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  1. Lisa had half-expected Aspen to disagree with her, but was taken aback nonetheless. Why was the Bourke so hell bent on giving her a pass regarding her past sins, even if they were barely scratching the surface at that point? Was it because Aspen truly believed people's pasts didn't define them? It felt like a hypocritical belief to hold given the reason she had broken down in front of the Sturt not five minutes prior. What was it then? Was it a bias instilled on her due to the way she looked at Lisa? She hadn't been entirely oblivious to the fact the past couple days, the pieces of the puzzle having started to click in her head - there was no way Aspen would have started to hang out with her so much, so relentlessly, for so long, just because. There was an underlying reason. She could tell the girl was into women exclusively, and a couple glances caught thrown her way served to cement the suspicion. Was she being so understanding because of it? The confusion was then replaced by bewilderment at the notion of forgiving herself - truth be told, the whole deal with her lineage was the least of her worries. Clashing with what she had just considered in her mind, Lisa couldn't help thinking that perhaps Aspen wasn't prepared for the knowledge that was to come if she was so readily preaching for the Sturt to forgive herself at what she personally deemed 'the lightest of her mistakes'. "Pot, meet kettle." She couldn't resist pointing out the flaw in that logic, believing Aspen should forgive herself as well - at least, the Bourke had no fault in what had occurred to her sister. Lisa was entirely at fault for every single misstep in her life, in comparison. The saying applied more to the Bourke Captain than anybody else. The arms she missed soon encircled her again, causing her body to relax involuntarily due to getting what it craved. Lisa returned the embrace in full, resulting in pulling the older girl's body closer to her own. Relishing in the warmth, it didn't look like she'd let go anytime soon. "I don't know which one of those it was. Both, none, either. I'm inclined to think of the second one..." As far as she knew, her father had been entirely absent from Eddie's life as well. It was a rough job, certainly, but she had heard of Aurors whom took pride in their family and went out of their way to be there for those they cared for. If she pursued such a job, which she was seriously considering, she'd likely do it herself - not that she had many people left to protect to begin with, but if Aspen still remained at her side after that night, she would certainly be worth the sacrifice. "How do you make amends with someone who isn't here anymore? And no, they have no ghosts roaming around." She pressed her forehead to the side of her friend's head and closed her eyes, fairly certain that the (small) alcoholic intake was making her slow down.
  2. Dear break, go away. Thanks.

