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  1. Man, I have a lot of shopping to do. Though no idea what to get some people this year. . .

  2. Alliance of Protec

    Holding the benefit of an entire school on ones shoulders wasn't an easy endeavor, that was one of those things you didn't need to experience to see the obvious notion of it. While he knew she most likely worked with a team of people, chances are, they weren't as dedicated as the young woman had shown to be and all because she naturally had a big heart and cared for the nature of a persons wellbeing. It really was something to admire in her, something that he found had been one of her many finer traits. . . Why had that thought even crawled to the surface of his brain? His head shaking slightly, replacing that thoughtful gaze with a brightening smile. "Can't leave students or teachers bleeding out on the pitch, right?" If he didn't know the Teacher's he'd have expected them to be ones that always held a good prospect in the mine of wisdom. Unfortunately, he knew the caliber of the teacher's there and while they were skilled? They were also more kooky than the Loony Tune Academy. A solemn expression shifts on his face while his head began shaking. "No, I don't think it is. Stresses him out more than he lets on I think." He was pretty sure that Alex had threatened a few of the ones that had ended up far too close for comfort for any of them. "Would you. . .? I mean, he doesn't really fully listen to me and Alex though. . . Alex doesn't listen to him and me either too much." Taking a hand to rub at the back of his neck, was moving really a good idea. . .? Then a bullish huff exhausted passed his lips - it was and he couldn't start letting the drink make him think otherwise. "Oh, I think I'm delectable." He stated in a playful manner towards her, eyebrows wriggling as if to sell it as a form of fact in his mind. While he didn't suffer from self esteem on his physical appearance, he was quite sure he was in a very odd situation being the cousin of a Quidditich star and a superb artist who had been quite beautiful herself. "Well, it was a good thing I was asking what you think and not others, right? I mean, I'd have to ask them what they thought of me to get that kind of answer." Unaware of how his words may have sounded leaving from his mouth. He didn't specify, it was a true statement and it was done on purpose. He'd been far more curious if she'd try to wriggle out of it with a quick one or attempt something else entirely. Even the expectancy that she'd try for the cheek or forehead came first, not even considering that the woman would choose his lips. There'd been a slight moment of redness that splotched across his cheeks, however, after a couple of seconds into the kiss before it ended, he leaned into it more. Lightly groaning as if he'd just ate or tasted something just far too delicious that it couldn't be halted. Lips soft against his own, the heat rolling off and brushing at the space between his lips which only lit his heart up to beat even faster. Cole's eyes fluttering in a mild haze, he wasn't going to admit it was that good but. . . Damn, it was. Taking in a deep breath to collect his thoughts as much to chain down his emotions, the light flicker of the tip of his brunette strands turning a deep red and then shifting back towards the natural color would've been noticeable to Liv if she'd been paying attention to his features. That she walked back towards her seat as if it didn't happen, that had been what made him take stock of the kind of opponent she was when it came down to it. Cheeks blushing even further as she teased him about his desire to kiss her, he hadn't thought of it during the dare - He was definitely thinking it now though. "You got me on that. . . I wasn't expecting you to peck the lips. Thought you'd cheap out and go for the cheek or something." He had to keep his cool, whatever that would've been worth considering she'd already rattled him in all the right ways. The woman probably hadn't even realized it either, unless she was being coy or very kind. Dare, again? It had been obvious to him now, she was planning on keeping it up even after leaving the bar. Well, if she can hang then so could he! Curling his fingers around the shot glasses and downing them quickly with ease. Now things were going to really kick in for him at this point. . . Making his way over towards Liv and starting to pick her up, she never specified how either and so. . . He opted for the far more personal Bridal carry. An arm tucking under her legs, wrapping an arm around the center of her back and cupping his hand right at the center of her arm to pin her lifted body against his torso. "Alright then. . . Your dare is. . . . To make out with me all night long. Oh and I chose dare after that." Roguish grin forming on his face while walking out of the bar. Thinking his current dare would win him the championship. . . He couldn't have ever guessed the kind of spark that would really occur from such a thing while both of them were several sheets into the wind.
  3. Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    "Mushrooms would be pretty good, when added to meats they can keep a lot of the juices in and mix up the flavor to something pretty delectable." He nodded a few times in a smooth motion. "Maybe asking her which standards usually give fair deals could help too. Don't want to end up buying something for far more than it is. Might hit us a bit hard there." Not that he needed to truly worry about money though being frugal and smart about their purchases had been a lesson that couldn't be passed up when encountering a new area that require using finances. "Ahahaha, sounds like a flea market for produce." A joking expression etching on to his features while his head tilted to the side briefly. Investment's didn't always mean reaping right there in the moment, they were long-term plans designed to payout in the long run. Their cost? Effort and time which would've afforded them far more in the long-run in not only their financial situation but also just the time taken to gather everyone for a nice well-made meal with fresh ingredients. "That sounds pretty fair too, use the magic to keep them at their, 'peak' all year round. That's when most are usually at their best." There'd been very few foods that could pull off being useful while decaying, after all. "Sure, the days one is free and the other isn't we can just switch off that way too. That way things still get done and we can have ourselves a thriving garden." Whether or not he had an actual green thumb he wasn't sure, time would only tell that particular truth. "I'll take you up on that. Always good to have someone whose been there give tips and even ideas of some of the stuff they'd encounter." While the struggles he may have may end up differing from hers, what she'd endured could help build a better foundation on them and even refine the things he didn't struggle with too much. Cole nodded a few times, taking up the case to his violin and double checking that the latches were in place and the instrument and bow had been nestled in properly to avoid getting damaged in transit. "I'm ready if you are!" He responded in a cheerful manner and started to lead the way towards the path she pointed out towards that would eventually lead them towards the bookstore.
  4. Ever do something you didn't think was going to happen. . . And now can't keep it from your head? Yeap. That's me right now!

