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    Unknown, Australia
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    VMU Student, Teacher's Aide
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    Andrew Garfield

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    Juniper Wood, 8 1/2'', Centaur Tail Hair Core
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  1. Might've found a nice place already! Here's hoping we won't have to look for much longer :) 

    1. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      That's great. 

  2. Sometimes the breaks feel like they're way too long... I should probably get a second part time job.

  3. "Jester?" Mark repeated, remembering the serpentine fellow that Bella kept in her room. Interacting with him was a double-edged sword - on the one hand, they were good friends, but on the other hand, it was very difficult not to do so while the owner of the snake was in the room. He didn't want her finding out about his gift anytime soon. If he could help it, not ever. "Hm... How about both?" He decided to offer. "There's more than just one page. I'll do one thing at a time and then you'll get to keep them both. How does that sound?" It felt like a fine way to 'celebrate' his birthday, if only for his friend's sake. He gave her a smile prior to reaching to the little gift bag again, taking it with a hand and motioning her to follow. "Good a time as any to get to work, don't you think? Maybe we'll catch him sleeping." Hopefully. It would make for one cute sketch, he thought.
  4. Finally found a second rabbit to adopt! Carl doesn't have to be alone anymore. About time too :) 

    Should I name her Charlotte?

    1. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Oh my god! I can't wait to see her ♥ ♥

  5. As quickly as the hug had been initiated, it had been broken. Mark didn't seem to mind it much at all - in fact, he was rather surprised Bella had done such a thing to begin with, knowing her not to be the most touchy of folks. Despite his general social awkwardness and absurd ignorance of social constructs and intricacies, the man was able to understand and take great value in the little interaction. It made him cherish his friend more, and it made him proud that she'd gone out of her way to do such a thing to begin with. Even if she wasn't looking at him, Mark's lips stretched far and wide in a grin that dwarfed hers. Even if he didn't celebrate his birthday, that moment was the best possible gift he could have gotten, or so he decided. Nobody was taking it away from him, and he'd make sure Bella knew her friendship was deeply treasured. "Good, because you're not gonna." He joked, trying to make things easier on her. "I'm gonna stick to you like glue until you get tired of me. How does that sound?" Mark let out a gentle chuckle before calming himself down, consciously angling his body just a bit away from her so to give her more breathing room. "In all seriousness, though, thank you again. Really. Maybe I should test these supplies out by drawing something for you. Is there anything you'd like done?"
  6. His eyes were greeted by a number of items within the bag. An assortment of art supplies, an eye catching sketchbook; and, as he lightly prodded at and rummaged through the bag, he spotted a pair of yellow and white gold mittens, the color combination all too familiar - it was the same for the Flinders House in Tallygarunga, the same one they both had inhabited during their education in the institution. The sense of familiarity and nostalgia brought a small smile to his face: while it was rare to have a feeling of belonging, it was still the House he spent seven years of his life in. Sometimes he wished he could go back. Mark never had the time to actually retrieve the gifts from their container, however, as Bella spoke up, catching him off guard. His eyes widened slightly with the embrace that followed. For a moment, he didn't know what to say or do; after a few seconds of silence, the man set the bag down on a nearby surface to free his hand and reciprocated the hold, as gentle and loose as he could make it - he didn't want to make his friend uncomfortable, after all. "...Thank you." He said once managing to gather his thoughts, a small smile fitting his lips to let Bella know he was quite happy with the turn of events. "Right back at you, though. You won't get rid of me so easily." He injected a bit of levity into the situation reflexively, trying to cheer the woman up through the emotional exchange.
  7. "For me?" The man repeated, blinking dumbly at the prospect. At that moment Mark didn't make the mental connection as to why Bella would want to give him anything, assuming instead she had cooked something she intended to share - though his nose told him otherwise. Curiosity getting the better of him as always, he opted to smile at his friend, even if she wasn't looking at him directly. "Alright. Thank you." He followed the woman with silent steps, peering inquisitively into the kitchen as soon as it was within sight. It was then that Bella reminded him of the occasion: it was his birthday. He had honestly forgotten about it, given that he wasn't one to celebrate it to begin with: it wasn't actually his birthday, it merely symbolized the day he was found on. Nevertheless his eyes lit up with surprise and contentment and his smile widened at the girl. "Well, thank you again. But, that wasn't necessary, you know?" Nevertheless, he wasn't so rude as to reject the gift. He took it from her hands and carefully pried open the little bag so to peruse whatever was within...
  8. "Hm?" For others, it was Mark's birthday; for himself, it was just another day, and he had taken the time to open his books and study, as per usual. Thursdays were his day off from work, so he had taken the opportunity to come home early and hit the books. With the term's exams looming in on the horizon, he should do his best to be prepared. However, it wasn't exactly meant to be, was it? Not with interruptions. The knock didn't bother him much despite his intentions that day. "Sure, one second." He called back out towards the entryway of his room. Folding the corner of his study tome to ensure he wasn't lost when he got back, he placed the book down on his nightstand and got up to his feet. With a straightened posture, he wandered over to the door to his room, opening it and spotting his friend instantly. "Hey. What do you need?" The student asked with a chipper tone, a polite smile in greeting stretching at his lips in an attempt to make Bella feel at ease - he was quite aware she wasn't the most forthcoming of individuals, after all.
  9. Getting stung by a few Billywigs is always fun! I'm glad I'm not allergic, hahaha.