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  3. Lisa shifted uncomfortably as she spoke - not because of her words, but because part of the warmth provided by the fellow Quidditch Captain left her as the girl changed her position. Even though she didn't want to admit it out loud, Lisa felt herself longing for that simple comfort, but ultimately she credited such a necessity to the liquid they both had been consuming through the early evening. Her hand finally left Aspen's locks, as well as her shoulders, and settled down around the girl's waist instead in a rather loose hold. At least not all was lost, or so she thought. "You'd think that was the case." The younger one responded with a light nod. "But... Sometimes, I question myself on whether I've ever actually loved them or not, for as grim as that sounds. For example, take my mother. I've never met her... Well, actually no, I did, I was just too young to remember. She died of Dragon Pox when I was just a toddler, I don't really remember her face. Let alone how she was like." Lisa shrugged to herself. "I can't really miss what I technically never had, is how I feel about it. I just don't feel the need to visit." Silence followed, along with a sigh. The Sturt ran her free hand through her hair as she tried to gather her thoughts - quite the feat, given their state of inebriation. "As for my father... He was never really present. A bit of a workaholic. Kinda like me, huh?" Despite the heaviness of the topic, the blonde chuckled at the realization that she was more alike her progenitor than she had previously realized. "There was no relationship there either. I saw him once per break if I was lucky." Perhaps it was for the best, ultimately, or so she believed. If she had a track record of breaking everyone she came close to, it was a good thing that she never got the opportunity to cause pain to her father. "I suppose I don't visit him because... In a way, I'm mad. When he died I was forced to leave Penrose and come here, so... Leaving everything behind and having to start anew was pretty rough." In her mind, it was the catalyst. She wasn't blaming him in the least; rather, she didn't think she'd be aware of how horrible a person she had the potential to be if the man was still alive. "On the other hand, me being here now means I get to hang out with you. Maybe it's not so bad." She threw in a joke of her own, accompanied with a small smile and a friendly wink. Despite it, however, she couldn't help but still be scared of how her own reckless actions and track record could impact Aspen in the future.
  4. "You're not asking, I'm offering." Lisa corrected the Bourke in her arms in an attempt to calm her down further. Whatever she had been doing, it seemed to be successful thus far - Aspen had all but melted into the embrace, and she wasn't crying anymore. Hell, she was smiling. Lisa had a hard time not mirroring it on reflex despite having no reason to, given the heaviness of the situation. Perhaps it was merely a side effect of the beverage that they had been consuming, although she hoped for the smile to be genuine at least. She shook her head as Aspen apologized, tightening the hold she had on the older teenager subconsciously. As her fingers danced down the blonde's locks over and over, her gaze seemed distracted - she was looking at the girl, but she wasn't. Instead, she was deep in thought. Aspen had been horrified of Lisa leaving her over such insecurities, when she had never been at fault of such things to begin with; someone acted without Aspen's input and there was nothing anyone could have done to help the situation. Lisa's situation, however, was different. She was starting to feel a knot in the pit of her stomach. "...I guess it's only fair if I elaborate on who you're dealing with." She finally spoke up after a deep breath, pressing her head back against the end of the headrest and closing her eyes. She had always been considered to be of the brave sort, but talking about her past was a wound too deep to tackle most of the time. Nevertheless, she owed it to Aspen to be forthcoming. Everything she was worried about, everything that stained her as a person, had actually been her own fault. And that was what caused the deeply uncomfortable feeling in her stomach. The fact that Aspen would be entirely justified in walking out, unlike herself. "Let's start off easy, I suppose..." Like she herself said. Lousy daughter, lousy sister, lousy friend, lousy girlfriend. She fully intended on taking things on in such order - in her mind, it felt like it was framed from most to least forgivable of all her atrocious acts. "I've... never visited my parents' graves since they passed. Just... Never." She gave a light shrug of her shoulders, although it was mild enough not to disturb Aspen's resting position. "I don't know why. I feel like I have no reason to..."
  5. Cheeks stained with tears and a face etched with pure agony wasn't a sight Lisa was particularly fond of when it came to the Bourke she was presently cradling in her arms. However, she realized that it was not something she should demand for to stop. The older girl had every right to work through what gnawed at her core, and in Lisa's perspective, the very need to do so. Crying it out was a part of the process. All she could do was to be there for Aspen the whole way - something she hadn't done for anyone in well over a year. Within the embrace, the Sturt adjusted Aspen's posture to make it so her head was resting upon Lisa's shoulder, and the latter's arm wrapped gently around her frame, bending and curling up so to reach for the side of her head and hold her safely. On occasion, as Aspen spoke, her fingers gently ran through her hair. She didn't know how to lessen the pain, opting to act on her own protective instincts instead. They screamed at her to hold onto Aspen for dear life for the rest of the night. "Just because you're moving on in your life... It doesn't mean she has to be alone, you know?" There was no point in tackling the fact Aspen wasn't to blame anymore. They were both inebriated; rationalization wouldn't be either girl's forte, even if Lisa could grasp at her own critical thinking to an extent. "You can still visit, and help... And since you don't wanna get rid of me despite my warnings, I can help too." That was something she could do - alleviate a portion of the burden Aspen carried. It was odd to have the notion in her head that it was something she'd be more than happy to do, but nevertheless she welcomed it.
  6. It rained all day yesterday... I suppose it's called Rainday now.