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    2. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Cole, then why don't you do it again? If you want to, you should. 

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      I. . . Wouldn't be against it if it comes up again!

    4. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Good. You should go for it, if it does. 

  5. Alliance of Protec

    "Oh, I knew it! Such an evil master plan that it could only be considered as such." He offered a low snicker, smiling widely towards the wordplay that the two of them had been fencing with. There hadn't been any personal issue with the suggestions she'd made either, time invested in a bit of gameplay could help to release a lot of stress through the week or month. Something to look forward towards after dealing with a rough week or even just having that one day that made the week tank entirely. "Work is important, can't leave it a half done job before you head out, right?" At least he felt that way when it came to professions that made their focus the care of others. "It's kind of funny, isn't it? I mean, all that they have towards imagination and creativity. . . And they can't even expand more on sports." From one end of the scope it almost felt near gladiatorial. The Wizarding version of the 'Arena' by pitting those that would risk their bodies and safety for the benefit of others entertainment. There'd been plenty of people that enjoyed the hard hits rather than the sportsmanship that the game seemed to bring about in others. "Ahahaha, I think he'll need it more than me. At best they're trying to paw to find out where he is!" "I don't think that hinges on pulling a Titanic moment." His reclined, lips parting with a humorous laughter. Her following question throwing him off only slightly; pressed his elbows up onto the edge of the table and leaned in while his head tilted towards the side. A ever blooming smile flashed with pearly teeth and a smooth hum. "Do you think I am handsome?" His voices accent shifted, adding an almost Russian inflection towards it. Maybe it'd been the alcohol slowly taking effect that made him respond in his own jested way. Cole had planned to compliment Liv on her speedy retrieval of the drink until her next dare for him had been issued. Eyes squinted as he stared towards her with a somewhat pouty expression. "Look at you, trying to prove a point here. . ." He only had to get their numbers, right? The premise of it didn't really matter as long as he could manage it. He pressed both of his hands against the table to stand up and waddled his way towards the table, opting not to just sit down like some form of creeper. Instead, he decided to spark up a conversation as if they'd all went to the same school, following it up with an apologetic remark and asking if he could sit with them for a moment. "Oh, really? You're all part of a Theater program? Well I can't miss that, I admit, I'm a sucker for the stage. Do you mind if we exchange numbers? You can always shoot me the listing dates." After a few more minutes had passed he stood back up and saw the trio out before returning back to his seat across from Liv and taking two of the shot glasses to the face with a heavy huff. "Whew. Alright, I see we're upping the stakes here!" He laughed, but he knew how to win this time if she really wanted to step up the game. His gaze leveling with hers, a gloss of 'prepared' mischievousness twinkling within his eyes. He couldn't ask her to get some persons number, that would've far too easy for her to accomplish and he knew that. "I dare you to kiss me." The way he spoke showed a sense of certainty that she'd backdown and lose the game. "Oh, and by the way, after you take your three drinks? I'll take up another dare."
  6. Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    "What are some of the stuff that you usually get when you did head out there?" It sounded to him as if she hadn't been there for a while, if he had to take a pot-shot in the dark? Most likely when she started university. He couldn't entirely imagine the feel going to such of a place would be like either, at a Supermarket most times people would just coast by one another. Barely nodding or saying 'Hi', what happens when it ended up being like one of the many bazaar styled setups that often had been shown in movies and written about in books? "Guessing it's a mostly cash affair too, right?" He didn't think it would be a barter system though the romanticized thought held an attraction to it. The way her cheeks splotched with a reddened tint caused his mind to mark her as cute for the way it seemed to keep occurring, he hadn't been in a position to really bring it up either. His own cheeks taking the same form of shade their entire conversation that he almost expected them to burn a hole through to the surface of his bone. "It would save us a trip too. I've also heard a lot of people say, 'It tastes better from your own garden.' Probably because its at the peak of its freshness that way, you'd get the full benefits of the food being prepared that way." Why hadn't he thought of doing it before? Maybe it'd been sparked as an obvious thought due to having someone to share it with that wanted the same experience. "I know it wouldn't for me!" He glanced around the area for a moment as if ready to speak a conspiratorial notion towards her. Tone of voice lowering to offer the idea that it'd been some form of intimate secret. "Between you and me. . . I probably need to get out and away from studying all my books as often as I do anyways." It'd been followed by a chuckle and a playful shrug as well. It'd been far more true than he probably really wanted to admit but it'd been about time that he took his own health and time into consideration.
  7. Alliance of Protec

