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  1. Invite Spit

    "Peacefully?" Travis head cocked, expression shifted to a quizzical one all the while examining the young teen before him. Where did she come from that it could be perceived in that manner? "There is a subject that is about encountering magical creatures of various kinds, sure, but there is also a subject called 'Cruel and Unusual Geography'. If that doesn't give you the true picture then nothing will!" His hand waved in emphasis as if to exaggerate the point further for the comedy of it all. "One would think people were trying to sell the place a bit more than it is, but as a native I can tell you it's every bit true. Those magpies are dangerous creatures." Granted, he'd also been attacked by something that shouldn't have had been in Australia in the first place as well. It gave him a perspective on how dangerous other animals could be in that relation. "Might not have much of a choice anyways but to live with it, right? I mean you're here. May as well soak it in and make the most of it." There were very few things that could be when the situations were often beyond your own control, the environment of school being one of those things. He started to lean back just a bit to straighten his back and pressed both of hands on the edge of the sofa's arm. "The cards are dealt, the dealer is grinning and the best you can do is call your own bluff and make the dealer fold. But I guess if we didn't have that kind of aspect with most things we encountered it'd be pretty boring." He blinked several times, did she not come from a school that had that kind of system in place? "Seriously. . .? I mean, sure, but I just didn't expect to have to, honestly. Haha, kind of something that is slapped in every school across the Magical community." Then he started to slide towards the much more soft cushion of the sofa as he leaned back into it, an arm raised up and rested on the back of it. "Well, this Bourke House. The best house by far, no contest. Anyways, it's kind of a system to build up a competitive spirit and give us kiddos a place to fit in. People in a House tend to have similar or complimenting personalities, in most cases that can cause sparked issues but it can get people to get together easier." His arm shifted slightly to a curve and extended out four fingers. "Typically there are a number of houses, in Tallygarunga there are four: Bourke, Spencer, Flinders, and Sturt. At any point during your sorting you could have been place in any one of these Houses because of similarities that are looked at magically with it. It's a process that measures who you are as a person, not so much your actual deeds but rather what you'd most -likely- do in certain situations. Bourke tends to have athletically advanced people, you'll see a number of people into sports here." Eyes closed gently as he leaned his head back to give himself some time to think up more pertinent information. "You also have the fiercely determined and loyal people here, you make a Bourke friend you have a friend for good - as long as you don't screw them over. Spencer's tend to be the wild child of our family, unpredictable and crazy. Flinder's are the shy little Muffins, good people too. Sturt, eh, they're usually bookish types but always have something rammed really far up their butt."
  2. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Much better than 'You're big, take me home.'" It wouldn't have been his first time hearing that kind of a line or at least similar, though it had also been in a venue where people were more drunk than a fish. He quickly snorted as a means to reinforce the faux offense on his end. "Meadow-napping! Hey, hey, that isn't fair. She hardly knows the word no when it comes to her friends!" His grin became more defined, of course, that was more of a lie than he'd like to admit. He had heard 'no' in a few cases here and there. "Young and Maiden I'll give you, but innocent? Fifty Shades of Grey is far more innocent." Or maybe it wasn't, but she was definitely as dubious as it could get with schemes and playfulness. "Not cramping your style, eh? Why, Madam Hammond, are you asking me out on a date? I'm flattered... But I could never go a trio-date. Too many to please at once." He'd played and preyed on the fact that it all could be taken out of context, to a whole new level. Who would have known? Samantha had that form of style of her own. "Oh, I'm good for all kinds of new experiences. Once you're trapped in my web you'll find it's all a spiral of fun." And maybe decadence, depending on how far 'Alice' truly jumped down in the rabbits hole. "You can't prove it. That's slander~, I practically walk with a halo. So what if it's just a tad bit crooked." He chuckled afterwards in the most obviously devious way afterwards. "Implying that it isn't already shattered. The moment you started talking to me, you caught seven years of bad luck." That mirror of 'good girl' would break if she opted to hang with someone like himself. A hum resonated from him and a hand started to rub along the goatee. "Now all I need is a tricked out lab, a couple of gadgets, and I'd be the perfect dangerous man." Maybe just a wand, that worked much better. Regardless of the intent he hadn't expected the wink in general. It was enough to tickle him into a low laughter. "Oh, don't you know? I'm pretty unforgettable. One way or another I'll be remembered! Hopefully not as the one who made a woman well up tears because he said 'No', Hah." That wasn't the good kind of reputation to have in any kind of capacity. The fact they were in the game room too meant more would be able to see potential crocodile tears if he continued to deny the assistance. The less people that focused on him the better in his opinion. Travis' hand waved dismissively towards the apology, it didn't need to be stated to him. "That sounds pretty bloody, I don't think anyone should go eating out hearts. But we can give them chocolate hearts to make it less gruesome."
