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  1. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Travis' gaze lifted up towards Meadow - WHAT. WAS. SHE. DOING?! His teeth grit tightly, he hadn't expected her to take the step forward towards being courageous. Not -now-, it had been enough to force his teeth to start to grind in slight annoyance. If she didn't go up he could rationalize it in his mind that he didn't need to face anything, that it was reasonable that he could hold back along with the simple fact of what pulsed through his veins. "Damn it, Amy. . ." The young man mumbled under his breath as he stared at the visage of her parents that seemed to warp within the Flinder' teen's presence. Knowing the bits he knew, it caused his fingers to flex intensely only mentally considering the kind of things that would've swarmed in her mind - things that had once caused a rift between the two of them. That had been a present reminder that things could always get far more worse if certain things were unveiled. A long drawn out sigh pressed through his lips. It had been something he would need to face, especially once he moved. He'd be separated, gone - mostly without any in reach support unless he started to build up networks in Egypt as well. Pressing his hands against the desk he started to stand up and made his way towards the Boggart with his hand rolling up the sleeves of his shirt that he often wore through out the years of being in Tallygarunga, revealing the deep gashes of scars that covered it like a blanket of broken skin that would never know the meaning of being 'whole'. He knew better than to give Evelyn any form of 'Heads-up', if things got out of control? He didn't hope she would stop him - he expected that she would've. At first the Boggart shifted through several individuals on the floor, blood pooling under their bodies. It had been those that were major players within his current life: Meadow, Remi, Liv, His Mother, Dani, Lorelei, Sam and even Amber. It had been a fear as much as an anger as his fists flexed and clutched, the tips of his sharpened nails embedding the talon like nails into his already scarred palms - ripping them open once more. The final shift of the Boggart had been the cause of the deaths, an image of Travis himself and yet not Travis. The creatures head had bene lowered, the strands of hair covering most of the face with only the gleam of a canine like eye that seemed to peer and peak through. Blood coated from the wrists and spiraled upwards along the fully revealed scarred arms that the Boggart mimicked of himself. It even went to the extent of adding the effect of the blood being fresh, dripping from the edges of the nails. A gleaming light seemed to even shine over the boggart, the light pale as his skin denoting that it had been a way to emphasize the touch of the 'Moon' even further. The hostility that boiled from the boggart had been intense as well, Travis adjusting himself to always keep in its sight - away from the classroom. Why did he even think this was even remotely a freaking good idea to try and prove he could conquer it? To face the Fear of what he always knew - Of being a Murdering Monster that held no morals. That would rip away the life of those closest to himself? Gripping his wand tightly he raised it up towards the Boggart of Himself, bloodied and in the phase of it going through a brutal shift. 'I am a monster, no doubt about that. But I still retain control of my mind and actions. That is the difference.' An errant thought that propelled his mind to action against the fear. "Riddikulus!" The transformation seemed to halt, rapidly regressing until a series of varied colored paint smacked against the face of his Boggart self. Covering him from head to toe as if he were making a sheer mockery of the situation. A mild smirk of amusement placed on his lips though he hadn't dared to face the class. The only sense of blood that had remained was his own that punctured his hand and stained the handle of his wand. Should he leave? Sit back down? What did it even matter at this point of things being revealed? He snorted at himself and made his way back towards where he'd been sitting in the very back.
  2. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    Glancing back towards Maxine after her friendly wave and smile he gave a cordial nod towards the woman. Trying to smile even in the face of the sickly tint of his skin. It was far more difficult than he had given it the credit for between the feeling of the change in his mind as well as the burning sensation that constantly throbbed through every single nerve of his body. It was a sense of annoyance as much as it had been a sign of the immense change in strength and other certain senses of his body that forced them to be sensitive and heightened to an intense degree. Either way he knew staying away from people as best as he could would've been the best for everyone. Pushing himself to even be in class in general had been a choice he promised himself he wouldn't make again, even with better control this time around. But could he really risk any more missed days? Even with the extremely obvious excuse on his record he still needed to be able to show he could operate amongst his sickness. That it couldn't control him so thoroughly, to stop running from it and the potential consequences it manages to carve its way. Travis hadn't expected Meadow to sit next to him which drew his attention slowly, had it been someone whose smell wasn't intimately known by him he perhaps would've flinched threatningly as if his territory had been invaded. Yet, the young teen had been noted as one of 'his pack' enough that his mind characterized her as one of the few allowed such close entry. Smiling with a sense of amusement his head shook lightly "As good as I usually do at this point. . . And no. I don't sleep in the last three days of it. Ever." It was almost felt like a curse of insomnia in those days, restlessness always seemed to take over and found himself going crazy if he sat too long doing nothing at night. "Something I just need to finally face and deal with though. Can't let it keep being an excuse." He added softly towards her. "Baby steps though." Adjusting his eyes, glancing towards the Professor while his eyes still managed to scan her form. It was an involuntary response born out of habit and instinct. "Seize and Pull Charm." Travis added towards the conversation. "Someone with sufficient enough strength could tug it and smash it into another durable object hard enough that it could crack and break. Not really the most efficient but it's creative." He knew very few could muster that kind of raw power to attempt. An almost devious smirk touched his lips as well. "Evanseco too. You don't need to destroy what doesn't exist anymore." He preferred to think outside of the box in certain ways.
  3. I was wondering when my Mom's extreme 'worry stage' would hit. Of course it what's to hit now. W

    Lady needs to chill.

