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  1. Annnd Odessa does it again. . . Feline actually did leave a bunch of kittens under my bed. Lucky me. . .

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    2. Cat McNeedleclaws

      Cat McNeedleclaws

      @Travis Franklin I am taking care of them, as I have taken care of many litters before. I wish to look at these 'homes' you describe. Sniff things, sleep on beds and generally interrogate these future owners. My reasoning for declaring that you intended to re-home my kittens on a temporary basis is based on what you small girlfriend wrote at the end of her comment 'At least for the time being...'THIS implies a 'temporary home' does it not?

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      This is probably the wrong part of all that for me to respond to but. . .

      Girlfriend?! I think you're misinterpreting much there. As happy as I'd think she would make some lucky bastard, I'm far too dangerous for her in a lot of ways. 

    4. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      Don't make assumptions regarding my situation or love life, thank you. That said, given the sheer unwarranted hostility, I retract my offer.

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