  3. Invite Spit

    "No need to thank me. I'm just saying it how it is - well - from my point of view." Or angle, In which he'd been checking her out from his peripheral view. Mostly hoping that she wouldn't go prying through his mind even more so that she held a grasp of her capabilities that it wouldn't be the neonate's slip up that did him in. Though, genuinely, that name itself had been interesting as there often had been tales linked to a persons name. He hadn't been looking for some grand meaning behind it as if searching the net like most new aged muggles. Rather, the actual history between the name and the person. "Why Hostile. . .?" A dumbfounded look etched on his face. Almost everyone has heard about the usual gimmicks that others saw and stated about his homeland? He couldn't help but let laughter flood for a moment. "Ah, well, it's often said the one place in the world known to be able to kill you by just stepping on it? Good ol' Australia! That's not including the potential magical creatures that live here either, just the mundane and nature alone would give most people a run for their money and life. Can only imagine how dangerous magical creature counterparts would be." Imagine, a magical drop bear. "Oh, well, I'm pretty sure we all suffer that regardless. I mean. . . High school drama, it kind of goes along with the package. Either someone is yapping or they're staring a hole through your chest." The equal occasion would be undressing with their eyes, but that's something he's found most people were too shy to admit in themselves that they were actually doing. It added some amusement in his day when he caught the occasional person bumble about with that accusation thrown at them. There wasn't any certainty in what he expected her to be aside from the more obvious factor that most people wouldn't touch that kind of Lollipop. That narrowed it down to: Dhampir, Vampire, Crazy guy in an Alley, maybe the occasional Werewolf. Personally, he held no urge for the teasing taste rather preferring actual bleeding meat every now and then. "It's not? Woo, means I'm already making a good first impression! That bolds well for me." At least until the small bit of rumors about himself manage to make her ear. Admittedly, there had been interest in whether she'd ignore it or avoid him afterwards. "You're very welcome! I try to add a bit of niceness where I go, enough scowling faces make their home in Sturt House. No need to carry it around Bourke." A smile formed as he made the playful competitive jab. "Pity? Nah, Out of all the many reasons in my head? Pity didn't even come up as a contender on that list."
  4. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Thievery on top of your criminal charges? You're racking up quite the rap sheet there." A slight angle of his head sharpened the gaze he sent towards Samantha in a playful fashion. As if he were appraising a hardened criminal that had been in the act of building up a 'resume' of sorts. "Stealing, Meadow-napping, enforcement of illegal clothing conducts in the formal manner." At this point his fingers were extended out towards the air as he counted each supposed crime. "Oh, right, and advertisement of a Dance!" He grinned lightly at the poorly designed accusations. Then a faux offensive expression morphed from his features. "My influence?! There is no form of proof to link innocent ol' me to such a thing. Your information must be wrong." He rose a hand up and waved it dismissively, fake news style. "Aha, might want to be careful on the kinds of things you attach to me when it involves 'being a good teacher at it.' That could have some pretty bad connotations there." Like leading an innocent girl to something truly not-innocent that soared beyond playful flirtations. Not that he had agreed to take credit for hers. "I won't shove it down your throat. I know when my help isn't wanted! I guess I can help some other innocent bean!" Soft laughter escaped from him. Travis snorted lightly. "Lucky me, I do all the effort to not be the talk of any ball and we have you over here trying to be 'Next top Model' status." His head shook lightly amused at the entire ordeal. "I guess I can humor you for a bit in that department." If she wouldn't back down there wouldn't be much he could do about it. Ditching her wasn't really in himself to do, seeing what kind of outfit she'd throw together couldn't hurt. More ideas to play around with if he looked at it as a positive. "So, what I'm gathering is. . . I win? Excellent!" He offered a sly wink towards her with a trademark roguish smile that stretched. "But see, now you're going to have people spinning up some crazy rumors around the school. 'Hammond stuck to a US 100 Dollar.'"
