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  1. A thrill. . . That's the only thing that Travis could explain how part of him had been feeling about chasing someone that held the intention of being a challenge. It felt different, as if he felt alive in the heat of the moment, acting on the pure instincts and impulses that felt natural to him even if deeper inside he'd been fearful of devolving to such a state. A bird had never been one of the choices and so altering himself within the moment on how he approached served a far greater purpose - To make him better at approaching, to let that instinct evolve and choose the steps for him without thinking if it was right or a careful step. Something that nature depicted for him, whether rational thought actually was applied or not. Travis caught the sight of her wings out of corner of his eye, ears twitched and the breeze that passed by her aerial shape plummeted his nose with nothing but her scent. Her glorious, glorious lavender-sunflower scent. Without a single thought he started to rend the laces of his shoes with his claws, to climb adeptly then kicked both shoes off of his feet before he started to climb higher in the tree to follow Liv's ascent through the branches. The thinner they became, the more he had to distribute his weight between the various ones that jutted out at the peak of the tree. She held the advantage of aerial mobility as much as the capability to soar high. At first he hesitated, his gaze glance about until the sudden shift of her scent bolted away from the area. She'd been fast, fast and tricky, which meant at any moment she could blend into something. Scaling enough half way down the tree before jumping off of it, landing onto the ground in a finessed roll. Keeping his body entirely hidden by the still living bushes and shrubs that decorated through the more vegetated portions of the reserve. This had been when he started to prowl in a slow trek at first, being led by the woman's scent once more which had shifted. . . It no longer held the scent of nature, not the unique way she smelled as a bird. His head poked up lightly for a moment to see if there'd been any sign of her, only spotting an unknown woman, far taller and different in hair color and even clothing. If he'd been relying on his sight alone he wouldn't have been able to pick up the one familiarity that hadn't been changed, how she smelled. . . Eyes widened as part of him realized, it had been Liv all along! Somehow! Whatever the reasons, it didn't occur in his mind to ask or question, all that mattered? The only thing that his mind could register? Had been that the person whom he wanted to mark with his scent had been straight ahead and open for him to strike. There'd been a brief silence, a calm, and then his body lurched forward, feet pressing against the ground feeling each push of dirt get smashed, blades of grass that parted or bent with each hastened step that had been made until he was in a full blown run. Without even thinking or a moment of hesitation his legs bent and his body vaulted forward with his arms extended outwards to try and tackle the tall brown-eyed blonde that seemed to have Liv's scent wrapped and ensorcelled around her. If successful, it'd be a tackle that turned into a rolling tumble before he attempted to pin her down with his hands grasped at hers and above her head.
  2. The presence that exuded from the woman had been relaxing, not forcibly relaxing as if it something had been intended to interfere with his general emotions and stability. Rather, she'd been so sweet, willing to open up her mind towards certain things about him that the weight of expectancy of being judged or taking up something that had been somewhat out of his hands was lifted from his shoulders. What had been considered a cloud that overlapped his mind and perhaps even parts of his heart started to clear up, slowly. Then the soft caress of her hand along his arm caused a heated sigh to exhaust from him. Another shiver of pleasure trailed through his body like an aftershock that left tingles that wouldn't recede. What had she been doing to him? Did she even notice the effect she'd been holding over him in such a way? With her departure it only left the thought in his mind, the feeling taking shape by enhancing the desire that he needed to find her, to catch her. Not to win, would it be a grand thing? Absolutely, it had fallen from his mind however. A primal desire to tackle her to smell more of her scent started to override within his mind, to return the same way of his own scent in a sense. Imprinting in a way that stuck to his mind, that seemed to make 'sense' enough to claim that she'd been part of his 'Pack' and guardianship. An awkward thought considering that the role should've been in reverse on whom would end up guarding who. Perched on the tree, her smell had been overpowering even with the adjustments to her form he could smell that it'd been her. As he'd been about to settle his balance on a branch the flutter of her wings took place in his eyes, the constantly flapping and motion resonated in his ears. Option not to follow her with his eyes as she circled around him to avoid being dizzy, that wouldn't help him at all. Other senses he wielded kicked in gear. At least until she turned back into her human form, the smell shifted once more, hearing the blood that pumped through her heart had become far easier as his eyes traced over towards her original form. Exhausting a huff of air in a primitive fashion, hands gripping the edge of the branch tightly as his mind considered whether or not now would be the time to try and tackle her. Jaw unhinged and then clutched tightly and his nose twitched wildly as her unique aroma swirled and seemed to bypass nature itself at this point. He'd been locked on, in a sense, now he needed to keep on her trail and hope that he could actively catch her. There it was this time, her entirely body shifting into that of a bird once more and fluttered off at a lower altitude, that spiked a reaction in his body and before his body could process it all. . . He already had been leaping through the trees itself rather than touching the ground. Nails embedded into the trunks for a moment before the heel of his foot pushed against the tree in a powerful motion which launched him to the next perch of trees, parkouring without given a second thought to his safety. A hunter on a mission and it had yet to be concluded, blood bumped rapidly through his