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  1. Glamour, one of many talents afforded towards his people across the entirety of Fae culture. It'd been one of the ways they not only kept their interactions known to a minimum amongst the various races but the strongest of glamour's and abilities held their world together. Covered entrances that only absolute luck or unluckiness could unveil in someway without the full thorough knowledge to find the Mounds. The shift of his far more 'Human' look had barely even scratched the surface of how much could be extended. Of course, there'd only been so much he could extend himself in certain situations - a truth with many of his people until a certain point where their power would grow exponentially. Vale nodded towards her, a smile expressed on his face from the willingness and consideration she showed. He knew it hadn't been from anyone of his own family that could attribute such qualities. No, that was a clear sign of how well she'd been raised in his mind. To have such an innate awareness and kindness. "Something I often have to ask in certain situations. Usually I bring my own utensil. As I did within the Coffee shop." A gentle chuckle reverberates from him. "Iron, quite the bane to watch out for in my particular case. For you. . .? It won't have the same harshness but overtime you'll notice the rashes maybe even a diminish in spell potency." In truth, it'd been hard to tell completely what the effects would occur when it came to those of only part of their blood. "Nothing wrong with questions and knowledge." An amused grin formed on his face which had only been followed by a smooth shrug. "I'm sure it won't fill all of the curiosity anyways. Ghosts tend to have it for eons do to their state of existence." Each one seemed to be different, but the key feature often had been that they never truly could experience growth. Not the way the living could, it'd been an unfortunate circumstance and one that he hoped wouldn't occur for many. "You must visit them often. I imagine you're far more chatty with them than others." He laughed lightly, the thought that she could get that light in her eyes like when she talked about her book. "Here? In Australia?" A hum resonated from him, mind wandering in thought. "For about a year and a half now. My long life has afforded me ways to gather wealth and masquerade amongst the people of the current society." It had been a while since he visited last, now that his mind had been thinking of his many excursions. "Before that. . ." He started, anticipating she might start to ask where he'd been before. "I was in Romania. A lovely place, beautiful language too. The people there have such a passion in their arts that isn't exposed on as it should be."
  2. At some point they'd went passed the subtle flirtations of intent towards once that had been all too obvious that they couldn't just be ignored. "Batshit crazy tends to be the majority, doesn't it?" He chuckled easily, not all 'Batshit crazy' had been of a negative connotations. Some were about as nutty as an individual stuck out in the wilderness too long, amongst nothing but caves and animals slowly letting sanity slip away. Others had been on the level of a murderous carnivore ready to take its next bite out of someone. He wasn't sure how long he'd last personally, how much he could endure as the time moves on and no doubt choosing to engage with Mortals would hasten that particular gap faster, of that he held no doubt. Still, it'd been something better left to worry about during the process of it dissolving and not a moment before then if only to keep sanity just a bit longer. "And yet, it hasn't waivered. That is probably in part due to what we are." When one lived a while certain impressions lasted longer, afflictions of interests that had never been carried out stewing for quite sometime. Knowing that the chance would arrive eventually just never knowing the actual when and where and only if one still continued to expand beyond their own borders. Somehow, they found one another again, staring across in a connection that had been far harder to break. "One would say our meeting was a chance missed, to have it happen again and not act on it this time would be us making the mortal's mistake I would imagine." Meeting someone a second time in a long-life had been likely but beyond that? It could only grow far more difficult unless some force of intention were to drive constant encounters. Not an impossible thought but leaving such a thing to chance no longer seemed like a palatable idea for him. There hadn't been any sense of humor within his tone from his question, though he also wouldn't have blamed her for taking such an admittance with skepticism considering the particular source. "You've the right of it. Before I was trying to keep. . . Distances. It makes it easier to move from place to place. If nothing binds you, then it becomes a fluid motion without the consequence of feeling as if you left something behind." The tips of his finger traced along her hand, sliding to the exposed top of it and making smooth tender touched motions. "But since finding out about my descendants, realizing what I'd missed and given up - it made me wonder what else I had locked away from my self simply for the desire of 'ease'." It hadn't truly been a place of 'ease', something would've always felt as I fit had been missing yet if he kept himself busy, mindful that many of those he encountered were fleeting it made it all seem 'alright'. However, crossing her, an individual that he couldn't simply push away as a momentary existence when he compared the two of their lifespans caused his mind to wander to the far deeper 'what if question'. "Well then it's only fair to see how much of this man you can fit in then." A cheeky smile curved at his lips, not that he expected her to truly be a 'Man-Eater'. If that had been the case some other sod would've ended up in the position he found himself within currently. "Ah, yes, rebelling did come to mind. I would've had to simply sway you into the idea, I'd hoped that curiosity of promising my true self would've struck." An almost mischievous chuckle reverberated from him. "Why wouldn't I? It just seemed too fun to pass up." His voice dropping to a smooth whisper, his voice almost like a call on the wind along her ear. "But something tells me you enjoyed such an action as much as I did." In Transit. . . They'd been in Melbourne already so the process of leaving and using just a bit of magic to translocate themselves to his home hadn't taken long. It had been likened unto a blink with only the feel of a passing breeze that enveloped them for a brief moment before placing them within the expansive