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  1. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    "Hahaha, I don't reveal my kinks and tell, Ms. Townsend." A whimsical smirk turned on his lips as he leaned towards one side on a single elbow at this point. It had wandered into his mind when the last time he genuinely enjoyed trading the occasional wit back and forth. Often it had been with a bit more aggression and it typically had been reserved for those that he'd encountered amongst the criminal element of his work. Yet, it had been sometime in relation to a much more social encounter that didn't hinge on him needing to be entirely stealthy or obscure. A slight warning in his own mind that he'd need to get his guard up further if he'd planned to encounter the woman a bit more while he stayed in Australia. "Which is important, don't want to break the bank for the event itself and leave nothing for those that it's intended for." He didn't believe it'd 'break the bank' but if the people that the gather had been intended to assist didn't get the full assistance as intended then what would be the point? It had probably been what those that wanted to look good ended up doing. Push it all into the event for it to be spectacular while those that it had intended to sponsor didn't truly get sponsored. "Heh, maybe it's just my mischievous nature but part of me want's to give out little medals for those big wigs to argue about. 'Ah, I have silver, I donated much! AHA! But I have gold, care to up the ante!' At least the people who need it will get a lot due to pretentiousness being played against itself." The thought amused him that those in the light would end up arguing about it in their own coded phrases. "Oh, I'll have the fun of working out more about my business partner." A smirk slid along his face as a response followed by a good natured laughter. For all the seemingly openness she had been a mystery to him. "That's a good point you make. I guess I can make his night better later." A side glance shifted towards the waiter as he seemed to be more wary on his approach of other patrons. Of course, when he stated 'better' he really meant worse by playing a few harmless tricks. Something to get the man to see that life should be something to laugh at the issues that pop up and then move along. Vale's attention shifted back towards Sibylla as her paused moment caused his own head to shift in a mimicked manner, had she been trying to gain insight beyond the words? "You've never had a business dinner with many of my kind, have you?" He formed a small smile on his face. This moment of introspection caused his eyes to squint for moment, it had felt familiar more than he had expect it to. It was slowly being pieced together on why she'd been so familiar to him and him to her. Eyes closed gently as the memory flashed through his mind as if it had been a fresh moment just yesterday. The clothes were less glamorous in those days but much more fashionable and comfortable in his personal opinion. The follow up question pulled him from the reminisce easily. "Normally? Depends. People are interesting in their own right. The journey's they've encountered, even with the countless I've met others seemed to be some how. . . Different even in the same circumstances." It had been perplexing that a replicated environment wouldn't always produce the same issues in those in that similar or same situation. More importantly to him, it was a way to understand the world at large as it kept going on. "Besides, it surely isn't our first meeting. No, not by far." At that time when they first met he'd been trying to scope out a target, opting for his usual friendly and social persona as the usual probe and front. "If anything it'd be more like. . . Two acquaintances catching up." His smile never shifted from the friendly demeanor. "That and this place feels like a gilded cage." A shiver trailed along his spine. He could see how it's seemingly upper class atmosphere could become like a trap that would never let go.
