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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    Amber's hands came to fold just under her head as she laid down on the grass, one eye shut and the other trained on Lexi as she went on. "Knight in shining armor?" She repeated. She hadn't caught on to the flirting tone and found little relatability to the joking comment, figuring she was only doing what anyone with a modicum of common sense would do (even if one could argue Amber lacked in that department). Had she missed something? "I guess so, though I think I'm kinda tired of staying up all the time." It was more of a philosophical thing for her to say, but Amber was growing exhausted from all sides at once. For all the work she put into achieving her own dreams and solidifying her future, those days it felt like she had little to no time to herself; she kept running around to appease people outside of training, and by the time she got home she was too exhausted to sit and enjoy anything without her mind worrying about what she'd have to do the following day. "Though I'm more the type to look down, y'know? I'd rather be up in the sky myself." Throwing herself off of high places for a living was a running gag Amber herself had made due to her activities. She was an adrenaline junkie and a high flyer in more ways than one. More often than not, people looked like ants beneath her instead of her having her mind up in the stars. "Different strokes for different folks."
  2. Open Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Amber Cross
    What was with nobody understanding common expressions those days? Was it the new hip thing around? Akira hadn't been the first to give her that sort of response in such a short amount of time. Were teenagers just willfully ignorant of current lingo? Or had she been transported into some sort of alternate dimension? Maybe she was in the future, so her language was outdated! 'Yeah, that's gotta be it.' Before her wildly erroneous and imaginative train of thought could continue, however, the Flinders boy spoke up again. "Huh? Nah, I got it. Let's see..." Standing at the tips of her toes, the Seeker reached towards the book with some difficulty (a wholly unnecessary endeavor, given the existence of magic). After a few seconds of effort, her fingers managed to get a hold of the spine of the book. "Gotcha!" She proclaimed in a hushed celebration as she retrieved her target; however, once she came back down, she dropped the book a little too loudly on the cart which voided her effort entirely and garnered the ire of the various people around them. Her shoulders flinched with the sound and her expression turned apologetic. "Sorry, sorry!" She raised a hand up in apology as if emulating the raise of a white peace flag. 'Dumbass. Amber Skye, you're a dumbass.' As she waited for the attention to drift away from her, her gaze cast downwards towards Akira; and more importantly, towards the magazine he had open within the larger book. "Oy, is that manga?" She asked while trying to peek. She could recognize those panels every day, being an avid collector of all sorts of media herself. Unfortunately, she rarely ever got the chance to indulge in them those days.
  3. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    Amber's steps halted as she came within close proximity of Lexi and her hands took refuge inside the pockets of her pants as she watched the girl. She had gone from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye, which stood out to the Seeker like a sore thumb - Amber had enough experience with people to know she was hiding something. She was proven right when Lexi herself brought it up but it came across as if it was somewhat downplayed. "That's a way of puttin' it." She nodded at one of the questions. She had wanted to get away from everyone; yet there she was, engaging in conversation with a fellow fifth year. Perhaps she could leave the process of reflection for night time provided Mairead didn't bother her too much (and, in a way, she felt guilty about thinking about her own sister like that in that moment). "Sure thing, Lex Luthor. I'll keep you company." She didn't have training that afternoon - it looked like it was Lexi's lucky day. Sitting down on the grass next to where the fellow Spencer was standing, she removed her own patch-covered bag from her shoulder and laid it upon the ground to serve as a makeshift pillow. She then proceeded to lean back until her beanie-covered head hit the bag, staring up at the sky as she made herself comfortable. "Why are you hiding all the way out here?" She decided to take it upon herself to get the conversation going. "The Bushland ain't really safe, ya know? All sortsa creatures roamin' about. Taking a nap without someone to watch over you isn't the best of ideas."
  4. 2019 Spencer Quidditch Team Roster

