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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite A new reality

    Trivia games were a bad idea, Danielle thought - though, if they had built in answers, she could actively use them to study Muggle culture, history, technology, sports and anything in between in bite sized chunks. Given that she wanted to blend in as much as possible, which had been her goal ever since she'd arrived to Australia, it felt like it was a good thing to tackle beyond the many books hidden in the confines of Tallygarunga's library and Travis' films. "Uno...?" The Spanish word for one. Now that didn't make sense, at least the Monopoly description somewhat matched its definition. Was it a game where you're meant to have a monopoly on real estate? She couldn't envision how it could work in her head, but she was curious about it all the same. "We have a Monopoly board in the house, don't we?" It was rare when they broke out the board games those days with work making Jo's schedule so erratic, but they used to play them fairly often back in the day (with alcohol mixed in, no less). "Actually, since there's some time left..." As the former Sturt thought aloud she got up from the armchair, letting her words die in her throat while going to a nearby shelf to see if she could find it. Deliberately, she took her time so to leave the two Dhampirs by themselves. "We're going to play it?" Danielle looked back and forth between Jo and Ashley a few times in surprise, not expecting them to be so forthcoming with the idea.
  2. Invite A new reality

    "Eh." Was Ashley truly any good? She liked to think she could play a tune or two, but knew she couldn't hold a candle to professional musicians. Her voice, however, was another matter entirely - for a few brief moments she allowed herself consider what it would have been like to pursue a career as a professional singer, but soon a small smirk of amusement filled her lips as she struggled not to crack up with the ridiculousness of the idea and let the conversation carry on. It was then that Jo had brought up a potential activity for the whole family: Muggle games. "What do you mean, Muggle games? Like, video games? Or something like Monopoly?" Either idea was worth considering. There weren't a whole lot of video games that allowed for four players at once, but with the right investment and research the family could gather around and play them; as for board games, it was a good excuse to chat and bond. "If it's Monopoly, I thought the purpose was to strengthen the family, not break it." "Monopoly?" Ashley's quip flew over Danielle's head. What was Monopoly? She knew what the word meant, but she had never heard of the game in question. Her ignorance of Muggle culture reared its head again, and she couldn't help feeling a mild sense of shame behind it.
  3. Invite Hunter's Respite

    Why in Merlin's great name would she ever chase him to the ends of the Earth, Travis asked Danielle, somewhat unexpectedly. It momentarily took her aback, the line of questioning feeling like barbed wire to flesh - perhaps it was the case that she grossly overestimated his investment in their bond, and as such her commitment to staying at his side was entirely unforeseen. Yet, she didn't leave nor reply, silence meeting his words. She steeled herself in his presence - if she was wrong, then so be it. He still needed help. That thought was evidenced by the very sight of the teenager. On edge, haggard, exhausted, looking to stay away from the world. That observation was interrupted by a cat suddenly kicking open the door Travis had been protecting, after which he seemed to bend somewhat to the feline's well and step inside. Danielle followed in silence, careful of where she stepped given the sheer state of the place, cautiously shutting the door behind her and not bothering to step in much further - Travis needed his space after all. "I'm never safe in general." Came the cryptic response, finally breaking through the Dhampir's normal stoic silence. She wasn't one to speak lightly - indeed, she could take a guess at what sort of situation Travis found himself in, and Danielle's wasn't much better. Death and suffering had followed her every step ever since she was born and even at that point she feared having to come face to face with the reality her brethren struggled so much to have her and Faith leave behind. The length of time she had spent in Tallygarunga had been setting her on edge as of late and the unfortunate events around her didn't make that paranoia that much better. "But that's beside the point. I was... Am, worried about you. With reason, I'd say." The very shack they were in served as ample proof of the reasoning. "I'm not too sure of what to do... But first and foremost, I think you should know I'm here for you regardless." Even if he didn't think of her as that important, perhaps a little support would minimally boost his spirits.
  4. Invite A new reality

