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  1. "Important work...?" Keira trailed off in confusion, although not expecting a followup to her words of any sort, letting Marcus continue instead. Had Frankie Dean been involved in something shady, or governmental? What sort of action could possibly justify faking one's death in such an elaborate way, and leave one's family behind like nothing? Were they in danger if he had remained alive? Many other questions of all kinds sprouted in the woman's mind, but she knew there was no point in asking Marcus about it. His information was second hand at best. All they could do was look for incongruities in the available information and try to figure something out while waiting more of it to rain on their heads. It was something deeply unsettling for her, as she was not the type to just sit and wait for anything. If the man was well connected, it was likely that he could avoid extradition; if Gemini herself hadn't known of the fact, nor had Marcus, it made sense that Keira didn't either despite her job. It was something mostly kept under wraps, in that case. "I assume the story didn't blow up yet. Who's the reporter and what's he got to gain from keeping it under wraps?" Waiting for the right moment? Wanting to have leverage? Gag order? A number of possibilities came up but there wasn't enough information to go on. She was suspecting that her blood boiling was influencing her judgement as well, and made a conscious effort to stop herself from pursuing a destructive train of thought. She attempted to release at least a portion of her anger in a deep sigh, and proceeded to take another swig of the beverage in her glass - just like that, it was gone. How amusing was it that she had spent a solid half hour in that bar without even taking a sip, and it only took one story from Marcus for her to completely finish off her drink? "I can't even imagine what she's going through right now." If her ex-husband had pulled such a stunt instead of them pursuing a divorce she would likely have wanted to kill him with her own two hands, pacifism be damned. The possible agony was too great for her to picture in her mind. "Just... Let her breathe for a while. There's not much to do. This is stupid..."
  2. Why is it that I have to drop by Narrie in the one day literally everyone is busy with class or work? Ugh.

  3. "You're kidding." Keira spoke with initial skepticism at the idea that Frankie Dean was very much alive, denial over the information visible on her face. The man had left her cousin behind (she could even argue the woman was her own flesh and blood, even if Veela sisterhoods didn't exactly work that way) with a small child. Being a single mother herself, she couldn't begin to imagine Gemini's struggle as Keira had her ex-husband's presence in her children's education; to think a man would deliberately fake their own death and leave their offspring behind in such a way made her feel sick. Something that struck her as odd was the fact she wasn't privy to this new turn of events despite it directly affecting her family. It was difficult to juggle that with her quick-tempered nature, as she felt the need to find out where Mr. Dean was so to deck him swiftly in the face - pacifism notwithstanding. "I'm pretty sure faking your own death is illegal. That's fraud. You can just throw the book at him." Her tone had audibly changed to an upset one, even if it didn't raise in volume. Brows furrowed as she tried to comprehend the situation, as well as what Gemini was going through. Perhaps it was time to pay the woman a visit - it was quite jarring to realize Keira had been oblivious to the whole matter, and it was mostly her own fault as she tended to dive into work and avoid people in general. "...In any case... How's Gem holding up?" She hadn't exactly wanted her injection of energy to come through anger, but it was most certainly the quickest way to enliven a half-Veela.
  4. Perhaps good company would do the trick - or so was the response Keira obtained to her mental plea for help, in the form of Marcus Carsen joining her at the bar counter. The woman's gaze was torn from the television set at the sound of the Dhampir's voice, and they were then trained on him with vague curiosity before looking away to focus on the drink he had mentioned. She considered downing the entirety of it to request a refill, but there was so much liquid left in the cup that she limited herself to yet another sip instead. The bartender nodded at his request, and immediately worked on pouring the respective beverage. "I'll cover this one. Any other, you're on your own." She opted to say rather than immediately respond to his jest, though a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips as she did. The Muggle nodded at her request as he served the drink to Marcus. "Anyway. Let them. Maybe they'll also get the impression I'm having way more fun with it all than I actually do, not everything would be so bad." With a light cheers of her glass, she finally straightened her posture and took a larger swig of the alcohol. "How have you been, stranger? Any interesting tales to tell or are you just here to play drunk with me?" The half-Veela tossed the proverbial ball back on his court. It could be that a discussion among friends would be enough to revitalize her spirit.
  5. A weekday was no day to get drunk. Keira could almost hear her sister barking those very words at her, if not for the fact she was alone late that night, sipping at an alcoholic beverage within the mostly empty confines of the Muggle bar 'The Tipsy Mozzie'. The cold had kept a lot of people in their homes and business was slow, leaving the journalist by herself by the far end of the establishment. She had never heeded such warnings and usually just drank when she pleased (one could even argue she was the catalyst of Diana Sharpe's recent liking of the very same liquid), but that day the alcohol was taking longer than usual to pass down her throat. The stress accumulated had been so great that even the simple act of working herself up to a mild buzz was quite the chore. While she was a workaholic by nature, even Keira had her limits, and she felt like they were about to be breached lest she have some sort of break. With her chin resting firmly in the palm of her hand, the half-Veela watched the 24/7 news channel that was put on blast in the corner of the ample room. Some sort of Muggle politician seemed to be making empty promises. "Yeah, sure you do..." She muttered to the figure in the TV prior to a sip, not actually paying active attention to what the man was saying. She needed something to inject a dose of energy in her, but what?
  6. Went to visit my sons today, and a parent straight up asked me why I don't let them use QuillBook with a tone implying I was an asshole for it.