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    2. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      I hope so. You should be more careful. 

    3. Mark Sandoval

      Mark Sandoval

      C'mon, it's pretty harmless :)

      Though they're pretty hard to notice until you get stung, even for people who know what to look for. But I'll try!

    4. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Just be careful 

  10. Day out gathering supplies in the Bushland. Gotta love nature :)

  11. Mark let Bella take Jester away from him, lightly ducking his head to help with the endeavor. As the snake and his friend left, he breathed out a silent sigh of relief. He really didn't like those situations wherein he was forced to interact with Jester in a way that wouldn't give his gift away. It was quite a difficult thing to accomplish when the animal couldn't understand a word the two were saying, and when he had to be consciously aware not to speak with the creature directly - he usually slipped into Parseltongue without realizing it. But the looming danger was over, and he was free to start a proper meal without his little secret coming out. While by himself, he decided to whip up a meal. He chose to make a vegan wrap - something that wouldn't knock their health too much, while being easy to grab and consume while they occupied themselves with watching TV and discussing whatever came to mind. Plus, after watching Jester's mouth unhinge and swallow a mouse whole, he couldn't say he had much of an appetite for meat at the moment. "How about a smoked tofu, red pepper and avocado wrap for each of us?" He suggested as Bella returned, his magic having already done a substantial portion of the work.
  12. "I'd prefer it if he did." Mark replied with an amused smile at his friend before his attention being drawn by the snake. He let it climb his arm and coil around his shoulders, unafraid of what could potentially happen should Jester ever turn against him. As the snake spoke to him, it received a small rub on the top of its head as indirect acknowledgement that the student understood every word. "Let's feed our friend first, shall we?" He spoke aloud to Bella while turning to the refrigerator again, opening the freezer compartment. He retrieved a small container that he saw contained small frozen rodents, closed the door and placed it atop the kitchen counter. Opening the container, he then retrieved a platter to place an appropriate amount of food upon it before placing the remaining supply in the freezer. "Here we go..." He muttered to himself as he retrieved his wand, casting a spell to speed up the thawing process of the mice. Within seconds, it was ready for Jester's consumption.
  13. Mark finished eating the cookie while Bella spoke, and rubbed his hands on either side of his pants to get rid of the crumbs left behind. It was a good thing that he needed to wash them anyway. With a nod, the quickly made his way across the living room, to the open kitchen area. He opened the fridge the old fashioned way to inspect its contents as he was warned about Jester. "Hm?" He turned to see the snake making its way towards him. Closing the fridge so not to waste electricity, he crouched down and held an arm out for the creature to climb. He didn't speak to it, but his eyes were fixated on it, as if expecting to hear something other people wouldn't. He was never much of a fan of one-sided conversations, but the least he could do for his reptilian friend was listen.
  14. Mark didn't seem too bothered by his friend's stuttering; in fact, he was used to it. Instead, he just smiled at Bella as she spoke. "Alright, don't mind if I do then." Reaching for a cookie, he caught it between his teeth before moving to get back up to a standing position. After a bite, he nodded towards her while covering his mouth as he chewed. "Mm, delicious. Thanks." When he was done with that bite, he waved her off. "It's okay though, I'll handle it, just let me know what you want. Instead, I'll put you in charge of checking if there's anything interesting on TV. You're gonna take a break from writing now." He didn't want her working while the two were relaxing, at least. "What do you say, sounds fair?" Cooking would be a cinch anyway. "Oh, and let me know if Jester wants something while I'm at it." He couldn't ask the creature directly - Parseltongue was quite distinguishable from human speech. It was quite unfortunate that he couldn't communicate with the snake when Bella was around.
  15. "Out on a Sunday? I see. I guess everyone must be working hard." Mark couldn't help but smile a little with pride. He wasn't particularly close with their fellow apartment sharers either, but that didn't mean he didn't wish them the best. Seeing as he didn't have to leave to buy groceries, he decided to take off his light jacket. The Summer was coming to an end, and with it, the intensely warm weather. "I can cook up something for us if you want. What would you like?" He spoke as he walked across the main room of the house, headed to his own bedroom. Opening the door, he chucked his jacket over to his bed and kicked his shoes off before making his way back outside. It was then that he went to Bella, taking support on an arm rest while leaning his hand over to Jester's head, unafraid to rub the top of it - as if he didn't expect the danger to be bitten at all. "I'll take a cookie though, if that's okay. Didn't eat much in the morning. Though does that count on cheating lunch at this hour...?"
Mark Andrew Sandoval
VMU Student, Teacher's Aide 0
22* year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age:  22*
Date of Birth: March 21st, 1997
Birthplace: Unknown, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: VMU Student, Teacher's Aide
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: He/Him
Patronus: Cricket
Wand: Juniper Wood, 8 1/2'', Centaur Tail Hair Core
Play-by: Andrew Garfield
  • Prep to 5th Grade - Whitlam Bilby
  • 1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Magizoology Degree - VMU
  • Herbology Degree - VMU (Current, First Year)
  • His ancestry is unknown even to him, so nobody can pinpoint his blood status with accuracy;
  • Has never been intimate in any way with anyone before;
  • Parselmouth;
  • Afraid to leave Narrie/Melbourne behind;
  • Struggles financially quite a bit;
  • Wishes to feel grounded, and to have a truly unbreakable bond with someone of any kind.
General Knowledge
  • Registered Animagus: Tiger Snake;
  • Orphan;
  • Seems to sometimes lack common sense;
  • Considered for Auror training, but had no interest;
  • Keeps to himself and seems to be in his own little world most of the time;
  • Draws really well;
  • Knows a bit too much about fauna and flora.

