sometimes protection can always come the form of a light, you know." Which had been ironic for him to say, being a Half-Fae aligned towards the concept of Light itself, that he found the shadows far more comforting and a means to offer a shield to the woman that he had all to himself. "Well now. . ." His hands dipped into the water and pressed together, shaping of a cup-like form. Some of the oil pooled in and he lifted his hand up. "We pour some oil over one another's head, slowly and steadily. It's supposed to represent the closeness of washing one another." After the brief explanation his hands tipped over the tip of her head, the oil pouring gingerly from the tips of his fingers as if it were a spout, cascading over the red-locks of her hair. The unique magical properties of the oil made it so that even if it had connected in her eyes it'd be as if it were water, no amount of stinging or obscurity of the vision itself. Crafted and honed towards the quality assurance of such rituals. His hand then lowered to rest at his side. "After we do this we. . . Disrobe. While doing that we essentially say, er, a sort of vow. What we plan to offer one another before the embrace." This had been the awkward part of things, he knew what she'd stated. The process of it all, however, had been quite intimate by the standards of Humans. Fae often not following the similar societal stigma's that were held in the Human societies. "And from there we. . . Give over to one another."
  8. A smooth nod flowed from him as it seemed that Max understood the meaning that had been offered up to explain. The ritual held various implications, yet, the most prominent of it all had been the importance of two individuals connecting beyond the binds of social class in that moment. Albeit, after the ceremony social implications often played a larger key point as it settled the understanding that the two individuals would most likely be coming together to build further scions from their union. "For Fae, 'The end' isn't a viable escape from their devotions and oaths." A brief snicker passed by his lips, the same didn't exactly hold true for the two of them. However, that had been a small part of anything in a world naturally ephemeral even with the races that bypass longevities grasps. "So, for us, it would hold far more meaning. At least, that's how I'm viewing it." It was something that may not be known until it occurs. He couldn't help the way that he saw the young woman, she'd always been someone eye catching even when he hadn't been interested in her that way. Now, however, he noticed her as a ship noticed a lighthouse in the blackness of night. She'd been vibrant and shaped in a way that drew his eyes to trail and trace with a simple gaze, enough that he had started to bite at his lower lip. The imagination that had been roaring in his mind the last few weeks since their 'Almost' situation came back around once more and had been like a dragon of pure thought and creation. Reminding him of her bare form that he could only classify as true perfection to him. "Yes. . . Two become one. . ." That feeling within his chest pumped and throttled in a heated pulse. It'd been difficult for him not to see that they were more than just parallel's. Despite the fact that they'd already told one another their intention of staying around, being faced with it in a far more ritualistic manner that would accentuate it further drew a nervousness within himself. It'd been a practice he never thought to entertain, a practice that he had originally never wanted to do with any individual for the sake of staying at an arms length. Yet, this Red-Haired Heroine had managed to break through every expectation he held for himself and changed them in the wake of her blurring chaos. She'd been a world changer, his world changer, and each second he stood within her presence the more sure of the steps they were taking he became. Anxiety and nervous twirled together within his breast, unsure of what her answer would've been. The way she looked into his eyes started to ease it gradually while her words knocked a bigger chunk through the laborious feelings. "I wouldn't have went through all this if I didn't want to do it either." His arms snaked around her waist while the gap between the two of them had been closed tightly from the embrace. The tip of his fingers slid against the soft skin of her forearms until their hands met once more, clasped together firmly. "I'm nervous too, I've never done. . . Something this committing. Not of my own will and that's what makes this so extremely liberating. That is my choice to want to go through with it on my end." A soft smirk touched his lips as he started to lead the both of them deeper into the basin. The pooling oil pressed against the dangled strips of fabric that hung from his attire and pushed it up lightly instead of weighing down upon it due to the unique desire of the clothing compared to Human based clothing. "It is somewhat like that though, Maxine. I suppose I hadn't considered it before until I started to explain it to you but even so. . . I want to do this." This hadn't been for anyone else except for the two of them, he found that the greatest present he could give to his Girlfriend, the woman that he fell in love with so quickly had been to offer himself entirely. "You've already been my light, you know."
