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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  1. Late New Year's Resolution: Actually be more transparent about when I'm drunk off my ass when making a new political commentary piece live on camera.

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      ...I'm not sure if I want to ask...

  2. Open Halls of the Damned

    The end of the world was approaching and all Keira Hammond could do was sit by herself at a bar, drink some fine whisky, and hope she'd get drunk enough to forget about it until the time came. It was Christmas season at last. The political pundit had mostly forgotten about it until she got a reminder for herself, along with her sister, to remember to go to the McCarthy manor in Narragyambie to spend the holiday vacations there until January rolled around. It was the second Christmas she'd spend with her family in a row, given all the ones before were with the Sherman family; but it was the first she'd face with their ongoing little predicament. Samantha was going to be there. She would be in close proximity with the girl for an extended period of time, all the while trying to control minute details of her body language so not to let anything bad on for her to latch on to. And if she miraculously succeeds in this endeavor, then the sibling she lives with would have to accomplish the exact same. The odds were most definitely stacked against them, and the fact it was a huge house didn't make her feel any less uneasy. But that was tomorrow Keira's problem. That day, she feasted on alcohol. She sipped the beverage while hanging out by the counter of The Tipsy Mozzie, keeping mostly to herself. Setting the glass back down on the wood, she idly spun it around with her fingers while her gaze was distracted by the melting ice within the cup. She would be as good as dead the following day. She desperately needed the liquid encouragement.
  3. Eat Your Vitamins

    Keira Hammond
    Not actually blood related. At least someone in the family is responsible enough to make sure Keira doesn't forget her own health. Bad habit.
  4. Inferno

    Keira Hammond
    Not actually blood related. Who needs responsible older familial figures when you can just irresponsibly drink together? Also young moms fun times.
  5. The Shores of Hell

    Keira Hammond
    Not actually blood related. Their familial connection isn't known to the general public. For two people who are always at odds due to the nature of their jobs, they get along surprisingly well. Although Keira's mildly disappointed by Evelyn's distinct lack of a crass humor, seeing so much potential, the blonde actually makes up for it in spades with clever innuendo.
  6. Hell Keep

    Keira Hammond
    Keira is fully to blame for Diana's very recent acquired taste of alcoholic beverages.
  7. Knee-Deep in the Dead

    Keira Hammond
    Keira is quite proud of herself at having corrupted Amber with a taste for horror films.
  8. Doom

    Keira Hammond
    Their familial relationship is unknown to the public. Keira is the best bad influence for youngsters, isn't she?
  9. Shower thought of the day: Pureblood supremacists think more about who you sleep with than you do. Who's the real deviant here?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Marcus Carsen

      Marcus Carsen

      Is. . . That really what you think up in the shower randomly? Well, hey, if it gives ideas for the paper I won't rag on the method.

    3. Keira Hammond

      Keira Hammond

      We've worked together for too long for you to be minimally surprised. Come on. Also, you wish you had my wonderfully creative brain.

    4. Marcus Carsen

      Marcus Carsen

      No, I wish that my water had more premium aqua to it. I need high class stuff.

  10. The Pen is Mightier Than the Wand

    Keira Hammond
    And so is booze.
  11. Perfect Opposites

    Keira Hammond
    Despite the separation caused by a massive generational gap between the two, they display excellent chemistry, almost as if they grew up together.
  12. Prolific Writing

    Keira Hammond
    When Marcus needs something heavily dipped in sarcasm sauce, Keira is just a phone call away. Oh, and occasional drinking buddies, of course.
  13. Keira Hammond

    Keira Hammond
    Keira Shaylee Hammond is the first born to a whole new generation of Hammonds - three eventually followed. However, something unexpected happened - as she grew up, it was clear that the first Hammond of that generation was a Squib. This set her apart from her siblings and isolated her in the household growing up. Since she didn't need magical education and could take care of herself and her own studies, her parents favored handling their younger children and having her serve as a pseudo-babysitter for them. She didn't mind the role, but this caused her to rebel against her parents in her early teenage years. The once squeaky clean A+ student began skipping school, getting in with bad crowds, talking back to her parents and pretty much everyone else (except her siblings), and becoming an overall menace. No matter what her parents tried, they didn't seem to get through the teenager. The one who did was the sister closer in age, whom took it personally when Keira was verbally assaulting their parents. This resulted in a very big argument, culminating with Keira in tears, openly admitting that she just wanted her parents to notice her doing something past getting good grades - that she didn't feel that she belonged in the family due to the lack of powers, and that her brain was the only thing they ever saw in her. This was not true and the sister made her realize this. From then on, Keira made an effort to consciously curb at least some of her mindset, and got closer to her sibling over time. Her effort was so great she wound up becoming the student council president in her high school. This wound up having a very negative impact in Keira's life, as she would soon come to realize. She was just about to enter college when she realized she had a strong physical and romantic attraction to said sibling, whom was just 14 at the time. Disgusted with herself, she opted to move to the college's dormitories instead of staying home in an effort of creating a rift between them and forget about her. It didn't work. Weekend lunches with the family became torture, and she became obsessed with checking for any messages she might have received while not paying attention, as well as looking for any signs of reciprocation - no matter how many times she rationalized it as wrong. Going one step further, she took her best friend, whom she knew was in love with her at the time, and slept with him; this wound up conceiving Michael. The end result was a shotgun wedding wherein she was lying through her teeth about loving the man, practically begging for this child to be the turning point. It wasn't. She then had another child, just over a year later. It didn't work either. She then concluded her degree while her parents handled the children, and started working from sunrise to sundown. It still didn't work. Guilt-ridden and not wanting their children to grow up in a loveless household, she wound up getting a divorce on amicable terms. At that point, she was 25 years old, was divorced, and had two children to raise. Both parents elected to let them stay with the Hammonds as they had quite a bit of experience with the matter, while they focused on their jobs - to her surprise, that sibling she adored offered to move in so to help with rent and with setting up Keira's show. While she had most of the latter down and ready to go, she was strapped for cash, and thus reluctantly agreed to this suggestion. One thing led to another, and during a drunken night of celebration over a very pronounced spike in viewership, the two ended up very physically displaying their attraction for one another. From then on, it became a regular thing. However, Keira is scared it will make them both end in prison, and doesn't want herself nor her sister to be ostracized from the Hammonds. As such, they have to keep leading a double life and hope nobody finds out, especially Samantha - she can read people exceptionally well, after all.