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February, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Trial by fire, it was how it felt like - and Danielle didn't even recall signing up for Elemental Magic. Class after class, the Bourke was repeatedly thrust into highly populated classrooms with no means of escaping. She couldn't just give in and become a truant; the school had been so kind as to grant her shelter and protection, the least she could do was stick to her duties as a member of the student body. She was no better than anybody else, and that meant she had to attend all classes she was recommended to attend. Of course, that meant her anxiety had been completely off the charts lately. At least Defense Against the Dark Arts had been one of her own choices. A means of extending an olive branch. A halfbreed, descendant of a dark creature (if indirectly), was attending this class. Surely that would earn some brownie points with whoever it was that still had it out for her, right? She sat down two seats away from Max, recognizing the girl from other classes but not ever having spoken to her before, nor planning to. She recognized Travis' friend a little ways away. That was as much attention as she paid to people for the time being - she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, willing herself to calm down. She had gone through worse classes than that, right? It would be just fine. She didn't bother answering the question just yet, but it was a charm she was all too familiar with - hell, one she had to employ in the dozens at that point. It was not something she looked forward to casting again. Hopefully it wouldn't stir up bad memories.
  2. Danielle wasn't expecting to hear her name at all. She really didn't want to. Her eyes snapped back to where the sound came from, ready to retriever her wand from its holster for self defense-- Oh. It was just Travis. Seeing a familiar face did wonders to her anxiety - she sighed out in pure relief as she saw the man approaching, not answering him, and saw him sit just a couple seats over, the closest thing available. The blonde that actually sat next to her was engaged in a discussion with the teacher, she now realized. Just how far gone had she been just a moment ago? "I see. Thank you." MJ meekly replied to the teacher's response, adding a bit of an 'oops' to it in her head - it seemed that her question had roused a bit of a discussion. Not an outwardly hostile one from what she could gather, but not one that she wanted to partake in regardless. The less attention she gathered to herself, the better. She'd just let the other students discuss the intricacies of the process of channeling magic without a wand (a little bit of theory didn't hurt anyone, she thought; might even help the ones with a natural difficulty to magically execute anything). Instead, she noticed that the two Bourkes she was sitting in between seemed to know each other. 'Oh, no. I did take a spot.' She glanced over to Travis, leaning in to his personal space just enough to be within earshot and not disrupt the ongoing conversation in class. "Hey, um... Did I take your seat?" She brought up in a lower tone. "I don't mind switching." He seemed to help whatever the other Bourke was going through, and if switching made it better, she didn't really mind.
  3. Danielle nodded in agreement. She just had to sit and see the movie - there was no use thinking about it presently. The fact she'd be watching it with Travis gave her a very strange sense of ease - she didn't feel like anything odd or dangerous would come of it (even if his signature odor was quite strange for a human, although she didn't pay that much mind for the time being). The idea of witnessing this new form of entertainment with the boy during the Summer also felt like a perfect occasion to avoid being barbecued by the sun and just a generally nice reprieve from the heat - they would be indoors, and since they would likely be in Tallygarunga (lest they go to a theater), they could very easily activate some sort of local charm to cool the room they'd be in; and even give themselves some fresh beverages to boot. It truly sounded relaxing, something she hadn't had the opportunity to do for... ever? "Would during the break itself be too early?" She suggested. Unless the boy didn't board Tallygarunga through the break, she didn't see why that couldn't be the case. Having an agreement to that would certainly make her a happy customer, anyway. "I'm fairly sure I have to return this book anyway by then." She raised said book that her temporary roommate had let her borrow. "Perhaps I could get a few books from the library pertaining social studies, and you help me go over it while we watch this 'Ocean's Eleven' of yours?" And... however many numbers he had described. There were so many that she didn't know east from west anymore.