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  7. Lisa's words had the unintended effect of making Aspen double down on her claim; but instead of the normal reaction of such a thing becoming a source of annoyance, it only served to deepen the concern in the younger teenager. What she could have never expected, however, was how far down the rabbit hole of the Bourke's self hatred could go. It had been a complete misjudgement on Lisa's part, and seeing the girl's agony so up close and personal, in such a raw display, made her feel physically ill. Her first instinct was to take the alcoholic beverage from Aspen's hands. No amount of liquor could erase, or even dull, what she was feeling. She leaned over the girl to place the bottle away from them, bringing it to rest on the nightstand beside the bed. With the momentum she had of readjusting her seat immediately afterwards, she enabled her second instinct as well by embracing the fellow Chaser with a tight hug, despite her clumsiness to initially administer it. "You didn't fail anyone..." She spoke, tightening up the hold. Lisa knew for in advance she wasn't going to let go for the rest of the night. She didn't want to. She wasn't the best at comforting, but she wasn't going to abandon the one that clearly needed her right that second. She refused to. She needed to stop running. "You were just a kid..." One that had seemingly grown to become a broken woman; one that was speaking to a very primal urge in Lisa's being, that of protecting. It was rare when such an appeal to that side of her could be made, but when it was successful, she knew that meant the person was part of her pack. She could number those people with a hand in her short life, and Aspen had just become one of them, hell or high water. "It wasn't your responsibility. Don't deny yourself of your life over something you had no control over..."
  8. Screwed and broken? Whatever little warmth started bubbling up in Lisa's heart with the prospect of Aspen not wanting to leave anyway after that serious warning was greatly dwarfed by the confusion those two words brought about. Those two adjectives had never been ones to cross her mind as a descriptor for the girl; were they alike in the sense they had things to atone for? Were they living with the weight of their mistakes on their shoulders and having to put up a front to shield themselves from equivalent situations? Lisa hadn't expected to come to relate even further to Aspen that night, yet there they were. Mildly buzzed, morose and comforting each other. Perhaps it was one of the things that drew her so much to this girl. She handed the older teen the bottle again for another sip, as she looked like she needed it. "Maybe it's out of not knowing you all that well, but... Honestly, all three of you come across as a really tight unit." Family dynamics wasn't something Lisa could relate to. With both her parents gone and her brother pretty much estranged, if it weren't for her economic ties to the man she could say she was all alone in the world. "And there's nothing wrong with relying on others, you know?" Her eyes widened ever so slightly as she realized the hypocrisy of her own statement the moment it left her lips. She released the frustration with a deep exhalation, and her arm wrapped around the leg it had been previously caressing, pulling it close to them both. "...What I mean is, I haven't really seen you fail. Maybe I don't know much about it, but... From the little I've seen, those kids look like they look up to you. That's not what being a lousy sister is, as far as I'm concerned..."
  9. There had been a feeling of impatience in the air lately when it came to one Lisa Knotley, and the longer time went on, the thicker that aura felt, almost as if one could cut it with a knife. The break was approaching and the blonde waited for classes with bated breath, needing some sort of task or activity to keep herself from going insane after a few weeks of sitting on the sidelines. Although, despite her workaholic tendencies, not all was bad. Throughout the break, her schedule did find itself quite busy - that had been Aspen Clarke's full responsibility, and something the Sturt was quite grateful for. They had spent nearly every day of the break together, for hours on end; and, on occasion, multiple times in the same day. There had even been a day where she had gone to visit Lisa at night on her request, and the Sturt figured they could pull a second round of it all to bid goodbye at their little vacations. Just like the last time, it had been quite the simple affair to sneak the girl in; unlike that time, however, the blonde had ideas unbecoming of teenagers like them - she took to alcohol to make the seconds more tolerable. It had taken a bit of convincing, but she eventually got Aspen to agree to that little activity (much to Lisa's surprise). The conversation flew back and forth easily during the first few swigs they shared from one of the few bottles she had found over the past year laying around the school premises. However, as time went on and a potent buzz solidified in each of the girls, things turned south and the room grew distinctly quiet, devoid of laughter and amusing conversations. They sat against the headrest of Lisa's bed, dressed as if ready to go to sleep, leaning against each other in the somewhat uncomfortable silence. Not because of one another's presence or proximity, but because of what was going