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  1. As Travis repeated himself, Amber didn't seem to think much of the provocative compliment. Being a bit of a charismatic dynamo came with the job of being a professional wrestler, and it was, fortunately, something she had always excelled at once way or another, having always been able to catch the attention of whoever may be around her at the time at the drop of a hat - for better, or worse. However, when it came to physical attractiveness, she couldn't say she ever thought much about it. She knew some people found her desirable out of a comment or two she had gotten thrown her way in the past, but she couldn't say she cared for it much herself and never really put stock in her appearance in such a way; it caused the compliment to go right over her head. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but awkwardly stand where she was when Travis told her to finish up, momentarily frozen with what had just occurred. Physical touch was something she was far too used to; intimate touch was another conversation entirely. No matter how much she tooted her own horn about not being that inexperienced, the truth of the matter was she didn't have the faintest idea of how those things worked, and it was hard to deny the curiosity she held within her about them, even if it wasn't something she actively thought about on a daily basis. Just as she had regained her composure and reached to unbutton her pants to continue her task, however, the boy spoke up again, causing her to halt before things could get worse. The Bourke proceeded to admit that he had problems holding back his urges - but more importantly, that he was extremely attracted to Amber, of all people. Why? That statement caused visible confusion on her face. The world 'extremely', in particular, felt quite odd. He had always come across to her as the type of guy who could get almost any woman he'd want with a few lines. Why would he be *extremely* attracted to an arbitrary dolt of a Spencer? Was it the physical fitness? "...Is it an instinct issue... thing?" Amber didn't exactly know how to put her thoughts to words, nevertheless implying she was aware that werewolves had problems holding back particular urges; let alone the fact that he was one. While she didn't seem to outwardly display any disgust at the idea of him jumping her, she didn't seem to show any interest in it either - almost as if the last few words of his statement had gone forgotten in benefit of more pressing matters that her one track mind opted to focus on. "Just lemme know how I can help, then? I'unno, feels weird kinda keepin' this stuff away from me 'n then having to explain how it works anyway. And if it bothers you, you coulda just turned away or something?" She couldn't tell if he actually wanted to give in to instincts or not, making things even more difficult for her to wrap her head around.
  2.  Remembralls are the dumbest invention ever. They tell you you forgot something but you can't remember what you forgot... Ugh.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I can tell you what you forgot, but you got to meet in the park. 

    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Was it something at school? Well, thanks, I'll take you up on that.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Alright, I'll be waiting for you after classes 🙂

  3. Anybody interested in some camping before the weather goes kaput?

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      Amber Cross

      You know what? Nevermind.

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      Travis Franklin

      Woah, woah. Relax, Ams. I'll go with you, alright?

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Just shoot me a day.

  4. Amber shrugged to herself as she changed once Travis had said he didn't need the visual of her with wrist tape on - she wasn't really going to complain, even if she was a bit skeptical of being able to properly envision the look that, when properly applied, that tape added to the whole visual. But, she didn't want to put them on in the first place; it was a long process each time, and she didn't exactly have her trainer there with her to apply them correctly. She didn't seem to catch his comment with the sound that the clothes shuffling produced. "What?" She asked without bothering to look at him as she adjusted the top. 'Alright, that's dealt with... Time for the hard part.' Before she could handle her bottom gear, however, the Bourke was already taking her measurements. "Oy, don't you want me to put on my getup first?" She asked in protest, but her arms moved out of the way to let him do the little chore despite her words. It wasn't like her proportions would suddenly change, but her gear was far more skin-tight than her post workout outfit - the thickness of the clothes could get in the way. But if he knew what he was doing, she had no right to protest, and thus she quieted down immediately. A sensation many would describe as ticklish was then suddenly felt at the nape of her neck. Was Travis trying to tickle her? She was about to comment out loud that she wasn't the ticklish sort, but was interrupted as soon as she opened her mouth by the feeling of his breath, which sent a shiver down her spine. Her mind could hardly keep up with the very sudden sensorial overload before the older teenager had already pulled away, muttering an apology as he did that left her quite confused. "Sorry? What--" She looked at him over her shoulder, only then noticing his hands were quite busy holding each side of the tape for a proper measurement. That meant he had touched her with his face. Her own heated up at the realization, even if she didn't exactly make a move to make a run for it or take to violence as retaliation. In fact, she felt bad with the sudden sense of self-admonishment she got from that lone word, for reasons she couldn't quite put a finger on. "...I-It's fine. Just... Get this done so I can finish changing, yeah?" She managed to stammer out before her gaze faced forwards once again. A lack of experience in such situations made the whole event extremely embarrassing for her, for as insignificant as she perceived it to be to begin with. She had no idea of how to react, opting not to. The sooner Travis got done with measuring, the sooner the awkwardness would leave them, right?
  5. Hm... Starting to think Quidditch isn't on the cards for next year.

