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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite A Helping Hand

    "Hm?" Amber looked down from the skies above to look at Ezekiel once more. Was the way he defined her affinity with Quidditch truly accurate? "Love? I guess so. I do. Or... I did?" Her brows furrowed a little. Her own little utterance was still very much a topic that gave her a headache more often than not, but she had been the one to place herself in that situation to begin with. Letting go of her cousin to stretch out her limbs momentarily. she then moved towards a nearby bench. Climbing onto the seat proper with a foot, the Spencer sat atop the backrest with her other foot dangling straight outwards, not bothering to meet the wood below her. "S'more accurate to say I love flying. Quidditch's cool 'n all... But I could probably go skydivin' and get the same kick out of it, y'know? And, even then... I'm starting to think 'love' is a bit of a stretch. It's in my nature for sure, but..." The Seeker trailed off, staring off at the gravel before them without bothering to balance herself with her hands on her seat of choice - not that she needed to, with the balance she had practiced over so many years. She wrinkled her nose, lost in thought. Why was it always so difficult for her to verbalize anything that wasn't fairly straightforward? "...I found there's something that I cherish way more than a broomstick, let's put it that way." She managed to get out after several seconds of contemplation. "I've known it for a while, but you know me. I'm a dumbass 'n try to do everythin' at the same time. But... I don't think my body can take it anymore, and I'm startin' to consider quitting because sometimes you gotta give up on the stuff you like to chase after the stuff you love."
  2. Watch Your Step

    Catching up to Lauren didn't feel like it was the best idea she had in her life, but Amber still felt like it was one of the more practical ones. She took off at a mild jogging pace, not looking back, feeling quite relieved that her arm didn't jolt in pain from the impact her steps made on the pavement - it certainly allowed for a little more speed than earlier, which could potentially mean that nightmare of a setback would soon be over. "Redbird's Damian Wayne, Batman's kid." Amber explained when pressed on the matter, the hostility thrown her way bouncing off harmlessly as it often did. "If I had hit my head I wouldn'ta remembered that tidbit, kinda obscure actually." Soon, she was able to keep pace with the Sturt as the pair left Adele's home behind. The thumb connected to the injured arm lazily hung from the side of her pants' pocket while the other hand carried the sleeping Harvey - she wasn't sure which deity to thank for the fact he was such a heavy sleeper, but perhaps it was a learned behavior directly from his owner. 'Like mother, like son? Or, like owner, like pet?' "Huh? Didn't quite catch that." The Seeker carelessly spoke up again. "If ya got something to say, say it, y'know? Kinda hoping I don't snap in half nearly as easily as my arm here." As she spoke, she lightly moved the still mildly injured limb as if to make a point, though at the same time she felt like she was talking to a brick wall. Perhaps if she were to turn the tables, she could be more successful in striking up a conversation that didn't end up with Amber getting the impression Lauren was just short of grabbing an assorted tree branch and whack her head off with it, just like Harvey had attempted several minutes before. "Actually, before I forget. What's the thing with horses?" It felt like it was something easy to cling to. After all, she had seen Lauren go on about them more than once. "You want to, like, care for 'em long term? Ride 'em? A mix of both? Something else?"
  3. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Amber Cross
    Amber recognized the manga on display, yet the name didn't immediately pop up in her head. Eyes squinted as she tried to force it up in her head to no avail - if anything, it was a reminder that too much work and no fun made Amber a dull girl. That feeling was exacerbated as Akira mentioned the various manga he preferred, and one stuck out to her as something she had actually never heard of. Her head tilted questioningly as he mentioned 'Orange', feeling the immediate need to question, yet the Flinders went on. "Ah, yeah, I heard 'o that." The Spencer nodded at the mention of various things lost in translation. She understood the concept - there were various sayings and hidden cues in conversation across languages that made things hard to translate or otherwise understand. Conversely, she knew from experience that Japanese people often had some difficulty understanding the concept of sarcasm when spoken aloud, as they had the tendency of taking everything quite literally. "To tell ya the truth, I've actually been thinkin' of learning Japanese after I graduate. For my future career, that is, not as some hobby shtick... Wouldja say manga's a good way t'get all those different characters stuck in yer head? The whole writing part of the language's always looked pretty dang daunting t'me." The girl blinked as she snapped back into reality - she had just gone into a tangent, hadn't she? The wrestling bug was always in the back of her mind and her dream was to wrestle for a belt in Tokyo Dome. Knowing the language would give her a leg up over other wrestlers as most didn't even bother since wrestling in itself was an universal language, yet backstage involvement was not so easy to grasp. "Err, sorry. Guess I should ask what this 'Orange' thing ya mentioned is instead, I don't think I've ever heard of it before... My bad."
  4. Invite Somber Eyes to the Sky