    The roller derby rink was something Ashley used to take on back in the day alongside Jo. Even if she had never been that much of a fan of the activity in the itself, the former Sturt would be lying if she said she didn't have fond memories of their little adventures against various rival teams. They even came up with specific strategies to make use of Jo's abilities, most of which unfortunately involved hurling poor teenager Ashley in specific directions. Danielle seemed to show a modicum of interest regarding books and movies once Jo mentioned it - she had gone through a few during her travels as they were easy to carry and get rid of, and Travis had been showing her various different motion pictures ever since she first landed in Australia. She wondered if Jo watched the same things, or if her horizons could be further expanded under the Dhampir's tutelage. "Right. Logistics." Ashley spoke as Jo finished off her response, an eyebrow arching in skepticism. She really wished Jo would stop her debt collecting ventures; maybe she should smear the book in some sort of onion scent to make the woman stop hunting for it. It would be too hard on her nose for her to continue reaching for it, right? "I suppose I watch a few movies as well... I draw sometimes, and I like figuring out how things work." The last part of the reply made a lot of sense in Ashley's head - no wonder she was interested in magic-proofing. It wasn't an usual Wizarding hobby to tear things apart and build them back up, as they had magic to do it for them; perhaps Danielle's Muggle-like ingenuity would serve the Estradas well in the family business. The youngest by far of the three then set her eyes on the oldest, whom took it as a cue for her own reply. She pointed to the piano sitting on the other side of the room by its lonesome. "That's my hobby. Reading, too. Math. And... I suppose, a few things that aren't for your age." Getting in trouble with Jo. Drinking. Enjoying other people's company. It felt hypocritical, though, as she was engaging in all those things at Danielle's age. "...I see." There was no point in protesting. The Bourke had a pretty good idea of what Ashley meant, and didn't really want to think about it.
  5. Invite Hunter's Respite

    Travis had opened the door of his own will. In the distance, Danielle released a breath she didn't even know she was holding with the suspense, letting momentary relief wash over her - if he was willing to open the door, he was willing to talk, even if it was just to tell her to go away. If he was willing to come face to face in such a way, irrespective of intent, then perhaps she had a chance at getting through to him and being there for him. With careful steps, she slowly approached the shack as he greeted the Dhampir. It was perhaps fortunate that the sky above the foliage was quite cloudy, keeping the threat levels of sun exposure to a minimum - she could take her time in making her approach, and they could even have their exchange outside. Keen senses kept on the lookout for any uninvited company as she closed the distance between them somewhat, only stopping a few steps away from him: she didn't know if he was comfortable with that sort of closeness at the time being and wished to give him some room to breathe, which she was sure he sorely needed. "I don't think you really have to ask me that question." Why had she come all the way out there? To be there for her friend. It felt like a no brainer to her, even in Travis' newly found need for isolation. His present state was a difficult pill to swallow - his tone, tension, mental state, every single thing about him. What could she even do to make things more bearable for him? "I'd chase you down to the ends of the Earth if I had to." She didn't know of or care who owned that shack. It was entirely irrelevant to the younger Bourke. In fact, she had half a mind of making whoever barged in on them go away, even if it was whoever owned the place. "Can I come in? Or are we staying out here?"
  6. Invite A new reality

    Ashley knew her sister inside and out - she didn't need Danielle and Jo's heightened senses to be able to tell her favorite person in the world was finally calming down and getting a grip. That in itself wouldn't help exactly, she figured, as Jo had a tendency to put her foot in her mouth regardless in such types of situations; but, that was why Ashley was there. The mildest of smiles of encouragement fit her lips so to hopefully lift the older Dhampir's spirits as they continued their imaginary three way game of chess. The Bourke, in the meantime, was somewhat getting used to the vibe of each of the other two women. In hindsight, the reply she had gotten was unsurprising: she had to make more concrete questions, even if it wasn't in her usual behavior to be direct. But, what did she want to know? The question was vague itself in her head, and as she thought it over she was fortunate enough to have Ashley come to her rescue. "She was planned and I was the accident, even if it looks the other way around." She attempted to inject some humor in the situation in an attempt to make Danielle relax around them, even if her face didn't display much of it. "I run a magic-proofing store just a few blocks away from here, and used to be an Arithmancy teacher back in the day." "Magic-proofing?" That seemed to pique Danielle's interest, momentarily distracting her from the awkwardness of the situation. She had always wondered how Travis got his movies to work in a high-magic environment - they were Muggle technology and electricity was always disrupted by it. As a tinkerer, she couldn't help wanting to know the inner workings of that process. "Get along with us, and I'll teach you how to." 'Gotcha.' Ashley herself felt her own body relax a bit with the new development in their exchange. While it wouldn't be smooth sailing for them, at least they had established a common link with the girl that didn't involve sucking people's blood. "I see. In any case... What do you two do for fun?" It was the first specific question that came to Danielle's mind. They didn't work all the time, right? It could serve as a good way for Danielle to learn further about Muggle life - not that they were Muggles themselves, but she found that Australian society's Muggle and Wizarding societies were finely intertwined and she couldn't expect Travis to know every little thing about what they did on the regular.
  7. This whole platform is so overwhelming sometimes... How do people even remember to check it so consistently? And if you miss a day you miss a lot of what's happening in town...

