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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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    Sonakshi Sinha

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  1. Invite Company So Fowl

    Robin's words rang true. If she hadn't spoken of the fact she was of Fae descent, Natasha would never have guessed it. Her eyes widened mildly with that realization. If they could blend in so well, could it be that one of her parents lied to her face, as well as to her siblings'? She couldn't help think that could be over some sort of need to provide protection. Halfbreeds weren't welcomed anywhere despite the positive shift in public opinion, and so unregistered people of such natures were still commonplace. Could it be either her mother or her father fell under such a category? Yet, she couldn't feel the flow of magic like Robin did. 'Maybe... it's very diluted with me...?' Adoption was a valid option as well. The redhead was correct. There were so many possibilities, and they were causing such a mess in her mind that she hadn't caught on to the fact she ultimately chose to believe the woman sitting before her. Mark had brought the same thing in the past but he couldn't speak much of it, being entirely human himself. Robin, however, was different. She knew things that could burst open a dam in Natasha that she didn't even know existed. Her hunger was lost to the subject. She pushed the plate away just enough to be able to prop an elbow on the table, resting her forehead upon the respective palm. She felt like her brain was frying with all the information and possibilities - it was a simple detail that completely altered what she knew about herself, and colored every strange memory she'd had up to that point. Though, at least, her hostility towards the redhead had decreased exponentially. "Talking to my parents about it isn't really an option nowadays..." She commented, eyes cast downwards as she found herself at a complete loss of what to do or think.
  2. Invite Company So Fowl

    Denial over the chance that someone of such a heritage was in her family tree completely took over Natasha as she shook her head while Robin continued to press the subject. She looked down at her drink while her eyes squinted, trying to wrap her mind around the matter and failing spectacularly every time. It made no sense. There was no connection in her family that she could think of to link them to Fae on either side, nor to anything else for that matter. "...My father's a Muggle, so he can't be it." She replied, even if he was the one whose past was far more nebulous. "And my brother's a squib. That leaves my mother, she's a halfblood, but... It really doesn't make any sense in her case either..." And if she were to bring the subject up, she would likely get slapped for even doubting the woman. What could she possibly do? It then occurred to her that it could be that herself and Sebastian didn't share the same parent. Though, given that their mother was white and their father Indian, and the siblings were both half-Indian, the hypothetical man who sired her would have to be of the same ethnicity. Could that be why her father so willingly parted with her after the messy divorce? She could feel herself growing paler with the notion to the point she felt somewhat sick. Was that why she couldn't approach him no matter how hard she tried? "...Do you know anything about established Fae in the state?" Natasha finally folded to that ridiculous idea. She couldn't stick to Narragyambie. Her mother didn't, after all. For all Natasha knew, she could've gotten pregnant during a work trip to Melbourne. "Maybe in the Registry..."
  3. Invite Company So Fowl

    Like her, but not? Before Natasha could question Robin about what she meant, the redhead had cast a disillusionment spell upon their very conversation to keep Muggles' ears out of it all. Even if that had been benign and the smart thing to do, it made Natasha nervous. They were actually about to talk about that which had plagued the baker all her life. Her eyes were trained on the woman the whole time, almost too afraid to look away for fear of any possible answers vanishing before her eyes. An ear twitched as Robin muttered a specific word. Fae. Just like that, Natasha's spirits were shot dead, and then pelted some more by the bullets. Mark had come to her before with the same theory: Fae could often speak to animals, and so it would make sense if Natasha was a descendant, but that didn't make any sense in itself. It was impossible for her to be one. Even with Robin claiming she could feel the Fae magic around her (and outing herself as one, consequently), the former Flinders was having a hard time recognizing such a thing as something within the realm of possibility. "I think you're mistaken..." She shook her head. "I'm human. Unless someone put something on me when I was little, I can't really explain anything Fae on me... That shouldn't be the case." Had someone done something to her that her parents never told her about? Merlin forbid she was kidnapped by halfbreeds in her youth and didn't recall. That was the only explanation Natasha could think of, otherwise it didn't make much sense in her head at all.
  4. Invite Company So Fowl

