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  1. Everything still had been somewhat of a haze, even to himself. Not because the encounter had been bad, but it'd been -good-. If not for the fact she told him and other signs at the start of things building up, he wouldn't have guessed her to have been a virgin. Even so, he still couldn't see the Spencer as 'Just a random girl' that he bedded. Even knowing what he was without ever saying it bluntly she'd been more than willing, accepting, of where things had been heading and even with the choice to leave she wanted to jump into it before thoughts could intrude and make a much larger deal than it should've been. With the heat of the moment rapidly dying down, the hot tension of the air cooling into an eased caress of contentment, he found himself treating Amber in a tender way to at least show that, through action, she had still been seen as an important person in his sight and touch. "Twice so-. . . Oh right, you actually came from somewhere." The fact she managed to keep up as she had even after expending herself previously? That set a whole new light in his eyes on the durability of the young teen, in the most favorable way. "Haha, I would say I'm sorry about that but. . . I really enjoyed myself there." Even as he spoke there'd been the obvious sign that he hadn't even reached his endurance limit, that there had been far more to give and he'd been, interestingly enough, considerate of the limits Amber may have held. He found the nervous laughter cute, not expecting her to be the type to given in to a sense of embarrassment. Considering, however, he reaction of its newness for her in terms of what she'd done? It made perfect sense still. An arm raised up and finger traced along a section of the wall that had been nearby as a small door opened up and slid off towards the side. "Took me a few years to make this little hide-a-way." He snickered roguishly and then took out what seemed to be a bottle of water which had just been one of many kept inside and handed it towards Amber. "You know, if you. . . Enjoyed it I wouldn't mind doing it again." There had been something in him that wondered about how long she'd hold up when her body had been fully recuperated and not held back by previous weariness. He could only imagine the extensive nature of her workout that kept her in such good shape to still manage that much energy. Travis felt that many people could say what they wanted about him, however, he'd been honest with his intentions many times when it came to people. "You can stay here a bit longer too." He knew how that sounded but it had been far more about the practicality that she probably needed the strength built back up to move before she ended up heading back for one reason or another."We can even go over different kinds of designs for your attire." A obvious sign that amongst the heat, the horny lustful nature that had led the two of them into his bed, he hadn't forgotten the primary purpose for the Spencer's visit, keeping it as an important part of his mind as work that needed to be done. "Can even tell me how you got into wrestling."
  2. "I'm not really sure how much more I could've elaborated beyond the idea of asking." Did she expect him to give it to her for some special reason? There'd been no holiday, no birthday around the corner that could bring forth it. To him, it seemed purely natural to consider a gift for someone that had been close just because it felt good to give it to them. Or that you wanted to show that you do think of them highly enough that a trinket for memories sake had been worth it. "What, did you want a why? Just because I want to give you something good." He wasn't sure if she thought if he'd even been capable of such acts just on the whim. Irrelevant to the large fact of it as he planned to get something for her regardless, but at least it could be something she might wear or keep close enough to actually like it on some level. Out of the two of them, the one that -should've- of been most likely landed him in the limelight on that regard. Even so, while his body may have been nearly perpetually hungry in most cases the will to actively eat no longer seemed to be a factor in his mind. Instantly shutting down that desire to eat anything what so ever. His gaze lifted up towards her, the distance must've ticked her nurses hat on without him even realizing because he could've sworn that the tone of her voice had been the sort given to try and diagnose someone. "Nah, I'll be fine though. You don't need to think on it." Travis tried to offer her a firm smile at an attempt to prove that it'd been nothing worth mentioning or worth her attention and time. To him, it'd only be another avenue for him to a blow that he just wasn't sure he actively wanted the answer to understanding. "Just trust me on it being nothing worth your notice at all." What would he have said anyways? He noticed that she literally cringes in disgust about any sign of romantic suggestion or thoughts that ran through his mind involving the young teen? That he often thought about her in ways that he probably shouldn't have due to the high focused attraction? The longer he pondered on it in the moment, the more ludicrous it seemed in ever telling her that kind of revealing fact about his emotions in such a way. "Besides, aren't you studying more and preparing for your exams later this year? You'll have brain food for a few days to help out. Can't have you fainting on me or I'll have to sick my secret agent, Whamma Samma on you."
  3. His gaze shifted away from her slightly, there hadn't been anything he felt that needed to be added from his end of things. The fact he even left himself lean towards some kind of deeper discussion had already been hit for him on whether or not he should be speaking in the first place. It simply just wasn't something he enjoyed allowing himself to do, it had been an oddity, words on a tongue that he felt shouldn't be speaking in such a way. Perhaps every had their point where it just flowed and happened but he often wished that it simply didn't when it came from him. It drew far too much attention and, much like Liv, it would've ended up getting people to tune in more towards him, an opposite effect than what he sought from most of life around him. "Aren't you the little romantic? You could've changed it to anything and you decide to still stick my song analogy?" Travis chuckled lightly and shook his head in a gentle sway. Not that he'd been judging that by much but the idea that she'd been the type to enjoy that particular reference gave him more of an idea when it came to the type of woman she'd been as much as the type of person. "They're missing tons of heartbreak and maybe a bit of teasing depending on the person." Certainly wasn't a secret that Travis tended to have the spark in him when it came to poking at people for a bit of fun, not just for himself but also for their own state of mind to avoid taking the small things far too seriously. When it came to. . . Certain people it almost always failed simply due to the stick stuffed far too up their hinds. Travis lowered his gaze in a slow drift towards their connected hands, the squeezed touch left ripples for him that he could still feeling almost as if it had been done with strength. The only thing behind it had been the strength of deep care, holding all the weight of physical heaviness. Then his sights lifted up once more, trained on Liv's eyes in a long stare. Unaware of how he should feel in that very moment, glad that someone wanted to remind him? Confused that she'd been willing to get so close, offering him such softness? "You know, you're probably setting yourself for a lot of hard work." The sound of his voice had been an obvious tease in the way it formed. "The lakes?" The young man parroted in some surprise, he didn't think she still had that much energy and endurance in her after the day spent with him chasing her and even tackling the woman down. Albeit, not with his full strength, still he'd been quite surprised. "I don't even know if I can get sick by normal means anyways. I mean, normal maladies would compromise my system yet. . . My system is actually quite intense and well defended." It even crossed his mind a few times, could the Vampirism effect even work on? Many stories had been written contrasting it but this hadn't been a story, not at all. "But if you still have that much energy in you, then sure we can go swimming." He wasn't sure if the woman naturally carried a bathing suit with her but he'd been sure he could lend her something of his own to cover up with, have fun in without having to swing by her place or even the school's housing for Staff members. "We can go swimming, Liv. If we go running then you'll just end up giggling on the ground again." He smirked while the tips of his fingers walked along her arm in a paced trail. "Come on." Travis started to sit up a bit more, leg swinging further out and away from the couch. "You can use a spare T-Shirt and Shorts, I have more than a few."
