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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

Lisa Knotley

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  1. Invite Effects of External Conditions

    Lisa Knotley
    It had been months since the Quidditch Captains had started that little dance of theirs - Aspen would visit Lisa in her Sturt girl's dormitory room, would conveniently forget to leave, and in the next morning Lisa would sneak her out of the Common Room with a legally questionable bag that had an extension charm cast upon it. That day was no different - as it was Saturday and Aspen didn't have work to do the following morning, they agreed to spending the night together as normal. For roughly a month at that point, however, things had been different - at least, on Lisa's end. While her girlfriend slept like a log in her arms, there had been many a times when the Sturt was jolted awake from nightmares that began surfacing ever since one fateful Defense Against the Dark Arts lecture. Visions of her brother's death in action haunted her dreams. At first it was every now and then, but the more Lisa realized the underlying reason in them, the more frequent they became. It was one such night. Lisa's eyes shot open and perspiration accumulated on her forehead as she woke up from what felt like the millionth nightmare in a row, hair starting to stick to her forehead. Her body felt too hot despite it being the Winter due to the adrenaline rushing through her veins, and she hoped that the small twitch her body made upon waking up from the frightening scenario was not strong enough to wake Aspen from her slumber. "...For crying out loud, not again..." The girl whispered in frustration as she brought a hand to her face, barely audibly. Looking over at the Bourke in her arms, she momentarily considered trying to escape just so she could get a glass of water - her throat was parched to the point it was starting to ache.
  2. This Muggle phone game stuff is addicting. @Aspen ClarkeCan you kidnap my phone, please? I have some studying to do.

    1. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      Do you want your phone now? Or do I have to keep it for another day?

    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      If you come along with the phone I'm sure I won't pay any attention to it anymore.

    3. Aspen Clarke
  3. This term is going by so slowly to me. I just want to knock the exams out of the park already, the wait is unsettling.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      Then a run it is. We can gain all the calories that we lost if after the run we go for sweets.

    3. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      That sounds awfully counterproductive. But for you, we shall.

    4. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      You're going to love it.

  4. Seeing so many people freak out over the incoming exams is nothing short of precious. Maybe you wouldn't be freaking out so much if you had a solid studying routine. Pathetic.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      I've seen you study, you'll be fine. Plus, I'm helping you.

    3. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      So, why you're calling me pathetic? 

    4. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      You're not. In your case, your worry is unfounded. Maybe you should come here, I can make it melt away 🤔

  5. I need to get a dog and call it Protector and hold it forever.

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    2. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke


    3. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      Yes, a Protector, proteccs 

    4. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke

      Is this some inside joke I'm not aware of?

  6. For once I can say that life is good.

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    2. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      No, I just want to. And Steve misses you. 

    3. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      I miss you both. Let's go on a walk tomorrow.

    4. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      I'm always in, and Steve is in too.

  7. Who knew a mildly bent twig could make it so I'd become more deeply acquainted with the ring post than the Quaffle is. I hope it doesn't get too jealous.