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      If that's alright with you.

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      @Olivia Teagarden I've a pretty good memory. Comes with my awesomeness. As long as you don't forget what I've said either!

      @Meadow Richards I mean, yea, sure. I think I can pull some strings to get her 'Unintended days off'.

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      Alright Mr. Awesome, but I won't forget either. 

  4. Finally have my Passport all set. . .  Now I can feel settled on scheduling my flight. Definitely no turning back now.

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      Olivia Teagarden

      Just remember to take it with you and don't be like me who left it at home the first time I travelled. 

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      Travis Franklin

      Now, if I remember. I'm supposed to take you too, that had been the terms of the deal! I need someone to teach me how to settle in new places and all.

    3. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I know, don't worry I didn't forget. I will teach you everything I picked up during my travels, by showing you.

  5. Class Wandless Wonders Advanced Term 3

    At least this time when he showed up to close it hadn't been on the fever of 'lustful need' but rather the threat that it could cause a direct impact on his grades if he ended up missing too many days. Already he'd quite a few racked up, even with the state of his condition as a reason there could only really be so much offered before it's looked at as something to be detrimental for the future when it came to the plans he had in mind for himself. Unfortunately, it still had been only a short few days until his shift would start and the fact he had a full load of classes didn't assist much in that particular mood. He also wouldn't have to worry about how his mind would shift in the presence of certain dark creatures. Even so, he opted to try and avoid as many people as he could by positioning himself further towards the classroom of mini-desks and chairs. Not before deftly sliding what seemed to be a piece of paper between Max's arm and her ribcage. On the surface of it would be the drawing he'd been working on of her that he promised to finish up, fully done in water colors that showed the young woman in a poised stance with a violin and standing on the edge of a cliff. The strands of red-locks looked as if they were flowing within the wind due to a little spell he crafted to enchant it for 'life-like' effects. Even the clouds rolled passed within the background and a 'visible' current of wind curled within the atmosphere around her. Travis kept his promises, or at least tried to, especially when it came to his drawings. It also gave a perfect excuse to try a few techniques and unique styles that had popped into his mind. For now, however, he stayed to himself mostly and awaited for the Professor's next instructions on how the class will end up proceeding.
  6. Class DADA Term 3 - Boggarts

    Of all the points in the month for terms to come back into motion, yet again, Travis found himself in the worse kind of predicament. Three days away from the next 'change'. While he'd been managing the strength of his nature in his mind slightly better it didn't mean it'd been fully within his grasp. A stark pallor of his skin along with the sickly nature that often took it up during the current time. It wasn't as if he could miss the first weeks of class so easily either, unfortunately, it had been 'necessary' that he showed up to each one at the start of the terms. A hand weaved through his hair as the feeling of unease harbored within. Making his way within the classroom following the wave of students and then breaking off towards one of the desks further in back, one that seemed secluded and away from where most of the other students had been taking there seats. This seemed safer, better, least likely to garner any form of attention from anyone. At least until the current days discussion of focus changed his expression like a tornado. His gaze lifted up towards Evelyn, a dagger based stare though it had nothing to do with her but rather the fact that the DADA instructor that left the plan even -thought- of it as being a good idea considering the point in time that could cause a severely high danger. 'What even the -hell-.' his gaze narrowed considering what his options would be. Outright denying to participate in some many would most likely harm his grade, simply 'attending' wasn't good enough in many cases. There had only been one thing he truly feared, the beast and what it could do and the only power it held over him to make it all happen had been the very sight and illumination of the moon itself.
  7. Invite A playful game of tag II

