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  1. I know some of you students prepping for Universities need a bit of 'Human Interest' events on your side. 

    So, I'll be offering a chance to assist in renovations of buildings purchased and used for younglings that have lost their parents or other relatives. It's a good cause with good efforts!

  2. I'll be offering some positions soon. A lot of satisfying hard work.

  3. His head tilted for a moment in thought of the question, he shifted through the various memories with his encounter of the animals. A short snicker escaped from his lips as a more recent one popped up and he shook his head. "No, not me personally. I did come across another of my kind who had been feeding them - you know, worms and the like. Things that are actually good for their sensitive yet fowl tummies. No pun intended! They actually knocked her over trying to swarm the box of worms." A hand made the wobble motion and then dived slightly while both hands emulated the view of a miniature splash. "Kersplash, right in. She'd been drenched head to toe! It added a cute scene to her diminutive features." The woman had been far shorter than him and that had been in his true shape rather than any alterations with magic. "Oh, sure, you can always bring him by the mansion. I'm sure he'd find a lot of other things to get into as long as he doesn't go trying to eat the other visiting residents." He said, more as a tease than being serious about the snake biting. Vale understood that certain traits in a personality couldn't be helped. Where some seemed to fuel confidence, other had an obvious lack especially when it came to faith within themselves. The usual words shaped in apologies that weren't necessary; they weren't held against the young woman. But he did figure that allowing her to know it'd been an alright zone to ask questions and not be shut down would be an important assistance. Part of him knew that being able to understand would mean breaking the façade he placed in public and he could only truly do that in an environment of true safety, even in this time, where various types of species are accepted, the Fae were still alien and regarded with suspicion by many of the Wizardingkind. Not to mention he, in no way, planned to sign any paper cataloguing his powers and race. Chances were that he'd long outlive many of the countries, the kingdoms that will fall and new ones will arise form them. He found it quite audacious of Humanity to even think they held that right no matter their 'claim'. He grasped a nearby napkin gingerly and reached within one of his pockets to procure a pen, writing down an address for Melbourne's North in the Suburbs. "My estate is here, recently bought the land and had a few trusted parties build it up to be Fae friendly. That means you won't find a lick of iron within its walls that will cause any issues and it has some pretty amazing gardens, if I do say so myself!" As it should since he'd been the one to personally expand and design the garden within the middle of his foyer to add a close touch of nature for comfort reasons. "There you can ask me any questions and I can save myself of playing Halloween for at least one day." A smirk touched his lips as he made the jest. A hand rose up in partial surrender. "Only potential people I invest in call me Mr. Windum, it sets a perfect line of business. For family? Vale is fine - for now anyways." 'For Now', what he had given her hadn't been his 'True' name, after all. Whether or not he'd feel connected enough to actually released such a sensitive thing he hadn't known yet. That would require sometime of reflection and thought on whether or not he'd extend such a sentiment even if she wouldn't know the importance of it to him. "I think it would also eliminate the chance of nervousness welling up or at least lessen it if we're more familiar that way."
  4. The good and yet unfortunate portion of his explanation had been that he couldn't cover the entire gamut of what to actually expect or even the way certain traits may take form. Any words or insight he could've offered would pale in comparison to what could occur but at the very least he understood that it made more sense to explain more of his own capabilities both the general Fae talents and those that were more specialized given his court relations or as much of what he could access currently. As she spoke of her pet snake a smile touched his lips and stretched in genuine fashion. "It can be interesting, you learn their perspectives. Though most are grumpy to other people and some are just downright bullies - Those geese are a whole personality, let me tell you!" If people had the image that Geese were bullies with how they acted towards others then they should try to hear one speak with all the bit of sass and attitude that came along with understanding the water fowl. "Jester? Haha, Probably a good name for a snake, honestly. They tend to enjoy riddles that or veiled threats. The way many people write snakes as being sly and such is actually quite true, though not all are as vile and conniving as others make them out to be." At least not the ones he had met, then again, there had been that business with those awful Death Eater's, the snake connected to them he imagined were everything of evil intent. Vale offered a gentle sigh and he shook his head. "You don't have to be nervous about the curiosity of questions. It's good to be curious, good to seek knowledge. In understanding you can grow a bit of yourself while also gaining something useful to ponder!" He wasn't sure where to begin about the connection and unraveling of what 'Fae' were, it'd perhaps be as confusing as attempting to unpeel Human's though many people have tried. "Any questions you have I'll try to answer the best I can." Under normal circumstances he wouldn't have given thought to actually considering giving information about his people, however, circumstances in the moment had been vastly different to the norm that he encountered. He broke many 'Rules' that others followed and it wouldn't be the first time in his life and perhaps not even the last. "If I told you everything today it might be too much of an information overload. But I can always take sometime to tell you when we both have enough time and not easily disturbed." It honestly only took someone passing through enough of the bubble to witness the scene, which meant time had been more borrowed in the moment than he'd been comfortable with for such a summary. "It's part of your heritage, it may not all pertain to you but it's still important part of you to know and understand, I think."