  9. He stood there, letting her take in the scene that had been crafted. It'd been something meant to be taken with awe, admiration, not for the intention of bragging but to fill the moment in understanding that it'd been special and ceremonial. Far more special than ceremony in his particular case, yet, skipping everything that concluded and combined to create the ritual needed to be included and emphasized. Step-by-step, things would need to be expound upon and the mere thought of its conclusive meaning drew a heat to his cheeks that he'd never before felt. It only seemed to intensify when her light-blue eyes settled on him, offering that piercing gaze that he'd been so fond of staring into. Senan wasn't sure if it had been the 'right time', it felt like the right time. It didn't feel as if he'd been driven by the sheer passion of blind desire, his wants and reasons were clear and free of the clouded obscurity that often came with teenage hormones and emotions colliding together. "In a sense. . . How do I explain it." There had been numerous connotations to the ritual - there'd been no true gender based 'Hierarchy' amongst his Mother's court. Anyone had been equal, provided that they held the means to exert such equality. Some did exist that preferred to be in the backgrounds, that held a better comfort behind the scenes. "Remember when I told you it is one of the ways to be 'Submissive'? It is a mutual connection - To be a firm and dominant rock or submissive and bending with one another. Like two rulers or leaders that hold the reigns together." That had been when his teeth bit at his lower lip. "Not. . .Unlike the societal view on. . . Marriage." His gaze narrowed, that had been the closest correlation in his mind and thought of it caused his face to light a blaze that it contrasted with the purple-like hue that resonated in the room. He trusted her, more than he trusted any individual and that had been pure fact in his opinion. She hadn't just earned it, she showed that she was worth such unhindered trust. A soft chuckle escaped from him, a smile touched his lips gently. Even if she couldn't see her at the moment he'd been oddly happy that she'd been fine with him seeing her change, her brought bare. "If we're going to go through with it, it will end up coming off anyways. The idea is that we're not really supposed to see one another until that moment. Not that way, anyways." Obviously, they broke that particular 'formality'. It wasn't necessary but he found that it had been a way to enhance the moment between the two of them, especially, since they hadn't yet crossed that far more intimate line that often occurred when two individuals had been stripped to the bare. Once her hand touched his he slowly turned away, silvery-gray eyes scanned her from shoulders and downwards. "Stunning. . ." The tips of his fingers brushed against Maxine's exposed skin from the newly worn attire and a smile creased along his lips, eyes staring at her fondly. "Yes, connects - binds. Two hearts, two bodies, two lives - becoming intertwined -One." The more he talked about it, the more obvious in his mind of how it -really- sounded. The intention had solidly been the same as the idea of marriage and the Fae had their own unique process of it due to predating Human society. "The oil is supposed to represent a kind of rebirth or renewal. Go in two, come out one but. . . In typically in the Oil they gain more intimate to seal the pact, as it were." Senan's gaze lowered in embarrassment though he slowly started to guide her towards the edge of the oil basin that sat and took up most of the center of the room. "It's a way of showing the act of being submissive and in control all in one, to show love and tenderness. Though many Fae see it as a means to gain power in this moment it would be what it had always been meant to represent." His hands grasped hers tightly and he fully turned, the edges of his heels touched just off the edge of the heightened ledge. "If you don't want to go through with it given the connotations I. . . Understand. The more I talk of it, the more I describe It, I know. . . Now, exactly what the meaning is."
  10. At first he waited, assuming that the young woman had heard him at least until the time passed and her attention hadn't been quite pulled as he'd hoped it would've. Perhaps he should've tried yelling louder? No, it needed to be something that she walked in one, he couldn't go and get her doing so would've ruined the surprised based on the clothing that he donned on. This time did, however, give him the small bit of a frame to double check that everything that had been in perfect and accurate order towards the intention of this gift that he offered her; hope welled inside of him that she'd find it an overwhelming gesture. There had been no better time than her birthday, a time where in most countries and communities where 'Seventeen' had been an important leap towards adulthood. Just when he had decided that he waited long enough for Maxine to notice him the door swung opened and halted his movement to ascend the staircase. Each step taken by her reached his ears while the weight of her steps caused the durable wood to creek until she'd stopped only to be met with a smile of fondness etched on his face. Watching her almost trip he nearly reached out to try and catch her before she'd take the pummel of pain down the steps but it seemed that she caught herself just in the nick of time. Senan's posture straightened and arms held firmly at his side waiting for her to take in the effort that had been placed into the design and the different aspects that made up the temporarily presence of their basement. Reaching one of his hands out, he grasped hers to fully guide her down the final steps and further into the full exposure of the room. "Your present. In the time of my Mother's people, Romance and the like tends to be binding for some - mostly the higher Sidhe unless they held a fondness for mortal connections. This, my dearest, Maxine - Is our Ceremony." That was when he started to