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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Invite Could Be Anything

    The owl had gone out rather quickly after her message on Quill book. It made sense in her mind that since he was aware one was coming that sending it out straight away made sense. This sense of urgency was also helped by the fact that the news she had to share with her former school friend, and lover, was something she felt he needed to know. It did occur too her once or twice that maybe it wasn’t something he would want to know; after all, it was a life changing piece of news. It certainly changed her life so it followed that his would change as well. The directions and time for a meeting place was somewhere out in the bush lands. Luckily, the location she picked wasn’t that far from home. This was the chosen place for many reasons, the main one being should Travis react badly too the news or not even show up for the meeting it wouldn’t take her long to get home and relieve the person she left at her small home. Oh, she loved her home. The fact that she had to build it up, pick things she wanted for it and turn it from a building into her home, made it all the more a place she loved being. The walk out to the location, a basket of food hanging off her right arm was a nice one. The one thing Remi knew for certain was that she liked this out the way surrounded by nature place she was setting up for herself. It didn’t take her as long as she thought it would too get too the location, unpack blanket on the basket and lay it on the ground. She liked nature but that didn’t mean she wanted to have various bugs crawling up her legs and making themselves a home in her crouch. A bottle of water followed this before she settled herself on the blanket. Logic told her that there was a chance he wouldn’t show up, despite his friendly reception on Quill Book that didn’t mean he would want to see her in the flesh; after all, she just left. No note, no warning, just gone. Remi, however, was ever the optimist felt that he would arrive, would listen to her long overdue apology and hopefully be respective too the news she did have for him.
  2. Too anyone who knew me. I am so sorry I vanished, I can explain the reasons behind it. But, I am back in the area. I hope everyone is well, I have missed you all so much,

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    2. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      Oh, I know but...everything happened so fast. I had to rehome my doggo as well. I miss him. How are you?

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      That's rough, he was a good boy. 

      Not too well, really.

    4. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      Merlin's saggy pants! Is there anything I can do? I can still kick people!

      I'm going to send an owl your way. I actually have something too tell you.

  3. Moving On In

    “Even strong people need help sometimes.” she replied whilst returning his smile with a smile of her own and a cheeky wag of her right index finger “That’s what this book I was reading told me.” it wasn’t a book she would talk about too much, largely because after half the book she decided that actually it was all rather silly and not well written. The characters were flat and bland and main love interest, well, she wasn’t quite sure why any person would want the interest of their love to be pale and shimmer like diamonds in the sun. The conversation naturally moved on from strong people needing help too pizza with fruit toppings and the neighbors noticing her. She wasn’t overly sure why the neighbors would notice her, especially since there were so many more interesting and wonderful things about to steal their attention. It was nice, though, that Travis felt she was interesting enough that people would notice her. “I haven’t really met many apart from the odd man that lives down the bottom, but, he just growls at me and departs warnings.” a shrug followed this. She did listen to the warnings the old grizzled wizard departed onto her; yet, none of them had ever amounted too much. She really should go down and thank him for him concern and advice. Remi even considered for a brief moment running that idea by Travis but she suspected he would not approve of her going down and speaking to a wizard that lived alone and people generally avoided. Her head tilted back to look up into Travis’ face as she walked towards her, halting when he rested his hands on her waist. She watched him intently whilst he made some response to her ‘the rougher the better’ comment. They would do more than snuggle in bed? What else could they do in the bed that would equate to being rough? She puzzled through the few things that one could do on the bed that would be considered rough. Bouncing, wrestling, changing bed sheets and getting lost within the doona cover. It wasn’t until he stepped back and started to speak about pizza, paying for it and a dog door that her brain caught up. “Oh you mean sex!” she said suddenly pushing some hair away from her face and she walked over to where he was standing and doing something on his phone “Thank you for paying for the pizza and, yes, it’s a wonderfully large small door but back to just before, sex. That is something I want to do.”
  4. The Past has coming knocking on my door and I don't know any good Past removing spells.