  5. His hand shot up instantly, a casual wave flowed through the air without his smile dimming even a fraction. "You don't need to show any kind of sympathy or empathy for that." He let his hand lower and the end of his finger looped around the modest teacup and lifted it, the edge of it pressed to his lips as he took a gentle sip. "It was nearly two-hundred or so years ago anyways. Memories eventually become like dust at that point, blown away." At least for the fairer people. One day the effect of what occurred will no longer weigh on him, the heaviness of it will eventually drift away the more he encounters the world or if he ever decides to go into a deeper isolation. Whichever would arrive first as a compulsion. It hadn't crossed his mine that there may have been a miscommunication sling in the moment. Nothing had been pushed forward and it seemed as if the conversation had started to roll along without much of a hitch, at the very least anyways. "The way you smile and compliment her, it shows your depth of gratitude and love that you have for her efforts." Or had it been something he'd been imagining? One of the more difficult things to tell about the ways of affection from the mortals that expressed it had been the difference between gratefulness and admiration, though it had often been that the two were both present, reinforcing one another. Dangers were a risk of the world of magic, what many others saw as negligence or simply something to be aware of, he saw as a consequence of being born and unique enough to harbor such preternatural gifts compared to the majority of the world. It'd been the expected encounter at some point in every magical creatures life, the dangers were things that prepared or halted the great or caused the meek to arise beyond their intended station for themselves. They were challenges and trials designed to be overcome in some way, a sense of selection amongst the magical. A soft chuckle escaped from him and he shook his head in a way to confirm her question. "Exactly, for example. . . One person with the Fae blood in their veins may find that they don't hold any flamboyant skill. That really, their skill is being exceptionally well in certain categories of magic. Think of the rare Metamorphmagus that influences the small minority of wizards. Their talents in constant changes is what makes them so exceptional, beyond even the hard trained and adept, in Transfiguration." That had been the core of being talented in a way that most couldn't fathom. understanding something to its very core because it is what you were. A concept lost on many people, he had to admit. "Others find that they're able to shift into various animals, maybe even manipulate elements to such an ease that it's uncanny how. Obviously, the closer to the heritage the more you'd be able to access of your lines." She didn't seem too far removed that the difference would minor in comparison to a direct child, maybe slightly but barely from his assumption. "My domain is every facet of the Air. With enough power I could even cause a Sirocco. Of course, there are other gifts. You know, chatting with various types of animals, feeling the presence of nature changing, illusions as you can see." His hand expressed the illusive bubble that surrounded them, hid his true form and their conversation from the ever watchful muggles. "Though you could also end up developing any of the latent talents that haven't awoken in me yet. My Mother was of the Aire Court, a Court of Sidhe aligned strongly to the wind. But my Father, well, his actual heritage is unknown but I know enough that he hadn't been one associated to the wind. Over time, as the years and experience combine, we pure Fae tend to gain access to more of our power."
  6. "Or rather, I don't stay around long enough to connect, if it makes more sense that way." That had been the true core of it all, he moved from place to place and while there were a few that he encountered most of them were hard to remember even after sometime due to the lack of investment in any form of friendship or mutual connection. He did find that in this current age that kind of mindset and activity of his had become increasingly difficult, especially when one encounters another immortal race, for the most part. Though his way of life wasn't something suited for those truly social and certainly not much better than being able to truly deal with loss, at least, not from outliving. "Mmm... It's also probably much more accurate to say those that were important to me are long dead now." By his own hand and a freak accident but that wasn't a necessary detail - or would it be? Now that he thought of it and her own predicament with her abilities. Vale laughed good-naturedly and shook his head. "No, projected. She might have seen herself as not special and probably shifted it to you. Especially if she had been a subpar Witch, that wouldn't do much for accessing the full length of her heritage." The unfortunate part had been that the presence of Fae had been curiously different between Muggles and those gifted with Magic. It needed to use the conduit of a much inferior way than simple instinct and nature. "Fifteen? That's a very curious time for most humans from what I understand." He didn't have much interaction with the teens in his lifetime, they didn't have any way to truly route him to his targets. "It shoes how important you are to her though, very few parents want to even bother with their children's friends, that a grandparent would is a unique and respectable dedication." At least she didn't end up on the street or in the pine box like the rest of her immediate family, it'd been a positive thing even if regrettable that it even had to occur in the first place. "Questions? Ask away!" A smile breached Vale's face as he leaned back into the cushion of the bench, an arm lifted up to rest on the backside of it to get comfortable. "How bad for me? Hard to say until I can get a better look on what it could be. Though you shouldn't worry about that, I'm at least confident that it wouldn't be any form of deadly." At least if he paced himself and didn't siphon all of his energy away. It also would require him to pool a lot of his power and certain Fae rituals but that had been something she shouldn't need to worry about, in his opinion. "You can probably expect a lot of magic being used. It shouldn't hurt but it may bring some discomfort depending on how much of it has bound your abilities. That and the possibility that if your abilities are bound, they may suddenly start to activate like a floodgate or take a bit of time to build up once more." The tip of his fingers rubbed at the base of his neck in uncertainty. "That last part, I'm entirely unsure of with what will come from your heritage. It varies so drastically between each individual." Admittedly, he'd been curious what form they would take. "Especially since you're descended from Sidhe, certain. . . Physical features might change. But we'll have to see that."
