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  1. Invite Life changing story

    Views, they varied within the world and while a lengthy time on the Earth did offer him a wider concept he'd been foolish to believe it'd been the absolute truth. No, it'd simply been a fraction that seemed to dwell predominately in different areas and eras. What he intended to offer hadn't been a cold undeniable fact that couldn't be wormed away from. Rather, he'd hoped his experience and sights had both inspired her to not run away from part of whom she was as much as made aware of the potential plateaus in the social existence of the Wizarding world which could be as harsh as it had been welcoming in certain aspects. At least, welcoming if they could regulate and use you. "To extent, in their own way. And yes, even myself. It's almost like a. . . Compulsion. Some have a different brand of trickery and skullduggery based on their Courts or even what had seemed more common. Some hold their trickery to more malicious means." He couldn't explain how many times a Recap or Hag would've attempted to guide various children for their own feastings or to steal them away from their homes for some bizarre reason. "As for me. . . I guess you can say my brand of trickery hinges on lightening up a persons disposition in an embarrassing way. Making people aware that there are far bigger concerns in their lives than simply looking at their feet for the future or the present." Much of his brand also extended towards his 'Thievery' line of work but had hardly been different to the usual screwy methods he used. "In majority of courts, yes. There are a few Oligarchy's if you're looking for governmental terms that are relative. There is no paperwork or pedigree simply. . . Proving oneself in: Power, skill, or wisdom that wins the support of the masses. There are rare occasions where certain marks in a Fae line may make people more 'partial' to a more bloodline oriented ruling." The mark of the 'Heir' had been something that impacted the Fae realm vastly, the way individuals approached such people or even had been aware of their ever growing presence of creation. "Well, as I said about the 'Ruling body' of things, usually by Power, Skill, or wisdom. Those that take charge unquestioned, defeat those that once held the seat or similar challenger." Being entities of nature it also meant they were quite aware of the allure of 'War and conflict' that often followed after. "Other times in communities it's just agreed those that are older are wiser. Not always a true fact but there are many rules that the Fae people must magically follow once agreed to." He smiles towards her lightly. "For example, As long as you never lie to a Fae, they can never lie to you. A soft chuckle exhausts from Vale's lips. "Not that they happen seasonally. It acts as many things, on one hand its a matter of showing which season those courts seem to grow 'stronger'. As much as it is that they embody, emotionally and idealistically, the usual 'beliefs' associated with those seasons. The Unseelie and Seelie courts stand as mixture courts." He nods smoothly. "Unseelie being that they often relate to both Winter and Autumn while Seelie encompasses Summer and Spring." His head tilted slightly before adding in another bit of information. "Be wary of those of the Unseelie, Winter, and Autumn. They are often those of malicious or monstrous intents."
  2. Invite Life changing story

    "It's a common idea, amongst many people and species. One could say it's instinctual though the far more. . . 'Civilized' species prefer to add words to their actions as a means to justify it in an era of social importance." The act of fighting, killing, to defend - they weren't simply practical or logical choices. At the very core they were instincts pressed into each creature that walked and stalked the known world, as well as the unknown world. "If the cost is truly worth it weighs on the shoulders of everyone involved, I wager. Blood stains, travels through the ages and generations, curses written in it in dying breaths and gasps." He had also been keenly aware that it always takes a piece of people in some manner. "Complication would be. . . Simplifying the true encompassment of what makes up the Fae peoples." His head tilted to the side slightly, the flowing locks of his hair shifting out of alignment only a tad. "Tricksters, Schemers - Both politically and haphazardly. Let our countenance fool you not, we're as chaotic as we are orderly. There is order in chaos, as it is. What many call a 'Butterfly effect' if you will, defines that very notion." Hand moving about before himself, twisting around the center of the foliage-made table where an illusion of a small model of a 'Fae Court' would emerge. Mostly just shadows with a variety of creatures, human-like, Goblin's and their various kin, what many would consider 'Pixies', as well as what seems to be full animals with a hyper-sense of awareness. "We are many and yet we are one. Hierarchies, not unlike a human Government and yet. . . There is no 'Vote', circumstances of the years has changed much however." Another wave of his hand caused the illusion spawned model to shift once more into a line of various Human-like Fae. The only true difference being the obvious various markings and the otherworldly beauty that touched each one in a unique manner. "The Sidhe, not to sound conceited but we are the beauty and the royalty of the Fae world. It has always been such, though not every Sidhe is truly 'Royal' and not everyone owns a domain. There can, after all, only be one in charge to make edicts and commandments. To lead their Court, in this day and age though, every creature under the Fae moniker can run their own court. Though. . . Wars, battles - claiming of such things do occur." Vale's shoulders shrugged lightly before adjusting his head once more to be upright while staring towards Bella with his tri-ringed eyes. "The complications first start with understanding that there are the Seasonal Courts as well as the Unseelie and Seelie courts. These are stances that a group may believe in, see themselves in. It shapes them, becomes them as much as they become it. Even with these labels each one would be ran differently with only certain things be main stream amongst those that share similar ideals."
  3. Invite Life changing story

