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  1. Lisa couldn't help but feel a strong inner sense of relief as Aspen decided not to throw any quips over the fact that she had asked for help, and went straight into the thick of it instead. It certainly made the situation more tolerable on her end, and she felt like she could breathe just a little bit better. Her arms were no longer crossed as she opened herself up for discussion, and her hand reached for the drink again as she paid attention to every word out of the fellow Captain's mouth. Contrary to popular belief, socializing wasn't at all an alien concept to her; rather, it was something she came to distance herself from over the years. People held her back, and it was no less true when it came to that specific topic. But, unfortunately, the sport of Quidditch demanded her to work as a team. A cog in the machine. She had no choice but to halt her pace just enough so that others would keep up. People like Aspen, who wanted to be a professional in the field much like she herself had wanted at a point in her life, had no problem following her; others, however, crashed and burned fairly quickly. And there she was, assigned to be the Captain of two teams with no experience of the job under her belt, expected to carry them on her shoulders. It didn't make her want to socialize at all, but it was just the frog she'd have to swallow during those two final years. All for the sake of a scholarship. Perhaps it was for the best that she did ask for this piece of advice - she already hung out with Aspen on a semi-regular basis to begin with, and thus the Bourke could aid in easing Lisa into things. "So, basically, what we already do, except with the whole team. Both separately and at once." Each team having seven members total, and there being two teams, it served for quite the time sink. "What kind of games, if you don't mind me asking? I don't know if it's wise since I have the tendency of becoming... Competitive."
  2. @Tecri @Aspen Clarke "Hm?" Lisa was interrupted from her light (yet delightful) reading by a familiar voice. After placing her drink back on the wide arm rest, the blonde glanced at the fellow Quidditch Captain through her sunglasses, relieved the girl had the presence of mind not to stand in the way of the sun unlike her fellow Sturt teammate. "You don't know many things about me." She countered, albeit sounding mildly amused without a hint of hostility in her tone. She flipped a page of her Quidditch-themed book, having reached the end of it just before Aspen came up to her. "It isn't so bad every now and then, I think. Besides, I did agree to attending more of these recreational events not too long ago, didn't I?" She recalled the somewhat humiliating conversation. She did make a commitment, and she wasn't one to back down; in fact, Lisa was the type to give her absolute best to a given thing, even if she loathed it. "Though I must say, right now, the company helps."
  3. An eyebrow raised ever so slightly with the curt response Lisa got. The blonde wasn't so dense as to completely miss the fact something big was going on - but, then again, the implicit request with the shortness of the response was something she could oblige to. It was truly none of her business. Whatever it was, she could only hope for Aspen to deal with it quickly. The first game of the season was rapidly approaching, and the last thing the team needed was people with their head in anything that didn't involve winning the game. "...Alright." Conceding, she fetched her drink once again, sipping the sweet beverage from its straw. The glass never returned to the table. Her teeth lightly grasped the straw between them as she tried to come up with a more tactful way to broach the subject. Tact was not something she was known for, but she couldn't risk on making things worse. "I asked for your company today because I need your advice as a veteran Captain." Honesty was the best policy. She could word it differently than she would normally, but there was still no point in beating around the bush. "Even if my team-imposed training regimen doesn't hold a candle to how rough a professional workout would be, I've noticed the group's morale took a bit of a tumble with how rigorous it is since I'm not blind. As I'm not planning to slow that down in the least, I need to change tactics." Another sip was taken before she let go of the straw. "And so, I'd like to ask you, how do you usually raise the morale of your team? And I'm not talking about silly speeches or gamifying training sessions. I mean more in the way of... recreational activities, if you will. Forming proper bonds amongst ourselves and having fun doing so." Lisa was well aware she was nothing unlike most teammates. She was in work mode at all times. She needed that adrenaline to consume her, or else she'd go insane. Unfortunately, others needed periods of rest and fun prior to engaging in more work. She was willing to make that sacrifice of her time. "Is there anything you'd recommend have the team doing together?"
  4. As the sound of a door opening reached her ears, the Sturt's attention was drawn to her teammate making her way into the bar. As her eyes fixated on the girl with mild interest, something felt off. She was no longer nursing the injury Lisa had witnessed during the training session a couple hours before, which was good, but there was something that just didn't click about her composure. She let go of both the straw and her drink's cup momentarily, leaning back on her chair and crossing her arms under her chest. Her head tilted to the side ever so slightly - Lisa was clearly analyzing Aspen as she sat down and spoke, rather than actually process what she was saying. "What's eating at you?" She wound up asking in response. Did Lisa care? Not particularly, but if something was getting under one of her players' skin, it was her job to know and help with it. She was there for lessons in team morale, after all; might as well start somewhere.
