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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    It struck Diana as odd that Gideon had picked an outdoor café to rest and indulge in some delicious local pastries - they were in the dead of Winter, and the nasty wind chill bit at their faces as they explored the enormous city in such a way that not even Diana's cloth warming charms fully helped the situation. Nevertheless the Bourke alumni complied to her brother's request. They sat down by a lone wooden table. The surrounding area was mostly vacant as people had rushed inside to shield themselves from the cold; it made it so things were quiet, just how Diana liked it. She didn't enjoy the outdoors too much outside of work, finding the loudness of the streets and their rowdiness to be a distraction in the worst way possible, but at that moment everything seemed to align with her comfort zone, sans for the cold - perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea. "Say, how has school been? We haven't discussed it in a while." She struck up the conversation with her little brother, a gentle smile fitting her lips as their orders were served. Her own statement served for an unnerving reminder: she didn't know too much about Gideon those days, did she? With all the running around and studying and working, the two never got much of a chance to sit down and get together for an extended period of time outside their Mildura days. She had to correct that mistake somehow, and it would start with that weekend. If anything, she owed him that effort after what she had done to him so many years before.
  2. This weekend is being really fun! @Gideon SharpeWe need to have you come here more often somehow.

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    2. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      Theodore, could you please leave him be?

    3. Gideon Sharpe

      Gideon Sharpe

      I rather not, thank you. 😠

    4. Theodore Fairgood

      Theodore Fairgood

      Fine, fine. You guys are no fun.

  3. Invite Down Memory Lane

    Could they do that? Yes, absolutely, but Diana didn't have the heart to tell Gideon such a thing while the boy was already terrified. It was a magical school - in theory, students could do whatever the hell they wanted to one another as they had a weapon of mass destruction at their beck and call, and it was only a matter of them mastering it. She knew some were very liberal with its use as well, especially if they belonged in the Sturt or Spencer houses. "Now, what reason do they have to laugh at you?" Diana tilted her head at the young boy, placing her free hand on his cheek. Perhaps it was her own bias, but she didn't see a thing that could lead into Gideon becoming a laughing stock. That was, of course, ignoring the fact he looked like a prime target for bullies: but, at that point, she trusted the school would get in touch with her so to have it handled. "Ted's just trying to get under your skin. Are you gonna let him?" Looking at the aforementioned boy, he was stepping forth in line to get his books checked out. Diana sighed - he was hard to get along with, but she knew better. He cared for Gideon. He had an odd way of showing it, but if anything, it was a layer of protection that he had but didn't realize it.
  4. Does not knowing what to do with my life now that I have vacations qualify me as a 'workaholic', or 'profoundly stupid', or 'needs a life'?

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    2. Gideon Sharpe

      Gideon Sharpe

      Sure, I wouldn't mind! Should I bring something with me?

    3. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      A couple changes of clothes. I'll pick you up Friday afternoon :)

    4. Gideon Sharpe
  5. I finally have a week off!...

    And I have no idea what to do with myself. Help?

    1. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      You can always stop by and visit me 

    2. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      I see you're missing me already. Yesterday wasn't enough? Okay, I'll go.

    3. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      Yes, I do. Come come, I have food waiting for you.

  6. Invite Down Memory Lane

    "You don't look so sure of yourself." Diana spoke in a low tone, although she gave her little brother a small encouraging smile. She squeezed his shoulder in the hold with a hand before continuing. "It will be okay. It's... Strange, in some aspects." The smile widened as she remembered the hijinks she had gotten herself into back in the day alongside Kyle, May and Olivia - they were truly precious memories to her. "But I think you'll like it. Trust me." "Spooky? Well it depends." Said Theodore as he strolled up with a cart full of books, such as 'Magical Drafts and Potions', 'The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2', 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi', among others. "You come across as a Flinders to me, so I don't think you'll run into the ghosts too often. Unless someone drags you there." "Ted..." Diana wanted to chide the boy, but she was unsure how to scold a child that wasn't hers. She was limited to sighing in disappointment while Theodore gave the siblings a smug grin. "Just... Go buy your books, will you? Mr. Fairgood told me they gave you the money for them." "Yeah, yeah." The blonde boy left the pair behind to pay for his books while Diana pulled Gideon into a tighter hold. "Don't mind him... You'll be okay. I promise. And if anything happens, just contact me, okay? I'll come to you immediately."
  7. Invite Down Memory Lane