  4. The curfew had been lifted for the sake of the ball - Danielle was free to wander out to the campus without risking punishment (not that she was formally a student just yet to begin with) and she didn't want to be cooped up in the Southern Cross Tower. It had the unfortunate coincidence of being a tad too close to the Ball that she refused to attend, and as such, the noise was absolutely deafening. She needed a reprieve. As the sun set and she grew more comfortable with being outdoors (low visibility, less flaming orb in the sky), the Dhampir left to the Grounds. She wasn't sure why she was going there, she wasn't too much of a fan of open spaces, but that's where her feet were taking her. She wound up at the Quidditch pitch. She had always been a fan but could never actually partake in the sport - before due to the fact she was on the run, and presently due to the fact she was in hiding and her psyche seemed to vehemently disagree with any crowded location that was out in the open during daylight. But it was night time then. She couldn't help but be relieved at the fact her anxiety wasn't flaring up. She felt quite comfortable instead and headed into the pitch proper, walking slowly on the recently trimmed grass and taking in the view. She wound up sitting with her back to one of the closer goal posts, and let her eyes flutter shut. She had resigned to the fact she'd be spending the night alone, as Travis was going to the Ball; might as well make herself comfortable in her solitude.
  5. Oh boy. Danielle did not like the attendance numbers in that classroom. Not one bit. The Dhampir had arrived a bit early. It was a tactic she had developed over the course of the week to keep herself from panicking in the halls - get in earlier so to avoid the student bottleneck, and gradually get used to the crowd filling the room as they entered one by one to attend their classes. What she had failed to take into account, however, was that there were a select few subjects that enjoyed a healthy popularity within the student body. Wandless Magic was one of them. Crud. She tensed up when a redhead sat next to her. She had picked the far left corner of the room to be in - a clear view for everyone else, and less people to sit around her. But there were people everywhere, to such an extent that they deliberately took seats next to a Dhampir. It was disconcerting for someone who didn't like crowds. She found herself gripping her right knee under the desk much like she had done back in History of Magic, except far tighter. She momentarily closed her eyes. 'Calm down. They're not out to get you. Calm down.' Indeed. As she opened her eyes, not a soul happened to be looking at her; hell, the redhead next to her seemed completely distracted and didn't look like she even want to be there. The rationalization didn't really help calm down her heart rate but it served as a faint tether to reality, which she clung to like a vise. It was going to be alright, she'd just have to hang in there.
  6. "Oh, I see." Danielle confirmed her understanding so they could segue onwards in the conversation - but nevertheless, it was still a somewhat confusing title. If Ocean was referencing the name of the main character, Danny Ocean, yet it openly dragged one's attention to the rest of the squad itself with the number 'Twelve', who was the main character? Should she even be questioning it? She knew nothing of Muggle motion picture naming convenions. She came to the conclusion that actually thinking about it would make things worse, and let it go. "I'd rather... not see explosions, to be honest." She knew that seeing deaths would most likely trigger bad memories; so would explosions, as more than one member of her group had perished in them before. Would 'swordplay' trigger it? Hopefully not - she had never experienced the literal activity, but it could be that she was highly susceptible to break down at any display of violence. It made her somewhat uneasy at least. "When can we start? I've heard that it's time for the final exams here right now, but maybe sometime after...?" She wouldn't want to get in the way of Travis' academic success, after all.
  7. Another day, another opportunity for a myriad of experiences completely alien to her. That had been Danielle's life for the past few months - she had been so far removed from mundane things like school, socializing and culture all her life, and adapting to life in Australia was quite the 'culture shock' - that's what it meant, right? Or had she read the definition wrong? That day was another first for her - classes. She was finally getting to experience what the life of a student was like. It was a short walk from the dormitories to the next lecture on deck, which read 'History of Magic' in her schedule. Having taken the time to put every corner of the school to memory during the previous break, she found her way around very easily and arrived to the respective classroom early enough to avoid the sea of students flooding the school's halls and grounds. Entirely intentional, as she didn't work too well in huge crowds such as those. Walking in to the room, she took a fleeting moment to glance at the person sitting by the teacher's desk. She didn't look like she was the most talkative of individuals at first glance, so Danielle wisely skipped a warm type of greeting and just shuffled on to her seat. She picked a seat in the very last row, not really knowing if it was usually taken or not, nor really caring about that for the time being - the more under the radar she could go, the better. As more and more fellow students started inhabiting the classroom Danielle felt mildly uncomfortable, clutching her right knee under the table as means to calm herself down; when it became apparent to the irrational part of her mind that they couldn't care less for the Dhampir (and some even looked scared of the librarian - now that she thought about it, she had seen that woman before in her many lengthy excursions to the library), she was able to breathe easier. Obeying instructions, her gaze flitted over the page's contents, which reflected the writing on the board. Questions were then rapid fired to the class. Danielle's eyes widened momentarily in indecision. She had been told she was to keep her head down for her own safety, to have only