    "Oh, no. They very much do exist." How many did he run into? How many of them still spread the same rheotoric their parents told them? The kind of teachings intended to be passed through the generations of a family. "The truth of the matter is that here, in Australia, most Pureblood Wizards and Witches are not so. In fact, many are Half-Bloods." His head shook lightly as if the notion itself had been a ludacris thing for Humans to squabble over. "But to those that came to this land to settle, they wanted a clean slate. They wanted to be the ones they ran from, the 'Important' people. These very lies persisted and persist to this very day." Teachings and beliefs that became tradition, almost as if they'd been a family creed to live by with a set of rules taught and implied by the various stances many families took up. "You'll find many of them still sit in positions such as the Ministry." "Mmm. . . You ask the perplexing question that would often get people to respond in, 'It doesn't matter wrong is wrong'." Vale couldn't help but to laugh with a whimsical amusement. "But you, ironically, ask the most important question of all. One cannot combat what they do not understand, railing against something in brute force only creates the self-same atrocities that many are oppressed by." His hand rose up slightly, fingers twisting through the air for a moment as a cooling breeze pushing through the small area. The greenery seeming to breathe and expand as if to take in a new 'breath' of fresh air into their forms. "I think it is both. Just as the wind knows not what it touches but the things that rely on it understand it thoroughly. Many do genuinely believe they're fighting a 'Just' war of sorts, they hurt people under the idea that they're stopping future hurts." A gentle course of air then passed through his nostrils. "Others harm maliciously, intentionally every step of the way." Something that hadn't been specific to Humans, anything that held the capacity to think - to have complex thoughts and organizational methods could produce such traits in their actions and beliefs. Something that many people naturally expect of Vampires to act on, simply the enjoyment of 'Pain and harm' to their 'Prey'. "The complexities of the Fae culture is far more convoluted in ways that can't simply be explained in words. They're things that one must experience, especially when it comes to the machinations of the Ancient ones. Veela's can be often violent when pushed, once, long ago, even extremely territorial." His head tilted from left-to-right. "The territorial trait being something that would wipe them out now given the expanse of Humanity."
  4. Invite Life changing story

    He could tell that the information that had been offered by him struck a chord within her. Reactions and expressions often gave away far more about what could potentially be running through any being with complex thoughts mind. "I'm sure you're probably thinking something along the lines of, 'What did I end up walking myself into. . .?' . I can assure you most people do not have a, 'Non-Human' detecting device." A softened and warming chuckle eased out of him. While there may be some form of archaic spell or artifact that perhaps could do such a thing it was unlikely that any laymen would simply be carrying it. "The importance now is that you can see in a newly refined lens." Would it break her? Change her view and redefine a unique kind of conviction? It was something he couldn't dictate. That wasn't the kind of Fae he had wanted to be, finding that particular trait of his people to be left wanting. Vale knew that at any rate she needed to first worry about what would emerge before her own eyes and mind before considering what the expansive 'long-run' would end up being. Still, even with the weight of conversation and the potential thickness of the atmosphere amidst the revelation, Vale sat with a sense of serenity. Entirely unbothered by the words he spoke and the bits of information that rang as a form of truth for himself or at least the things that he had experienced across his years. "Well, every creature that thinks and can harbor some form of moral compass within that moment." A soft hum resonated from him while his had tilted to the side. The lengthy strands of hair hopping out of place, a collection even shuffling towards the front and covering only part of one of his shoulders. "Some creatures have that particular thing stripped of them. Granted. . . 'Good or Bad' doesn't entirely define those that do either." It had been a very disturbing kind of world. Good and Evil needed to exist as an equilibrium to existence, things such as 'Dark Creatures' existing to establish and embolden that very fact. Perhaps even an ironic existences they held were due to the negative atmospheres built up from all creatures in the world. "But to some it may not be 'just about Humans'. Though I can assure you, spend a few moments in the presence of true Blood supremacists and you would understand their particular brand quite well." His hand rose up and a single finger extended upwards to wag slightly. "Make no mistake, Reaction through fear does exist. Though so does reaction through Hate. Contrary to many beliefs, many don't hate because of fear either. It isn't about the lack of understanding, to harm your enemies thoroughly you must understand them after all." Many that targeted the various Non-Human's and Half-Breeds were keenly aware enough of potential abilities to pose the threat accordingly in his mind. "It is about being 'Entitled'. Much like a King feels it is his right and birth to control all lands." Or the audacity of Humanity to believe they control all that the world offers due to their far more numerous existence. As the thought crossed his mind his head shook with a slight inner amusement. "You'll find many species are quite complicated. Perhaps not as much of a boggle as Human's can be though there are a few exceptions." A small smile curved at his lips.
  5. Invite Life changing story

