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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
August, 2019 :: Winter

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  1. Invite Alliance of Protec

    Whether he held the full talent to make it through the program had been left up to him applying and pushing himself to see if he did. He couldn't blame those that knew him to have a sense of doubt, there were plenty of times he even doubted it himself. Liv's compliment only caused a smile to briefly crack from him before evolving into an amused laughter. "A genius? Me? I'm just a hard worker, I'll give myself that accolade without any reservations!" His expression displaying into a confident grin. Maybe the program instructor's saw something in him that he didn't, it could also be that they saw his Metamorphmagus nature as a tool to be used. One of the reasons to try and keep a low profile in a lot of situations; even the idea that his family legacy had been a reason crossed his mind. Whether they talked now or later about the matter hadn't bothered him in the slightest though he also didn't want to risk getting Liv into too much trouble. Maybe only a bit of trouble. "Ooh~ Yea, that's pretty good! Now you're getting into the spirit of it!" Cole let out a laughter fully humored by the picture that had been painted of the individual passing by their collective sights. "But what could the message be? Maybe they're a Spy of Fashionista's, trying to figure out the next big break in the stylish boots industry?" The tip of his finger tapped agaisnt the lining of his chin as if to ponder the thought realistically despite the fact that a clearly goofy grin made itself known on his face. For a small moment he forgot about the small detail that Liv rather enjoyed challenges and it took him only a fraction of a second to realize what he stepped into. "I'm up to a lot of tasks. But challenging you. . . That is a task I don't think I've ever attempted." His head shifted towards the side for a moment. "There's a first time for everything! Well, we could always go twenty-questions or Truth or Dare." Those were pretty decent games, weren't they? What could go wrong? "Don't need to thank me. I'm just calling it how I see it, you're a pretty caring person. Most people in many of the students lives don't have that kind of affection so knowing that there is someone that does? I think it helps." His hand lingered for a moment after the squeeze given by her then retracted back towards his side of the table. She most likely had been praised often enough which he expected his words to find little weight with such a shower. Even so he was grateful that someone like her had taken up the hardwork many people dismissed so handily. "It's been great so far. There's also a lot of places to go to that can give a bit of alone time." Sometimes he found himself needing to shift his appearance just for the freedom to do so as much as the practice of it. He chuckled; nodding subtly towards her words in understanding and agreement. "Yea, I know. I'm also grateful for it and feel the same way they do. I also don't want them to feel all cramped with me around. You know, expand their own wings for themselves." Maybe that had been more of him projecting, the thought of it had crossed his mind several times while choosing to make the move. "As long as I let them know this isn't a 'Kick out of my life' kind of choice. It's a, 'I want everyone to grow and see their own road' kind of choice." He'd always tried to look out for them the best that he could and overtime he realized that his worries were often considered to be him being 'too worried'. "Oh, we're definitely going to see about that. I'm pretty smashing at Gobstones." A grin shifted on his face from the poorly designed pun of his . Liv's perception of phrase gave the clear idea to him that she understood the full length of words that he couldn't find to adequately vocalize the desire. "Yes! That's exactly it. Whether for good or ill I think it's pretty important we all do it. I feel it's been a 'We' for so long I've kind of lost what it's meant to be 'Me' in some cases." When his mind began to think on reasons for certain choices they always seemed to drift back to his cousins, something he knew he couldn't hinge every decision on that connection. His gaze lifted up to stare towards hers while leaning in more securely himself almost as if to be drawn by the motion she made. "That pretty much sums it up. They're two of the most important people to me but I know I can't make every decision based on them alone. It isn't fair to them and it definitely isn't fair to me." Cole had spent more time subconciously thinking on it than he'd given himself credit for as the words that left his lips rung into his ears and constantly replayed within his mind. Only for a moment, however, as the woman's own reason soon overrided his own mental voice. "Privacy is important too. Sometimes you just want to be home and enjoy sometime with someone without really awkward questions or snooping."
  2. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    "Your grandmother has some good taste then. I hear that the original story is expensive to get in certain places and to others? It's so expensive its priceless." Bella seemed to be of the latter when it came to the importance of the book that she wielded. He could see why too, handed down from her grandmother? Something that would probably be given towards her own children and with the assistance of magic it would last the ages in ways that Muggle's couldn't even imagine. "Oooh, an interesting view there." The tone of his voice held a rhythmic wave to it while his head tilted to the side in thought. "That's a pretty good point. I've always considered every book needed to be re-read as time passes, you know, the kind of 'New perception from age'. Well. . . And because I will most likely forget most stories over time." A soft laughter emitted from him matched with a bashful smile as if he were embarrassed to admit such. "Thanks, I really appreciate it. I know I can't hide it forever but. . . I don't know, it still feels a bit embarrassing." A hand raised up to rub at his cheeks as a sense of heat seemed to radiate off of them right against his own hand. Why did such a simple and sophisticated thing offer such an odd feeling of feeling as if it needed to be hidden? "Yea, it's like doing guerilla concerts and the like. Either from people with their own little label or just freelancer's, people can just get up and start performing. It's a massive wave of an audience too." It had been a way to get some exposure for many but for him? It had been a way to get a few gigs that would get people to hire him enough for extra money. He had to try and push passed the odd sense of blushing that seemed to constantly emerge. Easy concept to understand but far harder to put in practice while in the heat of its presence for him. With Bella's words only causing the tint of his face to deepen and a wandering hand to press against the side of his face once more only to drag in a slow fashion in disbelief on how sheepish he must have looked in the moment. "I. . . T-Thank you, Bella." Softly speaking words of gratitude towards the critique that she'd offered. "If you enjoyed it then it means it was a larger success than I had ever expected it to be." He knew he couldn't go on his perception alone, Music was a chord that connected multiple people in different ways. The entertainer's and listener's in one accord in a sense or trying to be. Cole's eyes squinted for a moment at her words, displaying a small smile in the process. "That's a really poetic way to place it. Just being around it and enjoying the scenery." Realizing there'd been an important part of being able to appreciate such things in the world even if it seemed small. Home had its own environment when it came to relaxing but the outdoors held their own sense of magic to them too, figuratively and literally. The way she smiled while talking made him believe she held a sort of passion for nature. "I should probably try that, would be interesting to see how the violin reacts to things at night. Being caught this time wasn't bad though." While being caught held a moment of shock he couldn't conceive of it as a bad outcome. "Oh, I have a few good talents! Sharp dresser, pretty decent cook. " The tone of his voice spoken with a sense of humor laced within the words. "I also have a talent for finding terrible D-List movies."
  3. Oh, they were just going easy on us last semester. . . Now the heavy work starts.

