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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  1. Invite Into the Further

    Distancing himself from people had started to become far more of a chore than he'd expected it to end up. Not because he had any form of urge to go back and chase anyone down, rather, it seemed to be the other way around entirely. People searching him out or contacting him and the inability to not turn down the meeting as much as he wanted to, as much as he'd been aware was for more for the benefit of those that chose to involve themselves in something that would most likely only end up bloody. Not to mention the potential blow back that would occur regardless of the situation, a Werewolf attack had been a rare thing in general, even more so in Australia. The population of those that had been held in an isolation installation gave enough of the picture in numbers compared to majority of other species and Wizard's that walked through out the country. There'd already been several potions made, all various liquids of a foul coloration. Purples that were a sickly tint, greens that looked as if they seen worse toilet bowls than a University afterparty. So, when someone had arrived at the door he hadn't been the least bit shocked with a barely audible sigh that pushed passed his lips, head hanging low as if he'd already been at his limit of visitors. Swirling through the air held a scent he'd been familiar with on a far closer level than proximity alone and while many could be claimed as such, it'd been one far more recent. The length of his fingers flexing slightly and sliding the tips of his nails against the splintered wood of his 'workstation'. He hadn't returned any greeting, struggling within his own mental capacity of chiding her for even searching for him or trying to place up a front of civility simply to avoid the chance that he could end up in some form of argument or that his emotions would get the best of his bestial nature. A nature, to which, there'd always been and will always be a struggle that couldn't truly be won by him, merely only held off. Odessa's dark-furred silhouette stood guard at the window that had been left ajar, watching over the scene as if she'd some form of guardian or perhaps a viewer seeing a movie unfold. Tail twitching and weaving through the air with the momentum of the chilled that whipped through the dilapidated shack. Travis turned towards Lorelei as she made her presence known, hands pressing against the edge of the table as if to try and keep a distance. At least it'd been a distance that had been immediately overridden by the young teen as he arms wrapped around him in a tightened embrace. He didn't offer a reciprocation of it, standing almost as if he'd a firm statue merely standing in place with no other purpose beyond it in that moment. "Why does everyone seem to ask me that question as if there is some firm answer to it. . .?" He finally managed to find his voice, it held no irritation etched in it but did hold the inflection of just being purely exhausted in the tone. Raising his hands up to her arms, only grasping them enough to try and pull them away gently. Enough so that he could create some form of physical distance between the two of them. "You're trying to help with something that can't be 'helped'. There's nothing anyone can give or do for me either. . ."
  2. Invite Hunter's Respite

    "No, everyone has a choice. But people tend to forget that the bulk of the weight and kickback is always on the person who has to make the choice that causes waves." Nearly everything had some form of path, something that needed to be decided on. Maybe not in the fashion that they would've wanted, he knew for himself he wished there'd been another option that diverged entirely from his own situation. The feeling, however, had been that there'd only been one commonality for all of his choices which led to something bloodied, which would have a choice that focused on it as a subject. His eyes closed tightly, it was that stance and argument she used that Liv had reflected back towards him. "Yea, if the situation had been reversed I would." He'd done something potentially dangerous and detrimental to himself just to find a single person whom had been avoiding him entirely, how much more would be done for those in danger or distress? Travis hadn't backed away from Danielle, affixing his stance to press the four fingers of both hands into his pockets. Keeping them occupied by offering a sense of physical restriction by the fabric. Breathing in shakily before exhaling through his nostrils, emotions couldn't be allowed to hold much more of a grip on him not with the risk it could get to setting him off like the animal he'd been. "Thanks. . .I appreciate it, really." The tone of his voice held a quietness and had been genuine in response. Eyes fluttered as the words spoken didn't seem to make any noticeable budge in his stance, eyes, or even in his own mind had she deigned to peer at the surface thoughts that wrapped around it. "You're talking to someone whose primarily felt alone even with other people around. 'Needing someone for energy' has never really been the thought for me. Rage, hate, memories - these are a hell of a way to keep me energized." His gaze turned away from her for a moment, fingers curling into the palm while pushing firmly against his thigh within the pocket. "What I need more than anything is for my nightmare to stop haunting and hunting me at the same time." His breath pushing in a stream passed his lips while his shoulders reset in a firm hold. "You want to know what makes this makes it so personal for me?" Brow furrowing, the next words meant to give the young teen not only a better picture but also to offer her up another chance on the kind of stance she'd chosen to take up to reach out to him. The least he could do is give her that option, another chance to try to sway him in some manner. "It is the same one that killed my Father, the same one that turned me into what I am. The one that made me watch as my Father had been torn apart and torn open."
  3. Invite Hunter's Respite