    It seemed as if he were unveiling a new side of the world to the young woman that she hadn't considered or encountered. Perhaps she even encountered some of it and had yet to realize it since it originally never pertained to her? Either way, what was told could never be taken back and he wouldn't have wanted to even if he could've. Things were going to change for her now that certain parts of her had been given proper life within her, that very essence that would most likely pass through from her for several generations with noticeable strength. She may face the trials or may still find that her life had been relatively undisturbed by it, better she be made of it regardless. His head tilted towards the side from her questions offered, both were simple yet not so simple questions. The same form of complex contradiction laid within the answers as well in his belief. "Some would, others wouldn't. It isn't just about political position or personal ideology belief for many people when it comes to choice. As you would expect, sometimes its derived from some form of. . . Already established bias." That bias designed in a double-edged situation which at times made it a blessing as much of a curse. "I've won many individuals over that found the merit in what I do. But I've also met the outweighed majority that found it a fools errand. That believed such effort should be given towards others or as some might believe those. . . 'More deserving'." Some people did choose the harsher roads of life but many didn't. "As for an 'excuse' I suppose you'll hear a number of them that they would think is 'proper'." His gaze narrowed for a moment in thought then a shrug flowed from his shoulders. "From feeling the fear of being 'outnumbered and ran out of their homes' like many of their Ancestor's have done to feeling as if the world should be a 'Human only' kind of world." The inflection of his voice showed he held no surprise about such thoughts that inflicted the many. "It is why many other Species believe Humans are unworthy of the life they live. Careless and destructive, often disrespectful not just to themselves and others but to the world that should be have those that live take care of it as it takes care of us." Vale's nostrils took in a stream of air then huffed out the built up oxygen passed his lips. "But like any individual with coherent thought everyone is different even in the mix of those with like-minded beliefs. As long as the entire collection of Humanity is shoehorned into the purely destructive beliefs there maybe some form of hope."
  6. Invite Life changing story

    The amount of people left that saw his true image could be counted on his hand - Typically he used the same human-like disguise across the ages in different places. Even still, he knew, those with the talent to tell the magic of a Fae or have some means of sensing such a thing would be able to perceive through the mist quite easily. And with the growing use of things such a Iron in many implements it meant he had to be quite careful, even more careful than he had to be when it had been a common place within jewelry on people far more commonly. It had all been lined with several other reasons he couldn't bring to telling the young woman to offer a far clearer picture than he'd been painting for her at an attempt to bridge an understanding. She had no idea how close that truly had been, minus the fact that he didn't steal. If anything he'd far more like the age old character, Arsene Lupin. "Ahahahaha, Yea, I think you could say it's something like that. There's a big King for me to fight against other than the passage of time and people getting wiser about the prices of the artifacts." He smiled firmly with a sense of amusement still of the analogy she'd chosen to use. His expression shifting to a far more serious one which prompted him to nod slowly and sternly. "They go through a lot more on the surface than many people believe. Many are smuggled through like refugee's from different places. Only to end up in the same kind of cesspool of issues." Australia had been no safer than anywhere else especially with the few 'Pureblood' families that were adamant on proving their lineage through bigotry. "The woman I mentioned? Her daughter actually had been murdered here, in Australia. For being a Half-Veela most likely, leaving her to take care of her granddaughter." "Different backgrounds, similar circumstances. Certain things being far more difficult to try and pour money into due to the fact it is asking these people to take up the risks for a good act." It would've been foolish of him to believe he could expect that they wouldn't end up targets. The truth will always be that they'd be in danger the moment they started to make such an important change or effect amongst a community of the disenfranchised. "But I've found it is an important thing to do with all of the risks involved. Anything worthwhile isn't easy to obtain or maintain."
  7. Invite Life changing story

    Passing through the ages offered many insights, which one of the ones he found to be a true statement consistently had been that no 'true way' of belief and thinking truly existed. Knowledge that had been collected to be given and such perceptions were combined from different times that may not entirely match up to how the ever-shifting wave of life determined for the current age. There were evil's and good's that persisted through the ages, gained new weapons to struggle against one another yet even that seemed to surprise him every so often in his comparably young age. How much could he impart to her that would be relevant? Things that even he still needed to gather up and encounter, thoughts and experiences of emotional range that he'd never even indulged in? "Most certainly, there's no doubt in that. Not every place would be off-bounds." Vale couldn't help but chuckle with a sense of amusement. Most places still needed to hold enough passage of time that certain individuals that he encountered simply needed to pass into dust. "But there are many places where memories last long. Not just from those with a high sense of longevity but amongst the people too. Histories, legends, these things prove the marks left on societies and groups of people." A smile curved on his lips which emboldened a sense of warmth. The last thing he needed had been for her to think she was any form of foolish for proper questions. that she did have a process of thought that had been entirely correct to have "Investor slash Philanthropist. I've accumulated a vast amount of wealth dealing with various magical artifacts from old to new, cultural and the like. Many things people forgot or had sold for far less than they had thought it was worth." There'd also been the fact that he stole and re-stole a majority of such artifacts from the 'extremely seedy' types. Though that had been something she really didn't need to know about him or such activities. "It means I put that very wealth acquired towards far better means than serving my every whim. Mostly into Hospitals, the movements and organizations designed to foster the difficulties of those considered Half-Breeds or non-humans." His fingers started to lace into one another while clasping his palms closer to lean in slightly more towards the young woman. "I've even assisted funding a group of volunteers and contractors to fix a few places left after disasters that could be given to disenfranchised families of such things." While it all seemed good on the surface, Vale knew that it had been a means to attempt a sense of self-redemption on his part. A kharmic evil that could never truly be washed away.
  8. So many Investee gift baskets. . . Even when I say they don't need to. 

