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  2. The little snipe seemed to bounce right off the Spencer, and the girl shrugged with her good shoulder. "Not what I meant, Robin. S'just it's a nice change of pace, I guess? That's a way of puttin' it anyway. Not something I'd expect, that's why I'm asking." Harvey seemed displeased with Amber's shrug; perhaps the little movement the girl made it endure had been what catalyzed the wooden stick assault in the first place. The small chat, if one could call it that, was soon cut short by said assault and what ensued from it - she watched the pink creature be removed, barely missing a third swing as she watched the twig sway at a great speed over her head. Surprisingly, Harvey didn't much struggle with the rough handling of its victim's caretaker, instead staring right into the grey gaze of the teenager scolding it. Unmoving, unfazed and fearless, the pygmy puff hung there while still clutching the twig, almost as if daring Lauren to do something. Amber, however, didn't seem to have a remotely similar reaction; on the contrary, she panicked. "H-Hey, hey! That's my cousin's! She'll kill me if ya do something to it!" She didn't exactly wish for the creature's death or for harm to be done to it, having gone to the extent of getting her arm broken for its sake, but there was certainly no love lost for the creature or any sympathy to begin with; she was more terrified of having an angry half-Veela chasing her more than anything else. She reflexively attempted to move her broken arm to retrieve the creature, the minor movement causing her to wince as the excruciating pain brought the limb down to submission; the hesitation gave Harvey more than enough time to glance at the Spencer and throw the twig as strongly as it could at her. It hit Amber diagonally, square in the face; she clutched it, feeling for any possible open wound and shielding herself from any future projectiles that would never come. "You little...!"
  3. Her life's work, her craft, her original goal could help halfbreeds in some manner? That wasn't something Amber had considered, but after giving it a once over in her mind as Travis brought it up, she could see how that was the case - providing a distraction could often bring people out of dark places and give them the strength to go on. That included people who faced persecution in the eyes of the Ministry and like-minded people. The very notion that she could pull those folks away from the brink in such a way reinvigorated her need to pursue what she deemed to be her destiny, even if she had previously thought her need for such a future couldn't grow further at that point. Amber's tracing of the Bourke's scars came to a halt with the compliment abruptly; she didn't withdraw her touch at all, but her cheeks turned scarlet for what felt like the millionth time that afternoon, her cheek's warmth pressing down on the fellow teenager's bare shoulder. Compliments of the sort weren't ones she received often, and she found herself having a hard time believing them to begin with. Despite that, she couldn't help being content Travis truly saw her in that light. "...Let's strike a deal, then." She tried regaining her composure as her fingers resumed their path. "...When I main event a show over in Japan, I'll send ya a front row ticket, yeah? Actually, nah. Make it when I main event Korakuen Hall, period. Has to be for a title or somethin'. Gonna make my damn best to get there." It was her dream, and to put such a heavy meaning behind it made her quest all the more crucial.