  2. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    "Rarely, doesn't mean never." A quick witted response soothed out from him as he leaned back with a grin that fit in a roguish charm. He lifted up the glass of wine and took a soft sip from his lips. Whether she meant it seriously or has a joke, Vale decided to take it in a stride the only way he could accurately discern - His own view point. As his eyes tilted towards the utensils near by a soft hum resonated from his lips. He could feel the presence of it trying to staunch him from the close proximity, a hand reached inside of his jacket to pull out a lengthy case. Upon opening it there would be flatware that seemed to be fancily designed, made without any potential traces of Iron. "Mmm... Sometimes a snarl can be equally pretty. In a very twisted sort of way. Fierceness has its own beauty, after all." "I've found in my. . . Lengthy time of engaging with various people that there tend to be certain traits and activities with people that have that kind of quirk." Back in the past, often those with the good intentions seemed to protect those under their wing. Either by obligation, a sense of justice, or genuine care there always seemed to be that strand that held good people to that strong standard. "Often the type of people that were in orphanages or even the occasional nomad or caravan troupe. The sense of protection is palpable and inspiring." He still remembered one of the few times he tried to embed himself into a group to use it as a cover, it didn't work too well with how guarded they were. It would have taken far too long. Vale nodded at the idea, it was more than a viable plan and lingered on the edge of an obvious route to move towards. "Sincere is important, I think they'd add more validation in all of the proper ways too." His eyes closed gently as he delved deep into his thoughts. Knowing the players who pretended for their own glory had their own perks for knowing, ironically for his own benefit of sorts. When he opened his eyes a joking smile curved. "Now, for all the posers you're going to give me the full stats lowdown, right? From Worse and lower? The guys I need to 'watch out for and avoid unless you're looking to look like other well-to-do types'?" A laughter emitted from him. "Me? Daunting? Well, in my entire lifetime I've never been considered that! I admit there is a bit of a. . ." He gave a playful shiver. "Charge, thinking someone like me could be described in that kind of way." Another laugh resounded from him accompanied by a nod, an expression of 'Touché' etched on his face. "I have a couple of assumptions." And from what he could tell, she certainly didn't lack a shadow. It left him with only one standing hypothesis and the pull only confirmed it further from his own experience with the race of sirens. "Oh? My mistake, I thought we already were way passed business meeting. We have the dream only takes the logistics next." A mischievous smile turned on his lips to meet her tutting. With her trained on his eyes a slightly tutting of his own occurred. "Don't stare too long now, Sibylla, you may end up more struck than you think. And unlucky for you we both have more than enough time in life to sit and listen to that ever so personal business." Vale leaned forward and positioned both of his elbows at the edge of the table, fingers crossed along one another and his chin rested just on top of the knuckles. "Unless you'd rather ditch this awful meal and go for something much better and easy. . . To be honest this stuffy environment just isn't my kind of scene. Feels so contained."
  3. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    "Pretty much just meant that I'd have to deal with it. Losing my job is pretty much a mountain with some heavy factors, wouldn't you agree?" A small grin formed on his own face as he leaned back. "But I suppose the company isn't too bad that one could get lost in her." Eyes closed gently as he mentally amused himself, that turned out much more kinky than he'd have expected. Yet, there didn't seem any signs that he had planned to take back that phrasing anytime soon. A soft playful sad sigh exhausted from him. "Darn, you saw through my ruse to get you to say it willingly!" Age had been a funny thing at a certain point in existence as it were, most times he'd forget his own. "Oho, does that mean I should suspect you as well? Pristine locks, a smile that beats mines by miles." This time Vale began to check her out of his own volition, just the structure of her well defined facial features and the golden tint of her blonde hair. A thoughtful hum resonated afterwards as if he'd been an appraiser. "Mmm.. I can say winning smile is passed the possible limits." As if flattery would actually get him anywhere, but it was always a fun road to walk. He left the condolences where they were, to prod at that wound further with such a fresh meeting would be improper and disrespectful. As long as she understood that it had been heart felt than they wouldn't have need to dwell on that sore wound. "It seemed more apt. You seem cool and collected but I sense there is that. . . Fierceness that lingers for those that your assisting." Had it been for justice? Or simply because it had been the right thing to do? A curiosity in his mind that wouldn't effect his personal views. "People like those would probably donate more with the masses pushing them further. I suppose I could always appeal to them another way too. There doesn't need to be just one thing to set a precedent, if what I'm trying to set is nothing will be held back in order to procure all that is needed for them." It would be something that needed to occur soon after, maybe as a quick new years or breaking in the new year event. His head leaned to the side in thought of this prospect and a small smile curled at his lips. That would fit along with his other goals now that he though of it. "I think it'd be possible to do both, yes. I have the assets to swing it easily. " An eyebrow raised as he kept that in mind to swing back around later on. "From little ol' me? I'm practically gumdrops and rainbows. Well, as far as most stories would say." A mischievous chuckle resounded. "Me? Struggle? Never. I do everything out of intention." He tried to play it off with a soft smile graced. She'd been correct, he couldn't piece entirely what it had been about her charm that made it so. "Hm.. One of my heritage often has more trouble not being stared at. Having people struck by us." Then he started to slightly shift the conversation as they'd been on somewhat of a 'track'. "Though, since we're speaking of life situations. . . What kinds of positions have you been in your life?" Vale leaned in to give the woman his full attention.
