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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Diana sighed out in relief as Gideon willingly complied to her request, although that feeling was short lived as the boy retracted his hand. It left the older sibling feeling awkward, leading her to ultimately mirror his movement until her hand was resting right beside her cake's plate. She had hardly touched anything since they had gotten there and the idea of Gideon being in danger only served to further mess with her appetite, but she had to pull through. "It's okay." The blonde shook her head, smiling at Gideon. "I pushed the matter... I'm glad you told me all of this, actually. It's the type of information I feel I should be aware of." She was his guardian, after all - Gideon's well being had always been Diana's priority from the moment he was born, and moreso ever since they had escaped Mildura's clutches. It was a rough subject to discuss but she recognized it just had to be done. "...You were saying you're friends with an apprentice baker?" She not-so-smoothly decided to change toe subject. Either this girl was at least a year above him or didn't board, since as far as Diana knew, students couldn't just leave campus unattended before the fifth year. "That reminds me. Next year you'll be able to go out on your own... Are you considering anything with that? Any activities, or perhaps a job?"
  2. Invite Down Memory Lane

    He didn't? Diana's eyebrows furrowed a bit in confusion. How couldn't he? Each cauldron was fashioned in such a way that the types were better suited for different skill levels and specialties, and it was the school's job to tell the students what to start with. How couldn't Gideon have that noted in his school list? While she didn't like confrontation too much, she felt like she should bring such a thing up to Headmaster Burdett. Even with Tallygarunga's constant budget cuts, it didn't make sense to cut one simple word off a list. The blonde nodded to her brother upon his inquiry. "Yes. Just like this." With another tap of the wand, the cauldron shrunk to its initial diminutive size. "I'd say you should remember to clean up your cauldron to squeaky clean conditions before shrinking. You don't want the stuff to leave inside to jump up with the sudden growth whenever you want to use it again." "Are you done yet?" Asked the blonde boy with the siblings, peering down the aisle. It was ironic that his hair made him look like more of Diana's sibling than Gideon himself, and he could pass for a member of the family very easily. "I feel like if I hang around any longer they'll want to use me for potions." Diana fought the urge to roll her eyes at the Sturt, her eyes flickering between him and Gideon momentarily before she continued. "I have enough vials and scales for you, so you don't need to worry about those. Are you good to go?"
  3. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Diana felt her heart sink as she watched her little brother's reaction to her request. She truly had no right to ask such a thing out of him, yet at the same time she had no choice. She would be damned if she let anything happen to him if she could help it, especially after the hell both had gone through together in the past to ensure he had a future. She had already taken his parents and friends away from him in the past, and taking Ian away as well wasn't something she wanted to do. A few moments of hesitation followed Gideon's awkward attempt to shift the topic, which soon proved unsuccessful as Diana reached her hand out to hold the boy's own ever so gently so to get his attention and to provide a sense of comfort. "...I'm sorry. I'm sure he's a good person..." May was a good person as well, but that didn't change what she was linked to. And since they were siblings, Ian was in the exact same situation. It broke her heart that such a young boy had to be stuck neck deep into a criminal family's past but it wasn't something Diana could erase to make it all better. "And... I'm not telling you not to be his friend. I'm just telling you to be careful, okay?" She lightly squeezed the hand she was holding, visibly struggling to keep a straight face as guilt shone in her eyes. "It's just what's for the best." Hopefully she could explain it to him when he was older. Hopefully she would have the courage to. Or, hopefully, she wouldn't have to.
  4. Invite Down Memory Lane

    The pair entered the store. Diana closed the door behind herself and followed her younger sibling close enough to have her hand at the back of his neck as they walked as means of calming him down in the new environment. Given it wasn't an ingredients store, the first year wouldn't have his mind fried by the sheer variety of options and what each could do to a given concoction; rather, it was a hardware type of store. Cauldrons, vials, pincers, measuring cups and other things of the sort were on display. Cauldrons, however, weren't the most intuitive thing to find - at least, not for someone who didn't know what to look for. "Come on. Let me think... At least back in my day they used pewter cauldrons in class. That's what's on your list too, right?" Diana asked aloud as she guided Gideon to the respective area from memory. She hadn't gone to a Narragyambie store in a while, having taken a liking to the various stores in Oliphant Lane instead, but during her youth she had spent too many days just wandering that very same store in hopes of determining what to save her meager allowance for next. "Here we are..." There was a cauldron, alright, although it was filled with a lot of miniature replicas of itself. The former Bourke took one and placed it on the floor. "Step away for a moment, please." Once her little brother obeyed, Diana tapped the miniature with her wand. It promptly expanded to a standard size 2. A smile in victory spread across the wounded woman's lips. "This is a fairly common cauldron, and due to it being inexpensive, it's the best type of cauldron to start with." She couldn't help herself, information spilling out with glee as she eyed the object. "It's a bit slow in brewing but ideal for people who are just learning. If you take to potions well, I can probably get you something nicer down the line..." She ignored the snort coming from Theodore a little ways away from him, being far too deep in her element to care.
  5. Dark Before Dawn