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      Cross, I'll kick your ass if you ditch the interschool team out of nowhere.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Aye aye, Cap'n.

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Contrary to popular belief, Ams, I have stack of stuff to get through. But I'll tell you what, I'll come to the next one just for you. 😉 

  6. A sense of relief washed over Amber at the lack of mockery and belittlement at the grand reveal - not that such a thing would make her second guess her aspirations, but that would have been a surefire way of killing off whatever little energy she had left after the extensive workout she had gone through earlier. Instead, Travis had suggested for her to change into her professional wrestling gear, to get a proper look at it. She looked at the spread out fabrics upon the bed, and shrugged. Why not? "Guess that makes sense. Though, do ya need me to put on my wrist tape too to get a look at the final product, or am I spared from that personal hell?" As she spoke, one of her feet stepped on the other's heel so to be able to free a foot from its shoe; after repeating the process, she reached over to the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head without much caring if Travis did turn around or not. He had already seen her in a bikini before. What was the difference? She didn't really understand all the girls that would get their panties in a bunch over the distinction of 'underwear' and 'swimwear'. "Uh, I'unno how that works, but do you need measurements and such? For like, design ratios so it looks normal in your drawing, or something." She had no idea how that sort of thing worked - she was more into performance arts than creating things with one's own two hands. After discarding her T-shirt, she put on her wrestling halter top, black in color, plain as can be, adjusting it so not to crush her own chest. "And I'm gonna assume ya'll need my ring name to make it work?"
  7. Amber, too, was running late. But not too late! The Spencer raced along the hallways to the Elemental Magic class, wanting to avoid a repeat of the last trimester. Quick and agile feet soon carried her into the classroom in what felt like record time, considering she had stepped into the school not five minutes prior. "Hey!" She greeted the teacher with a wave of two fingers, not bothering with any formalities before scuttling along to sit next to her cousin. "Water, eh? Ain't that like, your thing?" Amber tried to make conversation immediately, noticing Samantha had finished whatever it was Professor Ackers had told them to do. She received a nod in response. "Yes. One of, at least. You should get started too..." Amber set her beloved school bag down next to her chair and reached into her holster, retrieving her wand. "Alright, what do I gotta do?" "Redde Aqua. Like so." Samantha made the wand movement for Amber to memorize, without reciting the spell proper. After a nod, it was the Spencer's turn to try; she managed to do it successfully without much difficulty, having always had a knack to get that sort of thing first try. "Next!"
  8. Amber skipped her way towards the classroom she was supposed to be at that day, though there was a distinct lack of spring in her step - almost as if she was forcing herself to do the little exercise. Truth be told, everything about the class sounded boring. The split in three was boring - she loved rowdy classes, and those with very few students tended to be complete snoozefests for her. Adding to that the fact that Meadow was in a different class and Sam simply wasn't enrolled at all, and it was a recipe for Amber to end the day banging her head against the desk. She slowed her steps to a normal speed the moment she entered class, giving the teacher a mock salute. "G'morning." She greeted, looking around afterwards. Much to her chagrin, the lack of friendly faces was hitting her full force, and she could only hope it was due to the fact she arrived earlier rather than anything else. She spotted a familiar redhead, but given that they wanted to sucker punch each other at every opportunity, the Spencer elected to sit down as far away as possible from the Sturt. "What's on the menu today?" She decided to engage the teacher instead, her foot rapidly tapping on the floor as an attempt at self distraction. "Target practice? I hope we get some target practice." She didn't seem to have noticed the paper sitting upon her desk; that, or she was too dense to figure out what to do by herself.
  9. "You say that but you're helping me even more now, dummy." Amber spoke as she took the frame off of Travis' hands. She slid the picture into it with the utmost care and gentleness, careful not to bend or rip any part of the paper, and opened the bag further afterwards. Pushing some of its contents aside, she carefully placed the picture frame down on the bottom of the bag. It didn't really matter that it had a charm to be unbreakable - to her, it was the single most precious item she owned at the time, and she would handle it as such. She seemed utterly oblivious to Travis' plight. Instead, as he spoke, her gaze fell on said other contents of the bag. "...Well, ya said it was hard knowing what's more me than anything... Guess it's time to solve that mystery, eh?" She took a deep breath. Less than a handful of people knew about it; even fewer had actually seen the items she was about to produce from the gym bag. But, given that she already had guessed at the boy's secret, something in her told her that it was only fair. It gave her the courage to leap over the embarrassment that would otherwise keep her from actually making her request, and with a self-reassuring nod, she reached into the bag. "Remember back in December, when we had that little wrestling talk blunder?" She retrieved a few items. Long mono-color tights, knee pads, kick pads, flat sole sneakers, a top... The hallmarks of a professional wrestling outfit, even if they were mostly bland-looking. She stretched out the materials (save for the shoes, of course) across his bed, as if showing them off. "Well, I lied. My request would be for ya to design my gear. Colors, designs, all that stuff. Maybe some entrance gear too. I'm gonna have 'em made soon but I gotta know what I want made, yeah? Feel free to do more than just one design too, or else I'll look stale in like a month." There it was. All out in the open. Not even Samantha knew of that little secret, and she could mentally picture herself getting smacked in the head for not telling her. "Oh, and I wear tape around my wrists and hands too, maybe that helps."
  10. Now looking for potential new gym partners! Mine went and moved out of Narrie. Sad times.