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    2. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      Oh really? Can you tell me a few. I've managed too shoo it away for now, but, it'll be back. I have chocolate too thank you with for the help!

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Sure, I can stop on by.

    4. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      I'll get the kettle on!

  5. Moving On In

    Travis affirming that his offers to help her would always been sincere made Remi smile, though it was more too herself as she unpacked a few of the boxes in front of her. It felt good to know that she had made a friend who was genuine in the way they dealt with her. She had been told so many times that people outside the community was dishonest folk who were always out for number one. Travis had been a lesson that a lot of what had been told to her at the Ranch was not fully true. She had other friends from Tally and work that had also proven some of these beliefs were false, others had proven them right. Then again, Travis was also one of the two that knew about her past and had not actually turned around and walked away. Remi wouldn’t have blamed either of those that she’d confessed too if they had decided being friends with her was something akin to hard work. “And I will always say thank you when you do help and help you in return, if you ever have anything that requires my help.” she wasn’t bad at potions and had, on more than one occasion, thought about offering to brew him up some wolfsbane. The offer had never made it from her brain into words based on the simple fact there were more experienced potioneers within the school that could make a much safer and more effective version. She laughed at his response to her wanting pineapple on half of the pizza they were going to order “Well I will be able to join in the debate after I’ve tried it.” she said with a grin over her shoulder “It’ll help me get to know my new neighbours and learn something new about this big crazy new world I’m in.” she heard his snicker at what she said and his response made her pause in what she was doing, which was reaching up to place a newly acquired statue on one of the shelves on the living room wall. “No need to be gentle, the rougher the better.” she replied turning to place the statue where she wanted it. Turning back towards Travis when she felt it was in the perfect place, a smile on her lips as she clapped her hands together. “Snuggling up for a movie sounds like the perfect end to this day. The money for the food is on the kitchen counter. Do you mind ordering? I still don’t really get that right, I think I don’t give them enough money at times.” once he either agreed or disagreed with this, she turned and walked over to one of the side doors and unlocked the large dog door, that door was one of the main reasons she’d gone for this particular home.
  6. Invite Damned If You Do

    “No, I thanked you because you told me something personal, which is something that if it got out would put your life at risk.” this, she figured, probably wasn’t comforting in the slightest and, well, she hadn’t dished a secret that would bring anyone comfort either. After all, she knew how people who were in cults were viewed by the wider world. Though, unlike Travis’, her secret was not life threatening if others found out about it she still felt in that moment as Travis tried to reassure her and even rope Meadow into helping somehow, that she would face the same kind of isolation as Travis would if he was exposed. Placing both her hands on Travis’ shoulders, she ignored the fact that his hand was sitting on her backside and looked him directly in the eyes “I promise you I will never tell anyone.” she would have added that it would go with her to the grave but that sounded a little too morbid for an already heavy conversation. “Thank you, Meadow; if it doesn’t interfere too much with your studies that would be appreciated.” she turned to look at the younger Flinders as she said this. Then taking a step back from Travis and nervously pushing some of her hair behind her left ear, whilst glancing at the door. “I’m going to go for a walk. Hopefully I’ll see you both at the dance.” she said, going to move around Travis and head out the door. In that moment she needed to be away from the people that she had not only bothered a confession out of but also confessed a secret herself too, allowing people she considered her friends too know just how different she was.
  7. Invite Damned If You Do