passable grades - that meant she had to hold back her knowledge and skill most of the time. But would she even get a passing grade if she didn't put in at least some work? Raising her hand, she spoke once permitted. "Tallygarunga's impact comes as being the first, and thus far only, public secondary wizarding education institution in all of Australia." Its accessibility was precisely the reason why her sect picked that school - if there were any stragglers still pursuing the duo, they'd look into the private institutions first, which there were plenty of. Ironic how the least secure place was the safest one when it came to her. "I think it has a very positive impact in the wizarding community, as it provides a full education to a lot of people whom would otherwise be completely unable to pursue their callings. Without that education they might also create a lot of accidents, and there may be casualties, so ultimately the existence of this school might have saved a lot of lives." 'It surely saved mine and my sister's, at least, for the time being...' She left it at that. She did remember the rest of the questions, but she hoped that would be enough to keep the conversation going.
  8. If only Danielle's issue with the flaming, blinding orb in the sky was the same as most other people's. She could see it was visibly uncomfortable for them - their skin still fried with the exposure, the heat left them in shambles, they still needed to shield her eyes with sunglasses; the Dhampir, however, was particularly susceptible to these side effects. The sun would quite literally cook her alive if she wasn't careful, and she was far weaker to heat in general than most people, making her far more prone to have a heatstroke. Despite the mental comparison, she gave a wry smile and nodded. The dead of night was much more her speed, and she couldn't deny that the moon was beautiful. "Ocean's... Eleven...?" What an odd name. She could infer very little from it. "What's it about? Something about the sea...? A starting point if any, I suppose..." Maybe it was about eleven boats at sea? Eleven fishermen? Eleven wrecks? Islands? "Wait. Collection... There's more than one?" So, like a saga? She's heard of some books that followed a storyline through multiple of them, but never actually touched any. Maybe it worked the same way? But, if Muggle movies were in the same vein of wizard pictures, how could they consistently tell the same story every time? The inner confusion was visible in her face. Her eyes fell once again on the ancient Muggle Studies book laid upon her lap. She had a lot of reading to do, didn't she?
  9. "That's fair. I don't do too well with heat." Such was the curse of those of her kin. While it was something that didn't bother Danielle that much - she vastly preferred nighttime anyway - it was certainly something that would get on her nerves through the Summer. She had heard that heatwaves expected them, and that would be somewhat problematic to get through; not to mention she couldn't exactly go out and perform magic to cool herself off as she was underage, being forced to stay in Tallygarunga's premises in order to do so. She didn't particularly look forward to the next few months as a result. Her expression looked apologetic as her confusion was seemingly caught by the fellow Bourke, and she nodded. She technically had just 'gotten off the boat' in a manner of speaking - everything was just a big, bouncy question mark for her. But she had to get through the culture shock no matter what if she wanted to survive, and she would. For her sister's sake. She was already overwhelmed, yes, but it was a good place to start as any. "Anything's fine, I think... I can't really comment if I'd like a genre or not. Never had much time on my hands to peruse fiction." She'd leave it at that. Her issue hadn't been so much time as it had been opportunity, or a distinct lack thereof. "If you have any recommendations, I'll take them." She did know everything in the Muggle world costed money; hopefully these 'movies' wouldn't be too expensive. He gave off the idea that there were many, so if there's plenty to choose from, logic dictated that it would contribute for more competitive pricing. Right?
  10. A day when the moon is only half-seen. Danielle burned these words into memory. She'd have to look at a lunar calendar sometime later. Did the library in school have such a thing? Regardless, she'd wait for the day and go there at the earliest convenience. She didn't seem to think much of his full moon comment, or so her lack of an outward reaction seemed to indicate. She just nodded along. She had never had the opportunity to appreciate such beauty up close before and she'd be lying if she said she wasn't excited with the prospect. The term 'motion picture' certainly seemed to be something she could follow more easily. Was it like the pictures that wizardkind took, then? They were perpetually in motion. However, a bunch of the terms that followed she didn't seem to comprehend. TV. Computers. It was probably for the best that she didn't have to endure needless classes right away - she'd have at least a couple months to immerse herself in Muggle innovations and culture. Hopefully she wouldn't be too far removed from these terms before classes started back up again. "I think seeing one of those will help me comprehend, yes." She nodded. "Is there any one of those theaters nearby where I can see a 'movie'? Though I'd rather avoid horror or anything too violent." She's had way too much of that for multiple lifetimes, in her opinion. She didn't want to have an anxiety attack in public either.
