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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Open It's In Your Hands

    Sometimes, just sometimes, going back to ones roots was liberating. This was one of those times as Isolda poured herself an extra strong coffee that she was feeling rather liberated. It had been only four hours since she had started this shift, a shift that she volunteered for too cover the normal staffing shortages that affected healthcare everywhere. In those four hours she felt she’d helped more people, saved a few homes from turmoil and even, possibly, saved a life than in the entire year in which she’d offered her services to the IWP. Logically, she knew this feeling was very far removed from the truth. It was just easier on her right there and then to be illogical in all aspects of her current job and the heightened emotions it always brought with it. The job that had put her in charge of another person and a person who made all sorts of emotions and feelings surge through her person. As the thoughts of her charge and roommate occupied her for a moment, she lent against one of the staff room walls and sipped her hot drink, allowing herself a few moments of fantasy about what life could be if she had met Jasper in completely different circumstances. A drink at a bar, a handsome Wizard with a checkered past would not have bothered her, she would not even have known. The whole thing would be simpler. Then again, when ever had her life been truly simple? It didn’t take as long as she would have liked to polish off the hot cup of coffee, take the cup too the sink and wash it. Resting the palm of her hands on the edge of the counter she looked up at the sign hung above it. The wagging finger of the Witch in the picture as she pointed to the sign that implored all staff to clean up after themselves was always caused a sense of amusement for her. Placing the newly washed cup on the side to drain before turning and heading out the door, her small break and pity party was done. Now she had work to do. Picking up the clip board she’d left at one of the stations the now chirpy blonde started heading towards the next patient on her rounds when a familiar voice leaked out through the crowd. A voice she’d not heard in so many years. A voice she damn well hoped to never hear again. Instinctively she looked up and towards the sound only to be met with the sight of her Father. It seemed as though the instinct went both ways as her eyes caught in and that moment felt like it lasted a whole lot longer than the few seconds in actually did. Pulling the clip board against her chest she pivoted on the ball of her heels and walked away as quickly, and hoping she appeared as calm and confident as she wanted to be, ducking into the next room she found. Shutting the door behind her and leaning against it. The day had just taken a turn.
  2. Depths of Right Now

    How she wished she could stop the tears as they rolled from her eyes leaving salty trails over her cheeks. Sadly, once she’d opened the lid on her emotions there was little she could do too shove them back in. Her only option was too drink an entire bottle of wine; she knew that would work in dulling her senses. Then again it was also known too lower more than her senses as well. This thought encouraged Issy to take a large sip from the glass she was holding between her hands. It was as she was going in for a second sip in a vain attempt to bashes the thoughts from the experience of the day that Jasper appeared. She followed his journey across the room towards her; putting down the glass she was hugging like a life line to wipe some tears from her cheeks. She barely heard what he said and allowed her to be pulled down onto his lap, burying her face into his leg slightly. “No, there’s nothing that can be done.” she replied softly, trying to swallow back another surge of tears “I just hate my job sometimes.” she mumbled slightly, one free hand hugging his knee. Another surge of tears hit as she moved herself up slightly to grab the glass of wine from the table where she’d placed it. Another large sip passed before she sighed and lay back down onto his lap, enjoying the fact that he had been running his hands through her hair.
  3. A patient asked me if the next time I  come into their room I could wear a Muggle Nursing uniform. This uniform is apparently one of his 'kinks' and he feels it would aid his healing.

    Something new for the medical community to think about?

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    2. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      @Isolda RichardsI was kidding, but you're not helping your case.

    3. Jasper Mitchell

      Jasper Mitchell

      @Isolda RichardsWow, that hurts. That really hurts, my poor charismatic heart. Especially with the way you stare and drool at me whenever I'm in the room. 

    4. Isolda Richards

      Isolda Richards

      @Meadow RichardsI tend to run more along the lines of 'honest even if it leads to egg on your face.' when it comes to discussing the career of Healer with others.