Mark is, first and foremost, someone with a deeply peaceful and gentle mindset. He enjoys nature and serenity, doesn't know the meaning to the word 'confrontation', and takes the time to find the inner beauty in all things. He has a fondness for drawing things as he sees them in his sketchbook, regardless of what they are - from blades of grass to Muggle lawnmowers - and strives to make them look beautiful in his own definition of the word.

He can be seen as quite quirky, as his attention is easily caught by a variety of things - he can't sit still for too long, various outer stimuli striking his fancy, and as such he needs to investigate them. A curious person by nature, this makes it so he knows a whole lot about not much at all, and he's a treasure trove of useless trivia. It's commonly said that, even if he doesn't know what the hell is doing, he knows a thing or two about the activity that most others present don't.

The man is quite naive, having been brought up in an environment where everyone cared for him - he's very permissive of other people's faults, sometimes to his own detriment. He doesn't seem to care about where people came from or what they did in the past, opting to judge them on their actions rather than hearsay. He feels like he's compelled to do so due to his own social awkwardness - the more permissive he is, the more permissive others will be of him, hopefully.

While not wishing any harm upon anyone, he can certainly stand up for himself and others. He can't stand prejudiced people, and will actively become a roadblock for them should he spot them. If it means drawing out his wand, then so be it.

He actually rather enjoys social gatherings, despite his awkwardness - he enjoys to watch people talk and see how to behave around each other, both due to simple curiosity and to know how to improve his own mannerisms. He also finds humans (and fellow sentient beings) fascinating creatures, and wishes to know more about them in general - sometimes, this curiosity can be perceived as a bit creepy.


Mark was always a bit tall for his age, eventually capping off at 179 cm. He isn't particularly buff, actually going more towards the skinny side of the spectrum, and can be described as slender. He has a somewhat pronounced Adam's apple and keeps a light scruff beard on most of the time out of self consciousness of it.

His hair is forever unkempt and dark brown in color, just like his eyes. His expression is relaxed and inviting most of the time despite him not having many friends, and he seems to always have a well mannered disposition regardless of who approaches him.

He wears mostly neutral/dark colors, not caring to draw attention to himself and preferring to enjoy the beauty in the world instead. That's not to say he doesn't have a fashion sense, of course, and he makes sure to never be under-dressed for a given occasion.


Nobody knows where he was born or where he came from - as a small toddler, he was found at the doorstep of an orphanage in Melbourne, and that's the earliest memory he possesses. He only possessed his first name and the clothes on his body. Taken in by the caring staff, he grew up among the other orphans with no worry of not knowing his original parents. As such, his middle and last names were given to him by the orphanage, and his birth date is referring to the day that he was found.

He was never adopted, but he soon displayed magical capabilities. He was sent to Whitlam Bilby and Tallygarunga as the years progressed - instead of returning to the orphanage during breaks, he just lived in these institutions despite being under the legal guardianship of the government. He took to the situation like fish to water, as he was all too used to having no place to call his own.

Given his delicate situation he was always very well protected by those whom looked after him. It made him feel like his true parents were the staff from school, no matter how many they were; Tallygarunga was his family, and it helped giving him a sense of stability. When his parseltongue ability surfaced, however, in fear of it being traced to someone he didn't know, he decided not to reveal it so not to be uprooted from those he did deem his family.

As he graduated, he went on to VMU to study magizoology. Not being too ready to leave the area he's grown so fond of, however, he decided to take on a second degree as his current one is about to end - herbology. Could it be he does struggle with loneliness on an unconscious level?

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