lead her further towards a table that had a similar attire as his own in fabric and design yet clearly stitched and made to fit the form of a slender female. "The light that fills the room represents that what happens between the two in the room is always opened, always shown. There is no shadow, no secrets. The individual that you choose to be the most opened with. At least, that's what the 'traditional' intention is meant as, it is barely followed these days." Of the many traditions that the Fae followed things that held the significance of the heart rarely ever had been held in high honor. "It is said that no trust had been greater amongst the Fae than between King Oberon and his Lady, Queen Titania of the Fairies. Their ever connecting understanding of their roles and one another had been a resolved legend of mutuality in handling ones 'Kingdom' or personal domain." His hands released hers and he picked up the clothing and settled them in her arms then turned away gently. "Usually, you're already dressed in the garb. So, I'll keep my eyes off of you until then." He had planned to describe her every point of the ritual, bit by bit, the intention and meaning behind it all. "The bright color of the regalia is meant to show a sense of 'Natural Purity'. Meaning that as much as they're of themselves, they're of nature as well. Not unlike a Bride in Human societies, just. . . Less of the idea of 'Sexual purity'." While it wasn't the explanation of 'Virginity' for Fae, it was a sense of being 'Pure' in the reverence and understanding the importance they played in the whim and laws of nature itself. At least, when it came to his personal Court. "The openings are usually for the markings that stretch across their skin, a sense of exposure and tempting enticement in one."
  11. Trying to figure out Maxine's birthday hadn't been the easiest thing, not when he needed to prepare for something that had been on their minds to do and keeping in a massive secret. Asking her directly, he felt, would've prompted her to put her curiosity that often ended up in snoop mode towards high alert. It'd been far easier to prepare under the guise of him expanding out to various contacts in order to find the meaning of the clue that had been left behind for them. While it wasn't entirely untrue, the last few weeks his mind had been far more preoccupied with designing just the perfect area for what her present would be. Perhaps it could've been viewed as a mutual present, it had been something that they both wanted to do and though he knew and understood the full implications he knew that she held a brief of enough of an understanding to comprehend the ceremony of it all. The time that Max spent away had been his time to make the final preparations, there'd been talk on what to use the basement for some time. Plans that could be made for the future, in the nearer future, however, Senan had other plans. He spent much of the day tossing things that had been useless or owned by the past individuals in proper discarded fashions, anything that had been a magical artifact of sorts had been safely locked away in a place that others wouldn't easily find them. Not until he could find a proper use for majority of them and for others? Well, destroying them would end up being the best course for the whole of Wizarding society. It was a spacious place, extending the full length of the home and offered the full scope of being adjustable and capable of a healthy renovation pursuit. As such, in the center of it, had been an earthen hollow that could fill just above the waist of a humanoid of six feet just above their navel. Filled just below the ridge before it would tip over unto the far more raised surface with an extremely thick liquid, the coloration of it held a somewhat fuchsia glower to it. Legitimately giving off a unique hue as if several fireflies had been trapped below its surface causing the glimmering expanse. In truth, it had been part of the mixture as Fae; mostly Sidhe, tended to do things in varying amounts of excess. Things didn’t fit well for their rituals unless it held a proper place, stuck in the minds of the individuals in one way or another. Along the far end of the wall had been various unique tall urns that once held the oil that now pooled within the center of the basement. The walls and ceiling even held a unique form of dressing, illuminating lanterns that hung and floated in various parts of the room giving off a somewhat cyan emission. This accentuated the already glowering pool. “I’m in the basement.” Senan recalled up the steps towards her, hearing that the door had opened and closed along with the slight scraping that keys often made when sliding along the tumblers to the lock. He’d also been dressed for the occasion and not in a way that anyone unaccustomed to the ways of his Mother’s people would even remotely consider ‘Decent’. It’d been a think silk, the kind crafted and mended far differently than what Human’s and other races tended to use, lighter than spider’s silk even. The fabric rose and curled over his shoulders, bending inward to expose part of his chest in a ‘V’ pattern and continued downwards to barely conceal the far more ‘sensitive’ areas of a Male physique. His legs followed the same fabric yet covered the frontal and back portions of his thighs, ending just at the knee. It often felt as if he were naked, and he may as well have been. The outfit largely had been exposing and cut in a way to reveal and accentuate every portion of his skin that held the unique markings that took up various portions of his body.
  12. @Maxine Williams Happy Birthday. I do have a gift and it took me a while to prepare. Hopefully it will catch your interest.