    "O-Oh. . ." Travis could never had predicted she'd like the game of tag -that- much, that it would become something so dear to her that she'd want to do so again. At first he still thought it had been out of some sense of personal desire to try and get him to exert energy rather than a true enjoyment for the woman. "I guess since it's you. . .? I can give you more then. That isn't a problem at all." How could he even consider denying her that request? Even if he'd been wary about it due to himself and certain actions and dispositions that couldn't be full reigned in. "Heh, I'm made of stronger stuff emotionally too. Not just physically, you know. A bit of emotional pain. . . That I can deal with regardless. It just means I approach things differently." A code of 'distance' in some way, not too much distance but enough that certain emotions would die away by never being placed in a position to let them show in the first place. It seemed like a plausible idea, something that could preserve far longer. His hand covered over hers gently, a smile crossing over his face. "Did anyone ever tell you, you worry too much?" He hadn't really thought much of the touch she offered towards his heart region, after all, Travis wasn't really the sentimental sort of individual to take in any particular way. "I'll have far bigger issues to worry about it for a bit or even longer for it to be any form of detrimental to my life." Not ending up on someone's wooden floor as a 'Were-wolf rug' had been one of his many concerns that trumped it within his mind. Not to mention the future he started to pave for himself that involved a dangerous life which meant gathering up certain skills and talents to enhance his chances of survival and management of his condition. He smiled lightly, head shaking in the same manner. He wasn't going to rain on the woman's parade, not that he thought he even could with the amount of optimism and idealistic hope that pulsed from her. Even so, she deserved to believe that such a thing had been possible even if he believed it would never truly be possible, not in the way people may think anyways. "Well. . . It's something I am not used to, I guess. More used to the 'One-way' street kind of deal and that's definitely not the style I aiming for." That had been something he'd dealt with enough in certain aspects of his life. Not in the similar vein as the particular moment in question but enough in other parts of his life that made him lose a taste for it. He wasn't going to argue with what he 'deserved' either, that had been something that he felt would always be a contention between himself and nearly anyone else that thought saw him as deserving of 'better'. "I have never had complaints about being naked." Travis laughed whimsically at his quick-witted words. "If anything they'd probably think I was some serial flasher. Yea, definitely something we should avoid." His expression then shifted into a playful grin. After she made a few laps around him, he watched her leave form the water. He made his way towards the shore pushing out of the waters, not even considering the 'nudity' part for himself around the woman. Shifting a finger through the air to enact a spell to dry off his clothing on the ground before putting them back on one by one. "I'll have to do some dishes when I get back anyways." Making his way to stand next to Liv as he double checked himself, preparing for their travel back. "That and prepare the food for the kittens and the pup. Nearly forgot about them for a moment." Odessa would've killed him if he never fed her kittens -or- her. Sigma would also just end up giving him a very pouty looking face. His hand coupled around Liv's while settling his nerves, which often went sporadic if one had been unprepared for the apparition spell.
  8. Invite A playful game of tag II