through their minds. At some point, the Sturt had handed the beverage to Aspen; to occupy her now idle hand, she pulled her friend's leg up to a bent position gently, if a bit clumsily, and found herself resting that hand on the top of her thigh, with a thumb running back and forth within its range. Despite her eyes being cast down towards the active finger, her gaze was anything but focused as the thoughts in her mind threatened to suffocate her at the drop of a hat. "...This is the part where I tell you to stay away, I think..." She muttered, breaking the silence, gaze stuck to the perpetually moving finger. Despite her words, no part of her body made a move to get away and escape the personal bubble of the friend she had grown so fond of. "I've come to really care about you, so... I don't want to end up screwing you over too at some point." It was remarkable how easily Aspen had broken through every barrier Lisa had so carefully built for a little over two years; and in a way she had betrayed the Bourke already by her very inaction at nipping the friendship in the bud the moment she noticed it was blossoming. She had wanted to feel close to someone again, she realized, but ultimately she knew she had been setting both up for failure and dooming the Bourke to the pain Lisa always seemed to inevitably cause. "That stuff you heard about me... From the Dueling Club. That's barely scratching the surface..." Her phrases dragged on as the alcohol took effect. She was conscious of the fact she was talking too much, but lacked the concern over what her words could end up doing to herself; the care for her friend dominated. "You already know I'm a lousy friend. I'm also, let's see... Lousy daughter, lousy sister, lousy girlfriend... S'just pick your poison at this point, really." She let out a deep exhalation. If only she knew how to stop herself. "I guess... I just don't want you to be next on the list." As her speech slowed to a halt, she decided to reach over with her free hand to take the bottle out of Aspen's hands, her head inadvertently pressing harder against the Bourke's with the leaning before she managed to return to her previous position; she then took a rather large swig in a vain attempt to forget her plights.
  10. "I'm not gonna say no to that." The Sturt said with a relaxed smile at the offer - Aspen was no longer bound by the dare, but who was Lisa to reject such a thing? She cautiously maneuvered her own two feet to lay atop the Bourke's lap, careful not to make her physically uncomfortable when doing so by accidentally pressing her heels down too hard or some sort of other potential incidents. Leaning back on the headrest of the bed, she watched as Aspen worked that fine massaging magic that Lisa couldn't help but be a big fan of. The way Aspen replied to the "dare" caused the Sturt to raise an eyebrow questioningly, as she found the manner with which she had opted to phrase things to be of interest. It was something she could relate to as well, from her own past - at least, that had been the plan and she hoped nobody in Penrose discovered her little indiscretions (not only was it a secret to begin with, but it would make her memory charm go sour very quickly). Though, she had a hunch that the Bourke wasn't seeing anybody at the moment - if not for the feeling of attraction she got from the girl, it was made obvious by the ridiculous amount of time the two spent together. In theory, she would have very little time for anybody else that wasn't her family or their sport of choice. "You're not even going to tell me you dare me to say you now, is that how this is?" She couldn't help but throw the little joke her way. After a chuckle, she decided to respond anyway. "I guess I'll give you some juicy information, take it as a reward for that massage. I'm not dating anyone, and I haven't dated anyone since stepping foot in this school." Would 'dating' be the accurate term to define herself and her ex-girlfriend? They had been each other's partners, but they had never gone on a date proper. The terminology was quite confusing to say the least. "As for Travis, that's never gonna happen. No offense to him, he's a good guy, he's just... not my type, in a manner of speaking. As for the 'juicy' part of things, I'm actually not the type to mindlessly date. If I go for it, I actually do like the person and want to be together from the start." Or so her past indicated. She imagined that if she didn't have the past that she did, she probably would've been okay with the occasional fling, but at that point it wasn't meant to be. The dare took quite a bit to come up with. She pursed her lips while thinking of a suitable task - she didn't want anything that would halt the massage again. Did she have to resort to 'cheating' again? "Let's just change the name of the game to 'truth or truth' at this point, shall we?" She couldn't resist the quip, not having much of a choice if she wanted to perpetuate the feeling of relaxation upon her skin - it would have to be another truth, or calling it off entirely. She opted for the latter, for the sake of sanity. "I dare you to call this game off, join me here..." She patted the portion of the bed beside herself. "...And watch a movie with me or something. We still have a couple hours to go before lights out and I don't plan on spending it pretending we're doing dares."
  11. Looks like I woke up feeling inspired today. This one's just for you, @Amber Cross. ❤️