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  5. Amber's nose wrinkled as Travis kept politely railing against the point she was making - and who was she to tell him he was wrong? From what she could tell, everything indicated that the boy before her was a werewolf: he would know, first hand, what it was like to live under such tremendous persecution. Her family had been struck by the matter indirectly at best, even if with grieving results. There was no way the pair would hold the same perspective over the matter based on sheer experience and lack thereof. However, she knew for a fact that what she spoke of was true, despite the contrast and reasoning she credited to the boy. Perhaps it was the case that those points of view coexisted - it was just a matter of who the individual was in particular, how they carried themselves, and their circumstances. Nothing was black and white, she had learned over time despite her 'jumping in head first and ask questions later' sort of attitude. It wasn't a 'one size fits all' sort of thing, that much she could tell. Perhaps each was correct in their own way? "I guess so..." She conceded nonetheless. "Though I never said it was 'easy' or anythin'. Just meant it'd be somewhat more doable is all. Then again, my parents were loaded 'n they got their shit kicked in as humans, can only imagine what it'd be like for those folks." It was then that she noticed Travis tracing the various scars covering his forearms. Her gaze fell upon the marks etched through agony across his skin, and she felt uneasy. That had been the main giveaway to his condition. Amber didn't even want to imagine what it was like going through such torture, even if one could argue she was quite the masochist herself. Acting on instinct, the Spencer leaned on Travis' arm from the side, her head landing on his shoulder. Reaching for the closest afflicted forearm, she did her own brand of tracing - slow, gentle calloused fingers out of years of playing guitar by herself explored the markings that would forever haunt the man and only grow worse every month until he met his end. "...What can people like me do?" She wondered aloud, eyes and fingers distracted by the many scars. "To help in general, I mean. I've always made a point that I'd do my best to help out in that whole thing, 'n it's about time I start, eh?"
  6. "We gotta reverse this, right?" Amber asked her partner, whom nodded to her after a chuckle. "A damn shame, if ya ask me. You rock that shirt like nobody else." She said in good humor while raising a hand, preparing herself for the spell she had to summon - while she wasn't too wary about her chances of actually performing it, she didn't want to hit something else that wasn't the boy's shirt on accident. "Thanks. Maybe I should get myself one just like it." Ian joked back. "And I agree, green looks good on y--Amber? You there?" The Flinders was taken aback as the girl seemed to space out, looking in a different direction; a thing that immediately sprung to attention was the sudden spike in her heart rate, as well as the rose colored tint along her cheeks that he was fairly certain wasn't caused by any spell, based on the sheer intensity of the temperature he could detect just under the skin. Following her gaze, he saw what looked like an older Bourke standing before the teacher. Not a second after he heard the Spencer awkwardly clear her throat, and he was hit by the spell before he could even turn his head. "...Yeah. There." She fought the awkwardness by verbally reassuring herself the spell had been correctly cast after the incantation. Ian, however, didn't look so convinced. "Are you alright?" The boy asked as the girl turned without even bothering to wait for her hair color to revert back to normal. "Y-Yeah! Totally. Uh, class is done, so, I'm gonna go! Yep." The Seeker left towards the exit uncharacteristically quickly; at least the Flinders had the presence of mind to cast his spell anyway, and it sailed for quite the distance prior to hitting its intended target - before she exited the room, no less. "...What just happened...?"
  7. Travis' statement puzzled Amber. Why would they face discriminatory behavior in a Muggle business? Given the nature of the beast, it was controlled by Muggles by definition. They didn't know what a Veela was, or that Dhampir and Werewolves existed, among other various species. If it wasn't visible, why would the very Muggle-based product and target demographic disparage them? While there were a substantial amount of wizards that did consume Muggle forms of entertainment in Australia, none would dare to out such people - it was a violation of the International Stature of Secrecy. It felt very much like a situation where they'd either have to put up with it or simply not consume the product in her mind, and that was if they were aware of what the given person was through the crowd or a TV screen. Some non-humans and people like Amber were trained to be able to tell, but most wizards were not. "Well, I'm not super sure of how that goes, I guess? But like, dude's well into his fifties and still kickin', so he's doin' something right. Not like he started his promotion yesterday." From what she knew, the man knew at least her father personally - the two often joked that given Amber's aerodynamic nature, she would become a fantastic professional wrestler. In a way, they foreshadowed her career's