    CAPTAIN: MAIN TEAM Keeper: Brooke Outerbridge Chaser #1: Keaton Harper [INACTIVE] Chaser #2: Chaser #3: Beater #1: Beater #2: Seeker: Amber Cross SECOND STRINGS ???: Caleb Danvers [INACTIVE] [NOTE: You'll only be counted for the team upon character entry into the club. Yearly, there will be a purge so to remove inactive/graduated characters. Any inactive character in the main team can be replaced.]
  5. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    The small town that was usually filled with good cheer, upbeat people and a penchant for trouble, as it came with the territory regarding its youthful inhabitants, was at that point been under a blanket of grief, sorrow and morbidity for a solid week at that point. Amber was no exception to this rule - tragedy struck the halfbreed community the day immediately before her birthday, and she'd been intensely overprotective of her family ever since. It didn't help that the victim was the mother of a good friend of hers: it was as if all was crashing down at once and the Spencer could only watch from the sidelines despite direct involvement with some parties associated with the disaster. She wound up wandering into the bush for the sake of clearing her mind. It was a quiet location for the most part, and that time she wasn't lured into the wilderness due to an escaping Harvey - it wasn't that likely that she'd break her arm a second time and would have to stumble upon miraculous help like she had mid July. Amber could finally just keep to herself and think; while it wasn't something she was exceptionally good at, it was something that was sorely needed at that point. Fate, however, wouldn't let her have her way. The hope for solitude was quickly dashed as her eyes landed on a friend of hers whom had apparently wandered to the same location of the shore - what were the odds? - and she wasn't alone anymore. For a moment she pondered leaving the way she came, not thinking Lexi had heard her as she seemed fast asleep; but, just as she was about to turn around, the fellow fifth year shot up in a daze. "Hey! You alright?" Amber decided to announce her presence from a distance, slow steps accompanying her voice.
  6. Invite Watch Your Step

    "What?" The rambunctious Spencer blinked dumbly at the minimally hostile stare she had received in response. Had she said something wrong? She went over and over her own words in her head and couldn't spot a thing, figuring her words had been common sense; inadvertently, that reinforced the notion that Amber was unintelligent, something that stabbed at her already crumbling ego as was normal lately. It was an unpleasant feeling wholly crafted by her own assumptions but at least she could be credited with keeping a straight face. An awkward, pursed smile followed in response to Adele's as she mentally tried to beat the count - she wasn't one to stay down for long, after all - and recover to get back into the thick of things. She didn't quite understand Lauren's obsession with a horse, but she figured, to each their own: if she did ever get such an animal, for as unlikely as it sounded, Amber wouldn't particularly care so long as it was being treated well. In any other moment she would've noted that Lauren didn't seem like the type to take care of a horse properly, but with the unexpected state she had encountered the Sturt out in the bush, she knew better than make that assumption. "Uhhh...?" Did she need help going back? Probably. She still had no clue of where she was (and possibly should nag Samantha over teaching her a thing or two about the bushland), but at the same time she felt like she had been imposing on Adele for far too much; not to mention she had been trying to lay low ever since the back injury incident, and she was scared of worrying Sibylla due to arriving late. An angry Veela was a bad Veela. Waiting around for Adele's father would probably be a bad idea unless he arrived within the hour. "I can just follow, I guess?" She tried, piggybacking off of Lauren alluding to be going back to school. She didn't think the Sturt wanted to deal with her for another second, but following didn't imply talking, right? For as chatty as Amber was, she had always been one to know her place - for the most part, anyway, if one were to ignore the occasional outburst. Taking it as her cue to pack up and go, she crouched next to the fallen Harvey whom was still very much asleep. Picking it up gently and raising it to eye level, she could see why Samantha loved that thing so much - when it wasn't terrorizing Amber, it actually looked quite cute. 'Here's hoping ya doesn't wake up for the next ten thousand years...'
  7. Awright, that's enough time off. Back to training! Sorry for the wait, folks.

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      Aspen Clarke

      You better be ready for sure, if not take another week. 

    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Thanks :)

      I think I'm good to go though.

    3. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      Alright. Just remember, you prefer to have you at your best.