  7. "Oh?" Vale asked questioningly, head tilted to the side slightly as he tried to decipher the actual meaning of her question. Which he hadn't needed to do in its entirety as she began to explain herself a bit on the thought process that she'd been going towards. The truth had been he didn't make 'friends' with the mortal races, in fact, most were just acquintances or people to be robbed - eventually in his book depending on their moral compass. "I can't say that I've had people I cared for that I've outlived, honestly." There were those he'd met that were passing daliances that were long dead now, but those didn't have the effect on him due to the lack of actual time spent cultivating such a bond. A small smirk touched his lips and he shook his head. "You don't need to apologize, it's curiosity. Nothing to be ashamed about." At least, he'd never been ashedm for having it. "I imagine it would be if I had ever gotten into such a situation but that's something yet to be experienced." Though it had been a reality he would need to face if he were to get excessively attached to the woman before him. There were many things he still had yet to unveil about the world, things that he'd eventually have to encounter or see for himself. 'Were', It seemed loss followed the young woman as if it had been a curse but he hadn't been aware of any curses that could cause such a trainwreck in ones life. No, it seemed more like ill-fate. "No, no. I don't think it's you. If she said that then chances are she was most likely projecting on you." How fluidly he stated it, if he'd been looking from the other window he wouldn't have guessed he'd been talking of his own child in such a manner. Yet, he also didn't know the woman from a hole in the wall and could only go towards a hypothesis. "Despite such close loss you've managed to stay out of the clutches of demise that most would've descended down already." That much he understood, that step between realizing either life had been worthless or that one could only look out for their own well being. He'd been there and chose the latter and yet she seemed to find a third path entirely - maybe from influence of her grandsire's. "Curses are something that can predate a persons existence. Familial curses that travel down or even Generational curses, things that are promised as an omen for certain era's in a line." Vale didn't see this as a potential Generation curse, maybe a Familial one, it wouldn't have been incorrect to assume he'd been the progneitor of it due to his own atrocious crime, one that had never met a true sense of justice to it. But he'd been well versed and aware enough to dismantle such things. "If it is one, I can at least say I maybe able to remove or lessen it bit by bit. Some are so powerful and potent that it'd take a great amount of magic - more than I maybe able to call." If he'd been an Elder, an Ancient Fae, it'd have been different but he hadn't accumulated that many years of yet for his power to expand and grow.
  8. Lingering on emotions hadn't been part of his repertoire, especially not ones that held a negative weight to them. Of course, he couldn't deny that the presence of the good ones were worth it even if, in comparison to him and other people, they were most likely fleeting. Though it'd been in consideration of his legitimate existence that most things could be viewed in that manner, maybe this meeting had been equally important to him as it had been for her in terms of a change to ones life? At some point he would need to reflect on what it truly meant to be a being in the world that could make certain changes that had never been considered before. The lack of commentary on her mother spoke volumes to him. Had their relationship not been good? Things left unsaid that couldn't be hashed out? What had been the layer of effect that had been lasting into her adulthood between the parents and their child. This caused Vale's gaze to turn away from Bella for a moment as he stared out of the window and allowed the thought to fuel and roll around in his mind. 'It is a pointless endeavor to wonder what my hand could've helped or prevented but I suppose this is the kind of thought that would be like an infestation to many parents, at least, those that had invested in raising their children.' He had to wonder further, what lasting investment had been pushed into Bella? "Lonely. . ." The word formed from his lips in a mimicked form, foreign to his hairs as much as it had been his tongue. His head shook lightly. "Not really? Maybe it could be for those that had reached an old enough age. And while there are communities of us most do just leave out in nature itself. Nature is our company, the elements, the animals, even the trees themselves are a companion to us. We're never truly alone, not unless we're cut off from that." For all the intrigue that Mortal's offered the one that he could never truly see in a positive light had been the destruction of nature of the stance of ease and growth. While he now made use of the same enmities, hypocrisy aware, it hadn't been his actions that had staunched the sound of nature in certain areas where they'd once thrived. "Much of societies living situations are like a choking strangle hold to many Fae. The younger ones suffer more and those that are older grow to tolerate it, though even that barely." A smile turned on Vale's lips. "You wouldn't believe how impressive versatility truly is to those that are, by nature, stubborn because they see time as a frivolity." What need had there to be movable or mutable if they could stand as a boulder in the stream? Even he had his moments of stubbornness in that regard and that had been something he tried to break for years in favor of keeping himself protected and unpredictable. Did her Mother not exhibit any either? Vale's face lightly twisted in confusion, perplexed. "A curse, perhaps. . . Bound by the power itself." It hadn't been impossible, the Fae created many things and curses had been something that flowed through their society either willingly or unwillingly. It'd had been equally a good chance that it'd been his own past actions that caused the current lack of awareness in power. "It seems you also have the blood of a Wizard in you, right? So, it should've surfaced by now." His head tilted to the side for a moment and a firm nod flowed from him. "Then I might need to step in to unlock it or at the very least, see why it's being boarded away from you."
  9. It seemed the significance of the song had been lost on her, perhaps it'd been for the best. It wasn't something that painted him in any form of positive light and perhaps even worse that he had been quite aware of how relatable it'd been to him. His hand rose up casually and then waved dismissively with a light smile painted on his face. "Don't worry about it, the major point really is that I got around to different areas in my life." Some places he'd visited more times than he could remember and mostly because they'd been somewhat chunks of his life to some extent, important but not entirely memorable in certain areas. "Janet? That's a pretty nice name too." Though he'd never met the woman, as the name spoke out into the atmosphere a deep pang struck at him. Names, they were powerful things to many creatures and the connection to an identity ran deep with them. He found that for himself at least, that seemed to be the case often. The name held a familiarity, as if he'd been aware of the person that held it or at least should've but some how omitted that existence for years, lying to himself of the very existence and the pull that accompanied behind it. It left him quite disappointed in himself that he let such a chance slip from his fingers, nearly forgetting the importance of life. "It's good that they've decided to settle in a quite book store, it must be a humbling