    Look up! Is it a plane?
    Is it a bird? A broom?
    Such nonsense, it's a bane
    The harbinger of doom

    There's an airborne Spencer
    Falling down from the sky
    Twirling like a dancer
    Things are going awry

    The sweeper has been snapped
    Rogue Bludger did its duty
    The daredevil was sacked
    The Sturts take the booty

    The Golden Snitch is ours
    And with it, victory
    We'll be sending flowers
    Thus now you're history

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  12. A sense of relief washed over Lisa as she wasn't pressed for questions pertaining her family history. It was something that she could dodge under the game's titular umbrella, certainly, but at the same time it wasn't something she felt like was anybody's business, and she didn't have to say so for Aspen to respect it. For that, she was thankful, and a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips in gratitude despite having just referenced something she was horrified of. Her foot jerked mildly in reaction to the tickling and a soft giggle escaped her throat just before the torture stopped. "Evil." Despite the apparent insult, she was quite pleased with the situation, and the smile had been pushed into a grin from ear to ear in amusement. She didn't pull her limb away, letting the traitor handle the massage nevertheless. It was quite relaxing, and something she didn't get that much of anymore for quite a while at that point; it was truly a blessing to be able to get one free of charge that night. "Huh? You're making me get up already?" As soon as the massage started, it was doomed to end. "Okay, fine." Lisa moved away from Aspen's hands and stood on the bed, back to the wall. "Here's hoping the bed doesn't break." Not that they couldn't repair it, but she didn't exactly look forward to potentially getting injured. Measuring the distance, she gained some momentum as she stepped towards the edge of the bed and jumped, clearing the gap with an impressive hang time; however, as soon as her feet touched the vacated mattress, she tripped and fell haphazardly on the bed after a small yelp with the lack of balance. It resulted in her bursting out laughing as her face landed on a pillow. All in all, it could've been much worse! "You owe me like a million for that one." The Sturt protested as she rose to a seating position, laughter calming down before she got up and went back to her proper seat. In her wake laid a very, very disorganized bed. "You know you're gonna have to sleep in that, right?" They could very well fix it with magic, but the image was something she found quite amusing. "Alright, your turn. We're not anywhere near the fun zone enough, so, let's see..." What would be something interesting to ask, that wasn't too invasive? "I dare you to tell me... What's your type? I've never seen you around with anyone." Invasive, but not too much, right? She realized she was bending the rules as well, but if Aspen could do it, so could Lisa. "I'll take a dare too." It should be changed to 'dare or dare' game at that point, she thought.
  13. That was close, nearly re-injured my shoulder back there.

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      @Lisa Knotley I'll make up for it alright. 

