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  1. Complete Surprise Visits

    Feeling her squeeze sent another set of shivers along his spine, they were becoming more frequent and the sense of enjoyment heightened. If this had been one of the rewards for 'A Lifetime Membership' then signing up would be the first priority to him. "I didn't plan on stopping my workouts, see I have this condition that requires I work out and visit often. You know... Pay my dues." Being a part of the mile high club had been enough of a doctors order to convince him to go along with the joke. It had only been a reminder, however, of how much he'd fallen for her. Part of it had been an excuse just to feel her leg and the flawless skin of her thigh. It had been like a recently discovered land where he had an urge to enjoy the resources that it supplied, uncovered - clothes no longer being a barrier to them. He knew she'd still be tired afterwards but at least she wouldn't be sore, that often just made being tired more aggravating. "Crash course? That's like a three day jam in session. But the most notable is I can change my body to many shapes, sizes and. . . Things." The idea that he could claim her body in such ways, unique compared to majority of people she'd ever encountered filled him with a sense of glee. "Even most people in the wizarding world think 'just Animals' it's the common go to. I mean there are some. . . Issues with my particular talent. But nothing alarming." She didn't need to know that at times his emotions are on his sleeve or rather, in his hair. Cole's eyes leveled with hers as a soft smile proceeded after the kiss. He wanted to offer her so many tender moments and not all of it could fit in a single moment, things that would need to be experience over long periods. Maybe even without the need of having an intimate moment when it came down to it. "Just means I need to make sure you at least get comfortable rest. You can be tired as a dog but rested like royalty." It sounded weird but he found it was possible to feel good yet feel worn. He laughed weakly as his arms curled around Alex to offer his body up as a body-pillow for her. "You do for me more than you know. Always there when I need you, pretty much comfort me at every turn." Turn him on like he's a new machine practically everyday, but that had been more of a frustration against himself. "Yea, it's no problem. Dibs on watching you change." He stated jokingly as his eyes closed softly which followed a sigh of contentment. "I'm going to feel it all in the morning myself. . ."
  2. Complete Surprise Visits

    It all felt natural to him, the way he had chosen to treat her had always been how he imagined to do. Though various scenarios that flooded his mind the last few years on how he'd treat her in the full extent of his affection. There had always been that person wall he'd placed up to block himself from showing those telling sparks, even if he did expect she wouldn't have picked up those queues. Now, things were left much more opened and raw, he'd no idea how it would open up her perception and the way that she'd see things. The thought did linger if she'd be able to call him out even more now knowing part of his emotions, if she understood the meaning behind the way his hair would shift around her so uncontrollably. Cole couldn't keep a straight face, as much as he tried to attempt it with failing marks across the board. "Oh, gosh, no. That was really cheesy! But I loved it. That's the kind of ad that would make me buy into it." It didn't hurt that she would be the poster girl in his mind, she could practically get him to do anything for her. If she ever asked for the whole world delivered he'd have found some manner to do it. "You know, I am looking for a lifetime membership somewhere. I don't have much to give but I'm sure you could think of a few ways for me to pay my tab." Somehow he thought that would be a mix of: Food, Sex, and Bad Movies. Not in that entire order either. As the tip of their noses touched, a shock had been sent through his spine from the gentleness. She'd been touching his heart in all the right manners, there was a sweetness there that he felt he needed to just encasing himself inside. To just fall back into it and enjoy every moment of it that she'd been willing to give. "Mmm... I think I could sleep just like this and be fully comfortable with it." Who needed a bed anyways? He had who he wanted right here. The sudden panic that had jolted caused his own body to shift into an alert, as if something had been amiss or suddenly realized. "What. ..? What, no, you're not. Of course, I wasn't going to start putting all the fun to its paces now." His eyes narrowed for a moment as a though came to mind for him. A finger pressed on her outer thigh as he started to trace a symbol along it, a wandless casting. Uttering a word lightly to enact the effect as a sense of revitalization would start to invigorate the sore portions of her body, at least to assist in recuperating so that she wouldn't be too worn out to handle her exams. "I know enjoying the soreness of things is always much more fun. At least this way you're not suddenly... You know... Worrying about if you'll be fine." Then he'd take one of her hands and press the back of it against his lips into a precious kiss. "You know I'm always here to help you out with this kind of stuff."
  3. Complete Surprise Visits