  4. The gentle silence that proceeded his words caused a small sense of embarrassment on his end, which had been a miracle to even occur in his nature. "Anyways, don't need to listen to me. I have no idea what I'm talking about." A defensive reaction against himself, to somewhat continue to project the idea that he'd simply been a low-grade playboy with nothing much to offer. It was a stance that wasn't necessary with Liv, something he understood as he got to know her as a person and yet. . . It'd been far more out of habit than feeling the need to hide from the gentle woman's gaze and intuition. Travis nodded slowly, something that he couldn't refute believing her words held truth within them along with wisdom. Things weren't meant to be on a path that couldn't change, life had been designed specifically in a way that change had been a normal function even with the abnormal situations everyone would more than likely face. At times all it could take would be a simple action, one that turned the view and mindset dramatically or someone extending apart of themselves to make that change less subtle. “People typically don’t like talking with me in my experience. Not really, mostly tolerance. Which is fine, I prefer the distance if nothing else with some.” That had at least been his personal take on almost anyone he encountered. No matter the close bond he may or may not have with them, everyone almost always seemed far more exhausted and barely resistant to his very presence around them. As if it were simply a hassle that time and patience could wade through. “But if you really want to be like a song and stick in my head rather than a barnacle and stick to my back. . . I guess I wouldn’t mind that you enjoy talking with me.” A shaky breath exhausted from him while he watched her hands curve around his. As much as he tried to keep in mind it’d been in the friendliest manner possible it’d been growing increasingly difficult to do so. “Okay, that’s a fair point. I’ll give you time to get used to it then.” Perhaps he shouldn’t have expected her to be so easily used to such a situation, it hadn’t been one many found themselves in. Even the few that did know him far longer still struggled with the concept of it all, how things worked quite differently with him in so many ways. “I know I can count on you, Liv. Even if I did forget for a moment, you’d probably remind me. Glare at me but remind me.” His head shook smoothly towards her question while answering. “Nah, not even close to it, honestly.” This had been when his mind started to wonder what the young woman hand in mind that required his energy as much as her trust. “Something tells me if I say, ‘Yes but why?’ you’ll say it’s a secret and drag me off somewhere.” He squinted at her with a grin of amusement. “Yes, I trust you, Liv.”
  5. The soft presence of her warm and soft lips had been surprisingly smooth, in his mind he didn't think they'd feel so inviting. Then again, he also didn't think he would be kissing her or could've predicted that her lips began to receive and press back on pure reflex. This caused him to linger for just a bit more, taking in the moment while their lips overlapped one another in a soft and eased touch while his arm wrapped around her waist to pull her just a bit closer. It took a while for his mind to register that he needed to pull away for just a moment, just to see if it had been the kind of walk that the young teen wanted to engage in with him. With someone that had been considered an important friend he didn't want there to be some kind of hidden obscurity, that a certain amount of openness needed to be necessary when it came towards what one could potentially expect. He chuckled softly, as an amused smile curved on his face. Even when things were confusing to her, even when she'd been out of her depth in what had been happening to her or around her. She always still seemed to be 'Amber', the teen that tended to just work with what came at her and took it in a sense of stride. At least, that had been the depiction that he held of her. Words would need to be eschewed for now, Travis leaning once more to press his lips against hers except it held far more of a heated passionate touch behind it rather than just a simple press of them. His arms wrapped around her waist and then picked her up with the full call of his strength to bring her towards the bed. . . Fade to Black! Travis' dormitory's state could be considered a whirlwind of mess. Things had been on the floor, such as the seats from the unused bed and the once orderly and neat collection of books and what not on his desk being disheveled and uneven, as if it'd been bumped against several times on different sides that caused their edges to press against the wall, as much as the desk had been pushed even further against it than it had bene before. Clothing littered the floor haphazardly, almost as if it had been a random trail that led to no where specific. However, it all ended where it started, back on his own bed where he'd wrapped the blanket around Amber, mostly to offer that moment of brief modesty after an encounter. It'd been one thing to let the heat take over and to guide, it often tended to be after the fact that things could start allowing bashfulness to take hold of the mind. When the actions, the thoughts, realizing it'd been yourself placed there and it constantly replaying as if it were a theater of disbelief. He'd been covered himself, having the brunette's head on his lap while he sat back against the wall and pressed the tip of his hand through the waves of her hair. "How are you feeling?" He'd been asking about her physical state, not so much the emotional as of yet. The amount of endurance that needed to be expended by him in order to feel even close to 'satisfied' had been enormous. While the woman had been well-fit, trained, and durable by all accounts compared to most Human's that he met there still remained an uncertainty of how well her body would feel afterwards. Even keeping in mind of the fact that it had also been her first time entirely, which had him far more impressed than he would've admitted in words so easily. "Want me to. . . Get you some water?"