  8. Class Wandless Wonders Intermediate Term 3

    "...Fine..." Amber grumbled under her breath, hesitantly retrieving the book carefully perched atop the tower brought to Ian's desk. She didn't bother reading its title to verify if it was relevant in any way, opening it in a seemingly random page and getting to work. Ian wasn't too sure if his friend would be doing any good in the assignment, but before he could help, he had to ensure his house got the full amount of points for his own assignment first; perhaps if he finished quickly enough he could help her. Unfortunately, neither was so lucky. Amber's work felt disjointed and thrown together haphazardly, as she wasn't the most book smart individual in the world and had a severe hatred for that type of chore; as for Ian, he completed his own work thoroughly, but given the time he had taken through it, as well as the attention he had paid to the teacher's lecture during it, he never had the chance to invest in anybody else's work once his was signed and delivered. The displeasure over the situation made his mind drift away from the matter quickly, and despite the work done the whole thing was quickly forgotten and he hardly retained a word. As the students delivered their assignments, some better off and some not so much, the class was dismissed. Ian took the books back to their bookshelf, organizing them properly and putting them in the exact location where they had been prior to the task, while Amber begrudgingly gathered her things. She quickly came to the conclusion she needed some energy injected into her veins prior to the following class, and Ian, poor guy, he was going to help. "Hey. Race ya to the Quidditch Pitch!" The Spencer said to the Dhampir once he returned to his desk. Just as she finished speaking, she was out of the room, leaving the confused boy behind. "What?" Stunned, the boy's brows furrowed with how puzzled he was over Amber's actions; however, he'd only get a response if he caught up. Grabbing his backpack, he gave an awkward smile to the teacher as means of saying goodbye before darting out of the room to race after the girl, quickly shuffling through the packed underground hallways. Was she nuts?
  9. Taking a few days off from Quidditch practice. Sorry, folks.

  10. Measurements taken and gear ordered! Massive dent on my bank account but it'll be worth it in the long term for sure :)

    Thanks for the tip @Lexi Stewart

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    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      @Amber CrossI have a few more drawn up that might interest you. I figured you might need more support for elbows and knees so took those in consideration.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      @Lexi StewartNot what I meant, but sure.

      @Travis FranklinReally? Sweet, thanks! I don't recall ever wearing elbow pads for this actually, but might as well keep an open mind if they end up looking cool.

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Oh, I know. I just figured it maybe one of the many ways to help keep you safe. 

  11. Open Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Amber Cross
    Amber had been visiting the Library over the past couple of months far more times than she had for the entire duration of her academical career - she didn't care much for studying (which did bite her back in the rear at times) and her favorite type of books were nowhere to be found in the school, so she deemed most of the Kookynie Halls absolutely useless save for the existence of the Musiciary classroom. Yet, there she was: at least, she wasn't looking for Harvey again. Instead, Samantha had requested her to check out a few books in her stead while she went off to the bakery to work. Being on campus during a Saturday wasn't the best use of her time, but Amber was the type to do anything for family. As she entered the ample library, she thought it was borderline miraculous that she hadn't been officially barred from the premises just yet - her last few blunders in the place included leaving it smelling like bacon and escorting a deeply misguided person to burn some of the books, but perhaps being on good terms with the librarian herself contributed to the fact she could still stand in the room without having her head chopped off clean. During her trek chasing down the various titles in Samantha's obnoxiously long list (but, then again, anything more than one was already too long), the Spencer came across a boy sitting on the floor. It confused her a little. "Hey, hey." She spoke in a lower tone, being mindful of others for once in her life. "You'll burn a hole through the ground sittin' like that, 'n your butt'll get sore. There are some comfy chairs around, y'know?" As she spoke, she reached over to the shelf just above the unknown Flinders boy, retrieving yet another book to add to the cart she'd grabbed at the entry of the Library. "There you are, two to go..."
  12. Does anybody around these parts know somebody who works with spandex/lycra/etc? I need to have some custom high quality stuff done ASAP.

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      Amber Cross

      Really? Cool! You're a life saver!

    3. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      I'll take you there. They make all my cosplay costumes. They are good quality and the stitching is perfect. They have a lot of different fabrics 😁

    4. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      ...Feels odd comparing what I need to cosplay but I guess that's what it is...