    He had resigned to the thought the young teen had chosen her path to cut him out, could he blame her? Not really. It was a thought that had been the case for any individual he'd met that chose to linger for even just a bit in his discombobulated life. The possibility that anyone would feel as if they wanted to 'Chase him down to the Ends of the Earth' felt far more alien than his own current situation. A short silence seemed to proceed before he'd even continued speaking, attentions lowly drifting away from Dani as his eyes focused towards the window where the bossy feline chose to perch herself. That response given to him caused his eyes to squint towards her, head tilting to the side only a bit. Last he checked, he held full authority on whom he chose to push himself away from or not or even to avoid entirely. "I must have forgotten the memo that said, 'Travis doesn't have the choice to distance himself from people.'" While he'd been certain a few may have that particular mindset involving his actions and the motivations behind him, his actions for himself in his own eyes would always be his own choice. His head started to shake and eyes rolled slightly, at this point, the premise of the situation, first perpetrated by him had been the overriding of ones choice in some manner. Travis also couldn't dismiss the obvious fact that Dani sought him out when she didn't need to. She'd been displaying her concern and the very least he could do had been to listen, to give some form of understanding. "I'm already half way lost anyways. . ." His head bobbed from left-to right, eyes lowering slightly to look towards the ground. "I've held no illusions on where my foot steps are going, even when I had planned to try and end all of this months ago. . ." He didn't hold the means to rewind time and even if he could, did he have it in him to change enough that it could destroy something along the time line? To head back and change certain choices to divert a catastrophe in an individual's life? "There is no home for me anymore, no family. All I have is the reminder of just how deeply personal this all is for me, how much of a mark is gouged out." His gaze lifted up to star towards her. "And in a way that people around me couldn't even truly understand. Even in a normal persons life understanding is a difficult thing. . . But. . ." There hadn't been 'levels', simply to him, the situation had just been so obscenely rare that it'd been a tale told by those cursed in some manner. His hand shifted along his arm, tracing the original scar that had been an ever present reminder that the one set of scarred tissue that blemished his body hadn't been his own.
  4. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    "Dispel or bumble through it like a savage beast. . ." Travis couldn't pinpoint whether the individual that hunted him had been of Magical origin or simply a Human who had been unluckily lucky. Either way, tenacity and adrenaline at the right moments could always be the deciding factor of a bullish charge into something. "I'll be fine. . . I'm a Hunter, the wilds is what I know even when in a civilized place. It is where my freedom has always been since the moment they decided to lock me in a cage, to make it well aware that 'My freedom is not my own'." He clawed at what he could get and he couldn't deny that being distant, being away, it afforded him the lack of having watchful or prying eyes pinned on his every move. He didn't respond to her stance on him not being able to do alone, to him there had been a difference between inability and inevitability. The latter being the reason that the idea of 'alone' felt far more proper. Slapping away someone's goodwill attempt had been disrespectful and rude and while he couldn't agree to it within himself he also couldn't find the heart or mental capacity to dash her attempts on the ground as if they'd been worthless. "I'll give it some thought. . . Okay? But this isn't a promise of me agreeing to it." That much needed to be made abundantly clear. "My safety has long been compromised, Liv. . . 'Safety' is something that will always elude me." When his 'safety' had literally been threatened by his own hand, could he really take the stance that it 'mattered'? That it would be something that could be given at any time with a sense of unshaken doubt? He huffed lightly and his head wagged subtly. "And, yea, you are stubborn." Maybe it'd been as much of a thing of care as it had been the potential fear of losing something in Liv's mind, something he wouldn't truly know lacking the capacity of a mind-reader. "I don't think, 'Pot and Kettle' responses are going to work in that regard. . ." It hadn't been a snarky remark, he hadn't the verbal or mental energy to have conceived such a notion. Rather, it'd been the stance taken of someone whom had saw that she hadn't been too kind to herself either. Unfortunately, he couldn't risk being kind to himself. The firm stance he took towards his existence had been the key wall to remind him of what beast resided inside, that at any moment it could start to become something that he -liked- and he couldn't afford that slip-up. "I tend to forget that you're a walking optimist to my grounded pessimism. . ." He hadn't really forgotten but he wasn't sure what else to say in the moment after her words. "However, things can indirectly be someone's fault. I may not be the one directly causing it but it is the fact its my very presence that is the chosen reason." His head shook in mild frustration, he didn't expect her or anyone to understand that portion. It'd been far more than ones singular action, the knowledge that it could create 'sub-effects', things that would occur beyond the singularity focus. "If a person is cursed with something that brings disasters, they aren't the direct cause, its the curse itself that is causing it. But it is their very presence that -allows- for it to be caused, does that make sense? It's the same here." His presence created the chance for his mothers demise, the sole responsibility did lay at the hand of the one who made the action but it equally hinged on him for being the catalyst of it. Did she really say anything bad about -anyone-? Even the person that had hurt her most he couldn't consider a time where she actively said the individual had been an entirely bad and unsavory individual. "It is more than just what society says, what they do and choose to react as? That's one thing. But -knowing- the feeling, being internally aware and connected to it? It's something else." How could he explain it? Words could paint the picture but it could also leave the desiring feeling wanting for the effect to truly resound. "Yea. . . I expected you'd be that persistent about it. . ." He would've been the fool to expect that she'd ever budge from her ground when it came to an individual and her view of them, her loyalty to try to stay by their side even if they were to take a bat and try to beat her away with it. Running away, having what sought him chase him had occurred to him, yet knowing that someone had slipped out of the woman's life without a word halted that reaction far more than he would've admitted.
  5. Sorry it took me so long, Amy. . . Lost track of time and had to find my Quillbook journal. Happy Belated Birthday, I'll try to get you gift the moment I can. Promise.

