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  1. Going to this dance had been the last thing that he -wanted- to do, it led to the possibility of being discovered if a person had paid attention long enough to certain signs and that had been on top of the fact that he could feel himself grow. . . Hungrier. The moon had only been days away and the urge to rip at a person throat had been one building up on the inside, suppressed, but no less annoying and no less frightening on the surface of his mind. What if he'd slipped and scratched at someone's throat? What if the rage in general decided to rear its ugly head only to have him go ballistic? Never actual issues for those with his particular Werewolf connection but it had been something he knew he always should worry about. But he made a promise and well. . . He aimed to keep the ones that he could and this one hadn't been so hard to indulge in. Even if it had been Meadow that he asked to take, it seemed like a no brainer to him in the greater scheme of things. All dressed up in a wool black and white checkered full suit that held small slimming squares, A white button up shirt underneath along with a long red and blue stripped manual tie. A golden clip held at the center of the tie to not only keep it in place but also to keep a much more neat and appealing appearance to it. His hair had been combed through and kept maintained and protected from the potential heat through a series of hair products, it kept a nice mold where a single strand hadn't been out of place. He wore black shoes with wooden bottoms which had been imported Stacy Adam's wingtips. A hand smoothed down the suit feeling the complimenting fabric while he stared at himself in his dormitory closet mirror. Single finger swept along the outside of the strands of hair. "Maybe I look too good to be going with a date. . ." He self complimenting smirk touched his lips then he shifted his eyes to the clock. "Woops. . . Can't be too late." He swiftly exited the room and closed the door behind himself before making his way over towards Kookynie Halls. A brisk walk that wouldn't pop a button out of place he'd been lucky enough that a suit had been able to actually fit him loosely and fetchingly considering the weave of muscles that made up his body that had grown excessively tight and full by now. This had all been in preparation for the transformation that would happen as well as the clammy nature of his skin, the deep paleness that stripped the olive tint to his skin making it seem as if he had either not seen the sun in -years- or had some illness that had been striking at his system. Many people had been leaving the room either going stag, in duo, or in a group of multiples with their friends - maybe that should have been his idea too? A shrug flowed from him and he made his way inside as the entrance had swung open long enough for him to navigate (Against school policy) to Meadow and Remi's room where he proceeded to knock his knuckles at their door. "After all that work to get me here, the door still isn't opened? You sure like to make me work even on nights meant to have fun."
  2. Whatever had been the reason for that term? He didn't judge, it wouldn't have been the first time he heard an odd term or two. If that had been what she identified something with then it had been clear to him that it made perfect sense to the young woman. She wasn't insane, that he could tell. And she wasn't in some kind of state of unawareness, once again, that he could tell. She had been extremely hyper and peppy but that had been more of a refreshing breeze to him compared to the usual types of personalities that he encountered on a daily basis. He wouldn't mind having a dose of Remi's positivity around much more often than certain other elements in his life. Less nagging, more fun. A playful grin formed on his lips. "Stupid? Naaah, we can look at it like. . . Heightened sense of optimism! There we go!" He figured she'd been joking around and there'd been no need to play the White Knight that tried to talk her down on some kind of misguided self esteem. After all, being stupid isn't the same as just being ignorant of knowledge, they were two different issues of the same coin. "Besides, I wouldn't have been able to come to an idea about appendage without you around." His smile turned to softer smile as a sense of contentment flowed over him. A job well done, one of the few times his curse actually helped someone out with a good thing at that. As her arm wrapped around his neck in a sudden hug, his own wrapped around her waist accepting the embrace of it just before she backed off. "You don't need to thank me, really. Lost your friend and it wouldn't have been right of me to just sit there and let you just search about without a bit of help." Especially since he had the talents that made it much easier to assist in the endeavor. "I think I can adapt a pretty good one! Charm a nice neat collar for him and then teach you the spell that will lead you to him. If you don't have an actual collar you can get a bit creative with it, buy some kind of wristband that you'd put on a human-sized baby. I think that'd work just as well." It just worked better having an inanimate object to enchant in that method. He didn't feel too comfortable slapping it on Appendage directly, what if the guy wanted to escape legitimately one day? "If you buy it you can snag me at the Bourke Common Room, ask one of the red's that walk the area to see me and they should find me pretty easily."