      @Jasper MitchellIf you are having issues with your heart then you should seek a medical professional help. Oh and the drooling you have witnessed, is me getting bored and nodding with all your attempts at flirting.

  4. Depths of Right Now

    There had been many moments in her life when she had stopped and wondered why she did the things she did. She questioned her decisions; felt this was a natural process of things. Doubts were normal; questions were something that would eventually become answered. This moment, though, was not one she had never really assumed would arrive at her door. This moment when she questioned exactly why she had decided to follow the path of a Healer and then use those skills for something like the international wizarding police. This moment was being had at the front door of the building she now called home. Her hands out in front of her, her useless hands, hands of a healer that did not manage to heal. She used one of these useless hands to reach into her bag and get out her house keys. She could not stand outside the front door any longer, Jasper would no doubt already know she was back and the last thing she needed was too see him in the doorway. Isolda knew that if he did open the door she would fall into his arms and loose her side of their friendly war. A war she didn’t see the point of in that moment. Still she had to move onward and with this thought in her mind she wiped some of the seemingly endless tears off her cheeks and opened the front door. “I’m home.” She said, throwing her keys down on the table they used for keys and her bag to drop onto the floor as she headed for the kitchen. The kitchen was were the wine lived and right there and then she needed a large glass followed by a large bottle. Opening the fridge she pulled out one of the cheaper chilled whites and the largest wine glass she had. It was one of those glasses that held entire bottles of wine. Once the wine had made its escape from the bottle and settled in the glass, she left the now empty bottle on the counter. It wasn’t alone for long, as one that was done she pulled the band from her hair and threw it down. Now with loose hair and one incredibly large glass of wine she turned and headed back to the living room and curled up on the settee as tears still rolled down her cheeks.
  5. You make one teeny tiny mistake and suddenly the room mate thinks I owe him several hours of -- let's say -- community service!

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    2. Isolda Richards

      Isolda Richards

      I wasn't considering it. I was considering how to distract you too make good my escape and it worked! Here I am sitting on the computer typing this in my safe hiding place whilst considering my next move in our game of consensual chess.

    3. Jasper Mitchell

      Jasper Mitchell

      The hormones that roll off you say otherwise, Issy. That delicious desire you have, I can eat it up.

    4. Isolda Richards

      Isolda Richards

      Every single living thing has hormones. It's no surprise you get some distracted, all the hormones from everything distracting you!

  6. Invite The Great Escape

    The look on her baby sisters’ face told her that the much younger witch was probably not as comfortable with the idea of apparating. This wasn’t something Isolda could really blame her for. Meadow had always been a frail creature, sick alot. There had been a time when it was something that caused her to somewhat resent Meadow. Her baby sister had been the centre of attention because of it, it was only as she had aged that that resentment that flowed into something else. Pity, relief, protectiveness; those feelings and many more would never been shared with her young sister. She didn’t need to carry that burden along with all the others. “It’s won’t be that bad, just keep her eyes straight in front of you and open. Closing them makes it much worse.” there wasn’t much more advise to give on the matter. Issy loved apparating and would use it as her mode of transport whenever possible. It was more fun that even using a portkey and they were pretty entertaining too. She gave Meadow a short warning before turning on the spot and zapping the pair of them away from where they were stood. It was a short trip and before she knew it the pair of then appeared outside the home she shared with Jasper. Issy placed a supporting hand on Meadows back. “When you’re ready we will go inside.” she stated, gesturing to the house in front of them.
  7. Complete Let the Bad Times Roll