    Natasha's eyes widened momentarily in shock, and then squinted in confusion. Robin was deaf? How had she been able to talk so seamlessly with her in the first place, or even be able to tell Natasha had, indeed, been talking to the birds rather than some random passerby? It caught the baker entirely off guard, and it was then she realized she wasn't talking to somebody she should take lightly. She had already come to the conclusion Robin wasn't normal, effectively, and was likely some sort of witch, but things were slowly shifting into perspective and she felt like she was talking to someone who knew of Natasha's little problem inside and out. Perhaps she had the exact same issue. 'That can't be. Unless she's a Fae, that's unlikely... Even Mark can only talk to snakes.' Her jaw tightened and she was fairly positive her heart was about to beat out of her chest with the realization as she could hear it thump in her own ears. Robin had disarmed her, even if that hadn't necessarily been her intention. Despite the tension of the situation, the former Flinders felt a certain sense of curiosity well up within her - she had never caught a glimpse of what her own condition was in a book, and perhaps this mildly unpleasant individual could help her in figuring out how in the name of Merlin that curse came to be. "...So, you're like me." She wound up muttering to herself, eyes cast down onto her food briefly. The curiosity bubbling up inside was so powerful she completely ignored the remark pertaining Muggles. "...What can you tell me?" It seemed that she had been pacified as she looked up at the redhead once more, hoping to read into anything that might give a clue of what the situation entailed in any way.
  5. Invite Company So Fowl

    Natasha's jaw tightened as Robin went on, frustration mounting with the realization that there was no way out of the situation. Despite remaining composed to the best of her ability in public, the displeasure of the situation was very visible with the intense glance she gave the Spencer graduate as she struggled not to lash out. 'Of course a good day turns into a bad day. Next time I'm just going straight home...' "You speak as if you hear things yourself." She countered. By then she realized this person very likely did, but the teen was ever so careful to word things to make Robin sound as if she was very much off her rocker. She didn't want a full blown conflict with the woman, something she felt like she was teetering on the edge of, and it felt like she had been pushed into the verbal equivalent of chess out of nowhere. 'I'm suddenly not hungry anymore.' "I guess I'll try again. If you don't want help, then, what do you want from me?" Any pretense of niceness had evaporated even if she wasn't openly arguing with the woman. 'Even Melbourne sounds more pleasant than whatever the hell is going on right now...'
  6. Invite Company So Fowl

    An involuntary eyebrow twitch followed Robin's emphasis on the matter of birds. Natasha's lie hadn't saved her in the least. If anything it only seemed to motivate the redhead to pressure the subject further and further to a comical degree, and at that point there was no escape to be had short of Apparating out of the area - something that wasn't very doable given the Muggles roaming the streets, and the fact that her nerves were so great they'd likely interfere with her concentration and wind up getting the baker splinched. It was then that something crossed her mind - if Robin could tell that Natasha had been speaking to an animal, perhaps it could be that she'd heard them too. She was playing dumb but Natasha wasn't stupid by any stretch of the imagination, being able to infer it was no more than a joke based on the woman's expression. It was likely that Robin just wanted to push her buttons or to make a fool out of her, or worse. She suddenly found that she was not fond of this stranger. "I don't know what you're talking about." She decided to stay her ground, going on the defensive. The smile wasn't at all reciprocated; in fact, Natasha looked quite bothered. She had given Robin a polite request to end the conversation and it hadn't worked, and as a result she felt like she didn't have to be nice either. "Is there anything I can help you with?"
  7. Invite Company So Fowl

    "W-What?" Natasha blanched the moment she was approached - that girl had heard her?! 'Oh, this is bad, this is so bad...' The baker swallowed dryly as the redhead approached her table. How was she going to talk herself out of that one? Lie through her teeth? Such was her concern with it that she hadn't even caught on to the implication that Robin had, indeed, understood their exchange - she was just like Natasha, whom was too panicky to notice. "Sorry about that, I guess there's just a lot in my mind." She opted to lie, forcing a smile. 'Dear Merlin, what if she's a Muggle? That's even worse!' She didn't understand why the woman was bent on introducing herself, though. Deep in the pit of her stomach Natasha felt a knot tying, prelude for bad things to come surely as she watched Robin with a mix of curiosity and fear. "...You too." She ultimately spoke with a nod, gripping the arm of the chair a bit too tightly for comfort for the sake of getting a grip. Pessimism started to mount the closer the woman got. "I'm Natasha." She spoke after clearing her throat. Looking out to the street for a split second, she noticed the birds weren't even seen in the horizon anymore, such was their urgency in escaping the situation. 'Good, and stay away, please...'
  8. Invite Company So Fowl

