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  1. Why does it feel like I took a long vacation? Well, either way I am back now.

    1. Siwan Llewellyn

      Siwan Llewellyn

      Its good to have you back! :D

  2. Savannah walked out of her Common Room and wondered what was going on. She had enjoyed the last lesson she was a part of in this class, and would have the most fun out of most students perhaps. She eyed the Puma with curiosity and had figured this was of course a part of the class for today.. After listening to it speaking, she had followed the directions to move to the field for today's lesson. Savannah was there and did acknowledge any other students by nodding in greeting to them and also looked at the professor for a brief second. He sure had seemed like he was in a bad mood, but she dare not even talk to him or anything. What is up with people being in a bad mood lately or looking grumpy? Savannah pondered inside her head, and took a seat. Anyway, Savannah had been excited to see dogs, cats, and the owls. The other animals she had heard of such as rats and guinea pigs, but never raised one herself. Savannah moved to a spot, preferably away from the sun to join her other fellow students in today's lesson.
  3. [b]Name[/b] Savannah Ryan [b]Role for the Mock Trial:[/b] The Auror [b]Rational:[/b] I am smart enough to know some details about things even if I am not as knowledgeable in magical law and government as I hoped.
  4. She was unsure what to think of the professor at this moment, but she would surely do well to listen to the man. Not obeying or being a jerk wouldn't get her far. Plus, Ava is too smart and knows not to act out anyway. Savannah had listened to the directions that were given to her and stood up to get food and drink as the professor had requested. For the time being she listened to the others speak about themselves and listened pretty well to them. She had shown that she was paying attention in the classroom by not looking distracted or anything. "My name is Savannah Ryan. It is a pleasure to meet you all." Savannah said, smiling to the students and professor in the room. "The reason why I'm taking this class is to learn about health and how to better heal our body and soul. Something along those lines, perhaps. Maybe even learn about medicine " Ava continued speaking in a confident tone. She had wanted to learn all she could, especially since she had been a 5th year.
  5. It all started in the year 2003 when she was born. Savannah, formerly known as Ava, was born by her mom. It had been a result of a one night stand despite the fact that protection had been used. Ava's mom believes that Ava is a special gift to her and had treated her with much respect and smothered her to death. Now moving onto the year 2005 -- Ava's mom was seeing another fellow man. Ava doesn't really have anything against the man, but she hadn't been fond of him either. The two seem to have gotten on just to make Ava's mom happy. The man has stated that he'd rather not have Savannah in the picture, but her mom was oblivious to this. As far as 2008-2012 went -- There had been a break-up, described as being a nasty one that ended Ava's mom relationship with this man. The gist of the break had seemed to be about sending Savannah away to boarding school, getting married, and having more children. After that, Savannah and her mom moved away to Flinder's Island in January where her mom works as a farmhand during the days that Ava had attended school. Both her and mom live in a small house in Whitemark, and Savannah has friends over for play dates most days. She does enjoy visitng other farms in the area her mom works at, or even where her friends live at. She's often seen around farm animals and sometimes even gets to ride the horses and ponies. When it's summer time they go to the beach and this was when Savannah had a terrible experience in almost drowning. As a result of that, she has a very real (and a deep secret) fear of water and swam a lot less. She still enjoyed playing in the shallow water and on the beach though. 2014 was a decent year! She got her acceptance letter which had been a shock, but does explain a lot about the odd things she has been known to be doing. Accidental magic was around sometimes, and it wasn't really like her mom had money for a more..prestigious school that is private. Ava accepted the invite to Tallygarunga. Both her and mom fly up to the mainland to buy school things she needed, and her mom comtemplates moving closer near the school. 2015 -- Ava had a shocked look on her face seeing mom pick her up from the school gates, and takes her to their brand new home located in Narragyambie. It's just a small enough house to hold the two of them, but Savannah is happy because she gets to spend much more time with mom as she considers her her best friend. They get even closer throughout the year.