  5. Humiliation was not a feeling Lisa was particularly fond of, but it was something she had to subject herself to for the greater good of the interschool team. It wasn't the first time she had gone through such a thing; in fact, from the moment she took up the mantle of Captain of both teams she was a part of, such events seemed to stack up pretty quickly, by coincidence and otherwise. That afternoon was doomed to be one of them. But, at least, she wouldn't be caught dead complaining about her responsibilities, opting to face them head on instead. She had requested a fellow Captain of another team, as well as a Chaser under her in the interschool team - Aspen Clarke - to meet up with her at The Drunken Roo a little while after their regular training session ended. There was a big problem Lisa was contending with that could use the advice of an upperclassman as to how to handle it - she couldn't raise the morale of either of her teams. A portion of the people working with her complained the training sessions she put together were too harsh, and, unfortunately, few seemed as focused on playing and winning as she was. A thorn on her side, certainly, and she didn't plan to let up; if they had a problem, they could go play for another team. What she could do, however, was motivate them to give their best somehow. And that would be where Aspen would come in. Lisa hadn't waited to walk together to the bar (which was fortunately old enough to visit). She had already sat down at a booth, crossed her legs under the table and ordered a simple watermelon slush, which she lightly sipped from the straw caught between her lips. Despite how sore her body was from two back-to-back training sessions that day (Sturt, and Interschool teams), her composure didn't seem affected at all by it as she still exuded an aura of superiority without much issue. She glanced out the window to distract herself as she waited for the senior Bourke, trying not to contend with thoughts that would inevitably make her frustrated and exacerbate the humiliation she was about to endure.
  6. One could say first impressions were everything - but Lisa's first impression of Professor Lyell had been completely off the mark. Just as she had been happy with the hands on approach the Sturt was initially led to believe they'd been taking, it wall came crashing down with a class-long speech pertaining to the intricacies of Ancient Runes. She'd usually be perfectly okay with this as she'd be manually writing down every little thing. committing it to memory, actually paying attention and asking pertinent questions; that endeavor turned out to be quite difficult when she couldn't write things down to begin with. Instead, she felt like she was about to fall asleep on the spot. It was quite funny and nostalgic to her, in a way. Back in Penrose she wouldn't care much for taking notes either; she'd instead nearly nap while resting her chin on her palm, and have Jane snap her out of it and scold her for not paying attention. The very memory gave her a bittersweet feeling of butterflies on her stomach that brought her back to reality, just as the class was about to end. Hadn't it gone way too fast? Where did the time go? Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, as it hadn't felt like more than five minutes had passed. Did she zone out that hard? No matter. The dull class was over. Grabbing her materials, she made her way to the exit without so much as saying goodbye to the teacher or a greeting of sorts to Keaton. The little memory had messed with her head more than she would've liked it to.
  7. Finally. Lisa could move her arm freely at last, even if it still felt quite sore from the accidental nerve pinching. This also meant that she could finally bring it when it came to Quidditch practice. She had two teams to lead and no time to waste, and that blasted shoulder of injury of hers kept her from doing what she did best; although, it was quite unfortunate that the person who actually nailed her didn't make the team, but at the same time, she made sure to bar the person that didn't manage to cover her ass. Imbecile. Her newly functioning limb was to be greeted with a Patronus Charm class, it seemed. One of the more difficult spells, that was definitely more her speed - perhaps it wouldn't be so bad a class, in comparison to the slew of boring and questionable ones she had to wade through recently. She could perform the spell without much issue, sure, but it was one of those spells she actually got a kick of performing due to its complexity. Not only that, it was the only time she could remember her without feeling poorly about herself. Chin held high, the girl walked towards the front row, sitting beside a fellow Sturt she knew minimally well. "Big Stewart." She greeted the girl as she usually did, sitting down. "Why the long face?" It was certainly odd - Chloe was the type of person to be blank at all times, not disgruntled. "Veela." The girl muttered, trying to focus. Lisa, initially confused, operated on the correct instinct of looking at the teacher. 'Oh.' It actually took her a second too long to regain her composure, not having expected to be in such close proximity with a woman she did effectively know to be a half-Veela. Hell, everybody knew. At least Lisa was used to resisting to these things, and didn't seem to have half the trouble her colleague was having. Deciding not to verbalize a thing about it nor perturb Chloe's quest for focus, she opted to reply to the question handed to class instead. "So to speak." She continued on the input Max had given. "It's a spell that draws from the matters of the heart. That is mostly why it's so difficult to conjure. One needs intimate knowledge and an accurate interpretation of the memory which they perceive as their happiest in order to channel the magic to keep this guardian forth." It was funny how her memory hadn't changed after all these years; but perhaps it made a lot of sense, didn't it? "The animal it takes a form of is entirely dependant on the user, and one can't exactly choose what they get." She had a wolf, which, in hindsight, was extremely accurate. "Though the vast majority of performers of the spell can't actually attain the animal form to it, and stick to a non-corporeal version, akin to a shield. While not as useful as the animal would be, it's still quite difficult to bring about."
  8. To those sending me copious amounts of chocolate: find me Mon Cherí boxes out of season instead and I'll actually love you forever.