life too." Vale nodded towards her with a genuine smile that shone. "I appreciate it! I know it's not the easiest thing." He then casually shrugged as if the age hadn't been that big of a deal. "Give or take. I find that I tend to forget a bit. It's only once in a while that I remember but at some point it will cease to be relevant to me, honestly." A soft chuckle escaped from him, he nearly forgot that the knowledge of the Fae People had been quite slim to most of the Wizarding world. "We can get quite old. Many of the Elder's of my old Court had been near one-thousand years old. Maybe even older but by that point they don't care to count every grain of sand in the glass, if you get my meaning." The edge of his finger tapped at the base of his chin. "We can live quite long. Natural causes of death that hit other races don't effect us. We're not a quickened race, but we can be killed. A Blade works as well as anything especially if made of Iron. Oh, and we need to pretty much be free. The moment you lock one up they will slowly waste away. Painfully too." This had been one of the many reasons he had made sure to develop a set of skills that allowed for him to escape out of some of the more dire situations that could occur for him. "We typically stay to our own kin, meet and mate different Fae species. It's. . . Very rare that we step out of our own. But I find the other races of the world fantastic and intriguing. The determination and ambition, many of you don't plan for hundred-year plans, you have shorter goals in comparison and push to strive to get them down. Where as we simply wait patiently until the pieces fit into place. At some point, boredom can set in and we begin to play with those pieces as a babe plays with toys." It'd been one of the many reasons why Mortal's became faestruck or worse for the ploys and intrigues of the Fae if only to alleviate their boredom. "I think the most intriguing thing is how Mortal creatures have the capability to harbor the gifts of the other races too. It's not unheard of for others, you know, but it's just simply not done." Which had reminded him, the young woman's Fae magic had been there but it seemed she'd been shocked about its very existence. "Has your own magic of the Fae not shown?"
  10. Vale lowered his gaze and caught sight of the book that she'd rummaged through and slid towards his direction, the tip of his fingers grasped the lower edge of the book to gently pull it closer and gazed at the cover of it. From the look of things, it had been some form of tale that involved Mermaids, an interesting choice but he understood the general pull children held to things of such wondering. After all, it had been the kids that seen the most of his kind, only believed to be their imaginations and eventually to be forgotten with the passage of time itself. He waited until after the emergence of the magic he'd woven around them to take form which had been after the waitress left before slightly opening the book as casual as possible, reading it briefly. He didn't lack attention towards Bella either, responding in a friendly and cool manner. "Last I checked, I'm pretty Fae. If you're wondering which, A Pure Sidhe. My actual image is pretty distracting and well. . . Let's just say even amongst the magic community I would be turning too many heads." It had been a mix of high confidence and perhaps even arrogance but it'd been something his branch of Fairy had been gifted by the words and awe of Man. "Oh, right, well let me break it down a bit!" He'd actually been enjoying the tale she'd written within the book, it wasn't the nitty gritty truth but the cliché fantasy that still won hearts for good reasons. Gently closing the book, his head lifted up and the tri-ring eyes settled on her. "You see, it's pretty rare for my kind to stay anywhere long term. It's even rarer for me to do so. The kind of business I had back then required me to constantly be on the move. 'Papa was a rolling stone', I believe the American song was?" He'd been the very definition of the term, both constantly on the move and when necessary finding himself in the bed of a woman along the way. "What most likely happened was after meeting your Grandmother, I probably had to leave right after. It didn't even occur to me a union would've formed." It had never been his intention but he couldn't say that the experience had been dissatisfactory. The news of her parents stilled him into a silence, jovial personality taking a brief dulled moment as seriousness crept in. "You have my condolences, Losing parents is never easy." The news that he may have lost the chance of meeting his own child did puncture a bit, he hadn't been so aged in life that emotions became flighty as many Fae tend to get. "A bookstore? No wonder you have such a pull towards writing and literature, it's pretty important. I have enjoyed seeing how writing has evolved or stayed static and yet still manages to have that hook that catches people!" Maybe it had something to do with the fact that many weren't long lived or that some literature eventually became entirely lost and unable to be recreated until another held the same thoughts in their own era? The kind of musings for another time. As the photograph slid across the table his hand grasped the picture and he pulled it up while he inspected it closely. They seemed happy, that must've meant the scars left behind were deeper than he would've anticipated. Had he been causing harm all these years? How many more children did he have that he had yet to meet? His eyes drew along each face and it'd been when he landed on her Mother's form that his eyes squinted. He couldn't tell any traces of magic from the picture, of course, but the face had been familiar to him and not from him staring in the mirror either. Placing the picture back down the edge of his finger pointed towards Bella's mother. "I could be wrong. . . But she looks familiar. It could've been your Maternal Grandmother. But. . . I'll probably end up needing to see an older picture of her, Hahaha. Humans tend to look vastly different as they age." He smiled brightly. "Wouldn't believe I am over two-hundred and forty years old and don't look a day over twenty-five."