    "Oh, so many surprises it'd make you're eyes bulge! Maybe, probably not. You've probably seen all the surprises possible." He laughed in a brightened manner. Lips curled upwards in enjoyment, teeth showing in a pearly white incandescence. "Now you're just trying to slip out challenges, aren't you?" The smile never drifted from his expression and the humor of the entire scenario so far hadn't retreated from his voice. He knew he could never rise to the level of conviction when it came to a victorious challenge as Liv had, as much as he wanted to she was in another league entirely. Even so, there'd been a sense of. . . Fun? Enticement? Linked to wanting to even try to compete on the same level or at the very least come close to it. "I don't mind waiting. Might give me the chance to exploring the grounds a bit, see what has grown in the last few years too." While most things usually didn't change, in a school of Magic -everything- always seemed to change somehow. Quidditich, it was still a very popular sport for Wizarding society. These days he couldn't escape the effect it held and not because it had any direct correlation to him but towards his cousin, Jamie, instead. "Yea, I know how that gets sometimes. Usually have to avoid all of Jamie's fangals and boys." Not that he thought any of them knew him though with information and magi-technology where it had been, could he really take many chances in that form of thinking? "W-what?" Her words flew out and caused a minor heat of embarrassment to light up the edges of his cheeks. "Now you're just teasing me. . . No one would've been impressed by that." By his recollection he didn't look like some random dork from that dare, he looked like some form of drunken sailor who had just way too much imbibed and held some form of high held ego. Granted, just because he held that perception didn't mean that others would've. That much he did have to admit as a reasonable understanding. He thought he had her beat with his current choice of dare for her, though it seemed she'd been made of far more sturdy stuff to not be driven away from it. A small grin pasted on his face while trying to hold in a minor laughter. Accolades had to be given to how boldly the Half-Veela managed to pull it off and while she made her way back towards the table his hands rose up and offered an apt amount of applause for her display. "Brava, brava. I have to say, I think you may have her think she might order another drink just to have eye contact again!" He teased. "Oh, dare. What, did you hope it'd get easier for you? To watch me just knock them out of the park?"
  8. Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    "Oh? I mean, it's been a while for a while. And considering you seem like a bibliophile I would've been surprised if you didn't." Pondering on it further, he hadn't been entirely certain that the young woman had lived primarily in Narrie or Melbourne. Something further to learn about her now that he had the chance and opening. Finding a silver-lining of gratefulness that she'd actually stumbled over him the way that she did, while awkward the ice that often had been put up in usual social situations had shattered for him easily. "Oh. . . I-I knew that!" His lips creased into a silly grin. He often avoided the Farmer's market though perhaps it held far more fresher options than he had ever considered in the past. "That's a pretty good plan, I think. It means we'll be able to get the prime picks. Not the stuff people picked over from later in the day." There didn't seem to be a reason not to follow the proposed route, if it meant they could make a memorable dish then it would be worth skipping a few hours of sleep to greet the early morn. He wanted to let her know she didn't need to feel flustered, that misunderstanding happened and that it'd been fine. However, he couldn't bring himself to making notice of it vocally, if only to avoid offering more embarrassment that hadn't been intended. The sudden emergence of eye contact had thrown him off mentally, if only slightly. He wasn't sure if she'd been doing it subconsciously or found it within herself to try and lift her gaze up a bit more to pay attention to his. What he did note had been the odd beauty of a glint that came from them, though it had been dwarfed by what he considered a courageous act to still keep her attention towards him. "Ah~, An expansion spell is the way to go!" Somewhere they could find a nice bit of lighting and even a way for the rain to slip through when necessary. "We'd need to keep in mind the amount of time needed and the work invested behind it. It's still a good way to go about it though, it could be pretty fun and memorable too." He laughed lightly. "Yea, but hey, even if they aren't. . . If they at least agree to the ideas existence we can do it ourselves! It still would be a beneficial outcome for the household, I think."
  9. Alliance of Protec

