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  1. This hadn't been what Cole had expected and it had thrown him for quite the loot. He'd been mentally shoring up the defenses of his mind the moment he heard her voice at the door, even before she'd walked through the threshold he had been waiting for the fire to burn and set a blaze in a series of words. Had she nothing to actually say or was she more overwhelemed with where to even start first? What occurred next hadn't been in any of the potential scenario's that ran through his mind, maybe as more of some kind of odd fantasy but never in the actual reality that had been his life. His finger tips ran along the form of her arms in a gentle ascent until the full depth of his palm cupped at her elbows for a moment. Head adjusted slightly to allow her forehead to rest comfortably against his neck or as comfortable as silence of the moment would allow. It had been one of the few times that he hadn't known what to say or if it had even been a moment to speak in general. Cole's arms started to shift until they were around Alex's waist in a comforting embrace while he pulled her closer against himself. The shade of his hair slowly started to shift towards a warming red which started at the roots and had started to consume the brunette strands. "I had been more prepared to deal with you giving me a piece of your mind." Eyes narrowed towards the barely closed door in which he used the tip of his foot to push to a close firmly. "But now I'm. . . I don't know how to respond right now." It had been difficult for his mind to turn off how she'd usually respond to the woman that had clung to him loosely, even with the presence of such emotion that emitted.
  2. When his own eyes opened, Cole caught the odd look on Alex's face with his own returning in the same fashion. Did he have something on his face now? He absentmindedly started to tap around his cheek as if there had been anything there could have been stuck to it. Like paper or some kind of crumb from some food eaten earlier, did he even eat earlier? No, that couldn't be it, he went straight out to grab her something. A brow furrowed for a moment in thought on what it could be which had caused his hair to dim away from the pink and return to its normal hue of dark brown. He'd been losing her, wasn't he? It hadn't escaped him that she hadn't been in the Wizarding world despite carrying the gene she couldn't perform magic. Which pretty much meant she was ostracized by the majority of those that would come across her, A squib wasn't something that people took to kindly in most magical communities. "Talent. . . -Can- be good, sure. But that also means a lot of people watch you and when you have certain talents? That means they watch you even more." He couldn't explain to her in just words how being a Metamorphmagi assisted in the art of Transfiguration to terrifying degrees. You knew the changes, it just had been apart of the psyche for so long that performing that branch was like breathing. "But it does mean I'm going towards my final year in VMU without a hitch. It's around this time I can start looking into research departments or areas that the Ministry may have. Good pay, if I managed to do a good job? Stable. A bit of a time drain. . ." He knew if he did get accepted and then moved on to a career in any Ministry department that the demands would be intense, sleepless nights, caffeine or energy drink imbibing. Probably even have to take it straight through an IV! "It also means a chance to see some of the things they are already trying to develop or understand too."
  3. Cole found himself standing in the small kitchen that had been part of his temporary living space offered up by the university. The paper that suggested that he should transfer his focus of study towards something more active under the understanding that his unique capabilities could be used for the benefit of the Wizarding world. It had been a path in life that he had never considered, finding no urge to be the sort to protect and serve, not in the way that required that his life be placed on the line. It had been comingled with the unease of leaving things with Alex back on QuillBook. But it had been a situation and decision that held a wealth of opportunity and acclaim, something that he’d always worked towards. It hadn’t been that he didn’t consider those in his life and their responses or that it had been lesser in the capacity to make their proper impact on his decisions. He could say it had been due to their importance and the things that he knew that existed that held him at a teetering edge of choosing to take up the kind of dangerous path. If it had been for their own safety in the greater scheme and picture? Didn’t he have that right to them to protect them from that kind of thing if he held the power? Then the knock on the door which