  4. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    "Now, if I backed down from -every- mountain I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have today. No, no, some causes are worth the dedication, difficulty, and other factors that come rolling with it." That had been part of his guilt from his own past talking. Maybe for each life he makes better it could make sense of accidental massacres, that it would alleviate just a bit of redemption in a life that wouldn't end any time soon. "I would ask for how long but my mother taught me never to ask questions like that. Tends to lead to the 'Asking a ladies age' somewhere around there." He shrugged casually at the thought of it all. If she held a familiarity of meeting him, however, then chances were she had been a lot older than he was giving her credit for. Vale breathed a false gasp of being insulted. "Questionable? Even with a winning smile? Flowing locks of the most pristine kind?" He shrugged as if to resign from the thought. He probably would have found it sketchy if she trusted him out right. Finally, the will to break his gaze from her managed to build up and his eyes averted towards the glass of wine until his senses could feel as if they were his own. His sights leveled back to her once he felt a bit more contained only to catch the flash of sorrow. A hum resonated and his own gaze softened. "You have my condolences." Only a person scorched would hold such a gaze, a lingering memory or wound that had never truly healed. He'd met many in his time and it always seemed to be the same look with different people connected to that story. "Oh, I see. You're Mama Bear. Take in the people, pat them down and give them a good dusting and send them off towards another who can tend to needs that you can't provide." That was the kind of person that a community under scrutiny needed for their survival. A person that cared and put every effort possible forward. "I don't expect to plan for every eventuality. But the most gruesome ones need to be knocked out as a potential chance as soon as they come to mind." Admittedly as long as he's lived the mind and drive of humans that borderline as a cultist in terror bypassed his thinking. "Public. If I aim specifically for high profile guests I don't think I'd be sending the right message at all. Albeit, it is much safer and easier to manage." The option itself had been enticing to take instead of the one that had the higher chance of chaos. But people needed to see, to feel counted and involved. If he only targeted those that were in a position to do the best than the others just simply wouldn't do better. "Looks as if you secretly enjoy that kind of danger, Sibylla. Here I was thinking you weren't the sort to dance at the edge of the building." Eventually the ordered entrée's arrived and the Waiter placed the plates onto the table carefully. With that ever so distracted gaze that laid upon the blonde haired woman. Vale spoke up instantly after an attention catching cough. "Sir, I know my wife is beautiful. But do you mind not staring so much? You're making me quite uncomfortable. I hope I don't have to beat you off with a stick too?" The waiter instantly caught his attention back and with a apologetic bow quickly exited the scene with a panicked expression and retreat. A laugh unable to be withheld lurched out of Vale as he shook his head. "Oh, that was really worth it. I'm so sorry for that insinuation there. Part of my nature couldn't resist the urge to say it."