  5. Invite Spit

    Travis made no effort to try and lighten his steps or sneak up on the teen girl. After all, the last thing anyone wanted in a highly unfamiliar environment had been someone stalking about like some form of predator ready to pounce on a meal. There had also been no reason for him to be hostile towards her, she was no enemy of his and he certainly wasn't in the mindset where he'd been looking for something to munch on. Though there had been something different about her, he couldn't entirely place it other than the unique paleness of her skin. It was the sudden grip that caught him mentally off guard, this girl was definitely strong. It forced his own grip to take a bit more of his actual strength to keep it on an equal scale in the grasp. His hand retreated and rested back on his knees. An eyebrow raised up as the smell strengthened when the lollipop had been removed from her lips. "Danielle? Pretty nice name. Foreigner to boot! That's pretty cool, I know we've had a few move in of late. I always find it pretty interesting to how they're managing in this hostile kind of country." A slight chuckle emitted from him. "Refreshing? You've some pretty weird perception on what can be considered refreshing. Most people just settle for a cool drink or a nibble of a sweet cake or something." His head tilted slightly. "Why would I be?" The kind of lollipop it had been gave him a few ideas of her heritage even with whatever other rumors had been trying to spill out about that kind of information. Even the beating of his heart had been normal with no sense of fear that emitted from the organs as typical tells most would go through. "I'm just looking at a fellow Bourke student, a Girl looking to learn as much as anyone else here." A shrug gently forms as he narrowed his eyes in thought for a moment and then trained them back on to her. "Besides, who you are doesn't always correlate to what you are. I'd rather hear from the horses mouth whom they are as a person than take a stab at stereotypes." An easier mindset in certain circumstances to hold, not one he could ever view of himself. But others deserved better than him in that regard he found and felt. "Now, I know what you're thinking - This guy is nuts and I need to get out of here. But I promise I'm not a time waster!" Travis offered a smile that held an attempt and intent to be friendly towards her. "But if you have any troubles with the blokes around here you let me know. I'll straighten them out easy peezy."
  6. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Fair enough, some situations can be avoided and are the kind of things you'd never want to get caught in. No matter if it's under your control or not." Not that he knew too much of having things 'Under control', but he could empathize with a 'natural talent' just out of ones hands that it couldn't be contained. The ramifications that could potentially follow in a flood made the risks of most things not worth it. "Mhm, You." Meadow was his best friend but even then he felt as if part of her kept him away because of his condition. Eyes narrowed at the thought of it as he chewed at his lower lip in thought, maybe it had been a mistake to put her in that kind of position of knowledge? His head shook lightly to adjust his attention back towards Samantha. "You know, being another girl it might actually put her more at ease. Kind of like a subconscious awareness kind of situation." That seemed like a much more viable excuse than what he'd considered as the truth. "Haha, Of course. Though I don't thinks he'd really want me at her side all night. If someone thinks we're together it might cramp the style of someone asking her!" Not that he thought anyone would actually think the two were 'official' in that form of way. "Oh, I see, you're saying I put you in a good mood! Then I'm always doing my job, Sammy." A coy wink shifted towards her while a grin shifted on his face and he lightly nudged into the small girl, making a note not to even use a fraction of his true strength behind it. "You're definitely the dangerous sort with all that sweet and smooth talk you're slinging." It seemed as if they'd be at an impasse when it came to whether a person should just stand in the feeling or choose to start working their way out of it. He'd always been a sort of progression and production, moving forward and trying to be a 'better person'. But perhaps he had more reason than those that he had hung around, stuck in a situation where others couldn't see that reasoning. On the larger scope, it could also have been the reason he couldn't find their own reasoning on why it made sense to them. "Suit? Oh, right. You're still adamant on going with me, that's pretty gutsy. Oh my, the rumors that would spring from it!" "Part of my fun, huh? Be careful there, Sammy Bear, you may end up leaving with me at the end of the night." He stated in jest. Travis could admit that there had to have been some form of internal enjoyment to messing with the 'rumor mill' of sorts. Whatever the gossip had been around town. "But I think my definition of fun and your definition might be wildly different you know." The true irony had been flirting wasn't so much 'fun' as much as it had been an escape, drawing too in its own way had been more of an escape than an actual hobby designed for the fun of it. A low purr vibrated from his throat. "Well then, pussycat. Hope you're ready for that kind of a rough ride because I'd milk it for as long as that glue held."