    (Not really, but I still want them, thank you.)

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  9. Name: Lisa Knotley House: Sturt Year Level: Sixth Position: Chaser Secondary Position: Keeper Interest in Interschool Team: Yes NOTE: Already placed in game in both teams, and slotted as Captain in both because overachievers are gonna overachieve.
  10. Wandless Magic. Right. A tremendously useful class, in Lisa's opinion; quite the shame that she'd have to grin and bear it with her equally tremendously useless right arm. Not being one to back down from a challenge, the blonde walked into class confidently, chin held high. It was almost as if she had never been injured; like she wanted others to know she could still kick their ass with that arm tied behind her back. 'To be fair, I most likely can.' "What are you doing there?" The Sturt found her usual companion hanging out at the back of the class. Rachel looked at her, startled, not expecting to be talked to; rather, she expected Lisa to join her. She saved a seat and everything! "Come on. Front of the class, now. No time to lose, chop chop." Her free arm motioned the redhead along. "Huh? Wait, why?" Despite this, Rachel was already getting up from her seat. The only response she obtained was a somewhat condescending eyebrow raise from the Sturt Dueling Club Captain before she walked away; Rachel soon followed, completely missing the sigh of relief the Dhampir next to her let out the moment she left. "Good morning, Big Stewart." Lisa said as she sat down in the front, next to Chloe. If they had any group work to do, that girl was always her go-to; might as well sit close. "You look dead today." She casually commented, not having a modicum of tact in her words (nor much caring, for that matter). "New teacher, huh. Another one?" Chloe shrugged. Not long after, Rachel had joined them - the Sturt trio sat together, almost as if the class was divided by Houses. Doing a once over of the spells written on the board, Lisa clicked her tongue in displeasure and rolled her eyes. "Amateurs..." Of course, they'd have to deal with all of the fifth years that attended the class for the first time. In her point of view it was a waste of a class. She wanted to push herself to the limit, not be dragged down by people who'd never get anywhere in life anyway. "Uh... Lisa? How are you even gonna do any of them?" The redhead chimed in, being quite aware of the injury the blonde was nursing. She had been there, and somewhat blamed herself for it - the beater doing the tryout at the time sucked and failed to bat the bludger away from her, and if Rachel had gone one slot later than she did in the tryout order, she'd have kept the girl safe. There was a reason why she was one of the two gaining entry to the team in the Beater position, after all, and not the slacker who got Lisa hurt. "By... You know, doing them." She stated it as if it were obvious. "It's been a couple days, it doesn't hurt as bad anymore. And even if it does, well, I'm not willing to take a hit to my grades for the sake of a team sport." Sacrifice was all well and good, yet, anything but that.
  11. As usual, Lisa had been one of the first ones in - nay, the first one - for the first Ancient Runes class (or any for that matter) that day. Though that day, she had more of a purpose to it than just ensuring she stayed at the head of the class at all times: she had to put that stupid pen to work on its own. It would usually not be an issue, if not for the very reason she needed to do it in the first place. Who knew dominant hands played such a role in one's magic execution? It took the blonde a few tries to enchant the pen sitting on the open notebook before her to take notes without her input. Not only was that unacceptable, it was quite aggravating that she actually had to go as far as verbally reciting the incantation to get the silly little spell to work. Failure wasn't something she took lightly, and now the hovering pen was the gleeful recipient of Lisa Knotley's patented death glare. It was like all her training the night before had been for nothing! At least she succeeded in the little trick before the classroom was flooded with fellow classmates, sparing her from the humiliation at hand. She had a reputation to maintain. She had no choice but to face the moment of weakness for the sake of her team, but that didn't mean she wanted to have it rubbed on her face by others or have it tarnish her image as the invulnerable individual