drew his attention from the life changing paper. Who could that have been at that time? It didn’t take long for that answer to come with the voice. “Alexa. . .?” His voice had been low as the realization hit. She’d arrived to give him a piece of her mind that Jamie didn’t get for interceding for him, wasn’t she? With his eyes now being closed, a gentle huff of his breath to gather up his thoughts and a few careful steps he’d find himself at the door. He grasped the handle and twisted the knob to open it up gently, a weak smile danced on his lips. Even now he had been happy to see her but also had been more than prepared for the verbal chastising to hit at the speed of light. “You look lovely as always, Alex.” It had been the first thing that came to mind for him and not as an attempt to try and pacify her before she could get started. Stepping to the side he widened the door further to allow her to have a walk inside of the home. “Come on in, do you want anything to drink or snack on? I haven’t really went shopping just yet, but I still have a few things around to take in.” Being a bad host to a guest wouldn’t have done no matter the scenario. It hadn’t been the way that he’d been raised by his parents and their generosity.
  4. Cole could feel the presence of her body shift slowly, that had been an uplifting sign which caused the intimate embrace between the two of them to be deepened further. The color of his hair had started to change to a lightened pink, a sign of his heart seeping through the latent magic of his Metamorphmagi capabilities. Always literally wearing his heart on his sleeve for those that could understand and see it but had only been lucky in that Alex hadn’t yet understood the connotations of the color. The moment hadn’t yet receded from his mind or his heart with her words lingering briefly before he could catch his mind back up to offer up a proper answer. It must have been the feeling of being addicted or at the very least high on someone’s presence. “Mmm. . . You sure know how to push me in a position of making a rough choice. But you do need to eat more than you need kissing right now.” His head lightly canted towards the ‘peace offering’ he had brought along with him. “Besides, it just means I have to make up for all that target missing over the past few days after you’re done.” He’d planned for -more- than just the target practice as a means of mutual stress relief. If hadn’t been for the necessity of having food than the thirty-minute window would have been filled with something quite recreational and active. Alas, food had been something he knew she needed to scarf down. “Take up your bounty, Milady. And listen to my tale of woes!” As he tried to build up for some dramatical theatrics it didn’t seem to take off the ground as easily as he expected it to be. “It wasn’t too bad. Transfiguration was an easy smash for me almost near cheating, really. But I think my Instructor noticed the real talent so that maybe factored into my final grade. Hopefully, not too badly.” Being what he had been wasn’t a bad thing, but it did draw notice and sometimes notice wasn’t a good thing. “And the final for the Magi-Tech Studies was a bit of a mind knocker. A lot of things to keep in mind that the two worlds have invested in one another. That and the extensive studies of Magic and the more esoteric types of magic.”
  5. The greatest victory had been getting Alex to finally agree or at least that had been his view until it seemed she'd started to cool off just a bit further due to the gentle caresses he'd offered her. He never had it in himself to respond rigidness with rigidness, even if it had been like a nail punctured into the brain to him, even when it had been a difficult thing to bare. Words, response, and reactions that followed soon after were hardly ever the deserving or right response to others that would have given a much different and equally harsh response. It meant that the effort extended to those that had made a much more heavy mark on his heart would be given a much more vast ocean of sincerity. "Haha, good I beat out the panda cuteness! Not every button is a trip down guilt valley." A soft smile curved upwards. "Sometimes it's just me taking advantage of getting to tell you my own thoughts is all. I don't always get that chance when things are a bit heated or your attention is a bit divided or overly focused." He's never seen her with 'divided' attention but the way that he saw her interact with others had always been something he knew to call into question on whether or not it was the spark of jealousy or really the reaction he'd been seeing. Cole's smile grew brighter and yet held an even further softened countenance as he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, a lingering one at that. All the while his hands slid to grasps hers and gently start to guide her to stand up in order for his arms to wrap around her waist and hold her in an intimate embrace. These moments he couldn't allow to pass either, choosing to take advantage of them when they presented themselves - to grab his 'silver spoon' for a selfish desire. "Mmm. . . How about now? Did I miss again? I might need to do some practice on hitting the target."