body and the breeze of the wind flickered against the sickly looking skin in a cooling embrace which felt refreshing and invigorating. Once more, when her smell seemed particularly strong in one area his advance slowed down to a steady approach into the area. Mild rustling from disturbance of his presence as he hunched over and prowled along the length of the branch his eyes darted from one part of the area to the next. This time, it'd been far more difficult, she hadn't been sticking out like normal but had been camouflaged, the kind of thing that had been expected of prey to avoid a predator. If he'd fully been in his right state of mind he would've been able to appreciate such cleverness with good nature. However, as he was, appreciation and annoyance weren't put into much play for him. What had been going through his mind is that he needed to push her to move again and then change the approach of the way he'd been tracking her. It was at this point he began to intentionally jump from various branches, haphazardly if only to see if it'd trigger her to flee into another direction.
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  4. "Correction, A Bourke hanging around a Bourke. I remember this one big Quidditich player in the House once said. . .. 'Once a Bourke, always a Bourke.'" While she may not have been in the School as a student anymore, she'd still seemed like the sort of person that held 'House Loyalty'. As childish as it might seem it's a sense of inspiration and camaraderie between not only Student and Alumni Staff but any Alumni that held such a close companionship with the place they spent most if not all of their growing Teen years within. "Just don't go holding yourself back around me when we're out of school then." He stated plainly, not intending it to come out as it sounded. The main point for him had been he didn't want her to believe that she'd only be around to support him, it made it one sided and that wasn't the kind of path he followed if he could help it. A shiver of delight trailed down his spine as she squeezed his arm, one of things he felt that needed to be apologized for. Just because he enjoyed it, that touch, that connection, it didn't mean he should've allowed it to have such an effect of gratification. Especially not the kind that pulled on a certain part of his nature that he'd been trying to waylay. Did she understand? Uncertainty in the idea of it started to worm in his mind. However, that'd been his defenses trying to distance himself, he needed to cut it off before it could take full shape and in turn reflect in his primal actions. "I just wanted to be sure, get the petty nuances of apologies out of the way." The tone had been sharp, not harsh, a sense of internal annoyance struck at him and his teeth gritted. A wince of disapproval physically showed on his face at the way he'd responded. Travis' face contorted slightly in hesitation, telling her. . . That would risk a lot though he hadn't hid the fact that certain 'urges' helped to curb much of his energy, to spend all that endurance in a high-motion activity. Still, he hadn't wanted her to look at him as some form of deviant even if it wasn't entirely far from the truth depending on the scope one had been looking down. "Maybe later, yea." He wouldn't give extensive details, only something viable enough to give an understanding. "That's a bit of a commitment you're adding there." Speaking in a teasing inflection as an appreciative smile touched his lips. "How about we see how this one goes first. You might decide to back out of future ideas like that." Not that he held a low opinion of her, no, much like even Meadow told him he expected she had 'High Standards' and would eventually see the compulsive reactions as something she hadn't wanted any real part of. "Wait, what?" For a moment he'd been stunned, that had to have been the oldest trick in the book! Travis admired that kind of swift thinking, already gearing up for the chase that would be set before him. He didn't sit, instead, he waited for a bit - gave her actual time that he expected she might've needed. A difficult concept for him as he started to somewhat thrash around in a swaying motion, fingers flexed impatiently until his mind screamed that he'd waited long enough. Lowering into a crouch as his hand pressed against the ground, eyes closing for only a moment as he took in a deep current of air through his nostrils. Various senses circled around in his mind, from the sweat of nearby groups of people finishing up their jog, to the pollen in the air that hung for those severely allergic to it. Amongst all of the flowery scent, one had been familiar - lessened from distance. That's when he started to move, stalking about like a predator on a search. The closer he came to the smell, the more it seemed to warp into a myriad of different ones, more notable had been that of fresh greenery and somewhat dry yet alive tree bark. When drew closer to Liv's area, or at least, what his nose alerted to him of her unique scent, his movement became precise. Where had she been? Nose raised towards the air it smelled as if she'd been around, above? His eyes narrowed upwards for a moment and squinted, making his way towards the side of the tree where he proceeded to scale it with both his hands and feet. 'I smell her. . . She's here. . . Not normal though. It's her yet something else. Didn't she say she was an Animagus?' That'd been right, she could transform into an animal. Maybe he wasn't looking for a person at all! Keeping his eyes towards the branches he noticed, what seemed to be, eyes dilated as he spotted what seemed to be a bird. Sneaky and speedy, he couldn't afford to underestimate her, not if she had the power of wings and wind on her side. He tried his best to offset the weight of several branches to avoid unnecessary screeching or wriggling of the tree, trying to approach as unnoticed as possible. Far easier if the prey - er - Person. . . Didn't expect a hunt, but he knew, She would be intentionally looking out for him.