single-floored home. His hand had already slid along hers to grasp hold of her bag to try and lightly pry it from her hands and settle it on a neaby table, in the moment leaning in as well to press his lips with a bit more of a heated intention than just the teasing nip he offered back at the bar. Arms wrapping around her waist to pull the woman into himself closely - barely within the door so to speak. Almost as if keeping to a promise the glamour instantly fell away as if it were swept by some unforeseeble force. It seemed as if even the clothes itself had been just a part of an illusion pieced together as a somewhat exposing outfit clutched to his lithe form, hair extending to just the center of his back with a myriad of blues that shifted in a gradient scheme. Markings lined from his Shoulders towards his arms, as well as his entire back and whom knows where else? The surface of Vale's palms tracing along her waist for a moment before curling one of his hands fingers just at the hem of her dress to hike it up just a bit, the other searching along the different points to find where it'd been connected to loosen it in order to pull it away from her. His hand that had started to pull her dress upwards, intentionally grazing against her supple skin in a teasing drag. A touch that seemed to radiate a peculiar warmth of heat, trying to spread the feeling of the moment even further.
  3. "I do seem to have an affliction, though oddly enough it has only recently started to flare up again." A coy grin formed on his face, eyes scanning the woman once more from head to toe as if to offer a hint to his 'Pretty thing' that had afflicted his fancy. "As long as we're both under the agreement there is a mutual appraising going on." His smile matched her own in mischievous nature for a moment before receding as the conversation moved on. "They do tend to draw a sense of awe, don't they? Not so much the length of time but managing to trudge on and still keep a semblance of sanity seeing the trials of various eras and ages. Of course, with time does often come with being far more jaded too." Or in the case of a few of his own Kin, far more manipulative and dangerous than people would give them credit. "Experience never truly ends, as they say. In a world that has existed as long as it has there will always be something to uncover and discover." He chuckled smoothly. "That is quite the dare. But. . . I can't fully refute it." The fact they'd both been a distraction to one another at that point in their life held a unique amusement as it did a fondness for the man. It also spoke volumes that they found themselves in the same position, years later. Wizened and far more prepared and aware of each other than they had in the past. While he had never before offered tender touches, he'd been quite accustomed to them when he ensorcelled someone enough that their attention had been solely focused on him for his plans in the past. Even in the not-so-distant past, yet, he found himself offering the same innocent strokes he received. The touch alone showed the mutual interest that their honeyed words could only obscure, at least from his personal perception. "You've a point, I suppose I am the oddity that I am due to the amount of time I spent amongst them than most of my people." If he hadn't made the mistake he did with his court, how would he have ended up? Certainly not sitting across from the alluring beauty whose essence had been exuding in an almost cosmic way. Even her smile in an innocent fashion seemed far more attractive than it should've, at this point he hadn't been sure if it were her hormones influencing him or a natural disposition that had already been present between the two of them. The choice of either or even both of them working in tandem intrigued him to dangerous levels. "Ever think I'm starting to open myself up a bit to the experience of it?" His eyes lifted up to lock onto hers, an odd shine within them as he dropped the glamour that kept the tri-colored hues from sight. Revealing just a bit of himself for only her view; A coloration of: Teal, Turqoise and then a very cool blue on the larger outer ring of his eyes. Though he had never been in the position before to consider the loss of the short-lived he found himself in it now, deciding to stay and experience that pain instead of running from it and the potentially good and fond memories. "Oh, no. I was expecting you to be all for it. Else I would've teased you about cold feet." He grinned, the idea of a Veela having 'cold feet' held a hilarity due to their affinity with the flames. He noticed the twinkle within her eye, the response that he desired to pull from the woman without any hesitation. "I've lived my life on the edge. I don't see a reason to stop now. . ." Vale whispered lowly in a roguish tone, watching as she took up her handbag. "You'll find that once one like myself gives our word it becomes a bond." He grinned standing up and gently taking her hand to help her up as well, an arm wrapping around her waist in almost a claiming way to dissuade the on-lookers. As much as to dash the various dreams and fantasies they'd already dreamt up for themselves of the illustrious Veela. "Shall we then?"
  4. "Someone has been looking and examining very closely. . . As I would expect of a doctor." Vale had to admit he wouldn't have minded if she'd given him a 'full body' examination. Though perhaps that had been as much of his curiosity talking as it had been the hormones that fueled the air between the two of them? "Oh, Admiring. That does hold a far more sophisticated ring to it, doesn't it? We could also always call it a proper appraisal." He snickered with a charming smirk curving at his lips which had only been followed by a held laughter that huffed passed his nostrils. Perhaps he should've expounded further on what he encompassed as 'All Birds', even so the subject hadn't allowed for him to carry on that particular stance in time. "Your words speak of wisdom and truth. Everyone must go through the trials and reigns of youth." His shoulders flowed into a lifted shrug. "But to the long-lived we are still but in the very early sparks of our youthfulness." While they held the years of experience under their belts, to the point of seeing a few ages and shifts of cultures and societies at that - he imagined they both would be viewed as still learning saplings to the far older elders of their respective people. "The real question that will always linger in your mind will be who had been taking advantage of whom." His own laughter slithered out, in his mind it'd been him taking the advantage. Though he also knew the reason -why- he had gravitated towards her. The feeling of enjoyment from their