    Ah, the curse.

  9. Invite Life changing story

    They were objects that didn't need to be perfect, not to him. More than anything else he wanted it to be an inspiration for her, many Fae worked in various ways and his own court often chose to act as if they were Muses. He also knew his ways, for things to be a lasting impression to many Fae over the years - to be reminded they often needed uniquely noticeble artifacts. Though the photo album would most likely continually be filled there still needed to be more. . . Things that would make the passage of time halt in consuming such memories. Not all revelations were positive or optimistic ones, many of the ones that pushed the note of understanding hinged on the grim or the unhappy that lingered from it. Vale hummed lightly, knowing and grasping the very idea of it could potentially send the atmosphere into a dour mood. Still, he felt that it had been a perspective worth being appraised about. Whether it would all work out for the better in the larger scheme couldn't be foretold so easily by him but perhaps it could offer her a sense of comfort and ease when it had all been said and done. "Truer words than most realize. There are many places not meant for humans much as it is like for any species of existence." For the sake of the environments that did still exist exposure to certain individuals or even entire people needed to be upheld. Many civilizations lost and forgotten from the act of not doing so or even for the act of extending far beyond the kin intended. "Well, it is part of your heritage. Yes, you live the Human's lifespan under normal circumstances. . ." With the world of magic there were many who lived far beyond that through various ways, artifacts, and experiments. Sprinkling the affect of Fae ingenuinty with their own magic and rituals and many things expanded even further. "Though you're also of the Fae people. I see no reason not to show you other places that connect to you in that way as well." There had been the obvious concern of dealing with his far more sporadic kin in his mind, a bridge that would need to be crossed when the time arrived. "Sometimes, some places even with time's assistance can never truly be visited again by an individual. The question then becomes, 'When is the time right?' in which many minds it would almost always ring, 'Never'." Eyelids sliding into a gentle shut which hid the tri-ringed gaze. A thoughtful vibration in the form of a hum resonating within his throat once more. Time also couldn't wipe away the marks of history, not when they were so deeply engrained in a number of ways that it made an approach feel buffeted by the winds of regret and disdain. An eyebrow quirked upwards and his eyelids opened up slowly, smiling with a softness. "Good. . . Yes, it was good. Interesting." Vale's posture shifted as he extended his sitting stance into a far more poised hold. "Intended to meet a potential investee only to come across the fact the two of us had met before. Apparently even took up being a doctor, a very amusing turn of events."
  10. Invite Life changing story

    Vale understood that a certain amount of relation needed to be built up, that connections even established so quickly needed to be refined and that had been rooted in not only paying attention to what had been important to an individual but engaging and showing interest. It also wasn't just a simple superficial suggestion to have the utensils designed for him in such a manner. Her nod of agreement towards his 'demand' caused a smile to curve at the corner of his lips. "Excellent! I'll be looking forward to seeing it!" On some level it may have even seemed somewhat childish to want such a thing but it had also been an influenced idea from his playful nature as a Fae. To have such an object that could be cherished and made at the hands of another. "Hopefully, in time. Though the dead rarely get such opportunities, the worries of the living typically escaping them." That her Brother's hadn't decided to seclude themselves entirely from her had been a positive reaction in light of the situation. "I see no reason not to grant them such a boon of feeling they need to watch over you, if but for a bit longer. It means in their moment of death they were most likely thinking of you: Safety, companionship, wellbeing." His hand pressing against the foliage designed table while leaning slightly forward. "In time they'll see it, I'm sure. Perhaps around the time you even realize it fully within yourself. At times when we believe we're not really alone, part of us still feels quite separated." Maybe in unlocking that potential of being able to touch her talents as a Fae would even help in that endeavor? "Ahahahaha, that is quite the imagination and a very good point! It could be entirely different planet, it could even be an expansive empire in an entirely different realm all together. There are many places the human eye will never easily witness stitched behind weaves of magic." It had been an art and method that came natural to any Fae that managed to grow in strength, though certain ones did tend to have a far stronger capability and reach in performing such arts flawlessly. "One day I will have to show you one of the many lands of the Fae, they're breathtaking. As beautiful as they can be deadly, as anything in the world, but they would be something one couldn't take out of their mind." "Not an incorrect statement on both parts of the Nomadic life and the nature of flowers. Though some just don't do well in certain environments no matter how much one would desire them to." Every plant held its season, every piece of Earth intended for a specific area or else an imbalance could strike. Not always. . . Sometimes it had been important to an ecosystem for something new to be introduced, to offer a rebalance. Of course, that had been something that many Fae had hand within as it was not only their Nature but an inbred 'duty' of sorts. "I've met many people in my life time travelling as such, however. In fact I recently ran into someone from such a past, here in Australia. It had been nearly. . . Oh, near Hundred and Eighty years? Since I saw them last. They're long-lived themselves."
  11. Invite Life changing story