  3. "Hey, I can admit when I need to go into the kiddie corner for a thought about my words!" His head tilted left and right for a moment as a wide smile touched his lips. "Jus no corners around. Looks like you're kind of stuck with me for a bit until I can be properly disciplined!" By the shift in the air alone he could tell the work that trailed Nox from their efforts had been noticeable and not just on a natural level. He'd grown to understand the difference between the formation of things that came about the environment and the interference of magic. Mostly because of the oddity of brief inconsistencies that came with the former that made the latter much more noticeable to him. With the response given by them, a soft chuckle escaped from him. "You sound like the sneaky sort. But considering that you pretty much got the drop on me. . . I'll slate that as a proof of truth." Maybe it hadn't only been the ranger training at work then? If he had to guess, potential background of whatever lifestyle had been their own choosing contributed to such careful steps. This time around, 'Nuts and Berries' hadn't been an innuendo of sorts. He could be a non-innuendo conversationalist at times. Fingers grasped at the strap of his bag while tightening to his shoulder for security of the belongings on the inside. "I don't know these days! I swear sometimes I'll be eating dinner in a cafeteria and someone is just dumping carrots onto my plate." Or teleporting them onto his plate, he was sure that had been going on more often of late. "But I don't mind more of the carp. They're fine for curbing the hunger, if nothing else. When I get to a good place where I can fix my own stuff up? I'll be eating like a king. . . By that, I mean just steak." His hand lifted up and pressed to his lips as he tried to hold by a sniggle. "Which one? Mines or that one?" A playful narrow gaze shifted towards them as he started to lower the bag he carried and made his way towards the plant. Kneeling down and sliding appraising finger tips along its exposed roots. "Well, aren't you the gluttonous little thing? I don't think it needs a stick to help it stand up but the others might." Travis opted to shift the stick joke to a less dirty manner, showing it had multiple applications! Adaptability of ones stick had always been important.
  4. Travis smirked, it seemed like Keaton had the pull to make a girl do some crazy things. Taking her shoes off and hopping from empty desk to empty desk. The teacher seemed to have continued on with answering the question of one of the students and then posing, what he could tell, a question asking personal capability. He lagged behind in answering and mostly? Just to keep his 'undivided attention' on to the instructor, until he felt a sudden nudge at his side which had broken focus. Attention turned towards the nudged hand as a smile twitched at his lips and a low effort wave towards Lorelei to avoid the Professor's notice. "Hey there." His voice dropped low into a whisper. "When did you sneak in? I. . . Could have sworn you weren't there." A teased wink shined. He'd been called again but by someone he hadn't encountered before. "Say what now? Oh, no, you didn't take my seat or anything like that." It wouldn't be fair to even classify it close to that kind of a thought. He'd already sat down before noticing his housemate. It did seem that Dani had been a bit on edge with something but he couldn't really fathom the what of it really. He also couldn't abandon a friend who had made their way to sit next him, opting to look at the compromise. "If she feels comfortable with it or wants to, could always offer the seat to Dani." He also didn't want the Flinder's girl to feel as if she -had- to get up or move or feet for someone else. It seemed in the time he'd been taking care of 'business' some form of debate started to spark up, wasn't his problem. He just shrugged and raised his hand as a confirmation on knowing how to manipulate his magic without a wand necessary then lowered his hand.
  5. "I imagine if someone that wasn't you did the same, they'd probably earn your concern and disapproval." A light smile touched his lips, it had seemed to be the usual response in those kinds of dynamics with peoples families. Certain traits were learned, even if they were at different effects to the individual. It also could have been the factor of her being young which would perhaps explain a bit more on the connection of becoming colder, which he ended up just taking up as a means of explaining being in a socially secluded environment more than anything else. "I find everyone is a contradiction. It's what makes people. . . People. 'Do as I say, not as I do' comes to mind in almost every situation." Travis often found himself a large contradiction, the nature to feel social and the desire to push them away for their own protection. To distance himself from the potential hurt he knew would eventually be caused in a different way entirely. He chuckled lightly at the description of having 'two-halves'. That had been the walk many people faced in the magical community, more notably in his mind, Dhampir's and Werewolves who found it difficult to contain their urges. "Might need to talk with someone on how they deal with having to fight a battle in that way. Plenty of people around who survive it a bit, others that don't." The experiences probably wouldn't help entirely but even knowing a bit on some of the ways that people keep themselves rooted could have been a help in that discovery. "But I think they'd probably say what I'm about to say which is the need to find an identity that you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it means testing out things until you say, 'Oh, yeah, man this really clicks with me!" That how he had stumbled across drawing and to some extent flirting, they were both ways on how his feet kept to the ground. "You do realize we live in like. . . A world of magic, right?" His head tilted with the playful tease of his words. A hand pushed in a light nudge against her to try and knock her out of the solemn feeling. "I don't think anything could be counted as 'too strange', honestly. A place where Mer people swim about and as different as each snowflake, where walking through a Pyramid and suddenly be a Sphinx snack could happen." Where someone could just be camping with their family and suddenly being attacked by a Werewolf. . . "I can't say much to you or anything like that with the whole 'See me differently' bit. I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest culprit in that matter." It had remained to truly be seen if she wouldn't at that but it'd been a thought he decided to push to the side. "But it also isn't deception if you don't tell someone, not really. Certain things simply