  14. A grin in victory spread across Lisa's lips as the dare was accepted. The girl climbed onto Aspen's back once she faced the floor, careful not to hurt the girl, sitting on her with her legs crossed and arms extended out for balance. "Okay, you can start now." Lisa's height made it so she wasn't as light as an average girl would be, but credit where it was due, Aspen managed to withstand the weight in full and complete the task. To say Lisa was impressed would be quite the understatement. "Bravo. Not bad at all." She spoke once getting off the girl, letting her breathe, and standing upright, watching as she went to sit on Lisa's bed. She reached up to her hair and removed the scrunchy, placing it back on her nightstand, and then joined Aspen by sitting in the exact same spot she had been earlier, legs outstretched. As a joke, she poked Aspen's side with a toe. "Well, that's just cheating, isn't it?" She didn't seem too upset about it, despite her words. "Good question though. Let's see..." She looked away, mulling it over in her head. The first thing that came to mind was to meet Jane again. That was something she deeply feared, that she knew would have to happen sooner or later; but at the same time, that wasn't her biggest fear. Something that exceeded it was, easily, hurting someone else the way she hurt her, and Hailey, and who knew how many others at that point. She was about to reply exactly that, and opened her mouth to do so, but closed it momentarily. "No, that's not it..." She muttered to herself, brows furrowing as she searched for an answer in her mind. It took her a few additional seconds before she had her eureka moment, eyes widening with the realization before she looked back at Aspen. "Oh, I know. Dying young. I guess you could say it's a bit of a Knotley family curse, everybody dies in their thirties." Her father had made it into his forties, barely, before succumbing as well. Was that the fate that expected both herself and her brother? Would she have limited time to write her wrongs? "Now, now, dare... I dare you to... Massage my feet. Long day and all." She poked her side with her toe for a second time, having a bit of a teasing smirk in her face as she did. A little ribbing didn't hurt. "I'll take a dare myself, unless you're going to cheat again."
  15. For once, Lisa had been just a little bit late for class - not much, of course, just a couple minutes at best - but she strangely didn't seem too upset at all about that notion that would have, normally, sent her into an angry outburst through the halls. The Sturt seemed to be in a fairly good mood, proved by the smile on her face and spring in her step, along with the strangely polite greeting to the teacher as she made her way into the classroom. "Good morning, Professor Ackers." She said, before making her way to sit near her (second) favorite redhead. As she sat, she saw Rachel playing around with water in mid-air, as well as a potted, half-dead plant sitting in the middle of her desk. "Do I have to inject some life into this?" An easy assumption, and one she felt quite pleased about - there had been quite the 'injection of life' into Lisa herself recently, after all. Her question was met with a nod. "Redde Aqua. Standard stuff." Rachel replied, not bothering to look at the fellow Sturt as she continued to make complex movements with her wand. Lisa took out her own, and performed the incantation in her head along with the appropriate movement of the wand, to cast the spell. Water formed and was lowered onto the soil. The girl didn't seem to be paying too much attention to what she was doing; whether she was legitimately distracted with her thoughts or was underestimating the spell was up for debate. The end result was the water freezing on contact with the soil, forming a thin layer of ice on the pot, surrounding the plant. The ice formation caught her ear, and the Sturt glanced at her little accident. "Oh. Oops." The girl muttered before dispelling her mistake, repeating the process with success the next time. "...What?" Rachel uttered under her breath as the other girl's reaction to the accident felt strange. What was going on?
Lisa Kimberly Knotley
School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain Sixth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: November 10th, 2003
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Wolf
Wand: Beechwood, 9'', Kelpie Mane Core
Play-by: Lili Reinhart
  • 1st - 3rd Year: Penrose
  • 4th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Exceptionally talented with memory charms above all else, whether it's altering or erasing them;