    Hearing her speaking of the games caused him to laugh, in a very dorky manner. An actual snort-chuckle rumbled out of him before his hand rose up to cover his mouth and nose to try and contain it. "I'm game for them. I could always use more areas to tally against you for my inevitable win." The tone within his voice had been an obvious joking manner, he understood the need and drive of competition. One didn't work hard and achieve certain stations and accolades without having that form of drive within them to beat out the other prospective individuals. "Muggles do have the edge in that department, games." There hadn't been many options in the realm of Wizards, not in comparison to the kind of things that existed on their opposite societies end of choices. "You'll find I'm much more feisty than people give me credit for!" Whether that had actually been a true statement, he wasn't sure. If anything it'd been something thought and stated in the heat of posturing and strutting that seemed to be playfully happening between the two of them. Then his eyes blinked several times, head tilting to the side barely while wearing a quizzical expression. He wouldn't have expected she would've wanted to be bothered by people while on the job, especially with how danger prone students and even staff members could be. "Uh, yea, sure. I mean, I can stop by if that's what you really want." Who was he to tell her that she wouldn't want to? Or even imply that it would be a hassle if she'd offered? He trusted that she'd been aware of her limits as much as the workload to not stretch herself too thin. At least, he hoped he'd been trusting properly in that; being neglectful wasn't something that he wanted to occur on his end. "Sly, Liv. Very~ sly." A grin perched on his brow while he shook his head with a clear look of amusement. It'd been cheating, on any kind of checklist, however, he didn't mind it. In fact, he took it with a good-natured stride. He glanced to the accrued shot glasses towards the bench before taking a deep breath and standing up to walk over towards the bench and standing on top of it, pressing both of his hands on his waist with chest pumped out as if he were a superhero. The action alone drawing more than enough eyes, it seemed as well. "I am handsome!" The heat of embarrassment that struck at his face from even going to such an extent started to rise but he clamored to suppress it as quickly as he could before returning back to his actual seat and taking two shots of the vodka. "Ah~. . . Okay. So that's how we're playing!" His lips curled upwards, baring a toothy smile. "Now, if I remember, you said dare." One of his index fingers rose up and tapped between the bridge of his chin with a gentle hum resonating in his throat. "Okay, I got it!" Glancing around for a moment he spotted a lone sitting woman with a full drink catering to her side. "I dare you to go up to that lady and take her drink and down it right in front her."
  10. Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    He needed to get over himself, that was all it had been. Far easier for him to feel and think and much more difficult to put into action when the weight of the potential awkwardness could strike at his cheeks in an obvious hue at any moment. "You're a collector, aren't you?" A smile curved from his lips widely while pressing the palms of his hands right against his waist. "Oh, I get it. With so many personalities and people stuffed in one place, it would get pretty difficult to be able to give the option of everything." A task far easier if there'd only been two people, perhaps even three if one wanted to truly push it. Four, four had just been too many when there were several things someone didn't mind sharing with everyone. "Yea! That's be pretty awesome. There is this old couple in Narrie that run a quaint bookstore. Been there for years, probably overdue to drop on them too since moving back." "Friday night sounds good to me, we can always hit the market in the early morning." His hand rubbed at the edge of his chin for a moment in thought. "If we can figure out their delivery times we might even be able to get them when they're at their freshest. Er. . . For a Market, anyways." He laughed briefly, the other idea had been to pick the ingredients themselves though he'd been certain that wasn't truly an option currently. "We might be able to even start a garden project for the future too, you know. Extremely fresh fruits and vegetables to be used, maybe even just something to do as a group too." The urge between either growing it naturally for more of an excuse to build and enjoy the company of others or using magic to expedite the 'fruits of their labor' would most likely linger. He, however, didn't take any of the others as the type to speed or push something faster along the line if it didn't truly need to be done. "We can start picking up different seedlings, seasonal types and those that have a pretty strong persistence. Maybe even use some kind of special magic design that is climate controlled, we'd have pretty unique vegetables and fruits any time of the year that way." Hearing it all the intial worry that it may be a bit overwhelming for the woman had him scale back his vocal excitement. "Er, of course, that's if people want, obviously."
  11. Alliance of Protec