are, what they are. At a certain point it isn't about whether you're hiding or lying about its existence but finding someone trusted enough to protect themselves." Travis never told anyone about his Lycanthropy, not really, maybe only Meadow of all the people that he could consider that he'd encountered. Lorelei seemed to. . . Snatch the truth of it herself even with his insistence against it. She suppose? It seemed a lot of her mischievous questioning had been knocked out of her. "I don't have to finish it now. It wouldn't satisfy much anyways, really, it would just curb it. I usually wait until I go home most days anyways." The food bill could be considered through the roof with how much he had to in take of meat on just a daily basis, let alone when it grew closer to the full moon where he had been near voracious for red meat. He started to stand up and extended his hand out towards her to help her up. "Maybe staring at me one step away from naked will help you with a bright smile again." He gave a playful wink towards her.
  6. He wasn't sure if he should legitimately worry about her or if it had just been a random fluke. Perhaps he should just chalk it up to that instead of thinking she couldn't manage those kind of a tasks? She couldn't always be a one track thinker, could she? It wasn't as if he had been frustrated with her either, more that he actually felt he needed to use the full extent of his physical talents to make sure she didn't drown herself from the sudden halt. But it seemed she hadn't even noticed the difference between the distance and the method of trying to keep her adrift long enough. Which had worked in his favor in trying to keep as low key as he could within reason, as long as someone didn't get themselves in a questionable situation. "Bet it also rustled your jimmies a bit to have my hand slide along your abs." A quick witted tease as he tried to ignore the soaked nature of his clothing. He started to shake his arms to toss off as much of the droplets as he could. Well, that seemed to explain a few . . . Situations. Maybe all that wrestling had taken a bit of a hit on her? It would explain at least why she said things before thinking about them or it could just be all that made Amber, well, Amber. "So, what, is this the part you say, 'Come watch me! I'm really good!'?" A soft smirk pressed on his lips while he started to make his way towards his bag to try and rummage through it, maybe there had been some kind of towel in there. Travis' ears twitched slightly hearing an odd sound, muffled, as if it had been some kind of groan. It wasn't any kind of animal that had been the sure and as it went on his attention turned towards Amber where it had been emitting from. Eyes narrowed slightly while he shook his head and started to sling his back over his shoulder. "Come on, get your clothes on. Don't want to take the risk of you fainting in the water because you're hungry."
  7. A smooth laughter flowed from Travis. "Yea, yea. . . I kind of had that idea already, that you're a troubler jumper." That excessively selfless nature she held could only lead down one road and that road was an overwhelming amount of trouble. Even with the bit of what he'd known and experienced coming from her he could consider her a bit controlling when it came to things she saw as something she could intervene with. Then a soft grunt resonated at his chest, he wasn't sure whom she was trying to convince with that particular statement. He wasn't going to place trust on the line of 'maybe's' especially with how finicky people could be, betrayal was a common trait to come across when it came to those like himself or even similarly so. He found he could find no true comment to say on it and opted to roll into the next conversation with ease. He offered a half smile as she gave a hugging squeeze then let go. "Heh, Sounds like a bit of a contradiction." Or more along the lines of someone who would have eventually thought of themselves as a Deity. A Messiah Complex. . . That's something that he could see in her which could be quite the dangerous and destructive path for any individual. "Strange? Ah, a bit. But being aware of certain things isn't exactly like experiencing them. I tend to relate life to a rollercoaster, the person on the rollercoaster knows it can be scary. But the person watching from a low altitude 'Knows' it can be scary, if you get what I mean?" Perception, it had been a ravager of thoughts and minds and even being in the same room a person would never truly understand or grasp the brunt of effects. Maybe the aftershocks of it but never the full weight. "At least with more experience under your belt you'll get to gain the awareness of both kind of situations and know how to support those in that time. So, I get it slightly." But something told him she wouldn't stop inserting herself even with that kind of knowledge. So, what. . . Her grandmother dropped a curse on her? Sounded excessive but then most containment methods could seem that way. He wasn't sure about any of this 'full power' line of thought and honestly hadn't been sure where to step on that kind of a thing. "Why would it change what I think of you?" His brow furrowed, quizzical expression formed on his face. "I mean, sure, it's a bit hard to follow." Which had primarily been that he knew he was missing some kind of piece that made it all move to make some kind of sense. "But I don't think it's something that would make me see you in some sort of different light. Really, just clears a up a few more things, hahaha." And maybe makes him want to avoid her family like some form of black plague that could consume him, flesh and all. He'd also been left with many more questions than things that had been solved but at least it broadened more of an idea to him about her personality. Travis counted himself as a young hormonal man before being an artist, while the human body had been something to appreciate it hit in different ways first for him. -If- she found her self embarrassed? Another comment he wasn't even sure where to take but it made him scratch at the side of his head in bewilderment on if she heard how it sounded. The next line of questioning didn't really help the first points either and his eyes blinked a moment. "I'd say appreciated but I couldn't say in what way, honestly." Would it have been artistically? Probably not, he had been surprised by own actions in the past but there had been a higher chance it would be out of pure enjoyment of another nature. And if one were to think about it, he practically had his face against her breasts already with the way her bra fell on his face. He snorted a bit. "I'm more worried about the scars than actually being seen poking out." A smile formed on his face without any hint of shame on the final part and then shrugged. "Then, sure, we can do that."