  6. Seregil, The Nightrunner series - he's fantastic, and can easily navigate both high ranking society and slip around unnoticed to steal things! Falcour, The Never Ending Story - Who could pass up that fantastic fellow, and the opportunity to ride all across the realms? Polgara the Sorceress, The Belgariad - Centuries old, she's a wonderful character who is filled with knowledge, wisdom and powers. She'd be a hell of a companion to take with the above two! Not sure how they'd all get along, though LOL Finding a magical lamp, you are granted three wishes - no wishing for more wishes, no wishing for love, no wishing back the dead - what do you wish for?
  7. Smiling in delight at having been awarded points for her house, Savannah listened eagerly to the rest of the information the Professor had to gift them with, before allowing her confidence and delight lead her into putting her foot forward and taking a chance at going first to answer one of the questions put before them on the board. She didn’t want to wait too long, because she didn’t want to be left with a question she wasn’t comfortable answering! Savannah raised her hand, and smiled teasingly. “Do you want me to say my name again?” She asked, head tilted slightly and a cheeky expression on her face. She assumed he did, since that was his request at the beginning of the class, but she couldn’t help the teasing question from slipping from her lips! Still smiling, she continued. “I’m Savannah,” there was an undertone of amusement in her voice at restating her name so soon after she had last said it. “I’d like to answer question Eight,” she said with quiet confidence. “Many animals are vastly different today, than they were in the past, primarily due to human interference, both magical and mundane. Primary examples are the horse breeds you mentioned earlier, but another is pedigree dogs. Take the German Shepherd for example. It has been selectively bred to such a degree that it has a distinct slope to the back, which leads into weak hips and award stance. It was bred this way because it was deemed the ‘best’-“ she did slightly mocking air quotes at the word –“when in the show ring.” Pausing to collect her thoughts, Savannah licked her lips and then continued. “There are other reasons creatures have evolved over the course of time, such as changes to their environment and circumstances; glitches in genetic code that worked out to be of benefit to the species in question were passed along to offspring, while those without were prone to falling victim to the food chain.” She shrugged slightly, “these particular traits have a more positive effect on the creatures in question, compared to the sport of breeding animals for beauty instead of health that we humans are prone to.”
  8. Savannah blinked owlishly up at the young teacher, tilting her head and smiling nervously at his introduction. She, personally, wasn’t the type to call teachers anything but their appropriate names, even to her friends, but she certainly knew of those who were! Listening avidly, Savannah nodded along quietly to some of the things the Professor said, her eyes widening comically at some of the other things. The question set before them caused Savannah to frown thoughtfully. She listened to the other answers that were shared, while trying to figure out what animal she liked enough to actually talk about. She had taken the same class the year before, so she knew she should not be so stumped by such a simple question, but honestly… She really was. When a pause presented itself, Savannah raised her hand and waited to be called upon. She smiled as she was indicated. “My name is Savannah. My favourite animal is the horse, which is largely non-magical, though it has magical offshoots in creatures such as the Unicorn, the Winged varieties, and Centaurs.” Still smiling, Savannah continued cheerfully. “Horses are a sturdy creature that has its roots strongly entwined with humanity. They are intelligent, beautiful, and capable of filling many roles, from service companions, pets, entertainment, workers, and even food. There are many places in the world that couldn’t function without horses, including much of Australia – though perhaps not so much nowadays.” Smiling, but content with her answer, Savannah nodded once and then settled back into her seat. Hopefully she hadn’t missed any of the portions the teacher had asked to be answered! She considered for a moment, but then shrugged slightly. She was pleased, over all.
  9. Waiting patiently for her turn, Savannah listened with interest as the other students introduced themselves and claimed the rune of their name. She was beginning to get a good handle on who was who; though some students were new that she did not share any other classes with. When there was a solid pause, Savannah raised her hand to indicated she was about to take her turn, and then introduced herself. “My name is Savannah, so like Samhain, my rune would be Sowilo.” She paused, and then followed the lead set for her by one of the other girls. “If I’m not mistaken, it means ‘sun’.” Smiling confidently, Savannah leaned back in her first row seat, marking the end of her time speaking. Ancient runes was one of her favourite classes, and she’d thoroughly enjoyed reading her text books on the subject before school had started. She was glad she had, because the additional information it allowed her to supply made her feel accomplished and like she was actually partaking in the class. She hoped she could keep up the work.