  8. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    It had been quite the task to recover her butchered sleep schedule throughout the week. Of course the change had to happen during a Monday - there was no weekend for Lisa to adjust her hours during, and her body had to cope with the workload and practice regardless of how exhausted she felt throughout any given day. By Friday she had normalized it somewhat, give or take an hour. It made it so that, for once, she didn't have to rush in the morning to get things done in order to head to class. Walking into the room with a minimally pleasant disposition, she quickly took her seat next to her redheaded friend (if one could call it that) and paid attention to the lecture. The prospect of tackling more advanced lessons brought a confident smirk to her lips as Derrick continued - that was far more her speed, and for once she wouldn't have to feel like she was dragging herself down so others would keep up. 'Hopefully.' Targets were put in place for the students to aim at. In the back of her mind ran the stray thought of having seen too many dummies that year already (some of which blown to bits), but there was no point in bringing that up; if the method worked, it made sense to keep reusing it. Whipping out her wand, she took aim at the center of one of the nearby dummies without bothering to get up from her chair. As Rachel did her spell, Lisa followed suit; despite the lack of an incantation, her spell hit the dead center of the painted target on the doll without much apparent difficult, such was her practiced targeting in dueling. The ice shard, however, had been a bit flimsier than she would've liked it to be. Did she still have some kinks to work out when it came to blending the elements? "Hm..."
  9. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Lisa was surprised she had managed to make it to class at all. It was a shock to realize that she couldn't operate very well on either sleep, either due to habit or because her body had finally decided to betray her - after the former night's 'punishment' at Aspen's hands (among other things), she had gotten three - or less - hours of sleep and was still expected to tackle the day with the perfectionism that followed with her reputation. She had to be the best witch in school at her worst day. But could she truly pull it off? She had nearly fallen asleep twice at that point - once in the shower, and then again while eating something before heading to the classroom - it was a miracle she even got to eat anything at all, given that Lisa's sluggishness contributed to her being quite late despite waking up at the same hour as usual. The Professor's words went right over her head as she walked in, and she only processed what she had to do through shaky visual cues as she struggled to stay in focus: it actually took her several seconds to realize students were getting rid of their bags and awaiting instructions. Perhaps out of muscle memory, she made her way to her usual desk partner and placed her own bag next to hers. She then leaned back on the edge of a desk and pinched her nose as she tried to regain some focus, but the fact she momentarily closed her eyes only seemed to make it worse. A yawn broke out of her mouth, and she managed to cover it with a hand. "Are you alright?" Chloe asked the blonde. If it had been a few months before, it was like looking at a mirror version of herself - back when she was knocked out in class, she had been told she stayed unconscious because her body demanded sleep. Lisa seemed every bit as exhausted as she had been that day. Nevertheless, the sleepy girl nodded in response. "Yes. Let's just get on with this." At least the class demanded her to stay on her feet, or so it seemed. Hopefully it served to counteract the strong force trying to shut her eyelids down and make her regain all the hours of sleep she had missed out on.
  10. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Three hours of sleep, if that. Three hours of sleep had been the top estimate of rest Lisa calculated she'd gotten the night before, courtesy of the oldest Clarke siblings' 'punishment' over the blonde giving a QuillBook to MJ. But, had the cost been too great for her actions? Had it truly been worth it? 'Absolutely.' Despite the sleep deprivation, the girl didn't seem in too bad a mood as she walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom halfway through the morning. Usually, one expected her to join her Sturt studying partner at the front of the class; but, given a sudden shift of priorities, Lisa didn't walk much further in. In fact, she tiredly looked around to see if she could detect someone specific. She didn't see her girlfriend's sister, but she did see that one Dhampir she sat with all the time. Shrugging to herself, she sat at the desk nearest to the middle of the room, placing her bag atop her desk delicately. She then proceeded to remove what seemed to be a coffee-filled thermos, which she proceeded to consume with reckless disregard for the excessive caffeine intake. The strong scent of coffee made the Dhampir's nose twitch. Looking over reflexively, she saw an apparently exhausted Sturt whom looked like she was about to keel over; more subtle than the coffee, however, was a specific scent on her. It lingered, and she could detect it had been mostly washed off, but it was somewhat familiar. From the pervasiveness of it, she could only make one assumption on what it was about. The Dhampir's cheeks flushed as she wished her mind hadn't gone in that direction; shaking her head roughly to regain her composure, she straightened her posture and faced forwards once again. That scent was something she had picked up on MJ before, albeit in a far more amicable behavior; was that mutual connection why this Sturt was sitting all the way in the back?
  11. As it turns out, sometimes you just don't know yourself half as well as you think you do.

  12. Open Wounds

    The two sealed their fate as they verbally shared a common desire - that of being with one another, as partners. More than friends, more than anything Lisa ever thought she could picture herself wanting out of someone at that point in time on campus, and while that in itself was hard to comprehend she had yet to fully wrap her head around the fact someone like Aspen could feel the same way after all that had been brought to light during that emotionally crushing evening. Yet, at that point, it felt like all the suffering had been worthwhile just to see that smile on the older girl's lips. The suddenness and ferocity of the second kiss, that time initiated by the Bourke, threw Lisa off balance mildly; the hungry impact of their lips against one another sent her head backwards enough with the momentum that it pressed against the headrest of the bed a bit too roughly for her liking, and a thud echoed out in the room. Nevertheless Lisa found humor in it and didn't complain despite the small jolt of pain in the struck area and its immediate vicinity, instead moving the hand on Aspen's cheek to the back of her head, intertwining the fingers with the golden mane and fully accepting the enthusiasm as she pulled the girl closer. For once in her life, she let someone lead. It felt odd to resign herself to Aspen's whims, even if temporarily, but at the same time she relished in it; a relationship came hand in hand with a sense of trust, something she lacked with everyone else. Given that she trusted the girl enough with being vulnerable in her presence, there was nothing wrong with relinquishing dominance as well. As such the kiss lasted far longer than the prior one, after which a smirk tugged at the corner of the Sturt's lips. "You know you're not making it across the room to bed tonight, right?" Lisa joked, albeit meaning such a thing more innocently than would normally be expected of her. She just wanted to sleep in Aspen's arms that night, and felt that it would be wrong to have it any other way after the emotionally draining experience they had both endured.
  13. Open Wounds