  13. Invite Watch Your Step

    "Oh, I see." Amber answered, not pressing further on the matter. She wasn't one to keep up with rumors and gossip at all given her hectic lifestyle, hardly having any time in any given day to give such things attention. While she had no idea who the man was, she fortunately lacked the curiosity to find out. A curt nod followed Adele's question, a small smile lighting up Amber's features - even if it was one of the few things she did for herself rather than an audience, the girl was more than proud of having the skill that she did with the instrument: to her, it was one of the ways she had found over time to honor her parents as they had been the ones to enroll her in lessons to begin with when she was younger. After their passing and being taken in by the Townsends, she was exposed to even more people whom were experienced with the guitar as well, which only motivated her even more to continue. As the conversation shifted towards Lauren, her gaze was drawn to the Sturt; the reason why the words didn't bother Amber that much was up for debate on whether she was a ridiculously permissive person or just not that bright. With a delayed shrug, she replied. "Why not both?" It felt like a no brainer to the Spencer. Being entirely oblivious to the responsibility Adele was placing on her shoulders, she decided to tackle the subject head on. "No point in just doing the same thing over and over for the rest of your life, y'know? Doesn't hurt to expand your horizons, I don't think. I can't really help with horses though, more of a broom person myself." A chuckle escaped as she briefly consider just who it was that she knew that had any idea about horses. Samantha? She was good with animals, but that didn't mean she could ride a horse. Meadow? Her Patronus was a horse, and Patronuses were tangible despite how they looked... ...Could one theoretically ride a Patronus horse? "Music might be good, if anything for a creative outlet. A bit loud, yeah, but you just gotta have somethin' to express yourself with. I think I'd go nuts if I didn't..." If music failed her, at least she still had her haikus.
  14. I even have to do lists during my days off now. Bit off way more than I could chew...

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      Thanks though.

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      Lexi Stewart

      It's not like it will kill you. One day Amber, one day 😛

  15. Invite Watch Your Step

    "Does the J stand for anything?" The Spencer idly asked while her gaze followed Adele's, ultimately landing on Lauren's smiling face - as it turned out, the older woman wasn't the only one finding the sight quite odd. As she allowed her own mind to rewind, Amber couldn't recall a single time in which she'd seen Lauren grin in such a way in their sporadic, short lived encounters throughout the year; she then realized it was likely because of Amber's company, which was a bit of a blow to her own ego - she was an entertainer after all, first and foremost -, though she took the conclusion in stride. She was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of something that could debatably be referred to as music coming from further in the house. Instinctively the wrestler looked down the hallway. While it wasn't all too pleasing to the ears it didn't bother Amber too much; if anything, it brought her back to the days wherein she used to do the exact same as a small child. "S'alright. Been there, done that. You get used to it." A good humored chuckle escaped her throat. It was a good distraction from the then smaller amount of pain afflicting her limb. "That's my sorta thing though, lemme know if he needs a pointer or two." Lauren's behavior with the child wasn't the only weird thing anymore. The Seeker was becoming increasingly flabbergasted at the amount of nostalgia the very atmosphere of the house was eliciting in her. She was positive it was just a coincidence, but the longer she stayed in the area, the more her mind became firmly planted in the past - one she had moved on from, but still sorely missed nonetheless. Perhaps it was time to visit her parents' graves, as she hadn't gone there for far too long at that point.
Amber Skye Cross
Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler Fifth Year
16 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  16
Date of Birth August 28th, 2003
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Deer
Wand Elegant Walnut Wand, 12'', Unicorn Mane Core
Play-by Megan Fox