  5. Seeing such a different tone of optimism to her compared to the usual atmosphere of the school ended up ushering a toothy grin that formed on his face. "Are you sure you're the same Liv I usually meet up with?" He tried to tease, it may have had something to do with the her professionalism being separated from her personal activities to some degree. She hadn't been any less sweet or gentle but in the right environment there seemed to be a 'dial' that turned and lessened enough. Oddly enough, he enjoyed both existing presence, 'Ms. Teagarden the Nurse' and simply 'Liv out in the World'. Granted, 'Ms. Teagarden' held a certain allure behind it, something he didn't think to actually allow her to know. He laughed, the tone of his voice showed the bare minimal restraint he held within himself as it shifted between that of a what one would expect of a human and the ending droll curdling into a near bestial guffaw. "That competitive nature is going to get you dragged into the Quidditich leagues, you know." That or as a nurse in the Quidditich league, that had been an image he figured most would be drawn to trying to exploit. "I'm right as rain, as they say. Don't need to hold back, the more active I am the better. . . Just I. . . Apologize ahead of time for anything I may do." He wanted to let that be out there, he might not able to full resist certain compulsions and wouldn't want her offended. If she'd wanted to back out, he understood, he knew that without choosing the vast lands of the Bushland's his mind hadn't know how to switch, how to react. Travis shook his head lightly. "No, I went yesterday. Didn't want the first day of term to be a blow off day." At first that had been what he thought but his instincts and urges held other ideas entirely. "Let's just say I. . . Did something I didn't think I would do and didn't want to risk that happening." Rather, he didn't want it to shift to someone else with all the various scents and pulls that held in the School. The fact he'd hyper focused on Andy played strongly on his already existed attraction which meant that anyone whom held that kind of attraction to him had been game as his condition worsened. Liv hadn't been an exception either and he'd been hoping, praying that this scheduled game of theirs would be an assistance and not a deterrent to the growing bond between the two of them. "Felt it was better to take the next three days off." "No! No." His tone of voice came out hurriedly, that hadn't been a good idea, not with out unsettled he felt on the inside on just sitting around. "It's. . . Much, much better to start now. Or else I'll feel like I'm going insane. After. . . Maybe after it will be better." Endurance needed to be expelled, the need to hunt had to be quelled, and the gnawing dark desires needed to be hidden away as best as he could, which wasn't too well.
  6. Going to a class in his current state didn't seem like the -best- of ideas. He'd already risked it during the start of the Term two day and spent most of that time and energy mentally boning his Wandless Professor. The hormones in him had been acting rampant lately and he hadn't been sure what'd triggered it, the far more casual and friendly meet ups with Liv when he had the time to drop by the Nurses' office? No. . . That couldn't be it, or maybe it was to some degree? There'd been uncertainty in him on that level and it caused him to shake his head as he walked through the reserve. The light of the afternoon shined down and caressed his skin. Very, very, Pale skin at that. He looked as if any more he'd been two-sheets away from being knocked out, yet his body had been a contradiction and nothing but pure energy and restlessness took shape in his breast. People avoided him, not because they held any indication of him being a werewolf, no. But because a man that looked so ill most likely held some kind of correlation to drugs or had been an ill-reputed individual that needed to be ostracized from the locals until the condition of his body seemed to be far more healthy. There'd been a few, mostly older individuals that would place their hand on his shoulder and offer a gentle question on his health, only to have him wave them away with the simple words of 'I've been working way more than I should! Barely sleeping, sorry.' Smells became far more involuntary as well, he didn't need to take in a hefty whiff to gain an idea of where the various people around him had been. Only one smell mattered anyways and that had been a sweet fragrance, flowers in bloom. . . It'd been the most noticeable scent that lingered on Liv and he found that it'd been pretty constant. Whether it'd been due to the fact she loved nature, a perfume, or if it'd simply been all natural he couldn't place a finger on it. He enjoyed it, either way, and it led him straight towards her. He'd been greeted by a wave, seeing her in the distant easily yet it'd been good that she took the time to keep an eye for him. To him, it seemed as if she'd been expecting it or at the very least honored that they agreed to spend that bit of time together. "Hey there, Liv. . . Sorry it took me a bit to get here." It took vast mental control for him to not get side tracked, to not run off towards the Bushland's instead to try and quell the call of the hunter that roared on the inside of him. A hand weaved through his hair and he offered a brief sigh to keep his thoughts in place. "Just a bit crazy in here right now." The tip of his finger pressed several times against the top of his forehead to give an indication of what he meant then lowered. "How are you doing today? Not tired out or anything from working?"
  7. This time, Travis made it a plan to arrive first into class. Stalking around behind the wave of students that arrived had started to get a bit boring for his more dominate and predatory nature. In fact, he found it a good spike of a thrill to slip into the class and place himself square in the back once more. A bottle of water in hand so that he could sell the idea that he'd simply been a bit pale due to a heavy sickness that he contracted during the end of the break and needed to keep himself hydrated. To those that knew about his nature, they'd most likely be able to tell that it'd been a simple lie. For one reason or another, he'd been in the classroom. Albeit, he visited all three classes which had him thinking something was grievously wrong with him that he'd allow for his urges to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Professor splitting up the classes for organization and ease. Unlike the previous times where he stayed silent upon entering, he took this time to direct a proper greeting to her. "Hey, Professor Riverpond." He tried to show a toothy grin and yet fake as if he'd been too weak to keep up the smile for the students that had started to enter and fill the classroom up. Though he'd taken the ride of all three classes with the older woman, there hadn't been any noticeable hints of exhaustion that weighed in on him. Perhaps a hidden excitement, something that he tried to bury deep down within himself. But at least now, he'd been in his proper level and could find a challenge in not only the spells that she had handpicked for demonstration and practice but the opportunity to well. . . Short of a tasteful term, continue to undress the Professor with his eyes.