    For a display of affection that didn't last that long at all, it was uncanny how much that simple kiss the pair shared managed to send Lisa's mind into disarray, in what she would say the best way possible - it had been something she hadn't done in years at that point, and something she never thought she'd share with anybody else at that point. Yet there they were, in the quietness of that April evening, enjoying each other's company and being vulnerable in ways the Sturt never thought could be achieved. Once the brief kiss had been broken, Lisa didn't bother pulling away much, leaving her forehead pressed to Aspen's - she needed the older girl to know she was hers to have at that point. Nothing she could say would push the Bourke away at that point, and for that they were stuck together instead: Lisa's efforts had backfired spectacularly, but it was an outcome she very much enjoyed. "If it's not obvious enough," Lisa started with a smirk in good humor. "I want to be with you. Mixed signals, I know, but I hope that's okay with you." There was no way what she was doing was a mistake - they were both happy with it. And if it was, it was most certainly a mistake she really wanted to do. "What do you say, Captain?"
  14. Open Wounds

    Lisa didn't know what it was that had such an effect, but she found that a smile was tugging at the corner of her lips the more Aspen grinned herself, as if trying to unconsciously mimic her. The mild buzz she was under made her far more susceptible to let herself drown in the warmth and comfort of the situation, and she made no effort to fight it as she normally would; instead she let the positive emotions that Aspen made her feel fully sink in. While it was certainly nostalgic, it felt different at the same time. Beyond the happiness and gratitude the little encounter was making her feel, there was a hint of exhilaration and excitement over exploring uncharted territory. "I know. That's why it's working." The Sturt reiterated. However, Aspen's reply was inconclusive as to whether she had understood what the younger girl had meant. Lisa reached to gently cup the fellow blonde's cheek with a hand, only noticing she had done so by the time she felt her skin's warmth against her own palm. Perhaps she should be more forward? It was her trademark, after all - when she made up her mind about something, Lisa was always one to follow it through to the end. Such had been the case with her prior mistakes, but her affections for Aspen felt like anything but. "And because of that, because you didn't get rid of me despite me trying, now you're stuck with all of me instead. Whether it's a punishment or a reward, it's for you to judge." Taking advantage of the mind numbing closeness between the pair, Lisa made her move - having guessed correctly earlier that she wouldn't be able to hold herself back a second time, she finally closed the gap between the two, gently pressing her lips to Aspen's. Perhaps she should've done so earlier to begin with. 'Hindsight is 20/20.'
  15. Open Wounds