  6. His head shook and eyes rolled slightly, he could tell the reaction of her body without even giving a proper glance. At least the word served their purpose, even if they'd been far more offensive as it gave a general idea of her mindset towards that kind of thought when it involved him. Truth be told, he lost much of his appetite and that bit perhaps stripped whatever should've existed right away without missing a single beat. He didn't let any notice of it slip away from him, however. Standing up slowly pressing the scarred palms of his hands against the surface of his jeans. "Yes, jewelry, you know - wearable but not mandated to wear? Something you can put on some kind of ceramic impression or mannequin?" There were a few people who didn't get necklaces to wear them but just to admire them, the sentimentality that can be held by nearly any object depending on individual. "Why else would I ask, Meadow?" Travis' face scrunched up in disbelief that she'd even ask on the 'Why'. "I mean, if you don't want a gift from my time out in Egypt that's fine by me." He shrugged casually while turning towards the blanket that had been laid down, eyes casted towards the basket that's till held the food that had been entirely untouched. Making his way back he sat down back on it, somewhat towards the edge of it as if to keep an aware distance if the Young girl decided she wanted to sit down herself. 'For the best. . . It's probably better we don't have any real physical contact.' His mind seemed to consider that a reasonable compromise. While she couldn't stand the thought of it, he couldn't forget the reaction to it. It had been far better for him to keep the reasons in his head, a way to keep the peace and drive it deep down into a lock box of his mind. "You should probably eat something, keep your strength up. Not sure if you've eaten anything at all today yet, but no need not to now." Maybe she could probably even take it worth it, he doubted there would've been any form of hunger left for him. Nothing inside of it would satisfy in any true way anyways, not at the moment. He would need to find some kind of raw beef steak on his way or something similar depending on the particular mood he'd been feeling at that time. "Actually. . . You can probably just take the whole thing. You can probably share it between you and Remi, might help her too, that way she won't have to worry about going shopping for groceries for a bit."
  7. "Nah, people don't learn just by actions. Words come before the action in many cases, the action seems like it's what triggers the learning but it just triggers the realization. The words are what hang around in the mind. It gives reasons, it answers." What deterred him from following a specific path had been more along the lines of that thought process. It wasn't her action or reaction that he learned from, it just triggered the deeper understanding and meaning of the words that she -did- speak to him. "Sometimes words can reach people too, just cause they don't act on them doesn't mean it didn't have an effect either." Shoulders rose in a carefree shrug. There were times people chose to omit what had been spoken, even knowing it had been sound advice regardless of the individual's personal experience. "Not my kind of thing to do. I make myself cringe sometimes. . ." He admitted even if it had been partially stated in a jest-filled manner. It wasn't the part of himself that he cared for and most time she found himself just spouting stuff that didn't even seem coherent or close to proper advice. "Exactly! Sometimes seeing some silver-lining isn't entirely bad, says the hypocrite." He knew how he sounded though held no problem about calling himself out on it either. "So, just take it all in a stride." His lips curl into a gentle smile that beamed towards Liv. "Oh, they've been done for a while. But I can't just stop at the one." It didn't take him long to sketch or finish anything. One misconception for many people had been that they judged him by typical human constraints, time and exhaustion. None of these things really factored in for him, the biggest decider on his time had been how mentally consumed and driven he would end up getting to completing something. What pace he would set himself at simply to avoid getting too bored. "You. . . Like -talking- to me. . .? Huh, that's a switch. . . " There hadn't been many people that would say that to his face, maybe at best, two that popped into his mind that didn't include Liv. A soft laughter eased out of him, the heat brushing passed his lips. "Just deal with it, huh? Someone's gotten a bit more bold here." Travis' head shook lightly, a faint of a sad smile curved along his lips. "It's just that I don't want people worrying about something that isn't to worry about. There are far bigger problems, more important things, that deserve that kind of attention. Not things that are practically mundane to the person, things that can't have be changed." Not entirely changed, at any rate. "It's like worrying if the duck knows how to swim or if the Kangaroo can bounce."
  8. The sound of blood and the reaction of the heart is what alerted him to the feeling of restlessness that seemed to be occupying Amber. His head shook subtly and his voice slid to a low yet soft and leading tone to try and offer her a bit of something latch onto for ease. "It's okay. . . Just breathe slowly." It felt weird, odd, to have this form of tension between himself and Amber. The fact that it wasn't some off-handed joke or the usual teases that used to be slung on Quillbook made it feel far more unreal to him as it had to her. Embarrassment wasn't something that had ever factored in for him, but he had been hyper-aware that this had been an individual he knew first, spent much of his school days talking with and encountering on a numerous amount of occasions. At times, even outside of school grounds, like when he caught her swimming for her training. It was perhaps, then, that he realized just how durable she'd been for a Human. Societal norms, they didn't apply to him. In every indication of the word, his personal nature had been morphed and what many saw as an 'issue' he didn't. In fact, it'd been settled as something that simply existed, intended and had been meant to occur. Feelings added into such encounters could enhance or complicate the moment, but simply leading towards the act itself from the base instinct that the body needed a release? He understood that keenly. The only thing he kept in mind, something that he told himself had been important to always keep in mind, is when it involved someone that could be considered a friend or a really good friend. However, the Young Teen had already dismissed the idea that the intimate encounter wouldn't endanger that - whether she meant they weren't really friends or if it simply wouldn't be put through the chaos he wasn't sure entirely. Taking up the article of clothing he started to hang them up in the closet neatly, there'd been a very good reason why he didn't want to just leave them out. He couldn't guarantee that they'd stick to one bed or even one section of the room entirely. Endurance wasn't something he liked and one had been in the moment anything and everything became an object to be pushed against. Her response caught his ear, had she been unsure or was that her mind drifting away from itself? Travis made his way back towards the Spencer, his hand pressed under her chin to guide her gaze towards his light brown irises. Leaning in he pressed his lips against hers in a soft touch, letting it linger for a moment before pulling his face nearly inches away from hers once more. "This way. . . You can decide if you really want to or not or. . . If you want to leave for a cold shower and then we can try what we were supposed to be doing when I'm less. . ." Even with the slight intrusion into his mind by what seemed to be some kind of mental alert, his nature's immediate need seemed to be taking the full ride. "And if you want to keep going. . .? Then we'll keep going, we'll pace it. It doesn't need to be fast, it's something to be enjoyed."