  8. Lured once more to the classroom, Travis found himself sitting in the Intermediate level - something that he didn't necessarily fit in, yet his mind had been keeping a one track thought. He kept to the back of the room, choosing a place that would have the least amount of people surrounding it and the less likely chance someone would even look towards his direction. His hand course through his raven hair to try and keep them occupied before the class would officially take off. He would need to actually use magic while trying to meet a goal of satisfaction, at this point, he wasn't sure why he hadn't just left in general or gone to a class level that had been far more accurate for him to learn from. Luckily, he had more than enough energy to burn and would find himself with quite a large reserve if only because of being greatly unsettled. He wasn't sure if he'd get away with not being noticed. There had been hope that his steps and movement had been quick and agile enough that he could escape the notice of the Spencer, as enjoyable as he found her presence he found himself still absorbed in other focuses. 'Just need to last for a couple more classes. .. That's all. I can manage that much.' There had been a silver-lining, that it would improve his already abysmal attendance to the usual choices he made. At the very least , most would probably assume he just arrived to class sick. That meant he could only pull these kind of antics once in a blue moon, hopefully not on a blue moon.
  9. Travis had gotten the memo of the adjustment to the classes, that meant a good thing in his book or maybe. . . Maybe it had more to do with the fact that at the moment? He wasn't entirely thinking. Not like he should've, sneaking in behind the train of students to find himself a seat at the row that had been the furthest to the back. Paying attention and hearing hadn't been an issue for him so placement hadn't meant much in that arena. However, his skin had been excessively pale and the rate at how easily he could be pissed off about something or someone could be escalated to a whole new level with the proper trigger. It wasn't something he wanted to test in the middle of the classroom. While, ordinarily, he would've skilled the proceeding and following days until his mind had been less. . . Animalistic. He'd been drawn by a one truck mind of desire that had been tugging at his mind, his eyes glanced around the classroom for a moment, identifying the few that had chosen to take the beginner's course before the ever wandering gaze settled upon the Professor who taught the class. Not something he would admit so openly with ears, she'd been the primary reason his urges had taken control in the moment in lieu of proper sense that he should've been thinking about. There hadn't been any formal greeting directed, whether to the teacher or to the people he probably would've normally given attention towards. Focus had been skewered and the call of the hunt rang in him. In quite the unique way that he had yet to actively realize until recently, for some odd reason.
  10. An itching annoyance spread across his mind as his head shook as if something had landed on his nose. His hands rose up and grasped tightly parts of his hair, the blood soaking into it as he constantly flexed his hand intentionally to keep the ever growing gnawing in his mind at bay. Trying to clear his thoughts where it all felt like the hooting of canines in a chorus that just wouldn't halt easily, it wouldn't take the hint that he just wanted to think clearly. Subjectively. This hadn't been an easy topic, bringing it up or hearing it spoken it was bound to leave a bitter taste that wouldn't go away. It carried a weight of change and the action hadn't even occurred yet, even in the form of it devolving into a consideration instead of a certainty the chaos that swept in the wake of such a truth had already begun to be devastating. Communication broke down and it hadn't been a single person that contributed to it. Footsteps crunched along the grass, the sound of someone's heartbeat growing closer until the sound settled right next to him caused a minor flinch due to the aggravated senses that had taken to hyperactivity. Finally his hands lowered from his head and pressed into the ground, they shuffled behind him as the thought that he needed to prepare for another round of an explosive disagreement. That assumption had been swept away, disarmed, from the unexpected apology that flowed from her which drew an animalistic curiosity of for an expression. Silence settled after her words, to teach her or not to teach her? He wouldn't even know where to begin, where to end. The truth had been he'd been disillusioned, an idea that this could go well if he simply set up a picnic, kept her in a happy and good state of mind where she arrived already expecting something heavy. Perhaps not something as tumultuous as he offered up, which contributed to the expedited downhill ride that they'd went on. Suddenly his hand thrusted into the water as the liquid crossed against his wounded palms, a wince of discomfort shivered across his body and yet a calming sigh escaped from his lips. "I didn't come here. . . Expecting it to be easy. Did I think you would take it with a stride? I'd hope, high hopes. But that. . . Was stupid of me." As he spoke he felt so distant, as if it hadn't been him there all along. The feeling of detachment and uncertainty that welled up within, how much more of that trust could be given before he felt broken from it? "You're so focused on 'stopping me' that you haven't heard anything else that I said. You can't stop something that has become uncertain, I already told you, I'm not sure what I will do." It no longer had been a matter of 'when' he was going to chase after the seeded tree of Revenge, it had shifted to an 'If' it would even be a route he could follow and say that the risks were all worth it. The pain, the destroyed hearts, the scars that could be left behind from such an action - had it all be worth every cost to seek a bloody justice. Travis looked towards Meadow, his