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      Jo Estrada

      I don't think everyone checks QB everyday, but you'll see that the more you get used to it the easier it'll be to remember to check it. 

  8. Invite A new reality

    At that point, at least to Ashley, it felt like the trio was beating a dead horse. Her eyes shifted between Danielle and Jo in their exchange past the times she added her own two cents, feeling like one could cut the tension of the room with a knife the whole while if they so desired. She was quick to conclude it wasn't something that could be resolved in one conversation. Danielle didn't trust them and she couldn't blame the Bourke for it. Only time could make her grow used to the idea. All they could do for the time being was treat the sisters well, as well as meet their expectations for as high as they could be. "It's settled then, for the time being." The store owner made the move to close that particular topic, legs crossing as she leaned back on the armchair and her forearms rested on the cushioned arms of the seat. "There is no point in rushing this situation. We'll look into it throughout next week. Does that sound good?" Silence followed from Danielle, but she ended up nodding to the pair. It was truly an awkward situation for every single person present due to how alien it was in general, let alone having it be dealt with by clashing personalities. However, the least she could do was extend an olive branch. She decided to take the initiative once again, though that time in a way she was deeply unfamiliar with. "I think you know plenty about me at this point." She didn't want to call both out on having access to her file and having gone through their history, but it was certainly implied. If she had some sort of gripe with the idea, she didn't seem to outwardly show it. "I feel it's only fair I learn something about the both of you as well."
  9. Invite Hunter's Respite

    Death was forever present. It was a fact of life, as certain as the vast majority of beings on that Earth needing oxygen to survive. Hundreds of thousands met their end across the globe daily; and, according to statistics, one or two people every second that ticked by. It was a depressing reality many opted not to face, and as such, people rarely expected someone they held dear to be relieved of their mortal coil - in particular, if they were as young as Travis' mother. Danielle had grown up in war, strife and struggle, death following her every step. She was unlike most in that regard as she had been consistently prepared for the death of their loved ones, and, when they left her, she managed to seamlessly carry on despite the grief that plagued her. Fortunately, she was aware that not everyone was so lucky in having that type of mindset. The news of Maribel's death shocked the Dhampir as well - even if she wasn't particularly close to the woman, the savagery of the murder (or, at least, what Jo had loosely alluded to; she had refused to go into details) was something deeply nostalgic in the worst way possible. Perhaps it was just the case that Danielle had let her guard down, as living among 'normal people' had been starting to tug at and shift her way of viewing things; but, once the shock subsided, the reigning feeling was a deeply concern for the person affected by the matter the most, as she was fairly positive he hadn't been ready to face that reality in any way, shape or form. She respected Jo's necessity to be quiet about it due to confidential material to the Ministry. Her knowledge of the whole affair was severely limited and she was likely not the best person to talk to Travis at the time being due to the complete lack of relatability, but she had to try. Completely ignoring the fact that she would likely be punished later for vanishing, whether it be by the school staff or her new family, the Dhampir decided to put her acute senses to good use and track down the werewolf she was so fond of. She quickly deduced he was nowhere to be found in school grounds, and thus decided to tackle the expansive Murrigal Bushland prior to hitting up the town. She hoped to have some luck quickly due to the enormity of the area, not wanting to spend her entire day in one place to just end up missing Travis completely. Luckily, not thirty minutes into the search, she picked something up akin to a trail; letting old war skills come out and play, she cautiously followed it right until the point Travis' presencial scent filled her nostrils. She stopped as soon as it did and surveyed the general area. It seemed she had come across a simple shack in the distance, one that looked rickety and long abandoned by whoever had constructed it - that was where Travis was? It felt like an odd place to take shelter, but a morbid thought circled Danielle's mind as she inspected the location from a distance: it was likely an accurate representation of how the man was feeling inside at that point, having his only remaining parent being torn away from him in such fashion. If she could sense him, it meant he could sense her. She didn't take a single step closer, waiting to see what Travis would do. If he escaped, she wouldn't pursue; if he stayed put, she would move towards that location. If he came out to greet her, all the better.
  10. Invite A new reality