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House

  • Respectable inheritance from her parents, which she unfortunately uses to feed her geek habits and sports endeavors rather than save up for later;
  • Trained in a Pro Wrestling academy in Melbourne for two years. Now graduated, she trains there once to twice a week. Having turned 15 she's now eligible to paid work in the industry, and so she's starting to look into the Melbourne indie circuit while trying to decide what her gimmick is, as well as figuring out a more permanent design to her gear;
  • Her indie name is Dana Stark, she's mostly into intergender wrestling and she's figured out her finisher: a Shooting Star Press from the top rope she's dubbed 'Starfall'; her secondary finisher is an Omoplata named 'Endgame'. She'd say she's a hybrid between a high-flyer and a technical wrestler, given her background;
  • Somewhat scared of being perceived as still just a child given her interests and goals in life, and wants to be treated as an adult that's conscious of their own decisions;
  • Really wants to get some sort of tattoo somewhere;
  • Sort of embarrassed at never dating anyone in her short life, thinking it contributes to the childlike aura, and occasionally lies about it;
  • Visits her parents' graves every so often so to inform them of how her life is going;
  • Gets embarrassed over more mature humor and conversation topics. She usually tries not to let it show and tries to go along with it, talking a big game;
  • Does not want to go to college;
  • Terrified of bugs, spiders, snakes, and similar beings;
  • Guardian family is of Veela descent;
  • Highly resistant to Veela charm due to living with a full Veela + a half Veela. It took a little bit, but she got a hang of it. However, the extended exposure to the charm, she has a relative ease telling who's a Veela and who's not. She's also absolutely terrified of each and every single one of them, even if she has no reason not to, and is quick to obey them if they minimally glare at her/scold her.
General Knowledge
  • Orphan;
  • Very proud of her parents and vocally follows in their footsteps regarding their pro-halfbreed rights activism;
  • Obsessed over all sorts of pop culture. If you name it, she's gone through it twice. She gets way too invested into these and can talk about it for hours on end;
  • Huge fan of pro wrestling, and half her shirts reflect this one way or another;
  • Good at impersonations, telling jokes and general storytelling, with a flair for the dramatic when doing so;
  • Agile Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker;
  • Just quit amateur wrestling, seemingly focusing a bit more on Quidditch and routinely working out instead;
  • Better than average at casting, worse than average at everything else;
  • Disappears for a substantial amount of time one to three times a week with no justification;
  • While it's known that she can play the guitar and sing, she's never done so in public;
  • Thinks people need to lighten up and live a little;
  • Surprisingly refuses to cheat on her diet;
  • Occasionally forgetful;
  • She came out via adding a bi pride bracelet to the collection hanging from her arms;
  • Occasionally pranks people for a laugh (or outright scares them), though the closer you are to her, the more likely you end up being the target (her favorite trick being sneaking up from behind, grabbing someone's sides suddenly, shaking them roughly and screaming out);
  • Doesn't seem to put a whole lot of stock into her own well being, often doing stupid and potentially dangerous things for fun;
  • Sometimes greets people via jumping on them out of nowhere;
  • Hates formalities as a whole - whether they be behavioral or manner of dressing. She also dislikes things perceived as girly such as the color pink and dresses
  • Too imaginative for her own good and spaces out on occasion;
  • Really likes taking silly face pictures and uploading them to QuillBook, by herself or with others;
  • Severe allergy to bee stings and carries an EpiPen on her at all times;
  • Boggart: asian giant hornet;
  • Vegan.

With Amber, it's almost as if there's rarely anything wrong in the world. She's a very carefree and cheerful girl whom always tries to make the best out of a given situation, refusing to stay down. She seeks to help others adopt the same mindset and it bothers her somewhat when people laze or are otherwise not all that enthusiastic about something she perceives they should be.

She adapts very easily to new situations and is very quick on her feet about them - in fact, she quite enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone, not being afraid of one or two scratches she might withstand along the way. It makes her feel alive, and she wants to experience all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, that brand of recklessness gives her some naivete when dealing with new people and she winds up trusting them far too easily.

She inherited the caring and nurturing nature of her parents, caring for those around her almost as if they were above herself in the importance spectrum (her social circle, in her point of view, currently extends to the entirety of the school - if she doesn't know you yet, oh boy, she will, just give it a couple seconds). Even if she isn't able to do much of anything, she still tries to help in her own 'Amber way'. This mostly involves just cheering the person up so they can face their issues head on.

While she isn't much of a thinker she makes up for it in spades with intuition and instinct. Her mouth speaks faster than her brain cares to process most of the time, although this occasionally leads to misunderstandings whenever her humor rears its head and veers off into the Sarcasm & Wit Highway, considering she assumes things a bit too much. It doesn't help that she talks back on reflex whenever she perceives hostility.

Her carefree and chilled out nature shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of determination - she fights hard for what she wants, unafraid of putting in the required legwork. It shouldn't be mistaken for complacency either, as she speaks her mind whenever she sees fit and can get quite loud and passionate about what she believes in. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she'll fight anyone for it to the grave.

When she's actually wronged on a personal level, she's not too quick on forgiving regardless of how serious the situation is - on occasion she may even exact her revenge. She does prefer to just make friends with everyone but there's most definitely a dark side to her, and she can hold a grudge. That said, she's somewhat efficient at separating that from normal rivalries.


Amber has a flexible and lean build, being very athletic, and stands at 163 cm. She is very energetic and is rarely spotted sitting still. She has long, straight brown hair parted on the right that's messy all too often or tied up in a ponytail, and it's complimented by a set of sparkling blue eyes. A wide, carefree smile splattered on her face is a common sight.

She hates formal wear, dresses, skirts and anything more 'fashionable', usually taking on the more casual approach instead - broadly, her garments of choice are jeans, sneakers, pop culture T-shirts and tank tops, hoodies, jean jackets, and flannel buttoned shirts are an absolute staple. She usually wears her backpack over one shoulder only and keeps forgetting to just buy a messenger bag instead. She has no preference in coloring past detesting pink/purple, although she tolerates it when it comes to her bracelets.