mind churning on whether to lay out that bridge once more time - to see if it would be wrecked or not between their combative personalities that seemed to heighten in certain moments. "You want my 'details'? To know 'me'? Alright then." He took in a deep breath and exhaled in a slow current. "What you know so far is that I watched my father die, tore limb from limb while I was being carried away to safety and for treatment." The memories of that shadowy night rang in his mind. . . The moon held in the sky in full form, a cloudless wonder with the sound laughter and festivities that had been in the distance. An urge for a call of nature hit him and he'd wandered off to find a suitable tree, feeling embarrassed that someone would even hear him tickle against the ground. A howl and the sharp pain and cries that echoed in his mind. . . The thought caused his teeth to clench from the deeply harbored memory that struck at him like a lightning bolt. "At the age of six I was saved, infected, and registered. My blood status? Changed, simply because I wasn't 'wholly' a wizard anymore. Then the first time my transformation would arrive. . . It was hell incarnate." At the time, while his body had been rapidly adjusting it hadn't fully adjusted and the changes had felt odd and twisted, as if he had no longer been himself. Blood and power fueled his veins like he'd never know but the cost of it changed his body early on, growing older in certain regards than he looked, certain marks of childhood growth occurred earlier and earlier each passing year, each time he took that bestial monstrosity as his shape. "Sitting in a cell barely bigger than the Tallygarunga dorms. The smell of desperation, anger, hate, bigotry. . . I could even smell the taint of fear that lingered in the air from both the guards and the other Werewolves. Men far more scarred than I am now huddled in a corner, fearful of what the next wound would be. You could tell by their clothing too, utter squalor. Rags that were tattered, stains and dirt that couldn't be pulled up even by magic." That last part had been far more exaggeration to paint the picture for the Flinder. "Month after month, I walked into those places and felt the oppressive atmosphere that weighed down and threatened to crush the spirits of those that were thought as untamable animals, Predators that many had hoped would snap just enough to be put down like a rabid dog in a cage." Travis didn't doubt that it perhaps happened a few times. "I wouldn't put it passed a few people to intentionally do it just to end the misery, to end the constant shame and discrimination. No. . .Discrimination is far too nice." He sniffed the air gently, good, the scent of his progenitor hadn't been around which meant at this point? They weren't being watched. That had been when his eyes stared into Meadows. "What do you think happens to most kids, inflicted around that age without any proper support? They find themselves dead if they don't anchor themselves to something." Shoulders shifted with a heavy weighted shrug."Me? All I had was my Mother, she was already in despair of loss of a husband and a child that wouldn't find an easy life. Not a very good support." A somewhat sad smile touched his lips. "Anger, Hate, Revenge. . . I chose that. It stemmed the pain, it made it all feel worth it. When my bones contort, my arms and face elongate and bones crack and displace beyond a human body, throttled with agony to take up that form? Remembering nothing the night before and then having to play the 'Shit I did that?' game even in a cage?" A sour laughter eased out of him. "I remember rending my own flesh, I remember the frustration and oh, trust me, that only made it easier to hate."
  11. A puff of hair pushed from his nostrils, gentle chuckling rattled from his chest. "I probably would help you regardless, you know." While he hadn't been the most caring individual in his mind when it came to others he did take care of his own. Almost as if they'd been a pack under his guardianship, let them follow their own walk and steps, but intervene when it seemed like they needed a bit of a helping hand. Or. . . Paw? Mostly hand. Watching as she took immense care of the gift he'd give her caused a smile to draw lightly across his face. One thing he didn't think of seeing today had been Amber taking care of something that he'd given her. Some surprises were overwhelmingly good and he could count that under that list. Head tilted while his expression shifted to a quizzical one, what had she mean by solving the mystery? It hadn't occurred to him that she actually planned to go through with revealing more of herself. Least of all to him, a feeling of respect swarmed over him as he could tell a sense of trust had been put into him that perhaps wouldn't have happened. There'd been no interruption and he listened to, what he considered had been her 'Pitch' that she wanted to build up towards. He nodded in agreement, "Yea, I remember that. You got really excited and started 'Layeth the Smackdown' on my knowledge." Eyes blinked for a moment and then shook his head. "Something tells me you're not going to appreciate that horrible joke." "Wait, what?" That came out of left field, he'd been on the right track to some extent back then about what she'd gotten into? Something told him he should've known something had been up with the way she acted, at the time it hadn't been considered fully his business. Now, she'd been willingly dragging him into her world that very few probably even knew existed for her. He leaned back for a moment and spun the pen between his fingers as he allowed for his mind to work gently through how the looks could look. No, that wouldn't do, first he needed to see exactly how she looked with what she had so far and then build and measure from there. "Okay, well, If we're going to do this, Ams? We're going to do this right." A brilliant smile shined. "I have to admit, I thought you were pretty awesome before. You just jumped up several notches." Standing up he placed the sketchpad on the top of his desk as he stared towards the bed and saw the various material laid out in sight. He'd hoped she wouldn't look at him as a pervert for the words that were about to leave his mouth. "Do you mind changing into it? It might give me a better idea of your 'Style', the kind of Hallmark thing you're going for before I can start designing color schemes, symbols, what not." Both of his hands rose up in quick defense as he added. "I can turn around if you want." While it had been a way for him to show her respect while things had been towards a professional leeway, it'd equally been because he couldn't trust himself to not undress her with his eyes. Even deep in his mind it'd been happening involuntary. His head shook lightly as he pressed a cradling palm against his forehead. 'Focus, Travis!' He took in a deep breath and exhaled which followed a subtle nod towards himself of minor satisfaction.