    1. Meadow Richards

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      Don't worry about it. Honestly, I'm just glad to hear from you.

      Would seeing you anytime soon be doable at all?

    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Uh. . . It probably shouldn't be doable but. . . For you? Yea, I can manage it.

  6. Invite Hunter's Respite

    It hadn't been his intention to cause a wounded statement, in fact, it'd been a question he felt had been reasonable to ask. In hindsight, if he'd been unreasonable he probably wouldn't have found himself in a delipidated shack creating some form of arsenal to defend himself as if he were heading off towards a final war. The tip of his fingers ran through the scruffy and unkempt collection of hair that rested on his head and flowed down to a mid-length. "Sorry. . . Just, you took pains to pretty much avoid me before so. . ." Had it not been fair? Did she think he wouldn't notice a slight deviation of her presence at a certain point in the year? Odessa, a bossy person even in her cat-like state. Travis had to at least count his blessings that she hadn't been walking around in her Human form whether it had stopped entirely or she chose to forsake it he hadn't been thoroughly sure on in reasoning. But it saved himself explaining an extremely awkward situation to Dani or really anyone. His eyes closed slightly taking in a deep breath and turning towards Danielle, the black cat adjusting herself into a comfortable position watching over the scene as if she'd been some form of guide or guardian, maybe even a bit of both. "You know, 'Never being safe' doesn't mean I want to contribute to that." Despite the cryptic response he'd been given, the option to bolster a wall of reason seemed to take place for him. Of the things he wanted to offer the young teen since he met her, a burden of his issues hadn't been one of them. The day of the Boggart in class cracking that seal of realization for him with far more clarity than the fear that gripped at his neck at what he could do to those that drew close to him. While he didn't agree that it had been 'besides the point' he also hadn't been in the position or belief to try and hammer that how she felt had been 'wrong'. It simply had been how she felt, after all. "I can't say there's no reason to worry, can't even say I really know what I'm doing is right or wrong." It'd been something he viewed as a necessity as much of an inevitability. Either he met the bloodied challenge, the gauntlet cast towards him or he'd be overran with broken lives in the wake of that passive choice. Another line spoken in such a way, something he imagine he'd expect to hear from another person or two once they managed to stumble over him somehow. Not that he didn't believe what had been stated but it held a weight on his shoulders that caused the memories to burrow in a vivid display in his mind. Eyes closing tight as the various moments of the two bloodied experiences and the way they left an impression on him. "You know. . ." Travis started to speak. She'd made it out to him, pushing through the Bushlands, placing herself in some form of danger that involved part of his past and part of the reason he had been. He owed it to her to be candid without any reservations. "It's wounding to hear people say it. Yea, I know, I'd say it to you if the situations were reversed. Wouldn't be able to help it. But knowing you could get hurt, Dani, not just from any danger either from one that's pretty much been following my whole life?" His lips parted as an exhausted and equally frustrated sigh breezed between them. "You being there might mean I lose you too."
  7. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    He wouldn't have felt proper if he didn't warn her of the potential of the felines. A trait that they gained from their mother's curse or perhaps a curse turned into a gift for others over the course of time. "Good. They have their mother's sassy attitude which is only increased with their human intellect." He didn't expect any of them to have the trait to shift into a far more human state like Odessa once did, at least not anymore. Then a narrowed set of brown eyes glanced towards her as if the offer she'd reached out with had been an error in stepping. "It came into my own home, Liv. . . It won't feel bad breaking into another. No, I can't. . . I -won't- risk putting your life in that much danger. I'll run the bushlands, not many know it like I do." Not many species that counted as hunters could boast that acute knowledge of their own 'backyard' as he did, mostly due to the amount of time he spent there. Of course, the Hunter who sought him most likely knew it far better which had been a risk he needed to talk if it meant others could keep even a modicum of their safety. How could he willingly stay in a place knowing there'd been no guarantee of safety for both occupants? That it'd been as much a brutal attack to weed out those that may hold a heavy sway and impact on him while also try to break what shielding of sanity and control he held in a 'civilized society'. If he hadn't been aware of who did it, hadn't been reminded of the smell and unique look of the beast. . . Maybe he would've agreed to whatever misguided collection of the Wolfish kin had been happening. Yet it meant very little in the moment, not with the history that had passed by. Stubborn, that explained Liv or perhaps persistent if he wanted to shove the less negative stance of it. Either way he'd been reminded that he had been dealing with a alma mater Bourke and with their House that along with true trust and loyalty had been a difficult thing to break away from once it'd been determined someone earned it. "That's not a fair question at all and you know it. Of course I would. No person or entity would stand in my way even if they thought they could, even if I needed to wait until the full moon to handle it." Reckless, he'd been reckless enough to make his point at points that he probably shouldn't but if he could utilize his course for some form of good, much like Odessa had, then maybe it wouldn't all be a dark pit of despair. As much as it had been to protect her and others it'd been an equally selfish choice in not wanting to deal with another loss from the same individual, as if that would amount too much. As if the crimes already levied would break whatever proverbial shoulders they rested on. Travis had to wonder, even if she chose to accept it does that mean held no other choice but to take it? His head shook lightly as if to shake such a dangerous throat away from his mind. That would've only placed him where he'd been months ago and that would've been an even more dangerous mindset to take up once more. As much as it had been to curtail the emotions that started to skirt along the edges of his mind, to feed and fill the gapping desire to slip into a 'berserker's rage'. Either way, he agreed to her. Even if he never expressly stated that he'd been alright with her being in danger he took her as a friend during a time where he knew it would or could be. To him, that'd been about as damning as saying, 'Yes, please. Die for me.' That single thought causing a shiver of hatred for himself for not considering it. "Knowing from the start probably should've gave you the clue or idea to probably dodge me a lot better. . ." The tone of his voice eased out, barely above the range of a whisper but still easily audible in the quiet portion of the Hospital Wing. There'd been no backing away, he stood in the same spot even while hearing her steps growing closer. That thumping sound of her heart radiating in his ear like a drum that wouldn't, maybe even couldn't, go away. "Good things? You consider the fact your life is in danger by a Werewolf. . . A good thing?" He never viewed Liv as a stupid woman or even one that lack intelligence, from every encounter she'd been someone that proved that easily as much as the odd bit of wisdom. Still, he could only see her as the overly optimistic woman trying to see some form of good in everything whether it be a situation or a monster of a person. "I'm not even sure how to respond to that. . . That my presence has brought nothing but good things." How could he tell someone they were wrong for their own feelings? That they were misguided? He'd been no psychic, no one that could plunge into the deeper emotions of an individual.
  8. Invite Hunter's Respite