    "I'd check the heavily idealistic box on that one from my view point." He smiled lightly, while he found it to be one of Liv's adorable traits he couldn't outright say he saw that kind of a path for him. If the actual plague would end one day? Perhaps. But he could find no rhyme or reason on why such a view would ever be breathtaking, not when the starry night had been the start of the change for him. His gaze lifted up towards the sky, the obvious reminder of what the following nights will end up bringing to him screamed loudly in his head. "Here I thought the fact I brought up Quidditich had been because of my awareness of your affinity for it." He smirked towards her, unsure if she understood the implication of why he honed in more on the sport than just some random poem. A poem could be nice but one that a person could resonate with would've been far better in his mind. "Communication is important but not everything needs to be unveiled either."His head shook lightly at even considering speaking certain things. "Saying it and hoping it will pan out or that it 'should pan out well because you were being opened' is a bad way to go when you know certain things about someone." He knew her reaction in general, after all, there would be no point in speaking his intentions. It would only fuel that reaction even further, pushing things into a rut that would cause far more destruction than being withheld. Eyes lowering as he glanced at her hand, watching it sweep across his own before lifting his sights back up to stare towards her. "Some stuff is better left buried, pushed into a hole that shouldn't be dug up." Sometimes a harsh reality but not everything needed to be spoken, no matter how close someone had been, certain topics or opinions were simply just kindling to burn something down in his view. "Heh, An optimistic idealist. Through and through. . ." Spoken with a softened voice. "Maybe, but I don't expect it to see full weight in my lifetime. Very few people ever live to see the afflicted changes of their presence in the world. History proves this far more often than not." While he held a somewhat longer life than most Wizard's it wouldn't be enough to stem the tide of time itself. Not that he would've wanted it to anyways. It would be far better if Lycanthropy could be stomped out, not out of fear but simply because of the fact it'd been far more curse and a life of pain and ostracization. He tried to not see more than the usual intentional within her touch, even still it had been somewhat difficult. There'd been a weight of conversation in the day, he perhaps spoke more to her than he'd done to anyone in the span of a short time. How much had he actually told her that even those that known him for years didn't hear? That he couldn't fathom that they would even truly understand in full weight? His eyes closed and a gentle absent-minded hum virbated from his throat until her voice pulled him from the wandering thoughts. "What would I like to do? There you go focusing on me still." At times during the day it often felt as if the woman had been acting as his psychiatrist or at least taking it up as a choice for her to care about that. "Swimming would be nice but home is probably safer. If my mind starts to lapse a bit then. . . Well, the last thing we need in a crazed animilistic man running through the area." Turning towards her with a gentle smile curved on his face.
  9. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    There'd been no denial in his eyes when he met hers once more, the thought and heat of his gaze had been obvious enough of what his instincts had been yelling at him to do in such close proximity. He also didn't attempt to hide his phrasing or even deny the way it'd been stated, a nugget of truth that reflected of an old state of mind. Not entirely old, there had been many hang-ups that made the thought of it all still far more difficult for him. "Yea, at the time it was the furthest thing from my mind. Couldn't guarantee I wouldn't cause pain with the road I was going." It'd been far better to keep people at an arms length when he knew his life would've ended. "Now. . . " His breath deepens before exhaling in a slow deflation. "I'm more opened, I guess? Still not an area of confidence for me. Not really 'Boyfriend' material in anyway. But. . . Yea, you're someone I've considered and thought about." Nothing had ever been perfect, thinking about how the situation levied in both a good and bad way. Not just for himself but for her and her family as well when it came to what and who he was. Travis' head tilted, eyes never leaving from hers. "That's exactly what I am saying. As time goes on it become insatiable, badly. It can even become. . . Almost a focus of a hunt for mind. As I said it's. . .Not something that's entirely under my thumb, of everything I can reel in easily that is something that seems to be far too hormonal that the beast that is me holds it within its claws." He chuckled weakly. "You're under the impression I would give you time to even answer the phone, Lei." Which had only brought more of the issue at hand, at the very least he hoped he painted a well enough picture of an idea for her of how often it could actually be for him. The edges of her fingers rolling over his abdomen started to feel nice, even as the fabric of clothing brushed against of the many scars on him that would be easily told even with the shirt in the way. A slight hum of curiosity vibrated from him, feeling the presence of her nose lining against his neck. Had she been sniffing him? It seemed as if the memory of his actions that day stuck with her in more than one way than he would've imagined. "I do. . . It raced faster, your hormones were pumping more too - enjoyment, excitement, the edge of being turned on." It hadn't progressed more than that due to the dire state of his mentality as much as it had been the day burning light quickly by the time he found her. He could feel her hands grasping deeply into his sides, almost as if she'd been trying to lay a form of claim in his mind. "You've got me on that. . . Being able to not fully hold back maybe an actual experience for once. . ." He'd never encountered someone where his full strength and roughness of nature would ever allow for them to be 'alright' afterwards. It made the situation even more tempting than when it had initially started, his own hands moving before he could think towards her rear, just under her dress as he grasped it firmly. "No, you're right. But sometimes not everything the world has to offer is for us to take." Whether that applied here? He wasn't sure, taking such a step wasn't easy by any means and it meant a lot of changes for himself as well. "When I smile. . .? It doesn't really happen that often I don't think." At least not one that had been genuine in some fashion, often he designed fake ones, those that could pass as a good article in his mind. Most weren't observant enough to catch the false hint in his experience. "Heh, you're probably lucky we parted then because I most likely would've tried something more." Granted, at that time, he also hadn't known her Grandfather had been whom he was. "Of course I care about you, Lei. If I didn't I wouldn't have taken the risk that I did to find out why you were ducking me. I would've again but. . . I can't make that chance a second time and hope it will all turn out okay." As for her words of 'attracted' his hands squeezed her rear once more almost as if it had been a signal. "And I've been physically attracted to for a while." His eyes lowered to her lips once more before settling on her eyes. "Though I am not like an ordinary person so. . . If you want me. . . Come claim me. As much as people want to think otherwise, even as I am now, I am still far more animal than human. Normal social stuff? That isn't my cue of reference as good as I am at it." From all the talk it seemed as if she'd been part Dhampir or at least held some of the cues of one. "If you think you can then -make- me yours." It was as much of a challenge from his lips as it had been a form of agreement.