trajectory. "Wouldn't it be a good idea to put yourself in that sorta position though? Somethin' like, say... If you think about it, lately, the halfbreed rights movement's been pickin' up some speed, yeah? Y'all have more than 'just a few' supporters." She raised a hand, making air quotes to add emphasis, oblivious to the fact she let Travis know she was tangentially aware he wasn't entirely human; but that wasn't something that bothered her anyway. "So if ya put yourself in some sort of position of power, like, you're just well known in general, it'll be a shitstorm for anybody tryin' to hurt you while you have that sort 'o support. You get a ton more attention, too, but it also becomes way more dangerous for 'em, yeah? And with how quick news spread nowadays, it's not just something jackasses can sweep under the rug, I don't think." The one cousin she had who was completely out as a half-Veela (placing their familial relationship as a complete secret, consequently) had this modus operandi: she wasn't sure how the woman walked the line between instilling fear of retaliation and need to revolt, but whatever she was doing, it was working.
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  9. Amber shrugged at the condolences. "S'fine, I'm over it." Scratching her chin as she considered what sort of 'icon' would best represent them, she decided to describe what she thought of them out loud. "Well, they were halfbreed rights activists 'n such, but I doubt it'll make a lotta sense bringing that up in a Muggle business, yeah? I guess... I guess that when I think back, two things come to mind. One, they kinda always supported me in wantin' to fly and such. Swung me super high in playgrounds, let me have shoulder rides, got me my first broom, that sorta thing. My style's more high flyin' than anything else so I guess they influenced it in a way." After a sip of her own, she continued. "The second thing is this intense feeling of pride. I'm damn proud of what they did and how they died, and I'm pretty damn sure they'd do it all over again if they had to. Just... protectin' those that need protectin'. In a way it's what I wanna do too, just... In my own way? Through entertainment. Distract 'em enough to protect 'em from themselves, or something like that." Saying it out loud made the Spencer realize it sounded quite stupid, but she couldn't help how she felt. She knew that not everyone was like her - not everyone could just stand up and jump after something knocked them off their feet. If she could make it a little easier for people, she would. "As for the halfbreed dude, y'know, it's kinda easier to make your business in the Muggle world where nobody'll know what the hell you are or give a fuck. Pretty sure it wouldn't be the same if the dude decided to open some sort of Quodpot league." A disturbing thought, but it was certainly something she hoped she would be able to help change once being an adult; at the time being she didn't have much in the means of influence to make anything work.
  10. "Screw the dummy, we can do this." Amber beamed with pride and excitement at the prospect of having the Dhampir as a task partner, whom didn't seem to disagree with it at all. Letting go of the boy, she proceeded to hop over the desk and onto the more open area of the classroom so to give each other some room to work with. Ian walked around the desk and stood a few steps away from the Spencer, mentally preparing himself for the task at hand. "Me first!" The girl moved her hand to cast the spell before Ian had any amount of time to comply or otherwise. "Colovaria!" The red spell flung out of her hand and towards the fellow teenager, hitting him right in the chest. His shirt changed to a deep pink color, which caused Amber to snort. "Oi, that color looks good on ya!" Ian didn't seem upset over the little change in fashion. Truth be told, he quite liked it. "My turn." Unlike his partner, he didn't bother muttering out the incantation just like the time before. The re-energized Dhampir managed to put the blood he had consumed to good use, greatly enhancing his own accuracy to aim strictly at the girl's hair (or, at least, the part not hindered by the beanie). Amber surprisingly didn't flinch at seeing the crimson spell being hurled so close to her face, and soon enough her brown mane had acquired a tint of green instead - the exact same shade as that of the House she represented. "Sweet!" The girl proclaimed once she noticed the change. "Green's always been good on me, ya know? Spencer's in my blood." It was finally time for them to revert to their original colors - something Amber somehow didn't look forward to. Maybe she should dye her hair green for some festivity down the line...?