embraced hands had been a mutual stance for him. There'd been a unique enthrallment that he'd never quite felt before, an attraction built on fully genuine interest rather than a means to get to a target for him. A strange feeling that piqued his ever so whimsical curiosity to explore further. "I'd have to say that you're most likely right on that. At least for the majority of them that hold an actual conscious. It makes you realize how easily we can fall into arrogance and distance, believing that the quickened harbor no major consequence for us. Not until an action causes a domino effect that captures you in an unlikely way." In the past he'd sought to run away from all responsibility, what had been left behind had simply been that - no more no less. It hadn't been out of maliciousness, no whim of good or evil. However, he understood the loss of Kin and desired to not make the same mistakes twice. "Nature willing for those many years of experience." He offered a firm smile towards her. His expression shifted to one of empathy, his hand stroking even slowly along her cheek even after the forthwith answer that he'd given her. "You don't seem to be against the idea, so I would say it's so." There'd been a certain confidence that hinted she'd been equally attracted to him, or at the very least, attracted enough to humor his playful words. "That you don't deny speaks volumes, you know. . ." Vale's face leaned in slightly though part of him couldn't fully resist that mischievous nature that hid deep within all of his people, as if to tempt the beast within his teeth nipped just at the edge of her lower lip.
  5. "Oh, I don't break. We're far more resilient than most give us credit for." He gave a cheeky yet challenging smile, while he couldn't boast of the same strength the woman held he at least knew endurance had been on his side when in the right and proper conditions. "You almost sound as if you're -not- curious. Which I find hard to believe with the way you leer at me. Though I don't mind, leer and enjoy. Just remember. . ." In a conspiratorial way he leaned in, lips pressed just close enough to her ear so that she could feel heat radiating from his lips. "This is merely only a glamour to the wonderful sight you could see later. . ." There'd only been a few names that could attest to his non-glamoured image. In truth, it made him wonder if that would be a tipping temptation for the woman to wonder about. A grin formed on his lips, eyes scanning her from head to toe and then trailing back to stare into her eyes. "All birds." A shift in subject most likely wouldn't stop what had just been built up, holding it off temporarily - but how 'temporary' was it really? The tit-for-tat cheeky game they held had been far different than their initial meeting years ago, ironically, it felt far more volatile. As if there'd been a fire resting within a pit, just waiting for the proper kindling to roar into a blaze that wouldn't be quelled by any easy means except wherever it would've ended up. "Here I thought we were already less professional. When stories start with, 'We almost ended up in one another's bed' not much can be gleamed of true professionalism after." A snicker rumbled out from him as his head tilted to the side while he studied her far more opened position that had shifted to him. It spoke volumes on either her comfortability or perhaps more so on that pure desire that withheld on the inside, threatening to burst out and enrapture those that stood watch. "That was my state of belief as well, they wouldn't live even close to the age I can. With that in mind, knowing what I've set in motion, is it not my duty to care for my kin? Capricious and often manipulative nature as my people can be one thing I believe most beings hold in common is the importance of family." Not all of his kind or any kind could say that every single person viewed it as such. While her thumb traced and smoothed over the top of his head, his own shifted in the same motion along the side of her hand and wrist. "I've never felt love, I couldn't truly comment on the flow or feeling of it." He was incapable but rather he never gave himself enough time. It'd been dangerous for those of longevity to fall for when they fell it'd been as if the Earth itself quaked, it could be sweet and loving or brutal and destructive. "Of course I would know where you find you, at my table during breakfast." He offered a cheeky smirk, scooting the stool closer while his unoccupied hand raised up to touch the side of Sibylla's cheek in a gentle caress, almost as if the wind itself offered a cooling and calming breeze in contrast to the heated blaze. "And what if I do want to see you more personally?"
  6. The smile hadn't been unnoticed, a small smirk touched his lips. He'd never been one to shy away from the dance of danger, after all, it'd been involved with the occupation that he chose in life. What he'd been doing for more years than most species could live, the kind of objects he held and maintained were artifacts often of great power and consequence that could unravel everything he'd walked towards within an instance. Still, part of the reason had always been the thrill of the chase, the thrill of the danger. "I would say that we are both far more capable and experienced from the years, no? Besides, the glint your eyes tells me you don't want to hold back." An almost cheeky smirk curved on his lips. "At least not with me you don't." At this point he'd been shooting in the dark with a guess, the subtle hint of her smile when he drew closer. The fact that she'd been trying to contain herself from the other patrons, not only to avoid getting swarmed but he imagined equally as much that they hadn't been very pleasing to her sights or desires. It had been an interesting situation to be within, the hormonal lore of a Veela and the ever entrapping gaze of a Fae, his eyes settled upon hers. "Mmm... I have to say I'm quite fond of birds." His own voice holding an intentional allure though less influenced by any aura of presence, his gaze narrowing towards her more with the insinuation of his words. He had intended to go further, perhaps even a bit more physical not from the pull of the temptation but rather the pull of the thrill that he could've been playing right into her hands as much as she'd been playing into his own. At least until the heaviness of the subject granted a new wave of attention. For a moment his brow furrowed, the intrigue of the warmth that flowed between both of their hands had been a unique pulse of a fiery presence. It wasn't unpleasant, unique and unknown but it held a form of pull that caused his fingers to wrap just a bit more around her hand. "Okay, so maybe you're a bit