    Amber Cross
    The longer the conversation went on, the more Amber's pain became exposed and noticeable to the world. It was quite the odd thing to her. She was used to feeling pain on a daily basis, on occasion to excruciating levels, but she usually could fix it in one way or another. That was physical pain, tangible and targetable, and it was almost always very clear what was going on; some even argued Amber had acquired a taste for it with what she did for a living. But emotional pain was a different beast. It was hard to pin down, to assess and fix, and the more one talked about it the more suffocating it became. Yet, if one were to shove it down as it was Amber's tendency, it would grow discreetly until it became overwhelming and wreaked havoc within. The difficulty with such things made her feel quite helpless and made her want to hide from it all, yet that very action was what had gotten her into that mental mess in the first place. It was the stupid thing to do, and unfortunately, the Spencer usually went hand in hand with that adjective. She wound up thinking of herself as weak. Despite Sibylla's words, she felt weak that she needed her guardian's shoulder to (nearly) cry on to get through her problems. She felt weak that she couldn't handle her own troubles or be able to sort out her own feelings. But, as the Veela went on, a thought circled her mind. Would her parents be proud of her if she were to keep her mouth shut and isolate herself from those who wanted to stick to her like glue regardless of cost? 'Probably not.' She took a deep breath through her nose, which inadvertently sounded more like a sniffle than anything else, before letting that same breath out past her lips in a deep sigh. Amber needed to get herself together. It wasn't over wanting to put a strong face for others anymore, but rather to accept the help that was given to her. It was the only way through which she could actually display some gratitude, or so she figured. "...A bunch of my stuff comes from comparing myself with others, actually..." She muttered after a shudder. Even with a mental resolution of that magnitude it was quite difficult to get a clear sentence to form in her mind, let alone get it out of her mouth. "Like... For example, I know that I'm seen as... Childish, by people. Can't really blame 'em, but... I guess I wish I could just do what I want without people goin' 'oh, you're gonna grow out of it, you'll see', or 'she's just a kid in a teen's body' or somethin'. It doesn't look it, but I feel like I've pulled my own weight thus far..."
  5. Invite A Helping Hand

    A nose wrinkle followed Ezekiel's claim. Of course, Amber knew he was speaking the truth and her own statement wasn't at all the case, even if it felt like it every step of the way - that was what everyone said to anybody in their lives that seemed to be going through a rough patch, regardless of proximity or how equipped they were to deal with the other person's problems. She remembered vividly having thought the same when Sibylla embraced her just the day before, as well as the crushing feeling of guilt it brought upon her to even remotely consider that. Perhaps it was because of not being as close to Ezekiel that she hadn't felt that immediately, but her stomach sooner started to sink the more she thought through her own words. "Sorry. I guess I just feel like I can surprise you guys with that whole 'there's no way I'd ever be disappointed in ya' thing. Just kinda makes me think, 'dang, they ain't seen nothin' yet'." As they stepped away from the path, the Spencer kicked at a rock by her feet, letting her gaze follow it as it rolled to the other side of the road. It was a momentary distraction from having to look at Ezekiel, and from having to feel the uncomfortable ball of nervousness within with the topic at hand. "I'm sayin' all this shit but... That doesn't mean I don't know or recognize you guys are looking out for me, y'know? It's more... I know it, 'n I see it, but my brain goes 'nope, screw you, I'm not processin' all of that'." A frustrated sigh was released past her lips and she brought a hand up to scratch her own cheek with the awkwardness. Despite her words, she lightly leaned on the side and onto her cousin, trying to be minimally consciously responsive to his warmth so he wouldn't think she didn't want him to hold her. As she did so, she looked up at the sky, gaze fixated on the roaming clouds that formed all sorts of shapes and none at all, at the same time. "...I'm thinking of quitting Quidditch." She muttered, completely off topic. An entirely unplanned statement, yet it was something she felt she could let out to Ezekiel. His effort had earned him that little secret, that piece of Amber nobody else was aware of despite her occasional allusions of such a thing on QuillBook. She was serious about it, and it tore her up inside.
  6. Invite Somber Eyes to the Sky

