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  1. Open Kitty

    Danielle Haynes
    Finally, the searing heat had subsided. Danielle found an opportunity to head out to campus without having her flesh boil, quite literally, under the imposing gaze of the Sun. Nevertheless she took precautions so not to let her affliction be too detrimental to her in the little trip she had to do - she had the school standard cap on her head, copious amounts of sunscreen on her face (thank goodness she was somewhat pale to begin with), and her dress shirt's sleeves weren't rolled up as they should be with the hot weather. The heat itself made her uncomfortable and permeated the skin of her arms with a light sheen of sweat, but it was worth it so not to become a living barbecue. She had gone to retrieve a much needed supply of animal blood, which she packed in her new backpack for safekeeping. She also acquired two stacks of blood-flavored lollipops: one for herself, one for her younger sister. One of them was, in fact, sticking out of her closed mouth as she walked back to Tallygarunga. Paranoia struck halfway down Tallygarunga Road and she stopped, looking over her shoulder. There was no stranger following her (that she could detect - at least, there were plenty of pedestrians going about). There was just what she could identify as a small, patchy, young white half-Kneazle sitting there, looking at her. The first thought that came to her was that it was an Animagus. There was no collar, and it was fixated on her. She consciously rationalized it as a coincidence despite the fear creeping up in her being and kept walking. Further along, as she crossed the Murrigal Bushland, she stopped again. The half-Kneazle was still walking along as she glanced over her shoulder. After a few steps, it sat and mewled at her. She released a shaky breath - soon, she'd be in school grounds. There was nothing to worry about since nobody could hurt her there without consequence. Soon, this Animagus would be caught. With that thought in mind, she steeled and nerves and kept walking. Thinking she was out of the woods (which she was, in the literal sense) upon arriving to the school premises, she decided to take a detour to the Whitlam Bilby wing. However, she decided to take the long way around through the gardens, just in case - she didn't exactly want to give away her sister's location either. Just when she least expected, the half-Kneazle that hadn't been following her anymore strolled in front of her and stopped. "...Oh, come on..." She muttered under her breath. The feline approached and she unconsciously reached for her wand holster, ready to retrieve it at the slightest provocation-- To her surprise, the animal simply rubbed its small frame against her ankles rather than transform, jump and attack. Did it just want her to pet it? Dumbstruck, she stood there like an idiot, looking at the pleading animal in disbelief.
  2. Invite Spit

    "For so many people to live here peacefully, it can't be that bad, can it?" Danielle suggested. Unless humans were particularly suicidal about their living arrangements - which she admittedly had not much knowledge of at all - then it sounded like this hearsay was blown out of proportion. "Besides, isn't the purpose of this place to learn how to deal with such creatures?" She saw a subject about it in the enrollment form, but she never signed up for it. She felt the need to question what 'high school drama' meant but figured it would be too on the nose of a question, letting the inquiry reside in her mind for the time being. Maybe she could read about the concept in a book at a later point. "It sounds like something I can live with." If they bothered to come to her directly, she'd be ready to deal with that as well. She was just hoping at that point that no one would resort to violence, against her or her young sister once she enrolled in the main program. "Sturt House..." She repeated. Danielle was, admittedly, having a hard time remembering all those 'House' names. She didn't even know why she had been sorted to Bourke to begin with, nor what it represented - if it was supposed to even mean anything, that is. "What can you tell me about these 'Houses'? What goes on in them?" She naively asked, unaware that other magical schools had the exact same concept and that she'd be giving away her educational background by not knowing about such a simple thing.
  3. Invite Spit

    Danielle wasn't too sure of how to react to someone complimenting her name. She had never quite understood why she had a french name, of all things - was she named after an ancestor? Her sect did have a branch in France, after all, and she was forced to learn the language because of it. Yes, that was probably why. But before her mind could stray too far, she opted to nod her head in acknowledgement. "Thank you." It was somewhat embarrassing. At least he hadn't found out about her middle name, which was even worse, all things considered. "Why hostile?" She was the first to admit she hadn't heard a thing about Australia before having been Apparated to it. However, she could agree that the weather felt somewhat oppressive. She should probably acquire a nice cap and copious amounts of sunscreen if she wanted to survive. "Yes, refreshing. A few odd looks thrown my way or some people talking behind my back don't bother me that much." She's endured worse. At least nobody was flinging a death curse her way. That was certainly refreshing. Danielle was starting to grow convinced that this student did know whom he was talking to - but, perhaps, he was a victim of some sort of persecution himself, and was looking for allies. It certainly took some form of bravery to approach someone like her anyway. That, or absolute recklessness. "Correct." Perhaps it was for the best if they didn't mention the elephant in the room. For both their sakes. "That's not what I'm thinking." Travis' upbeat mindset wound up evoking a smile from her - it bordered on a chuckle, but she managed to control herself. "I'm thinking I'm pleasantly surprised over seeing a friendly face during my first day here, and I'm happy about it. Thank you." She wasn't the overly trusting kind, not by a long shot, but she felt at ease with the teenager before her. "I'm just hoping you didn't approach me out of pity."
  4. Invite Spit