  6. Cole wished he couldn't explain why even amongst all his frustration to try and get to the woman that his actions had shown the underlying care that had always trumped any negative feeling that may have started to build up. What had originally been thought as over-infatuation to himself with the sparks of jealousy out of not being able to, 'Have who he wanted', much like a child; After their first time being much more intimate than they had ever been it'd opened up the gateway to true realization. The one word in all of its true depth and meaning that he probably had been running away from since his time in Tallygarunga, no, not probably - definitely. He'd fallen in love with this woman and all of her crazy quirks, everything that he had fought against to try and help her towards a much healthier living had been all the things he also loved about her. It had all been part of who Alex was as a person, a Woman. With a capital W. His gaze followed hers as he stared at the computer screen, the various files being scrolled through amongst the browser that held all the files tucked inside of it. And as it progressed his eyes widen and lips parted slightly. "You have a very. . . Colorful vocabulary there." He peaked out in a humorous manner if only to give levity to the real heaviness of the demands. "You're right, it isn't anything to do with your idea factory pumping in your head." As he leaned in just a bit more to gain a better look at the multitude of designs a smile curved on his face. It held a genuine gleam of appreciation towards what he'd been witnessing. "These design's are really good, Alex. I mean, this is also coming from a guy who draws stick figures and calls it 'Art'. But I really like them." He shrugged and his smile grew wide enough to reveal his teeth. "I like to say it's my good looks but you've never been swayed by looks. So, I bet it's more along the line that. . . We just understand each other when it all comes down to it. Sometimes you meet people and just instantly connect deeper than you think." The compromise probably would be the best he could pull out of her and he honestly need to pick his battles and count even the slightest step in the right direction as a proper win. Hands gently caressed the side of Alex's face and weaved a hand through her hair. "Sounds good, just remember if you work too long again I'll have to pop in. Maybe more as a Red Panda, I probably should have went with that approach first." Cole leaned in enough to press a soft tender kiss on the top of her forehead. "Just remember, your health and happiness is always important to me as much as mines is to you."
  7. "So, just REALLY demanding." That seemed like something beyond the touch of needing to be inspired but had been an even greater reason to go into an environment where a person could just deflate all of the pent up rage and anger. "But you know, pushing yourself on that corporate hamster wheel will end up causing the sudden crash and burn." Almost as if on cue to his words her hand slammed against the desk and his lips parted to give a soft and gentle sigh with a shake of his head. The woman had been at some kind of limit that had been the best he could say but her link to it being the client directly gave him an idea. Either the person had been adding more demands or suddenly changing the demands but keeping the same deadline without any fair moving room on their part. Cole walked over towards Alex and grasped her hand gently and slid his wand out of his deep pocket and made a traced motion facing her hand, the pulsating shift between pain and the rushed blood vessels started to quell much quicker than it would have on its natural course. "You know me, can't leave you off in pain." His eyes lifted up and he gave a gentle and toothy smile towards her. Then raised her hand up to kiss the back of it gently and then winked. "See? Good as new. Let me guess. . . The person can't keep to a single idea? Switches up faster than a political shit storm? Sound about right?" After massaging the woman's hand he started to move slowly down her arm to alleviate some form of stress physically. "It sounds like you need to let loose some how before going on. You don't want to get too angry that you start flipping on your client, right? That would just end up losing that contract. I mean, if I could, I'd go over there and charm something of his as a proper prank but... Not something I can do really."
  8. Uh. . . Well. . . Didn't expect THAT meeting first day of school. Speechless.

