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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

Mark Sandoval

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    Andrew Garfield

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    Juniper Wood, 8 1/2'', Centaur Tail Hair Core
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  1. Saturate

    Despite the occasional cough escaping Mark no matter how hard he tried to push it down, he felt like he was doing much better than he had been just a minute before. His nose sniffled as a droplet of water dripped down its tip and onto the ground reflexively and he figured it was high time he got rid of his impromptu, out of season Halloween costume. He started with the foliage covering his head, bending it over and bringing his hands to his hair so to wrangle all the algae free from his person and down to the creek. When he looked back up at Keirana, his face was free of it, past the occasional spots of moss and the water that seemed to perpetually drip downwards from his hair. The chill of the late afternoon bit at his skin, the feeling exacerbated by the water, making him somewhat uncomfortable. "Don't think I swallowed anything." He shook his head quickly. Fortunately, he'd managed to spit everything out in his earlier questionable fight against what was covering him and impeding him from speaking. "But, yeah. I was! Let's see..." Digging through the seaweed covering his torso, it took some seconds for him to find what he was looking for - a water & magic proof Muggle camera dangling from his neck. Once pushing it past the vegetation, he flipped the camera around so Keirana could look at the little screen. Turning it on, he proceeded to flip through a few pictures of a rather impressive group of Plimpies going about their day in the depths of the creek. Given the low visibility underwater, Mark had to get up close to take them. From the pictures, it was quite obvious where he had collected so many algae on complete accident. "Maybe I should bring a better knife next time... I wanted some pictures of Plimpies for some reference material. I just wasn't counting on them being so deep into the algae... My bad." An awkward chuckle came from him. He was fairly sure that, if any of his flatmates had been there, they'd already had slapped him upside the head and called him an idiot.
  2. Saturate

    Water splashed around haphazardly as Mark struggled to at least get some of the freshwater algae off his face. He managed to grip a handful of them, directly in front of his own mouth, and rip them away forcefully. As the vegetation was thrown away, the lower part of his face was uncovered for the most part, various droplets of water rushing down his skin and dripping down as Keira helped him up with surprising strength. He hadn't expected to be helped up with such force, nearly losing his balance again once he was brought back to his feet, but at least that time he managed to hold his own. He lowered himself down to a knee so to have less trouble not falling and let his cough run his course as the woman spoke, actually making heads and tails of her words that time - a changeling? Turning his head to watch the several strands of algae he had ripped out of his face be washed down the creek, he then realized he was covered from head to toe with them. 'Oh, dear.' "H-Human!" He coughed out, then clearing his throat as he regained his breath. His lungs were on fire from the earlier choking and coughing fit, but to his credit, he managed to hang in there at that moment. "Not a changeling. Human! See?" Taking a hand to his face, he slid it under the algae that were cut halfway down it and pushed it all up, revealing his nose and eyes in the process. His brows furrowed, however, and he looked down at the water rushing past his bare feet. "...At least, I hope I am...?" To go with the Parseltongue gift he had, suddenly finding out he was of a different species altogether would be quite troublesome, wouldn't it? "...A-Anyway, those are mine, actually..." He spoke after shaking his head to bring himself back into attention, looking up at the woman who had just helped him out with his predicament.
  3. A Long Way Down

    Mark Sandoval
    For as much as Mark had deserved it, it wasn't a fun time to have gotten chewed out by Natasha the day before over disappearing without a trace when he should have come home for dinner. He worried her, Bella, Cole, and everyone whom had bothered to go through QuillBook at the time. Everyone was used to him turning up at random hours at home, yet it had been another thing entirely that he promised to make it at a certain hour and didn't; it was a wake up call. He had responsibilities. He shouldn't live as if he were alone in the world, because he wasn't. That alone brought a smile to his face. Yet, it was another day, and with that day came another adventure. His place of choice was the Murrigal Bushland, as usual - it was borderline criminal that he hadn't explored the area that much at all during his Tallygarunga days and his recent move to Narragyambie resuscitated his love for the area. He had promised he'd make it home for dinner that day as well, but at least it was a promise he actually intended to keep. He would Apparate if necessary as he brought no hiking equipment with him whatsoever, as it wasn't his goal at all. The man's feet dragged him all the way to Korrowi Creek, another place where he had gotten into trouble recently. At least, in his mind, he wasn't about to do something that could be misconstrued (or so he hoped). Strolling along the creek's shore for what felt like hours, he eventually came upon a waterfall section of it. Stepping towards the cliff, he peeked down past the edge at the ground and water below, which had various rocks protruding from the ground, guaranteeing a painful death if the impact didn't do him in. 'That's a long way down, isn't it?' Mark's eyes flicked upwards to the area in front of him. The view was breathtaking, even if the sunlight struggled to breach the thick foliage above the stream. Deciding it would be an excellent location to get his drawing fix from, the VMU student sat down on the damp grass, not minding much at all as his pants became progressively humid; with his legs dangling off the end of the cliff, he retrieved his drawing pad and a pencil and started sketching the amazing view before him, quickly losing track of time...
  4. Unexplored