  12. Thankfully he smiled, his eyes showed a depth a gratefulness for the Dhampir's understanding. The mutual line of not pushing one way or another yet still letting it be known that the support is wide opened had been a lighter weight than he'd expected. Something he wasn't accustomed to and that was due to no one's fault but his own and he had to take responsibility for the harsh neglect in that matter. While he didn't originally believe the wisdom of the word she'd spoken, now in the height of realization it held far more weight in his mind than it would've before. "Guess it's one of those things where one day you'll have to stop running and simply. . . Face what nips at your heels." That's how he wanted to be, he wanted to be what nipped at right the edge of the ankle of his worse enemy and found that it only would hasten a battle that, in hindsight, he mostly wasn't entirely ready to endure to a satisfactory ending. "Well, if you ever need to stop, just know I'm here to make sure you know you don't need to run alone." His gaze narrowed towards her with a toothy grin that stretched. "Whenever you're ready, obviously. Let it not be say that this Franklin was pushy. Nope. . . I leave that up to my Mother." As the years had gone on, the woman had become a force of annoyance, like a dog that constantly yapped and wouldn't stop until the demands were met for the various unfair laws and regulations put in place for those that had been categorized discriminately in the system. "But I'll try to come running when you need me. Even if I end up in another country for a bit." Travis gave a smooth nod and soft laughter. "We did come here for some movie time, didn't we? Have to admit that I do love talking with you too. " Whether it'd been talking or a movie there had always been something enjoyable about the presence and softness of the atmosphere when it had just been the two of them. Had it been because there'd been no one else? No one working on the anxiety that welled up in the young teen? Now, after the largest of his secrets had been stripped off of his chest he felt far more relaxed, as if he had no longer been hiding 'Himself' from her and the posture of leaning casually against the bed showed. "Now, I admit, this may have a bit of violence. But. . . I think it's the kind of movie that can speak to both of us." That had been when his finger slide along the remote that activated the DVD player, the CD whirled around in the chassis as the sound of the edges skidding could be heard, the gears grinding as started to push the image onto the screen. In beautiful golden cursive letters that appeared in the aftermath of dust-like stars: 'Beauty and the Beast'. "You know, at a certain point, my mom tried to drill this movie into my head." His eyes rolled, albeit lovingly, at how often he'd been subjected to it as a young boy. "She kept saying, 'Just remember this here Beast, Travy."
  13. At first, Travis' gaze lifted up to Meadow - he'd been about to give her signal at least until Remi's words took him for another loop which caused him to look left and right, confusion stretched across his face as he tried to piece such a foreign thought together. She didn't seem like a generally malicious person, but then, most people hadn't on first meeting to him. "Well. . . That isn't entirely inaccurate. . . I try to avoid thinking about that small, obvious hiccup." 'Small', since when had the threat of death ever truly been a miniscule thought? The realization of where one of his hands landed hit when Remi's hands slid onto his shoulders, the shift in weight that would've brought a gentle tug. Slowly he started to move it away as stealthily as he could, being caught doing such a thing would've most likely earned him one of the hardest slap. If she hadn't noticed? He wasn't going to broadcast, accidents happen, right. . .? "I hope not, Haha, I'd have to move schools at that point." Their eyes met and his lips creased upwards weakly, in the midst of the far weaker joke that had been issued as a means to make the atmosphere draw less awkward. He wasn't aware of the chances of that, it didn't mean he shouldn't have tried. "Right. . ." Travis responded lightly, it hadn't escaped his mind that the breaks weren't exactly the prime moments to actually be around Meadow. She'd been away during those times and it'd been family business. Teeth clucked in slight annoyance at that thought, yet it was something normal, something he should've been used to by now and yet it still managed to get under his skin that he never had that time to spend with her. "Well, hey, I'm free for the summer. I usually have nothing better to do than well. . . Transform. Other than that though, we can hang out, see all those things I promised." A friendly wink directed towards Remi. Then she'd left. . . All he could do was watch Remi leave without trying to stop her and his hands pressed on his waist for a moment and his head lowered in thought. 'She must feel so out of place. . . I get that a bit. Not exactly in that fashion but. . .' "Make sure you take good care of her, Meadow. Being part a cult. . . It means her life had been someone whispering into her ear what she should be acting like, not really being herself." He found that a good connection had been necessary for people to try and gain a firm and stable ground in their environments, a sense of belonging in a way that other places would rejected. Tallygarunga seemed that way for him, only a bit, a place where he had a bit more stability but not nearly enough. "Now, I think we owe each other a dance after that to say a mutual sorry." He turned back around - though the urge to still walk out and walk away maybe it hadn't been best to leave things at that. Emotions had still been riding at a high for him and distraction might suit to be an equal deterrent. His hand grasped Meadow's gently as he started to lead her towards the door with a gentle smile. "I promise to be a perfect gentleman and no one can get the first dance except you, you know that, right?"