    Amber Cross
    For a second time Sibylla had questioned Amber's choice of words, and just like before, it stung. There was a strong sense of uncertainty in every word the Spencer had been uttering up to that point as she was having difficulty vocalizing her own problems, both out of discomfort and sheer ignorance of how to deal with any of them in the first place; to be pressured in such a way felt like she was expected to be more clear, and that she wasn't good enough in explaining herself, as if she was subpar in comparison to any other person. Her resolve in talking faltered somewhat as she felt like there was no winning in the situation, and she felt like everything she could possibly say or do would only serve to further make a fool of herself. 'Better to be thought a fool than speak 'n remove all doubt, or so they say...' The woman continued. What initially felt like a stock reply to pretty much anybody out of being polite took a sudden shift to minimal relatability. It felt like Sibylla was describing Amber to a T as well, which she didn't doubt was the point of bringing the past up in the first place. Even with all of her own insecurities, she could tell Sibylla wanting to help was completely genuine; nevertheless, her body was still quite tense and full of hesitation as she was brought in to a proper hug. It took her several moments before she allowed herself to rest her forehead on the woman's shoulder, closing her eyes as she grappled with her own emotions. "...It doesn't feel like they are most of the time..." She wound up muttering after a few moments of silence, her voice minimally cracking as that vulnerability tore through her otherwise upbeat facade like a knife to butter. There was plenty more she could say about her problems, and so much more she could elaborate further on, yet those were the only words that managed to make it out of her moment as she used her adoptive mother's shoulder for support for once in her life.
  7. Invite A Helping Hand

    The pair stopped in their tracks, much to Amber's surprise. She looked at Ezekiel briefly before she was brought closer - she wasn't going to complain about the embrace at all, and in a way it felt reassuring that he wanted to provide such comfort, but in a way it felt strange that it was his immediate reaction to do so when she started to spill the beans. Sibylla had done the same. Were they taking pity on her, or was it genuine? The insecurity made her stomach leap uncomfortably and she found that she couldn't fully enjoy the hug as she would normally. "S'easy for ya to say. Not offense, I'm sure you mean it, but... At the same time it just kinda feels like the stock reply everyone's wired t'say is all." Amber had the exact same conversation the day before. At that point she was starting to feel like a broken record. Perhaps it was a matter that just needed to be discussed with different viewpoints and digested over a long time? Nevertheless, she half-expected the same brand of response if only because of the similar connection. "Though... I appreciate it, really." She continued even if she didn't entirely believe his words. How on Earth would he not be disappointed over her choosing wrestling as a path? Gemini and Sibylla were quite supportive of it, sure, but she also saw them far more often than she did her cousin. They also knew her better. Perhaps they thought there was nothing to be done and just went along with it, and Ezekiel wouldn't be so accepting of the future Amber was forging for herself. "Sounds pretty weak 'o me though, doesn't it? You'd think I'd have more of a spine than what I'm showin' now." Being minimally aware that they were blocking the path for others, Amber lightly pulled Ezekiel closer and out of the way so they could stand at the edge of the path. She was already bugging the boy with her problems, she didn't need it to ripple out to annoy others.
  8. I see the ball shtick is starting to make its rounds. Y'know what? I'm gonna host a movie night at my place that day. Open to anybody who's not going! Will be much more fun than all that crap if ya ask me.

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    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Amber CrossI feel like you could do really well if you ever bothered going, it's really fun.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      @Aspen ClarkeSuits are formal too 😕

      @Samantha HammondEhhhh. I'd rather not. What about you, are you keeping up with the seventh year Bourke tradition this year?

    4. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Amber CrossTradition...? Come on...

  9. Invite A Helping Hand

    Amber didn't have to talk if she didn't want to, yet Ezekiel was pressuring her to do so. They were towing a dangerous, thin line yet the Spencer couldn't blame the boy for it at all. In fact, she would likely have done the same - much like him, she wasn't equipped to have a one on one emotional talk, yet she'd have done her darnedest to cheer him up if their roles were switched. It made her feel guilty about withholding information to begin with despite the deep sense of discomfort in even trying to share anything. "It's... a lot of things..." She finally relented, letting herself relax somewhat against the arm around her as they continued in their path. "Like I said. I don't know where to begin. Hell, I don't even know what's the beginnin'... S'a bit suffocating at times, honestly." Even if she could flick a switch and go on about her day, the moment she turned that switch off it was as if someone effectively shut her down completely. She was aware it had grown noticeable - if it hadn't, Sibylla wouldn't have cornered her about it during a conversation about possible groceries the Spencer could pick up for the house while going out. Lips pursed as her gaze fixed itself on her own two feet which threatened to drag themselves rather than properly walk, such was the heaviness of the topic. "...Well, I guess I can start here... Might as well gun for the elephant in the room. In the park?" Her eyes momentarily flickered upwards as she pictured an invisible elephant near them, but her imagination's escapade was quickly curbed by the knot tying itself in her stomach and she quickly looked down once more. "...It's really hard to talk t'family, in particular. So, you. I just... I guess I don't wanna disappoint you guys more than I probably already have."
  10. Invite A Helping Hand