    The weekend marked an optimal time for a hike through areas of the Murrigal Bushland Mark was yet to uncover. The temperatures were soaring (and they were expected to hit a balmy 30 ºC the upcoming week, no less), making it so he could finally wear a t-shirt without being far too cold, yet it not being hot enough for him to melt with the sheer sweat coming out of his pores after five minutes of walking. He didn't bother taking a whole lot of equipment with him at all, aiming to be back home by dinner time. Of course, he wasn't counting on getting lost. It was the consequence of walking through a mostly unknown area without some sort of map to aid him, not that he think there was anything of the sort to begin with. As far as he was concerned, it was uncharted land. The man could very easily Apparate out of the area, of course, but curiosity got the best of him and he proceeded through the new area like a kid in a candy store. As the sun set, he found a cliff formation with a cavern digging into it. He decided to set up 'camp' (if one could call it that), using magic to make himself a fire as he sat under the ceiling of the cavern, warming up his hands. He didn't have much in the way of food past a few energy bars but didn't feel awfully hungry just yet. He limited himself to enjoy the warmth of the fire and looking out to the stars, not having a hint of concern for his current state; the same likely couldn't be said for his house mates as they tried calling him, only to be told his number is out of service due to a lack of reception...
  5. Saturate

    "Wuh?" Came the unintelligible sound from the 'creature' as it heard heard a hostile sounding voice directed at it. The head moved as if it was looking up to meet its foe, eyes mostly invisible through the thick layer of algae covering it; yet, a hint of brown irises were able to peer past the few gaps between the seaweed strips to look at the assailant. It was a woman he could hardly make out at all, but something did focus his attention - the branch that was broken in half, with each being held up much like a sword or a club. A few more garbled sounds escaped Mark as he tried to establish he was no foe, the vegetation keeping him from speaking clearly. All hell broke loose as the algae slipped into his mouth instead as he kept trying, causing him to choke and sputter it out while gripping his collarbone with a hand. He wound up falling to one knee, taking support with the other hand so not to fall flat on his face. It took him a few seconds but he forced himself up instead through the choking - his purpose was to raise a hand and shake it at her to more physically signal he was friendly, though it had an unfortunate effect as another stronger coughing fit erupted: he lost his balance and tripped backwards, falling back first on the creek he had just come out off. The creature lay there, flailing and defeated, without much of a challenge...
  6. Saturate

    Mark Sandoval
    Moving back to Narragyambie was possibly one of the better decisions Mark had made in his life. He could have travelled back and forth easily with the help of Apparition but the convenience of proximity put things in perspective - now he was far more likely to explore the bushland than he had been in the past, and lately he had gone nearly every day to the area. At that point, he could argue he knew every nook and cranny of it much like he knew the back of his hand. That late afternoon was one such day. He had decided to do some underwater exploration and brought along with him a backpack, headed to Korrowi Creek. He had initially considered doing so over at the Narrie Lakes, but given how they're frequently visited by Muggles Mark quickly realized it was a bad idea. As he reached the shore of the creek, he put his bag down and proceeded to strip down to his boxer shorts. "Chilly..." The man muttered under his breath as he rubbed his hands on his bare arms in an attempt to temporarily warm them up. He proceeded to retrieve a wetsuit from his very much full bag, quickly slipping into it and zipping it up. Once properly insulated, the man retrieved a camera with a large strap, placing it around his neck; after an easy enchantment, it became fully water proof. Finally, he retrieved a small portion of slimy Gillyweed which he quickly gobbled up. Leaving his belongings out in the open, the man quickly dove in to accomplish the daunting task of taking a picture of a group of Plimpies so he could draw them later on. It didn't take him too long to get it done, although it was a bit of a kerfuffle - when he finally managed to resurface (just in time for his Gillyweed's effects to run out, no less) the man was absolutely covered from head to toe in freshwater algae. He didn't seem to mind his new decorations as he re-approached the shore, the recently set moon's light menacingly shining upon the plants, inadvertently making him look like some sort of beast climbing out of the creek...
  7. That's twice in a month that the Ministry came knocking. Is there a shortage of Aurors...?