    There still hung the mental notion that it'd been a bad step, an entirely bad call on Odessa's part if he had to be honest. Trying to tell an individual with a feline mindset that they were 'wrong' would've only been as succesful as trying to tell a Wolf not to hunt in the wild. He didn't proceed much further beyond the entry point of the shack aside from being only two-inches from its sheltering presence. The door left barely ajarred as if to emphasize that he originally held no full intention on willingly letting someone push into the structure. A low barely audible sharpness of breath pressed through his nostrils, tightening the canals while his body seemed to stiffen as the young teen started to make her approach towards him. Each step forward, even with the steady and calm nature behind the movements felt and looked as if they were massive bells ringing in his ear; tension throttling through his body as he adjusted himself in an attempt to shake much of it off while still holding up a firm guardianship over the doorway. As if awaiting for the inevitable, eyes lowering towards the ground when she finally stopped growing aware of the distance between the two of them. It'd been enough that the smell that radiated off of her had grown in power, tracing through the atmosphere yet coalescing where she stood in the closer proximity. 'What. . .?' He needed a few moments to believe he heard the words that she'd spoken. Taking in a deep breath and sighing while his gaze shifted away from her, towards one of the local fauna that seemed to be in mid-bloom for its season. "Part of me hoped you were here purely on coincidence and just stumbled over me." That had been an unlikely scenario given Danielle's hunting instincts, he wagered she'd most likely been tracking him for sometime. Either way it'd been a very miniscule hope overshadowed by the more likely and from her own words and presence, obvious answer. "Why in Merlin's great name would you ever do that?" He never doubted the kind of conviction and focus she held, the kind of devotion he often saw in her when it came to her younger sister. He, however, never expected that she would say such words with a similar weight behind them. "I'm -" Before Travis could even let his words flow from his lips the black cat, Odessa, lifted up her back legs and kicked the door wide opened. As if to make the choice for him, drawing a stern glare once more towards the feline. As if to dismiss the gaze as an unimportant gesture the cat turned about walking further into the shack. "Apparently you can come in. . ." He followed suit himself, stepping back into the dank and dark confinement that had been Old Mackey's run-down shack. "Probably better anyways. Don't need you baking under the sun if the clouds start to shift even slightly." While he knew she wouldn't puff into ash he also wouldn't have been able to forgive himself knowingly putting her through an intense discomfort. Making his way back towards the table that doubled as his temporary workstation, his hands pressing against the wooden edge as it creaked in defiance. "You know you shouldn't be here, Dani. It's not really safe around me."
  9. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    The tips of his fingers were nearly at the pressure point where they'd be able to pierce through the skin once more as it had done within a recent month, yet there he'd been an obvious warming interference of Liv's hand worming its way towards his. Trying to keep it from tightening any further than it had been trying to, as much as he wanted to be defiant, to do so either way to make some form of demonstration he couldn't in any form of good conscious make the action. Between not wanting to hurt her fingers as well as not wanting to face the potential pouting features that could form if he did end up causing bodily injury intentionally. His gripping hand loosening, gradually with only the pumping of the blood constantly reverberating through the veins that had been constricted. "Just be careful with the Kittens. . . They'll really mess with your magic collectively. Just one would really push it out of whack a bit too if you're not aware of it." It'd been as if they were a living core of sorts, empowering the magic of a Wizard or Witch without having to gut out some creature for the components in some way. As much of a companion as a wand had been, more expensive too in the long run but at least it meant a more audible companion in some ways. "And Sigma likes to use their chaos to get into stuff, have to watch him too or you'll end up in a bathroom with toilet paper everywhere." Or worse, considering the various paper products women tended to use for their hygiene, comforts, and leisure's. She was stubborn, he expected her to be stubborn. He hadn't really expected that she would've agreed to his words, the idea or even the premise of keeping back for the sake of staying out of harms way. Especially not when someone that had managed to earn her care and concern. It caused him to huff out in a bullish man, a sense of frustration and confusion on the matter. The confusion on why she didn't just take that he'd been trying to keep her safe, to avoid the potential that she or anyone else could be a target. Maybe it'd was becoming too idealistic of a thought to think that snipping the ties would force his hunter to focus solely on him. His gaze averted slightly away from her as he caught glimpse of the smile, a means to try and keep his mind from envisioning a vivid gruesome outcome. "You shouldn't -need- to fight one, Liv. . .!" His voice had been weak yet held the intent to try and scold the older woman. "There shouldn't be more potential bodies." 'Not because of me.' An errant thought that crossed his mind, knowing that if he'd vocalized it the woman would either tell him it wasn't due to him or even think it. He, however, opted to face the responsibility of the fact that he'd been the objective and everyone else had been the chosen collateral damage of that stance. The slight spark of the phase of anger had started to broil in him, the shaken yet frustrated huff that exhausted through his lips ringing the bell of it. "I know it's dangerous, I know I may need people or that I probably shouldn't do it alone. . . But nothing is worse is knowing you lived while other people died!" It hadn't been the first time, no, this had been the second time. Not being around for it making a larger sting in him than he wanted to ever admit, being cursed with the strength and potential to actually stop something and yet not being around to do just that. "Knowing that if those people didn't know you or had chosen to kick you out of their lives that they could've been left away from what your own presence brought." Turning around as his hand swiped in a feral motion against the chair to knock it down as if it had been his way. "Damn it!" There'd only been so long a werewolf could've held back their emotions, even for ones that had it much more in check than others.
  10. Invite Hunter's Respite