  14. He hadn't expected his words, whether the joke or his compliments to make much of a budge to her. It had never been to try and gain a physical effect on the young Flinder's, but to demonstrate that he paid attention enough to her and the various ordeals she'd gone through. At least, when she allowed for such a presence. Other's getting close had still been perceived as a negative thing in his mind, that meant more people knowing him. But she only seemed to demonstrate the one key trait of hers that, perhaps in the past and further in the future would cause them to clash every once in a while. That unhindered stubbornness that remained. It caused his lips to curve unamused by it. "No need to act like you're my girlfriend or something, Meadow." More than ever? The last thing he needed was someone looking over his shoulder as if they were 'Big Brother'. His head shook lightly soon after. "I'm sure you would try, but I'm far more used to avoiding people that don't know the bushlands. Especially with the way I know them." They were his hunting grounds, his training grounds, it'd been an area he knew his way through without getting lost and could find his way out to any of its many exits. "I didn't come to tell you this so you can suddenly think you needed to get up in arms and start this sudden defense of me, to cage me in." He snorted with a disgusted and annoyed snarl towards her, distancing his body from her. A far more social indication than one would have actually considered given body signals. "And now you're making me realize why I shouldn't have stated a damn thing." Travis wasn't sure how to feel, of the many people he knew only two came to mind that hadn't attempted to push something on him. "There's a difference between knowing your capability and being aware fully of what you're trying to get into." His head shifted to glance at her accusingly. "Or should we go to your rampant tirade through the Bourke Common Room to my dorm with you having no clue how you were going to get out?" Hopefully, he demonstrated to her there that 'Capability' was the overconfident individuals term when they weren't truly aware of the path before them or even held the in-depth sight to see the potential hiccups of it. Why did he even think this would go remotely decent considering the news, no, they've never really seen eye to eye on anything. "But maybe you're right. Maybe I don't really know you and you don't really know me." That was when he stood up and turned away, walking off of the blanket and towards the watery edge of the lake where he sat down next to it. On the inside he felt it, seething, trying his best to quell it as he stared towards the deep pool before him. The edges of his nails pressed against his skin, pushing through the flesh at the center of his palm as blood had been drawn. Leaving the first ever marks, let alone human sized, on his hand. 'And now we know why I keep stuff on the inside. . .' A strand of thought that sounded in his mind.
  15. A smile touched his face as he stared at her, the way she nodded her head in confirmation. 'Good, I'm glad that it made such a good impression on her. . .' He wasn't sure if it would actually have moved her as much as it had. One thing he'd learned had been when the Spencer went quiet and started to stare into something without a word for a certain amount of time, that she'd been far more engrossed in it than she probably realized. Hyper-focused, it probably is what made her a top-notch seeker, the more he thought about it. That could perhaps be his next rendition of her but to do that he knew he'd actually have to make a Quidditich game. . Well, she'd been one of the few people that could get him to show up and actually sit back to watch it. How couldn't he see her in a positive light? Many of the people he encountered, while everyone had their negative sides, he chose to not reflect that. No one needed to reminded of the things that they've reminded themselves of daily. But being seen in a light that many may not have stated or even acknowledged? That's what people needed, what they desired. He didn't see her as an idiot, well, no more an idiot than anyone else that they'd been connected. Everyone had been entitled to their idiotic moments and some. . . Tended to have more under their belt than others but he never saw it as her defining feature. "Say w-" Before he could protest about her getting that kind of a close beyond what he'd done previously, she'd already hugged him tightly. That had been when his nostrils had been filled with her lingering scent and he swallowed briefly as his eyes dilated. That had been. . . Unique, she'd never hugged him before. The real, issue, however now, had been that it had been playing havoc on his darker urges having her so close. If there'd been any though about ripping something from her? It'd been her close away from her body and that. . .He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing but he'd been given the impression that while her bodies signs may not have been against, by choice she probably had been. "Owe me? Nah. . . You, uh, you don't owe me anything." Except a cold shower, a very, very cold shower. Or he needed to find someone to release the pent of desires that surged through him at this point. Travis shook his head lightly. "You don't need to worry about that." He opened up his desk and pulled out an empty picture frame as he handed it over towards Amber. "Place it in this, I have a personal charm I worked on that protects the frame itself from breaking. It will keep the picture nice and proper." A gentle pulse of air huffed from him, his head started to shake lightly, Amber's scent was still deep in his senses, embedding itself in his mind. He needed to keep his mind focused else where, his attention drawn towards something. "Oh, hey. Right, you said you had a personal request?" A quick addition, he had tried - quite difficult at that - to not undress the Teen girl with his eyes. Drawing his attention towards the sketchpad and pen that he laid down. "What was it you wanted me to do?" 'I can hold I Think. . . Yea, I can trust myself.' At least, Travis hoped he could.
Travis Franklin
Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Werewolf HE/HIM
Age:  17
Date of Birth: December 13th, 2001
Birthplace: Australia
Year Level: Seventh Year
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Werewolf
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Rougarou
Wand: 8" Aspen Rougarou Hair
Play-by: Avan Jogia

