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  1. Open An Ordinary Abnormality

    Travis had already been relaxing within the Game room and laid back on one of the cushioned coaches that had been provided as a means to facilitate the room to be more 'relaxing.' He passively watched the room but mostly what seemed to be a heated match between two players of a different houses engaged in Wizard's Chess, a pen to the sketch pad he often carried around. The pencil gently traced along the surface of it as he outlined the two fingers locked in a focused concentration over what seemed to be a table - only an outline at any rate. There had been no major details made yet just enough to know that there were figures that faced one another in a penciled skeleton. Bit by bit at an impressive speed and attention to detail he started to fill it what had been missing but also added in a bit of extra details. The things a person could only see by studying long enough, one played had the sense of confidence and superiority. This he demonstrated by giving that particular subject a firm smirk that demonstrated just how in control he thought he'd been. A steady aura drawn around it the form as if it had been its own ;fighting spirit' of sorts, the other seemed much more determined but no less a slouch. This was portrayed in the sense of a much more determined frown at the brow, the thin line of the lips turned in a way to show how unamused he'd been about the opponent. Another aura was added in as his artists' interpretation. Much more fierce, chaotic, contained and it threatened to grow further out of control. At least that portion of the drawing would have if Travis hadn't noticed the sounds of struggle that wormed its way into his ear. Tried as he might have to ignore it and focus on his 'Masterpiece' of sorts it held no success. A soft sigh emitted and he sat up to fold the pad to the front cover and slide the pencil into the small loop that accompanied it while he stood up fully. Eyes scanned sharply like a hunter for a prey until he noticed Samantha trying to wrestle with a flyer."Oh. . . Well, I guess that makes sense on the sounds of struggles." A remark towards himself before he made his way over towards her direction with the wand withdrawn. "As hilarious as watching you struggle with this is, Sammie. . . I just can't in good conscious let it keep going on." He remarked towards his fellow Bourke and placed a friendly hand at her shoulder and his head slightly jabbed towards the side and he spoke up again."Step aside real quick, let's see if I can get this old flyer to be a bit more compliant." He had no qualms that he probably could have brute strength pulled it down but he also didn't want to risk ripping it after all that tugging and pulling effort that occurred just seconds prior. If she'd step back his hand would raise up and trace the tip of the wand through the air with an attempt to charm the Glue spell itself to weaken its hold just a bit to be more friendly to being adjusted.
  2. Open Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    A stack of textbooks sat at the leg of the bench that Travis had been sitting on, the presence of the sun beamed onto the roof garden. It was a comfortable feeling on his skin and it brought a small smile to his face. "Man, this feels so good." Even if the weather was mild just being able to bathe in the rays was a boost to the day for him. It also gave him plenty of light to work on his sketchpad, what had turned into an attempt to study ended up being flipped around as a means to draw. The flowers were in the state of starting to bloom and it was the kind of thing you only could catch by luck or if you were really into planting. The tip of his pencil glided along the blank pages and every so often a lifted gaze would stare at his subject and then drop back down to the paper. The visualization stayed within his mind unless the subtle change of the wind caused an unfinished portion to shift in which he'd rectify the drawing to fit more accurately towards that image. Something that could be considered ephemeral - caught and drawn in the moment. A difficult technique to manage if it wasn't already engraved within the minds eye. This is when he started to shift off of the bench and slide down to press his back firmly against it. Travis leveled himself to provide a newer angle which gave him a newer perspective, it seemed to be a bit more full in that regard too. Hands rose off of the pad and the wrists rested on the raised kneecaps. At this point he was just admiring the series of flowers and blooms that filled the section of the roof that had been chosen as his temporary haunt for the evening. It was rare that he was able to have such a quite moment, to enjoy the calm that even the current display of nature offered. It was a minor getaway from the constant studying he'd piled on since the start of the exams for the ending stretch of the year.
  3. Scandalicious

    Travis Franklin
    He has no problems with her, if he could remember her, that is!
  4. Mutts and Purebreds

    Travis Franklin
    The type that gets Loyalty a new phrase!
  5. Travis Franklin

    Travis Franklin
    Born to Kevin and Janine Franklin, Travis found himself in a supportive environment growing up. His Mother, Janine, came from a Pureblood family that followed Purist beliefs. A belief she had broken out of later in life seeing the benefit and worth of diverse people. It is the belief that others deserve to be respected and assisted that is within Travis instilled by his mother who has seen the extreme side of the fence where only one people 'should' matter to a person. Those that held the rights to practice magic from lineage alone and not from self merit and hard work. Kevin Franklin was a career Auror and while he was away often from home due to the demands of the job, the moments he had been involved were memorable. The extensive family that the Muggleborn man came from didn't hurt either in solidifying support for Travis' household as it seemed like cousins, aunts, and uncles always funneled through the house on the weekends, holidays, and extensive vacations. One of those activities being an annual 'family camping trip' that tended to mostly be Himself, His Father, and a few cousins of varies ages who enjoyed kicking it back with a fire and taking in nature. While nature hadn't been one of his own liked hobby's, the time spent with family certainly had begun to be so. The annual trip for 2007 rolled around, it was a year where things had been just a bit tougher as many of his Cousins that were graduating their schools or universities decided to go on a trip across the world together. This gave the camping trip a heavier weight to make memorable for everyone, a memory that would be scarred and burned into everyone one way or another. As the moon rose high into the sky, Travis had gotten the urge to use the loo after he'd engorged himself on water earlier in the day. With no actual bio around for him to use it left the wilderness as their natural environment. It only added a scent to follow, the sound of howling and hungered growls the emitted in the area had been terrible enough to cause a chill along the spine to form. The started grip of a crippling fear ready to clutch at his mind. Suddenly it struck and grasped at his arm with its maw before it tossed him aside and lurched to hover just above him. A loud scuffle that alerted some of the older individuals, including his Father as they searched out the means of the noise and to make sure that Travis had been alright. Howling had been an abnormal occurrence, a sign of every bad omen in the Outback. Kevin distracted the beast with a spell made of fire, a bright light source to slightly disorient before running head long against it as a means of sacrifice in order to defend. It was a sight that Travis couldn't pull from his mind as he watched the scene, being pulled away by an older cousin as they left behind many things in order to get into the car by the camp. After the hospital visit had been concluded that he'd been afflicted with Lycanthropy the proper channels and paperwork had been started to inform the Ministry and the necessary containment process needed for when the transformations would occur. Something that followed him as he entered into Tallygarunga once he came of age and his magic surfaced, a means to an end in some ways. Over the years in Tallygarunga he's kept a low profile, not making it widely known that does have an affliction that is deadly to others on the wrong night of a month.