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      I lend you all my notebooks when I get home. They are still in the boxes.

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      I'm going to have to pay you back somehow, Bella.

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      Bella Mayfield

      You don't have to, besides, the notes are just gathering dust, at least in your hands they will be useful. 

  4. Invite Moving Up and Out

    Trying not to be late was stapled to the front of Cole's mind, having to stop by his home to drop off the violin before beating it back out and towards Melbourne to meet up with everyone else. Putting in extra effort in the 'Underground Music' racket's to try and drum up even more money to set aside for certain things that needed to be paid for, something that wasn't getting any easier with certain choices. Not to mention maintenance of the instrument could be costly if he wanted to keep it up in perfect playing conditions at all times. Luckily, with the assistance of magic, 'Late' became far more a subjection of perception rather than actually being held back by some form of traffic. At least if there'd been no magical accidents that would've prevented him from making it to his destination. He even went to the extent of leaving his flatmates a nifty little note that he would home a bit later and had been heading out to meet up with some people at the bar with, in his opinion, the catchy name of 'The Tipsy Mozzie'. His hand pressing against the door of the establishment and entering inside of it with a graceful haste that often seemed to follow him in these particular situations. "Hey, hey! Tried to get here as fast I could. Had to drop some stuff off at home." A bashful laughter emitted from him while he pressed a nervous hand along the backside of his neck before sliding into an opened seat. Eyes looking towards Alex's hand for a moment with his eyelids blinking a few times. She was drinking and it wasn't alcohol! A sense of pride twinkled within his eyes though he dared not to vocalize it. "You know, we need some nachos here." Honestly he wanted it with a White Russian, however he also didn't want the alcholic drink to be a tease to his struggling cousin. "And probably a root beer, something with a nice good kick. How are you two holding up?" Looking around once more, they were one short but it would only be a matter of time for that he figured.
  5. My old Roomie just sent me a list of, 'Worse than even D-List movies' to watch. I forgot he had that little enjoyment in life!

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      @Cole Lin I can deal with a house warming party.

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      @Olivia Teagarden Well, you know where I live.

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      Cole Lin

      @Olivia Teagarden Excellent! I'll swing by a shop to grab up the movies. 

      @Alex Lin You're never far away, you know. No matter the distance.