    Since they were both consenting adults there was some truth in what Jasper said about abuse. It was not exactly true, but, in their specific situation it could not be considered abuse. There was a small apart of her that wanted to start that as a conversation but the larger part of her knew that going down that route would lead to places they may never get back from. It was clearly no secret that they both wanted to do things too the other and the thought of tying him up and taking out all her darker desires on him. “The famous Veela dance?” she asked “I don’t think you could do is as well as a full blooded Veela and they do it well.” she knew this well as on one of her friends hen parties they had gone to a club where one of the entertainments was the dance of the Veela. It was a good, seductive dance and she had more than once wondered what it would be like to have the dance done by a male member of the species, well, a half member. The pole also sounds interesting. Issy did her best to keep her face looking unimpressed at what he was saying, though a slightly gleam in her eyes may give away her deeper thoughts. “So you do use blow up dolls?” she asked, pretending to look alarmed even going as far as to raise a hand to her mouth in pretend shock “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, an inanimate object that can’t protest against your more perverse desires is probably right up your alley.” again, this was something she didn’t actually mean. In all honesty, she suspected that Jasper preferred active partners; women or men who would make enough noise to stroke his ego and parts of his anatomy. “Yes, you have my permission to make a mess of my panties as long as you clean them off thoroughly or throw them away when you’re done. If you do throw them away just let me know so I can buy some more.” Issy didn’t really believe he would do anything to her underwear, as that would venture into the territory of being a pervert “No color preference, no style preference that leaves me a lot of room to go shopping.” it was at this point that she lightly pinched one of the nipples he’d placed her hand over “So, I’m going to go shopping right now.” she dug her nails into his chest lightly and stepped back from him “Make sure the spiders are all gone before I get back. If you do a good job, I’ll bring you a treat.” she was said with a wink as she turned away from the half naked man and towards the door.
  8. Invite The Great Escape

    She could have held onto her sister forever in that moment. One of the aspects of her decision to walk away from her biological family and start the life she needed to live, the life she knew would make her happy was the fact that she lost that family; mainly Meadow. In her weaker moments Issy did miss her parents and wished that somehow they would push aside all their pure blood mania and see the world for what it actually was or at least expect that their children did not have to follow the same dogma they ascribed too. Meadow was the one who pulled back first, something Issy half expected. Meadow was the more reserved one of the two of them. Another surge of guilt washed over the blonde. She knew she’d been selfish when she pulled away from the family, when she took everything her parents had given her and threw it away. Selfish in looking out for herself and leaving Meadow too deal with the aftermath of her actions. The saddest part of her guilt was that she knew despite everything she was feeling, all the regrets she had, that if she got her hands on a time turner and go back, she would do exactly the same thing again. Keeping both hands on the top of her sisters arms, she stepped back and gave her a once over. She looked better than the last time Issy had laid eyes on the younger witch, her blue eyes grazing the glazed look in her younger sister’s eyes and the shaking way she spoke. Reaching one hand up her wiped at one of Meadows cheeks. “You don’t have to apologize to me for having emotions and showing them.” she suspected their parents were still keen on frowning on someone else having emotions and letting them be known to the world around “I’ve missed you a lot as well, but, now we have all this time to catch up.” Issy stated, stepping away from her sister and clapping her hands together in anticipation “Ready to apparate?” she asked, throwing a look over her shoulder before holding one hand out towards the younger Richards.
  9. Complete Let the Bad Times Roll