  7. Invite Spit

    Travis trickled in with the few students that had been going back into the Common Room from one area or another, some held extended classes, others just preferred to stay in the school for the sake of ease. As for himself, he often avoided heading home too early for appearance sake. Typically only leaving under the guise that his Mother had finished her usual campaign trail and had 'demanded' his presence for dinner. Mother, Government - it was the same difference to him one way or another. His bag had been strapped over a single shoulder while he scanned the area slowly feeling something had been out of sorts. Something 'new' entered the environment and it instincts made him overly aware of this fact and sudden change. "Hrm. . .?" Whether it was due to his alternative nature that often had been kept under wraps or the more insatiable desire to meet every lass with flowing locks, even he hadn't been entirely sure but his eyes landed on the young teen who had positioned herself on the sofa. There even seemed to be a tension in the atmosphere between her and the other people around the room. That hadn't been a problem to him as he often shrugged off that kind of thing. Ordaining himself as a greeting committee for Bourke, only for the ladies, smooth steps were taken towards the sitting area. Once there he'd toss his back just on the side of the sofa to rest at its legs and then hopped over the back to sit on the armrest with both of his arms rested on his knees. "You know, it's kind of hard to play the new kid when you're sitting here like an obvious Nancy." He figured that she hadn't been looking to be noticed or probably didn't really care to be noticed by the fellow Housemates. It was a common reaction either way when being placed somewhere that had been foreign in every aspect. From the area to the people itself, a world filled with strangers that could perpetuate the idea that things were going to be closed or difficult. A gentle whiff coursed through his nostrils, something smelled off - fresh. It smelled familiar in many ways and yet he couldn't put his finger on it just yet, maybe he had just been hungry and projected that need of raw meat of sorts. A hand extended out towards her in a greeting. "Anyways, I'll skip the obvious 'Are you new?' since I've never seen you around here before. Jumping right into introductions. The names Travis, I'm a Sixth year in this sports inclined club chosen for us." Gaze shifted towards the rest of the room for a moment and then back towards her. "Don't worry about them. They take a while to warm up but they're good people. Well... Some are good people, Hah." Trying to umbrella everyone under the same notion of 'Good' was a good way to be liable for the occasional bully that had been bound to pop up.
  8. Open Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    What were they feeding the girls in this place? Or. . . Where ever this ball of energy had emerged from. At least she seemed the focused sort with how she'd been more in tune with searching for her pet. It was a rat at that it seemed. "Sure, why not? I don't think you'd end up finding him the way you're handling it. Not with how big this school is and the amount of nooks, crannies, and secret passages that make it up." It had been a plausible idea that the rat could find his way back to the owner, but what were the chances? At least in consideration to other students pets that would snatch him up for a snack. "Appendage. . . I would say that's an odd name for a pet but I have heard odder." Literally, an Otter named Odder, had been one that topped the list of 'Odd Names you probably should avoid.' If just to side-step confusing people. "If we're lucky he's probably just munching on some crumbs with his eyes bulged out in happiness." 'Smells like a rat', well, that didn't help all too much. There were a myriad of smells that littered through the school that could mess with his senses as a Human. Maybe if he'd been in his other state with his mind fully intact. . . But the Rat probably would run from him now that he thought of it. Oozing the aura of a predator had been an easy catch for the animal kingdom. A hand rubbed at his chin in thought which had been followed by a hum. "This might take up a lot more time than I thought it would have. . ." He didn't mind spending that time but he also wanted to make sure he could get to the creature before anything could befall him. "Do you remember where he last was when you seen him? That might actually help a bit to narrow down where he went that way." All he really needed was a signature to go on, just a simple strand of the stench that he could follow and track like a meal - Minus the actual eating part of it all. He'd have to make up a well-fitted excuse for this all to make some form of sense. If only to avoid being claimed as some supernatural hunter. "My Father used to do a lot of Tracking in his hobby times. I picked up a few tricks to try and find different kinds of animals and their usual signs on where they've been after coming across a few of their sites. You know, habits, things they prefer and enjoy. That kind of thing."