    "Would that be sufficient for the time being?" Ashley spoke after Jo laid out a plan. It felt to her like her sister didn't know where Danielle was getting at. The Dhampir was seeking reassurance, and one random person (even if they were an Auror) would be far from enough with such a lax and unsure plan. Ashley had tried to give out a few ropes for Jo to grasp during the conversation but it didn't seem like her sister would take the help. "...For the time being." Danielle repeated, although the stoic girl sounded somewhat unsure of herself. Failure wasn't an option - it meant Faith would be in the line of fire, that she could potentially be targeted, and that would throw all the sacrifices their parents made out the window. "I think I'd prefer to stay in Tallygarunga for now, actually." Ashley pursed her lips with the reply they got. It wasn't what they wanted, but perhaps it was for the best - at least she hadn't outright disagreed in being under their wing, for as skeptical as she sounded."That's fair. We'll work on reinforcing protection around the house from now on, and we'll let you know what we've done to see if it's up to your standards." Had that been a failure? Or a success? Ashley had mixed feelings about the greeting thus far, unsure as to how to proceed.
  11. Invite A new reality

    It was strange to be in a room where everyone could tell, for the most part, how everyone else was feeling despite each of them trying not to show it - that thought ran through Ashley's head as she discreetly observed how tense Danielle was, and how anxious her own sister appeared to be. Ashley's deductions were based purely on empathy and observation, while the other two were Dhampir and could easily pick up on any sound, movement or scent that indicated a person's state. It felt like a three-way game of chess where neither of the sisters could mess up and Danielle was trying to get them to trip up on purpose just so she could escape or find a convenient excuse to defend herself. The smirk wasn't reciprocated as Ashley found it too delicate a situation to be joking around - quite the feat for the otherwise mean spirited witch. Danielle didn't seem to be much of a fan of Jo's response herself, as the older of the three had predicted, gaze minimally intensifying at the prospect of dubious protection. "Work something out?" Danielle wasn't someone to be as blunt as to state that simply wasn't good enough. Instead she opted to indirectly give them an opportunity to fix that little blunder. In an attempt to salvage the situation, Ashley decided to speak up so to assist Jo. "We can do more than that. Since Jo works in the force, I'm sure she can put in a request to cast Ministry-grade protections in the premises. I also befriend roughly half the force, so, I can put in some pressure as well." Not to mention they both knew some people behind the scenes from their rowdier days whom had some potent manners with which to protect themselves, as they had yet not been caught. "I've also been Tallygarunga staff at one point. I can potentially pull some strings from there for the same end. Isn't it the case you feel safer there? It would be the same thing here." Danielle's eyes widened minimally as she spoke - Tallygarunga amounts of protection in such a small space? Was that truly possible? "If all else fails, we can pull a Fidelius charm. I'd rather avoid it, but, that would make for a thorough... camouflage, if you will."
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  13. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    A light twitch of Danielle's ears followed the familiar sound of a friend of hers grumbling something under his breath once a girl she was acquainted with took the step forward to face her Boggart. She was Travis' best friend, wasn't she? The visceral reaction the older Bourke had to the event felt horribly out of place in the Dhampir's point of view, and her eyes discreetly followed him ever since - especially when he made the surprising decision to face off against the creature. Confusion spread across her face as the werewolf did so. Why would he do that? Last she had checked the fact that he was a werewolf was privy only to a few (and it took him several months to even warn her of the fact, even if she had caught on almost immediately). For the school at large to know he was a part of one of the most socially detested races in the planet felt like suicide, and she tensed up as he stepped forth to face his worst fear - it would likely reveal it all. And indeed, it did. While she didn't recognize most faces of the various women that seemed to have fallen victim to his Boggart self, she did see her own - and, in a way, she felt somewhat glad her sister wasn't in the bunch so she wouldn't have to see it. Nevertheless, the vision made her feel uneasy: while her mind was accustomed to such gory sights and her body was wholly prepared and eager to meet them, the memories of war and of seeing her own kin in such states made it so it was a sight she deeply resented. The teenager went back to his seat, and after a few more