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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

Aisling Sullivan

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    Aisling Sullivan
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    The Lunar Court
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    Sixth Year
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    Ellie Bamber

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  1. With Dignity and Grace

    For a few moments, Aisling wondered if she had been heard at all, since the other girl was very clearly distracted by the offending furniture while she spoke and introduced herself. She supposed she couldn't blame her, perhaps there was a concern that it might suddenly come to full life and attack them or something, the imagery itself a mixture of ludicrous, slightly funny, and also somewhat terrifying. After all, those cushions were soft enough, it probably wouldn't take much to smother a person. Aisling shook her head from that thought with a small shudder, before her own attention returned to Brooke. "I dinnae get the joke," Aisling blinked. Was there a Brooke who was in Bourke? She had no idea, she'd barely met anyone so far, which was plainly obvious as she nodded to the question of whether she was yet to run into more. "Ah, yes. I've not met... well, any other students really," There was an awkwardness in admitting such, but she appeared to be content enough with Brooke's choice of what she would call her. "I meant, Mother... Mathair means mother..." She cleared her throat, making a mental note to try to avoid slipping into the old tongue. "I see, I did hear that Spencer was the group who were known for tricks and jokes, though that seems like a potentially mean one, if it accidentally hurt someone..." The Fae girl looked at the offending couch once again, wondering why they would be made to toss someone off them, but then she supposed it could seem almost like the couches didn't want anyone to sit on them, resulting in people having to sit on the floor. That was a little funny. She looked back to Brooke though after a moment and rubbed her arm, "So, do you enjoy this place of learning? Matha-... uh, Mother said that it was quite friendly and suitable for all different kinds of people. I do enjoy that it is located out of town, in the middle of woodlands."
  2. With Dignity and Grace

    Whatever kind of strange device or spell was on the couch, Aisling had been determined to try and get the upper hand, and had been about to attempt once again, except that she heard laughter from elsewhere in the room and blinked as her head snapped toward the other girl, blinking wide-eyed at her. It took a moment for her to realise that it was she who was the cause of the other student's entertainment, but once she realised, she looked around and between herself and the seat and slowly began to realise how strange it must have looked. Though she wasn't certain of how entertaining it could be to watch someone being launched. What if they got hurt? "Apology accepted," Aisling murmured softly, even if she was unsure on the exact reason for the girl's apology. Was it for laughing, or for the stunt with the chair? Was she the one responsible for it? Would it be rude to ask or suspect such? The redhead decided to opt out of those and simply moved to pick herself back up to her feet as she considered the other girl's words, "I... suppose, it was more an attempt to master the strange furniture. I thought perhaps if I could hold onto it quickly enough then it might be thwarted..." She trailed off, realising how silly that probably sounded, but then cleared her throat. "I'm new," The teenager stated, as though it wasn't quite evident already considering she had only been at the school herself for a couple of days, and the very thick Irish accent in her voice. "My name is Aisling," A small nod was issued with the introduction, "But, Mathair has taken to calling me Ashley or Ash on occasion. I do not mind which name is used."
  3. Mathair gave this, for meet others and write practice. Hello!

    1. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      Welcome to the crazy place then! Or, second crazy place. Just remember, if someone has a blue username on this place. . . They're probably REALLY grumpy. 

  4. With Dignity and Grace

    This was the right place, she was fairly certain of it. Aisling had only visited the school a couple of times, with Caitlin, so that she could take a look around, as well as meet the Headmaster. She didn't even really understand the concept still. She was certain that she had grown up just being taught what she needed to know by a couple of mentors, and hardly surrounded by other young people. Could she even recall the face of another that had been her own age? It felt like the harder she tried, the more blurred everything was from before her emergence in the mortal realm with her mother. It was still strange, a little daunting, but she felt at least confident enough that she could handle it. It was an adjustment, that was all. That included learning to translate between the written language she knew and English and vice-versa. She had been receiving a lot of tutoring from Cate for that, thankfully. Still, it never hurt to study a little extra, and she'd been told that those who were in the group she'd been assigned could gather in this place underground near their sleeping quarters. Aisling didn't have a dorm herself, for obvious reasons. But she had made a note of where they were, and the communal area near it. And so she had made her way here while she had some free time. No class right now, and Cate was busy, so she made her way toward one of the couches in the room with her translation book, set on being able to at least read English properly, even if writing was a task. Except the teenager hadn't expected that as soon as she sat down on the cushion, she would suddenly be launched straight out of it a small ways, to land on her rear. She blinked as she looked around. Which pixie was responsible for that?? She furrowed her brow and looked at the chair again as her lips pursed. She would not be put off, this was one seat that would be tamed. And so she dove at it, jumping and landing on her knees on the cushion, intent to grab a hold, except the back reclined before the seat launched her once again, the redhead landing on her rear gracelessly once again.
  5. 2019 School Year Enrollment