    It seemed that Yunseo had opted to beat around the bush for a while and catch up instead of tackling whatever matter that was ailing him right off the bat. Diana certainly didn't mind that choice as she very much enjoyed spending time with her friend and would tackle on any little excuse she possibly could to do so - within reason, of course. At least she had the afternoon to spare for that little detour. She set the tea pot down and slipped Yunseo's preferred amount of sugar into the beverage, stirring it before doing the same with her own. Brownie was showing some resistance to leaving the chair, finding it all too comfortable, something Diana couldn't help smiling a bit at. "I suppose it could be worse." She idly commented as she picked up the half-Kneazle with both arms. Despite Brownie's initial protests, it soon settled down once Diana sat on that same chair and let it rest upon her lap. "How's Tallygarunga treating you?" It was unfortunate that she couldn't ask Yunseo about how Gideon was doing, as her little brother wasn't in his class from what she could remember. Perhaps she should ask Olivia to keep an eye on both Yunseo and Gideon - she was a good source, at least, and the nurses always heard of everything that was going on at the school, if only because they always had to deal with the aftermath of any issue that could arise. "I hear things have been getting... Lively, in a way, at least in Narragyambie." As a journalist, she'd heard all about the gruesome murder in the area, as well as the fact the victim's child was a Tallygarunga student. She could only hope this kid was hanging in there.
  6. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Brows furrowed as Gideon pressed further on the matter. Diana couldn't blame him at all - if someone had told her she needed to be wary of one of her friends she'd likely react in the same vein. The difference between the two, however, was that Diana was gifted with the insight provided by experience and wasn't half as naive as him. She had a strong feeling that, even if she were to explain, Gideon wouldn't understand; and given that the situation begged for the least possible amount of information to be known for safety concerns, it didn't make it any easier. How would Diana wiggle her way out of that one? "I don't know... Not for sure." A white lie to keep him from asking too much. If Ian was in Tallygarunga under a new name, it likely meant he was in some sort of protection program. It wasn't information she could reveal, as that could put the Dhampir boy himself in danger. "It's just... I know May. I know how to be careful around her. You need to know how to be careful around them too. Think of it more as a 'just in case' sort of thing." She looked down at her order, realizing she had lost her appetite. She'd have to force the food down her throat to keep Gideon from worrying, but at the same time she felt like it was too late to have that concern. "It's complicated. But I need you to trust me on this one, alright?" Anything for Gideon's best interests, or so had been Diana's life up to that point, for a solid decade. She needed to either press May for a justification or seek Olivia's help...
  7. Invite Down Memory Lane

    Gideon's question went unheard due to the loud smacking of the glass frame against Diana's nose, from which she had stumbled awkwardly backwards, gripping the afflicted area. It was fortunate that she hadn't broken clean through the door (though when she thought about it, she figured it to be some sort of charm protecting it, to her own benefit), and her nose didn't feel broken as she felt it up; nevertheless, it turned quite red from the impact area as she was one to bruise easily, pale as she was. "...Y-Yeah..." Came the muffled confirmation as she pinched the damaged nose, winced and sighed in defeat, letting her hand drop so the Rudolph-like nose was now visible to the world. She wound up shaking her head as she saw Theodore through the window perusing the various flasks on display without a care in the world, almost as if Gideon and Diana weren't there with them. "Don't... Don't worry about it. Clumsy me, haha." She forced a laughter in an attempt to stop the future Flinders from worrying, although she suspected it would do no good. Taking her own words into action, she proceeded to hold the door open for her brother. "Let's just go in. The quicker we're done here the quicker you can get your wand."
  8. Invite Down Memory Lane