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      You shouldn't have gone through the trouble, but I can't wait to see what it is ☺️

  13. The weight of the choice hung over his head or at least the expected weight of it. It had to be made and while it would have no bearing on whether or not their relationship had been on a good or bad note, it most likely would lean towards the disruption of a proper restful sleep as many things could've attributed towards that day. That their bodies could ever keep moving as they had been after their night showed a unique sense of willpower, in both of them as much as the desire of fueling it when it came to one another. To agree with someone all the time would grow into suspicion when it comes to generosity and truly respecting an individual. Being able to know and realize you disagreed, that it was alright to disagree and no one needed to be utterly offended by it showed a great deal of respect than it perhaps implied. Stepping out to manage his life and in the same vein, she her own, were things that had been bound to happen. It didn't mean that they couldn't take in the moment to be saturated in one another when they both felt they had enough of the process of living their own separate pieces away from one another. It had been a gradual conclusion to arrive at in his mind. His fingers curled around her hand, attention brought straight to the light coloration of her eyes. "I do like the idea of you holding them. . . Not so much the pillow wall. But that's also my issue of being somewhat selfish and wanting you close to me." That sentiment hadn't been in the pursuit of sexual satisfaction either, rather, the undisputed desire to feel the heat of her body pressed against his own. Knowing that everything had been real between the two of them, from the moment the spark snapped until the raging static struck through them in realization of their emotions. Even to the point where they'd nearly given over to heart and passion's call, all of it had been something he hoped within himself wasn't some waking dream that would be wiped out the next day. Senan followed without any resistance, gentle steps taken with each step made towards the bed until he sat down on it and grasped the pillow to remove it from the center of the bed - placing it at the head post. "We won't need it. I'll need to learn not to be an utter slave to the passion and hormones. Because what we have. . . Is so much more than that and I know it." Placing the faith and trust in what their relationship could be. Then he started to take the position closer towards the wall and grasped her hand this time to lure her further onto the bed to try and bring the young woman into a prone snuggle. "After all, how can I expect you to trust me if I can't learn to trust me?"
  14. The tips of his fingers slid along the robe designed strap that the pendant hung from, his mind delved into thought - keeping well aware never to allow for his finger to touch the metallic surface for fear of what could potentially happen next. 'To think someone could break my wall of discipline so easily. . .' A wonderment in his mind yet not something he'd been entirely against occurring. There always had to someone, something, that could cause such a break down in hard worked defenses. The people and things that mattered in a numerous amount of ways that had been the skeleton key to get passed a place that actually held no 'door' to willingly let other pass on by. Even if things had turned out difficult this time around, it would only be a matter of time before Max would find her way in breaking it down once more - her presence a welcomed and enjoyed addiction. As her arms wrapped around him in an inclusive warmth a gentle sigh escaped from him, luckily, it wasn't the same tone as what he'd let out only moments prior. It'd been the simple contentment of being able to be in her arms, the warmth had been a cheery on top. Even if there'd been no warmth, if he'd been left cold, being able to feel her urged a sense of adoration in feeling her touch. When she let go of him, he started to step back from her. At that point, putting his clothing back on and then gently taking the shirt that Max held, helping her putting it over her head. Not the kind of action he'd hoped to be doing but the longer the atmosphere and his body felt less charged, the more he realize that it perhaps had been for the best. Senan wasn't sure how to explain the reason it'd been his fault, aside from the fact that his touches had been strategic, intentional and leaked with the poison that desire often acted as. Even the softest of touches could crumble the will of a person if feeling and emotions had been applied and he'd been aware of this. His eyebrow arched up, for a moment he forgot just how stubborn she could be and it caused a hushed laughter from him. "I can't let you on the couch, that's far less comfortable than the floor." It had been for him at any rate, it always felt so lumpy and not enough proper support. He'd been trying to avoid what could spark again only for, the irony of her options, both ended up with him being next to her. Had that been her want? To still be next to him? Not that he minded but he had no way to ensure that his hands wouldn't wander, he'd been at a loss of anyway to be in the same room as her yet not risking where his mind might cause him to wander. His arms slowly slipped around her shoulders to pull her closely into himself. Her smile glistened in his sight as it caused the reactionary effect of his own lips being curved into a smile. "When you smile like that it makes me want to