  11. It seemed that Travis had misunderstood her compliment, but Danielle made no move to correct him. Instead, she chose to take his words to heart. It was quite admirable in her opinion that someone could see the world in such a way, and see the beauty in things and be able to show how he saw it to everyone else through his creativity; how he could interpret such things in an unique way and be able to convey the thought to others, even if they wouldn't get there on their own. The power to stop and admire, appreciate and flatter something was completely alien to her life, and she couldn't help but feel envious of such a capability. If anything, it served as a stark reminder that she should slow down and take her time appreciating everything around her, from the simplest of flowers to people themselves. Perhaps this young man could help her in such an endeavor - he certainly got her attention hooked. Not that big of a feat in itself, but it still was a bit of a first. She didn't quite understand why this friend that Travis had would act the way he described, but she didn't think it would do much good to push the subject - she'd just have to learn how the girl works by meeting her face to face. "You could show me the roof sometime, then?" She suggested, still not quite catching on on what he meant but being all too eager to discover this whole new realm nonetheless. Perhaps she should get a sketchpad, she thought to herself. Could it be that the activity would make her more proactive in tackling her current issues? It would certainly bring a new perspective to things, and she didn't have anything to lose. If anything, she had a whole lot of free time on her hands. Not to mention she could always ask this teen for tips, right? If they were going to be in the same 'House', as they called it, they'd be running into each other a lot anyway. While she was hanging on his every word, there was one she didn't quite understand the meaning of. It greatly hampered her capability of continuing what she had considered a fairly easygoing and flowing conversation, so she just decided to tackle the issue. "...What are 'videos'?" She stopped herself for a moment, brows furrowing slightly before speaking again. "...Videos? Am I saying it right?" Had her accent butchered the word? Regardless, she couldn't help but feel it was something she most definitely should have known. Looking down at her Muggle Studies book, she hadn't read a mention of such a thing just yet. Perhaps it wasn't connected to electricity? That would explain it...
  12. Whim. That was an answer Danielle didn't expect, but one she appreciated all the same. She wasn't someone who knew how to live in the moment, having always been concerned over what to do next and what skill should she learn that might come in handy sometime later; it all came as further proof that she could somewhat rely on this young man to show her what it was like to have a minimally normal life. She merely nodded in understanding before her gaze got lost in the full pages of the sketchbook. The first drawing that came into view was that of nature - orchids, to be exact. While she had seen the flower (among other varieties) countless times in her life, there was something captivating about the way it was displayed upon the paper sheet. "It's beautiful." She found herself saying. Cliché as it may be, those were her honest thoughts - not towards the orchids specifically, but to the art and skill it took to capture them in such a way. She looked at Travis as he mentioned her directly. "Hm?" The meaning of his phrase was entirely lost to her as she had gotten a bit too distracted by the intricacy of the drawing; and just like that her attention was back on the sketchbook with the flip of a page, inquiry forgotten. The Dhampir was introduced to a pleasant looking girl through the view of the artist. It didn't take a connoisseur to be able to tell the boy cared for this girl through the way he depicted her, which made Danielle smile in turn. "I see. I'll go say hi if I ever see her, then." One at a time, but forming a small and close knit circle wouldn't hurt. Before she could even wonder if that was a direct portrait or drawn from memory, more and more pages were flipped and she found herself enamored with every single one of them. The only 'pictures' she had spent any sort of time looking at up to that point were wizardkind moving pictures placed on newspapers to keep up with the times as they often had to drop everything to run - it wasn't really doable to keep such 'silly' things with them. "Say... How long did it take you to become this good?" Probably years, if she had to take a gander. "How does one start doing such a thing?" She had to admit, she was curious to try. It did help that she had a steady hand, but she had a feeling the difficulty curve was extremely pronounced.
  13. The little joke made Danielle's smile stretch out further, up to the point a small laugh erupted. Her cheeks got mildly rosy, which wasn't that much of an accomplishment for someone as pale as her. Before she could voice her response, however, Travis had gotten up from the couch and gone to a nearby student. As she watched the boy with amusement, she placed the lollipop back in her mouth, the stick poking out from the corner of her lips. She bit into it to split the candy apart, allowing it to remain in her mouth when speaking in the near future without sounding weird. Laughter escaped her again as she saw him getting dizzy. Was he what people usually referred to as a 'class clown'? She had seen the term before but had never seen it in action. As Travis opted to seat on the couch proper rather than just the armrest, Danielle scooted away just a bit to give him some leg room. "Sketches?" Eyes shone with interest as Travis went on about his hobby. She didn't think she'd be any good in such a thing, but that didn't mean she couldn't appreciate someone else's talents. "Do you have any on you that I can see? What gives you inspiration?" She managed to hold her tongue after the second question, not wanting to overwhelm Travis with her curiosity. She didn't question him on friends, however - one person at a time was probably all she could take in her current mindset.