  5. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    The flair and dramatics had always been part of a personal trademark for him, varying levels for many reasons. But it was part of his nature as a Fairy and it couldn't be so easily halted. Through the years it had been more helpful than harmful as it tended to add a much lighter atmosphere even amidst the potential tension or seriousness that linger around. Other times it was just enough to infuriate all the right people for his own personal benefit and by extension a few others in the future. A smooth motion flowed as the edge of the wine glass pressed against his lips and had been tipped lightly. "Old thoughts and beliefs have hardly changed, sadly. Though if they ever do in my lifetime I would say that finding something new to do would be pretty difficult." At least out in the open where people could 'vouch' for him being too much of a good heart to attribute towards random robberies that would occur. "The numbers must be staggering for you to use 'gradual'. Not the most comforting form of statistic in that particular kind of light." Eyes narrowed in thought as he considered if this would truly be the right avenue given the major risk, to see if it had been worth the reward all around. As the Waiter seemed to hold a lingered gaze on the blonde an eyebrow raised up. She was quite beautiful wasn't she? A sort that would force you to stop and stare just to admire. There hadn't been a realization in himself that he'd been staring at the woman much more than he would anyone through the conversation. It felt as if his mind had been leading the charge and his eyes the tactician. "Mm, I suppose 'What we are' is always the interesting question. . ." Could it have been a form of magical enchantment? Very few held that kind of allure to them and most were on the chain of danger higher than him. "But at least it means that you now have full reason to trust my intentions. I think that worked out much more in my favor than anticipated." Vale smiled smoothly as he rather enjoyed when a hiccup had the potential to add more positive weight in favor of the idea in mind. Pressing his back into the chair he listened to the explanation of the full climate in the situation. It was a lot messier than he had been led to believe and yet the fact that some steps were being made at the highest level meant a much more positive change on the horizon. "Many people that fit in those categories do need that help more than many other consider. Being hunted as if they're little less than animals, made an example of in the eyes of old traditions and beliefs." Perhaps if there had been much more established assistances in the past then his own situation could have been different. The kind of thought that had been amusing to entertain but not much else beyond that. "New identities? I'm surprised you managed to have some time to even meet with me. That's the kind of thing almost anyone that needs it would want." A brief chuckle eased out afterwards. "I enjoy lofty, call it a. . . Compulsion." Vale's smile widened in a charming way even as his gaze never shifted away. "A major show of support publicized has that double-edged nature to it. I'd obviously hire some people to be somewhat 'plain clothes' security. Offering ease that it'd be expected to go well but make sure people are kept safe." The last thing he wanted had been another massacre on his hands. "If I'm lucky it'd paint a larger target on my back than others that are there too. Always have to shut up the larger mouth to get people to comply." He nodded towards her deduction. "Exactly! If you feel much safer to keep your name off of it that's fine too. The last thing I want to do is draw daggers and wands against you more. But I figure with my particular other resources and to show I am pushing up a big portion towards assisting in those needs." After another sip from the wine he decided set the glass down onto the table. "And, of course, an equally sizable donation towards your efforts. Only fair considering the draw this kind of benefit will incite."
  6. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    There had been no indication that he'd caught on to the fact that she managed to sniff a bit of him out, so to speak. It was an unfortunate risk meeting with someone that didn't have enough specific information easing out. At least not for the people he'd made contacts with to give him a bit of an edge. The edge unknowingly was lost even further and the means to stay just a tad bit more ambiguous. An unwavering smile had been one of the many signs to him that there was something 'more' to a person or more specifically a hidden facet that needed to be uncovered. Suspicious thought in any case but at least a modicum of truth when it came to himself as the smile on the he wore hadn't dimmed or faded. A small snicker flowed out at the reciprocated response. "Aha, disarm me by putting us on fully even footing. You play the game well, Sibylla." It reminded him slightly of the old Fae court intrigues he would often witness. "Cheating?" He held an urge to play coy about the entire accusation but it had seemed she managed to unravel the magics that contained his current image. A talent and trick that could be performed by very few people, even a Wizard would have given themselves away with the need for somatic gestures. Nostrils widened as a current of air pushed through them. "Heh, well, I guess you've got me on that! Of course, I can't be too careful with safety and all. Not many people are welcoming to those like me. Even if I am only slightly passed the stage of random pranks." He had evolved to full on Thievery with pranks woven in them but that was a fact no one needed to be privy. "And if I do say so, I like pretty good like this." Vale proceeded to gently shake his head, hair tossed about as if he were in a L'oreal commercial. "Oho? The question of 'What I am'? Assurance in that it will mean very little in the grand scheme of things. " Lips parted to bare a pearly white smile. Once he'd sat down a hand beckoned over for the waiter. "A bottle of Rieslings and I'll take a Slow Roasted Cod." After whichever dish Sibylla ordered the Waiter would leave and Vale proceeded forward with the more pertinent reason for this formal meet up. "Now, I'm sure I don't need to tell you of the various troubles that make up the various people that are considered 'Human' in the Wizarding society. Being as you're someone who helps those who are down on more than just luck out." When the bottle arrived first, Vale uncorked it easily and poured her drink first slowly to half glass then followed suit with his own glass in the same fashion. "There are more people out there in the communities that are somewhat swept under the rug, even when the Government is concerned. Limited resources and all. . . My idea is to hold a huge benefit. A double edged plan to get people to see the underlying grime of that truth while pulling their good graces to help support those people." He leaned back and slid a hand under the bulb of the glass then lifted it up smoothly. "Being as you could imagine it's been sometime since my last tour through this part of the world, I'm lacking the 'need to knows' who could get those that it would effect positively aware and to attend themselves."