  6. Invite Alliance of Protec

    "The Auror Program, they kind of requested me earlier in the year. Wanted me to switch once they dug up certain. . . Key information bits about me." That final point caused a visible grimace. He knew it couldn't be hidden for long, not with the history some members of his family held amongst the Ministry as Auror's themselves. It almost felt like a Legacy that needed to be carried on in some way. "I do! I plan to put my Practical Magic degree to the test for a bit, if I can get myself a foot into a Ministry job during the time it should cover a lot of costs. Not to mention it'd be a good way to start making those kind of connections too." An individual in either job could only do those jobs effectively with enough support in areas that they couldn't focus or didn't hold knowledge about. "Truth. We'll, we can always find a place elsewhere to talk about that stuff too." The downfall of having a hangout spot hosted by a friend that allowed for all forms of clientele. Granted, it'd have been difficult to not find a Muggle in any establishment even on streets frequented by Wizards. "Always a time and place for things. Sometimes I find myself sitting here just enjoying watching the people go by on their everyday lives. Make up little scenarios in my head on where their destination would be." He shifted his eyes towards the window as an individual walked by with a heavy fur coat that obscured much of their face due to the colder weather that swept through the month. "Like, that person is probably off to join a 'Furry's Impressionist' group." A soft and amused chuckle barreled out of him. Grinning even in the face of her denial of not being a 'Superheroine', the comparison had already been made in his mind and he had plans to make it stick. "Don't go denying your cool status now. But I'll take you up on that offer, may even challenge you to a drinking game if you think you're game." He was pretty sure he had been hanging out with Alex way too much at that point. Cole nodded smoothly in understanding, an expression of empathy etching on his face as his hand reached out to grasp hers lightly. "That just means you stay on the job, right? I mean, if they didn't do that they wouldn't need nurses!" A warming smile stretched across his face with the spoken words. "And they're lucky to have probably the most caring nurse around, I bet." Withdrawing his hand to settle it on one of the cheese doused chips, bringing it to his mouth and chewing. "Yeap, My mom was -really- ecstatic about the change." Pressing his back firmly against the chair to offer a bit more comfort. "But I'm loving the change of scenery. I've awesome roomies and it seems a lot of the really awesome people are moving there too." In that, he'd been including Liv, finding the woman's presence a serene gentleness. "Things just add up over time, it doesn't seem like much but when it's time to move it all? That's when you realize just -how- much." His laughter filled the area for a moment. "But you're not taking up my time, not at all. It could be a pretty fun time and it's always good to help someone out when you can." Moving was a hassle and if he could make it easier for another, why wouldn't he? "I have been avoiding telling Jamie or Alex about that tidbit of my situation. Alex would probably prod him into doing something about it and he'd well. . . Do something about it." Part of his move, admittedly, hinged on him offering a sense of independence in certain situations. To not feel like he needed to lean on his cousins for everything. "Hey, if we both like it we'll just have to play some really childish game to decide who gets it. Only fair, rock paper scissors? Gobstones? It could be fun going shopping with someone that needs it too." "I guess. . . To kind of find myself a bit more. Sure, I have family in both places. But I also felt like where I was. . . I wasn't growing independent as I should've. Being my own kind of person. Need to find what it means to be, 'Cole', you know?" Maybe it sounded weird or even confusing with the way he spoke. Heck, not all of the pieces seemed to fit in his own mind. "What about you?"
  7. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    Cole had rarely been in situations that caused him to feel as awkward as he did now, as embarrassed as he did within the very moment. None of it hinged on him feeling as if she'd intruded either but the simple fact he'd been caught in general. Now, now they look as if they were two children caught kissing by some overbearing ethereal adult. His own gaze lowering to look towards her, a faint smile being expressed even amongst the crimson hue of his cheeks. 'Great, I must look really ridiculous now to her. . .' "Glad I didn't interrupt you then. . ." A gentle tone in his voice; the understanding that he hadn't caused any annoyance caused the hint of his own cheeks to dim in coloration to a faint glimmer. "Oh, man, Peter Pan? The slickest fairy tale character! Which version were you reading?" Books and the tales that they often weaved had been one of his many 'geek' factors, as he reminded himself. Eyes shifted towards the cover of the book, smile widening by the moment as he stared. "Nothing wrong with reading a book again. That's what they're there for, right? The kind of stories that persist through different ages, still being relevant." Peter Pan, it was a story that could speak to a number of people with its unique premise. The shift of the atmosphere in the situation wasn't lost on him, the weight that started to lift gradually the more she seemed to smile. Or had she been mirroring his own which caused a brighter countenance? Either way the ease of the moment made it far easier for the embarrassment to feel far more fleeting than it did but moments ago. It felt different, hearing someone he knew comment that it hadn't been 'weird'; a feeling of slight accomplishment welling up inside. "O-Oh. . . Ahaha." He then laughed bashfully due to her question. "Meaning I usually play in Underground rackets. It's something that not even my Cousins even know about." It had been one of the ways he made extra cash, which always came in handy for him. "It's the appreciative performer in me, at least when it comes to the violin." Cole responded, he may not have 'needed' to but there had been a certain expectation of grace when it came to those that ingratiated themselves to playing the instrument. When their eyes met once more his own smile seemed to adjust towards a shy gleam. Only for the smile to be accented with the heated presence of his cheeks turning scarlet yet again. "Th-thank you. . . Since I have been playing the Violin a bit and Practical Magic is pretty much my current bread and butter for school, it wasn't as hard as I thought to get an effect. But I think I got too much of an uncontrolled effect." His hand rubbing at the back of his neck out of embarrassment while his gaze turned to cast a look towards the flowing water then glanced back to Bella. His head started to nod. "That is a very good question and most of it hinged on me not wanting to use a magical instrument there my first time. We did just get it and I don't want to go destroying or scrambling things about." There would've been no telling what could've happened. What if he started to play it suddenly gathered up everyone's undergarments and plopped it in his room in a tornado? Man. . .The thought slapped a deeper crimson on his cheeks. "The other part is that this place is just too relaxing to ignore. Hehe, I expect you feel the same way coming out here to read." His smile stretching widely in a pearly white shine.
  8. Invite Alliance of Protec