  10. Savannah’s long, dark and think hair was pulled up into a messy bun near the top of her head. While wearing her hair up like that allowed what little breeze there was to cool the back of her neck, it was countered by the fact that she was sure she was getting sunburned, even though she’d used quite a lot of high grade sunscreen! Normally, she would have been wearing a hat, but she’d forgotten it and besides, it wouldn’t sit over the top of her bun. Brushing little strands of hair away from her eyes, Savannah followed a couple of other students in the direction she knew her Herbology class was being held. Arriving at the group, and finding that the tables that were set up didn’t have a distinct ‘front’ and ‘back’ of classroom feel, Savannah paused for a moment before moving to join another girl at an empty table. She flashed a wide smile at the other student, who looked to be about her age and was in a Sturt house, from the looks of her uniform. Glancing at the teacher – it looked like the woman was still waiting for a few more students – Savannah leaned towards the other girl a bit so she could speak without being too loud, but would also be easily over-spoken by the teacher should she begin to teach. “Hi! I’m Savannah.” She smiled warmly, before digging into her bag to pull her text book, note book, and assorted accessories onto the table. She didn’t really have much to add to her introduction. While Savannah got along well enough with the people she interacted with, she didn’t have a lot of people she would call a friend. Not for a lack of wanting friends, but mostly because she tended to get absorbed in her school work, her latest novel, or generally day dreaming. She was shy, generally, which probably didn’t help, though she could also be extroverted enough to actively introduce herself to someone who looked even less social than she was! @Samhain Eros
  11. Savannah, to her chagrin, had not been the first student through the classroom door, though she also had not been the last, which was a relief. Indeed, she quickly spotted the glowing mane of Mae, and made her way to her friend’s side, grinning brightly at the elder student as she settled into the seat on her other side. Leaning forward, she waved shyly at the Flinder’s student on the other side – though she was not confident she knew his name; she was terrible with names – she had seen him around enough to know he was friendly and that Mae liked him. Savannah was not prone to gossiping with her (limited) friends, so she was more familiar with people’s faces than the names and gossip that went with them. Turning her eyes up as the teacher joined them, she followed the instructions and pulled her book to her and open, flicking to the pages in question and reading the words she was well rehearsed in, having read the book cover to cover several times since she bought it. Despite that, and her solid knowledge in what were contained in the pages of the book, Savannah had never been prone to speaking up in class. This meant she rarely gained points for her house, but she did well on exams and quizzes when they were put before her. Savannah listened avidly to the answers that were given by her classmates, taking in the information they added that went beyond the text with a thirst; she glanced to the teacher to determine reaction on such additions – were they true? False? Something else entirely? – she would likely research the interesting tidbits she hadn’t heard before in her free time. For now, she soaked up the answers.