    Really, you idiots? Are you out of your god damn mind? You want to subject little kids to THIS?

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      You do you, Miss Hammond. Pay no mind.

    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      ...Honestly, this is a bit much for me sometimes...

    3. Keira Hammond

      Keira Hammond

      Well that's just because you're too pure for this world, Samster.

  7. Would anyone be willing to take a commission to knit little hamster clothes for me, please? I want a certain little outfit for my Rogers. I'll pay.

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      ...Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?

    2. Keira Hammond

      Keira Hammond


  8. Late New Year's Resolution: Actually be more transparent about when I'm drunk off my ass when making a new political commentary piece live on camera.

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      ...I'm not sure if I want to ask...

  9. The end of the world was approaching and all Keira Hammond could do was sit by herself at a bar, drink some fine whisky, and hope she'd get drunk enough to forget about it until the time came. It was Christmas season at last. The political pundit had mostly forgotten about it until she got a reminder for herself, along with her sister, to remember to go to the McCarthy manor in Narragyambie to spend the holiday vacations there until January rolled around. It was the second Christmas she'd spend with her family in a row, given all the ones before were with the Sherman family; but it was the first she'd face with their ongoing little predicament. Samantha was going to be there. She would be in close proximity with the girl for an extended period of time, all the while trying to control minute details of her body language so not to let anything bad on for her to latch on to. And if she miraculously succeeds in this endeavor, then the sibling she lives with would have to accomplish the exact same. The odds were most definitely stacked against them, and the fact it was a huge house didn't make her feel any less uneasy. But that was tomorrow Keira's problem. That day, she feasted on alcohol. She sipped the beverage while hanging out by the counter of The Tipsy Mozzie, keeping mostly to herself. Setting the glass back down on the wood, she idly spun it around with her fingers while her gaze was distracted by the melting ice within the cup. She would be as good as dead the following day. She desperately needed the liquid encouragement.
  10. Not actually blood related. At least someone in the family is responsible enough to make sure Keira doesn't forget her own health. Bad habit.
  11. Not actually blood related. Who needs responsible older familial figures when you can just irresponsibly drink together? Also young moms fun times.
  12. Not actually blood related. Their familial connection isn't known to the general public. For two people who are always at odds due to the nature of their jobs, they get along surprisingly well. Although Keira's mildly disappointed by Evelyn's distinct lack of a crass humor, seeing so much potential, the blonde actually makes up for it in spades with clever innuendo.
  13. Keira is fully to blame for Diana's very recent acquired taste of alcoholic beverages.
  14. Keira is quite proud of herself at having corrupted Amber with a taste for horror films.
  15. Their familial relationship is unknown to the public. Keira is the best bad influence for youngsters, isn't she?
Keira Shaylee Hammond
Radio/YouTube Political Commentator, Freelancer Squib Columnist 0
27 year old Squib Veela She/Her
Age:  27
Date of Birth: February 16th, 1992
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Radio/YouTube Political Commentator, Freelancer Squib Columnist
Blood Status: Squib
Species: Veela
Player:  Kirupachi
Pronouns: She/Her
Patronus: N/A
Wand: N/A
Play-by: Chyler Leigh

The University of Melbourne - Major in Politics and International Studies

  • Half-Veela (keeps it secret so not to betray her immediate family, doesn't care much for it otherwise);
  • Actually once had a 30% score in a math test;
  • Cannot deal with feelings at all, refusing to show pain in front of others and only breaking down when home alone (or with her sister only);
  • Despite her high horse, she's actually a hypocrite about many things;
  • Is horrified of being a bad parent to Michael and Jason and has a hard time connecting with them, despite loving them;
  • Her impulsive nature has gotten her into more trouble than she'd care to admit;
  • Has tried weed before, semi-regularly, during college;
  • Her children came from a loveless marriage and were partially a ploy to make it work.
General Knowledge
  • Hates her middle name with a passion;
  • Loves animals, especially small ones such as hamsters and bunnies, and has the habit of naming them after Marvel characters;
  • Can never truly escape the wizarding world: all family members are magical, her sons are wizards, her ex-husband is a pureblood. She feels like it's someone's way of laughing at her lack of power;
  • Very 'in your face' and doesn't let things go, having to come out on top in discussions;
  • Rather childish sense of humor;
  • Metalhead;
  • Huge nerd in general;
  • Once crashed her family's car;
  • Horror buff to an extreme;
  • Graduated college with honors;
  • Doesn't seem to have much of a filter nor know how to be polite;
  • Despite not being addicted to any substance, she's known to turn to a beer or a smoke when she feels particularly stressed out;
  • Workaholic, from the moment she wakes up to when she goes to sleep;
  • Has a sleep schedule way out of whack and it's not uncommon to see her exhausted.