    The weight of the death hung on his shoulders like a cloak of burden, inaction that had left open the gate to those around in his life to poke at him with. To shred those particular bonds by loss of life, loss of being able to continue on existing in the physical form of the world. It lingered in his mind, the 'Maybes', the things that he could've or perhaps even should've done but hadn't. Like other costly blames that his existence contributed towards he laid it at his own feet as a personal responsibility. Something that at some point he would have to take care of, that the two trains that had been racing on the track of his life for so long were bound to come to head in a catastrophic crash. Travis held the barely existing hope that no one he knew would stumble their way into the shack, while a known abandoned placed not many people held the courage to approach anything with Old Man Mackey's name attached to it. A reputation that he perceived could be used as some form of shield at least until he caught scent of something, someone, that hadn't been native to the populace of the Bushlands. The smell had been far too fresh and lacked the usual dusty musk that most who traversed it held. Maybe it was coincidence, it couldn't have been anyone intentionally looking for him, his mind started to rationalize. At least until the presence drew closer to the shack's proximity, the latent smell of something that'd been Human yet not quite and one that he'd been quite accustomed towards at that. It'd been enough to throw him for a loop, of the many people he would've though would try to seek him out the individual in question hadn't even come to mind as someone who actually would. Enough of a loop that he wasn't sure what to expect, would she just run ahead barging in? Had she only been some form of 'scout' to make others that would be looking aware of his location? His brown eyes lifted up to look towards the slightly large back window, enough for him to squeeze out but many of his utensils would be left behind. Almost as if the thought could be easily read on his face a black cat leaped its way onto the window sill, blocking the entrance and offering what seemed almost like a scolding mewl. This drew a low hiss from him towards the ever bossy feline. "I should've left you behind, Odessa. . ." A sigh of resignation and equal parts frustration exhausted passed his lips as he turned towards the door. Should he stay or should he greet her? Leaving her out there wasn't an option, not in his mind, not what could be watching. Biting back against his instincts that screamed to stay distant, a hand pressing against the door to open it as he stepped out of the structure. The cat, Odessa, following right behind him and swirling her body around his legs and through the small crevasse that parted between his ankles. Some of his hair had been tied back though clearly disheveled and unmaintained. "Dani. . ." His voice called out as a form of greeting, the tone held an obvious distance laced with weariness which seemed to fit much of his faces features in the same notion. Lifting a gaze up towards the surroundings, surveying it as if expecting some form of shadow to prop up or maybe even expecting more people to come barreling through at some point following the young teens lead. "Why come all the way out here? You don't seem like the kind of person that enjoys old rundown shacks that crazy people own."
  11. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    The sound of her heart beating throttled in his ears, he could hear it as if it were a massive bass in a marching band that drowned out the rest of the instruments amongst the ensemble. Her tightening arms didn't bother him physically, he'd been a durable sort and could withstand much of the woman's endowed strength from her heritage. Even so, he didn't expect such such a heavy embrace and it all still felt extremely numb for him in the moment with his mind still trying to piece together the scene that he managed to stumble over in his own home. No. . . That place could never be called such again, it was a place that he wouldn't really be able to return back to. Once her arms had released him he stepped back away from her, an instinct of distance. Not so much a wall as much as it had been to a means to keep her 'protected'. As if a physical rift would offer such a thing, a foolish notion in his mind yet his actions still seemed to believe it was a necessary step. "No. . . I knew it could happen and hoped that it wouldn't. . .." He let himself believe if he stopped chasing, stopped paying heed to whom sought him out for whatever reason that it would just all fall into place. That it would eventually stop, deep down he felt he knew better, he should've known better. "Should've followed my instincts and instead I ignored them." It may have costed him his own life but at least it would've meant the others most likely wouldn't have been a target anymore. It'd been that thought that ran through his mind that added the salt to the wounds. Fingers started to curl into a tightened ball, nails embedding deep within the center of his palm. Wood skidding along the ground resounded in his ear, a slight gaze shifting towards the chair for a moment before diverting it away from the offered seat. How could he sit? He could barely keep every muscle in his body from twitching between blankness and the boiling rage of adrenaline that wanted to shoot through his entire body. "I don't need anything. . .Actually. . ." He couldn't keep Odessa and her Kittens nor Sigma out for too long, without a comfortable home or place where they could feel even remotely side. Granted, Odessa would've been far more adamant about staying around him than the others. "I need you to take in my pup, Sigma, and Odessa's kittens. I'd say Odessa but she wouldn't go even if I used a spell on her." The extremely elder cat had been resourceful, survived through various ages and nothing he did could ever truly keep her barred for long. Hearing her support of him caused him to wince, as if the words inflicted far more pain to him than the woman could've imagined. "That is what I'm afraid of, Liv. . ." Even with the woman's usual optimism he knew she wasn't blind to the danger zone she'd been stepping into. Or, at the very least, he'd hoped she wasn't that blind. "You get that could mean you're next, right? That being around me is just. . . It's dangerous."
  12. Invite Hunter's Respite