    "What are you looking at?" Theodore snapped at the young boy as he hesitated to take the Remembrall, growing annoyed at the wait - the sooner it was taken off his hands, the quicker they'd get out of that infernal place. Diana, however, wasn't too pleased with the treatment her brother was receiving. "Theodore..." She warned, even if her tone didn't raise much at all. The Sturt arched an eyebrow at the woman with skepticism over the 'scolding' - he knew she wasn't one for conflict - and ended up chuckling and shaking his head. "Let's get off our asses and continue." The boy said as he made his way to Gideon's choice of shop. As Diana led Gideon to follow Theodore through the crowd, the Sturt boy couldn't help chuckle. "Oh yeah, cauldrons. I guess it's your time to become a verbal machine gun, D-Sharp?" He couldn't resist pointing out, knowing the woman to be a bit too fond of Potions in general. "U-Um..." Diana's eyes widened as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment - indeed, she knew a bit too much about the matter. For a moment she was rendered speechless, awkwardly guiding Gideon into the shop - or at least, she would have, if Theodore had held the door open. Instead, she smacked right into the shutting door, taking a step back and holding her nose. "Ow..."
  9. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Diana's eyes shut in momentary disbelief as Gideon confirmed what she feared. Ian had a sister, and the sister was May, of all people. And she knew for a fact May had a brother indeed, Ian Bowen, whom had perished via his own hands a number of years back. That could only mean that the boy was under some kind of protection program under the Ministry of magic, and that usually went hand in hand with danger. Danger they were possibly involving Gideon in. "She was... Is, but..." Her words failed her for a moment. What was she supposed to tell Gideon? It was all highly sensitive information, and if May wasn't having it widely known that her sibling was alive, it was for a reason. Not only that, but she was giving bottles of blood to the young boy. If they were making him visibly appear to be in better shape, they had to be bottles of human blood at the very least, as May looked like she was on it as well. Where on Earth was May getting that blood in such large quantities? A disgruntled sigh escaped Diana's lips. She didn't want that Saturday afternoon to be ruined by the chill that was running down her spine. "...But, well... Just be careful, okay? I understand that he's your friend... But from my experience, danger's never too far behind from a Dhampir. I don't want you to get caught up in it." A half-lie. She knew of no danger regarding Marcus; it was just that May's past was particularly bad. She knew it sounded bad, but it was the best she could do.
  10. Invite Down Memory Lane

    "You'll get whatever wand is perfect for you. Like I said, I don't know much about wand lore... You could ask the seller, or I could look it up to you later today. How's that sound?" The only wood she knew a thing or two about was her own, poplar; she didn't think he'd get the same as her, as he was more of a scaredy cat type of fellow than Diana was. In fact, she was expecting him to turn out to be a Flinders precisely because of that, rather than follow her footsteps and become a Bourke - not that she minded, as she wanted Gideon to carve his own path. "You'll know, though. It's hard to put it to words, but, you'll just know. Trust me on that. Plus, those who don't suit you have visible... Side effects."" While Diana's had been chosen fairly quickly, she remembered in vivid detail watching people fumble their own tries - it sometimes resulted in broken objects and general destruction. She hoped Gideon would strike luck right away as well lest the whole process end up frightening him and ruin the moment. It wasn't too long before Theodore returned, tossing the acquired Remembrall upwards with his palm and catching it as it came down a number of times. Once he was close enough, he held it out for Gideon without bothering to spare him a second look. "What sort of fresh hell are we walking into next?" "Hm..." Diana tilted her head, not letting go of her little brother as she considered her options. The wands shop was the last place, the books and the Remembrall were dealt with. That left clothing and potions equipment. She figured she could get Gideon's uniform specific things within the school proper, but there were still a few things he'd have to get on his own. As for potions equipment, Gideon was lucky that it was Diana's specialty - she had enough spare vials and scales to lend him, but the cauldron in itself was a different conversation. "How about you choose? We could go get you stuff like work gloves and a lab coat, or a cauldron." She told the youngest of the trio while smiling down at him.
  11. Dark Before Dawn

