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  1. Some say reading is good. I disagree.

    1. Gemini Demetra

      Gemini Demetra

      Music and menus... the only important things to know how to read.

    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      I'd also say comics but I'm just looking at the pretty pictures eventually, let's be honest.

  2. Gore Machine

    Amber Cross
    This cool senpai in particular lets her watch all the horror movies in existence so long as there's time to do so. Praise be for weird family connections. Her children are cool too.
  3. Fire

    Amber Cross
    Their familial relationship isn't known to the public. At first, Amber thought the natural Veela charm was something that affected everyone, so such a thing didn't make her question her sexuality; instead, what did was Evelyn's playful quips, sadistic sense of humor and devilish smirk. Perhaps that's just Amber's type, but one thing's for sure - family reunions got really awkward ever since.
  4. Shoot Shoot

    Amber Cross
    Their familial relationship isn't known to the public. Gotta bond over being adopted and not a Veela, obviously.
  5. I Shot My Friend

    Amber Cross
    With a high speed human sized tackle bullet.
  6. I Am Totally Not Lying At All

    Amber Cross
    And please don't find out about the flippy stuff, please don't find out about the flippy stuff, please don't find out about the flippy stuff...
  7. Third Eyed Girl

    Amber Cross
    Given that Amber's highly desensitized to the Veela-induced charms, she's never shown a sliver of attraction for Sam. Instead, she has fun scaring off the fools whom dare to take on the Hammond Challenge.
  8. Nevermind the Living Dead

    Amber Cross
    Must. Not. Tackle!
  9. Stuck in the Sound

    Amber Cross
    It's the weirdest thing in the world to have a niece older than yourself. Would 'big sister' be more fitting...?
  10. A haiku.


    I ran so far off

    The grades popo did not get to me

    I need a damn drink

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    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Don't go by me. If it isn't a drawing with some lines, I'm probably a bad reference for it.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Synaesthesia is a hell of a trip.

    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Something is a trip here!

  11. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  12. Amber Cross

    Amber Cross
    Little Amber was born to Fisher and Elisa Cross, a fairly well off couple whom used their wealth as platform to fight for what they believed in. The fairly well known and solid couple was expected to give a happy life to Amber and all the children to come, and surely they gave it their best. They soon noticed that their daughter was born with a proverbial rocket up her ass so they enrolled her in gymnastics, in which she proved to be competent. Her parents seemed to keep their work and activist lives separate from their home lives so Amber never had any idea of what was going on out there - all she had to do was go to elementary school, go to gymnastics class, play her guitar and devour the various fantasy books her school library had available. That happiness was not meant to last. Late into her childhood, both Fisher and Elisa perished in a lynching. They were caught in the middle of an angry mob trying to hurt the halfbreed people they were trying to protect and couldn't get out safely. While it affected her greatly, she managed to make her grief slowly morph into an intense pride over the two and is presently inspired by them and hopes to make them proud. She was then taken under the wing of Sibylla Townsend as she had known her parents before they passed. Having to move, she dropped gymnastics and instead favored the nearby amateur freestyle wrestling lessons offered, winding up competing in the 48-53 kg division, although not very seriously. Soon after she enrolled in Tallygarunga. She was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of magic sprouting up as a child, but it did show itself before she enrolled. She fit right in with the crowd and seemed excited to take on this newly discovered talent. As the years progressed, while she excelled in execution, she consistently lagged behind in theory, reminiscent of her elementary school career. Just as she had started, she was contacted by a friend of her parents, whom had heard she had picked up amateur wrestling. To thank them for their service he offered free training at his professional wrestling academy. Being a huge fan of the art, Amber took the opportunity and has been Apparated on the regular to the place ever since. Now she struggles with playing Quidditch at a high level, trying to keep her alter ego mostly hidden, and keeping up with school. Can she keep going a thousand miles per hour or will she crash and burn?