    Travis Franklin
    Distance, distance seemed like a good thing in his mind. The numbness that had originally been present with him at first when he met with Liv had long subsided into the ever present aching pain. That point where emotion itself had been so intense that physical signs wrecked across the body like burning fissures about to crack through the surface of the ground. A geyser of anger, hatred, and regret that didn't show any signs of actively being quelled, of ever dying down into viable levels for him to not dwell on. It wasn't the only reason he sough distance, it hadn't been for his own safety. That had long been tossed out the window in his mind, finding that backing off for the sake of the safety of his life caused the backlash that it had. Part of him had reverted back to what he had been, at least taking the route of trying to protect people from the shadow of bloodlust that seemed to follow him. Except with the obviousness nature of it being with actual reason: How much did the Hunter that stalked him like prey know? Those that had been close to him, that he interacted with? There'd been no doubt in his mind that even taking temporary refuge in what had used to be Old Man Mackey's shack would hide him out of reach, that he'd been under some form of animalistic 'surveillance'. Travis hadn't been hiding away from the authorities that would've been foolish, even he knew that. Though he also took the foolish step of refusing any form of 'protection' they were going to offer. Trust them? As if they had done him or his kind any favors and given the manner of the attack on his Mother it would've been as much of a watchful protection as it would be to monitor him for others that still held the visage that he'd been the culprit that screamed, 'The one arm man did it.' The shack wasn't homey, it was utterly crap. The obvious signs of being damaged, in disrepair in several places where the more severe elements seemed to have caused parts of the wall and roof to need to be replaced or amended. A simple task for someone with a bit of magic at their hand but he wanted it to look as unlived in as possible, the hope that it wouldn't be someone's first idea to try and check for him. Inside, lined on the counter had been a series of books that seemed to some form of advanced subject of magic involving curses and various other esoteric forms along that line. Different forms of objects and empty vials rested just above it as if he'd been planning or something. Whether he chosen to give chase once more. . . That remained to be seen in his mind but no longer could he just sit by and expect nothing to happen, he needed to be prepared.
  13. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    Numbness. . . The reality still hadn't set in even though he'd been the one to find the body. Even if the blood still smelled fresh and stuck within his mind as vivid and virulent as the scene itself which had been painted in his mind. Flashes of the various spectrums of that moment wouldn't leave from his mind even when he buried his way as far as he could into the bushlands. A true place of retreat, a place where everything made sense to his animalistic tendencies and even then they couldn't piece together the puzzle of 'Why'. He knew the how, he didn't need to be an investigator or even a doctor to see the tearing and the ripping marks - the signs of extremely sharpened teeth and the marks left behind of them. Even without much information being squirrelled out he knew most people would come to the same conclusion that many of the Auror Officer's did at first. That he committed matricide, an ungrateful animal that snapped and allowed its impure and monstrous urges to lead into a bloodbath. And perhaps many of them still thought that very course without even considering the far more obvious hinges of evidence, luckily enough there'd been someone involved in the investigation that knew him more than just 'well enough'. His mind constantly wandering, running at a rapid pace on the different avenues he should've taken. He should've chased after the bastard before things escalated to such a brutality. He could deal with his own loss but now. . . Now it was his inaction and passivity that led to another being not only hurt but lost. Not just some random individual either, his own Mother. The same creature that had stolen his father away returned to complete 'the set' - now he stood at the opening of two lost parents and nothing left. Much of the day had been very 'Travis-less' at the school, to be expected for obvious reasons. Though many calls seemed to route towards his phone majority had ended up being ignored except for the one that had come in from Liv. He wasn't entirely sure why he chose to answer for her or to even agree to meeting at the school in the first place, maybe for the comfortable environment. . . The natural understanding that amongst most people she'd be the least judging. Though his trait for pessimism may also collide with the woman's glaring optimism. Regardless it was a risk to take, Odessa not giving him much of a choice either with her bossy way of shooing him to seek out another being. A proper grounding in a hell-scape situation. 'Sneaking' wasn't much of an option though the obvious signs of the glares and looks that followed him were obvious. Even the minor whispers that were spoken on the lips of a few students and even the 'obvious Auror's in sight' on the school grounds regarding a separate situation entirely. Making his way towards the Hospital amongst the weight of eyes until he passed through the entry way of the facility. Though he'd been spotted by Liv and even led away by the woman his response felt disembodied, as if he weren't there and yet had been there. Still experiencing all of it as much as he'd been in disbelief of the day and what had been experienced. She didn't need to say anything, what more could someone say? What could he even comprehend that would make it all seem alright? The wounds were fresh, torn opened and figuratively - bleeding out in a river that just couldn't find its stalling point. Suddenly, he was snatched up into a hug and held tightly against the woman. There hadn't been any fight or even any reflexive response to fully embrace, near limp as if he'd been stunned or bound by some form of rope at his biceps. "You. . . Don't need to apologize. . ." Sympathy, Empathy all of it just seemed to hurt. Like a needle prodding at the injury unintentionally. "My own fault and carelessness."
  14. Bloodied and Broken Home