She has a bit of a thing for accessories: her head is always sporting either a baseball cap or a beanie depending on the season, she likes tying up an unbuttoned shirt or a hoodie jacket around her waist, and she has various bracelets lining her arms, none of great value - monetarily, that is, as they once belonged to their mother and she wouldn't part with them for anything. Necklaces aren't an odd sight either. She's also known for sticking patches onto her backpack and jean jackets.


Being a cheerful and energetic individual who's always ready to help and protect every other person, it goes without saying Amber has friends far and wide. Her biased and naive perspective leads her to believe most people she meets actually qualify as such (or at least are on friendly terms, regardless of what kind of a hard time they give her) and so she deems the entire school as her 'social circle'. Of course, this makes her social life quite hectic as she's frequently being pulled in multiple directions by various folks at all times and she struggles with keeping up with them all consistently.

Unfortunately, for as many friends as she may have, she feels like she only scratches the surface with most of them. She thinks people perceive her as just someone to have fun with rather than having actual importance to them, which greatly fears her deep seated self esteem issues. She believes it's a comparable situation to the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none' as she can't even name having a best friend at all, and doesn't feel like anybody relies on her with sensitive information or more than a skin deep relationship, and even sees the exceptions to this rule (i.e. Samantha) as very limited as well.

The story so far

Little Amber was born to Fisher and Elisa Cross, a fairly well off couple whom used their wealth as platform to fight for what they believed in. The fairly well known and solid couple was expected to give a happy life to Amber and all the children to come, and surely they gave it their best.

They soon noticed that their daughter was born with a proverbial rocket up her ass so they enrolled her in gymnastics, in which she proved to be competent. Her parents seemed to keep their work and activist lives separate from their home lives so Amber never had any idea of what was going on out there - all she had to do was go to elementary school, go to gymnastics class, play her guitar and devour the various fantasy books her school library had available.

That happiness was not meant to last. Late into her childhood, both Fisher and Elisa perished in a lynching. They were caught in the middle of an angry mob trying to hurt the halfbreed people they were trying to protect and couldn't get out safely. While it affected her greatly, she managed to make her grief slowly morph into an intense pride over the two and is presently inspired by them and hopes to make them proud.

She was then taken under the wing of Sibylla Townsend as she had known her parents before they passed. Having to move, she dropped gymnastics and instead favored the nearby amateur freestyle wrestling lessons offered, winding up competing in the 48-53 kg division, although not very seriously.

Soon after she enrolled in Tallygarunga. She was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of magic sprouting up as a child, but it did show itself before she enrolled. She fit right in with the crowd and seemed excited to take on this newly discovered talent. As the years progressed, while she excelled in execution, she consistently lagged behind in theory, reminiscent of her elementary school career.

Just as she had started, she was contacted by a friend of her parents, whom had heard she had picked up amateur wrestling. To thank them for their service he offered free training at his professional wrestling academy. Being a huge fan of the art, Amber took the opportunity and has been Apparated on the regular to the place ever since.

Now she struggles with playing Quidditch at a high level, trying to keep her alter ego mostly hidden, and keeping up with school. Can she keep going a thousand miles per hour or will she crash and burn?


A serious back injury in December 2018 threw off her wrestling prospects momentarily. Fortunately, her adoptive mother was a wizarding healer and got her back up into running shape in a matter of weeks; unfortunately, it came at the cost of the woman finding out about Amber's activities. Much to her surprise Sibylla took well to the news, although Amber was still quite reluctant to make the fact known to the world.

The second person she revealed her little secret to was Travis Franklin due to having gone to ask him to draw new designs for gear she wanted to have made. It was a bit of a double edged sword as that same encounter also birthed a recurring fling between the two, one that would ultimately contribute to her nigh-permanent exhausted state due to his penchant of actively pursuing her during days in which she's supposed to rest.

Over time, she's grown to the conclusion that she needed to give up on some things in her life to make room for what she loved, pro wrestling. Just as she was starting to consider what to drop (Quidditch, classes) tragedy struck Narragyambie in the form of Travis' mother's death. It got to Amber more than she would've liked even if she hadn't met the woman at all, spiraling down her once perpetually cheerful mood as she struggles to keep afloat with all the mounting pressure from all sides.

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