  • Used a potent, precise memory charm to enshroud a past secret romantic relationship before she left to Tallygarunga. She meant to block her own memories as well, but kept postponing it out of being unable to fully let go;
  • Considering starting to learn Legilimency as means to make her mind magic even more precise;
  • Not interested in men in the least, but rather enjoys their attention, as well as having them eating out the palm of her hand;
  • Not doing good financially;
  • Finds it necessary to be the best as means to lift the burden of raising a teenage girl off of her brother's shoulders, and won't allow herself to drag him down, no matter what;
  • Used to be a bit of a goofball in Penrose years, joke around a lot and just be a big source of positive energy;
  • Misses the random talks about stupid things she used to have with people back in Penrose and with her ex best friend, such as how they had seen most surface area on the moon than they had on Earth, or how air guitars could be considered wind instruments;
  • Is contemplating becoming an Obliviator or an Auror upon graduation;
  • She really wants her best friend back, but doesn't allow herself the vulnerability needed to go to them. She regrets backstabbing them and wishes she would've done things differently;
  • While she hasn't realized this herself, she hasn't gotten over her ex-girlfriend yet. In fact, absence makes the heart grow fonder;
  • Doesn't feel too bad about being an orphan since her mother died when she was way too young to even remember her and she was never too close to her father to begin with. She does dislike the pity that's directed towards her over it on occasion, though.
General Knowledge
  • Overachiever extraordinaire, almost as if she's overcompensating for something;
  • Defeated her best friend in a duel rather mercilessly in order to be put into talks about whom should succeed her House's Dueling Team Captain once he graduated (which she succeeded in) - a proof she lets nothing stand in the way between herself and success. They haven't spoken since;
  • Her House's star Quidditch Team Chaser;
  • Top of the class and freaks at anything less;
  • Loves a good pun and dad jokes;
  • Definitely not a princess and completely unafraid of getting her own hands dirty, even thriving in it;
  • Loves challenges and goes out of her way to find them;
  • Gives her very best to everything she does, rather obsessively - dueling, Quidditch, school - and does not only not accept failure, but settles for nothing less than being above everyone else, no matter the cost;
  • Doesn't discriminate - this isn't out of some grand moral standing, but over the fact she'll do her best to beat everyone anyway, and gets quite the kick out of beating someone who's traditionally seen as more gifted than her (purebloods, halfbreeds);
  • Fearless to a potentially self-harming extent, and even that doesn't make her back down;
  • Can't hold a straight face at a good joke, even from someone she dislikes;
  • Impeccable comedic timing;
  • Very charismatic, magnetic, and able to justify the worst of deeds quite rationally;
  • Her brand of humor is rather scathing, and she has no qualms about saying something to a person's face or letting the sarcasm and vitriol run amok on QuillBook;
  • Derived from the point above, absolutely mad QuillBook game;
  • Has a knack for making intense rivalries out of thin air;
  • It's hard to tell whether the girl is confident in herself or plain arrogant - but she most certainly can back everything she says up if needed;
  • Rather fond of hexes and jinxes should someone get under her skin, as means of asserting dominance;
  • Sometimes overdoes the potency of her spells on complete accident, which has resulted in a handful of classroom accidents - they serve as a testament to her power and aren't perceived by her as a failure so she isn't too upset about this, sometimes joking a given enemy 'wouldn't want a Lisa-type accident happening to them';
  • Those who are close to her are able to observe that she is very loyal and protective of them - it seems she's learned (a little bit) from her mistakes;
  • Faces challenges head on, even when she's clearly outclassed, and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the expression 'giving up';
  • If she wins, she's going to gloat;
  • Can actually swallow her pride and recognize someone is at the same level as her publicly, but never better;
  • Stays at school during most breaks;
  • Prone to angry outbursts when faced with failure;
  • Detests lazy people whom are handed their opportunities and holds deep respect for those who fight tooth and nail to get them - even if against herself.