    Amber wasn't entertainment to make people laugh? The statement took the Spencer aback, and effectively got her attention as her gaze turned to Ezekiel while they walked down the beaten path. What was he talking about? Being a living, breathing form of entertainment was her life's purpose. It hit her then that he didn't know her much at all - that, or, his expectations for the girl were such that he refuse to acknowledge that fact. It stung quite a bit, yet she couldn't hold it against him. He was only proving her right: most people only bothered to sink to a surface level with her, regardless of kind words thrown her way. She was normally one to have little to no physical touch barrier, feeling awfully at home when someone would pull her in; however, the reeling from that phrasing was such that she couldn't help it being quite stiff with Ezekiel's hold. Nevertheless, she didn't resist. "Everyone says they're up to talkin' it out with me, but honestly, most of the time it really comes across they don't know what the hell they're gettin' themselves into there. That or they're saying that just because." It had felt like a punch to the gut. She had always been quite resilient, but emotional damage was a whole different ball game, especially while she was down. "I get y'all care, but..." She looked away and released a frustrated sigh. It was difficult talking about it. It had been difficult to talk to Sibylla about things as well. It irked her that the people who cared about her the most were also the hardest ones to vent to. "...I'unno. It's just hard to put things into words when I don't even know what to think half the time. It ain't my forte."
  11. Invite Somber Eyes to the Sky

    Amber Cross
    The line of questioning, while well intended, felt like a verbal slap in the face. Amber grimaced and let out a sigh as Sibylla continued, guilt visible in her eyes. She could talk? Yes, in theory. She knew that she could. Every ounce of logic in that world (even if the Spencer often lacked in that department) dictated that she could, yet she felt like she couldn't. In fact it had been one of the biggest detractors of her mental health those days, feeling like an outsider and that she would be disappointing those whom had put a roof over her head and committed sacrifices for the sake of her well being. The bag she had been holding, a gym bag with an extension charm cast within so she could fit her entire broomstick inside, came sliding down its grip and her leg, settling down awkwardly by her feet. Taking her hands to her own face, she rubbed it to bring herself back out of her self destructive thoughts and back into reality so to be able to do the borderline torturing task of talking to Sibylla about the various things plaguing her. "...That's just the thing." She found herself speaking without thinking it through, having reached a mental limit on what she could take despite having reservations about it. "Sometimes I feel like I can't. Or I shouldn't. No knock on ya, really-- err, how can I put this..." Amber knew she was putting her foot in her mouth already after just a couple phrases left her mouth and she let her hands fall to her lap just before she roughly shook her head to gather her thoughts. "...There's a bunch of stuff going on, I guess I'll admit t'that, but... It kinda feels that if I bring my own crap up, I'll be lettin' people down." Her eyes finally turned to look at the Veela with apprehension. She was consistently seen as a child by most people in her life, something she couldn't blame them for given her own attitude, but it was taking its toll and chipping away at her core. It had been chipping away for so long the damage was visible, and yet she still believed her problems were stupid at best.
  12. Invite A Helping Hand