  8. Unpredictability? His eyes closed for a moment, probably something he shouldn't really find questionable. Knowing that when a family holds a long line in magic things sometimes were bound to happen. Or, really, when it came to magic in general. Nothing ever could be stated with any amount of certainty and expecting the sudden jumble up had come to be expected, at least it -should- be expected. "Well, you've got me there. As long as you don't get into any sort of trouble." A light laughter emitted from him and a smile touched on his lips in a smooth curve. "Some families take that kind of quality time pretty seriously. I know a few who have to just because they have to." Not the greatest of excuses he found but that perhaps had been the risk of growing up in unique environments. He was pretty sure if she went telling her family she'd been laying on him and holding his hand, he'd probably end up as a rug on someone's marbled floor. Travis' own brow furrowed at the sudden darkening of her expression and enough of a sign that it mind his mind more alert on what could potentially have driven through her mind. Had she planned to somehow stop the elite forces from doing their job? He knew she had a relative really high up the Ministry pole but he couldn't expect that they'd approve of her interference or even would move their own hand which. . . Probably meant she'd do something which even he would deem a brash thing to do. The hug disarmed him from the thoughts that had piled up and a gaze cast downwards towards her. It hadn't escaped his notice, it had been done in different ways but she held the desire for touching. "Sometimes it isn't about the thought trying to save the world that makes it harder." He knew that sometimes, it had been the knowledge while others it had been witnessing with ones own eyes. Not for the feeling of helplessness either but in the twisted knowledge that it was the fate of the world for anyone that had been placed in that kind of a predicament, that the world had ushered in such a cruel plate and had yet to be done with its fill. "Wallow in something long enough and it will break the sturdiest of individuals." Sometimes the path of time had been on the side of the few, those that held out as long as they could before their mind would become crushed. No one was immune to that, least of all those that would be long lived to experience it ten fold. A small smile formed on his face, he hadn't commented on her desire to try and share the pain. It was a sweet sentiment. He snickered as he leaned a bit from her shove, if she had been comparing him to her little brother in terms of an experience then he wasn't sure she actually understood the full connotation of things. "Just body parts, eh? Well, if you say so." Travis just took it as the idea that she considered him like a brother if she'd been that comfortable with it and used a relative as a point of proof. "Sure, we can go with me not have caring." A soft laughter escaped from him. He wouldn't have been offended but he also wouldn't have been against such a sight, the female body was always a beautiful form to admire in his mind. The difference in this could also would be the addition of water which often changed the perception of well, everything in the right conditions. "Okay, if you don't really have a problem with anything then we can go swimming."
  9. A smirk touched his lips, it was good she had that much confidence in herself that she didn't need to feel validated by offering up any extensive information. Whatever she'd been had been between her and whatever her family had been. Unless they were some kind of race of blood or soul sucking people. . . Then maybe that would be something to watch for but he hadn't gotten that kind of impression so far. Several blinks formed as he glanced towards her. "Really? Why not?" Not that he wasn't flattered that she'd been focused on hanging out with him but with how active her family had been he found it a bit odd she hadn't planned what her next steps would be after the meeting with him had ended. "From the way you talk about things it sounds like you would've had something planned already. A lot of activities for you choose from, I think." Travis could smell her scent much closely the longer her head rested on his shoulder enough to wonder if she had any idea of how this would look to other people that would pass by. Or the circumstance of if any of her family members had seen this little scene and wonder about not only this random male's connection to her but why she'd been hanging on him. The levels of her innocence always seemed to baffle him and left him unsure on how to respond or if bringing attention to things for better clarification would just beam a heavy awkwardness. A soft chuckle escaped from him at the sad expression that painted on her face. "Pains are pains, besides, it isn't as if they last long for me either way. It's what makes the scars. . . Livable. Faster healing of wounds." If he'd been some other creature in the world then the amount of damage to the tissue would have caused a harsher time on the body, luckily enough, he didn't have to wait long for the wounds to seal up. "It may not be vampiric fast but it's enough that I don't bleed out to death so easily. One of the many reasons they need to send teams out to deal with Werewolves." Not the only, but one of the factors. Aside from the animalistic strength and speed when changed taking one of his kind done