  10. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    There had been an obvious difference in philosophy and belief when it came to the particular topic they were inching towards. For him, he had to live a place of life where there'd been a foundation and one where there'd been a fracture one. As much as his mother had tried there had only been so much that she could've done on her own, than any singular person could do or effect on their own. That had been the least of the concern as it was, still trying to wrap his head around how fast the conversation had started to push, the choices that were laid out in front of him while having the young teen drawn close to himself. She hadn't pulled or pushed away from him, he couldn't chalk it up as some cruel joke at the expensive of his mind. She'd been as serious in her words and intentions and with each stroke of her hand along his arms it became a far more obvious reality of that very fact. His eyes lowered to focus on her lips for a moment, almost as if they'd been waiting for him to touch them once more on his own terms. Her voice pulling him back from the train of thought that had been running through his mind. "Why not. . . What? That I hadn't been pinning you to the bed? Pressing my body close to yours?" At that time he wouldn't have considered that those form of thoughts were running through her mind, just because the body responded didn't always mean the mind did in unison. "I. . .Try to avoid those from school because of the fact that I expected most to catch feelings easily in the school. And looking for a commitment, any kind of relationship wasn't on my mind at that time." She seemed so adamant, to him, about being his girlfriend. It baffled him to no end, still wondering on 'why'. Why would anyone take up such a burden on their shoulders, in their life, something that couldn't end when it came to him? His head shook lightly. "That isn't what I meant. . . I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be available all the time. Especially if you start randomly pulling your vanishing act and your parents caught on." Something told him if they were caught mid-act that would be infinitely worse from the reactions. "Though the way you say that makes me think you not only want but don't want me to hold back at all. . ." Words he'd never expected to hear from someone who hadn't even engaged in the act yet. His gaze into her eyes hadn't ceased, feeling her pressing even further against him while her hand caressed against his cheek in a gentle motion. "It's not just that, you know. . ." How was he supposed to paint the picture? The chances and potential issues that would roll along? "Your grandfather could've gotten into some serious mess from my actions. . . If someone ever found out and had that proof. And not to mention just the knowledge of me would make people watch more, waiting for the 'Animal to mess up' as a means to force his hand on harsher controls." He snorted lightly at the joke she made of the half-Veela cousin, a small smile creasing his lips. "I'm sure once they knew me they'd realize how awful of a choice I am in every aspect romantically and try to get you to your senses."
  11. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "We were, I never said we weren't. But there's. . . A very significant difference between the two." Bonds weren't all the same and those that managed to actually cultivate some form of mutually accepted familial values found themselves far more prepared for the hooks life would often throw. "It's the kind of foundation that family offers that doesn't come so easily to others." While one didn't need to be blood to be family there still needed to be a strong driving connection, at least that was how he viewed it. Though a spark seemed to shine in her eyes the moment he mentioned the path of photography and cinema, it seemed as if it had been something that would've inspired her. Given her own mother's career and the way movies seemed to draw the young teen, it seemed like the obvious leap. Travis head tilted to the side from her response. She didn't mind? Not the words that he'd expected, maybe he should've being aware of her physical responses and cues but even still he'd been far more surprised she had been considering it rather than running away from it. The touch of her warmth lips still radiated on his own, an effect he hadn't been used to in the slightest. Had that been what it felt like when someone kissed with meaning beyond the need of natural exhaustion of an urge? A gentle huff pulsed from his nostrils, even so he didn't create any distance between the two of them as he tried to piece together within his mind everything that had been unravelling. "I've never had sex for anything more than to quell the urges." No individual came to mind where the reason had been mixed with basic pleasure and a need to give an emotional attachment behind it. Though he knew there'd been at least two that held a close relation of friendship to him, that had never factored in as a reason to engaged in the act. He could feel the surface of her palm gliding along his arm, ruffling the long sleeved short he wore through the momentum. The touch she offered gave another portion of the words she'd wanted to say but couldn't, the odd reminder that she'd been attracted enough to want him in more than a physical sense felt odd. Something he'd been unaccustomed to entirely. "I'd say so, yea. There are few who could get me to take that kind of a chance over something." The teasing touching, the allure of her voice from earlier - it all seemed and felt as if she were trying to get her point of desire across as much as the attention he seemed to pull from her. "You. . . Want to be my girlfriend?" He'd been stuck on that first, he heard her question and reasoning but it struck at him that someone -wanted- to even consider taking that step with him. His eyes trailed towards her hands which had started to wrap around his, trailing upwards to stare into her eyes. "I. . . Suppose you would be? Is isn't so much the handling of my strength as much as it is access for me though during the nights leading toward the moon it could get rougher." Not many held the endurance or constitution to withstand a single session of him with a moon nearly full. Her offer reminded him very similar to Liv's, albeit, the meaning behind the two of them had been vastly different. "You want to fulfill my needs? Are. . . You sure you know what you're asking?" A slight huff of air pressed from him. "Not to mention you're still, you know. . . The Minister of Magic's Granddaughter and the Granddaughter of the Librarian whose not exactly unknown." Albeit not for entirely good reasons, but the older woman's beauty most likely had been a draw too. "I am literal trouble for your family in a lot of ways just from my existence when it comes to public associations." His head tilted slightly towards her. "Does your family even support the idea of you dating someone like me? Because it's not something you just. . . Take in. There are risks that come with it."
  12. Pomp and Circumstance