    Travis Franklin
    The Franklin Household, locked down with a grizzly scene. An Auror presence and the home closed off for investigation as a crime scene. . . The buzz is that up and coming Pro-Species Ministry member, Marisol Franklin has been murdered. No details have been released on what sort of fiend would steal a life away, let alone in ones own home where comfort is intended to belong to the dweller! Where is 'Travis' amongst this, one may ask. Victim? Perpetrator? . . . Witness? There doesn't seem to be any concrete answer towards those inquiries. Many that have found out his 'literal secret' seem to be drawing their own negative conclusions on that. *Notes: For those not aware - It has been recently outed at least on Tallygarunga's grounds that Travis Franklin is a werewolf due to the Boggart class! Play with the knowledge as you will!
  15. Complete DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    It wasn't until after he managed to get to his seat, so highly attuned to the idea of proving he could stand up to his own fear to some degree in the sight of one of his Best Friends that he realized. . . The Girl wasn't even in the room! Her scent fading in strength and trailing out the door with a mingling of others. This caused an irritated and bullish huff from his nostrils while his teeth clutched and grinded tightly together. It was supposed to be a show that he held some form of strength now to face it, at least to show the both of them there had been some kind of change within himself. His mentality even with the fear laid out fully, now it'd been fully revealed and the tension that reverberated in the atmosphere felt as thick as the collection of hair on his head. Even the words inspired by Evelyn couldn't stop the full weight of the gazes he could feel burrowing on him for one reason or another. A furrowed brow made itself present on his face and his attention focusing heavily on the table before himself. Putting together a few of his things and slinging the pack's single strap over his shoulder. Blood staining along the fabric of it only briefly as the wounds within his scarred palms had already started to close up at a rapid rate. The faster he could make his way out of the class, as far away from the school as he could potentially get the better things would be for him or at least that had been the assumption his mind had already planned out. Standing up once more, this time with the full intention to leave as he made his way towards the classroom's entryway. Only for that passage of freedom from the weight to be blocked by one of his Housemates, Samantha. He didn't even need to look at her to know it was her, trying his best to keep his gaze away from the often too sweet Bourke. Her smell a fueling notice, however, that she'd been there regardless of what he asked his eyes to avoid. Some things about a person just can't be omitted from notice when it came to his senses. "Uh. . . Hey there, Sam. . ." He wasn't sure what to expect if he were being honest when it came to the younger Bourke. Ostracization didn't seem like her gimmick but it also didn't seem like many people until the option emerged due to some form of fear of rationale that it'd been necessary. "Probably shouldn't be seen talking to me, you know." Travis had been prepared enough mentally on the cost
Travis Franklin
Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Werewolf HE/HIM
Age  17
Date of Birth December 13th, 2001
Birthplace Australia
Year Level Seventh Year
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Werewolf
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Rougarou
Wand 8" Aspen Rougarou Hair
Play-by Avan Jogia

2012-2019 - Seventh Year - Bourke


Witnessed his Father's Death by the Werewolf that infected him. 