  9. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "This sounds like you're going on the track of 'Voluntold' express." Squinted eyelids with barely any of his shown pupil visible as he peered at Samantha questioningly. "Maybe out of a way to try and flatter them. But I'm not sure about trying to convince them to try and pull off a fashion show." That meant a lot of preparation work he just didn't have a care to make time for in order to pull it off. Even more so as the days dragged on his willingness to do much other than laying down in a ditch and waiting for the time to just come would grow stronger. "Why not? You'd be flaunting it on your own terms. That's always much more satisfactory, in my expert opinion. Sometimes you have to be a lion instead of the mouse." A firm nod flowed as if it could add any weight to his words. "Get her to a point where she tunes everything else around her out and she'll enjoy it, guaranteed." Those that often had an issue with others watching could find that form of comfort when their attentions could be focused elsewhere. "You'd probably be a better choice than me. Sometimes she'll fight be tooth and nail about thing." He attributed it to the fact that he was a Werewolf, there wasn't much blame there in that regard. Probably would be wary of himself if he were in her shoes too. "Usually easier when you can relate to a person." A grin shaped on his lips. "Good! Because I probably would have forced my help on you anyways. Being stubborn in those instances never goes well for anyone." Both of his hands balled into a fist and he positioned the base of the knuckles against his waist in a superhero pose. Chest huffed out in perfect form. "I think I'm some pretty amazing company! But not everyone appreciates the good things in life. Can't force everything nice in someone's hands." He shrugged gently at the two comparisons. "Most things are mind over matter. That's all self perception is, unless there is a reason legitimately out of your control that makes up that sudden change." Some people did have heritages were the pull had been practically automatic. Of course, there often had to be an already existing attraction to aggravate for many people. After all, the difference between being a monster and thinking you're a monster could be vastly different and literal in certain cases. "Doesn't make it easier by any means, but it's not an excuse to not try and beat it." He gave a confident wink towards her. "Careful there, Sammy Bear. Some folks might actually think you're actively flirting there!" Not that he'd ever accuse her of such an act towards himself. An eyebrow perked up slightly. "What? You're actually going to agree to it? Huh, that's unexpected." She either really wanted him to go or really enjoyed the sensation of 'winning' with such a deal that wasn't entirely intrusive. "Fine, fine. You get first dance. If it actually means that much to you that I show up." Travis snorted a laughter and gave a gentle nod. "Touché, quite the jab. So, what you're really saying is that you're extremely happy talking to me." A bit of a turn about of translation. A mischievous grin of his own formed knowingly. "I guess there is that one addiction for every person. Even those with that innocent doe eyes."