    A gentle pulse of air shifted through his nostrils, caressed presence of her relaxed hand eased whatever tense may have arisen within himself from having created an offense. He allowed for his lips to part and exhaust a sigh as a much more firmer way to alert his mind that all was well now. He rested his hand over hers and slid from the finger tips starting at her wrists all the way until they aligned (As evenly as possible with the difference in hand sizes!). It had been an emotionally charged night for many reasons and the high at least for him, had still been there. The way her lips had pressed against his own felt like a Siren stealing the last bit of energy from a sailor. Euphoric enough that his chest rose from the sudden shock of air, softened hum of ecstasy resonated through his entire body. Maybe because she'd been the one to initiate instead of him? There was no anticipating the reaction in his mind from it after having already kissed her more than enough in the night. Or the gentleness of the moment could have been the culprit, that thought ran through his mind while he turned his head to gaze on her face. She didn't need to apologize as it wasn't some form of blame that needed to be dropped. "There is a lot of stress in the world. . . Front door won't open fast enough? Stressed. Wrong pencil after already starting a test? Stressed." Really, he could make any excuse just to feel her against himself again without it even being a 'proper' excuse other than wanting to be entangled in and around her. "So, cancel my membership? I think there will be a lot of crunches, leg stretches, and just overall lifting up going on often." She wasn't a heavy person but constantly pushing and holding someone up while performing a naughty activity added a well trained finesse. Cole snorted a chuckle. "I think we could take a shower in a couple of hours after our bodies vigor returns, right. . .? I think we'd both need a shower." Though could the two of them be trusted to clean off and -not- get dirty all over again? Or more specifically could -he- be trusted in avoiding that particular fact? "Unless you'd rather do that alone. I'm pretty sure your body is the embodiment of sexy and temptation." Especially if she was glossed all wet from water, now that the seal had been broken there would be no telling what would 'set him off'. His head shook lightly after realizing they both actually had an extremely important week to get through. "Okay, you shower first than me. I don't think we can really take the 'being too tired' hit right now. It's important part of the school year for us both. But after... We can celebrate."
  4. Complete Surprise Visits

    The course of air that flowed through his nose held the feeling of being fresh, a hand raised up to weave the fingers through the dark strands of hair on her head. His head shifted to stare into the eyes that now peered upwards towards him. They held a beauty that he often found himself staring longer than necessary many times in the past and now it all seemed to accumulate to the perfect time in this moment to him. His other arm wrapped more securely around her to pull her body closer to his own. A blanket could have been called from the other room with a few motions of his finger yet this had been a much better choice than being covered. "High praise or honest truth? I think I could put the two together in this instance." She had practically been a Goddess to him in this regard, perhaps a very dangerous view to hold with someone. It was an ironic truth that regardless of what would be done his opinion and view of her couldn't be damaged like the golden twine of life. No form of deities scissors could snip and snuff it out. "Maybe I am looking for another time in the future. If I'm not half bad only means it can get better." He was no stranger to rolling with the occasional person in a bed, to get the yearnings out with the fun. But to have someone there, constantly, someone who wouldn't go anywhere else in life and wasn't just some random classmate? It was a unique stance for him too and only enhanced by the fact it was the person whom he had always wanted it to be. "I expect I'll need to convince you to give multiple tries." "I. . . It isn't that simple." There were a lot of reasons behind it in his mind, shyness of it being the chief control for the beginning years. Then it had been latched on to the logic that it was probably abnormal to feel how he did and held the potential to be looked down on. It wasn't something that they'd tested, the true boundaries never pushed or prodded to see if it would be something serious to attempt. To think a mistaken moment and a slowly filled presence of desire would break through it. Before he could fully get it out he'd been chastised for his way of thinking, even if it had seemed like the common sensual response in any other situation it wasn't when it came to her. In fact, it was much more akin to an insult than anything else. Cole's face held by the firm grip drew his attention towards her face and his hands shifted to rest at the center of her smooth and damp back. Instead of trying to explain why he thought it would turn out that way he simply responded. "I got it. I'm. . . Sorry Alexa." It was rare that he used her name in full, preferring to refer to the name that fits comfortably to her. The only time where he felt the premise of the full presence of her true name being in the situations where there'd be no mistake in his heartfelt feelings behind the train of words. One of his hands slid from her back and pressed against the side of cheek in an attempt to add a comforted embrace to try and ground her from what reflected in her eyes. Then he leaned in with his own bit of energy to kiss her lips softly. "Well, we could always talk about the kinds of things you would do to me in the future." He stated in a playful way to insinuate the more naughty effect of the still present afterglow before it could fully be stripped away. "I personally don't see any reason why we should stop if you enjoyed it too."
  5. Complete Surprise Visits