more than colleague. And you know what they say about my people. . . We're a bit more curious than we often should be about things." His lips curved into a smile towards her, attempting to turn and often negative trait into a positive one within the current moment. Vale chuckled lightly, he wasn't sure if her alluring features had been a manner of intention, habit of the moment or a hint of both rolled into one. "Of course, I've long offered that to them. It seemed I miss the life of not only a daughter but two grandchildren that had passed." A solemn hum resonated from him, he couldn't comment on how most of his kind handled the whims of death in general but for himself it'd often held a hardier weight due to the past that clung in his mind like a disease. Before it could corrode over and sour his mode, Sibylla's gentle grasp pulled him back to the surface of the present and his gaze focused on hers. "You know, if you wanted to see me more personally you always could ask." He smiled lightly though there'd been a clear gratefulness within the expression. "Thank you for the offer." He took in a strong course of air. "It's a new kind of experience for me. Something that is very clouded and uncertain. Uneasy."
  7. "Not. . . Quite. It's a glamour, an illusion. Not a separate body at all. It is this one hidden from sight by carefully woven magic." Whether or not those of Half-Breed descent could harness such a power he hadn't been sure. It wasn't improbable, any of the many gifts could emerge and the closer to the bloodline the more - he wagered. Albeit with the Wizarding application towards those abilities though he didn't see a reason to doubt that she wouldn't catch on when it came to innate abilities. "I can't really say if you'll be able to access that kind of aptitude, at best it may end up making certain talents of your Wizarding nature far more potent. Almost as if you were a genius in the art of Transfiguration." And why wouldn't he think she held the intelligence to boast such talents? She'd made it through school, found herself in a University to further that very learning. "Dinner?" Vale's head tilted for a moment, what had been the last time he sat with someone and ate when it didn't involve some form a business exchanged in the making? Did Sibylla even counter given that it'd been as much business as it had for personal intrigue once realization set in on who the woman had been? A gentle huff escaped from him, smile curving in a warm manner while his tri-blue eyes settled on Bella once more. "I would be honored. I probably will need to go as. . . My less glorious self." His gaze shifted towards himself, giving a sizing glance before looking back towards the young woman. "Just avoid any form of iron if we can. That holds quite the bad effect for someone such as me." Not that touching it would burn him out right but it would weaken him rapidly and drastically to the point his glamour would end up useless anyways. "Brothers. . . Yes, I think I would like that." The dead hadn't made impressions on him as they did the quickened races. Even so, it was a thing of nature and to be respected and admire. A course that comes to all beings even Fae at some point in their nearly-never-ending lives. "I shall make sure their graves have the most wonderful of flowers as well. I believe Nightblooms would be the perfect touch."
  8. The envelope caught his eye but seemed to have caught her ire. A silent contemplating stuck within him but he opted to not push what could anger the woman, not in a place filled with people. While he'd no doubt that she could contain herself it was the kind of risk he knew, personally, couldn't be taken so lightly. As if to offer a sense of defense his hand curled under the stool he sat on and scooted in closer towards her, almost as if they were conspiring lovers meeting at a dank bar for the thrill of the atmosphere that it could offer. "Oh, that's a good one. You hold my capabilities in high regard to pull such a feat off. You do seem to have a captivating presence about you." The tips of his fingers danced along the spout of the bottle of Ginger beer before picking it up and taking a conservative sip. There'd been a sensation in the burn and the taste of amplified ginger. "You need not hold yourself back, Sibylla." He spoke in an oddly candid fashion, a rare treat in itself as elusiveness had been his bread and butter of survial. While he understood her reasons of keeping herself tempered, in his mind, he was no sapling. And it wouldn't have been the first time they found themselves in a situation where such a pull had been used before - the only difference being he was full aware of it. "Swarmed is such an offensive term to bees." He grinned towards her and his head tilted towards the side. "Flocked might be far more accurate." A gentle hum virbated from his throat and his head nodded in a smooth motion, showing a wealth of understanding for the general term of 'Matters of Family'. "I can understand that, far better within the last few months, truthfully." His gaze narrowed away from the woman, a stray thought on his grandchild surfaced before giving the blonde woman his attention at full once more. "Power, always some poor sod that tries to wield it. Like a sword or compensation for what they lack within their pants." In his years he'd seen a myriad of uses of 'Power' from the Fae Courts to the fledling Human race. His hand raised up and pressed on hers lightly. "Why wouldn't I worry about your troubles?" Her own question prompted Vale to chuckle with a somewhat amused yet awkward smile. "Busy is one way to describe it. . . It seems my past indiscreations have caught up to me. In your youth you never really see the larger picture, even amongst the Fae. That often takes. . . Years." How long had it been for some of the Ancient beings to see plans within plans? Plots within plots? To become manipulative and distant to the things they've a hand in? "But much I've missed out on, much I've to make up for, lack of knowing doesn't seem apt enough reason for me to not take up the responsibility on the fact I hadn't been farseeing to the potential future of others."