  11. He didn't want her to worry about the cost of things or even the snooty feel that the environment and establishment seemed to boast. In fact, the very way he'd approached the situation had been as if it were any other place that didn't hold such a high standard. Admittedly, part of his prejudice had played into it as much as theirs in that he cared very little about the thoughts and processes of the quickened races that buffed their egos to a noticeable degree. Hell, they were one of the primary targets that he hit over the years since the start of his collection and building of various funds. The waitress took the order professionally enough, even with the initial inspective gaze she had shot towards Bella placed into consideration. If nothing else, the café trained their employee's to bypass the thought that they could turn away any clientele because they hadn't quite 'fit' into the look. Once she'd departed she began the preparations of preparing the orders of tea, made in sturdy yet modest cups that had been a white ceramic with a bronze coloring for various simple decals that looked as if they were vines twining about. Vale's gaze honed in on Bella as she began to talk, the edge of his arms pressed against the side of the table while he leaned inwards attentively. "Isabella. . . Bella, that's a pretty name." It reminded him of the Belladonna flower almost instantly. "A writer? Haha, so it seems you have the talent of an artist in you. That's refreshing, really. I do enjoy a good story and tale, though that maybe due to my own upraising." The Sidhe of his old Court enjoyed their tall tales, especially the Eldest of them all, stories and epics based on cautionary tales on dealing with other races and mostly about 'Fae Heroes' that seemed to trick people out of their quarries. "If you have anything finished or when anything finishes, I would love to read them. Books and stories written by people have always fascinated me." He did have to give the Human societies that much, through the years he found style shifted and changed, imaginations always expanded or had been inspired by those that had proceeded. The kind of thing that had been difficult for his kind to actively appreciate due to longevity. After she'd asked the question, the Waitress returned and placed the Chamomile tea in front of Bella and the Peppermint before Vale. Though Bella's had been of a metallic brand, Vale's own, had been a spoon made entirely of wood. He hadn't trusted that their Silverware had been full silver and not laced with some form of iron. Then she placed a small pouring cup of honey just at the edge of the table and gave a respectful bow towards the both of them. "Here you go, darlings! If you need anything, please, let me know and enjoy the tea!" Afterwards she quickly went to attend to another group that had just entered into the café. It seemed she'd been working the entire floor on her own at this time of the day. As for Vale, he'd take the pouring cup and touched it with the edge of a napkin and began to pour it gingerly into the tea. He'd hoped Bella would pick up the hint on why he had to be so extremely particular, preparing her mentally for the words that would potentially hit harder. After stirring the honey into the tea with the wooden spoon he handed the spoon towards her after he'd wiped it down to avoid as much cross contamination of the tastes as possible. "Just to be safe, you might want to use this." A touch of a smile curved on his lips and then he continued. "Well, let's see how much privacy I can actively give us." He looked around for a moment and then hid a single hand at his side, closer towards the window and hidden from view as a sky-blue hue encircled the lining of his hand. "An Illusion, if you will, let these little eyes on the outside see nothing but two normal people speaking." Then his fingers snapped and a small sphere of an illusion would surround the two of them and their booth, from those that looked in from the outside, there would just be Vale and Bella, two Human looking people talking and having tea. Though, the Illusion would make it seem as if they were talking about various kinds of books and stories written. Things needed to go at a pace, he couldn't reveal his full form to her without freaking her out most likely and as such he simply dropped the glamour that had been stitched through the coloring of his hair and eyes. The brunette locks melted away, revealing a series of blues that started as a darker coloration at the crown of his head and descended, lighter and lighter, until the tips of his hair revealed a near pale blue. His eyes, had been a tri-ring of blues, all constantly moving and glowering in a brightness which allowed him to sigh in a bit more comfortability. "Aaah. . . That feels a bit better. Sorry about this, I figure if I say what I'm about to say? You probably won't believe me. But now? Maybe you will! Judging by the weaker traces of the magic? You're definitely not a child of mines." He hummed a bit as he inspected her once more, much more intently this time. "Maybe only a generation away, Granddaughter? Yes, that seems to be more like it. You and either your mother or father are part Fae, I can't really tell which one of your parents without meeting them." Then, out of all the audacious things he'd done so far? He simply linked a finger through the arm of his tea cup and lifted it up to his lips and began to drink it casually, as if he hadn't just dropped a bomb on the poor girl.
  12. With her avoiding eye contact, he felt that his own could stay more on the normal pace of things. It meant the less likely hood of triggering the usual probably that it could cause. "Alright, nice. This place has some high class tea. Sometimes it can taste a bit rich but that's because they use potent leaves." It'd been one of the man reasons he chose the café for his business meetings with potential charities, the freshness often made the proceedings far easier. The amount of finesse he had to actually work with on the fly, it made the art of sneaking into a well secured home a jog in the park in comparison. He'd been used to deal with people in certain situations and this had been far from the usual encounter for him. Vale hadn't responded to the explanation, not at first anyways, he would rather revisit it once they'd sat down. He followed behind Bella, a hand braced the door to hold it open as she passed first with him not too far behind. A small smile twitched at his lips, as if he'd been experiencing the wonder of someone young experiencing something grandiose right before their eyes. It'd been an upscale café by every standard, many wore crisp formalwear and many of the seats and booths had been taken up by a couple of people or groups that had been discussing one form of business or another. "This isn't my most comfortable kind of a scene, too stuffy for me, really. But I find other people really like the way it feels, it grooms the ego." The truth on why it'd felt uncomfortable for him had simply been that it had been in the city confinements. While he could ignore most of the itching, seeing society's small percentage of upper-crust and noblesse attire caused an internal cringe. A waitress approached them, wearing a bright smile and uniformed dress shirt, black silk skirt, and an apron that held the café's name and insignia on the center of it. "Back so soon, Mister Windum? We barely just cleaned your usual seat!" She glanced over towards Bella and gave a bow of greeting, briefly casting her gaze along the clothes she'd worn. The woman didn't quite fit in with the usual crowd, did she? Her head shook as if to shake the rude cobwebs from her mind. "Welcome to Café Luccio! Where our ingredients are fresh and our pastries are handmade! Please, come right this way." She began to lead the way towards a booth that had been further in the back, a sense of privacy that still seemed to offer the exposure of a window that viewed the various lines of people that would pass on by. "Thank you, Sabrina, I'm unsure how long I'll actually be staying. Do you mind bringing us an herbal tea, Peppermint, I