  7. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    The downfall with setting up certain kinds of appointments or meet and greets often had been that one wasn't aware of how a person would look. This left the mind to its own machinations of imagery and every person that would pass by or come close had been a curiosity with the ever present thought of 'I wonder if that is her.' It didn't take long for that question to answer itself as a blonde woman approached and greeted him. The warm expression on her face elicited a soft hum as it hadn't been the expected disposition that he'd have encountered. Maybe something more stern or severe entered his mind, almost piercing. Vale stood up smoothly as if the motion itself had been so practiced or engrained that it became second nature. Then he took her hand into his own and gave a firm yet nimble handshake. "Mr. Windum is my father, please, you can call me Vale." Then a soft nod flowed from him. "And the pleasure is all mines, I believe. Pretty sure I'm the one asking the favors." A charming smile stretched, the next question caught him off guard yet it hadn't shown on his face. Now that it had been brought up she did seem oddly familiar, as if he'd encountered her at some point. At least if he seemed familiar to her as he was then his more extracurricular activities still had been concealed and unthreatened. His expression shifted as if it had been a brief thought that entered into his mind to try and recognize the face and name and then shook his head. "I don't think so, Doc. I haven't been to Australia in a couple of years." A couple of decades but he wasn't counting. "And you have one of those unforgettable faces. I think my mind would be insulted for you if it forgot!" The years often weren't kind to the memories of the long-lived. It wasn't from trying to forget faces either just that sometimes it seems to become harder and harder to remember certain aspects. Now that it had been brought attention he was certain the face was familiar - maybe slightly younger but barely much. If that had been so the consideration came to mind that she too most likely had been a long-lived being. Something that would need to be investigated given that the only information he held involved her connections to the Non-Human labeled community. He shifted half way along the table and pulled out her chair for her, ever the graceful gentleman. "Please, have a seat. I had them bring some wine first. Seemed like a good idea in case things were much more tense." Alcohol carefully imbibed often loosened lips and bettered dispositions. If she would seat he'd push the chair in carefully and then round about to his own seat and sit down. Regardless of the choice, however, he'd continue speaking. "We can call the waiter have the orders setup and then I can try to 'wow' you for my pretty amazing idea."
  8. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    Starting up a benefit that targeted a specific purpose and need wasn't easier work, no matter how many times he'd managed to do so through the various decades and century or two. In fact it seemed to get more complicated when the original factors that had once been but flimsy considerations were a much stronger presence in the current age of mortals. One of these important particulars had been the need for members of the community that were connected not only to the oppressed but considered a form of 'champion' for them. A local of sorts or at least someone trusted enough to make the appropriate waves. It had been what drew Vale to such a high class place while he had no preference towards it, he also couldn't deny that it set the scene for connecting on a professional level. While it wasn't a full on casual restaurant a form of presentation had been expected. He chose to wear black slacks with navy blue button-up shirt with the collar unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up to just under the elbows. It was a comfortable enough representation to show he wasn't stuffy but also that he meant a degree of seriousness and business. On top of the table laid two sets of silverware wrapped in a cotton napkin, a single bottle of white wine with two glasses on opposing sides. It was clear he'd been meeting someone which was the angle he wanted to go. This wasn't just a proper meeting but also a show that he needed to put on for the on-lookers. In high quality businesses people often watched, spoke, sent rumors along to their colleagues from what they'd either spied or listened in on. Whether it was good or negative it was a benefit to the need that he felt had to be addressed for the community at large. Fully incognito with his hair and eyes properly set with a glamour of natural hues to avoid various suspicions but to keep himself well hidden amongst the watchful eyes. Vale leaned back into the chair calmly while the brown gloss of his eyes scanned the room with no haste in the motion. He took in and noted every face possible, those that would look back towards him and others that chose to pretend as if they hadn't noticed him what so ever. It was an amusing pass time while he waited. "Will she arrive on time or will fashionably late be more of her style?" It was a low spoken tone to himself as a mental bet switched back and forth on the potential chances. Would she even show at all?
