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  1. Open Any Means Necessary

    Amber bit her lip as the hesitation lingered. She was often the wholly reckless, no regrets type of person - but as the coin hovered just above the slit to insert it into the machine, she felt quite uneasy. The dumb plush was smack dab in the center of the lot - she had moved it around a few times but it always fell, having even rebounded off the edge of the exit hatch and fallen back onto the pile. It truly was a nightmare. Just as she was about to bite the bullet and resign to her prizeless fate one more time, good fortune came to the rescue and Amber heard a pleasant voice from behind. Perhaps it was a good thing that she was accustomed to working her little 'side gig', as she would like to call it, in such a way - it made her far less jumpy, and she didn't seem at all frightened by someone sneaking up on her. "Hm?" She peered backwards past her shoulder, recognizing the shorter woman as the one whom had matched her to a wand so many years ago. "Huh, really? Well, if you got any before, you're better than me by default." She looked back at the (now infuriating) toy resting face down onto the mountain of other plushies. Perhaps now she had a chance! "Well, thanks." She stepped aside and handed Stardust the coin. "That one." She pointed towards the somewhat round plush, mostly brown in color, with little toes on its underside. "S'for my cousin, her birthday's coming up. And if I don't get that thing, I don't think there's any helping me..." Why did Samantha have to be so ridiculously difficult to shop for?
  2. You Take Things Way Too Seriously

    Amber Cross
    A respected adversary in both the Quidditch pitch and pranking grounds. While she's not too comfortable with Lisa's occasional malicious behavior, she doesn't hold anything against her. Yet.
  3. Everybody's gone to Melbourne and I'm stuck here. Time to become a shut in.

    1. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Everybody's gone from QuillBook too, apparently.

    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      What are you talking about? I spent the whole day with you just a couple days ago.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross



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      Travis Franklin

      That kidney shot. 

    4. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      This proved me right, I called it. She's lurking.

  5. Open Buy Somethin' Will Ya?

    Amber Cross
    New Year's Eve. January was coming, and with it, the isolation from most of her family. Amber wasn't at all looking forward for the Hammonds to go back to Melbourne - even if could visit whenever - because it was extremely inconvenient to her not to be able to drag people along whenever she saw fit to do so; she needed something to do for the coming month. One could argue she could just play guitar all day, but could her fingers really withstand such a workout? And it was not like she could do an actual workout, her back was still messed up from the bad bump she took earlier in the month and she didn't exactly want her guardian to scream bloody murder at her for making it worse. She'd give her fingers a different type of workout - video games. The heat seemed to be soaring again, albeit slowly, but she didn't particularly care - she went out smack dab in the middle of the afternoon, no sunscreen, cap turned towards the back of her head rather than shielding her face from the incoming UV rays. The reckless girl carelessly made her way through Tallygarunga Road until she came across her destination of choice, the only games shop she knew about in the area. As she entered she waved at the Muggle attendant whom she was a bit too familiar with (a painful reminder of just how often she visited that place), and soon the Spencer disappeared into one of the few aisles inside of the small shop, out of view from the Muggle - but not from security cameras, of course. She wound up in front of the Nintendo Switch stand. She had already bought the console, so what drew her attention was the game being advertised in the bottom row, directly below the consoles - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She had never gotten around to purchasing it due to a mixture of exams, accidents and celebrations. It was time to correct that mistake! She knelt down and grabbed a copy, flipping the case to confirm it was a full price title. After a mental 'yikes' at the tag and deciding to take the new game home with her anyway, she froze. She couldn't get up. Try as she might, it was too painful to get up on her own. It was as if her muscles knew the exact moment to lock up in place to strike and humiliate her as much as possible. Of course, she refused to go down with just that - pride overflowing, the girl clumsily gripped one of the upper shelves (which were, fortunately, tightly bolted to the wall) and tried to pull herself up from her precarious position. "...C'mon... God damn it...!" She grit to her teeth as her arms shook under the force applied to the sturdy shelf, doing her best to no avail. Oh, how she wished Samantha was there...
  6. Open Any Means Necessary

