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  1. Open Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    It was obvious to her that she had startled the boy, since he seemed to jump a little and stop his doodling, well, that’s what she assumed he was doing. Though before she could change that assumption into an actual musing which would then, no doubt, progress to her craning too see what he was actually doodling, the boy spoke. His words told her that she was right that she had startled him, after all the poor duck could barely get his words out. Then he did, in her opinion, the oddest thing she’d witnessed in the last twenty minutes. He lent back ever so slightly and stared at her. Did she have something on her nose? She wondered reaching up and rubbing the left side of her nose just in case she did have some mystery stain there. It felt like he’d been staring at her for hours before he opened his mouth and spoke. He could form actual words and sentences! This was a fantastic thing she felt and the only thing that stopped her from naively congratulating him on this most basic of accomplishments was that he kept talking. He hadn’t seen Appendage. On that revelation she was going to simply turn and continue her search for her missing friend. She even went to do so, turning the angle of her body slightly only to here the next line that came out of his mouth. “You would?” she asked, turning her body back to face her savior, almost bouncing up on her toes in anticipation of help. “Oh, well, his name is Appendage. He’s a Rat with brown fur.” she thought for a moment, hoping that would cover everything needed to find her missing pet “and a long worm like tail but it’s really very soft. He also does this thing when he is happy where he grinds his teeth together and his eyes bulge out...” she trailed off a little after that “but that won’t help us locate him. You asked something else, right? Oh!” she clicked her fingers when the memory of what he said came back “Smell! He smells like a rat, which, I can’t really describe.”
  2. 2018 School Year Enrollment

  3. Open Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    Her shoulder felt empty. The small amount of extra weight that often perched there, a weight barely felt most of the time, right then felt like someone had chopped off one of her limbs. This, she thought, is what people who went through tragic loss felt like. Like someone had just come along and hacked off an important part of their person then wandered off with it leaving that person in pain and despair. This was where Remi was right at that moment it limbless despair. Well, not so much limbless as she defiantly had all of those. A brief stop in her crawling mission to find what she was looking for was done, just to check she wasn’t missing any arms and legs as well. When all limbs were accounted for and the usual areas checked the young woman stood and brushed herself down. There was only one place left to look. The court yard; so turning on her heels she headed that way, stopping other students and even a few teachers every couple of steps to ask if they’d seen her missing appendage. Naturally no one had; after all, he was small and quick on his foot tiny feet. It would take someone with the skills of a seeker to have seen him before he scuttled passed them. Pushing open the door to the yard, she sighed heavily and pushed a few loose strands of mud colored hair from her face. When she found Appendage she was going to give him a stern talking to about running away. He was after all an old boy and going on jolly adventures would not be good for his tiny heart. His tiny, tiny stone cold witch abandoning heart. It was during this rather vehement thought and a few others that were less than animal friendly that she made her way towards the young man who was sat minding his own business by staring at flowers. Remi stopped for a moment a few inches from the young man and watched him, blinking as she looked between him and the flowers. “Excuse me,” she said finally, stepping forwards figuring though he was interested in flora that perhaps he would have seen a four legged escapee and clocked it “You haven’t seen my Appendage have you?” she asked, inching closer again when she noticed the pad and drawing implement in his hand. “He’s about yay high.” she said indicating the height of aforementioned appendage with index fingers “Four tiny legs and a long tail that looks like a worm.” hopefully this boy had seen him and could send her off in the right direction in her mission.
  4. Remi Cornfoot

    Remi Cornfoot
    Remi Winifred Cornfoot was born too a witch who was apart of a commune that existed just outside of Victoria, on the border of NSW. The commune was called Wizards First or the WF. The group believes that interacting with muggles have a negative impact of wizardry society. Remi’s mother was the daughter of a muggle born witch when she join and had seen, in her opinion, first hand how the clash of those worlds had destroyed everything she loved – well this is what she told her daughter. Remi was raised in this world, taking in the lessons given by the leaders of the group, learning only magic they deemed necessary and not expanding on their knowledge. As a child this seemed fantastic, she got a close community and many friends. Protected by her mother from a large part of the less than pleasant things that went on. It wasn’t until she was hitting her teenage years that she started to see threw the veil and lies of the commune. She began to wonder what she was missing out on. Yet leaving the security of the commune was not something she was in any hurry too leave. Then at the age of fifteen life changed again. Her mother passed away from spider bite that could have easily been treated if the group had taken her to muggles for help, but, instead they allowed her to suffer. This changed how Remi viewed them beginning to see flaws in the logic of the group. It took her a few months and reaching out to family members she wasn’t even aware she had to try and get out. It was a battle but eventually she packed up the few items she had and walked away. This also meant for the first time in her life she was out and alone in the wider world and signing up to attend school, coming in half way through a much more diverse education than she ever had. But one year on, living at school during the school term and having her own small place in the holidays, a part time job and her first ever pet she’s out there and trying to live in a world she was raised to be wary of.