    Liv's drink seemed far more colorful than his own, eyes turning towards the mixture of dark liquid mingling with the lighter and obvious presence of cream that lingered within the center of his drink. It may not have had the flair of an umbrella but it did satisfy the palette he held too, at least for now. Who knew what else the night might've brought for him? The tip of his finger traced along the edge of the glass absent-mindedly, filled only to the middle with the ice gradually melting on the inside of it. "Heh, Right you are! Graduating from Practical Magic only to jump right into something else soon after. But it's definitely been an interesting experience. A bit of fun, if you count the few times people just started tossing balloon's filled with shaving cream or melted whip cream." Even with magic trying to get certain stains out of sheets had almost been a chore in of itself. "So, just another few years and I'll probably be able to start looking for permanent career positions. But at least with a completed degree I can start for a little while." He figured he could handle it as long as he didn't take up too much, as long as he paced himself properly. "Oh, right! Running the Nurse gig! Oh, I'm so sorry." His words came out sympathetically but with a hint of humor as well. "You must get some of the oddest cases of accidents popping in the Nurses wing." He smiled widely and vibrantly. "Sounds like a fun boat already!" His head nodding in agreement. "It is pretty boring without others around at times. Sometimes you want that alone time and other times you kind of hope someone pops in to rescue you from it." His smile shifting into a toothy grin with his hand curling around the glass of his drink and lifting it up in the form of a toast. "So, I guess you're my Superheroine today!" Then pressed the edge of the glass to his lips to sip a bit more from the contents. There had been no way for him to search what would be on the woman's mind preemptively, though how many people came to the bar without a weight on their shoulders and mind? Keeping that thought in mind his position shifted, leaning a bit further against the table and adjusting his attention towards Liv. "I call that the, 'No one is watching me so I do what want' effect. It was pretty popular in my time going there." A soft yet firm laughter eases out of him in a smooth tone. "Those were the days when I was Prefect too when it just seemed to be all the more worse because I had to keep watch." He sighed soon after and shrugged his shoulders, he wasn't a hard-ass sort but it didn't stop the stress that many students brought during his time there. "You're moving too? Guess Alex was right on the major exodus of moving . . I ended up packing up from my dorm and headed out too. Out to Narrie, in fact. Moved in with a few mates, a pretty nice place too." A thoughtful hum resonated from him. "Well, I could always help you out in moving. Since that's pretty much the general direction for me it isn't that much of a problem or deterrent to help out." Cole chuckled, offering another smooth nod. "Furniture is getting pricey. I still need to find a few bits myself too. Right now my room is a bunch of duffle bags and a sleeping bag."
  9. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    Being caught, it had to happen eventually. There had been a few people he expected to run into him mid-act and Bella hadn't made the list, though moving into a place with a collection of people should've made the possibility seem far more possible than it once did. An embarrassed blush tinted his cheeks, a hand rubbing at the back of his neck as if he'd just been caught with it deep in a cookie jar. While he knew there probably wasn't a need for the level of self-consciousness about the fact he'd been caught playing such a dignified instrument, it still had felt far more like a secret and one discovered unintentionally and enjoyed at that. "H-Hey, it's okay, Bella. . ." Even with the obviously heated tone of his cheeks his smile showed a firm friendliness to it. Hoping it would offer a far more eased moment considering the mutual awkwardness. The way her hands fidgeted gave him an idea that she may have been about as nervous as he'd been in the moment though maybe for different reasons? Similar? "Oh. . . Haha, I'm sorry I interrupted your reading. I didn't think people would end up being out here so I thought I'd take advantage of it." He offered a somewhat goofy looking 'Yikes' face to try and offer a levity to the atmosphere. "Shows how well I knew! What kind of book were you reading?" Cole raised up one of his hands and waved it lightly; head shaking the entire time. Cheeks reddening even further with an embarrassed laughter easing passed his lips. "T-Thank you. I play in front of people just. . . Not really in front of people I know. I'm weird that way. You also don't need to apologize at all. No prying was happening." He tried not to hone too focused of a gaze on her, if only to avoid the idea that there had been any form of pressure. His smile brightened when their eyes met, it seemed that a bit of the nervousness had started to flee from her which had been a good thing! Though in the same turn her compliment only added to the bashful nature that ended up with him lightly bowing towards her in humbleness and gratefulness. "Thank you, that means a lot. I try to go the route of uplifting when I play with a bit more of a modern twist to it. Not something everyone enjoys but I think when given the chance the beauty of it can be seen." His hand shifted to press along the strands of hair that lined along the top of his head. "That and I needed to test out this violin. So, you pretty much got the first hand experience of that test along with me."
  10. Invite Alliance of Protec