  10. An Ordinary Abnormality

    There was a benefit to this little play which had been the chance to check out the form of his fellow house mate without there being ulterior motives behind it all. A memory that would be tucked away for the time being. "Look at you with a flair of a turn." He hadn't expected her to get so into the act but it did add more to the scene he tried to paint with his own response. Eyebrow suddenly curved upwards towards the upbeat tick that took place. He'd only been joking about the use of a fashion show, it wasn't something that had been expected to be taken so seriously. "What. . .? I'm not the spinning and fashion type. Bright lights in the eyes, makes them flutter like crazy." The thought of it put the more animalistic nature inside on guard. As if someone had been waiting to catch sight of a creature hibernating and it needed to escape from the confinements. "You, however, would be turning heads left and right just to watch your finesse." He wasn't sure what gave that natural 'charm' but it had been there. His eyes closed and the tip of his finger tapped against the base of his chin several times in thought. "How to trick her. . . Well, I guess it's less of a 'trick' and more of a 'just grab her hand and tug along." That always seemed to work for him in most arenas. There had only been a few situations where that hadn't worked such as getting her to head out of Tally with him. "She's shy but isn't entirely against a little bit of adventure and fun." Not any of his more risqué ventures but he didn't expect her to be so easily corruptible in that manner. Travis' hand rose up and he waved dismissively. "It isn't a bother. Nothing wrong with seeking out help either. Pride is a hell of a way to end up doing worse than you expected or wanted." Pride is always that one trait in a person that damages a lot in its path to prove itself to itself. The idea of 'Pride cometh before a great fall' often rang in his mind for most of his heavy burdened issues. "Unless. . ." He gasps dramatically while his eyelids widened in a faux shock. "You don't like hanging around me?!" The responsive hesitation made his mind more alert, the gaze placed on him offered a sense of scrutiny that he often tried to avoid. Watchful gazes that sought to penetrate the deeper truth on the inside. But it quickly receded to a small caution as Sam continued on with speaking. Whether or not the wool had been pulled over her eyes had eluded him, unable to perceive such a deeper understanding. "Right! All she needs to see is that it's perfectly normal to want to do for herself. If it helps her to feel good then it can be considered a good thing." He pressed his hands onto his waist and nodded. "The first step to dressing up is usually to impress and wow yourself. Get into that place where you have no choice but to agree that 'Damn, you do look good." That was a difficult pinnacle for those with low self-esteem but once reached it could change the perception in a blink of an eye. "Personally, I think you're both nuts! Attractive young ladies with tons of personality and intelligence in them. That's like. . . A stacked deck by any equation." A snort exhausted from his nostrils and a toothy grin formed. Much like a wolf ready to pounce on grandma. "Oho, A challenge now? You're just testing the waters to see which one would make me bite more aren't you?" It amused him, that she had been trying to get him to show up to the dance. "Alright, alright. I'll go - on the condition you owe me a slow dance." Whether she'd take that bite or not is what gave a bit of a thrill that charged through him. He didn't expect to 'Leave at the end of the night' with anyone considering the lack of space to do anything 'naughty'. But dancing with as many eligible ladies was a second best and something easily obtainable and equally fun for various reasons. Most being the chance to spark a moment to get to understand others around him, even if he was a hypocrite in getting them to understand him as less as possible. "You? A Masochist? Didn't take you the sort to enjoy torturing yourself in that manner. Must mean a lot of fun since you keep putting yourself out there to try and make others smile a bit."
  11. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Always a knockout?" A hand rubbed at his goatee inquisitively as he started to examine Samantha from the top of her head and moved around her as if he were some fashionista trying to picture the perfect outfit on the model. Arms crossed and pressed against his chest and he gave a gentle vibrating hum playfully. "Oh, dahling, I think you're always knockout. You have the style." An awful accent had been laced through his words with a smile. The usual tone of his voice returned soon after. "So, what? You just have someone toss up a runway and start doing quick fashion shows? Sharp hip points left and right with that serious 'I'm the best model about' face?" One that could even be considered a 'Resting Bitch face' in theory. "See, you see Medieval era and I immediately think milkmaid. We can't let her go down like that in Tally dance history." His face shifted to a more serious expression, one steeped in a soft thought on what could be done to give the gentle swan a bit more of a push out of the shy mode. "I think I have several ideas that can be used to help snatch her interest even just slightly. I just need that spark and I'm in." He could always promise a night of 'Watch and stare' at the lovely people that walked the halls but getting her to see the enjoyment of dancing topped onto it might be a good way to make sure she enjoyed the night fully. Eyebrow raised in concern at the sudden shift of atmosphere that came from the young teen. "Woah, hey. It isn't that bad, honest." Both hands raised up as if to pay tribute in a surrender that wasn't necessary. "If you need help with it I can always spare that time. I don't do much anyways and I have this heavy sack of time that needs to be spent." Not an entire truth, there were some extracurricular activities that snatched away time quickly when it came along. But it had often been so sporadic that he could offer that kind of promise. "Uh. . ." Travis wasn't sure how to fully address it, part of it had been the fact he didn't fully trust many people. It was just that kind of world to him where everything, everyone needed to be at an arms length yet interacted with. "Nah, no problem. I just thought Meadow would need a lot more help. You know her reluctance to buy and put on a dress kind of deal." A quickly recovered response to try to insert a red herring. "Figured it might take longer than anticipated." "I will not confirm nor deny if it is working! I will say you're definitely someone I'll need to be wary of with those kind of compliments coming out of you." He shook his head with a good-natured smile positioned on his face, he took no issues with her trying to butter him up. Even if she most likely didn't actually believe the words that were being spoken. "The fun wouldn't be showing up with the date, it's knowing you could leave with one. That's the very pinnacle of being smooth. Aaah, maybe one day I'll have that kind of style and skill." He snorted, the way her nose wrinkled aided a cute appeal to her face. A finger tapped her nose gently as if to chastise her for it in jest. "It's all well and good to want others to have fun. Your own fun is important too and shouldn't hinge on others. Because just maybe your fun sparks other fun from others. Sometimes the self ends up causing the effect that you'd want to have." His smile dimmed slightly and he offered a dismissive wave. "Oh, trust, there is a lot more in the world for me to regret than these kinds of moments. But maybe I'll show."