    Any fitness level is fine! I can teach you how to use the machines if needed! (don't tell them I said that or they'll cut my head off please pretty please)

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    2. Lisa Knotley

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      Gym partner, you say?

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      No, I won't teach you the secrets of my conditioning.

    4. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      Damn it. Had to try.

  11. The Spencer nodded on reflex at the notion of liking the final product, her head moving a tad faster than she probably should. Liked it? She was absolutely in love with the drawing! The blue gaze couldn't tear itself away from the paper for what felt like an eternity. Every time she investigated a portion of the piece of art, she discovered a brand new detail or two that struck her with awe all over again. Even if Travis had stated that it had been difficult to put down her traits on paper, she thought he had done an absolutely stellar job. Her eyes finally tore themselves from the paper as Travis spoke up again, that time to compliment her directly. Amber felt yet another blush become more prominent in her cheeks, although she was too stunned to bother to cover it. The youthful Spencer had always been the target of mockery and teasing in varying degrees from the student body in general, and wasn't at all accustomed to being seen in a positive light; even by her friends. More often than not, the descriptor she got thrown her way was 'idiot'. Not one she'd disagree on, per se, but often it was the one she deemed to be the more prominent about herself. Like everything else she had ever worked for just fell under that umbrella, and that her childish ways were not worth anyone's time in a world of maturity and progress that she desperately wanted to claw her way into. But one of the people that made her life hell the most turned out to be one that saw her in the most positive of lights, at least from how he described it. It brought a genuine smile to her lips. Not one of giddiness or mischievousness, as usual, but one of gratitude. Of course, it only lasted a few seconds as her usual exuberance kicked into high gear. That gratitude needed a proper display! "Are you kidding? It was way better than anything I could've expected! C'mere!" Completely forgetting about her previous concern of Travis potentially posing a physical danger to herself with how close the full moon was, Amber quickly closed the distance between the two to give the older teenager a one-armed hug. More of a bear hug, one could argue, but it lasted just a mere two seconds as the sheer excitement made her brain run so fast it was likely breaking a few speed limits. "I owe you, like, tons right now!" As she let go, she retrieved her bag and placed it on top of the foot of the bed. She opened it partially before reaching to retrieve her wand from its holster; her hand found no holster at all, pointlessly patting the area of her leg where it should be hanging from. "Damn it. I forgot my wand. You got any spells so not to make this bend and crumple on my way home?"
  12. "Huh?" Amber, in turn, was confused at the way Robin took her words - had she misread something from her lips? Most likely. She merely shrugged to herself and let the redhead do her thing; she couldn't help but be surprised when Robin named the cat correctly barely a second before she found the appropriate tag glued to the cat's collar indicating that same name. How had she spotted that? "Eh? Didn't we go there already?" She asked herself for a moment before realizing it was the house next to the first family they had visited. 'Oops.' "Well, leave it to me then. Thanks for the help!" She gave the girl a nod of acknowledgement, feeling bad for having dragged her out of her way for so long at random - though she wished she had been paying attention earlier, perhaps she would've figured out the entrance to that underground club. The Spencer finally left to the indicated house after a wave, determined to get Captain Mittens to its home.
  13. It must be a miracle, Amber thought to herself. Her awkward pursuit of another subject had actually worked, with Travis obeying and moving to retrieve the portrait the Spencer had rushed over for. She took a deep breath, expecting the most blatantly disrespectful drawing to ever exist targeting her person. Her eyes squinted at the sight of the familiar logo. Amateur wrestling, something she had abandoned years back. She had competed in junior women's wrestling, and wasn't half bad at that; but with Quidditch and professional wrestling weighing down her schedule, she had elected to quit the weakest link. She still found it surprising that Travis had remembered such a thing, given how little she ever talked about the subject in general anymore. He then produced