she had worked so hard on building. Compromise. She couldn't do what she wanted, but she'd have her way in what she had to do. The class started. The girl leaned back in her seat and gave the teacher (most of) her undivided attention. Lisa was pleasantly surprised by the quick jump into action of the teacher, rather than have everyone sit around and introduce themselves - and herself, as well, of course, and the blonde couldn't care less for either thing -, and was more than eager to indulge. When ordered, she walked up to the lectern table, and inspected the stones to their smallest detail. The ones that she could perceive without touching the objects, at least. Something did catch her eye after a little while of looking them over, however, and a small smirk crossed her lips on instinct. Excusing herself, the girl went back to her seat. Lisa was reminded of her injury the moment the class was asked which of the three stones was the real one. Having the reflex of raising her hand at the correct choice, the second one (a bit of an easy exercise, in her point of view), excruciating pain shot down her shoulder and all the way to the tip of her fingertips - the perks of having a particularly bad case of a pinched nerve from blunt force trauma, or as she saw it, a little loving kiss from a bludger that she so graciously received during the Sturt Quidditch tryout the day before. For just a second she grimaced, jaw clenching as she struggled not to let out any noise of intense discomfort. Managing to recover without giving away her inconvenience, she raised her left hand instead. The pen she had enchanted proceeded to take notes as the teacher went on to further explain the reasoning behind the correct answer - a welcome sight for the blonde as her spell had worked, and a nice stroke to her ego over being right. Not everything could be bad news, right? She's earned that little victory out of studying way more than anyone minimally emotionally healthy should have through the break, and it was paying off. "Here." She actually had the presence of mind to raise the left hand when the teacher went through the quick and painless method of determining who's who. She just needed to get that out of the way so she could tune out everything and dive head deep into the class, pronto.
  12. Finally. The break was over and Lisa was free to throw herself head first (sometimes literally) at her studies, dueling and Quidditch. Sweat, blood and tears were her life energy - and a much needed distraction from what her mind tended to wander towards. Every single vacation was always a surefire path to self-destruction unless the blonde found some sort of way to keep herself obsessively busy, an endeavor she hadn't had a great success in during the past month. As such, she was particularly relieved (and overjoyed) at hitting the books at last, and was one of the first in line for when the classroom doors first opened. "Happy New Year, Professor." She couldn't recall if she had told him such a thing in the past month. Hell, she couldn't recall if she met him at all, such a blur it had been. Unlike others, she only bothered to take the wand with her to her seat, crossing her legs as she did. No pain, no gain. Shortly thereafter she saw a familiar redhead sit next to her. After she spoke, it was her turn. "I'm Lisa." It irked her that she had to introduce herself every time. People should have this sort of knowledge by default, in her point of view. Nevertheless, she continued. "I picked this subject to better excel in my dueling activities. I'd say it's helping, don't you think?" A small, almost sadistic smirk played on her lips. She was the Captain of her team, and she took great pleasure in reminding others of it - means to attain the position notwithstanding, of course. "Hey." She attempted to grab Rachel's attention as the class moved on to another student, keeping her voice down. The redhead looked at her with curiosity. "Thought you might want to know the tryout is tomorrow afternoon. Bring your bat along, will you?" "Mm." Was the answer she got. To have such a competent batter join the team was something to look forward to, even if it ruffled her feathers a little that Lisa herself had to try out for her post as well. But maybe she should use it as an opportunity for making a play at the position of Captain there as well. It would look lovely in a scholarship application...
  13. It's over. The stupid break is finally over. All is right with the world now.