    Despite Amber ripping off the proverbial band-aid as quickly as possible, it didn't mean she wasn't apprehensive about the conversation about to take place. In fact, she felt an inkling of nervousness accumulating in her gut and making her feel severely uncomfortable, but as everything else in her life she kept rolling with it. She had already felt like a fish out of water in her conversation with Sibylla just the day before and had survived it, what else could Ezekiel throw at her in comparison? If anything, the woman knew her better than him and knew which buttons to push far better than he could ever hope to. "That wasn't it... At least, it wasn't the main thing or anythin'. Just the straw that broke the camel's back." She'd had some time to digest the matter since the day before. Thinking wasn't at all her strongest suit but speaking of it aloud had helped her put some pieces of the puzzle together, making the situation slightly more painless than it normally would have been. "There's been a lot on my plate, is all. Who knew the local court jester could have stuff goin' on?" The harshness of Amber's words surprised the very girl that uttered them. Brows furrowed in confusion as they kept walking through the park, but she ultimately shook her head and cast her gaze downwards. "Err, I mean... The gist of it is that it's hard for me to talk about stuff. It piles up and up and up and then it goes kaboom, yeah?" She moved her hands so to emulate a slow explosion as she spoke. "Thought I just needed a breather but it's not getting much better, so... I'unno."
  13. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    "Hm? Yeah, we're friends." Amber replied with a nod. She wasn't one to be on bad terms with a lot of people and so bickering wasn't necessarily a staple of her regular social regimen (save for a few Sturts whom usually gave her some trouble, but even then it could hardly be called 'bickering'). Perhaps that meant that Amber was too much of a doormat but she couldn't understand nor relate to how two people whom seemingly hate each other could actually care for one another. 'Most of 'em sure like takin' stabs at me though...' "The hospital?" Right, she had poor health. A small wrinkling of her nose was quickly followed by a shrug of the Spencer's shoulders. "Eh, if that happens, I'll just hafta chat the illness or pain or whatever it is outta ya, right? They say laughter's the best reason for a reason." Though, it was getting late. It wasn't like Samantha was sticking around with her knowledge of the Murrigal Bushland, and so the later it got the more dangerous it became for the Spencers to stick around. Amber decided to get back to her feet, brushing dirt off her pants before holding a hand out for Lexi to take. "Now, c'mon, Miss would-be-damsel-in-distress." She could make fun of the little Knight in Shining Armor joke after all, as shown by the mischievous smirk coloring her lips. "I don't think what we each came out here to do's gonna happen so we might as well head back, eh? I'll escort ya back t'school 'n everything." It was a good deal, she thought, and she didn't mind walking all the way back to town afterwards. If anything the exercise could keep her from thinking things she shouldn't dwell too much on.
  14. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    "I see, that's pretty cool." A smile spread across Amber's lips as Lexi praised her sister. It was nice to know they had such a tight bond. Her mind inadvertently wandered towards the question of whether any of her family members would ever bother to describe her to someone else in such a positive light at all but ultimately she decided not to dwell on it too much for the sake of her sanity. "I do, yeah. Mairead. Uh, Mairead Townsend." She felt the need to repeat the name so to underline the difference in the last name. They weren't related by blood yet Amber saw her as if she were. "Same age, attends Tallygarunga too. You've probably seen her around. Flinders." An eyebrow raised as Lexi claimed she was 'childish, but not stupid'. She hadn't meant either word, yet could safely say both descriptors fit Amber herself like a glove. Or so was the common belief. Nevertheless she felt somewhat embarrassed with the scolding and her eyes were eventually cast away from the fellow Spencer. She brought one hand from her ankle to the back of her head, awkwardly scratching at her scalp through the beanie covering it as she tried to gather her thoughts. "Feels like you're puttin' me between a rock and a hard place there, Lexington." A chuckle escaped as she managed to look back at Lexi once more. "I'd like to avoid fighting giants if I can though. So I'll keep that in mind, yeah? Fair's fair." She conceded even if she wasn't too sure of herself. It partially felt like a case of charity, but could it be that Lexi was in need of having someone there for her despite having Chloe? Amber didn't think she could be that good a friend to the girl to begin with over her own hectic scheduling and various responsibilities she had to others, but she could at least try. She held a hand out for a proper handshake on the deal. "This ain't how I expected my little trip here to go, but I sure as hell ain't complainin'."
  15. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    "That's your sister, right?" Amber had heard through the grapevine that Lexi did have a sibling named 'Chloe' but didn't know much at all beyond that, not having met her before - or, perhaps, she did and couldn't remember. Amber had been an only child within the Cross household, but once she she was adopted into the Townsend household she did get one, Mairead. To add to that there were her cousins Samantha and Alyona, so close to her in age and social circles that she could very well consider them such as well. Though, despite befriending each and every one of them, she couldn't claim she had what Lexi did: someone to rely on unconditionally, someone whom she felt comfortable speaking her mind to without judgement. Or maybe she did and didn't want to see it. That possibility had always been in Amber's mind yet she felt discordantly. Perhaps it was because she wanted to make her family proud and to stop having them see her as a child, or perhaps it was over her inferiority complex over her own issues. Either way, the lack of someone to call a best friend or a platonic soulmate or anything of the sort did grind at her sanity at times and that little conversation she had with Lexi just then served to provide minimal comfort and relief. Perhaps she was more inclined to share precisely because she wasn't family. "That's a heavy responsibility, Lexicon. Don't want to have ya tearin' your hair out over my stuff when we can just kick back and chill instead." She attempted to deflect, letting her trademark cheerful smile spread on her face - if a bit forced. Even if she felt more at ease talking with Lexi than she would with other family members, she still didn't want to burden her with her own idiotic issues. "Though, if you do have stuff going on, hit me up, yeah? I'll hang out if I can. We can't have ya hiding all the way out here, now can we?" Opting to ignore the hypocrisy of her own statement, she tried to cheer the girl up by injecting some energy into her tone.
Amber Skye Cross
Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler Fifth Year
16 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  16
Date of Birth August 28th, 2003
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level Fifth Year
Occupation Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro Wrestler
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Deer
Wand Elegant Walnut Wand, 12'', Unicorn Mane Core
Play-by Ellen Page

