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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Why did the octopus beat the shark in a fight? Because it was well armed.
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    Natasha Roberts
    They started practicing Judo around the same time.
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    Natasha Roberts
    Natasha Trista Roberts is the third child of an Indian Muggle (whom is actually a half-Fae) and an Australian witch, born in Narrie. She followed two older Squib brothers, joining a fairly chaotic household with a marriage falling apart. It did fall apart when she was around six years old - she can't remember the details too well, but she can say her mother decided to take her along because she had been displaying signs of magical talent (much to her father's displeasure), and the other two children were left to their father. With cut contact, the duo left to Melbourne. Isolated from her siblings and heritage, Natasha soon found herself under the tyranny of her mother, whom was finally showing her true colors when it came to parenting. The only thing she cared about was for her daughter to be at the top of the class and be submissive. Her Fae blood certainly helped in that regard, and she made an effort to keep up with good marks in theory classes while enrolling in Penrose. Eventually her mother remarried. The man was in a well respected position in the ministry and was divorced as well; in fact, he, too, had a daughter in the same age and school as Natasha. She found some relief in the fact she now had someone to talk to more personally, and a good reason to go back home. However they were both soon uprooted from Penrose as the man was assigned to another location - ironically, back in Narrie. At the start of the fifth year, they both enrolled in Tallygarunga, and they were forbidden to approach Natasha's father's family. It was after this move that she learned that her oldest brother had perished during some sort of work accident - something about a gas explosion. She had never spoken to him since she left, having no connection whatsoever, yet it got to her. Heartbroken, she vowed to connect with that side of the family regardless of being prohibited from it. She was finally able to take steps towards such an endeavor when she graduated from Tallygarunga. Having some money saved up from moonlighting as an apprentice baker in the local Stewart family-owned bakery, she moved out of her house on semi-bad terms and rented a room in the house of a school friend. She signed up to a local dojo (ironically ran by the same family as her employer) to finally get in touch with her father and brother, whom both taught Judo. Bit by bit she's trying to regain the life she left behind so many years ago, and making sure her familial bonds are never forgotten again.