  12. Savannah smiled, still shy but warmed by the elder rider’s welcoming attitude. “I spend most of the year at school,” she offered. “So I can only ride when I’m home on holidays.” She smoothed her hand over Snowy’s neck, loving the silky feel of his hide under her fingers; there was so much to love about horses! The feel, the smell, their grace (and often their lack thereof) and their overabundance of personality such as the larger horse before her was showing with his head tossing and eyeballing. Savannah giggled to herself. “Of course!” Savannah grinned, and swung her leg so she could slide down from the pony. She wasn’t too tall for her age, so she figured she had a few more years of riding him before she would be classified as ‘too big’. That said, the old pony would probably be crossing the rainbow bridge before she’d get to that point. Savannah pouted to herself as she cuddled his neck, before laughing at the way the greedy grey pony shoved his muzzle into Keeley’s hand and gobbled up the slice of apple. “Thank you, but he isn’t mine.” She stroked his ears gently, scratching at his favourite places. “My mum works for one of the farms, and they let me ride him if I’m gentle with his old bones,” she grinned and nuzzled her face against Snowy’s cheek, before turning her attention back to Keeley. She brushed white horse hair from her face with an impish smile. “I would love a horse of my own, someday, but it just isn’t reasonable when I spend so much time away and so little around home.” She shrugged; growing up with a single mum had made her well aware of financial struggles, though she was only really getting to the age where she completely understood how much of her life her mum had been bluffing through bills and responsibilities to give her daughter everything she reasonably could. Tilting her head, Savannah eyed Keeley curiously before unbuckling her helmet and taking it off, letting her head breathe a little as the breeze told her how hot and sweaty it had been under the confines. She latched the helmet to the hand-hold on her bareback pad, letting it sit neatly to one side of Snowy’s wither. “What about yourself?” She asked curiously, indicating Mr. Peete. “Is he yours? Is he very old? What breed is he? I’ve only been around ponies.” She knew a lot about horses from a book perspective, but she hadn’t seen a large variety in person. “I like Frisians, though, and Arabians are so gorgeous!” Grinning, she pursed her lips together when she realised she was babbling, blushing a little but looking amused at herself.
  13. Savannah darted across the school grounds, heedless of the heat – not because she was used to it, far from that, in fact – but because she was rather terrified she was going to be late! Savannah was a bit of a teacher’s pet student; she liked being on good terms with her teachers, she liked being at the front of the class, and she liked learning! The fact that she still had several minutes before she would be considered late did little to settle her nerves. Finally reaching the classroom she’d been directed to by a helpful teacher, Savannah slowed to a trot and then a walk, catching her breath before she pushed the door open and peered inside. It wasn’t very full, but that was hardly reassuring; a lot of the classes were small because the school was quite small, so a lack of students could still be an indication that she was, if not late, last. Savannah smiled shyly and darted to the front of the class, taking a seat and settling her books and items onto the desk. She pulled a drink bottle from her bag and took a few sips of water before putting it away. At least it was cooler in the room! “Sir,” Savannah greeted, flashing a quick smile before glancing back to properly see who else was in the classroom. No one she knew on a personal level, but being a shy child, that was not unusual. They were familiar faces around the school though and after another inclusive smile, Savannah turned back to facing the teacher. She was really looking forward to this class!
  14. Savannah had learned to ride as a young child, though she'd never owned a horse of her own, though that had never bothered her. The farms her mother worked on usually had at least one horse they were willing to let her ride, and she'd always appreciated it. The farm her mother worked on now was no different; a couple of elderly ponies. Too old to do hard work, but too well loved to let them leave the family that had owned them their whole lives. Savannah hadn't had to work very hard to beg permission to ride them – she wasn't a hoon, and a casual plod around the town and surrounding bushlands was vastly enjoyable to bolting down roads. That day, Savannah had left with the intention of going for a long ride, the pony – barely thirteen hands – was plodding along lazily, his head low and reigns loose. Savannah seated on the bareback pad her mother had bought her for her birthday a few years ago, since the girl both preferred riding bareback, knew her mother couldn't afford a saddle, and hated the feeling that she should clean the farmer's saddle after every ride (she was much too lazy for that much work!). A pair of saddle bags were attached at the back, filled with water and lunch – a sandwich, a couple of apples and some carrots. Savannah was far away, staring absently into space as she and her mount (an originally named 'Snowy') when the sound of someone talking caught her attention, just before Snowy seemed to notice the other horse and nicker in greeting. Savannah blinked, lifting her head so she could see without the peak of her helmet blocking the view before her. Savannah eyed the pair cautiously, not really someone who was comfortable with strangers, but between the animal and the woman, they didn't appear very threatening. Certainly Snowy didn't think so, as he broke into a trot and wuffled softly as he begged his own treats. Savannah laughed, and pulled him up before they got into the personal space of the other pair. “Hello,” Savannah greeted quietly, somewhat shy. “I'm Savannah,” she offered, before patting Snowy on the neck. “This is Snowy.”
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