    Diana had very much been looking forward to that day - it was a rite of passage in the Wizarding World, the day one finally had the opportunity to acquire the various materials that would help them throughout the first school year; and, more importantly, the day when their first wand would be purchased. It was an important day in Gideon's life and she battled heaven and hell to be able to be present, despite her crippling schedule. It caught her off guard that the Fairgoods had requested her to bring Theodore along to purchase what he needed for his second year. Even if she didn't get along with the boy too much, she couldn't exactly deny the request: she lived in the couple's home after all, and to do so would be nothing short of rude. An Apparition to Narragyambie and some involuntary retching later on the part of the young boy, and they set off to pick up Gideon from the Whitlam Bilby dormitories. "Now, where should we start...?" Diana pondered aloud as the trio wandered down Tallygarunga Road. They had to go for Theodore's books, even if Gideon's were already covered for; it felt like where they should go first, if only to get the obnoxious young boy's things out the way and so she could properly focus on Gideon's big day. "Let's buy Ted's books first. You get to look around in the meantime, hm?" The blonde led the pair into such a store, and let Theodore go gather whatever it was she needed while standing near the entrance of the store. Wrapping an arm around her brother's shoulders as a simple gesture of affection, she smiled at him. "How are you feeling? Ready to start a new chapter of your life?" The mild pun brought a smile to Diana's own lips as she was a writer by trade.
  8. I think it's time I start badgering the higher-ups for a promotion, or at least better stories. Been running around chasing things straight out of the Onion for too long... I miss the old days.

  9. I'm so glad half-Kneazles are smart enough not to bring dead rats back as an offering to their owners... Woke up with a scream today because someone on my floor had that little present awaiting them from their cat.

    That also lets me know I should probably soundproof my walls next time.

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    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      It's something I'd like to see, but depends how you see it. But at least Brownie hasn't done anything like that...until he does. 

    3. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      I don't think half-Kneazles do that...


    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I don't know, just got to wait and see.

  10. I'm finally starting to understand why it is that, when asked about what they want to be when they grow up, some kids say 'retired'...

  11. When was the last time I had a day off? Hahahahahaha... hahaha.... ha...

  12. New Discoveries

    An eyebrow raised as Olivia alluded to burning up May's competition - common sense being her guide, it was easy for Diana to guess that such a reason was exactly why the Dhampir hadn't said a word to Olivia in the first place. She had always known very little about May, even if the two were friends, as the woman was a walking mystery; but, if there was any one thing that she could state with absolute certainty from just observing the woman, was that she had loved her companion deeply. It was easy to infer she just didn't want the half-Veela to get blood on her hands, or to make her a main target for whoever it was that was taking them out. Or both. "You know her better than me, Liv. I have no idea." She understood why Olivia was seeking out advice, but Diana didn't know how May worked. Even with her degree in journalism it was extremely difficult to get an inch of information out of the woman, and if there was anybody that could do it, it was the half-Veela sitting before her. "Though... Before you do anything, whatever it is you end up doing, I can suggest this. Try to put yourself in her shoes. I know she hurt you horribly, but... From reading all of this? Honestly? It gave me a bit of nostalgia. If she's anything like I was back in the day, I'd wager she felt like she had no choice." Even to that day, Diana still felt such was the case. If she hadn't left Mildura with her brother in tow, he would have been entirely blocked from heeding his calling; and, for Diana to pursue hers, she would have had to abandon him completely. That was not something she'd be every willing to do to Gideon, and she would've bent the rules and cheated the system all over again. A sigh escaped her lips and her back sank into the couch. Sensing distress, Brownie lightly licked at her hand, receiving a few pets on reflex in exchange. "Keeping an open mind instead of snapping on her for any reason would be a good place to start, I think. Sometimes people are driven to do horrible things to protect the ones they care for, and I'm starting to think this was the case."
  13. New Discoveries