The first thing to take notice of is that Keira can talk herself out of death row if she has to. A quick-thinker and having no filter whatsoever, she is known for methodically and coldly tearing down people with her words with no sense of mercy. She was always very good at the simple act of talking, so much so her whole career revolves around it.

She's a workaholic by nature - having a poor emotional understanding of herself, she opts to focus all her energy in being productive so to further her agenda as much as she can in one sitting and have it be a favor for tomorrow's Keira. It doesn't bore her at all but it stresses her a great deal, making her turn to less than healthy things to deal with it. It becomes a vicious cycle and she has to rely on her sister to intervene when it becomes too much, not knowing when to stop.

Her brilliance is often countered by her recklessness - she doesn't really care about the repercussions of saying something so much as saying the truth to her viewers, which has landed her in hot water numerous times due to her occasionally unpopular opinions, as well as provoking various political figures in the country. Her ambitions to unveil deception and corruption in the political system have earned praise, but usually come at a cost.

Her speech is mostly sarcastic - condescending, even, depending on the distaste she has regarding the person or topic she's discussing - but she always makes sure to describe her point well in between deliberately inflammatory quips.

Around people she likes on a personal level, however, it's a different story. She is more patient and caring over them, to the point of putting her show second if she has to. As an older sister she feels like her job is to protect her younger siblings from the world, and keep them from making the same horrendous mistakes she's made. Most of the time her conflict-worshiping nature dies down when with them and she lets herself relax and 'be a dork' in her own words. Not so much as of late, though...


Keira stands at 169 cm and isn't very fit at all, having a bit of a distaste for sports. Despite this her build is very slim and petite, and she seems to have a really hard time putting on any weight.

Her hair is brown, much like other Hammonds, cut at the shoulder level and straight. Her eyes are hazel and she occasionally requires reading glasses.

She overly relies on aviators, jeans, high boots and leather jackets for her wardrobe, or anything she deems 'cool'. Makeup is very rare, unless she's working - for on-camera work, she also wears suits more than anything else.

Despite not being magical, it's very obvious that the Veela blood running in her veins had quite the effect on her regardless.


Keira Shaylee Hammond is the first born to a whole new generation of Hammonds - three eventually followed. However, something unexpected happened - as she grew up, it was clear that the first Hammond of that generation was a Squib.

This set her apart from her siblings and isolated her in the household growing up. Since she didn't need magical education and could take care of herself and her own studies, her parents favored handling their younger children and having her serve as a pseudo-babysitter for them. She didn't mind the role, but this caused her to rebel against her parents in her early teenage years.

The once squeaky clean A+ student began skipping school, getting in with bad crowds, talking back to her parents and pretty much everyone else (except her siblings), and becoming an overall menace. No matter what her parents tried, they didn't seem to get through the teenager. The one who did was the sister closer in age, whom took it personally when Keira was verbally assaulting their parents.

This resulted in a very big argument, culminating with Keira in tears, openly admitting that she just wanted her parents to notice her doing something past getting good grades - that she didn't feel that she belonged in the family due to the lack of powers, and that her brain was the only thing they ever saw in her. This was not true and the sister made her realize this. From then on, Keira made an effort to consciously curb at least some of her mindset, and got closer to her sibling over time. Her effort was so great she wound up becoming the student council president in her high school.

This wound up having a very negative impact in Keira's life. Struggling to break free, she made a series of horrible decisions that would severely impact her life - she moved out of her home early, ending up pregnant very soon after, bearing the child of her best friend. Despite not loving him, she agreed to marry. After the shotgun wedding, they had another child, which didn't work to save their marriage. She then concluded her degree while her parents handled the children, and started working from sunrise to sundown.

Guilt-ridden and not wanting their children to grow up in a loveless household, she wound up getting a divorce on amicable terms. At that point, she was 25 years old, was divorced, and had two children to raise. Both parents elected to let them stay with the Hammonds as they had quite a bit of experience with the matter, while they focused on their jobs - to her surprise, her oldest sibling offered to move in so to help with rent and with setting up Keira's show. While she had most of the latter down and ready to go, she was strapped for cash, and thus reluctantly agreed to this suggestion.

Keira Hammond December 20, 2018
Type: Open Keira Hammond.
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