  11. Travis had been successful in escaping Amber's perceptive gaze - she had been too distracted in chatting up Ian to even notice the boy attended the class. At that point it was time for the class to start. The fifth year duo glanced down at the papers resting upon their desks. Amber couldn't help squinting her eyes in confusion - it was very much illegible. She couldn't make out a single character. "What's this, Chinese?" She grabbed the paper with both hands, bringing it close to her face so to inspect the strange writing. The charm cast upon the sheet only served to make her get a mild headache as she could figure out what was written down on paper; she then felt some pressure on her arm to move it down and place the sheet back where it belonged, along with an accompanying chuckle. "It's charmed for you not to read it." Ian explained, having caught on to what the teacher wanted from them. "Do you remember the counter-spell? We've done it in class before last term." He decided to clue her in. It was a fairly simple thing, though he knew the Spencer to be particularly forgetful. "Hell if I remember what we did last term..." Amber grumbled, but didn't let that get her down for too long. Studying the paper she inadvertently reached the correct conclusion. "Let's go with one spell fits all, yeah? Finite!" The girl chanted. The general counter-spell worked like a charm, being something she was comfortable with using at that point - even if she, herself, hadn't used it in the class Ian was referencing. Ian smiled a bit: it was the spell he had intended for Amber to think of, even if she hadn't gotten to it in the way he had initially hoped. Focusing on his task, he completed it with ease as well - much to his surprise, without an incantation. It seemed that the human wizard blood was doing its job. He wasn't sure whether he should feel contented or scared of the fact. "Oh! Partner, partner!" Amber proclaimed as soon as she read the instructions and swung an arm around the Flinders, waving at the teacher. "We can partner up, yeah?" She didn't see why they wouldn't, but given that the task hadn't been finished all around just yet she figured she might as well make sure. The boy seemed uncomfortable with the sudden grasp around himself, but smiled nonetheless.
  12. It took Amber several seconds longer than she would've liked to make the connection as to who Adele was - the librarian! She had always been one to never keep tabs on who was in the school staff (except Professor Ackers, he was alright) and to remember someone who oversaw a particular part of the school that she avoided at all costs made for a bit of a herculean task, but one she was able to overcome nonetheless. Picturing the mother of the woman made the Spencer think of an elderly fellow, and imagining an old woman jumping from tree to tree out in the bush made her smile with amusement despite the nagging ache in her arm. "Oh, so, a stunt granny." She nodded with Lauren's inquiry. While her entire body did feel sore from the fall, she was glad she hadn't broken her legs to go with the humerus as well. She lifted each leg backwards to bend at the knee one at a time to stretch the muscles out before they could initiate their very, very long walk towards wherever it was Lauren was leading them - Adele's place? Did the librarian live out in the bush? It struck her as odd, as well as the familiar way the Sturt referred to the woman (with disdain as well, she was able to notice). Amber followed Lauren down the beaten path, finally able to take note of the state of the latter's wear - as she got used to the agonizing feeling of a broken arm, she became more perceptive as she usually was, eyes scanning the stark change in what the wrestler was used to seeing. "What's with the getup, Damian?" It was refreshing to see, in Amber's opinion, as she was partial to the idea Lauren needed to live a little. If hanging out in the bush was her way of doing so, she wouldn't knock her for it. Immediately after the question, she felt something akin to a weak whip lashing against the back of her beanie-covered skull. It seemed that the little pygmy puff had decided what would entertain it the most at the time. "Harv, what the hell are you doing?" Amber whispered to the creature, gaze met by a seemingly bottomless pair of black eyes that sent a chill down her spine. Before she could protest further, a second smack with the little twig followed, causing her to hunch over slightly. "Ow."
  13. Amber's gaze idly followed Travis' hand for no reason in particular past needing a distraction; despite her outward exhaustion, surprise was still very visible in her expression once the older teenager opened a hidden compartment in the wall, her childlike curiosity at the opening making her temporarily forget about the deeply embarrassing situation she got herself into. Removing her head from his lap, the Spencer held the blanket close to her body unconsciously for modesty while the other one reached for the bottled water handed to her. She pried the lid open between her thumb and her index finger and took a big swig of the liquid, before nearly choking as Travis spoke up again. She managed to reflexively stop drinking the water before she could actually choke, although her head still sunk reflexively as she tried to stop it from happening. She pulled the bottle away from herself and covered her mouth with the other hand, causing the blanket to lightly descend from not being held up anymore. Cheeks burned red at the idea of that whole event happening again - but, did she actually mind it? Shaking her head to snap back into attention, she took the time to put the lid back on the bottle, and fetched the blanket again to cover herself properly. Instead of going back to Travis' lap she rested beside him, back to the wall. Wanting to spare her mind from further indecent thoughts (not that their current lack of an outfit helped it any) she latched on to the bone Travis was throwing in the form of a different topic. "How I got into it? Ya mean how I became a fan or how I started doin' it? Then again, I can just go through