    Amber Cross
    Amber forgot her cousin was a New Year baby. Amber forgot about something so crucial to one of the most important people in her life. Ultimately, Amber forgot about how to be a productive member of society, and most importantly her family, by being an absolutely disgusting human being and forgetting the birthday of a cinnamon roll. And this machine was her penance. The Spencer had spent the better part of the last half hour obsessing over a crane game in a little arcade in town that took full advantage of Narragyambie being a campus town. She couldn't forgive herself over getting Samantha a Christmas gift, but nothing for her birthday. Given that they lived out in the sticks it was too late to actually go and order something due to how long it'd actually take anything to arrive; so, instead, she had to get something locally. Something she dreaded. After wracking her brain when trying to figure out what else to get to the girl that would like a T-shirt straight out of the trash if you gave it to her, Amber ultimately decided on a plush for the sheer irony of it - the whole festivity had been a giant joke over a girly plush given to Amber, and she felt like she had to repay the 'favor' (but make it a good one). She ultimately found a nice little Rowlet plush stuck inside a crane game machine, and given that the little Pokémon reminded her of the happy-go-lucky Bourke she decided to just go for it. What she didn't plan on, however, was to run out of quarters so quickly. Attempt after attempt after attempt, she failed every time. She could swear the thing was rigged, but it was no time to complain - she was down to her last quarter. The game was on. "...I'm not gonna have anything to give to her, am I...?" She muttered to herself, all too hesitant to put the coin in the machine to start it up again. She sucked at these things...
  7. Open Holding Court

    Amber Cross
    "Huh?" Amber looked up as Lauren reiterated the point. She couldn't help but feel like the Sturt had a pronounced 'Queen Bee' aura exuding from her every word and action. 'More like Queen Bitch, am I right?' Her eyebrow raised ever so slightly in defiance. It seemed like she wasn't about to take the antics sitting down. Or maybe she was, because she wasn't about to get up anyway. "Yeah, you did. Where's the rule?" The Spencer shrugged before opening her bag, retrieving the blasted Astronomy book. "I don't really care who you think you are, girl, but you should probably get off that high horse of yours. I didn't many times in the past and cost my House more points than I can count, so take it from me." The behavior had started getting just a little under her skin. Maybe she should try to talk the girl down instead of letting herself get mad? Amber wasn't the most tactful person with words, but it was certainly worth a shot. "This ain't a playground, yeah?" She continued. "I mean, trust me, I wish it was, but fun police roams up the halls with sticks up their asses. If you're gonna raise hell, at least be smart about it."
  8. Stuff

    Two antennas got married last week. The wedding sucked, but the reception was amazing.
  9. Open Toy Boy

    Amber Cross
    Amber rolled her eyes with the accusation. The embarrassment deepened but she did her best not to let it show - becoming mostly unresponsive at the quips might prove effective. It wasn't really effective with Evelyn, but she had to keep trying, right? Travis was a completely different person, after all. Maybe he'd drop the bone before her instinct to flee kicked in. Instead she let herself sink into the water just enough so her nostrils were covered, bubbles of air surfacing near her face - it resembled a boiling pot at that point. Contrary to the effect all the verbal slaughter was getting out of her, the fact Travis was stripping in front of her wasn't affecting her in the least. She had grappled with far too many muscly men wearing nothing but briefs - even if the teenager himself was quite lean, it didn't have much of an effect on her. In fact, she took the opportunity to let the blush simmer down and fully resurfaced. "Angry fit? Me? C'mon. Also, damn, you're fit." She threw in the honest compliment. She hadn't seen the boy in anything less than a school uniform before and looked quite impressed. "What's your secret? I don't think I've ever seen you at the gym. You go during different hours?" Couldn't be much later, they had a curfew. Maybe he just went during the days she went to Melbourne? Yeah, that was probably it.
  10. 2019 School Year Enrollment

  11. If I'm still bedridden when my family goes to the beach this Summer, I swear I'll... uh... kick my plushies off my bed or something like that.

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    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Oooooooh, another haiku! Hey Travis, I think you're her muse.

    3. Amber Cross
    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      That excited, huh? Glad to know you're enjoying it!

  12. Open Toy Boy

    Amber Cross
    "You're delusional." Curse whatever sort of trauma made Amber hopelessly attracted to being embarrassed in such a way. Her older cousin already made sure to make her go through hell at every family meeting. Would she had to evade Travis as well now? She'd been a victim to his teasing before, but it was easier to manage in a group setting than being alone out in the woods in a very compromising outfit. "And that's the only way you'll ever get wet. You're welcome!" She had to combat it in some way, bring herself to reality. Using the same line of joke was the only weapon she had left, even if she felt awkward about it. Figuring he'd say something about her getting too close as he stripped, Amber wisely decided to stop swimming to shore halfway there, and actually moved backwards a bit. She was sort of glad the water was cool over being shielded by tree tops, knowing her whole body would be on fire due to a blush from head to toe if it weren't for its temperature. "Me? Fantasies? Says the gigolo wannabe. I have standards, ya know?" The more she thought about it, the more she realized she really, really didn't. Not that anybody had to know that, of course. 'Does masochism count as a standard?'
  13. Open Cramp, Push and Take It Easy!