    Diana nodded as Olivia repeated her point. While there wasn't any solid evidence as to that being the reason why May had left for Perth, everything pointed towards such conjecture. She didn't know if the Dhampir was close to her parents or not, but losing them in such a brutal way would be shocking regardless; and the events she could tell happened surrounding it didn't make it much better. She couldn't help but think the woman had been between a rock and a hard place. "Well... They did die. But to say that isn't making it any justice... They were murdered. And so were numerous folks they were connected to, for an extended period of time..." She flipped the previously folded sheet she was holding so Olivia could see it. There were various names down that paper, along with the dates of their deaths, all surrounding the various months prior to May's departure and beyond. "All of these are people linked to the Bowens. The vast majority was well. It was a massacre, whatever happened down there... I'm starting to think that's why she didn't bring you along." She handed the sheet to her friend. Four names had been covered by a marker - those of the Dhampir's parents, and some months down the line, that of someone named 'Dalton', and shortly thereafter, 'Ian', both bearing the same surname. "Over time, the number of deaths dwindled. I assume she didn't feel needed in that area anymore and came back, or something of the sort. Her immediate family's all gone, so, I don't think much would hold her to that place to begin with. Though... I don't really want to imagine what she's been doing during those years to stop this."
  14. New Discoveries

    The journalist bit the inner lining of her lip as Olivia expressed frustration at the situation. Diana had mulled through those same questions herself, and many more; some with answers, some without. She hoped her half-Veela friend would be able to live with the fact she couldn't reply to everything, at least for the time being. Perhaps May would be more forthcoming with the truth herself should Olivia face her? Hopefully. Diana didn't want to pull on dubious strings to make more facts surface, even if it was for her friend's sake. Though, if it came down to it, she would. "...I don't know why she returned. You'd have to ask her that." The blonde shook her head as she admitted ignorance. Sensing its owner's uncertainty with the topic in general, Brownie was quick to jump to Diana's lap to provide comfort. The woman ran her free hand through the fur covering its feline little head as she gathered her thoughts so to further dive into the matter verbally. "As for why she went there... I think I have a clue. This is the part where you should sit down." She waited for the fellow Bourke to do so before continuing. Taking a deep breath, she spoke up. "Like I said, in that same registry, there was a very high number of people of her kind. I looked further into the matter and found many were linked to criminal activities... The Bowens included." She couldn't stop right then and there. It would only make Olivia reach for conclusions that would needlessly make the matter more of a chore to get through. "Well no, that's not right... The accurate thing to say is that there's strong suggestions that they're the primary source of it. At least from her father. He's linked to police investigations pertaining organized crime activity, and there's suspicion that he led an operation down in Perth that housed so many Dhampirs under its wing." There were more types of crimes under the rap sheets of his underlings than she cared to name or memorize. "I say 'led' because, well... I found her parents' obituaries, buried under dozens of others from their organization. They both dated shortly before she left to begin with, if memory serves."
  15. New Discoveries