both..." She shrugged. "I don't think I was never not a fan. Been watching for as long as I can remember. Part of the reason why I always wanted to fly, really. My parents ended up shoving me into gymnastics lessons because 'o that. Had to leave eventually, sure, but that kinda laid the groundwork for me being a bit of a fitness junkie." Reminiscing over her parents supporting her choices and motivating her to achieve her dream of flying brought a small smile to her face as she looked away, gaze winding up looking at the slightly less used bed across the room. "Then stuff happened, I came here, got into amateur wrestlin' instead. Couple years down the line, turns out one of my parents' friends ran his own pro wrestling promotion. Halfbreed dude. Offered to train me outta respect for my parents. The rest is history."
  14. As the hand was stuck out, Amber reflexively met it with her own calloused palm for a strong, firm handshake. She had no intent on harming the girl in any way (and hoped she didn't), yet old habits were hard to shake. "Cheers, Nareena. I'm Amber, 'n the escape artist's Harvey. Ya know, like Harvey Dent." She was fairly sure that whom Keira had named the little creature after, being the comic book aficionado that she was - not that she could judge, being one herself. The longer time went on, the more appropriate Two-Face's name was for the animal, or so the Spencer was inclined to believe. "S'actually not mine. It's my cousin's. Ya might've heard of her. Samantha Hammond, Bourke, fifth year, army of creepy folks forever trailing behind her. Anyway, I got her Harvey like half a year ago and she keeps losing him. It's kinda ridiculous, really. It's been happenin' all over the place with so many people that I think there's some sorta curse placed on pet ownership or something." She knew about Max's rat's frequent escapes, and she also knew Meadow's roommate, whatever her name was, had her own pet go missing prior to its passing. Perhaps it was for the best that Amber didn't have any, even if she didn't reside within the school premises proper. "Anyway, I don't know what they eat, to be honest. This is just the first thing that came to mind. You got any ideas?" Perhaps Nareena would have more information on pygmy puffs than she did - either they weren't covered in Care for Magical Creatures at all or the Spencer had slept through the class. As she idly spoke to the Flinders, tone fluctuating as she struggled not to be loud and bother everyone else present, she was entirely unaware of a pair of beady black eyes fixated on her from above, the owner of which hatching a plan...
  15. Brows furrowed in confusion rather than pain as Lauren proceeded to utter a number of words Amber was entirely unable to comprehend. In the back of her mind she felt like she had had such an impression from the girl before - that she believed her to have some sort of international flair, to have spent a significant amount of time overseas - but she couldn't remember why that was, try as she might. Such thoughts were pushed aside when the Sturt shifted back into a language she could understand, just prior to calling out for some unseen individual. "Lillian?" Amber repeated, not expecting another individual to be nearby; at least, she hadn't met a soul during her trek to discover Harvey's hiding spot. Who was Lillian? A friend? Whoever that person happened to be, it seemed that she wouldn't reveal herself to aid the pair in any way, leading Amber to believe Lauren had been ditched. Not a pleasant sensation, she thought, being all too familiar with it. The Spencer's eyes widened considerably in surprise with the sound of fabric ripping, which her reflexively look let her know to be Lauren's skirt being deliberately torn for first aid purposes. Before she could even protest her arm was already being taken care of. The agony was greatly amplified by the rough (yet effective) touch and her jaw clenched as she forced herself to fight through it all; to her credit, not even a grunt escaped her throughout the process. Instead she merely sighed in relief once it was over, despite her arm's condition still straddling that fine line between 'deeply disconcerting' and 'intolerable'. "Uh, thanks." She snapped out of it and spoke up as she felt something poke at her leg. Looking down, she saw that little Harvey had gotten its hands on a twig and had determined that a fantastic use of its time would be to stab at the limb with it. The Spencer reached for the creature with her good hand and guided it to her shoulder. She didn't seem to think much of the fact that the pink ball of fluff refused to let go of its weaponry. Taking support on the tree trunk, she brought herself up to her feet. The second name that Lauren mentioned was vaguely familiar, but it only reignited her curiosity over the first one. "Hey, who's Lillian?" She voiced her thoughts. "Sorry if ya got ditched because of me, yeah?" She'd have to apologize to this Lillian later over stealing her friend away over such a silly accident. If she was still in the area, it could be that they'd meet on the way back! It would all work out, surely.
Amber Skye Cross
Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: August 28th, 2003
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Occupation: Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Deer
Wand: Elegant Walnut Wand, 12'', Unicorn Mane Core
Play-by: Megan Fox