    It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon in Narragyambie when Natasha had finally been let go from her shift at The Sweet Tooth bakery. It was a bit earlier than she was used to, but it was because she took over a fellow baker's second half of a shift the other day. It was time for that favor to be repaid and the quarter Fae allowed herself to roam the town, not wanting to go home just yet - she'd probably be the one to cook dinner for the whole crew but she wanted to have some time for herself before being handcuffed to the kitchen for the rest of the day. Her feet wound up taking her to a simple café down Tallygarunga road. Why not get something to please her stomach before she hit the shopping district and blew through her savings? Blake Stewart would have a stroke even thinking that she'd give business to another establishment but she didn't intend to have her boss know anyway. Taking the opportunity that it wasn't raining nor it was awfully windy the baker took her order to the tables outside, sitting by herself and leaning back on her chair while she used a coffee spoon to stir her beverage. 'This town's upside down lately. Sad.' 'I don't really care, I just wish these folks would drop more crumbs.' Natasha's ear twitched mildly as those words reached her ears - not as English-spoken words, or any other language, but rather as animal sounds her brain interpreted. She fidgeted uncomfortably, hating it when it happened. Hopefully she could just ignore it, finish her meal and leave as quickly as possible. 'Check that one out. That's a cake if I've ever seen one.' 'She should just drop half. Considering to go peck at it, honestly. She looks like she shouldn't even be eating any of that anyway.' "What did you say?!" Natasha suddenly snapped at the two pigeons not too far away from her, locking eyes with the pair. A few seconds went by with complete silence, Natasha glaring at them, before the two little birds freaked. 'SHOOT! SHE CAN HEAR US!' 'GET AWAY, GET AWAY!' The birds stumbled away a few steps before spreading their wings and flying off. As Natasha's anger simmered down, she came to realize she had spoken to birds in public; hoping to all that was holy that nobody had heard her in that bustling street, she could feel herself sink into her seat nonetheless. 'Please just blow over, please just blow over...'
  9. Dueling Club - 2019 Roster

    STAFF Overseer/Teacher - Natasha Roberts SPENCER Captain: ??? Team: Caleb Danvers [INACTIVE] FLINDERS Captain: ??? Team: Ian Travers MJ Clarke BOURKE Captain: ??? Team: Seonyeon Oh STURT Captain: Lisa Knotley Team: Colette Auclair Kairi Taylor Lisa Knotley [NOTE: There's a yearly purge of inactive/graduated students at the end of each school year. Shoot @Kirupachia DM if you want to have your character be the Captain of their team.]
  10. I can't tell if having nothing happen in my life for a while now is a good or a bad thing. Stability is nice, but...

    And no, moving doesn't count.

  11. I've never lived with so many animals in my life. And none of them are mine...

    I think I need to change that.

  12. It just occurred to me that four former Flinders sharing the same house and resources is the most Flinders thing I've ever done in my life.

  13. A raise might be on the way! I won't say no to that 😁

  14. The Sweet Tooth bakery is back up and running! We're sorry for the inconvenience :) 

  15. Due to flooding, The Sweet Tooth bakery has closed for the day. Don't worry though, we should be up and running soon!

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      That's my favourite bakery :( 

      How did it happen? 

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      Natasha Roberts

      A dishwasher broke. We had to wait for technical support, but the day is shot pretty much.