hadn't be a feat that many could perform. The genuine sound from her plea had only been met with an equal amount of adamancy behind it. "I am registered, yes. If they have no word or proof of safety and I suddenly don't show up they will send someone out for searching. Either to subjugate or. . ." He didn't think he needed to explain what had been after 'Or', it was self-explanatory or he assumed as such. Subduing a werewolf isn't always sound strategy and sometimes killing them out right had been the only resort offered for the safety of the Auror's and those they needed to protect. "You're not going to budge from the trying it at least once stance, are you?" More effort and work in exchange for not slicing himself up and waiting for his body to heal from the pain and wounds. "Fine. . . I'll give it more consideration, that's all I can promise." Maybe this had been the small silver-lining he sought to deal with his more present issue? He pushed the thought away instantly, aware of the young girl's tendency to read emotions. "You shouldn't want to stand by someone in a place like that, Lorelei. It wouldn't just be me around in that kind of situation. There would also be, maybe a few hundred others, suffering through the same agonizing howls for the same reasons. That alone is haunting in its own way." The signs that she'd been the type to go out of her way for others showed in full rawness with how she'd been willing to try and stand watch. But he wasn't sure she'd been aware of just how horrific that environment truly could be for the mind, even for those prepared. "You would perhaps see some much younger than I at that in that kind of a situation." After all, his own situation started before he even hit double digits of age. "No that isn't. . ." His fingers ran across his beard for a moment in thought. He wasn't sure how to explain it and it didn't exactly assist that her mind hadn't worked as other teenage girls. The logic leap that would usually take place didn't seem to. If anything, he'd relate it more towards the idea of wearing one's panties and catching a watery camel toe. Sure, a person is covered, but the imprint and shape and image had been revealed and left very little to the imagination. A soft sigh escaped his lips and he figured the only way to break the innocence barrier of communication had been to be blunt in his own way. "It means that you would be stuck with the chance of viewing what could poke -out- of my underwear." He certainly hadn't been shy about his body in that way, it wouldn't have been his first rodeo with exposure and hadn't cared if he showed himself in that way. But that didn't mean someone wouldn't be offended or uncomfortable with the sight or knowledge of that. Shame hadn't been the kind of thing he knew about. "You know, the obvious difference between man and woman?" "It's possible. I'm not a person who could be consider an expert on what fate has in store for people." He was no seer, if there had been actual Seer's around in the first place. But he also hadn't been the sort to take Divination for the full intention of it simply due to its obscurity. "But, sometimes, the cards dealt aren't yours to pull. The dealer just slides it out. But at least we get to decide how we play it for the part anyways."
  10. "Ahaha, sometimes it is." Other times it had been more of a stark reminder of how things could have been but weren't. Alas, the future was never a thing meant to be changed and he couldn't guarantee that he'd even be the same kind of person if it hadn't been due to some choice incidents and absences. "Maybe, but you don't owe me any kind of explanation." There had been no need to place the pressure that he wanted some form of answer for the questions that her words ended up prodding open. "Nice! It sounds like you're going to have a pretty full day then. That's really good, always important to get those kind of fun moments. I only imagine it gets pretty competitive eventually." That's how it usually seemed to be with large families. "The real fun is remembering everything that occurred afterwards." That had been the real hook. If he'd ever been in a position where he'd change without proper confinements then whomever he attacked would be an embedded freshly in his mind upon the morning waking. Many wouldn't be able to even fathom the true cost that could wreck on a person and though he hadn't yet reached that point he was in the position enough to actually consider the terrifying aftereffects that would be left behind. Her hand encased over his tightly which caused his attention to turn fully towards her, the smell of a soft salt. . . Had she been tearing up? If it had been several years earlier he knew he'd be able to understand it but as far as it had gone he counted it simply as a way of life now for him. Travis eyes averted forward to see the people ahead of him, feeling the presence of her body pressed against his own. That was new, he hadn't expected her to get that close. "You don't need to be sorry about it. Heh, It isn't a curse of the blood for the ease of it and all." It could have been worse, he could have been like Cat. Something about her had been weird, Human yet preferring to be a Cat. . . She perhaps had been more cursed than himself in that regard. "Your full power? Don't really know what that means there but you shouldn't waste your time or energy with that kind of effort, Lorelei. They would just occur again the moment the frustration would set in, use that talent of yours for those that won't make it a waste." There were others out in the world that held debilitating scars that wouldn't have the chance of showing up in the next month. "Wolfsbane. . . Expensive. Even if the amount needed for it could be procured if I ended up missing a dose it goes to hell." Wolfsbane had been a thought and a discussion with his Mother but he knew they not only didn't have the funds he couldn't guarantee that he could get a dose in every single time before the next full moon. "It would allow me to at least keep my head, the urges don't effect me as much as a human as it does others. I think I could suppress most of the more nagging urges