    Corruption had always been an interesting concept especially between the two of them in his eyes. He'd been corrupted for a long time, the thoughts that flooded through and to say nothing of how vivid the dreams often had been as well. This had always been something he wanted, not the only thing, but it was had been one of many that constantly would be brought to his attention as a lingering desire that wouldn't be truly seen in reality. At least, that had been what he thought until this very moment when the escalation of it all reached entirely new heights. The way his lips worked against her neck and jaw had long left from intent by will and been taken over by the intuition behind instinct. He had no concept that it was such a sensitive and severe trigger all his mind and body cared about hinged on whether it spiked the feeling of pleasure through her body. The mumbled whimper only spurred on that admittance in his mind and gave way to the deliberate action to grow more intense against the surface of her skin. A sudden shock thrashed through his entire being once more and this time it wasn't from the quick actions on his ends, rather that he could feel Alex's soft lips pressed against hers. Strongly needy, the hunger tasted like an aphrodisiac to his mind and body alike which made him descend further away from his own sense of awareness. If there had been anymore left it was solely gone and his attention had been fully drawn onto her. ---Time Frame Skip! Good Ol' Black Screen!--- Time seemed to fly by and nearly everything had been used in the immediate area which had been unfortunate for the bed, at least the counter and the couch found themselves used. At the conclusion of it they found themselves on the couch with Cole laid on his back making use as a body pillow of sorts with Alex held on top of it by two arms wrapped around her waist. With eyes closed and labored breath an extremely relieved sigh exhausted out of him, as some of the pent up energy from the years had finally been able to be released properly. At least in his own mind. His body felt as if it were on fire still and yet the subtle numbness gave way to the assumption of very sore yet happy limbs tomorrow in the day. Eyes averted to stare down at Alex as he was now unaware of where things would go from there - had this been a fluke? Even so, he couldn't allow it to simply end after such a stellar performance given by the both of them. "Well. . . That was. . ." He swallowed deeply as a way to gather his thoughts to offer up a way for his throat to be cleared in order to speak further. "That was hundred times more amazing than I could have ever predicted it to be." Maybe it was just because it had been her, maybe it was even due to the fact they held a unique connection that he hadn't shared with anyone else. Something beyond just the fact that he held deeper feelings for the woman. "Top notch action, practically imprinted into my brain." Not to mention she looked amazing without any clothes hanging onto her body. "Was beginning to think that it wouldn't happen. Had that in mind for. . . A while." It felt easier to admit that now, to admit that he'd wanted to touch her in such a way for sometime. That it had always been a thought in the back of his mind, one that wouldn't be any form of regret at that. He had still been more surprised that she allowed herself to willingly jump to that limit, that she hadn't pushed him away. "Have to say I thought you were going to push me way or like. . . Slap me or something."
  6. Complete Surprise Visits

    "Girls question you about me?" That wasn't something he'd expected. In most cases he expected them to question about Jamie or even about her own self if they had that kind of interest. Never could he have guessed that he was even capable of being seen that way from the various onlookers through life. "Pants and socks off, huh? What about the shirts? I mean, you may as well go the full mile by that point." While he didn't lack in confidence of his own appearance there hadn't been considered in his mind when the situation of 'dressing up' came into the picture. He always felt like a someone dressed up Eeyore and just put him on display."Besides, isn't the plan to make you a knock out? Whoever your with should dress well but all eye should be able to get right back to the star of the show." Or perhaps that being her 'date' made him the star of the show by extension? Something he should have considered, then again he also didn't expect her to actually agree to going with him. Even much less expected had been reaction after the lip-slip. Time seemingly stopped or maybe that had been merely a wish on his end because many things ran through his mind all at once. One had been that the way she addressed him vocally meant that she didn't expect it, that it had been an entirely surprise that he would even act in such an affection. It had only been coupled with confusion in his mind since she also hadn't pulled away, there had been no reaction of disgust. She never pushed him away and in fact still maintained her presence on his shoulder. 'Damn it, Say something! DO! Something!' It felt as if he were up against the clock, an expectation of the moment. Cole's eyes lowered to meet hers and saw a somewhat familiar spark there, not on her specifically. In the past he'd spent his time in an animal form amongst various creatures and there always seemed to be that 'inner primal moment', that flicker where the hint of desire could be seen. Either it had started to build up or there had still been a bit more to go. The reaction of her tensed body from the touch of her neck touched in his mind that perhaps this had been 'A spot', the jest of finding them rang within his mind. Cole hadn't expected that thought alone that he'd caused such a moment would feel like a euphoria to him, ecstasy. It was the natural drug that built up confidence, that tore away the barriers of common sense gradually with the seconds barely being passed from the impact it had already held on him. "Shush. . ." A gentle request for her to hold any questioned words that could form as his hand weaved through the back of her head and gently tilted it to the side to expose her neck more. Then he'd lean her more into the grasp of his palm for a much better angle and proceeded to fully press his lips right against the center of her neck. Soft yet dominate kisses worked their way from center to the top just before her jaw and neck would meet. 'I'm. . . Really doing this?!'
  7. Complete Surprise Visits