students having their turn, the class finally came to an end. Danielle felt compelled to reach out to Travis, feeling that her background would make her qualified to talk thing out with him, but she soon detected another Bourke looking at him wishing to do the same; deciding she could just catch him later, the Dhampir exited the classroom without much fanfare, deciding to go get something to eat. Lisa, in the meantime, was packing up her things immediately after the class was over, not wanting to waste a second. Grabbing her satchel and finishing her coffee cup, not much affected by anything else in the classroom past her own Boggart, she aimed to leave until she felt some pressure on her shoulder. "Lunch?" MJ called tentatively. She wasn't too sure of what had been going on with the Sturt, but the least she could do was offer to distract her a little. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned as the older of the two shook her head without missing a beat, seemingly more awake than she had been before. "I have to go wake up your sister. I'll see you before you go home though." With those words, she left MJ behind, whom watched her dumbfounded as she left. With Danielle apparently gone, Lisa leaving as quickly as she could in a mentally perturbed state, and both Ian and Aspen completely out of commission, what was she going to do? 'I guess I can go to Justice...'
  14. Invite A new reality

    Danielle was not entirely comfortable with the idea of being taken in by a Dhampir, much less have Faith under the same roof. Even with all the reassurance and logic pointing to this woman being entirely benevolent in her actions there was still an irritating little voice at the back of the Bourke's mind demanding for her to fight and flee - it was all she had known to life prior to moving to Australia and she had never gone that long without having her own shelter discovered and raided by the enemy. To say the timing of the whole deal was poor was an understatement, as Danielle couldn't have been more on edge. The Londoner was forced to move by motorbike - while she didn't mind the speed and balance, she greatly resented having to hold on to other humanoid for her own safety, having had a bit of trouble coming to terms with certain issues that have been stemming from her distaste of the species. As they parked and she was allowed to finally remove her helmet and hand it over, a mute sigh of relief escaped her lips. Looking over to the house they had arrived to, the girl took a deep breath. 'For Faith.' As they stepped inside, Danielle could practically smell the nerves off of the older Dhampir. She wasn't exactly sure why the woman would be in such a state - for as much as the Bourke hated to admit, Jo was in the position of power at that moment. Another scent got her attention, however, which made Danielle not dwell on the fact too much; that of a human woman, somewhere towards what she assumed to be the kitchen area given the scent of food emanating from her surroundings. She waited in the living room as requested while Jo went onwards to find Ashley. The woman had been sipping a glass of water in the kitchen, and she set the glass down once her sister came into the room. Knowing better than to speak in a low tone because the other Dhampir would hear it - perks of living with one for most of her life -, she instead gave the woman an encouraging nod, and a smile. She felt proud of her sister for taking such a large step in the direction of helping someone in need, let alone someone with the past that those little girls had. As Ashley was escorted into the living room, she spotted the oldest of the two that they were meant to take in. She could read the girl like a book, even if it was something she'd rather not know - everything about her posture indicated immense discomfort with the situation, and knowing Jo's tact, it was likely that Ashley would have to be the one to defuse the situation. "Feel free to sit down." She started, taking a seat upon an armchair herself. Danielle seemed to hesitate before doing the same. "You can call me Ash if you prefer." Perhaps a little familiarity would serve as a means to make the other girl more comfortable with the people present. She could feel the teenager's eyes scanning her, scrutinizing her, but she was so used to that type of look that she didn't outwardly display any sense of unease. "Slow down." She ultimately told her sister as she watched the Bourke's brow furrow while trying to keep up. "I'm sure she'll be able to know everything there is to know in due time, and I feel like a tour of the house is more convenient for that explanation in particular. What's important is to let you know," She continued while shifting her gaze over to Danielle. "That there's more than enough room for both of you in this house. And more importantly, it's safe." Silence followed. How could Danielle be entirely certain that it was safe? "What sort of spells shield this house?" She opted to ask the both of them, as it was a more pressing question in her mind than anything else.
  15. Altered Reality