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Natasha Trista Roberts
Baker, Dueling Club Teacher 0
19 year old Halfbreed Fairy She/Her
Age  19
Date of Birth February 5th, 2000
Birthplace Narragyambie, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Baker, Dueling Club Teacher
Player  ✩ Kirupachi
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Fairy
Pronouns She/Her
Patronus Jackal
Wand Juniper Wood, 8 1/4'', Centaur Hair Tail Core
Play-by Sonakshi Sinha
  • 1st to 4th Year - Penrose
  • 5th to 7th Year - Tallygarunga, Flinders House
  • She is fully unaware that she is a one quarter Fae, as her father kept it hidden from his whole family - instead, she's thought to be just a normal Halfblood witch;
  • Also unknown to her, her father insisted his children had a more liberal upbringing and English names just so to avoid potentially being tracked down by his own pursuers;
  • Able to talk to animals, and it freaks her out;
  • Particularly durable body that heals quite quickly;
  • Hopeless romantic;
  • Deep seated fear of failure;
  • Can't stand Melbourne, and prefers quiet places;
  • Enjoys shopping for clothes more than she'd like to admit - and, as such, she needs a very strict budgeting plan or else she destroys her savings in a day;
  • Bisexual, only out to very close friends (and, to an extent, has a bit of denial over the whole thing);
  • Has a bit of an overprotective streak to her due to losing her oldest brother, Neil, in a freak accident;
  • Moonlighted as a baker during her Tallygarunga years;
  • She isn't quite sure where she belongs due to multiple uprootings and being forced away from her true heritage, as well as never feeling at home under her mother's tutelage;
  • The only reason she practices Judo is just so she spends extra time with her father and brother, and would most likely quit if they stopped teaching it.
General Knowledge
  • Former Flinders House Dueling Club Captain;
  • Despite not having a minimally Indian upbringing, she seems proud of this heritage and went out of her way to educate herself about it in her free time;
  • Bilingual (English/Hindi);
  • Bakes the best muffins in Narrie;
  • Gifted combat witch, having made an impact in Tallygarunga's Dueling Club to such a degree she's allowed to teach there as a past time (free of charge, of course);
  • Earth-related magic is her domain;
  • Green belt in Judo.

If you need her, she's there. She's a dependable, empathetic and reliable woman whom learned the hard way what it's like to be on your own, and refuses to let it happen with others - especially with her step-sister, whether she likes it or not. She is very insistent on helping others, even if she has to go behind their back, lacking permission. She excuses this pushy behavior by stating 'an outside perspective is the best for a given situation'.

While generally cheerful and friendly, it's easy for her to sulk in the face of adversity and frustration. The high standard she's used to have due to her mother makes it so she suffers from anxiety with the possibility of failure, and so she prefers sticking to what she knows, it being mostly the reason why she stuck to baking out of school rather than pursue a higher education (much to everyone's chagrin).

She has a strong sense of justice and morals, and despite her strong opinions on various matters, she doesn't seem to speak up much on them - she detests conflict of any kind, and given the particular intensity of some polarizing topics, she opts to keep her mouth shut unless she's certain the person she's talking to can in some way relate and/or agree to what she wants to say. If not, she just bottles it all up for the sake of not making a mess of a given relationship.

She believes life is priceless, and as such she worships every such form of it - animals, humans, halfbreeds, and so on. She wants to protect them and care for them; the way she found of minimally contributing to such a desire was to teach self defense in the Dueling Club in Tally, which she frequently visits after work.

While she was mostly lonely growing up, she credits her newfound emotional side to her sister whom actually gave her the time of day at home. However, she has a bit of a tendency to hide her true feelings so not to upset people and foster togetherness among her new bonds, making it so she has a bit of trouble wading through the sea of bottled up emotions.


Natasha is a young woman standing at 167 cm, with an increasingly lean build due to practicing Judo for a solid year at this point. While she particularly enjoys letting her black hair loose, she's more often seen with it up in a bun as an occupational hazard, letting only her side bangs loose. Her eyes are dark brown and perpetually cheerful.

She sports a very small nose piercing at the side of her left nostril, which she constantly gets berated for by her family - it was her own little way of rebellion. Although she's in a good mood most of the time, her death glare is so intense it seems to strike fear in people's hearts on its own.

While she prefers flashy and fancy clothing, her job makes it so she's actually scared of staining it despite the apron - as such, during work days, she's most likely seen in more casual clothing, and turns to the other side of the spectrum completely during the weekends, as if having two completely separate wardrobes - which is probably true, given her propensity to buy that shirt she saw two hours ago.