Currently in Tallygarunga - Seventh Year - Bourke


Witnessed his Father's Death by the Werewolf that infected him. 

In the past he often had fantasies about his best friend in not friend scenarios.

He's entangled with an Older woman, it's currently just physical with no commitments. (He may not even remember the encounters!)

Easily finds a variety of different women attractive. 

It isn't broadcasted that he's a Werewolf. 

General Knowledge

Is into various art forms: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing/Sketching, and other style. 

Often can be seen walking around with a sketchpad and a pencil.

His Mother is trying to get into Ministry work to better situations of those considered 'Non-Human'

That he holds no judgement against a person without actual reason. 


Travis Franklin is an outgoing and laid back individual - this makes him a social butterfly of sorts. Trying not to let his past issues being a driving force of his decision. This leads to him often trying to help out people without a second thought, even those that others would consider 'bad' in certain lights. He doesn't let naivety run him in that regard but can easily tell the difference between a persons who dangerous versus someone whose trapped within themselves. 

He tries not to judge people harshly and holds no ill-will towards those that are of a different species, background, or lifestyle than himself. The values of his mother stick closely within his mind and the gap of her missing Maternal family as a presence in his life is a reminder on the cost such a divide offers to everyone. 

While he is a non-feral type of werewolf and isn't a full slave to the inner nature it doesn't mean it's not there. Ever gnawing at him like a dog chews at a bone, it's waiting to be unleashed and makes itself known like an ever growing whisper. 

He's often drawn to different types of women, never holding their choice of style or if they're older, their age, against them if he's pursuing them. In many cases it's much more superficial, never amounting to anything truly 'serious'.


Travis Franklin stands at Six feet and one inch tall. His physique can be considered athletic and extremely fit. The muscle tone that seems extremely consistent across his entire body gives the impression that he works out often or at least practices something to a religious degree with impressive results. Dark brunette hair dangles down from his head and settles just at the shoulder. Light brown eyes compliments the darkened texture that makes up his hair. 

He's always wearing clothing that is somewhat loose and comfortable, not enough that it's falling off of his body but enough that it gives him the feeling of having actual movement within the fabric prisons. 

As the moon shifts towards its full state his somewhat light caramel skin begins to turn pale. The signs of some form of flu or bug becomes more apparent as time goes on. It doesn't seem to halt him in performance but the exhaustion on the body is still very much noticeable to those that care to pay attention.


Born to Kevin and Janine Franklin, Travis found himself in a supportive environment growing up. His Mother, Janine, came from a Pureblood family that followed Purist beliefs. A belief she had broken out of later in life seeing the benefit and worth of diverse people. It is the belief that others deserve to be respected and assisted that is within Travis instilled by his mother who has seen the extreme side of the fence where only one people 'should' matter to a person. Those that held the rights to practice magic from lineage alone and not from self merit and hard work. 

Kevin Franklin was a career Auror and while he was away often from home due to the demands of the job, the moments he had been involved were memorable. The extensive family that the Muggleborn man came from didn't hurt either in solidifying support for Travis' household as it seemed like cousins, aunts, and uncles always funneled through the house on the weekends, holidays, and extensive vacations. One of those activities being an annual 'family camping trip' that tended to mostly be Himself, His Father, and a few cousins of varies ages who enjoyed kicking it back with a fire and taking in nature. 

While nature hadn't been one of his own liked hobby's, the time spent with family certainly had begun to be so. 

The annual trip for 2007 rolled around, it was a year where things had been just a bit tougher as many of his Cousins that were graduating their schools or universities decided to go on a trip across the world together. This gave the camping trip a heavier weight to make memorable for everyone, a memory that would be scarred and burned into everyone one way or another. As the moon rose high into the sky, Travis had gotten the urge to use the loo after he'd engorged himself on water earlier in the day. With no actual bio around for him to use it left the wilderness as their natural environment. 

It only added a scent to follow, the sound of howling and hungered growls the emitted in the area had been terrible enough to cause a chill along the spine to form. The started grip of a crippling fear ready to clutch at his mind. Suddenly it struck and grasped at his arm with its maw before it tossed him aside and lurched to hover just above him. A loud scuffle that alerted some of the older individuals, including his Father as they searched out the means of the noise and to make sure that Travis had been alright. Howling had been an abnormal occurrence, a sign of every bad omen in the Outback.

Kevin distracted the beast with a spell made of fire, a bright light source to slightly disorient before running head long against it as a means of sacrifice in order to defend. It was a sight that Travis couldn't pull from his mind as he watched the scene, being pulled away by an older cousin as they left behind many things in order to get into the car by the camp. 

After the hospital visit had been concluded that he'd been afflicted with Lycanthropy the proper channels and paperwork had been started to inform the Ministry and the  necessary containment process needed for when the transformations would occur. Something that followed him as he entered into Tallygarunga once he came of age and his magic surfaced, a means to an end in some ways. 

Over the years in Tallygarunga he's kept a low profile, not making it widely known that does have an affliction that is deadly to others on the wrong night of a month. 

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