    Diana Sharpe
    Those days, it wasn't commonplace for someone to request Diana's attention much at all. Outside of Olivia's antics with May (and what a mess that turned out to be, truly), Diana had pulled away from most people, mostly Kyle and Amalea; it allowed her to greatly focus on work, and it was because of it that she managed to finally get out of that dead end position in the newspaper. Of course, that meant more hours, more erratic schedules, more exhaustion. Good thing she loved what she did. That was one of her odd days off, however (on a Thursday!) and knew a long time friend of hers, Yunseo, was looking for some advice. She had hear through the grapevine - Olivia and Gideon, of course, were her actual sources - that little Jinwon had gotten into some trouble at school, but she didn't recall the specifics. Instead, she did the next best thing - she called up the oldest of the Park brothers for a light post-school snack in her company, as well as Brownie's. The half-Kneazle occupied the chair she wanted to sit on as she carefully served some tea for the two, as well as some biscuits. "How have you been?" She spoke with a smile, having not seen the man in a while. That was mostly her fault - for all the visits she paid to the school, she surely could afford to swing by his classroom! It was something she noted at the back of her mind before proceeding. "Outside the obvious, of course. Unless you'd rather tackle that straight away?"
  12. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    A rushed nod followed Gideon's line of questioning in an attempt to reassure him everything would be alright, nose wrinkling ever so slightly as she tried to discard the question completely. Would she be able to pull through? In all honesty she didn't know - the willpower was there, but that didn't mean her lithe body could accompany her wishes. But, what choice did Diana have if she didn't tackle the workload head on? If she were to step down out of weakness, she knew there were more than a few up and coming journalists overly eager to throw her under the bus and take her place. It was a dog eat dog industry and she had to claw her way up the career ladder no matter the cost, if only to be able to provide for her little brother. "A Travers?" For a moment, Diana had no idea what on Earth Gideon was talking about. Was that surname supposed to ring a bell? Was it an important surname in Dhampir culture? She didn't recall seeing that name too much at all in her registry search, but she did recall seeing one Ian. Ian Bowen, May Bowen's little brother. A natural of Perth, he supposedly met his end by his own hand during the first year of wizarding education. It took her a few seconds to recall that name. Travers. She had seen that surname once or twice indeed, the more she thought about it, but nothing that stood out much at all - were they in Victoria? "Actually, give me a second..." Reaching into her back, the woman retrieved her smartphone so to access the listing she had used to look for May in the first place just a few months prior. Flicking past the Victoria registry down to the T section, she spotted a 'Ian Travers' indeed - a fifteen year old man residing in Narragyambie - but, more importantly, a second Travers. An old male. There was no indication of a female Travers in the registry, let alone someone whom could potentially be the Dhampir's sister - unless she was unregistered, of course, but that made little logical sense since two separate family members were in the registry. Her brows furrowed in confusion. It was a hunch. A baseless hunch, at that. May had been involved in all sorts of underworld activities over the past few years, and the death of her brothers were involved - but her youngest brother, Ian, would have been the same age as the one she just checked out in the registry. It was just a coincidence, right? 'No way...' "...Does May happen to be his sister, by any chance?" She spoke up at last, looking at the young boy. The light mood that had once surrounded them was replaced by seriousness. Had Gideon accidentally stepped into the minefield that was being involved with the Bowen family?
  13. Invite Down Memory Lane

    "It really is. Saved my life back in the day, more than once." Diana let out a light laugh as memories of her first few years in Tallygarunga filled her brain. Much like Gideon, she was a Muggleborn; however, unlike him, she went in cold to the magical school, having had no sort of preparation or exposure to the wizarding realm like the Flinders had. That in itself had exacerbated her own general clumsiness, and it wasn't uncommon for her to forget various vials or ingredients on her way to her favorite class, Potions - let alone any other. "Whatever wand you end up getting, it'll be pretty 'neat'. It's yours." Different woods and wand cores had different properties and inherent capabilities, but she wasn't that much of an expert to expand on the matter without making any erroneous conclusion past what was common sense. "Plus, you don't choose your wand. The wand chooses you. It becomes an extension of you." Taking the opportunity of them being absolutely surrounded by wizards and witches in that bustling shopping zone, Diana retrieved her wand from its holster for Gideon to look at it. "Mine's made of poplar. It's kind of short... But it has a Veela hair core." She had heard legends about Veela dying if a hair was plucked from their mane. Morbid, but she doubted their veracity. "At the time, I was told poplar wands usually pick consistent, strong people with a clear moral vision... I suppose that's a strong vouch for me." Another laugh escaped at her joke, and she held out the wand for Gideon to tinker with it if he so wished. As she did so, she glanced into the store through its window. Theodore had just grabbed a Remembrall off the shelf - was he going to buy it himself? 'He's working overtime today...'
  14. On the one hand, yay, a raise! On the other hand... I don't know what sleep is anymore...