    “I could handcuff you.” she repeated almost as if she was remembering her own authority for the first time, this was sadly somewhere between truth and her playing up to the situation. Issy was not overly comfortable with the amount of power she had in their duo, especially since she was very much aware that he could take her down without a wand “Chain you up to the bed and make you my slave.” a wicked smile crept over her lips at the thoughts and mental imagines that followed that idea, before waving it off with a shake of her head “Though, that would be an abuse of my authority and power over you.” “Oh, believe me, I would let it happen and you are not that great too look at. I’ve seen better in the many establishments I have visited in my time.” of course this was a blatant lie. His half vela heritage helped in some regards with this but Issy suspected even without that extra boost Jasper would still have been a very attractive man too behold in any state. This was not something she was going to let on too him right there and then. “Aaaw, thank you.” Issy said with genuine happiness. It was nice when people, especially men, noticed that she did put a lot of work into keeping herself in shape. Issy knew she was vain in many regards of her personal appearance, but, she had to admit that she did put extra work into her legs as her chest wasn’t exactly her greatest assets. “Oh,” she said, frowning at him with false concern “is this you admitting that you only do things with false women, like those dolls that some muggle men really like?” she knew he was attempting to flatter her with his ‘real woman’ comment and wasn’t to embarrassed too admit to herself that it worked nor that being this close to him was having all sorts of very detectable effects on her body. “Do what you want with my panties just either throw them away or clean them after.” she stated, stepping back a bit more though her hands stayed where they were on his chest. Then he gave her his proposal. He would get rid of the spiders if she went out on a date with him, in a slutty dress. She assumed the dress would be a black one, which was good because she actually had one of those “Okay, deal. Do you have a colour preference? A style preference? If you do I can go shopping whilst you deal with your spider minions.”
  10. Invite The Great Escape

    Why was it when she had somewhere she needed to be which hinged on her being on time other things always arose that ate into her time? This, Issy acknowledged, was something that would without a single doubt happened to everyone. That she was only feeling this way because of the added stress of the meeting she was trying to get too. She also had to acknowledge too herself that going to meet one’s own sister should not be something that muggle televisions would enjoy. Then again, muggles probably couldn’t think up a pair of people as ridiculous as her own parents. When she stopped to actually think about the life she had before leaving the family home and stepping out on her own it caused an odd mixture of feelings that she was still trying to unpick. The most prominent was something akin to happiness and relief all rolled together in a mess. That day when she had got the keys to the flat she’d move into coupled with her first pay check was one of the happiest days of her life. That day she had walked into her parent’s house, used her wand to pack up her belongings and told them exactly where they could stick their blue blooded rubbish. That day was also tinged with sadness and regret. Her actions in the years and months that led too that break for freedom was most likely what got Meadow as trapped as she felt she was. Putting down the last of the items she had been storing, she checked her watch and noticed that she wasn’t as late as originally feared. A quick call out to Jasper, her roommate and partner in the IWP, let him know where she was going and how she was getting there. It also told him she would be back very quickly with a guest in tow. Once the information was passed on Issy walked to the living room, thought about the destination she was intending to go for and turned on the spot. Apparation was something she’d always found fun, the sensation of whirling around in nothing until landing exactly where one needed to be. Landing on both her feet, wand held lightly in her right hand she did a quick check of the area she’d landed in. Damn, it had been years since she was this close to Tallygarunga and the urge to wander up to the school and walk around was stronger than she assumed it would be. Then again, school had been a happy escape for her. It was during her surveillance of the surroundings that her bright eyes landed on a girl that could be know one other than her younger sister, now a teenager. A smile pulled across her lips as she jogged up and pulled the younger witch into a firm hug [b “Meadow,”[/b] she said happily, taking a step back and examining the young girl before her “look at you, you look great.”
  11. Communication Dearest Sister