    The irritation was practically palpable in Olivia's tone, leading Diana to let out an exasperated sigh. The blonde felt like it was an unfair situation - not only was she being pressured to look into information she had been very uncomfortable looking into that whole time, but she was also being strong-armed into releasing it. Even if the matter wasn't about herself, Diana couldn't help but feel like she was being used by her friend; though, a side of her kept saying that she just had to be patient with Olivia, and talk. And hope for the best. "...Okay, fine." Closing her eyes momentarily, she pinched the bridge of her nose with her free hand to gather her thoughts. Olivia's walking back and forth was starting to get on her nerves, but she decided to get the show on the road. 'Just rip it off like a band-aid, Diana.' "First things first... As you know, the first thing I did was look into the Dhampir registry to look for her. She's been vague in the past and said she was registered in Victoria, from what I remember." Perhaps she told Olivia something different. Diana didn't know, but proceeded. "That's a lie. She's registered nowhere in the area. I've looked around in different states and finally found her." Taking the paper resting in her hand, she unwrapped it until it was a simple sheet with bending marks everywhere. Her eyes skimmed over the information on the paper briefly before she spoke up again. "She's registered in Western Australia. Perth, to be exact. Moreover, I found that that specific city has an abnormal amount of Dhampirs registered, including her family. With the various snippets of information I found, it was easy to conclude that's where she's been the whole time." It was an interesting thought that a woman who was born so far away ended up enrolling in Tallygarunga of all places. She couldn't help wondering why.
Diana Breanna Sharpe
Journalist at The Mage Newspaper, Writer 0
25 year old Muggleborn Human She/Her
Age  25
Date of Birth February 18th, 1994
Birthplace Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Journalist at The Mage Newspaper, Writer
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Muggleborn
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Lion
Wand Poplar, 7 3/4'', Veela Hair Core
Play-by Emily Kinney
  • 1st to 5th Year: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • 11th to 12th Grade (Muggle System): Mildura High School
  • 6th to 7th Year: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Journalism Major: Victoria Magical University
  • Likes romantic comedies a bit too much;
  • Horrible stage fright, as well as strongly fearful of heights;
  • Hopelessly in love with her best friend's romantic partner, and due to having these affections for several years now she's never been with anyone physically;
  • Has developed a bit of an unconscious wariness of Muggles in general despite actually liking their culture and technology a lot;
  • Satisfactory drawing skills;
  • Ever since she started living alone, she bought a pawn shop acoustic guitar. She's semi-decent with it, playing and singing to entertain both herself and her half-kneazle, whom seems to be enchanted by the sound every time;
  • Writes short stories for Muggle & wizarding children under the pseudonyms 'Kenton Vidakovic' and 'Debra Marasini' respectively. There's no rhyme or reason to the names in question past just wanting them to sound very 'not Diana Sharpe';
  • Employed a very dubious method to obtain legal guardianship of her brother in the form of altering a lot of people's memories and manipulating people's actions by putting thoughts in their head;
  • Low self esteem in general, and more talented than she gives herself credit for;
  • Has taken up to drinking alcoholic beverages by herself every now and then recently;
  • A pessimist at heart, but tries to look the exact opposite.
General Knowledge
  • Can't seem to shake off the 'D-Sharp' nickname;
  • Very strong moral code;
  • Flies under the radar very easily and prefers it that way (unless she's working);
  • Has a male tabby half-kneazle named Brownie whom she adores;
  • Silly sense of humor in the best of ways;
  • Uncanny ability to budget;
  • Blushes too easily;
  • A bit of a klutz;
  • Not interested in dating/relationships/flings;
  • Quite the green thumb and hobbyist potioneer;
  • Good with children;
  • Doesn't like talking about Mildura or her past life there;
  • Intensely curious about pretty much everything;
  • Interested in muggle photography, and it's not uncommon to spot her taking candid pictures of various things and people;
  • Very few friends, but extremely close to all of them;
  • Easy to talk to and people tend to go to her when they need a listening ear.

There are two distinct sides to this girl - her work mode, and everything else.

At work she shows initiative, curiosity, boldness and creativity, wanting to be a step ahead of the curve. She's motivated both by the need of funds to finance her brother's education/life as well as her strong sense of justice, looking to give people the truth from the most unbiased point of view she can muster. Most of her articles nowadays are small time, unfortunately, due to her being a rookie in the press and having yet to win the full respect of her peers (and editor/boss). Despite this, nobody can deny her work ethic.

Outside of work, she takes a complete 180º turn, almost like she turned off a switch. In truth she's very quiet and demure, opting to keep to herself whenever able - she prefers to stay at home with her half-Kneazle, Brownie, and prefers solo activities more than anything else. Very much an introvert, her geeky habits fed into her imagination, which in turn made her the excellent writer she is today.

She is kind to those she meets, even if she's not particularly fond of them or antagonizes them - she doesn't think conflict helps and tends to avoid it like the plague, trying to be understanding instead. She never raises her voice either, and nobody really remembers ever seeing Diana openly angry about anything.

She has a (very much appreciated) tendency of flying under the radar - people rarely notice she's there unless she happens to speak up, she doesn't have a very solid presence, and is very much a background person in most situations (save for when people close to her are involved). This helps in investigative journalism and observation as she's often left to her own devices without much suspicion.

She's extremely consistent in her work ethic and respective quality although she doesn't believe she's that good at anything. In fact, she has several self esteem issues stemming from having her legs proverbially cut off at various points in her life, such as when she was ripped away from Tallygarunga and when the person she's interested in went for Diana's best friend instead.