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House

  • Respectable inheritance from her parents, which she unfortunately uses to feed her geek habits and sports endeavors rather than save up for later;
  • Trained in a Pro Wrestling academy in Melbourne for two years. Now graduated, she trains there once to twice a week. Having turned 15 she's now eligible to paid work in the industry, and so she's starting to look into the Melbourne indie circuit while trying to decide what her gimmick is, as well as figuring out a more permanent design to her gear;
  • Her indie name is Dana Stark, she's mostly into intergender wrestling and she's figured out her finisher: a Shooting Star Press from the top rope she's dubbed 'Starfall'; her secondary finisher is an Omoplata named 'Endgame'. She'd say she's a hybrid between a high-flyer and a technical wrestler, given her background;
  • Somewhat scared of being perceived as still just a child given her interests and goals in life, and wants to be treated as an adult that's conscious of their own decisions;
  • Really wants to get some sort of tattoo somewhere;
  • Sort of embarrassed at never dating anyone in her short life, thinking it contributes to the childlike aura, and occasionally lies about it;
  • Visits her parents' graves every so often so to inform them of how her life is going;
  • Gets embarrassed over more mature humor and conversation topics. She usually tries not to let it show and tries to go along with it, talking a big game;
  • Does not want to go to college;
  • Terrified of bugs, spiders, snakes, and similar beings;
  • Guardian family is of Veela descent;
  • Highly resistant to Veela charm due to living with a full Veela + a half Veela. It took a little bit, but she got a hang of it. However, the extended exposure to the charm, she has a relative ease telling who's a Veela and who's not. She's also absolutely terrified of each and every single one of them, even if she has no reason not to, and is quick to obey them if they minimally glare at her/scold her.
General Knowledge
  • Orphan;
  • Very proud of her parents and vocally follows in their footsteps regarding their pro-halfbreed rights activism;
  • Obsessed over all sorts of pop culture. If you name it, she's gone through it twice. She gets way too invested into these and can talk about it for hours on end;
  • Huge fan of pro wrestling, and half her shirts reflect this one way or another;
  • Good at impersonations, telling jokes and general storytelling, with a flair for the dramatic when doing so;
  • Agile Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker;
  • Just quit amateur wrestling, seemingly focusing a bit more on Quidditch and routinely working out instead;
  • Better than average at casting, worse than average at everything else;
  • Disappears for a substantial amount of time one to three times a week with no justification;
  • While it's known that she can play the guitar and sing, she's never done so in public;
  • Thinks people need to lighten up and live a little;
  • Surprisingly refuses to cheat on her diet;
  • Occasionally forgetful;
  • She came out via adding a bi pride bracelet to the collection hanging from her arms;
  • Occasionally pranks people for a laugh (or outright scares them), though the closer you are to her, the more likely you end up being the target (her favorite trick being sneaking up from behind, grabbing someone's sides suddenly, shaking them roughly and screaming out);
  • Doesn't seem to put a whole lot of stock into her own well being, often doing stupid and potentially dangerous things for fun;
  • Sometimes greets people via jumping on them out of nowhere;
  • Hates formalities as a whole - whether they be behavioral or manner of dressing. She also dislikes things perceived as girly such as the color pink and dresses
  • Too imaginative for her own good and spaces out on occasion;
  • Really likes taking silly face pictures and uploading them to QuillBook, by herself or with others;
  • Severe allergy to bee stings and carries an EpiPen on her at all times;
  • Boggart: asian giant hornet;
  • Vegan.

With Amber, it's almost as if there's rarely anything wrong in the world. She's a very carefree and cheerful girl whom always tries to make the best out of a given situation, refusing to stay down. She seeks to help others adopt the same mindset and it bothers her somewhat when people laze or are otherwise not all that enthusiastic about something she perceives they should be.

She adapts very easily to new situations and is very quick on her feet about them - in fact, she quite enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone, not being afraid of one or two scratches she might withstand along the way. It makes her feel alive, and she wants to experience all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, that brand of recklessness gives her some naivete when dealing with new people and she winds up trusting them far too easily.