  8. I've had this one Clabbert chase me around all day ever since I stepped foot into the bush to search for supplies. I think he wants to adopt me.

    1. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      You can bring him home if you want. I don't mind 😊  Not sure @Natasha Robertsand @Cole Lin

    2. Natasha Roberts

      Natasha Roberts

      @Bella MayfieldAny more animals and this place will start looking like a zoo...

      We should focus on leaving this place in one piece, since it's a rental.

    3. Mark Sandoval

      Mark Sandoval

      @Bella MayfieldI know your heart is in the right place, but I don't think it's a good idea to remove a wild animal from their natural habitat.

  9. I wish the Ministry knew how to take a 'no' for an answer...

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      'No' is a word I think they want to remove from the dictionaries of the world. 

  10. Ashwinder infestations aren't very fun to deal with, but credit where it's due, they're fascinating.

  11. Came home to @Natasha Robertssnoozing on the couch with Carl pawing at her face. It was adorable! Though now I don't think I should wake her up... I don't think which one would be the most upset at me.

  12. Classes are hurting a bit nowadays with all the moving... Got a lot to catch up on.

    1. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      If you need a quiet studying buddy, I like to study with some silent company ☺️

    2. Mark Sandoval

      Mark Sandoval

      Yes, please :)

  13. I wish the temperature would go up just a little bit for a nice camping trip. Narrie is perfect for it, but right now it's just too humid.

  14. Took my time settling down here. I forgot how much I missed Narrie, to be honest. I really like this town.

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    2. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      This place is really nice. Far more welcoming than Melbourne ever was. The lake is still amazing. 

    3. Mark Sandoval

      Mark Sandoval

      We should go fishing sometime :) 

    4. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Spring is just around the corner too, we can do it then. 

  15. Might've found a nice place already! Here's hoping we won't have to look for much longer :) 

    1. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      That's great. 

Mark Andrew Sandoval
VMU Student, Teacher's Aide 0
22* year old Halfblood Human He/Him
Age  22*
Date of Birth March 21st, 1997
Birthplace Unknown, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation VMU Student, Teacher's Aide
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns He/Him
Patronus Cricket
Wand Juniper Wood, 8 1/2'', Centaur Tail Hair Core
Play-by Andrew Garfield
  • Prep to 5th Grade - Whitlam Bilby
  • 1st to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • Magizoology Degree - VMU
  • Herbology Degree - VMU (Current, First Year)
  • His ancestry is unknown even to him, so nobody can pinpoint his blood status with accuracy;
  • Has never been intimate in any way with anyone before;
  • Parselmouth;
  • Afraid to leave Narrie/Melbourne behind;
  • Struggles financially quite a bit;
  • Wishes to feel grounded, and to have a truly unbreakable bond with someone of any kind.
General Knowledge
  • Registered Animagus: Tiger Snake;
  • Orphan;
  • Seems to sometimes lack common sense;
  • Considered for Auror training, but had no interest;
  • Keeps to himself and seems to be in his own little world most of the time;
  • Draws really well;
  • Knows a bit too much about fauna and flora.

Mark is, first and foremost, someone with a deeply peaceful and gentle mindset. He enjoys nature and serenity, doesn't know the meaning to the word 'confrontation', and takes the time to find the inner beauty in all things. He has a fondness for drawing things as he sees them in his sketchbook, regardless of what they are - from blades of grass to Muggle lawnmowers - and strives to make them look beautiful in his own definition of the word.

He can be seen as quite quirky, as his attention is easily caught by a variety of things - he can't sit still for too long, various outer stimuli striking his fancy, and as such he needs to investigate them. A curious person by nature, this makes it so he knows a whole lot about not much at all, and he's a treasure trove of useless trivia. It's commonly said that, even if he doesn't know what the hell is doing, he knows a thing or two about the activity that most others present don't.

The man is quite naive, having been brought up in an environment where everyone cared for him - he's very permissive of other people's faults, sometimes to his own detriment. He doesn't seem to care about where people came from or what they did in the past, opting to judge them on their actions rather than hearsay. He feels like he's compelled to do so due to his own social awkwardness - the more permissive he is, the more permissive others will be of him, hopefully.