  9. To him, it had been no trouble at all to do what he could. She was kin, more than that, she'd also been one that extended from him and another's union. What he owed to her had been more than a feeling of debt for not being there for her Mother. He owed her his support and knowledge as much as access to the realms that were hers by birthright even if unintentional by him, she'd been intentional by the whims of nature and the universe. She'd find a purpose, he was sure of that without any doubt. "Fae can do plenty of things. The variety is so expansive I couldn't even begin to tell you when and where or even how. Just that with anything in nature, things will unfold as they should." From the starting bud of a seed to the torrential rage of storms intended to make the world push into equilibrium from the damage of the Modern species - everything had been a systematic design. Something that could be considered amusing for those whom entreat with the Fae long enough. While most didn't see good or evil there were a few that held a sense of personal oath's or codes that they followed in order to keep themselves in the bows of balance. "If you seek to understand more there is one I've met that is quite Ancient, even by the standards of most of our people. You've probably even met her and didn't even realize it in your youth in the Wizarding world." Those that traversed Tallygarunga's halls, that often had their wands repaired or even needed a new one would almost always find their way towards the Wand shop where he'd been keenly aware one of his Kin not only ran but designed many of the potent tools and instruments used. "A Fairy known as Stardust, I cannot say how old she is. Truth be told, we don't count in numbers that way." He laughed in a good-natured tone, the strength returning in his voices base signifying that he'd been in the process of recuperation the entire time. "But there maybe things she knows that even I wouldn't have been fully aware of, ways that would give you a better connection to your talents." "A couple of days works perfect, Bella. Any day does, really." His tri-colored pupils lifted and settled on the young woman. "Do not doubt this, I will always make the time for you and have time for you. My home is your home. Whatever you need or what your Grandmother may need I will always be willing to provide."
  10. The last few months for him had been one of revelation, a mixture of sadness and happiness. It'd only been a chance meeting but uncovering that he had started a familial line on his own, accidentally at that, left a feeling of trying to improve the world. Albeit he still felt far distant from the one who could be claimed as his Granddaughter and even further on the idea that he'd been absent and so self focused that he missed out on a chance to turn his actual daughter's life towards true harmony before her end had been met, never realizing her potential as one of The Peoples. Many thoughts wreathed in his mind especially after having to forcibly rouse the Fae blood in the young woman, something about the oddity of it still left much for his mind to ponder on the 'why'. While he hadn't expected to run into anyone within the establishment that he knew, it seemed chance or fate held otherwise. The flowing blonde locks and deep hormonal charisma that seemed to pulse enough in the air that it still managed to catch the eyes of those that held wanting and longing gazes upon the woman. He, however, found himself not as enthralled though it had equally as much to do of his awareness of her nature as it did with his own. Dressed and pressed into a glamour of his human disguise from head to toe, even his very eyes had been hidden entirely from sight that would give him away. "I'll take a Ginger beer. And I'll pay for the lady's tab." This had been when his drew his eyes and attention towards Sibylla and sat next to her, an ever present and winning smile stretching across his face. "Now, if I didn't know any better, Miss. Townsend. . . I'd say your unique 'sixth sense' foresaw me coming here and you just had to wait for me." He offered a playful chuckle, turning his attention fully towards the woman. It'd been some time since he'd been able to see her, not since the benefit that they'd pieced together that had been a rousing success not only towards the community they'd managed to meet but also empowering resources for them to tap into as well. "Though you also look as if you've been through the ringer of sorts, something on your mind?" His gaze scanned her in an appraisal check, there didn't seem to be any wounds nor marks or bruises. The imbalance within the atmosphere, a sense of disharmony or unrest still managed to linger. "How can I help out? I promise, no deals." He could forgo the usual Fae manipulations for someone he could consider a colleague.
  11. The Ritual itself had been a success, the blood within Bella being roused towards a sense of 'acceptance' of it within. At least it'd been the best way that he could describe it while feeling the shifted vibration of magic between the two of them. When at first he had only a hint of consideration, now he had certainty of the fact. She -was- every bit his kin and it was something that he couldn't deny even if he wanted to. As the light receded away from him the effects of his strength being sapped away as if some force took the control of his limbs away to the point that soreness and the ability to keep them up long-term had been stripped away like some right. On instinct Vale's body started to drift low to sit on the nearby chair made of extremely dense roots and leaves and passed an exhausted sigh. "It is over. . . And you need not worry about me." His head lifted up, barely, with a weakened smile. Strength had left him, it was true, though the current connection to nature they found themselves in had gradually been building that back up once more. While it'd take some time for him to be at full magical power he was in no way in 'need'. Even still, in his mind, there'd been the far more pressing matter that the young woman's eyes had altered from merely a few seconds ago and it caused his lips to curl ever so brightly. "Ah, there it is. . . The Mark of the Sidhe." Vale had been a state of being proud, not just for managing to actually perform the ritual itself being that it often took far less magical drain under most circumstances but also that his instincts hadn't failed him or been wrong. "The real question you should be asking is, 'What has already changed within me?" He snickered and rose his hand up into a gentle wave as an orb of water started to form before Bella and rapidly expended out into a flat surface as if it were a perfectly dense and reflective mirror. One of the many ways Fae often communicated as well as viewed themselves. "Notice anything different about yourself? If so then understand that over time you will notice things being slightly. . . Odd? Maybe what you couldn't do before you find happening, skills that gave you difficulty may even start to become far more potent since they align with your inner aspect as a Fae." Sitting up he pressed his back against the chair, taking in the environment that seemed almost rejoicing in a calm praise at a new 'birth'. "Of course, it does mean now we'll need to meet with your grandmother as soon as possible. I hadn't expected the shift in your eyes and that's often a. . . Very telling mark."