agree to your stubbornness. . ." As if the pot could claim the kettle of such. "I will be comfortable. As long as I'm with you. . . I'll be comfortable. I just want to be in the same room with you - I know that sounds. . . I sound horribly clingy saying that." It hadn't escaped him how he sounded, not just then but most times when it'd just been the two of them. She seemed as adamant as she was genuine in wanting his comfort. "Your comfort is important too. This is our home, in a home, comfort is always important for everyone." Something that, as he said the words, and knew what little he did know of her family that 'Comfort' may not have been properly attuned to her vocabulary when it came to herself. That was when his hand slowly slid to hers. "If we lay next to each other then we'll have to try to keep ourselves. . . Contained. By ourselves, I most likely mean myself. It's why I was going to take the floor. I wouldn't be far, I'd be fine. Still next to you but not next enough to let my hands be the devilish intended beings that they are." He gave a small but firm smile towards her. "You're so alluring to me, temptation and adoring all wrapped in one." Slowly his hand trailed along her arm, lifted to touch the side of her cheek as he stroked it, much like a person would their most valuable treasure that held no definable cost - Priceless. "Unless you agree to slap my wandering hands away - you taking the bed and me taking the floor is the most viable."
  15. While there had been many ways the influence of such a desire could take, Senan had been glad there'd been a sense of tenderness that flowed from his actions and likewise from Max's. It was a moment of freshness, one where showing eachother a mindful care had been far more instinctual than thought provoked. Even as he pressed the two of them again, pushed the most extended of himself along her form to drive the point of the moment home to their awareness, he'd made the steps with the natural understanding of not only his intentions but the full enjoyment that it hadn't been commanded of her or him. That if they were going to go through with it all, to take things to such a grandoise steps, it would be by their own decision every step of the way. The previous thought instant bolted out of his mind, only feeling the utter chill of frigid liquid's embrace soak him from head to toe, the adrenaline that had kept him ready and primed had quickly started to wash away with the icy realization of what had happened. In all of his days, he'd never had a singular object create such mayhem for him and someone that he actually wanted to be close and personal with. He was unsure if it was fate or simply the necklace itself harborbing the curse of breaking moments. A sigh of frustration escaped him, they'd been so close, so close to touching one another in a way that would've pulled the two of them even close and it'd been ruined. Had it been for the best? Or was this going to end up a sense of frustration unable to trust the flamboyant will of the enchanted object he wore so closely? Once the water stopped, Senan's gaze turned towards the bed as it'd been soaked through entirely. Not necessarily a problem but it'd certainly be a hassle, the more immediate concern being the state of Max as he walked up towards her, arms wrapped tightly around her body as he held her tightly to try and keep her warm. "Alright seems to be a matter of perception. . ." His tone of voice eeked of venom towards how their moment had been interruprted, yet again. He couldn't tell if Max had been relieved or not, he did know that either way it was near impossible to spark that kind of moment again anytime soon. Tracing his finger through the air he used a mass-area spell to cause an heating and drying breeze to encircle the room, their bodies, and the body. Water that had once clung to their forms evaporated away. Seeing that Max had covered herself, he saw it as a sign even if it may or may not haven which caused him to start to grasp at the clothes he'd kicked off and started to place them back onto himself. "Sorry about that. . ." He apologized, in his mind it wasn't for the water, rather for placing her in a situation of sexual high that she hadn't the mental time to process and fully agree towards it all. "I think that might have been the sign to go to sleep." While a brief laughter emitted from him to try and shrug it off, he found himself unsure of how to actively feel as the moment gradually started to wind down. Walking towards his closet once more for the night he pulled out several extra blankets and pillow and started to nest a bed on the floor. "I'll stay on the floor. You can take the bed." After what had just happened he wasn't sure if he could trust himself or his mind to not wander or wonder. Standing up, he walked over towads Max as he leaned in pressing a loving and tender kiss right at the center of her forehead. When the moment had truly been ready for her, when she felt it all fell into place with what she desired and her mind believed it was she wanted - that would have to be the sign for both of them. "If there's anything else you need, just let me know. I'll do everything I can to try and make it happen."
Senan 'Brightling' Connell
Double Agent Sixth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Fairy HE/HIM
Age:  16
Date of Birth: November 18th, 2002
Birthplace: Unknown
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Double Agent
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Fairy
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Occamy
Wand: 8-1/2" Yew with Sidhe Hair
Play-by: Gavin Leatherwood

