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    @Alyona Parsons sixteen | fifth year | muggleborn | flinders | sabrina carpenter Meet Alyona, also known as Ona, a sixteen year old fifth year, many people will have heard of her before they even get to know her theirselves, she's a somewhat questionable person where the facts about her are often changed,, what is known is that she's adopted and doesn't live within the school. She's the adopted child of a well respected couple; her mother has a lot of influence and it's not unknown by her peers, however, Alyona barely uses this to her advantage. Alyona is an outstanding student, she has only even received good grades and wants to be a future mediwizard.
  2. It seems as though my space ship has sent me to the planet named earth, such a strange place if I do say so myself. As far as introductions go, hello! I'm Venus, a libra (also may be obsessed with Sailor Moon). I've just turned twenty and I'm currently at university, I joined this site because I love Harry Potter, I also love kpop/khip-hop and sad indie music along with drag queens.
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