  15. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    A grin splayed itself upon Diana's lips with Gideon's assertion. She wasn't the complaining type, per se, but it did feel like a weight was being taken off her shoulders as she talked to her brother about her life. She was unable to do so with Kyle and Amalea as she pulled away from them, and Olivia had too much going on in her life for Diana to wish to bother her; past the occasional drunken confessions at Keira's side, the woman saw little in the way of mental relief those days. "Try both and everything in between, all at once." The blonde paid close attention as her brother described some of his friends, committing their names to memory so to be able to discuss them in the future. As he went on, they seemed to be hard working individuals for the most part - she should inquire Olivia about Meadow. If the girl was working with the nurses, she was working with her favorite half-Veela, and that meant she could get some insight on the people Gideon was getting along with. "...Bottles?" Diana parroted as her little brother finished his speech. She knew that his roommate was called 'Ian', but little else; much less the fact that the teenager was a Dhampir. "Bottles of what?"
Diana Breanna Sharpe
Journalist at The Mage Newspaper, Writer 0
25 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her
Age  25
Date of Birth February 18th, 1994
Birthplace Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Journalist at The Mage Newspaper, Writer
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Lion
Wand Poplar, 7 3/4'', Veela Hair Core
Play-by Emily Kinney
  • 1st to 5th Year: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • 11th to 12th Grade (Muggle System): Mildura High School
  • 6th to 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Journalism Major: Victoria Magical University
  • Likes romantic comedies a bit too much;
  • Horrible stage fright, as well as strongly fearful of heights;
  • Hopelessly in love with her best friend's romantic partner, and due to having these affections for several years now she's never been with anyone physically;
  • Has developed a bit of an unconscious wariness of Muggles in general despite actually liking their culture and technology a lot;
  • Satisfactory drawing skills;
  • Ever since she started living alone, she bought a pawn shop acoustic guitar. She's semi-decent with it, playing and singing to entertain both herself and her half-kneazle, whom seems to be enchanted by the sound every time;
  • Writes short stories for Muggle & wizarding children under the pseudonyms 'Kenton Vidakovic' and 'Debra Marasini' respectively. There's no rhyme or reason to the names in question past just wanting them to sound very 'not Diana Sharpe';
  • Employed a very dubious method to obtain legal guardianship of her brother in the form of altering a lot of people's memories and manipulating people's actions by putting thoughts in their head;
  • Low self esteem in general, and more talented than she gives herself credit for;
  • Has taken up to drinking alcoholic beverages by herself every now and then recently;
  • A pessimist at heart, but tries to look the exact opposite.
General Knowledge
  • Can't seem to shake off the 'D-Sharp' nickname;
  • Very strong moral code;
  • Flies under the radar very easily and prefers it that way (unless she's working);
  • Has a male tabby half-kneazle named Brownie whom she adores;
  • Silly sense of humor in the best of ways;
  • Uncanny ability to budget;
  • Blushes too easily;
  • A bit of a klutz;
  • Not interested in dating/relationships/flings;
  • Quite the green thumb and hobbyist potioneer;
  • Good with children;
  • Doesn't like talking about Mildura or her past life there;
  • Intensely curious about pretty much everything;
  • Interested in muggle photography, and it's not uncommon to spot her taking candid pictures of various things and people;
  • Very few friends, but extremely close to all of them;
  • Easy to talk to and people tend to go to her when they need a listening ear.

There are two distinct sides to this girl - her work mode, and everything else.

At work she shows initiative, curiosity, boldness and creativity, wanting to be a step ahead of the curve. She's motivated both by the need of funds to finance her brother's education/life as well as her strong sense of justice, looking to give people the truth from the most unbiased point of view she can muster. Most of her articles nowadays are small time, unfortunately, due to her being a rookie in the press and having yet to win the full respect of her peers (and editor/boss). Despite this, nobody can deny her work ethic.

Outside of work, she takes a complete 180º turn, almost like she turned off a switch. In truth she's very quiet and demure, opting to keep to herself whenever able - she prefers to stay at home with her half-Kneazle, Brownie, and prefers solo activities more than anything else. Very much an introvert, her geeky habits fed into her imagination, which in turn made her the excellent writer she is today.