Despite having a very clear moral vision and sense of justice, she's not above stepping on that notion to get a much needed something accomplished - the best example of which is her deciding to alter various minds for the benefit of her brother's freedom, despite being very much against doing so and having to live with that for the rest of her days. Ultimately the ends justify the means and she acted in the interest of the greater good, or so she tells herself. She's just able to do anything for those she calls 'her own' at any cost, even if that cost is losing herself.

Her upbringing has made her a pessimist, although she does her best to put on a strong face and brighten other people's days if she can. She doesn't want to perpetuate the abuse her parents took out on her and wants others to feel the exact opposite of what she felt back then.


Diana is quite slender and petite, her frame not being built to take sports too seriously, but fortunately has quite the hard time putting on any weight to begin with. She stands at 164 cm and is quite happy about her height. She is often confused to be younger than she actually is (a Tallygarunga student still, for example) much to her chagrin.

She's of the firm belief that if it weren't for her wavy blonde hair and pale blue eyes, she would've gone so much under the radar people wouldn't even know her name. When she is indeed noticed, she's mostly seen with a pleasant smile on her lips.

She likes experimenting with her wardrobe, having it range from casual chic to rebellious to quite girly and changing in between those styles at the drop of a hat. It's also not uncommon for her to tie up her hair in a ponytail. As for work, she has to wear reading glasses at times.

The story so far

Diana is the first born child of an accountant, Dwight Sharpe, and his wife whom was a local nurse, Carina. They were very young when they first had her and the family went through a number of financial troubles because of it, but Diana herself was never bothered by this too much - she was always able to entertain herself as a child with the most mundane of things and was rather quiet and modest, never really asking for anything. She never gave much trouble to them and they were appreciative of the fact.

Of course, this took a bit of a turn when the seemingly normal girl started to display strange powers as she grew up. Her parents were horrified of this and only wanted their daughter to be normal, but the idea of having her sent out to dormitories to receive a mostly free education weighed in heavily on the couple due to their financial difficulties. They ultimately opted to send her to Tallygarunga. Ironically they had their second child at roughly the same time, so this did little to actually improve their monetary problems.

Diana was enchanted by the wizarding world, no pun intended, on first sight. She knew that was the world she wanted to live in, what she wanted to explore and immerse herself in, what she wanted to die by. However, fate conspired against her - her parents both received promotions and bonuses, and steadily they saved up enough to rip Diana away from the 'blasphemous' education she was receiving just as she ended her fifth year in Tallygarunga. She was torn away from her life and her best friend and placed in a Muggle high school instead, much to her dismay. She was also forbidden to refer to magic in any way, practice it, or keep in touch with her fellow peers (which she did, regardless, since they couldn't do much about it to begin with).

Always having had an eye for prediction, she took it in stride and did her best in the Muggle school (a lot of knowledge which she was lacking, and had to 'cheat' her way through various tests, given that Tally never taught such needless things). While she was passing through the years she made an effort to fit in by writing for the school newspaper, and eventually for the local paper so to save some money to eventually leave. She didn't need that much at all, fortunately, since the stay in Tallygarunga was free and that was her first objective.

As she came of age, her brother started to display magical abilities of his own. She knew that their parents would not allow him to nurture that talent so it was finally time to take action. Instead of enrolling in college, like her parents wanted, she tampered with their memories to erase their children from existence. Added to that she also tampered her way into having her brother under her legal guardianship. With those issues out of the way, she took him all the way to Narragyambie overnight and enrolled him in Whitlam Bilby, while she herself returned to Tallygarunga to finish her education.

Her best friend had let her stay in his place after she graduated, so she could get her bearings - having a little money leftover, she managed to pay her own way through VMU while letting her brother live in Tallygarunga for the time being. It was in VMU that she met the one she believes to be the love of her life. For once, away from her parents, it felt like her life was finally starting to make sense.

Unfortunately the object of her affections began a relationship with Diana's own best friend instead. It seemed that life was throwing another curve ball at her - but at least she didn't actually hold any ill will towards them, unlike she did with her parents. Leaving them to do their own thing, Diana managed to move out and secure a small apartment in Melbourne for herself (and for her brother, of course, whom now finally had a residence that wasn't a dormitory if he so wished). She fully plans to throw herself at her job and ensure her sibling doesn't have to face half the problems she had to face on her own, and money solves a whole lot of troubles, now doesn't it?

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