1st Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Spencer House

  • Respectable inheritance from her parents, which she unfortunately uses to feed her geek habits and sports endeavors rather than save up for later;
  • Trained in a Pro Wrestling academy in Melbourne for two years. Now graduated, she trains there once to twice a week. Having turned 15 she's now eligible to paid work in the industry, and so she's starting to look into the Melbourne indie circuit while trying to decide what her gimmick is, as well as figuring out a more permanent design to her gear;
  • Her indie name is Dana Stark, she's mostly into intergender wrestling and she's figured out her finisher: a Shooting Star Press from the top rope she's dubbed 'Starfall'; her secondary finisher is an Omoplata named 'Endgame'. She'd say she's a hybrid between a high-flyer and a technical wrestler, given her background;
  • Somewhat scared of being perceived as still just a child given her interests and goals in life, and wants to be treated as an adult that's conscious of their own decisions;
  • Really wants to get some sort of tattoo somewhere;
  • Sort of embarrassed at never dating anyone in her short life, thinking it contributes to the childlike aura, and occasionally lies about it;
  • Visits her parents' graves every so often so to inform them of how her life is going;
  • Gets embarrassed over more mature humor and conversation topics. She usually tries not to let it show and tries to go along with it, talking a big game;
  • Does not want to go to college;
  • Terrified of bugs, spiders, snakes, and similar beings;
  • Guardian family is of Veela descent;
  • Highly resistant to Veela charm due to living with a full Veela + a half Veela. It took a little bit, but she got a hang of it. However, the extended exposure to the charm, she has a relative ease telling who's a Veela and who's not. She's also absolutely terrified of each and every single one of them, even if she has no reason not to, and is quick to obey them if they minimally glare at her/scold her.
General Knowledge
  • Orphan;
  • Very proud of her parents and vocally follows in their footsteps regarding their pro-halfbreed rights activism;
  • Obsessed over all sorts of pop culture. If you name it, she's gone through it twice. She gets way too invested into these and can talk about it for hours on end;
  • Huge fan of pro wrestling, and half her shirts reflect this one way or another;
  • Good at impersonations, telling jokes and general storytelling, with a flair for the dramatic when doing so;
  • Agile Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker;
  • Just quit amateur wrestling, seemingly focusing a bit more on Quidditch and routinely working out instead;
  • Better than average at casting, worse than average at everything else;
  • Disappears for a substantial amount of time one to three times a week with no justification;
  • While it's known that she can play the guitar and sing, she's never done so in public;
  • Thinks people need to lighten up and live a little;
  • Surprisingly refuses to cheat on her diet;
  • Occasionally forgetful;
  • She came out via adding a bi pride bracelet to the collection hanging from her arms;
  • Occasionally pranks people for a laugh (or outright scares them), though the closer you are to her, the more likely you end up being the target (her favorite trick being sneaking up from behind, grabbing someone's sides suddenly, shaking them roughly and screaming out);
  • Doesn't seem to put a whole lot of stock into her own well being, often doing stupid and potentially dangerous things for fun;
  • Sometimes greets people via jumping on them out of nowhere;
  • Hates formalities as a whole - whether they be behavioral or manner of dressing. She also dislikes things perceived as girly such as the color pink and dresses
  • Too imaginative for her own good and spaces out on occasion;
  • Severe allergy to bee stings and carries an EpiPen on her at all times;
  • Boggart: asian giant hornet;
  • Vegan.