She inherited the caring and nurturing nature of her parents, caring for those around her almost as if they were above herself in the importance spectrum (her social circle, in her point of view, currently extends to the entirety of the school - if she doesn't know you yet, oh boy, she will, just give it a couple seconds). Even if she isn't able to do much of anything, she still tries to help in her own 'Amber way'. This mostly involves just cheering the person up so they can face their issues head on.

While she isn't much of a thinker she makes up for it in spades with intuition and instinct. Her mouth speaks faster than her brain cares to process most of the time, although this occasionally leads to misunderstandings whenever her humor rears its head and veers off into the Sarcasm & Wit Highway, considering she assumes things a bit too much. It doesn't help that she talks back on reflex whenever she perceives hostility.

Her carefree and chilled out nature shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of determination - she fights hard for what she wants, unafraid of putting in the required legwork. It shouldn't be mistaken for complacency either, as she speaks her mind whenever she sees fit and can get quite loud and passionate about what she believes in. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she'll fight anyone for it to the grave.

When she's actually wronged on a personal level, she's not too quick on forgiving regardless of how serious the situation is - on occasion she may even exact her revenge. She does prefer to just make friends with everyone but there's most definitely a dark side to her, and she can hold a grudge. That said, she's somewhat efficient at separating that from normal rivalries.


Amber has a flexible and lean build, being very athletic, and stands at 163 cm. She is very energetic and is rarely spotted sitting still. She has long, straight brown hair parted on the right that's messy all too often or tied up in a ponytail, and it's complimented by a set of sparkling blue eyes. A wide, carefree smile splattered on her face is a common sight.

She hates formal wear, dresses, skirts and anything more 'fashionable', usually taking on the more casual approach instead - broadly, her garments of choice are jeans, sneakers, pop culture T-shirts and tank tops, hoodies, jean jackets, and flannel buttoned shirts are an absolute staple. She usually wears her backpack over one shoulder only and keeps forgetting to just buy a messenger bag instead. She has no preference in coloring past detesting pink/purple, although she tolerates it when it comes to her bracelets.

She has a bit of a thing for accessories: her head is always sporting either a baseball cap or a beanie depending on the season, she likes tying up an unbuttoned shirt or a hoodie jacket around her waist, and she has various bracelets lining her arms, none of great value - monetarily, that is, as they once belonged to their mother and she wouldn't part with them for anything. Necklaces aren't an odd sight either. She's also known for sticking patches onto her backpack and jean jackets.


Little Amber was born to Fisher and Elisa Cross, a fairly well off couple whom used their wealth as platform to fight for what they believed in. The fairly well known and solid couple was expected to give a happy life to Amber and all the children to come, and surely they gave it their best.

They soon noticed that their daughter was born with a proverbial rocket up her ass so they enrolled her in gymnastics, in which she proved to be competent. Her parents seemed to keep their work and activist lives separate from their home lives so Amber never had any idea of what was going on out there - all she had to do was go to elementary school, go to gymnastics class, play her guitar and devour the various fantasy books her school library had available.

That happiness was not meant to last. Late into her childhood, both Fisher and Elisa perished in a lynching. They were caught in the middle of an angry mob trying to hurt the halfbreed people they were trying to protect and couldn't get out safely. While it affected her greatly, she managed to make her grief slowly morph into an intense pride over the two and is presently inspired by them and hopes to make them proud.

She was then taken under the wing of Sibylla Townsend as she had known her parents before they passed. Having to move, she dropped gymnastics and instead favored the nearby amateur freestyle wrestling lessons offered, winding up competing in the 48-53 kg division, although not very seriously.

Soon after she enrolled in Tallygarunga. She was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of magic sprouting up as a child, but it did show itself before she enrolled. She fit right in with the crowd and seemed excited to take on this newly discovered talent. As the years progressed, while she excelled in execution, she consistently lagged behind in theory, reminiscent of her elementary school career.

Just as she had started, she was contacted by a friend of her parents, whom had heard she had picked up amateur wrestling. To thank them for their service he offered free training at his professional wrestling academy. Being a huge fan of the art, Amber took the opportunity and has been Apparated on the regular to the place ever since.

Now she struggles with playing Quidditch at a high level, trying to keep her alter ego mostly hidden, and keeping up with school. Can she keep going a thousand miles per hour or will she crash and burn?

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