  9. You're a bit familiar

    Vale Windum
    Well, some people you meet probably have a comparable lifetime as yourself. The small downfall of the plan!
  10. Ha! I left ya'!

    Vale Windum
    Scapegoats are necessary, Too bad it had to be this one!
  11. Vale Windum

    Vale Windum
    Given life in 1776, the true heritage of the one originally known as 'Aerolith' is that of a Fae. Those acclimated to the natural presence of Wind, able to manipulate it, move with it, and 'understand' it. Both of his parents were high ranking members within the Seelie court of his land and such he had been given certain privileges that would be offered to many of his kind in that predicament. Prestige and respect were hardly far behind and he reveled within the attention that had been brought by it, even more when his talent for the use of his identified aspect cradled as prodigious even in comparison to some of the older Fae that held their power for years, growing and nurturing it. In 1797 the home he ever knew had been attacked by a rival court that caused his parents deaths, an act that shook his world. This is when he used his natural talents to sneak into the treasury vault of the court to take a magical artefact. One that had been rumored to be a tool to protect the peoples in their time of greatest need. A time he found was crucial, what it truly had been was an ancient alchemical bomb designed to cause harsh destruction. Making use of it caused the entire area to be caught in a intense flame that scorched the ground and consumed many homes. While it did 'protect' them from their enemies it caused much more death and harm to those of his own people more than anything. A crime that they had intended to fully lay on his shoulders, rightfully so. That was until they realized that they couldn't find him. After the incident he had fled far away from the home, never staying to rebuild or take up that crime as his own. He had nothing left - though they were his people they were no true family to him. Not once his parents had been killed in service to their home. The only way he knew of himself had been as a criminal and with his particular talent and use of the Wind it made it easy to do what he had just done before - To Steal. But the weight of the deaths wore heavy on him, enough to make a personal code that he would not participate in the killing of innocents in his revelry of criminal elements. Instead he would steal what he desired and lay the blame at the feet of those who deserved to be punish - those like himself. Over the years 'Aerolith' had committed many crimes, many heists. Some alone and sometimes with other members whom he had intended to fully betray by laying the blame at their feet. Though it pertained to some of the more brutal ones that held no care or ceremony on preserving the life. Those that found collateral damage had been an acceptable approach to things that couldn't be restored without dire costs. Though much like any proper thief, a man who shifts through the ages barely ever changing anything except his name - his looks and the way he'd appear. Masks, lavished outfits - things that would cause him to stick out much more than the features of his face, eyes, or hair. The name of Aerolith had nearly been forgotten from his mind and hopefully lost to time. In this current Age, to those that know him as a simple man whom holds various quirks, he's Vale Windum. Someone whose well off from assumed old money with none of his crimes linking to him. After all many creatures must deal with a short mortality and shorter memories, it often doesn't help that he had always made sure to destroy any documents that may pertain to him once those that had been investigating him died off. While he makes his home in Australia he still manages to try to pull off many jobs as a proper gentleman thief and yet it is increasingly difficult in an age where they know much more air-tight protections. Things that make it more of a challenge and something that has been drummed up as a worthy and exciting challenge for him.