While not wishing any harm upon anyone, he can certainly stand up for himself and others. He can't stand prejudiced people, and will actively become a roadblock for them should he spot them. If it means drawing out his wand, then so be it.

He actually rather enjoys social gatherings, despite his awkwardness - he enjoys to watch people talk and see how to behave around each other, both due to simple curiosity and to know how to improve his own mannerisms. He also finds humans (and fellow sentient beings) fascinating creatures, and wishes to know more about them in general - sometimes, this curiosity can be perceived as a bit creepy.


Mark was always a bit tall for his age, eventually capping off at 179 cm. He isn't particularly buff, actually going more towards the skinny side of the spectrum, and can be described as slender. He has a somewhat pronounced Adam's apple and keeps a light scruff beard on most of the time out of self consciousness of it.

His hair is forever unkempt and dark brown in color, just like his eyes. His expression is relaxed and inviting most of the time despite him not having many friends, and he seems to always have a well mannered disposition regardless of who approaches him.

He wears mostly neutral/dark colors, not caring to draw attention to himself and preferring to enjoy the beauty in the world instead. That's not to say he doesn't have a fashion sense, of course, and he makes sure to never be under-dressed for a given occasion.


Mark's never had a whole lot of these with his odd antics, but those he's managed to secure know better than to judge him and are aware of how loyal he is as a friend; however, due to how he is, it's likely that these few friends are from all walks of life rather than being limited by social circles around him. Young, and old, and anything in between, Mark is always friendly to people and enjoys seeing life perspectives from all sides.


Being an orphan whom was never adopted, he has no family - that he knows of, that is. It remains to be seen how he would react if he were to ever encounter someone with whom he shares a blood relation, though for the time being he consciously avoids figuring out his true heritage.


Mark has no experience in this field, and one could argue he's extraordinarily picky - even with the weirdness that's associated with him, he's had a couple admirers in the past whom he's rejected. It remains a mystery as to what makes this man tick when it comes to romance, and he doesn't seem awfully interested in flings and one night stands either.


It's not uncommon for Mark to rub people off the wrong way. Awkward and intensely curious, it makes for a destructive combination and people often rule him out as 'that one weirdo'. He doesn't mind his reputation much at all; in actuality that only feeds his curiosity as he wishes to know what makes people think and act the way they do, but he rarely holds anything against them over it, if ever.

The story so far

Nobody knows where he was born or where he came from - as a small toddler, he was found at the doorstep of an orphanage in Melbourne, and that's the earliest memory he possesses. He only possessed his first name and the clothes on his body. Taken in by the caring staff, he grew up among the other orphans with no worry of not knowing his original parents. As such, his middle and last names were given to him by the orphanage, and his birth date is referring to the day that he was found.

He was never adopted, but he soon displayed magical capabilities. He was sent to Whitlam Bilby and Tallygarunga as the years progressed - instead of returning to the orphanage during breaks, he just lived in these institutions despite being under the legal guardianship of the government. He took to the situation like fish to water, as he was all too used to having no place to call his own.

Given his delicate situation he was always very well protected by those whom looked after him. It made him feel like his true parents were the staff from school, no matter how many they were; Tallygarunga was his family, and it helped giving him a sense of stability. When his parseltongue ability surfaced, however, in fear of it being traced to someone he didn't know, he decided not to reveal it so not to be uprooted from those he did deem his family.

As he graduated, he went on to VMU to study magizoology. Not being too ready to leave the area he's grown so fond of, however, he decided to take on a second degree as his current one is about to end - herbology. Could it be he does struggle with loneliness on an unconscious level?


As he enrolled in Herbology, a few things started to happen in his life that shifted his focus from it partially. Firstly, his long time friend and fellow apartment sharer, Bella Mayfield, decided to adopt a couple of bunnies alongside him - Charlotte and Carl - on top of the snake she already possessed; not wanting to have the apartment turn into a zoo, the landlord told them they should either get rid of the pets or leave. The pair ultimately opted to leave.

After a rather rushed search, they joined forces with Cole Lin and Natasha Roberts and returned to Narragyambie, renting out a considerably bigger apartment in the small town. Being in that small town made Mark very comfortable with where his life is at, and in a way, he started hoping things wouldn't change much further anytime soon.

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