  12. The belief in the strength and affliction of 'Generational Curses' amongst his people is what drove him to seek a sense of apologetic redemption. Things that could trickle down to those that hadn't yet started their own journey of life, made to pay a cost that had been not theirs to bear. While he did owe heftier apologies towards the woman who had his child, he still owed the same to Bella as much as to her mother. Unfortunately, he would never get to truly express such sentiments to the ladder. Either way, there would be much he needed to make up for and it hinged on him speaking less and acting more, becoming a presence where most Fae would've sat back and witnessed the woven chaos or life take its course. Vale tried to keep a serene presence as the atmosphere around them tried to offer. While it had been a moment that could drum up anxiety, even more so with the potential changes that could be on the horizon for the young woman. Excitement did well up within himself, what abilities would she show? Would she show anything in general? He knew for a fact she'd been of the Fae bloodline and while he could feel it strongly she might not have or at the very least been denying it enough that it may have seemed more like a Deja Vu. Still, if the ritual had managed to work? It would give the weight of his words and the confirmation of their connection to one another. A bright illuminating light would encircle him at first, twisting and churning within the environment as if the wind it self had started to pick up in a rapid course. Leaves and foliage rustled and clapped amongst themselves in a chorus of shuffling that sounded as if it were the first few days of spring, the scent of fresh greenery touched by the presence of a caressing dew also started to sweep through the air. Bella may even feel the presence of that wind growing closer, almost as if it were touching her skin with a moisturizing countenance before the warmth of a light would surround her. Beckoning trees continued to respond with an audible leafy applause within the area. Pulling from a deep well of his magic he continued to fuel the ritualistic process, the strain had been great but not enough to halt or stall him marking him of a Fae of youth but still well within enough years to boast some manner of strength. Using the touch of magic to rouse that latent blood within her, pushing away whatever limiting binds that may have been through means of magic or cursing and shattering them from the pool of power that resonated from him. Afterwards the environment they stood within began to rapidly decline in noise, a soft melody of leaves rustling against one another and the lack of any touch of air grew quite obvious within the room in the lull after the rituals completion.
  13. It still felt weird, that someone had been willing to accept him open arms into their life, to experience what they had to offer even if he did miss an excessively large chunk. Memories that could never be recounted with him, things that, perhaps, he should've been experiencing and participating within but simply didn't. Luckily, his mind hadn't been so deep in years that the idea didn't hold its appeal. As one whom had lost his entire Tribe the only true 'remnants' would be ones that extended from him. An odd concept, to be sure, but one that held its appeal for his own route of redemption buy adding far better people than himself into the world. Giving them the chance to effect it appropriately. "Then I will make sure that I don't miss anything else, Bella." His head inclined towards her, partially out of gratefulness as much as it had been an oath on his end. Not from any grand Fae gesture or tradition but from one individual to another. "Thank you for being able to forgive me." Even if she hadn't viewed it in such a way, he did, there'd been many things that he could've intervened and assisted in doing and hadn't. Glancing towards the copy she'd made of the album a smile touched his lips and his hand ran across the binding of it in a tender cruising touch. "That would be great, it will help me to understand a lot and be able to see how you experience them through your eyes and memories." There'd been no qualms in meeting with the young woman more often and in truth it had been something he wanted to do anyways. For her, he could put as much time aside as necessary - It felt odd for him to say that he would do that for his actual granddaughter. Vale's head slowly shook. "Relax, Bella." He took it as her being nervous, which had been expected. Things had changed at a rapid pace for the both of them and they were only going to grow far more different. Walking over towards her, he reached his hand to grasp hers and tried to guide her further towards the center of the room that the two of them had been within. "How it will work is I'm going to use my control of nature to perform a ritual, if you will. It's called a 'Calling of the Blood Rite', it will pull the natural energies towards what many would call 'The uninitiated'. It isn't common but there are few cases where Fae haven't been born with the complete access of their true capabilities in the past. One reason or another, so the Sidhe developed this kind of a magical push to pull the magic in the blood to the surface. For a full Fae it takes hours but. . . Your predicament will make it take only a few minutes." That had at least been the good news of it all, that it wouldn't have a large expanse of time to get the answer necessary. "It overrides blood curses, you'll feel 'closer' to nature in a sense. Whether the abilities will bloom immediately or overtime depends on individuals, situation to situation. So if it doesn't happen immediately? Don't worry about it. It should occur within, at most, a weeks time for it to arrive. What form it will take? I don't know. Nature gifts each person, even Half-breeds, in different ways." He started to step back away from her, both of his hands held up to signal for her to stay right she had been. "These various plants and tree's are actually from Fae treated seedlings so they hold the necessary power and sway to make the ritual possible. Just try not to be nervous about it, alright? This is your birthright, part of you, just as breathing." As both of his arms are shaken to loosen them up, head leaning left to right as if to make himself limber for a potential stressful and arduous event. "Let me know when you're ready and we'll begin."