With Amber, it's almost as if there's rarely anything wrong in the world. She's a very carefree and cheerful girl whom always tries to make the best out of a given situation, refusing to stay down. She seeks to help others adopt the same mindset and it bothers her somewhat when people laze or are otherwise not all that enthusiastic about something she perceives they should be.

She adapts very easily to new situations and is very quick on her feet about them - in fact, she quite enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone, not being afraid of one or two scratches she might withstand along the way. It makes her feel alive, and she wants to experience all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, that brand of recklessness gives her some naivete when dealing with new people and she winds up trusting them far too easily.

She inherited the caring and nurturing nature of her parents, caring for those around her almost as if they were above herself in the importance spectrum (her social circle, in her point of view, currently extends to the entirety of the school - if she doesn't know you yet, oh boy, she will, just give it a couple seconds). Even if she isn't able to do much of anything, she still tries to help in her own 'Amber way'. This mostly involves just cheering the person up so they can face their issues head on.

While she isn't much of a thinker she makes up for it in spades with intuition and instinct. Her mouth speaks faster than her brain cares to process most of the time, although this occasionally leads to misunderstandings whenever her humor rears its head and veers off into the Sarcasm & Wit Highway, considering she assumes things a bit too much. It doesn't help that she talks back on reflex whenever she perceives hostility.

Her carefree and chilled out nature shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of determination - she fights hard for what she wants, unafraid of putting in the required legwork. It shouldn't be mistaken for complacency either, as she speaks her mind whenever she sees fit and can get quite loud and passionate about what she believes in. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she'll fight anyone for it to the grave.

When she's actually wronged on a personal level, she's not too quick on forgiving regardless of how serious the situation is - on occasion she may even exact her revenge. She does prefer to just make friends with everyone but there's most definitely a dark side to her, and she can hold a grudge. That said, she's somewhat efficient at separating that from normal rivalries.


Amber has a flexible and lean build, being very athletic, and stands at 163 cm. She is very energetic and is rarely spotted sitting still. She has long, straight brown hair parted on the right that's messy all too often or tied up in a ponytail, and it's complimented by a set of hazel eyes. A wide, carefree smile splattered on her face is a common sight.

She hates formal wear, dresses, skirts and anything more 'fashionable', usually taking on the more casual approach instead - broadly, her garments of choice are jeans, sneakers, pop culture T-shirts and tank tops, hoodies, jean jackets, and flannel buttoned shirts are an absolute staple. She usually wears her backpack over one shoulder only and keeps forgetting to just buy a messenger bag instead. She has no preference in coloring past detesting pink/purple, although she tolerates it when it comes to her bracelets.

She has a bit of a thing for accessories: her head is always sporting either a baseball cap or a beanie depending on the season, she likes tying up an unbuttoned shirt or a hoodie jacket around her waist, and she has various bracelets lining her arms, none of great value - monetarily, that is, as they once belonged to their mother and she wouldn't part with them for anything. Necklaces aren't an odd sight either. She's also known for sticking patches onto her backpack and jean jackets.


Being a cheerful and energetic individual who's always ready to help and protect every other person, it goes without saying Amber has friends far and wide. Her biased and naive perspective leads her to believe most people she meets actually qualify as such (or at least are on friendly terms, regardless of what kind of a hard time they give her) and so she deems the entire school as her 'social circle'. Of course, this makes her social life quite hectic as she's frequently being pulled in multiple directions by various folks at all times and she struggles with keeping up with them all consistently.

Unfortunately, for as many friends as she may have, she feels like she only scratches the surface with most of them. She thinks people perceive her as just someone to have fun with rather than having actual importance to them, which greatly fears her deep seated self esteem issues. She believes it's a comparable situation to the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none' as she can't even name having a best friend at all, and doesn't feel like anybody relies on her with sensitive information or more than a skin deep relationship, and even sees the exceptions to this rule (i.e. Samantha) as very limited as well.


Always having been nurtured to follow her dreams, coupled with losing her parents before starting her academic life in Tallygarunga, made it so Amber puts heavy stock on her adoptive family and would defend each of them to her grave, regardless of closeness. On the flip side, out of the vast majority being Veela, she fears each and every one of them to the point of them being able to settle her down with just a glare.