  14. This break is driving me crazy. I need something to do...

  15. It's strange for a lone wolf to have a self designated partner, but here we are. Lisa deems Chloe as one of the very few people whom can actually keep up with her and finds her strangely easy to work with, and so she forces the poor girl's hand when it comes to pair and group works. It bothers her immensely that there's no competitive spark to her though - she wishes Chloe would join the Sturt Quidditch team...
Lisa Kimberly Knotley
School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain Sixth Year
15 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age:  15
Date of Birth: November 10th, 2003
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Wolf
Wand: Beechwood, 9'', Kelpie Mane Core
Play-by: India Gants
  • 1st - 3rd Year: Penrose
  • 4th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Exceptionally talented with memory charms above all else, whether it's altering or erasing them;
  • Used a potent, precise memory charm to enshroud a past secret romantic relationship before she left to Tallygarunga. She meant to block her own memories as well, but kept postponing it out of being unable to fully let go;
  • Considering starting to learn Legilimency as means to make her mind magic even more precise;
  • Not interested in men in the least, but rather enjoys their attention, as well as having them eating out the palm of her hand;
  • Not doing good financially;
  • Finds it necessary to be the best as means to lift the burden of raising a teenage girl off of her brother's shoulders, and won't allow herself to drag him down, no matter what;
  • Used to be a bit of a goofball in Penrose years, joke around a lot and just be a big source of positive energy;
  • Misses the random talks about stupid things she used to have with people back in Penrose and with her ex best friend, such as how they had seen most surface area on the moon than they had on Earth, or how air guitars could be considered wind instruments;
  • Is contemplating becoming an Obliviator or an Auror upon graduation;
  • She really wants her best friend back, but doesn't allow herself the vulnerability needed to go to them. She regrets backstabbing them and wishes she would've done things differently;
  • While she hasn't realized this herself, she hasn't gotten over her ex-girlfriend yet. In fact, absence makes the heart grow fonder;
  • Doesn't feel too bad about being an orphan since her mother died when she was way too young to even remember her and she was never too close to her father to begin with. She does dislike the pity that's directed towards her over it on occasion, though.
General Knowledge
  • Overachiever extraordinaire, almost as if she's overcompensating for something;
  • Defeated her best friend in a duel rather mercilessly in order to be put into talks about whom should succeed her House's Dueling Team Captain once he graduated (which she succeeded in) - a proof she lets nothing stand in the way between herself and success. They haven't spoken since;
  • Her House's star Quidditch Team Chaser;
  • Aiming to become her house's Prefect for the sixth year;
  • Top of the class and freaks at anything less;
  • Loves a good pun and dad jokes;
  • Definitely not a princess and completely unafraid of getting her own hands dirty, even thriving in it;
  • Loves challenges and goes out of her way to find them;
  • Gives her very best to everything she does, rather obsessively - dueling, Quidditch, school - and does not only not accept failure, but settles for nothing less than being above everyone else, no matter the cost;
  • Doesn't discriminate - this isn't out of some grand moral standing, but over the fact she'll do her best to beat everyone anyway, and gets quite the kick out of beating someone who's traditionally seen as more gifted than her (purebloods, halfbreeds);
  • Fearless to a potentially self-harming extent, and even that doesn't make her back down;
  • Can't hold a straight face at a good joke, even from someone she dislikes;
  • Impeccable comedic timing;
  • Very charismatic, magnetic, and able to justify the worst of deeds quite rationally;
  • Her brand of humor is rather scathing, and she has no qualms about saying something to a person's face or letting the sarcasm and vitriol run amok on QuillBook;
  • Derived from the point above, absolutely mad QuillBook game;
  • Has a knack for making intense rivalries out of thin air;
  • It's hard to tell whether the girl is confident in herself or plain arrogant - but she most certainly can back everything she says up if needed;
  • Rather fond of hexes and jinxes should someone get under her skin, as means of asserting dominance;
  • Sometimes overdoes the potency of her spells on complete accident, which has resulted in a handful of classroom accidents - they serve as a testament to her power and aren't perceived by her as a failure so she isn't too upset about this, sometimes joking a given enemy 'wouldn't want a Lisa-type accident happening to them';
  • Those who are close to her are able to observe that she is very loyal and protective of them - it seems she's learned (a little bit) from her mistakes;
  • Faces challenges head on, even when she's clearly outclassed, and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the expression 'giving up';
  • If she wins, she's going to gloat;
  • Can actually swallow her pride and recognize someone is at the same level as her publicly, but never better;
  • Stays at school during most breaks;
  • Prone to angry outbursts when faced with failure;
  • Detests lazy people whom are handed their opportunities and holds deep respect for those who fight tooth and nail to get them - even if against herself.

It's a mystery how such a reckless, headstrong and impulsive girl can simultaneously have such an unwavering ambitious drive that allows her to accomplish anything she sets her mind to without being waylaid. An important piece of that puzzle, however, is her never-say-die attitude that gets her through the worst of times without even blinking. Nobody is as persistent as her, and in the end, tenacity wins out.