    He'd been well aware of what hindered him on the front of expanding out towards more friends. While there'd been many that didn't connect to his Cousins the fact of the matter had been he kept a distance in order to act as a form of 'guard' to the twins. Helping them back when they were kids hadn't been the easiest thing he'd ever done and he didn't want to risk the two of them being put in that kind of a dark place again or worse being even more broken from it. He sighed lightly at the thought, he needed to no longer be the ever watchful dog. "I hear you on that! At some point need to dig out of that little secluded tunnel though. So. . . Fingers crossed, right?" A wide smile pulled onto his face. Competitive natures had been something he'd grown up around, even if it didn't entirely describe him part of him did enjoy the fun of a challenge slightly. It'd been the expense paid growing up with Jamie and even Alex at times when that fire sparked in the woman. "What, do you just walk around with a bunch of games in your head?" A smile curved on his face while laughing lowly. "You have a special storage space where you have all your props for games, huh? Volley balls, nets, maybe even a dodge ball or five." It was only a bit of fun poking but it still had been something that also seemed quite plausible, a lot of Wizard's hald small little sectors for their favorite things. Cole couldn't hold in the small laughter that started to emerge once more passed his lips. "Maybe you're right about that. . . But it doesn't stop the thoughts, you know. Still, I'm glad that you think of me as your own friend too." There hadn't been anything wrong with what she said, no expectation by him that she may have been saying it just to make him feel better either. "Hahaha, you say that now. But when you're beaten by all the games played then you'll be wanting some backup to help." He grinned towars her, adding a bit of a playful tone towards his words. "I'm always up for hanging out though, making time should be pretty easy for me to do depending." "Mmmm. . . You don't~! Looks like you'll just have to play or run!" By now, it'd been extremely obvious that 'running' from a game wasn't in the woman's personality. The face of the coin had been revealed, landing upwards had been the etched pattern on what would be considered as 'Tails'. His hand adjusting the tray of drinks to be centered between the two of them to make it easier to acquire one of the shots instead of the risk of knocking all of them over. "Is that how Heads or Tails works for you?" A playful smirk turning along his features. "Let's see. . . Dare!"
  12. Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    The line-of-sight had been broken away which allowed for his own gaze to turn away from the woman without feeling extremely awkward about it. Things always seemed to get awkward when people stared long enough at someone who had been avoiding that kind of contact. He'd hoped this wouldn't keep up for either of them, not that they couldn't still conversate even with the awkward blushing. And maybe even in hindsight, it hadn't been too bad, to be stuck in a moment of constant awkwardness that he hadn't be used to. He'd always prized himself as being someone that spoke with genuine intention and thought. After all, what had been the point and offering a false compliment? They held a heavier weight if they were actually meant, if it had been more than just the idea that someone wanted something out of a person. "Mmm. . ." A gentle hum resonated within him, that she'd been willing to allo whim to read the book she obviously held dear showed the amount of trust that seemed to be held within him. Still, it didn't feel right without making certain she knew he meant well fully. "I'll start with Alice in Wonderland! In fact, we can probably also stop by a bookstore and see if they also have 'Through the Looking Glass'. Wouldn't be right to read Alice in Wonderland without its second adventure." What kind of introspection would be gained? What would he be able to see and understand now that wouldn't have been possible while younger? While it'd been only barely there, the smile that had made itself known on Bella managed to pull a defined one from him. Reactionary, but it still felt nice knowing that her own reaction led to liking the idea that he propositioned. "I think we'll have time! I mean, we'll need to let everyone know ahead of time so that we can pop it into the schedule." He wasn't sure about their other flatmates, he knew that his own schedule could get gradually heavy or effortlessly light depending on how things added up during the week. "Also, would give us time to make sure we've got the best ingredients possible too. Can't let it be run of the mill!" He smiled widely towards her.
  13. Alliance of Protec