Being sociable, reliable and kind, it's a given that Natasha has a variety of friends along various social circles - school friends, coworkers, neighbors, people from the dojo, so on and so forth. Her warm and cheerful personality makes it easy to break through barriers more introverted folks may have, and she's always had a remarkable ease forming solid friendships.


Having a rough family life growing up, Natasha would argue she's gotten unlucky in both sides of the equation.

She is wholly estranged from her father's side of the family due to her mother's tampering with the relationship upon gaining custody. Now that Natasha's minimally able to rekindle her relationship with her father, the man seems to be avoiding her like the plague. She's starting to think her only surviving brother is her only way in.

As for her mother's side, she and her new husband are too strict for Natasha's liking. She ended up leaving the house without much of a plan after graduation which put a heavy strain in their relationship. As far as her step-sister goes, she'd argue it's the only non-dysfunctional relationship she has within her family, as they remain close friends to this day.


Despite not having a whole lot of experience on the matter, Natasha does like going out on a mindless date every now and then - spurred on by her sprouting rebellion, she sees that as ticking it to her parents. However, since she's a bit of a hopeless romantic by nature, she often fantasizes about finding the right person; as such, she's more than motivated to make a move if she finds the one.


Outside of her own home, she's not used to having enemies regularly; save for butting heads with the Sturt Dueling Team Captain, Natasha can't name anyone at the top of her head who gets under her skin. As she doesn't take too kindly to adversity she's prone to lash out and find herself in arguments with people that may make her come off as a worse person than she is, but most of the time she tries to keep those negative feelings to herself when she does have them - only when provoked will she come out of the woodwork to face her opposition.

The story so far

Natasha Trista Roberts is the third child of an Indian Muggle (whom is actually a half-Fae) and an Australian witch, born in Narrie. She followed two older Squib brothers, joining a fairly chaotic household with a marriage falling apart.

It did fall apart when she was around six years old - she can't remember the details too well, but she can say her mother decided to take her along because she had been displaying signs of magical talent (much to her father's displeasure), and the other two children were left to their father. With cut contact, the duo left to Melbourne.

Isolated from her siblings and heritage, Natasha soon found herself under the tyranny of her mother, whom was finally showing her true colors when it came to parenting. The only thing she cared about was for her daughter to be at the top of the class and be submissive. Her Fae blood certainly helped in that regard, and she made an effort to keep up with good marks in theory classes while enrolling in Penrose.

Eventually her mother remarried. The man was in a well respected position in the ministry and was divorced as well; in fact, he, too, had a daughter in the same age and school as Natasha. She found some relief in the fact she now had someone to talk to more personally, and a good reason to go back home. However they were both soon uprooted from Penrose as the man was assigned to another location - ironically, back in Narrie. At the start of the fifth year, they both enrolled in Tallygarunga, and they were forbidden to approach Natasha's father's family.

It was after this move that she learned that her oldest brother had perished during some sort of work accident - something about a gas explosion. She had never spoken to him since she left, having no connection whatsoever, yet it got to her. Heartbroken, she vowed to connect with that side of the family regardless of being prohibited from it.

She was finally able to take steps towards such an endeavor when she graduated from Tallygarunga. Having some money saved up from moonlighting as an apprentice baker in the local Stewart family-owned bakery, she moved out of her house on semi-bad terms and rented a room in a local B&B. She signed up to a local dojo (ironically ran by the same family as her employer) to finally get in touch with her father and brother, whom both taught Judo. Bit by bit she's trying to regain the life she left behind so many years ago, and making sure her familial bonds are never forgotten again.


As time passed she started feeling bad over being allowed to live for free in a place that was otherwise a room rental business; getting her contacts together, she eventually enlisted Cole Lin, Bella Mayfield and Mark Sandoval to move back to Narragyambie and rent out a decently sized house where each had their own room. As she is now forced to budget properly, will she make it through or will she crash and burn?

Robin Shaw November 10
Type: Invite Natasha RobertsRobin Shaw.
OOC Completed
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