    She -really- was going to go through with it with the sheer realization of it being spoken in his ears by the ideas she'd been suggesting. Both were good options but that also meant he'd end up in her shirt, in a small-packed size nestling against her. Was this a blessing or a curse? Torture or a reward after long years of battling himself mentally? The fact he continued to do so even now when things turned towards his favor demonstrated how caught off guard he still had been. "I. . . I suppose I could turn into a kitten. I think I have just the idea of what kind too." It would require A LOT of concentration on his part to not oust himself. At the very least he could just duck inside of her shift if the fur started to churn colors. The mental planning flung right out of his noggin while his eyes locked onto Alex's. Was. . . That her way of nonverbally challenging him to do so? That she was fine and even welcomed it? It flooded his mind with a fuzzed haze. That couldn't be the case, but what if it was could he simply let the one chance of opening that he thought exhausted in the reaction slip? A deeper voice inside of himself groaned at the uncertainty but even more so at the fact that he couldn't decipher it all fully because of his own perception of things thus far. "I. . . " Cole wasn't sure how to respond to that kind of compliment. A hand brushed at the side of his burning cheeks to hide them as if he had gotten a bit of sauce on them. "I think they'd be naturally jealous of you, Alex. But I guess you'll be stuck with a well dressed me that has the charm of a penguin. Which. . . I'm not sure if that's a good or bad description." He chuckled and then shrugged the thought from his mind easily enough. Mostly easy because his mind still had been running rampant from the compliment and then the look she'd shot towards him that played in his mind over and over again like a personal movie. "Like bad ice cream at a carnival. Flavored in all the wrong yet right ways." That and the way one could wash it down with a hefty bunch of cotton candy. A snort pulsed from his nostrils and mostly because now he couldn't erase the thought of her practicing her potential lap dance moves. "It's probably better when you're doing it for someone you know and are close to, less a random face in the crowd. I mean, that sounds like it'd be equally fun that way." Cole had already finished his lasagna and placed the carton off towards the side. He could clean up and take all the trash out that accumulated later. Especially since now he couldn't actively 'stand up' without 'show out' of sorts. Feeling Alex's head pressed against his shoulder sent another heated surge through his body, why did the subtlest touches have such an effect as they did? This sparked the original image that had been flashed through his mind in the last few moments, that inviting look that shined. Now seemed to be the best chance in his mind even as the sheer presence of nervousness built up and took residence in his mind. The very center of his chest thumped in response to the thoughts and the chance. He could feel the fluttered presence of butterflies twirl about in the depth of his abdomen and it made it all seem the more worse in attempting. A hastened exhale and then motion inward to try and kiss at her ear lobe, except he was much too nervous. He hadn't been watching her movements closely enough and instead of catching the more exposed ear, lips ended up pressed into a brief brush just at the edge of her neck. Whoops.
  8. Complete Surprise Visits