    Meadow, I am sorry that you felt my responses regarding my own life were lacking detail. There are reasons behind that, the biggest one being that my life isn’t actually all the interesting. It’s a normal life, which is all I have ever wanted. I have two jobs. One I can’t not expand on within the format of a letter due to the nature of it; the other is a Casual role within the hospital system. This means that simply if I am available to work and they need someone anywhere within the hospital system I pick up the shift. It helps me with a bit extra money but also allows me to keep up with clinical skills. As for my personal life, I have my very attractive roommate and a couple of close friends. I also feel the ‘disconnect’ at times and wish there was more consistent communication between us. I feel this is possible but I also understand how you feel trapped with your parents looking over your shoulder. I do find it amusing that they are worried you will ‘sully their name’ when their ‘name’ is already well and truly sullied. I do have to admit to my own part in your situation, though. If I had been a better daughter by their standards, not done what I did to make sure I could get free and be stable when doing so, perhaps they would not be so hard on you. As for ‘removing’ you from Tallygarunga. At the age of sixteen their control over you is drastically reduced, also, the school has numerous facilities designed around trying to help vulnerable students to get away from abusive situations. The headmaster is related to the Minister of Magic for the whole of Australia. I have attached some of my old Health and Healing books and work with this owl. I rather enjoyed Arthimancy and surprisingly it has some interesting ways that it ties in with Healing. I am going to suggest, though, that you focus largely onto the subjects that will give you what you want out of your school life and future. Though it is good that you have a good amount of friends that are giving you the motivation to step outside of the ever darking shadow cast by the morons that birthed us, I also hope they are not the only reason you have these desires. I hope you want to get away for your own sake just as much if not more than for anyone else. As for under the table jobs, don’t. You need to focus on getting the grades you need to get into your chosen career. Money; I will send you, I have routes available to me that your parents won’t be able to get through. Since I broke away and got my jobs I have been putting money aside each month for you in the eternal hope that you will decide to walk away from them. As for apparating into the school grounds and getting you, I can do that. Attached with this owl is not only my old work for Spiders year but my timetable so you can pick a day that would be suitable for you. I hope my book and its content are helpful. Love you to the moon and back. Issy xxxx
  12. Complete Let the Bad Times Roll

    “You purposely break your lovers’ noses?” she asked, willfully misunderstanding what he was saying. She allowed a fake look of shock grace her face before allowing it to settle in a look of revulsion. She may not have gotten a lot from her family but she did get the kind of acting skills that would make professionals cry “You know that’s abuse right? I’m going to have to report you.” The look on her features started to falter at this, the thought of Jasper being hauled away in handcuffs was somewhere between devastating and a bit of a turn on. So, it was safer for them both to push passed this line of dialogue. The blonde scoffed at the next set of words that came out of his mouth. Dream about him? Never! Daydream about him on a slow day, which was a different kettle of fish altogether. This was something that it was important he did not find out about, after all, the last thing either of them needed was a repeat of this situation. “Me? Dream about you? In your prayers, mate. I dream about Hugh Jackman as Wolverine on a white sandy beach with a big bottle of chilled wine and cocktails.” Hugh Jackman was a very attractive muggle, so attractive that she had once previously wondered if he had Veela in him “Him rubbing suntan lotion all over me. If you ever appear in those dreams it’s has chum for a shark diving trip.” though this dream was actually a somewhat real dream she once had, Issy changed a few key details. One being that she had been the chum for the shark diving trip. “But, thank you for noticing my legs. I do put a lot of work into keeping in shape.” this was partially because she enjoyed exercise and keeping fit, another part was that she was at least a little bit vain about her appearance. She allowed herself to be pulled against Jasper, enjoying the warmth that ran between them as well as feel of his hand on the small of her back. His words made the smile on her face become more teasing, making her lean in towards him more “Oh, I can do a lot with my lips as well. But, you are right about one thing. I am certainly not daring enough to actually spend the time teaching you how to please a woman.” Isolda very much doubted he needed to be taught that much, though, she also suspected that he was prone to being a little bit selfish in the bedroom. After all with his attitude and good looks he could get any woman, man or sea turtle that he set his eye on. This usually bred selfish lovers. That didn’t mean she would stop their back and forth banter. “Fantastic.” she said, slapping his chest gently at him mentioning talking to the spiders “You can stay in my room and make sure they are very aware that it is a ‘no spider zone’. Whilst you’ll doing that I’ll stay in a nice five stars hotel!” pushing herself away from him a towards a bit of freedom Issy exchanged her forefinger and thumb, pointing it at him simultaneously making a clicking nose with her tongue and winking “You’re a life saver. Whilst you get settled I’m going to go check Trivago!”
  13. Communication Dearest Sister