  14. The simple tease made Danielle look away from him and down for a moment, not having expected such a thing. Finding humor in it - a rarity in her life, at that point -, her lips cracked a wide smile and she looked back at him once more. It was an odd feeling to slip into comfortability with someone at the drop of a hat like that. "I think you could pull the look off." She eventually replied, wanting to get a jab in of her own. "What other activities?" She decided to ask, unaware of what people their age did those days for fun. She wasn't ignorant of the fact she urgently needed to develop new hobbies, if only to pass for 'normal' in some way. Tinkering around and drinking animal blood wasn't exactly perceived as normal by student standards, was it? Her mind was drawn back to the idea of sports. She didn't want her name up there, but perhaps taking on a sport in a recreational manner could do her some good. But, which? Was there anything out there that wouldn't make her roast in the sun? Or anything that wouldn't push her to compete in such a way that her name would be known? She couldn't even say what sports there were out there, given how far removed her past was from normalcy...
Danielle Princess Haynes
Sixth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her
Age:  16
Date of Birth: January 31st, 2003
Birthplace: London, UK
Year Level: Sixth Year
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Dhampir
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: Cat
Wand: Elm Wood, 9 1/2'', Dragon Bone Core
Play-by: Angel Locsin
  • 1st - 5th Year: None
  • 6th Year - Current: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Multiple branches of her sect were being chased down for their past. The remnants of her family are saving the sisters by cutting contact with her completely, so nobody knows they belong to them, despite the species relation;
  • Nobody knows where she's from or where she's been fully, but she does mention she was born in England because of her unmistakable accent if asked;
  • Excellent Occlumens;
  • Has seen a lot of death, but hasn't killed before;
  • Never purchased a wand, and her own was her mother's, passed down to her after the latter's death. Sensing the same strength of heart of its former master, the wand took a liking to her very quickly;
  • Has a second wand that she does not use, and it belonged to her late father: a poplar wand, 12 3/4'' in length, with kelpie bone for a core. It's the only thing she has from him at this point, and she carries it with her just in case;
  • No formal education prior to Tallygarunga whatsoever;
  • Big fan of Quidditch and flying in general, but afraid of putting her name out there;
  • Both sisters were left with a sizable amount of money in newly established bank accounts, so they won't be hurting for cash for a long time;
  • Has no idea what to do with her life;
  • Unregistered Animagus: Bat;
  • Hasn't sucked on a drop of human/halfbreed blood in her life, but is oh so very curious about it (she keeps herself in check with animal blood);
  • Took the deaths of her own parents rather well, having mentally prepared herself to do so from a young age;
  • Avoids public events in the very minimal off chance that one of her pursuers might be in Australia;
  • Is scared of having to eventually run away again, if they're tracked down;
  • The testing she endured to enter Tallygarunga displayed she was well above the requirements to graduate, but it was decided for her to remain in the sixth year as means of offering protection to the sisters, as well as of controlling what a war-tested witch could do in an otherwise 'peaceful' location. Instead, she was told to 'rein it in'. As such, her grades are average at best on purpose;
  • Is horrified of how the violent death of two separate sets of parents will end up shaping her adopted sister;
  • Often cries herself to sleep over fear of not being strong enough to watch over her sister at that age;
  • Restless sleeper, waking up over the smallest of things;
  • Has severe nightmares about her past and her sister very often;
  • Prone to panic attacks when in an actual crowd.
General Knowledge
  • Fluent in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Filipino and Mandarin;
  • Fairly unremarkable student across the board;
  • Orphan;
  • Refuses to make a QuillBook profile;
  • Semi-addicted to blood-flavored lollipops;
  • Spends a lot of time in the library so to catch up with theory classes;
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Afraid of crowded places and uncomfortable with large open areas;
  • Has a sister she's protective over, and they both look like they've been through a lot;
  • Experiences discrimination on a daily basis, and just seems plain used to it;
  • Very good with her hands in general;
  • Distaste for anything that can be used to harm someone else;
  • Has a talent for magical items and inventions.