She is kind to those she meets, even if she's not particularly fond of them or antagonizes them - she doesn't think conflict helps and tends to avoid it like the plague, trying to be understanding instead. She never raises her voice either, and nobody really remembers ever seeing Diana openly angry about anything.

She has a (very much appreciated) tendency of flying under the radar - people rarely notice she's there unless she happens to speak up, she doesn't have a very solid presence, and is very much a background person in most situations (save for when people close to her are involved). This helps in investigative journalism and observation as she's often left to her own devices without much suspicion.

She's extremely consistent in her work ethic and respective quality although she doesn't believe she's that good at anything. In fact, she has several self esteem issues stemming from having her legs proverbially cut off at various points in her life, such as when she was ripped away from Tallygarunga and when the person she's interested in went for Diana's best friend instead.

Despite having a very clear moral vision and sense of justice, she's not above stepping on that notion to get a much needed something accomplished - the best example of which is her deciding to alter various minds for the benefit of her brother's freedom, despite being very much against doing so and having to live with that for the rest of her days. Ultimately the ends justify the means and she acted in the interest of the greater good, or so she tells herself. She's just able to do anything for those she calls 'her own' at any cost, even if that cost is losing herself.

Her upbringing has made her a pessimist, although she does her best to put on a strong face and brighten other people's days if she can. She doesn't want to perpetuate the abuse her parents took out on her and wants others to feel the exact opposite of what she felt back then.


Diana is quite slender and petite, her frame not being built to take sports too seriously, but fortunately has quite the hard time putting on any weight to begin with. She stands at 164 cm and is quite happy about her height. She is often confused to be younger than she actually is (a Tallygarunga student still, for example) much to her chagrin.

She's of the firm belief that if it weren't for her wavy blonde hair and pale blue eyes, she would've gone so much under the radar people wouldn't even know her name. When she is indeed noticed, she's mostly seen with a pleasant smile on her lips.

She likes experimenting with her wardrobe, having it range from casual chic to rebellious to quite girly and changing in between those styles at the drop of a hat. It's also not uncommon for her to tie up her hair in a ponytail. As for work, she has to wear reading glasses at times.


Despite her general shyness and quietness, Diana's network of acquaintances is quite large (most of which deliberate as well, so to have sources). As far as actual friends go, however, one could count them on one hand; and those who breach the status of friend automatically become her close friend with no in between, given how she has a tendency to invest in friendships greatly and becoming a sort of confidante for all of them.

She usually places her friends' needs above her alone, to a self sacrificial degree. She's lost count of how many times she's gone out of her way to appease to them and continues doing so to this day, having a fierce loyalty to them and being unafraid of breaking a few rules in their stead.


Unfortunately, Diana only has one person remaining for a family - technically, anyway. Having erased her own and Gideon's existence from the small town of Mildura, her parents are none the wiser to the fact they've actually conceived two children. Ever since that fateful day it's been Diana and Gideon on their own, and it still is.

She's very overprotective of her brother, capable of doing egregious things (as seen above) to achieve what she believes is best for him. Her actions eat her up inside every day but the fruits of her labor are showing and she couldn't be more proud of her little brother and his education through Tallygarunga. She motivates him to pursue his dreams and make friends as much as she can, and visits him often at school.


Back in the day, during Tallygarunga and the start of her VMU career, she used to idly date - it became a bit of a reputation that most people wouldn't notice her, but those who did would become fixated on her for extended periods of time. Diana's always felt self-conscious over that fact, feeling that she's unwittingly ensnared people and possibly destroyed their love lives for a large period of their lives, and as such she's grown to relish the fact she tends to go by mostly unnoticed even more.

At a point though, tables were reversed as she hopelessly fell for someone, and remained in such a way for several years, up to this day - though, unfortunately, that person is her best friend's partner. As such she's vowed to stay out of the way and hasn't spoken of it to a single soul, but she's not dated anyone ever since either, claiming she's 'lost interest'. It remains to be seen if she can move on by herself at all, let alone be able to like someone else.


Diana's never had a whole lot of these outside of work - being a mostly likable individual, it was fairly hard to make enemies (if people noticed her at all); as for bullies, she was blessed with having fairly strong friends growing up and as such if anyone dared approaching her she would have been protected, and they would've given up after a while.