that would still pop up with it." But could he even ask her to even get it? How would she even manage it in the first place? Her family may have been well off but it still left them finding out that truth which he still wasn't sure if that had been something he should or could risk. "I couldn't ask that kind of a sacrifice of you, of anyone." The following question caused him to look at her once more with a bewildered expression. "You do know, undergarments for a guy doesn't -really- hide everything, right? It'd just be a step from naked only without the actual sight of the goodies." Or had that just been him and those he hung around with that game to that kind of conclusion? Now that he thought about it, someone else had suggested 'What had been wrong with underwear' when it came to swimming. Maybe it was just him and his mind then. . . "Never bad to be someone's favorite person, I say. And maybe, sometimes it's harder to connect with people that don't understand you. Other times they connect even without the need to understand you. Understanding comes with time and exposure."
  11. "Feisty." Had she really been that bothered by what he said? Or. . . Did he catch her at that 'Time of the Month'? If he did, well, damn - he was in for a unique kind of nagging wasn't he? That beast of its own had never been the kind of start up that he wanted to be on the end of. Just before the door would close he gave an apologetic shrug towards the rest of the patrons of the Bourke Dormitories. Did Meadow even realize that she'd -invaded- their space? They had every right to gawk and probably be up in arms that not only did a girl manage to push their way through but someone from another House in general. Travis' expression scrunched up as he stared at the young teen and his eyebrow arched up slowly. "Something tells me this is going to lead into some kind of heartfelt confession of undying love for me that you just needed get off of your chest. . ." Perhaps not the time for one of his 'timeless' jokes but it had been dimmed down from the usual if only to settle his own nerves that apparently it she'd managed to have enough courage to stomp in here which meant she shouldn't use his usual disarming vocal charms that would make her just toss hands up in defeat. Not so much in annoyance, she was clearly already annoyed from the way she looked. He went over towards one side of the room and pulled out a sock and then made his way towards the door to open it up briefly and slipped it onto the knob and closed it again. "That will be enough of a sign that my roommate won't just barge in." Afterwards he made his way to one of the desks to place a chair facing where his bed had been and sat across from it onto the bed with a slight bounce. Travis crab crawled until his back pressed against the wall and a single knee had been brought up into a bend to rest an arm across the top of it. "Well, then, Amy. Let it rip."
  12. Travis' eyes narrowed slightly as if to imply a sense of innocence, the touch of red on Nox's face hadn't done much for his composure in trying to prove that. His own mind and how it worked at times? Even less so as the mischievous grin curved. "That's fine, you know what they say anyways, finding the right stick usually involves more hands on work anyways." That was just awful, even for him and a snorkeled laughter bubbled and his hand pressed to his forehead and shook it. "Terrible on every standard, I'm docking myself points on that." An eased sighed exhausted from his lips. He couldn't risk really just saying it out loud even if had grown to be clearly obvious on where they'd been going with it. It couldn't be denied that he did enjoy the poking fun of it especially once the pout had showed up on their face. It was just too much to resist not to string along that kind of expression, the kind that he would probably end up sketching later now that he'd seen it. And had his eyes been playing tricks on him. . .? Had Nox's hair always been that color or was it growing brighter? A gaze turned towards the pup as it started to make a barking racket and his eyebrow arched upwards, it seemed to be overly excited and had a strong desire to go somewhere. Something had caught its scent which had caused him to kneel down closer to the canine. Then he took a strong whiff with his eyes closed tightly which brought to his attention the unique scent that hadn't been there during his original passing. "Oh. . . Interesting. . ." he closed a single eye and had the other inspect Nox for a moment. "Did you slip this little guy some jerky when I wasn't looking?" A slight tease due to the excitement of the small animal as it had started to hop about. "Okay, okay. Relax there, McBark. Lead the way, come on." Whatever he'd sniffed had caught the pup's scent as quite memorable, Travis' foot extended out to lightly tap the rear of the pup to get him moving on the lead of what had been shown to it. "So, is this the part you managed to convince man's best friend to turn against him and lead me into some kind of trap where I'm surrounded by mostly nuts and berries?" A small smile formed on his face while he slipped his hands into his pockets.
  13. The feeling that there had been some form of inspection of his character lingered, eyes narrowed slightly as he chose not to focus on that feeling and continued on with the conversation that they had been having. Whether or not he would stay he didn't see as part of anyone's business, maybe his mother's, even then he hadn't planned on giving her any notice to stop him. Already opting to leave a note at home rather than send one that would prompt her to try and halt him from the idea itself when the time would come. Even if he felt he could tell her the bulk of the reason, he knew he wouldn't. No, the stubbornness had been something that could cause more an upheaval the more that he thought about it. "The friendship? Nah, you? You're like trouble incarnate somehow." He decided to sling his own tease. His eyebrow raised up slightly as attention had been drawn to the posted that hung on the wall. "Or how stuck to the wall you were before it could be fully stuck to the wall." A