    Her shirt?! The thought caused him to halt for a moment as if the very idea struck him to a stasis. It'd been the furthest idea from his mind, maybe he consider her pocket or some little space in her bag. But the thought of being in such a close quarters area against her skin even morphed into a miniature and cute animal that fit there brought a deep blush that curled at the outline of his ears. His hair had already jolted back to a red-pink hue - if only this woman know the effect she held. "Uhm. .. Y-Yea, sure, I mean. . . I could do that." Could he even? What even would he become?!"Guess I'll have to look at some animals that could be. . . In the shirt size." Cole could feel the little shiver down his spine at the sheer thought of being close enough in that capacity. Then another hit came, stronger, faster, harder and one he hadn't expected to see. It had only occurred to him now what his actual words were and it no longer felt as if it had been out of left field. He wasn't sure if his hair could change even more than it had but it would definitely stay in that constant heat for sometime. He honestly wasn't even sure how to respond to it - had she been joking? Was she serious? Was his mind burning too much to even consider it either or?! "Maybe. . . Maybe I will." As if it had been a challenge that needed to be accepted. Mentally he winced.'No, that's not what I was supposed to say! Obviously it was a joke, idiot!' Chiding himself for words or an agreement that he couldn't seem to take back even if he wanted to. A sigh exhausted from him one that had been filled with embarrassment on one end and frustration at his own stupidity on the other. "Woah, woah. . . I didn't mean anything by it, Alex. . ." He'd still been trying to catch his own breath and tone of voice reeling from the previous responses. His hair definitely wasn't going to lighten up anytime soon. Not from his own self-embarrassment. "I'm honored and glad you said yes, really. But you're right I am the most stable! The only one who keeps such a near neurotic perfect stack of bad movies." Really he had gotten into them more by watching different ones with her, it could easily be said that she made an impression in his taste of things by introduction. Truthfully, he hadn't been able to take a bit from his own lasagna after his stumbled bumbling."Give a choice. . . Okay, I can get with that. But me? Dressed up? You know it's been a loooong time since I had to put on the charms in that way." He couldn't even remember when it was but he did remember that it had been during the time where his hair was just a tad bit longer, before he decided to go for a more flattering hairstyle. A gaze shifted towards Alex, the silence became noticeable from the previous rambling. He watched her much like a person admired a painting without any true peer. "No need to thank me. . ." An equally soft response. He didn't say it to gain accolades but just to speak an honest truth. One of the few feelings he had for her that he could vocalize without feeling as if his own world could end by just saying the words. His attention had been drawn by the movie and a slight wince took place physically with a small smile that perched on his face."Looks terrible is an understatement." Cole laughed as his head made a light sideways nod. "I'm pretty sure they didn't mind the lap dance before it all went to 'snu-snu' land. I don't think I've ever seen a good lap dance." Not on a show, they always seemed just way too rehearsed.
  9. Complete Surprise Visits

    "Hahahaha, Hey it's not often I get my snipe chances. I have to take them when I get them." He'd found, at least for himself, that typically Alex held and led the charge to the Alcohol counter. It tended to be the rallying charge that others should join in for the fun. Exams were much more important and he wouldn't put her in a place to flub them, it was much to important to her and by extension himself. "You're going to slam the exam. If you want I'll even sneak in your pocket as good luck or maybe hide in a corner you can see or something." Another soft joke and one he didn't think she would agree to anyways, he'd probably be much more of distraction than help. The thought of Alex 'getting-off' sent a surge of reddish-pink through his hair with an addition of a soft bashful laughter. "Well, it isn't like I know all the way that get you off." Unfortunately, he didn't hear his own words too clearly enough in his mind or vocally to catch on to them enough to try and switch or halt them. Slight previous shyness had made it knock out that common sensual awareness for that moment. A playful ouch beckoned from him after the nudge and then he proceeded to grab his own tray of Lasagna. "What. . . Really?" She'd been willing to go as his date? Or would it be more apt to say he'd be going as her date since she was the guest of honor to be featured. His heart felt as if it thumbed with a strong awareness that it hadn't been a dream, that a pinch wasn't necessary. The very presence of his cheeks even felt heated without him even needing to press his hands right against the surface of them. However, as she went on his cheeks begun to decrease in that heat slightly and his hair started to slowly shift from the brightened coloration towards the more normal and natural brown. "So, reaaaally. . . I'm just the barely third consideration." That hurt in its own special way but he tried to play it off by eating, the fork pierced through the lasagna and then the edge had been lowered to split a piece from the main body. Swiftly a decent enough chunk pushed passed his lips as he chewed, at least he had some of this lasagna to playoff the usual emotions to some degree. At least he had been considered, a lingered though proclaimed. "Casual Formal should be good. Dresses and button up-shirts without the overly stuffy coats." Admittedly he found it quite cute that she rambled on. Often he would let her do so if she didn't catch herself in time, just to see the passion in the way she spoke and planned. "How about cas-formal for us not graduation nerds and the most spectacular style for you graduating weirdos. We have to make you all pop out more and all. The most noticed in the room." Of course, Alex had always been noticeable to him and from what he'd seen in the past at bars, others. A beauty that attracted many kinds that would try to flirt. "Sure, that's easy enough! Hey, she's going to be proud of you and your hard work." His should lightly bumped into hers while he looked towards her. A genuine smile curved. "I know I'm proud." The movie started up. . . It held the premise of being George Bush's Fourth time being elected as President with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Vice president for this fourth time elected. War ravaged the world with nearly every nation aimed against America. A re-animation virus is designed to compensate for the massive deaths that would occur, one Soldier decided that they didn't want to die and fled. Hiding in a basement of an unassuming Strip Club where a greedy club owner would try any angle to try and get more profit into his hands. One day, a new stripper arrives The new stripper after being marked as barely adequate to the clientele compared to others, eventually gets bitten and then storms the scene with extreme flexibility and strength. One could only imagine the kind of hijinks that happens when the other strippers start getting the same infection just to compete - What does the Owner do? Market Zombie Strippers - What could have gone wrong?!
  10. Oh man, Exams. . . Someone shoot me. If I have to look at one more text book by the weekend I'm going to drown it in the bathtub. 