Homeschooled and Trained for majority of his Life

Currently Enrolled in Tallygarunga, Sturt

  • Brightling is the 'Fae Inspired name' his Mother calls him in secret.
  • Is a Light aligned Half-Fae but there seems to be a hint towards more of the Fae blood inside.
  • Is a 'Dark Wizard Initiate' to a cult, but his Wand has never actually tasted the Darker curses staying untainted. 
  • Is also considered a Resistance Double Agent. 
  • Recently has been liberate of the two elder Dark Wizard's he'd been sent with
  • The Pendant is actually enchanted to be a Shield but currently suffers from random wild magic effects. 
General Knowledge
  • Seemingly has been Homeschooled as no official institution transcript exists. 
  • It's clear he's been well trained in the means of dueling though not so much the expected etiquettes that are drilled into students. 
  • Portrays himself as a loner by avoiding students and other individuals, however, seems to have a knack for rallying up people to focus on a single goal. 
  • Holds an accent that is laced with British-Irish inflections. 
  • Eyes are a silvery-grey
  • Wears a rope necklace that holds a pendant of pure silver of, 'The Tree of Life'. 

Senan allows others to perceive about him the traits that he finds works for the moment. Much like a snake, he learned to adapt to the surroundings in order to keep the deeper facts of himself greatly hidden. Under those circumstances he often tries to radiate a sense of focus and leadership, someone that is always certain on the steps that they make forward without any doubts, without conflictions. Everything that he wished he held in every arena of his life is exuded for people to watch outside of the usual groups that have a closer connection to him. 

At the end of the day, he's hiding himself. Not just from those he encounters but from those that he works with, a chameleon that changes himself to keep protected. Self-Preservation and the need to avoid being cast away as a form of trash or uselessness. His desire to be studious and certain of plans being high points for him and yet he still struggles with making the much larger decisions that could affect the course of his life for good or ill. 

Stuck in the pit of confliction, he often opts for the means of lies or red herrings to distract not only himself but others that expect the greatest of things from him. A way to buy himself more time, if any could be offered in the situations. While he isn't malicious by nature he's often pushed into situations that require a degree of harm to another person which he attempts to internally avoid the true effect it holds on him. 

Despite the confusing scenario that he walks in life he still seeks a greater purpose to himself, something greater than being simply a 'Connell', beyond being some form of Agent to a resistance of radicals. He seeks, more than anything else, a third way to escape the chains that had been forced around him from the circumstances of his birth. 


Senan stands at the height of five feet and eleven inches, his physique shifts towards a lean and athletically built. His hair is short and holds a deep brown hue to it which act as a contrast to the odd grey color that set in his irises. Gentle and well-kept skin is easily seen as there are no blemishes to account towards, but the palms of his hands show a heavy design of callouses that is an obvious sign of a person who works with their hands often.

The clothing that he wears varies but typically amounts to jeans between blue and black with matching jean coat and various style of shirts. Shirts that range from bland to intricate mark-ups of graffiti that are either of abstract imagery or hold a deeper image. His wand is kept in a small little holster lined on the inside of his jackets, a means to keep them close yet hidden incase he needs to make use of it.

How he upholds himself seems to be a conflicted mixture, at times there is a clear sense of confidence. A superiority that radiates that shows that he holds some form of self-awareness that he seeks a greater purpose for himself regardless of the people that are around and watching. Other times it's the intentional act of sliding out of the 'public view' to become as average or unnoticeable as possible, no different than the typical dregs of society that often walk around. 


