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  1. Cat McNeedleclaws

    Cat McNeedleclaws
    Born Samara Wiltshire to an extreme and prominent pureblood family within British Wizarding society, Sam was one of nine children and like all of her siblings was told from a very young age that she had things she had to do with her life and things she defiantly was not to do. As a young girl she was happy to follow the beliefs that her parents and older siblings espoused, even espousing them herself. This was something she kept too throughout her entire young life. This almost made her young life in a place of privilege and comfort a time she doesn’t remember well. It in one hazy blurs. Getting her first wand, attending school and knowing she was one of the best there. As she grew Sam changed and as young people are prone to doing she wanted to test the boundaries lain out by her parents and wider family. It was during one of her more rebellious moments that started the chain of events which leads to her current state. Predictably, it started with a boy. A boy that was so different the many she had been around that Theo found herself swept up in his world, the world of a Muggle. Though this boy could never know she was a witch, due to the laws that governed the land and her own family, who would no doubt do something atrocious to him, it didn’t stop Theo falling madly in love with him. Their love was a secret that she kept for many years, however, eventually her family found out. At twenty she was dragged into a room facing her entire family and given a choice. The choice was the muggle she loved, a man who she could never be completely honest with. A man, they said, who would and could never accept her or her family, people who did accept her, knew who and what she was and more importantly were completely pure-blooded. Her parents must have assumed she would choose them, choose to live the way she was raised. It is perhaps the fact that she decided to leave the family and live like a muggle that shocked them into doing what they did next. On the surface it looked as though they accepted her decision, encouraging her to stay with them for a few more days before going off too her new life forever. As the dutiful daughter she always tried to be, Sam agreed. She stepped out the house only once after that conversation too inform her non magical love that she would be with him. Then she turned and walked away, back into the house. Sam never saw that boy she loved again. The exact chain of events has ever been acknowledged by anyone and even Sam doesn’t really know what happened. All is known is that her parents and a few siblings brought their collective powers together and wrought down on the wayward Sam a curse. A curse that she would be forever be bound to the family. Perhaps the curse was supposed to simply bind her to the house but it did something different. It changed Sam, turned her into something that most witches and wizards would deny ever existed. A familiar. Years passed the boy she loved forgot her, married a different woman and had children. Her family aged, her siblings had children and her parents died. Sam, though, was permanently stuck in the same age she had been when the curse was placed on her, this wasn’t helped that she had the ability to change into a black cat with bright purple eyes. Thirty years after she was first cursed she’d lost everything that had once made her Theo, simply being referred to as ‘the cat’ by her family. Cat spent the majority of her time in her feline form, even taking on more feline traits when walking around on two legs. It was during this time that her former family decided she was no longer required and simply moved her along to another pure blood family. This family had a child who was showing little to no magical ability. One of the abilities of being a familiar meant enhancing or awakening the powers of others, so, she was gifted too this child and attended school with him. The child grew into an adult, an adult that though once loving of the cat that they had felt comforted them and made them confident was something they no longer needed. This didn’t stop her owner from taking her too Australia with them, yet, a year into her new life in a new country she found herself homeless. Three years have passed since her ‘owner’ no longer wished to be burdened with a cat that never seemed to age and left her in Narragyambie. Since that time she has become a familiar sight for many, stealing food and clothes to survive and added to the increase of cats roaming the Australian streets.