    So the truth was revealed finally and it was quite a truth. Travis turning out to be a werewolf was not even the top fifty of her guesses. Though many of those guesses were extreme on the face of it, in fact, him being a werewolf was the thing that made the most sense. There was several small parts of her mind working in one go. The first was telling her all the usual rubbish about werewolves; they were dangerous in either form. The second was trying to make her angry that they had not told her sooner. The third and largest part was not only relieved to know the truth, relieved that it could have been so much worse and finally honest to goodness emotionally moved by the fact that he had told her such a difficult secret. She had her own she could share as well. Though before she could try and find a way to express this and then divulge her own secret, Travis tried to leave and Meadow weakly tried to stop him. Then it was Remi’s turn, launching herself towards Travis she wrapped both her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight hug, planting a few kisses on his cheeks as she did so. “Thank you.” she said still hugging him tightly, only shifting one leg so she could use it to shut the door. He wasn’t going anywhere. After she felt enough time had passed, Remi pulled back though keeping her hands on him just in case he did a runner “Thank you for telling me and if anyone tries to crucify you then I’m going to flay them...alive.” she added the alive after a little bit of thought. “Since you told me something deeply personal and upsetting for you, I am going to do the same thing.” she felt this was sufficient warning, as the thing she was going to tell not only Travis but Meadow as well “Tell both of you.” then taking a deep breath before starting “I was raised in a cult,” this was a whole different level of discomfort “I only got away before the start of last year. So, yeah...” she shrugged. Remi had no idea where to go with this conversation next.
  8. Invite Standstill

    “What is your ‘thing’?” Remi asked, sitting down next to her friend again. It would be nice to include her in more activities outside of the school grounds, well, if she wanted to be included in them. Remi had yet to really experience the beach in a way that allowed her to make a decision about whether the beach was one of her ‘things’ or even if she did have ‘things’. She had been taking the world of the value that everything is an experience that was waiting to be had and until those experiences happened one couldn’t decide how they felt about individual activities. “I think so.” she replied to the question about Melbourne, in all honesty Travis could take her anywhere and say ‘hey, this is the beach’ and she’d embrace the whole thing for what it was “Though we have to go shopping for beach stuff first. I have nothing that is suitable for the beach, I’ve never even worn a bikini. What do you ever done at the beach?” she asked more too herself than meadow, then shrugged it off, it was going to be fun no matter what happened. “Anyway, it would be nice to do something off school grounds with you one day. Anything you want.” she said smiling at her friend, then pulling her arm up and checking her watch too check the time. It was almost time for her to go to work where she could earn the money for her beach adventure and whatever Meadow decided was something they could do together.
  9. Invite Damned If You Do

    Remi was worried but something else in this situation was pestering her as well. The looks that passed between Travis and Meadow topped with Meadows insistence something was wrong with Travis. He had brushed it all away as growing pains, something about that statement seemed off too her. She wasn’t one too push things, normally, after all people were entitled to their secrets and though she considered both Travis and Meadow as among her closest friends it didn’t mean she had the right to know everything about them both, just like they didn’t know everything about her. But this was something to do with his health and concern for that pushed away all barriers that usually stopped her from prying into things that really weren’t any of her business. This was all coupled with the fact that Travis used her concern as a way to try and shut Meadow and her fussing down. Brown eyes moved from Travis too her younger friend as she muttered something too them both, something about knowing what she was doing. It was Travis’ final offer that brought the young witch back to him, he was going to educate Meadow about what exactly? Something was actually going on, something neither of them were going to say openly, instead they would talk in circles over her head whilst she stood there clueless and finally, after years of this sort of treatment from all sorts of people, she’d had enough and with an irritated huff she stepped back from Travis and crossed her arms. “Educate her about what?” she asked finally, the friendly tone had left her voice as she looked between the pair of them “Something is going on between you two about your health.” this was aimed at Travis briefly before turning it back to both of the people in the room “I’m not idiot so don’t try to deny anything right now, either of you.” a heavy sigh followed this “Please, just tell me what is going on?”
  10. Moving On In