She lives with her adoptive mother, Sibylla, who's found out about her secret recently, and with her adoptive sister Mairead, who is the same age as Amber herself. She'd argue she's closer (if not that close in her opinion) to the Hammond branch of the family, and to Samantha in particular. The Parsons side of the family (at least the matriarch), however, sets her on edge and makes her quite self conscious.


Unlike most teenagers her age, Amber doesn't give the whole realm of romance much thought at all. Her inexperience embarrasses her and she sometimes lies about it when asked, plus her sights are set on her career. As far as physical flings go, she was once involved with Travis Franklin in a recurring manner, something which still boggles her mind (and once used to embarrass her as well, but now she doesn't think twice about it at all).

Being a very dense individual, this works two-fold - not only is she mostly oblivious to those whom may make a play on her, she's often unaware of the true extent of any possible crush she may have (if she knows she has it at all). It often takes a push right off a cliff for her to realize anything, and as such the burden is often on the other person to make the first approach. That said, she does hold a slight bias towards those whom give her a hard time in general, chalk it up to masochism.


Her attitude has inadvertently earned the ire of various folks around the school, but she lets most personal attacks and quips bounce off of her like nothing - whether it's relentless optimism, naivete or complete idiocy is still up for debate. However, a quick way to get under her skin is to go against those she likes instead - not only does she vociferously defend them, she has the bad tendency of holding a heavy grudge against the offender and having it out for them until the end of time. In essence, once someone achieves the remarkable feat of getting on her bad side, it's impossible to make it back out.

The story so far

Little Amber was born to Fisher and Elisa Cross, a fairly well off couple whom used their wealth as platform to fight for what they believed in. The fairly well known and solid couple was expected to give a happy life to Amber and all the children to come, and surely they gave it their best.

They soon noticed that their daughter was born with a proverbial rocket up her ass so they enrolled her in gymnastics, in which she proved to be competent. Her parents seemed to keep their work and activist lives separate from their home lives so Amber never had any idea of what was going on out there - all she had to do was go to elementary school, go to gymnastics class, play her guitar and devour the various fantasy books her school library had available.

That happiness was not meant to last. Late into her childhood, both Fisher and Elisa perished in a lynching. They were caught in the middle of an angry mob trying to hurt the halfbreed people they were trying to protect and couldn't get out safely. While it affected her greatly, she managed to make her grief slowly morph into an intense pride over the two and is presently inspired by them and hopes to make them proud.

She was then taken under the wing of Sibylla Townsend as she had known her parents before they passed. Having to move, she dropped gymnastics and instead favored the nearby amateur freestyle wrestling lessons offered, winding up competing in the 48-53 kg division, although not very seriously.

Soon after she enrolled in Tallygarunga. She was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of magic sprouting up as a child, but it did show itself before she enrolled. She fit right in with the crowd and seemed excited to take on this newly discovered talent. As the years progressed, while she excelled in execution, she consistently lagged behind in theory, reminiscent of her elementary school career.

Just as she had started, she was contacted by a friend of her parents, whom had heard she had picked up amateur wrestling. To thank them for their service he offered free training at his professional wrestling academy. Being a huge fan of the art, Amber took the opportunity and has been Apparated on the regular to the place ever since.

Now she struggles with playing Quidditch at a high level, trying to keep her alter ego mostly hidden, and keeping up with school. Can she keep going a thousand miles per hour or will she crash and burn?


A serious back injury in December 2018 threw off her wrestling prospects momentarily. Fortunately, her adoptive mother was a wizarding healer and got her back up into running shape in a matter of weeks; unfortunately, it came at the cost of the woman finding out about Amber's activities. Much to her surprise Sibylla took well to the news, although Amber was still quite reluctant to make the fact known to the world.

The second person she revealed her little secret to was Travis Franklin due to having gone to ask him to draw new designs for gear she wanted to have made. It was a bit of a double edged sword as that same encounter also birthed a recurring fling between the two, one that would ultimately contribute to her nigh-permanent exhausted state due to his penchant of actively pursuing her during days in which she's supposed to rest.

Over time, she's grown to the conclusion that she needed to give up on some things in her life to make room for what she loved, pro wrestling. Just as she was starting to consider what to drop (Quidditch, classes) tragedy struck Narragyambie in the form of Travis' mother's death. It got to Amber more than she would've liked even if she hadn't met the woman at all, spiraling down her once perpetually cheerful mood as she struggles to keep afloat with all the mounting pressure from all sides.

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