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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. The Only Way Out Is Through

    "What?" The statement had blindsided Lisa completely, so much so she needed several moments to be able to process it. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she kept her eyes on her injured partner, and the complete disagreement with the statement was very visible on her face despite her not having said a word past the reflexive questioning. Ultimately she shook her head. Their efforts to stay apart were for naught as the Sturt moved to cup Aspen's cheek ever so gently, something only afforded to her over the course of several months, her rattled mind refusing to break contact with her. "It's not your fault." She used that same hand to try and get the Bourke to focus on her, and only her. Those thoughts needed purging. How far down that rabbit hole had Aspen's mind sank while the Sturt was too knocked out to help her? She felt more and more sick by the second. "Never think that. Accidents happen. Okay? We're Quidditch players, and this comes with the territory." 'But, you're here because of me.' The hypocrisy of her own thoughts was lost to her. At least, for the moment - she was distracted by the attention they were attracting by standing out there in the open in what was an emotional moment for the both of them, and eyes from all over the ward were on them. It got under the Sturt's skin and she barely suppressed a deep exhalation of frustration. If only they could have some privacy. "Come here, so I can pull the curtains..." She wound up muttering, letting go of her cheek and letting her hand fall down to meet Aspen's in an effort to lead the girl closer to Lisa's hospital bed, and move the curtain around it so they could continue talking unperturbed.
  2. The Only Way Out Is Through

    For what felt like too short a time span, Lisa let herself melt into Aspen's embrace. Words momentarily failed her as the Sturt came face to face with the reality of her own incompetence, and yet the victim of her inaction welcomed her back with open arms and kind words. Perhaps it was merely the bias of the feeling that glued the pair together come hell or high water on Aspen's part, but Lisa felt like she was undeserving of such a warm greeting. Nevertheless she was weak enough at that point to soak in it, in a vain attempt of washing away the negativity plaguing her mind. For once, it didn't bother her looking so vulnerable, or at least not in a public area. Truth be told, the Sturt Captain looked like an absolute train wreck - not only was the bandage firmly placed around her head, but she also hadn't seen sunlight in a whole week, contributing to a bit of a pasty complexion; her eyes were tired and hazy, unable to focus. Her hair was disheveled, displaying the bedhead only Aspen was used to seeing, and for once, she looked weak. But she didn't care that others were looking at her in the least, given the state of disarray in her mind. She couldn't help think that her girlfriend looked much better instead despite the hell she had gone through that week. She closed her eyes momentarily as Aspen kissed her face and hesitantly let go just a moment after the older girl did. Her gaze was drawn to the injured shoulder and she minimally grimaced with the realization Aspen had potentially made her injury worse from the simple act of holding Lisa, something that greatly enhanced the guilt she was feeling, yet she couldn't exactly blame her - she would have done the exact same thing if she had been in her position. How was she feeling? It was a good question. She could conjure up a myriad of answers, most of which negative. Yet, she didn't want to focus on herself. After a week of being away from the Bourke, a week of leaving her to contend with the mental massacre on her own, Lisa felt that it would do them some good to turn the tables on the subject matter. "I have a bit of a headache, but I'll live." She dismissed it with a straight face, even though she felt like her skull was splitting open (which it had at one point, from what she had been told). Leaning back on the window frame once properly freed from Aspen's hold, she reached to hold the girl's hand with the dual purpose of keeping a connection to the woman and to remain steady, as the occasional dizziness threatened to topple over the Sturt. "But I could ask you the same thing."
  3. The Only Way Out Is Through

    Lisa had been wholly absorbed in watching the various students chatting and playing outside when she hear her name being shouted through the Hospital Wing. She sharply breathed in through her nose to calm herself, recognizing the voice without even having to turn. Aspen needed something who could still take a beating and serve as solid foundation at the moment, not someone as pathetic as Lisa was fairly positive she herself looked. Yet turn she did. She saw the Bourke moving towards her across the ward, but something caught Lisa's attention: she was limping. Brows furrowed with that realization. The nurses hadn't told her the whole story; and if the injury had been the shoulder, supposedly, why was she limping? Had Lisa let Aspen fall off her broomstick during the game? Had she not been quick enough to rescue her own girlfriend from hitting the ground below when it happened? She could feel her stomach leap uncomfortably with the thought. Her attention was diverted from those thoughts momentarily as Aspen threw her arms around her. Lisa's eyes widened as she saw Aspen's injured arm trying to hold her tight despite the pain that would cause and couldn't tell if she should struggle and break away or just embrace the woman she loved. Ultimately she chose to embrace her quite tightly, moving on instinct, her face pressing into the side of the Bourke's neck. "I'm here... I'm sorry." That was all she could say. She was sorry for not catching her. She was sorry for not being there for her. She was sorry for being such a pathetic mess when seeing her again. Her voice was weak and her muscles trembled both from physical weakness and shame as she clung onto Aspen almost as if for dear life, being at a loss as to how make things better.
  4. The Only Way Out Is Through