Christened into the highly esteemed 'Connell Family' in Ireland, he was born of an extremely aged father and a mother who looked as a young woman seeking to pilfer the coffers of a widowed man. His Father, a man of extremely vocal range when it came to the believe of purism for the Wizarding world and not in the typical way that most protestors would choose to walk. A Dark Wizard by trade and belief he followed the tenant's that might made right and any means to secure the ambitious that had been within ones heart was necessary. A Teaching that had been a strong tenant amongst the Connell family for as long as many could remember once their crime had been brought to light within the aftermath of the Dark Lord's demise. This didn't lead to their capture as much as it led to them seeking the comfort of the underground and building up a new powerbase that would act as a sect of Dark Wizard's and Witches. 

It was in this, that he'd been taught on one side. However, his Mother, seemingly followed her newly minted husband in solidarity when it came to public appearance held a different opinion in secret. His mother who often goes by the name of 'Sierra' held many layers that made up whom she truly was the first being that she'd truly been a Fae with a strong connection towards the element of Light itself, a secret held together with a near impenetrable glamour from years of growth in power and strength. The other had been that she'd been apart of a radical resistance groups of various Half-Breeds and Non-Humans that had finally decided to take a stand against the Dark Wizardkind that sought to quell them. The feeling of the Ministry as an international entity had been seen as not 'sufficient' enough to this group, the crimes still too egregious, the amount of work put into halt the harm and heartache not as pushed and championed as they needed to be. 

This stuck Senan in a very precarious kind of situation, on one hand being trained as a Dark Wizard though his wand had never been truly tainted with the effects of the most dangerous of curses known to magic. On the other end, his Mother, teaching him the way of subterfuge and embedding the idea further in his head that he'd been chosen to be the perfect agent from birth. That his talents as a Fae hadn't been accepted by his own Father and it had all been a means to an end for the benefit of the world. Loyalty, It hadn't been a well-honed concept for him and it left a confused notion of where he had been to walk. Was he a 'Patriot for the Bloodline' along the lines of a hypocrite hoping to be accepted? Or rather, a radical, someone who had been prepared for any eventual outcome and had to be ready to retaliate when the horn had been sounded?

While praised for his form of charismatic leadership on both sides, the discernment to make decisions soundly without being beholden by doubt it hadn't alleviated the doubt within himself on his true identity. This confliction pushed deep inside, hidden from both of his parents and the various people that could be considered 'Allies' dependent on which side he'd been posing as a supporter towards when in the presence of them. On one hand, many of the resistance understood that his intended role had always been as a double agent which due to his unbreakable connection between two hard-hitting movement members, one from each side, caused a form of doubt to form on whether or not he had been the double agent against them. One of the many questions he couldn't confidently answer only veiling them behind various lies and misdirection's. 

Eventually, Senan had come of proper age in his Father's eyes that meant a sense of 'approval' was necessary in order for him to keep his place within the home. After the last failure to the family occurred several years before the amount of faith and expectation placed on the young teen's shoulders held heavy. A gaze of scrutiny unlike any he'd ever known from the brutish elder male and the command that had been given to him - Find and Kill that had disgraced the family, the Man known to let enemies of the Wizarding world to escape and even continue to live to this very day. He'd heard rumors along the various grapevines and reports where many that had been sent out with that form of mission never returned and those that had returned came back with less limbs than they held before. 

Reports came in on the last known location of the target, Australia, where it had been estimated the man had been living under an alias. Senan's task had been to assimilate into the culture, into the life as a newly arrived Student with the paperwork and approvals of a Homeschooled child. To gain a foothold and establish a connection on where the individual had been located, if he'd been in contact with what they had considered to be 'escaped beasts' and to terminate him and them if the chance made itself known. His mother had found it fit to add additional orders, similar but counteractive to the plans his Father had set into motion - instead he was to target those whom would be considered his 'Parents' for the sake of a cover when the time allowed for it. 

More confliction, choosing either would put him in the position of making enemies. A kind of risk that would write a persons capability of living as much more difficult to near impossible. In the current days he hides the uncertainty inside of himself, playing the ever 'dutiful' student. Bit by bit investigating the path and potential that maybe something would give him a third option or perhaps enlighten to the choices that could be made to circumvent either side from crushing inwards upon him. Alas, there could only be so much that a young man who barely experienced the depth of what the world could offer can do. 

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