    He'd never seen Liv as much of a heavy drinker even moving towards the idea that may have actually been the heavier drinker of the two depending on the moment. Already claiming a mental win as if it would solidify into reality if he thought of it enough. It had been simple for him to have it in the bag, right? There'd been no awareness in him in gauging just how truly competitive the Half-Veela could and would most likely be, especially if that swan-like confidence in him started to make itself known. "I'm good for that plan easily. I'm always told I need to get out more anyways." A softened chuckle emitted from him. He'd been aware that he needed to fill up his coming days with a series of relaxing plans, establishing them strongly so that they could help reduce much of the potential stress and trials he would no doubt face once he started going through the training for being an Auror. It also had simply just been a very healthy habit emotionally and mentally and the particular case of where they would be visiting, physically too. Part of him did feel bad taking up that kind of time from the older woman, surely she must have things she'd rather be doing than playing guide, right? "Oh. . . Thank you." His hand brushed along the back of his head with slightly reddened cheeks. Compliments weren't an uncommon thing even so he couldn't seem to not feel only a bit embarrassed at receiving them. He'd never worked to gain them only seeing it as him being himself; His cheeks reddened nature didn't last long as they gradually eased back into the tint of his natural skin. "Will I? Guess there's only one way to find out then." Another game of competition in the works and it hadn't even been time for it yet. "I can't argue that point considering whose sitting across from me and all." After all, Liv had been a woman to admire in the awesome department. Caring and strong despite whatever weight may have weighed on her. Though he hadn't expected her to have that verbal reaction to his words, did she consider him a friend as much as she did Alex and Jamie? There'd been no reason for him to doubt that, she'd never been a person who seemed to hide her intentions or phrases behind a false sense of sincerity. "Hahaha, maybe. I always looked at it as you know, the 'Younger Sibling' effect. Not that I -have- siblings but they're like it." "Black Vodka it is then! Rules are pretty simple, All Truth questions asked are two shots. A Dare is two but if you can't complete it for some reason or back out it's three!" His attention turned towards the employee with a wide smile placed on his face. "Can you get us several shots of Black Vodka, please?" Attention turning back to Liv while rummaging through his pocket to grasp hold of a coin and pull it out. "We'll decide who asks first by flip, Heads or Tails?" After which ever had been decided he'd flip the coin in the air by the tip of his thumb. The metallic piece twisting and twirling about until it started to descend back towards the surface, clanking against the table and bouncing a few times. Twirling and bobbing on its circular edge before tipping over to reveal its gambling face upwards.
  14. Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    Getting swept up in life and forgetting much of what it meant to be a person and growing far more monotonous seemed to be the curse of adulthood. Much like as a Child foolhardiness tended to be the curse for many along with the inability to perceive much of what an action could cause in singular moment. At what point would they stop living and simply start that phase of existing? Forgetting the days where they'd been driven by dreams and imagination, the very driving forces that established cities or even started people on careers? He'd been thinking far too much of late, ever since the offer came in from the instructor for the Auror Program. He couldn't gather what had been working in her mind but the red tint that danced at her cheeks caused his own to brighten as it had already been present. Sometimes things were never meant to be revealed at the hand of the person who harbored the secret. Sometimes? It took a moment, something that couldn't have been intended to remove that first pebble before it could be fully unlocked for others to experience. There'd been no sense of violation in this matter to him especially when the woman seemed to have enjoyed what she'd come across. That had been a far more positive reaction than he would've expected from the people directly involved in his life in some way. Cole's eyes blinked several times, not interesting? Had she never sat down and had someone genuinely interested in trying to understand what made her tick even a bit? "I think you're pretty interesting. You seem the cerebral sort and bookish too." He started to stand up straight while crossing his arms against his chest lightly. "Oh, really? I'll have to check them out then! Which ones would you recommend as a good pick first?" If they had been her books then perhaps she held a personal preference? Maybe even by the choice she made it would've helped him to break down a better understanding of one of his flatmates. "Can even meet up and talk about them a bit. You know, kind of like a little impromptu club kind of thing." A proud grin made itself known as an expression for Cole. "I will say I've managed to find the proper formulae between sweetness while still keeping the juicy nature of the carrots." The kind of process that took far longer than intended but made it all worth it when it came to completion. "Oh man. . . Those both sound really good. Hey, maybe we can have kind of a house warming dinner once everyone is settled in? Bring all of it together as a kind of celebration."
  15. Alliance of Protec