    Amber Cross
    Feet dragged along the dirt road in Footy Park as Amber struggled to make her way through the location, gym bag in hand, aiming to return to the Townsend household after a full afternoon of pro wrestling practice. Her back couldn't stand upright and pain was very visible in her expression - in fact, she looked like she could fall flat on her face at any given moment. Four hours prior to that moment, she had been in Melbourne, carefully helping other members of the crew in the laborious task of setting up the ring for the following day's show. Once it was mostly secure a new trainee asked the head honcho regarding how to take a powerbomb properly. Amber was asked to demonstrate as the larger man performed the move on her. The moment her back collided with the mat, all air was sucked from her lungs and she was hardly able to breathe for thirty minutes straight, being completely gassed out and suffering from intense back pain. And this is why you should always warm up first, kids. On top of that, she had to suck it up and finish the ring assembly work, and endure three hours of training and bumping on top of it. She managed to put on a strong face, knowing she would be teased mercilessly (and perhaps even punished) if she let the absurd strain show, but the moment she was left by herself near the gym in Narrie that she usually works out in, she felt like her very soul had been sucked out by an invisible Dementor. 'Can't... go... more...' Her motivation was completely shot. She spotted a park bench and collapsed onto it once reaching it, lying down on her stomach. The bag fell clumsily down to the ground, barely hooked to her fingers by the holding strap. She closed her eyes to rest for just one moment. Out like a light. A little drool fell from the corner of her mouth and onto the wooden bench as the sound of light snores could be heard in her vicinity. Time passed, and she was in danger of missing curfew the longer the nap went...
  14. Open Toy Boy

    Amber Cross
    The mere verbal confirmation that Amber was blushing increased said plight tenfold instantly. Her cheeks felt like they had combusted. The embarrassment earned Travis a half-hearted glare. Taking a deep breath, she dipped her head underwater to cool off while re-approaching the shore. 'Stupid god damn teasing. Get a hold of yourself, girl...' As she resurfaced, the blush was mostly gone. Feeling her cheeks cool from the water, she sighed in relief - until she was greeted by further relentless teasing, of course. The jokes were back in full force, and so was her embarrassment. "Don't flatter yourself." She managed to get out before a few specks of water hit her face, which made her shake her head roughly for the second time in less than two minutes. Her response? Have her hand lunge a disproportionately massive chunk of water at him from the creek, of course. "This is a side-effect too, you... creepo!" It wasn't even a word, but it would have to do!
  15. Open Holding Court

    Amber Cross
    "What?" Amber found herself asking on reflex as Lauren's gaze scanned her. For some reason, it made her uncharacteristically uncomfortable - as if she was being scrutinized for no good reason. Last she checked she didn't stain her clothes nor had something on her face, so what could possibly hold her attention like that? As the girl mentioned her 'daddy' gave her permission to do such a thing, or so it was implied, Amber wondered if Lauren was the daughter of a staff member. Perhaps the daughter of one of the many Professors? Maybe the daughter of the groundskeeper? Did the groundskeeper have a daughter? Who was the groundskeeper, even? Her eyes squinted at the realization she didn't know half the staff's faces, let alone names. Oops. "Terrible bag?" She instinctively glanced at the black strap of the backpack hanging over her shoulder, and pulled it aside to make the weight slide down. She looked at the patch-riddled bag. Colorful? Certainly. Terrible? Never. "This is my baby. It ain't terrible." She clutched said 'baby' under her arm in a protective manner. "But... That's beside the point. Y'know it's the end of the year, right? Everyone's scrambling for extra point, and seeing all their work in the trash is no bueno." She personally didn't care for house competition so much as the Quidditch cup itself, though it was amusing to see people trying to sabotage each other for the last few points they could get. "And if you're caught, the Sturts will eat you alive. No amount of ego strokin' will keep those beasts tamed and they're like third or something at this point, this'll probably plunge them down to fourth." It felt alien to be the voice of reason. Hell, why did she have to be such a thing. "Well, whatever. So long as I don't get caught in the blast." Ignoring the lack of 'permission' her faithful bag had to enter the room, the Spencer strolled over to the nearest seat and jumped rear-first onto the cushion before making herself comfortable.