soft chuckle escaped from him at the thought from only moments ago. The adamant nature, it had been one of the few things he actually genuinely admired in people even if it had been more of a wrench to his future plans. The hypocrisy of his mind. "Pretty castle? What? You plan on waiting for some kind prince like a caged bird?" The thought amused him and it hadn't been the track of his mind what-so-ever. Even if he hadn't wanted it in certain parts of his life he hadn't been blind to know the importance of having friends to hammer out those kinds of issues in a person, being attractive? Wasn't a negative thing. There were -worse- things in the world to be than the eyes of admiration. "If the people you're hanging around aren't helping you out in seeing some path you either need to re-think if they're helping you or if you're holding back too much for them to help you. Because it definitely shows that you're going need a bit of guidance with that kind of questioning you're doing there."
  14. "The break. . ." His fingers ran along his chin for a moment, would he even be around in this part of the area? Maybe a bit. He had no problem travelling long term and if he slept out in the bush a night it could give him enough time to make it to the Bourke dorm showers to freshen himself up before meeting the girl. "Sure, I think I can make the break work out. That isn't much of a problem to pull off." Means he could also do some quick shopping on his way towards the area. He didn't really trust the BT to get him and a bunch of equipment to an area near the school nice and safely. "We can make it an early afternoon thing, gives me sometime to see if I can grab up everything that's needed." She didn't have her own set of books? That must've made trying to make sure she had everything a bit difficult when heading for class, didn't it? "Sounds good to me, just be careful with the librarian. She can be, er, a bit prickly. By a bit I mean a lot. Treat the books nicely, don't ask any question you might think is sensible, it might sound like a stupid question to her. And take care of the book like it was an extension of your very life." There had been no need to send her into the den of the Dragon Queen without the essential tools of survival. The Librarian was a pretty lady to look at if you could get over the fact that she had a snarl and looked as if she'd rip your heart out in a swift motion.
  15. As he settled on top of the high perch a small smile stretched on his face. "Hm, Yeah, there is that, isn't there? A lot of people just out there messing around." This kind of thing he hadn't been to in quite sometime, not since the loss and the change. But lingering on that thought alone would be enough to sour his mood and so he opted to side step it, to bury it back down and enjoy the built up excitement that others were experiencing in this moment. That had been something in the now, something worth seeing for this particular moment. "Uh. . . What?" That was rather weird by any standards, was she some kind of secret half-reptilian person that could just ingest poison? "I don't think I could pull that kind of trick off." He did remember her bringing up members of her family before every so often. "Surprised your not out having some kind of family barbecue now then. I mean this can all be nice but most people prefer less of the crazy that can happen out here." Then again, family encounters could be worse. His head slightly tilted to the side feeling her fingers press against the wounds that had already started to rapidly heal, far quicker than any viable human should. Though he could also feel the change of the more recent scars that made their way onto his form. "You don't know. . .? Ah, sorry, I tend to forget lycanthropy isn't actually extremely common here in Australia. Chances of anyone actually teaching the mentality of them is probably really slim." In his years he hadn't remembered any form of official education on the condition, maybe a breeze through, but nothing in depth. "Yup, My own lovely wolf-claws did it. See, when fully taken over there is only two compulsions for a Werewolf. The less harmful one? Socializing with animals, that usually keeps the beast content enough even as they wonder. There is no compulsory action to hurt the animals so it's a pretty understanding relationship. The other however. . ." He took in a sharp current of air and a sad smile embraced his lips. "Is to hunt Humans. They're the one and only prey and the urge to follow, stalk, to rip and tear apart, to feast on them. . . Is the most compelling at that height. But what happens when it can do neither of the only two things in its nature? Like anything, like anyone or creature? It goes insane, frustrated and raged the only other option is to attack the self." Maybe socializing with other Werewolves would even be effective but could that be a risk taken if they formed a pack? One intent on a revolution of escape from the confinements the Ministry holds for the public safety? "The cost of it is that we tend to end up with nasty scars that no form of magic can heal, sometimes even look older than we are." Some of the others he'd met, the few around, in their mid twenties look half way on their journey to late thirties. "Hey, if you want to swim I don't mind it. I'd have fun with it. To answer your earlier question? No, I'm not shy about swimming in my underwear. I am cautious about being outed, what you're fully okay me swimming around in my skivvies?" He found it amusing that she even posed it as an honest question. It was rather innocent and sweet enough that it probably could cause a physical toothache. "What? Of course you are." Travis stated as if it should have been an obvious fact in the first place. "Why wouldn't you be? You're fun to hang around and talk with."
Travis Franklin
Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Werewolf HE/HIM
Age:  17
Date of Birth: December 13th, 2001
Birthplace: Australia
Year Level: Seventh Year
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Werewolf
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Rougarou
Wand: 8" Aspen Rougarou Hair
Play-by: Avan Jogia