    Lisa Knotley
    It had been quite the busy week for Tallygarunga, or so Lisa had been told. There was the outcome of the Greyheme match, some sort of moving chairs prank plaguing campus, and even an overload of students flooding the Hospital Wing, yet the blonde had witnessed none of it - she had been in an induced coma up until that Saturday afternoon without even having so much of a choice to spectate from the sidelines. But outside of the pranking, defeats and misery that she had missed, something else bothered her more. It bothered her greatly. She had been told Aspen had been gravely injured in their bout against the all-male school. She couldn't remember most of the match for the life of her, and nothing specific past a great feeling of distress and mental anguish. As she was relayed what had gone on by the nursing staff, the Sturt managed to put two and two together. Aspen had gotten injured, Lisa didn't keep her cool consequently, and that ultimately led to the team's downfall. Yet, for once, it wasn't the defeat itself that stung. Lisa lightly clutched her head as a mild headache proved insistent that afternoon. Her forehead was encircled by a bandage - she had been told her skull cracked open at the side from an impact with a Bludger - and she was told she had to stay put, but the quietness of the ward was driving her nuts. Against all warnings the Captain sat up on the bed, put on a couple slippers and walked over to a nearby window to watch the campus. She knew someone had gone to warn Aspen that she was awake, but the wait was long enough for her to stew over how she felt nonetheless. The part that did sting the most was that she hadn't been there when her girlfriend needed her the most. She had failed her. She let emotion get the better of her and it led to her own injury. It seemed to be very bad, bad enough to knock her out for nearly a year and make a huge dent in her future prospects. Lisa couldn't even imagine what had been going through Aspen's mind with that, let alone along with the fact she had her partner laying unconscious on a hospital bed for a solid week. Her forehead came to lean on the window pane as she watched the students outside with irritation, brows furrowing as she crossed her arms. She had broken her promise. She promised to never fail Aspen, to never betray her in any way, yet she had. And she was going to pay for it in full for a change.
  5. A Bitter Defeat

    Lisa Knotley
    Oh, no. It seems covering the animated chairs fiasco made me gloss over something very important! But perhaps it was for the best, such grim news aren't something fun for any party involved and the prank was a much needed distraction... Disaster struck Tallygarunga's Interschool Quidditch Team this past Monday as they traveled to the Greyheme Wizarding College so to face against their own team. Halfway through the match, our lovely Bourke team captain, Aspen Clarke, was hit by a rogue Bludger to the back of the shoulder! From what I've heard the past few days it seems to be quite the nasty injury, not so easily fixed by magic - it's rumored that she's out for several months! Such a shame, as she had just signed to play for Melbourne Manticore for the next Australian Quidditch League season. I can't even begin to imagine how the girl must be feeling! It wasn't the only injury, however, as the Interschool team captain, Lisa Knotley, was clipped on the head by the very same Bludger. Greyheme must have one top notch Beater (or two)! The girl fell unconscious and it's come to my knowledge that she was put in an induced coma for treatment, although her condition is nowhere near as serious. She should be waking up soon! That's the reason why she's missing classes, if you're wondering! It goes without saying that, after the loss of two of the best players to ever grace our team, Tallygarunga eventually had to eat a loss to Greyheme. Humiliating indeed, yet I hope for both captains' speedy recovery, and so should you! Perhaps I should send in a bouquet for well wishes...
  6. Effects of External Conditions