  14. His head shook subtly, a smile that never seemed to leave his face even in the midst of the mistake of suggestion. It hadn't been her fault and in truth he'd be surprised if most of the Wizarding world had even been aware of how Magic with other races worked. While it'd been common knowledge few bolstered their own unique arts, it'd often been difficult to understand the 'how' when the methods and intuitions had been so largely different in the first place. "It's alright, Bella. Don't worry about it. It's all supposed to be a learning experience and in time you'll understand bit by bit. It's what makes knowledge impactful and worth it." To him, there'd been no reason or her to feel as she did. "Ignorance isn't always an excuse for negligence. It may make this understandable but I don't believe it invalidates anything else." Though he spoke it'd been obvious by the tone of his voice that he understood it was also a matter of perception. The way he saw it may not have been the way she or her Grandmother may have. Either way, he needed to live in a way that dictated his own consciousness. "It's all one could do in that situation, I wager. You can see the effort when it's taken route by just looking at you, honestly." While her Mother may have taken a different path in life, it didn't mean her lessons were ineffective as much as it meant she didn't care to make them effective. In his eyes, Isabella was the proof that the woman he'd left behind from a brief moment had done miracles work. "I haven't missed everything, huh?" A small smile stretched across his lips while he stares towards the young woman. He hadn't expected to be accepted in the first place and yet her words seemed to open that door, at least when it came into connection with her own life. Even then, he'd planned to some how assist in her comfortability of living, that if she'd ever have a need that there wouldn't be a wonder or worry on the resources necessary to ascertain the need. "Then yes, I would love one." Vale nodded towards her, Mistakes did often happen and with those that lived long they echoed further within. Still, there'd been a wisdom in understanding that not everything moved according to a defined or intended plan. If he'd been careful than he wouldn't be sitting across from the young woman and that perhaps would've been a far worse fate in a lot of ways, not just for himself but for her as well when it came to his mind considering the implication that the revelation of an actual blood relative provoked within his mind. "Lift things. . .?" He asked questioningly, the expression on his fast gradually shifted and moved into one of pure amusement as he laughed while slowly standing up. "No, nothing of the sort, Bella. Truthfully, it's just a simple magical ritual." His hand showcased the center area of the greenery filled enclosure. "I will use a sense of the Cardinal direction of the Tree's and their ever expanding influence through the balance of nature to try and connect you back to what is your heritage. It will take a bit of forcing, doubly so to reconnect and break any curses that maybe locked onto the soul itself."
  15. Somethings couldn't be coerced fully, much like nature, Human personalities and insecurities along with worries needed to be tended towards. Sometimes to cultivate a sense of being able to thrive even in the most awkward of tense situations. While he didn't consider himself an imposing figure he also couldn't place a finger on why the young woman had been so alert and wary even if she'd been calming down bit by bit over time. "Ahaha, Wizarding spells don't really work for me in such a way, Dear Bella. I'm entirely, one-hundred and fifty percent of the Fae people. Our ways are somewhat different almost far more grandiose in comparison. Yet, that comes far more with age." His hand rose up slightly and he waved it in a dismissive manner. "The government of Humans. . . They typically don't impress me. I could make a Mound right in the middle of the Ministry and I bet they would be none the wiser!" He chuckled at the thought of such an occurrence. A solemn nod flows from him. "It was never my intention to leave behind a responsibility. None the less, it must be acknowledged that I did and equally so acknowledged that she didn't." It wasn't uncommon for the Fae people to meet and contrive a child with a mortal, Human's had always been a curiosity. Temptation and allure in many ways while others saw them as a means to create tools and unique agents within the world for their own benefit and manipulating hand. "But it is clear she knew how to adapt, to nurture. It is worn on you strongly especially the affection that you hold for her." Admittedly there'd been a sense of jealousy in that regard. Had he any reason to be? No, the chance had been his own that he squandered from youthful discretion and a means to play at his true occupation in life over the potential ramifications of laying with various women - the spawns that could arrive within them from such entanglements. "A copy. . .?" His voice parroted in a soft wondering tone, a course of air pushed through his nostrils as he stared upon the pictures in forlorn thought. Then a nod flowed and gaze lifted up to stare upon her. "That would be lovely, thank you. It would give me time to truly absorb what I'd missed." While it may have sounded like a cruel kind of punishment to subject oneself to if they held a mortal life time, his own had been for the sake that he wouldn't forgetting. If he could spend the time constantly seeing, imprinting, embedding it within his mind that it may never be lost even with the passage of time itself. Closing it gently he slide it in a smooth and eased motion towards Isabella's direction. "Excellent! Yes, it is probably for the best to tell her the reasons rather than surprise her." A gentle but breathy chuckle of amusement expelled passed his lips, almost as if it had been the air itself in the manner it flowed. Then he started to affix his posture once more. "Aaah. . . But we truly didn't come her to focus solely on my failings in life as an individual." Both of his hands pressed against the skin pleasing fabric he wore as he brushed the palms of his hands against it several times to straighten them out. "We came to see if we could unlock that locked potential in you, didn't we? To see if we can unravel that spark of Fae Magic within you to push it to the surface with your Wizarding Magic."
Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum
Gentleman Thief/Philanthropist 0
243* year old Pureblood Fairy HE/HIM
Age:  243*
Date of Birth: February 5th, 1776
Birthplace: Ireland - Unknown Location
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Gentleman Thief/Philanthropist
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Fairy
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: N/A
Wand: N/A
Play-by: Jared Padalecki