    There were too many questions in her mind, but Danielle wasn't quite sure of how to verbalize them. It didn't help that Faith wasn't present - it could be that the little girl would have some questioning of her own, yet she had been robbed from the opportunity by the Bourke's request. She'd have to talk to the Whitlam Bilby student at a later point to see how she'd gel with the situation; but, first, Danielle needed to personally ensure it was safe. Eyes widened minimally with surprise - the younger Dhampir didn't expect for Jo to agree to such a milestone so soon. While she did hope for the wait to be short lived, Danielle still expected for some arrangements to have to be made. "Tonight?" She reiterated skeptically. It reinforced the notion that it wasn't an ambush. One would have a set time and date, rather than having her pick the time randomly and possibly having no means with which to inform someone else inconspicuously. "...I suppose I could do that. Classes are done for the day, meaning I'm free." It was a fair compromise. It made her nervous, and she could feel her it in her bones, but it was something that had to be done. She'd just have to keep an eye out for trouble and hope her father's disobeying wand could serve as a lucky charm.
Danielle Princess Estrada
Magic-Proofing Apprentice Sixth Year
16 year old Halfbreed Dhampir She/Her
Age  16
Date of Birth January 31st, 2003
Birthplace London, UK
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation Magic-Proofing Apprentice
Player  Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Dhampir
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Cat
Wand Elm Wood, 9 1/2'', Dragon Bone Core
Play-by Angel Locsin
  • 1st - 5th Year: None
  • 6th Year -¬†Current: Tallygarunga, Bourke House
  • Multiple branches of her sect were being chased down for their past. The remnants of her family are saving the sisters by cutting contact with her completely, so nobody knows they belong to them, despite the species relation;
  • Nobody knows where she's from or where she's been fully, but she does mention she was born in England because of her unmistakable accent if asked;
  • Excellent Occlumens;
  • Has seen a lot of death, but hasn't killed before;
  • Never purchased a wand, and her own was her mother's, passed down to her after the latter's death. Sensing the same strength of heart of its former master, the wand took a liking to her very quickly;
  • Has a second wand that she does not use, and it belonged to her late father: a poplar wand, 12 3/4'' in length, with kelpie bone for a core. It's the only thing she has from him at this point, and she carries it with her just in case;
  • No formal education prior to Tallygarunga whatsoever;
  • Big fan of Quidditch and flying in general, but afraid of putting her name out there;
  • Both sisters were left with a sizable amount of money in newly established bank accounts, so they won't be hurting for cash for a long time;
  • Has no idea what to do with her life;
  • Unregistered Animagus: Bat;
  • Hasn't sucked on a drop of human/halfbreed blood in her life, but is oh so very curious about it (she keeps herself in check with animal blood);
  • Took the deaths of her own parents rather well, having mentally prepared herself to do so from a young age;
  • Avoids public events in the very minimal off chance that one of her pursuers might be in Australia;
  • Is scared of having to eventually run away again, if they're tracked down;
  • The testing she endured to enter Tallygarunga displayed she was well above the requirements to graduate, but it was decided for her to remain in the sixth year as means of offering protection to the sisters, as well as of controlling what a war-tested witch could do in an otherwise 'peaceful' location. Instead, she was told to 'rein it in'. As such, her grades are average at best on purpose;
  • Is horrified of how the violent death of two separate sets of parents will end up shaping her adopted sister;
  • Often cries herself to sleep over fear of not being strong enough to watch over her sister at that age;
  • Restless sleeper, waking up over the smallest of things;
  • Has severe nightmares about her past and her sister very often;
  • Prone to panic attacks when in an actual crowd.
General Knowledge
  • Fluent in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Tagalog¬†and Mandarin;
  • Fairly unremarkable student across the board;
  • Recently taken in by the Estrada family;
  • Semi-addicted to blood-flavored lollipops;
  • Spends a lot of time in the library so to catch up with theory classes;
  • Registered Dhampir;
  • Afraid of crowded places and uncomfortable with large open areas;
  • Has a sister she's protective over, and they both look like they've been through a lot;
  • Experiences discrimination on a daily basis, and just seems plain used to it;
  • Very good with her hands in general;
  • Distaste for anything that can be used to harm someone else;
  • Has a talent for magical items and inventions;
  • Can occasionally be seen with a drawing pad.