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      So that's why everybody's looking dead lately... Serves you bums right for mocking me =D

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      Drowning... books... in the bathtub...? Jokes aside, is that something you can actually do with all that magic crap...?

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      I can do some pretty neat stuff with magic! Next time you swing by I will show you.

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    Was it a blessing or a curse? At times his own innate talent gave way to visible emotions. Yet, all of the times it has ousted him it never once had clicked for the woman to see his particular brand of affection. To not be noticed in that manner often made him seem part of him had been invisible. In that same token, however, it was a blessing to not be called out and have it lead up to a humiliating rejection. Something he expected it would be in many cases over the years. "You need to trick me to have dinner with me? I'm touched, really." He offered as a quick wit back towards her with a smile that glowered. "But does it really count as tricking to have dinner with someone if they actually have no problem having dinner with you?" A grin took shape on his face as he went through the pace of turning on the DVD player, a sleek movement of his hand coursed along the blackened case to clear off the dust on it. "I'll take a beer, I think I deserve it for all these exams that are piled up this week." A gaze shifted to look towards Alex as she poured the soda into the glass. "And clearly because I'm the only daring one!" A small tease at her choice of beverage. The tip of his finger pressed against the ejection button to the machine. "Both? Well, at Theater Lin we aim to please our viewers." A theatrical bow had been given as he opened up the case to the Zombie Strippers movie and placed it into the tray then pushed it inwards. It immediately began to roll the CD and begin to turn on to prepare for the choice of film. "Oh, didn't you know? At Theater Lin we largely believe in the 'DOIY' method in certain instances." Cole made his way towards her and sat down next to her. Maybe a movie about killer Strippers wasn't the best decision towards considering the person next to him and his imaginative mind? The thoughts were stripped away before he could even entertain them from the conversation that struck up. "All that hard work and you're going to be putting on those dazzling caps and going into the world." At least that's what he'd hoped for her. He wanted better things for her than the feeling of only dedication had been to family. "Thinking? That's dangerous for a hell raiser you know. It only breeds intricately dangerous ideas." A snicker emitted from him but only briefly as a nod followed soon after. "That sounds like it could be pretty good. Get all you graduated nerds acknowledged and a proper send off and celebration. So, why tell me? Plan to ask me as your date?" The final part had been meant as a joke but he wasn't sure if it actually came out that way.
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    The moment she winked his brunette hair started to shift to a coloration of with a pinkish red. It seemed like every time the woman could get to his emotions, dissolving the effort of training that he'd put into shoring up control. His hand weaved through the newly reddish locks and bashfully sighed. "Fantastic lasagna? Where did you buy it from?" He had hoped the words that would leave her mouth didn't involve 'I cooked it' unless it had been followed up with 'I've been practicing'. This wasn't the day to have a helping of mystery food X. "You never need a reason to pop in." His eyes narrowed for a moment as a thought crossed his mind. 'I wish you'd pop in more often. . .' A quick shake of his head flowed as if he tried to shake off the thought itself. The hue of his head grew darker from it, try as he might they were things that he couldn't help from flowing in side of his skull. Almost expecting as if she could hear his actual thoughts he tried to come up with vocal words to drown it out."You would think I'd be used to sudden appearances. Of course, most times I'm not falling off the couch from them." Cole's hand rubbed the lower portion of his back, stinging warmth radiated along it from left to right from the impact. Eventually it would pass over. "Aha! I knew it." He grinned accusingly. Secretly glad that it seemed to work out in his own favor. "B for Bad, let's see. . ." He rubbed at his chin in thought though grew slight distracted as he turned his gaze towards Alex. It wasn't too much of a crime to admire her form was it? 'Of course it's bad. . . Probably not the thoughts I should be having when I am alone with her.' He tried to focus himself once more on the option of movies that could be distracting unless he managed to pick one that would just make it worse."I know someone from one of my classes handed me some kind of horror-like movie called Zombie Strippers. I haven't watched it but he seems to swear by it." Making his way towards the small collection of his own personal DVD's he'd inspect them. "I did pick up Starship Troopers 2, I heard it's uncontestably horrible. Always good to have with dinner."
  13. Complete Surprise Visits