    His head tilted to the side, examining the fidgeting nature that seemed to come with most interactions with her. Elbows pressing against the edge of the table while observing her with cool gentle eyes. It had often been best to not bring attention to it or not to stare intently to avoid that built up nervousness as such he wore a small but eased smile. All that could be done had been to simply wait for the moment to pass for her, when it had and her words finally managed to ease out he offered a slow nod with his smile widening. "You make a fair argument there." It would allow him to carry around less, that couldn't be viewed as a negative thing in any light. "Alright, but on one very special condition!" Raising his arm up, a single finger extended upwards from the rest of the folded in ones. "That I demand my utensils are designed in fashions of characters from your book." There'd been a partial hope that the particular manipulation might offer a sense of comfort for the young woman. That her ideas had been important enough for such a designation. Words alone showed her care and desire for their comfort, for her brothers to not be stuck in a place to haunt for all eternity shuffling through the inability to actively grow beyond their mindsets. "Well, maybe it's for you? Perhaps the desire to not want you to be alone is what keeps them bound. It's the case for many specters through the ages. There may come a point where they may see that your less isolated, more inclusive. Perhaps then they'll feel fine with moving on - that knowledge you won't be isolated." He chuckled lightly at the thought of it as a subtle nod flows. "You would be surprised the many cases of such an act in life amongst animals and humans alike." To answer whether he liked it or not, was one he couldn't answer with any true certainty. The reason why he came, after all, had less to do with a love for any country and a means as a next step into thievery with the intention to 'do good', as he often told himself when snatching artifacts of magical origin away from those that shouldn't hold them. Of course, he couldn't go around telling people that, now could he? Least of all his own Granddaughter, that would've been a sure fire way to damage what rapport he had built up in his mind. "Well, I've never been to the City of Atlantis!" He laughed with an amused tone etched into it. "I've seen every place that has existed on land and held a thriving society within the last oh. . . Two-Hundred years or so." There would come a time where places would simply cease to be a memory, even beings designed for age were doomed to forget the details of their adventures. "There are also plenty of Fae Mounds and areas in existence I've yet to step within. Though I couldn't really name or perceive them all." He shrugged lightly at the thought of it. "A bit of both. I could use a glamour, consistently aging, but then staying in a single place for so long is often unsettling for me." Softened sigh exhausted from him. "The nature of a Fae turned Nomadic, I'm afraid. Though choosing to settle down isn't all together difficult if I can find the proper environment that can sustain me."
  12. Invite Life changing story

    "It seems to have varied effects, I imagine based on how much of a 'Fae' an individual might be. It also could be related to how strong their abilities are within that bloodline too." It was a question that held no definitive answer, something that only the oldest with exposure to such a thing could offer and even then many wouldn't gather that insight. Not without some form of cost or a victim, something that he didn't plan to put the young woman through when it came to that side of his people. The cruel and vindictive side, the one where it made them far more dangerous than the 'pretty wings' and 'vibrant colors' that enraptured people into their grasp and hold. "Ah, you need not worry about that! I just needed to consider if I should bring my own utensils as I usually do. It isn't a problem, it's simply the fact of being what we are." It wasn't something he considered needed to have leaps and bounds made when he held a solution already. "I've many, many days ahead of myself. I believe I can spare several thousands of them." He offered her a gentle smile that had been accompanied by a light laughter. Questions were bound to happen towards him one way or another. Though whether he had intention to actually answer them or not hinged on how whimsical he'd been feeling within the moment. "It is always interesting, isn't it? Many don't get to keep the bonds of the dead on any level. Yet, you've been given such a gift even it." While it had been a messy affair that a tragedy caused such early deaths, that she would be able to still have some form of interactive connection meant they would never truly be absent, not like someone whom had been officially gone. "My time here has always been different. In the past it had been just another 'stamp' to me." Places, societies, they were temporary in comparison to his existence in the greater scheme of the world. Her question piqued a gentle hum that vibrated from him, eyes hiding the tri-colored pupils behind them while his head canted towards the side. "But in this current era and year it has been rather interesting. . . Many revelations and encounters that I had never thought would actually happened or thought wouldn't happen until many more years later." Such as finding a relative or meeting someone that he had encounter within his youth. "Japan is a lovely place, in desperate need of more of my kind to help preserve much of their nature life, but even so still lovely." He chuckled softly. "Romania is lovely as well, the people have a unique passion there even in their firm stoic nature as a country and amongst its people." Vale couldn't help but laugh heartily, she seemed to be interested and it made him feel even -more- like a grandfather with such a question. "It would be far easier to ask where I -haven't- visited. While it is extremely rare for full-blooded Fae to travel my unique circumstances made it a necessity. As such I've visited everywhere in different time periods: Ireland, The America's, traversed all of Eurasia." To simply say 'Europe' wouldn't have even accomplished the great width of experience that he'd taken up in the two-hundred or so years of his nomadic existence. "This isn't even accounting for the various places within the proper plane of existence for The Fae. I couldn't even give you a full picture of the different Court's and societies that exist there."
  13. Invite Life changing story