hear you've recently gained a new stock!" He smiled flirtatiously towards the waitress. "And anything the young lady has a desire for." All of the familiarity and he'd yet to even ask her name, something that he would rectify once the completion of the order had been made if any by Bella and the waitress had left. He'd start to sit down first on one side of the booth and extended an arm out towards the opposite end. "I won't insult you by trying to say, 'Sit and relax'. I'll be honest with you, you're probably going to become more unhinged." The least the man could do is be honest with her, he waited to see if she'd sit down or not. Regardless of her choice he'd lean back into the cushion of the bench. "Where to begin. . . Well, first, names, right? I'm Vale Windum, I'm what many see a philanthropist. I collect various pieces of art, artifacts, objects that have a deep seeded history in both tragedy and success." He tapped the tip of his fingers along the table for a moment and gave a brief sigh. "The reason there's an air of familiarity, why it's like experiencing a place as but a babe and then coming back to it much older, is because we're connected. Connected by blood and genetics, believe it or not." He rose a hand up and gently rubbed at his chin curiously. "I'm just not entirely sure which generation. . . I know, that makes me sound really bad, doesn't it? I do have a bit of a guess on which." The difference in magic between a true Half-Breed and one that had been generations removed became an easier tell down the line. She'd still resonated strongly and yet weaker in comparison to the few two worlders he'd met in the past.
  13. "That's good, fine is good!" Even though he offered uplifted words, he hadn't been entirely sure the woman had been actually fine. Or perhaps he'd been reading the way her voice had sounded? Was there a hint of nervousness or was she simply a shy sort? Vale found himself wondering more on the kind of person she'd been, someone beyond a simple tickle in the magical atmosphere for him, that was obvious enough. He kept a friendly smile stretched, his eyes purposefully avoided staring towards hers for any long period of time during the brief inspection he'd been going through. It did seem like the thorough examination of sorts had been weighing on her nerves too. That had been the last thing he wanted to occur, it had usually been the response to flee when one reached their threshold of handling something. This meant a much more covert approach to attempt to offer a far more comforting atmosphere. Finding the strength to keep her voice strong had brought to mind that the issues she'd been dealing with in social situations had probably been around long enough for her to develop techniques to keep on the proper track. A thoughtful enough hum resonated from him as the hypothesis struck through his mind. "Uncertainty, That's fine, it happens." He wasn't sure how to approach the subject, the situation that'd been handed to both of them had only been unique in that not many Fae moved from their mounds and even less found their way to illegitimate members of their family. Of course, he couldn't simply leave her ignorant, if she'd been unaware of her magical potential as one of the inheritor's of the Fae magic. "How about I treat you to something? Maybe not coffee that might make you extremely jittery." A jittery ball of anxiety didn't seem like the best way to go, something that urged a much more relaxed connection to the body would be preferred, he figured. "Some tea? Maybe a glass of juice?" This also placed him in a further awkward situation, not just as someone whose never been in a position to guide someone but in that telling information freely came with heavy difficulty. It hadn't been the kind of thing he offered, not with the capacity of silence and secrecy that his choice of job demanded. "If I'm right you're feeling something 'familiar', something you can explain because it's to a face you don't know, right? Completely natural, or so I hear anyways." Vale's gaze turned towards the establishment he'd just left and stepped slightly back, an arm lengthened to try and usher the way towards the door. "I'll try to explain and in the same way, I'll need you to fill me in on a bit of information!" He allowed a good natured laughter to flow from him, as if it had been the most natural thing in the world. "Don't worry about buying anything either, it's on me."
  14. "Thank you, I really appreciate the time you've taken with me to talk about a few of the details. Have to make sure we hammer it down, right?" A smooth smile creased along Vale's face as he stepped to the side and allowed a stream of well-dressed people pass by him, a few were clearly not human either with the small area being known as a place where a lot of Magical creatures tended to visit and congregate amongst themselves. Another business deal sealed, a charity donated towards for the benefit of the downtrodden and those in severe need of expensive resources. He weaved a hand through his hair and let out a small laugh. "It seems I've at least managed to plug up a few holes within the community but no amount of green will really help out the full extent of the necessities and change." Part of him wished there'd been another way, but this had been the extent of a helping hand that he could offer. The rest of it, the hard labored efforts, the programs and continual interactions had to be left up to those with the passionate fire within. He'd just started to walk ahead until he stopped, there'd been a small flux of energy that'd been familiar yet foreign. An eyebrow piqued upwards, that wasn't possible, was it? No amount of thoughts could dissuade him, however, that the presence of magic had been one of his line, directly at that. Someone that hadn't been too far removed, harboring enough of a spark that the magic in the blood had been potent enough to be usable. What had the odds been? His head shook lightly. 'No, It is as the Elder always stated. Magic calls to magic, though we think we escape it, there it will be when we least expect it.' One thing had been for sure, he did least expect this and even had been caught off guard by the fact it'd been growing closer until the person collided into him. It set off mental alarm bells as he turned around smoothly, a hand reached out lightly to lean a light but balanced grasp on her shoulder in case she needed that extra leg up to steady herself. "You're fine there, no problem on my end. You took the bigger hit, are you okay?" His hand retreated away and settled at his side. It'd been her, she felt and harbored that magical presence that had been tethered to him. His head tilted slightly the side as he inspected the young woman, hiding it under the guise of making sure she hadn't harmed herself from the impact. Her features had been familiar but difficult to determine, it threw him off more that he actually may have a child that had been wandering about, unguided and forced to deal with the world of Man. "I'm sorry, I've probably been staring like some weirdo," His hand rose up and he waved lightly as he made the small self-barb. "Mostly trying to figure out if we've met before." He knew the answer to it, but he had needed to see how much of her Fae intuition tugged in recognition of him before he could continue forward with anything else.