    What many would call an 'unlikely' thing to make an impact, he considered it far more likely than most people would've even realized. People enjoyed the art that Amber put herself into not just for the suspense but for the showmanship that had often been showed. A respect for athletes willing to put their bodies through hell just for the sake of entertainment of others as much as it had been for trying to attain a personal dream. Two things being worked on with presence alone, a single action or move that could make the hearts of audience bump with adrenaline just from watching it. He hadn't expected the reaction of her pressing her cheek against his shoulder, the warmth that radiated from it felt. . . Nice. His hand raising up to brush several strands of hair behind her ears while his gaze shifted towards her, listening to the deal she desired to strike. "Alright, that's a deal. I'll make sure I'm on the sideline, a well sketched picture of your attire at the time and giving you every bit of cheer that I can." She had a plan, a goal, it seemed. Travis had originally never taken her as the type of person to have such a clear minded certainty and yet here she'd been, proving him wrong once more. A clear sign that one shouldn't judge by the daily encounters, that would always been something more and deeper inside of an individual. "As long as you know I'll always support you with it too. Whatever the aim and how ever long it takes, you'll have me around to remind you." He wanted to see that rise, to see her doing well and succeeding. Not to brag that she was his friend but to be able to brag and say that nothing had stopped her dreams and the meaning behind them. "You've my word on that."
  13. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    The dress accentuated her developed shape, making harder to not notice. Things became far more obvious with her intentions spoken with what she'd chosen to wear. As much as he'd been flattered, he'd equally thought it'd been a bad idea. With the moon drawing closer within only a handful of days his skin already held the start of paleness. While his strength of will kept much of his emotions from slipping from his grasp it'd been when the days started to drain away to the single digits that it became far more difficult, the slightest thing could unhinge the doors that he placed up to keep as much of the beast away as he could. It wasn't always successful but it often held its winning moments. "That sounds pretty awesome. Being able to gather up and watching things together, probably a good way to build family bonds." It wasn't something he really knew much of in terms of movies. For him it used to be camping, survival skills out in the wilderness. Something that felt like another life time, another person; an odd concept to hold for someone that hadn't even breathed into the mid twenties. "Sounds like you might've found your 'thing' that you've were searching for when we first met then. Photography, maybe even directing your own kind of movie one day for others to sit around a TV and bond with." The benefit he saw had been the fact that her unique situation gave her a unique vision that could be shared. He couldn't comprehend why she would've ever enjoyed him around when he shifted, a pure beast without anything in mind except the need and desire to rend and sever the flesh of man. In his mind it'd been rage and incarnate both, nothing to enjoy or marvel at a glance. The thought process that pushed through his mind to try and understand why she would find it enjoyable didn't last long to attempt and put the pieces to the puzzle in place, not with how vast other parts of their conversation had started to develop after he'd asked her to speak plainly. Travis hadn't spoken a word at the start of it, interrupting her when she finally found whatever reservoir of courage to say her words wouldn't have been kind. Not when it'd been clear she'd been struggle before with her words and though she managed to speak out on her curiosity involving previous actions and words he could tell she'd yet been done with what she wanted to get off of her chest. It seemed there'd been something on her lips she wanted to get off as well as he felt the soft touch against his own. It'd been unexpected and perhaps one of the few times in his life that he'd been caught off guard with such an action. Instinctively his hands pressed on to her waist pulling her against himself while he deepened the kiss just a bit further. This couldn't have been the smartest move for either of them, so many factors coming into play and for a brief moment his mind had been pushing it all away until his awareness caught his senses and dragged it back to the surface, gently breaking the kiss in a smooth motion. "Okay. . . Well. . . That got your point across. . . You need to be careful when you do stuff like that, Lei." Travis hadn't pulled away, his hand lifting up to shift strands of hair that may have fallen to the front off towards the side once more. "If you do. . . With me. . ? It's going to escalate." His nostrils expanded and he took in air to try and feed himself a bit more time to think on his feet. "Especially with you wearing an outfit like that. . ." It made touching certain areas far more easily, far more likely to be effective. "You need to understand that I am not. . . I am not just a person. I'm also a beast, I am as much animal as I am human. That means a lot of my thinking, a lot of my urges. . . They're either overridden by one or the other and it gets worse the closer the moon becomes. Of all of the emotions and drives I can bind under pure human will. . . Sex? That isn't one of them. The hormones are at the whims of the beast in so many ways." For her to understand the kind of move she made, he felt she needed to understand the drives he held. "I don't need emotional attachment to engage its a. . . Need that has to be met when it gets too high, too much." Not that he couldn't say actual feelings wouldn't enhance it further, it could've even made the beast far more hungry for that form of attachment and connection on two different levels. It was simply an effect he'd never had the opportunity to experience in that regard of emotions. "There are still personal requirements, on some level some kind of attraction of suitability." He hadn't pushed their kissing session forward, not out of the idea that she wasn't suitable but simply because he understood her view of 'Sex' clearly had been far different than his own. At least judging from how upset she became catching him in the middle of one of his acts. "And to answer your other questions. . . I chased you and risked it all because you were avoiding me. It was one of the only ways I knew I could catch you without a doubt, to hunt you down. You. . . Didn't give me a choice on the matter when you're there one day and gone the next." An ace that he could've only used once in his lifetime, if one could ever call it a proper 'Ace'. "And yes, I'm attracted to you too. If it had been under better circumstances I would've reacted another way to smelling your hormones.
  14. Moving On In