    The joke, for as mundane as it was, spread a smile across Lisa's lips and she nodded in response. "Mhm." The heavy subject of their little overnight exchange had been brought to rest and they deserved the same fate, at least for the remainder of the night, until they had to wake up and head to classes again. Lisa was never one to sit still and relax for long but Aspen managed to make her crave for it with those simple jokes, as well as loving words and actions, all of which lulled her into a rare sense of peace and relaxation she didn't want to claw out of. "So cruel." She muttered with amusement with Aspen's source of words, the smile on her face turning into a devilish smirk only her girlfriend ever got to see. "Teasing me like that just as we're going to sleep... Do you want me to doze off or to think about you all night?" It wasn't too bad a prospect, now that she thought about it, if she didn't have to suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation afterwards. Leaning in just enough to press her lips to Aspen's, she opted to lightly and harmlessly nibble on her lower lip instead of giving her a proper goodnight kiss - just a little tease for a payback. "Regardless, I look forward to it." She said as she pulled away. Lisa then got off of her girlfriend and moved to lie down on the bed, and then pulled Aspen down as well so she could rest in her arms. There were still a few hours ahead of them, and it wouldn't be wise to spend them joking with each other while they were about to pass out.
  7. Effects of External Conditions

    Lisa laughed slightly harder as Aspen leaned all the way in (which wasn't that great a distance at all) to kiss her forehead despite the Sturt having sat in a different position to avoid that trap entirely. It was very much an addiction at that point, wasn't it? At times Lisa felt self conscious over how clingy she could be, but it were times like those that made her feel validated in her desire to seek some sort of contact with Aspen most of the time. While she had calmed down from the dream, her heart was beating a little faster for another reason entirely. Would she ever get used to it? "That sounds good. I feel like I'm just short of needing something to charm my eyes open at this point." Lisa was surprised that she was ready to sleep so quickly after waking up from a nightmare. She didn't want to in the back of her mind due to the residual fear of having a second back to back nightmare, but at the same time the idea of drifting off to dreamland in the Bourke's arms was completely irresistible. "Though, for as heartwarming as all that was, you gave the wrong answer. The right one is 'you'll never have to find out'." Cliché as it was, it gave her a false sense of security; one that, for once, she was okay with clinging to. As she came to the conclusion that the new position did nothing to separate them (mostly due to how small the bed frame was), the Sturt then gave up and moved to straddle her girlfriend, landing a quick kiss on her cheek as a display of gratitude for the one she received earlier. "This position is wrong. I'm taller than you." She joked, all too used to being straddled instead; but who was she to reject a little injection of humor in those trying times?
  8. Effects of External Conditions

    "That's not exactly encouraging..." Aspen was correct. They could very well stop existing that same night and no amend would've had the time to develop and be accomplished, and more importantly, heal all parties involved. The thought of waking up the following day without the Bourke at her side made her stomach flip unpleasantly, however, and she shut her eyes tightly momentarily while taking a deep breath to calm herself. 'Come on, now. The odds are astronomical.' "But... Thank you. Right back at you." Lisa could only hope Aspen understood how much she meant to her, and the extents to which she was willing to go to ensure she was alright, happy and safe. Though the conversation was making her realize something else. Something far more important - her life and Aspen's was so intertwined at that point, there was no such thing as one without the other. Whatever struggle one had coming towards them, they both faced it together and supported each other through it. It was a whirlwind of a relationship, given how quickly things had gotten so serious between them, but it was something she didn't regret in the least. "...This is gonna sound odd, coming from me." She spoke again while readjusting herself in her very confined seat. The fact Aspen was rubbing her legs made the sluggishness worse, making Lisa's effort moot, and the younger student wound up pressing the side of the head against a wall for support as she watched the equally fair haired teenager in front of her as if she had just laid eyes upon the most breathtaking of sights on the planet. "I don't think I know what I'd do without you at this point." A self admonishing chuckle escaped. How far the mighty had fallen.
  9. 2019 Tallygarunga Interschool Quidditch Team Roster

    COACH: CAPTAIN: Lisa Knotley - Sturt MAIN TEAM Keeper: Chaser #1: Lisa Knotley - Sturt Chaser #2: Keaton Harper - Spencer [INACTIVE] Chaser #3: Aspen Clarke - Bourke Beater #1: Rachel Ryan - Sturt Beater #2: Seeker: Amber Cross - Spencer SECOND STRINGS Seeker: Taylor Woods - Bourke [NOTE: You'll only be counted for the team upon character entry into the club. Yearly, there will be a purge so to remove inactive/graduated characters. Any inactive character in the main team can be replaced.]
  10. 2019 Sturt Quidditch Team Roster

    CAPTAIN: Lisa Knotley MAIN TEAM Keeper: Chaser #1: Lisa Knotley Chaser #2: Chaser #3: Beater #1: Rachel Ryan Beater #2: Seeker: Kyun Suho SECOND STRINGS N/A [NOTE: You'll only be counted for the team upon character entry into the club. Yearly, there will be a purge so to remove inactive/graduated characters. Any inactive character in the main team can be replaced.]
  11. Justice has been served. This is a good day.