    “You did offer to help, but, I have learnt that sometimes when people offer to help with something they aren’t being sincere.” this wasn’t a lesson she had learnt recently, but, was one that was being brought home quite a lot since having moved into the mainstream education. There were times when she missed the old life she led, she at least felt like she knew where she was standing in that place. The rules were clear, if ever changed, and the consequences of disobeying them were made even clearer. “I’m glad you meant it.” she added, not wanting her friend to make the assumption that she felt he could possibly have lied to her. She was honest when she stated she was glad he decided to help her out, after all, Travis was one of the few friends she had. He was probably among her closest friends. Remi was not someone who had a ‘best friend’ because the idea that one friend was the best of any person who wanted to be friends with her was an odd idea. All her friendships were different, unique and special. “Mmmm, Can we have pineapple on half the pizza? I haven’t tried that yet, I really want to see if it’s as bad as people say. Cheese cake with chocolate?” she asked, making her demands known but hoping they didn’t come across as too bossy “if that’s okay with you, though. As for movies, I’m a movie virgin. So, you will have to enlighten me in the ways off film watching.” She turned on the spot to see the area when guests would normally sit covered in boxes and sighed, they’d have to clean that first and that meant less pizza and film time. Then she had a light bulb moment, turned back to Travis with a sheepish kind of smile. “Would it be okay if we ate and watched movies in the bedroom since that’s the only place clear off boxes and has a working television and computer thing.” she said this whilst using her thumb to point in the location of her bedroom “It’ll be super comfortable as well.”
  11. Moving On In

    Moving day was finally here! Remi had almost bounced out of bed and around the few boxes she owned that morning, popping on the kettle and making herself a coffee, bounding through the boxes with her was her newest pet. This one she knew had some magical inheritance as he was gifted to her by the wizard that used live in the caravan next door. This was before he disappeared, leaving her with the large dog that with a grace only saw in cats landed next to her. He lend his fall weight against her hip and gave a sharp bark, this, she had learnt meant ‘Feed me’. “Okay Gus, I know.” she said popping down the warm cup in her hand and turning to dish out the meat she had got for him in the pet shop. The nice lady in the pet shop had been really looking forwards too seeing Gus, but her attitude changed when she saw him sitting outside waiting for her. Something about the big guy unsettled her and she promptly changed the order too one that was more meat heavy, less dry kibble, and gave Remi a leaflet she had yet to read. This leaflet made its way into one of the last boxes she’d been packing. Time passed, several cups of coffee and juice were littering the sides of her old caravan needing a wash before packing away. Her eyes turned towards her furry companion. Sighing she walked over and opened the door he was standing by “Come back to our new home, remember where it was when I showed you?” she asked, swearing she got confirmation before he vaulted out the door to do whatever dogs did. Travis arriving sped the day forwards, as it always did with him. They moved boxes into her new place, putting a few things away here and there. Then all the boxes were inside, her friend spoke. “I don’t think we forgot anything important,” Remi replied, opening one of the boxes in front of her “I haven’t sold the other van yet so it can be storage for a while. This place does look like it needs a clean, but, you don’t have to help with that. You’ve done enough.” she paused what she was doing, looking at him with interest with the movie idea “And pizza?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, she’d found rather recently that she rather liked pizza.
  12. Invite Damned If You Do

    Remi figured rather quickly that this was an issue between the two friends and from the reactions of both it wasn’t entirely the first time. The problem was, Meadows reaction too seeing Travis didn’t tally up with what Remi was seeing when she appraised him. He did look a little more tired than normal, perhaps a little more slouched at the shoulders or a few more lines on his face but largely she saw nothing that could match Meadows response. She could have shrugged it away; Meadow after all had a keen eye for small details due to her desire to become a Healer and might be picking up something Remi had never taught herself to see. “Being sick?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at the younger girl. Was it possible that the ideal of becoming a Healer had gotten into Meadows head so intensely that she was seeing intense illness wherever she looked “Do you feel sick, Travis?” she asked, figuring that the kindest thing to do was ask the presumed sick person what they were feeling. Taking a few steps towards the only boy in the room, she reached up on her tiptoes to have a good look at his face, then smiling at him and giving him a light kiss on the cheek in an attempt to cover up her novice investigation of his features. That was the moment that Meadow asked him to lie or sit down and produced a potion that would apparently make him feel better. As a bit of a potions buff, she turned direction to look at the shimmering concoction “Meadow, I know you're doing health and healing, but, how do you know that is safe to give him? Potions have all sorts of odd side effects. What exactly does it treat?” she looked between the two quickly before faintly realizing that she may be over stepping her bounds “Sorry, I’ll stay out of it.” and with that she stepped back slightly, it was probably better she just let them do this dance until they could actually go dancing.
  13. Invite Standstill