Danielle is a deceptively kindhearted and pacifistic Dhampir that mostly keeps to herself out of fear for her sister's life. She seems to have some tolerance to discrimination as she never seems to talk back to people in that regard, sometimes tastefully challenging them instead on their vision.

She is a very stubborn and headstrong individual, convinced that her life gave her the tools to survive most things - at least, regarding herself, as what doesn't kill her makes her stronger. She does have an Achilles heel in the form of her younger adopted sister even if she tries not to let it show.

She doesn't like complaining, nor likes hearing people complaining. This is more out of positivism than submission - she believes that if she turns the other cheek enough, other people will learn to stop what they're doing. Unfortunately, such wasn't the case with her sect. One could say it's the one flair of innocence she has left.

She is nice to people as she doesn't need more wizards against her, and her wording is usually somewhat indirect out of not wanting to be rude. Nevertheless, she does wish to have some sort of connection to someone - a connection ignorant of war, blood, and death. A connection she can cherish without grim memories enshrouding it.

She is by no means an introvert, but is often found indoors tinkering with items or doing mostly solitary activities. This is more out of habit than anything else, as she had very little access to things throughout her short lifetime despite her socialization needs, and would like to branch out somewhat.


Danielle is a bit on the short side, barely scratching the 163 cm mark, and is quite light and slim to go with it. The traditional Dhampir's pale skin is slightly counteracted by her Asian/Hispanic heritage, which serves as a very mild camouflage regarding her own species - although, it's no use, as it's a commonly known fact at this point.

Her hair is wavy and dark brown, often kept at chest level. She occasionally dyes it in a lighter tone, or wears it in a ponytail so it won't get in the way of her tinkering. She has brown eyes and thin lips, and doesn't seem to appreciate makeup to much - mostly because she never learned how to apply it to begin with.

It seems that the only thing she ever wears is her school uniform, even during weekends, despite being able to go out and purchase more clothing if she wished - it's more of a habit than anything, as she's used to live with very little, only used to alter her appearance when necessary (such as dyeing her hair).


Being the target of discrimination rather than friendship more often than not, Danielle can count the number of friends she's gained in her first year in Tallygarunga with one hand. This general hostility has two effects - she shelters herself and is mostly confined to solitary activities, lessening the probability of befriending others, but at the same time she shows nothing but kindness and understanding to those whom approach her (so long as they get through her stoic and careful behavior).


Having no biological family left, for a while she had to rely on the willingness of her sect to take care of her. They ultimately decided to exile her to Australia for her own safety alongside Faith, her sister - Danielle's life's mission has become to ensure the little girl lives out her days peacefully and with no danger awaiting for her just around the corner.

The pair was eventually adopted by Jo Estrada. Despite having a bit of a bias against the Dhampir kind over her own past, Danielle grew to minimally trust her over time and hold her in high regard despite her antics. The same can be said for her new aunt, Ashley Estrada, whom seems to be a bit more apt to deal with people their age than Jo is. Ashley took Danielle under her wing and is presently teaching her the ins and outs of the family business, a magic-proofing service provider.