    1. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Did you really have to send half of us to the Hospital Wing?

    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      If you can't take the heat, step aside.

  12. Effects of External Conditions

    Would it truly end with her brother? Lisa had heard through the grapevine that he had followed in their father's footsteps and wound up becoming a fully fledged Auror, much like the Sturt herself was considering to do. That very occupation had been what brought in their father's untimely demise in the first place as he met his end during one of the many cases he tackled during his tenure in the profession - and for what it involves, he was especially long lived to begin with. Both Eddie and Lisa were challenging fate, and they knew it, yet something in their blood told them 'who dares, wins'. And so, they did. "Mm." She smiled a little against the girl's skin with the apology, being every bit in the wrong as Aspen had been at that point with her own actions. Two kisses later, one to the same spot and one to her lips, and Lisa pulled away. Shifting in her seat, she pressed her back to the wall instead of the headrest, facing her girlfriend instead; not to completely break off the addictive contact, she moved to grasp one of her hands and placed her own legs on Aspen's lap from the side, the rest of her limbs dangling off the fairly small bed. "Anyway... It's not dying that I'm afraid of, so to speak. Well, I am, sure, but that's not the point..." She shook her head as she spoke, having put her foot in her mouth due to exhaustion and sleepiness. "I guess... I fear not having time to make amends. And if my time's cut short, then I might not have enough time to make them." It hurt to admit out loud. Her shortcomings had simultaneously taken her very far and tossed her off a cliff. Oftentimes she felt like she was in a complete free fall, even if Aspen occasionally served as a competent parachute.
  13. Effects of External Conditions

    The second display of affection brought a smile to the Sturt's lips as she looked up at Aspen. Despite the heavy topic swirling through her mind and laying waste to her psyche, Lisa always had a hard time not getting cheered up by the Bourke's actions - at least those, as her words seem to miss the mark a little that time around. As means of responding positively to it, her nose nudged Aspen's head further in an attempt at a snuggle. "Not what I meant... But still applicable." Came the muffled speech once more as she obstinately refused to pull away from the one person whom could keep her grounded at that point. "I mean... My worst fear is dying young. I think that's what it represented... It's a bit of a thing in my family. Having my brother die would contribute to the confirmation bias..." The third forehead kiss in a row made the Sturt mildly quiver under the older girl's ministrations. It was like a siren's song, a siren's touch; did Aspen even realize how much of a distraction that was? It muddled Lisa's mind further, being someone whom deeply relied on physical affection to get the point of her feelings across, and made her feel like she was drowning in the sensation with no escape - not an end she disliked in any way. "You're making it hard for me to keep talking..." She eventually muttered as a warning, even if her actions betrayed her by landing a gentle kiss upon the side of the Bourke's jawline.
  14. I suppose it was silly of me to think fair play would be respected.

    Dear Spencers. Next time, you'll be very lucky if your team manages to have a broom left after we're done with you.

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    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      I have better things to do with my time, such as ensuring they'll be minced meat when the next match comes.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Always so serious. You're the only person not having fun in all of this. Just saying.