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    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      Let's be real man, I won't make a dent. But at least I'll take the brunt of the crap before it's your turn.

      I've gone through this talk before too. She wanted to tear me a new one when she learned what Quidditch was.

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Yeaaa. . . I'm not going to ever be prepared for the ball of rage she'll be swinging. 

      Was it the flying that did it? Or the flying balls? Or the flying balls that are actually intended to hurt you? 

    4. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      Try 'all of the above'.

  9. Difficult. Was he to expect anything less of his stubborn cousin? The edge of his finger rubbed at his right eyebrow in equal thought as much as frustration at the stonewall that had just been walked into. These had usually been the moments where he found himself in a position where he had less ideas on what to do but cared a bit too much to ever just 'give up' for the sake of an impasse. His mind needed to regroup and consider other avenues and bit by bit ease things through. "Giving me the chance?" Ouch, that stung a bit more than it should have. It made it sound more like he should be grateful that she even decided to halt her work to pay a moments attention on something else. A furrow of his brow and a soft hum resonated in his throat while his arms crossed tighter against his chest. "You know, I didn't pop in for my health and all. I popped in because I was worried about you - as you say - going into that workaholic's life or die trying bit. " He had to work through the intial sting and easily pushed it to the side. Personal issues he could channel towards a more productive path rather than letting it bite at him in a moment of what he had deemed a need to be addressed. "Sitting here just hunched over the desk? It isn't popping any ideas, right? If you never actually get out and try to revitalize your minds, to actually click out that stress no new ideas may pop. That and you'll only end up getting yourself more irritated." In which his hand extended out to showcase the current moment. "If you don't end up doing some moderating and balancing you're going to end up breaking, Alex. . ." A thought that made him physically cringe, much more of a harmful impact on him than the hastened tone that flowed from his cousin's mouth and contenance. "And maybe I don't really get it, the weight of the stress thats just clumped on your shoulders. But one thing I do know is that tossing yourself into a heavy load and a bunch of responsibilities is more of a hit on a personal level. " He still remembered his Tallygarunga days, sure he excelled but he'd been distant and tunnel focused. Friendships failed, stress ate at his mind and what had it all done for him? A very peculiar isolation in which he often didn't know up from down during the more quiet times of his day. "I want to help you try to get through this and since I don't have your suberb talent for this kind of creativity I am a bit at a loss on what else I can really do to help. And no, 'Staying out of your way' doesn't really help you in the long run." Very few things could be counted as a struggle for him to watch but being on the outside in a position where he couldn't actually be of any assistance grated on him in a way that he often tried to avoid with no success in that arena. "Do I have to make myself a Red Panda and hop around a bit?"
  10. Guilt, that wasn't one of his most liked strategies to use on his cousins but it'd been the one thing that had made them stall and that was something he needed from them at times. At the very least it gave him the chance to explain his own view on the effects that their own actions held on him. "Luckily for me? I'm no boxer, can't get called for a foul on low-blows." Even with that kind of hit delivered his smile held its usual bright disposition which had been in opposition to the ease from frustration sigh that exhausted from his nostrils. "And when two of the most important people in the world to you get a bit reckless, you learn to get a bit dirty to make sure that they're not going on that harsh crash course." It'd been that weird momentum, the effort that they put in had always been out of care and nurture. Even knowing that it didn't sit well with him that they killed themselves for it, they could all manage to some how find their path without wearing the proverbial weight of the world around their neck, right? As she turned around, his posture straightened from the way he'd been leaning slightly forward. Hands pressed into the depth of his pockets while he stared towards the flowing locks of brunette hair. It beckoned in his mind to consider asking if she'd even taken a shower but there were social lines he'd never cross on that level - Asking someone's age, questioning if they've even taken the time to break out of a working stupor to freshen up a bit. He couldn't even perceive just how long she'd been locked up in the room just stewing over a desk. What had been going through her mind? Had she been considering her next combative stance to try and beat him away so that she could work? It seemed to be the opposite of the thought that she'd resist, on some level anyways. "Alright!" His right arm made a pumped motion as if to score a major shot in some game-changing play. "A -WEEK-!? Mermaid's Beard. . ." The phrase he used had been to emphasize just how ludicrous he'd found that idea. He admired the sense of commitment that the woman held and at the same time hated what it had done to her as much as he hated that it took her away from her family and friends. Primarily, Himself, but everyone else too. Maybe now had been one of those moments he could break his usual social rules and lines that he tried not to cross. "Okay, so this is what -will- happen! You're going to take a very relaxing shower if you haven't yet. Then? We're going to blow this popsicle stand. I'm going to take you somewhere that will help you shake loose a bit." He wasn't sure if -he- had been fully ready for what he'd sought to introduce her too. But ever since the first time they'd been more intimate with one another, those kind of walls had been weakened vastly enough for him to consider this kind of a road. "Maybe some fun and excitement might actually help you out too. I promise there is your favorite food in it too. I'll even hand make it myself." For her? He wouldn't use magic, as much he expected it made her feel, he wanted to give her that idea of 'Normalcy' that could bring comfort.
  11. I think it's time I go on some kind of magical road trip. See all the sights! Adventure!

