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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Open Any Means Necessary

    On a bright day like this, there was really no choice but to be out and about as far as Stardust was concerned. It helped that she was getting the feeling that Dylan wasn't in much of a mood to deal with many of her antics today as well, so didn't have a problem with her going for a wander with a couple of her pygmy puff babies that played around in the dark locks of her hair, hiding whenever there were Muggles around, and peeping out when there were none. She had some shopping to do anyway, needed to get a few things for the various little pets that she had living in the small cottage she had just out of town, as well as the ones who preferred to stay in the apartment above her store. Having done so, as well as buying herself an ice cream, the woman then wandered around for a little, checking out some of the shops that were closed from outside the window, while taking note of the very few that were open during this time between Christmas and New Year. Dusty herself was a Yule celebrator, but it was entirely the wrong season to celebrate that right now. She'd had her little Midsummer celebration with her furry, feathered and scaly friends, and then well... just bought Christmas presents for some people because she liked giving presents anyway, even if she didn't really adhere to the holiday herself. What she hadn't really expected to see hanging out on a hot day, rather than sitting somewhere under an air conditioner, was a teenager who appeared to be having a conversation with a claw machine game, while trying to get a particular toy. Stardust knew all about those games, they were difficult, but once you had the knack then they weren't too bad. This girl clearly didn't have such. "Those are a pest, aren't they? Who are you trying to win it for?" Stardust asked from behind the girl, having silently wandered over. Her hair bounced a little as she tilted her head, a bright smile offered as she peered past Amber to the bundle of prizes inside the booth, and then back to the girl. "I could try for you, though I don't always get the prizes. Or if there's something else I can do to help, I'm happy to."
  2. Open Duck, Duck, Goose

    The rainy weather recently had been rather wonderful recently, something that the rural areas often needed in a country like this, not that Stardust would ever complain about sunny days either. Whatever the weather, the petite woman always seemed content and happy to be outside, finding some way to enjoy herself. Right now, she was crouched at the edge of the main lake, a hand full of beetles and worms and seeds, along with a small container next to her with more still. She smiled brightly at the waterbirds that clustered near her while she offered the food to them - much better for them than the bread that people tended to toss out there, didn't they know it was bad for the animals' stomachs? The younger ducks were easy to pick out, with a few soft downy feathers still existing beneath the more mature ones near their bellies. It was a few of these that tended to hang around her the most, vying for goodies from the raven haired pale woman. She grinned at some of their antics as they pushed at one another and fought for her attention. The fact that it was also raining right now did not appear to bother her in the least, despite the thin fabric of her summer dress that basically clung to her and the hair that was plastered to her head and shoulders. A soft giggle erupted from her as a couple of ducks flapped their wings, splashing her lightly, however she hadn't paid much attention to the small gaggle of geese that had also noticed her from another spot and had waddled their way over. The container beside the woman was suddenly tipped up and it's contents raided, before she turned her head, only to end up being shoved by one of the largest geese she'd ever seen. Splash! The tiny woman ended up losing her balance and fell head first into the lake, the flock of ducks breaking up as they fleed the scene. Submerged for only a moment, before she popped her head back up, she coughed a little before wading back to the edge. "Oh, you're so greedy," Stardust sighed at the gaggle that ate up the insects and seeds that were spread on the ground now, "You know it's rude to push people around and steal all the food, don't you?" A couple of the water fowl turned their heads toward her as though they maybe understood what she said, but then turned away again to continue their eating, drawing another sigh from her lips. Geese never seemed to care about being rude, did they? So pushy.
  3. Stardust

    Almost nothing is known about the very fae lass who arrived in Narrie some number of years ago. How many years is also foggy in the minds of the locals. She was just there one day, with her wand shop and her animals, and wonderfully charming demeanour. She never spoke about where she came from, and never seemed to have to. She was just Dusty, the local wand fairy, who people simply assumed was perhaps a member of one of the Native Demifey clans. No one questioned her slight accent or the nature of her reason for opening up a shop in town. Since her arrival though, Dusty's made friends here and there, and has always only ever shown herself to be kind and caring, often spoiling children by giving them candy or cookies when she comes across them. She's never harmed anyone and appears to be content to simply live as a member of the community and do her part. She does love parties and special occasions, often keeping a whole stockpile of gifts for people around Christmas time especially. And loves being invited to do things, though she doesn't outwardly try to aim for invitations nor does she openly take the initiative to ask others to do things either. One thing that has been noticeable though, is her uncanny way of matching a wand to an owner. As though she can hear every wand speaking to her, she had never had an inaccurate matching, and is able to tell what elements would work best with a particular witch or wizard, thus allowing for wands that need to be specially created, to be done. As such, her shop is quite popular in Victoria.