    "You make it sound as if you walk around coming up and cataloguing the different kinds of dares that pop into your mind." His lips turned into an amused smile. The thought was amusing but seemed equally fitting given the woman's occasionally challenging and daring nature when it came to games and competition. The wealth of dares that could emerge were countless too, only ever limited by their own imaginations and willingness. "I don't think either of us really came here to -leave- completely sober, you know." He laughed playfully while leaning his back into the chair with his head shaking from her implied statement. "Nope, I'm all in. I just wanted to give you the chance to bolt before facing the reality that I will outlast you." While he'd been raised in the Narrie area he never held much time for exploration of its more vibrant parts. Finding that his current situation made for a perfect reason to explore. An excuse to go beyond what he normally felt as a general 'comfort', expanding just a bit more on himself. "Weather can make a bit of an obstacle. Though much like the seasons it also could make scenery that is hard to miss under the most extreme of circumstances." Most likely not fully worth the risk but he also had his personal ways of pushing through unpleasant weather if necessary. Liv's agreement to show him around the reserve drew a thankful and grateful smile and expression. "Yea, that'd be great. I've all my classes for early courses so usually the afternoons are when I'm free as a bird." Sometimes literally in his case. His hand pressed against the back of his head, disheveling a few strands of hair only momentarily before they seemed to softly curl back into place. "Yea, I know. And I do go there pretty often, classes and a few things for work I still have out there. I won't be entirely out of reach in that way, able to always just drop by and surprise her." Chances would be he would constantly bring her favorite dish every single time he would. While he expected the woman would be happy he also expected her usually witty sarcasm that tends to arrive in full force. Perhaps part of her charm. "Then I'm glad you know I'd win enough for you to taste the Jell-O!" After all, how else would she be able to taste it other than his glorious mandated victory? Cole didn't expect his choice to have no form of blowback, at the very least he knew his cousins understood and both in their unique way supported him for it. But it also didn't mean they entirely would be thrilled by it especially when it came to the suddenness of the decision itself. "Maybe. . . I mean, that's what happens when you get too comfortable, right? It starts to become the safest option and not always the healthiest." He could always rely on them but he couldn't -only- rely on them. A similar yet very obvious difference in terminology in his mind. "New people or even get to know the ones already around in a way that doesn't hinge on, 'Well. . . They're my cousins friends.'" He laughs weakly, knowing all too well that feeling when it came to many of the people in their 'circle'. It wasn't by any means because he knew them but because they knew them. "Oh, I'm supposed to share all that? I was just hoping to keep it all personal and buried." He snickered, smile widening in a jesting manner. Maybe there would be someone to share things with, the feeling wasn't bad. At least the bit that he managed to share with someone even if they accidentally came across it there hadn't been a 'bad' feeling to it. Nervousness that gradually transformed to a bashful gratefulness, an odd collection of emotions all at once at that moment. Bringing up his own drink to his lips he downed it and set it towards the side. "Oh, don't you worry! I do know when to stop asking when you don't want to talk about it." He spoke trying to offer a segueing levity to the topic at hand while raising his hand up towards the nearby employee. "Now, what will be our poison for this game of Truth or Dare? It has to be the same thing or else it won't be fair." He grinned towards her, not even considering that maybe they should've set 'ground rules'. After all, how crazy could it get between the two of them?
Cole Carter Lin
4th Year VMU Student/Secret Violinist 0
21* year old Pureblood Human HE/HIM
Age  21*
Date of Birth April 17th, 1998
Year Level 0
Occupation 4th Year VMU Student/Secret Violinist
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Human
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Erumpent
Wand 9" Vine Thunder Bird Feather
Play-by James Maslow

Tallygarunga  - Flinder House - 1st to 7th year

VMU - 2016 to Current - 1st to 4th Year - Practical Magic Degree (Has Recently been Asked to switch into the Auror Program)


Holds a small crush on his Cousin, Alex Lin. Though knows nothing can ever truly come from it.

Learned to play Violin through secret lessons, seems to be quite talented with it. 

Often plays with underground groups with a more 'modern' styled sound for the Violin. 

Is a Metamorphmagi

General Knowledge

Is a Charms Expert

Is often found studying one of the many subjects in his field.

Seemingly passionate on the way magic can integrate into technology and allow for various inventions. 

Can really hold his liquor, surprisingly. 

Wants to go into researching various magics towards practical use

Also is dealing with a change of pace due to an offer to start Auror training

Becomes randomly and suspiciously busy during certain points in the year. 