    4. Rachel Ryan
  15. Effects of External Conditions

    Lisa thought it was borderline miraculous that she was capable of forming such coherent lines of thought and phrases without stumbling all over herself given that she had woken up not two minutes before - perhaps the fresh water helped? Her body still betrayed her, feeling sluggish and not wanting to move an inch as it leaned on the teenager she had been sharing a bed with that night, looking for any type of affection. She soon received it, which made things more complicated on Lisa's end: she was fairly certain she could fall asleep right then and there under Aspen's ministrations and made no move to break free of them, instead letting go of her arm just enough to hold the Bourke's body close instead. "Hm... I see." Her chin ultimately came to rest atop Aspen's shoulder, and the tip of her nose buried itself in her girlfriend's fair hair. Lisa wasn't helping her own case at all - a thing that inadvertently worked in the Bourke's favor, as her energies were focused on not falling asleep as opposite to what they would be on normally: keeping every single emotion buried. "Do you remember when you asked me what my worst fear was?" While to most it would be a fairly inane thing to discuss, it was something that the Sturt rarely brought up at all, given her well crafted reputation of near complete invulnerability - as such, the whole event stuck vividly in the back of the Sturt's mind to that day, months later. She inhaled deeply before letting out a sigh, muffled speech then continuing. "I guess I was right. It was a Boggarts lecture. I thought I'd see you there, but I saw my brother instead, dead." The sight in itself didn't affect her much - truly a jarring thing, so non-existent was their relationship, that most families would scoff at her. Even she scoffed at herself at times for that type of behavior. "I didn't really get it at the time, but, the more I thought about it, the more I started having dreams about my brother dying in various ways. I suppose it's starting to get under my skin."
Lisa Kimberly Knotley
School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain Sixth Year
17 year old Halfblood Human She/Her
Age  17
Date of Birth November 10th, 2002
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club Captain
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Wolf
Wand Beechwood, 9'', Kelpie Mane Core
Play-by Lili Reinhart
  • 1st - 3rd Year: Penrose
  • 4th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Sturt House
  • Exceptionally talented with memory charms above all else, whether it's altering or erasing them;
  • Used a potent, precise memory charm to enshroud a past secret romantic relationship before she left to Tallygarunga. She meant to block her own memories as well, but kept postponing it out of being unable to fully let go;
  • Considering starting to learn Legilimency as means to make her mind magic even more precise;
  • Not interested in men in the least, but rather enjoys their attention, as well as having them eating out the palm of her hand;
  • Not doing good financially;
  • Finds it necessary to be the best as means to lift the burden of raising a teenage girl off of her brother's shoulders, and won't allow herself to drag him down, no matter what;
  • Used to be a bit of a goofball in Penrose years, joke around a lot and just be a big source of positive energy;
  • Misses the random talks about stupid things she used to have with people back in Penrose and with her ex best friend, such as how they had seen most surface area on the moon than they had on Earth, or how air guitars could be considered wind instruments;
  • Is contemplating becoming an Obliviator or an Auror upon graduation;
  • She really wants her best friend back, but doesn't allow herself the vulnerability needed to go to them. She regrets backstabbing them and wishes she would've done things differently;
  • While she hasn't realized this herself, she hasn't gotten over her ex-girlfriend yet. In fact, absence makes the heart grow fonder;
  • Doesn't feel too bad about being an orphan since her mother died when she was way too young to even remember her and she was never too close to her father to begin with. She does dislike the pity that's directed towards her over it on occasion, though;
  • Keeps a little notepad of poems she's written over the years.
General Knowledge
  • Overachiever extraordinaire, almost as if she's overcompensating for something;
  • Dating rival Quidditch Captain Aspen Clarke;
  • Defeated her best friend in a duel rather mercilessly in order to be put into talks about whom should succeed her House's Dueling Team Captain once he graduated (which she succeeded in) - a proof she lets nothing stand in the way between herself and success. They haven't spoken since;
  • Sturt's star Quidditch Team Chaser;
  • Top of the class and freaks at anything less;
  • Loves a good pun and dad jokes;
  • Definitely not a princess and completely unafraid of getting her own hands dirty, even thriving in it;
  • Loves challenges and goes out of her way to find them;
  • Gives her very best to everything she does, rather obsessively - dueling, Quidditch, school - and does not only not accept failure, but settles for nothing less than being above everyone else, no matter the cost;
  • Doesn't discriminate - this isn't out of some grand moral standing, but over the fact she'll do her best to beat everyone anyway, and gets quite the kick out of beating someone who's traditionally seen as more gifted than her (purebloods, halfbreeds);
  • Fearless to a potentially self-harming extent, and even that doesn't make her back down;
  • Can't hold a straight face at a good joke, even from someone she dislikes;
  • Impeccable comedic timing;
  • Very charismatic, magnetic, and able to justify the worst of deeds quite rationally;
  • Her brand of humor is rather scathing, and she has no qualms about saying something to a person's face or letting the sarcasm and vitriol run amok on QuillBook;
  • Derived from the point above, absolutely mad QuillBook game;
  • Has a knack for making intense rivalries out of thin air;
  • It's hard to tell whether the girl is confident in herself or plain arrogant - but she most certainly can back everything she says up if needed;
  • Rather fond of hexes and jinxes should someone get under her skin, as means of asserting dominance;
  • Sometimes overdoes the potency of her spells on complete accident, which has resulted in a handful of classroom accidents - they serve as a testament to her power and aren't perceived by her as a failure so she isn't too upset about this, sometimes joking a given enemy 'wouldn't want a Lisa-type accident happening to them';
  • Those who are close to her are able to observe that she is very loyal and protective of them - it seems she's learned (a little bit) from her mistakes;
  • Faces challenges head on, even when she's clearly outclassed, and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the expression 'giving up';
  • If she wins, she's going to gloat;
  • Can actually swallow her pride and recognize someone is at the same level as her publicly, but never better;
  • Stays at school during most breaks;
  • Prone to angry outbursts when faced with failure;
  • Detests lazy people whom are handed their opportunities and holds deep respect for those who fight tooth and nail to get them - even if against herself.