As for within work, she does work in a bit of a competitive industry - it could be that someone perceives they were stepped over by her in the career ladder, or someone who has her in their sights; there could even be a story or three where she's chased down a number of people and some didn't take too kindly to her questioning. She apologizes for upsetting people, but then again she's just doing her job.

The story so far

Diana is the first born child of an accountant, Dwight Sharpe, and his wife whom was a local nurse, Carina. They were very young when they first had her and the family went through a number of financial troubles because of it, but Diana herself was never bothered by this too much - she was always able to entertain herself as a child with the most mundane of things and was rather quiet and modest, never really asking for anything. She never gave much trouble to them and they were appreciative of the fact.

Of course, this took a bit of a turn when the seemingly normal girl started to display strange powers as she grew up. Her parents were horrified of this and only wanted their daughter to be normal, but the idea of having her sent out to dormitories to receive a mostly free education weighed in heavily on the couple due to their financial difficulties. They ultimately opted to send her to Tallygarunga. Ironically they had their second child at roughly the same time, so this did little to actually improve their monetary problems.

Diana was enchanted by the wizarding world, no pun intended, on first sight. She knew that was the world she wanted to live in, what she wanted to explore and immerse herself in, what she wanted to die by. However, fate conspired against her - her parents both received promotions and bonuses, and steadily they saved up enough to rip Diana away from the 'blasphemous' education she was receiving just as she ended her fifth year in Tallygarunga. She was torn away from her life and her best friend and placed in a Muggle high school instead, much to her dismay. She was also forbidden to refer to magic in any way, practice it, or keep in touch with her fellow peers (which she did, regardless, since they couldn't do much about it to begin with).

Always having had an eye for prediction, she took it in stride and did her best in the Muggle school (a lot of knowledge which she was lacking, and had to 'cheat' her way through various tests, given that Tally never taught such needless things). While she was passing through the years she made an effort to fit in by writing for the school newspaper, and eventually for the local paper so to save some money to eventually leave. She didn't need that much at all, fortunately, since the stay in Tallygarunga was free and that was her first objective.

As she came of age, her brother started to display magical abilities of his own. She knew that their parents would not allow him to nurture that talent so it was finally time to take action. Instead of enrolling in college, like her parents wanted, she tampered with their memories to erase their children from existence. Added to that she also tampered her way into having her brother under her legal guardianship. With those issues out of the way, she took him all the way to Narragyambie overnight and enrolled him in Whitlam Bilby, while she herself returned to Tallygarunga to finish her education.

Her best friend had let her stay in his place after she graduated, so she could get her bearings - having a little money leftover, she managed to pay her own way through VMU while letting her brother live in Tallygarunga for the time being. It was in VMU that she met the one she believes to be the love of her life. For once, away from her parents, it felt like her life was finally starting to make sense.

Unfortunately the object of her affections began a relationship with Diana's own best friend instead. It seemed that life was throwing another curve ball at her - but at least she didn't actually hold any ill will towards them, unlike she did with her parents. Leaving them to do their own thing, Diana managed to move out and secure a small apartment in Melbourne for herself (and for her brother, of course, whom now finally had a residence that wasn't a dormitory if he so wished). She fully plans to throw herself at her job and ensure her sibling doesn't have to face half the problems she had to face on her own, and money solves a whole lot of troubles, now doesn't it?


With her pulling away from Kyle and Amalea, Diana was finally able to fully focus on work and Gideon, her little brother. Not too long before the move, an old friend of hers returned to town and stationed herself in Tallygarunga - it was an extra set of eyes to keep the young Sharpe out of trouble, something Diana very much appreciated.

Down the first trimester of 2019 another blast from the past showed up, though that time it had been in her friend's life - and Diana was entrusted to pull strings and figure out what had happened for this person to disappear in the first place. She wound up uncovering a harsh reality of the Dhampir community in Perth, WA and grew wary of anything associating with May Bowen, whom had once been someone she liked to consider a good friend but has been on thin ice ever since.

Her paranoia over the danger the woman could bring to Victoria increased as Gideon told her that his roommate, Ian, was receiving blood bottles from his sister, said May Bowen - except, the 'Ian' sibling she'd had had an obituary listed from several years back, and the cause of death had been suicide, meaning he was under some sort of protection program. She had a very bad feeling about it all, and for once, felt like she had to rail against her own friends to keep her kin safe.

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