  9. "Meadow. . ." Part of him wished she wouldn't say such things, not because he didn't enjoy them. It was because they sounded far much sweeter coming from her lips than they should've. It wasn't disarming but it held that similar effect. Her heated cheeks only built up the mental belief that the young woman was, indeed, a cute one. Knowing she'd probably rail -hard- if he even though to say such a thing in the moment he opted to push it towards the side, leaving it as one of his many obscure and unknown thoughts. "You know, it's that constant stubborness that end up having people asking me if we're dating, you know." The tone of his voice had been soft, joking still yet with that fond affection laced within the words spoken. "Still sounds like you need better desires than that too. Maybe you can start a book collection?" A breathy chuckle pushed passed his lips. His hand never receded from her face, he knew and understood she'd been affection-starved. Understanding her home situation gave a larger picture of why and he often had to remind himself that he needed to do it far more often before a boiling point being reached coerced it out of him. Then his eyes drifted lower towards her lips, that was when slowly closed them and took a softened breath, the thoughts emerged at the surface of his mind that he shouldn't have been trying to entertain. In such a tender moment, however, it'd been quite difficult. In light of it, his hand slowly started to drag the tips of his fingers along the surface of her face until it'd been met with nothing but air. Lowering the limb back to the ground in a gentle plop. "We better. . . Start eating." He smiled towards her while his eyes narrowed. "Because as I am right now. . .? If you sit on my lap any longer I'm going to actually kiss you instead of thinking about actually kissing you." The words came out with intentional bluntness, for the purpose of speaking the truth of it as much as it had been that he hoped he could actively predict her action about such an idea. "Say, out of curiosity. . . What's your favorite kind of jewelery?"
  10. Deep within his beast-ridden mind there existed a primal cunning, the first strike against the door had been all it took to deter the thought that it could even be considered as a good idea to try a second time. Not until a proper opening would suffice, it hadn't been the exact design of the usual prison either. It had to open at some point, didn't it? To say that the hunger that welled up in this transformed state would've been an understatement. It had almost been its own entity, a pit that could never truly be filled or satisfied, it crossed into a twisted perversion of need and want to not only tear apart Humankind but to simple devour them, for the sake of it being at the top of the unnatural food chain. As well as the understanding that it'd been the -only- prey that mattered, nothing else could or would do. While his mentality was animilistic yet monsotorous, there lingered no sense of morality, just simple natural instinct. The mind of beings that were Human or Human-like had been distinguishbly different from that with animals. With an attempt at establishing companionship with such awarness only caused him to recoil with an aggressive and highly threatening snarl audibly that rumbled through his maw. Now, he stalked about within his cellar-based prison almost as if the impatience of not being able to reach that goal that sat on the otherside of the door. Taunting, always taunting, that was how his mind perceived it - Why else would some tasty morsel lock him inside and sit on the otherside? Just out of arms reach? Her way of alerting him to her powerful nature didn't cause him to recoil, rather, it flared in his mind as if it were a challenge upon his -own- territory. Everywhere he stood was his, to roam it, to claim it, to hunt upon the lands only to be met with constant caging. Knowing that there could be the slightest chance that the individual on the otherside of the door could slip up is what kept him pacing still. What Lorelei had been trying to coax to calm down had been pure unfiltered aggression towards her very presence. While it may have eased enough to keep him from tilting slightly off of the eventual deep-end that would occur later that night it wasn't enough to evaporate what had been innate to the new state of mind in the light of the full moon. His mind had been a cautionary alarm, that he'd only been similar to a true wolf yet the true divergence had been the difference in that raging aggression, his would always be present against her in the current state of being. Her lulled sleep offered only silence, the time of contemplation as the creature realized the chances of actively satisfying the state of a hunger that couldn't end would elude it once more. With teeth beared as the thin line of its snout trembled and stretched across the jagged sharp rows that layered along his mouth. Heated huffing and then. . . The Frenzy, his snout slowly opened and a nearly inhumane howl bellowed before his claws raised up, the sharp prongs sat at the side of each shoulder then dragged down in a painful and hatefully raged pace, prolonging the effect of it that richocheted across his body, there'd been obvious pain as any blood and flesh creature would feel yet it had been entirely nullified from the madness and adrenaline that pushed through his body and mind. Morning broke. . . And Travis laid huddled in a dark corner of the cellar, declothed due to the transformation several pools of blood that left an easily trackable trail by sight that led towards the narrowed area he found himself awakening in. Marisol Franklin The nights of the full moon were perhaps always the far more stressful parts of the month for her. Not because she held any Lycanthropy genes but rather that her own child had contracted the disease and for the last few years it'd been a strain on the life they once held, not in just the sacrifices of her husband to protect what they had always believed to be a positive addition into the world but for the young man, Travis, who wouldn't know the reins of a normal life in any capacity. A truly loving Mother's worry knew no bounds and the dreading call that he would've never showed up for the proper check in always haunted her. While she couldn't always be there to make sure that he did due to work and the various projects that had been going to better the lives of those who faced such difficulties through Government programs and the need of better facilities, she did try her best to keep as much awareness as had been possible. That was why when the Minister or Magic himself called the woman her heart sank into the wicked pool and depths of anxiety. Concern wouldn't cut it to explain just how worried she'd been, how many scenarios that ran through her mind that someone that held a position several leagues ahead of her own would be the one to deliver a call. The details spoken to her didn't stay held in her mind, the more prominent words being, 'You're son's here and he's okay. But you need to bring him something.' had been on repeat, like a broken record. To the point she took the first transportation back that she could to her own home first, gathering up several essentials. Clothing, temporary bandages, and what seemed to be more a salve - despite her son's insistence that he didn't need such a thing she felt that it made no sense not to assist the process far more neatly than just waiting for wounds to heal just because the regeneration factor had been supernatural in origin due to the disease. By the time she arrived at the Blair Household morning had already peaked, the wave of exhaustion kept at bay from the state mind she found herself in. Under far more normal circumstances, visiting a prominent household of a Ministry member often prompted her to dress in her best. Presentation had been key, unfortunately, this hadn't been that kind of visit and the way she looked hadn't crossed her mind to evaluate. Dark Brown hair tied back in a disheveled bun, a sign that she had no time to place the strands back into place from her expedited trip back, eyes laced with heavy bags and dark circles that showed generally sleep wasn't a friend of hers and it certainly held her no love the previous night. A Navy-blue dress-jacket with matching business skirt with a white button-up shirt underneath had given off the current disorganization she’d been