    Remi still wasn’t entirely convinced that Meadows strong reaction to the idea of harbouring feelings wasn’t an indication that perhaps there was something there for the younger Flinders. Though this didn’t stop her from deciding to take her friends words at face value and shove the other thoughts too the back of her mind for dissecting later. This would be when she had some privacy, which was not something that came easily around the school. There were always people around, something that she found both comforting and slightly disconcerting at different points in each day. These points were usually subjected to her moods at the time as well. “Well, he’s handsome, funny,” she stopped briefly, looking away from Meadow and towards one of the pictures of the fall, examining her own thoughts of the subject of Travis “kind and different.” after all how many people would have helped her look for Appendage? Not many, she guessed. Rats were somewhat maligned creatures; this was probably why she bonded so easily with them. “I’m happy to be his friend that’s if he wants to be mine.” she said with a smile in Meadows direction “Ooh, he did invite me to the beach soon. You should come.” that would be nice and useful seeing Meadow interact with Travis, allow her to understand more about their friendship and how different friendships worked.
  14. Invite Standstill

    Remi read the initial confusion on her friends face as somewhat confirmation too her suspensions, this, she felt cleared things up better about the feelings she was harboring for the handsome and charming Bourke. If her friend’s feelings would get hurt because of her actions, then those actions would never happen. After all, she was only assuming a friendship with Travis at this point. Romance wasn’t exactly high on her list of things she wanted to experience right at this moment. Then, just as she was mentally sorting this out for herself, figuring out how much time she might need for the feelings to abate and if there was some kind of potion she would craft and take too help with that, Meadow clarified that she did not have tingly feelings for Travis. She also expanded on her original point, clearing up any confusion once and for all. It came across as they had both not really grasped what the other had been trying to say. The difference was Meadow was trying to be tactful and she sometimes had issues aligning her thoughts into coherent words. “Something serious?” she asked a smiling pulling at the corner of her lips “Like a relationship? I’m not after that at all. All I was trying to figure out is the feelings and how to deal with them.”
  15. Invite Damned If You Do

    Remi tilted her head and a small frown creased across her brow at Meadow’s response. She wasn’t expecting a large hoopla over her being dressed and with make up on, hell; she knew meadow well enough to know she tended to operate on a low level with many things. But, this response was far too lacklustre even for the younger Flinders. The thought to ask her about it briefly flittered across her mind before remembering that Meadow wasn’t someone who tended to open up about what was bothering her. It would just be another exercise in futility and she had been planning to try and enjoy this new experience. That was selfish, she reminded herself. She’d promised herself when she finally got a single friend she would be caring and accommodating as possible. “Thank you.” she replied too Meadows comment about her own appearance before going to open a dialogue that might allow Meadow to explain how she was feeling. This was kyboshed by everything that happened next. A knock on the door turned out to be Travis, who was then dragged into the room, door shut and meadow declaring that they were not going to the dance after all. She stood there for a few moments, looking between the pair and trying to decide how a knock at the door had turned into Travis being manhandled and informed about what he would and wouldn't being doing with his evening. Turning away from Meadow, she looked at Travis for a moment. She saw no obvious for the events, maybe he looked a little bit more tired than usual, but, that wasn’t unusual in a school setting with exams approaching. Finally, after a moment she settled on a simple “Hello Travis, how are you?” taking a few steps towards him with a small smile “You look very handsome.” then turned too Meadow “Why aren’t we going to the dance?”
Remi Winifred Cornfoot
Part time at Someplace Seventh Year
18 year old Halfblood Human she/her
Age  18
Date of Birth May 5th, 2001
Birthplace The Ranch, Queensland, Australia
Year Level Seventh Year
Occupation Part time at Someplace
Player  Poppy
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns she/her
Patronus Coyote
Wand Oak, Phoenix, Very Flexible, 11 1/4 inches
Play-by Victoria Justice

Currently: Seventh year Flinders student at Tallygarunga.