    Meadow, I was so pleased to receive your letter. The owl was adorable and I approve of the change even though it came about due to someone graduating. I doubt our parents would even bother checking to see if you are communicating with me. I mean, what’s the latest story they are telling people about me? I know one of them was that I ran off with a werewolf or some such nonsense. That said, I do hope they are well. SPIDER years are hard and almost as bad as the actual eight legged beasts themselves! I am not concerned for you because I know that you will do fabulous. After all you got the brains out of the pair of us. As for being in the position to be concerned over failing, I certainly have been. I studied, hard and managed to just get the grades I needed for what I wanted to do with my life. This, I do suggest you do. Figure out what you want to do and aim for that, don’t worry about what Mum and Dad think, want or desire. I am disheartened to read that our parents have closed you away again and like last time, I urge you to break those shackles. Make friends with people who don’t fit into their doctrine; expand the world you inhabit anyway you can. As for me, I am sorry you haven’t heard much from me, but I have been busy with work and dealing with my new partner/house mate. You will have to meet him at some point. He’s rather gorgeous. Anyway, yes, let’s arrange sometime to meet up and just chill out together. I do have a proposal too run by you as well, I just need to work out a few options and kinks before I lay it out. But I hope it’s one you’ll see the benefit off. Love you to the moon and back, Issy.
  14. Complete Let the Bad Times Roll

    “The way your bones break when they apply pressure, you mean?” she replied with a slight head tilt and a wide eyed expression on her face. Oh, she knew what he meant; the flirting was all part and parcel of the relationship they have cultivated between them. That and the back and forth banter. This was something she enjoyed very much when it came to Jasper. He could keep up with her and withstand the sharp side of her tongue. Issy really couldn’t tolerate overly sensitive people when she was living in her own home. She scoffed at his next sentence; the truth of it burnt a little. She had many skills, none of which were to do with defending herself or fighting. She could throw a punch as well as the any man or good hitting woman but when it came to the magical side of things, she really was lacking in that department. This was what had led her to being partnered with Jasper, he could, by all accounts, make up for her short falls in that area. “I am sure you think you are a world changer and some inexperienced or easily impressed girls have made you believe that, but it takes more than a pretty face and a good tongue to move my world.” she just shrugged after this and waved away his comments about the darts. She could play darts and wasn’t half bad either, it had been something she’d tried when she’d thrown off the shackles of her oppressive family and dived into the world. Though the next thing he said made her laugh, a hand on her stomach “I think I’d need eight legs too be considered attractive to a spider. But I’ll take the compliment anyway.” Then of course he followed her suggestion about laying on his bed with her legs open to the next step and for a few moments she watched him, before sighing and crossing the distance between them, a hand going out onto his chest. Damn, he did feel good. “Oh Jasper, I think I could do better on my own with my little electric friend than you possibly could.” then she continued “I don’t expect you to hunt down every spider in the building, I expect you to tell them to hide when I come around. Do you think you could handle that Spider Man?” she wasn’t even going to make a response about him sleeping in her room with her largely because the idea was very tempting and she knew exactly what would happen if she agreed to it.
  15. If you find a finely stitched, handcrafted, special white fabric adorned and rather large lion plushie with a red bow tied at its neck? It wasn't me, it randomly just appeared in your room on this day while you were out. Just saying. 

Isolda Anne Richards
IWP Agent/Healer 0
28* year old Pureblood Human She/Her
Age  28*
Date of Birth July 15th, 1991
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation IWP Agent/Healer
Player  Poppy
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Red Fox
Wand 10.7 inch Dogwood, Thestral tail hair, Whippy
Play-by Kaley Cuoco

Graduated: Tallygarunga (Bourke)

Graduate: VMU in Healing.


  • Is the half sister of Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons
General Knowledge
  • Is afraid of spiders.
  • known 'blood traitor'.
  • Registered Animagus; Red Fox
  • Healer who works for the IWP, also does rotational shifts in the local hospital and for the Ministry of Magic.