  15. Elegant yet modest, a descriptor that Vale had given to the extent of decoration and effort to the scenario that the evening had been adorned in. A smooth gaze continued to inspect everything, from the walls and what hung on them, things that may have hung from the ceiling, tables and the cardholders that had been neatly placed at each table for the attendee's to reach where they had sat. He even went to the extent of perusing each person that he came across, wearing the usually smooth and friendly smile that seemed to be one of his many masks etched on in these kind of environments. Two-Hundred years masquerading around the world and events like these had always seemed to draw out the most common response out of him. He couldn't say faces had been 'familiar', not in the sense that many would've meant by it. There had been the few that he encountered for one reason or another since his return back to this part of the world. The few that had been met simply because circles eventually overlapped when it came to those that had money or something resembling status. Given it had been a benefit towards a charity quite similar to the kind of benefits that he often opened up himself, it seemed like a no-brainer that he would attend to see just how passionate and well-intentioned the true host of the event seemed to be on such a up-hill endeavor. Vale wore crimson suit that came along in a set: Coat, Vest, and Trousers that came to full completion with a black buttoned up shirt with the top button undone and without any form of tie as well as well polished black winged tip shoes. His hands smoothed along the coat several times before unbuttoning the front of it while he sat down at the table he'd been instructed to head to and leaned back into the chair and in the same motion slid a card from the holder to inspect it closely. 'So, this 'Joan' is managing the course of the charity. Interesting.' When Leanna's speech had started to unfold, he leaned forward onto the table with a single elbow, the face of his knuckles pressed against the side of his cheek and head tilted against it for further support. From what he could tell, she certainly didn't lack the passion or the well-intentioned nature that had been necessary to try and push through the obstacles that would come about. He marked that as a good sign that it held the potential to outlive its progenitor. Then his eyebrow arched upwards, amusement touched his face as she made the plea to reach out even towards the much more disenfranchised Half-Breed, especially in such a public setting with heavy wallets that littered the room. 'Hahaha, It's good to know that even I can still be impressed by the audacity of Humans. Very daring of her to attempt it.' It spoke much about her personal character and morals, which he admitted to himself a fondness for such a risk. To LeannaAfter the conclusion to the speech given he gave a modest clap, not dissimilar to that of golf clap. He still had to keep up appearances for the most part when it came to these kind of events. Then, the rise of the various members that formed into a swarmed crowd towards Leanna and even Joan for those that had been easily sold. Vale, however, took his time for a moment while the card danced between the edges of his fingers in a deft motion. There had always been a method to the sort of madness that crossed his ever playful mind, the first reason for his vigil in the uncomfortable chair had been to seek out a target for his own personal reason. There had been a few faces that seemed to emerge from his mind, those that seemed more aligned against the idea of Half-Breed's being assisted from the soured looks on their faces. He shrugged smoothly, the crowd around Leanna started to diminish only slight which meant now had been his time to make himself more known. Standing up he maneuvered through the various constant moving bodies and entered the wave of people. There were still too many to make a clean pathway through which meant it had been the time to be a bit childish, which he knew he excelled at performing. Without skipping a beat, one after another, he'd tap the shoulder of those he passed. Garnering their attention away enough to slip passed them in the line until he made it fully up to the front with a faux exhaust of air to pulse passed his lips. "I tell you, getting through the crowd is like a war in itself." His head lightly turned to look at the few who had managed to turn their attentions back only to find that they'd just lost a bit of space from the Lady of the Hour. A hand extended out towards Leanna and his smile grew with the confidence of a million jackasses. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss. Leanna. I'm Vale Windum, A Philanthropist that's pretty much known for dropping a few bit on these kind of charities and outreaches." If his hand had been taken he'd shake hers firmly, one that showed his respect for the amount of work and effort that had been made for the strides shown. Regardless, he'd continue on. "I have to say, that was pretty ballsy of you to drop in that bit about Half-Breeds in. One might even say a larger hit than it may seem." He tried not to think of how amusing he found it, that the few who had an issue with it had their night turned about. They still hadn't realized that he planned to make it far worse for them much later on, well, as long as he knew it! "But, you see, I'm a bit on the edge myself! You're going for a pretty ambitious step, for someone like myself who invests in not only those of half-breed status but also Non-Humans overall, it garners a lot of my interest. Just need a little bit of a push on the convincing train here. So, tell me. . ." Vale rose the card up to press against the surface of his lips, only the small smirk at the edges of his mouth showed, a playful yet friendly wink flowed as well. "How serious and dedicated to this are you? I don't mean just the effort, either. The ridicule, potential attacks both in your personal character and physically to the actual kids and maybe even yourself. Are you ready for that kind of battle and pain?" She didn't seem the type to be scared and run, no stranger to pain, even so. . . The plight of those that stood for those that many didn't deem as fully human or human at all had a different lot in life that many wouldn't understand until the cause had been brought to their steps. It had him wonder, how much of it had she stood in the way to see those pains and scars? Those that surrounded her with those ever present pains?
Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum
Gentleman Thief/Philanthropist 0
243* year old Pureblood Fairy HE/HIM
Age:  243*
Date of Birth: February 5th, 1776
Birthplace: Ireland - Unknown Location
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Gentleman Thief/Philanthropist
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Fairy
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: N/A
Wand: N/A
Play-by: Jared Padalecki