  • Live independently from her parents and former community.
  • Is given money to survive on by them but doesn't have anything to do with them other wise.
General Knowledge
  • Is the granddaughter of the Minister of Magic in Queensland.
  • Father is high up in the ministry, though, peoples don't really know what he does.
  • Was raised in a commune.
  • Commune was disbanded.

Remi is an odd mixture of someone who wants to help everyone but also retain some independence without any real idea of who she is or what the world has to offer her. She has spent the majority of her life in seclusion only stepping out into the world in the last two years. This means she doesn’t always have a lot of social skills, is known to say or do the wrong thing and can be curious bordering on the inappropriate at times.

She loves experiencing new things and tends to get over excited at things for most kids her age are actually very normal, bouncing on her toes, speaking rapidly and often not making sense. She seems to have little fear and can be easily talked into new and dangerous situations under the guise of ‘a new experience’. The young witch seems to accept people at face value, not overly grasping that people may lie or have agendas other than what is right before her face.

But beside the wide eyed innocent and gullibility is a secretive side. She doesn’t like to talk about herself, about the past which is known well within the community she inhabits or how she survives away from that past. She can be rather sensible and makes practical decisions when it comes to certain aspects of her life. She studies hard and attempts to achieve good grades as sees this as a way to get to a better life.

She is lonely, finding it hard to fit in with her peers due to her slightly different upbringing and sometimes retreats from the general population into a world of books and stories.


Remi is just about average in all aspects of her person.  She stands at around five foot five give or take a couple of inches, her body shape is slim and though she does have some curves they are subtle enough to not be noticed unless wearing clothes that are pretty much a second skin. Though her face is pleasant enough there is very little about it that makes her stand out from the crowd. She has large oval shaped eyes, the pupils a light brown. Her face is framed by long and wavy brown hair that she does very little too. Her eye lashes could be considered enviably long by some.

She walks with a slight bounce most of the time, a smile often donning her lips. Often she dresses in a mixture of comfort and fashion, heavily leaning towards fashion most of the time. Remi does tend to prefer colour in her outfits, sometimes showing up in some very bright eye sores of outfits.  The young witch can always always be seen with her pet rat on her  shoulder.

The story so far

Remi Winifred Cornfoot was born too a witch who was apart of a commune that existed just outside of Victoria, on the border of NSW. The commune was called Wizards First or the WF. The group believes that interacting with muggles  have a negative impact of wizardry society. Remi’s mother was the daughter of a muggle born witch when she join and had seen, in her opinion, first hand how the clash of those worlds had destroyed everything she loved – well this is what she told her daughter. Remi was raised in this world, taking in the lessons given by the leaders of the group, learning only magic they deemed necessary and not expanding on their knowledge.


As a child this seemed fantastic, she got a close community and many friends. Protected by her mother from a large part of the less than pleasant things that went on. It wasn’t until she was hitting her teenage years that she started to see threw the veil and lies of the commune. She began to wonder what she was missing out on. Yet leaving the security of the commune was not something she was in any hurry too leave.

Then at the age of fifteen life changed again. Her mother passed away from spider bite that could have easily been treated if the group had taken her to muggles for help, but, instead they allowed her to suffer. This changed how Remi viewed them beginning to see flaws in the logic of the group. It took her a few months and reaching out to family members she wasn’t even aware she had to try and get out. It was a battle but eventually she packed up the few items she had and walked away. This also meant for the first time in her life she was out and alone in the wider world and signing up to attend school, coming in half way through a much more diverse education than she ever had. But one year on, living at school during the school term and having her own small place in the holidays, a part time job and her first ever pet she’s out there and trying to live in a world she was raised to be wary of.


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