Issy is a very people focused individual, living in a world of people possibilities and has, for the most part, very good people skills. She is someone who has a lot of time for people, often going out of her way to help someone in anyway that she finds possible. This aspect of her personality lends itself in part to her career as a Healer, though can be hazardous to her personal life. As she has aged, Issy has learnt to be a little more selfish with her time and resources but not too the point where he counterbalances this aspect.


 As with people she has more than just the one shining aspect to her personality; for she may go out of her way to help people, she may be considered people focus and perhaps, at times, kind. There is also the aspect of her that is sassy and sharp, the side of her that tells the blunt honest truth, isn’t afraid to take responsibility for her actions and tends to be open an honest about the decisions she has made with her life.

As someone who was raised within a extreme pure blood environment she does have some underlying judgemental attitudes and feelings. These feelings however are switched from what someone would assume such as muggle born and half breeds too pure bloods themselves and more importantly,the ideals espoused by those sort of people.

She is an out and proud blood traitor and an loud voice in the idea of reforming that underlying culture within the wizarding world.

 All this aside, Issy is not above using certain situations to her own advantage. The best example of this is that she stayed within the circle of her family and their ideals until she had graduated University so that she was able achieve the best education possible without the financial and emotional struggles that come with stepping out from such a family.



Isolda stands at around five foot six inches with a physique that is well toned enough that it would not look out of place of a star Qudditch player. But is in fact the results of a jogging, walking and yoga regime. Coupled with her long thick slightly wavy blonde hair and her round large green eyes all of which frame a pretty but not unique or even interesting face. Isolda’s favorite feature on her own body is her cheek bones, which she uses make up too accent whenever needed, which is rather often in her opinion.


Clothes wise she tends to fall into several categorizes at once, liking comfortable clothing but also sticking close enough to the latest fashions that she could never be labelled as having no fashion sense. Issy also tends to like colors with her clothes, avoiding overly dark colors or particularly plain clothing. That is, unless she is at work. Then she pulls out the sensible and professional attire.

The story so far

Born in the early nineties into a pure blood family, Isolda was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, something that as a child was just something that simply was. Her parents ideals were normal and as she aged from toddler to child she never questioned it, after all her parents were the dictators of her world. Life changed when she went to Tallygarunga, sorted into Bourke house and thrown head first into the wizarding world as a whole.

Her first two or three years were not easy, surrounded by people she had been raised to believe were inferior to her. However, slowly over that third year and stretching into her forth the forced interaction with people from all walks of life, allowed the young Issy to see views of the world beyond the limited one her parents had taught her. This slow but steady change of view which happened not because of one big event but a lot of little ones, because of making friends, seeing other ways of living and even the influence of different adults in her life was complete when she stepped into her sixth year.

It was in this year that Issy knew what she wanted from her life as she pushed ahead, knew what she wanted to do as a career and more importantly knew that one day she wanted to pull away from her family and their ideals. So the young blonde made a plan and then spent the rest of her school career and further education putting that into motion.

Isolda stayed with her parents, stayed in with her family after she finished Tallygarunga and all through her education at the Victoria University. More interested in getting a good education without adding a financial and emotional drain onto herself until after. It wasn’t until long before she graduated that Isolda discovered a truth about herself, a truth she isn’t still entirely sure if she’s happy about. This truth was that she was the biological daughter of a different wizard too the one who was raised her. That she was only an half sister to her beloved younger sibling and actually had another half sibling in the world, someone she already knew.

This could have made her break away from the family sooner, but, with patience she doesn’t often have outside of the healing room she waited. Waited until she graduated and landed her first job. Then she turned around and cut ties with all her family members, with the exception of her little sister. Whom she still tries to remain in touch with.

Years have passed since the day she freed herself from that society, now she’s a year into her job with the international wizarding police, still a highly trained healer and starting the ball rolling on become the guardian of her sister, Meadow.


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