    Glamour, one of many talents afforded towards his people across the entirety of Fae culture. It'd been one of the ways they not only kept their interactions known to a minimum amongst the various races but the strongest of glamour's and abilities held their world together. Covered entrances that only absolute luck or unluckiness could unveil in someway without the full thorough knowledge to find the Mounds. The shift of his far more 'Human' look had barely even scratched the surface of how much could be extended. Of course, there'd only been so much he could extend himself in certain situations - a truth with many of his people until a certain point where their power would grow exponentially. Vale nodded towards her, a smile expressed on his face from the willingness and consideration she showed. He knew it hadn't been from anyone of his own family that could attribute such qualities. No, that was a clear sign of how well she'd been raised in his mind. To have such an innate awareness and kindness. "Something I often have to ask in certain situations. Usually I bring my own utensil. As I did within the Coffee shop." A gentle chuckle reverberates from him. "Iron, quite the bane to watch out for in my particular case. For you. . .? It won't have the same harshness but overtime you'll notice the rashes maybe even a diminish in spell potency." In truth, it'd been hard to tell completely what the effects would occur when it came to those of only part of their blood. "Nothing wrong with questions and knowledge." An amused grin formed on his face which had only been followed by a smooth shrug. "I'm sure it won't fill all of the curiosity anyways. Ghosts tend to have it for eons do to their state of existence." Each one seemed to be different, but the key feature often had been that they never truly could experience growth. Not the way the living could, it'd been an unfortunate circumstance and one that he hoped wouldn't occur for many. "You must visit them often. I imagine you're far more chatty with them than others." He laughed lightly, the thought that she could get that light in her eyes like when she talked about her book. "Here? In Australia?" A hum resonated from him, mind wandering in thought. "For about a year and a half now. My long life has afforded me ways to gather wealth and masquerade amongst the people of the current society." It had been a while since he visited last, now that his mind had been thinking of his many excursions. "Before that. . ." He started, anticipating she might start to ask where he'd been before. "I was in Romania. A lovely place, beautiful language too. The people there have such a passion in their arts that isn't exposed on as it should be."
  14. To Fell A Titan

    At some point they'd went passed the subtle flirtations of intent towards once that had been all too obvious that they couldn't just be ignored. "Batshit crazy tends to be the majority, doesn't it?" He chuckled easily, not all 'Batshit crazy' had been of a negative connotations. Some were about as nutty as an individual stuck out in the wilderness too long, amongst nothing but caves and animals slowly letting sanity slip away. Others had been on the level of a murderous carnivore ready to take its next bite out of someone. He wasn't sure how long he'd last personally, how much he could endure as the time moves on and no doubt choosing to engage with Mortals would hasten that particular gap faster, of that he held no doubt. Still, it'd been something better left to worry about during the process of it dissolving and not a moment before then if only to keep sanity just a bit longer. "And yet, it hasn't waivered. That is probably in part due to what we are." When one lived a while certain impressions lasted longer, afflictions of interests that had never been carried out stewing for quite sometime. Knowing that the chance would arrive eventually just never knowing the actual when and where and only if one still continued to expand beyond their own borders. Somehow, they found one another again, staring across in a connection that had been far harder to break. "One would say our meeting was a chance missed, to have it happen again and not act on it this time would be us making the mortal's mistake I would imagine." Meeting someone a second time in a long-life had been likely but beyond that? It could only grow far more difficult unless some force of intention were to drive constant encounters. Not an impossible thought but leaving such a thing to chance no longer seemed like a palatable idea for him. There hadn't been any sense of humor within his tone from his question, though he also wouldn't have blamed her for taking such an admittance with skepticism considering the particular source. "You've the right of it. Before I was trying to keep. . . Distances. It makes it easier to move from place to place. If nothing binds you, then it becomes a fluid motion without the consequence of feeling as if you left something behind." The tips of his finger traced along her hand, sliding to the exposed top of it and making smooth tender touched motions. "But since finding out about my descendants, realizing what I'd missed and given up - it made me wonder what else I had locked away from my self simply for the desire of 'ease'." It hadn't truly been a place of 'ease', something would've always felt as I fit had been missing yet if he kept himself busy, mindful that many of those he encountered were fleeting it made it all seem 'alright'. However, crossing her, an individual that he couldn't simply push away as a momentary existence when he compared the two of their lifespans caused his mind to wander to the far deeper 'what if question'. "Well then it's only fair to see how much of this man you can fit in then." A cheeky smile curved at his lips, not that he expected her to truly be a 'Man-Eater'. If that had been the case some other sod would've ended up in the position he found himself within currently. "Ah, yes, rebelling did come to mind. I would've had to simply sway you into the idea, I'd hoped that curiosity of promising my true self would've struck." An almost mischievous chuckle reverberated from him. "Why wouldn't I? It just seemed too fun to pass up." His voice dropping to a smooth whisper, his voice almost like a call on the wind along her ear. "But something tells me you enjoyed such an action as much as I did." In Transit. . . They'd been in Melbourne already so the process of leaving and using just a bit of magic to translocate themselves to his home hadn't taken long. It had been likened unto a blink with only the feel of a passing breeze that enveloped them for a brief moment before placing them within the expansive single-floored home. His hand had already slid along hers to grasp hold of her bag to try and lightly pry it from her hands and settle it on a neaby table, in the moment leaning in as well to press his lips with a bit more of a heated intention than just the teasing nip he offered back at the bar. Arms wrapping around her waist to pull the woman into himself closely - barely within the door so to speak. Almost as if keeping to a promise the glamour instantly fell away as if it were swept by some unforeseeble force. It seemed as if even the clothes itself had been just a part of an illusion pieced together as a somewhat exposing outfit clutched to his lithe form, hair extending to just the center of his back with a myriad of blues that shifted in a gradient scheme. Markings lined from his Shoulders towards his arms, as well as his entire back and whom knows where else? The surface of Vale's palms tracing along her waist for a moment before curling one of his hands fingers just at the hem of her dress to hike it up just a bit, the other searching along the different points to find where it'd been connected to loosen it in order to pull it away from her. His hand that had started to pull her dress upwards, intentionally grazing against her supple skin in a teasing drag. A touch that seemed to radiate a peculiar warmth of heat, trying to spread the feeling of the moment even further.
  15. To Fell A Titan