Danielle is a deceptively kindhearted and pacifistic Dhampir that mostly keeps to herself out of fear for her sister's life. She seems to have some tolerance to discrimination as she never seems to talk back to people in that regard, sometimes tastefully challenging them instead on their vision.

She is a very stubborn and headstrong individual, convinced that her life gave her the tools to survive most things - at least, regarding herself, as what doesn't kill her makes her stronger. She does have an Achilles heel in the form of her younger adopted sister even if she tries not to let it show.

She doesn't like complaining, nor likes hearing people complaining. This is more out of positivism than submission - she believes that if she turns the other cheek enough, other people will learn to stop what they're doing. Unfortunately, such wasn't the case with her sect. One could say it's the one flair of innocence she has left.

She is nice to people as she doesn't need more wizards against her, and her wording is usually somewhat indirect out of not wanting to be rude. Nevertheless, she does wish to have some sort of connection to someone - a connection ignorant of war, blood, and death. A connection she can cherish without grim memories enshrouding it.

She is by no means an introvert, but is often found indoors tinkering with items or doing mostly solitary activities. This is more out of habit than anything else, as she had very little access to things throughout her short lifetime despite her socialization needs, and would like to branch out somewhat.


Danielle is a bit on the short side, barely scratching the 163 cm mark, and is quite light and slim to go with it. The traditional Dhampir's pale skin is slightly counteracted by her Asian/Hispanic heritage, which serves as a very mild camouflage regarding her own species - although, it's no use, as it's a commonly known fact at this point.

Her hair is wavy and dark brown, often kept at chest level. She occasionally dyes it in a lighter tone, or wears it in a ponytail so it won't get in the way of her tinkering. She has brown eyes and thin lips, and doesn't seem to appreciate makeup to much - mostly because she never learned how to apply it to begin with.

It seems that the only thing she ever wears is her school uniform, even during weekends, despite being able to go out and purchase more clothing if she wished - it's more of a habit than anything, as she's used to live with very little, only used to alter her appearance when necessary (such as dyeing her hair).


Danielle Haynes (born Ramirez) drew her first breath in London, UK. She was born in a magical shelter to a halfblood Spanish mother, Taya, and a British Dhampir father of Asian descent, William. It was war time - at least, for that particular sect of Dhampir. They were being wiped out due to a blood feud that didn't have much to do with them personally; as the families cannibalized themselves, all there was left to do to the innocent few was to run.

The Ramirez family traveled alongside the Owen couple - Reid and Lily. Despite not being related by anything other than creed and species, they became as close as family in their continuous escape. Both couples, with child in tow, traveled the world - sometimes they'd go to Spain where Taya's family resided, other times they'd go to USA, sometimes they'd go back to UK, other times they traveled through Asia, so on and so forth. Danielle doesn't remember staying in the same place for over six months at a time.

When she was six, the Owen family had a little child of their own, also a Dhampir. Also someone whom needed protection, and needed to learn how to fight the hard way. As travelling with two children became more and more difficult, things began to slow down. This eventually resulted in Lily's untimely death shortly after the child had been born.

The parenting trio eventually decided not to place either child in any formal education system. They didn't want their children's faces to be found out, and them to be chased as well. Instead they all opted to teach them during their travels to the best of their ability - that, coupled with the battles they were forced into on occasion, made sure both witches were capable beyond their years very early on, more than they had any right to be.

After a few years of running, both Taya and Reid followed in Lily's footsteps. It was up to William to adopt the now orphaned child and he loved her as his own, just like he always had before. The sisters became each other's constant as each adult around them sacrificed themselves and dropped like flies, until the point that not even William was left standing.

By a stroke of luck, they were temporarily sheltered by the Chinese side of their sect. Their faces hadn't yet been seen by the enemy, their existences mostly unknown - and now that they had no guardian, perhaps it was time to do what their parents never had the courage to. The sect decided to cast them out completely, relocating them to a far away location under new surnames, and hoped they wouldn't be found.

It's been hard adapting to a mundane lifestyle. Danielle considers herself well adjusted mentally, all things considered - but she can't shake the feeling the enemy is just around the corner. However, for now, she has to carry her sister through a full education. Somehow. She never had such a thing of her own, so she has no idea what the hell she's doing...