    Surprisingly, the show wasn't too bad - it needed a bit of a reboot maybe with some iconic figures to really fill the roles out again. Maybe even have the monsters look less like they came from a Sesame Street chop-shop. But old school humor with high-end action always was a better option for him when nothing else seemed to fit his fancy. Just as he was about to fling his legs up to fully stretch out on the couch the subtle knock caught his attention but the voice that loudly followed was a surprise. "Bwaha!? Alex?!" Suddenly, he tipped over and rolled on the floor with a thump. "Ngh… O-One moment!" Hands pressed against the floor as he lifted himself up and started to head towards the door then stopped mid way. A breeze pressed through against his legs and a gaze lowered. "Crap. . .! Uh, longer than a slight moment!" His wand had been too far away to make use of it, instead he'd use a finger as traced it through the air to charm his pants to walk over towards him. Watching Fantasia back when he was younger paid off in some instances and this had been one of them. After disabling the charm he'd slide them onto his legs with a skip and hop while he walked towards the door. One hand on the door as he opened it up while the other sipped up his pants simultaneously. Smile brandished wide as his eyes caught sight of Alex standing there. "Room service? You're about five hours late. I should withhold the payment just for that." An unexpected visit but he wasn't about to complain. This would be one of the few people in world he'd always accept an unannounced visit from, while also being the person to be at the top of the list. Cole stepped to the side and widened the door open so that she could enter unhindered. "What brings you around here? Other than to eat - food that you didn't cook, right. . .?" He had the utmost faith in the talents she did have, the skills and what she worked hard on were phenomenal and enjoyable to the senses. Except cooking, that was something that not even his feelings could fool him into accepting easily. "Or were you worried about your favorite cousin spending all his time alone with only frozen goods in the fridge?"
  14. Complete Surprise Visits

    Another evening to relax as his classes weren't on the schedule today. This left Cole with the fun of choosing what he'd wanted to do for the day and what better way to spend a day of relaxation than hanging out at home for a bit of rest? While part of him wanted to head out and see what the others had been up to, he opted that they probably were busy anyways. It was probably a better call to stay home so that he wouldn't tire himself out too much either with Exam's right on his horizon, he'd been more than caught up with the material and even got in a few practiced sessions with the current exam focus, Charms. It felt like child's play with him as he took to that particular school of magic easily. But getting complacent is often how a person messed up and that was a risk he couldn't afford getting this far in his student career. He grabbed hold of his phone to check for any missed calls or messages. It didn't seem anyone contacted him and no sudden gigs that popped up that needed someone underground to perform, which meant true freedom to sit back. Cole made his way towards the living room and sat down, mostly in just a T-Shirt and briefs. The remote wielded loosely in his hand as he flicked through the channels. "Nothing good on. . . Figures! The one time I have a day off." A sigh exhausted from him as he tossed the control onto an empty cushion on the couch. An old show had been on the tube, 'Hercules: The Legendary Journey's.'. At least it had some action and pretty hilarious moments. Eyes drifted towards the short collection of movies that stacked nearby as the thought pressed into his mind to put it in. But did he really feel like getting up after feeling semi-comfortable?
  15. Like a Bro

    Cole Lin
    One of the cousins that he's been around for a big chunk of his life