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    Alyona Parsons
    In 2002 something magical happened to the Fekete family, halloween was the exact date, they welcomed their first child - a daughter into the world, Alyona Fekete was born, it was a special occasion for all of the family, she was their doted on child, who received constant attention and love. Until that attention and love ceased to exist, Alyona had been pushed aside for her younger sister, they preferred her, claimed she was much more normal than Alyona would be, even at a young age it was suspected something was wrong with Alyona, that she wasn't the perfect child her younger sister was. She was ostracised from society, nobody wanted to be near her, at the age of three Alyona was taken into the care of the government, due to her parents inability to provide for both her and her sister. The orphanage was awful, if Alyona had felt ostracised before, it multiplied by ten, being so lonely, Alyona could often practice witchcraft, a strictly forbidden subject within the overly religious orphanage, those who possessed witchcraft were often labelled satan, it had only happened once before in the small town and the person had not lived to tell the tale. It was a regular day when Alyona's control slipped, exposing herself to those who deemed her as the devil, though luckily for her she was rescued, Evelyn had became her saviour, being the tender age of eight, Alyona hadn't had many role models and Evelyn automatically become one for her, she automatically took a liking for the woman who saved her from the torturous way of living. Living with Evelyn and her husband was strange, they often encouraged her to practice her magic, that it wasn't a taboo topic within their household, and that she shouldn't live in fear of those around her, and after being in their custody within a year, Alyona had began calling them her parents, she felt protected and loved in their care and wouldn't want to changed that. Though her life did change dramatically, a magical institution known as Tallygarunga had offered her a place and she couldn't refuse, at aged ten, Alyona had started studying properly, with guidance from her parents, though never stayed within the school unless her friends were having extra study sessions for exams, it was an enjoyable routine, and not one that she would wish to switch. Though her schedule did change, in her fifth year, Alyona had began dating a boy a year older than her, not that it made much difference, her focus was on her studying, though she was lucky he also wanted to do well in his respective classes, they often spent time studying together, spending their free time together and Alyona truly believed she was in love, and still keeps that mindset to this day. Though Alyona will be starting her sixth year, she's quite scared for what the future will bring and if she will be able to keep her work/social life balance a perfect mix, though she has no trouble believing she will pass, her parents wanted what's best for her and if that meant them teaching her off curriculum she wouldn't mind too much.