No Official Institution of Learning attended 


Murdered more people than he saved back at his home-mound. 

Is really a thief that strikes at various people and seeks magical artifacts for an unknown reason. 

His wealth is amounted up over the years for selling the much more mundane but 'forgotten' trinkets to the Wizarding world. He may ironically, steal them back from time to time and sell them later in the years. 

He's never fallen in love, but he has potentially sired children that he's unaware of. 

Is a Sidhe Fae

General Knowledge

Is a Philanthropist known as Vale Windum

Legitimately donates funds to various charities surrounded around building up destroyed homes or lacking neighborhoods. 

It's assumed he comes from Old money and invests it to increase the finances. 

Believed to be a possible Muggleborn, there's no full proof of this.

His home is reported to be within Melbourn


There are many sides to Valennor and he is all too willing to obscure the truth of any of the masks he wears. He believes that if one is too thoroughly examined that it would lead to the understanding of the various others and so he often refuses to get closer than acquaintance's to others. A very dangerous prospect to a being that is long-lived holding no true friends or bonds that weren't superficial. 

This, however, is almost always overruled by his more humanitarian approach towards life that founds the more natural personality that is 'Him'. He cares deeply for the lives of others even though his actions makes lives worse no one is being killed for it, people who were criminal anyways being the major target. He is as likely to snatch a pretty bauble from the pocket of a rich man as he is to save a mewling child from on-coming traffic. 

When he is out as simply 'Vale Windum' he could see more charming than anything, a winning smile propositioned by the complimentary laugh from a surprisingly deep toned voice. A friendly approach linked with a casual air that allows him to project that he's relaxed and comfortable without any issues. 

As his 'Thief' persona, he's much more changed. A sarcastic wit that is used as a secondary mask beyond the actual one pressed on his face to obscure the features. The greatest asset behind this ever shifting persona is that of his intentional distance between those he works with, even those whom he maybe more familiar with as his less criminal seeming image. 


Vale's true form, as a Sidhe, gives him a unique height in comparison to many of his cousins. Though his actual physique never changes between his shifts, always being well built and broad-shouldered. His muscles are well defined though not enough to give him away as someone who trains intensely.  There is an otherworldly beauty towards his fairy form, one that would show a clear sign of that very heritage. While there are seemingly no wings connected to him, just at the shoulder blades and curved towards the center of his back is a tattoo like emblem in the shape of a King Beetle's wings. 

His hair lingers towards the center of his back and is often a Teal-Blue hue that symbolizes his heritage towards the wind. The same markings lay within his eyes as they hold a luminating teal hue on the outer ring, two inner rings shimmer in turqoise and cool blue. Often these colors are glamoured with impressive skill to look more normal when he's of his human form. 

In human stature he stands at five feet and eleven inches, perhaps seemingly shorter or taller on what people expect depending. 


Given life in 1776, the true heritage of the one originally known as 'Aerolith' is that of a Fae. Those acclimated to the natural presence of Wind, able to manipulate it, move with it, and 'understand' it. Both of his parents were high ranking members within the Seelie court of his land and such he had been given certain privileges that would be offered to many of his kind in that predicament.  Prestige and respect were hardly far behind and he reveled within the attention that had been brought by it, even more when his talent for the use of his identified aspect cradled as prodigious even in comparison to some of the older Fae that held their power for years, growing and nurturing it. 

In 1797 the home he ever knew had been attacked by a rival court that caused his parents deaths, an act that shook his world. This is when he used his natural talents to sneak into the treasury vault of the court to take a magical artefact. One that had been rumored to be a tool to protect the peoples in their time of greatest need. A time he found was crucial, what it truly had been was an ancient alchemical bomb designed to cause harsh destruction. Making use of it caused the entire area to be caught in a intense flame that scorched the ground and consumed many homes. While it did 'protect' them from their enemies it caused much more death and harm to those of his own people more than anything. 

A crime that they had intended to fully lay on his shoulders, rightfully so. That was until they realized that they couldn't find him. After the incident he had fled far away from the home, never staying to rebuild or take up that crime as his own. He had nothing left - though they were his people they were no true family to him. Not once his parents had been killed in service to their home. 

The only way he knew of himself had been as a criminal and with his particular talent and use of the Wind it made it easy to do what he had just done before - To Steal. But the weight of the deaths wore heavy on him, enough to make a personal code that he would not participate in the killing of innocents in his revelry of criminal elements. Instead he would steal what he desired and lay the blame at the feet of those who deserved to be punish - those like himself. 

Over the years 'Aerolith' had committed many crimes, many heists. Some alone and sometimes with other members whom he had intended to fully betray by laying the blame at their feet. Though it pertained to some of the more brutal ones that held no care or ceremony on preserving the life. Those that found collateral damage had been an acceptable approach to things that couldn't be restored without dire costs. Though much like any proper thief, a man who shifts through the ages barely ever changing anything except his name - his looks and the way he'd appear. Masks, lavished outfits - things that would cause him to stick out much more than the features of his face, eyes, or hair. 

The name of Aerolith had nearly been forgotten from his mind and hopefully lost to time. In this current Age, to those that know him as a simple man whom holds various quirks, he's Vale Windum. Someone whose well off from assumed old money with none of his crimes linking to him. After all many creatures must deal with a short mortality and shorter memories, it often doesn't help that he had always made sure to destroy any documents that may pertain to him once those that had been investigating him died off. 

While he makes his home in Australia he still manages to try to pull off many jobs as a proper gentleman thief and yet it is increasingly difficult in an age where they know much more air-tight protections. Things that make it more of a challenge and something that has been drummed up as a worthy and exciting challenge for him. 

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