    "I do seem to have an affliction, though oddly enough it has only recently started to flare up again." A coy grin formed on his face, eyes scanning the woman once more from head to toe as if to offer a hint to his 'Pretty thing' that had afflicted his fancy. "As long as we're both under the agreement there is a mutual appraising going on." His smile matched her own in mischievous nature for a moment before receding as the conversation moved on. "They do tend to draw a sense of awe, don't they? Not so much the length of time but managing to trudge on and still keep a semblance of sanity seeing the trials of various eras and ages. Of course, with time does often come with being far more jaded too." Or in the case of a few of his own Kin, far more manipulative and dangerous than people would give them credit. "Experience never truly ends, as they say. In a world that has existed as long as it has there will always be something to uncover and discover." He chuckled smoothly. "That is quite the dare. But. . . I can't fully refute it." The fact they'd both been a distraction to one another at that point in their life held a unique amusement as it did a fondness for the man. It also spoke volumes that they found themselves in the same position, years later. Wizened and far more prepared and aware of each other than they had in the past. While he had never before offered tender touches, he'd been quite accustomed to them when he ensorcelled someone enough that their attention had been solely focused on him for his plans in the past. Even in the not-so-distant past, yet, he found himself offering the same innocent strokes he received. The touch alone showed the mutual interest that their honeyed words could only obscure, at least from his personal perception. "You've a point, I suppose I am the oddity that I am due to the amount of time I spent amongst them than most of my people." If he hadn't made the mistake he did with his court, how would he have ended up? Certainly not sitting across from the alluring beauty whose essence had been exuding in an almost cosmic way. Even her smile in an innocent fashion seemed far more attractive than it should've, at this point he hadn't been sure if it were her hormones influencing him or a natural disposition that had already been present between the two of them. The choice of either or even both of them working in tandem intrigued him to dangerous levels. "Ever think I'm starting to open myself up a bit to the experience of it?" His eyes lifted up to lock onto hers, an odd shine within them as he dropped the glamour that kept the tri-colored hues from sight. Revealing just a bit of himself for only her view; A coloration of: Teal, Turqoise and then a very cool blue on the larger outer ring of his eyes. Though he had never been in the position before to consider the loss of the short-lived he found himself in it now, deciding to stay and experience that pain instead of running from it and the potentially good and fond memories. "Oh, no. I was expecting you to be all for it. Else I would've teased you about cold feet." He grinned, the idea of a Veela having 'cold feet' held a hilarity due to their affinity with the flames. He noticed the twinkle within her eye, the response that he desired to pull from the woman without any hesitation. "I've lived my life on the edge. I don't see a reason to stop now. . ." Vale whispered lowly in a roguish tone, watching as she took up her handbag. "You'll find that once one like myself gives our word it becomes a bond." He grinned standing up and gently taking her hand to help her up as well, an arm wrapping around her waist in almost a claiming way to dissuade the on-lookers. As much as to dash the various dreams and fantasies they'd already dreamt up for themselves of the illustrious Veela. "Shall we then?"
Valennor 'Aerolith' Windum
Gentleman Thief/Philanthropist 0
243* year old Pureblood Fairy HE/HIM
Age  243*
Date of Birth February 5th, 1776
Birthplace Ireland - Unknown Location
Year Level 0
Occupation Gentleman Thief/Philanthropist
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Fairy
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus N/A
Wand N/A
Play-by Jared Padalecki

No Official Institution of Learning attended 


Murdered more people than he saved back at his home-mound. 

Is really a thief that strikes at various people and seeks magical artifacts for an unknown reason. 

His wealth is amounted up over the years for selling the much more mundane but 'forgotten' trinkets to the Wizarding world. He may ironically, steal them back from time to time and sell them later in the years. 

He's never fallen in love, but he has potentially sired children that he's unaware of. 

Is a Sidhe Fae

General Knowledge

Is a Philanthropist known as Vale Windum

Legitimately donates funds to various charities surrounded around building up destroyed homes or lacking neighborhoods. 

It's assumed he comes from Old money and invests it to increase the finances. 