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    2. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Sounds like you and Alex have that same infliction there! Need to take better care of yourselves, seriously. Going to end up having me to take you on road trips every week at this rate.

    3. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      If it's free, I'm in.

    4. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Hehe, Of course!

  12. When Alex had turned around, Cole just wore a wide smile as if to be a mote of good news after all he wasn't Jamie. That meant he would be mildly spared from whatever thrashing that his cousin would have gotten but had been well aware it didn't place himself out of the firing line. He still had the difficult job of it all and realized how much of an unlucky bastard he'd been to get settled with this particular mission out of the idea of a misconception. The ever watchful gaze of annoyance that radiated off of the young woman had been noticed but he'd chosen to try and mentally avoiding it if only to keep himself constantly moving through his attempt to try and get her to be a bit more interactive. Which had been to no benefit in that endeavor as a response of sharply returned towards him from her. A small hum resonated in him and he bit the inside of his lips with a small frown that formed. She'd been much more intense than he last remembered when it came to things that she'd chosen to hyper focus on. That didn't do well for her shining personality that he'd been much more accustomed towards on a daily basis. "Not really. . . ?" He spoke in a soft uncertainty that'd been an inflection of a question to a question. He wasn't sure how to really lead into what had been wrong and there had been enough to really pick at in things that he'd wanted to address. He closed the book lightly and handed it towards her with an eyebrow that raised upwards with an inquisitive gaze that stared down at his seemingly stressed cousin. He'd heard she would react in a very unfavorable way but hadn't expected it to be anything like that. "You need to eat, Alex. If you focus too much without nurturing yourself, you're going to end up being a lot more hurt in the long run." Cole smiled fondly towards her, clearly not offended by the way she'd snapped at him as he leaned forward and gently pressed his hand to her forehead to check if she'd potentially been working herself to an illness. "How long have you been working yourself like this? Have you even taken a break or some kind of breather to try and relax yourself a bit?" He wasn't privy of just how bar this particular bout of workaholic had been and sought to understand the full extent of what he'd been working against and had to make a plan on the fly on how to actually handle getting her some fresh air that didn't involve sitting in a chair, hunched over and pushing herself for Merlin know's what reason. "Don't need to make that kind of annoyed face either. Can you really say you wouldn't be worried about me if I did the same thing?"
  13. It hadn't taken long for Cole to arrive after Jamie's sudden message on Quillbook. Though, he found it quite ironic that he'd pegged her over-worked nature towards him - the guy suffered the very same issues just in a different venue. He pressed the key into the door knob and turned it with a soft sigh that flowed. "What am I going to do with the two of you. . .? Going to end up making me worry or die trying to break these unnecessary habits. . ." If only they could see a single person didn't have to provide all, that the 'weight' had always been there to be shared between family. He'd also figured it'd been time to pay her back for the effort she'd made to bring him food and instead of just using magic to make it easy? He actually went out a bought it from a legitimate Muggle place. A well designed breakfast of pancakes, lightly buttered toast, several strips of bacon and sausage, and freshly squeezes non-pulp orange juice. After all, who -really- liked pulp? It was just the kind of thing a person dealt with because it'd already been there. The young man didn't even bother to try calling out for Alex, considering the anti-sound charm that'd been on her room. It did make him wonder why she'd need it, of course, the kind of work she'd did do probably required a strong silence for concentration and the power of noise could always be extremely distracting. He simply went straight to her room and clasped his hand around the door knob and gently opened it up and kept his voice as a calm tone. "Hey there, Alex." Then pushed it fully opened and walked in while closing the door behind himself. "Man, you look like you've been at this for ages. I bet you haven't even eaten at all yet. Brief break, maybe? I have some breakfast stuff, pretty good for energy." How would he even pull her away from all of her work? He wasn't sure but he had to try something. It wouldn't be good for her health if she keep going full on press like she'd been. "Hadn't seen you as often as usual, so stopped on by to check on you and see how you're doing." He didn't put the food anywhere near her working desk, just in case she'd get angry at the sight of it even being near her hard effort. Instead, he'd place it on the floor away from anywhere that it could be knocked over unless some effort had been made to do so. That's when he noticed the book that'd been thrown at the wall before his arrival and he picked it up. A gentle dusting and checking to make sure the pages weren't entirely bent out of shape. "Branding ideas? Have some kind of advertisement plan you need to do?"
  14. Hey man, can you drop by real quick?