the drawing, the contents of which threw her for a loop. "Holy shit." She muttered as her eyes drank every little stroke that came together to create such a composition. Most of the clothing depicted wasn't something she'd usually wear, yet there was something intrinsically Amber to their every detail. She took the drawing with her hands delicately, as if afraid to rip it with a mere touch, jaw slightly agape as she consumed everything - from the few caps hanging from a belt loop, to the little bird that represented the House she was so proud of, to the very background that represented both her past, and present. "I... Didn't expect this..." She was honest, to her credit, the moment she regained a minimally rational train of thought. "...Now I feel kinda bad for bargin' in over it... Shit, I thought it'd be something for the Sturts to mock me over for years to come or something. You can keep it..." She'd keep it herself and frame it, but she felt bad about taking it off of Travis' hands to begin with.
  14. "Hm? Yeah." Amber answered reflexively, though it then occurred to her that Robin wouldn't have heard her response at all, which prompted to slap her free palm against her forehead in frustration. After the loud clapping noise it produced, the hand slid down gradually until it was off her face. She looked at the cat, whom seemed to be paying a minimal amount of attention to Robin due to her speaking to it. Having an idea to solve their communication issues, Amber skipped a few steps ahead of the stranger with surprising speed, and then turned around and started to walk backwards, facing the girl in question. "Pumpkin Cupcake?" The Spencer asked, maintaining her balance with ease despite not seeing where she was going. "Better than Tyson I guess. What do you prefer, fella?" She raised the little kitten again. "Tyson or Pumpkin Cupcake? Can't help but wonder what you're really called though..." She peeked at the collar, trying to see if there was any indication of the little feline's name.
  15. The compliment didn't seem to embarrass Amber in the least as would be expected from usual behavior - whether it was because she was fully confident in her appearance or didn't much care was up for debate. Once inside the room she let her regrettably patchless gym bag drop to her feet - the lack of an impact indicated there wasn't much in it to begin with, or the materials inside were very soft. Raising her hands, she let them rest at the back of her head, fingers interlocking as she leaned her head back against them. It seemed Travis didn't understand what she had meant, but that was okay. She wasn't there to chat his ear off about her issues anyway. Instead, she shrugged. "Ya gotta do what'cha gotta do." Was all she said when it came to Travis not being around - the concept didn't bother her very much at all, and it wasn't any of her business, thusly she didn't press the issue any further. He could have gone skydiving without equipment for all she cared. 'Though that sounds pretty rad, I want in.' She didn't immediately answer his question; instead, she was confused at the immediate previous statement. "Huh? Why would I be?" It seemed that the implications of a girl visiting a boy by her lonesome in their room were completely lost to the Spencer, so innocent was what she had in mind to begin with. However, she wasn't so daft as to being unable to guess what he had meant, moreso with the wink. "Oy. I'll whack you upside the head if you try anything, ya pervert." Although, she had to admit, the man was quite handsome. Would she hate it if he did? The thought had a surge of blood hit her cheeks, and she shook her head as vain means of getting rid of it. "God damn it." She rubbed her face with both hands to regain focus, though another thought invaded her mind; one of a darker nature. If her assumption that he was a werewolf was correct, would that sort of action even be what he would do to her in that situation? As far as she was aware, the full moon was that very weekend. Not to mention, he was starting to look a bit ill, like he did every month around the same time. That reinforced her idea and served to calm down as she observed the boy. How could she have been so blind to it? The signs had been there all along. Wouldn't it be the case that it would make him more violent instead? Was she in danger? "...Anyways." She cleared her throat, trying to get back on track before he had a chance to tease her about her reaction. "Not yet. First, I want that portrait shtick you said you had. Gimme."
Amber Skye Cross
Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler Fifth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: August 28th, 2003
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: Fifth Year
Occupation: Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Deer
Wand: Elegant Walnut Wand, 12'', Unicorn Mane Core
Play-by: Megan Fox