under. The coat had been wrinkled at the sleeves, creases lined the dress most likely from nearly power-walking her entire way there, and the shirt had been pulled out from the skirt’s hemline for better ease in movement rather than to look prim and proper. Marisol greeted Stu as respectfully as she could, after all, the circumstances in her mind had been dire. She just couldn't shake the thought that the Minister's involvement meant things were at a critical point and that just maybe no turning back. Yet, the atmosphere didn't show that concern to be justified, as she's led through the grandoise home which had dwarfed her own in so many ways. Descending the steps in a graceful haste as high-heels weren't the kind of shoes one should be running anywhere in a hurry. "No, no. . . He should've known better." The woman responded towards Lorelei, there had been a firmness in her voice but not one out of maliciousness or harshness. It'd been stern yet comforting, the presence and aura that radiated from a woman that had to raise a child in general without a second force to help in the rearing process. Especially such a. . . Difficult child. Her hand pressed against the surface of her forehead. "Teenagers. . . I just don't know what I'm going to do with -mines-." There wasn't much more that could be done, once the School year ends the choices he held would be his own and the responsibilities therein would be in full force hovering over his shoulders. On a gleaming glance of the Cellar doors it looked as if it had been safe to approach, it was in this moment that she had to harden herself. Eyes closing and pushing her mindset, not willing to allow worry to win the bout first. After. . . Maybe after. Upon opening the door she set the bag that had the gathered items just on the inside and shut it the door gently. Holding no time to investigate the sceen to offer the older teen in the basement some privacy. "Get your clothes on, Travis. We're going to have a -long- discussion about that recklesnsess of yours."
  11. "I thought everyone wanted to be the popular one in school?" Travis inquired with an amused curl on his lips, a sign that he'd been more or less joking about the idea that people wanted to be talked about in that manner. Then a snicker followed right behind the confidence she held about going forth with a 'War of words', while he'd been no writer himself he wasn't aware of Liv's own capacity: If she had one and secretly kept it bundled away or if she'd been one of the unlucky few that didn't hold the knack for writing. A category that the young man had been quite familiar with in every sense of the idea. "Guess we'll just have to see, now won't we?" "Don't we always. . .?" He remarked as if it were simply a matter of fact to the psyche of those with the capacity to think and forge their own opinions. "You don't need to experience something to offer advice on something, you also don't need to have conquered your issues to give the advice. It's kind of like knowing that being stabbed by a knife would hurt, don't need to -actually- feel it to know -how- it would hurt." After his words a casual shrug just seemed to flow. "When it's time for you to take that step then you'll take it. Simple as that." Things didn't need to go into some grand scheme of supposition, whether something happened or not it would reveal itself in time. A playfully disgusted sound lurched out of him. "I know, it's bad, right? I don't do this philosophy stuff. I leave it to the people it suits better. It's not something that suits me at all. Just a wolf-boy talking out of his arse." For everyone it had probably been better to think of it in that light. He nodded towards her, a smile that curved on his face returning the one she showed him in a fond fashion. "That's the spirit! Can't hide in the fallout shelter for emotions forever, right? Sometimes the bad can turn into the good too. It isn't only the good that turns to the bad." He rolled his eyes once more at himself and gave a goofy yet disgusted expression. "And that's the end of me sounding like some afterschool special." Laughter bubbled up within the center of his chest and pushed passed his lips. "By my stellar drawing, of course. If you haven't noticed I put even Picasso to shame." He hadn't been that confident in his drawings but it suited for him to say something to try and offer a bit more levity to the already intensely heavy evening. "You found -that- interesting and fun? I think we need to redefine what those two words actually mean, Live. . ." Soft spoken words as a nearly whispered yet breathy chortle vibrated through the air from him. "But I am glad that you were able to have that weight lifted if even a bit. Somethings you shouldn't carry around for too long, not if you want something healthy and good one day." As her head pressed harder against him, a hand lifted and pushed through the locks of her hair in a gentler course. His head tilted slightly, a slight shift of his expression into a quizzical one. "It's the same to me regardless. The emotions are about as normal for me as my physical status. The two. . . Can't really be separated." Unless he ingested a weeks supply of Wolfsbane, until then the two would always be related for him. It was a confusing state of trying to explain it all and he knew it would sound as if he were just coming up with excuses or even trying to avoid it entirely. The saddened truth simply had been he couldn't see the dividing line in the current state of existence for himself in relation to the ever growing presence of the moon. Then Travis' eyes lowered to look towards her, hearing the resonating vibrations that came from her humming. What had been with people trying to offer music a sense of a soothing device? He grunted slightly and shook his head in a subtle fashion. Maybe it helped them far more than himself, if that'd been the case, he wouldn't speak against it. "You shouldn't worry about it. It's not an abnormality for me one way or another."
  12. There would've been an apology, but he'd been quite unapologetic about it in general. No amount of shame had been drummed up within him about stating his natural pull or the intentions that such a thing managed to drum up within him. If anything, he had been far more embarrassed that it'd been unveiled through his bestial nature not being held in check. Certain things had needed to occur in the proper time though. . . Maybe it hadn't been an entirely -improper- given the reaction of the brunette that stood before him. That had been something that he hadn't considered, that part of her biological response would've leaned towards the attention it'd sparked. Her movements shifted towards him fully and in that moment one of his hand's shifted into a smooth motion to rest the tips of his fingers and his palm just at her waist in a loose touch. It'd been intentional but led on by the instinct he'd been used to it when moments were delicate or softened in the atmosphere. His hand that had been moving through her hair grew closer, the touch growing more defined and attentive. It showed the stark difference in what one would perhaps expect of a Werewolf when riled or led by their nature, luckily enough, he'd been able to channel it towards the more humane approach at the start of such encounters. Travis understood that the newness of the situation meant that there needed a specific kind of a pace, it involved equal amount of comfort on Amber's end as much as it would mean that he respected certain barriers until they were broken down. And he couldn't deny that, for sometime, the thoughts and consideration did pop in his head every so often. Perhaps one of the few that he actively entertained the imaginative thought on how everything would end up evolving into such a moment. Needless to say, the point that they had reached today hadn't even crossed his mind as a possibility and the reality that her body her been acting on the subconscious pull in her