    I gotta run and your girl is bolted to her desk chair and determined to work to death and I've already been cursed out for trying to get her to live a little. She's not been sleeping too much and doesn't really go out anymore, or even eat properly, and I need someone to knock some sense into her.

    I'll leave the door unlocked in case you drop by since she won't hear a damn thing from her bedroom, anti-sound charm and all.

    Sorry for the impossible task mate, cheers.

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      My. . . Girl? I have no idea what you're getting at there, man. But I have noticed she'd been going a bit crazy there. She hasn't been showing up to much. I'll try to get her out and some fresh air but I don't think I'm Hercules strong for that. 

      I'll think of something, swing by after I handle some stuff.

  15. When you misplace something and find it by sitting on it and breaking it. Yeowch..

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    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Is that the teleport thingy Jamie's too much of a wuss to do?

    3. Jamie Collins
    4. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      Ha! Yea, but hey I don't blame him on it. Not many people can get it down and -not- get themselves in a pretty bad news bear situation. 

Cole Carter Lin
4th Year VMU Student/Secret Violinist 0
20* year old Pureblood Human HE/HIM
Age:  20*
Date of Birth: April 17th, 1998
Year Level: 0
Occupation: 4th Year VMU Student/Secret Violinist
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Human
Player:  Guest
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Erumpent
Wand: 9" Vine Thunder Bird Feather
Play-by: James Maslow

Tallygarunga  - Flinder House - 1st to 7th year

VMU - 2016 to Current - 1st to 4th Year - Practical Magic Degree (Has Recently been Asked to switch into the Auror Program)


Is in love with his Cousin, Alex Lin. He avoids letting it be easily figured out. 

Learned to play Violin through secret lessons, seems to be quite talented with it. 

Often plays with underground groups with a more 'modern' styled sound for the Violin. 

Is a Metamorphmagi

General Knowledge

Is a Charms Expert

Is often found studying one of the many subjects in his field.

Seemingly passionate on the way magic can integrate into technology and allow for various inventions. 

Can really hold his liquor, surprisingly. 

Isn't entirely sure -what- he wants to do with his Practical Magic degree once it's completed. 

Becomes randomly and suspiciously busy during certain points in the year. 


While he isn't a suspicious person by nature, Cole does have his own form of trust issues. More so when it comes to cousins and the things they've been through. He'd rather protect them through finding a fallacy in those that would try to get closer, at least until he could judge for himself their true intentions. 

He's a Gentleman at heart and finds it is through the teaching of responsibility that he had received from one of his Father's many ideals. He's likely to open up a door for an elderly as much as he would for a young child. The care drilled into him and the values he takes as much of his own choices built up a young man who desired a care for the needs of the people. 