No Official Institution of Learning attended 


Murdered more people than he saved back at his home-mound. 

Is really a thief that strikes at various people and seeks magical artifacts for an unknown reason. 

His wealth is amounted up over the years for selling the much more mundane but 'forgotten' trinkets to the Wizarding world. He may ironically, steal them back from time to time and sell them later in the years. 

He's never fallen in love, but he has potentially sired children that he's unaware of. 

Is a Sidhe Fae

General Knowledge

Is a Philanthropist known as Vale Windum

Legitimately donates funds to various charities surrounded around building up destroyed homes or lacking neighborhoods. 

It's assumed he comes from Old money and invests it to increase the finances. 

Believed to be a possible Muggleborn, there's no full proof of this.

His home is reported to be within Melbourn


There are many sides to Valennor and he is all too willing to obscure the truth of any of the masks he wears. He believes that if one is too thoroughly examined that it would lead to the understanding of the various others and so he often refuses to get closer than acquaintance's to others. A very dangerous prospect to a being that is long-lived holding no true friends or bonds that weren't superficial. 

This, however, is almost always overruled by his more humanitarian approach towards life that founds the more natural personality that is 'Him'. He cares deeply for the lives of others even though his actions makes lives worse no one is being killed for it, people who were criminal anyways being the major target. He is as likely to snatch a pretty bauble from the pocket of a rich man as he is to save a mewling child from on-coming traffic. 

When he is out as simply 'Vale Windum' he could see more charming than anything, a winning smile propositioned by the complimentary laugh from a surprisingly deep toned voice. A friendly approach linked with a casual air that allows him to project that he's relaxed and comfortable without any issues. 

As his 'Thief' persona, he's much more changed. A sarcastic wit that is used as a secondary mask beyond the actual one pressed on his face to obscure the features. The greatest asset behind this ever shifting persona is that of his intentional distance between those he works with, even those whom he maybe more familiar with as his less criminal seeming image. 


Vale's true form, as a Sidhe, gives him a unique height in comparison to many of his cousins. Though his actual physique never changes between his shifts, always being well built and broad-shouldered. His muscles are well defined though not enough to give him away as someone who trains intensely.  There is an otherworldly beauty towards his fairy form, one that would show a clear sign of that very heritage. While there are seemingly no wings connected to him, just at the shoulder blades and curved towards the center of his back is a tattoo like emblem in the shape of a King Beetle's wings. 

His hair lingers towards the center of his back and is often a Teal-Blue hue that symbolizes his heritage towards the wind. The same markings lay within his eyes as they hold a luminating teal hue on the outer ring, two inner rings shimmer in turqoise and cool blue. Often these colors are glamoured with impressive skill to look more normal when he's of his human form. 

In human stature he stands at five feet and eleven inches, perhaps seemingly shorter or taller on what people expect depending. 


Given life in 1776, the true heritage of the one originally known as 'Aerolith' is that of a Fae. Those acclimated to the natural presence of Wind, able to manipulate it, move with it, and 'understand' it. Both of his parents were high ranking members within the Seelie court of his land and such he had been given certain privileges that would be offered to many of his kind in that predicament.  Prestige and respect were hardly far behind and he reveled within the attention that had been brought by it, even more when his talent for the use of his identified aspect cradled as prodigious even in comparison to some of the older Fae that held their power for years, growing and nurturing it. 

In 1797 the home he ever knew had been attacked by a rival court that caused his parents deaths, an act that shook his world. This is when he used his natural talents to sneak into the treasury vault of the court to take a magical artefact. One that had been rumored to be a tool to protect the peoples in their time of greatest need. A time he found was crucial, what it truly had been was an ancient alchemical bomb designed to cause harsh destruction. Making use of it caused the entire area to be caught in a intense flame that scorched the ground and consumed many homes. While it did 'protect' them from their enemies it caused much more death and harm to those of his own people more than anything. 

A crime that they had intended to fully lay on his shoulders, rightfully so. That was until they realized that they couldn't find him. After the incident he had fled far away from the home, never staying to rebuild or take up that crime as his own. He had nothing left - though they were his people they were no true family to him. Not once his parents had been killed in service to their home. 

The only way he knew of himself had been as a criminal and with his particular talent and use of the Wind it made it easy to do what he had just done before - To Steal. But the weight of the deaths wore heavy on him, enough to make a personal code that he would not participate in the killing of innocents in his revelry of criminal elements. Instead he would steal what he desired and lay the blame at the feet of those who deserved to be punish - those like himself. 

Over the years 'Aerolith' had committed many crimes, many heists. Some alone and sometimes with other members whom he had intended to fully betray by laying the blame at their feet. Though it pertained to some of the more brutal ones that held no care or ceremony on preserving the life. Those that found collateral damage had been an acceptable approach to things that couldn't be restored without dire costs. Though much like any proper thief, a man who shifts through the ages barely ever changing anything except his name - his looks and the way he'd appear. Masks, lavished outfits - things that would cause him to stick out much more than the features of his face, eyes, or hair. 

The name of Aerolith had nearly been forgotten from his mind and hopefully lost to time. In this current Age, to those that know him as a simple man whom holds various quirks, he's Vale Windum. Someone whose well off from assumed old money with none of his crimes linking to him. After all many creatures must deal with a short mortality and shorter memories, it often doesn't help that he had always made sure to destroy any documents that may pertain to him once those that had been investigating him died off. 

While he makes his home in Australia he still manages to try to pull off many jobs as a proper gentleman thief and yet it is increasingly difficult in an age where they know much more air-tight protections. Things that make it more of a challenge and something that has been drummed up as a worthy and exciting challenge for him. 

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