    "Maybe. . . " Travis stated softly, did he really need that kind of support? While he couldn't speak for others his own burdens were just far too heavy of a weight to even consider hoisting onto another person for assistance. It sounded like it had been some form of Dr. Seuss of Disney inspired. Though it wasn't a wrong thought or ideal to have though chances are the author had been thinking of people with less complicated lives or less complicated urges. . . Or maybe he was just far too pessimistic about the world to really give the notion a far chance for himself. "You probably shouldn't meet him then, sounds like Old Mackey." The grizzled veteran stuck aware of the Wizarding world, the kind of guy many people kept away from either by fear, reputation, or the sheer fact that the man looked like he needed more baths and a womanly hand to straighten him out. Maybe it should've been expected as well? In a living situation as Remi had there would always be bound to be that one crochety old man that held the world in a blazing stare and saw everything as a reason to yell and offer up warnings over something. He wasn't sure what the puzzled look had been for and the sudden click in her eyes followed by her words made him more aware they had a -major- miscommunication. Before he could even correct it fully he'd been caught off guard yet again by her desire for the act of sex. An awkward smile and laughter rumbled out of him and his head nodded in a single motion. "Yea, Remi, I meant sex." How was he supposed to react to her gung-ho nature about wanting to do it when she hadn't caught to it before? Not that he'd been against it. . . And he did tell her unless she didn't want to. "And. . . When do you want to do it?" He asked casually, as if the subject broached hadn't been already and odd breech of usual social etiquettes. But the two of them had been far from the usual social debutantes compared to majority of their peers, that had been for sure. "We can try now but it would only be a short time until the Pizza arrives or. . . We can do it after and have all night." He slipped his phone into his pocket, both of his arms wrapping around the young woman's waist and pulling her against himself. He wasn't going to ask if she'd been 'sure', after all, she blatantly told him it had been something she wanted to do. It only seemed like the friendly thing to oblige and grant that kind of a wish.
  15. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "Hey, sometimes stuff flies over our heads. No big deal about it, not everyone is exposed to the same things." Jokes could only be as good as their audience, after all. The fault found itself mostly at his feet than it did hers. Cookie sellers probably avoided her home for one of many reasons. . . Knowing Adele or knowing her Grandfather, intimidating figures in their own way. Albeit, not in the way that he found them off-putting for various different reasons. A small smile creased on his lips, both of his hands rested on his waist while he watched the young teen offer up her attention towards the dog that seemed all too willing to soak up as much as possible. "Sounds good. Alright, Sigma, off with you. And no talking back or else." His finger extended out towards the canine in an immediate reprimanding gesture before the small pup hobbled off with its false bravado put back in place. Gathering up a teapot he started to shift his finger about through the air to conjure up fresh water and having it build up on the inside of the metallic container. Sliding it across the stove top and turning it on a mid-flame for the time being while taking out a few small mugs and a cylindrical contained that seemed to hold a wealth of well maintained tealeaves. "Oh, nice! Not entirely hidden in the dark on your shows!" A playful grin shined towards her, it'd been the moment his eyes caught what she'd been wearing. It'd seemed to be an. . . Odd choice of wear, hadn't it? For a moment his eyes even slipped to the fullness of her bust, not that he'd been unfamiliar with it. Shaking his head light to pull himself back to reality and more important not burn the house down with idle fantasies. "I've been through a lot lately is all. A lot of thinking, talking. Considerations." There had been plans in place, things he had already started to set into motion. "What. . .?" Her words caught him off guard to where he nearly tipped the teapot off of the stove, catching it with enough finesse to set it back and maneuver himself away from the appliance for the time being. Travis' hand went from hers to shifting a strand of hair behind her hair. 'The one to make him smile', Had she been implying what he thought she was? He knew she held some form of physical attraction but he hadn't considered that it would be any deeper than that. "Woah, Woah. . ." The air had took a turn towards a far more serious walk than he thought, at least to the point that the felines mewled in recognition of it. "Hey, no one asked for the peanut gallery! Git!" A heavy sigh exhausted from him, a hand weaved through his hair lightly. "You don't need to apologize. . . I figured you were just busy or didn't want me around or something." Between the situation that had been happening with her family and her Mother's fame he hadn't fully considered that he'd been the sole reason alone that she avoided him. "Just, let's start at the beginning her, alright? What do you mean the one to make me smile? To lift my heaviness? I don't want to jump to conclusions here so. . . Figure it's best if you just lay it out all out, your meaning and everything."
Travis Franklin
Seventh Year
17 year old Halfblood Werewolf HE/HIM
Age  17
Date of Birth December 13th, 2001
Birthplace Australia
Year Level Seventh Year
Player  ✩ Kaitore
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Werewolf
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Rougarou
Wand 8" Aspen Rougarou Hair
Play-by Avan Jogia