    Why wasn't Aspen letting go of her? Lisa's mind refused to understand how someone would go so far as accepting her after hearing of such an atrocity brought about by her own hand. Even then, the younger of the two hesitated on tightening the hold, personal insecurities dictating the Bourke would be dashing out of the room in disgust any second - as she should, Lisa thought, as that was the point. To shield the girl from future pain and suffering, it was for the best. Yet, Aspen refused. Instead, she accepted her once more - not only physically, but verbally. How could the intentions justify her actions? The path to hell was paved in good intentions, or so Muggles normally said. Before she could form her thoughts into words, however, the fellow Chaser had pressed her lips to Lisa's forehead, which rendered the Sturt's mind blank. A strange feeling was bubbling under the surface, one that she hadn't felt in over two years. Relief, contentment, gratitude - she had made herself vulnerable, even if aided by alcohol in such an endeavor, and Aspen had accepted every fiber of her being, both the good and the bad parts. She hadn't judged her, she sought to understand the reasoning behind it all and how it made Lisa feel instead; and wanted to work with her to overcome such issues. But, more importantly, she felt happiness. It was the strongest of the emotional cocktail swirling through her brain. It made her want to devote her time and efforts to the girl, and it made her want to repay in kind by helping her out with her own issues - for all the messes Aspen claimed to make, she was doing a fantastic job at cleaning up the mess that was Lisa's life. The Sturt took a shaky breath as her mind cleared from the touch. "Is this your long term plan for getting me to fall for you? Being very understanding and just being there for me in general?" She let out a chuckle and leaned back against the wooden headrest of the bed, her hold finally tightening enough to pull the Bourke close once again. "Because it's working." There was no point in beating around the bush anymore. She could tell Aspen had feelings for her, and everything indicated they were reciprocated; she'd be doing the girl a disservice by not being upfront about her own affections at that point.
Lisa Kimberly Knotley
School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain Sixth Year
16 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  16
Date of Birth November 10th, 2002
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Wolf
Wand Beechwood, 9'', Kelpie Mane Core
Play-by Lili Reinhart
  • 1st - 3rd Year: Penrose
  • 4th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Exceptionally talented with memory charms above all else, whether it's altering or erasing them;
  • Used a potent, precise memory charm to enshroud a past secret romantic relationship before she left to Tallygarunga. She meant to block her own memories as well, but kept postponing it out of being unable to fully let go;
  • Considering starting to learn Legilimency as means to make her mind magic even more precise;
  • Not interested in men in the least, but rather enjoys their attention, as well as having them eating out the palm of her hand;
  • Not doing good financially;
  • Finds it necessary to be the best as means to lift the burden of raising a teenage girl off of her brother's shoulders, and won't allow herself to drag him down, no matter what;
  • Used to be a bit of a goofball in Penrose years, joke around a lot and just be a big source of positive energy;
  • Misses the random talks about stupid things she used to have with people back in Penrose and with her ex best friend, such as how they had seen most surface area on the moon than they had on Earth, or how air guitars could be considered wind instruments;
  • Is contemplating becoming an Obliviator or an Auror upon graduation;
  • She really wants her best friend back, but doesn't allow herself the vulnerability needed to go to them. She regrets backstabbing them and wishes she would've done things differently;
  • While she hasn't realized this herself, she hasn't gotten over her ex-girlfriend yet. In fact, absence makes the heart grow fonder;
  • Doesn't feel too bad about being an orphan since her mother died when she was way too young to even remember her and she was never too close to her father to begin with. She does dislike the pity that's directed towards her over it on occasion, though.
General Knowledge
  • Overachiever extraordinaire, almost as if she's overcompensating for something;
  • Defeated her best friend in a duel rather mercilessly in order to be put into talks about whom should succeed her House's Dueling Team Captain once he graduated (which she succeeded in) - a proof she lets nothing stand in the way between herself and success. They haven't spoken since;
  • Her House's star Quidditch Team Chaser;
  • Top of the class and freaks at anything less;
  • Loves a good pun and dad jokes;
  • Definitely not a princess and completely unafraid of getting her own hands dirty, even thriving in it;
  • Loves challenges and goes out of her way to find them;
  • Gives her very best to everything she does, rather obsessively - dueling, Quidditch, school - and does not only not accept failure, but settles for nothing less than being above everyone else, no matter the cost;
  • Doesn't discriminate - this isn't out of some grand moral standing, but over the fact she'll do her best to beat everyone anyway, and gets quite the kick out of beating someone who's traditionally seen as more gifted than her (purebloods, halfbreeds);
  • Fearless to a potentially self-harming extent, and even that doesn't make her back down;
  • Can't hold a straight face at a good joke, even from someone she dislikes;
  • Impeccable comedic timing;
  • Very charismatic, magnetic, and able to justify the worst of deeds quite rationally;
  • Her brand of humor is rather scathing, and she has no qualms about saying something to a person's face or letting the sarcasm and vitriol run amok on QuillBook;
  • Derived from the point above, absolutely mad QuillBook game;
  • Has a knack for making intense rivalries out of thin air;
  • It's hard to tell whether the girl is confident in herself or plain arrogant - but she most certainly can back everything she says up if needed;
  • Rather fond of hexes and jinxes should someone get under her skin, as means of asserting dominance;
  • Sometimes overdoes the potency of her spells on complete accident, which has resulted in a handful of classroom accidents - they serve as a testament to her power and aren't perceived by her as a failure so she isn't too upset about this, sometimes joking a given enemy 'wouldn't want a Lisa-type accident happening to them';
  • Those who are close to her are able to observe that she is very loyal and protective of them - it seems she's learned (a little bit) from her mistakes;
  • Faces challenges head on, even when she's clearly outclassed, and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the expression 'giving up';
  • If she wins, she's going to gloat;
  • Can actually swallow her pride and recognize someone is at the same level as her publicly, but never better;
  • Stays at school during most breaks;
  • Prone to angry outbursts when faced with failure;
  • Detests lazy people whom are handed their opportunities and holds deep respect for those who fight tooth and nail to get them - even if against herself.

It's a mystery how such a reckless, headstrong and impulsive girl can simultaneously have such an unwavering ambitious drive that allows her to accomplish anything she sets her mind to without being waylaid. An important piece of that puzzle, however, is her never-say-die attitude that gets her through the worst of times without even blinking. Nobody is as persistent as her, and in the end, tenacity wins out.