In the past he often had fantasies about his best friend in not friend scenarios.

He's entangled with an Older woman, it's currently just physical with no commitments. (He may not even remember the encounters!)

Easily finds a variety of different women attractive. 

It isn't broadcasted that he's a Werewolf. 

General Knowledge

Is into various art forms: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing/Sketching, and other styles. 

Often can be seen walking around with a sketchpad and a pencil.

His Mother is trying to get into Ministry work to better situations of those considered 'Non-Human'

That he holds no judgement against a person without actual reason. 

Has recently been far more approachable and has been approaching people, there's no correlation on why. 



Travis Franklin is an outgoing and laid back individual - this makes him a social butterfly of sorts. Trying not to let his past issues being a driving force of his decision. This leads to him often trying to help out people without a second thought, even those that others would consider 'bad' in certain lights. He doesn't let naivety run him in that regard but can easily tell the difference between a persons who dangerous versus someone whose trapped within themselves. 

He tries not to judge people harshly and holds no ill-will towards those that are of a different species, background, or lifestyle than himself. The values of his mother stick closely within his mind and the gap of her missing Maternal family as a presence in his life is a reminder on the cost such a divide offers to everyone. 

While he is a non-feral type of werewolf and isn't a full slave to the inner nature it doesn't mean it's not there. Ever gnawing at him like a dog chews at a bone, it's waiting to be unleashed and makes itself known like an ever growing whisper. 

He's often drawn to different types of women, never holding their choice of style or if they're older, their age, against them if he's pursuing them. In many cases it's much more superficial, never amounting to anything truly 'serious'.


Travis Franklin stands at Six feet and one inch tall. His physique can be considered athletic and extremely fit. The muscle tone that seems extremely consistent across his entire body gives the impression that he works out often or at least practices something to a religious degree with impressive results. Dark brunette hair dangles down from his head and settles just at the shoulder. Light brown eyes compliments the darkened texture that makes up his hair. 

He's always wearing clothing that is somewhat loose and comfortable, not enough that it's falling off of his body but enough that it gives him the feeling of having actual movement within the fabric prisons. 

As the moon shifts towards its full state his somewhat light caramel skin begins to turn pale. The signs of some form of flu or bug becomes more apparent as time goes on. It doesn't seem to halt him in performance but the exhaustion on the body is still very much noticeable to those that care to pay attention.

The story so far

Born to Kevin and Janine Franklin, Travis found himself in a supportive environment growing up. His Mother, Janine, came from a Pureblood family that followed Purist beliefs. A belief she had broken out of later in life seeing the benefit and worth of diverse people. It is the belief that others deserve to be respected and assisted that is within Travis instilled by his mother who has seen the extreme side of the fence where only one people 'should' matter to a person. Those that held the rights to practice magic from lineage alone and not from self merit and hard work. 

Kevin Franklin was a career Auror and while he was away often from home due to the demands of the job, the moments he had been involved were memorable. The extensive family that the Muggleborn man came from didn't hurt either in solidifying support for Travis' household as it seemed like cousins, aunts, and uncles always funneled through the house on the weekends, holidays, and extensive vacations. One of those activities being an annual 'family camping trip' that tended to mostly be Himself, His Father, and a few cousins of varies ages who enjoyed kicking it back with a fire and taking in nature. 

While nature hadn't been one of his own liked hobby's, the time spent with family certainly had begun to be so. 

The annual trip for 2007 rolled around, it was a year where things had been just a bit tougher as many of his Cousins that were graduating their schools or universities decided to go on a trip across the world together. This gave the camping trip a heavier weight to make memorable for everyone, a memory that would be scarred and burned into everyone one way or another. As the moon rose high into the sky, Travis had gotten the urge to use the loo after he'd engorged himself on water earlier in the day. With no actual bio around for him to use it left the wilderness as their natural environment. 

It only added a scent to follow, the sound of howling and hungered growls the emitted in the area had been terrible enough to cause a chill along the spine to form. The started grip of a crippling fear ready to clutch at his mind. Suddenly it struck and grasped at his arm with its maw before it tossed him aside and lurched to hover just above him. A loud scuffle that alerted some of the older individuals, including his Father as they searched out the means of the noise and to make sure that Travis had been alright. Howling had been an abnormal occurrence, a sign of every bad omen in the Outback.

Kevin distracted the beast with a spell made of fire, a bright light source to slightly disorient before running head long against it as a means of sacrifice in order to defend. It was a sight that Travis couldn't pull from his mind as he watched the scene, being pulled away by an older cousin as they left behind many things in order to get into the car by the camp. 

After the hospital visit had been concluded that he'd been afflicted with Lycanthropy the proper channels and paperwork had been started to inform the Ministry and the  necessary containment process needed for when the transformations would occur. Something that followed him as he entered into Tallygarunga once he came of age and his magic surfaced, a means to an end in some ways. 

Over the years in Tallygarunga he's kept a low profile, not making it widely known that does have an affliction that is deadly to others on the wrong night of a month. 

Travis Franklin February 21
Type: Invite Danielle HaynesTravis Franklin.
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