    It seemed that the book provided by Danielle's helpful roommate described in detail something that was the absolute norm for almost anything pertaining to Muggles - the various uses to electricity, and how it all worked to begin with. It was quite fascinating to her how they managed to harness a literal force of nature and put it to work in so many outlandish uses. Not to mention electricity made it so they could enhance practically everything they already dominated, such as farming and architecture. It was a scary thought of how one thing could cause so much widespread change in a myriad of fields. It was almost as if electricity was the Muggle's brand of magic. She peeled her eyes away from the book the moment she felt the couch shift under someone else's weight. She had already heard the approach but had been half-hoping she wasn't the target; then again, sooner or later, it would've been unavoidable. Might as well just go through with it, she figured. Danielle barely caught the meaning of his words at all, taken by surprise that she didn't detect an ounce of hostility in the boy - if anything, he was friendly and sociable. She felt herself relax somewhat, her mood not deteriorating as she expected it to. She pressed down her left hand's index finger on the bottom bend of the book she was reading before snapping it shut as a simple means of bookmarking the page, not wanting to bend a paper sheet that didn't belong to her, figuring she wouldn't get much reading done when engaged in conversation. When prompted, she shook Travis' hand with a firm grip. Once withdrawing said hand, she retrieved the blood red lollipop from her mouth so to have an easier time speaking properly. "Danielle. It's nice to meet you." Came the british accent as she introduced herself. "It's quite alright, really. It doesn't bother me. If anything, it's refreshing." She wondered why he had approached her. Was he aware and didn't care? Was he not aware? "You don't seem to be in the same camp as them." She voiced her thoughts ultimately. "Why would that be?" Provided his reasoning was positive, whatever that may be, she would certainly be an advocate for it.
  5. Invite Spit

    It made sense, moving in during a late Friday afternoon. A good portion of the students would have departed to spend the weekend with their families by then and there would be a little less chaos when moving a Dhampir into the Bourke dormitories. Danielle certainly appreciated the tact of the timing. She found that she didn't like crowds too much as of late, and was starting to worry about how she'd handle the more populated classes she had to endure come 2019. Even so, it seemed that they had been alerted to their arrival. Did some sort of information leak? That made her feel somewhat uneasy - fortunately, no one actually went out of her way to antagonize or attack her just yet, and all she had gotten thus far was the simple scornful look that usually came towards her. It didn't bother her that much. If anything, she could relate. She could feel herself develop a mild prejudice against her own kind given her past, and it wasn't like she could be blamed for it to begin with. What did bother her, immensely so, was the fact that she and her sister were separated for the first time since the latter's birth - at least, the first time for an extended period. Danielle was taken for thorough examinations of her magical ability privately (which she blew out the water, and was warned to rein it in), and then sorted to the Bourke house. Her sister had gone through the same examinations but then was taken to something called 'the Whitlam Bilby wing'. Danielle had been told it was a wing for people not old enough to get into Tallygarunga proper, and that she could visit the following day if she'd like. She would, of course, but that meant being well over a dozen hours apart from the girl whom was probably scared to death and all alone. Eventually, she was left to her devices. There wasn't much more she could do. Regardless of prejudice, her new temporary roommate had provided her with a very basic book on Muggle Studies upon request. Unfortunately, as she tried to read it, that same roommate had a few friends over. Something about planning for a 'Christmas ball'. The sound was disturbing her, so Danielle excused herself and left, book in hand and blood-flavored lollipop stick poking out past her lips. She settled down in a couch in the mostly empty Bourke Common Area. She wasn't used to such comforts and found herself willing to indulge, slipping out of her shoes and curling up on the sofa, the book being carefully perched on her knees. Danielle could feel the hostility in the room directed at her but did her best to ignore it. It wasn't worth her energy. At least they hadn't spat on her or anything, that was more progressive than half the places she had been in.
  6. 2018 School Year Enrollment

    Danielle Haynes
    Exams only.
  7. Danielle Haynes

    Danielle Haynes
    Danielle Haynes (born Ramirez) drew her first breath in London, UK. She was born in a magical shelter to a halfblood Spanish mother, Taya, and a British Dhampir father of Asian descent, William. It was war time - at least, for that particular sect of Dhampir. They were being wiped out due to a blood feud that didn't have much to do with them personally; as the families cannibalized themselves, all there was left to do to the innocent few was to run. The Ramirez family traveled alongside the Owen couple - Reid and Lily. Despite not being related by anything other than creed and species, they became as close as family in their continuous escape. Both couples, with child in tow, traveled the world - sometimes they'd go to Spain where Taya's family resided, other times they'd go to USA, sometimes they'd go back to UK, other times they traveled through Asia, so on and so forth. Danielle doesn't remember staying in the same place for over six months at a time. When she was six, the Owen family had a little child of their own, also a Dhampir. Also someone whom needed protection, and needed to learn how to fight the hard way. As travelling with two children became more and more difficult, things began to slow down. This eventually resulted in Lily's untimely death shortly after the child had been born. The parenting trio eventually decided not to place either child in any formal education system. They didn't want their children's faces to be found out, and them to be chased as well. Instead they all opted to teach them during their travels to the best of their ability - that, coupled with the battles they were forced into on occasion, made sure both witches were capable beyond their years very early on, more than they had any right to be. After a few years of running, both Taya and Reid followed in Lily's footsteps. It was up to William to adopt the now orphaned child and he loved her as his own, just like he always had before. The sisters became each other's constant as each adult around them sacrificed themselves and dropped like flies, until the point that not even William was left standing. By a stroke of luck, they were temporarily sheltered by the Chinese side of their sect. Their faces hadn't yet been seen by the enemy, their existences mostly unknown - and now that they had no guardian, perhaps it was time to do what their parents never had the courage to. The sect decided to cast them out completely, relocating them to a far away location under new surnames, and hoped they wouldn't be found. It's been hard adapting to a mundane lifestyle. Danielle considers herself well adjusted mentally, all things considered - but she can't shake the feeling the enemy is just around the corner. However, for now, she has to carry her sister through a full education. Somehow. She never had such a thing of her own, so she has no idea what the hell she's doing...