Currently in Tallygarunga - Seventh Year - Bourke


Witnessed his Father's Death by the Werewolf that infected him. 

He often has fantasies about his friend in not friend scenarios.

He's entangled with an Older woman, it's currently just physical with no commitments. (He may not even remember the encounters!)

Easily finds a variety of different women attractive. 

It isn't broadcasted that he's a Werewolf. 

General Knowledge

Is into various art forms: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing/Sketching, and other style. 

Often can be seen walking around with a sketchpad and a pencil.

His Mother is trying to get into Ministry work to better situations of those considered 'Non-Human'

That he holds no judgement against a person without actual reason. 


Travis Franklin is an outgoing and laid back individual - this makes him a social butterfly of sorts. Trying not to let his past issues being a driving force of his decision. This leads to him often trying to help out people without a second thought, even those that others would consider 'bad' in certain lights. He doesn't let naivety run him in that regard but can easily tell the difference between a persons who dangerous versus someone whose trapped within themselves. 

He tries not to judge people harshly and holds no ill-will towards those that are of a different species, background, or lifestyle than himself. The values of his mother stick closely within his mind and the gap of her missing Maternal family as a presence in his life is a reminder on the cost such a divide offers to everyone. 

While he is a non-feral type of werewolf and isn't a full slave to the inner nature it doesn't mean it's not there. Ever gnawing at him like a dog chews at a bone, it's waiting to be unleashed and makes itself known like an ever growing whisper. 

He's often drawn to different types of women, never holding their choice of style or if they're older, their age, against them if he's pursuing them. In many cases it's much more superficial, never amounting to anything truly 'serious'.


Travis Franklin stands at Six feet and one inch tall. His physique can be considered athletic and extremely fit. The muscle tone that seems extremely consistent across his entire body gives the impression that he works out often or at least practices something to a religious degree with impressive results. Dark brunette hair dangles down from his head and settles just at the shoulder. Light brown eyes compliments the darkened texture that makes up his hair. 

He's always wearing clothing that is somewhat loose and comfortable, not enough that it's falling off of his body but enough that it gives him the feeling of having actual movement within the fabric prisons. 

As the moon shifts towards its full state his somewhat light caramel skin begins to turn pale. The signs of some form of flu or bug becomes more apparent as time goes on. It doesn't seem to halt him in performance but the exhaustion on the body is still very much noticeable to those that care to pay attention.


Born to Kevin and Janine Franklin, Travis found himself in a supportive environment growing up. His Mother, Janine, came from a Pureblood family that followed Purist beliefs. A belief she had broken out of later in life seeing the benefit and worth of diverse people. It is the belief that others deserve to be respected and assisted that is within Travis instilled by his mother who has seen the extreme side of the fence where only one people 'should' matter to a person. Those that held the rights to practice magic from lineage alone and not from self merit and hard work. 

Kevin Franklin was a career Auror and while he was away often from home due to the demands of the job, the moments he had been involved were memorable. The extensive family that the Muggleborn man came from didn't hurt either in solidifying support for Travis' household as it seemed like cousins, aunts, and uncles always funneled through the house on the weekends, holidays, and extensive vacations. One of those activities being an annual 'family camping trip' that tended to mostly be Himself, His Father, and a few cousins of varies ages who enjoyed kicking it back with a fire and taking in nature. 

While nature hadn't been one of his own liked hobby's, the time spent with family certainly had begun to be so. 

The annual trip for 2007 rolled around, it was a year where things had been just a bit tougher as many of his Cousins that were graduating their schools or universities decided to go on a trip across the world together. This gave the camping trip a heavier weight to make memorable for everyone, a memory that would be scarred and burned into everyone one way or another. As the moon rose high into the sky, Travis had gotten the urge to use the loo after he'd engorged himself on water earlier in the day. With no actual bio around for him to use it left the wilderness as their natural environment. 

It only added a scent to follow, the sound of howling and hungered growls the emitted in the area had been terrible enough to cause a chill along the spine to form. The started grip of a crippling fear ready to clutch at his mind. Suddenly it struck and grasped at his arm with its maw before it tossed him aside and lurched to hover just above him. A loud scuffle that alerted some of the older individuals, including his Father as they searched out the means of the noise and to make sure that Travis had been alright. Howling had been an abnormal occurrence, a sign of every bad omen in the Outback.

Kevin distracted the beast with a spell made of fire, a bright light source to slightly disorient before running head long against it as a means of sacrifice in order to defend. It was a sight that Travis couldn't pull from his mind as he watched the scene, being pulled away by an older cousin as they left behind many things in order to get into the car by the camp. 

After the hospital visit had been concluded that he'd been afflicted with Lycanthropy the proper channels and paperwork had been started to inform the Ministry and the  necessary containment process needed for when the transformations would occur. Something that followed him as he entered into Tallygarunga once he came of age and his magic surfaced, a means to an end in some ways. 

Over the years in Tallygarunga he's kept a low profile, not making it widely known that does have an affliction that is deadly to others on the wrong night of a month.