  6. Aisling Sullivan

    Aisling Sullivan
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Aisling Sullivan
Sixth Year
16* year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her
Age  16*
Date of Birth December 26th, 2002
Birthplace The Lunar Court
Year Level Sixth Year
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Ellie Bamber


  • Had grown up in a Faerie Realm
  • Is half Fae and half Sorceraic
  • Unwittingly has unlocked a place where someone wicked was kept
General Knowledge
  • Caitlin's daughter, who went 'missing years ago and was recently discovered'
  • New to Australia
  • Friendly, quirky, talks to trees, and has a love for jokes and games
  • Thick Irish accent

Aisling has a kind heart, though absolutely cheeky. She is intelligent and friendly, playful and quirky. She is more than anything curious about her new home and circumstances, as well as mortals, both magical and non-magical. Like any faeborn, she does have an impish and whimsical nature, often distracted by anything that passes through her observations, be it a glowing light, odd sound, or strange smell.

The redhead is not in any way shy and will approach others without a second thought, to introduce herself or simply insert herself into whatever conversation is going on, even if she doesn't understand it. She makes easy friends with animals and plants, and is most likely to be found outside if she has nothing that she is supposed to be doing.


The teenage girl appears very much like a younger version of her mother, making their relation near unmistakable upon sight. Red hair and pale complexion a common trait among her close family, it would seem, and her cyan gaze deep and intelligent as that of her mother. She has a rather bouncy gait, bright features which more often than not carry an easy smile. There is something of an otherworldly beauty about her that one cannot quite put their finger on, at least from the corner of their eye, almost like an illusion. For when looking straight upon her, she seems like any other average witch who is simply new to the area, made rather obvious with her thick Irish accent.


Her friends are not immune to her whimsy or her impish playful streak of pranks and jokes, in fact they are probably in the firing line more than anyone else. But at least they can rest in the knowledge that they only receive harmless ones that are designed to make them smile or laugh. Aside from that, she is fiercely territorial and protective of those who would become close enough to be regarded as friends, unforgiving toward those who would harm them.


Regardless of whether she knows them well or not, Aisling feels a sense of love and responsibility toward family and a desire to keep them close and protected, even though she knows she is likely to be the one who needs protection at least at the moment.


Yet to be explored.


There are few worse enemies one can have than a Faeborn, and Aisling - for all her sweetness - is no different when it comes to those who have wronged her or someone she cares for. What's worse is that she has been raised in a world without the laws of the mortal realm, and so explaining right from wrong is a difficult debate with she who only knows that there is a price for every action, good or bad.

The story so far

The mysterious daughter of one Caitlin Sullivan, Aisling returned with her mother around seven months after Cate's disappearance. Whatever history she has, she can't remember exact details, but she knows enough that she was stolen or kept from her mother for a long time until having been found and brought to the mortal world with Caitlin. And she knows that she is a stranger to this place.


In fact, Aisling was indeed born to Caitlin an unknown number of years ago. As time can pass differently between the Faerie Realms and Earth, there is no way of truly knowing her age. It was not long after her birth, however, that Cate was taken away to the mortal realm and forced to leave her daughter behind due to the nature of the girl's father, and the fact that if she ever left then he would no longer be trapped within the enchantment that his own foremother had placed on her Court before her own disappearance.

So it was that Aisling grew up among her Fae kin, though always knew that there was a piece of her that didn't belong, and a part of her that was missing. It took time, but one day she was able to make contact after she felt a strange influx of power within herself that was not from the realm she lived in. She reached out along this thread, to try and find where it would end up, and somehow managed to call a women to her home. Her own mother.

They were found out by her father, but with some assistance from some of her friends, they managed to escape from him and Caitlin was able to take Aisling to the mortal realm with her. Except, without any real memory of the circumstances behind their separation, nor realisation of the results of such. Only that they were reunited, and that the teenage Fae now had a great deal of learning and adjusting to do in this new place.

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