equally surprised him. "Hm. . .?" Then his gaze had bene drawn towards the clothing that she'd been carrying around her. They were something that represented something dear to her, that much had been obvious. It included the amount of work and thought she'd put into them. Her words gave him the impression that she'd been considering the proposition even further. "We can hang them up and place them on the shelf in my closet. They'll be safe there and would be hung up in a way to respect the hard work." While he did want to finish the idea of drawing the attire and expanding on it further to add the flair and personality for her 'Stage Name', something told him that this moment had been equally important. "Despite rumors I'm not some mindless horndog, you know. I would. . . Never disrespect your dream or something that is such a major part of you, Ams." He had needed her to know that, there were many difficulties with his condition. The urges and the resistance towards certain things had been difficult, but there'd been human morals that were like a wall that allowed him to shore up against that hulk force of the beast for a short time depending. She placed her trust in him since she had arrived, since she opened up her bag and showed that part of herself and he hadn't planned on discarding it.
  13. "Different situations there, Amy." His gaze hadn't broken from hers and his hand hadn't retreated from her cheek either while giving a gentle course of a stroke. "I'm in a situation where rebelling against certain things is what keeps me alive or. . .From going insane." Many of his kind that he did meet, the seldom few, no longer had the snap in their bite. Broken spirits and downtrodden dreams from mistreatment and expectation of any true fair treatment. Some managed to get by due to their own situations and networks, not every Werewolf had been the same when it came to what had awaited them at home. Though one thing that had always been true in his perspective had been that rebellion helped to keep spirits from being shattered into nothing. "Besides, it's about time you start living your life. You're going to be an adult sooner than you think. It won't do you any good to follow your dreams if you're living that life. Then? You'll just end up miserable." There had been very few people one could even point to but one came to mind. "Unless you want to end up like Old Man Mackey?" Travis gave a soft sigh, the upper eyelid lowered half way into a daze and followed with a shake of his head. "You shouldn't be concerning your passiveness with what it may or may not doing involving me, you know. We've already went through that bump in the road." That day had been behind them, in his mind. She didn't owe him anything and he wouldn't ask her to pay something that involved her to gain strength. "There's nothing wrong with, for once, being selfish for yourself." He wasn't sure if it'd been good for her to use him as some sense of motivation, more than anything, he'd always wanted her to succeed to do something for herself. "Woah, woah. You don't. . .No, you don't have to do that." Not that he hadn't been grateful for the thought she'd been putting in at that moment. But he'd never been entirely comfortable anyone investing time into him in that manner. "Look, you need to focus on you right now. You have the sixth year exams, then your preparations for the seventh year exams. Your plates full and that's on top of dealing with the situation with your parents. Don't try to bite out more than that right now." There still had been the lingering fact that he also would end up in another country for sometime involving training and learning in a trade that hadn't been taken up by most individuals. A soft sigh exhausted from him. "And I bet even with my protests I'm talking to a brick wall about it." As much as he would want her to keep her focus on things he found far more pertinent, what he viewed as important and time investment worth it, hadn't been the same in her view. It was inescapable and reminded him easily how differently their values had been and yet how similar they'd been as well in various arena's. He'd most likely still try to help, though, only people that he considered important to himself. "You know me. . . Here to pull you back down to reality when you get a bit crazy." Leaning forward slightly he presses his lips against the side of her cheek that he hadn't touched. Contrast to the roughness of his palms, the presence of his lips still remained quite soft to the touch of skin to skin. Then his lips parted to whisper in her ear. "I'll always be here for you."
  14. He couldn't help but turn his head slightly turns the side quizzically, she wanted to sing for him? While his mind had been trying to tell him not to look deeply into such an action it'd been difficult not to. There had been a hint of confusion on why she'd even want to go to the extent for him to even test if it would have some form of effect. "You can sing it if you want, Liv." Why bottle her up? Whether she was a good singer or not held no purpose when it'd just been the two of them. Even with his sensitive ears he could endure it far better, after all, the world itself had been a cacophony of noises that needed to be adjusted towards. "Ahaha, I'll leave that kind of debate to those cerebrally pulled towards it then. That isn't my kind of speed on things." His response spoken with a grin and a wink that followed simultaneously with it. "The looks would be priceless. A pretty good kodak moment." Lips curled with a toothy grin before a smooth laughter eased out of him. "But so what if they're looking. They would just end up just getting their attention caught by the next big sudden thing." While he expected some form of rumors, there had also been the expectation that most of them weren't attentive enough to keep focused on spreading the rumor for too long. Not more than what probably may have already existed. "What?! Madness! A -nice- book about Werewolves? You're going to end up causing a war of the words there, you know." An smirk curled at his lips, thoroughly amused that she'd even consider such a book. Most that had been written were regarded with great skepticism and even worse the bad far out-weighted the informative or positive texts. This had been when his arms started to wrap further around her shoulders while pulling her into his embrace, a single leg hung off of the couch while the heel of his shoe pressed against the floor. "Then start with being friends. Don't worry about going any further unless well. . . Like you said, 'Sometimes it just happens'." While it'd been important to protect the heart, sometimes the over-guardianship of it resulted in a heavy weight of pain, something that he'd been seeing more so within Olivia than his own life. "And as much as you try to make others see the good. . . You shouldn't be so hypocritical." The tone of his voice had been equally chastising as much as it'd been full of a good-natured joke as his hand rose up to tap the tip of his finger just at the edge of the woman's nose. "It's fine to keep yourself protected. That I get more than most people. But when you consciously know you can give in? Then it's probably a good idea to give in. Or else you'll end up losing out." Ending words spoken from the heart, something he'd been verbally attesting towards on the stance of what he almost lost because of his need to 'protect himself' from those that were already quite close or had wanted to get closer. "If I wasn't willing to take that risk we wouldn't be here right now ourselves." Driving the point home; If she saw the moment they found themselves in a positive or negative thing he hadn't been entirely sure of, but he did hope it leaned towards positive. "I don't think you really want any kind of serious injury to anyone. Not deep down." Anger often pooled the reaction of in the moment rage, hardly did it ever react under the premise of an individuals true