    People watching. That had been the general term for what Cole had chosen to engage himself in for a brief moment in silence, even as the door constantly opened up and the bell dinged to show people were using it - that attention never shifted. The window allowed for him to view the constantly moving world and perhaps get far more philosophical within his mind than he should've, where were they going? What were they doing? Wizard or Muggle? Secretly disguised Dhampir or Vampire? Those particular facts didn't really matter but it often added to the mystery and mystique of an individuals life and things they went through, enough of a thought that sparked in his mind on wondering if his current choices had been 'proper' ones. Moving seemed like the right thing, a good thing, it had been the steep for him taking his own life into his hands. To somewhat break the chain of feeling less than independent where he had been. The far lighter of his recent choices, the option to step into the Auror arena in the future still won as the 'Heavyweight Champion' to uncertain decisions and one that held some individuals in his life concerned for very good reasons. He couldn't knock away that they weren't within that right knowing how he himself had been. Shaking his head lightly, he tried to dislodge that kind of thinking from his head for the time being. Letting it be a weight on his mind would only cause him to be more uncertain, less resolved. Luckily for him a voice reached out to his ears in a greeting which by reflex caused his heel to lightly shuffle the violin case further back towards the wall. As if it would actually keep it fully concealed, knowing just that an adjusted foot placement would've been able to call it out. "Hey there, Liv! Looking vibrant as usual." Before he could even react on his nature to offer her a seat she'd already asked which caused an easy going smile to crease along his lips. "Always room for you at my table." Taking another light sip from his own drink he gave a smooth nod towards her. "I'm pretty alright though. I mean, University is university, right? Always will have its fun up and downs. But pretty worth it. How about you?" A firm laughter fled from his lips and an errant hand weaved through his hair. Mostly to remind himself he needed to keep any form of embarrassment -firmly- in check considering the mixed clientele of The Tipsy Mozzie. "I'll admit I am too. I was actually expecting the lone ranger experience for a moment. Glad that isn't true." He took a single chip that had a small collection of cheesy sauce on it and popped it into his mouth to chew while slightly shifting it towards the middle of the table as a universal sign of sharing. "Sounds like you were running with a rough kind of a day though."
  11. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    It hadn't been often that he held the chance of playing music that could release directly into the air, something about it held the feeling of being far more different than playing cornered by a set of walls and a low-ebb crowd of people. An art that he had kept secret from nearly every person within his life; there had been no shame in it but he felt the reasons that led him there would've been asked and that in itself seemed to hold a sense of shame for the young man. Luckily, it had been a marketable skill for him to gather up a pittance of money in various parties, underground scenes, enough to keep up a light lifestyle and if need be to save up for things in case of emergencies. What made this particular moment important for him too led to the unique design of the Violin, an instrument intentionally and carefully crafted with magically attuned wood and bow that resonated with one another as if they were 'siblings' - carved from the same tree and both using a Horned Serpent Horn as part of their core which caused a far more fluent and melodic hum when strummed or plucked compared to far more conventional violin's. With the melody easing with a gentle descension the gushing waters and at attention blades of grass emulate the same response; Water lowering after each pulse upwards until it settled back into the surface and full body of it, blades of grass curling and leaning back into a slight slant. Cole didn't have any idea or awareness to the fact that Bella had been standing by, that the woman had even been within the area in general. "That worked a lot better than I thought It would. . . Definitely need to practice and utilize it more though." He spoke to himself, pulling the violin away from his chin and settling it along with the bow across his lap and ushering out a self-accomplished sigh. He glanced around for a moment until he found the case he carried his instrument in and grasped at it, opening it up gently to place the two components inside of it snuggly to keep it protected. "Mmmm. . . There we go!" Once it all seemed to click into place he closed it once more and placed it by the rock before turning around a bit to stretch his legs. Only to spot that he. . . Did indeed have an audience and not someone that had been a stranger either. Eyes widening as if he were a deer in headlights in the moment. "Oh~. . . Hey there, Bella! How. .. Long were you there?" A slight hint of embarrassment had already started to creep along his cheeks, showing within the follicles of his hair as well as they turned into a bashful pink coloration.
  12. Invite Alliance of Protec