It's a mystery how such a reckless, headstrong and impulsive girl can simultaneously have such an unwavering ambitious drive that allows her to accomplish anything she sets her mind to without being waylaid. An important piece of that puzzle, however, is her never-say-die attitude that gets her through the worst of times without even blinking. Nobody is as persistent as her, and in the end, tenacity wins out.

She actively seeks out to reassert her dominance, openly challenging people in various ways, twisting their words to interpret it as being challenged, or placing ridiculous goals upon herself so to be able to push her own limits. The sense of accomplishment is very much a drug to her and she's quite enamored with the enlargement of her own ego. She talks the talk, walks the walk, and makes sure everybody knows about it so they can go on and tell the tale. The more positive attention she gets, the quicker she can progress in her life, and so she welcomes it and thrives in it.

She doesn't submit to people in any way shape or form, even if they are authority figures. This sometimes gets her into trouble, but she sees such a thing as a bit of a badge of honor. She also gets a kick of standing up to others and asking them to take her on, with full confidence (arrogance?) that she will win no matter what simply because, in her point of view, nobody works harder than her.

While easily antagonizable by her peers, she is someone whom knows how to appreciate those whom look after her, and knows how to repay the favor and look after them - although, she's been struggling lately with the fact she once backstabbed her best friend in the back, and is trying to learn how to limit her own ambition to protect those she sees as 'her people'.

She makes no efforts of hiding herself - either take it, or get bent, she says. She firmly believes that you have to step on people to proceed and has no qualms about doing it to their face, but that's a double edged sword as it also means she's not that good at the whole politics game due to being so forward about her intentions.


Lisa stands a bit on the tall side of things, reaching a comfortable 174 cm. Her chest-length, dirty blonde hair has seen dyes such as light purple and blood red before. Her piercing green eyes are complimented by the forever present malicious smirk on her face. It's rare to see her without cleverly applied makeup. Her chin is always held high and her presence commands respect and attention, and sometimes even fear. Her body is quite fit as she trains for Quidditch every day and makes sure to stay in top form at all times.

The need for her personal ego stroking crossed over to the care she places on her appearance, to the smallest of details - even her school uniform is often customized to give it a fashionable flavor, although she would argue green isn't the best of colors. Trendsetting on a budget, it's sometimes difficult to tell that she's actually not doing that well financially. She does have a bit of a bias towards leather, though, which breaks whatever little bank she has left every time. She has a bit of a soft spot for sunglasses as well.


Lisa doesn't have the most stellar of reputations when it comes to friendships. Being known to have betrayed her best friend in an effort to attain Captaincy in the school's Dueling Club, many are wary of getting close to her. Those who bother (should she let them in the first place) find a surprisingly loyal friend who seems to have their back for the most part and is conscious of how her actions can affect them, unlike once upon a time.


The only next of kin she has is Eddie, her brother. Their relationship is virtually non-existent out of Lisa's choice. She feels like she's a burden to him and as such she deliberately pulls away and tries to be the best student and competitor she can possibly be so to be able to stand on her own and not be a burden to the man anymore.