feelings or belief. It'd been an emotion designed to override, to slip into a place of being entirely unreasonable. Which, in his view, it had been hard to view the Veela as unreasonable even with that bit of heritage in her that held a hairs hold on their anger. "Don't think of it as wrinkled paper though, think of it as recycled paper. It's been through some stuff right? It has marks, stains, but it's still able to become something new. Unmarked ready to be written anew. Its past doesn't change but its future -can- change." His head shook and he snorted lightly, he hated when his mind started to talk as if he were Homer recounting the Iliad. He could blame his loose tongue on the fact that his nature wouldn't allow him to keep too much shut or inside. Not everything he blurted out had been 'bad' or 'inappropriate' which added a double-edged portion to is existence on the waning days. "If you don't hear me remind you I think I can get through to you in my own unique way." Many people often stated that a picture had been worth a thousand words, something that he found had been true if someone knew how to arrange the wording to speak volumes intentionally, especially specifically. A soft course of air passed through his nostrils as he allowed for his arms to curl more around her to accept her into a cuddled embrace. "Shouldn't I be the one thanking you here?" He added in light jest then nodded fluidly. "You're welcome, it was fun. And I think helpful for both of us." Over the course of the last few hours his skin had started to gain a noticeable depth of pallor. At a sharp glance someone might have mistaken him from a seriously ill patient that should've been hooked up to several IV's and be forced into some form of bed to rest off whatever would be 'invading' his system. "Hey. . . I'm all good. This is normal for me, remember? This isn't first time in the Moon Rodeo."
  15. "I can't really say that I've had that kind of experience with any kind of a song, really." His mind wondered, it must have been nice to be able to experience a relaxing serenity in general; Music as an intended catalyst for easing someone spirits, however, had been enviable to some degree. The only thing that seemed to truly help him gain a sliver of peace from the gnawing urges for him leaned towards drawing, sketching, and the variously similar arts. It had been this particular thought that reminded him he needed to give the woman something else before the night ended, it could wait until the far more pressing concern of her finally feeling comfortable opening passed through. Travis snickered, his head tilted to the side lightly and a winked offered in a smooth motion. "Can it really be called fate then?" The young man teased her with a hand that rose up and gave a playful shove of her arm. His strength restrained immensely to level it to the fact he hadn't actually planned to try and move the woman. He hadn't taken the thought of 'Fate' and the course that it may or may not have taken in an individual's life. It had been a topic that held more philosophical belief. While their two views did align he also felt that the weight of the evening held a very keen and important focus. The Focus of their morning? That had been more for him, he could understand and even agree with it. However, the evening had been about Olivia and he wasn't going to let anything deter from that fact or the intention. "See, that would be the beauty of it! One, I'd no longer be a student! It's totally alright!" A grin touched his lips and then formed slowly towards a far more toothy shine. "And Two, that's what windows are for. Don't worry, I'm pretty strong and durable for it." His shoulders shrugged slightly and casually. "You can consider it one of those unique occurrences to write in a journal about. 'The day a Werewolf carried me away!' it already sounds like a best seller." He had expected that to be her kind of 'Thing', that had been something that those that held an odd affinity towards the primal approach or held deeper submissive notions within themselves found exciting. Albeit, in far different ways than he would've intended in such an action. Admittedly, he didn't pull right away, realizing that she'd been holding far longer than anticipated. With her hand moving in such a paced motion across his back, it cemented that desire that he wanted to stay within her embrace for just a bit longer. It'd been the middle ground between physically wanting her in ways already described, as much as it had been to just be in the physical warmth of closeness. It took him sometime to break away, even longer to guide her towards the couch and all the while his eyes locked onto hers. Incapable of actively escaping; the touching she'd been doing throughout the day and even some through the night had been getting to him. Even if he'd been mentally prepared, aware that they'd been platonic in nature, it still didn't quell the natural emotions that were drudged up as much as he tried to kick them back down on the inside. While he sat next to her, hand's clasped tightly together while he listened to her speak of the Dhampir, May. The woman that had hurt her and seemingly had also came back into the picture - so to speak. The grip he held on her tightened into a firm yet comforting grasp. His thumb coursed across the top of her hand in a rubbing motion intended to be soothing. "Do you want to trust her that way again? Feel free to take my words with a grain of salt - inexperience that field of things but. . ." A good-natured chuckle eased out of him and his eyes lifted up to stare into hers once more. "It sounds to me that having feelings of yearning isn't the same as actively wanting that step." That much he could understand, he'd been attracted to his own Best Friend and even held thoughts of, 'What if they two of them. . . Decided to get to that next level?' But it was a thought neither of them could entertain for one reason or another. There'd been yearning, yet not a consciously mental confirmation of a want. "Who she is now, who you are now. . . Might be far different from how you two were then. Even in just basic friendship, something that might need to be explored to see where you both actually stand with one another." While he 'yearned' for Liv in a far stronger manner than he did towards Meadow, the desire that the woman could be happy without regrets or just happy in general had been important to him. He hadn't been self-absorbed enough to attempt any way of creating some kind of rift between her past heart's desire. His back settled into the couch, arm wrapping fully around her shoulders while she leaned into him. Slightly dipping her to accept more of the weight against himself. "I've learned that people don't get mad just because they're hurt. . . To be hurt, to stay hurt, means you still care and are concerned." Travis voice softened, the volume of it dropping into an intimate whisper as if the words needed to be hidden from passing ears, as if they weren't already alone. "So, don't think of it as losing. Just think of it as restructuring. . . Relationships of any kind go through that. There's a lot about one another you probably need to relearn, to know, to see." It seemed to him that there'd been a larger reason, or he'd hoped, a better reason on why May had placed Liv's heart on the line for whatever urged her to leave the kind woman in the past. "Just know, it's always okay to be mad. Don't hold it in or you won't get over it at all. And it will make it harder to be able to see the full picture, which if not for her? You owe it to yourself to see that picture."
Travis Franklin
Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Werewolf HE/HIM
Age:  17
Date of Birth: December 13th, 2001
Birthplace: Australia
Year Level: Seventh Year
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Werewolf
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Rougarou
Wand: 8" Aspen Rougarou Hair
Play-by: Avan Jogia