    Even though he'd moved to Narrie, he couldn't just -not- give Shane business. What kind of friend would he be if he did that? Not to mention it had still been the primary hangout for himself, a few friends and his cousins. No matter where he would've been located, it couldn't change that very important fact within his mind. While it meant he needed to put a bit more effort getting to Melbourne it ended up being something that wasn't too big of a deal at the end of the day. Keeping the newly minted violin case with him he slid it under the table to one of the booths before sitting down, making sure to hide it just in case anyone he knew had walked in and became far too curious on -why- he had been carrying one. Coming straight from an Underground gig meant he didn't have the time he run back home and place it in its safe little nook in his room. His hand raising up towards one of the waitresses that took orders for the bar. "Hey, can you get me a White Russian and an order of nachos? Thanks." He leaned back while stretching both of his arms towards the sky and expelling out a gentle sigh. He hadn't expected Jamie or Alex to show up tonight, with the both of them most likely busy with work or whatever PR stunt Jamie's manager had wanted the young man to get himself into. That particular bit left a sour taste within his mouth but what more could he do except be supportive? If anything were to happen to either of his cousins he'd just have to pick them back up, dust them off and offer every ounce of his strength when they needed it. As such he expected a lonely night, whether that had been a good thing or not he wasn't fully sure about. Once his drink and food arrived his hand curled around the old fashioned glass and picked it up, pressing the edge of it to his lips and taking a conservative sip from it. "Man. . . This is really good." Cole rather enjoyed cocktails, a way to imbibe in a fun and flashy way without immediately getting sloshed. What other way had there been to truly enjoy a drink?
  13. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    The shift to Narrie hadn't been too hard, even managing to connect with people that made the entire process of living in it far easier too. It also put him closer to his Parents and Aunt. Personally, he felt that had been a better option at any rate in order to keep a better eye on them while still being able to travel towards Melbourne with the same amount of ease due to the use of magic. Even if Alex didn't really find his choice of movement very palatable he also figured it would give her more reason to visit Narrie as well. A dastardly plan to make a beneficial choice for many that had been involved with him. It also made it so that he could find better places to practice, somewhere that wouldn't disturb too many people not with the current weather as it had been of late. With his grasps: one hand held a well maintained violin while the other held a recently waxed bow for it. Taking in a deep breath, he brought the instrument against his shoulder, chin cradling within the rest intended for ease and comfortability of the neck while placing the soft edge of the bow along the row of strings. This instrument had been unique in one singular manner, it'd been manufactured and designed with a magical core giving it the unique presence in place of a wand. A method that had actually been used by a famous artist and Violinist that lived within Melbourne. Positioning himself on top of a rock for even further comfortability he started to press the edge of the bow along the strings as a gentle melodic cry pulsed through the air. Causing it to vibrate with a wavering magical energy, the slight crackle of it caused the blades of grass to stand upwards in a small area around him as if electrified. "So, that's how it works. . . Hahaha, oh this is going to be fun." An almost childish smile creased along his face and he began to play in a far more intentionally arranged way. (The Upside - Lindsey Stirling ) As the music resounded it seemed to catch the attention of the nearby water in the lake, causing it to burst upwards in various segments like a geyser following the tempo and rhythm that the instrument had been wavering through the air. His eyes watching as each burst of water reacted, captivated by the potency of the instrument and the unique response that his violin seemed to pull.
  14. The Hard Decisions in Life