  12. Ugh, man. . . The Last few days literal hell. But it's all good now!

  13. An Ordinary Abnormality

    To him it sounded as if she had no faith in her own skills that she'd been learning through the years. Of course, that track record of hers gave more than enough reason to have that particular view and feeling. There was no reason to fault her for that kind of a perspective and trying to convince otherwise would mostly fall on deaf ears when some semebalance of a proof existed in the form of experience. "I didn't mean for myself, I meant you. I never need to dress to impress and I'm always a knockout. " A charming smile stretched across his face, it surely couldn't stretch enough for the confidence that he held, perhaps ego would be a more apt definition. "Momma didn't raise no guy who didn't have value in the way he kept himself up." Though she also didn't raise him to do a lot of things in these waning years of youthfulness. A shrug flowed from his shoulders slightly as if he accepted the weight of whatever conviction would fall from others. "Look great together? Don't tell her that, she'd redden faster than a Bourke's shirt lines." The thought did send a series of amused chuckles through his throat. Just to see that image in person, probably right before being slapped or punched in the arm for even allowing it to be said. His hands pressed into his pockets for a moment as he nodded towards Sam. "She'll need some help a bit. Something conservative but complimenting and all that. Get her pumping up that confidence." It wasn't hard to see when Meadow didn't hold much stock in her appearance. A hope set in that maybe if she'd seen her self in a dress that almost seemed like it was 'Made for Her' it'd do wonders for that viewpoint. His head tilted slightly at the thought and his eyes squinted running the idea through the ringer a few times. "Maybe. . . But it isn't like this would be the only dance in history to pop up. There will be others in the future, outside of school." With much more varied women to mingle with at that. The various forbidden fruits of the court as his mind often stitched it together as a way to spice up the intrigue. "Besides, next year my focus will have to change. Less women, more studying. Ah. . . The fun of the papyrus pages. . .!" The slight theatrical drama heightened through the shift in the tone of his voice. "What. . .?" Travis had been geniunely caught off guard by the offer. An eyebrow lifted up slowly almost cautiously as he stared at her. "You want to go suit shopping with me? Uhm, why?" Being suspicious hadn't been one of the fun emotional traits for him, it grated on the nervous and the mind more than one would care to admit. However, distance was the perfect form of defence when you had more than enough reason to keep yourself and others safe. "Would you rather stay and help Meadow? That could be a pretty long process, she might even fight a bit on even trying on a bunch of dresses." To think he'd miss seeing her 'walk the catwalk' of sorts in various designs. "See, now you're just trying to grease the ego. That's some cheap tactics there, Miss. Hammond!" A smile grew and his head shook with a false exaspparted sigh. "I'll give it some thought. Not really something I need but I suppose the right people could convince me to escort them." This year, regardless of what happened, didn't change his predicament in the slightest. Crazed criminals, constant Auror presences - these were all small time things in his mind. The immediate had always been the pain that would exist until the day dirt would be buried over him. "Just make sure you're the one having fun regardless of who shows up."