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House

  • Respectable inheritance from her parents, which she unfortunately uses to feed her geek habits and sports endeavors rather than save up for later;
  • Trained in a Pro Wrestling academy in Melbourne for two years. Now graduated, she trains there once to twice a week. Having turned 15 she's now eligible to paid work in the industry, and so she's starting to look into the Melbourne indie circuit while trying to decide what her gimmick is, as well as figuring out a more permanent design to her gear;
  • Her indie name is Dana Stark, she's mostly into intergender wrestling and she's figured out her finisher: a Shooting Star Press from the top rope she's dubbed 'Starfall'; her secondary finisher is an Omoplata named 'Endgame'. She'd say she's a hybrid between a high-flyer and a technical wrestler, given her background;
  • Somewhat scared of being perceived as still just a child given her interests and goals in life, and wants to be treated as an adult that's conscious of their own decisions;
  • Really wants to get some sort of tattoo somewhere;
  • Sort of embarrassed at never dating/being minimally intimate with anyone in her short life, thinking it contributes to the childlike aura, and occasionally lies about it;
  • Visits her parents' graves every so often so to inform them of how her life is going;
  • Gets embarrassed over more mature humor and conversation topics. She usually tries not to let it show and tries to go along with it, talking a big game;
  • Does not want to go to college;
  • Terrified of bugs, spiders, snakes, and similar beings;
  • Guardian family is of Veela descent;
  • Highly resistant to Veela charm due to living with a full Veela + a half Veela. It took a little bit, but she got a hang of it. However, the extended exposure to the charm, she has a relative ease telling who's a Veela and who's not. She's also absolutely terrified of each and every single one of them, even if she has no reason not to, and is quick to obey them if they minimally glare at her/scold her.
General Knowledge
  • Orphan;
  • Very proud of her parents and vocally follows in their footsteps regarding their pro-halfbreed rights activism;
  • Obsessed over all sorts of pop culture. If you name it, she's gone through it twice. She gets way too invested into these and can talk about it for hours on end;
  • Huge fan of pro wrestling, and half her shirts reflect this one way or another;
  • Good at impersonations, telling jokes and general storytelling, with a flair for the dramatic when doing so;
  • Agile House Quidditch Team Seeker;
  • Just quit amateur wrestling, seemingly focusing a bit more on Quidditch and routinely working out instead;
  • Better than average at casting, worse than average at everything else;
  • Disappears for a substantial amount of time one to three times a week with no justification;
  • While it's known that she can play the guitar and sing, she's never done so in public;
  • Thinks people need to lighten up and live a little;
  • Surprisingly refuses to cheat on her diet;
  • Occasionally forgetful;
  • She came out via adding a bi pride bracelet to the collection hanging from her arms;
  • Occasionally pranks people for a laugh (or outright scares them), though the closer you are to her, the more likely you end up being the target (her favorite trick being sneaking up from behind, grabbing someone's sides suddenly, shaking them roughly and screaming out);
  • Doesn't seem to put a whole lot of stock into her own well being, often doing stupid and potentially dangerous things for fun;
  • Sometimes greets people via jumping on them out of nowhere;
  • Hates formalities as a whole - whether they be behavioral or manner of dressing. She also dislikes things perceived as girly such as the color pink and dresses
  • Too imaginative for her own good and spaces out on occasion;
  • Really likes taking silly face pictures and uploading them to QuillBook, by herself or with others;
  • Severe allergy to bee stings and carries an EpiPen on her at all times;
  • Boggart: asian giant hornet;
  • Vegan.

With Amber, it's almost as if there's rarely anything wrong in the world. She's a very carefree and cheerful girl whom always tries to make the best out of a given situation, refusing to stay down. She seeks to help others adopt the same mindset and it bothers her somewhat when people laze or are otherwise not all that enthusiastic about something she perceives they should be.

She adapts very easily to new situations and is very quick on her feet about them - in fact, she quite enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone, not being afraid of one or two scratches she might withstand along the way. It makes her feel alive, and she wants to experience all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, that brand of recklessness gives her some naivete when dealing with new people and she winds up trusting them far too easily.