    "Everyone needs a bit of action, it saves us having to work for it too." Cole smirked slightly, the idea had its amusing streak to it. It had been the cost of Jamie's self-image in a jest-filled manner, of course. But it didn't stop the image from crossing his mind and the amount of fans that would've enjoyed such unfettered access. "It solves the problems of having a drought too." This caused his eyebrows to wriggle suggestively. "Though in all seriousness it does bring up a bit of a curious question in mind. . . Do they have you set up with heavy back-to-back public signings?" While he knew not every athlete gained that treatment, those that had been a stable for a team's PR movement or had grown such a name for themselves that they grew marketable often had been sent out to interact with the fanbase and even draw in more people simply by showing up. Lips curved into a small smile. "Really? Another opinion would help a lot. Sometimes with this stuff it's always hard to find that 'Right outfit'." The idea that he would end up placing himself in this kind of a situation three times in his lifetime and who knows what other accolades in the future did rub him a bit in the nervous sector of his mind. His eyebrow raised up questioningly at the phrases used by both of his twin cousins and his lips parted slightly to speak. "You know, if someone was randomly passing by? You both would make it seem like I joined some kind of Chip and Dale school." A cheeky chuckle escaped from him; while the idea itself had never really crossed his mind to even partake in he knew that they meant good enough money amongst various clientele. "I'm all for the help though. Including a nice little tie," He spoke the last portion in a sing-song voice towards Alex. It also meant he got to spend time with someone he cared for, it seemed like a double-win in his book, wasn't it? "Truth be told, I also wanted to try to find and buy a good present for Mom, Pops, and Auntie. You know, a way of just saying 'Thank you' for their efforts." He wasn't sure where he would've been without their investment in his life, as much as he wasn't sure where his feet would've been placed without Jamie or Alex around. As much as he tried to help them, whether he'd been sure they helped him as much and hadn't even been fully aware of it. "And maybe something nice too for the two hard-headed people that are stuck around my life."
  15. The Hard Decisions in Life

    "Probably not. . . She might try to get you going with the well-kept beard that seems to be the fad with stars these days." Cole's eyes narrowed slightly as if he were trying to avoid giving the woman more ideas to try and slap on Jamie. Knowing full-well he'd only been stirring up the pot as if it had been a delectable stew to be consumed. "Just imagine, you're walking in with your leather jacket. Design on the back designed ever so lovingly by your twin. The crowds screaming your name, men and women fainting on the floor just to feel the leather brush across the tips of their fingers." While he spoke his arm rose up and the back of his wrist pressed against his forehead in a dramatic fashion, eyes rolled as if he were simulating the actions of a fainted star struck individual. A chuckle flowed from him at the exchange between the two of them. "So, we're establishing, specifically her not allowed, right? I just need to know if I should schedule a few fashion-show bits for your attire and then a unique 'Broom show'." A playful grin started to form on his face while he shifted himself closer towards the window of the booth and his gaze turned out towards the various people that walked on by in sights for a moment then turned towards his cousins once more. "But she does have a point about those handles, you can even have a little device attached where turning the grip slightly causes a hefty vibration in the air, 'Vrooooom' " Both of his hands rose up, fingers curled in loosely while simulation motions of riding a bike with mildly twitches of his hand as if it were turning something then lowered them back onto the table. "Speaking of clothes, I do need to go shopping soon. Have to get myself a nice smooth suit to look absolutely stunning in." With his hands lifting up once more, the tips of his fingers flex the collar of his shirt as if he were a strutting debutante. "Not just for graduation but I think I probably should start the process of getting potential job interviews setup after. You know, be able to support myself a bit better than what I'm doing now." Which had been his secretive gigs using the Violin. While it didn't bring the cash in, it gave him enough to spoil himself ever so slightly. However, an active job, maybe he'd be able to get out from under the confinement of the University sanctioned dormitories and settle into something far more comfortable while keeping up with schooling as well. A proper place for studying and keeping things orderly. "Sure can't have my parents and your mom not see me at my best in that graduating moment." He imagined they would most likely be happy at the fact that he had succeeded in general. Because of how auspicious the day would be he couldn't go under simple garments either. It had been far off but he'd been confident due to the amount of effort he put into everything he did do.
Cole Carter Lin
4th Year VMU Student/Secret Violinist 0
21* year old Pureblood Human HE/HIM
Age  21*
Date of Birth April 17th, 1998
Year Level 0
Occupation 4th Year VMU Student/Secret Violinist
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Erumpent
Wand 9" Vine Thunder Bird Feather
Play-by James Maslow

Tallygarunga  - Flinder House - 1st to 7th year

VMU - 2016 to Current - 1st to 4th Year - Practical Magic Degree (Has Recently been Asked to switch into the Auror Program)


Holds a small crush on his Cousin, Alex Lin. Though knows nothing can ever truly come from it.

Learned to play Violin through secret lessons, seems to be quite talented with it. 

Often plays with underground groups with a more 'modern' styled sound for the Violin. 

Is a Metamorphmagi

General Knowledge

Is a Charms Expert

Is often found studying one of the many subjects in his field.

Seemingly passionate on the way magic can integrate into technology and allow for various inventions. 

Can really hold his liquor, surprisingly. 

Wants to go into researching various magics towards practical use

Also is dealing with a change of pace due to an offer to start Auror training

Becomes randomly and suspiciously busy during certain points in the year. 