She actively seeks out to reassert her dominance, openly challenging people in various ways, twisting their words to interpret it as being challenged, or placing ridiculous goals upon herself so to be able to push her own limits. The sense of accomplishment is very much a drug to her and she's quite enamored with the enlargement of her own ego. She talks the talk, walks the walk, and makes sure everybody knows about it so they can go on and tell the tale. The more positive attention she gets, the quicker she can progress in her life, and so she welcomes it and thrives in it.

She doesn't submit to people in any way shape or form, even if they are authority figures. This sometimes gets her into trouble, but she sees such a thing as a bit of a badge of honor. She also gets a kick of standing up to others and asking them to take her on, with full confidence (arrogance?) that she will win no matter what simply because, in her point of view, nobody works harder than her.

While easily antagonizable by her peers, she is someone whom knows how to appreciate those whom look after her, and knows how to repay the favor and look after them - although, she's been struggling lately with the fact she once backstabbed her best friend in the back, and is trying to learn how to limit her own ambition to protect those she sees as 'her people'.

She makes no efforts of hiding herself - either take it, or get bent, she says. She firmly believes that you have to step on people to proceed and has no qualms about doing it to their face, but that's a double edged sword as it also means she's not that good at the whole politics game due to being so forward about her intentions.


Lisa stands a bit on the tall side of things, reaching a comfortable 174 cm. Her chest-length, dirty blonde hair has seen dyes such as light purple and blood red before. Her piercing green eyes are complimented by the forever present malicious smirk on her face. It's rare to see her without cleverly applied makeup. Her chin is always held high and her presence commands respect and attention, and sometimes even fear. Her body is quite fit as she trains for Quidditch every day and makes sure to stay in top form at all times.

The need for her personal ego stroking crossed over to the care she places on her appearance, to the smallest of details - even her school uniform is often customized to give it a fashionable flavor, although she would argue green isn't the best of colors. Trendsetting on a budget, it's sometimes difficult to tell that she's actually not doing that well financially. She does have a bit of a bias towards leather, though, which breaks whatever little bank she has left every time. She has a bit of a soft spot for sunglasses as well.


Lisa was the last of two children born to a wizard couple - Jonah Knotley Jr. and his wife, Ingrid. Despite the love every member of that family wanted to have for one another, there was never much time for bonds to strengthen - starting with Ingrid, whom perished to Dragon Pox when Lisa was just a very small child.

This shook the family to the core, and their living situation didn't make it any easier. There was some money saved, so Lisa's brother was enrolled in Greyheme; the father was an Auror, and so he had to incur risks at work; and Lisa, well, she was left to a babysitter most of the time. The girl hardly had any sort of communication with people until she enrolled in Penrose.

Much like her brother, she was forced to stay in the dormitories. She became all too attached to her dorm roommate out of starvation for social interaction, and eventually they developed a secret romantic relationship. However, it all came to an end during the break between third and fourth years. Her father had perished in the line of duty and her brother had to fend for them both, being of age at that point. With dwindling resources Lisa was pulled out of Penrose, but not before altering her girlfriend's memories so to forget her being much more than just a simple roommate, wanting to protect her from the pain of loss she herself was enduring.

She was enrolled in the public school of Tallygarunga immediately after. Once again she grew attached to her roommate, albeit not in a romantic manner - it was just someone whom helped her deal with her grief. This grief slowly morphed into the realization that life was too short and you should leave nothing you wanted to do behind, as you didn't know when the rug was going to be pulled from under you just like it had happened to her parents. She became absolutely obsessed with success, and her once amiable disposition endured a brutal change.

Of course, that didn't come without a price. Her house mates didn't want someone like her to become the potential successor to the House's Dueling Club's Captain position, which was about to go vacant with the graduation of the current one. To thwart her very obvious plan to succeed this person, the team declared she would only be considered if she were to defeat her best friend in a duel - surely that would stop her, right?

Wrong. Without a shred of hesitation, she did so - even more than that, she did so in brutal fashion, so to make a point. True to their word, they considered her and eventually gave her such a position; but her friend never forgave her for the humiliation. She asked to be transferred out to another room, leaving Lisa by herself and never speaking to her again.

It took her a long time to start regretting her actions out of pure denial that what she did could be considered a failure. She effectively failed her friend and was unable to prioritize things. As school goes on, she finds herself having a hard time juggling her extreme variant of ambition with the need to make up for all her past mistakes. She needs guidance, but she isn't sure where to get it from anymore, given the amount of bridges she's burned at this point.

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