While he isn't a suspicious person by nature, Cole does have his own form of trust issues. More so when it comes to cousins and the things they've been through. He'd rather protect them through finding a fallacy in those that would try to get closer, at least until he could judge for himself their true intentions. 

He's a Gentleman at heart and finds it is through the teaching of responsibility that he had received from one of his Father's many ideals. He's likely to open up a door for an elderly as much as he would for a young child. The care drilled into him and the values he takes as much of his own choices built up a young man who desired a care for the needs of the people. 

While not normally shy things take a slight turn when it comes to potential romantic entanglements. Unsure of how to approach them or even if he should identify for them. More likely to hold in the fact he'd like someone in the first place until something triggered for it to burst out in an expressive emotion. Not so much in words, rather action first followed by words.  Otherwise his emotions, beliefs, and views are worn on his sleeve typically unless given reason not to.


Cole Carter Lin stands at the height of Six feet and three inches, quite tall in any capacity. He often sports short hair that is styled in various ways to add a bit of flair to his own sense of identity without worry of how others could consider it. His beard is always kept trimmed and neat rarely does it ever grow out into a tangled mess but rather stays skin close and groomed. 

While it is a rare occurrence for him to lose control of his emotions entirely it, it isn't unheard. Certain occurrences or heated moments will cause his hair to shift to a corresponding color the physically simulates the inner feeling. Something that he tries hard not to let get away from him choosing not to be ousted. 

He keeps himself decently fit, taking personal health into consideration. Brief exercises are done but never excessively or obsessively. 

The story so far

Cole Carter Lin had been born into relative comfortable without any personal childhood hiccups. The most active or traumatic experiences held by him personally amounted up to a couple of bruises or injuries that occurred through the various activities that he'd gotten into. Exploring the various trails around the area, trying to build some form of 'fort' on the property nearby as if he knew what he'd been doing. Things were as normal as a childhood could get in the Wizarding world for some time, a rarity in many cases as ironic has it had been. Even with the unique talent of his bloodline that marked him as a Metamorphmagus, a secret that he kept from those that hadn't earned his trust fully. 

The life of an only child held its benefits but loneliness was not one of them, not when there is a desire to explore and tell or show others that very discovery. Even during the time of at his preparatory school that had been a course of choice to help instruct him before going off to Tallygarunga, he lacked for friendships that weren't just surface based. The kind of superficial experience that had always reminded him that he most likely wouldn't see a few of his peers on his route into Tally. 

A few years later one of his cousins, Jamie, moved in with them to start his time at Tallygarunga. While Cole wondered under what circumstances prompted the choice it wasn't one that he spurned or had been unhappy about. There seemed to be more than enough room and it didn't seem too bad of an idea to have someone around close in age that had been secluded only to exposure at School. He wasn't certain on when it started to occur but he grew closer to Jamie able to name him as one of his best friends even as he started Tallygarunga himself the following year. 

Things didn't seem so complicated during that time either not until his Aunt and Alex moved closer to them and across the way. One way he'd have described the woman at that time is as a 'Raging Hellfire' of sorts. By then he'd already been told of his Uncle leaving them, though the mans face was an obscured blur unable to even recall a proper personal relationship with him if there even had been one. The turmoil within her drew him out to try and reach out, more so just trying to be there for her and tried to encourage her to take more productive means versus the destructive that she'd been going about. Whatever he had said or done that made it click for her, it seemed that eventually she'd be on the right path that she found herself comfortable with. 

Of course, all that time and attention he'd been given her ended up with the effect of his emotions being placed in an awkward situation. He started to have a crush that he'd intended to ignore, forbidden to act on in his own mind and perhaps even social perception. Through the difficult portion of trying to sort through the complicated feelings he tossed himself into various activities through Tallygarunga, things that he'd hoped if well focused enough and kept away reasonably enough things would flow away. That it could be chalked up to simple teenager triggered hormones. 

Though it didn't work in his favor in trying to sort out his mind and emotions, it did win him enough notice to be considered House Captain during his final two years. The unusual knack he seemed to hold with getting other students to attend to their studies in a unique manner for their own growth and benefit. Accolades that earned a scholarship for Academical Excellence entering into VMU which he enrolled into the moment he graduated from Tallygarunga. 

He currently is going through his third year in VMU under the Practical Magic degree and while he is now still diligent within his studies he always finds the time to hang out with his Cousins when he can. Especially if it means he'd get another chance just to be near Alex, resigning himself to understanding while it's wrong he simply feels how he feels. Unable and unwilling to actually change that fact for the time being. 

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