While not normally shy things take a slight turn when it comes to potential romantic entanglements. Unsure of how to approach them or even if he should identify for them. More likely to hold in the fact he'd like someone in the first place until something triggered for it to burst out in an expressive emotion. Not so much in words, rather action first followed by words.  Otherwise his emotions, beliefs, and views are worn on his sleeve typically unless given reason not to.


Cole Carter Lin stands at the height of Six feet and three inches, quite tall in any capacity. He often sports short hair that is styled in various ways to add a bit of flair to his own sense of identity without worry of how others could consider it. His beard is always kept trimmed and neat rarely does it ever grow out into a tangled mess but rather stays skin close and groomed. 

While it is a rare occurrence for him to lose control of his emotions entirely it, it isn't unheard. Certain occurrences or heated moments will cause his hair to shift to a corresponding color the physically simulates the inner feeling. Something that he tries hard not to let get away from him choosing not to be ousted. 

He keeps himself decently fit, taking personal health into consideration. Brief exercises are done but never excessively or obsessively. 


Cole Carter Lin had been born into relative comfortable without any personal childhood hiccups. The most active or traumatic experiences held by him personally amounted up to a couple of bruises or injuries that occurred through the various activities that he'd gotten into. Exploring the various trails around the area, trying to build some form of 'fort' on the property nearby as if he knew what he'd been doing. Things were as normal as a childhood could get in the Wizarding world for some time, a rarity in many cases as ironic has it had been. Even with the unique talent of his bloodline that marked him as a Metamorphmagus, a secret that he kept from those that hadn't earned his trust fully. 

The life of an only child held its benefits but loneliness was not one of them, not when there is a desire to explore and tell or show others that very discovery. Even during the time of at his preparatory school that had been a course of choice to help instruct him before going off to Tallygarunga, he lacked for friendships that weren't just surface based. The kind of superficial experience that had always reminded him that he most likely wouldn't see a few of his peers on his route into Tally. 

A few years later one of his cousins, Jamie, moved in with them to start his time at Tallygarunga. While Cole wondered under what circumstances prompted the choice it wasn't one that he spurned or had been unhappy about. There seemed to be more than enough room and it didn't seem too bad of an idea to have someone around close in age that had been secluded only to exposure at School. He wasn't certain on when it started to occur but he grew closer to Jamie able to name him as one of his best friends even as he started Tallygarunga himself the following year. 

Things didn't seem so complicated during that time either not until his Aunt and Alex moved closer to them and across the way. One way he'd have described the woman at that time is as a 'Raging Hellfire' of sorts. By then he'd already been told of his Uncle leaving them, though the mans face was an obscured blur unable to even recall a proper personal relationship with him if there even had been one. The turmoil within her drew him out to try and reach out, more so just trying to be there for her and tried to encourage her to take more productive means versus the destructive that she'd been going about. Whatever he had said or done that made it click for her, it seemed that eventually she'd be on the right path that she found herself comfortable with. 

Of course, all that time and attention he'd been given her ended up with the effect of his emotions being placed in an awkward situation. What started out as a crush that he'd intended to ignore grew into an unrequited love, forbidden at that to his own mind and perhaps even social perception. Through the difficult portion of trying to sort through the complicated feeling he tossed himself into various activities through Tallygarunga, things that he'd hoped if well focused enough and kept away reasonably enough things would flow away. That it could be chalked up to simple teenager triggered hormones. 

Though it didn't work in his favor in trying to sort out his mind and emotions, it did win him enough notice to be considered House Captain during his final two years. The unusual knack he seemed to hold with getting other students to attend to their studies in a unique manner for their own growth and benefit. Accolades that earned a scholarship for Academical Excellence entering into VMU which he enrolled into the moment he graduated from Tallygarunga. 

He currently is going through his third year in VMU under the Practical Magic degree and while he is now still diligent within his studies he always finds the time to hang out with his Cousins when he can. Especially if it means he'd get another chance just to be near Alex, resigning himself to understanding while it's wrong he simply feels how he feels. Unable and unwilling to actually change that fact for the time being. 

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