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    Lisa Kimberly Knotley
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Sixth Year
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    School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain
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    India Gants

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    Beechwood, 9'', Kelpie Mane Core
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  1. For all whom it may concern, this third place is in no means my fault. You people need to pull your own weight. I won't be carrying you on my back throughout the whole sixth year, thank you very much.

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    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Oh no... Sturts that don't know teamwork? 😱

      I am horrified! Whose ever heard such a thing!?

    3. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      The sad part is I'm not even asking for that much at this point. Hell, I'm not a team worker myself.

      But for all the crap we Sturts get, you'd think winning the House Cup would appease their ego somewhat. Nope!

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Hah! You'd think an ego would always need to be satisfied. 

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