  14. An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Oh, yeah. It works great in cartoons or animations. Not. . . So much in life. Haha." A hand shifted along his forehead as he brushed a few strands of hair from his sights. "I've seen some crazy magical blunders in my small time here at Tallygarunga. This one kid had flubbed up a glue spell and had a bunch of his marbles stuck to his hand. Finger tip to wrist!" One of his fingers emphasized by making note through pointing at the opposite hands finger and trailed it down towards the wrist. "The 'You've lost your marbles!' jokes didn't end for three years." He hadn't seen that poor sod in some time, maybe he ended up transferring schools? A shrug followed suit as he pushed the thought from mind. "But that wouldn't happen to you. You're too much of a hard worker." He felt everyone had the right to mess up a few spells here and there. To have anyone that was an excelled virtuoso in the arts of magic had been rare in many cases and took a lot of training. Either early on as possible or later in life, people didn't just come rolling out with near perfect control of their talents. "Dress to impress or a knockout display?" The two were very different concepts to him. One designed to give nodded approval and the other to make the jaws of the room drop faster than two college undergarments. "Me? Go? Eeeeh. . ." Hands pressed on his waist as he glanced about in thought and truly considering the idea. There would be plenty of beautiful ladies to gawk at but was that how he wanted to spend an entire dance doing? Sometimes it got a bit tiring to admire and the urge for him to go out and do something about it would gnaw and eventually kick in. "Maybe I'll go. Might drag Meadow along with me, having her around will make me seem even a fraction bit cooler." A slight joke offered. "I usually avoid dances. Not so much that it isn't my thing I just wouldn't know where to begin with trying to dance with so many people." While not the poster boy for being a social butterfly, he had no shame or wariness about trying to dance with different women by the end of the night. As long as people didn't hold it against him at any rate. "It's a formal too. That means I have to actually get dressed up and tie my hair back. Suit shopping sounds like. . . Such a drag."
  15. Open Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    A low hum resonated from him as he continued to work on his drawing or sketching - more specifically. At least until the sudden presence of steps that clicked against the ground caught his attention and disrupted his concentration. "Sorry sweet petals. . . Your lives will only be captured in very unfinished lines. Mmm. . . For now." He'd started to fix himself up to lean more firmly against the bench while making the finishing touches to what he'd been sketching out, a way to allow himself to begin from a good place rather than just suddenly stopping abruptly. It was often how his work came out horrid, if he just took the time to actually finish up a designated section then it had a chance to look as close to his minds-eye. "Your. . . Your what. . .?" That caught him enough off guard that his pencil actually stopped. Eyes drawn towards the young girl and just stared in bewilderment. Did she. . . Ask him what he thought she did? Was this some kind of new flirtation to get him to look at her? This thought in his mind caused him to lean back ever so slightly just enough to fully inspect her from face, to curves, to feet - certainly a looker in his expert opinion. The kind of opinion that is derived from spending a lot of time checking out various women and their unique traits. For science. Then she began to clarify and it snapped the runaway thoughts, so, she wasn't looking for an ACTUAL appendage and it was obvious now that it wasn't some random come on to get him to check her out. At least he managed to get the chance to do it, would have been a sad day to miss that kind of an opportunity. "Oh~, A pet! Oh, man, you really had me going on a mind trip there. I thought you like. . . Lost a finger or toe or something." It seemed like everything sat in its proper position too. Though he didn't hold back from double checking a couple of times or more through his peripheral vision. "Can't say that I have." He hadn't heard nor smelled anything that seemed awkward. Then again depending on the creature the flowers scents could have been overpowering it too. "How about I help you find him? What's he look like? You know, aside from. . ." His fingers mimicked hers. "Yay high." This is when Travis started to gently close the pad and tuck it into a backpack along with the writing utensil and nestled it in a small woven strap that hung on the outside of the exterior of the pack. Then he'd pick it up and placed it right on top of it text books. A remind that he'd need to grab them all when the time came to depart form the area. "Let's start with I don't know. . . Color, species, maybe any unique smells you might come across with him?" The last part being much more pertinent in information to him. If he could have what too 'smell' for in his mind then perhaps he could pick up the scent even in his much more human state. "Hopefully we can get him before he gets' himself into some trouble? . . . Like some random other pets mouth. That'd be pretty bad."