She actively seeks out to reassert her dominance, openly challenging people in various ways, twisting their words to interpret it as being challenged, or placing ridiculous goals upon herself so to be able to push her own limits. The sense of accomplishment is very much a drug to her and she's quite enamored with the enlargement of her own ego. She talks the talk, walks the walk, and makes sure everybody knows about it so they can go on and tell the tale. The more positive attention she gets, the quicker she can progress in her life, and so she welcomes it and thrives in it.

She doesn't submit to people in any way shape or form, even if they are authority figures. This sometimes gets her into trouble, but she sees such a thing as a bit of a badge of honor. She also gets a kick of standing up to others and asking them to take her on, with full confidence (arrogance?) that she will win no matter what simply because, in her point of view, nobody works harder than her.

While easily antagonizable by her peers, she is someone whom knows how to appreciate those whom look after her, and knows how to repay the favor and look after them - although, she's been struggling lately with the fact she once backstabbed her best friend in the back, and is trying to learn how to limit her own ambition to protect those she sees as 'her people'.

She makes no efforts of hiding herself - either take it, or get bent, she says. She firmly believes that you have to step on people to proceed and has no qualms about doing it to their face, but that's a double edged sword as it also means she's not that good at the whole politics game due to being so forward about her intentions.


Lisa stands a bit on the tall side of things, reaching a comfortable 174 cm. Her chest-length, dirty blonde hair has seen dyes such as light purple and blood red before. Her piercing green eyes are complimented by the forever present malicious smirk on her face. It's rare to see her without cleverly applied makeup. Her chin is always held high and her presence commands respect and attention, and sometimes even fear. Her body is quite fit as she trains for Quidditch every day and makes sure to stay in top form at all times.

The need for her personal ego stroking crossed over to the care she places on her appearance, to the smallest of details - even her school uniform is often customized to give it a fashionable flavor, although she would argue green isn't the best of colors. Trendsetting on a budget, it's sometimes difficult to tell that she's actually not doing that well financially. She does have a bit of a bias towards leather, though, which breaks whatever little bank she has left every time. She has a bit of a soft spot for sunglasses as well.

The story so far

Lisa was the last of two children born to a wizard couple - Jonah Knotley Jr. and his wife, Ingrid. Despite the love every member of that family wanted to have for one another, there was never much time for bonds to strengthen - starting with Ingrid, whom perished to Dragon Pox when Lisa was just a very small child.

This shook the family to the core, and their living situation didn't make it any easier. There was some money saved, so Lisa's brother was enrolled in Greyheme; the father was an Auror, and so he had to incur risks at work; and Lisa, well, she was left to a babysitter most of the time. The girl hardly had any sort of communication with people until she enrolled in Penrose.

Much like her brother, she was forced to stay in the dormitories. She became all too attached to her dorm roommate out of starvation for social interaction, and eventually they developed a secret romantic relationship. However, it all came to an end during the break between third and fourth years. Her father had perished in the line of duty and her brother had to fend for them both, being of age at that point. With dwindling resources Lisa was pulled out of Penrose, but not before altering her girlfriend's memories so to forget her being much more than just a simple roommate, wanting to protect her from the pain of loss she herself was enduring.

She was enrolled in the public school of Tallygarunga immediately after. Once again she grew attached to her roommate, albeit not in a romantic manner - it was just someone whom helped her deal with her grief. This grief slowly morphed into the realization that life was too short and you should leave nothing you wanted to do behind, as you didn't know when the rug was going to be pulled from under you just like it had happened to her parents. She became absolutely obsessed with success, and her once amiable disposition endured a brutal change.

Of course, that didn't come without a price. Her house mates didn't want someone like her to become the potential successor to the House's Dueling Club's Captain position, which was about to go vacant with the graduation of the current one. To thwart her very obvious plan to succeed this person, the team declared she would only be considered if she were to defeat her best friend in a duel - surely that would stop her, right?

Wrong. Without a shred of hesitation, she did so - even more than that, she did so in brutal fashion, so to make a point. True to their word, they considered her and eventually gave her such a position; but her friend never forgave her for the humiliation. She asked to be transferred out to another room, leaving Lisa by herself and never speaking to her again.

It took her a long time to start regretting her actions out of pure denial that what she did could be considered a failure. She effectively failed her friend and was unable to prioritize things. As school goes on, she finds herself having a hard time juggling her extreme variant of ambition with the need to make up for all her past mistakes. She needs guidance, but she isn't sure where to get it from anymore, given the amount of bridges she's burned at this point.

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