2012-2019 - Seventh Year - Bourke


Witnessed his Father's Death by the Werewolf that infected him. 

In the past he often had fantasies about his best friend in not friend scenarios.

He's entangled with an Older woman, it's currently just physical with no commitments. (He may not even remember the encounters!)

Easily finds a variety of different women attractive. 

It isn't broadcasted that he's a Werewolf. 

General Knowledge

Is into various art forms: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing/Sketching, and other styles. 

Often can be seen walking around with a sketchpad and a pencil.

His Mother is trying to get into Ministry work to better situations of those considered 'Non-Human'

That he holds no judgement against a person without actual reason. 

Has recently been far more approachable and has been approaching people, there's no correlation on why. 



Travis Franklin is an outgoing and laid back individual - this makes him a social butterfly of sorts. Trying not to let his past issues being a driving force of his decision. This leads to him often trying to help out people without a second thought, even those that others would consider 'bad' in certain lights. He doesn't let naivety run him in that regard but can easily tell the difference between a persons who dangerous versus someone whose trapped within themselves. 

He tries not to judge people harshly and holds no ill-will towards those that are of a different species, background, or lifestyle than himself. The values of his mother stick closely within his mind and the gap of her missing Maternal family as a presence in his life is a reminder on the cost such a divide offers to everyone. 

While he is a non-feral type of werewolf and isn't a full slave to the inner nature it doesn't mean it's not there. Ever gnawing at him like a dog chews at a bone, it's waiting to be unleashed and makes itself known like an ever growing whisper. 

He's often drawn to different types of women, never holding their choice of style or if they're older, their age, against them if he's pursuing them. In many cases it's much more superficial, never amounting to anything truly 'serious'.


Travis Franklin stands at Six feet and one inch tall. His physique can be considered athletic and extremely fit. The muscle tone that seems extremely consistent across his entire body gives the impression that he works out often or at least practices something to a religious degree with impressive results. Dark brunette hair dangles down from his head and settles just at the shoulder. Light brown eyes compliments the darkened texture that makes up his hair. 

He's always wearing clothing that is somewhat loose and comfortable, not enough that it's falling off of his body but enough that it gives him the feeling of having actual movement within the fabric prisons. 

As the moon shifts towards its full state his somewhat light caramel skin begins to turn pale. The signs of some form of flu or bug becomes more apparent as time goes on. It doesn't seem to halt him in performance but the exhaustion on the body is still very much noticeable to those that care to pay attention.

The story so far

Born to Kevin and Janine Franklin, Travis found himself in a supportive environment growing up. His Mother, Janine, came from a Pureblood family that followed Purist beliefs. A belief she had broken out of later in life seeing the benefit and worth of diverse people. It is the belief that others deserve to be respected and assisted that is within Travis instilled by his mother who has seen the extreme side of the fence where only one people 'should' matter to a person. Those that held the rights to practice magic from lineage alone and not from self merit and hard work. 

Kevin Franklin was a career Auror and while he was away often from home due to the demands of the job, the moments he had been involved were memorable. The extensive family that the Muggleborn man came from didn't hurt either in solidifying support for Travis' household as it seemed like cousins, aunts, and uncles always funneled through the house on the weekends, holidays, and extensive vacations. One of those activities being an annual 'family camping trip' that tended to mostly be Himself, His Father, and a few cousins of varies ages who enjoyed kicking it back with a fire and taking in nature. 

While nature hadn't been one of his own liked hobby's, the time spent with family certainly had begun to be so. 

The annual trip for 2007 rolled around, it was a year where things had been just a bit tougher as many of his Cousins that were graduating their schools or universities decided to go on a trip across the world together. This gave the camping trip a heavier weight to make memorable for everyone, a memory that would be scarred and burned into everyone one way or another. As the moon rose high into the sky, Travis had gotten the urge to use the loo after he'd engorged himself on water earlier in the day. With no actual bio around for him to use it left the wilderness as their natural environment. 

It only added a scent to follow, the sound of howling and hungered growls the emitted in the area had been terrible enough to cause a chill along the spine to form. The started grip of a crippling fear ready to clutch at his mind. Suddenly it struck and grasped at his arm with its maw before it tossed him aside and lurched to hover just above him. A loud scuffle that alerted some of the older individuals, including his Father as they searched out the means of the noise and to make sure that Travis had been alright. Howling had been an abnormal occurrence, a sign of every bad omen in the Outback.

Kevin distracted the beast with a spell made of fire, a bright light source to slightly disorient before running head long against it as a means of sacrifice in order to defend. It was a sight that Travis couldn't pull from his mind as he watched the scene, being pulled away by an older cousin as they left behind many things in order to get into the car by the camp. 

After the hospital visit had been concluded that he'd been afflicted with Lycanthropy the proper channels and paperwork had been started to inform the Ministry and the  necessary containment process needed for when the transformations would occur. Something that followed him as he entered into Tallygarunga once he came of age and his magic surfaced, a means to an end in some ways. 

Over the years in Tallygarunga he's kept a low profile, not making it widely known that does have an affliction that is deadly to others on the wrong night of a month. 

Travis Franklin February 21
Type: Invite Danielle HaynesTravis Franklin.
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