Believed to be a possible Muggleborn, there's no full proof of this.

His home is reported to be within Melbourn


There are many sides to Valennor and he is all too willing to obscure the truth of any of the masks he wears. He believes that if one is too thoroughly examined that it would lead to the understanding of the various others and so he often refuses to get closer than acquaintance's to others. A very dangerous prospect to a being that is long-lived holding no true friends or bonds that weren't superficial. 

This, however, is almost always overruled by his more humanitarian approach towards life that founds the more natural personality that is 'Him'. He cares deeply for the lives of others even though his actions makes lives worse no one is being killed for it, people who were criminal anyways being the major target. He is as likely to snatch a pretty bauble from the pocket of a rich man as he is to save a mewling child from on-coming traffic. 

When he is out as simply 'Vale Windum' he could see more charming than anything, a winning smile propositioned by the complimentary laugh from a surprisingly deep toned voice. A friendly approach linked with a casual air that allows him to project that he's relaxed and comfortable without any issues. 

As his 'Thief' persona, he's much more changed. A sarcastic wit that is used as a secondary mask beyond the actual one pressed on his face to obscure the features. The greatest asset behind this ever shifting persona is that of his intentional distance between those he works with, even those whom he maybe more familiar with as his less criminal seeming image. 


Vale's true form, as a Sidhe, gives him a unique height in comparison to many of his cousins. Though his actual physique never changes between his shifts, always being well built and broad-shouldered. His muscles are well defined though not enough to give him away as someone who trains intensely.  There is an otherworldly beauty towards his fairy form, one that would show a clear sign of that very heritage. While there are seemingly no wings connected to him, just at the shoulder blades and curved towards the center of his back is a tattoo like emblem in the shape of a King Beetle's wings. 

His hair lingers towards the center of his back and is often a Teal-Blue hue that symbolizes his heritage towards the wind. The same markings lay within his eyes as they hold a luminating teal hue on the outer ring, two inner rings shimmer in turqoise and cool blue. Often these colors are glamoured with impressive skill to look more normal when he's of his human form. 

In human stature he stands at five feet and eleven inches, perhaps seemingly shorter or taller on what people expect depending. 

The story so far

Given life in 1776, the true heritage of the one originally known as 'Aerolith' is that of a Fae. Those acclimated to the natural presence of Wind, able to manipulate it, move with it, and 'understand' it. Both of his parents were high ranking members within the Seelie court of his land and such he had been given certain privileges that would be offered to many of his kind in that predicament.  Prestige and respect were hardly far behind and he reveled within the attention that had been brought by it, even more when his talent for the use of his identified aspect cradled as prodigious even in comparison to some of the older Fae that held their power for years, growing and nurturing it. 

In 1797 the home he ever knew had been attacked by a rival court that caused his parents deaths, an act that shook his world. This is when he used his natural talents to sneak into the treasury vault of the court to take a magical artefact. One that had been rumored to be a tool to protect the peoples in their time of greatest need. A time he found was crucial, what it truly had been was an ancient alchemical bomb designed to cause harsh destruction. Making use of it caused the entire area to be caught in a intense flame that scorched the ground and consumed many homes. While it did 'protect' them from their enemies it caused much more death and harm to those of his own people more than anything. 

A crime that they had intended to fully lay on his shoulders, rightfully so. That was until they realized that they couldn't find him. After the incident he had fled far away from the home, never staying to rebuild or take up that crime as his own. He had nothing left - though they were his people they were no true family to him. Not once his parents had been killed in service to their home. 

The only way he knew of himself had been as a criminal and with his particular talent and use of the Wind it made it easy to do what he had just done before - To Steal. But the weight of the deaths wore heavy on him, enough to make a personal code that he would not participate in the killing of innocents in his revelry of criminal elements. Instead he would steal what he desired and lay the blame at the feet of those who deserved to be punish - those like himself. 

Over the years 'Aerolith' had committed many crimes, many heists. Some alone and sometimes with other members whom he had intended to fully betray by laying the blame at their feet. Though it pertained to some of the more brutal ones that held no care or ceremony on preserving the life. Those that found collateral damage had been an acceptable approach to things that couldn't be restored without dire costs. Though much like any proper thief, a man who shifts through the ages barely ever changing anything except his name - his looks and the way he'd appear. Masks, lavished outfits - things that would cause him to stick out much more than the features of his face, eyes, or hair. 

The name of Aerolith had nearly been forgotten from his mind and hopefully lost to time. In this current Age, to those that know him as a simple man whom holds various quirks, he's Vale Windum. Someone whose well off from assumed old money with none of his crimes linking to him. After all many creatures must deal with a short mortality and shorter memories, it often doesn't help that he had always made sure to destroy any documents that may pertain to him once those that had been investigating him died off. 

While he makes his home in Australia he still manages to try to pull off many jobs as a proper gentleman thief and yet it is increasingly difficult in an age where they know much more air-tight protections. Things that make it more of a challenge and something that has been drummed up as a worthy and exciting challenge for him. 

Vale Windum December 28, 2018
Type: Invite Vale WindumSibylla Townsend.
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