As of recently, she's not so oblivious as to what (or who) makes her heart beat a little bit faster than it should. It's an odd realm for her, that of attraction and romance, and despite her curiosity it's one she fears partaking in. With relationships usually comes the expectation of intimacy, something she's somewhat averse to for the time being out of her fear of her Dhampiric instincts taking over and proving word of mouth about her kind right. As such, she refuses to make the first move whenever she fancies someone, leaving the other to do the first approach (if at all).


Despite being a pacifist and a kindhearted individual, Danielle has earned more enemies than she would've liked. Given that her Dhampiric nature is common knowledge, it often attracts unwanted attention; and with her tendency to openly challenge such people on their beliefs, things tend to escalate further. Despite her challenging them, she can't exactly blame them for thinking what they do - to an extent, in fact, the bias against Dhampirs is shared.

The story so far

Danielle Estrada (born Ramirez, then Haynes) drew her first breath in London, UK. She was born in a magical shelter to a halfblood Spanish mother, Taya, and a British Dhampir father of Asian descent, William. It was war time - at least, for that particular sect of Dhampir. They were being wiped out due to a blood feud that didn't have much to do with them personally; as the families cannibalized themselves, all there was left to do to the innocent few was to run.

The Ramirez family traveled alongside the Owen couple - Reid and Lily. Despite not being related by anything other than creed and species, they became as close as family in their continuous escape. Both couples, with child in tow, traveled the world - sometimes they'd go to Spain where Taya's family resided, other times they'd go to USA, sometimes they'd go back to UK, other times they traveled through Asia, so on and so forth. Danielle doesn't remember staying in the same place for over six months at a time.

When she was six, the Owen family had a little child of their own, also a Dhampir. Also someone whom needed protection, and needed to learn how to fight the hard way. As travelling with two children became more and more difficult, things began to slow down. This eventually resulted in Lily's untimely death shortly after the child had been born.

The parenting trio eventually decided not to place either child in any formal education system. They didn't want their children's faces to be found out, and them to be chased as well. Instead they all opted to teach them during their travels to the best of their ability - that, coupled with the battles they were forced into on occasion, made sure both witches were capable beyond their years very early on, more than they had any right to be.

After a few years of running, both Taya and Reid followed in Lily's footsteps. It was up to William to adopt the now orphaned child and he loved her as his own, just like he always had before. The sisters became each other's constant as each adult around them sacrificed themselves and dropped like flies, until the point that not even William was left standing.

By a stroke of luck, they were temporarily sheltered by the Chinese side of their sect. Their faces hadn't yet been seen by the enemy, their existences mostly unknown - and now that they had no guardian, perhaps it was time to do what their parents never had the courage to. The sect decided to cast them out completely, relocating them to a far away location under new surnames, and hoped they wouldn't be found.

It's been hard adapting to a mundane lifestyle. Danielle considers herself well adjusted mentally, all things considered - but she can't shake the feeling the enemy is just around the corner. However, for now, she has to carry her sister through a full education. Somehow. She never had such a thing of her own, so she has no idea what the hell she's doing...


Upon her arrival, she immediately befriended one Travis Franklin, a werewolf who bothered to give her the time of day - even if he hadn't imparted the fact, her nose picked up on it fairly quickly. The kindness with which he treated her contributed to the blossoming of a small crush, and they kept indulging each other in conversations and movie days while he taught her about the Muggle world in general. At a point, however, she caught on to the fact he was sleeping with another Tallygarunga student; this broke her heart, although she never held it against him. Moving on over time, they're still good friends.

Her mind was occupied for that time via the approach of one of the Estrada sisters, displaying interest in adopting her and Faith, her little sister. She felt highly suspicious and on edge at the time, as the woman showing that interest was a Dhampir and she had been staying put in Tallygarunga for over six months without anything happening, but she eventually agreed to it all and moved in to the protected Estrada household for the sake of providing a normal life to Faith.

Things seemed to be simmering down but tragedy struck as Travis' mom passed away - sympathizing with the situation, Danielle took it upon herself to go check on the werewolf boy before something can happen. Hopefully she succeeds in being there for him...

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