While not related by blood, she has grown to see her girlfriend's family as her own - Maxwell, Justice, MJ, she cares for them all deeply. Feeling like she's in a position where she can help Aspen out with them, she's very devoted to them and does her best to make their lives a little bit more tolerable, and has ingratiated herself in such a way it almost feels like she's been a part of the club all along.


Presently dating Aspen Clarke - whatever that girl did, it worked like a charm. The once isolated Sturt quickly fell for her and, as history dictates for Lisa, she quickly attained tunnel vision and doesn't really care for other people in her general vicinity existing in a romantic or even physical sense (except for Jane, of course).

She is a doting girlfriend whom does her best to be there for her significant other no matter the personal cost. She's gotten close to her various family members as means of lessening the burden of taking care of them and uses her time alone with Aspen to distract her from it all. While she's not very good at dealing with emotions, one could easily make the case that Lisa's a bit clingy due to very often expressing her affection for the girl physically.


Of these she has plenty. Whether they are people she's stepped on in her climb to success, rivals in various activities or simply the victims of her biting remarks, Lisa makes a point to assert dominance towards any who dares challenging her. She does not take losing well and obsesses over proving her superiority, which in turn exacerbate other people's distaste of her. To add to that, she seems to have something against the entire Spencer house in general.

The story so far

Lisa was the last of two children born to a wizard couple - Jonah Knotley Jr. and his wife, Ingrid. Despite the love every member of that family wanted to have for one another, there was never much time for bonds to strengthen - starting with Ingrid, whom perished to Dragon Pox when Lisa was just a very small child.

This shook the family to the core, and their living situation didn't make it any easier. There was some money saved, so Lisa's brother was enrolled in Greyheme; the father was an Auror, and so he had to incur risks at work; and Lisa, well, she was left to a babysitter most of the time. The girl hardly had any sort of communication with people until she enrolled in Penrose.

Much like her brother, she was forced to stay in the dormitories. She became all too attached to her dorm roommate out of starvation for social interaction, and eventually they developed a secret romantic relationship. However, it all came to an end during the break between third and fourth years. Her father had perished in the line of duty and her brother had to fend for them both, being of age at that point. With dwindling resources Lisa was pulled out of Penrose, but not before altering her girlfriend's memories so to forget her being much more than just a simple roommate, wanting to protect her from the pain of loss she herself was enduring.

She was enrolled in the public school of Tallygarunga immediately after. Once again she grew attached to her roommate, albeit not in a romantic manner - it was just someone whom helped her deal with her grief. This grief slowly morphed into the realization that life was too short and you should leave nothing you wanted to do behind, as you didn't know when the rug was going to be pulled from under you just like it had happened to her parents. She became absolutely obsessed with success, and her once amiable disposition endured a brutal change.

Of course, that didn't come without a price. Her house mates didn't want someone like her to become the potential successor to the House's Dueling Club's Captain position, which was about to go vacant with the graduation of the current one. To thwart her very obvious plan to succeed this person, the team declared she would only be considered if she were to defeat her best friend in a duel - surely that would stop her, right?

Wrong. Without a shred of hesitation, she did so - even more than that, she did so in brutal fashion, so to make a point. True to their word, they considered her and eventually gave her such a position; but her friend never forgave her for the humiliation. She asked to be transferred out to another room, leaving Lisa by herself and never speaking to her again.

It took her a long time to start regretting her actions out of pure denial that what she did could be considered a failure. She effectively failed her friend and was unable to prioritize things. As school goes on, she finds herself having a hard time juggling her extreme variant of ambition with the need to make up for all her past mistakes. She needs guidance, but she isn't sure where to get it from anymore, given the amount of bridges she's burned at this point.


2019 brought the winds of change to Lisa's entire life in manners which she never thought possible: after what she initially considered to be the mistake of letting one Aspen Clarke get too close to her, the blonde tried to push her away, to no avail. Instead, it only worked to pull her closer in such a way that the two started dating. The very realization that she was being allowed to be happy alongside someone again served to alter the overachiever's perspective over time, even if minimally.

The more dorky aspects of her personality started to shine, whether in the girl's presence or even without her. She's allowed herself to see the Clarkes as her own family and became wholly devoted to them; and, finally, her obstinate belief of being away from those she cared for the most - Eddie, Hailey, Jane - finally started to weaken and fray as she became increasingly concerned about making amends to them. Love was a powerful, life altering drug, and she couldn't put into words how much it was changing her in such a short amount of time.

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