It's a mystery how such a reckless, headstrong and impulsive girl can simultaneously have such an unwavering ambitious drive that allows her to accomplish anything she sets her mind to without being waylaid. An important piece of that puzzle, however, is her never-say-die attitude that gets her through the worst of times without even blinking. Nobody is as persistent as her, and in the end, tenacity wins out.

She actively seeks out to reassert her dominance, openly challenging people in various ways, twisting their words to interpret it as being challenged, or placing ridiculous goals upon herself so to be able to push her own limits. The sense of accomplishment is very much a drug to her and she's quite enamored with the enlargement of her own ego. She talks the talk, walks the walk, and makes sure everybody knows about it so they can go on and tell the tale. The more positive attention she gets, the quicker she can progress in her life, and so she welcomes it and thrives in it.

She doesn't submit to people in any way shape or form, even if they are authority figures. This sometimes gets her into trouble, but she sees such a thing as a bit of a badge of honor. She also gets a kick of standing up to others and asking them to take her on, with full confidence (arrogance?) that she will win no matter what simply because, in her point of view, nobody works harder than her.

While easily antagonizable by her peers, she is someone whom knows how to appreciate those whom look after her, and knows how to repay the favor and look after them - although, she's been struggling lately with the fact she once backstabbed her best friend in the back, and is trying to learn how to limit her own ambition to protect those she sees as 'her people'.

She makes no efforts of hiding herself - either take it, or get bent, she says. She firmly believes that you have to step on people to proceed and has no qualms about doing it to their face, but that's a double edged sword as it also means she's not that good at the whole politics game due to being so forward about her intentions.


Lisa stands a bit on the tall side of things, reaching a comfortable 174 cm. Her chest-length, dirty blonde hair has seen dyes such as light purple and blood red before. Her piercing green eyes are complimented by the forever present malicious smirk on her face. It's rare to see her without cleverly applied makeup. Her chin is always held high and her presence commands respect and attention, and sometimes even fear. Her body is quite fit as she trains for Quidditch every day and makes sure to stay in top form at all times.

The need for her personal ego stroking crossed over to the care she places on her appearance, to the smallest of details - even her school uniform is often customized to give it a fashionable flavor, although she would argue green isn't the best of colors. Trendsetting on a budget, it's sometimes difficult to tell that she's actually not doing that well financially. She does have a bit of a bias towards leather, though, which breaks whatever little bank she has left every time. She has a bit of a soft spot for sunglasses as well.


Lisa was the last of two children born to a wizard couple - Jonah Knotley Jr. and his wife, Ingrid. Despite the love every member of that family wanted to have for one another, there was never much time for bonds to strengthen - starting with Ingrid, whom perished to Dragon Pox when Lisa was just a very small child.

This shook the family to the core, and their living situation didn't make it any easier. There was some money saved, so Lisa's brother was enrolled in Greyheme; the father was an Auror, and so he had to incur risks at work; and Lisa, well, she was left to a babysitter most of the time. The girl hardly had any sort of communication with people until she enrolled in Penrose.

Much like her brother, she was forced to stay in the dormitories. She became all too attached to her dorm roommate out of starvation for social interaction, and eventually they developed a secret romantic relationship. However, it all came to an end during the break between third and fourth years. Her father had perished in the line of duty and her brother had to fend for them both, being of age at that point. With dwindling resources Lisa was pulled out of Penrose, but not before altering her girlfriend's memories so to forget her being much more than just a simple roommate, wanting to protect her from the pain of loss she herself was enduring.

She was enrolled in the public school of Tallygarunga immediately after. Once again she grew attached to her roommate, albeit not in a romantic manner - it was just someone whom helped her deal with her grief. This grief slowly morphed into the realization that life was too short and you should leave nothing you wanted to do behind, as you didn't know when the rug was going to be pulled from under you just like it had happened to her parents. She became absolutely obsessed with success, and her once amiable disposition endured a brutal change.

Of course, that didn't come without a price. Her house mates didn't want someone like her to become the potential successor to the House's Dueling Club's Captain position, which was about to go vacant with the graduation of the current one. To thwart her very obvious plan to succeed this person, the team declared she would only be considered if she were to defeat her best friend in a duel - surely that would stop her, right?

Wrong. Without a shred of hesitation, she did so - even more than that, she did so in brutal fashion, so to make a point. True to their word, they considered her and eventually gave her such a position; but her friend never forgave her for the humiliation. She asked to be transferred out to another room, leaving Lisa by herself and never speaking to her again.

It took her a long time to start regretting her actions out of pure denial that what she did could be considered a failure. She effectively failed her friend and was unable to prioritize things. As school goes on, she finds herself having a hard time juggling her extreme variant of ambition with the need to make up for all her past mistakes. She needs guidance, but she isn't sure where to get it from anymore, given the amount of bridges she's burned at this point.

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