She inherited the caring and nurturing nature of her parents, caring for those around her almost as if they were above herself in the importance spectrum (her social circle, in her point of view, currently extends to the entirety of the school - if she doesn't know you yet, oh boy, she will, just give it a couple seconds). Even if she isn't able to do much of anything, she still tries to help in her own 'Amber way'. This mostly involves just cheering the person up so they can face their issues head on.

While she isn't much of a thinker she makes up for it in spades with intuition and instinct. Her mouth speaks faster than her brain cares to process most of the time, although this occasionally leads to misunderstandings whenever her humor rears its head and veers off into the Sarcasm & Wit Highway, considering she assumes things a bit too much. It doesn't help that she talks back on reflex whenever she perceives hostility.

Her carefree and chilled out nature shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of determination - she fights hard for what she wants, unafraid of putting in the required legwork. It shouldn't be mistaken for complacency either, as she speaks her mind whenever she sees fit and can get quite loud and passionate about what she believes in. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she'll fight anyone for it to the grave.

When she's actually wronged on a personal level, she's not too quick on forgiving regardless of how serious the situation is - on occasion she may even exact her revenge. She does prefer to just make friends with everyone but there's most definitely a dark side to her, and she can hold a grudge. That said, she's somewhat efficient at separating that from normal rivalries.


Amber has a flexible and lean build, being very athletic, and stands at 163 cm. She is very energetic and is rarely spotted sitting still. She has long, straight brown hair parted on the right that's messy all too often or tied up in a ponytail, and it's complimented by a set of sparkling blue eyes. A wide, carefree smile splattered on her face is a common sight.

She hates formal wear, dresses, skirts and anything more 'fashionable', usually taking on the more casual approach instead - broadly, her garments of choice are jeans, sneakers, pop culture T-shirts and tank tops, hoodies, jean jackets, and flannel buttoned shirts are an absolute staple. She usually wears her backpack over one shoulder only and keeps forgetting to just buy a messenger bag instead. She has no preference in coloring past detesting pink/purple, although she tolerates it when it comes to her bracelets.

She has a bit of a thing for accessories: her head is always sporting either a baseball cap or a beanie depending on the season, she likes tying up an unbuttoned shirt or a hoodie jacket around her waist, and she has various bracelets lining her arms, none of great value - monetarily, that is, as they once belonged to their mother and she wouldn't part with them for anything. Necklaces aren't an odd sight either. She's also known for sticking patches onto her backpack and jean jackets.


Little Amber was born to Fisher and Elisa Cross, a fairly well off couple whom used their wealth as platform to fight for what they believed in. The fairly well known and solid couple was expected to give a happy life to Amber and all the children to come, and surely they gave it their best.

They soon noticed that their daughter was born with a proverbial rocket up her ass so they enrolled her in gymnastics, in which she proved to be competent. Her parents seemed to keep their work and activist lives separate from their home lives so Amber never had any idea of what was going on out there - all she had to do was go to elementary school, go to gymnastics class, play her guitar and devour the various fantasy books her school library had available.

That happiness was not meant to last. Late into her childhood, both Fisher and Elisa perished in a lynching. They were caught in the middle of an angry mob trying to hurt the halfbreed people they were trying to protect and couldn't get out safely. While it affected her greatly, she managed to make her grief slowly morph into an intense pride over the two and is presently inspired by them and hopes to make them proud.

She was then taken under the wing of Sibylla Townsend as she had known her parents before they passed. Having to move, she dropped gymnastics and instead favored the nearby amateur freestyle wrestling lessons offered, winding up competing in the 48-53 kg division, although not very seriously.

Soon after she enrolled in Tallygarunga. She was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of magic sprouting up as a child, but it did show itself before she enrolled. She fit right in with the crowd and seemed excited to take on this newly discovered talent. As the years progressed, while she excelled in execution, she consistently lagged behind in theory, reminiscent of her elementary school career.

Just as she had started, she was contacted by a friend of her parents, whom had heard she had picked up amateur wrestling. To thank them for their service he offered free training at his professional wrestling academy. Being a huge fan of the art, Amber took the opportunity and has been Apparated on the regular to the place ever since.

Now she struggles with playing Quidditch at a high level, trying to keep her alter ego mostly hidden, and keeping up with school. Can she keep going a thousand miles per hour or will she crash and burn?

Travis Franklin Thursday at 02:05 PM
Type: Invite Amber CrossTravis Franklin.
Amber Cross February 11
Type: Open Amber Cross.
Amber Cross December 31, 2018
Type: Open Amber Cross.
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