While he isn't a suspicious person by nature, Cole does have his own form of trust issues. More so when it comes to cousins and the things they've been through. He'd rather protect them through finding a fallacy in those that would try to get closer, at least until he could judge for himself their true intentions. 

He's a Gentleman at heart and finds it is through the teaching of responsibility that he had received from one of his Father's many ideals. He's likely to open up a door for an elderly as much as he would for a young child. The care drilled into him and the values he takes as much of his own choices built up a young man who desired a care for the needs of the people. 

While not normally shy things take a slight turn when it comes to potential romantic entanglements. Unsure of how to approach them or even if he should identify for them. More likely to hold in the fact he'd like someone in the first place until something triggered for it to burst out in an expressive emotion. Not so much in words, rather action first followed by words.  Otherwise his emotions, beliefs, and views are worn on his sleeve typically unless given reason not to.


Cole Carter Lin stands at the height of Six feet and three inches, quite tall in any capacity. He often sports short hair that is styled in various ways to add a bit of flair to his own sense of identity without worry of how others could consider it. His beard is always kept trimmed and neat rarely does it ever grow out into a tangled mess but rather stays skin close and groomed. 

While it is a rare occurrence for him to lose control of his emotions entirely it, it isn't unheard. Certain occurrences or heated moments will cause his hair to shift to a corresponding color the physically simulates the inner feeling. Something that he tries hard not to let get away from him choosing not to be ousted. 

He keeps himself decently fit, taking personal health into consideration. Brief exercises are done but never excessively or obsessively. 

The story so far

Cole Carter Lin had been born into relative comfortable without any personal childhood hiccups. The most active or traumatic experiences held by him personally amounted up to a couple of bruises or injuries that occurred through the various activities that he'd gotten into. Exploring the various trails around the area, trying to build some form of 'fort' on the property nearby as if he knew what he'd been doing. Things were as normal as a childhood could get in the Wizarding world for some time, a rarity in many cases as ironic has it had been. Even with the unique talent of his bloodline that marked him as a Metamorphmagus, a secret that he kept from those that hadn't earned his trust fully. 

The life of an only child held its benefits but loneliness was not one of them, not when there is a desire to explore and tell or show others that very discovery. Even during the time of at his preparatory school that had been a course of choice to help instruct him before going off to Tallygarunga, he lacked for friendships that weren't just surface based. The kind of superficial experience that had always reminded him that he most likely wouldn't see a few of his peers on his route into Tally. 

A few years later one of his cousins, Jamie, moved in with them to start his time at Tallygarunga. While Cole wondered under what circumstances prompted the choice it wasn't one that he spurned or had been unhappy about. There seemed to be more than enough room and it didn't seem too bad of an idea to have someone around close in age that had been secluded only to exposure at School. He wasn't certain on when it started to occur but he grew closer to Jamie able to name him as one of his best friends even as he started Tallygarunga himself the following year. 

Things didn't seem so complicated during that time either not until his Aunt and Alex moved closer to them and across the way. One way he'd have described the woman at that time is as a 'Raging Hellfire' of sorts. By then he'd already been told of his Uncle leaving them, though the mans face was an obscured blur unable to even recall a proper personal relationship with him if there even had been one. The turmoil within her drew him out to try and reach out, more so just trying to be there for her and tried to encourage her to take more productive means versus the destructive that she'd been going about. Whatever he had said or done that made it click for her, it seemed that eventually she'd be on the right path that she found herself comfortable with. 

Of course, all that time and attention he'd been given her ended up with the effect of his emotions being placed in an awkward situation. He started to have a crush that he'd intended to ignore, forbidden to act on in his own mind and perhaps even social perception. Through the difficult portion of trying to sort through the complicated feelings he tossed himself into various activities through Tallygarunga, things that he'd hoped if well focused enough and kept away reasonably enough things would flow away. That it could be chalked up to simple teenager triggered hormones. 

Though it didn't work in his favor in trying to sort out his mind and emotions, it did win him enough notice to be considered House Captain during his final two years. The unusual knack he seemed to hold with getting other students to attend to their studies in a unique manner for their own growth and benefit. Accolades that earned a scholarship for Academical Excellence entering into VMU which he enrolled into the moment he graduated from Tallygarunga. 

He currently is going through his third year in VMU under the Practical Magic degree and while he is now still diligent within his studies he always finds the time to hang out with his Cousins when he can. Especially if it means he'd get another chance just to be near Alex, resigning himself to understanding while it's wrong he simply feels how he feels. Unable and unwilling to actually change that fact for the time being. 

Cole Lin August 12
Type: Invite Jamie CollinsCole Lin.
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