2012-2019 - Seventh Year - Bourke


Witnessed his Father's Death by the Werewolf that infected him. 

In the past he often had fantasies about his best friend in not friend scenarios.

He's entangled with an Older woman, it's currently just physical with no commitments. (He may not even remember the encounters!)

Easily finds a variety of different women attractive. 

It isn't broadcasted that he's a Werewolf. 

General Knowledge

Is into various art forms: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing/Sketching, and other styles. 

Often can be seen walking around with a sketchpad and a pencil.

His Mother is trying to get into Ministry work to better situations of those considered 'Non-Human'

That he holds no judgement against a person without actual reason. 

Has recently been far more approachable and has been approaching people, there's no correlation on why. 



Travis Franklin is an outgoing and laid back individual - this makes him a social butterfly of sorts. Trying not to let his past issues being a driving force of his decision. This leads to him often trying to help out people without a second thought, even those that others would consider 'bad' in certain lights. He doesn't let naivety run him in that regard but can easily tell the difference between a persons who dangerous versus someone whose trapped within themselves. 

He tries not to judge people harshly and holds no ill-will towards those that are of a different species, background, or lifestyle than himself. The values of his mother stick closely within his mind and the gap of her missing Maternal family as a presence in his life is a reminder on the cost such a divide offers to everyone. 

While he is a non-feral type of werewolf and isn't a full slave to the inner nature it doesn't mean it's not there. Ever gnawing at him like a dog chews at a bone, it's waiting to be unleashed and makes itself known like an ever growing whisper. 

He's often drawn to different types of women, never holding their choice of style or if they're older, their age, against them if he's pursuing them. In many cases it's much more superficial, never amounting to anything truly 'serious'.


Travis Franklin stands at Six feet and one inch tall. His physique can be considered athletic and extremely fit. The muscle tone that seems extremely consistent across his entire body gives the impression that he works out often or at least practices something to a religious degree with impressive results. Dark brunette hair dangles down from his head and settles just at the shoulder. Light brown eyes compliments the darkened texture that makes up his hair. 

He's always wearing clothing that is somewhat loose and comfortable, not enough that it's falling off of his body but enough that it gives him the feeling of having actual movement within the fabric prisons. 

As the moon shifts towards its full state his somewhat light caramel skin begins to turn pale. The signs of some form of flu or bug becomes more apparent as time goes on. It doesn't seem to halt him in performance but the exhaustion on the body is still very much noticeable to those that care to pay attention.


Born to Kevin and Janine Franklin, Travis found himself in a supportive environment growing up. His Mother, Janine, came from a Pureblood family that followed Purist beliefs. A belief she had broken out of later in life seeing the benefit and worth of diverse people. It is the belief that others deserve to be respected and assisted that is within Travis instilled by his mother who has seen the extreme side of the fence where only one people 'should' matter to a person. Those that held the rights to practice magic from lineage alone and not from self merit and hard work. 

Kevin Franklin was a career Auror and while he was away often from home due to the demands of the job, the moments he had been involved were memorable. The extensive family that the Muggleborn man came from didn't hurt either in solidifying support for Travis' household as it seemed like cousins, aunts, and uncles always funneled through the house on the weekends, holidays, and extensive vacations. One of those activities being an annual 'family camping trip' that tended to mostly be Himself, His Father, and a few cousins of varies ages who enjoyed kicking it back with a fire and taking in nature. 

While nature hadn't been one of his own liked hobby's, the time spent with family certainly had begun to be so. 

The annual trip for 2007 rolled around, it was a year where things had been just a bit tougher as many of his Cousins that were graduating their schools or universities decided to go on a trip across the world together. This gave the camping trip a heavier weight to make memorable for everyone, a memory that would be scarred and burned into everyone one way or another. As the moon rose high into the sky, Travis had gotten the urge to use the loo after he'd engorged himself on water earlier in the day. With no actual bio around for him to use it left the wilderness as their natural environment. 

It only added a scent to follow, the sound of howling and hungered growls the emitted in the area had been terrible enough to cause a chill along the spine to form. The started grip of a crippling fear ready to clutch at his mind. Suddenly it struck and grasped at his arm with its maw before it tossed him aside and lurched to hover just above him. A loud scuffle that alerted some of the older individuals, including his Father as they searched out the means of the noise and to make sure that Travis had been alright. Howling had been an abnormal occurrence, a sign of every bad omen in the Outback.

Kevin distracted the beast with a spell made of fire, a bright light source to slightly disorient before running head long against it as a means of sacrifice in order to defend. It was a sight that Travis couldn't pull from his mind as he watched the scene, being pulled away by an older cousin as they left behind many things in order to get into the car by the camp. 

After the hospital visit had been concluded that he'd been afflicted with Lycanthropy the proper channels and paperwork had been started to inform the Ministry and the  necessary containment process needed for when the transformations would occur. Something that followed him as he entered into Tallygarunga once he came of age and his magic surfaced, a means to an end in some ways. 

Over the years in Tallygarunga he's kept a low profile, not making it widely known that does have an affliction that is deadly to others on the wrong night of a month. 

Travis Franklin February 21
Type: Invite Danielle HaynesTravis Franklin.
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